Consider Outdoor Motion Detector for Security Lighting in Your Home

Security becomes one important aspect that you have to consider dealing with home appliances. You do not want any intruders come to your home and cause fear for the whole family. For security lighting, you need some detector of motion. It is usually called as outdoor motion detector.

Actually it is easy to install this kind of security lighting, especially when you have some source electricity close to the spot where you want to install the detector. If the source electricity is far enough from the area, you need to deal with extra wiring. Now, you bought to prepare these things: the security light, wire caps, electrical tape, cordless drill / driver, volt tester, silicone caulk, and wire strippers. We will give you some tips to install the light if there is an existing source.

Now you can start installing by finding the correct breaker, or some fuse to the exterior light source. Turn off the fuse or the circuit breaker and ensure that it is in 'off' mode using a voltage tester. Take the new fixture you have bought and check the instructions of the setting. Also, you have to check every part of it. If you have got everything ready, now it is time for you to remove the old outdoor fixture by unscrewing it with screwdriver or a cordless drill. You will need this device just in case that the screws get corrosion.

When you have done uninstalling the old fixture, you can get the base of the new motion light. Note the spots where you want to place the screws. Sometimes, the holes do not match up the right. Therefore you might need to put either metal or wood bit on your drill and the drill where you marked the screws. After that, search for the source wires through the middle of the base before you start tightening the light.

If the base is ready for the installation, then you can adjust the source wires to the new light fixture wires. If it is too long, you can cut the wire and strip the plastic off about inch inch. Match the color of the wires, red to red, yellow to yellow, and the like. Make sure that everything fixed firmly to put the new fixture onto the base. Also, you have to keep the rubber seal before screwing on the fixture. Now you have done with the installation. Turn on the electricity and do some checking whenever the detector works.

Solar Boating Lights

Solar lighting works almost anywhere and all you need is the sun. The cells attached to the light (which can be a string light, a lantern, an adhesive light or any other configuration you can think of) take the sunlight and store it in their batteries for future use. As soon as the sun goes down, the solar light will come on and the process continues day after day.

When you are on a boat, you know that space is a hot commodity so the use of solar lights is a great idea, no cords, no bulk and all the light you need. Likewise, on the outside of a boat, you can’t be worrying about tripping over cords and extensions while you are on deck so solar lighting is the way to go.

Rail lights attach to railings decks or bulkheads, they have no wires or batteries, and they cost next to nothing to install. The best part is they look good and they light up when it gets dark to illuminate the area. They are highly efficient, long lasting, green and in short: No muss, no fuss.

Under cabinet solar lights allow you to illuminate the galley without trading space to do so. They simply slide under the cabinets and light your way effortlessly. Handy solar lights that come in an easy to use and install rope application is a great idea for all areas on the boat that could use a little illumination. Use them to light your hallways, around windows or across ceilings, anywhere you can use light they can be placed. They come in a variety of colours and sizes and can be customized to your tastes.

Solar dock lights are also gaining in popularity as they can be placed anywhere and are also waterproof. Nothing is worse than not being able to see where you are going, and now, you can effortlessly guide your boat into dock with all the light you need. The best part is, the energy that they are using is totally free, as long as they can soak up the sun you’re golden!

Solar lights really can be used anywhere at any time. They light our world like never before and don’t have any of the nuisance that comes with trying to light places outside the old fashioned way–with cords and proximity to outlets being issues. Light your world the new way, go solar!

To Seal or Not to Seal Your Floor Tiles?

You do have the option to seal or not to seal your tiles. There are many factors to consider here. Location is one of the largest factors. Knowing where to put your tiles will tell you the type of elements it will be exposed to.

Of course you want your tiles to look good as long as possible. That is only understandable considering you spent your hard earned money for it. Sealing your tiles may cost you some more money but that only means your tiles are better protected from wear and tear.

Basically, some tiles are already glazed and some are already sealed. These tiles are more expensive than regular ones. Deciding to buy sealed tiles depends on your budget and the availability of the materials.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are two of the most common tiles that do not need to be sealed. However, you have to be aware that there are two parts of a tile. One is the tile itself and the second is the grout.

The grout is the area that easily accumulates stains. This is one part of the tile you need to cover or seal. It is also naturally porous so it is easily damaged. On top of that, sealed grout is very easy to keep clean.

If you seal both the grout and the tile, there is a greater chance that your tile will last longer than you expect. It also keeps the strength of both grout and tile. Sealing is a good way of defending your tiles from stains, dirt, and spills. These are very common occurrences in homes especially if there are children around.

Sealed tiles and grout are easily detected. If you sprinkle water on top of it, the color will not change if it is sealed. If the surface turns darker, that means it is not sealed and is there before directly exposed to different elements.

