Interesting Tidbits of Information Relating to Car Title Loans

When people think of car title loans, much like payday loans, there tend to be certain demographic stereotypes which come to mind. Most people would assimilate a title loan with large metropolitan areas focusing in on the low income areas.

In 2005, there was a study done in Cook County Illinois to gather as much possible information on car title loans based on public information. Chicago is located in Cook County and naming the city gives a reader a better idea on the demographic region represented in the study. There were no more recent findings posted, but knowing how today's society has people living paycheck to paycheck and carrying much larger debt figured, one can only imagine the increase in numbers for the following tidbits of information.

* There were 260 storefronts located in Illinois. These stores were run by 63 different title loan companies. Chicago is a major metropolitan area with extensive public transportation opportunities. The bus and train systems set up in cities like Chicago have been helping residents meander through the city and surrounding communities. It is interesting how that even within this metropolitan area, so many title loan companies not only exist, but thrive.

* The median (average) loan for this area in 2005 was $ 1500. The median finance charge was $ 1536 with an average APR of 256%. It is not surprising to me that people were paying more in finance charges than they were loaned. If paid off on the original due date, typical loans would charge 25% interest and the full payment would be $ 1875 rather than $ 3036. Adding a title loan will prove to be quite cost in 2013 as well.

* The high cost of these loans was due to people only paying fees each month and not paying down the actual principle. In 2005, 21% of loans were taken out to payoff past loans. This "cycle of debt" continues to thrive within problematic finances and short-term loans are often used in order to payoff previous ones. Whether taking out a payday loan or car title loan, a borrower will want to have a plan to pay off the debt in a reasonable amount of time to keep the final cost of the loan from skyrocketing.

* Sadly, in 2005, 18% of car title loans asserted in the vehicle being taken as collateral for a defaulted loan. Living in Cook County, residents at least had a supportive public transport system to help support the loss of a vehicle. Those living in smaller areas will end up spending more for taxis or lose jobs and educational opportunities due to lack of transportation.

* If a person was brought to court due to the defaulted loan, the median cost of damages owed was well over 3 times the initial loan amount. Between principal balance, fees, interest and court costs, a short-term loan turned out to be quite damaging.

* Most borrowers often failed to report to court in 2005 which automatically replied in a default judgment against them. Show up to your court date no matter what in order to have even a small chance of any leniency in your case.

I share these facts of 2005 as just a reminder that car title loans have remained quite similar to years of past. Fees, interest and cycles of debt continue to occur. What has now changed is the opportunity for more business to open new store locations as well as offer online title loans as well. As with any type of third party money, you will want to have a payoff plan to prevent falling into any kind of long-term debt.

Risk Mitigation Solutions

Due diligence provides corporate clients higher level of transparency by identifying potential business partners integrity and business standards. When a prospective business partner joins your business there is a conditional deal with certain events.

There have been many fraud cases filed by elite corporate companies on their business partners. These fraud cases are due to the bad practices of their business associates. Every year corporate companies lose billions of dollars filing law suit against their business counterparts.

There are various issues that trouble corporate clients like finding effective risk management solutions. When big companies conduct reconstruction of civil infrastructure in other parts of the world as per the contract agreement, the most important issue that arises is the issue of security. Many of these contracts are won in the countries where there is law and order problem. Thus many corporates perform the due diligence process by outsourcing it to a company that can provide competent risk management solutions.

Majority of fraud cases occurs during the process of buying a business, as it involves continging agreement with many dependencies. The due diligence process is performed by the company which is buying the business on their business counterparts and their selling business.

Many companies perform due diligence on following issues:

o Checking in the financial records of the company. The records include recent balance sheet and income statements.

o Examining business income tax returns, also validating the stated business financial returns.

o Assessing the assets of the business sale property including equipments age, serial number and market value. Also acquiring and analyzing the equipment lists which are to be leased.

o Reviewing the business premises, checking in basic security issues and analyzing lease contract papers thoroughly.

o Acquiring detailed information on employees working in the company, check in their details like job profile, tenure, bonuses including contract labor. It is better to outsource this job of reviewing to a lawyer or a risk management company which can perform due diligence as per the federal law.

o Acquiring a copy of contract with your potential business counter part.

o Reviewing the operating procedures including licenses required for smooth operation.

o It is important to verify and reassure by checking in lawsuits filed by the company and against it.

