Build Your Own Dependable Solar Power System

The ever-increasing cost of electricity is causing many homeowners to have installed their own solar panels. But, once they realize the prices of commercially sold product they begin to have second thoughts about such a proposition. Something that most consumers do not seem to be aware of is the fact that it is much more affordable any very easy to make solar panels at home.

The advantages of making your own solar panels go beyond the economies of its production and cost saving by way of electricity bills that you pay month after month. The most important of these is that you have a total control over quality, meaning that you can buy components of reputed make conforming to the precisely needed specifications. The other advantage you should not overlook is that you get to understand the purpose and function of different components that certainly helps you in case of any break of the system. An understanding of that level enables you to undertake an expansion of your system to produce more electricity as when needed. On buying a ready made system you have no control on these factors where you may an severe amount.

It's a very simple and easy DIY project requiring no special skills. And to help you in the matter there are many guides available that tell you all the ins and outs of this product and in a very systematic way help you to a successful completion of the project. Apart from giving you instructions for its assembly in an easy to understand language and aided by visuals, these guides tell you the sources of quality components at competitive prices.

It's worth investing in one such guide to make a dependable system of power supply for your home or office and take pride owning a cheap source of clean power.

Mini DV Players

Mini DV players are available with many different features. Sometimes the technical terminology becomes a little confusing for the layperson. You may have doubts regarding the compatibility of Mini DV cassettes with certain players, or what kind of editing features are available with a particular player. It is best to research extensively before purchasing a Mini DV player, and if you have doubts, you can always get them clarified at the DV player retail store. Also, many websites offer advise on what is the best Mini DV player to suit to your needs.

The Mini DV players are mostly double as recorders. They are available for both amateur and professional use. For professionals like wedding videographers and filmmakers, JVC has come up with many innovative players. The JVC HR DVS 3U, for example, is a player as well as recording system. It is very convenient to use, since the Mini DV cassette can be directly inserted into and played by the DV player. There is no need for connecting the camcorder to a VCR using a jumble of confusing wires. It has good editing features, and is capable of converting analog signals to digital. JVC's HR DV S 3, on the other hand, is a double deck Mini DV VCR which also converts Mini DV to S-VHS format after editing, apart from being a player and recorder compatible with almost all Mini DV cassettes.

For amateur use, the Panasonic Professional DV Proline offers many features like a high sound to noise ratio, four video heads, timer programming, and a clear image quality. This device is meant simply for playing and not for recording purposes. Many users have referred problems like the absence of remote control or parental lock mechanism, as well as the lack of built in monitors, which means the player needs to be connected to a VCR, but this player is good for amateur or home use.

With many brands of Mini DV players flooding the market, there is always one out there suited to your needs. With a little patient research, you will be able to locate the best Mini DV player in terms of features, size, recording / playback quality, and price.

How To Repair Your Garage Door

Overhead garage doors are of two types. They can roll up in sections, or they may swing up as one piece. Both of these two types operate on spring tension. Metal tracks present on the garage walls are the paths along which the door moves. The power is provided by hefty springs. Repairs of the door when it fails to move smoothly can be done quite easily.

First, check the metal tracks and the mounting brackets that fasten the tracks with the garage walls. If the screws at the brackets are loose, tighten them. Close the garage door and move inside the garage. Then examine the tracks for the presence of dents or creases. In case there exits a damaged spot, use a rubber mallet or a hammer and some scrap wood to strike those out. However, if the tracks are damaged at several places, you would do better to replace them altogether.

The second task would be to check whether the tracks are properly aligned. This can be ascertained with a level. Horizontal tracks are supposed to slightly slope back towards the inside of the garage. The vertical sections of the tracks of roll-up doors should be accurately perpendicular. The tracks should reach the same height on the garage wall. You may try to realign the tracks yourself by slackening the bolts or the screws that support the mounting bracket, but without removing them, and carefully beating the tracks back into their correct position. After the work is done, you should confirm if the tracks have been returned to the proper location, and after that tighten the screws or the bolts.

The tracks in roll-up garage door are somewhat more complex because these bend from vertical to horizontal. You must ensure that both the parts are aligned accurately.

The third step in routine maintenance of garage doors is to cleanse the tracks and remove hardened grease and accumulated dirt. This can be done using any household cleaner. The rollers must be cleaned scrupulously. After all the parts are cleaned, these should be wiped with a dry cloth so that these are not left damp.

