Metaphors Gone Wild: Bridges and Leadership

An ancient Scottish proverb asserts, “Whoso would be a leader must also be a bridge.” The leader often find himself in a position of bridging or uniting seemingly contradictory thoughts. Of elucidating organizational oxymorons. Of bringing together opposing camps or warring factions.

Just as Janus was able to bridge two years–the one just passed and the one just about to begin–so, too will the effective leader rely on the past but not live in it. She will also project to the future. In a sense, she has her feet in two worlds–the past and the future. She straddles both, learning from one and preparing for the other.


“The main dangers in this life,” asserted Nancy Astor, the first woman to serve in England’s Parliament, “are the people who want to change everything-or nothing.” There are undeniable dangers in the extremes. As a general rule, a moderate, middle-of- the-road approach to leadership works best. Such an approach acknowledges that much of what managers are already doing is exactly what they should be doing.

But if managers are doing what they were doing five years ago, they simply aren’t optimizing their managerial talents. The pace of change today demands a change of pace. And those in leadership positions must do more than just maintain the existing operation. They have to bring improvement to it on a regular basis.

The skills that serve managers well today cannot, in toto, serve them well five years hence. There must be continuous improvement, in graduate increments–what the Japanese refer to as “kaizen.”


As a leader in your organization, you’ll need to urge a paradoxical change-within-stasis style. Encourage members of your staff to determine core values and maintain fidelity to them. At the same time, have them examine processes. Where improvement is needed, they have to make it.

You can encourage programs of continuous learning, of continuous improvement within the organization. You can help effect positive change. But only if the programs you endorse are accompanied by programs of applications. Quite simply, theory must be put into practice. The best practitioners of management theory know this. They believe this. They live this on a daily basis. If the application of new knowledge is already something your colleagues are doing on a daily basis, congratulate them.

If your co-workers, though, are not used to learning and experimenting, you can help them acquire new knowledge and use it within the workplace. Use it to facilitate the transition between ideas and expertise.


To lead is to effect positive change. To manage is to maintain the smooth operation of existing procedures. Remaining balanced between these two needs may lead to “supervisory schizophrenia.” But we live in an age of paradox, when doing more with less has been ingrained into our psyche.

1. Doing “more with less” is an organizational oxymoron. What additional contradictions are supervisors expected to deal with? If you haven’t already realized or acknowledged it, supervision is a tough job. Many qualified individuals–when they compare the additional responsibility, stress, learning, time, and exposure supervision requires, to the amount of additional money they will earn–decide supervision is not for them. If you have decided career advancement is important to you, if you’d like to take on a leadership role, and if you are interested enough to continuously improve your skills, you are to be commended. All companies need good managers and good managers need courage.

2. How would you interpret this pronouncement from Jack Welch, CEO of GE: “Don’t manage! Lead!”?

3. Or this: “Speed, simplicity, self-confidence”?

4. What have you learned from the worst supervisor you have ever known or known about? How can you use that knowledge as a tool for effective supervision?

5. On his deathbed, Hubert Humphrey spoke to Jesse Jackson about knowing one’s own irreducible essence. When all else is stripped away, what is it that defines the person, the organization, the country? What are the incontrovertible truths related to your work, your company, your life?


To move from the present to an improved future means dealing with opposites, or change, at the very least. And, as statesman John Foster Dulles notes, if you are simply maintaining the status quo, your status as a leader is slipping: “The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.”

ERW Steel Pipes and Tubes

About ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Steel Pipes and Tubes:

The idea of ​​ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Steel Pipes and Tubes was born in 1920 however, the actual process of galvanization took place in 1962.


ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Pipes and Tubes are made from strips of hot-steel. The steel is first flatted and placed into furnace allowing to pass through the welding electrodes. Further the electrodes which are copper disk type are connected with the secondary revolving transformer assembly which helps to contact on each side of the seam and temperature are raised to the welding point. The outside flash is removed as the tube leaves the electrodes and the inside flash is wiped out by an air hammer after the tube has been cooled. This formation is known as Electric Resistance Welded or ERW Tube / Pipe.

Sizes and Shapes:

It is available in different sizes and shapes to cater customer requirements. Generally, ERW Steel Tube is available in the range from 2 3/8 inch to 24 inch outer diameter in a variety of lengths up to 100 feet. ERW pipe is cheaper and stronger than seamless steel pipes. It is best suited for line pipes.


Before reaching the market place, ERW steel tubes and pipes are processed through several tests including ultrasonic weld inspection, hydro-test, bevel check, micrometer check, ring gouge and straightness evaluation to ensure its quality.

