10 Things You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning

If you don’t know your wet vacuums from your dry vacuums, then the thought of carpet cleaning can be a little bit overwhelming. However here are 10 of the most important things you need to know about carpet cleaning.

1. Prevention is better than cure

Keep your carpet as clean as possible by taking steps to prevent major dirt and stain hazards. For example, ban shoes in the house, do not let your children eat foods away from the table and stop your pets from going in carpeted rooms.

2. Vacuum regularly

Maintaining a regular light cleaning schedule will reduce the frequency with which you must carry out heavy cleaning.

3. Always pick up crumbs quickly

Pick up any crumbs that you drop as quickly as possible, either with your hands or using a dry vacuum cleaner. This will prevent them from being trodden into the carpet which can make them much harder to remove.

4. Treat stains quickly

The sooner you attempt to treat a stain, the more likely that you are to manage to get it out of your carpet. The way that you treat the stain will depend on what has been spilled. If you leave the stain for too long, it might set and be very hard to remove.

5. Always read the label

If you haven’t had training in carpet cleaning, always read the label before you do any cleaning. What works on one carpet may not work on another, and using the wrong product may end up doing more harm than good.

6. Dry quickly

If your carpet gets wet, take up any excess moisture immediately and take steps to help the carpet to dry as quickly as possible, because water can cause tide marks and unpleasant smells.

7. Constant Vigilance

Be aware of changes in your carpet, as they could signal problems coming from underneath.

8. Beware of mold

If you have to lift your carpet, beware of the potential that toxic mold may be growing underneath. Whenever you are going to do this, it is safest to ventilate the room as much as possible and wear a face mask to reduce the risk of inhalation.

9. Personal Protective Equipment

If you do decide to use chemical cleaning products to clean your carpet, you should always wear the correct personal protective equipment to help to keep you safe.

10. Call in the professionals

If you are struggling with carpet cleaning, you should call in the professionals, as they will be able to help you out.

Grana Toscano Pesto Croute Recipe

It is a famous Italian soup with unique taste and falvour. As the name itself remind of the Italian food. This is royal sort of soup broadly eaten in Europe.

Ingredients used for the recipe:

Macaroni 2 tbsp, 3 cups vegetable broth, Potatoes, diced 1 medium, Carrots, diced 1 medium, Green beans, cut into small pieces, 04/03, White pepper 1/2 tsp, Cabbage, shredded low 4.1, Zucchini, cut into small chunks 1 medium, 2 tbsp tomato Concas, Tomato paste 1/2 cup, Olive oil 1 1/2 tbsp, Garlic, chopped 6-8 cloves, Onion, chopped 1 medium, Dried oregano, crushed 1/4 tsp, Fresh basil leaves, torn by hand 10-12, Parmesan cheese, grated 1/2 cup

Method for preparing Grana Toscano Pesto Croute:

Bring to boil in a saucepan of vegetable stock. Add the potatoes and macaroni and cook on medium heat for one minute.

Add carrots, green beans and continue to cook. Add salt and white pepper powder and mix well. Add cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes and tomato paste Concas

Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a skillet. Add garlic and onion and cook until soft. Add oregano and continue cooking.

Add it to cook the soup bowl and mix. Add basil and simmer until the vegetables are soft. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve piping hot with pesto crust.

Recipe Tip / advice:

Concas, first blanch the tomatoes to make logo. Peel them, remove seeds and chop coarsely.

To pesto crust, the first Toast bread slices and make a pesto spread. Or you can even serve garlic bread or breadsticks.

