Grilled Tilapia Recipes That Will Make You Love Fish Even More

Grilled tilapia and other grilled fish is a good alternative if you want to enjoy tasty barbecue dishes but without the guilt, especially if you’re watching your weight. From time to time, skip the grease and oil of heavy meat dishes and go for fish as they’re equally delicious and satisfying!

Honey Tropical Grilled Tilapia

What you need:

4 fillets tilapia

4 limes, thinly sliced

2 ears corn, shucked

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons honey

2 tablespoons cilantro leaves

Kosher salt

Ground black pepper

Prepare 4 pieces of foil (12 inches long). Place a tilapia fillet on each foil. Brush each fillet with honey. Divide lime, corn and parsley among the foils, drizzle with olive oil then season with salt and pepper. Create packets then cook on a pre-heated grill over high heat for 10 to 15 minutes or until corn is tender and fish is cooked through.

Smoky Paprika Tilapia

What you need:

4 tilapia fillets

3 tablespoons olive oil

2 teaspoons ground smoked paprika

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

In a small bowl, mix together olive oil, paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Stir to combine ingredients well. Brush tilapia fillets with mixture then cook fish on a pre-heated grill for 4 to 5 minutes per side or until cooked through. Serve with rice or grilled vegetables.

Lemon Herb Grilled Tilapia

What you need:

4 tilapia fillets

2 cloves garlic, minced

3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

3 tablespoons minced fresh basil

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 teaspoons capers, drained

1/2 teaspoon grated lemon peel

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

Whisk together lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and lemon peel in a small bowl. Add 2 tablespoons basil and capers to the mixture. Set aside about 2 tablespoons of the mixture and brush the rest onto tilapia fillets. Season fish with salt and pepper. Cook tilapia on a pre-heated grill over medium high heat for 3 to 4 minutes per side or until cooked through. When ready, transfer to a serving platter, drizzle with lemon mixture and top with remaining basil.

Enjoy your next barbecue session with any of these grilled tilapia recipes – they’re not too heavy for a meal but will surely satisfy your appetite. Plus they’re healthier, too! It’s especially ideal for those who are trying to eat healthier!

Wordfence "Manual Block by Administrator" (503) WordPress Setup (Don’t Block Legitimate Traffic)

The Wordfence “Manual Block by Administrator” is an error caused by the way in which the system generally prevents “normal” traffic from accessing a WordPress site due to the way in which it’s rate-limited several credentials.

The main cause of the problem is the way in which the system has been designed to block the increasing amount of “referral spam” constantly bombarding websites.

Whilst it generally succeeds in protecting websites, the core issue is that it can often be too zealous – leading to the errors you’re experiencing.


The cause of the problem is Wordfence – a security plugin for WordPress.

Wordfence basically acts as a “firewall” for WP websites, allowing you to block various websites and traffic from accessing your system.

To appreciate the cause of your error, you have to understand that Wordfence works on “blocking” inbound traffic depending upon different criteria attributed to the different requests.

The error shows as follows:

Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a few minutes. (HTTP response code 503)

Reason: Manual block by administrator

Important note for site admins: If you are the administrator of this website note that your access has been limited because you broke one of the Wordfence advanced blocking rules. The reason your access was limited is: “Manual block by administrator”.

The reason it shows is down to how Wordfence blocks inbound traffic.

Each time someone accesses a website, a series of “HTTP Headers” are appended to the request, which let the server know about everything from the system’s operating system, to IP address to the referral website that originally sent it.

The big problem we’ve got with your site/app is that it is blocking traffic which it deems to be rogue, but is actually legitimate.

The main reason is due to the “rate limiting” feature of the system (which basically prevents multiple requests from the same source in a short space of time — typical of many “referral SPAM” attacks).

The fix is to ensure Wordfence is working properly, which can be done using the steps below.


The general solution to the issue is to ensure that your Wordfence installation is able to operate as effectively as possible.

To do this, you first need to ensure that you are first able to remove any of the ineffective blocks / filters, and then determine the correct way to get it set up.

The most important thing here is that if you’re unable to access the site yourself, you may need to forcibly remove the plugin from the site’s “plugins” directory. This is the first step; if you already have access – ignore it and start with step 2.

