Ulcers – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

If you had a pound for every person who has been "cured" two or more times of his ulcers, you would be a wealthy person – probably with ulcers. For some reason, totally unknown to me, ulcers are considered an ailment of the wealthy. (Probably by the same people who think money brings happiness.) Again, if you had a pound for all the low and moderate income people who suffer from ulcers, you would be able to balance the national budget. Ulcers will live on any income.

Obviously those who claim to have been "cured" several times of their ulcers are really saying that the pains have been alleviated momentarily. But this is no cure. The disease can not be cured until the cause is known and treated. Rarely is the cause of ulcers treated, but rather the effect; that hole in the stomach called an ulcer is dosed with milk, cheese, drugs, etc., and then allowed to gouge itself out and start the same painful symptoms all over again.

People who never worry do not have ulcers. People who have knowledge of what they are doing on earth and why they must do it, also rarely suffer from ulcers. Tense, worried, nervous and unhappy people are the prime target of stomach and duodenal ulcers.

MK had suffered from duodenal ulcers for eight years. He had been "cured" of them five times – before a state of painful collapse. He left sanatorium ten days later without a trace of his ulcer. How?

MK was placed upon a totally non-stimulating diet maintaining almost entirely of fruits and vegetables and their juices.

In addition to this, the patient consumed four glasses of cabbage juice each day. (Raw cabbage sliced ​​and reduced to juice by means of an electric liquefier.) MK did not respond to the use of citrus juices and these, oranges, grape-fruits, lemons and limes, were removed from the diet. Aside from these, however, the patient was able to consume all fruits and vegetables in liquid form or in the steamed manner in which all vegetables should be cooked.

During the first five days steam (Turkish) baths were administered once a day and the full pack at night. A brisk cold-water rub was prescribed every morning. At the end of the first week, the steam baths and full packs were replaced with natural (hip) baths and stomach compresses on retiring for the night. These and only these were responsible for relieving MK of his ulcer within ten days. However, it is to his credit that the patient has since been able to maintain superb health. Only by finally returning to a state of complete harmony with nature, both physical and mental, was he able to overcome the root of this condition that had plagued him for eight long years. To this day, MK continues to drink two glasses of cage juice each day and he is convinced that this is a large responsibility for his resistance to returning ulcers.

Can I Use a Solar Pump For My Waterfall Pond?

A solar pump receives sunlight through a small panel made of photovoltaic cells that collect and store the energy. This energy is what powers the pump. No electricity is used. Other pond pumps work off of electricity that is built into the pump. All pumps work the same. The only difference is where the power comes from.

Before we can decide if a solar pump is right for you we will discuss both the pros and cons to using solar pumps.

The positive aspects of using a Solar Pump are:

• They are great for the environment. It is a natural resource. They do not emit any hazardous substance into the air.
• It is cost effective since you do not use electricity and only use the sunlight.
• You do not have to worry about the pond or fountain being close to an outlet.
• No worries of electrocution. Your dog and children are safe!
• There is very little or no noise.

The negative aspects of using a Solar Pump are:

• Sunshine is required to run the pump. As cloud cover increases or something blocks the sunlight, the energy to run the pump diminishes. Those pretty fluffy white clouds can really reduce the solar device's output. I certainly hope you live where the sun shines the majority of the time.
• It is important to a ponds filtration system that the pump continues operating through the night. To do this you would have to incorporate a battery system and control equipment to store the energy.
• Flow capacity is lower than a regular pond pump.
• They are more expensive to purchase.

The pumps job is very important if you have Koi in your pond. The pump is responsible for circulation, filtering and oxygenating the water in your pond. It is the heart of the pond and it is responsible for keeping everything going. In addition to providing oxygen for the fish, the pump provides oxygen to bacteria in the fish pond bio filter. It is the pumps job to continuously replenish the pond with freshly oxygenated water. The bacteria need oxygen from the circulating water to be able to live and do their job of purifying pond water. These bacteria use up large amounts of dissolved oxygen which has to be replaced. Oxygen is used the most during the night so it is extremely important for the pump to continue running 24/7.

The solar pump is a great choice for a fountain. It would not be critical for it to continue running at night. If the solar pump is used for a pond with Koi and has to handle the main filtration you will probably end up with problems. The only way a solar pond will work with Koi is if you use some kind of battery system so that the pump runs all of the time.

Five Principles of Effective Communication

The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred. George Bernard Shaw

I’m sure this has happened to you: a colleague has just done the exact opposite of what you wanted him to do. How can that be, you ask yourself. I told him exactly what I wanted. Yes, maybe you told him but did you check that he was listening, that he understood, that he agreed and that he would carry out the required action? Obviously not. The first principle of effective communication is to get appropriate feedback.

The second principle of effective communications is to really connect with your audience. It is a fallacy that the mere sending out of information is a communicative act. It isn’t, especially in the current climate where everybody is drowning in information that overwhelms on us all fronts. To connect with your audience you need to address their different needs as partners because communication is a two-way process. You have to decide what you want the outcome of your communication to be: are you trying to inform, persuade, shock, praise, criticize, shame, please, inspire? Whatever your aim you need to plan your message, and the medium for the message, to trigger the emotional and cognitive responses that will ensure you engage your audience. And how do you know you’ve done that? By getting the appropriate feedback of course.

I learnt this the hard way. As part of the induction for new staff, I used to produce a manual containing all the operational information they needed. As time was always short, I would go through the headings with them and tell them to study it at their leisure. But nobody ever did. I was constantly bombarded with simple questions that were addressed in the manual. But it was my own fault. I should have set up a properly interactive session and followed that up with subsequent opportunities to study and discuss the information.

The third principle of effective communications is to listen and understand first. Don’t send out a message until you know what your audience needs. If you are concerned about the quality of somebody’s work, for example, don’t jump in and issue an official warning. First find out what the employee’s perception is. Use active listening skills to really probe the situation. Reformulate the employee’s words, for example, echo the last words of their sentences, invite them to say a little more if they are hesitant. That way, if you discover the family has a seriously sick child or a big financial problem, you will start to understand what is behind the poor performance. You can then decide on the appropriate action.

The fourth principle is to understand that communication is more than the surface meaning of words. You need to be able to interpret other people’s messages. This is just another form of feedback. Let’s say you make an announcement and your group is discussing the information with you. They may feel inhibited about disagreeing openly, but read the signs because you don’t have to be openly aggressive to show disagreement: note the body language, the kinds of words they use, the tone of voice. Somebody who is receptive will give you eye contact, will lean forward and will participate by asking questions, or offering to assist in some way. Those who are not in favour will look elsewhere, maybe fold their arms, use vague language instead of precise terms.

The fifth principle is respect. I don’t want to go over the top here because you may well ask who is she to question the behaviour of the world’s leaders? But it seems to me that many of the international political problems we experience are the result of lack of respect for the other party. Sure, it would be great if other nations didn’t want to develop nuclear weapons, if they had democratic governments, if they weren’t religious fanatics. But we don’t produce good outcomes by taking the view that western leaders know best. To communicate with those we want to persuade, we need to respect them. Just because they don’t agree with us, doesn’t make them inferior or wrong. They have cultural backgrounds and histories that have led them to a particular course of action. Only by respecting that hinterland can we expect to make progress towards cooperation. To translate that to the workplace, you will only gain the cooperation of employees if they know you respect them. If you base your communications on lies, if you try to mislead people, if you ignore their needs and rights, they will see that you don’t respect them and they will lose respect for you.

So where does all this lead us? Simply to the point that if you are having communications problems, you can now start analyzing where you are going wrong. What sort of feedback do you allow for? Do you understand how to appeal to people’s emotions, their reasoning powers? Do you understand what makes your audience tick? Have you tried to find out about their real lives and what is important to them? And are you showing lack of respect by trying to hoodwink them? By addressing these questions as fully as possible you will go a long way towards improving the outcomes of your communications.

Why Self-Esteem Rules

Why Self-Esteem Rules

Do brains really shrink because of how we feel about ourselves?

Professor Sonia Lupien at McGill Medical School is a leading
authority on the effect of stress on the brain. Her team has followed
92 people for about 15 years; they include negative self-esteem
can produce up to a 20% brain shrinkage. Weird.

Dr. William James, Harvard, 1890, said self-esteem is the subjective
(personal) appraisal of your own qualities. Three areas are involved:

a) beliefs – I am / am not a super-competent person and some

people acknowledge it.
b) emotions – I feel pride / shame in how I experience my life.
c) behaviors – I act / hold-back because of my confidence / caution.

How do you define this abstraction – esteem?

A good synonym is self-worth; respect, honor and prize.


Dr. Lupien and her team offer evidence high levels of the stress hormone,
cortisol, are connected to memory loss and atrophy (wasting away) of the hippocampus. Testing folks with Alzheimer disease indicated degeneration of
their hippocampus causing massive memory loss.


Have you ever left a meeting and thought, He / she runs the organization like a
Napoleon. The CEO sails orders under the door, and no one questions what
Egypt how. They just run to fulfill. He / she would make God blush.

Where does their self-esteem come from? Is it real or phony? Does it matter it
the desired results prevail?

Have you encountered folks who take every rejection personally, instead of as
a reaction to the offer or proposal? Many successful people believe there is no
failure, merely feedback to produce better future results.

Another question is whether self-deception, seeing the bottle half-full instead of
half-empty, is a form of self-esteem. Less than ordinary folks often consider themselves above-average in looks, intelligence and ability, regardless of the evidence.

Alter Your Perception

Some experts believe you can change your past and how it affects
your present life, by altering your perception (understanding, thinking) of what occurred, and its present meaning.

Get this: act as-if a past failure never happened. It is a matter of holding too tightly
to your old evaluation of what the past event means today. You new interpretation can be you learned a super lesson, one you need to discover to move up the ladder.

Forgive Yourself

When you have powerful self-esteem, and you really blow it, those personalities quickly forgive yourself. Sure, you evaluate the causes and resolve to remember your mistakes. The question is how long to linger on beating yourself up to no avail.

When you quickly move-on after a divorce, bankruptcy, or foreclosure, it changes
the attitudes and actions of others around you. If you show there is life after your disaster, others have permission to treat the past as ended.


The ancient Greeks, (the Romans changed the names), believed in the Three-Sisters of Fate. The first was Clotho, she spun the thread of life when you were born.

Second was Lachesis, the Goddess who measured the thread of your life. She decided how much time for life was allowed you. It was measured with her rod.

Finally, Atropos, the Goddess sister who cut your thread of life. She chose the mechanism of your death, and cut your thread with her 'abhorred shears'.

Nobody asked you if you wanted to be born, when or where. And you will not
be consulted about its termination. You are responsible for your behaviors while
you live. Those who are fatalists are quick to forgive themselves and continue
to enjoy their time here and disregard what is required.

Meaning and purpose is for the philosophers. We are hardwired to seek pleasure
and avoid pain. If you choose to exercise your gifts and talents, you may influence
the lives of others for the better. Move-on.


How about these three characteristics for positive life experiences?

a) Worthiness, b) Protection, c) Lovable.

We are back to self-worth (esteem), you must believe you deserve to
succeed, and your work will prove you right. Protection means from early
childhood you feel immune to threats from your environment. Mothers
often provide unconventional love, the ultimate form of protection and
proof of lovability.

Is there anything to say about being lovable? If you believe you have
charisma, other opinions do not count. Lovable is in the eyes of the
beholder, even Frankenstein had his admirers. See Mary Shelly.

You really do change how you experience the past by your choice of
mental-movies. Positive-visualizations, cartoons, anything
but negative imagery, produces a new interpretation.

Imagine yourself as a budding genius and notice how your new attitude
alters your mood, emotions and behaviors.

Would it help your career and sense of self-worth to tripling your

reading skills, and double your memory? Call us.

See ya,

————————————————– ————————————————– —-

Useful Tips for Displaying Your Wall Decor

Hanging pictures, art, and posters on the walls can add personality and charm to your home's overall home staging look. While professional home stagers would generally discourage you from hanging family portraits when staging the home (the space needs to be depersonalized as much as possible), there are plenty of other décor you can hang on the walls for an added touch of class or comfort.

Are you an aspiring photographer with several images you are particularly proud of? They may go well over the fireplace, on the dining room wall, or going up the staircase. Artworks you have purchased or collected over the years are also excellent additions to wall décor. Whatever you decide to display on your walls, it is important not to overdo or cram the space with too much décor that it becomes distracting or looks hectic.

Secure the wall décor

You would not want that painting or picture falling from the wall or hurting a potential home buyer when they tour your space. Make sure that it is hanging properly and securely. You can opt for nails and wall studs for strength. Picture hanging-hooks and fasteners are also options for mid-sized frames. For pictures and paintings that are larger and heavier, screws would be safer and more secure.

Use wall art for color

Posters, photographs, and paintings can be the much-needed splash of color you want in your indoor space. You want to paint your walls a bright red but your spouse and your realtor do not approve? Look for wall art and images with bright red hues and colors, display them in groups on your walls, and watch the colors come to life.

Your wall art can also add contrast or accent to your space. If your walls are painted in bright colors and hues, paintings or posters that are pastel-based or with light colors would provide contrast and visual appeal.

Not just paintings and photographs

There are other kinds of wall décor that you can add for variety. For instance, hanging candleholders can be interspersed between frames. Crafts made of different materials can also be displayed for a cozy ambience. A colorful wall clock can be both functional and decorative. If you like to change up the wall art every time in a while, you can hang clipboards of various sizes and then use them as display frames for different images or quotes that you like.

Learning to Trade Commodities

Many new traders ask how long it takes to learn to trade in commodities. It can take a couple of months for a diligent individual to learn to trade commodities. However, for those, who question about mastering trade commodities, they should know that it also may take a lifetime to trade commodities.

If you wish to make consistent profits from commodities trading, you will have to trade consistently. Never trade with the intention of making large sums of money right away. This is why usually 80% to 90% of the traders lose their money through trading commodities. When you are learning to trade commodities, a time will come when you achieve the breakeven point. This is the point where trading becomes profitable.

Commodity trading is held in commodity markets. It can be the derivatives market or even the spot market. In the derivatives market, commodities are traded via different financial instruments whereas in spot market, commodities are bought and sold hand to hand. Usually,Futures is a financial instrument that is used for trade exchanges in the commodity market.

Futures exchange is a standardized contract. It is set on the basis of particular futures exchanges. These include the size, the type, and quantity of the commodity along with the transaction price and the place where the commodity is to be delivered.

Some regulated Futures Exchanges negotiate the future contract. It is a place where the buying and selling orders are brought to a single place on the exchange.

A trading floor or trading computer is required for carrying out transaction in the commodity future market. This exchange takes place among the brokers, who are the members of the exchange of a particular commodity, which is to be traded. Both buyers and sellers are going to have a broker. They will transmit the purchase and sale order.

While you are learning to trade commodities, you see that the buyers and sellers of commodity futures contracts have certain obligations. The buyer has to take delivery and pay for the cash commodity. The time frame for the commodity contract is set. The seller has to deliver the commodity for which he has paid the price that was set for the exchange. The price can change on the quality of the material supplied. The obligations of the buyers and sellers can be eliminated by offsetting the trade exchange before the due date of the contract. This is usually how spectators trade in the commodity markets.

Just like every other type of trading, for commodity trading, you have to open a trading account with the commodity broker. Just choose the broker carefully when you are planning to take recommendations from the trader. Make sure that the trader provides a good trading commission along. The broker is going to be responsible for connecting buyers and sellers. Through the trading accounts, the trader can continue on the exchange himself too by using the computer. This method of trading has become quite preferable among the traders, as it is convenient and quick. Just contact a licensed broker for trading.

Top 3 Facts About Ductless Air Conditioner Units That You Likely Never Knew

Ductless air conditioner units (AC units) are becoming popular because people want to save money on their monthly air conditioning bills, and also in cases where they want to remodel an older building with no space provided for expansive air ducts.

This ductless air conditioning review will help you get a basic gas on ductless air conditioners. After reading this brief report you will be able to figure out whether a duct-free AC units may be right for the needs of air conditioning your home.

1. Ductless air conditioning systems are also known as mini-split systems. The genius of ductless air conditioning is in separating the cooling, or the evaporating, inside, unit, from the compressor, or condenser unit outside. That way, the noise stays outside the room while the cooling effect is present and effective. In fact, the noise of the inside unit can be compared to that of the noise of a ceiling fan, or less. The inside unit is really whisper quiet. That compares favorably with through-the-wall AC units or window AC units.

2. Ductless air condition works not like a refrigerator. A refrigerant liquid is compressed in the outside unit, then transported to the inside unit. There is is rapidly expanded, causing extreme cooling of the coil. A blower blows the room air over the cooled coil, causing the heat to be transferred from the room air to the refrigerant liquid. That heated liquid is then transported to the outside unit, where it is compressed, condensed. The cycle then repeats itself. The only condition for effective operation of a cooling cycle is that by expanding the refrigerant liquid, the temperature of that liquid gets to be lower than the temperature of the room, and that compressing that refrigerant in the outside unit, the temperature becomes higher than the outside temperature. When these conditions are met, the unit will work effectively.

3. Energy savings of a ductless AC system. The energy savings of a split ductless AC system mainly stem from the fact that you can control a single room in a house if you choose to. Cooling is regulated for each inside unit through a convenient remote control, or using timers which, again, are room specific. This results in additional ductless air conditioning cost savings. Another efficiency of mini-split AC units as compared with the ducted air conditioning systems, is that there are certainly no losses of energy in ducts. The third source of energy savings with a ductless air conditioner is the physical separation of the condenser and the evaporator units.

Containers For Candles

How To Make Container Candles

Choose a Wax to Use for Your Candle.

Paraffin wax is one of the most common waxes that is appropriate for not only container candles, but also for pillar candle, votive candles and other molded candles that can stand on their own. Paraffin is a white, odorless wax that is a by-product of the crude oil refining process.

Soy wax, made from soybeans was developed as an alternative to the petroleum by-product, paraffin. It is also used for container candles. Soy wax burns longer than paraffin wax.

Choose a Container

Choose a heat resistant container such as Mason jars which are heavy and designed to withstand high heat. They are hard to break and can be refilled many times. Most of these jars are beautifully embossed with patterns, which makes them ideal for gift-giving. Place the lid that comes with the jar on your container candle, and add a pretty ribbon around the rim of the lid, tie a nice bow, and present it as a gift.

Other glassware is perfectly acceptable, as long as it's thick enough to withstand the heat. Ceramic bowls and metal tins are good choices and are more heat resistant than clear glass.

Fancy cut crystal, pressed glass, and embossed drinking glass are usually heat resistant and made to last. Glass bowls are attractive candle containers. Choose a medium or shallow glass bowl.

Making the container candle

Wash the containers for your candles and make sure that they are completely dry. In the center of each container, place a candle wick. If the wicks you are using have metal disks (wick clips) on the end, they will stand up without any help. If the wicks do not have clips, you will need to hold the wick in place. To do this, tie the wick to an object, then balance that object on top of the container.

Cut the wax into small pieces, and place them in the top pan of a double boiler. Use medium heat until the wax is completely melted. Do not leave the stove unattended while heating the wax.

Use oven mitts or pot holders to remove the wax from the stove. Then, carefully pour the wax into the container until it reaches the desired height of the container.

Allow the wax to cool undisturbed for several hours or until completely hardened.

Candle Burning Safety

While burning the container candle be sure that it is on a heat-resistant surface, away from anything flammable, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Carpet Cleaning Involves Regular Observation

You must watch your carpets and take proper care of the condition of carpets and cushions in your house to retain their freshness for a longer time. Accordingly, you should make it a standard practice to engage in proper carpet cleaning at regular intervals. You have to adhere to some fundamentals in doing so.

You should take up vacuum cleaning of the carpet at least once in a fortnight for a normal house. If the traffic is very high, you have to make it twice and so on. These ensure a longer life of the carpets and help to retain the freshness of the fabrics. Examine the ends of the carpets minutely and use the cleaner to make them dirt free.

Start the vacuum cleaning from one end and clean one patch of the carpet totally before moving to the other areas of the carpet. You can make divisions according to your ease and advantage. Just applying the cleaner over the carpet will not serve the purpose, but you should do it repeatedly to make it completely clean of the dust and dirt that gathers in a fortnight or a week. Give more attention to the areas near sofas and chairs and clean them thoroughly.

You will get some brand of powder from the store to use with the cleaner for removing the odor if there is any. You can safely use them to get rid of the foul odor. Read the instructions before you use them with the cleaners. When you are finished, examine the carpet whether any part of the material requires further cleaning or not. You carpet cleaning venture will be fruitful when you do it regularly and with proper attention.

There may be some areas on the carpet with undesired spots and blemishes, which you need to remove from your carpets. You may need professional guidance in the matter to find your carpets in fine condition.

Potatoes in Noodles With Chili Vegetables

Ingredients: –

– 250g of thick fresh rice noodles
– 2 teaspoons of ground turmeric
– 400g of baby potatoes; cut the potatoes into half
– 2 eggs
– 1 tablespoon of water (one small cup)
– 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil
– 40g of ghee
– 300g of onions; sliced ​​into equal small pieces
– 250g of tomatoes; sliced ​​into equal small pieces
– 150g of bean sprouts
– 1 cup of shredded Chinese cage
– 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
– 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce (or tomato paste)

Ingredients for Chili Paste: –

– 2 teaspoons of oelek paste
– 2 teaspoons of dried prawn paste
– 4 cloves of garlic cut into half
– 4 Shallots cut into half

Method of preparation: –

– Toss the potatoes with turmeric powder in a pan. Add water to cover. Bring this mixture to boil; simmer

and uncovered until the potatoes are tender, then drain water away.
– Beat the eggs and water together in a bowl. Heat oil in a wok and cook the mixture without stirring.

remove the omelet from the wok, roll tightly and slice thinly.
– Heat ghee in a new pan or wok, toss chili paste until fragrant. Add comments, tomatoes, sprouts, Chinese

cabbage and sauces, then toss until the cabbages is just wilted.
– Add potatoes, noodles and half the sliced ​​omelet to the mixture. Toss over heat until heated through. Top

with remaining omelet.

Methods of preparing chili paste: –

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and blend until finely mixed.

Keeping Bandages Dry When Showering

 Whenever you try to shower while wearing a dressing it’s quite a challenge. You already know it will be necessary to substitute it with a clean dry one later. How are you supposed to keep clean if the doctor has told you to keep the bandage dry? Avoid annoying soggy surgical dressings and think about using some of these methods of keeping bandages dry when you are in the shower.  

1. Consider putting on a plastic bag. By placing your dressing or plaster cast into a plastic bag, you can avoid it getting wet. Be sure there are no holes in the plastic, then put arm or leg through the opening. Use strong adhesive tape such as duct tape to secure the top portion and prevent any leaks. If you need to keep a bandaged hand dry in the shower, protect it with a rubber glove secured with waterproof tape to avoid leaks.  

2. Try plastic wrap. If the placement of the dressing means a bag is no use, try plastic wrap. You should ask a friend to help you with wrapping up your dressing with plastic wrap and in taping around the edges. You must be certain to wrap a place bigger than the bandage.  

3. A condom is an imaginative way to protect! When you need to keep a dressing on your finger or your toe, put a condom over the bandage and use waterproof tape to seal up the ends. (Make sure, though, that your rubber isn’t lubricated!)  

4. Buy a proper covering for the dressing. A shower bandage cover is a good investment if you are expecting to wear large ones for an extensive period of time. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to keep your dressing completely dry in the shower you can use the ‘Shower Sleeve’, which works well and is under ten dollars. The packages include all that is needed to keep your injury dry while it gets better.  

5. Think about a sponge bath. If you actually think it is too hard to keep dry bandages while you take a shower, maybe you should think about trying another method to clean yourself. If the position of the bandage allows, you can sit in your bathtub without inserting the injured part of your body. Equally, possibly all you need to do is have one leg out of the shower cubicle as you speedily wash the rest of yourself. All you then have to do is wipe off your leg with a cloth. While somewhat uncomfortable, it will enable you to keep the dressing dry while you get clean.

Smartphones Are Stopping Us From Living In The Moment

Regardless of whether I walk through a shopping area or go into a coffee shop, I see people who are glued to their Smartphones. One of the reasons why this stands out is because I usually leave mine at home.

If I didn’t do this, I would probably be too busy looking down to really notice what other people are doing. Through using one of these devices, I know how everything else can fade into the background.

Bad Manners

One of the things that can take place when someone uses their phone in a public area is that they can be oblivious to what is going on around them. At times, this can cause them to bump into others and to walk onto roads when they are not clear.

What is clear is that they are not going to be fully in the moment; a lot of their attention will be directed towards a screen. This might also be how they will behave when they are with their friends and family.


It then won’t matter if they are with a close friend of theirs, as they will treat them as though they have no importance to them. Their body will be with them, but their presence won’t be.

But, while the other person could feel ignored and as though they are not valued, they might also be somewhere else, too. Their mind, the part of them that has nothing to do in the present moment, is then going to be running the show.

Another Consequence

If someone is at a concert or a show, for instance, they could spend more time filming what is in front of them than actually watching it. They will then have paid money to see something live, but they won’t fully embrace what is in front of them.

There have even been times when people have been more concerned with filming the birth of their child than they have with being fully present to this experience. It is then as though seeing something on a screen is better than seeing it in person

A Big Focus

When Smartphones are advertised, one of the big selling points is in being able to film things. These companies can’t sell presence or give someone more years to live, for instance, but what they can do is give them something to distract their mind with.

This part of them that can’t embrace the present moment, but once a moment has passed; it wants to experience it all over again. Holding onto what can’t be held onto is what the mind tries to do, while missing out on the only thing there is – the present moment

The Age of Voyeurism

Due to modern day technology, it can be very easy to spend more time watching life than actually experiencing life. To live in this way is not fulfilling, however, it is something that the mind feels comfortable with.

Lastly, I think that if we actually value another person, one of the best things we can do is to be fully present in their company. It is easy to say nice things or to buy another person something, but this is not the same as fully showing up.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

A lot have been said about Catering equipment, supplies, hire and leasing, about the products and the suppliers. I am going to focus on a certain type of equipment this time and that is Commercial Refrigeration Equipment. Below are a few of the companies that offer this equipment:

RS Refrigeration

This is a very well known and respected company in its industry; they have 30 years experience (in cooling solutions and refrigeration) and have been established since 1974. They strive to offer a better service than their competitors and deal in a wider aspect of service. Not only do they have one of the largest ranges of refrigeration equipment but also offer a top class air conditioning service with a company full of expert engineers. Their refrigeration products include Evaporators, Ice Machines, Condensing Units, Cold Rooms, Catering Cabinets, Freezers and Fridges.

Refrigeration Specialists UK Directory

Now this company is completely different and i would recommend it if you really do not know where to search and want to compare prices of different stores. They are an advertising site strictly for companies that offer Refrigeration. Select your area from a drop down list and it will show you every company that offer that service in your area. It offers a short description of the company so you can scan through and see if they are offering what you are after and then a link to their website.

The directory is a very good way to search for refrigeration equipment and should help you find the right company to suit your requirements.

Promotional Gifts – Marketing and Branding Tool at Its Best

Gifts … Something that is always welcome by everyone! Something that makes you happy … Makes you feel special … Small or big, does not really matter, when it's a gift! It ensures a smile on everyone's face.

The companies are these days tapping on this advantage by belting out promotional gifts to either promote their brand name or to increase market visibility of their products. Distribution of Personalized gifts like having the company's name embossed on a coffee mug or a t-shirt is one of those many ideas that the companies have been opting for.

A most common personalized gift received is from the jewelry shops. They provide with jewelry bags that have the brand name printed on them. This works two ways. One is that it acts as a beneficial bag for storing of jewelry and secondly, helps in promoting the name of the company.

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How Engineering and Architectural Workflows Are Integrated With the Help of BIM

The impact of Building Information Modelling, or BIM, processes has been a turning point in the history of the construction industry. Design workflows have been altered by the arrival of BIM technology, and both the architecture and MEP (mechanical, engineering, plumbing) sectors have had to adjust themselves to emerging design process trends. Traditionally, architects and building engineers have had different design and documentation workflows. These practices have been modified and integrated by using BIM modelling.

In the MEP design sector, the traditional methods of developing a 2D design from a MEP designer into a coordinated 3D model by the contractor is finding less popularity. BIM modelling is largely responsible for this change, and we discuss how this is so.

A majority of engineering work in construction follows information received from the architects’ design, for example column grids for the structural design or ceiling plans for MEP design. Architectural information, such as building geometry, is then used as input for structural load, heating and cooling load analysis by building engineers. Results gathered from such analysis are then applied to the required sizing of components such as structural units, heating and cooling systems. The number and characteristics of structural joints and MEP distribution systems are calculated to determine loads and size connections, structural framing elements, ductwork and piping.

In some cases, architects may have to give up designed areas to include MEP components. At this point, the design layout would have to be modified while maintaining the building’s engineering systems. The use of coordinated 3D models allows MEP integration in the construction plans at an early stage. Therefore, a 3D model-based workflow became a viable option. Models designed with CAD have certain advantages in the MEP design sector, such as the following:

  • Studies show that 3D CAD tools improve the development cycle by 30-50%
  • Using a 3D model reduces non-conformance issues by 30-40%
  • 3D-based design produces fewer inaccuracies

The use of 3D CAD models therefore save time and money and reduces errors.

MEP design typically involves a significant number of stakeholders responsible for the smooth execution of different stages of building engineering. These stages generally include planning, designing, spatial coordination, fabrication, installation and maintenance. Teams involved in building services design usually consist of design engineers (also known as the consultant engineers or building designers) and MEP contractors. Sometimes, a fabricator, who creates ducts, pipes, electric ladders or sprinklers with frame modules, can also be involved in the design process. The design engineer traditionally worked with the architect to oversee lighting, cooling, heating, drainage, waste, fire prevention and protection services. In this case, the design engineer steers clear of the detailed spatial design of the lighting, cooling, heating, etc. It was the MEP contractor, or trade contractor, who would execute the spatial design requirements and installation. The MEP contractor must then develop the consultant design into an installation-ready building services solution.

There were some challenges with this workflow, such as:

  • Design data, architectural and MEP, had to be shared.
  • MEP design was created by one engineer/team and detailed by other/s.
  • Schematics and plans may present inconsistent data or clashes.
  • Design changes may occur after design finalisation.

The introduction of BIM modelling provided a solution for these challenges, as designs were converted to 3D models and design data became increasingly centralised and changes were notified to stakeholders at a faster rate. With the use of BIM modelling, five different MEP design workflow options emerged. They are as follows:

1. 2D design with 3D BIM coordination

2D design outputs, such as 2D plan layouts, 2D sections and MEP schematics, are created by the designer using traditional 2D CAD tools and then handed to the Contractor who will create a coordinated Revit BIM model which allows the identification and resolution of clashes before site work begins.

2. 2D MEP design and 3D BIM coordination

2D design layouts are created by the MEP designer – the layouts detail the design intent rather than installation requirements. These layouts are then handed over to the MEP trade contractor for detailed 3D coordination. Architectural and structural models are provided to the contractor to allow coordination also.

3. 3D BIM design and coordination by MEP designers

Design engineers create spatially coordinated Revit BIM models with the actual specified components of the projects. Structural, architectural and MEP service coordination is completed. The resulting model is almost installation ready. Typically during a round of value engineering or preferred installation or fabrication requirements, the MEP contractor will still make final changes.

4. 3D BIM design and coordination by MEP contractors

The responsibility for design and coordination is taken on by MEP contractors. Earlier known as a ‘design and build’ workflow, this method is becoming increasingly popular. The contractor works on the design and model based on the specifications of the client. A coordinated drawing is created from the model for installation or fabrication. This is a fast and cost-effective method, since contractor resources’ costs are lower than those of design engineers. As he is making the final procurement and fabrication decisions this also puts all of the control in one team, thereby streamlining the process somewhat.

5. 3D coordination by general contractors

2D architectural, structural and MEP designers work for a general contractor. The team will also typically include detail teams that handle coordination to the level of an MEP trade contractor. A 3D BIM model is created for the contractor to review the model’s strength and adherence to the design. The model is then checked for clashes.

Though there are five different MEP workflows, there is one traditional architectural design workflow, which consists of three basic phases. They are:

1. Schematic Design

Space form and function are conceived by the architect and converted from sketches into a 3D model.

2. Design Development

CAD technicians add dimensions, details and supporting information to the 3D models. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety drawings are generated. Using standard parts libraries and including tagged component data early in this phase enables productivity tools that enhance construction or shop drawings.

3. Construction Document

Accurate detailed drawings show construction materials, component data sheets, specifications and material or component schedules. Data can be assigned to walls, floors and the building envelope in the model, as well as steel and concrete rebar component information and piece detail information.

Seeing that MEP and architectural workflows are distinct, how does the use of BIM technology integrate the two? BIM engineering modelling tools can integrate engineer-designed building content with architectural BIM models for clash detection. Here’s how:

Construction software platforms, such as BIM 360, use cloud-based checklists to enable quality control, on-site safety, tracking of equipment and monitoring of tasks. Project stakeholders, such as project managers, subcontractors, designers and architects can access, change and update data. Models designed using BIM 360 can generate 2D construction documents and 3D MEP coordination. MEP designers can, therefore, plan designs more effectively if projects include 3D modelling of architectural and trade aspects from the beginning.

Round-Trip Transportation

Architectural models created using BIM do not traditionally show the partitioning of volumes and surfaces spatially, which is required for building energy analysis packages in MEP. Revit MEP takes care of the repartitioning of architectural models into units that can be analysed for seamless building services. So, BIM model-authoring tools enable the round-trip transportation of building data from architectural models to MEP analysis tools and back to the architectural model with coordinated and reintegrated engineering components.

Certain aspects of engineering analysis can be integrated into architectural design for greater interactive communication with the use of specific tools. Architects can then receive direct feedback about the MEP effects of their architectural designs. Tools that offer these capabilities include IES plug-ins to Revit MEP or Revit Architecture. Recent software program acquisitions by Bentley and Autodesk have led to increased facility for interoperability, where engineers may prefer a particular analysis package for internal workflow but are restricted by a model-creating software suite required by project agreements. Enabling cross-platform workflows was a leading cause of establishing the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) standard, now better known as buildingSMART.

Integrated architectural and MEP workflows are steadily gaining in popularity in building design circles due to ongoing technological developments. With IFC standard guiding principles, architects and MEP engineers can use the data garnered from other disciplines for reference while coordinating and sharing projects. Ultimately, initial gathering of MEP analysis data and implementing successful building information modelling can help architects design an integrated project that can be executed in a seamless construction process.