Barriers to Effective Communication – 3 Obstacles to Effective Communication and How to Overcome The

Is not it annoying when people do not seem to understand where you're coming from, or when they're just not getting the message you're trying to communicate? Unfortunately, certain barriers to effective communication cause these things to happen quite often.

Barriers to effective communication can take on different forms. They can be physical, psychological or even emotional. Below are some examples that you might want to avoid in the future.

Barriers to Effective Communication # 1: Negative Atmosphere

The room you're in, or the tone of your voice can affect your communication.

A room that is dimly lit or cluttered can distract your audience, or make them feel too uncomfortable to even consider what you're saying.

When you speak, having a tone that is too harsh or too soft also affects the communication process. Practice speaking in a moderate and clear voice.

Barriers to Effective Communication # 2: Lack of Knowledge

Even if you've taken care of the atmosphere, you can not exactly expect everyone to know what you're talking about as well as you do.

When you have something you wish to communicate, give a brief backgrounder and speak in layman's terms.

Avoid jargon and use words that are simple enough for a 10-year old to understand. Attempting to look smart by using "difficult" words will only confuse your audience and give you an unfavorable impression.

Barriers to Effective Communication # 3: Emotional Distress

Emotions are a lot more difficult to deal with than lack of knowledge. You can not control a person's feelings, and trying to do so might make things worse.

Learn to sense and read people's moods so you'll know exactly when the best time is to talk to them. If the person you intend to talk to already looks stressed and harassed with work, try not to bury him with more of the same discussion. Be more observant and alert so you will not miss the signs.

Do not let any barriers to effective communication hinder your success. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Many effective speakers know what their audience wants and try their best to give it to them. Believe me, a little consideration goes a long way.

Add New Life to Your Current Pipes With This Method

This involves a process where durable liners are placed inside of the pipes you already have. They stand alone in terms of being reliable and sturdy, and they can last for decades. They will protect the outer pipes from future damages and the risk of you having expensive repairs to take care of down the road. This process is affordable and trenchless so it can be done in less time.

Save Time and Money

Most business owners are interested in CIPP lining as they learn about all it offers. However, once they understand the savings of both time and money with it, they are encouraged to move forward with it. The provider is able to get the job done for you in very little time. They can often use bypass sets ups too during the work. This means operations do not have to shut down.

Instead, they are re-routed through the temporary bypass as segments of the pipes are completed with the CIPP lining. Once those are done, another segment can be completed. This process will continue until it is all done. Make sure you hire a professional service though so they can get the job done right. If you try to cut corners with who you hire, the results are going to be reduced.


The CIPP lining has a resin type of material inside of them that allows the product to flow through the pipes. You do not have to worry about flow being limited either. In fact, you will often find the flow is more than you have had in a long time. You may not have realized how hindered your current system was until you have such an upgrade in place.

This type of trenchless technology is safer for the workers too. There is less of a risk of them getting hurt during the process. The work moves along faster and smoother and everyone can benefit from it. While CIPP lining technology is not new, it is becoming increasingly popular and more affordable all the time. The advances in technology allow it to continue to offer more.


A reliable provider of CIPP lining services will take the time to complete a customized estimate and plan of action for you. They realize your business needs are important to you, and problems with pipes does not have to be something you worry about. They want to put your mind at ease and help you get results you can count on for a very long time.

It does not cost you anything to learn more about what they offer, what they can do for you, and the overall cost. Once you connect with the right provider and agree to the plan of action, they can get it all in motion for you. If you wait until you have serious issues with your pipes, you will pay far more for such services. Your business may have to be shut down for it to be done.

Think of this as a wise investment for the future of your business and to help reduce overhead costs. It is a way for you to keep everything on track behind the scenes. Then you can focus your attention on more pressing business matters!

How to Polish Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are elegant and classy in any place. Whether they are present in a commercial building or at home, they give the place a stunning appearance. To keep these wooden panels looking good, one would need to maintain and polish the floors regularly.

  1. Remove all the furniture. Try to avoid scraping the furniture against the panels to prevent further damage. Stick fabric under the feet to protect the wood in the future.
  2. Vacuum the floors to rid the wood of any loose debris and dust. You will find it easier to apply the polish if all residues have been removed.
  3. It is good to know the type of material the floor is made of so that you know what products can be used. If your floor has perished polish or lacquer, you will need to strip it down to apply the new and stronger coat of the desired polish or wax to give the material a protective coating.
  4. Avoid mopping a floor that has been waxed. Rather sweep and vacuum to clean it.
  5. You will need to use the correct polish on the floor. If it has a polyurethane finish you would need to use a water based product for the best results.
  6. It is crucial to read the instructions on the packaging. Products vary and some may have specific chemicals that need to be applied a certain way. In some cases, you will have to wash and sand down the floor before you apply the polish.
  7. If you are trying a new product, test the chemical on a small section of the floors. Some products could discolour the wood and it is always important to test what the material can handle. Discolouration could occur immediately and further usage of this polish should be stopped.
  8. The package usually tells you how to apply the polish. Most times, circular motions are the best way to get streak free finishes. You may either have to apply the polish to a cloth before application or you can apply the polish directly to the floor. Some products are not as strong when in initial contact with oxygen.
  9. Overlap the circular strokes as this could also provide you with a smoother and more professional clean.
  10. Work your way from the door, around the room and back to the door. Working in this direction will allow you to leave the room once done without having to walk over the wet polish.
  11. Waxed floors will need thinner layers as the polish will take longer to dry. This application will have to be done over time as two to three coats will have to be applied.

Commercial businesses usually have a larger area to maintain, in these cases, you might need bulk packs of the polish which you could get at a wholesale supplier.

Bridge On The Drina – A Yugoslav Novel

There are rare books in Dayal Singh Library at ITO in Delhi. The Bridge on the Drina is a very powerful novel written by a Yugoslav doctor.

I was casually browsing through the books in the shelves. I would go through the opening paragraphs and if I liked it, I would take it.

The book opens with a vivid description of the turbulent river and the boatman, before the construction of the bridge. It ends with the blasting of the river by Turks, after withdrawal from Kosovo.

I got a clear picture of the Kosovo problem after reading the book.

The two powers, the Turks and the Russians, were at war frequently, with periods of rest, for the control of Eastern Europe in the fifteenth century. At that time Turky was in control of the whole of Europe, except Russian Europe.

After one such war, Kosovo, a Slav majority area, comes under the control of Turkey, when peace treaty is signed. The theme of the novel is the Slav resistance movement against the Turks. On one side of the river are the Muslims who favour Turkey and on the opposite side are the Slavs, fighting a guerrilla war against Turkey.

Three friends,” terrorists”, make a secret plan to sabotage the construction of the bridge. The Turks want the bridge for movement of troops against Russia, their leader warns. Shall we stand still, watching it come up?

Meanwhile, work is going on under the supervision of the Turkish commander, who conscripts the entire villagers for voluntary work and, after the piers are constructed, girders are being made.

Every day they find some tools go missing. After diligent watch, the three men are caught, but two manage to jump into the river, to face certain death. The third man is put on the stake.

Experts are hired for this work. A stake is inserted through the rectum and thrust into the body without damaging any internal organs like the heart, lungs, stomach etc., till it comes out of the mouth, and is put up in a busy place, until the man dies after several days….People watch helplessly, as any act of sympathy will invite punishment.

After his death, a close friend removes the body secretly in the night and performs funeral ceremony according to Christian rites.

When the work is over, it becomes public place, with gardens, tea shops etc. Lovers enjoy the sight from the bridge! Special arrangements have been made on the bridge for people to spend their evenings and it becomes a busy centre.

Movement across the bridge is closely watched by military officers. One officer is duped into falling in love with a not so young woman guerrilla activist, in veil, who escorts ‘her ill grandmother’ (a guerrilla leader), also in veil, several times across the river. When exposed, the officer commits suicide! This chapter alone can be published as a short story!

There is no hero or heroine. Each chapter is independent. Several important characters come and go.

After a long time, following a fresh treaty between Russia and Turkey, the latter withdraws from Slav areas and blows up the bridge after withdrawal, for which suitable holes had been secretly built into the piers. The novel ends here.

There are several gripping stories in between and the book is never boring. The reader will find it difficult to believe that it is written by a doctor!

The remnants of the bridge can still be seen.

Tips for Selecting a Catchy Title for Your Book

When we look at book titles online, at the library or our favorite bookstore, we may look for a title that has mystery, humor, or has a sinister feel about it. On the other hand, we may need a title to be catchy or give insight about its contents in order to grab our attention. Some examples of simple, fun and memorable titles that I love are from books and movies like, Jaws, Sleepless In Seattle, Green Eggs and Ham, Along Came A Spider, and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Finding the right title can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Try these suggestions and I am sure you will come up with a title that's just right.

Keep It Simple

A title can be a person's name, a place, an event or activity. Remember Forest Gump and how his character showed us that all things are possible and Hannibal who showed us cannibalism? How about Peyton Place or Mystic River? These movies had love and loss as the primary theme. A few of my personal favorites are Romancing The Stone and Finding Nemo, these stories represented a lively adventure. Try not to over think your title. Keep it simple and focus on your writing.

Play With Words

If you love playing with words then do it. You may remember the James Bond character in the movie Live and Let Die? That book to film had a catchy tune attached to it as well. What about War of the Roses? Who knew it would be a film about a married couple, with the last name of Rose, that were literally at war with each other. Your title can have a double-meaning like Stephen King's book titled Silver Bullet, which represented the name of the main characters wheel chair and a method by which to kill the werewolf that was out to get him. Consider the theme of your project and work a title from that.

Words In A Hat

If all else fails, jot down some nouns, adjectives, poems, song titles or lyrics on small pieces of paper. Throw them into a hat, pick a few and put something together. It could actually be a lot of fun. Elvis Presley had some cool song titles that could work as a book title. His songs Do not Be Cruel or Love Me Tender could be great titles for a romance or even murder mystery story. How about Michael Jackson's songs Billy Jean and Do not Stop Til You Get Enough? These titles could work for a story representing a person, place or thing that a main character has to deal with. There are so many wonderful titles that could potentially match your story just by using a favorite music group or favorite poet. The possibilities are endless.

Focusing too much on a title can take away the creativity of your writing project. Remember, if the content of your project is not well written it will not be worth reading, which can result in no one seeing the title you worked so hard to produce. Use these tips to help you have fun and select the perfect title for your well written manuscript.

Six Pack Abs Workout

Getting six pack abs can be really tough! But not knowing how to get them can make it even harder. Today I'll be showing you some "Six Pack Abs Workouts" these workouts are meant to be vivid, but it really tones those six pack abs quickly! These are proven six pack abs workouts, and are trusted by people all over the world to work!

1. Hanging Legs

This six pack abs workout is a lot easier if you have a gym that you can go to, as they have bars designed for you to use there. But if you do not you can always make yourself a set at home! Hanging legs are difficult for the starting six pack abs workout member. But it IS possible, to start the hanging legs you must grab the bar with both hands shoulder width apart. Then suspend yourself from the ground, this is where you will be to feel the burning sensation in your stomach area! Good job, your working your muscles already, and you have barely done anything. Now, you will try to bring your knees to your chest, then slowly lower them but remember to not touch the ground during this exercise! You have now completed your first rep, cycle through and do around 3 sets, with about 12 reps for each set. By the end of this exercise, your abs should be very sore. If not, do a couple more sets. Do this six pack abs workout at least 3 times a week.

2. Abdomen Bicycle

On this six pack abs workout you will begin on the ground. Put both hands behind your head, start by moving your left elbow to your right knee. This will make your abdominal muscles contract creating a very effective six pack abs workout. Once you take your left elbow to the right knee, switch and take your right elbow to your left knee. Remember that when you go to your knees lift them to your elbow for the great six pack abs workout.

These two six pack abs workouts are extremely effective and can set the pace for success. I have used both of these exercises and I now enjoy six pack abs. These six pack abs workouts are proven to work, and have been a success to many people.

20 Ways to Stay Fit With Minimal Effort

Getting fit is not an easy task. It can take weeks or even months of hard training and paying attention to what you eat. Staying fit can be even harder. It is very common to see people meet their fitness goals and then quickly fall off their new healthy lifestyle leading to them reversing all of that progress that they worked so hard for. While staying fit can be hard, there are little things we can do to make the process easier. Try some of these tips for maintaining your fitness level with little effort!

1. Fasting

Fasting is the restriction of food for a set period of time. Fasting can be a great way to increase your fat burn and stay lean! Try intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast and eating lunch as your first meal.

2. Go for a Walk

Taking a break or two during the day to go for a short walk can be a great way to burn some extra calories. This is especially important if you have a desk job!

3. Cutting Carbs

Low carb diets are extremely popular for weight loss and for good reason. Studies have shown that low carb dieting can be a great way to lose weight. It can also be a great strategy if you are worried about gaining weight back.

4. Play a Sport You Love

If you stop being active it will be hard to stay fit. You may not want to spend a couple of hours running on a treadmill, but picking a sport you love like basketball or ice skating can be a great way to stay active while doing an activity you love.

5. Get a Standup Desk

If you are stuck at a desk all day it can be hard to stay in good shape. If your office allows it, try a standup desk. You may be surprised at how much this can benefit your overall health just by standing and using your leg and core muscles to stay fit.

6. Try HIIT Cardio

HIIT or high intensity interval training can be a great way to burn a ton of calories without having to put a ton of time in the gym. Studies have even found that HIIT cardio can allow you to burn more calories over the course of the rest of the day.

7. Split up Your Exercises

If you are burned out on exercising, try splitting up your exercises in the morning and evening. This will allow you to spend less time in the gym per session!

8. Try Lower Calorie Desserts

Everyone wants to enjoy dessert, but if you are trying to stay fit some of these high calorie creations can be a problem. Look online for low calorie desserts so you can indulge guilt-free.

9. Switch to a Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet has been shown to improve metabolism by allowing for more fat burning. This diet allows you to eat bacon and stay fit!

10. Take the Stairs

This is a small change that can make a big difference. Rather than taking the elevator, try taking the stairs a couple times a day. It will only take a few extra minutes and can play a big role in keeping you fit.

11. Drink Water before Your Meal

If you are coming off a diet, hunger tends to be much higher. This can lead to overeating which will make maintaining your fitness that much harder. Try drinking a big glass of water before your meal to help you feel fuller and prevent you from overeating.

12. Eat a High Protein Breakfast

Studies have found that those eating a high protein and higher fat breakfast burn more fat during the day compared to those consuming carbs. Reach for some eggs rather than that banana!

13. Eat More Fiber

Fiber can be another great way to make you feel fuller and prevent yourself from overeating. One of the best ways to get fiber is through vegetables or fiber supplement like Quest bars.

14. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This is an often overlooked aspect of health and fitness. Not getting a good night’s rest can wreak havoc on your metabolism making it much easier to gain weight.

15. Use a Step Counter

Using a step counter can be a great way to see how active you are. Shoot for a step goal hit it every day to maintain your fitness.

16. Fit in 20 Minutes of Activity

Life can be busy which makes staying in shape that much harder. If you set aside time every day to be active, even for just 20 minutes, you may find that staying fit is that much easier.

17. Use a Ball Chair

Using a ball chair can help you work your core during the day while working at your desk. This way you can train your abs and still get your work done.

18. Take Your Phone Calls on the Go

If your job entails many business calls, try taking your business calls while taking a walk. A thirty-minute conference call can turn into a 30-minute walk and that can help you stay in shape!

19. Don’t Pair Carbs and Fat

Plan your meals so you aren’t eating a lot of carbs and fat at the same time. Research has found that this can lead fat storage which will not be beneficial for staying fit.

20. Try a Little Caffeine

Caffeine can be a great way to not only give you more energy but also burn a few more calories. If you find yourself feeling lethargic and sedentary, drink some coffee to wake up and start moving!

You’ve worked so hard to get fit, staying fit should not be as difficult as we often make it. Of course if you go back to a life full of junk food, sitting on the coach, and no exercise, these tips won’t work for you. However, if you are still trying to life that healthy lifestyle, these tips could be just the thing to make it that much easier to stay fit!

Popular Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The kitchen is a popular part of every home as this is where people often gather to catch up with each other or simply spend time together. For that reason, it is important that your kitchen reflect an ambiance conducive to such activities. It must be warm and inviting rather than cold and sterile. Take your time in coming up with a plan to get the look you want. After all, there are hundreds of kitchen remodeling ideas out there to choose from. Here are two kitchen remodeling ideas to get you started.

First, you have to consider the shape of the kitchen you want. There are three kitchen shapes, namely, U-shape, L-shape, and G-shape. A U-shape kitchen usually places the stove, fridge, and sink on each different wall, with the sink at the center and the fridge on one end. This kind of shape works well in a square room or if you want to emphasize the basic work area in your kitchen. An L-shape kitchen, on the other hand, uses two walls of the kitchen to contain the three points of working space. This shape works well in a much larger room because you can utilize the length of the room. Lastly, you have the G-shape kitchen where one working is found on each of the two walls and the third working area is on a separate area or counter top. For instance, some choose to place the sink in the separate area because it may be safer to place the cooking area against a wall.

Second, you must pay attention to details. Details are everything. A simple kitchen will still stand out if items such as fixtures, storage space, kitchen decorations, and more are well thought out down to the color and material. You can add unique items or add special features that will make your kitchen stand out, such as antique pots and pans or chic and colorful kitchen utensils to add a splash of color. You can also put up a uniquely designed shelf or storage space or counter top or use colorful mosaic tiles on one wall of your kitchen. Whatever kitchen remodeling ideas you choose to explore, the important thing is to tailor fit your kitchen design to suit your needs and the needs of your family.

These two kitchen remodeling ideas may be simple, but not enough people actually take them into consideration before undertaking a remodeling project so they end up having to redo some portions of the design or continue to be clueless as to what they want their kitchen to look like . Deciding on which kitchen remodeling ideas you want to adopt early on can help you develop a design faster and implement it more efficiently.

8 Dangerous And Shocking Ingredients Hidden In Your Foods

As a qualified personal trainer and health coach I've evaluated a lot of diets and meal plans over the years. I always ask "So what is your diet like?" And the most common response is … "Oh my diet's pretty good actually." It's not until we delve deer into what people are consuming on a daily basis where we start to realize that their diet was not that healthy after all.

Just because a food product is sitting on a supermarket shelf does not mean that it's OK to eat. Think about it … Children can eat crayons but we do not call crayons food. Therefore, why are we putting so many lifeless and nutrient devoid foods as well as many known toxins into our bodies these days?

The food companies certainly do not make it easy. Most of the food labels do not make much sense due to all the codes and unpronounceable names. But did you know that there are legal loopholes where manufacturers can add certain ingredients and chemicals to the product, but state on the label that the product does not contain those ingredients at all? Ridiculous is not it!

As you read on you'll come to realize why more and more people are starting to eat fresh and healthy unprocessed foods to avoid these disgraceful ingredients. Below I've outlined 8 dangerous and shocking ingredients hidden in your foods that you should be aware of.

1. Anti-Freeze

Yes you read correct … Anti-freeze is what goes into the radiator of your car so it will not over heat but also will not freeze up in colder climates. It's called propylene glycol, also known as propane-1,2-diol or E1520. It's a chemical that has many industrial uses such as Corexit, which is an oil dispersant used for oil spills in the ocean. It's also used in pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics, right through to many ice creams.

Luckily for the folks in the European Union, they have not cleared propylene glycol as a food additive or food grade product. My advice, make your own ice cream and stop consuming products that contain this chemical.

2. Human Hair

Proteins are the building blocks of life and are made up of amino acids. Although they are good for your health, I'm sure you'd agree that there must be a better way to extend the shelf life of some products other than using human hair or duck feathers.

The amino-acid L-Cysteine ​​is used to prolong the shelf life of many products such as commercial breads. The L-Cysteine ​​that is used to prolong these foods often comes from duck and chicken feathers as well as horns from cows that have been slaughtered. However the most commonly used version comes from human hair. Yes, you read that correctly.

Reports have shown that the hair used to tear L-Cysteine ​​mostly comes from China, where it's collected from hair salons and barber shops, then processed. Most fast food chains add this form of L-Cysteine ​​to their burger buns and rolls.

To avoid consuming human hair or duck feathers in your foods, try buying freshly baked breads from your local baker as L-Cysteine ​​is not in the flour, but added to the mix during production of bread and the like. Even better, make your own.

3. Arsenic

Arsenic is a known carcinogen, which means that it causes cancer in living tissue. The unfortunate thing about this toxic element is that it seems to keep showing up in our food supplies. It's in everything from breakfast cereals and rice, through to juice juice and your drinking water. Sometimes at levels up to 2 – 3 times what is considered safe. It's also been shown to be in many protein powders. Yes, you read that correctly as well … those expensive protein powders that many people waste their money on have been shown to contain this toxic element among others.

Many wines and beers have also been shown to contain arsenic, mostly the clearer ones. To filter these beverages they use diatomaceous earth, which is a natural product but it contains iron and other elements, such as arsenic.

So to avoid this toxin, get a good quality water filter for your house and drink wine or beer that is unfiltered. The unfiltered wine and beer also contain more nutrients.

4. Anal Glands

This one sounds nice does not it … Anal glands anyone? No thanks!

Most people do not realize that some of the flavors used in your favorite ice creams among other things, comes from the castor sacs of beavers, which is located at their rear end of the animal. This secretion is called castoreum and is used to mark the beaver's territory. Due to the close proxies of the castor sacs to the beaver's anal glands, castoreum can be a combination of urine, secretions from the castor glands as well as secretions from the anal glands.

Castoreum is used to flavor vanilla, raspberry and strawberry ice cream and is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved food additive in many popular ice cream brands. It's also used to flavor many beverages such as protein and meal replacement drinks. You will generally find it labeled as "Natural Flavoring". Is not that great, so for all you know, many of these so-called "natural" ingredients could be anal secretion from other animals.

My advice … again, make your own ice creams so you do not consume beaver droppings.

5. Borax

Borax has been banned as a food additive in Canada and the US but is allowed in the European Union, even though they listed it as a substance of very high concern. It's commonly used to make cosmetics, detergents, enamel glazes, fiberglass, as a flux in metallurgy and is used in fire retardants.

In the food industry it's known by it's E E285. Borax is used for acidity control, firming agent and conservative. It can be found in some cavies, noodles and depending on region can be added a variety of dishes to add a firm texture.

Borax has been given the revised classification as toxic for reproduction – category 1B.

6. Coal Tar

Does not this one sound appetizing? No way! You might be thinking what on earth would coal tar be doing in food? Well the good old processed foods industry is at it again.

So many of the processed food items that grace the supermarket shelves these days contain a long list of food dyes. Most of those food dyes are derived from coal tar and it is listed as a known carcinogen ( causes cancer in living tissue ).

It's used in such things as road manufacturing, road and pavement sealing coats, cosmetics, shampoos and pharmaceutical drugs.

In foods and beverages it's known as E102, Tartrazine or Yellow # 5 and can be found in sodas, flavored chips, pickles, cheese flavored products as well as many other food and beverage items. This is just another reason to keep processed foods away from your body as well as those of your loved ones.

7. Rodent Hair

Would you like some rodent hair with that? I'm sure this is something that you usually sprinkle over your freshly made meals … Not. Well according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it's fine to have some rodent hair in your food.

Due to most food manufacturing being processed in large industrial facilities, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has an allowance for rodent hair in many products, in what they are term "unavoidable defects". They allow 1 rodent hair per 100g of chocolate, 5 rodent hairs per 18oz peanut butter jar and 22 rodent hairs per 100g cinnamon.

This will sure keep me away from processed foods for a very long time.

8. Boiled Beetles

It just keeps getting better does not it? Now why would you need bits of beetles in your food you may ask? Known as carmine, natural red # 4, crimson lake or E120, it's a food coloring made by boiling cochineal insects in a sodium carbonate or ammonia solution.

It's used to manufacture plastic flowers, inks, dyes, paints and cosmetics. In foods and beverages it's used to color ice cream, candy, yogurt and certain fruit juices. It's been shown to cause anaphylactic shock and severe allergic reactions in some people.

Other dyes used instead of natural # 4 are synthetic alternatives such as: red # 40 and red # 2. These are derived from petroleum production. My advice, keep this garbage away from your body as much as you can.

We seem to wonder why that even though we are more technologically advanced than any other time in history, humans are also more sick and disease than any other time in history.

To me it's as plain as day. It is items that I've mentioned and the thousands of other food additives, flavors, colors and preservatives that our leaders allow manufacturers to add to the foods people eat that is helping to cause illness world wide.

So it really is up to you. As Hippocrates said thousands of years ago:

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

So be smart and choose your food wisely.

To great health,

Paul Scicluna

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Health Benefits Related to LED Lighting

The world of lighting, LED particularly, can get overpowering for those that are not directly in this space. From lumens to watts, efficiency, and more; which are the terms you might not understand. Not only is it just about LED terms and jargons, but also broad concepts, information, and methods of LED lighting expertise and the fundamentals that are important to understanding to use LED to its fullest capability. But you don’t need to know the technique behind it while you can just know how they help you in different ways to improve your health.

LED has been here for almost a decade now and we know why. There are numerous of advantages of these lighting. Not like the conventional incandescent or fluorescent light sources, LEDs emit light at extremely definite wavelengths. Physiologists and psychologists know how light can influence a person’s usual circadian rhythms. Think about, for example, the increasing number of diagnoses of “seasonal affective disorder” that influences persons in northern climates who have extremely restricted sunlight revelation all through the winter months. LED lights are now seen as a possible cure for individuals whose circadian body clocks have been disturbed by environmental or other circumstances.

• Balances Circadian Rhythm

Latest developments in LED light technology have permitted the LEDs to imitate natural lighting. Research shows that correct exposure to natural light promotes a well and normal circadian rhythm and LEDs appear to do the trick. So switch those fluorescents in your workplace and house for LEDs and take pleasure in the sleep benefits!

• Lesser Number of Headaches

We are all well-known with those irritating and flickering fluorescent bulbs. For the people who experience headaches and migraines, fluorescents can have shocking side effects and you should throw them out straight-away. You can do this without any second thoughts as there is now a substitute! LED bulbs do not sputter, and can rather help relieve headaches.

• Increased Learning Performance

When LEDs are applied to your learning space, say, your study room, research suggests that learning performance is improved. This makes LEDs the most advantageous investment for schools as well. Say yes to LEDs and let’s help students thrive.

• Decreased levels of Stress

We all know how spending a day in the open air can assist lessen the strain. Although we may not be able to time and again get outdoors in this hectic day to day life, LED lighting can present some help in that case. LED lighting has been linked to decreased levels of stress and fretfulness in covered environments.

We all are familiar with the fact that LED lighting is excellent for the environment, but, we are now in the hunt for the LED lighting that is good for people as well! Making a switch to LED is one easy manner to have an encouraging effect on people.

Automated Scanner Helps Combat Fake IDs

As state and local authorities crack down on underage drinking, the fines and fees on businesses that sell alcohol to minors continues to increase. Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed to purchase or drink alcohol. Tobacco sales are age-restricted as well. Enforcement by federal, state and local officials is expected, and many bars, grocery stores, restaurants and nightclubs are scrambling for a way to stay one step ahead of those sporting fake ID cards to avoid infractions. Checking IDs is not enough. False identification is available available and some young people go to every effort to go to bars or buy alcohol and tobacco products from legitimate businesses. It can be a status symbol for the underage patron to "get away with it."

Fake Identification
While some fakes can be spotted easily, others are much more difficult to distinguish between the real deal and those made at home on a computer. The fact remains that no matter what, the business establishment will be still be held responsible for serving minors if the alcoholic depreciation control board or a law enforcement agency discovers that they have done so.

ID Scanners
One way to combat this is through modern technology. There are now portable ID scanners available that help businesses verify the age and authenticity of the person attempting to enter or make purchases. These devices have age verification software that documents the process. An electronic readout is activated by swiping the magnetic strip on a driver's license or identification card. This protects the bar or nightclub from admitting patrons that are not allowed to be there or condemning illegal sales to minors. By purchasing these machines for hand-held or fixed use, establishments can weed out the mines and prevent trouble. Most battery-operated and decode magnetic strips by a simple swipe of the stripe. If the ID is false, an alarm will sound. The false information will be stored in the device through the software for future reference, if needed.

As a result, these businesses are protecting themselves from losing money and business on infraction enforcement. For example, businesses getting caught for serving minors can be given a stiff monetary punishment of several hundred dollars on the first infraction. It increases with additional violations. Legal charges, such as contributing to the delinquency of a minor, include attorney's fees and possibly more fines.

In some states, shutting down a business for the night after a raid on minors can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in revenue. In some states, a third infraction results in automatic revocation of the liquor license and criminal charges as well. When a company loses its liquor license altogether, they will likely go out of business.

House Extensions – Things You Need To Know

Rather than moving to a new house, every budget conscious homeowner desires to extend or upgrade their existing home to save both time as well as money. Home additions are a perfect choice for increasing your living space and adding property value. A home extension substantially increases the functional space inside your home and undoubtedly increases the property’s resale value to a great extend. However, before you jump into a final decision, here are some important points to consider regarding a home extension procedure.

Is it a wise choice?

Are you looking forward to an extra bedroom, a new living area for the whole family to enjoy or for a home office? The first and foremost step is to verify the viability of a house extension procedure in your property, no matter whether it is a single storey extension or a two (double) storey extension. Always keep in mind that only a well-planned sensible design can be cost-effective and provide you the likely benefits. Before you proceed, it is also necessary to recognise the need of a planning permission and verify whether your property is located in a conservation area. If so, it is highly recommended to seek advice from your nearby building control authority and do a research about the legal procedures related to the extension work.

Next, take time to find an answer for “how much does an extension cost?” For this, your exact requirement has to be analysed in detail. Based on your need, you can either choose a rear extension or a side extension procedure. A single storey extension, either done on the side or rear portion, is comparatively cheaper and it requires only minimal disruption. However, if you need more ventilation, then a double storey extension is considered as more beneficial. An extra investment is often required when you adopt additional painting or interior design services. Also, make sure to implement adequate safety measures, before your home remodelling job, to avoid unexpected costs.

As there are multiple possibilities in a home or kitchen extension project, it is extremely essential to find a reputable professional who utilise highly sophisticated construction methods for a hassle free home improvement job. Such professionals inspect your site and suggest the most suitable design pattern, based on your specific requirements, budget and the building’s pre-existing conditions. Moreover, they adhere to essential quality standards and offer adequate work warranty for the job undertaken to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Hardwood Flooring For My Home Renovation

HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR: Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring, sure many home renovations include new flooring. Are you interested in having hardwood installed in your raised level, addition or complete home renovation? Let's talk

New Construction & Your Hardwood Installation

Many home improvement contractor's are now installing hardwood flooring on their jobs. This is certainly true when it comes to building your new raised level on your home. In almost all of new raised level packages, hardwood flooring installations seems to be almost mandatory with the homeowners. A common wood of choice homeowners choose is usually a new # 1 red oak or select grade on the entire upstairs less the bathrooms and laundry areas. