Tales of Temerity and Terror From The Front Lines of My Life

In my mind, the only good lineup is no lineup. Give me a checkout counter with no customers and I am one happy camper. In and out fast with no surprises. That’s my goal. But how often does that happen? Not enough, I say. So I have become very skilled at assessing lineups, which you must understand are never what they seem.

A short line looks tempting. But beware this temptress. Even a line of just three people might contain a Jumper, a No Limits or, God help me, a Placeholder working in cahoots with a Runner. I fear them all because I have seen what they can do. They are merciless line wreckers who regularly sacrifice the needs of the many for the needs of the one, even if that leads to the ultimate disaster: a Line Freeze.

Everything gets even more complicated when you take into consideration the pros and cons of the cashier handling the checkout counter. I look for conveyor-belt veterans who never have to ask for a price check (disaster) because they know what everything costs, including the critically important Daily Deals. But here, too, there is danger. Because you never know when that wonderful, experienced cashier will be replaced by an inexperienced Nubie, at which point everything changes for the worse.

Time of day matters. There seems to be less chaos in the morning, more in the evening, perhaps because people are more inclined to break rules and flout conventions at the end of a long, tiring work day.

Income status does not matter, although my guess is that people of humble means are less prone to violate lineup etiquette than rich folk, particularly those who have already decided that the world revolves around them. The world would be a better place if they knew — and followed — the dos and don’ts of lining up, which go something like this:

1. Your place in a line is determined by the time of your arrival, not by your status in life.

2. If you opt to leave a line to get a better spot in another line (Jumper), you forfeit the right to return to your original line.

3. You cannot employretainassociate with a Runner, defined as an unidentified third party who shops for you while you are in line and adds those items to your cart just before your order is processed. Curse you!

4. You will not choose unpriced items, claim to know the actual price at the checkout, and then feign surprise when the real price is higher than what you claimed.

5. You will not attempt to use coupons you know have expired.

6. You will not freeze a line by trying to ram through a purchase that clearly violates purchase limits.

Keep all this in mind as I recount for you my recent experience at a supermarket. It was mid-day, not ideal as a certain percentage of shoppers, all impossible to identify, could be making a rush purchase over the lunch hour. I file this important information and scan the terrain: six checkouts open (Express, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11), all moving reasonably well. I ignore the Express checkout (Ten items or less) as I don’t qualify and respect the rights and responsibilities of those who do.

I look for Runners, easily identified by their rushed movements. All clear. I am a little concerned about a woman parked by a display of soda pop cases on sale. She has two carts, both piled high with the sale item. But she is not moving (danger). What is she waiting for? One thing is clear: she is a No Limits with nefarious intent.

I return my focus to the lineups, looking for “Tells” the ordinary shopper would not notice. For example, I am very suspicious of the third person in the line for Checkout 3. She has just 12 items. That’s the sweet spot for Express Line cheaters, yet she chose to not use that lane. Could this be a sign that she is a Placeholder with a giant order that at this very moment is being assembled by a Runner?

An announcement comes over the store’s barely working sound system, undoubtedly manufactured by the same company that makes subway speaker systems. I can’t make out the entire message, but I do hear the words that make me tremble: price check. One of the lines has just frozen, but which one?

Seconds later, No Limits arrives at Checkout 5 with her two carts groaning under the weight of soda pop cases piled so high that they represent a clear and present danger to other shoppers.

My choices are dwindling fast. I have too many items for the Express Checkout. I won’t go near Checkout 5 — not with No Limits in that line up. Checkout 3 is a risk because the line might include a Placeholder. And I know one of the remaining three lines has been frozen by a price check.

Then some good news. A pimply-faced Shelf Stocker arrives at Checkout 8, confers with the cashier, and heads off to find the missing price. I am heartened by this development, but understand that the average Shelf Stocker is not a heat-seeking missile. More like a feather in the wind that might never be seen again. Checkout 8 is definitely a no go.

Just two possibilities now: Checkout 7 or Checkout 11. The default is Checkout 11. Has to be because shoppers like to get from A to B as fast as possible and that means they will gravitate, like sheep, to Checkout 7.

I make the call. Checkout 11. Now everything depends on my ability to get to that destination before anyone who might have bad intentions. But I can’t rush as that might signal my choice to a Jumper who will easily beat me to the Checkout because, if I know anything about Jumpers, it is that they are fast.

I reach Checkout 11 with no issues. I am third in the line, the two people in front of me appear to be no threat, the cashier is a middle-aged woman.

The first person goes through the Checkout quickly and efficiently. Has her own bags, valid coupons, no price checks, a debit card that works. I have made an inspired choice.

And then it happens. A young man with a cart full of groceries approaches in a direction that says he has no intention of lining up. “That’s the rest of my order,” says the woman in front of me. There are no secrets now. The woman is a Placeholder, the young man is a Runner. “Come right up,” says the Placeholder to the Runner. I look plaintively at the cashier hoping desperately that she will deny the Runner access to the front of the line. But that is not going to happen because it is break time and my wonderful, experienced cashier is being replaced by a world-class Nubie, a young man on the low side of twenty.

I am now in big trouble. But it gets worse. No Limits has just jumped into my line with two intentions: block the Runner (A cheat knows a cheat) and somehow get in front of me.