Usage :

ERW steel tubes are used in numerous heavy industrial applications like – fencing, scaffolding, line pipes, engineering purposes, oil industry, industrial construction, agricultural industry and the housing industry.

Interesting Flooring Layouts With Carpet Tiles

If you want to render a lasting impression on your home decor, flooring is one area which you must not ignore. In fact, creative flooring solutions achieved with the help of carpet tiles are not only cost-effective but also change the way your home interior looks and feels. Let us take a look at a few designer flooring layout ideas.

Entrance: The entrance of a house decides where your guest will step into. Therefore, the floor must be well demarcated. You can use light color tiles in warm tones with darker tiles along the borders of the hallway to add a distinctive look to your home entrance.

Living room: Mosaic flooring lay outs are most popular in the living room area. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns of modular tiles to achieve a vibrant look. Choose cool color tiles in shades of white, blue, purple and green if you have a smaller living area and warm colors such as orange, red and yellow for larger spaces.

Bedrooms: Bedrooms must look warm, cozy and inviting. Therefore, for bedrooms you can choose warmer colors of carpet tiles with thin, hand painted style borders to give a Spanish finish. For the kids' rooms, you may choose tiles with bright colors and patterns to add a fun element to the overall design and decor.

Study: For a place as serious and meditative as the study, tiles which look like a wooden-finish are the best. They not only add to the elegance of the place but also have a unique appeal of their own. Choose wooden colors and rich shades of brown color tiles.

Kitchen and dining area: The kitchen and dining area can either have similar style of tiles or different ones. Plain carpet tiles in soft colors and with minimal design look the best in kitchen. However, if you wish to have different tiles in the dining area, choose dark tiles to create an impression of a border to divide the two areas.

Bathrooms: To render a relaxed feeling, bathroom flooring needs to be relaxing too. Choose light color tiles that will catch light and exude a glow while you relax in your hot tub or spa.

Balcony: You can mix and match different styles and colors of tiles in the balcony to create a vibrant flooring effect.

Here's hoping that these tips will help you choose the most suitable carpet tiles that will give your home decor a unique appeal.

How To Build A Cement Slab: Save Thousand On Garage And Shed Construction Costs

Homeowners can save thousands of dollars by learning how to build a cement slab by doing the work themselves rather than hiring a concrete contractor. The cement slab is the foundation of the garage, or shed, and it needs a proper base prepared before pouring concrete to prevent foundation failure.

If the cement slab support, or base, is not properly prepared there will be stress where the concrete is not even supported and it will attempt to bend, which can cause cracking in the floor, frost wall, or the thickened slab perimeter. Concrete is very strong with compression, but not so much with tension. Tension stress is when the cement is folded apart such as when concrete is bent (one side of the bend is being compressed while the other side is dropped apart) and this can occur if the base (stone / gravel) is not level or properly compacted .

The most important aspect of a proper slab base is that it is level and very well compacted, preferably with a "jumping jack" rather than a plate tamper. The jumping jack, or "wacker" is more effective at compacting the stone base. This is even more important than the strength of the base so special attention should be used to accurately level and compact the base. The old adage about the only guarantee with concrete is that it will crack, but following this information will minimize the likelihood.

To clarify the terminology the American Concrete Institute's definitions follow:

Subgrade – native soil (or improved soil), which is usually compacted.

Subbase – layer of gravel on top of the subgrade.

Base – layer of material on the subbase (directly under the cement slab)

For garage and shed cement slabs there is typically only one size gravel for a base. This depends on the soil conditions and any engineered design requirements. In cold climates a 24 'x 24' garage slab on solid ground that is quite level may only require leveling with a Bobcat or mini-excavator and then adding one dump truck load of 3/4 "gravel.

Compaction is achieved with a jumping jack tamper or plate tamper. Several passes over the entire base is required to reach maximum compaction to reduce the chances of cement slab cracks cause by future settling. This equipment can be rented from any local tool rental location.

In warm climates it may be acceptable to place the cement slab on top of the natural ground if it is stump-free and compactable. One complication of this method is efficient drainage. Gravel is porous and therefore excellent for drainage. Special attention to grading away from the cement slab is important to prevent water from entering the garage or shed and also to prevent slab floating. Floating occurs when the water level under the slab pushed up on the slab due to poor drain or a high water table. Poor drain will also complicate construction with a regularly web jobsite, base compaction reduction, and base leveling.

