Beware the Long-Term Effects of Taking Antacids

Taking an antacid or two to get rid of occasional heartburn pain usually poses no problems. As with almost any other type of medication though, you don’t want to take them for long periods of time. It says right on the label that it’s only meant for short-term use.

There are basically three different types of antacids. They include calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, and magnesium hydroxide. Each type causes slightly different effects when taken to combat chronic heartburn pain.

You don’t want there to be too little stomach acid. If there is, then your body may not be able to absorb calcium from your food. Since the bones need calcium to maintain density, bone softening is a possibility if you aren’t getting enough calcium.

Antacids that contain calcium as the main ingredient help keep this from happening, but also cause a few long-term effects. If you start absorbing too much calcium, it will harm your body in various ways. Hypercalcemia will be the main concern, with renal failure being possible too. Since the kidneys are processing much more calcium, stones may develop.

These long-term effects of taking antacids aren’t very likely unless you take them for a very long time. Minor effects happen more often and include constipation, increased urination, and nausea at times. You may also taste an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

The other two types of antacids can cause some of these same side effects of long-term antacid use as well. They present a few other possibilities like weight loss and loss of appetite. Frequent headaches and stomach cramps are also possible if you start using these medications for too long.

When it comes to limiting stomach acid, antacids are virtually nothing when compared to proton pump inhibitors. You definitely don’t want to take these more powerful medications for longer periods. Some of the most popular brands of these medications include Prilosec and Prevacid.

Some are available over-the-counter, while others require a prescription. When used long-term, you may have issues with loss of appetite, diarrhea, and nausea.

When your digestive system is working properly, you shouldn’t have to deal with chronic heartburn pain. If you are dealing with it, then it’s best that you consult your doctor to determine exactly what’s going on.

It may be something extremely simple that you can change. A change in diet has helped some people stave off chronic heartburn pain. No matter what, you definitely don’t want to rely on antacids to deal with the condition, especially after learning about the long-term effects of taking antacids.

Chronic Kidney Disease and GERD: Yes, There Is a Connection

Anne, 73, was first diagnosed with GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) 10 years ago. It had first begun as general heartburn symptoms, but when antacids were ineffective, she thought medical care for her condition. Several different drugs were tried; in the end, she was given Prilosec (omeprazole) twice daily, which was effective for keeping her GERD symptoms at bay. She had been taking the Prilosec since.

GERD is a condition where the muscle between the stomach and the esophagus is weakened allowing contents of the stomach to enter the esophagus. The symptoms are usually burning, pain, and a sensation of pressure in the chest. The person can also have coughing if the contents reach the trachea. Sometimes the symptoms are so severe that the person believes they are having a heart attack. The two main medical treatments are H2 Inhibitors and a Proton Pump Inhibitor. Both are designed to keep the acidity down in the stomach that stopping the burning sensation. The person still has the reflux of stomach contents, but they do not have the symptoms of the reflux.

One new medical procedure is to reinvigorate the esophagus at the point where it enters the stomach-the procedure is called fundoplication. Another is called LINX where a band is placed around the esophagus to prevent stomach contents from entering the esophagus. As this is a new procedure, little is known at the time of writing this article.

The cause of GERD is unknown from a medical standpoint but several lifestyle and dietary factors have been implicated: obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, a high-fat diet and drinking of carbonated beverages. If a person has a hiatus hernia, it can also cause or worsen GERD. Most medical drugs can cause or worsen GERD as well.

In my practice, I have seen other contributing factors for GERD: food allergies or sensitivities, the inability to digest certain foods, emotions and a person's mental state (especially if the person suppresses emotions or thoughts so as to not face them-in essence " swallowing "the feelings).

In Anne's case, she was taking 9 different drugs plus supplements; most of the drugs she had been taking for at least 20 years. The ones Anne took that were commonly-known to cause GERD were prednisone, a statin drug for cholesterol, and Lasix (a diuretic). She was unsure if she was allergic to any foods, and she refused to discuss her mental / emotional state with anyone. She was over 100 pounds overweight and did not watch what she ate (saying "that's what all of them drugs are for"). In essence, she had many "risk factors" for GERD.

The Prilosec managed Anne's symptoms, but at a cost.

About a year ago Anne was diagnosed with stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) when a routine blood test showed elevated levels of creatinine and calcium. She had no other symptoms of kidney problems except for occasional low back pain which may or may not have been related to the kidney disorder. Her MD started her on metformin as elevated glucose levels (diabetes) are common with CKD. She was already taking drugs for the other conditions that are often caused by CKD (high blood pressure and retention of fluid).

The cause, according to the kidney specialist, was the Prilosec, a drug she felt she could not stop taking without having the return of the GERD symptoms. So she continued to take the drug knowing it was going to make her kidneys worse. She bought care with me "to get off the Prilosec."

Prilosec (omeprazole) is a Proton Pump Inhibitor, meaning it inhibits a certain enzyme in the surface of the stomach lining to block acid production. It's more technical than that, but generally, this is what it does. One of the BIG warnings about drugs in this class is that they are not to be used for more than 2 weeks, with a break of 4 months between courses, because of the high risk of damage to the kidneys.

Anne had been taking it twice daily every day for 10 years without any breaks.