Dealing with all these issues alone can be very time consuming and expensive. It is better if you hire a company that offers competent risk management solutions.

Portable Cooling Guide – Maintaining Your Portable Air Conditioner

When you need supplemental cooling or you cannot install traditional air conditioners because of impracticality or cost, a portable air conditioner is a great solution. Portable air conditioners can be moved from room to room. They do not require permanent installation. All you need to do to make sure the portable air conditioner works properly is vent it through a window or wall.

The maintenance on portable air conditioners is almost as easy as the set up and operation. Of course, to operate a portable air conditioner the initial venting must be done. This means venting the exhaust hose with a venting kit. This usually comes included with the portable air conditioner when it is purchased and can be slid into a window. If venting through a window is not possible, then venting through a wall or drop ceiling is also acceptable. This helps the portable air conditioner with the cooling process.

Water drainage is also an important component of portable air conditioner maintenance. Portable air conditioners cool and remove water from the air. They use some of the water to cool the unit. This makes the entire process of cooling more efficient. Portable air conditioners deal with excess water in various ways. Some of them collect the water into buckets that need to be emptied regularly. The amount of water in the bucket depends on the climate conditioner and the amount of time the portable air conditioner is in operation. Some units use a self-evaporating technology so that most of the excess water is expended with the hot air discharge. Most air conditioners can support a drain hose so that water can be drained continuously. There are also condensate pumps that move the drained water through a hose that is directed outside or to a drain pump located inside.

Another important factor to consider when performing maintenance on your air conditioner is cleaning and/or replacing air filters. There are washable filters that remove particulates from the air. Some portable air conditioners even have built-in air purifiers that include ionizers for particles and carbon filters for odors and gas control. To maintain an allergy-free, healthy, breathable environment and a properly functioning unit, filters need to be cleaned and changed regularly. Depending on use, you will need to change or clean the filters on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. For washable filters simply slide the filter out, immerse it in warm water with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly before putting it back into the unit. Carbon filters will need to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s directions (usually every few months or so.

The housing of your portable air conditioner needs to be cleaned as well. If the air conditioner is clean, the air volume increases. To clean the housing of your unit, wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth after you have turned the unit off. You should never use abrasive chemicals or detergents because this can result in scratches and damage to the portable air conditioner housing. It is also important to keep the unit out of direct sunlight because this can change the surface color of the unit’s body.

As for off season storage, you need to properly store your portable air conditioner when it is not needed to make sure it works with maximum cooling efficiency when it is needed again. To store properly, you’ll need to turn off and unplug the portable air conditioner. Next, you should drain all of the condensate water from the water container. Then, to dry the interior of the unit, turn it on fan mode for several minutes. You should then clean the filters, wrap the cord around the cord hooks and pack the unit in its original carton if possible. Make sure you store it in a dry location. Some portable air conditioners have built-in heaters and can be used year-round. You should still maintain these like any other units. Maintaining your portable air conditioners keeps your house allergy free and your unit working properly. Start caring about your portable air conditioner today!

Potatoes in Noodles With Chili Vegetables

Ingredients: –

– 250g of thick fresh rice noodles
– 2 teaspoons of ground turmeric
– 400g of baby potatoes; cut the potatoes into half
– 2 eggs
– 1 tablespoon of water (one small cup)
– 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil
– 40g of ghee
– 300g of onions; sliced ​​into equal small pieces
– 250g of tomatoes; sliced ​​into equal small pieces
– 150g of bean sprouts
– 1 cup of shredded Chinese cage
– 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
– 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce (or tomato paste)

Ingredients for Chili Paste: –

– 2 teaspoons of oelek paste
– 2 teaspoons of dried prawn paste
– 4 cloves of garlic cut into half
– 4 Shallots cut into half

Method of preparation: –

– Toss the potatoes with turmeric powder in a pan. Add water to cover. Bring this mixture to boil; simmer

and uncovered until the potatoes are tender, then drain water away.
– Beat the eggs and water together in a bowl. Heat oil in a wok and cook the mixture without stirring.

remove the omelet from the wok, roll tightly and slice thinly.
– Heat ghee in a new pan or wok, toss chili paste until fragrant. Add comments, tomatoes, sprouts, Chinese

cabbage and sauces, then toss until the cabbages is just wilted.
– Add potatoes, noodles and half the sliced ​​omelet to the mixture. Toss over heat until heated through. Top

with remaining omelet.