Not all tiles need to be sealed. At the same time, it is definitely not required for you to seal your tiles. It is up to you if you think it is necessary or not. However, not sealing your tiles may lead to certain problems such as formation of stains, moisture, mildew, and molds.

All About Hose Pipes

The common picture that comes in mind when you think of pumping water, is the pressure and the pipes, hose pipes have been used in various applications that concern draining water under pressure. The main advantage with hose pipes is that they are designed to withstand the pressure and thus direct the water with the right amount of force. They have been used in fire extinguisher, pond vacuuming and waste disposal suction machines among other gadgets. In all their applications they vary in girth size and the design depending on the estimated pressure being applied in the process.

The designing of the hose pipes follows two criterions, those that work under positive pressure meaning the pressure is from inside and can therefore burst, these are called discharge hose pipes. The other category falls under those that work under negative pressure meaning they can collapse on themselves if when the pressure is imbalanced, they are called suction hose pipes. The difference is on their application in the draining process, while the suction pipes forms the point of entry the discharge hoses form the outlet.

Two main characteristics of a good suction and a drainage hose pipe

It should be durable and strong enough to withstand negative pressure, these pipes are normally well reinforced in that even if they are bendable the inner walls do collapse blocking the pipe.

They should have the proper with size to be able to feed the pump efficiently, too wide may lead to require more energy to suction and can lead to flow choking if they deliver more than the pump can push out.

A good drainage pipe on the other hand, should be strong to withstand the positive force that could easily cause bursting. This is due to the force emanating from the pressure of the content being pumped through it.

The size of the drainage hose pipe should be able to empty the pump reservoir efficiently. The suction and the drainage should be complement each other in that, they do not create unnecessary pressure. The drainage pipe can be a little narrower to help in creating the extra force needed to pump the water a longer distance and with a lot of force.


To get the best hose pipes, you must consider several factors like their intended use and the available types. Shop from genuine dealers to avoid being scammed and ask for the right pipes based on where and how you want to use them.

How Can You Get a Guy to Like You? Here Are the Secrets to Getting His Undivided Attention Fast

A guy walks into the room, and suddenly your life is set in slow motion, as you look at him for the first time and are instantly smitten. Boink, goes the reality hammer on your head. How can he, in this sea of ​​girls, notice you? It's not rocket science, but it's not exactly 123 either. Here you will get to see how you can get a guy to like you, even when he sees a million times out of your league.

The first thing you will need to do to get noticed, is become visible. You may not be directly visible, but you will need to establish presence. He may see you and recognize you, and voila, instant conversation. If you frequent a place that he does, go there whenever you can.

Mind your stance.
Guys can smell an overly angry girl. If they do, only two things will happen. They will either look away, or will take advantage. When they do take advantage, it does not mean, in any way, that they are interested. So, never ever walk into a room, especially when you know he'll be there, with your head down and your feet dragging themselves across the floor.

Be radiant.
This is nothing to do with your makeup, or what you're wearing. People who are radiant naturally glow with life. They are happy and spontaneous, and are confident in getting to know people.

Ask yourself this: If I were another person, why would I be interested in me?
You should be able to come up with a big list of reasons. If you can not, you seriously need to stop lusting over that guy and take a self-esteem seminar instead. Do you like your legs? Are your eyes always a subject of compliment? Does your hair make a lot of people do double -takes? Are you into creative photography? Are you part of a non-profit org and visit Asia regularly to help poverty-stricken nations? Do you play in a band? Whatever it is, be proud of it. And be willing to talk to people about it.

Know your connections.
It's a reliably small world, and you never know the people in his circle may be some people in yours too. If you know a few folks who are acquaintances of the guy you are crushing on, get on their good side, and if you're comfortable, ask them to introduce you.

Walk up there and strike a conversation.
Icebreakers, one liners and small talk are really critical these days, when you want to talk to someone you like but are afraid you'll only be eaten by shame and silence. Be as casual as possible, and smile. It usually only takes a smile for any guy, and I mean any guy, to smile back and make a move so you will not have to.

Be yourself, but with your guard up.
This is a cliché, but it has never worked on anyone. When you are yourself, your actions are more flawless and natural, not scripted. However, remember that you're looking into getting this guy to like you, so you also must be careful since something you do may cause him to sprint in the opposite direction.

No Late Night Guilt With Fundraising Online

I'm not sure I can take an earlier of those doe-eyed TV spots: big distended bellies, flies, dirt: sad, sad. I can almost smell the funk through the screen. It's probably the channels I'm surfing during the wee hours after working all day and into the night. I think I'm doing good stuff, but then I see those kids, my heart sinks into the fathoms where strange glowy creatures swim in a deep space world – right here on earth.