Although Anne had many health challenges, she only wanted to get off the Prilosec during her care with me. After an exam and history, I realized that she may not have been digesting certain foods. A test of her gallbladder showed it was functioning at only 40%, meaning some of the digestive enzymes were either not produced or were not produced in a sufficient amount to digest meals.

I also surprised if she was getting enough of the nutrients to make digestive enzymes. One of the drugs she was taking was a statin drug to reduce cholesterol. She took this once daily, the standard dose. But at the time she took the drug she also took all her supplements. Unfortunately, with statin drugs, they block the absorption of virtually all nutrients when they are taken, even those from foods, which is the main reason statin drugs are taken only once daily-if taken more often than that, the person would face severe nutrient deficiencies in a short period of time.

Without adequate nutrient intake, the enzymes to break down food will be depleted and food will not break down. The 2 key signs that food is not being broken down are GERD (because the food sets too long in the stomach) or gas (either in the form of belching or flatus). Anne had both.

I started Anne on Papaya Chews, to be taken with each meal. Papaya is a natural food that contains digestive enzymes. Pineapple would've also helped, but Anne did not like pineapple. I also recommended she take her supplements in the morning and the statin drug in the evening to ensure she got the maximum benefit from the supplements.

At this time I opted to not give a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy would work to correct the condition most importantly to life, the health challenge that most affected the vital force. As Anne took many different drugs for conditions that affected the heart, lungs and kidneys, it was difficult to tell which condition was the most harmful to life and health. Plus she had a pacemaker, so I needed to be careful with that.

The plan was to have her take the Papaya Chews for a few days then see about taking the Prilosec just once daily. She was to call in a week with an update or if unable to go down to the 1 tablet of Prilosec daily because of GERD symptoms.

She called 2 weeks later and stated she was able to just take the 1 Prilosec daily with no GERD symptoms. So we discussed weaning her off of the Prilosec completely as suggested by her MD.

For her 1 month follow-up, she was able to go 3 days without any Prilosec before her GERD symptoms returned, but she now noticed an increase in her blood pressure. She thought medical care and found that her kidneys were worsening, thus the increased blood pressure and difficulty breathing (because of increased water retention). She was given additional drugs to manage her blood pressure and water. She was told by her MD to stop the Prilosec immediately as her kidney function was worsening; but Anne stated she would not so long as she had GERD symptoms.

Anne called a month later and stated she was able to wean completely off the Prilosec by taking the Papaya Chews. She no longer had any symptoms of GERD.

I did not hear from Anne after that. Her sole purpose for care with me was to get off the Prilosec; that was completed. I wish her the best and hope her kidneys were able to heal once the drug was discontinued-or at least not worsen.

I urge everyone to always research any medical drug (and natural supplement) that they are taking to ensure it is prescribed the right way and not taken longer than is necessary, or directed. Medical doctors see a lot of patients each day and have many drugs to remember-it is common for mistakes to be made. Each person has to monitor their own care and instructions from doctors to minimize those mistakes. As a teen, when I was first diagnosed with asthma, the medical doctor often prescribed antibiotics that were not supposed to be given with my asthma drugs; had I not done my own research, I could've become very ill.

Everyone needs to know more about their medical drugs than what color they are. Research them thoroughly. If you have questions, ask the pharmacist or the prescribing doctor. If you also take natural supplements, discuss possible interactions between the drugs and supplements with someone knowledgeable in BOTH natural supplements and drugs.

Your health is important. You are important. Be Aware.

A Look Into New York's Albany Hotels

New York is quite famous for its Albany hotels which are found in almost every major part of New York. There are numerous types of Albany hotels for you to choose from when you visit New York depending on what your requirements are.

The Crowne Plaza hotel

The Crowne Plaza is probably one of the best if not "the" best Albany hotel in New York. The largest plus point of this hotel for any business man visiting New York is that its located near the economic center of New York. It is also just walking distance from New York's legislative office. Additionally, there are also a number of area colleges in close proximacy.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is designed in a way that allows it to effectively cater to the needs of both family travelers and business people alike. The huge Crowne Plaza hotel has more than 300 guest rooms, suites and deluxe club accommodations. The perks of living in a room in the Crowne Plaza hotel includes luxurious comforters, piles of pillows, pillow top mattresses and triple sheets. All of this works to make guests feel at home.

The Crowine Plaza hotel is one of the many hotels in New York that offer their guests shuttle services to and from the train station and the international airport. The Crowne Plaza Hotel also boasts of a large business center which can handle your conventions, meetings, social gatherings and also weddings – meaning that you can actually have guests staying at the Crowne Plaza hotel and at the same time host an even there as well.

The Crowne Plaza offers its guests two dining options which include Webster's Corner and Kelsey's Irish Pub. The difference between the two is that Webster's Corner aims more towards serving breakfast and Kelsey's Irish Pub is great for relaxing while you have your lunch or dinner.

Hampton Inn and Suites

When visiting Albany, New York it's really hard not to notice the bright building in the skyline which is actually the Hampton Inn and Suites. The Hampton Inn and Suites is considered to be the best hotels in Albany. The staff at this hotel is well trained, professional, and are ready to cater to all of their visitor's needs. The hotel has around 121 guestrooms, 8 whirlpools, 35 suites, and one huge executive suite consisting of two rooms. The suites of the Hampton Inn and Suites have microwaves, refrigerators etc as part of the amenities offered.

