What Is the Basic Concept of Property in Common Law Countries?

Property refers to something which can be owned and the rights involved in owning an asset. Property can be classified as either real property which means land, fixtures and leaseholds. There is also personal property which means all property which is not real property. Finally, there is intellectual property which means copyright, designs, patents and trademarks. The expression is real and personal property of everyday business words with a long history. They come from a kind of court action that a person used in the Middle Ages who was wrongfully deprified of real or personal property. A landowner stripped of man took legal action to recover the land. The Latin word for thing is res and the action was taken in action in rem , later known as a real action. A person deprived of goods and she tells my not to able to recover the asset itself because it might have been destroyed. The person would suit a wrongdoer personally for damages in contract or tort, without necessarily trying to recover the property itself. The legal action taken is an action in personam , or a personal action.

Property which could be reclaimed by real action gradually came to be called real property and other property came to be called personal property. Real and personal property come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Articles of personal property can be divided into two classes. Chattels personal, which are movable, tangible articles of property. And Chattels real which interests in land less than Freehold, such as leaseholds. There may be property rights over nonphysical and non-tangible property, such as shares and benefits under a contract, and so the law provides another classification of personal property which includes choses in possession which is tangible physical property and choses in action, which is intangible property. There are also two types of legal choses in action which include contracts, agreements, arrangements, annuities, shares in a company, securities and other debts, negotiable instruments such as checks, patterns and designs, copyright and trademarks, business and trade names and anything else which is registered under various statutes such as business names, associations incorporation and the corporations legislation in Australia. Property law is at the heart of the legal system and was one of the first areas of law to develop. This is because property rights are an essential part of the social foundation of our society.

The ownership of this type of asset in our legal system is complex, because a person may owe this type of asset without possessing it, and a person may possess this asset without owning it. The owner is the person entitled to all legal rights over the asset, and the owner can transfer the asset to another person. The owner has title to the asset, and can prove title by showing a chain of title back to an unchallengeable beginning such as the Crown or Torrens title registration real estate. The owner has a proprietary interest in the real or personal asset. This may be a legal interest or an equitable interest.

Outdoor Entertaining and Outdoor Party Ideas

With the summer almost a wrap I thought I would share with you some outdoor party ideas you can do at home. What is great about entertaining outdoors is that it can be casual or formal, you set the tone. Plus in the west, we have summer-like weather most of the year making the outdoor entertaining season last a bit longer than other parts of the country.

First, some tips when considering outdoor entertaining, especially when hosting a party at home:

Look for any type of tripping hazard or potential ankle-turning backyard issue that needs fixing. Also, for events on your lawn, it is best to stop watering a few days in advance to create a hardened service.

If you plan on having a number of people over and it’s an evening affair, make sure that during the party, turn off as much of the house power as possible to avoid a power outage.

Also, be sure to give your neighbors a heads up that you are having a party at your house. Maybe even invite them to help ward off any late night calls to the police for noise or crowds.

Here are a few outdoor party ideas you can easily do to make your party stand out and not break the bank:

Instead of round tables, seat your guests at either one long table or square tables. This idea will create better conversation pockets and give your party a different look.

Arrange your guest seating ahead of time and mix it up a bit. If it is an outgoing group, break up the couples and make sure to seat people next to one another who have something in common. Place a conversation starter sentence on the back of their place card and tell everyone to use it to learn more about the person sitting next to them. Who knows, new friendships might blossom with your outdoor entertaining seating arrangement.

Use low centerpieces with different shaped containers. Square, round, triangle shaped or maybe a small flower piece in front of everyone’s seat.

Make lighting easy and your guests look great by placing candles all over, on the tables, in lanterns around the pool (if you have one) or hanging from trees. Also, you can now purchase those great LED votive candles that look real and you don’t have to worry about wind or a potential fire hazard.

If you have a pool, then use it as part of your decor by either floating a flower arrangement in it (be sure to use fishing line to tie it off at two ends to keep it centered) or shining a gobo light with something written like Happy Birthday.

Add a personal touch and instead of a goody bag, give your guests a small bag of muffins as a morning after gift.