I wrote a note on one of those social media channels one night after seeing one of those spots. Immediately I got pinged and discovered a few friends were also awake. We lamented for a moment, switching messages back and forth.

If this was the 80's the American flag would have been raised across our TV screens and we'd be watching the late night ant races. But it's the new millennium and things are different: I'm not a luddite anymore and information travels at the speed of light, like those ants, across data networks only imagined in Ray Bradbury short stories.

What does that chubby, bearded fellow do with the change he's asking for? I think he's an actor so I'm not even sure he does anything except read a few lines and pull those deeply entwined heartstrings. For all I know he's just a lobbyist for a TV fundraising cartel.

I woke up early, later that morning and checked my messages. Some guy, who was not even a guy I knew, joined in on our conversation and started some 'I want to save the distended belly children of East Africa' fundraise drive. He had a webpage and an HTML form ready to fill out to 'donate right now'. (I think I only got three hours of sleep before the alarm shouted angry messages into my dreams)

Appropriately fundraising online is pretty big. He's kind of in the industry – environmental advocate – so he just signed up and now I really do not have an excuse not to check it out. Sometimes even participate. I do not want to sound like a layabout – when it comes to fundraising stuff – but for the most part I just pick up trash at my local beach.

I went to work and sat down at my table with my laptop. I have a nice view looking out some large plate glass widows. A skylight even spills fresh sunlight into our space. Good digs. There's elbowroom, no cubicles and a lot of smart people doing cool things. I'm very lucky. Seems like even more of a reason to spend some cash on people who do not understand life the way I do.

All Information On Golf Clubs

A golf club is used to strike the ball in the game of golf. It has a weighted head on one end and a long shaft with a grip on the other end. The head is fixed sideways at a sharp angle to the shaft, and the striking face of the head is inclined to give the ball an upward rise. The rules of the game allow a player to carry up to 14 different golf clubs, each one being designed for a specific situation during the game.

History: Early golf clubs were made entirely of wood. This material was not only easy to shape, but was also soft enough not to damage the stuffed leather golf balls that were used until the mid-1800s.

With the introduction of the hard rubber golf ball in 1848, golfers began using clubs with iron heads as they did not have to worry about damaging the ball. As iron heads could be formed with sharply inclining striking faces, golfers started using the iron headed clubs for shooter shots, while wooden headed clubs were used for longer shots.

Different type of golf clubs: How to select golf clubs is not a difficult question to answer as there are different types of clubs available for different situations in the game.

Drivers and fairway woods: These clubs are used to hit longer shots. Most golfers prefer using wooden head clubs if the golf hole is four to five meters away. The driver or the fairway wood has a loft between 7 to 12 degrees. Professional golfers traditionally have drivers with less than 10 degrees of loft, which requires a lot more skill to hit.

Irons: Irons are generally used during the golf training program and for shorter distances during the game as they have more control than drivers and fairway woods.

Hybrids: Hybrids are a recent innovation to golf. It is the combination of wood and iron and is an alternative to a long iron. Hybrids can be used in any situation as they are versatile.

Wedges: Wedges are another form of irons. The first wedge which is also known as Pitching Wedge is usually between 52 and 56 degrees in loft. Wedges are extremely useful for a short shrike in the game.

These are the various golf clubs equipment available in the market. If you need more information on golf clubs, you can always browse through the internet or could visit any golf equipment outlet.

How to Get a Bigger Penis and Not Spend a Penny

Have you ever been asking yourself how to get a bigger penis? As a guy you know that size matters. Because having a larger penis gives any man more confidence and self esteem. Also we are aware of it, that most women would choose bigger over smaller (if given the option). And if you are poorly endowed by nature the question of how to get a bigger penis can be of vital importance.

No matter the talk, one of the main ways that a man defines himself is by his sex organ. Its size, shape, whether it’s straight or it curves left or right, up or down. Logically, this might seem pretty prehistoric, but it’s the way it is. Because the biological function of a man is to reproduce, it’s necessary to have a sexual organ that will help make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Unsurprisingly throughout all of time and regardless of the society they lived in, men have always wanted to find out how to make their penis bigger and even more so this quest has become a dominant goal for many men today – not least because porn is omnipresent in this day and age and is triggering a comparison of penis size.

As there is such a great demand it comes not as a surprise that the market responds with a huge supply for penis growth, all supposedly for the purpose to help us get a bigger penis. The internet is jam-packed with offers for

  • pills
  • creams
  • extenders (referred to as medical devices)
  • pumps
  • implants
  • stretching and hanging devices
  • surgical techniques

and what else. No wonder if this makes you feel giddy. You are confronted with the challenge to find out which of these offers are seriously effective for penis enlargement and which are just scams and rip-offs or worse yet, downright dangerous for little Joe and your health.