The good thing about the Hampton Inn and Suites is that you can enjoy the riverfront when you are living in the Inn which is just a few blocks away. Yono is an onsite restaurant which serves all three meals ie breakfast lunch and dinner. The hotel also boasts a large sauna, a steam room, and a tanning bed. You can also get hot tea and coffee which is served in the lobby 24/7

Clarion Hotel

The Clarion hotel is a business type hotel which is probably geared towards business people who visit New York. The hotel has function rooms, and banquet areas which is great for gatherings and meetings. There is also a ballroom which is ideal for couples who are visiting New York – another plus of this hotel is that it's pet friendly.

In addition to the hotels mentioned above there are many other hotels located in Albany, New York. However it's imperative that you first do some research to find the hotel that fits your needs exactly and then book a room in advance. This will ensure that you save both time and money when you visit Albany.

The Best Chicago Flights

Chicago cheap flights are some of the best reasons for visiting this destination. Since Chicago is the third most populated city in the country, it's no surprise that tourists travel here. There are many historic landmarks to explore. This city has a lot to offer in terms of modern attractions, as well.

Visitors can take one of the many city tours available. They can also discover the wealth of Chicago on their own. It does not matter what part of town you're in, there is something fabulous to see and do. Utilizing Chicago cheap flights when planning your trip, allows you to splurge on other areas.

The savings of Chicago cheap flights are often used on lodging. This city truly has some of the finest hotels in the world. There are many luxury locations that provide more than simply a bed. Some hotels offer resort style services to their guests, such as, spa treatments. For many travelers, Chicago cheap flights can mean the difference between a mediocre vacation and an exquisite one.

Many business travelers prefer to be in close proximity to Chicago's O'Hare airport. There are a wide array of hotels within this location. Some of these include the O'Hare Inn and Suites, and the Ramada Inn Lake Shore. These travelers can find themselves relaxing in their hotel room, shortly after arriving to the Windy City.

Tourists make up the majority of the visitors coming to Chicago. Shopping is always a goal for them. Savings, from Chicago cheap flights, allow them to use their extra cash to shop. This city is known for presenting grand shopping opportunities. The Magnificent Mile is a location associated with having wonderful shops and boutiques.

Malls like the one located at 900 North Michigan Avenue provides the best in shopping experiences. This location houses 7 stories of exciting stores, shops, and eateries. The halls here show the grandeur of the city, and makes for an enjoyable day.

Most travelers, whether for business or pleasure, are aware of the importance of their time. For this reason, Chicago cheap flights, that are nonstop are commonly booked. These flights provide not simply quality fares, but also no problems with layovers. This is a special benefit to those who are interested in experiencing the most Chicago has to offer.

Dining in this city is one of the delicious pleasures Chicago offers. There are many locations for fine dining. You can also taste some of the city's local delights. Treats, like their famous deep dish pizza is enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. This is another traditional touch that allows travelers to get a sense of the city.

Families love to book Chicago cheap flights, too. They are typically traveling in groups of at least four. These inexpensive fares give them even more opportunities to get to know Chicago. Visiting attractions like the Adler Planetarium and Astrology Museum can present many hours of fun for families. This is particularly appealing to those who have young children. Other popular locations include Wrigley Field and the Sears Tower.

Getting around in Chicago does not have to be difficult. Many people opt to reserve a rental car for their stay in the city. Chicago cheap flights can be combined in package deals, with rental cars. This provides the freedom you need to explore whenever and where you want.

As people begin to schedule their vacations to Chicago, they will be considering a number of things. The location of the lodging to their points of interest is one of these. They will also consider the specific attractions they want to explore. Overall, expensive is at the top of the list. This is the primary reason why cheap flights serve to enhance the entire trip.

How Do I Compost?

In the quest for Green Living and leaving the least amount of waste behind, composting is the ultimate in recycling! If you ask “how do I compost,” then here is your guide.

The benefit to a compost pile is twofold – you eliminate waste AND create fertilizer/soil additive for the rest of the yard and garden. You do not need a container or bin – simply have a pile in the yard that you dig into the ground!

There are some basic principles in composting that are simple to follow:

• Do not add protein to a compost pile. Proteins include meat and animal products. The only animal-based ingredients that are okay to add are clean and dried eggshells and hair or fur of humans or animals.

• Do not add fats to a compost pile. Fats include oils, butter, gravies, sauces, etc. If a vegetable has been steamed with water only, it is fine. But as soon as you add butter, a sauce or mix it with meat of any kind, it is no longer a candidate for decomposition.

• A compost pile must have multiple ingredients and the greater the variety, the better.

• Adding some soil to the compost accelerates decomposition because it adds in necessary micro-organisms to transform the pile from waste to garden gold.

• The more you ‘turn’ the pile, the faster it decomposes. Turning the pile is merely adding air by digging with a shovel and turning the refuse over and over while chopping it into smaller pieces.

• Do not add more than 2 inches of any one ingredient at a time or you will risk ‘choking’ the compost pile. If you have a lot of one item (say a lot of grass clippings), place a side pile of that ingredient next to the compost pile and add it over time in appropriate amounts.

Kitchen refuse is fabulous for a compost pile. Potato peels, coffee grinds, orange rinds, banana peels, strawberry tops and basically any uncontaminated part of fruits and vegetables. Add hair from your haircut (not colored or permed hair though!) and if you have your dog groomed, the pile of fur is a great addition. But not dog poop!