The Runner rolls up to No Limits and says, “Excuse me, “I need to get to the front of the line.”

No Limits responds loudly in a language I do not understand, but I am fairly certain that her response is a jet stream of curses.

The Placeholder jumps in with her own curses, none of which need translation.

Everything would end in an instant if the inexperienced cashier exercised his God-given authority to manage the line. Instead, the cashier decides now is the time to bring the feuding parties together for some good faith negotiation. “Come forward,” he says to the Runner, not realizing he has just given two people — the Runner and No Limits — exactly what they want: a Golden Ticket to the front of the line.

No Limits reacts just a little faster than The Runner and is rewarded by gaining position two, directly behind The Placeholder.

This is bad. Very bad.

The cashier, who until now was largely a waste of oxygen, suddenly develops some backbone. “Ah, mam,” he says to No Limits, “you have gone beyond the purchase limit for that item. You need to put two cases back.”

No Limits responds with the now familiar jet stream of expletives.

The Placeholder adds a jab of her own, “you need to go now, put those two extra cases back and then line up again.”

The instant response — a jet stream of expletives — makes me wonder whether No Limits knows more English than she is letting on.

The Cashier repeats his order. “You need to put two cases back.”

“No, I am not putting anything back,” says No Limits in perfect English. “You take them.”

“I don’t have room,” says the Cashier, with no acknowledgement of the instant language change, not even an arched eyebrow.

“Not my problem,” says No Limits.

“Why don’t you just do everyone a favor and get out of the line,” says The Placeholder.

Jet stream of expletives.

All is lost. I prepare to make a Line Freeze declaration and abandon my cart, the ultimate humiliation.

Except something miraculous happens. The veteran Cashier returns. She was not on a full break, just a short bathroom break.

Order is instantly restored. The Placeholder, No Limits and The Runner all get expelled. When they protest, the Cashier gives them her default response: Talk to the hand. They slink off, defeated.

The universe is back in alignment. No pun intended.

Charter Communications Company

Charter Communications Incorporated is the third largest publicly traded cable operator in the United States and services over five million customers in 29 states. Charter is recognized as a Fortune 500 company, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and is on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The ticker symbol is CHTR. The chairman and largest shareholder of Charter is Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen.

Charter offers a wide range of products that include video, high-speed internet, and telephone services. They are able to provide their customers entertainment, information, and electronic connections to the rest of the world.

Charter cable television offers customers high-definition channels along with the basic cable television offerings. Also provided are digital video recorders and an impressive collection of on-demand titles.

Charter’s high-speed internet is available in two speeds, five and 10 megabits per second. These speeds allow customers to download at lightning fast speeds and be able to play online games and stream video with ease.

Charter’s telephone service is and has always been a high quality service that provides residents with unlimited local and long distance calling to all of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Charter offers call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail, and enhanced 911 services at no additional charge.

Charter also offers business solutions to tailor the needs of businesses with communication needs. Business products include Internet access, data networking, video and music entertainment, and business telephone service.

Charter has come a long way from where they started and they are continually looking to improve and grow the company.

Why Back Tax Foreclosures Will Out-Profit Mortgage Foreclosures Every Time

Real estate investment is part of every wealthy person's portfolio. But to be as successful as possible, you'll need to know the right properties to buy – before you make a bunch of mistakes. The best opportunity for making money in real estate comes from foreclosures, and of those, back tax foreclosures win hands-down. This is why.

Reason numero uno: the mortgage! Mortgage foreclosures always have them. Back tax foreclosures do not. Taxes are usually paid by the mortgage company, and they do not stop paying even if you quit paying your mortgage – otherwise they'll lose the property too. So most tax properties that make it all the way to tax sale are owned outright. You can make a lot of money from this type of property, if you get it cheaply enough.

So what's the second big reason back tax property is the best investment? Price. Got $ 1000? You can buy yourself a tax property, if you know what you're doing. You will not get a bargain on mortgage foreclosures. Even if they have a lot of equity you still have to come up with all the cash to deal with the back mortgage payments.

If you're not familiar, you're almost certainly wondering how you get back tax foreclosures for so little. If you were thinking "tax foreclosure auction," you're wrong! Because there's a lot of competition at tax sale, it's very difficult to get a good deal bidding on tax property there. You'll get property for a fraction of the price you'll pay at tax sale if you wait until after the tax sale to buy it.

If you wait until the very end of the redemption period, you will find a set of owners you definitely want to buy from. The owners in question are those that have no intention of redeeming. In fact, they're letting it go so they do not have to deal with it anymore. They're looking forward to the day the deed is no longer their problem, so ask to take it off their hands and offer a few hundred dollars for their time.

Mortgage foreclosures just can not compare to back tax foreclosures, especially when you use this insider technique. You can be just as successful investing in back tax foreclosure property as anyone else out there. There are so many properties out there in tax foreclosure that you'd be foolish to put it off any longer. Now's the time!

Which Should I Choose, A Decorator Or An Interior Designer?

Whether you hire a decorator or acquire an interior designer will depend on the type of project you have, and the scope of your project. Maybe what you're doing in your room is not really a big deal, or it's something that is not going to have a huge impact on the space. It could be that you do not see your project developing much more than, say, a coat of paint, or maybe it just needs freshening up. In these circumstances, I would advise you to select a decorator.