Fortunately you do not depend on the industry, neither do you have to spend a dime in order to gain size. How to get a bigger penis is not a fad of our time alone and it is a safe bet that since the creation of Kama Sutra (about 2000 yrs. ago) there was enough time for generations of men to develop and test effective penis enhancement exercises and enlargement techniques that did wonders then and still do work today.

These proven, simple, and effective exercises and techniques have been passed down to us and if you are willing to make a commitment to teach yourself these exercises you will grow your penis bigger without having to spend a penny.

The basic principles how these exercises work are quite simple. You train your penis to hold more blood and as a result it will become larger in size. In essence there are 3 different exercises:


Jelqing, sometimes called milking the penis, is a technique that pushes blood into it, holds it there and then pushes more blood into it, causing the penis to expand to a larger size that it had originally been.


The stretching exercises are focusing on length. Through regular exercises you are able to stretch your penis, since the skin and tissue are not much different that those other parts of the body. The reservoir of penis stretching exercises consists of combinations of stretching, twirling and slapping.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises refer to contracting your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. You can identify this muscle when you stop your urinary stream. Exercising this muscle will give your penis a stronger, more muscular look and will help you to control orgasms and ejaculations.

If you are determined to get a bigger penis then to naturally enlarge the little fellow through exercises is the way to go. It is healthy and safe (when done right), easy-to-learn, the results are permanent, and it does not cost you a penny.

The Best Headsets for Your Surround Sound Systems

Can you imagine yourself playing your favorite video games without hearing the gunfire and explosives, as well as other sound effects in the game? Well perhaps not. So if you want to fully enjoy your video gaming experience, you must invest on a good quality headset, something that will last for a long time. Here are the best recommendations of headsets that you can use for your video game console.

Astro A40 – 2011 Edition

The Astro A40 is highly recommended for those who are looking for a headset that’s lightweight and something that have comfortable ear pads that are so friendly to the ears. This headset is fully equipped with a 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound system, and it could support an iPad, a smart phone as well as laptops and personal computers. It is connected by means of a 2.0 USB connection and is powered by four batteries.

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5

Just like with the Astro A40, this wireless headset is also fully equipped with a 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound and it is capable of enhancing the sound effects in your video games, such as the gun shots and footsteps of the gaming characters. It features a unique voice morphing ability that can disguise your voice and it even has voice prompts on the headset in case you get low bat. The headset is wireless and functions by means of a Bluetooth, and can be used in both your cell phone and computers.

Tritton AX Pro Dolby Digital Precision

The Tritton AX is fully equipped with a 5.1 Digital Surround Sound and is perfect for PS2, PS3 and several PC Systems. It can work with any devices that have 3.5 analog output as well as those with digital optical output. It is also fully equipped with a detachable microphone that you can use for your XBOX live chat.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X41

This headset is equipped with a 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, and can also be connected with a home theater system, so it is also perfect for movie viewing in your home theater. It is wireless and has a transmission range of up to 30 feet, and its huge 50-mm speakers is sure enough to enhance the bass quality of the sound that comes out of the speaker. It can be connected to an Xbox using a USB port connection and is being powered by two batteries.

Given the vast options available for your video gaming headset, it is now very difficult to look for something that suits you best. When looking for a good headset, make sure that you choose something that is fully equipped with a digital surround sound system, so you will fully enjoy your gaming experience. The headsets mentioned above maybe a bit pricey, as compared with a typical headset, but the experience you’ll have when using it on your game is definitely worth it.

Raising a Real Man in a Metro-Sexual World

Trying to raise a real man in today’s world may be harder than splitting an atom. Everyday our kids are bombarded with images and messages of the most unmanly things imaginable. That’s why your job as a father is as tough as it’s even been. It’s you against the world.

Let’s be clear about a dad’s role in raising a child. It takes a man and a woman to raise a real man. A boy needs a mother to nurture him, and take care of him. He also needs the influence of a strong, masculine male figure in his life. These influences balance each other out. If you’re missing either influence, you tend to get less than optimal results.

Children need and rely on their mothers more at an early age. However, as a boy becomes a teenager and advances through adolescence, his father must step up his influence. This is the time where boys typically begin to rebel and assert some independence. This is when they start to become men. They begin to gravitate towards their fathers. They seek out more dangerous or risky activities.

As your boy starts to grow into a man and seeks out your guidance, you still need to support his mother’s influence. For example, a male teenager will often disrespect his mother because they’re acting out in their masculinity. No longer are they physically inferior to their mothers. They’ll usually test their mothers more than their fathers. A father has to set the boy straight. They need to be taught to always act respectfully towards their mothers.