Methods of preparing chili paste: –

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and blend until finely mixed.

Learn to Use Excel and Boost Your Career

If you want to learn to use excel, you will want to read the information in this article. Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for creating spreadsheets and basic database files, and learning to use it properly can have many benefits for your career. This article explores the basics of how to learn to use excel as well as the benefits you will enjoy once you do. When you have finished reading the information below, you will understand how Excel can boost your career, and know where to go to get more information quickly.

What Is Microsoft Excel?

Excel is a spreadsheet application, which means it creates documents arranged in a row and column pattern, composed of individual points on the grid known as cells. Each cell can contain a piece of information, whether that be a number, some text, or a formula. Cells work together, and their grid arrangement makes it very easy to put together basic accounting and finance models such as budgets. The row and column format of a spreadsheet is also very useful in creating "flat files" or simple database tables that contain multiple fields across the top and up to 65,000 different pieces of data in the rows.

What Benefits Can I Expect if I Learn to Use Excel?

Excel can be used for a variety of different tasks in the workplace. Obviously if you work in the accounting or finance departments of your company, then you probably already know how you will be using Excel. However, because of the easy interface and advanced sorting and filtering capabilities, you may find that there are a lot of ways to get more productivity out of Excel that do not involve just numerical analysis. As you learn the shortcuts and techniques for using Excel most effectively, your productivity will increase dramatically and your boss will be impressed. Having the skills to use Excel will also open up new career options for you, often giving you new job possibilities and the potential for a higher salary.

How Can I Learn to Use Excel Quickly?

There are several options for learning Excel. The cheapest but most difficult is to teach yourself out of a book. There are many books available for less than $ 100 that offer a comprehensive look at all of the features included in Microsoft Excel, although many people find it hard to learn a hands-on application by just reading about it. Instead, many people opt for the (much more expensive) option of taking a classroom based course. These classes will walk you through using the software and all its features, but will require you to take time off from work and adhere to their schedule. The best way to learn to use Excel is by purchasing a computer based training course on CD. This way, you own the software and can go through the lessons as many times as you like, at your own pace.

As you can see, there are many benefits to learning to use Microsoft Excel. Whether you need advanced training for your career, or just want to expand your options, you will find that learning this powerful business software will set you apart from your coworkers and make you more valuable in the job market.

Top Tips for Rug Cleaning

Rugs are beautiful pieces of art that makes our rooms look luxurious and beautiful. In order to buy a new rug we have to give lumps of money. So cleaning is the best method to save money as well as to be healthy and hygienic. Pet stains and dirt are the common irritants found on your rug.

To ensure the durability of your rug, you must first know of what material is your asset really made of and what sort of colors are used on it. This can be found out easily from the retailer from who you had bought your rug. Otherwise there is a chance of color fastening or damages the material if you wash it with cleansers that are not mild. For example, rugs like Silk rugs and Persian rugs can only be washed with mild cleansers or shampoos that contains no or very less amounts of chemicals in it. Before washing your carpet, you can just vacuum your rug so that all the soil and dust particles that accumulate on the surface can be removed.

After vacuuming, you can start washing your rug with a mild shampoo or cleanser. If you are using a brush for cleaning your rug, then handle it with extreme care as the wet rug can be damaged very fast. You should remove all the residue from the rug so that when we place it to rinse, it can attract grime and dirt. Then you can just dry your rug either using a dryer or just keeping it in sun.

How to Search for Apartments for Rent in Your Area

Moving can be quite the hassle with packing up boxes, throwing things away, renting a truck, and not to mention potentially injuring your back when you try to move a heavy piece of furniture. But there comes a time in everyone's life where they just need to move on, literally.

Maybe you need a change of location for a fresh start? Or depending you have decided that it was finally time to move out of your parent's home. In any case, before you even begin searching for apartments for rent in your area, you need to take a look at your current financial situation in order to determine if moving out is plausible for you. Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself:

Can I Afford It?

If you have a stable job and income, then you should be able to estimate how much income you will have left after paying the rent. Keep in mind that rent should be your number one priority when it comes to paying your expenses on time. It should make up less than 30% of your monthly income. Or you should aim to have an income that is three times the amount of your rent.