Garage door lubricants are available in spray forms that can be applied on the tracks and the rollers as well to lubricate these parts. Otherwise, lubrication of the track can be done using graphite powder, and the rollers can be greased using silicone sprays, or even household oil. Pulleys, if present, need to be lubricated using the same material that is to be used for the rollers.

All loose hardware must be tightened. Proper maintenance of garage doors is imperative to prevent undue wear and tear and for ensuring longer lifespan of the garage door.

Why You Should Come Up With a 30-Second "Elevator Pitch"

What in the world is a 30-second elevator pitch you might ask, and why is it important?

Imagine this, you win a competition and first prize is a 30-second advertising slot in prime time on a national television station. You're a small business owner and this is an awesome opportunity for you to get your company's name recognized. Think about it, what are you going to say? Millions of people have no idea who you are or what your company does.

Here's another scenario. Your small business is participating in a trade show. The press is there and a reporter sticks a microphone up to your face. Are you prepared? If not the reporter will be very nice to you but back at the station the editor will cut you out completely! That'll teach you for standing there all tongue-tied with a red face!

See what I'm getting at here? You should be able to come up with an instant pitch that not only describes what you're company does, but entices people to find out about your business using words that will stick in their minds and pique their interest.

I'm not saying this will be easy. People in the advertising business are paid enormous amounts of money to write scripts for this purpose and come up with catchphrases, logos and jings designed to build brand awareness. As a small business owner you will not have the kind of budget that the big boys have, so I'm afraid you're going to have to go it alone.

Do not come up with any excuses like "I look goofy" or "30 seconds is too long!" The answer to that last excuse is okay make it 20 seconds, but you're only making it more difficult for yourself.

It's going to take some scripting and rehearsing, but if you can not come up with a succinct message that grabs someone's attention in 30 seconds, what's going to happen when you have to stand up in front of a couple of hundred people at a convention and give a 30 minute presentation? Just think of this as good practice.

Okay so you look goofy, play it up! Look at some of the characters on television ads, most of them do not look in the least bit normal. That's why they're there!

If you do not know what to say then you really need to sit down and start figuring out what the most important aspects of your business are that you want to convey.

The words "speech" and "pitch" are somewhat misleading. The first may remind you of some horrible situation in college and the second word has pushy or salesy connotations. Forget them both, they are just words and an elevator speech is just that too – a collection of descriptive words. The difference being to be more friendly and engaging you need to elicit some response from your audience, instantly turning your page into a two-way conversation .

What you might start with is a writing technique called AIDA

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

It works wonders for copywriters and there's no reason why it should not work when writing your 30-second script.

Gain peoples' attention by smiling, telling them who you are and what your company does. Tell them about the benefits of using your company's products / goods / services / opportunity. You can then ask a quick question that creates a desire; such as "would not you like to earn some extra income every month?" This draws the other person into conversation and gets away from the whole speech / pitch problem.

The action in this example will be to hand over a business card, get the person's name and shake hands if you have not already done so. Make a mental note of his / her name or better still record it into your mobile device reminding you of when and where you met.

Okay so you're not going to have an ad half way through the Super Bowl, but if you really want to recruit people into your downline you do not want to miss any opportunity – whether it's in an elevator, sharing a taxi or at a cocktail party.

Once you've rehearsed and tried it out a few times you'll probably find yourself polishing it up and adding some fine touches until its perfect, and after a while it will simply come naturally.

The Best Appliances for Your Dream Kitchen

It is indeed amazing to think how people in olden days managed to cook without proper kitchen appliances. Using firewood and breakable cookware, they must have spent most of their time near the hot burning fire. The invention of durable cooking utensils and easy-to-use kitchen appliances has revamped the whole scenario. Now, it is absolutely impossible for anyone to do without kitchen aid appliances.

In a fast-paced lifestyle, kitchen appliances such as bread makers, deep fryers, electric fry pans, electric grills, roasters, and sandwich makers are must-haves for a kitchen. Stuff fillings between bread slices, place it in a toaster, your breakfast is ready. On the other hand, you can also make a glass of fruit juice in minutes using a fruit juice extractor. Don’t you think these kitchen aid appliances will help you cook faster?

You may want to have a cup of hot tea in the morning or a glass of iced tea on a hot afternoon. You can make both hot and iced tea with an efficient tea maker. Choose from a range of tea kettles and electric tea makers that are available in the market. Steam rice cookers, warming trays, waffle makers, microwave, and toaster ovens are some more kitchen appliances that you buy for easier cooking.