Of course, raising a kid is always a crap shoot. You can do everything by the book, and still end up with a kid who goes completely off the deep-end. They may rebel, run away, turn to drugs, and act out in all sorts of self-destructive ways you never imagined possible. Also, how many of us have two or more kids that we’ve treated exactly the same way, only to watch one of them go in a completely different direction. You drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what you did wrong. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with you. It’s just the personality of the child, their friends, and other influences over which you have very little control.

However, chances are that if a boy is raised by a real man in a structured environment, he’s much more likely to grow in to a real man himself – a strong, independent, and responsible man. So how do you raise a strong, independent, responsible, real man – a man who is honorable, intelligent, financially stable, able to take care of and protect his own family, and able to successfully raise children of his own? Here are some suggestions:

o Let them play with boy toys

In spite of what the girlie men state, it’s o.k. for boys to play with boy toys. It’s o.k. for them to play ‘Army’ and ‘Cowboys and Indians’. It’s o.k. for them to use saws, hammers, drills, and other tools. It’s o.k. for them to play with toy guns.

o Let them play like boys

Boys like to be boys. You should encourage that behavior, rather than discourage it. They like to play in the mud and in the dirt. They like to splash in puddles and play in the rain. They like to wrestle and fight. Provide boundaries for all of those things, but in general, let them do it.

o Do manly activities with your boys

Take them hunting and fishing. Go camping and dirt bike riding. Go hiking and mountain climbing. Take them to baseball and football games. Build a fort with them. In addition to bonding time, these activities are all opportunities to teach your boys man skills: setting up camp, starting fires, cleaning game, marksmanship, respecting nature, building skills, sports rules, coordination, etc. You absolutely should also do more ‘cultural’ activities with your boys like taking them to museums, plays, movies, concerts, and fine restaurants. However, these are things which can be done with the whole family. Our focus here is specifically on manly activities you do with your boys.

o Do manly activities with other men and boys

Take the opportunity to do manly activities in the company of other men and boys. For example, if you have friends with boys, you might go on hunting, fishing, or camping trips together. This gives your boys an opportunity to see other real men in action. It provides positive male role models, and reinforcements of real man behaviors.

o Do manly activities with your boys regularly

It’s not enough to take your boys on a fishing trip then never do it again. You need to do things with them regularly. For example, you might get them involved in Little League during the spring, fishing over the summer, and hunting during the fall. Throw in a few camping trips and sports events throughout the year.

o Get them involved in team sports.

Encourage them to join Little League or Pop Warner football. Spend some evenings and weekends practicing with them each week. They’ll learn how to work in a team environment, learn sports skills, develop confidence as they improve their skills, and enjoy quality bonding time with their father.

o Teach them guidelines about crying

Our society has drilled in to our heads that it’s o.k. for men to cry at any time for any reason – the more the better. No, it’s not o.k. It is o.k. for men to cry once in awhile, but never in public. In general, you need to teach your boys to suck it up. This teaches them discipline and will power. It also teaches them to maintain composure during crisis or difficult times when they need all of their faculties to focus on solutions to problems.

o Provide positive reinforcement

At every opportunity, stress to your boys how special they are, how smart they are, and how tough they are. Tell them you’re proud of them and that they can be anything they want. Do it often.

o Don’t save your boys from suffering the consequences

Our society is full of sports figures that have been brought up with the idea that they can do no wrong. They’ve never had to take responsibility for their actions. Instead, someone was always there to make excuses for them or take care of any problems that they created. More often than not, boys raised in this manner end up getting involved in drugs, crime, and all sorts of other nasty behaviors.

It’s difficult not to help our kids in certain circumstances. Our instincts are to care for them. The problem is that if we’re always saving them, they learn that there are no consequences to mistakes or bad behavior. Women, especially, try to save their kids every chance they get. It’s their nurturing instinct and it’s admirable. But you’re not a woman, and you’re not rearing women. You’re a real man tying to raise a responsible real man.

Allow your boys to suffer the consequences of their mistakes. For example, if you reminded them to bring their coat along yet they still forgot it, let them be cold rather than giving up your coat. If they suffer the consequence, they won’t forget the coat the next time. If you give them your coat or don’t allow them to suffer the consequence, they’ll probably forget the coat the next time as well. Of course you want to do this within reason. You don’t want them to become a human ice sickle in order to teach them not to forget their coat.

o Don’t rush them in to manhood.