Preparation Tips:

1. Preparation time: 10-15 minutes
2. Cooking time: 20-25 minutes
3. Servings: 4 persons.

Do not Forget These Supplies in Your Vehicle's First Aid Kit

When we think of the items that should be kept in vehicle first aid kits, a few common wound care supplies come to mind:

  • Antiseptic cleansing wipes
  • Plastic adhesive bandages
  • Butterfly closure strips
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Burn relief cream

Since the purpose of an automobile first aid kit is to be prepared for unexpected situations, you may want to ensure that your vehicle is stocked with these less obvious safety supplies to ensure preparedness in different types of emergencies:

  • First aid tape, cotton tipped applicators and gauze in a range of sizes: While the basic wound care supplies mentioned above are important to keep in any vehicle first aid kit, having gauze in a variety of sizes as well as other wound care supplies provides the ability to treat wounds of varying severity.
  • Instant cold compresses: An instant cold compress is a small pack that becomes extremely cold and acts as an ice pack when activated. An instant ice pack can be used to alleviate swelling when ice is not available, as is usually the case in roadside emergencies.
  • Emergency blanket: Emergency blankets use reflective foil to trap body heat and maintain optimal body temperature in cold environments. Emergency blankets can be life savers in the event that you get stranded with no heat in frigid winter temperatures.
  • Disposable gloves: Disposable gloves such as latex gloves, vinyl exam gloves or disposable nitrile gloves protect against the spread of germs when administrating or receiving first aid. Gloves help prevent the spread of germs from the hands to a wound and vice versa in an emergency situation.

A vehicle first aid kit may not be something you think about often, but having the right medical supplies on hand to deal with unpredictable circumstances is an important part of vehicle safety. While we recommend keeping a complete first aid kit in your vehicle to prepare for emergencies, we also hope you never have to use it!

Four Effective Hair Loss Solutions

More than one hundred million Americans struggle with hair loss. Although more common in males, about forty percent of sufferers are female. But regardless of sex, almost all cases of baldness (about 95 percent) are caused by genetic factors. In other words, most folks are destined to lose their locks from birth. With that said, there are steps you can take to slow, stop, even reverse the process. Here are four proven hair loss solutions.


Oftenought by patients with advanced cases of alopecia (baldness), transplantation is a surgical procedure performed in a doctor's office. The operation involves removing a section of permanent hair from the back of the scalp and using it to fill in areas with no or thinning locks. Although these transplanted strands soon fall out, about 60 percent of them will grow again, leading to a thicker, fuller hairdo. Because the surgery itself is performed by a doctor and takes many hours to complete, it can be quite pricey. It is actually not at all uncommon for patients to spend over $ 10,000 on the procedure. With that said, most people are satisfied with the results.


While there's certainly no shortage of home remedies, only two drugs are considered hair loss solutions by the FDA. Minoxidil is a topical treatment that slows or stops alopecia in about 40 percent of users. Affordable and broadly available, it is the only over-the-counter treatment for the common condition. The only significant drawback of using minoxidil is that it must be applied for life.

The second FDA-approved medication is a prescription pill called finasteride. Considered by some users to be slightly more effective than minoxidil, it must also be taken indefinitely. We should also note that finasteride has not been approved for use by women. In fact, one study found it to be no more effective than placebo for female users.


Easily the oldest solution on our list: wigs. Wigs have been around since the ancient Egyptians. Just as they were back then, hairpieces are fashion accessories that can also be used to conceal total, substantial, even partial baldness. Affordable and easy to find, they can be purchased at most salons and even some drugstores.

Hair Extensions

Whether they are clipped, sewn, glued, fused, or taped in place, extensions can add volume to any hairdo. Although often applied for a fashionable effect, extensions can also be used to cover and conceal thinning areas and bald spots. But because some systems can damage remaining strands, it is important to tell your stylist that you are losing your locks. She can then select extensions that will not endanger your natural hair.

All of the hair loss solutions we discussed today are open to any person struggling with alopecia.

The Right To Make It

The right to make it to where you want to go is always earned, not given. I did not mean it is too hard not to be easy. When you are willing, and I do mean genuinely willing, it is genuinely easy. When you are not willing, but want it anyway, it all seems genuinely hard. When your life is something you are willing to pay a price for, you will be willing to earn and earn quite easily with a powerful effort what you genuinely want.

For everyone willing to earn instead of wait for luck or fortune, genuinely conscious effort creates the power to achieve. The catch is that you have to use your efforts somewhat ruthlessly though whatever the obstacles may be. In fact, those obstacles may make you more powerful in every way that counts. Indeed, with more skill you can win more over what may come up in your way.