Once your cooking is done, you would want to serve and display those delicious items on your dining table. For this purpose, functional, attractive, and durable tableware and serve ware come in handy. Salt and pepper shakers, flatware, bowls, and plates are some of the essential cutlery you should have.

Find a huge collection of kitchen appliances at Home Improvement Superstore. This online store also sells amazing discount kitchen appliances perfect for your kitchen.

Know Your Plastic

This is the time to remind parents, so that not only ensure the nutritional value of food consumed by children, but also their food storage container. Plastics are one of the best inventions man has ever made. How does it not, this material is hermetic, soft, easy to carry, and durable. But besides helping people, plastic are not environmentally friendly and can be dangerous to health if not select the type of safe use.

Expert said, not all plastics are made, and in all circumstances for safe use. There is a plastic that is safe and the one that is danger. Because plastics are made from chemicals harmful to the body, it is necessary to check if the food container is registered by the official involved that is safe to health. The most dangerous is the black plastic which often used in the market. Plastics of this kind contain chemical substances that are easy to contaminate food in it.

What causes plastic objects as dangerous? Plastic are made of materials called monomer and plasticizer. Both materials are not good for the body. Direct contact between the plastic which is packed with food (especially food liquid or semi-wet) can cause the transfer of chemicals in food to earlier, which is called migration. One of the diseases caused by the accumulation of these substances earlier in the body is cancer.

There are several factors that can trigger the occurrence of migration, among others; Heat. The higher the temperature, the sooner the migration and more and more (ex, hot meatball stored in plastic). Oil. Oil materials can easily dissolved plastic components.

Time. The longer it touches each other (plastic and food), the more components will be transferred. To ensure your children are protected from danger of chemical migration through plastic food container, note the logo that indicates that the plastic is safe to use when in contact with food. That is food safe logo or food grade, which is accompanied with a glass and fork symbol. Note, however, plastic origin, the source is reliable. Because not infrequently also found plastic products also have a false stamp like this.

These are the tips of selecting a safe plastic container:
* Think about the price. If the price is cheap and not reasonable, it should be suspected of bad materials.
* Smell it. If there is a certain aroma, for example, perfumes or artificial perfume smells rancid, it is certainly not perfect in the making process.
* When washed, usually bad plastic products will be much frothy and more difficult to clean. This occurs because the hollow plastic is not completely closed during the making process.
* Be aware when reading the product sign which is safe for food.

Neurobiology and Genetics of ADHD

Despite continued controversy, powerful new evidence regarding the biological underpinnings of ADHD have recently emerged. Repeated studies have shown the fact that controlling for confounding variables, the coefficient of heritability for ADHD is .8, or higher than that for Schizophrenia (.7), Intelligence (.5), or Breast Cancer (.3). This information is very compelling evidence for a biological explanation of ADHD, as it basically states that the chance of an identical twin having ADHD, if the other twin meets the diagnostic criteria, is 8 out of 10 times. These studies have been done in Australia, the United Kingdom and Sweden, as well as in various sites throughout the United States.

Dr. Joseph Biederman, one of the leading researchers in the world on ADHD indicates in a recent paper (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Lancet 2005; 366: 237-248) that candidate genes for ADHD have also been located. Continued research supports the likeli¬hood that ADHD is a genetic disorder with a combination of different genes being responsible for the expression of ADHD. This includes evidence of dysfunction with respect to the cortical networks involving dopamine D4 and D5 receptors, which have been proven to be instrumental in the pathogenesis of ADHD.

Structural abnormalities and imaging studies have also consistently sup¬ported the fact that frontalstriatal regions of the brain are very much central to the dysfunction associated with ADHD. This evidence includes neuropsychological deficits involving problems with set shifting, inhibition, working memory, planning, and sustained attention. Imaging studies have showed a volume reduction in many different areas of the brain, but particularly in the frontal and cingulate regions of the cerebrum, which are central to many of the functions and skills associated with attention and executive abilities.

In addition, the specificity and functional effects of the dopaminergic and noradrenergic agents used to treat ADHD are well documented and robust. Recent developments have included longer acting versions of both stimulant and non-stimulant medications, and research is very clear that the therapeutic effects of these medications are strong and unequivocal.