A boy will naturally start gravitating towards his father in his early teens. He’ll still go to his mother for sympathy and motherly love. Don’t belittle it. Allow him to maintain a bond with the woman who gave birth to him. Fathers always worry about their sons becoming mama’s boys – an unhealthy relationship with their mothers. You can minimize that by regularly doing more manly activities with your son.

o Be firm, but fair

Your son needs a strong male figure, not a wishy-washy, milquetoast one. Set rules for him and let him know you expect him to follow them, otherwise there will be consequences. But be fair. It’s easy to get caught up in the authority of being a father and being in control. It’s easy to sometimes be unreasonable. Don’t fall in to this trap. You’ll teach your son far more by being fair than by regularly being an unreasonable jerk.

o Don’t be his friend

You’re his dad, not his buddy. After he’s an adult, then you can relate more like friends. But while he’s growing up, he needs strong guidance more than friendship. By all means, bond, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. Just don’t confuse being a friend with being a father. He’ll develop far more respect for you as his father than as his buddy.

o Show affection

It’s o.k. to shake your sons hand, pat him on the back, and yes even hug him. It sends a message that even though you’re tough on him, you care for him and love him. Let’s face it. As a man, it’s not always easy to tell someone you love them. If you can’t manage it, you’ll at least be sending that message through your actions. He’ll know it. If you are able to tell your boys you love them, the pats and hugs will reinforce what you’re telling him. Just don’t overdo it with the touchy feely stuff. That’s his mother’s domain, not yours.

If you follow these steps, you just might be able to beat the odds in our girlie man world, and end up the proud father of a genuine, real man. And perhaps someday, the real man you raised will discover the two things that all men do when they reach a certain point in their lives: one, that you were once a kid just like him; and two, that you are in fact a very smart guy, not the dummy he thought you were when he was a teenager. I’ll allow Thomas Wolfe and Mark Twain the final words to explain this phenomenon.

“Sherman made the terrible discovery that men make about their fathers sooner or later . . . that the man before him was not an aging father but a boy, a boy much like himself, a boy who grew up and had a child of his own and, as best he could . . . adopted a role called Being a Father so that his child would have something mythical and infinitely important: a Protector, who would keep a lid on all the chaotic and catastrophic possibilities of life.” –Tom Wolfe, The Bonfire of the Vanities

“When I was a boy of 14 my father was so ignorant that I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in only 7 years.”–Mark Twain

The 3 Most Important Accessories for Any BOAT DOCK

Below are my top 3 accessories that I feel are MUST HAVES for any boat dock:

1. Cleats – Dock Cleats are by far the most important accessory for any dock. Made from a variety of materials and several styles to choose from, cleats ensure that watercraft and their passengers are secure while at your dock. Not only do cleats ensure that docking and undocking is safely maneuvered it also ensures that the watercraft remains as steady as possible while passengers board and unboard. A loose dock line can allow the watercraft to sway further away from the dock and create an unsafe situation for boarding. A dock without cleats could leave you scrambling to find an object to tie off to while the watercraft bumps around on your dock. You also run a risk of the dock line coming loose when it is not properly secured onto a cleat.

The most common types of cleats include:

  • Galvanized Steel – Cast with 2 holes for installation using Hex Bolts, it’s an easy installation for any do it yourself project. They are available various sizes with the most common size ranging from 4″ to 12″.
  • Flip-up or Fold-down – The mounting holes on these cleats are recessed so that the bolts stay clear of attached lines. Simply flip-up the cleat to use and fold down the cleat into the low profile base when not in use. Also available in many colors and sizes you can find one to fit practically any area.
  • Angled Aluminum Rail Dock Cleats (Dock Builders Cleats) – Easily slides into place and fits most OEM dock builder style docks with an aluminum extrusion.
  • Solar Lighted – Attractive and functional with powerful solar charging performance and mooring strength. Lights are built into the cleat, are waterproof and automatically turn on-at dusk.

2. Lighting – Once again, there are thousands of products to choose from and so many ways you could enhance your dock with lights. But, at minimum you must have enough lighting, in the right places, and at the right time. The MUST have is enough light for safe footing for all pedestrians while on the dock and for safe boarding and access onto the dock.. If your dock protrudes out into the waterway you may want to consider a light to warn off other boaters, placed on the farthest end of the dock.

Here are some simple lighting tips that help provide that safe environment:

  • Solar motion lights can be mounted practically anywhere. Be sure to test them out before mounting them to be sure the motion is detected at the distance needed. Some can be mounted on poles, posts, walls and some have their own pedestals. You’ll be able to select the height and distance to place them from the area you intend to light.
  • Solar Dock Cleats are a great way to provide simple lighting in just the right areas. Use Solar lighted cleats in the area you need to light up or use more to enhance the character of your dock space.
  • Flexible Strip or Rope lighting is a very inexpensive way to provide lighting in any area. They are flexible and can be shaped and positioned practically anywhere. Choose solar charged in order to eliminate trip hazards such as cords and plugs.

3. Ladders – Be sure there is a way to access the dock from the water. No one wants to think of an incident with a small child or animal falling into the water and not being able to climb out. Ladders are available in a variety of materials, lengths and price.