Once the compost ‘smells’ like soil, it can be used. Note that using compost that is not ‘cooked’ (fully decomposed) can harm the garden. If turned every day and comprised of small, consistently sized ingredients, compost can be ready within a few weeks. It is also a good idea to have multiple piles – one that is ‘cooking’ and others that you can add to.

To use the compost, add it as a top dressing on plants or mix in with backfill soil when planting. Plants that receive annual additions of compost perform very well as they are receiving the ultimate organic fertilizer. And you have done the ultimate in recycling!

The Sole System to Use for Retirement Housing

Retirement Housing

Some hotels do not have staff present all evening. Cities are far more expensive than small towns. There might be one or two bad operators from time to time, but rather than using existing ordinances and current rules to handle the outliers, the city has arrived in and chosen to target a whole industry that's operating lawfully. If you are not staying in the city to have the city, think about staying outside the city. In order to be quite frugal, you'll need to get by as cheaply as possible in certain locations. If a person thinks that the outside the home is boring, they're not likely to want to find the inside of it.

You would like the home to convey a kind of welcoming sense. If the home is flat, you may want to bring a front porch so as to create a little interest. If you're planning to sell your home soon after you make the investments, make sure to select things that would be appealing to your potential customers.

Facts, Fiction and Retirement Housing

The buyer may be given a duplicate of the Housing and Urban Development Settlement Statement 24 hours ahead of closing. He pays for the appraisal as part of the home loan process, and receives a copy. An appraisal is connected to decide on the worth of the property based on several aspects, for instance, actual estate market and the property's layout, square footage, updates and caliber of construction.

The New Fuss About Retirement Housing

Typically, the fee is all about 1% of the complete amount of the loan. The exact cost is based on its place, size and amenities. The cost of meeting repairs to the house will be much greater than a little cost effective waterproofing treatments under the ground. During the time you're trying to reduce expenses, cut vacations, or elect for affordable ones.

Since you may have already noticed, it is not really debt in any respect. Typically, though, a tiny personal loan will come secondary to the main mortgage on your cellular house, if you've got one. Subsidence insurance is not the exact same as earthquake insurance. It is useful in other areas where the ground is unstable, even if there is no history of mining in the area. Walking, itself, is an easy and efficient means to better health.

If you're not signing a contract, do not let them pull your credit for virtually any reason. The buy contract typically makes it possible for the buyer to finish an inspection of the property. The best deals may often be found closer to your date of arrival rather than far ahead of time.

If you're going to spend money in a home, work on making the curve appealing stronger. The money that you save by refinancing may add up over the condition of the loan. What you will get back with respect to your investment will be contingent on a few things which include the standard of the undertaking, how soon you sell after making the improvements, the housing market in your region, the home values ​​in the region, the worth of the home, and more. The businesses face $ 1,000 fines for each property owner who's unregistered and rents her or his property using their platform.

Grilling With Bacon

Do you love bacon? Bacon could be one of your favorite foods, if not your number one food. There are many foods you can add bacon to for an extra added flavor.

If you love going to restaurants and ordering hamburgers with bacon on, you will love bacon on your grilled hamburger. You can either cook your bacon on the grill in a safe grilling pan or on your stove. If you are having guests over, you may want to make some of the bacon extra crispy while other pieces of bacon do not cook it as long. Some people like their bacon more ham-like. Also, with guests include salmon burgers just in case someone at your home does not eat red meat. Salmon is a great option versus hamburgers.

Serve grilled hamburgers and grilled salmon burgers on a toasted homemade deli bun with butter on it. Easily toast the buttered hamburger buns right on the grill grates.

Another option grilling with bacon is to make a huge pan of scrambled eggs. Fire up your grill. While the grill is preheating, simply spray the tinfoil pan with cooking spray. Next, in a medium sized bowl mix up your scrambled eggs with milk. You may choose to cook the bacon on the grill, on the top of your stove or in the microwave. Once the bacon has cooled down, you can crumble it to small pieces and add to the scrambled egg mixture. Add freshly ground pepper to your scrambled eggs. Cook scrambled eggs and bacon on the grill until done. Make sure you stay by your grill as the eggs will cook up fast. You may want to add chopped onion, green peppers, red peppers, fresh mushrooms and hot sauce to your scrambled eggs as well.

Steak and bacon is another fantastic grilled meal. Cut your steak up into smaller sized portions. You may cut the steak into fist sized pieces. Take your bacon and wrap one or two pieces around each piece of steak. You can use a toothpick or cooking safe string to hold the bacon and steak together. Grill until your steak is done how you like it.

Bacon surprises on the grill can be a delicious fun food to tempt your taste buds. You can wrap water chestnuts with bacon, sliced ​​green peppers wrapped in bacon, sliced ​​red peppers wrapped in bacon, sliced ​​onion wrapped in bacon, fresh mushrooms wrapped in bacon, tater tots wrapped in bacon or whatever food you love wrapped in bacon. Grill to perfection and enjoy the savory taste of each morsel.

You can grill a divine chicken or turkey with bacon wrapped around it. The juicy chicken or turkey with crisp flavorful bacon is sure to please anyone's taste buds.

Use your imagination when it comes to grilling with bacon. There are plenty of foods that you can add bacon to for an even more flavorful grilled meal.

How to Make a Stunning Photo? – Playing About the Depth of Field

A lot of people ask a question how to make a photograph catching the attention of others. One of the most powerful photographic techniques is to manipulate depth of field. It is also defined as range of focus. Depth of field is the most important photographer's trick. It is described as the distance on the photograph between the nearest and the farthest point on the scene which seems to be acceptably sharp. In other words the greater the depth of field the more details on the photograph appears to be sharp. Depending on the results which the photographer would like to achieve, he will take a shot with wide or narrow range of focus. Wide range of focus makes you feel that everything on the photo is important. And contrary, narrow depth of field makes you focus on the sharp area and everything else seems to be less important. Manipulating this control gives a photographer a lot of possibilities. In case of a landscape images should make better impression when every detail appears to be sharp from the foreground to the background. While for portraits, and many other subjects, the image would get more attractive if there is just the object to focus on and the rest fades gently into background. Some portraits get really interesting if only a small part of it is sharp, eg portrait made from the top with the strong focus on eyes of the model.

Now let's try to focus on the controls allowing us to achieve desired effects. First and the most important control affecting depth of field is relative aperture determined by F-number. Aperture is defined as the ratio of the focal length ofm the lens to the diameter of the entrance pupil, which is the opening the light travels through. The larger the F-number the smaller the opening and relatively the longer exposure time allowed which results in larger range of focus. From the other hand the high F value stands behind big entrance pupil and requires smaller exposure time resulting in small focus range. This is why lenses with small F number are also called bright lenses. Even though there are bad light condition, the photographer still can take a sharp photo using short shutter speed. If we talk about landscapes and we want to keep the high range of detail, the larger aperture the better, but you need to remember that if lighting conditions are not the best, longer exposure time is required. So if you plan to take a shot of a nice landscape do not forget to take a good quality tripod, particularly if you plan to stay longer and you might fancy to take some nice night photographs.

The second aspect influencing the depth of field is related to the lens focal length. There is a huge range of lenses available on the market starting from the Fish Eye lenses, through wide-angle lenses, medium telephoto lenses to long telephoto lenses. The first type covers 180- degree perspective and with this lense it is quite hard to achieve the narrow range of focus. Wide angle lenses are good to build depth depth of field and are the best lenses to take shots of landscapes. Surely all the rules are meant to be broken so if you have the idea how to use the other kind of lense to achieve something special do not hesitate to try it. With the wide-angle lens it is quite hard though to get soft, blurred background. The medium and long telephoto lenses would serve much better that purpose. With these lenses you are able to achieve only details sharp surrounded by the beautiful bouquet dependent of the quality and type of lense. Telephoto lens is perfect for capturing the animals and other nature objects from a far distance, the subject seems to be cut from the background. Lens is also suitable for sport photography. Medium telephoto lenses are usually used for making portraits.

The third point I would like to discuss is the distance between the focus point and the camera and between background and the focus point. To get the sharp object cut of the blurred background use telephoto lens and make sure the object is far from both camera and the background. If you use the wide-angle lense the object must be close to camera and far from background. If you wish to have both object and background sharp use again wide-angle lens and locate your object reliably far from camera (remember about the right F setting). The last combination will help creating nice and sharp family portraits quite often used for wedding photography to make sure every member of the family stays in range of focus.

The right combination of these three elements will help you to achieve effects you are looking for. The most important though is to be aware of it and use it in the appropriate way to avoid any surprise.

When Do Bank Deposits Clear?

When a check deposit is walked into a bank branch, it is processed the same as an ATM machine deposit, meaning that at many banks, only $ 100 is immediately available for withdrawal or a credit towards pending debts (except it is a business account, or the customer has some other arrangement with the bank).

One of many sentence articles: I am not a lawyer, and this article is my opinion based on my experience, please consult with a lawyer if you need legal advice.

The only difference between a "walked-in" check deposit and an ATM deposit is the posting cut-off time. Checks are not usually processed at the individual bank they were deposited at. Many banks have a cut-off time of 4 PM for posting walked-in deposits because the bank sends by courier, all the checks received to their contracted scanning company (called a clearinghouse, in California, see commercial code 4104) for processing.

If one deposits a check at their ATM, the ATM screen typically shows the cut-off time for posting deposits (or one can ask a bank employee), often 8 or 9 PM. The reason for the later cut-off time for ATM deposits is because the deposited checks are scanned at the ATM machine, whereas the walked-in deposits are not scanned until they are processed at an off-site clearinghouse.

If one wants immediate access to the full amount of their deposited check, one must usually cash that check at the issuing (payor) bank and then deposit the cash into their own account.

With a walk-in deposit, one can ask the bank teller to credit the entire check instantly, however the teller will do that only if the check has the same payor bank as where the check is being deposited. However, even at the same bank, each branch is considered a separate bank, in regard to being a payor and depositary bank. In California, see commercial codes 4105 and 4107.

Of course, the other way to get full credit for a deposited check is when the customer has enough funds already on deposit, to cover the check if it is returned; or if the account is connected to a line of credit.

A typical bank credits all ATM deposits made before 9 PM, and all walk-in deposits made before 4 PM. The funds are usually available at 12:01 AM the following business day. If deposits are made after either cut-off times, the funds are usually available at 12:01 AM on the second business day.