ACT 302 recommends subbase material be compactible, easy to trim, granular fill that will remain stable and support construction traffic. 3/4 "gravel is often used for subbase and it is cost effective and usually readily available. The minimum thickness is 4" and is often much thicker.

Build the concrete forms with lumber such as 2×2, 2×6, 2×8, or 2×10 and double up or stack as necessary for cement slabs with thickened edges. Place supports every four to six feet on the outside of the forms to prevent the concrete from blowing out the planks. This can be achieved by using 2×4 stakes pounded into the ground flush with the form, backfilled with gravel or earth, or supported by nearby structures such as trees. Use a level or transit to level the forms at the desired elevation.

Install foundation foam if appropriate. This is typically 2.5 "styrofoam in 2 'x 8' size.

Install vapor barrier over the foundation foam.

Install rebar as required. This is often installed with two rows within the thickened area of ​​the slab and held in place by tying to shorter rebar that are used as stakes.

Install # 10 wire mesh if appropriate. The wire mesh comes in 6 'x 6' sections and should overlap by at least 6 "The wire mesh can sit on special" chairs "that are available from the local build materials supplier for a nominal fee.

When the concrete truck arrive pour the back of the slab first and work forward starting at the perimeter. Pour a wheelbarrow's worth of concrete every eight feet from the edges of the slab. Level this patch of concrete using the transit or other level. This is now the reference and an 8 'length of 2×4 can be used to level the concrete between the patch and the edges of the slab. It is easier to attach two handles (strapping or other small wood) on the edge of the 2×4 in the center about two feet apart. Use the handles to pull the 2×4 to you while scapping off excess concrete to get the level correct. Repeat as necessary to complete the rest of the cement slab.

Use a bull float or a fresno trowel to level and smooth the concrete.

Use a concrete trowel to level and smooth the edges of the cement slab.

Use a concrete machine trowel to machine polish the slab once the concrete is hard enough to support the weight.

Allow the concrete a day to cure and then strip the form and backfill as necessary.

Learning how to build a cement slab is a great experience and a perfect opportunity to bond with friends over a few beer while exploiting their labor to save thousands of dollars, which is a great way to start building a garage or shed.

Cosmetic Injectables Versus Plastic Surgery

You are busy fulfilling your many roles as a provider, parent, spouse, adult child, you name it. And then one day someone tells you that you look tired. The first time, you ignore it. After hearing the same remark several times, you look in the mirror and realize that you don’t look quite as well as you used to; whether you’re actually tired, or not.

In our culture, looking good, feeling well, being competitive at all times, and in all areas is a must, so you hesitantly start weighing your options. Is it a time for a plastic surgery? And that’s when you begin agonizing. A surgery has many risks. There is the prospect of a huge expense; general anesthesia; recovery which you’ll have to suffer through and hide. There is the feeling of excitement mixed with apprehension: will you emerge afterwards as a younger version of you, or will you stare at a stranger in the mirror for the rest of your life? There is the prospect of extended absence from work and the prospect of others scrutinizing the results. Will they know you’ve had plastic surgery, or will they politely pretend that they believe you’ve been on vacation? You know that you’ve arrived at a point when you have to do something, but the thought of plastic surgery is intimidating with many risks to consider and not just to your health.

Don’t despair; there are options that address each of your concerns in a much gentler way. Aging is referred to as a process; rejuvenation can be a process as well. Let’s explore cosmetic injectables versus plastic surgery. Both can effectively address signs of aging. What specific issues can be remedied with cosmetic injectables? Well, for starters wrinkles, crow’s feet, undesirable skin depressions, laugh lines, the infamous nasolabial folds, and more.

Botox is a great solution for fine lines and wrinkles, particularly frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. It works by temporarily blocking “communication” between the nerves and muscles in the treated area. This prevents the muscle from contracting and therefore relaxes the skin which stops wrinkling. For continuing wrinkle management, Botox treatments need to be repeated every 3 to 6 months. Unlike Botox which is derived from a deadly toxin (Botulinum), collagen and Hyaluronic acid injectables are biocompatible which means that they are accepted by the human body as its own substances. (Treatments with Hyaluronic acid and collagen injectables need to be repeated because the patient’s body gradually absorbs these seminatural substances.)

Collagen injectables provide another option for controlling wrinkles; they are also used for lip and cheek augmentation. (Collagen injectables are made of either human or bovine collagen. Both are tolerated by the patient’s body.) Collagen injectables are effective at filling up minor depressions in the skin.) The duration of positive effects achieved with collagen injectables varies from patient to patient; the results may last from three months to one year depending on the individual’s reaction. To maintain the results repeated treatments are recommended.