As you can tell, I did not write this article for beginners at goal achievement and self-direction. I wrote this for people who are sure where they want to go but need a sign or arrow pointing them in the right direction.

Sometimes, the most basic advice is best, especially when you are sure of your goals and objectives, and most of the time overly complicated or complex advice can be detrimental to creativity and goal achievement. After all, we want to get from point to point successfully and simply, not be a “Rube Goldberg complex plan cartoon” that has too many unnecessary steps. Let me put it this way: Strip the steps and get from point “A” to point “B” simply and you will be fine. The ultimate weakness is to make things too complex anyway, the simpler the better.

You know, my Dad once simplified all of my beautiful theory to two words, and I realized what he was saying with that: Direct is best, overly complicated and too many steps that do not work anyway to achieve the goal is the worst. Both ways have the same end in mind, but who will get there first and best? The direct and simple way will get there first and best, and all the “beautifully complex theory” in existence cannot change that. Reality comes down to what you can genuinely get done realistically, not fantastic theory anyway. Indeed, the winner is not the person who comes up with the best looking but unworkable ideal. The winner is the person who does it.

Holiday Apartments For Rent in Barcelona Spain – Book Direct With The Owner – No Agents' Commission

As a holiday destination, Barcelona has it all, including fabulous holiday apartments for rent in Barcelona Spain where you can also find sunshine, beaches, museums, shops and great restaurants. You can avoid paying travel agent commission when you rent your vacation apartment rentals in Barcelona Spain by booking directly with the apartment owners. You can rent a city property in Spain from the Internet by putting in searches like holiday villa select, owners- direct-Spain or even holiday apartments for rent in Barcelona Spain etc. Needless to say, when you do book on line, you should make sure you are transferred directly to the owners and that you are not dealing with the website owner, a travel agent or a tour operator etc. as they all take commission which of course has to be paid for. And do not forget to book your flights into Barcelona Spain early.

Fewer than 20 years ago, most travelers would never have even thought of north-eastern Spain and cities like Barcelona as a place for luxury villa rental Spain. The previously neglected industrial quarter of Barcelona is currently in the process of gentrification, and stylish holiday apartments for rent in Barcelona Spain are available there. Today, this neighborhood boasts a wide variety of excellent eateries, interesting museums, art galleries, boutiques, and historic buildings. There is something to satisfy every taste.

The weather is ideal in Barcelona, ​​so tourists choose to lease Spain villas there throughout the year. It is comfortably hot in the summertime, about 60 degrees in the wintertime, and boasts both a metropolitan atmosphere and the attractions of the seashore. There are all sorts of holiday apartments for rent in Barcelona Spain available at every price which makes it a perfect destination no matter what your budget may be. Inexpensive flights into Barcelona Spain are increasingly in demand, making this one of the continent's favorite getaway spots.

One district you must see is the El Born District which has been transformed from a neglected area to one that is modern and eclectic. It is a very fashionable area for vacation apartment rentals in Barcelona Spain. In the delightful stone-paved streets are trendy galleries and restaurants serving delicious food; you must try the unusual tapas dishes that this area has become celebrated for.

Another area recommended for booking holiday apartments for rent in Barcelona Spain is Gracia – a lively quarter with lots to recommend it and a huge selection of vacation apartment rentals in Barcelona Spain. Gracia once a working class industrial district is now one of the fashionable areas, where the trendy and creative people gather. It still has a strong Catalan identity and has some of Barcelona's richest festival traditions. The Festa de Gracia is one of these and everyone joins in and decorates the streets in mid-August, as each street competes for the honor of best decorated street. Gracia also houses Barcelona's most striking park, created by Antoni Gaudi, the Parc Guell. This park is a work of art and well worth a visit.

Finally, and while we always recommend booking directly with the owner for your holiday apartments for rent in Barcelona Spain, likewise with your flights into Barcelona Spain, we strongly recommend you use a good travel insurance broker to ensure you get expert advice and insurance at the most competitive price.

Where Do Granite Slabs Come From?