It should be mentioned that Dr. Biederman, in the same article mentioned previously, reports that objections are often raised as to the abuse potential of various stimulant medications. However, research has shown that medicating with stimulants has a protective or prophylactic effect on the development of substance abuse. This is contrary to anecdotal evidence that focuses exclusively on the few individuals who may abuse these substances, rather than scientifically analyzing the relevant data.

Reap the Benefits of the CNC Machining Zone

If you are new to the world of CNC machines or want to get information on the latest happenings in the CNC industry then you definitely need to be a part of the CNC machining zone. You can use various methods to seek out like-minded people that have advice to offer or need advice and can stay connected to the world of CNC machines.

Different methods to stay in touch

You can subscribe to newsletters if you are a member of any association related to the CNC industry. This will help you to get the latest news in your industry. With the advent of the Internet it is also possible to search for various websites that offer a forum for like-minded people to come together to exchange their views on each aspect of the CNC industry, be it on CNC lathes, CNC routers, CNC engravers, CNC cutters or even on accessories such as spindles, chucks, etc. Training methods, programming, upgrading and expert advice on niggling problems can also be discussed on a real-time basis.

Various modes of extracting information in the CNC machining zone

In addition to participating in blogs and receiving online newsletters over the Internet, you can also watch videos of various CNC machines and their functions, such as the 4 or 5 axis CNC lathes, CNC pipe bending machines, etc. You can also download e-books from various websites that offer invaluable advice and tips on various types of CNC machines in great detail. Many online zones also offer vital links to other sites that could help in the procurement or maintenance of CNC machines.

Participate in online forums

One of the best methods of gaining knowledge about your industry is to participate in online forums. You can post your queries or narrate specific problems related to your CNC machine and get responses from various quarters. This could help you to view various solutions and choose the one that suits your specific situation. As time goes by, you can also offer advice to fellow members and also enhance your name in the CNC industry as an expert.

Use the CNC machining zone to procure machines, material and manpower

You can save a lot on manufacturing and recurring costs by using the CNC machining zone to procure the right types of CNC machines and raw materials to make your production much more cost-efficient. You can also look for talented workers in this zone that can help run your machine at peak efficiency. You can now locate molds, cast-iron, stainless steel or aluminum blocks, support blocks, controllers, motors, etc without any difficulty. You can also outsource certain aspects of your work if you do not have the required resources, thus helping you to complete your orders without indulging in heavy investments or failing to complete your work on time.

You are certain to benefit by entering the CNC machining zone since other members of your industry could willingly help you out of your cutting, milling or grinding problems. You will also be able to locate new suppliers, clients and meet new people that can help your business to attain a cutting edge in these tough and competitive times.

Christmas Safety – Make Sure Your Holidays Are Hazard-Free

When someone says Christmas, the vast majority of people envision joy, family time, presents, snow or other pleasant things. But during this period we're also surrounded by a lot of decoration, lights and electronic devices that might cause unnecessary danger if we do not take a few simple precautions. To ensure a safe Christmas, read the following tips which will help to make your holidays pleasant and risk-free.

The Christmas tree

  • If you're buying a living tree, make sure it's fresh. You can test this by tapping the tree on the ground and see if green needles fall down.
  • Buy only artificial tree which are marked fire-resistant.
  • Keep the tree at least 3 meters away from all equipment and appliances producing heat.
  • If the tree is wobbly, take it from the stand and redo the screws and bolts. You should also secure it with wires to prevent it from tipping over.
  • Clean the tree stand before the holidays for improved water intake. Check water levels several times a day and refill if needed. Trees absorb a lot of water in heated rooms, and if there's not enough in the stand, they will dry out – and potentionally catch fire.
  • After the holidays are over, make sure you dispose the tree properly. Never, never try to burn the tree in the fireplace.


  • If you have kids, it's in your best interest to get larger ornaments where tiny parts can not fall off and swallow. Put smaller ornaments out of reach. Try to keep an eye on the kids when they're playing around the tree.

Christmas lights

  • Reccheck your light strings every year and discard the ones that do not work anymore.
  • It's a good idea to turn off the christmas lights while you're asleep and especially if you leave your home. You may use an automatic timer or even a motion detector that turns the electricity for the lights on and off.
  • In the outdoor areas, use only lights that were designed for exterior use.
  • Make sure the bulbs are fastened securely and that the socket is pointing down to avoid moisture build up. Unplug any lights before changing the bulbs.
  • Never use light strings on metal fake trees.
  • Wrap plastic bags around light strand connections and tie their ends with Teflon tape.