Hyaluronic acid injectables are made of a synthetic version of Hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally occurring in our bodies: in skin tissue, cartilage, joint and eye fluid. With age the natural levels of Hyaluronic acid in a human body become depleted causing – among other things – dry, thin skin and the formation of wrinkles. Such well known brands as Restylane® and Juvederm® are some of the Hyaluronic acid based cosmetic fillers. (Juvederm® is commonly used to fill in the “parentheses” which run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth.)

Injecting Hyaluronic acid filler into facial wrinkles helps to minimize them. Another important effect Hyaluronic acid injectables create is the increase in skin’s volume which contributes to a younger appearance. The duration of results achieved with Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers varies from person to person; the average duration is set at 3 to 6 months, but in some individuals can be as short as one month. With that said many sources credit Hyaluronic acid injectables with stimulating the skin’s production of natural collagen which enhances and extends the cosmetic results.

Once the aging process has led to the formation of deep laugh lines, furrows or skin folds, the facial injectables mentioned above may not be sufficient. Other – also injectable – fillers were developed specifically for a soft tissue augmentation and can help correct these issues. Such soft tissue fillers as ArteFill and Radiesse™ can fill in and augment larger skin depressions.

It has to be mentioned that not every one is a good candidate for cosmetic injectables, it is recommended that you discuss your health issues and the medications you’re taking with your doctor before having the procedure.

The benefits of cosmetic injectables are many. All of them are considered non-invasive and are performed under a local – as opposed to general – anesthesia. In most cases, the time required for the procedure is from 15 minutes to one hour at a doctor’s office which makes it possible to drop by for a treatment during the lunch hour. The recovery is swift and won’t be noticed by your friends and co-workers. The outcome won’t surprise you, either: it will still be you but looking younger and well-rested. The cost is much lower than that of plastic surgery. True, to sustain the results regularly repeated treatments are needed, but all things considered, cosmetic injectables produce a great return on investment.

Are cosmetic injectables a substitute for plastic surgery? No, there are some outcomes that only plastic surgery can produce, take for instance rhinoplasty (a nose job) or a breast augmentation (breast implants). Cosmetic injectables are however an excellent, non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery that produces impressive anti-aging and cosmetic improvements without many of the problems inherent to plastic surgery at a much lower risk and cost to the patient.

Cosmetic Injectables versus Plastic Surgery? More and more consumers are discovering that Botox, Collagen and Hyaluronic acid injectables are an effective, safe and more affordable approach to aging. It comes as no surprise that in spite of the current state of economy the popularity of cosmetic injectables is skyrocketing while the number of plastic surgeries performed continues to decline.

Networking with Philanthropy

There is no doubt that one of the best ways to network is through volunteer work. Volunteer work puts you in a position of respect and value in the minds of those that not only run the volunteer programs or are seeking volunteers as well as those that contribute volumes, both large and small to programs of various kinds. If you believe that you will have a cause in the future that you may need help with, volunteering now is a great way to make all of the connections you may need in the future.

The thing is, when you become involved in volunteer work you'll be bumping elbows with people that do this all the time. Volunteer work is their work, and they love to help out, to donate money to good causes, and the like. While your motivations should be honest and good, this is a great way to get on a first name basis with those that may be able to help you with your cause in the future. Connections in the volunteer world can be priceless when it comes time for you to host a program or attempt to raise funds for something that is important to you. Being able to send personal invitations or even make personal phone calls to those that might be able to help will give you a better chance of receiving the support you need to get your program off the ground.

On the flip side, if you are constantly looking to support worthy programs to feel good about yourself in addition to being known as a contributing member of the community, volunteer work can help you decide which causes are the best for you. There are so many people out there that would like your help, either with time or money, and it can be difficult to decide which programs most are worthy or where your time and money is best spent. Volunteer work can help you decide which programs are not only most in need, but have the most meaning for you personally. You are probably looking to support programs that have some personal meaning to you, or really have a need for volunteer work or donated funds. Volunteer work can help you really get down to how funds are spent and how much volunteer work is really needed.

Networking is a big part of philanthropy, whatever side of the equation you may be on. There are so many great causes out there that need pledges, volunteer work, and everything else related to philanthropy. Because there are so many opportunities, you may find it difficult to decide where your charity should go, but websites such as [] can help you decide where you can network to either find out where your philanthropist donations can best be used, or meet those that have what program needs!

What Are the Different Ingredients Pasta is Made From?