Granite, the widely acclaimed material for kitchen, bathroom, vanity, fireplaces, mantles and many other such applications basically is an igneous rock formed by the intense heat and pressure of the volcanoes, over a period of time is transformed to a metamorphic rock. Granite, feldspar and quartz are the main components with some minor quantities of mica and other minerals. The quantity of feldspars presence and the different mountain terrains across the world fraction the diverse color to granite.

Granite is quarried across the world with the major part being imported to the United States is from India, Brazil, Italy, China and some parts of Africa. It is from the quarries that the granite is excavated in the form of large blocks. The blocks could be 20 feet in length, 10 feet in height and more than 10 feet wide, blocks do not have to be a standard size, at times blocks could be much larger, up to 50 feet in height.

These granite blocks are then cut using the revised and modern state of the art machinery, making easier the transportation of these blocks to the stockyards. Further, in the stockyard the granite blocks are sawed to get the desired thickness of slabs. These granite slabs are checked for fissures and surface pits by the resin process. Then granite slabs are subjected to polishing with abrasives and diamond wheels which brings out the beauty of texture, pattern and the color in the granite.

The granite slabs are then stacked into various categories, based on color and thickness, and dispatched to the importers or the local warehouses per their requirements.

Health Tool – The Mirror Will Tell the Truth

Your Health Is Worth Observing

Are you using the mirror to its full advantage as a health tool? A mirror doesn’t lie, it doesn’t judge, try to be polite, or impolite. It just gives it to you as it is. So why should you pay attention to it? It can tell you much more than what you look like first thing in the morning, and after you’ve finished in the bathroom. Do you see a picture of health looking back at you? Or what you see isn’t to your full satisfaction?

Where to Hang a Mirror

A full-length mirror serves us best. You can hang one on the inside of your wardrobe door. It is more advantageous if you hang it on the wall, as you are more likely to see yourself more frequently when it’s not hidden away. It can act as a reminder for various things at the same time.

You want the mirror to benefit from day light. If this is not possible, then make sure the area where you hang it can be well-lit.

What Can a Mirror Tell You?

Why should you look at yourself in the mirror? Apart from making sure you look presentable and ready for your next activity, the mirror will tell the truth about various other things too. It is a great tool for checking out some aspects of health. Although it should be noted that your response is dependent on how you interpret what you see. The following are some of the things you might observe:

  • What you look like when you have a hangover and are due to meet someone of importance.
  • A rash or allergy you have acquired.
  • Different aspects of your posture.
  • If you’ve lost weight.
  • If you’ve put on weight.
  • Muscle tone.
  • The condition of your skin. Is it dry and flaky, or excessively oily?
  • The condition of your hair. Is it shining?
  • The manner in which you walk.
  • The state of your teeth.
  • The state and shape of your feet.
  • Whether you’ve got new lumps or bumps on your skin.

There are many other aspects of health you can observe in a mirror. The above covers the most obvious ones.

It is possible to be completely unaware of many of the above unless you view yourself in a full-length mirror. The sooner you realise something isn’t quite as it should be, the sooner you can take corrective measures.

So Your Mirror Won’t Lie

It should be pointed out that your mirror won’t lie provided that you have selected one of good quality. A poor quality mirror on your wall will not operate as a health tool or a friend.

How to Choose a Mirror

Technically speaking there are a few details to check into when selecting a mirror as a health tool. Make sure the quality of the glass in the mirror is faultless, as you don’t want distortions in the reflection. It needs to be totally flat.

Although more expensive, a quarter inch thick mirror will give you the best reflection, as it is less likely to mould to the shape of the wall.

Finally, make sure the silvering, the coating that gives the mirror the reflective quality, is faultless and your mirror won’t lie.

Mirror on Your Wall

The mirror on your wall can be your best friend when hung in the appropriate place. It also needs to be of good quality to serve as a health tool. When used appropriately it can be a preventative measure to many health related issues. The advantages of a mirror should not be overlooked. You may need to acquaint yourself with it. The mirror will tell the truth.