Can I Afford the Fees That Are Due Upfront?

No, you're not allowed to move in for free. In fact, it might be best to start building up your savings account months in advance before you even decide to move. Although it may vary from state to state, apartments for rent, in general, require that you put down the first month's rent payment and security deposit even before you are allowed to move in. This, coupled with renting a truck and possibly hiring movers, can really put a dent in your wallet.

Do I Have the Required Documentation Required?

If you're a first-time apartment renter, then you should start saving your pay stubs two to three months in advance. This will assist managers in determining if you can afford the apartment or not. The required documentation will vary depending on what complex you're trying to get into, but in general you should be prepared to show proof that you have two banking accounts (checking and savings), employment information and dates, professional references, and a co -signer, if needed.

How Do I Find Apartments for Rent in My Area?

Glad you asked! After your financial situation is evaluated and you have determined that you can afford to move, the apartment hunt will begin. Most people opt to begin their search online if they have no clue where they want to move. Check out websites that have updated listings on apartments for rent, keeping your set budget in mind. However, if you have a set location in mind, then plan a day to drive out and observe the area on your own. Look out for signs on various complexes and take a moment to pause and read the atmosphere of the area. Doing this will help determine if you want to live in that particular neighborhood.

Learning Spanish Can Make A Difference To Your Bottom Line

From Bank of America to your local Corner Store, taping in to the growing Hispanic market is becoming more important every day to improve their Bottom Line. With the rapid growth of the Hispanic population, (Hispanics accounted for about half the growth in the US population since 2000), NOT knowing Spanish can actually be a liability to your business.

In the past, the only reason to learn Spanish was to get "Comida" and a "Cerveza" during a trip to Mexico or to show off while ordering food at a Mexican Restaurant, but that has changed drastically. In some cities in the US, the Hispanic population is so big, that you regularly see signs at stores that say "English Spoken".

The growth of the US Hispanic population, now numbers 40 million – 13.7 percent of the US population, according to the US Census. Demographers forecast that figure will at least triple by 2060. Jupiter Research predictions 8 million Hispanic households will be online by 2007, almost twice as many as in 2001. The group's buying power is expected to top $ 926 billion by 2007.

With numbers like that, even if you currently do not sell to the Hispanic Market, learning Spanish could make a big difference to your bottom line. Yankelovich Inc., a leading marketing research and consulting firm, states in its 2006 predictions that the Hispanic market is "a main driving force" and "catalyst for growth" in the American economy, and that it will receive greater attention from marketers this year and beyond.

A strategic advantage you can gain against other companies, who are targeting the Hispanic market, is to speak "Their" native Spanish, not regular "Castellano Spanish" taught traditionally. A majority of US Hispanics are from Central and South American descendants and speaking directly to them will dramatically improve your success rate.

All About Computer Networks

Over a period of time, computers have become an indispensable part of businesses. Installation of computers, their support and maintenance are services all organizations require. As businesses grow, the number of computers in the organization also increase. It becomes imperative to establish a systematic way to connect these computers so that they function in a hassle-free manner. Therefore, computers are interconnected in various ways. This is the concept of a computer network.

What is a computer network?

A computer network can be understood as a number of computers connected together to share resources. The most common resource shared is the internet. Other resources can be printers, file servers, etc. The computers in the network may be connected through an Ethernet cable or wirelessly through radio waves.

Now we will see how the individual computers in a network are connected:

Computers connected in a network are referred to as nodes.

Star Topology:

In this case, there is a central node from which connections are provided to individual computers. In this case, even if there is any problem with a particular cable, the other computers can continue to function undisturbed. On the flipside, this type of connection requires a lot of cabling.

Bus Topology:

In this case, all the computers are connected by a single cable. The information that is intended for the last computer needs to travel through all the nodes. The chief benefit is that it requires minimal cabling. However, if there is any fault in the cable, all the computers are affected.

Ring Topology:

In this topology, all the computers are connected through a single cable. The end nodes are also connected to each other. The signal circulates through the network to reach the intended recipient. In case, a network node is configured incorrectly or there is some other issue, the signal will make numerous attempts to find the intended recipient.

Collapsed Ring Topology:

In this case, the central node is a network device known as the hub, router or switch. This device runs in a ring featuring plugins for cables. And, each computer is independently connected to the device through individual cables.

