The Benefits Of Water Storage Tanks

The installation of water storage tanks assist in the collection of excess rainfall that can be used for various domestic purposes. Purchasing these units requires consideration as to whether the tanks will be located below or above ground offering ease of use and management. The following tips can assist in choosing the containers to store sufficient volumes of liquid.

For water savings and storage options, including an above ground tank can provide residential and commercial properties with many benefits. It is an efficient option offering cost savings for consumers who no longer need to rely on the supply from local authorities for minor watering tasks. The stored volumes are commonly used in the garden, car washing and related tasks allowing for greater savings.

Keeping the system a distance from the surface offers a more efficient storage solution including ease of maintenance. It is easier to install these types of units in comparison to the underground tanks relying on additional construction and expertise from a professional and a reputable installation company. A professional approach can determine the most effective options that are compatible with home and business usage requirements.

Most prefer these tanks to remain on the surface of land as it will not require any form of excavation for installation. This will reduce the costs involved in labor as less time is spent digging and having to create a supported foundation for the location of these types of units. Digging into the soil includes additional safety standards that need to be followed to minimize injuries or damaging the system.

The management of tanks requires a regular clean by rinsing the inside of the container and removing any mold and algae that have formed along the interior. Scheduling emptying of units will make it easier to wash and remove any grit or grime that has accumulated over time. Performing these methods is made more efficient and simple when units are not positioned underground offering ease of drainage.

Underground tanks are more expensive because it is incorporated in building plans in the construction or renovation of homes. Securing these systems below the surface can minimize taking up a significant amount of backyard space for smaller gardens. It is harder to clean and requires the development of a strong and safe foundation to safeguard against damages that can occur over time.

When looking to incorporate a water storage tank, it requires the services of an experienced and reputable installation business. Professionals can advise on which locations will prove best for collection and the size of system most suitable for property requirements. Safe standards are upheld and implemented to protect from deterioration and provide consumers with ease of maintenance.

Securing a system to collect rainwater can prove most beneficial serving as an environmentally friendly alternative. A professional installer can advise on the types of units available and which of these offer the most suitable features. Learning about the advantages provided with an above ground water tank for storage can assist in making an informed buying decision with lasting results and an efficient outcome.

Ceiling Fan Repair – Important Info

Many homeowners take on the task of ceiling fan repair in an effort to save time and money. Regardless of your experience in home repairs this could be a daunting task. Making an error in such a repair could be more than costly and may in fact put you and your family in arms way. There are many pitfalls that could cause the project to go awry very quickly.

Understanding the basics of electricity before you start any ceiling fan repair is essential to staying safe. Before starting this project it is important to assess the problem and try to narrow down the explanations for the issues. This could save time in the long run. If in Georgia, for instance, it may be a good idea to touch base with an electrician regarding possible solutions to the problems. Talking to a local electrician can help immensely.

When talking with an electrician about a ceiling fan repair make sure to include all of the symptoms of the broken fan along with the make and model of the fan being used. This will help them better assess the potential problem that needs addressed and give them the ability to give the best advice they have. Although many feel that they can manage a project like this on their own, it is worth it to enlist the help of a professional electrical contractor for most electrical problems.

Finding a qualified electrical contractor is a matter of knowing what you are looking for and picking up the phone. Using a professional for ceiling fan repair will go a long way to giving you the security that the job has been done right. It will also relieve the stress of the project. The workmanship of these professionals is typically satisfaction guaranteed offering great confidence to you in their work.

While there are many home projects that can be taken on with ease, there are a few that might better be served by getting the help of a professional. If you do decide to tackle the project on your own be sure to think safety first. Turn all the power off to the fixture you are working on before you even consider touching it. Fully understand what it is that needs to be done before you disassemble the fan or its parts. This will make the ceiling fan repair go more smoothly and save you a great deal of time.

Whether you decide to tackle the ceiling fan repair on your own or you decide to hire a professional to take care of the problem, having some basic knowledge of how the fan works in your home is a good idea. If you are bringing in help they would be happy to share some basic information with you. Take some time to call a contractor who can give you some direction in your project.