How Insulation Can Help Make a Home More Energy Efficient

Insulation serves as resistance to heat flow from a warm space to a cooler one. The more heat flow resistance provided by your insulation, the lower your heating and cooling costs, and the more consistent the temperature within your home.

During the winter months, heat flows directly from all heating living spaces to adjacent unheated attics, garages, basements, and even outside. That's why you may feel most comfortable in sweats and socks when sleeping! Heat flow can also move indirectly through interior ceilings, walls and floors – just about anywhere there is a difference in temperature. That's why it's never a good idea to close off registrants in a seldom-used room, because the heat will always flow there anyway. During the summer months, things go in reverse with heat flowing from the sunny outdoors to the cool interior of your home.

To remain comfortable, you adjust your thermostat to replace what gets lost during the winter or gained in the summer. Good attic insulation with strong R-values ​​can decrease the flow of heat by providing sufficient resistance to the laws of physics. Poking around in your dusty, dark attic is probably not your idea of ​​fun.

But with a little planning and a few hours of work (plus a little cash) you can stave off the thermal flow with attic insulation and experience a more consistent and comfortable temperature inside your home. Because your HVAC has to work less to do its job, it uses less energy which saves you money. Plus you'll save in terms of the overall life of your HVAC unit because of a reduction in work hours. It's simple: save money, protect your major systems, and do a little good for the environment. Get in touch with a qualified professional today and request a home energy audit to help identify all the ways you can benefit through air sealing and attic insulation .

Admirable Skin Care Products

BABOR recognizes the skin’s character. The creed of BABOR is based on admiring the unique skin necessities. The harmonically balanced products take care for the authentic skin requirements, assisting to retain its absolute balance. BABOR skin care products blend scientific comprehension with natural conceptions that are fruitful in formulating based on peculiar components formulas, mostly of natural derivation.

BABOR skin care products are very well-bearable; assist a plentifulness experience that passes beyond the complexion.

Uncover the BABOR skin care products lines:

BABOR B. Young is a line of genuine skin care products, which utilizes Arctic berries extract to revitalize and preserve the skin. It grants customized moisturizers for various skin types. The oil-free is B. Young Moisture Gel delivers the absolute quantity of hydration and rejuvenation for oily or acne predisposed skin.

BABOR B. Young Balance Cream is designed for dry skin. It includes lipids and vitamin C to smooth and recharge even extremely dry skin. For the combination skin types is suitable BABOR B. Young Combination Cream. It moisturizes, offers a matte finish, calms and gives balance to combination skin types. The line includes day cream, sensitive skin moisturizer and lip balm. BABOR B. Young Balance Cream includes Arctic berries extract and possesses an immediately long-lasting hydrating effect. Fortifies the natural defense of the skin and operates to stop the aging of the skin, protecting against the environmental damaging.

BABOR B. Young Lip Balm delivers moisture and active protection against dehydration to the lips. Its wheat proteins lighten fine lines around the mouth. Supplies a gentle and satin-smooth finish, maintains your lips supple and soft.

BABOR High Skin Refiner. These luxury BABOR skin care products are created to lift and tighten aging skin. The result is a young complexion. The Lifting Cream BABOR HSR acts in four directions: tones and guards the skin against environmental harm, expands suppleness and retains from generating wrinkles and fresh lines. It is designed in two options – a common as well as a rich formula. The second hydrates the skin for 24 hours. The BABOR HSR Lifting Foam Mask with panthenol and hyaluronic acid resultantly moisturizes and boosts the advantages of the rest products from this line. BABOR HSR Lifting Eye Cream treats the eyes and BABOR HSR Lifting Decollete Cream ideally treats the decolletage.

BABOR HSR Platinum Cell Reactivating Cream Rich – The skin begins to deplete its capability to recover from the age of 30. The wrinkles, the fine lines, the miss of moisture, the lower elasticity, all these make the skin looking slack and exhausted. BABOR HSR Platinum Cell Reactivating Cream Rich is an opulent formula with an all-covering effect to fight the form of aging skin. The HSR Telovitin Complex elongates the cells lifespan, and the skin remains firm, young, glowing.