In the past, painters were called decorators. They were the ones that actually did the physical labor. After that, decorators were known as those who could help you furnish or decorate a room. Over time, things became increasingly more sophisticated, especially in businesses and then in homes. Now, top exclusive designers are on the scene brimming with significant educational backgrounds in the technical and architectural realms, and have strong concerns for the health, safety, and welfare of the public. If you have more interest in this, you can do further research to discover the development of the interior decorating and design profession.

Currently, interior decorating and design is a very easily infiltrated field. Anybody with a flair for color or pattern can get into this profession … and even call themselves a professional !! Many have just enough knowledge to make themselves dangerous to a client or potential client.

When I graduated from design school, I garnered my first job with a very high-end furniture store. My passion was for design first, and then selling the furniture and furnishings to bring out the design concept as well as the personality of the client. Part of their salespeople had some level of skill in decorating. This store also employed salespeople that came from very diverse careers and backgrounds outside of design. I found out fairly quickly that furniture stores, including very high-end furniture stores, do not really care about design or what you as a customer will get in terms of design. As furniture stores, whether or not they employ decorators or designers, their number one concern is selling you furniture . Period . I do not care what they tell you otherwise. Their profit comes from selling you furniture.

Independent decorators and interior designers generally are not beholden to any one particular furniture store or line of furniture. Some work through furniture stores, even though they are on their own. Others prefer showrooms.

When comparing decorators and designers, there is an overwhelmingly large range of talents and skills. Unfortunately for the uninformed client, you definately can not rely on the title they assigned to themselves to be able to distinguish which is which, either! Some independent decorators and interior designers only work in their own preferred personal style and look. They are quite comfortable because they limit themselves to their one favorite specific genre. Others are only comfortable working with the types of furniture and styles that they personally like and are comfortable with. If for some reason you choose to work with them, you are basically buying what they like. So, in essence, you are buying their look or brand. Coincidentally, everyone else that uses them gets their look or brand, too! So the interior of your house may very well look very similar to someone else's house. Where is the individuality and uniqueness in that? Therefore, your personality and the look and ambiance that you want or need is partly or wholly submerged by the look the decorator or designer would prefer to imposes on you based on the personality and aesthetic preferences of the decorator or designer! So, whose house is it, anyway? Who pays the house payment? I think you get my point here.

When it comes to selecting an interior decorator or designer, you must be careful. Realize that you can rank interior decorators and designers in categories from kindergarten level, all the way up to Masters, Ph.D., and Doctorate. Or if you prefer, you can rank them from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. To judge properly, you have to know what you're looking for and what constituents top-level interior design schemes. If you need a level 8 to 10 interior, do not mistakenly hire a level 7 designer. This reminds me of a quote from one of Clint Eastwoods' movies, "A man's (or woman's) got to know his (her) limitations." If you as a client do not know the decorator or designers limitations, relative to what you need, then the next line from one of Clint Eastwoods' movies is appropriate for you. "Are you feeling lucky?" Well, you're going to need a lot a luck if your interior decorator or designer is underpowered and lacking in talent and ability!

Choosing an interior designer is like purchasing a good sports car. You're buying the two-seater for the excitement and pleasure of driving it, and looking at it. Some of you would not even mind being informed while you're driving it! You always want the one with more horsepower and speed than what you'll really use every day. It's important. Picture this with me. You're in the driver's seat of your recently purchased high-powered machine, enjoying the fast lane of the highway. Uh oh! You're becoming trapped! The space quickly narrows between the guard rail on your left side, and the truck encroaching into your lane on your right. Intense fear and panic strikes. Wait a minute! You've already invested in peace of mind ahead of time … so you're able to out-maneuver this pest. Your pre-planning has paid off! What would have been a dangerous, traumatic, no-win situation is now being downgraded to a nuisance and agitation. Unbearable grief has turned into relief. Let's face it … getting squished would be a bad day! Spending more money up front significantly increases your level of happiness and satisfaction!

Many people have pondered, "Do I really need to get an interior designer?" This can be compared to deciding whether or not to get health insurance or life insurance. It's better to have it and not need it, instead of needing it and not having it. Both analogies, the sports car and the insurances, point to the fact that it's better to have more than less. This is also important for your peace-of-mind and your safety. I know the famous minimalist design saying of "Less is more." However, in most categories of life, it is much better to have more than less, as well as having more than you need. This applies to oxygen, money, health, and food, etc. It's also knowing "There's safety in numbers."

A lot of the automated commercials claim their product to be "Best in its class." With every interior decorator or designer that you consider for hire, you must question "What class are you in?" or "What class are you in, which you are the best in?" You also need to find out what their design philosophy is, what level of talent and skill they can actually do in design , how they do it, how they think, and how they set you up for success.

Getting the right designer for you and your project is critical for your success! In truth, it is very much like a mini-marriage. Therefore, you had better get it right! You do not want to end up in design divorce court. There's too much at stake. Your time and money need to be invested wisely for design, as well as the furniture and furnishings. As they say, "You get what to pay for."

I agree with these thoughts from John Ruskin, "It's unwisely to pay too much, but it's worse than pay too little. , because the thing you bought was not able to do the thing it was intended to do. The common law of business balance prohibited paying a little and getting a lot. is well to add something for the risk you run. And if you do, you will have enough to pay for something better. "

Finally, I'll end up with a great quote from Red Adair that is so appropriate to hiring the right designer for you. "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job … wait until you hire an amateur."