Enjoy the last days of summer with your outdoor entertaining and until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, stylish, fun and economical for all!

If Car Air Conditioning Quits in the Summer, Time For Mobile Mechanics

We should all admit we have a dependence on our air conditioning when the hot weather arrives. In Melbourne, the high summer months can see temperatures nearing highs of 40 degrees C and lows of 24 degrees C which puts a strain on both bodies and the vehicle air conditioning system. Your body has to work hard at staying cool while your air conditioner pumps refrigerant trying to maintain a decent interior temperature.

No one likes doing without air conditioning, but the units need lots of tender loving care on a regular basis in order to continue functioning efficiently through the strain of hot days. Waiting until the unit breaks is not a good plan, especially when you can have a mobile mechanic do on-site maintenance including the following.

* Insure refrigerant is not leaking

* Clean condenser to prevent air flow problems

* Recharge car air conditioning system

* Insure air conditioning lines and vents are not clogged

Of course, autos and trucks air conditioning units can be perverse at times and break down despite following a careful maintenance plan. When the car air conditioning quits in the summer, it seems like the most important repair on the face of the earth. Driving to work, travelling on holiday, or delivering the kids to school, while sweating profusely the entire time, is no fun. In fact, it can be downright miserable.

Shaken Not Stirred…Cold Not Cool

In the James Bond movies, the secret agent always ordered his martinis “shaken not stirred”. When it comes to air conditioners, the order to the mobile car care service is going to be “cold not cool”. In other words, you can have a charged air conditioning system that still refuses to blow cold. When its 40oC outside, cool is just not going to suffice. You want cold!

There are many different kinds of air conditioning repairs mobile care mechanics can complete on-site including at work, home, at family’s house, or wherever it is convenient. These repairs include the following for example.

* Cooling fan that has quit working

* Air in the refrigerant

* Blocked condenser

* Broken compressor

* Broken pressure switches

* Corrosion

* Hole in lines

* Electrical problems

These are just a few of the types of automotive air conditioning repairs that might be necessary, and a certified technician can complete any of them wherever your car is parked. You can schedule a repair at your convenience and your choice of location. The services are available for both personal and fleet purposes.

Hot Winds and Cold Temperatures

When the hot northerly winds blow into Melbourne, the temperature rises. Car air conditioning has to work longer and harder than usual, and it’s nice to know your unit is as prepared for the summer months as possible. Mobile air conditioning service can provide the preventive maintenance needed. But even if the air condition quits, the on-site services are comprehensive and can turn your cool air back into cold.

It’s aggravating when air conditioning doesn’t work correctly because it goes without saying it will be during a time when you need it most. You don’t have to drive around in a hot car wondering when you’ll have time to give up your car for a day while the air conditioning is getting fixed…not when mobile air conditioning service is available.

How-To Clean a Wool Rug

Wool rugs are known for their durability and exceptional quality, as well as their Snuggle bear softness. But once it's in your home, it suffers the consequences of a household of clumsiness, accidents, and general forgetfulness. Wool carpets gather stains, grime, and sticky Halloween candy residue. While it looks as though they would be a pain to clean, however, cleaning wool rugs is a cinch! All you need to do is follow a few steps that will help make your rug look as good as new again.

First, shake your rug outside to get rid of any excess dirt and dust. Unless your rug specifically indicates that it should be dry cleaned only, use a vacuum (or a Hoover, if you're British) to suck up any remaining dirt on both sides. Imported Oriental or Persian rugs often need special care, so check with your rug's manufacturer for details on whether it needs a professional cleaning.

For the most part, small to medium-sized wool rugs can be washed at home. In order to wash your rug at home, begin by spot cleaning any stains with an appropriate stain remover. It's best if you test the cleaner on a small section of rug first. Be sure to use cleaning products that will not damage the integrity of the rug. Take the rug outside on a paved area, like a patio, and wet it down with a hose. Add about two capfuls of a mild detergent in a bucket of water and mix up the suds in the bucket. Wipe up your rug using a clean sponge, rinse the suds away, and roll up the rug in dry towels to soak up excess water. Another option is using a Wet / Dry vacuum to suck up the dirty water out of the rug faster. Once the water has been drained, lay the rug flat to dry, but do not let it sit in the sun for a long period of time-it can cause the color to fade or the rug to shrink.Now your area rug is as soft and wooly as ever before!