Each organization chooses its own topology of the computer network to ensure a streamlined functioning of their computers. Once the computers are connected, offices also have separate cabling closets, which is essentially a space containing a switch device that connects to the network.

There are a number of computer network companies that provide the services of installation, maintenance, and support services ensuring smooth and streamlined functioning of your systems.

Solving Life Problems – Inside Out

There's a word for people who have no problems … deceased. As long as we live in this world, problems will happen no matter what we do. Most of us end trouble with our relationships, jobs, money … everything we deal with. There is no way to live a life free of setbacks, disappointments, failures, abandonments and betrayals. Solving life problems is all about dealing with them in a way that does not break us but makes us stronger and more tenant.

Relationship Problems: These are some of the most serious issues we'll face. It starts with our parents and siblings and moves on to friends. It's complicated enough just to work things out between two people, but there are never just two people and never just one kind of relationship. Family, friends, parents, children and marriage all seem to require a different you. When you please one, others are upset and offended you did not do the same for them, or just ignored them, or something. Those who have no relationship problems have no relationships, which is a problem.

Problems On The Job: Just when we thought relationship issues were handled, we got a job and discovered a whole new set of complications. There's the pushy boss, the dishonest co-worker, the flirty person of different gender, the flirty person of the same gender (I live in California), the people who think they should have your job and the ones who think you're after their jobs, to name a few common ones. You all spend 8 hours a day in the same play pen, working through projects, deadlines, setbacks, shortcomings, back-stabbings, revolts, threats, audits, and team meetings … and that was just my ministry job. Can you say, "Stress in the workplace?" There's a reason more than 50% of heart attacks happen on Mondays. But, we have to have a job to earn money, at least before Welfare.

Problems With Money: You do not really have trouble until you have money trouble. Now we're talking problem with a capital P. At some time in our lives, we realize we're in competition with others. I noticed it first in 3rd grade when Tommy had Converse All Stars tennis shoes, but my parents could only afford Keds. In third grade, you had to have that star or you were not cool. So, now you're thirty or forty and the star has grown into a 2,500 square foot house, flashy SUV or import sedan, plasma TV, designer clothes, designer vacations and cell phones for the kids, so your seven-year-old can coordinate her social calendar. Somehow the word strapped does not quite say it … maybe hog-tied is a better term. I often counsel people who have money trouble, to add up all their credit card balances and then list the cost of everything they remember buying to get to that number. A precious few might remember half of the stuff that was so important that they went into debt for it. Imagine paying 20 years on Christmas gifts the kids broke within weeks.

One Solution To Life Problems: It's my hope that, like me, you saw yourself in the above paragraphs. These kinds of problems are so universal, they're common themes used in stories, from drama to comedy, even science fiction. Even suffering crimes, disease and abuse is common … everyone gets their share. The unusual thing would be to have few troubles, or none. Some problems are obvious and some hidden, but we've all got 'em, whether we admit it or not. The difference comes in how we deal with these issues and how they affect us. One person buckles down and makes improvements in his life … another becomes depressed and kills himself … why? All problems happen outside of us, but some people bring them inside and give them a home, nurture and feed them until the emotions are overwhelming. This brings us to one solution that works with all life problems … living inside out.

Living inside out means deciding that nothing happening outside of us will be allowed to control us, or our outlook on life. We can not change other people, mean co-workers, diseases, crimes … they just are, and we accept that they are. The rain falls on everyone, good and bad, alike. Based on how they've decided to be, inside, some people curse the rain … others use it productively, to quench thirst, wash, and grow things. Living inside out means using our problems to grow and strengthen ourselves. We can use relationship, job, money and other problems to identify those things inside us that need to improve, and improve them. Instead of cursing the things outside us we can not change, we change the things we can … those things inside us.

Living inside out means we can turn our problems inside out, making them tools with which to build a better life. Think about it! Without relationship problems, we'd be bored with everyone. Without work problems our employers would not need us. Without money problems we would never understand its value. Problems are the texture in the fabric of life, nothing more. Without them, our lives would be flat, lacking exclusion and fulfillment. How can we appreciate being loved if we've never been hated? How can we have the pleasure of success if we never fail? Trouble means we're still in the game! Next time a huge problem hits you, thank God, because it means you're alive and you still have important work to do and room to grow. If you do not have problems, check your pulse.