Investing in Automotive Tools and Equipment

In order to have the most successful automated service center, it is vital to invest in the highest quality automotive tools & equipment. By using the most precise of equipment, your servicing center can guarantee the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Owners of vehicles require their cars to be regularly maintained and repaired. Reputable car repair centers will ensure that they have a large clientele base if they have great mechanics and the best tools and equipment. To purchase this type of equipment, you can research online to find reliable manufacturers. Your center should also have the best wheel alignment equipment that is known for precision, as this is very important. If a client is interested in having a wheel alignment adjustment made, they will normally inquire as to the type of equipment the service center uses. High quality wheel alignment equipment is utilized by the best auto service centers to ensure customer satisfaction.

When seeking automated tools & equipment for your automated service center, it is imperative to choose a distributor that only deals in the utmost highest of quality materials. Reputable manufacturers will have their own websites that detail the different types and brands of equipment available if you shop with them. You will be able to search within the website's search bar for the equipment that you are seeking and will automatically be taken to the page that highlights what you are looking for.

On these types of sites you will be able to check details about the equipment, such as how much it costs and who it is manufactured by. Many automotive centers and almost all vehicle owners will only rely on certain manufacturers for the parts for their vehicles. By using only these manufacturers in your place of business, you stand to gain many more customers to boost your clientele. You can also ensure the safety of your work by using these great manufacturers. Do research to find out who the best manufacturers are and who produces the safest, most efficient quality products to use in your vehicle maintenance center.

When doing your research, only choose those manufacturers that produce the equipment that has received great reviews by consumers and other repairs shops alike. It is best to stick to those companies that are well known for their automotive tools & equipment. If you have the best equipment, you can count on being thought after for your repair and maintenance facilities.

The vehicle owners that need extensive repairs for things on their vehicle such as their engine will only rely on service centers that utilize reputable equipment made by name brand companies. This goes for new and used spare parts. When you are ready to order, you can order online the different types of equipment and tools that you require. You will be able to pay online, as well, and expect delivery per the terms in the payment agreement from the manufacturer.

If you have doubts or questions involving the equipment that you see on a website, you can always contact the manufacturer directly via the contact information on the website. Many websites nowdays have a contact page where you can submit any of your questions online, as well. Should your product be defective or need repair, the website you are ordering from should have something in place to offer to fix or replace the defective or broken part or equipment. Be sure that the manufacturer only uses highly trained mechanics to service your equipment. By taking these precautions, you can ensure the best quality service to your clientele.

Build Your Own Solar Generators

Mother Nature has provided us with the most extensive sources of energies on this planet that are ever-lasting, inexhaustible, affordable, and can open doors to the maximum potential of the energy utilization.

The sun is one such important source of renewable energy, though only 50% of the solar energy has been used for different purposes, so far including the usage of appliances and solar power sources like solar panels, solar cookers, solar heaters, etc. Solar energy can be utilized in heating mechanisms for air and for water as in pools, for generating electricity, for cooking purposes, and other day to day life activities.

Solar energy can be tapped to provide a perfect cost-efficient solution, in today’s economic situation and ever-rising prices of the conventional fuels. Moreover, with the increasing energy crisis and pollution, solar energy can prove to be a boon to the humankind with its environment friendly and long lasting features.

Solar generators serve as powerful means to generate electricity at your home or workplace, which can be practical, efficient, free from any harmful waste products, and economical as well. Basically, Solar Generators are appliances that can convert the solar energy into electricity, which can be used to light up your home or workplace or any other appliance that works on electrical energy.

Solar Generator makes use of solar cells or photovoltaic cells for converting the solar energy into electricity. The most beneficial part of a solar generator over the solar panels (that also make use of solar cells), is that solar generators are capable of storing the energy that can be utilized even at night or when there is an overcast, or at the locations, where it rains consistently for long. Apart from this, solar generators also help in reducing one’s dependency on government or electricity utility companies for the source of energy, making them more independent for the power supply.

There are various portable solar generators and “build your own solar generator” kits, now available in the market that can prove quite advantageous and beneficial for their contamination free and eliminated electricity bill usage, environment friendly design, off grid free power, and an incessant lifetime.

Though the expenses needed for purchasing and installing a solar generator, may look like an overhead in the beginning. However, going through its benefits, simple design, ease of maintenance, future savings of time, money and other efforts, it is worth an investment. With latest technologies the solar power cost has been reducing every time. So, start planning for your future; you just have to invest now in solar power technology, and enjoy later.

Green Cleaning Tips For Kitchens Sinks

Cleaning your kitchen sink the green way is a great way to extend the life of your kitchen sink. Typical cleaners are either abrasive cleaners or chlorine-based formulas. If you clean your sink with these cleaners, you could be damaging the material that makes up your sink. In fact some sink manufacturer explicitly tell you not to use these types of cleaners. They will advise you to use their specialty cleaners for their sinks.

You can avoid buying sink manufacturer specialty cleaners, and clean the green way by using baking soda. This not only limits the damage to the sink material, but also saves you the expense of purchasing a specialty cleaner.