Electrical connectors

  • Keep outdoor electrical connectors above ground, especially out of puddles and snow.
  • Never use extension cords intended for interiors outside.
  • At Christmas, there are lots of extra electronic devices used. Avoid overloading wall outlets.

General safety

  • Recheck and put new batteries in your smoke detectors or install new ones.
  • Make sure that there's a working fire extenguisher in an easily accessible place.

How to Attract Women in Chat Rooms

The Internet gives access to chatting rooms where one can find people of one’s own age and make new friends. This is a very interesting concept and has most of the youth of this generation hooked on to it. This is a real new and innovative way of making friends, with no strings attached, and it’s a lot of fun too.

How to attract women in chat rooms? First of all, if you are looking for a standard set of rules that will work with all women, forget it. If anyone claims to have such a magic formula, he must either be extremely ignorant or fraudulent. Each woman is different and what attracts one woman might even annoy another.

Is there no way, then, by which you can equip yourself, and improve your chances of attracting women online? There certainly is, but the point is that one can only give general guidelines about how a majority of people react. You still have to use your common sense and your faculties to fine-tune your approach as you go along.

Now let’s look at what generally attracts women to men – online or not. There are certain major differences between a man and a woman particularly when it comes to being attracted to the opposite sex. A woman is less influenced by physical appearance and more attracted by personality traits. A woman is also slower in building a relationship but prefers to sustain it over a long term. In other words, a woman looks for signals of traits that she values, takes time to allow the relationship to mature and looks for a lasting relationship.

The concept of online chat rooms has basically opened up an arena where one gets to meet new people and get to know them with no strings attached. The whole point is to have some fun and make new friends. There is nothing serious in this entire scheme of things. But then girls can’t totally shed their natural inhibitions and they do expect some seriousness in the opposite person.

In an online chatting situation, the first point to remember is that the other person doesn’t get to see you. The opening lines should show you as a fairly serious guy open to a bit of fun. Since you really do not know the person at the other end, you must be careful to use a false name, to start with. This throws up a number of possibilities as well as problems. On the brighter side, it gives you an opportunity to think of an attractive name that suggests just a touch of boisterousness without being frivolous. On the downside, this may portray you as not very dependable, when the truth is known. So you’ll have to work out ways to handle that.

Many studies have shown that women like a sense of humor. So, once you have broken the ice, see if you can show yourself up as a guy who can create a little laughter, but remember not to show yourself up as a flirtatious person, at least not to start with.

In the beginning, one should try not to use pick up lines and ask for one night stands from a female. There are possibilities that this might ruin your chances of attracting the female. It is always good to get the girl to a better comfort level with you before becoming closer and maybe more explicit. You should also have the necessary confidence, and exhibit it through your words to woo the female. It is the confidence that is perceived through your words and manners, while talking to a female that attracts her to carry on chatting with you. Remember, during online chats nobody is seriously wanting to have a relation; so make sure that you don’t make cliché love statements at the very start of the chat, this usually turns off the female instead of attracting her.

In the final analysis, it’s one’s own style and manners that stand out and attract a female. Although nobody can give you standard rules to follow, there are a number of tips that we can give.

To sum up, a woman looks more at the personality traits of a man, takes time to build a relationship and looks forward to a more lasting relationship. In the virtual world of chat rooms, you have to portray yourself as the guy who meets these requirements through your words and approach. You start by selecting an appropriate online name, show just a touch of humor and a hint of naughtiness, proceed slowly without becoming overt and explicit too fast, and maintain a posture that reveals you as a responsible but fun loving individual. Above all, be sensitive to the signals that you yourself receive and be prepared to make mid-course corrections. Best of luck and happy wooing.

Squirrels in the Attic

It seems just about all households, sooner or later, have squirrels in the attic problems. These intrusions are usually through holes in fascia boards or other imperfections and "leaks" that allow these critters access. Once inside, their nests and families are soon to follow. Gestation periods vary from 40 to 45 days, so they can and do multiply very quickly. Unfortunately, they are very good at hiding their nest in remote nooks and crannies, under insulation, and so forth. So, these nest can be very difficult to locate.