BABOR HSR 28 Perfect Effect – Original, direct-dose ampoules which contain a beauty elixir that is highly concentrated, composed to prevent the lack of elasticity caused from aging and the environmental stress. This product provides a young appearance and includes pro-elastin with passion fruit, blackcurrant and a vine leaf extract.

BABOR White Effect is blended with so called sleepy morning tropical plant. These forceful and fruitful whitening products uncover the glamour of the skin. BABOR Enzyme Cleanser illuminates and lightens the complexion, while revitalizing the skin and leaving a delicate, brilliant glimmer. BABOR Intensive Concentrate minimizes the melanin producing, fixes and defends the skin. BABOR 24-Hour Lotion protects from UV rays, moisturizes, diminishes lipid production.

How to Select Fresh and Ripe Fruit – Part 1

Selecting ripe fruit is easy if you know what to look for. These tips will help you select ripe fruit that is ready to be taken home and eaten.


If white grapes are ripe they will have a yellow tint to them. Red grapes will have a deep color and every grape will be about the same shade. While still in the store shake the grape stalk. If more than a grape or two fall off they are overripe and will not taste as good.


The skin of the kiwi should be free from bruises. Softly press on the kiwi and if it gives slightly it is ripe. If you are able to push into this fruit and it has a mushy feel then it is no longer good.


To select a ripe apple look at the skin of the apple. It should be free from bruises and nicks. Apples with a lot of green, besides the Granny Smith apples, are not ripe. The apple should be firm to the touch as well. It should not feel hard but it should not have a mushy texture either.


There is an easy way to tell if an orange is ripe. Run your hands around the fruit. It should have a plump feel to it. The surface of the orange will be smooth. It should also feel heavy when held. If the orange passes the above testing then give it a light squeeze. The fingers should be able to bounce back without a problem. The orange should have an oval shape. It if is too round then the orange is under ripe and will have a bitter taste.


To tell if this fruit is ripe look at the color. If there is some green on the fruit that means that it is not ripe. Give the tangerine a light squeeze. Like the orange, if the fruit is ripe, it will bounce back and will not be mushy. The tangerine should also have a bit of a heavy feeling to it as well.


To find the best strawberries; they should be plump, have a deep red color, and be shiny. The cap should be securely attached. The berries should be medium sized since they will contain less water than larger berries. Avoid berries that are green or have a pale color to them.


These berries will not be glossy and will have a little bit of a dull look when they are ripe. The best time for blackberries is the midsummer. The berries should be plump and dark.


Blueberries are at their best from June to August. When purchasing these berries they should be blue in color and should not even have a tint of red to them. The berries will have a bit of a silver look that is shimmery. That means they are ready and at their peak. These berries will not continue to ripen once they are picked so it is important to select carefully when purchasing them.


When looking for a ripe plum it should be heavy, but it should not be too soft. If the plum is very soft it is overripe. When squeezing the plum it should have a little bit of a give to it and not be mushy. The plum should also have a deep color.


Cherries will have a deep, almost black, color when they are ripe. The cherry should be firm to the touch. It will also be juicy when bitten into. The stem should be firmly attached to the cherry but it should twist off without a problem.


Avocados have become very popular over the past couple of years. They are full of healthy fatty acids that are good for the body. When purchasing a ripe avocado there are some things to look for. The avocado should have a very deep color, almost black. If it is green then it is not ready. The avocado should yield to some gentle pressure when squeezed. If it is too soft or too firm then it is not ready to eat.

These are some ways to tell if these popular fruits are ripe and ready to eat. By giving these fruits these simple tests it will help you, as a consumer, determine that you are getting the best tasting fruit.

Bar Gadgets Like The Lazy Susan Are Very Helpful

We recently heard about a company called Oxo, which is in the business of producing bar gadgets in various price ranges. The combination of good grips mirror-like stainless steel with black rubber accents used by the company in making these bar gadgets make them true works of art. Here, we have identified certain top picks for all those who have set up a bar at home and are just waiting to buy all the latest gadgets for the same.