Green Kitchen Sink Cleaning Routine

  1. Regularly wipe the sink with water to keep foods, oils, and stains from accumulating.
  2. Use a few drops of dish washing soap, or baking soda to give the sink a good cleaning.
  3. Wash the faucet with a few splashes of water, or with a damp sponge. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, or steel wool on faucets. They may cause pits in the steel, and induce premature rusting.
  4. Dry the sink with a towel or just let it air dry. If you have hard water, it is a good idea to pat down the sink to remove water spots that will appear.

Tip : Store a container of baking soda mixed with spotted oil close to the kitchen sink. Anytime you want to freshen up the kitchen sink. Simply shake some into the sink, and wipe down with a moist sponge. This will give your sink an instant pick me up.

Cleaning your sink the green way saves your money, eliminates the use of chemicals and is great for the environment.

How to Pass Kidney Stones Quickly – 3 Tips to Accelerate the Process!

If you have found this article, we can assume that you are looking for information on how to pass kidney stones quickly. Assuming that you are a person suffering from kidney stones, you know first-hand that the condition is extremely painful. Passing that stone is your number one priority so that you can put an end to the pain and suffering. This article will provide you with three useful tips to help accelerate the passing of your stone. If you follow these tips, it is even possible to pass your kidney stone in under 24 hours!

The first tip to help you pass your stones quickly is to drink lots of distilled water. Drinking a lot of distilled water will allow you to urinate more regularly giving you a higher chance of flushing the stone out. It is extremely important that the water is distilled. The reason is because stones are composed of different elements and minerals such as calcium, oxalate, phosphate, magnesium, uric acid, etc. Regular water can contain metals and impurities which can actually help the kidney stone grow larger and only aggravate the problem.

The second tip to help pass your stones quickly is to get some exercise. This may sound ridiculous, especially if you are in a lot of pain. However, lying down in bed all day really does nothing to help you pass your stone. The idea behind exercising is to get your body moving so that the stone can start moving down your urinary system a lot faster. If the pain is too much, just tone down the level of exercise.

The last and highly recommended tip is to consume a natural home remedy made specially to help pass your stone. There are a number of safe, natural home remedies out there that can really help cut down the time to pass a stone. Some remedies are more effective than others. They usually involve mixing ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store. The idea behind a home remedy is that by consuming it, you can breakdown or dissolve the stone making it easier to pass through your urine. For more information on a proven and highly effective home remedy be sure to visit the site below.

So now you know how to pass kidney stones quickly. The three tips given in this article should greatly help accelerate the time to pass your stone so that your pain and suffering is minimized. To recap, make sure you drink lots of distilled water, get some exercise, and consume a natural home remedy that aids kidney stone breakdown. For more information, please visit my site below.

Seven Types of Cakes Perfect for Every Occasion of Celebration

Not everyone would appreciate your extra effort in finding an ideal gift for them. A cake, on the other hand, will bring about a smile on their face instantly. So, why not buy a cake for your loved one on their special day than busting yourself in searching for a perfect gift. An expansive cake variety is available in the Indian market today, which can simply leave you spoilt for choices. Here in this post listed are some amazing cake options that you can consider and make your loved one’s special day all the more memorable. And of course, if you’re not around to surprise them in-person, you always have the option of cake home delivery.

Mojito Cake – For the Cocktail Lovers

Binged with a mix of mint and rum, Mojito cakes are an ideal option for those who love a tipple. The light sponges covered with lime butter make this cake adorable and delightful. Other cocktail inspired cakes such as pina colada tarts and dirty martini butter cakes are also classic options you can explore.

Chocolate Fudge Cake – For the Love of Chocolate

No one says no to a dark chocolate cake. For most of us, digging into a chocolate cake is not less than experience the greatness of heaven on earth. Fudge icing with dark chocolate pieces infused on a spongy base makes it an ideal cake for all occasions.

Antigravity Cake – For the Sweet-Tooth

Antigravity cakes are typically known to pile high with sweets and topple out of the bag. The sweets are smartly stuck on a stick which is typically hidden, making them look like they are falling down. A bit tricky to handle, they do look amazing and are but totally worth the price as well.

Ombre Cake – For the Trendsetters

A three-tier chocolate caramel cake with four sponges and layers of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and caramel infused in between, the cake is a delight in all respects. Its gradient shading is its most fascinating feature in addition to its majestic taste and overall look. If you want to get done a birthday cake delivery today, these are the cakes to prefer.

Ice Cream Cake – For the Cool Ones

No matter if you’re celebrating your first anniversary with your loved one or planning to surprise them on their birthday, an ice-cream cake is an easy option loved by all. The cakes are available in a broad range of flavors, including vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, dark fantasy, double chocolate, and much more.

Peanut Butter Layered Cake – For the Peanut Butter Lovers

Some of us are absolutely crazy about peanut butter and that’s precisely the reason why we now also have peanut butter cakes available in the market today. So, if your loved one is a die-hard peanut butter lover like you are, go get this cake. Of course! You also have the cake home delivery option.

Freakshake Cheesecake – For the Adventurous Souls

Who said cakes need to have a sponge base? Not us! Get inspired and choose cakes that are different – like Freakshake cheesecake. It’s a classic new addition to the list of cakes that you can choose to buy. The flavors shelved in the market are a plethora. So, choose a flavor that your special one would love. Our go-to flavors include red velvet, mango, blueberry, and strawberry mousse.