Invariably, when we realize squirrels have set up house in our house, the question arises of what can, or should, we do to fix this problem? Should we try to resolve this dilemma ourselves or should we hire a professional to do it for us? Either way, there are pros and cons. If you decide to hire someone, here's a word of advice: get references, check with the BBB and check them out any / every way you can. There are many inexperienced amateurs out there, passing themselves off as "experts."

If you decide to tackle the problem yourself, high quality humane squirrel traps are available online at affordable prices. And, once you are sure you have removed all the squirrels, make certain all attic accesses have been sealed up. At this point, you have choices.

First, you can keep the trap and become the neighborhood go-to "varmints-in-the-attic" person. Second, you can not become the famous trapper and just keep the trap in case it ever happens again. Third choice is a simple matter of reselling your trap on eBay. Finding reasonably priced humane squirrel traps online is fairly simple.

There are two do-it-yourself ways to rid your attic of squirrels. First, by using a humane live trap or squirrel trap, and second, by using a similar device called an excluder. Excluders are also non-lethal live traps that create an exit only one-way door that excludes the squirrel from re-entering your home. Again, because almost without exception, squirrels start families as soon as they find refugee inside, when you trap adult females in your excluder check them for enlarged breasts. If she is nursing young, you should release her immediately and allow her access back to her babies. So, your patience will be tested in full nests situations, and you will be able to tell how fast the babies are growing by the increase in noise level above your ceiling. When you can tell they are grown enough to exit your attic, then set up your excluder again and start "excluding" them one or two at a time. Squirrels average about four babies per litter and usually have a winter and a summer litter each year.

After trapping inside your attic, or outside with a properly positioned excluder that completely covers the access hole, the question usually arises, "what do we do with the captured squirrels?" Many municipalities have rules, or laws, against releasing them in parks. But, in most cities these ordinances are usually not enforced. So, while the author is not encouraging violation of the law, it is not difficult to find these critters new neighborhoods to live in, even if it has to be outside the city limits.

Repairing the entry / exit holes after you are sure the intruders are out for good, is usually not too difficult. Solutions as simple as nailing a small piece to sheet metal over the hole (s) and then painting the metal to match the trim, work very well. If you do not have a handy family member or neighbor who can do the job for you, a carpenter should not charge you too much to do the seal-up job. For more information, click This will take you to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Changing Out Your Furnace Blower Motor

If the blower in your furnace is not working anymore, the furnace blower motor could be busted. You can pretty easily replace the blower motor by yourself, it isn’t too hard. You do need to follow directions and have a lot of patience though. It’s not too hard, but it ain’t easy! Make sure that power is getting to the blower. If this is so, and the blower still doesn’t turn, then try to push it a bit manually, perhaps something is simply stuck in there. If it spins with no problems, then you will most likely have a bum motor.

First, you will need to remove the old motor. To do this, first turn the power off to your furnace. Next you will need to open the cover to the furnace. Disconnect any wires going to the motor from the furnace. Take note of where the wires are connected to-you will need this later when you reconnect it!

Now, take a look inside and try to find the screws which are holding the blower onto the furnace. You may need to look all around for these as they can be in quite awkward positions. Most likely though, they are inside the uppermost flange of the blower’s bracket. Towards the front of the blower. You may have to remove some other pieces prior to getting in far enough to unscrew the motor.

After removing all of the screws, slide out the blower assembly. Usually these are on a sliding track and should come out easily, if you need to force it, you have probably missed a screw. Take note of how they come out on the track because putting them back in is much more difficult.

Mark on the new assembly where the wires will be attached. Remove the screws which are holding on the bracket to the motor. Then, loosen the screw in the blower wheel hub. Put this whole thing over something which lets the motor hang free. If you lightly tap the shaft with a small hammer, the motor should drop out of the wheel. You may need to spray it with lubricant or turn it with pliers to get it to come out if it seems stuck.

After you have removed the old motor, you are ready to replace it with a new one. Mount the new one onto the blower and tighten the screws. Now install this new one in the same spot as the old one!

Easy Soundbar Installation and Buying Tips

As we are all aware by now, the audio fidelity of the TV’s built-in speakers is simply not the best. Many users have opted for a multi-channel home theatre setup while many have opted for multifunctional soundbars. Soundbars have become popular in recent years, thanks to their compact profiles and cost-effectiveness.