A few reminders to keeping those area rugs looking spiffy:

* Vacuum over your rug to get rid of any dust in the wool on a regular basis. It's like a second layer of carpet, so it needs to be vacuumed just as often as floor carpeting does.

* Clean spots and spills right when they happen. Simply wipe up the mess and clean straight away by blotting with a cloth or white paper towels. Many rugs feature stain-resistant treatments, but even when those precautions, a minor spill can turn into a major disaster if left untreated.

* Do not scrub! When you scrub a rug, it can distort and ruin the pile. Instead, continue bloting and absorbing until the rug is dry, then clean with a spot remover and rinse thoroughly.

* Never get an area rug too wet. Long periods of dampness, especially over twenty-four hours, can lead to mildew and bacteria growth. Avoid inviting microorganisms to the party by drying your area rug completely.

* Professional cleaning can do wonders for your rug. If you're lazy, or aiming for a World's Dirtiest Carpet record, a professional deep clean every twelve to eighteen months helps remove even the most stubborn dirt.

Remember the vivid hues? The bold color of that design? The way it looked before you had children? Re-create that magic with these simple steps, and your wool rugs will look and feel as luxurious as it did before.

Tricks And Tips On Home Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

Carpets effectively make any home comfortable and relaxing. They are great investments that we can have for our homes and like other investments we make, we need to maintain and care for the carpets properly and adequately. Part of proper care is carpet home cleaning. Cleaning the carpet can be a daunting task for most of us but if we are equipped with the right knowledge about it, the task can become easier.

As always, preventing the carpet to become dirty is one useful guideline in carpet care. If possible, remove slippers or shoes before stepping on the carpet. Slippers and shoes may look clean but little did you know that there are tiny bits of dirt underneath which can cause the carpet to become dirty and eventually become damaged.

When removing carpet stains, remember not to rub the stain, only gently blot on it. Too much rubbing will only spread the stains and can weakened the carpet fibers and cause it to wear out quickly. It is advisable that when the stains are still fresh: already remove them so they will not settle and become hard to remove.

In addition, stains that are not removed very well would reappear on the surface after some time. To avoid stain resurfacing, the stain must be covered with thick piece of cloth then placed with something heavy on top of it overnight so the cloth will be able to absorb the deer stains. Then clean the carpet the usual way.

In our haste to clean the stain, sometimes we tend to do something that can worsen the problem. For example when we want the stain to dry quickly, we would use a hair dryer or an iron but that can only permanently lock the stain on the carpet.

Regularly vacuuming the carpet will effectively remove the dirt that has settled on the surface of the carpet. However, some of these grimes may settle on the deer layers of the carpet which typical vacuuming may not remove. Thus, deep cleaning or steam cleaning is advised to be performed. There are machines for deep cleaning which are available in stores that you can use if you wish to perform your own carpet deep cleaning. Yet if you want to be free from the hassles of this task, there are professional carpet and home cleaners who will do the task for you. Whichever option you choose, the key thing to remember is to thoroughly clean the carpet about twice or once a year.

For stubborn mildew or molds on the carpet, use bleaching cleaner without chlorine. Colored fabrics may be treated with salt solution or lemon juice. The spot with mildew or mold may also be brushed with water and hydrogen peroxide solution (one part 3% hydrogen peroxide, 3 parts water). Since peroxide is also a bleaching agent, test the carpet for color fastness by applying the solution first to an inconspicuous spot. If the color of the carpet remains unchanged then you may proceed with the cleaning. Use only a mild commercial carpet cleaner. Harsh and stronger chemical cleaners must only be applied on tough stains and dirt.

The Basics of List Building

Starting a new business, whether a brick-and-mortar business or an online business, requires much planning and preparation. Once you have everything in place for the official launch of your business, you are totally dependent upon an unknown factor — the customer. Advertising, whether by traditional or online means, will get some results. The secret of building any business is in building your list of customers, as well as potential customers. This list will prove to be invaluable to your business.