Significant Tools For Responsive Website Design

The significance of a responsive web design has increased dramatically in the previous years. At the present instead of personal computers people are increasing using smartphones, tablets and netbooks for browsing internet. When we say a responsive website, we mean that scalable images and adjustable layouts should be used so the people using smartphones could be straightforward and easily access your website. Thanks to the advancement of technology this trend is increasing day by day and this year we will be seeing many more websites that are being designed to be more interactive and dynamic. These types of dynamic and sophisticated websites can be accessed more conveniently through smartphones and tablets. This means that the website would become more broadly accessible as compared to normal internet sites. The graphic design of a standard site and a mobile website is created differently.

In an interactive and responsive graphic design, the images are actually fluid images that are changed with context aware images and an updated version is applied for improved formatting. Due to this sophisticated technology the images adjust for diverse resolutions and it can be easily viewed through larger screens and smaller screens. When we talk about responsive and interactive websites, we should discuss the several tools which can make the project of creating such a website possible. These tools are mentioned below.

Adobe Device Central CS5 is the latest version of the Adobe Device Central. It is a software program which effectively makes the task of producing interesting and innovative content for mobile phones, tablets and other devices very simple and easy. This software lets the designer plan, preview and test different designing experiences and then deliver these experiences on a smartphone. The exclusive features of the Adobe Device Central CS5 include online library of device profiles, advanced device input emulation and compete HTML5 development support. The Golden Grid System is a fantastic tool that every designer who has created responsive and interactive sites knows about. With this tool the designer is able to split the screen into 18 equal columns and two of those columns in the extreme ends would be the outer margins. The remaining sixty columns would be further folded in eight columns for tablet screens and in four columns for smartphones. Zoomable baseline grid, elastic gutters and Golden Gridlet are other features of the Golden Grid System.

FitText is one of the jQuery plug-ins that inflates web type and fluid or responsive layout so that the scalable headlines that fill the width of a parent element are achieved. FitText basically makes the size of the fonts flexible and in this way a site can be easy accessed from screens of different sizes. Gridless is a fantastic solution when you are designing an interactive and responsive internet site. It is a cross-browser and open source tool which can efficiently facilitate a responsive site with striking typography. It facilitates CSS3 and HTML5 development.

One important factor which stays with every type of internet site is the logo. Whatever technology is used to make an internet site, the logo of the business should be there. So before you continue with designing of your website, it is important that you first have an affordable logo design created for your website. An affordable logo design is also important because the development of an interactive and responsive website may be expensive so you have to ensure that everything stays within your budget.

Should You Buy a Lunch Bag or a Lunch Box?

Lunch is an essential meal in a persons day. It is the meal that keeps you going and ultimately determines how you feel on any given day. The best way to make sure that you get the most out of your lunch is to pack it yourself. Here lies the problem, should you buy a lunch bag, or should you buy a lunch box?

Both lunch bags and lunch boxes serve the same purpose. That purpose is to transport your lunch, keep it cool, and store it until you are ready to eat it. With this kept in mind let’s compare the two and see if we can decide which one would benefit us most.

Storage space is an important factor!

Not having enough storage space to fit your entire lunch can prove to be annoying and really takes away from the convenience of having a lunch container in the first place.

Lunch bags are great if you want something spacious. They are generally larger than a lunch box and many of them can stretch. The ability to stretch out is great for your lunch because you are not necessarily restricted to the size of the bag.

On the flip side, lunch boxes are not very spacious. They are usually smaller than your average lunch bag. Besides the fact that they are smaller, they also have a solid structure to them. This solid structure allows for no stretching so if something doesn’t fit, it never will.

However, some lunch boxes are very spacious and can fit a lot of food!

Insulation is the key!

When buying a lunch bag or a lunch box it is important to find out if it is insulated. If your container is not insulated it will not keep your food cold. If your food isn’t kept cold then you would have been just as well of taking your food in a plastic bag from Wal-Mart.

This is a feature where it seems that both types of lunch carriers are tied. Both of them have many insulated options to choose from. Is one better at insulating than the other? No is the simple answer. Each one of them will keep your food cold if it is properly insulated.

So, which one is better?

When it all comes down to it, neither of them is necessarily better than the other. It really depends on personal preference.