As TVs have become bigger and slimmer, the built-in audio solutions haven’t evolved significantly. This is where soundbars find a space in your home cinema setup. Soundbars are sleek, compact and often mounted right below the TV or on the wall. There is a slight catch though, not all soundbars are same. In most cases, you get what you pay for.

Here are key factors to remember while choosing, buying and installing soundbars in your entertainment center. Here, we share buying and installation tips to help you get the most out of your soundbar installation.

Easy Soundbar buying tips:

Sound quality

It is the most important factor that you should consider while buying a soundbar. A good soundbar provides a well-balanced sound that is pleasing to your ears. Audio should be rich, clear and detailed. Most soundbars also have subwoofers to enhance bass reproduction. Aim to choose a speaker with exceptional mid-frequency response to better understand dialogues and lyrics.

Connectivity options

It’s very important to consider how the soundbar will connect to your TV. The most common method is to use an optical cable and most modern TVs support this. However, ensure to check before selecting your soundbar. Many soundbars have HDMI inputs for both audio and video signals (pass through). Most soundbars also feature a 3.5mm minijack or dedicated RCA inputs. These allow connectivity to playback devices such as CD players, iPods, MP3 players, phones and tablets. However, if you’d prefer the convenience of wirelessly streaming, look for a soundbar with built-in Bluetooth or WiFi.

Know your exact requirement

Your soundbar has to fit with your television. Determine the soundbar size your room can accommodate. Remember that certain soundbars are also better in certain spaces. For e.g. if you have an open room, a surround sound system may not work properly. A stereo soundbar should work for you.

Consider the size

Soundbars are available in all shapes and sizes. Opt for a soundbar that suits the size of your room. The bigger model doesn’t always mean better. If you are looking to upgrade your TV speakers in a small bedroom, you can also consider a soundbase i.e. speaker base cum soundbar. Soundbases do the same job as the soundbars. Also, they often have built-in subwoofers, saving you space, and offering a good performance.

Stereo versus. surround sound

Stereo soundbars focus on providing high-quality sound that comes directly from the soundbar. Surround soundbars use special time-delay speakers that bounce off your walls to simulate a multi-speaker surround sound experience without all the wires. Needless to say, surround soundbars are more expensive and may also have added speaker units to be installed. It would be worth knowing that it is better to go for multi-channel home theatre system for an immersive surround sound.

Consider price-to-performance

The most expensive soundbar doesn’t necessarily mean the best one for your requirement. Buy a soundbar that provides great audio and is simple to use and setup. Finally, choose one that sounds right to you.

Soundbar placement tips

  • Center-align the soundbar right under the TV for a balanced sound experience. This ensures that the picture and sound play from the same spatial point source, just the way the cinema engineer intended.
  • Place the soundbar so that the speakers are in line with your ears. This allows you hear more detail, especially at high frequencies. Ensure to be balanced with the preferred height of your TV.
  • To experience the maximum surround sound effect, allow 3 to 8 meters distance between the soundbar and the listening area.
  • Leave at least 1 meter of space between the soundbar and both side walls so that the sound reflects and disperses in a balanced, symmetrical way.
  • Obviously, make sure the soundbar doesn’t block the TV screen. The TV can be elevated higher or wall mounted.
  • The ideal place for the TV and soundbar is on the wall. If the TV is wall mounted, the soundbar should too, if the space permits.
  • When wall mounted, leave 10 to 15 cms gap between the soundbar and TV. This allows easy access to the controls and connectivity options when required.
  • Good sound also depends on your home environment. A room with curtains and carpet helps to dampen the noise reflections for more authentic sound. Speakers and subwoofers out in the open also produce better sound – so avoid placing soundbars in an enclosed shelf and cupboard space.
  • The subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room. Preferably at least 1 meter away from the main unit. Leave about 10 cms gap between the subwoofer and the wall to let sound carry with the airflow.

Soundbars are clearly here for the long run. They are the sleek and sexy new evolution of the home theatre speaker. These small speaker units can do more than just enhance your television’s speakers. Look for the right soundbar from a reputable brand that can completely change your home audio experience.

Interior Design – Light Sets the Mood

So you want to redecorate, you want to create a home with a personal touch, one that can always say "welcome", ease your worries, render you happy, chill you or calm you down.

You can do it: with the right light.

Stop skimming through fancy magazines. If you do not have the money and the skills to replicate those wonders, you'll end up with an interior that lacks your personal touch. Instead, use your imagination. Design the interior of your home according to your special desires.