List building is nothing new. Although list building has a huge potential in both online as well as the brick-and-mortar businesses, savvy brick-and-mortar business owners have utilized customer lists for years even before the onset of online marketing.  A dynamic duo is combining the online business concept with the traditional brick-and-mortar business concept.

A trick of the trade in today’s business world is combining your list of customers with an auto-responder. By using an auto-responder, potential customers can subscribe to your list on your website. The list of resulting subscribers provides you with a list of potential customers to keep informed with new products, updated information, an interesting study, or most anything providing value to your subscribers.

By establishing your credibility with these subscribers and providing value in the information received through your newsletters, they build a relationship of trust with you and the result is repeat customers. You have the potential to retain them as customers for a lifetime.

When you use an auto-responder you must be able to show how your product or service can provide your subscribers with a solution to problem in order to get results. Customers today do not want to be sold. Rather, they are looking for solutions to a problem.

Besides using your list for future customers, there are a variety of other uses of well-built lists, as well. Often the number of subscribers can be an enticement for paid advertisements on your website, sponsorship of your website, or even a joint venture. This can allow you to offer a wider variety of products to your subscribers and entice them to visit your website more frequently.

The Advantages of Renting an Apartment vs. Owning a Home

Comparing to owning a home, living in an apartment rental is incredibly easy. Why do the work yourself when you can enjoy the following benefits:

· Dedicated property and maintenance staff to call if anything goes wrong

· No back-breaking snow shoveling, lawn maintenance or pool / sauna care

· One single monthly rent cheque usually pays for everything (instead of several separate bills and fees when you own a house or a condo)

You Get More for Your Money

Believe it or not, you can usually rent an apartment or house for much less than the cost of buying it – especially if you live in a larger city. And if you want to be right downtown, renting is almost always more affordable than owning a condo (and you get a lot more living space, as well, as downtown apartments are usually much larger than downtown condos).

As well, apartment renters do not have to come up with the thousands of dollars in down payments, closing costs and fees for things such as building inspections, legal counsel, land transfer taxes and insurance.

And this does not even factor in the cost of borrowing – in the first five years of ownership, most mortgage payments are applicable only to the interest, not the capital. This is money that you will not get back when you sell your home (and you'll still have all the hassles and extra costs of putting your house on the market).

That Tax Break is Not Guaranteed

Getting a big tax break is supposedly to be one of the greatest advantages of owning a home – but you can not always rely on getting this break. If your annual mortgage interest payment, plus any other discounts you are entitled to, is not greater than your standard tax deductions, you will not receive any tax benefit from owning a house.

If you rent an apartment, however, you'll always receive some form of tax relief, as a large portion of your rent is tax deductible every year.

Maximum Flexibility

Renting provides an enormous amount of flexibility. You can pack up and leave immediately at the end of your lease (which can be monthly or yearly, whatever best suits your lifestyle) – there's no waiting to sell and no agonizing about the housing market before you move. For many people, the freedom to live where you want and when you want is a huge benefit that simply can not be overlooked.

Minimum Risk

For homeowners, the stakes are incredibly high should their finances crumble. When they can not pay the mortgage, the lender has great leverage – the house and all the equity invested in it could be in jeopardy. That's not to say there are not consequences if a tenant can not pay the rent – but the financial devastation that comes with losing your home is far greater than being evicted from your apartment.

In addition, there are several social service programs that are run by all levels of government to help people in need pay their rent so they will not be evicted. Are the banks as lenient or supportive when it comes time to pay the mortgage?

Ultimately, making the decision to either rent an apartment or buy a home involves much more than simply comparing rental rates, mortgage payments, lease lengths and tax breaks. It's a combination of all of the personal circumstances happening in your life – both now and several years down the road.

How to Get a Flat Stomach Fast – 4 Important Principles to Help You Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you want to learn how to get a flat stomach fast, you need to understand that to lose fat in your belly, you need to simultaneously lose fat in your own body. That's the reason why your diet is so important and why full-body exercises are far more effective to help you lose belly fat than ab specific exercises like sit-ups and crunches. Here are 4 important principles on how to get a flat stomach fast.