1. The Oxo 7-piece Barware kit: a great way to get a start in home bartending. You'll also find the kit makes a wonderful gift for any aspiring barman. The kit includes all the main gadgets you'll need: a small cutting board, strainer, jigger, mixing spoon, and bottle opener. A beautiful stainless steel bar stand comes with the kit for elegant gadget storage. 7-piece Barware kit has no rival.

2. Even bar will need a device to open various bottles, and this winged corkscrew will meet every such need. For wine bottles, this model easily and conveniently removes the cork, and tucked away in the knob is a foil cutter as an extra bonus. We review many corkscrews and openers, but this one is a stand out for ease of use and features.

3. POP containers: these fun, clear chemical food storage containers come in every size imaginable. Much more aesthetically pleasing than just your ordinary plastic container, they are great for storing the condiments and garnishes that will turn your home bar snacks and drinks into true signature delights.

4. The Turnable is a convenient condiment tray. This is basically a Lazy Susan made of stainless steel that makes your napkins, condiments and old tabletop accessories look like pieces of art, when placed on it. The Turnable looks attractive with a mirror shine and the kitchen gadgets also rotate quickly, smoothly and notiselessly.

Fifth, while the shaker looks a rather humble gadget, Oxo's shaker is outstanding. The stainless steel shaker has a novel double-wall construction to ensure that you keep a good grip on it while making your drinks. It has a rubber grip, like Oxo's other bar gadgets, to make it easier to shake.

Bloat and Dogs – Potentially Deadly

Bloat, also known as gastric dilatation, is a condition in dogs that can kill the dog in a matter of hours. Unlike in human where the person simply sits down and relaxes for a little while after feeling bloated and it will go away, when there is a bloat in a dog, it could literally kill your dog. When a dog is suffering from bloat, it means that its stomach is distended. This is sometimes followed by the stomach getting twisted. If the stomach gets twisted, the food substances in the stomach will get trapped while the gas volume continues to increase.

This is dangerous in that as the gas volume continues to increase, it can literally press against blood veins and arteries inhibiting the flow of blood. If this is not stopped on time, the dog will get less blood in its brain causing the brain to shut down and the dog to go into shock. With consistent swelling, the spleen will get affected resulting in it being dislodged from its normal position. This has been known to both twist the spleen and stop the flow of blood completely. With increased gas pressure and lack of blood flow on the stomach walls, the areas that tighten in the stomach pack up and die.

Everything that was just described in the first paragraph can happen in a matter of minutes depending on the severity of the bloating. So what are the signs and symptoms one should look for in a dog so as to quickly detect if the dog is having a bloat? The signs are many. This is coupled with the fact that the symptoms can vary in different dogs. For example, five dogs may be having a bloat in the same compound and all the symptoms would look different from each other.

Some of the more common symptoms in a bloat are panting, pacing forwards and backwards, agitation, drooling, foaming at the mouth, difficulty walking, anxiety, discomfort, retching, inability to lie on its side, stomach distension and restlessness. The stomach in this case usually appears abnormally huge in size -more like when a dog has swallowed a basket ball or two- and is hard to the touch. Other obvious symptoms are pale gums bordering on grey or ash, weak pulse rate and a fast heart beat. If you notice symptoms of bloat in your dog you must consult your vet immediately. If the pressure is not released it can, as already described, be fatal for your dog.

The causes of bloating in a dog can be prevented. Some of the preventive methods are making your dog eat calmly; not by gulping or snorting its food, and avoid stress as much as possible. Whether the stress is in the form of boarding stress or stress of travel it could potentially be harmful around meal time. Avoid giving your dog too much bread and by not mixing soy with its diet – while this has not been proven yet; some breeders and dog owners have noticed their dog developing bloat after a meal mixed with soy. Keeping your dog calm immediately after eating is also an excellent way to prevent bloat from occurring. It is challenging as many dogs including mine get very excited around meal time and that translates into playful excitement after the meal as well.

There are few products on the market today that are specifically designed to slow your dog’s eating. Most notably is the Brake-Fast bowl which has three columns in the bowl area to prevent your dog from taking large mouthfuls of food at the same time.