Let's say you like blue, but you already have some new white furniture and it makes no sense to replace it. Or maybe you just want to avoid the hassle of selling it (and get way below its value) and buying new. Whatever your reasons, you can still get the "blue" mood your desire through light: controllable light.

We are not talking dimmers. We are talking full color control options. We are talking LED lights and mood lights.

LEDs are no longer the kitschy, flashy annoying lights that were used a few years ago to catch our attention towards a new product. LEDs are no longer used solely for traffic lighting and automotive lighting. LEDs are now used in light therapy, mood lighting, accent lighting, landscape lighting, building illumination and so on. Because LEDs are economic, environmentally friendly (they do not pollute: there are no UV emissions, no IR emissions – unless built so – no noise emissions) energy saving and provide for flexibility of design, but, above all, LEDs are controllable! RGB (red, green, blue) LEDs, based on what engineers call "the three chip technology" are able to display over 16 million colors – more than human eyes can see. LEDs are wonderful and their light. beyond description!

The best part is that you can choose from thousands of LED products the one you can afford and still have exclusive, somehow unique illumination to astonish your guests and to create the right mood in your home.

For example, look for controllable LED cubes – not those you can use as ice cubes for your cocktails (yeah, that's possible too!), But those you can use to replace your coffee table. For example, NeoNeon offers LED mood light cubes you can use as chandeliers, while My-tronic offers LED cubes in different sizes, for some uses. While Traxon is the "real deal" when it comes to mood lights, they are still a little too expensive. Many other companies offer similar products for affordable prices. You just need to browse the web and order what best fits your design expectations: LED tubes, LED stripes, LED spot lights, LED wall panels or, why not. LED rods (Think Christmas! – Think safe lighting!). Just remember to search for "controllable" LED light sources.

Why? Because you want to CONTROL light, to set the light color you want: blue to relax, red to create a romantic, appealing atmosphere, green to bathe a room in the color of hope, purple, violet or pink. You want to be able to dim the light or make it brighter. You can even create the rainbow with a controllable LED light source, or any other light effect! You want a light source for the years to come, one that can look different every day.

Kitchen Appliances 101

Small kitchen appliances are ubiquitous in just about any home. From toasters to rice cookers to blenders, any home cook is sure to have a bevy of kitchen appliances in their kitchen. With so many different types available, it's important to buy the right kitchen appliance to meet your cooking needs, and finding the right combination is the key to equipping your kitchen with the best choices for your hard-earned money. After all, buying small kitchen appliances can be confusing and time consuming activity!

There are so many new kitchen appliances available today and lots of colors and brands to choose from. So where do you start? One way to go about it is to pick a brand name that you've had good luck with in the past, and then look for small kitchen appliances that carry the same brand name.

Popular brands you'll most likely find are Cuisinart, Proctor Silex and Hamilton Beach, with smaller brands like Deni and Kalorik being found in boutique stores and online retailers. Here's an overview of some popular kitchen appliance types available:


Blenders can be used to make smooth and delicious blended drinks such as smoothies or margaritas and can also be used to make salsa or soups in place of a food processor. The most common blenders have glass jars, but you'll also see hand blenders, immersion blenders and even single serve blenders available in stores.

Slow Cookers

Also known as the "crock pot," a slow cooker can be one of the best time savers in your kitchen. Consisting of a glazed ceramic container with a metal shell and a heating element inside, slow cookers cook food on low heat but are designed for you to "set it and forget it." Fill up your slow cooker before you go to work, set it on low and come home to delicious, one-pot meals with the touch of a button!

Toaster Ovens

Over the years toaster ovens have found a permanent place in the kitchen because of their versatility and efficiency. Whether you need one to quickly toast slices of bread or bake a small batch of cookies, this versatile appliance can do it well. Moreover, they take less time to prepare meals and consume less energy than using a conventional oven.

Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a faster and safer way to fry foods. Instead of working with hot oil and a smoking pan, you simply pour oil into the deep fryer, set the heat and place your food into a basket. In minutes, you can have delicious French fries, fried chicken or donuts with professional results!

Ice Cream Makers

While many people may think that an ice cream maker is just another one of those kitchen appliances that will simply collect dust on their counters, this appliance offers a world of possibilities for the ice cream lover. In addition to being able to make ice cream with superior ingredients, ice cream makers also allow you to create low-fat or low-sugar alternatives.