Although deposits will be entered in the bank's general ledger right away, the full value of check deposits often are not available on the date of the deposit. The full value of a check is usually available 1-3 days later.

If one is trying to recover a large judgment and they know their debtor's bank, they can go to any branch of that bank (or the bank's website). Then, they can visit the new accounts desk, and ask for a disclosure statement as a potential new customer, and talk with the representative. One can ask questions to get information to help plan a future levy attack. Each financial institution has its own procedures, but must comply with the overall laws.

How a Sneak Peak Inside the Mind of Michael Jordan Can Make You a Better Trader

Did you know there are three secrets that master traders and Michael Jordan have in common?
It's surprising, but true. Peak performers in completely different arenas share more similarities than differences.

Secret 1:
Michael Jordan – and the world's greatest traders – picture the best in their theater of the mind.
They see themselves winning, they hear themselves winning, and they feel themselves winning – no matter how hard things are
and no matter how large the obstacles in their way seem.
But "wait!" you may be saying. "If I picture myself winning, how will I maintain control – and will not I override my stop?"

Which leads to secret 2:

Discipline: setting the rules and following them – no matter what!
Did you know Michael Jordan worked as hard during practice as he did during actual games?
The same practices that most all players hate with a passion used to get Michael pumped up … psyched up … and excited.
He actually enjoyed the discipline of preparation, because he linked the "pain of practice" with the pleasure of winning.
After what most people think, discipline can be fun – if you know how.

Secret number 3:
Mastery of your emotions, during "clinch" time … under the pressure to perform … even when others are folding and fading – fast.
But not Michael Jordan.
The more the pressure, the calmer he became. "Things used to slow down for me." And he saw the next play evolving in slow motion.
Think about how easy trading would be for you if when a trade starts to sour you automatically
become calm, peaceful, and focused.
Able to see what you wanted … able to think clearly … able to respond with intelligence and wisdom.

In other words, with emotions out of the picture.
That's what peak performance trading is all about.
Visit to experience how you can extract far greater profit … in far greater peace during these volatile markets.

Different Types of CrossFit Equipment

There are many diverse workouts linked to CrossFit. Each exercise requires different equipment such as barbells, dumbbells and a few others. Before you are planning to engage in the weighted workout, make sure that your trainer is certified and experienced. He should know how making use of different types of equipment in different CrossFit workouts. Generally, when you start with these workouts, it is important to start with the basic. It should be started from light weight to exercise with good mechanics. There are proper tactics of carrying out these workouts that help in avoiding injuries and improvements. In all kinds of exercises, your body has to be placed and moved in an accurate way to get benefit from the exercises. Here are a few of the CrossFit exercises:

• Body weight exercises

The body weight exercises of CrossFit include

1. Air squat
2. Burpee
3. Handstand Pushup
4. Knees to elbow
5. L-Sit
6. Lunge
7. Pull-up
8. Sit-up
9. Toes to Bar

All these exercises are planned for getting a right body weight. No matter if you are planning to gain weight or want to lose some extra kilos, these exercises are beneficial. Your fitness instructor will tell you precisely about the type of exercise beneficial for you.

• Barbell Exercises

These kinds of exercises are also very beneficial to get a good body shape. These include

1. Clean includes clean and Jerk, Squat clean, Hang clean, power clean, and hang power clean
2. Press includes Shoulder press, push press and push jerk
3. Squat includes back squat, frong squat and overhead squat
4. Snatch includes power snatch, hang snatch and hang power snatch
5. Thrusters include barbell in clean position, squat down and lift up into a shoulder press
6. Dead lift and Sumo dead lift high pull

• Other exercises

Apart from all these above mentioned exercises, the other basic CrossFit Exercises are –

1. Box Jump
2. Double Unders
3. Muscle-up
4. Ring-dips
5. Wall Ball Shots
6. Kettle bell Swing

However, when looking for the most effective website, it is crucial to get the services of an expert fitness trainer who hold all the knowledge about CrossFit workouts. Also, he will tell you about the precise equipment catering to your needs. You can check the price of equipment from different online store and after getting satisfactory results, only then order them online. Also, look for the online store that offers free shipping, easy return policy and customer service to avoid any kind of hassle.

How To Improve Your Pitching Skills

I'd vent to say 99% of articles written on how to become a better pitcher are geared to the mechanical portion of pitching, which of course is the most important aspect of "Beginning" pitching. However, there is much more.

Baseball pitching is the act of learning grips, presses, mechanics and execution, which is by no means a small task, but becoming a Baseball Pitcher requires these skills and habits just as important, Mental strategy and toughness.

Ever question how can a major league pitcher can throw a three hit shutout on Monday and allow 9 earned runs on Thursday without getting out of the second inning?

Great pitchers acknowledge that it is just a fact of life that for some unknown reason, they will NOT always have their best stuff on any given day. This is when they compensate for less physical prowess with increased mental prowess.

For instance, home plate measures 17 "across at its widest part and if you were to imagine dividing this plate into Hitting Zones, the middle 5" would have considered the sweet spot for a hitter where he has the best power and chances of connecting with the pitch, therefore the danger zone for the pitcher.

It's the ability to consistently work the ball in and out and up and down within these two 6 "sections, which will make you a great pitcher.