Step 1 – Remove Wordfence From Plugins Directory (ONLY If You Don’t Have Any Access To The Site)

The first step is only applicable if you’re totally locked out from your site…

  • Log into your hosting account
  • If you’re using CPanel, you should look for “File Manager”
  • If you’re using some other system, you’ll typically have to use “FTP” to access your server
  • Once you have access to the files on your server, look for the following:
  • [WordPress directory]/wp-content/plugins/wordfence/
  • Rename the “wordfence” directory to something like “wordfence_bk” or similar

Once you’ve done this, try accessing your WordPress website again.

The system should deactivate the Wordfence plugin, allowing you to start using the system again.

If this is the case, you’ll then need to install the “WF Assistant” plugin, which allows you to control how Wordfence works without having access to the plugin directly:

  • Click on “Plugins” > “New”
  • Search for “WordPress Assistant”
  • Click “Install” & “Activate”
  • Go to the “WF Assistant” menu
  • Click the button to disable the Wordfence firewall

This will allow you to rename the “wordfence” folder again without getting locked out of your website.

Step 2 – Remove Rate Limitations

If you have access to the WordPress backend / admin area, you need to remove “rate limiting” from the Wordfence settings.

This can be done using the steps below:

  • In WP’s admin area, click onto the Wordfence > Dashboard
  • Select “Rate Limiting” and click “Disable”
  • Try accessing the site again

The reason this is important is because Wordfence basically has a built-in tool that’s meant to prevent the multitude of fake referral SPAM that’s become prevalent now.

Essentially, hackers / spammers will set up VPS servers and then use them to send 100’s of requests to different websites every second.

These spam injections have no purpose except to pollute website’s referral logs with fake websites – leading to them hopefully being promoted. Obviously, it doesn’t work and site owners are left with 100’s of fake referrals to deal with.

Wordfence works to recognize these requests by using a “rate limiter”. This is a system which allows you to limit the number of requests received from a particular source in any given time.

As such, if you disable this functionality, it should stop the “manual block” error you’re seeing.

Step 3 – Manage Rate Limitations

Disabling the Rate Limiter is not a solution in itself; rather a way to gauge whether the system is able to work with it.

The real solution is to have the “rate limiter” enabled, but to ensure that the filters are not causing “real” traffic to be blocked…

  • In WP’s admin area, click onto the Wordfence > Dashboard
  • Click on the Rate Limiting link
  • This will open the rate limiting options page
  • Select the following:
  • “If a human’s page views exceed 500 per minute then throttle it”

This should ensure that the block is not applied to actual (human) traffic.

If you’re still experiencing the error, it means that your underlying Wordfence installation is not set up correctly.

Either removing the plugin entirely, or re-installing a fresh version will typically resolve the issue.

Hotel Accommodations in Gloucestershire for a Magical Break

Blessed with stunning scenic splendor and enchanting small towns and villages, Gloucestershire is one of the English counties that attract tourists from all over the world. The city is steeped in Royal History and boasts a unique blend of historical sites and interesting attractions. Cotswold Hills, the Forest of Dean and the Vales of Severn and Berkeley are the major tourist locations here. If you are planning a relaxing vacation with your family and loved ones to this paradise on earth accommodation requirement will not pose a major problem. There are plenty of hotel, family-run guest house and B & B accommodations available in Gloucestershire to suit varying tastes and budget choices.

Unwind yourself in a Cozy Hotel in Gloucestershire
Most of the major hotels boast the advantage of scenic locations offering an ideal setting for a memorable stay. Eternal joy can be achieved by staying in a hotel in Gloucestershire that overlooks the dreamy wilderness of the surrounding Forest of Dean. A good number of Gloucester hotels feature delightful and finely appointed bedrooms full of character.

Some of the rustic charm-inspired hotels feature exquisite and distinct antiquities and furnishings. Some of the very old farm houses and manor houses have been sympathetically refurbished into luxury hotels without spoiling their intrinsic rustic beauty. Warm soft furnishings offer the much desired tranquil atmosphere complimenting the stunning views outside from the picture windows. The entire ambience is enhanced by the intelligent use of natural colors and supple lighting. Traditional features are merged perfectly with contemporary furnishing. These elements are sure to offer breathing environment for a romantic weekend that you were longing for.

Since finding a suitable parking lot in Gloucestershire is not an easy task, most of the hotels offer free parking facilities. Decide on the places you are going to explore and select a hotel in the walking distance of that location. You can park your car in the hotel itself and go for a leisure walk. Luxury hotels offer en suite facilities, conference rooms, business centers, spas, hot pools, leisure clubs, gyms, whirlpool baths etc. Alfresco dining on the terraces allows you to have a perfect summer holiday by staying in a hotel in Gloucestershire.