  • Fixed Ladders are securely fastened to the dock surface and remain stationary for a safe climb.
  • Flip-Up Ladders securely fasten to the dock surface but swings up and out of the way, locking in place when not in use.
  • Slide-Up Ladders securely fasten to the dock surface and have convenient cords for raising and lowering the steps.

Now that you have installed the 3 MUST HAVES for your dock, and you’re confident that your dock is safe, you can think about how you want to personalize your dock space according to your lifestyle. You may use your dock space as your social outdoor area and you may need additional lighting, some added dock protection around the perimeter as well as your dock pilings, or a dock box to store your boating products. Whatever your needs are you are sure to find the product of your choice.

How to Pick Your Best Wedding Photographer

Your wedding pics will be a lasting reminder of your big day, and there are no "do-overs." Following are tips to help you find a wedding photographer who is able to capture your big day right … the first time!


You'll definitely want an experienced photographer, and preferably one who has photographed a few weddings before he / she photographs yours. Your chosen photographer should know how to work under pressure and the elements including sun, heat, cold, sand and water. To be on the safe side, use a photographer that comes highly recommended by family, friends or recently newlyweds. Also, you'll want to make sure that the photographer that you absolutely hire is the photographer that will actually be shooting the photos.


When meeting your potential photography candidates in person, consider their personality. Are you going to get along well with this person? After all, you'll be spending a lot of time with him / her before and during the event, so make sure that your personalities click.


Before scheduling an interview appointment with a potential photographer, make sure that he / she has your wedding date available before you hammer out the specifics.


After talking with several photographers on the phone, set up in-person interviews. Make sure that the photographer has a portfolio that you can look at. Request to see a complete coverage of each photographer's work (an entitlement wedding for which he or she was hired).


When choosing a photographer, consider your style. Are you into modern, contemporary or photojournalistic photography? Or do you want a mix of everything? Look through the photographer's portfolio for the types of photographs that you'd like to have taken at your wedding.


The best wedding photographers generally have a website to showcase their picture-taking skills. Judging a book by its cover, in this case, makes perfect sense!


Ask your potential photographers for a list of references (names and numbers) and actually contact them!

Price / Packages

Sure you're looking for quality and value, but make sure that the wedding photographer that you have in mind is not going to break the bank. Compare the prices of several packages, and find out the number of prints that will be included for the price. Keep in mind other options, too, when comparing prices such as engagement sessions, prints, wedding albums, online galleries and enhanced photos. Also, consider how much time or "coverage" is included in the price. A higher fee may actually turn out to be cheaper (or a better value) in the long run.


Read the photographer's contract before you sign it. It should include items such as how you will be paying for the photographer's services, the photographer's refund policy and what happens if you cancel their services prior to the wedding date.

How To Become A Qualified Electrician

In many countries, there are strict qualifications you need before you can conduct any electrical work. In order to secure an apprenticeship you will want to complete some training to ensure you can give clients a safe and effective service that they can trust.

As an electrician you will be required to install and test electrical wiring and equipment. You will also be asked to keep up these electrical items, along with appliances and fixtures in both commercial and residential properties. As you gain knowledge and become more experienced you will need to assess plans and wiring layouts in homes and offices.

An electrician is also responsible for fitting circuit breakers and fuse boxes, while installing and testing wiring and laying cables plus so much more. As you can imagine, this being one of the most highly paid and in demand trades, you will need to meet the very strict qualifications requirements to give any of the above services at any time during your career.

There are many courses and workshops that you will want to complete. You can view these online and find which one to start with. You can start with a basic introductory course and then complete your NVQ level two and three, which is industry recognized, so you can start completing this electrical work on your own without the help or supervision of an experienced electrician.

The majority of the training you will receive will be work based. Most electricians secure an apprenticeship to start. This gives them the practical knowledge while they study and gain their qualification. The benefit to an apprenticeship is that you gain hands on knowledge, so you are able to get a good understanding of the job and the work involved, along with insider knowledge on wiring, appliances and other electrical requirements that you may be asked to complete from time to time.

Once you have qualified, it is advised to get accredited with one of the recognized electrical bodies. In the event you choose to go on your own and open your own company, this can be a beneficial choice. Potential clients can rely on these bodies to gain insight into your company, enabling them to use your services with complete peace of mind.

It is very important when you want to know how to become a qualified electrician that you choose a training company that can give you the courses and workshops you need through your career, so you can constantly advance in your career with the most up to date knowledge and skills at all times.

Ideally try to choose a course that provides in-class study and not online. You may think online is more practical in the long run, but with in-class training you gain valuable insider information from qualified professionals, which can help you understand what is expected of you and what to do when working in the field.