Besides these, there are many conventional cake options out there for you to select and buy. But, for birthday cake delivery today options, our mentioned cakes would best suit your needs.

Being Prepared for Vacation Emergencies Part II: Lost or Stolen Items

Developing a plan that will help you avoid becoming a victim of petty crime should be an important part of your travel preparations. Although most Caribbean vacationers enjoy fun in the sun, thinking through a game-plan in case your valuables are lost or stolen they will ensure you'll have pleasant memories to take home.

While traveling, you will most likely be carrying articles of some importance and value that are necessary for your trip, such as passports, identification, cash or other forms of payment, and other items that if misplaced or stolen, could pose some inconvenience during your trip. There are measures you can take to prevent the theft of your valuables. And if your important items do go missing, you can do something about that, too.

Steps Toward Prevention

In the Caribbean, pick-pocketing and petty theft are the most common types of crimes that involve tourists. But by following some simple words of advice, you can avoid becoming a statistic by making it more difficult for thieves to abscond with your valuables. Consider the following travel tips to keep your possessions safe while visiting the Caribbean.

First, do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself by flashing large amounts of cash or prioritize jewelry while on your Caribbean vacation. If you can help it, try to travel with as little cash as possible to prevent your money from being stolen or becoming lost without a trace. Credit cards and travelers' checks are often better options while vacationing overseas because these forms of payment can be tracked and easily cancelled if necessary. If your credit cards or travelers' checks are lost or stolen during your vacation, contact your financial institution immediately. You should be able to cancel your missing or stolen credit card and track any purchases made after it was lost.

Do not leave important possessions unattended during your vacation. If your hotel room has a safe, use it to stow valuables. Also, if you decide to go for a swim on one of your island's beautiful beaches or are visiting public places including restaurants or casinos, do not leave items such as wallets, purses, or other valuable personal belongings unattended because they can easily be picked up without anyone even noticing. Always be aware of your surroundings, and know where your personal items, including passports, identification, money and jewelry, are at all times. Thieves are less likely to prey on vacationers who look like they are aware of what is going on around them.

The Loss or Theft of Important Documents

Travelers not only have to worry about the loss or theft of items that are monetarily valuable, but they also should consider what to do in case such important documents as passports, visas, and identification or driver's licenses are lost. These items are necessary to carry with you while traveling, but if they are lost or stolen while on vacation, you could face unexpected frustration on your trip. Even if you take preventive measures to keep your documents from being stolen, there is still the possibility you could misplace them.

If your passport or driver's license is lost or stolen while visiting the Caribbean, contact the local police as soon as possible. Also, get in touch with the closest embassy or delegate to your home country. Once you realize that your passport, visa or ID is missing, it is important to notify the proper authority as quickly as possible to protect yourself from becoming a possible victim of identity fraud. Notifying the permissions is the first step to follow when your passport or other important documentation is lost. Then, you must apply for a replacement. You may not be able to receive a new passport immediately while in the Caribbean, so you may want to carry several other forms of identification with you just in case.

Although you are not likely to be robbed while vacationing in the Caribbean, it is always best to be prepared for the unexpected rather than being caught off guard. To learn more about traveling safely in the Caribbean, visit Caribbean-Guide Crime for detailed information and useful safety tips.

Deadly Frogs of the Amazon

Deadly Frogs

Who would ever think that a brightly and colorful frog could be so ever dangerous? Well, think again. Deep in the tropical rain forests of South America and in places such as the Amazon or Peru, these deadly bright creatures can instantly kill either a predator who happens to decide to attack them for food or from them being handled by picking them up and the mucus from their skin penetrating into the skin of their unharmed victim. Native Indians or the indigenous people of the Rainforest have used the venom of these creatures either in warfare with neighboring tribes or as a weapon to hunt for their food. The poison emanating from these small, slimy creatures and used by the Native Indians in their dart guns have dropped many an enemy or food source.

Poison Dart Frogs

These frogs are sometimes referred to as "Dart Frogs" or poisonous frogs and are some of the world's most beautiful frogs in the South American rain forest. Dart Frogs are small dwelling frogs and range in size from a few centimeters such as the Strawberry Dart Frog to a little larger than three inches such as the Dyeing Poison Frog. As one can imagine, these frogs are named after the poison they secret from their skin. Tribesman or Indians living in South American used these secretaries to make poison darts. These darts were later used in Tribal Warafare in addition to being used for hunting. There is one type of Dart Frog that stands out as the one that many of the tribes prefer and that farog is called the "Golden Poison Dart Frog." This frog is one of the larger species of Poison Arrow Frog. Like its relative, the Blue Dart Frog, it reaches a length of approximately three inches.

Another type of Dart Frog is the yellow frong and this bright yellow color, it really stand out when traveling through the Rainforest, almost advertising to all animals that come in contact with it how poisonous it can be. It has been estimated that there is enough poison or "Batrachotoxins in its secretions to kill over 10,000 rats or 7 or more human beings. when they took a drink of water that a leaf Terribilils crossed over filled into a bowl or cup of water.