Finding a hotel in Gloucestershire that combines reasonable level of quality with genuine good value is not a difficult task. Staying in a comfortable hotel in Gloucestershire is the considered as the best option to explore the surrounding stunning locations such as the Cotswolds.

Design Specifics for the Ultimate Garage

If you are thinking about building a detached framed garage with garage plans, it is helpful to know the best construction features to use. For best results and to build the best garage plan, it is important to use a 6 bag mix of concrete when you pour your garage slab. The "6" stands for 6 bags of concrete per yard mixed. Anything less than a 6 bag mix is ​​not strong enough. Compacting the 4 inches of crushed stone is also important. Compacting the crushed stone assures that the concrete will be sealed air tight and will eliminate any cracking in the concrete slab. Before the concrete is beloved, be sure to use wire mesh reinforcement this mesh should lay over the crushed stone. The wire mesh will reinforce the strength of concrete. The garage slab should be poured with 4 inches of concrete by garage builders. It is recommended to wait at least 8 days for the concrete to cure before any garage building process is started on the concrete slab. The slab should be slightly pitched one direction to drain water in the appropriate direction of the designated garage property.

The Structure of the framed garage should start with waterproof bottom plates secured by anchor bolts in the concrete slab. The walls should be built with 2 by 4 studs, 16 inches apart to guarantee a structurally strong wall and 8 feet high. Rafters should be 2 by 6 studs, 16 inches apart to support snow and other elements. Make sure the rafters are securely embedded into the top plates of the walls with the "bird mouth cut" method. Once the sheathing is installed on the walls and roof, vinyl siding is the most recommended siding as it is the most maintenance free and economic in the market. And of course the roof should consist of 1 roof vent per 1 car in garage. Vents allow the lumber to breathe and not rot and buckle. If the garage door is over 16 feet in span, it is recommended to use laminated veneer lumber as a header, which supports the weight of the roof and overhead door. The header is installed above the garage door opening. A h horsepower garage door opener with two remote controls is also recommended to make life a bit more convenient instead of opening the overhead door manually.

All these construction features have been implemented with hundreds of garage plans and built for satisfied customers. If a garage builder is going to build a garage that lasts for years and years, they need to follow some basic garage building guidelines. The article you just read are valuable suggestions as to how a professional garage builder would build a quality garage at low garage costs.

The Dimensions of a Fender Jaguar

Move over, music enthusiasts! If these guys would really want to prove their expertise in the use of musical instruments such as the electric guitar, they might as well try playing with the Fender Jaguar. Well, it’s not like the Fender Jaguar is something new – it has been around since the 1960s – but even so, there are still a good many musical instrumentalists who find this type of electric guitar a puzzle to play perfectly. But for those who have mastered the art of producing music with a Fender Jaguar, they will find that it actually has the capacity to play just about any kind of music there is with stunning quality.

The Characteristics Inherent in a Fender Jaguar

Just what makes this instrument such a hard yet exciting musical instrument to play? First is the tailed bridge, which is so designed so that the guitarist will be able to adjust the spacing in between each guitar string. Basically, the purpose is to allow the guitarist more freedom to customize the sound to fit his needs. However, for those who lack experience, when they adjust the strings, they find that these suddenly jump or get out of position, especially when they are playing the instrument with force.

Another feature is called the buzz stop. This is basically a bar that is meant to enable the guitarist to adjust the strings’ angle on the back of the bridge, with the intention to minimize the buzzing of the strings. Still another is the string resonance feature, which sounds great but not when the guitarist intends to play stacatto. However useful these features in the instrument intend to be, for some guitarists, they deem these unimportant and just serving as a nuisance to them.

The Dimensions of a Fender Jaguar

For the classic Fender Jaguar, the dimensions are 44 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches by 4 inches. It has a neck that resembles a C shape, bearing 22 frets. As per the radius of the fret board, it typically measures about 241 millimeters, or an equivalent of about 9 1/2 inches. The length of the scale, on the other hand, measures 610 millimeters or an equivalent of 25 inches. As per the nut, the width is pegged at 1.65 inches. The weight, meanwhile, is about 15 pounds.

Other Fender Jaguar models include the Baritone Custom, the Baritone Special HH, and the Special HH. These models are distinguished as per the length of their scales. For the Baritone Custom, the scale measurement is at 28 1/2 inches. The Baritone Special HH is a little smaller, at 27 inches. On the other hand, the scale of the Special HH is just 24 inches long.