All pastas can be divided into four types. The first type is tubular, with a diameter from 7 to 4 mm. Second – vermicelli, 3 to less than 1 mm, this is spaghetti. The third type – "ribbon" products or noodles. Fourth – curly products: all kinds of shells, turntables, stars, rings.

Pasta differs not only in appearance, but also by its composition, more precisely – its raw materials. Noodles are made from top quality durum wheat. For example, in Italy for making pasta, destined for the local market, Italians for making the dough for the pasta use only hard wheat, while for exports are sent to products of mixed varieties and small amounts of durum wheat.

What so special in dough made of durum wheat? When they grind the wheat in order to make regular flour, similar to the dust, the durum wheat leaves small grains – "char." With proper grinding, pressing and drying the crystalline starch is not destroyed, giving the pasta that same consistency, which creates a wonderful flavor.

Pasta contains a huge energy charge. In a modest plate of spaghetti is almost 30 grams of carbohydrates. Moreover, these are "long playing" carbohydrates. Energy is released slowly, so you do not have the sweeping effect of insulin secret similar to the one after consuming sugar. Insulin "can" convert carbohydrates into the subcutaneous fat, which is why those who are sitting a sweets, has elevated levels of insulin in the blood and a guaranteed future problems with fat. Accusations of pasta, that from them, that it makes people fat, unfounded from a scientific point of view. You just have to try not to put in the pasta a piece of butter or pour fatty sauces.

Pasta contains fiber. Enthusiasm about this poorly soluble carbohydrates is now subsidized. It was found that the fiber has the effect of stimulation of the intestine. Bodybuilders need to "refuel" macaroni two hours before their workout. The content of carbohydrates in a sort of pasta has to be stated on the packaging. So calculate the portion, if during the times of heavy training you need to consume up to 6 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight.

Pasta is a reliably cheap product. There are expensive "versions", for example, high protein, but protein component for you is not so important. Any you drink protein shakes. So it is quite possible to do cheaper variety. Pasta can be made from flour of different species, but also after different technologies. Therefore, the taste of the pasta can differ: from the repulsive to the "can not stop eating". In this sense the choice of pasta for you is really just a matter of taste.

Moreover, doctors from all over the world argument that depression can be combated by pasta. After you eat pasta, you will improve your mood and feelings. It turns out that spaghetti are on a par with other antidepressants – bananas, apple pie … The satisfaction of a meal gives it contains acid tryptophan, which the body turns into serotonin – the hormone of happiness.

Antietam National Battlefield

If you're a history buff, Antietam National Battlefield is a national park you have to see. Antietam, of course, is a major civil war site.

Antietam National Battlefield is simply huge. Located in the middle of Maryland, the national park is made up of over 3,255 acres of land. The geography of the area evolves from flat lands used for agriculture to heavily forested areas.

Antietam National Battlefield is an incredibly important historical location. In 1863, the battlefield was the site of the first invasion of the north by the Confederate Army. The battle was simply brutal with over 23,000 soldiers killed or wounded. The battle is known for being the bloodiest one-day event in the history of our nation. As a result of the Confederate invasion, President Lincoln issued his now famous emancipation proclamation

In 1934, Antietam was established as a National Park. In light of its historical importance, it is a major tourist destination with over 300,000 visitors annually visiting the park.

When visiting Antietam, there are a few locations you simply must see. Dunker Church may seem unassuming, but it was the location of massive battles for armies trying to gain high ground. The sunken road is the site of a brutal battle in which nearly 6,000 soldiers from both sides were killed in only three hours. Located on top of a hill, Antietam National Cemetery is the resting place of over 4,000 soldiers.

Obviously, the civil war was a defining moment in the history of the United States. If you're looking for a historical experience, Antietam is worth a visit.

Collecting Antique Fishing Equipment – First Step To Your New Fishing Hobby

How can you relate fishing with classic? Yes, you are right! Antique fishing equipment! Because these fishing gears with the test of time, they became fortunes not only for their precious value but also due to its power to evoke nostalgia on the ones who possess them. These fishing equipment might be ordinary fishing materials during their time, but time proved them worthwhile of treasuring. Time-tested, elegant, classic, these antique fishing equipment are really collectors' item nowdays. No matter if you are from today? S era or from the olden days, fishing professional or newbie, purchasing antique fishing equipment can turn into a craze.

There are certainly numerous antique fishing equipment available for anyone who wants to collect a little portion of the past. These equipment range from the basic essentials like rod, tackle and reel to anglers and former licenses for fishing in the 1930s and so on. It really depends on the collector what fishing objects he is obsessed in.