Even those these Dart Frogs are especially venomous, the poison, Batrachotoxins specifically found in the Gold Poison Dart Frog, can benefit mankind. Scientist have been able to isolate a certain component found in their toxins that has been found to be 1000 times more effective than morphine in treating pain with zero addictive properties. But the problem is that scientists are still unsure how these tiny frogs get their toxic characteristics. Scientists have asked themselves, "why is this so?" Many top thinkers believe that these type of poisonous frogs obtain their toxicity from their diet which consist of insects and primarily ants. And to go even further, many feel that these frogs rely on a specific species of plant which also includes fungi. This shows how everything is intertwined with nature in some form or another.

A Major Cause of Stress

Discover that stress is NOT being caused primarily by people or situations, but by your own thoughts and actions.

We tend to think of stress as something that occurs because of outside events, such as having financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, or from having too much to do. Certainly events such as these are challenging, but they are not the actual cause of stressful feelings.

Stress Is An Important Message

Stress is your inner guidance’s way of letting you know that you are thinking thoughts or taking actions that are out of alignment with what is in your highest good, or that you are trying to control something that you cannot control – such as how people feel about you or the outcome of things. Stress may also be letting you know that something in your body is out of whack – you are on medications or substances that are affecting your brain and causing the stress, or you have eaten foods such as sugar, processed, or pesticide-laden food that is causing brain toxicity, leading to feeling stressed.

When you are operating from your wounded self and trying to control something over which you have no control – such as others’ feelings and the outcome of things – your stress is letting you know that you are hitting your head against a wall and not accepting reality. The opposite of stress – inner peace – is the result of accepting what is, learning to take loving care of ourselves in the face of what is, and practicing gratitude for the big and small blessings on this incredible journey of life – even in the face of all the challenges. And as many of us have experienced, gratitude offers us a stress-free way to manifest what we want, and works far better than trying to control others and outcomes,

Beyond Stress

Wallace Wattles, the author of the 110-year old book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” states that “Man [and woman] may come into full harmony with the Formless Substance [this is what he calls God] by entertaining a lively and sincere gratitude for the blessings it bestows upon him [and her]. Gratitude unifies the mind of man [and woman] with the intelligence of Substance, so that man’s [and woman’s] thoughts are received by the Formless Intelligence through a deep and continuous feeling of gratitude.” He states that when you frequently contemplate the mental image of what you want, “coupled with unwavering faith and devout gratitude,” you set in motion the creative forces of manifestation.

Your stress is letting you know that you are doing the opposite of this – you are using your thoughts to create what you don’t want and to try to control others and outcomes rather than to co-create with Spirit.

The major challenge here is about being in faith that all of this is true. You might know that this is true from the perspective of your loving adult, but your wounded self likely doesn’t believe it. It is very easy for the wounded self to come in with thoughts of bad things happening, which moves you out of faith and gratitude and into stress. It is very easy for the wounded self to focus on how to try to have control over others and outcomes, which will always create stress. It is very easy for the wounded self to turn to junk food and other substances that bring the body out of balance and cause stress. It is even easy for the wounded self to try to use Inner Work and gratitude as a way of controlling God! It is so important, when opening to learning and moving into Gratitude, to make sure that your intent is to be loving to yourself and others, WITH NO OTHER AGENDA, rather than using Inner Work as just another way to attempt to control others and outcomes.

Stress Is Your Friend

Stress is your friend in that it is instantly letting you know that you are off track in your thinking and/or behavior. Instead of ignoring your stress or pacifying it with various addictions, which will ultimately cause more stress, why not do Inner Work and attend to it with a deep desire to learn about how you are off track?

When you really think about it, it is strange that our society tries so hard to get rid of stress with medications and addictions, instead of learning what it is trying to tell us. When you really get that stress is your guidance’s way of telling you that you are “off the mark,” (in the original Aramaic Bible, sin is translated as off the mark) in your thinking and/or behavior, you will attend to what you are doing to create it, rather than ignore it or try to get rid of it.

Most Common Computer Malfunctions

If you have a computer, I have news for you. It is going to malfunction, usually at the worst possible time and often for no apparent reason. It isn’t something we look forward to, because it is very easy to end up spending a day or so trying to figure out what is wrong and getting it fixed. My most recent issue involved some of my desktop icons vanishing, namely the ones that allowed me to control volume and told me how much battery life I had left. The fix ended up being a quick one, once I actually found the solution that worked. But getting there was a harrowing experience indeed.

It is also a fact that user error plays a huge part in computer glitches. Visiting sites that harbor malicious codes or software, downloading programs without checking to see whether or not they may cause harm, or simply asking the computer to do more than it is effectively able to do with the resources provided. Many times we are the cause of what goes wrong.

Many computer malfunctions may also be the result of power surges such as lightning. This can usually be avoided through the use of a surge protector. If you do not have one, get one now and attach all of your comp’s connections through it to avoid an unpleasant episode.

Computers may also fall victim to viruses. Contrary to popular belief, most viruses do not wipe your hard drive or destroy your PC, but rather they install and then proceed to make nuisances of themselves. My most recent experience with a virus came disguising itself as an anti-virus program. Of course it was a fake, the idea being for you to believe its warning about your computer being infected and click on their link to download the fix. In reality, all it would be doing is scarfing up your credit card information. Viruses can usually be removed by use of any number of removal tools, such as Malwarebytes, or Avast!