Ever wonder why an MLB manager will bring in a left handed relief pitcher to face a left handed hitter despite the right handed pitcher was doing OK? It's not because a lefty can not see the ball as well as he can off a right hander, the reason is, a Left Handed Pitcher, because it's physically difficult, therefore nearly impossible to accidently throw a pitch in the Left Handed Batter's Power Hitting Zone, which is down and inside.

The great pitcher learns from this natural phenomena and as a Righty uses this danger zone to his benefit, by throwing pitches inside and down, which is like offering candy to a baby, but the pitch location will be 2 "in off the plate and down In other words you'll entice the batter to swing at a ball, not a strike. Chances are he'll either miss the pitch, hit a foul ball or dribble a grounder to the right side of the infield.

Another basic strategy a pitcher will use is what's known as Climbing The Ladder. Let's assume you're a great breaking ball pitcher but the curve and slider are not moving today. However, your fastball seems to have increased in normal velocity. Use this to your benefit.

Even major league hitters can be overmatched by a major league fastball, so facing a hitter who you can overpower is not abnormal, but you still must pitch effectively. Like they say "even a blind mouse will find a piece of cheese occasionally," and a weak hitter can sometimes make a solid contact on a fastball in the wrong location.

Your strategy is simple:

1. Throw fastballs only as there's no since in throwing a curve ball, which is not working well, and give the batter the chance to make contact when it's obvious he's over matched with your fastball.

2. Work the plate in and out until you get a 1-2, 0-2 strike count on the hitter. Throw a fastball down the middle of the plate chest high for the strike out. Down the middle ??? That's what I said. In the batter's mind, especially with two strikes, a ball down the middle of the plate will induce a swing whether it's a strike or not.

The pitch will be in his eyes, which will appear to be a beach ball approaching, but the speed of the ball and the fact the ball is located Above his hands … he'll never be able to hit it.

These are but a couple of mental strategies which will greatly improve your pitching abilities.

Sound Advice On Constructing A Soundproof Ceiling

If you are attempting to create a soundproof ceiling, your approach to the task will depend on whether you are working in a single story building, with no rooms above the ceiling on which you are working, or on an upstairs room. If you are working on a ceiling with a room above it, you can consider creating a soundproof ceiling with the use of resilient bars.

A Floating Soundproof Ceiling

By using resilient bars in making a soundproof ceiling, you will actually be constructing a new ceiling of plaster board under, or in place of, the existing one. The plaster board and resilient bars should be used with some other sound deadening material like acoustic membrane, acoustic mineral wool, or soundproofing mats.

You can remove the current ceiling and fill in the open space with acoustic wool, and attach the resilient bars so that they are perpendicular to the old ceiling’s joists. Place one layer of plaster board against the bars, fasten it with screws, and layer it with the soundproofing mats or membrane. Then attach the second layer of plasterboard.

To seal you soundproof ceiling, you’ll have to make sure that a 5mm gap remains between the plasterboard and the adjoining walls, and seal the gap with acoustic sealant so that it becomes airtight, and the soundproof ceiling “floats.”

A Dropped Soundproof Ceiling

If you’ve decided to simply “drop” your soundproof ceiling from the existing one, attach battens perpendicular to the ceiling’s joists, fill the gaps between the battens with the acoustic mineral wool, and then duplicate the process for the floating soundproof ceiling.

Either of these techniques for constructing a soundproof ceiling

should effectively deaden the sounds of upstairs footsteps, but if they are more work than you care to undertake, you have the option of installing acoustic ceiling tiles, or spraying the ceiling with acoustic foam. They will deaden the sounds from above to a reasonable degree, although not as much as a newly-installed soundproof ceiling.

One of the most difficult things about installing a soundproof ceiling is that you will often have to work from below on scaffolding. It’s not merely uncomfortable; it’s definitely not the best way to make sure everything is securely attached. You can eliminate this problem if you construct your soundproof ceiling by working on the floor in the upstairs room.

By placing the soundproof material on the upper floor, you will deaden the upstairs sounds before the travel to the ceiling of the room beneath. This technique for creating a soundproof ceiling is especially effective in multi-story apartment and office buildings.

An Immense Variety of Affordable, Durable Floor Tiles to Uplift the Spirits

Whether it is the majestic marble tiles or the many-colored granite tiles, interior designers have not stopped wondering. Ceramic and porcelain tiles too, that are far more affordable, come with clever imitations of wood, cloth, and cement textures. Consider the mesmerizing blends of stone, glass, and metal with their intricate designs.

Tiles have certainly come to stay, compulsorily for exotic floors and often found on walls too. Glance around at the floors and walls of the trendiest malls, airports, and healthcare facilities in the heart of the city. What would probably be witnessed are colorful extravaganzas of natural stone or ceramic tiles of various patterns and dimensions. Larger formats are now the vogue and they give the impression of larger spaces.

It does involve sentiments and déjà vu, but the days of wooden floors and decorative carpets are now gone. What probably lent for thousands of years has now receded into the pages of history. But why? Wood and carpets were pretty enough and insulated against the cold, but were not so durable or cost effective either. Spills and stains on carpets could be quite destructive. Wood is also susceptible to insects and water and could be damaged by children at play though wood does last and last.