Find the Best Web Hosting Service Provider For Your Business

While you are online when you come across the word “dedicated servers” it means, a kind of web hosting suppliers for a website.

If you want to start an internet website,you primarily need a host. There are many different types of hosting service providers available online. You can obtain hosting through a free server. This is generally used by one who wanted to maintain a personal web page for their friends and family. This server will be putting their own ads in order to generate income on your web page. You can also have a shared server. A shared server is used by most businesses just starting using a website. As internet hosting costs more per month, many of the small businesses opt for a shared server so that they can be saving money as they cannot invest more money at the beginning of their business. This will be a better choice for a small internet business or for a personal website. A personal website owner can also get a dedicated servers, it has no reason. A small businesses or personal website owners can reduce their costs by sharing the cost of hosting with other businesses. However, if your face a sudden take off in your business, or you finds the need of having still more space for forums and shopping and your current server is unable to provide you, then your option should be a dedicated server.

These are of many types such as dual core, quad core, Linux etc. A core chip can perform several instructions at one time. Dual cores comprise of two cores while quad cores contain four. However, all the cores will be on the same chip. As a result, they will be sharing the same memory, and information path to the motherboard. Hence, a quad core chip can execute the instructions faster than dual core by four times, but it will not denote that it can accept instructions from ram in the same speed. It is a web hosting experts since many years.

Dedicated servers host merely your website. This means the servers total space and bandwidth is yours and no-one else. You need not share hosting with any other businesses. You can commonly make your website as large as you desire and incorporate databases like shopping carts and also forums that on average take up fairly a bit of space. This also tells that your servers safety and website safety is totally in your hands. You have also a choice of adding additional features that makes your site still more secure, which benefits both your customers and also yourself. These servers usually cost much more to maintain every month. To overcome this problem there are different sizes and services offered for this type of web hosting. When reading about the different options in the case of dedicated servers online, you can find all from larger servers to affordable dedicated servers.

Green Roofs Are the Future

Green Roofs Can Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Even on an overcast, 23 ° Celsius day, black tar roofs can reach temperatures as high as 70 °. But the green atop Toronto City Hall boasts a 35,000 square foot garden, which keeps the roof's temperature at the projected 23 °.

Green roofs in Toronto are becoming increasingly common, as property owners realize the advantages of having a garden on top of their buildings. For the uninitiated, a living roof is most simply described as being a living layer of grasses, shrubs, and mosses, planed over a waterproof membrane on a flat roof. A fascinating combination of engineering and ecology, living roofs can be tailor to suit almost any building, and can be installed on new buildings or retrofitted to existing ones.

The Big Question Is: Why Would Anyone Want One?

Firstly, a green roof provides a mini-habitat for birds, bugs, and butterflies – you'll have your own little ecosystem on your roof. Also in urban areas, you often do not have space for plants or trees, so a living roof is a good opportunity to get some green space back into the concrete jungle. What's more, living roofs dramatically reduce storm-water run off, improve air quality, lessen the impact of the urban heat island effect, increase biodiversity and increase a roof's lifespan. In short, they are brilliant for the planet.

The most important practical advantage of a living roof, however, is its energy saving potential. While living roofs do provide some degree of insulation to a building during the colder months, the major advantage lies in their ability to keep buildings cool during summers. With a living roof, the plants absorb heat and reflect some of it back as well, so it keeps the building a lot cooler.

With buildings responsible for about 50 per cent of CO2 emissions, green roofs could make a real contribution to the battle against climate change.

This recent growth of interest in green roofs is only the latest development in a centuries-old tradition. People have been building living roofs for thousands of years in Europe, right back to the Vikings, but it's only recently that building codes and regulations have caught up. In May 2009, Toronto became the first city in Toronto to adopt a Green Roof Bylaw.

If the idea of ​​a living roof sounds appealing, there are some practical aspects to consider. The term "living roof" covers a wide variety of installations. Buying a green roof is not like buying a table, you can not just go down to IKEA and pick up a flat pack. You've got to do some research first and find out what type is best for you. Broadly speaking, green roofs come in two varieties: "intensive" and "intensive". Extensive roofs consist of a thin stratum of soil and rock wool, supporting small, hardy sedum plants and mosses, and so are lightweight and relatively low-cost. Sedum can survive with no water for up to three months; it's a tough little plant and maintenance is minimal.

Intensive roofs, on the other hand, feature a thicker layer of soil that can host a much wider variety of flora, including lawn grasses, large plants and even small trees. The thicker substrate, however, has a higher weight and cost, and requires more maintenance. The depth of a green roof can be varied according to taste and requirements, and living roofs are flexible enough to be adapted to many different situations.

There are, of course, some places where a living roof would not be suitable. The extra weight is not normally an issue. Always get a structural engineer to have a look at your property, give you ideas and give you the thumbs up. You do not want your roof collapsing, obviously.

So What Are the Downsides?

If your structure can support a living roof, it really is the way to go. I'd much more have a green roof providing its own little habitat and doing its bit for the environment than a slab of felt or concrete. In fact, the only downside to a green roof might be the price. It is more expensive, but you simply can not price the value of having a green visual space which you can enjoy.

How to Plan a Successful Playground Design

There are many benefits to children having safe playgrounds to play on. As well as promoting exercise, they are able to have fun, use their imagination and learn life-skills. If you are considering a playground installation then there is clear guidance to how the process should evolve. Adhesion to this process will inevitably result in a superior finish.

The most important advice for planning a playground is to take your time. If you are rushed into any decision-making then it is likely that the end result will not suit your individual requirements. There are so many options and designs that it is important to consider them all prior to committing to the final design.

Another element that will help lead to a successful result is the involvement of the children that are using the space. Allow them to create their own ideas of how they would like the equipment to look. This will make sure that they value their new play space and will enable your chosen playground company to tailor the designs to available products. It is well-understood within the industry that idea generation from children can be incredibly resourceful and inspiring.

Following on seamlessly from this is the acquisition of a reputable playground company. They will support you through the entire process and will be directed by the strictest guidelines in relation to safety. Their experience will allow them the opportunity of tailoring your designs to provide further benefit.

A site visit will be conducted which will allow your chosen company to determine the space they have to work with. This will allow them the opportunity to discuss possible limitations or opportunities. It may be that you need guidance with regards to the exact products and equipment available. All of this needs to be tailored to your budget constraints and individual requirements.

From this point a design will be generated. This is often the stage where there is a lot of tweaks and discussions in order to achieve the best design. At this point the imagined concept will come to life. Both you and the children involved will be able to see what the end result will look like in the actual space.

Once a design is agreed it is then for your chosen company to organise an installation date. It is often the case that best-served professionals will look to arrange this based around your existing commitments.

It is important that you are kept up-to-date throughout all stages of the design and installation process. Time invested in this process will ensure a successful finish. Look for organisations with informative websites where you can see the previous work that they have completed. Ensure that they have a positive internet presence and a range of communication methods.

This information has been put together in order to offer guidance when designing a playground. This takes into consideration the actual design process and supporting advice that will ensure the smooth running of the project.

Treating Periodontal Disease Could Help Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a huge problem in the United States and affects nearly 30% of adults aged 18 and over. It’s a major risk factor for heart disease, although it can generally be managed through making lifestyle changes and through taking prescribed medications. However, a recent study discovered that treating gum disease or periodontal disease could significantly lower blood pressure.

This is true amongst people who are at risk of developing high blood pressure. The study was relatively small and compared blood pressure levels after people had received standard and more intensive treatment for periodontal disease. The standard treatment included having their teeth professionally cleaned, removing plaque from above the gum level combined with basic oral hygiene instructions to help improve dental care at home.

The more intensive treatment included a standard professional dental cleaning combined with deep cleaning right down to the tooth roots. This was done using local anesthesia and antibiotics, and dental extractions were carried out where necessary. Researchers discovered that a month after treatment systolic blood pressure was nearly 3 points lower.

This is amongst those people who had received intensive treatment for periodontal disease while diastolic blood pressure remained the same. Some three months after treatment systolic blood pressure had dropped by nearly 8 points. Diastolic blood pressure was down by nearly 4 points amongst patients receiving more intensive treatment for gum disease.

After six months of intensive treatment for periodontal disease, systolic blood pressure was down by nearly 13 points while diastolic blood pressure was down by nearly 10 points. Although only a small study, it does demonstrate that patients receiving intensive periodontal treatment could benefit from lower blood pressure levels. Their gum tissue health improves and becomes healthier and less inflamed.

For this study, just over a hundred men and women aged 18 years and over and who had been diagnosed with moderate to severe gum disease and pre-hypertension were assessed. Participants were split into two randomly assigned groups, half of whom received standard treatment while the other half received intensive treatment. Researchers concede that more research is needed, especially amongst people from more diverse backgrounds.

What Could This Mean for You?

If you do have high blood pressure it is worth booking a dental checkup especially if you haven’t been for a while. This is even if medications and lifestyle changes are helping to keep it under control. Unfortunately, gum disease is a huge problem and it’s estimated around half of all adults will develop some form of gum disease during their lifetime.

One of the main problems with gum disease is the inflammatory reaction it causes. This over time destroys gum tissue and can frequently lead to tooth loss, and this inflammation can spread to the rest of the body. This is because gum disease or periodontal disease is a bacterial infection and your body will automatically try to fight any form of infection which results in inflammation.

With periodontal disease, gums will frequently bleed which allows the bacteria that cause the infection to get into your bloodstream. Once inside your bloodstream, these bacteria can potentially travel anywhere within your body. Periodontal disease has not only been linked to heart disease but also to dementia, diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

This is why regular dental care is so important for not only protecting your smile but also your general health.

How Does a Dentist Diagnose Gum Disease?

Whenever you see your dentist for a checkup they not only assess the health of your teeth, but also the health of your gums. By visually examining your gums, your dentist can check for any signs of infection and inflammation because diseased gums will often appear red and swollen. Healthy gums should be a pale pink, are firm to touch and unlike diseased gums have a lightly stippled appearance.

They also fit tightly around your teeth whereas infected gums may have begun to pull away from your teeth. This creates what is called periodontal pockets or gaps in between your teeth and gums. This is why one of the tests carried out by your dentist is to measure any gaps in between your teeth and gums. They do this using a small instrument called a periodontal probe.

Healthy gums will have pocket depths of between one and 3 mm. Anything over these depths may require treatment from your dentist. They could choose to monitor your dental health, instead of giving you advice on how to improve brushing and flossing at home.

What Happens If I Have Signs of Gum Disease?

Dentists recommend patients have their teeth professionally cleaned every six months. This is the standard treatment that removes plaque and calculus from above the gum line of your teeth. Sometimes just a standard cleaning can be enough to get rid of the first signs of inflammation and infection in your gums, especially when combined with better oral care at home.

For more extensive infections your dentist may recommend a treatment that will help to deep clean your teeth and gums. This is a little like a conventional scale and polish but will also clean any exposed tooth root surfaces, reaching deep into your gums. The treatment which is called scaling and root planning is often carried out as a standard treatment for periodontal disease.

This is also true for may form part of an ongoing treatment plan to help control the chronic periodontal disease.

Getting Treatment for Advanced Gum Disease

There are also many other sophisticated treatments for the advanced periodontal disease. For these, your general dentist may refer you to a periodontist or you can choose to see a periodontist without a referral. The advantage of seeing a periodontist is that you will be treated by a dental specialist. One who has completed years of additional training in treating problems with the gums and other tissues surrounding your teeth.

This includes your jawbone and the ligaments or connective tissues that help hold your teeth in their sockets. If advanced gum disease has destroyed tissues around your teeth, your periodontist can suggest the most suitable treatments for helping to restore these lost tissues wherever possible. Advanced procedures include bone grafting, gum grafting, and tissue regeneration.

What about Preventing Gum Disease?

Although common, gum disease is preventable with a good oral care that includes regular checkups and cleanings and a great oral hygiene routine at home. This is a far healthier approach, protecting your dental health and your general health. If you’re not sure you’re cleaning your teeth correctly, ask your dentist or hygienist for help and advice.

Introduction to Different Types of Camera Lenses

A camera lens is one of the important components of a camera. It is also popular under the name of a photographic lens or photographic objective. It is an optical lens or collection of lenses used in combination with a camera body to form images of objects. The images are formed either on photographic film or any other media capable to store images chemically or electronically.

The lenses found in different imaging devices such as a still camera, telescope, video camera or a microscope work on the same principle. The difference arises only in the detailed design and construction.

These devices are of many types. Some of the prominent ones include:

Zoom lens
It is a mechanical set of lens elements for which the focal length variates with the movement of internal elements. The device is used on a large scale in cameras and binoculars these days in order to bring distant objects closer. The devices are also known as para focal lenses because they can uphold the focus of the image even while changing the focal length. These gadgets have made it easy for photographers to capture even the far-away objects clearly and effectively. As a result, their demand and popularity among photographers is increasing day by day. Two popular types of zoom found in cameras these days is optical zoom and digital zoom.

Standard lenses
These are used for street photography and documentary that demand quick movement and action. With the rise in popularity for street photography and documentary, the demand for quality lenses is also increasing. The devices support a focal length range of 35-70mm.

Some of the major special-purposes lenses are fish-eye, infrared, ultraviolet, swivel, stereoscopic, process, soft focus, etc. All these devices play a significant role in photography enabling one capture better and sharp images even in low lighting conditions.

This type of lens is used primarily in macro or "close-up" photography. It produces an image on the focal plane, which is of the same size or larger than the subject being imaged. It can support any focal length. The key factors that determine the focal length include its practical use, magnification, access to the subject, required ratio and illumination considerations.

These devices are also known as medium telephoto lenses. The devices are mainly used by the portrait photographer who mainly requires a focal range between 80-135mm. This much focal length offers perfect framing for head and shoulder shots. The gadgets are reasonably priced and deliver extraordinary results.

All these devices play a momentous role in photography. Many leading brands today have come up with the new camera lenses that are stylish, user-friendly and capable of delivering state-of-the-art performance. The best of all, these devices are also available online these days to save your valuable time and effort. Several camera lens stores have come into existence providing buyers a number of choices in terms of product, brand, model and styles.

In addition to a broad variety, fast shipping and high-quality, the store members also provide customers a secure and calm environment to shop.

Solar Heat Pump Technology – Popularity on the Rise

When building or adding renovations to a house, more and more people are considering natural ways to best heat up and cool down their homes. Where in the past most people opted for a fire place or an air conditioning system, technological advances now allow for more options. The problem with the old ways such as fireplaces and AC is that these types of systems are not only expensive in the long run, but is potentially dangerous too. The fireplace, as an example only offer a heating solution, which means you will also have to invest in a cooling system. Heat pumps are more efficient and have virtually no danger associated with them.

What is this new technology, you may ask yourself. Heat pumps are actually technology that we use every day in our homes, such as with refrigerators and freezers. The basic concept of these pumps is the transferral of heat from one location (being the source) to another location at a lower temperature. It takes the air from the outside, it it hot or cold then transfers it into the house at a higher or lower temperature. The difference from a normal air conditioner is that the pump provides both heating and cooling properties.

Although this technology is an initially expensive investment, the benefits in the long run justify the investment time and again. This is possible due to the fact that for every one unit of electricity the pump uses it can generate up to five units of heating or cooling. Heat pumps are very useful as they take any air temperature and heat it up or cool it down as needed. It also does not need to run a long time in order to heat up or cool down your house, as it works immediately.

Having this type of heating and cooling system can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Heat pumps are a guaranteed solution to your temperature requirements and will give you years of cost effective service.

7 Awesome Booty Shaping Exercises

There is a way to get the awesome booty you’ve always dreamed of. It does take a little work and dedication however it is easier than you think. Here are 7 awesome booty shaping exercises to help you reach your goal:

1. Lunges: This exercise really does tone and shape your butt. When you first start doing lunges don’t add any extra weight. Your body needs to get used to this type of exercise first. Lunges put extra stress on your knees so it is important that you do this exercise properly. There are plenty of free exercise videos on YouTube which can teach you the correct way to do a lunge.

2. Squats: Squats are the most popular exercise to tone up muscles. Use your own body weight for resistance training. Remember to keep your back straight while doing squats. This takes the pressure off your lower back and puts it on your buttocks were it is most needed. Other things to remember when doing squats are: distribute your weight evenly by keeping your feet flat on the floor and using your heels to push you up out of the squat. Don’t drop into a squat; use controlled movements so that your knees will not be put under a lot of extra pressure.

3. Stair Climbing: Instead of taking the elevator why not climb a few sets of stairs instead? Alternatively you can use a stair climber at the gym or in your home if you have one. The muscles in the backs of your legs and buttocks get an excellent workout when climbing stairs.

4. The Isometric Butt Squeeze: You can do this while watching T.V. Lie face down on the floor and squeeze your butt cheeks together for 30 seconds at a time. Alternatively, you can do this exercise while sitting in a chair or standing. Butt squeezes are exceptionally good for women; it tightens the pelvic floor area and tones the buttocks at the same time.

5. Step-ups: For this exercise you will need a step or bench. You start with one foot on the ground and the other on the stair. Push off with your foot that is on the ground until it reaches the same height as the one on the stair. Slowly lower back down until your foot is back on the floor. Change feet and repeat as many times as you can.

6. Deadlifts: You will need a barbell for this exercise. Pick the barbell up off the ground while keeping your back straight, knees slightly bent and your eyes focused in front of you. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can in a two-minute period. This exercise will shape your butt in no time.

7. Hindu squats: A different style of squat. Squat up and down as fast as you can while touching your fingertip to the ground during each repetition. This exercise is great for burning fat and shaping your buttocks at the same time.

Getting a beautiful round butt is easy when you use these 7 awesome booty shaping exercises as part of your workout routine.

Impress Your Restaurant Customers With Superb Customer Service

Customer service is sometimes overlooked in many industries. In the restaurant business, usually the main focus is on the food, which is correct, however customer service is extremely important and must not be neglected. A good customer service experience combined with scrumptious food will leave an everlasting impression on the customer.

Here are a few tips on impressing your customer.

  • Train the waiters well. In many cases waiters are just told that they must take orders and serve the customer. Rather focus on training the waiters on how to take orders, what questions to ask, and how to be friendly. The way they take the orders and the information they get from the customer is important as this information must be relayed accurately to the kitchen. Also, train the waiters to mention the dish of the day or the specials for that day when the customer is listed at the table. This will give the customer an informed choice when ordering their meal.
  • Have waiters pre-empt customer requirements. If you listened to your customers then you would probably notice that they ask for the same things often. Customers tend to ask for wet wipes before and after a meal, sufficient serviettes, salt and pepper, tomato sauce, and toothpicks. When the waiter brings the cutlery to the table, take a basket of wet wipes and serviettes too. This will impress the customer because they were probably planning on asking the waiter for some of these items. Be prepared.
  • Serve food on a hot plate. The food has taken some time to prepare and it could start getting cold while the waiter takes it to the customer. Heat up the plates in an Anvil Plate Warmer and serve the food on hot plates. This catering equipment will keep the food warmer for longer so giving the customer a longer enjoyable meal.
  • Serve a free jug of water. A complimentary jug of water is a wonderful way to welcome your customers to your restaurant. They will appreciate the free gift. Such an easy way to impress your customers without it affecting your bottom line.
  • Give larger portions. When a customer orders a certain meal, give the customer a larger portion than what they expected. They will be surprised and very pleased. Although larger portions can not be eaten by all customers, customers want to be able to take the leftover meal home with them. When they enjoy it the next day, they will remember the good experience they had the previous day.

Such good gestures lead to superb customer service which the customer will appreciate and certainly return for more.

Ideas For Designing Shower Tiles in a Creative Way

When tiling a bathroom there are many different options for using tiles creatively. You can move away from just plain bathrooms with white tiles and add in a border or stripes. Random tiles around the walls of the bathroom can create the illusion of space and provide points of interest and create an interesting design. Using different sizes will also create different effects as will putting in vertical or horizontal strips. Vertical stripes will add height to a room and a horizontal border will make a room seem larger. You could scatter random ceramic tile designs through an otherwise plain tiled shower or bathroom. Pick a design you like such an animal, flower or favorite scene such as a beach or palm trees. Use the same tile repeated through the room or use coordinating ones for your shower tile design.

Ceramic tile murals are a great idea for a small bathroom design as they can create a great focal point and can be chosen to be very personal. They come in different sizes made up of different sized tiles. The murals are shipped with installation instructions and the good news is any commercially available available for ceramic tiles can be used to put them up. An un-sanded grout is required to finish the them off. The murals can be safely cleaned with any household non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge.

The bathrooms are not only fitted to shower tile designs and bathroom tile designs as they are perfectly suitable for behind a stove, kitchen backsplash, in a spa, shower / tub enclosure, or other interior space. The imbedded artwork is waterproof and fade resistant thanks to the fusion process used. The murals vary in size but average between twelve and twenty 4.25 "tiles or approximately 13" x 17.25 "or 21.5" x 17.25 ".

Examples of some of the ceramic tile mural designs available:
– Horses
– Birds eg eagles, hummingbirds, owls, geese
– Vincent van Gogh
– Scenery
– Flowers eg dahlia, daisy, tulips
– Animals / wildlife eg lions, tigers, bears
– Sunsets
– Sea creatures eg whales, fish, dolphins
– Architecture
– Weather / Seasons
– Boats
– Dogs
– Insects eg butterflies, dragonflies
– Food
– Wine
– Agricultural landscapes
– City scenes
– Skylines

Do something unique and consider these creative ways to use ceramic tile designs or ceramic tile murals in your next bathroom tile or shower tile design. Have fun creating unique and interesting focal points in your small bathroom designs or think big and use multiple murals in larger bathroom areas.

Home Exteriors – Dressed To Sell

There are certain areas of the country where staging your home for sale is easier then others due to the weather and natural beauty of the area. Orange County in California is a fantastic example of one of these areas. As Orange County is a big place, let's narrow that down a bit to say that Laguna Niguel is a fantastic candidate for home staging success. Home staging becomes so much easier when there are beautiful days where doing some yard work is desirable as opposed to some areas where a day of yard work is a chilly prospect.

With the amazing weather that is present for most of the year in Laguna Niguel, the exterior of a home is quite important and gets much more use than homes in some areas of the country. Yards have the distinct ability to sell a home on first sight. One can tell a lot about a home from the care with which the yard is maintained. If the yard is full of junk and debris, the lawn unkempt and bushes un-trimmed, chances are that the home has been treated in a similar fashion. First impressions are made and broken on the home's exterior.

In creating a beautiful facade for your home there are several elements that must be taken into account. Separate your yard into sections like lawn & gardens, home itself and finishing touches. Once you have determined your plan of attack, make lists of the things that need replacing or fixing and set to it! Most of these things will be able to be done without much expenditure save for painting the home if necessary. If you think it's necessary, then it probably is. The place where you can really make a big difference is in the finishing touches. These do not have to be huge things, in fact it's better if they are not. Remember, people notice little thoughtful touches, especially home buyers. If you have managed to create a few things that stick out in buyer's minds then this process has been successful.

Ironing a Shirt, the Best Way!

There are not many people who look forward to doing the ironing: especially the shirts. Some lucky tykes have a domestic cleaner, who swooshes in and does the ironing for them. The rest of us just have to battle – or iron – on.

The industry knows how unsuccessful ironing can be and has bent over backwards help. Sturdy tables replaced wobbling, flimsy ironing boards. These days, boards keep the chord away from the iron; there are a wonderful few that have a socket attached.

Steam irons and a plethora of products mean the once arduous job can now fly by, but absolutely you still have to actually do the ironing – like it or not!

So, how do you iron a shirt? Well, you'd think it would go without saying, but you need an iron – and to be in a well-lit area. Cleaners set their ironing boards up near a socket, with the wide end under your dominant hand (wide to the left if you're left-handed, to the right if you're right-handed). The board levels most comfortably at your waist.

It's best to iron as soon as possible after washing, but this is not always practical. A little 'cleaner's tip': for really crumpled tops spray on a little water and leave it in a plastic bag for 30 minutes or so. This will release the wrinkles a little and the slight damp will make ironing easier.

Nothing beats a steam iron for getting a shirt perfect. Pour filtered or distilled water up to the 'max' line of the iron's reservoir. Calcified water will jam up your iron, preventing the steamer working properly. Even worse, a calked iron drags rusty stains over your clean clothes.

First, plug in the iron (right back to basics!) And let it heat up to the right temperature for your shirt – check the label! Enjoy some cleaner's wisdom: if you have several shirts to iron, heat the iron to the coolest level needed first (the synthetic shirts), and increase the heat as you go. Cotton shirts need the hottest temperature.

Unbutton each shirt and turn dark shirts inside out – ironing on the outside will make the shiny.

Assume the position: the wide part of the board and your iron next to your writing-hand.

Most professional cleaners that count ironing among their tasks, start from the top of the shirt and work down.

Lay the collar on the board, inside facing up. Iron from the points to the center; do the same on the other side. Fold down the collar, in the line that you wear it, and press – so it will snuggle comfortably to your neck.

The shoulder yoke comes next – the fabric that stretches over your shoulders! – iron in from the tip of the shoulder to the middle of the back; flip over the shirt and press the other shoulder.

First iron the inside of the cuff, then the outside.

Follow the seam to guide you and smooth the sleeve down as straight as you can with your hand before you run the iron over it. Work from the cuff opening, up the sleeve, pressing out the creases as you go, using your hand to flatten it before the iron gets there – being careful to not iron your hand!

With one side of the sleeve ironed, the other side is much easier. Turn it over and repeat. Iron right into the shoulder seams. If you want a crease, and you're ironing the outside of a light shirt, glide the iron along the fold in a smooth moment.

Do the same with the other sleeve.

Almost finished now – go you!
Lay one front panel over the narrow end of the ironing board. If you have pockets, sort them out first. Although you're almost finished, do not start to rush – rushed ironing will result in new creases, which are harder to get out.

Start from the bottom of the shirt and work up to the collar, making sure you press right into the seams. Detail around the buttons before moving to the other front panel.

In a flurry of delight, woosh your shirt up and lay the biggest, last part of the shirt – the back – out on the board, keeping any other parts of the shirt away. Do not go ironing in a massive crease simply because you wanted to finish.

Again, push right into the seams and cover the whole of the back area.

There you go, all done. Stick it on a hanger and hang it in the wardrobe if you're not wearing it right away. It makes a lot more sense to do all of your shirts in one hit, so you do not have to set the board up and heat the iron up every day.When you get good at it, you'll even be able to watch the TV – some domestic cleaners even considering doing the ironing as a break!

Intex Pool Pump

Keeping a clean swimming pool can be an arduous task; fortunately there is a convenient solution in the form of the Intex Pool Pump. The pump is an integral component of the pool filtering system and without it the swimming pool will quickly become clouded, dirty and unusable. Let’s take a closer look at the pump too see exactly how it works.

The pool pump is at the heart of the water circulation process in a swimming pool and it works by pulling water from the pool through a suction port. The water is then pushed through the filtering system and, if you have one, the heating system before it is pumped back into the pool through the return port. By pumping the water through the filtering system the pump allows for the water to be cleaned of any sediment and other debris that can affect the quality of the water.

Although completely waterproof, the Intex Pool Pump is designed to sit on the ground outside of the pool so that it can perform its job efficiently whilst not hindering or getting damaged by people swimming and playing in the pool. The unique design of the Intex Pool allows for the pump to pull the water out through a hole in the lower side of the pool wall and then pump the clean water back into the top of the pool through another hole. The valves and connectors used in this process also help to ensure that all the water remains in the pool where it belongs.

Intex Pool Pumps are capable of filtering hundreds of gallons of water per hour, most pools can be fully circulated anywhere between 4 and 8 hours depending on the size of the pool and the capacity of the pump. The water should be circulated within this time period, so before purchasing an Intex Pool Pump you will need to determine the right model that can circulate the water efficiently enough. If you use a pump that is not of a sufficient power then not all of the water will be filtered.