Often, vintage reels are the ones most collectors want to acquire. At present, reels are made up of strong metal alloys but in the past they make use of various metals such as steel, iron and brass. It is not only the materials that changed through time. Although the former reels have flaws that was modified to newer models to improve their effectiveness, each of these reels have their own exclusive, elegant designs that really hook antique collectors into acquiring them.

After the reels, lures are the next most hunted antique fishing equipment. Lures made before 1970s are a lot more attractive than the ones used now. At times, these vintage lures have great craftsmanship that they look almost exactly like the fish they replicate. This is why they are very much wanted by antique collectors.

Bobbers are another collectors' item. Before the Styrofoam was made the standard bobber material, bobbers were used to be made of cork. Yes, you are right; the ones that you remove from your champagne bottles with your corkscrew. Even though not as famous as reels when it comes to antique collectors' items, bobbers are still considered valuable and many want to have bobbers in their collection.

There are endless options for you out there so if you have a thing for the past and love fishing but has not yet joined the collection craze, then this is the right time to start collecting. These treasures are very valuable and may be passed on to your next generation. This hobby is not really hard. All you need is a great interest in the past and your love for angling.

Enjoy Life With Dental Implants

Despite advancements in dental treatment, a large number of Americans suffer tooth loss — largely as a result of tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma. In the past, the only treatment options available for individuals with missing teeth were dentures and bridges. However, now, dental implants are readily available.

What is a dental implant?

An implant is a titanium root that is surgically placed in the jaw bones. Once in place, the titanium surface bonds to the jaw bone. A titanium post called an abutment, goes from the implant through the gum and act as the tooth part. Implants offer a solid foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth. They can support crowns and bridges. They also stabilize fixed and removable dentures.

What Are the benefits of implants?

Implants offer an improved look, as they have a profile and emergence similar to natural teeth. They preserve adjacent natural teeth as there is no need to trim a healthy tooth to place a bridge crown. As the implant surface bonds to bone, it provides solid foundation for replacement teeth. Dentures stabilized with implants are secure and have a better fit than conventional removable dentures. Implants function like teeth, letting you eat your favorite food with confidence. They improve the overall quality of life. With immediate implant placement, you can have an implant placed in a fresh extraction socket without having to wait for months for the bone to heal. This technique usually results in better esthetic outcome, especially when front teeth are involved.

Who is a candid to dental implants?

To receive an implant, you must have healthy gums and adequate amount of bone to support and stabilize the implant. You must have an overall good health. If you do not have enough bone at the implant site, a bone graft can be placed to augment the area. A bone graft can even be placed in the sinus to augment surgical sites for replacement of upper molar teeth. You must also commit to keeping your dental implants healthy with meticulous hygiene and regular dental visits. Implants can develop gum disease as natural teeth.

How expensive are implants?

Implants are usually more expensive than conventional crowns and bridges. Most insurance plans do not cover implant treatment. However, considering the benefits of implants, they are a better investment than conventional methods of tooth replacement. They also have a higher success rate than conventional bridges.

Opening a New Restaurant Guide

Business Plan

This is the first step to opening any kind of business and that is creating a business plan. To list a few, this factor in your aspirations, your objectives and how to achieve them, the risks included, target customers, strategies and of course both financial costs and expectations.

Creating a business plan should be an exciting time and a good portion of any success is passion, so make sure you are passionate about opening a restaurant. There are many free business templates online that will help you work out your business plan but if would like professional opinion and advice, there are services available as well.


Once you have your business plan you should have jotted down a few possible locations and it should be noted, a location can make or break your restaurant so it is critical that you choose the best location while remaining in budget. When choosing a location, you should consider the local population, nearby services, are there any competitors? Is it close to public transport? What about work locations? These are very important as they will determine your stream of customers.

Menu and ideas

Getting your new customers through the door is important but only the easy bit. What makes them come back depends on the kind of menu you offer, the quality of the cooking, the ambience and the level of comfort they feel. You need to decide whether you're going to target a specific group of people, this can be cultural oriented, class oriented, that is, is your restaurant going to target the senior echelons of society or the lower echelons?

If you want to take risks and come up with something unique then you might make it concepts oriented, for example jazz music. You could go for architectural designs that were popular during the jazz culture and play ambient jazz music in the background. Anything is possible as long as you can come up with the idea.