Maintain a healthy diet – The first principle on how to get a flat stomach fast is to maintain a healthy diet. No matter how much exercise you do, it'll all go to waste unless you also maintain a balanced diet. Exercise will help you get rid of stomach fat, but maintaining a healthy and balanced diet helps prevent that fat to accumulate there in the first place.

Train your entire body – The next tip on how to get a flat stomach fast is to perform those exercises that train your entire body instead of ab specific exercises such as sit-ups and crunches. The best exercises that fall in this category are those large muscle, multi-joint exercises that train you back, chest and shoulders.

Increase you metabolism – A high metabolism rate will turn your body into a fat burning engine that burns fat continuously, even when you sleep. And the best way to keep your body's metabolism high is by doing regular cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming and cycling. These exercises are simple and easy to do, and they are highly beneficial for your body and your general health.

Give up soda and alcohol – You need to understand that soda and alcohol is very high in sugar and calories. Consuming a high amount of soda and alcohol is a surefire way to put more and more fat in your body, especially in the stomach area. So, one of the best tips you can get on how to get a flat stomach fast is to cut off soda and alcohol from your daily diet, or at least try to reduce their consumption gradually.

Flower Pick-Up Lines That Work (or Not)

Have you ever wondered why you still spend night after night with pizza and whatever it was on TV? You think that life doesn’t get better than that. True, enough. But, have you ever thought what the night could have been if you are with someone special, who cooks sumptuous dinner and watch these movies with you? And now you realize that life does get better than eating sloppy pizza and feeling sorry for yourself.

So, here are 6 cheesy pick-up lines inspired by flowers that will help you score a date. Try not to get tongue tied!

If you were a flower, I would pick you.

This is a pick-up line shows that you think she is the best from among her girl friends. It will help boost her confidence and will definitely give you the chance if this makes her smile. Be careful though! She can be secure and confident in herself and does not need reminding of her awesomeness. Save yourself by saying that you were voicing her thoughts.

If you hold 9 roses in front of a mirror, you’d see 10 of the prettiest things in the world.

She may find this sweet or call your bluff to score from her. Nevertheless, this sweet line may charm her into getting that her number. What’s the harm in trying, right?

If I have a garden I’d put our two lips (tulips) together.

Did I just hear a slap? She may find this line to be bordering on rude. A funny pick-up line should be treated as it is, a joke. You should deliver it well only meaning to make her laugh. This may be the funniest thing she heard for the day.

If a flower grows every time I think of you, I’d have a field of them.

It is creepy how much you think of her. This can both ways, she thinks it is disturbing or flattering. If she thinks the former, then you may have lost your chance. If the latter, then go for it!

Are you a eucalyptus? Because you’ve achieved my koalafications.

It is a perfect segue for inviting her to a spa weekend. You can both have fun in this elaborate pick-up line turned romantic date.

Roses are red, violets are blue, the moment I saw you, I knew the one is you.

This is as sweet as pick-up lines can get. It may sound like a bad case of poorly thought wedding vow. But, for a guy who is seeking for his significant other, the one might just be in front of you smiling from that statement.

After reading (and laughing) all through these uber sleazy pick-up lines, you will realize (I hope) that being yourself (although cliche) is the best conversation starter. Do not be afraid to compliment her or say hi or even smile. She can see sincerity even from afar.

How to Clean the Return Line of Your HVAC System With Negative Air Duct Equipment

I will explain what negative air duct cleaning is in another article but for now this is how to clean an return line step by step.

1. The first step is to take the return vent cover off of the ceiling, floor, or wall, depending on the configuration of the home and system. As soon as the cover is off ensure that it is washed off outside with a hose and left to dry or HEPA vacuumed for re-installation.

2. After removing the vent cover the 8 ", 10" or 12 "suction hose to the plenum of the HVAC unit is ready to be attached. This hose should already be attached to the negative air duct cleaning machine. attached with a few different methods. If the plenum is constructed out of aluminum like most, take the circular whole cutter and create the appropriate whole to fit the suction hose flange.

3. Next take the locking collar and attach it to the whole which has just been opened. When the collar is attached the suction hose is ready to be attached to the collar. Make sure there is a good connection to the plenum to ensure there will be no air leaks.

4. Now that the line is attached the system needs to be isolated. This can be done in a couple of fashions. Companies can block each supply line but when there are over ten or so this can be time consuming. To accomplish this task the air filter which is between the return plenum and the blower can be placed into a garbage bag and then re-inserted. This will block the air from pulling from the supply lines. This is not a perfect seal but you are only dealing with one return line so adequate air flow is easy to achieve. If the system has room to allow for an inflatable isolation bag, use it for a maximum system seal.

5. The return line is now isolated and the negative air duct cleaning equipment is set up and ready to perform. Turn the machine on and check for air leaks by the connection. Also go to where the vent has been removed and ensure there is proper suction airflow going into the return vent.

6. The line is ready to be cleaned at this point. Companies can now either use a rotary brush or an air whip line to clean out the return line. These tools are inserted into the opening where the vent cover gets attached. Ensure the equipment is ran all the way back to the plenum for maximum contact and cleaning. This procedure will clean out the return line of an air conditioning and heating system.

Fiber Optics Communication (FTTX) and Contemporary Competitors

Fiber connections have been installed in over 120 countries worldwide. They are becoming the most wanted source for high speed internet. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connections are a luxury that only only a small percentage of the population is enjoying. While many companies and governments alike are carrying out projects to increase the fiber optic system availability to the mass population, there are still a vast majority that relationships on other means of communication for accessing the internet.

These include wireless technologies like WiFi and WiMAX, satellite connections, cable connections, and copper wire connections. Each has its own benefits and shortcomings, however fiber optics has emerged as the superior technology among all its benefits outweighing any shortcomings by a large margin.

The accessible potential of optical fiber depends on the migration point. This is the point where the fiber optic cables end and the system is switched to the other technology. Thereafter the fiber structures are referred to as fiber to the X, where X denotes the migration point. In different architectures, X can be the node or the neighborhood (FTTN), premises (FTTP or FTTB / FTTH Ie fiber to the building or fiber to the home), desktop (FTTD), and cabinet or kerb (FTTC or FTTK).

Optical fibers offer very high bandwidth and reliability. Copper wires can also carry high bandwidths but only for a few hundred meters, after which the signal distorts and bandwidth must be decreed. Optical fibers, on the other hand, offer very small distortion or loss of power (attenuation) even for long distances, enabling them to support high bandwidths without much problem. For this reason, fiber optic cables have been the primary means to exchange of large amounts of data over large distances (such as between cities) for over 25 years approx.

WiFi and WiMAX systems are quite favorable because they avoid the hassle of installing a wire network in order to access the internet. However, the availability of high bandwidth depends heavily on the area and spectrum utilization within the region. The spectrum may cost very high to reserve and therefore raises the price for higher bandwidths.

Optical fiber, like good copper networks, also offer multiple services within the same connection. However, copper wires can only support high bandwidth if the user resides near the service provider Ie within the short range. Services like HDTV, Voice on Demand (VoD), and much more can be accessed within the same fiber connection without any significant load on the internet bandwidth. Satellite connections can also be used to access TV but normally only one way communication is possible. Wireless technologies, on the other hand, are unable to support HDTV.

Mortgage Modification Tips – Program Advantages

In this article, I'm going to break down the advantages of mortgage modification programs and show you why mortgage modification programs can be the right answer for you. Normally, mortgage payments are made until the mortgage is paid off completely. If the mortgage is in default, the property acts as collateral and the lender holds a lien on it. Basically, any change in the mortgage qualifies as a modification, but there are different categories of modification.

Some of the types and advantages of modifications include:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Extension of the loan term
  • Lower interest rate or fixed rate turns into floating rate
  • Reduction of late fees

One of the major advantages to modifying your loan is the opportunity to lower your monthly payments. When done right, you will be left with significantly lower monthly payments. Lower monthly payments and a longer loan payment period should help with catching up on your payments. The ability to lower monthly payments is a huge asset.