Newer viruses are even more malicious in that they install themselves on your comp, change various registry settings, and then eliminate themselves. The virus is gone, but the damage it has done remains, requiring specialized help to correct. It isn’t advisable to go poking around a computer’s registry settings unless you really know what you are doing. Changing the wrong thing may end up making a bad situation worse.

Quite possibly the single most common problem is the inability to access your PC at all. When you turn on your computer, nothing happens. Once you have had your intelligence insulted by being told to check and make sure the unit is plugged in, check out the power supply inside the unit and make sure it is functioning properly. If the comp appears to be running but the monitor is blank, check the unit’s video card.

Of course you can always cut down on potential problems by running normal system tools such as Disk Defragmenter, ScanDisk, and Disk Cleanup. In addition, keep a can of compressed air handy to remove dust from your unit, cutting down on the possibility of a short.

Other problems are less noticeable, such as the inevitable slowdown of your system over time. The more programs that are installed and running simultaneously, the slower your system will run overall. Make it a good habit of regularly emptying your cache files, cleaning your registry, and making sure all of your software is up to date. My current desktop is almost seven years old and still runs just as well as my two year old laptop.

We have all had a computer freeze up and crash (remember those annoying “blue screens of death”?); these are most often the result of out of date drivers. Keep all of your hardware drivers up to date on a regular basis. Increasing the amount of memory will also help your comp run better.

You may also hear unusual sounds coming out of your CPU (or “tower”). Clicking, buzzing, and squealing sounds are not uncommon and may be the result of damaged electronic components within the unit. In many cases you may be able to fix the problem yourself, however if it comes down to dealing with delicate software or your hard drive, your best bet is to call in a qualified computer technician.

Staying on top of your computer issues and properly maintaining the unit will go a long way towards helping to insure a long productive life for your unit.

How Using A Book Stand For Reading Can Improve Your Health

How often when you are studying do you end up with a crick in the neck, a sore back, painful wrists and fingers and eye strain? Probably more times than you can remember.

The reason we end up with aches and pains like this when studying is because most of sit hunched over our desk or table, for long periods handling heavy text books whilst simultaneously trying to write notes of what we are studying.

Our posture is poor and as a result our back and neck suffers. Lifting heavy text books on to and off our desk can tax even the strongest of wrists so it is no wonder we feel strained after sessions at our desks.

It needn’t be like this. There is a way out and it is very simple. All you need to do is use a book stand for reading. These things are amazing devices. So simple and straight forward and yet everyone who has ever used one has been surprised at the benefits obtained from using one. Most new users of book stands wonder how they ever managed without one in the first place.

They come in all different shapes, colors and sizes depending on your own personal taste what you want to use it for.

If you are a student and need to reference several books at one time there are stands that will hold several books at a time as well as allowing you to adjust the height and angle so you can be comfortable when reading. Some are big enough to allow you to place the book on one side and your notebook on the other making it very easy for you to take notes.

There are other book stands that will hold and protect your cook books in the kitchen allowing you to always have the recipe or recipes you are using available there and then. Some will also allow you to have a couple of books open at one time so you can work on more than one recipe at a time. With clips to keep the pages open you won’t lose your place.

And book stands are not just for printed books either. You can also get them for your electronic reader as well. Whether you own an iPad, kindle, nook or whatever there is undoubtedly a suitable holder for you. If you use an iPad for reading eBooks you will no doubt have found it quite heavy to hold for any length of time. Using a book stand will relieve you of this weight.

No matter where or what you use your book stand for it will very likely make reading a far more comfortable and healthy pursuit than you have experienced so far.

Professions In Construction – Management

Management is an important task in every endeavor. The same applies to construction. The following are the main forms of management professions in construction:

· Construction Management: This is the ultimate management profession for the construction industry. It is concerned with the overseeing of the three main pillars of the construction project. These are:

· Money: construction costs a lot of money. As such, there is need to account for every penny that gets into the project. Furthermore, it is important to budget and establish when a certain amount of money will be required for the project. This is especially so with projects funded by financial organizations. This is the responsibility of the construction manager, obviously with the assistance of other players, especially the client and architect.

· Men: This refers to the human resource input into the project. Although there are many persons involved, the construction manager is mostly involved with main professionals, contractors and specialists. Here he will advise on the requisite resources, their roles and assist in negotiating their fees.

Of importance is the selection of the contractor to undertake the work, usually through a tendering process.

· Machines: This category includes both materials and plant. The role here is basically adisorial, especially in consultation with the architect and the engineers.

The following are also responsibilities of the construction manager:

· Time: Apart from controlling the construction finances, the construction manager is charged with the responsibility of controlling project time. The overall project time is very crucial and this needs to be keenly controlled. Loss of construction completion time means loss of revenue from the finished product.

· Quality: Owing to the fact that many materials are put together by many hands to achieve the desired product. There are therefore many chances of compromising on the quality of the finished product, and by extension, loss of value for money input into the works as well as high costs of repair and maintenance. The construction manager, through the assistance of the necessary technical engineers.

· Site management: This can be seen as a subsidiary of construction project management but on a lower level. The site manager is concerned with overseeing the daily goings-on on the site of construction. They take direction from the construction manager or architect if they are on the client side or from the contractor. The site manager is charged with the following main responsibilities:

· Site organization

· Document storage

· Material storage

· Visitor hosting and direction