Hiring staff and kitchen equipment

Quality staff equals great customer service which is pretty big in determining how well your restaurant is reviewed. Kitchen equipment may not seem very important in the scheme of things however it can cost a fair bit, so make sure you budget accordingly. You do not have to purchase the best appliances on the market as it is the cook that determines the food quality but it is a good idea to invest in a little quality to save on frequently having to re-purchase. Buying good quality materials will serve you well. For example buying a second hand stainless steel trolley will last you better then an new trolley made from inferior material.

Top 5 Windows PC Games

The free to play PC games phenomenon has changed the gaming landscape over the past few years. Now even +++ rated games are challenged by free to play games. There are innumerable kind of games available today to play free on your system. It contains all sort of games. This free to play games list is long and here we can discuss the top 5 Windows PC games. In fact, games are considered to be the great source of entertainment.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016: This is widely played football video game for last 20 years and admired by millions of users. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016 is the official video game of UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Europa League. This award-winning series is returned packed with all new features in 2016 edition. Completely overhauled “Master League”, new night time lighting and player models, improved human motion, dynamic weather features, deeper team intelligence and lot has been added to this version.

Dota 2: Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) is a modified version of the old game Warcraft 3. Dota is the game of strategy and action. This is played by millions of passionate fans worldwide professionally and casually. You can pick a hero from the pool of heroes, form two teams of five players and battle with counterparts to control a fantasy landscape. It supports stealth, cunning, and outright warfare. In this game, every hero has an array of capabilities and skills. This game provides brilliant gaming experience.

Killer Instinct: This game has arrived packed with all new features. Rocking reactive music, over-the-top action, a wild cast of combatants, all new visuals and commendable C-C-C-COMBO Breakers it carries all fantastic features which make it one of the most admired games. You can choose from long list of combatants with various animations, exclusive combat tactics, and special attacks. It offers online multiplayer cross play, free fighter, powerful combatants, customization options, 20 stages and lot more. Above all, you can play it anywhere with the Cloud between Xbox and Windows 10.

Angry Birds: This is one of the most played and admired games in the world. Millions of users have enjoyed this game. It takes you back in old times into galaxy far away. Where a group of rebel birds faced off against the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers. It allows you to enjoy the adventure with Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars universe. You need to fight Pigtroopers to finally face off against the terrifying Darth Vader. It is the fight to become a Jedi master and restore freedom to the galaxy.

Asphalt 8 Airborne: This game is played by millions of users over time. With 140+ official speed machines, stunning graphics, ultimate multiplayer racing experience this arcade game play at its finest. It offers you 400+ career events, 1500 car mastery challenges, five unique game modes, 40+ high-speed tracks and lot more. It allows interaction between the vehicles, environment. You can experience multiplayer action for up to 12 opponents.

The above-mentioned games are just a glimpse of the long list of amazing PC games available today. You can choose games of your choice from different categories. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of games that are available for almost each category. Play these games to learn and entertain yourself for good reasons.

Artificial Intelligence And Crowdsourcing

Humanitarian organizations focused on providing aid during emergencies are also turning to artificial intelligence to assist them in their mission. More and more they are becoming involved in the digital world and are starting to use imagery including Instagram, professional and news article photography as well as accompanying news articles, satellite and aerial imagery through source sites like Meerkat and YouTube as well as broadcast videos. There is so much of such data on the Internet that finding the relevant data is very difficult if not next too impossible. However, now the Humanitarian groups are starting to use crowdsourcing to assist them in interpreting the massive reams of data.

What Is Crowdsourcing?

The term crowdsourcing refers to the use of the public to perform business-related tasks that a company would normally do itself or outsource to a third party.

The public is providing all sorts of data in such things as blogs, YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites and more. You might say that crowdsourcing is using millions of human minds otherwise ignored and involving it into the world.

This model can be used to perform a whole lot of tasks for business from creating advertising campaigns to testing new product concepts and solving research and development issues.

Crowdsourcing can make a business more productive and creative and minimize labor and research costs. Using the Internet to tap into this reservoir of ideas can speed the amount of time in takes to collect data through other means including focus groups or trend research.

Already a number of companies are using it in their business. They include:

  • Netflix, the online video rental service that uses the technology to improve its software algorithms to provide customers with video recommendations.
  • Eli Lily and DuPont are awarding cash prizes to people who can solve tough research and development issues.
  • encourages the public to present ideas for software products, vote on them, and collect royalties if their ideas, results in a product.
  • wants amateur and professional photographers, illustrators, and videographers to submit their work and earn royalties when their images are bought and downloaded. This may or may not have been the reason why Getter Images acquired the company for $50 million.