Lowering the interest rate will greatly affect the amount you pay in the future. One mistake that many home buyers make is that of getting a loan without doing their due diligence to find best interest rates. This mistake can cost you thousands of dollars in the end. Make sure to be wise when modifying your mortgage interest rates.

In the process of modifying the terms of the loan agreement you can take advantage of reducing your late payment fees. By doing this, you can lower any late fees you currently have. The borrower can be in bankruptcy, foreclosure or default when applying for a modification. Some lenders will even offer a modification to lower your rates.

There are many advantages to mortgage modification programs that can aid you during these difficult financial times. It can be tough to qualify for a modification, but well worth the time and effort. A mortgage modification program may be the right answer for you.

Healing Tool to Enhance Affirmations

Research in the field of Mind-Body Psychology has demonstrated the destructive effect of negative self-talk upon the immune chemistry of the physical body. The same research has demonstrated that the immune system strengthens with positive self-talk and feelings.

Let's say you are like tens of millions of people who continually use negative self-talk through out the day. Negative affirmations such as "I'm no good," "I'll never succeed," "Life is difficult," "I'm just not lucky" combined with the negative feelings such words can produce result in a depression of the bio -chemicals which assist is staving off infection.

A fascinating addition to the science of bio-chemistry regarding self-talk and feelings is the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. He developed a process in which he studies the effects of thoughts, feelings, prayer, intention, energy, music and anything which can produce an energy vibration on the development of water crystals. Photographs as well as words on a glass can change the crystal development of the water.

Negativity produces photographs of misshapen and rather "ugly" water crystals. Water taken from the same source at the same time, and then prayed over or held in the hands with positive intentions, form beautiful photographic water crystals.

If you are not aware of Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with the photography of water crystals, I suggest you use your favorite search engine to see some beautiful photographs. There are also videos showing how he takes the photographs of his beautiful crystals.

Although I can not evaluate Dr. Emoto's work scientifically, I can tell you his before and after pictures of water crystals are dramatic.

The human body is about 70% water. If Dr. Emoto's work is accurate, then how you feel about yourself, how you talk to yourself, has an effect up the water in your body.

A powerful method of changing the negative messages you've been giving yourself, brings together the information from Dr. Emoto's work and a healing tool known as a Healing Silk. Healing Silks are made with fractals found in nature, such as those seen in the nautilus shell.

When you take a Healing Silk with its healing vibration, place it over a glass of water, and fervently state your affirmation, your vibration, that of the Healing Silk and that of your intention has a changing effect up the water.

Through the day, take a sip of the energized water and allow the vibration of your affirmation go to every cell of your body. When you look at the Healing Silk, the vibration also resonates within you further encoding the affirmation within you.

The key to drinking the water is not only the vibratory changes from the Healing Silk and your affirmation, but the fact that every time you take a sip you are bringing to mind your intention. Your mind is focusing on the positive, changing your previous negative self-talk.

Installing Attic Insulation

Interested in saving some money this year in heating and cooling bills? That's a stupid question is not it? A good way to save money on that is getting insulation put in your attic. Before we do this although we want to make sure that every thinks is to code and that the right permits are dropped. Now that that is done you want to make sure that you have the right tools to do the job. Make sure that you have full body covering unless you like the feel of fiberglass. A utility knife a straight edge to help push down the insulation when cutting, the material to do the job is a good thing to have too. Another good thing to have is some wire mesh to keep the insulation away from anything that gives off heat and cause a fire. Oh and some sort of light would be nice too.

As for material you're going to need either fiberglass insulation of blown in insulation, and rafter vents (except there already in the attic). Now for the material that you want to use fiberglass or blown in, it's up to you about that just that fiberglass is a bit more economic. The blown in insulation needs a machine that blows all the insulation in the attic and may need a second person to insert the insulation into the machine. Here we are going to talk about the fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation is 31/2 – 6 inches thick 16 or 24 inches wide and about 8ft long.

When dealing with insulation you're going to come across a term called R-value. The R-value is the resistance to heat flow. The more the R-value the less heat that transfers from hot to cold. Mainly to get an R-value of 38 takes about 10 -14 inches of insulation. Usually you're going to want to have two layers if you are redoing all the insulation. You might just want to add one layer if you a leaving the original insulation.