Choose a few training companies. This way you can compare them against each other to find the one you feel is the right match for you. If you can find a good company now to train with and they offer a range of electrical courses, then you will be able to use them time and time again in the future without having to research and compare training specialists moving forward.

Quick and Easy Steak Recipes

Whether you go with a classic take on steak or try something a little more avant-garde, the right recipe will enhance any cut of steak. Grilling and broiling are just a couple of possibilities for preparing steak. These quick, simple steak recipes will broaden your repertoire beyond the usual meat-and-potatoes basics. The right steak recipes will take your steak from good to great!

Steak au Poivre

Poivre is French for pepper, and that’s the main flavoring of the creamy sauce at the heart of this elegant steak dish. Prepare your steaks as usual; covering the meat with foil after it’s cooked so it rests as you prepare the pepper sauce. Crush two tablespoons of whole black peppercorns and a tablespoon of green peppercorns in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle. Dice a whole shallot and sauté it in butter, then add the crushed spices to the mixture. Cook it over medium heat until the shallots become tender, about four or five minutes, then add a cup of heavy cream and salt to taste. Reduce the sauce until it browns and thickens enough to coat the spoon. Serve the sauce over or alongside the steak.

Cajun Steak

New Orleans is rightly famous for its food, and while the port city serves up plenty of seafood, it also knows how to handle a great steak. Make a marinade of enough vegetable oil to coat the steaks, paprika, cayenne pepper, dried thyme, a dash of allspice, diced onions and diced green peppers. Soak the steaks overnight in the mixture, then cook the steaks as desired. Top the steaks with a dab of butter before serving.

Herbed Butter Steak

One of the easiest steak recipes is also one of the best. Chefs rely on compound butter to make their recipes sing, and you can do the same. Cook your steak however you like, then add herbed butter just before you serve it. Make your own butter a day in advance by mixing a stick of room-temperature butter with chopped parsley, chives, finely minced garlic, dill, smoked paprika or any other flavors you enjoy.

Korean Bulgogi Steak

Traditionally, Korean bulgogi is thinly sliced and served with rice, but you can use this magnificently flavorful marinade for whole, uncut steaks as well. Combine half a cup of soy sauce, a tablespoon of dark sesame oil, three cloves of minced garlic, half a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger and chopped green onions to taste. Add red pepper flakes and a tablespoon or two of toasted sesame seeds. Let the steaks marinate in the mixture for four to six hours or overnight before cooking. This recipe works especially well with the smokiness of grilling over charcoal.

Whichever steak recipe you choose, make it your own by tweaking the spices and herbs. Add a little tarragon here or some cumin there. You can’t go wrong with a great steak.

Car Wrap Marketing

Car wraps are loved because of how easily they can transform an old car into a brand new one. They are also loved because they help in protecting the original color of the car and can be removed if you want to recreate the original look. You can easily change the look of your car using the best wraps.

However, the wraps go beyond car beauty and are used for marketing purposes. You can have your car branded with your company products and services so you can reach your target audience wherever you go effortlessly. The car wrap prints are designed professionally to cover your entire car body or they can be done to cover it partially depending on your needs and condition of the vehicle.

Car wrap marketing can be very effective because it is not aggressive; it is mobile and cheap compared with other marketing methods. You can run your marketing message and do brand awareness for years with a good wrap or make regular changes to match your needs. If you have a fleet, car wraps can come in handy in giving you uniformity and still pass desired messages to your target audience.

Car Wrap Material Options

Car wrap companies use different materials to get the job done and it is one of the decisions you will need to make when choosing your wrap.

Vinyl – The material is durable and very clean in giving solid color changes or stunning graphic changes to the car. It is lightweight and economical and can be used to cover the entire surface, including complex curves and bumpers. Its adhesive surface has air egress channels, allowing air bubbles to smooth out between the vinyl warp and the surface of the car for a painted silky fresh look. The material will protect the original paint from harmful elements.

Chrome vinyl wrap – It is a great material if you want to stand out because it has a reflective sheen that gives a clear top coat illusion. You will achieve a very shiny car at the end of the application.

Carbon fiber vinyl – It has a rugged feel compared to the chrome vinyl and has textured 3D appearance giving a dramatic unique appearance. You will love the textured, embossed finish that the wrap will achieve for you.

Matte vinyl – It has a non-glossy but dramatic look nonetheless. It is most suitable for individuals looking for a stealth unique look.

When choosing a car wrap material, consider how durable it is and how suitable it will be for your marketing needs. It is also important to ask about care and maintenance for your wrap not just so you can take care of it after it has been applied, but so you can also determine whether you can keep up with the wrap care demands. Most wraps are easy to care for and will last a long time.