Compare the effort and the expense with natural stone or ceramic tiles! Once installed, there is little to worry about for decades. Wood requires periodic replenishment and carpets do not have a long life either. In terms of attractiveness too, manufacturers and artists have been exploring new frontiers. The tile designs and materials on display truly try the imagination. Business promises, particularly have a heyday in creating surroundings that attract customer curiosity.

Tiled floors that last a lifetime

While tile prices are getting more and more affordable along with a great variety of colors and patterns, maintenance is easy. Tiles tolerate heat and cold well and require nothing more than a wipe with soapy water. Spills and stains do not really bother them. If the installation is done well, usually with cement, and the grout and the sealing are applied well, that is it. The usual cleaning would suffice, particularly for spills and splashes.

An infinite variety of materials, colors, and patterns

Which flooring would it be for the residence or business concessions? Marble, granite, travertine, slate, limestone, porcelain, quartzite, sandstone, ceramic, onyx and so much more. A wide range of sizes like 12X12, 12X24, 16X16, 16X24 etc. make installation easy and convenient. Special shapes and patterns are available adjacent the squares and the rectangles.

Bring floors to life and match the tile designs with the walls and walls, electronics, furniture and wall hangings! Those striking color schemes may appear simplistic and minimal, but require great effort and skill to work out. Among the trending patterns are black and white or only white and only black. People seem to be tiring of excessively bright color symbolism nowdays in every media form! Conversely, even if everything about the interior is in good shape, but the floor is unattractive, that is a great let down. Floors nowdays do require a lot of attention just like everything else.

Look forward to flashy floors!

Keeping up with emerging trends is certainly exciting. Sandstone, onyx, and limestone floors are not as common as ceramic and porcelain floors. Durability, affordability and attractive patterns are the reasons why ceramics are in such great demand. They will last for ages and bring cool looks like clever imitations of marble too, so precise that it is difficult to make out the difference.

Gimmicks apart, why not go in for the king of natural stone, the marble wonders in a range of mellow shades, truly the stuff of dreams. It is certain that once it is installed, there is no looking back. The marble that has graced churches and palaces for thousands of years is indeed auspicious and a symbol of prosperity.

Slate, quartzite, and travertine have their unique graces too, and many designers and homeowners swear by them. In the choice between natural stone and porcelain that is basically clay, the stone would certainly be more durable in the long run, though more expensive. One way or the other, clever arrangements of colors, designs and materials would ensure esthetic and durable floors to last a lifetime and more.

Home Renovations: Choosing Paint

Choosing the right paint

Each year sees the introduction of new, sophisticated paint finishes such as solid emulsion, one-step gloss, environmentally friendly ‘green’ paints, and tough sheens for kitchens and bathrooms. But which one is right for the job?

With all these distinct and confusing products available on the market, it may perhaps be a relief to know that you can find only two major kinds of house paint: water-based, and solvent-based, which is traditionally, if not accurately, known as oil-based paint.

Water-based paints consist of emulsion, quick-drying eggshell and water based gloss, solvent-based paints range from traditional eggshell and gloss to durable sheen finishes and specialist lacquers or paints for metal. Some paints could have added ingredients such as vinyl acrylic or polyurethane to make them more durable or to increase coverage – but that doesn’t alter their fundamental composition.

Water based paints are perfect for walls and water-based eggshell or gloss can be employed for most interior woodwork, although solvent-based paints are perfect for areas of tough wear – exterior as well as interior wood, and metal.

Emulsion or Enamel/Gloss Based?

Find out if paint is water-based or solvent-based by reading the instructions given for thinning. If water is recommended, the paint will likely be water-based, if white spirit is advised then it’s solvent-based.

Disposing of paint

Oil-based paint and solvents are considered hazardous waste supplies. They ought to never be disposed of inside the typical rubbish or poured down the sink. Consult your local waste collection department for advice.


Primer seals absorbent surfaces and provides a key for the subsequent coats. Use it before painting bare timber, and when using gloss on bare metal.


Undercoat supplies a smooth, solid-coloured base for liquid gloss. It’s a solvent-based paint that looks attractive in its own right, though the range of colours is limited. It tends to chip so if using it with out the top coat of gloss then protect it with clear varnish.


Emulsion is the first choice for walls. It’s a water-based paint, and usually contains vinyl, which makes it durable and easy to clean. It can be employed on most sound, already painted surfaces.


Gloss paint is the standard choice for wood and metalwork. All solvent-based gloss has a high shine but for a genuinely mirror-like finish, it’s best to opt for thin liquid paint. Used over undercoat, a system favoured by professional decorators, specifically for outside use.

Eggshell paint

Eggshell is a versatile sheen finish typically used for indoor woodwork, though it can also be utilized on walls for a uniform look.

Wood stains and varnish

Wood stains designed for use indoors are a lot more decorative than protective external paints. Cover than with two or more coats of clear varnish.

Varnish gives a clear, protective coating for paints and stains. It’s obtainable in matt, satin (mid-sheen) or high-gloss finishes and in liquid of non-drip consistency.

Environmentally friendly paints

These are produced from natural plant oils, resins and minerals so they’re non-toxic, healthier to use and better for the environment. They are straightforward to apply, permit surfaces to breathe and are odour-free.

Painting safely

Solvent-based paint is flammable, so store it outside the house but protect it from frost and damp. Fumes from solvent-based gloss and eggshell are unpleasant so make certain the room is cool and well ventilated before you start painting.