If you want to carry your lunch around in a box, and you can find a lunch box fits your needs, by all means buy it. Same thing goes for the lunch bag. It is really just what you personally want to get out of the bag.

Just remember that you need a lunch carrier that you can fit your lunch in and it needs to be insulated. As long as you keep those to important features in mind, you can’t really go wrong.

US Hotel Booking

The USA being one of the most advanced nations has a number of hotels which are of all categories including of luxury, budget, and economy. Moreover, most of the cities in the country provide excellent range of accommodation facilities at attractively low tariff and enable travelers to do US hotel booking either online or directly at with the hotel agent. Some top notch hotels in USA including of Bellagio at Las Vegas, Benjamin Manhattan at New York, Caesars Palace at Las Vegas, etc. have been offering online hotel booking for ages.

Similarly, some other globally known luxury hotels in US such as Radisson Hotel at Miami, Reunion Resort and Club at Orlando, The Four Seasons at Chicago and the Regency at New York, etc. provide user-friendly hotel booking in USA. Today hotel booking is secure and safe as most of the hotels offer security and confidentiality of customer’s data. Through SSL encryption the data furnished by travelers cannot be taken away by cyber criminals. Most of the hotels in the USA have online booking engines which can be used by travelers for easy and fast hotel booking.

Kind of credit cards accepted, step by step information on online booking, terms and conditions, refund in case of cancellation of room, etc. are mentioned on the website. Once the booking is confirmed the user can take printout of the booking page. Amount deducted and charges, etc. are shown in the receipt. Some major hotels in USA including of Peninsula at Chicago, Trump International Hotel and Tower at New York, the Rittenhouse Hotel at Philadelphia, and Westin Grand Bohemian at Orlando, etc. provide easy access to online hotel booking.

US hotel bookings are done a lot when it is peak time for travel and tourism in the country. People who are going for honeymoon trip can enjoy a lot traveling in the country as the country can be traveled round the year. Therefore, travelers should always be prepared with travel essentials such as valid Passport and a Visa to enter US as the country is ever ready to accept them. US hotel booking should be done in advanced so that any last minute hassle can be avoided and travel can be made pleasant.

Accommodation facilities in the USA are of international standard, hotels are kept clean clean, hotel staff are trained and hospitable and offer excellent service to travelers. As the USA can be traveled at period in a year, backpackers and students can avail attractive concessions on air ticket from airlines and hotel booking from hotels. Moreover, when it comes to offering vacation packages or tour packages, American travel agencies are quite liberal and provide comprehensive range of options and discounts to travelers.

Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic condition but in spite of extensive research, our understanding of the causative elements are still embryonic. The symptoms are different in individual sufferers and in individual sufferers the symptoms can vary from time to time. This makes it difficult to pin point one specific cause.

As symptoms in some Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients worsen after meals, it is suggested that IBS is a dietary problem. This, however, is a natural phenomenon. Food intake stimulates increase intestinal activity. This is the gastro-colic reflex. In Irritable Bowel Syndrome, this effect is exacerbated and symptoms develop. There is no clear evidence that food reaction is a cause of IBS but certain foods can aggravate symptoms. Lactose intolerance and gluten allergy (Coeliac Disease) are considered separate from IBS.

Some experts suggest that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a motility disorder. In IBS the transit time of passage of food through the gut is altered. If it is too slow, more water is absorbed from the faecal residue resulting in constipation. If it is too fast, not enough water is absorbed and diarrhoea results. The chaotic behavior of the gut in IBS results in variable transit time and can cause constipation and / or diarrhoea. There is no clear evidence that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is simply a motility disorder.

As much as 25% of people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome admit that their IBS developed after a certain bout of gastroenteritis. This is more often bacterial. During gastroenteritis, serotonin level in the blood is elevated. High level of this hormone causes diarrhoea. In individuals that go on to develop Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the serotonin level remains high. This results in diarrhoea-predominant IBS.

This raises the possibility that IBS is an inflammatory condition. However, biopsies from the large gut of Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients have not shown inflammation.

The inflammatory module triggered the idea that in IBS the large gut is colonized by bad bacteria. Since Helicobacter pylori was implicated in stomach problems and good bacteria had conferred benefits in other gut conditions, probiotics were used to treat IBS. The results vary. There are two main types of good bacteria in the gut. Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria.There are very good trial results for some and poor results for others. Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 has shown benefits in women with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It helped both diarrhoea and constipation. Trials, however, have been hampered by low numbers, variable criteria and different species of good bacteria. The Mayo Clinic reviewed trial results and concluded that probiotics for IBS are largely ineffective.