First you're going to want to put the late vents in so that when you insulate that you do not prevent the flow of air in the attic. Then when rolling out it out you want to make sure that the foil or paper is facing towards the heated area, and that you are following the ceiling joists. Be sure not to puncture the paper that is on the insulation. When rolling this out you want to make sure that when you come to electrical or pluming you back cut the insulation so that the paper can still be facing the heated area. Now when you come to an object that extrudes heat you want to make sure that you stay away from them about 3 inches so fire does not break out. You can use wire mesh or the like to keep it away. When cutting it you want to make sure that the insulation is about 1-2 inches longer so that you can insure a snug fit.

Now that you have the one layer in it's a good idea to put in a second layer. You're going to want to lay the second perpendicular to the layer before. All the same rules apply to the second layer except one thing, no foil or paper. Now if you bought a crap load of insulation with the paper on it, that's OK because all you have to do is perforate the paper on the insulation and install it facing the same way that the other insulation is.

Now that everything is laid out and it looks like yours done your going to want to check everything be for you leave the attic. Make sure that none of the venting is blocked so that proper air flow and flow through the attic. Another thing is to make sure that you did not miss any spots and that you covered all the areas needed. A very important thing to remember is to check all the things that produce any heat and make sure that they are not cover in anyway. After that is all said and done there you have it insulated attic and you'll notice those heating a cooling bill fall.

Top 10 Foods for Great Skin

10. Green tea: Are you aware that taking green tea can help you burn calories? Besides burning calories, taking this beverage ensures the skin is properly hydrated. Hydration is an essential factor for great skin. Green tea can be used to treat acne and reduce sunburn. It contains useful antioxidants that can help treat and prevent certain skin diseases.

9. Soy: You can use soy or try soymilk that contains no lactose. It has been proven that the extract contains a plant compound called Isoflavones that can improve the production of collagen; thus, prevent wrinkles and inflammation of the skin.

8. Flaxseed: Including flaxseed in your daily meal can help improve your health. The body cannot break down flaxseed, so it has to be ground before you can ingest them. Flaxseed is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids; these acids are useful in preventing acne, skin rashes or irritation and dermatitis. It can also help trap moisture on the skip when applied topically; therefore, it keeps the skin hydrated.

7. Eggs: This food has been used to treat several skin problems for a very long time. The egg white can be applied on the face as a facial mask to help tighten the skin and remove blemish. It also contains essential amino acid that can improve collagen production.

6. Oatmeal: This is another essential food that can be used as a home remedy facial mask. It contains amino acids that can treat acne and other skin conditions. You don’t have to worry when using this food on your skin; it is hypoallergenic; thus, it can work on any skin.

5. Sunflower seeds: Besides being a nice snack, they are also suitable for your skin. This seed is an excellent source of vitamin E and other essential compounds that can help prevent wrinkles, dermatitis, eczema and promote healthy skin. This food also contains copper which helps in the production of melanin; this ensures your skin maintains a beautiful color and prevent the effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin.

4. Yogurt: Besides improving digestion, yogurt is also good when applied as a mask on the skin. It can help improve your skin by preventing wrinkles and blemishes. It also contains ingredient that can fight or kill harmful organism found on the skin.

3. Chocolate: Many are of the opinion that chocolate is bad for our health; however, it has a lot of benefits especially the dark chocolate. It can help reduce stress, blood pressure, and also skin problems caused by stress. It also contains antioxidants that can help prevent the damage of free radicals.

2. Walnut: Walnuts have numerous health benefits. It is a good source of Vitamin B and can help prevent wrinkles, reduce the aging effect, alleviates stress and avert stress-related skin conditions. The oil can also be used as a moisturizer, thus, preventing dry skin or cracks on the skin.

1. Water: How often do you take water? Water has numerous benefits, especially on the skin. Keeping the skin hydrated at all time is important for a great/healthy skin. Many dermatological problems arise from skin dehydration; therefore, drink a lot of water (8 glasses per day) can help prove skin, remove toxins and ensure proper distributions of nutrients the body requires to maintain a healthy and great skin.