Sinus Pressure – A Quick Cure – Step Three

Could an ancient, very simple, noninvasive healing system hold the key to one of your main sinus cure elements? Almost any sinus expert would agree that keeping the sinuses clear is basic to preventing sinus problems. Many millions of dollars in sinus remedies could be saved every year by consumers if this simple and basic fact were understood and practiced. A sinus congestion that does not go away is probably the number one step toward a sinus infection, followed by pressure, or post nasal drip, and possibly a sinus headache. Why go through all that pain when the answer may lie, literally, at your finger tips and at no cost to you? You can keep your sinuses flowing nicely, in most cases, by following a simple procedure:

An old healing system used by millions

There is this ancient healing system from the orient called acupressure–not to be confused with “acupuncture” which is considerably more invasive. It works, basically, on the premise that applying finger pressure on certain specific, very precise, sites of the body stimulates the flow of healing energy to specific organs or other parts of the body. For example, you can boost your immune system and thereby help to prevent a sinus infection. You just apply finger pressure on a specific point on the forearm. But it must be done right after the first sign of the problem. Or even better, if you do this on a regular basis–it just takes a few minutes–you may be helping not only your sinuses, but your body in general to stay healthy. But let’s concentrate now on sinus pressure.

How you can start your sinus flowing in minutes

Relax your mind and body. It is best not to do acupressure right after eating a meal. If your mind is relaxed and could visualize your sinuses exquisitely flowing, then you would obtain optimum results. I do this every morning right after awakening and it has prevented many a sinus infection and pressure. Press the tips of the index fingers on the side of your nostrils for 3 minutes–both sides at the same time. If you do it rightly you will feel your sinuses beginning to drain within minutes of starting this procedure


We do not have to rely on over-the-counter or prescribed medications all the time with their unfailing side effects. If we learn and try alternative healing and preventive procedures like the one just described we will be saving money and those side effects. Our Maker has put in the body the right healing mechanisms so that we can naturally heal our own ailments if we learn how to do it.

Drainage Solutions

It has been bone dry laately, so you are probably not giving too much thought to that terrible river of water in your back yard that appears after it rains. Ironically though, this is the perfect time of year to correct drainage problems. The soil is stable and there will be opportunities to make adjustments before the ground freezes in late October.

Other than keeping your feet dry, improving the drain of surface water around your property has many benefits. Many garden pests, most notable Japanese Beetles, thrive in environments with loose, moist soil. Nutsedge, a tall, light green, spiky week that flourishes in late summer, finds refugee in wet areas. One final reason to consider fixing your drain problem once and for all: mosquitoes. With the increased concern about West Nile Virus, and the general annoyance of these unwanted guests, it should be welcome news to many that eliminating standing water dramatically reduces the mosquito population in a given area.

What exactly does a drain solution consist of? Well, it depends large on the area that the problem resides in and local ordinances. In many cases the fix is ​​as simple as relocation the flow of a downspout or installing drain-boxes and underground piping. Occidentally, the solution will involve correcting a sloping grade or the installation of an earthen berm. All result in stable dry ground suitable for anything from establishing new turf to installing a patio. The benefits of eliminating unwanted run-off are numerous, the work involved is usually minimal, and the cost is surprisingly affordable. We highly recommend taking note of the water flow the next time it rains. Does your walkway become a stream? Your lawn a pond? Are there areas that remain moist well into the week?

Softball Coaching Drills

Mastering physical softball coaching drills is half the battle when coaching. Drills that will enhance the athleticism and endurance of the team are very important. Still, you should always be coaching your team by combining the physical aspect with the mental aspect. There’s one specific softball coaching drill that really brings out both parts of the game; it is called the Bubble Drill.

This particular drill should be taught as an outfield drill. You should direct your players to go to their outfield positions and draw an imaginary circle in which they will not step out of; they should enter their bubbles beginning from when the pitcher is getting in position to throw the ball. This bubble is a place where the players need to be 100% focused on what their individual jobs for the game. Despite any distractions, the bubble should be the place where the player’s game is all that she is thinking about. You must exaggerate the importance of total focus during this softball coaching drill.

Once all of the players have created their circles, the actual drill will begin. You should take the pitcher’s mound and have an assistant coach be the batter. After every pitch, you must advise your players to momentarily step out of their circles. Once they are out of the circles they can look at specific details about the game like positions of the offense and the number of outs. Once that is all in perspective, each player should ask herself, “If I catch the ball, what am I going to do with it?” This question could quite possibly be the most important part of this drill. Explain to them that while they are out of their bubbles, they can endure their surroundings. However, before the next play begins they must get back in their bubbles and once again think about the answer to the key question.