Some experts think that Candida is a cause of IBS. If this was this case antifungal treatment would help. A subgroup of gastroenterologists thinks IBS is a hypersensitivity disorder. It is recognized that symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be triggered by stress, drugs and food. Certain food will trigger significant worsening of symptoms. It is still unclear whether hypersensitivity of the gut is a cause of IBS.

The more plausible cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a faulty Brain-Gut connection. The Gut has its own nervous system called the Enteric Nervous System and is connected to the brain via the Vagus nerve. The body-mind aspect of IBS is becoming very popular with experts. Stress can cause diarrhoea and depression can result in constipation.

The Brain-Gut connection was demonstrated recently. With the use of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Positron Emission tomography, experts are able to show gut activity directly related to brain function.

The Brain-Gut connection explains why treatment such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback and hypnotherapy are so effective. Gastroenterologists are baffled by the great improvement derived from hypnotherapy. Some case of refractory (nothing works) IBS, following a course of hypnotherapy are symptom free and remain so at the five year follow up. Listen in on a hypnotherapy session and you will hear the hypnotherapist saying positive things about IBS and giving the patient belief that control is within reach. Some create the picture of the large gut as a river flowing smoothly along. Is the hypnotist just adjusting the Brain-Gut axis is a patient with Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Why The Justice System is Broken

Do lawyers lie in the courtroom and distort justice? All the time, every day. Do all lawyers lie and distort justice? No. But in 20 years of practicing law in courtrooms throughout Washington State and in the military justice system, I saw so many cases of lawyers lying and distorting justice, I literally can not say how many times it happened, but it was in the 100's. Perhaps it was more than a 1,000 times.

How do lawyers lie and distort justice? In many ways, starting with the first threat letter. Here are the ways lawyers lie and distort justice in America:

  1. By sending good, honest citizens threatening letters full of false accusations and misstatements of fact;
  2. By conducting harassment operations against good people with numerous threats, including letters and other legal actions;
  3. By causing innocent citizens threatening stress and anxiety with false accusations, forcing them to retain their own attorney at great unnecessary expense;
  4. By creating havoc in neighborhoods and in communities by representing clients who use lies and intimidation to get what they want;
  5. By coercing good people through depositions, in which bold and insulting lies are promoted and false accusations made, all of which are very disturbing to a normal person;
  6. By using other means of discovery (interrogatories, motions, repeated depositions, numerous court hearings) to intimidate people, to cause them stress, and to make their defense too costly to pursue;
  7. By lying in speeches and at trial, aggressively presenting false evidence as fact to sentences and sentences;
  8. By complying with the bar association code of ethics by "zealously representing" their clients, although truth is not relevant nor required;
  9. By playing games with the rules of evidence, and even using them properly, to intentional distort the facts, distort the law, or both; and
  10. By manipulating clients, judges, and sentences to promote their clients' lies.

If you doubt that these things are true, ask any good, honest human being who has been raped by the justice system in a long and expensive legal battle, and they will give you a strong affirmation.

It is a great tragedy that the legal system and the bar associations do nothing to discourage such gross misbehavior. It is also a tragedy that judges do not hold lawyers accountable in the courtroom for their lies. I have personally observed many courtroom hears and trials where it was obvious one of the lawyers was bold-faced lying, and judges simply ignored the obvious and pretended everyone was doing their job, while justice was being manipulated and distorted. Of course, judges will typically argue they do not know who is lying. That's the easy way out, is not it? Who's in control of the courtroom anyway?

Are there good and honest lawyers? Yes, but many lawyers we know to be good still practice such things. Are there lawyers who do not lie and only practice what is good and just? Yes, but they are few and far between. This article is not about good lawyers, but about liars who destroy our justice system.

No wonder the legal profession has such a terrible reputation! No wonder our justice system is so far off course, and no wonder truth is completely irrelevant in court hearings or trials these days. We have renamed so many concepts and issues with modern day euphemisms, sometimes we should also rename our justice system and call it the "injustice system." At least that would be much more accurate, and is not accuracy and truth still a little relevant somewhere in these United States?