Aluminum Fencing, a Great Solution For Your Back Yard Or Commercial

It is severely surprising that aluminum fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing – it is versatile, attractive and long lasting. Aluminum can be used effectively for both commercial and residential use and is specifically designed to effectively contain a pool, animals, or property; in fact, its most popular uses are for backyards and pools. Apart from being strong and secure, it also looks good – many homeowners choose it for its visual appeal and its ability to last, as well as its need for almost no maintenance.

Aluminum fencing comes in four basic standard grades, and although its most popular use is for pool and backyard privacy, it can be used just about anywhere. The four grades are classed as residential, residential wide, commercial and industrial and they differ in the number and size of the pickets. As the name suggests, for most home use, residential is more than adequate. This product is also available in varying heights, depending on your preference and individual needs.

There are several advantages to aluminum fencing. It is often more affordable than some other types – a big advantage if you have a lot of property that needs to be enclosed. They are designed for residential use are usually less expensive than those that are designed for industrial use, as they are made from a lighter gauge aluminum. Aluminum also tend to last longer than a wood, which is more prone to weathering and at some point will have to be repaired or replaced. Also most aluminum fencing comes with a powder coat finish, which eliminates the need for painting and reduces the chances of the rusting, unlike iron options.

Aluminum is considered to be more attractive than other types of fencing, providing an effective way to enhance the appearance of your property and to help increase its value over the long run. It is available in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes and also comes with matching gates of different sizes and various ornamental extras, such as scrolls, rings and even solar light caps. It can also be adapted easily to your needs such as to provide railings for balconies and decks, or to fit stairs.

Aluminum is essentially maintenance free and it will not rust or weather like other types of fencing. It also does not chip or crack easily and another big advantage is that it is lighter than wood or wrought iron, making it not only easier to install, but to carry as well. Prefabricated aluminum fencing is now popular and broadly available, which is even easier to install, even on land that is sloping or hilly. It is widely used on commercial and residential properties all over the country, and meets the approval of most homeowners or community groups.

It can be difficult to choose the right type of fencing for your needs. However, if you are looking for fencing that is both durable and attractive, as well as being inexpensive and easy to install, aluminum fencing is an obvious choice.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Fencing Contractor

Thinking about installing a fence around your property? Need tips? Here are some important guidelines that you must keep in mind in order to find an experienced fencing contractor as per your requirement!

If you’re looking forward to installing a fence around your property, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options available that can definitely take your breath away and make you feel more secure. No doubt finding the right professional to carry out this process is more of a daunting task than it seems like, so it is important that you explore your options, look for experts, do some research before hiring, ask for referrals, and find the one who will carry out the process meticulously instead of messing everything up!

However, there are many other important factors that you may think of including in your To-do list before hiring a fencing contractor. Written below are some key points that you should consider.

Look for an expert – it is important that you find a trustworthy contractor who will make sure that all your requirements are fulfilled at the end of the day and who will carry out the complete fencing installation process diligently. A good contractor may also provide you with free additional services and would commit to fix any fence related problems that may occur in future.

Get references – when it comes to finding an ideal contractor for carrying out the complete installation process vigilantly, you can take help from your friends, family members or colleagues, and ask them for a familiar company name or professional who specializes in this particular field. You can also spare some time and check your neighborhood.

Hire the one whom you feel comfortable with – Once you find a suitable fencing company, make sure you find out everything about that particular company, which may include things like:

a) Check for long the company has been around.

b) Find out, where’s the established office of the company located.

c) Find out how many people work in it.

d) Lookout for proper licensing, insurance policies, portfolios, guarantees, and more.

e) Make sure the company uses high-grade materials such as aluminium, wood, vinyl, chain link, etc.

Get it in Writing – Once you have finalized everything and chosen a contractor to install a fence around your house, then is the time to sign a contract and get it in writing. This will legalize everything and will minimize misunderstandings between you and your contractor.

These are some things that you may consider before hiring a fencing contractor in order to avoid any further issues.