When the team gets back in their bubbles they should be prepared for the ball without any distractions. Direct the fielders to keep their focus solely on the batter. Direct the pitcher to imagine that the catcher’s glove is a target and to focus completely on hitting the target. Direct the catcher to focus on the pitcher’s releasing point. The key to this softball coaching drill is focus. You are showing the team the importance of a focal point, how to to break away from the point and how to get back to it. This will improve your team’s overall game because it will teach them to focus only on what they need to for each specific play. Therefore, it is teaching them to focus on the points that will help them to eventually win the game.

This softball coaching drill is explained as a defensive exercise but the skills that are being used will help to improve the players all-around. The Bubble Drill will help to ensure that your team is a step ahead of the other team. The Bubble Drill teaches the skills that a team needs to make it all the way.

Vertical Window Blinds – Home Depot

Home Depot has an exceptional selection of vertical window blinds available today. Their collection of merchandise has been selected from top brands that sell their products at affordable prices. For this reason, if you are a homeowner, this is one of the stores you should check out before you make a purchase.

Home Depot sells brands like Levolor, Hampton Bay, and Bali to help their customers decorate their homes with style. They also have a very large selection of product styles to choose from as well. Whether you are looking for fine wood vertical blinds, or you are looking for just a basic model that is very affordable, they probably have the style you are looking for.

If you are not very familiar with the various product options that are available to you today, you should know that you can choose blinds that come in different materials, multiple styles, and you can select shades that come with many different looks.

Vertical blinds are often the most popular items in this industry today, but you can also buy cellular shades that slide closed. Both styles can be a great option for most homes, because they both block light from the outside and are very easy to use.

As you peruse the catalog that Home Depot has to offer today though, you should keep in mind that you can also choose from many different colors and fabrics. Wood is commonly becoming a very popular material in this industry.

If you are looking for a very soft look, you will certainly find the vertical window blinds made from various fabrics to be the right products for you. If you are looking for a very affordable item, you will probably want to select one of the many vinyl products that are being sold in Home Depot today. On the other hand, if you are looking for an item that is the pinnacle of excellence, you will certainly want to look into the wooden blinds that are on the market right now.

Planning To Build The Perfect Deck? Get Advice From Oprah, Janka And Google Before You DIY!

Will your next deck be made of real wood or composite materials, and will people be walking on it in 2108?

If you are like me, you have a handle on DIY home maintenance and you have not called a plumber or an electrician since George Bush Sr. was in the White House. My shop is the envy of every guy in the neighborhood, and I know my way around just about any home repair or remodeling project. So, when my wife asked if we could build a deck on the back of our log home, I did not give it a second thought. "A quick trip to the local lumber yard and I'll have us grilling steaks on our new deck by Sunday, I told my bride.

When she wished after hearing my construction estimation, I knew there was more to this request than I had been told, and I was soon enlightened. Thanks to Oprah, or some other TV show I do not watch, my wife had learned that decks have changed. "Nobody builds decks like they used to", the newly crowned deck expert told me, "now they use composite materials or Brazilian woods that last forever", I was informed.

The gauntlet had been laid in front of me; my wife knew about a construction matter than me. I did what any man will do when challenged in such a manner, I fired-up the Internet and headed for Google. Oprah was not going to lecture to my wife about building decks and construction materials – that was my job.

What began as a simple weekend project had now become a research operation worthy of a government grant. I could never admit this to my wife, or Oprah, but I soon learned that nobody builds decks like they used to. The last deck I built was constructed using those green pine pressure-treated boards that oozed some kind of fluid and weighed five times what they should. Sometime during the last century we were told that wood preservative caused cancer and those heavy green boards disappeared from lumber yards.

Alternative choices for decking made of real wood became (and remain) slim. Because of the huge demand and limited supply such wood requires special orders for over-priced lumber that is never "in stock". To address this market opportunity, composite materials appeared on the scene and are very popular. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I like wood and the thought of grilling my steak standing on a plastic deck just rubs me the wrong way.

Fortunately, I discovered that I am not alone in my wood lust and that there are companies who offer a better, natural solution to the decking dilemma. Our choices for decking materials other than composites and pressure-treated ugly boards now include woods from the forests of South America that last for decades … many, many decades. I discovered one such company named Brazilian Wood Depot located in Norcross, Georgia, that imports and distributes various species of premium, real-wood decking.