Combining Crowdsourcing With AI

One humanitarian group that has combined crowdsourcing with AI is the Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response (AIDR). It is using AI powered with crowdsourcing to automatically recognize applicable tweets and texts messages. AI learns to identify the relevant patterns in real-time helping AIDR to automatically identify future tweets and messages. This assists the organization to efficiently manage disaster response.

A company named Metamind is using photographs to identify infrastructure damage and then using the data with AI and crowdsourcing to create accurate algorithms to automatically find disaster damage.

A British company called WireWax is using a combination of AI and crowdsourcing to detect a number of features in videos.

A group at Carnegie Melon University is developing algorithms using AI and crowdsourcing to identify evidence of gross human rights violations in YouTube videos coming from Syria.

DigitalGlobe is using AI powered by crowdsourcing to automatically identify features of interest in satellite and aerial images.

In the not-to-distant future humanitarian organizations will obtain algorithms like we obtain apps from an app store that have been trained to automatically detect certain features in texts, imagery and videos that are generated during disasters. Moreover, the algorithms will be able to “talk to each other” and integrate other feeds including real-time sensor integrated into the Internet of Things through data fusion software that already exists as well as others that are coming.

Guidelines For Home Window Replacement

Unless you are readily equipped with Martha Stewart's magical touch in interior decor, helpful tips for a quick nip and tuck is needed in the occurrence of do-it-your-self repair work.

Home window replacement is not as complicated as it may initially sound however there are certain rules to abide by when dutifully carrying on the task. The type of pane must first be established as it leads to the fundamental measurements of the void in the wall.

In the case of owning a large bungalow with double-hung panes, the procedure would absolutely require an additional pair of strong hands. As elegant as they may appear, double-hung panes have more glass than any other substance therefore they absolutely demand the gentle clockwork of patient and careful workers.

Other examples of home window replacement are casement, gliding, awning and specialty panes. Casement panes are those attached to conventional wooden cabinets and bookshelves. These are comparably feasible for a one-person fix-up.

Gliding panes or sometimes called 'sliding' panes are comparatively smaller in size when pitted against the previously-mentioned double-hung ones. This pane offers a sizeable perspective of the exterior and is often shaded with matching drapes.

Awning panes are perfect for ventilation of a small room in the house such as the kitchen or bathroom. These are very effective in assisting the decor theme of the entire house. Awning panes usually open in a vertical position.

Specialty home window replacement is somewhat more unconventional due to its shape. Examples given are triangular and oval designs, which are awfully tricky when the owner decides to search for a substitute. Most of the time, the owner needs to subscribe to the same manufacturer of the hardware equipment in order to ensure compatibility of the substitution.

Interesting Flooring Layouts With Carpet Tiles

If you want to render a lasting impression on your home decor, flooring is one area which you must not ignore. In fact, creative flooring solutions achieved with the help of carpet tiles are not only cost-effective but also change the way your home interior looks and feels. Let us take a look at a few designer flooring layout ideas.

Entrance: The entrance of a house decides where your guest will step into. Therefore, the floor must be well demarcated. You can use light color tiles in warm tones with darker tiles along the borders of the hallway to add a distinctive look to your home entrance.

Living room: Mosaic flooring lay outs are most popular in the living room area. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns of modular tiles to achieve a vibrant look. Choose cool color tiles in shades of white, blue, purple and green if you have a smaller living area and warm colors such as orange, red and yellow for larger spaces.

Bedrooms: Bedrooms must look warm, cozy and inviting. Therefore, for bedrooms you can choose warmer colors of carpet tiles with thin, hand painted style borders to give a Spanish finish. For the kids' rooms, you may choose tiles with bright colors and patterns to add a fun element to the overall design and decor.

Study: For a place as serious and meditative as the study, tiles which look like a wooden-finish are the best. They not only add to the elegance of the place but also have a unique appeal of their own. Choose wooden colors and rich shades of brown color tiles.

Kitchen and dining area: The kitchen and dining area can either have similar style of tiles or different ones. Plain carpet tiles in soft colors and with minimal design look the best in kitchen. However, if you wish to have different tiles in the dining area, choose dark tiles to create an impression of a border to divide the two areas.

Bathrooms: To render a relaxed feeling, bathroom flooring needs to be relaxing too. Choose light color tiles that will catch light and exude a glow while you relax in your hot tub or spa.

Balcony: You can mix and match different styles and colors of tiles in the balcony to create a vibrant flooring effect.

Here's hoping that these tips will help you choose the most suitable carpet tiles that will give your home decor a unique appeal.