I contacted the owner, Eric Hoover, and received a cram course on real wood decking alternatives. These are beautiful woods that literally require no maintenance and are more durable than composite decking. What's better still is that lifetime estimates range from 15 to 100 years depending on the species. You read that correctly – 100 years!

My research uncoated information that I would never have considered prior to that TV virus infecting my wife's database. As an example, I have never built a deck, fence or other outside project with a preconceived notice of how long it would last. I would use what I thought was the best material for the job and know that in a couple years I would need to paint or stain again.

All wood grays over time and many people like a gray weathered appearance. However, an oil-based sealer will help preserve Brazilian decking and help retain the original color if you desire. Regarding the remarkable lifespan of these woods, the estimates are based on the "Janka hardness rating []" (used to determine whether a species is suitable for use as flooring.)

  • Cambara 15 years
  • Garapa 25 years
  • Tigerwood 40 years
  • Jatoba 50 years
  • Cumaru 80 years
  • Ipe '100 years

Clearly, weather and the elements play a critical part in how long any material survives outdoors, so we are talking rates here. The life expectancy of a conventional deck surface of pine can be as short as 5 or 6 years unless you think navigating rot fractures and loose boards constituents a "stable" deck. Redwood from the good old USA will last longer and is an ideal substitute for pressure-treated pine, but it is exorbitantly expensive and almost impossible to obtain.

Most composite decking manufacturers warrant against just about everything but color fading. However, I learned that many people's experience is that it will begin to sag and discolor after 5 to 8 years. I followed some interesting online forums and blogs and discovered that composite decking has "love it or hate-it" fan clubs, so you will want to do your own research and I'd recommend that you dig deep. Some of the horror stories involved $ 20,000 deck fiascos could give you nightmares.

Affordability is the ultimate decision maker (unless you're Oprah). As with all things, the bottom line will usually determine our ultimate choice, but I was in love with the beauty and structural soundness of the Brazilian decking woods I discovered. My cost analysis of using Brazilian hardwood versus pine or composite decking was a surprising exercise. My research results showed that pressure treated pine costs approximately $ .80 per linear foot (plf), and although inexpensive, we're talking about incurring that same expense many times over the lifetime of a house. Composite decking costs range from $ 2.00 to $ 4.00 plf, but again we're looking at a reoccurring expense.

Surprisingly enough, the Brazilian woods, which are the most beautiful and offer the longest lasting solution, cost approximately $ 2.20 plf. After you factor out maintenance and factor in a projected 15 to 100 year lifespan, this was a no-brainer decision. In addition to being affordable and beautiful, Brazilian decking wood is extremely durable, needs no maintenance, is recyclable and biodegradable. I live in a log home – I really like wood, and I just discovered I could afford what I wanted.

After I shared what I had learned with my construction princess, she acknowledged that I had reclaimed my title as DIY PRO …. but there was one intsy, wincy, tiny little problem. "There's this gorgeous log home for sale down by the lake just a few miles from here", she purred. "And it does not have a deck either, so you'll be able to use everything you've learned when we build our new deck on that house after we buy it." As I turned to slink away, she asked me where I was going. I answered that it was almost time for Oprah's show and I needed all the help I could get.

Guide to Golden Gate Bridge – One of the World's Most Beautiful Bridges

If you see images of the Golden Gate Bridge on the internet you will get to know what a wonderful view it can be on a still, clear day. There are two Golden Gate Bridge Vista points which are very popular among the tourists. Pedestrians are allowed to visit the bridge only during the day and cyclists and people with other vehicles are allowed at any time of the day.

You may be allowed to visit the Vista points for just 30 minutes. If you choose to take a walk on the bridge you can get an hour for that. It is located on the Northwestern part of San Francisco.

The metered parking spaces are full all the time. If your meter expires then you would have to pay a fine of at least $ 30. The South Vista Point has a gift shop, cafe, an exhibition that shows the cross-section of a cable and ample number of restrooms.

In order to skip the fine that you may have to pay for spending more time than the meters allow you must turn left onto Lincoln after driving away from metered lot. You can then park your car on the gravel lot on your left. You can avail parking at a satellite lot on the south side side of the bridge on the holidays and weekends. Then simply you can walk towards the bridge. For the North Vista point parking is free for 4 hours.

The bridge survived the 1989 earthquake. To get an idea about the length and height of the bridge one has to walk onto the bridge. The ships passing below the bridge seem to be very small as you stand 220 feet above the surface of the water. The tour operators in San Francisco include a tour to the bridge in their itineraries. A guided tour may help to know about its history.

Business Owners’ Advice for Public Ramps and Stair Lifts

Whether your business provides a service that caters to the senior community, or simply has a large senior citizen following, it is it wise for you to consider improving the ease and accessibility of your commercial property with elderly and disabled individuals in mind. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your clients and customers are safe, and specialized safety ramps and stair lifts can provide this security for geriatric and disable citizens. Continue reading for helpful information and recommendations regarding public ramps and stair lifts.

Commercial Stair Lifts and Ramps

Commercial stair lifts, step lifts, ramps, and other handicap-assisted equipment are important for those with mobility issues, and make navigating a commercial property easier, safer, and more convenient for the elderly and disabled. Not only does it prevent accidents, it reduces the risk of your company facing potential injury lawsuits.

Stair lifts can be fitted to any size or type of interior or exterior stairwell, making them an easy choice for commercial properties. This includes staircases that are straight, curved, spiral, helical, long, short, wide and narrow. With a range like this, any commercial property or premises can be renovated with stair lifts. Whether inside or outside, they provide a safe and secure means of moving up and down difficult inclines. With simple joysticks and buttons, they are also easy to understand and operate. Stair lifts are battery-powered, so they do not require an electric power source, saving money and energy. And with long-lasting battery life and weather-resistant designs, stair lifts are relatively low maintenance. They do require recharging to prevent accidental shut-downs, mid-operation.

Ramps are another helpful addition to consider. They are meant to provide safety and convenience for those in wheelchairs, or for those with mobility problems. Access ramps are a quick and inexpensive way to cater to the elderly and disabled community while still remaining in compliance with the state regulations for disabled access. And they are convenient for any property since they can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Step Lifts

Step lifts are another option that provide the same purpose as the others, but for small rise wheelchair access. Step lifts are powered by electricity and designed to lift wheelchairs up to 3 meters off the ground. In the case of a power failure, they are manufactured with a safety mechanism that automatically lowers the lift. Primarily used for public access, step lifts are a popular choice for properties since they are not overbearing in an aesthetic sense. They can provide safety and accessibility without jeopardizing the property’s décor and design.

What to Do With the Extra Stuff After a Loved One Passes

It is a sad and stressful time when a loved one passes away. You grieve for that person; you have to deal with the technicalities of their passing such as funeral arrangements and memorial services. After this is all said and done, there is that moment when you and the family have to go through your loved one's belongings. This is another step in the process that is difficult because everything reminds you of that person. Once everyone has sorted through their things, there is always stuff left over that no one wants. As sad as it is that you can not distribute everything, you then have to figure out what to do with all of it. Just like everyone else, your late loved one had accumulated junk and junk can be a problem when trying to clear out an individuals living quarters.

What you find yourself dealing with is old pieces of furniture that everyone said they could not use, boxes of old books that everyone has already counted through, old magazines that your loved one was collecting, and that that you do not even know what it is or what purpose it could possibly serve. You have no idea what you're going to do with all of it because it is literally going to be impossible for you to haul it out to a dump somewhere on your own and some of it you're not even sure if it is safe for a dump. That's when you entertain the idea of ​​hiring a junk removal service.

Junk removal service

A junk removal service uses different sizes of dumpsters, trucks, and trailers to take care of your junk removal needs. They will take care of the removal of trash, rubbish that the garbage man would not pick up in a million years, junk removal, furniture removal, and so much more. There really is not too much that a junk removal service will not pick up unless it is some sort of hazardous material. In that case you need to contact your area's waste department to see how to properly dispose of those materials. But the point is that you're going to be able to dispose of all of that stuff that no one wants and you're going to be able to do it affordably.

Basically, you can shop around for the best junk removal service in your area based on the amount of stuff that needs to be removed. When you tell them how much stuff there is, they can quote you a price based on the manpower needed and the size of the truck, trailer, or dumpster that needs to be used. You can then use that information to compare services in order to find the best one for you.

What do they do with it?

Once they pick up the stuff, they take it back to their facility and they sort through it. Many times such items as furniture can be salvaged. Once it is salvaged, it is used in such facilities as nursing homes or for the less fortunate. Recyclables are recycled and anything else that can be salvaged is donated to facilities and organizations that can use them. The amount of the junk that does not see another chance at a useful life is very small because there are so many uses for junk that no one wants.

So when it comes down to it, do not stress and remove the junk on your own. Call a junk removal service to do it for you. That way it is being done quickly and you know that your loved one's junk can become someone else's treasure.

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement? How to Decide

Own a property long enough and you will have problems. If you buy an old home and don’t upgrade it or renovate it, then you will have problems sooner than later. Even new homes can have some structural problems due to exposure to weather extremes. Most roofing problems are a direct result of the effects of ultraviolet sun rays, heat, wind, rain, snow, ice and different kinds of debris accumulating over time. There are other causes of roof damage, from installation errors to poor quality materials.

When you have a problem with your roof, which could be leaking or missing shingles, dents and cracks or a substantial part of the roof damaged, you will need to decide between roof repair and roof replacement. It can sometimes be a tricky choice due to the nature of the damage. Here is a simple guide to help you make an informed decision.

  • Get a roofing professional to inspect the damage. Once the problem is diagnosed, the roofer will recommend solutions. In rare cases, there is only one remedy. In most cases there can be temporary and permanent solutions, which have different costs. You may also choose to ignore the problem for a while. Ignoring the leaky roof is not recommended because it could become a larger problem and would cost much more to fix. In any case you shouldn’t compromise the safety and security of your loved ones with a flawed, fragile or damaged roof.
  • The roofer may recommend roof repair or roof replacement. To make a decision, ask a simple question and let the roofer answer. You should also ask the question to yourself. Is the problem going to be completely resolved with roof repair or would roof replacement be the only remedy? If you answer roof replacement and the roofer recommends so as well, then you don’t have a choice. Many problems are beyond roof repair so you must opt for roof replacement.
  • If roof repair can plug the problem then opt for it but do consider the roof repair cost and if it is justified based on the expected life of the repair. If roof replacement cost is not very different from extensive repairs, then you may just get the roof replaced. Don’t just compare the roof repair cost and roof replacement cost without factoring in the how it will look and how long it will last. Always make an objective assessment and decide with an overall view.

Trading Volumes in the Stock Markets and How it Affects Price Action

There is debate among some market observers who say that price is the only thing to consider when buying or selling a stock. They would have you think there is little or no correlation between price and volume levels or the amount of trading activity near price.

The intelligent stock market observer knows that trading volumes are an important characteristic of market health.

Trading volumes are the blood that pumps through the arteries and veins of the markets. (Sorry about the physiology analogy there) If not for trading volume the market itself would cease to exist. Understand, this one simple concept, if not for volume or the interest in traders and investors to own stock there would be no stock market at all. What drives the trading volume, the possibility of, profit. Without the profit motive we would have no reason to trade stocks, bonds, commodities, or other investment instruments.

Trading volumes give us strong indication of the psychology affecting traders at a given time in the markets.

1. In a market that is trending up volumes will begin to pick up as other traders / investors see that other traders are coming into the market. More traders / investors coming into the market and buying stock will inevitably push prices higher.
2. In a market that is trending down volumes will begin to pick up as other traders / investors see that other traders are beginning to leave the market. More traders / investors leaving the market will inevitably push prices lower.
3. In a sideways or consolidating market trading volumes are generally modest and lackluster. This is characterized by prices that oscillate within a limited range. There is no clear indication of dominance by either buyers or sellers. As a result we have a tug of war that resembles somewhat evenly matched opponents pulling on a rope on the beach and trying to pull the other over the line drawn in the sand. For our purposes here the proverbial line in the sand is the price range top to bottom that this tug of war produces.

Commonly these price ranges are equal to 10% or so of the price of the stock or security. There are many examples that would defy that statement and we are not trying to prove every exception. Some stocks are very volatile, even, in their trading ranges and can exceed that threshold. Learn to identify these areas and you can profit.

Trading ranges almost always lead to large runs up in price or down in price. Trading ranges exist for a reason as they are the "lull before the storm". A trading range can develop over a period of days, weeks, months or years. The longer the development period the stronger the move in either direction will, generally, be.

These trading ranges generally indicate a period of quiet accumulation or selling and occur somewhat under the radar. This quiet period does not get swing traders or other short term traders excited about the market as it appears that nothing of significance is occurring. For those investors that sense much higher or lower prices are in the offing this presences a unique opportunity to build a position in a stock that can make them substantial sums of money if they are correct in their assumptions and timing.

In another piece we will detail some of the characteristics of volume patterns in charts and hopefully help make sense of it for those of you that are new to volume interpretation.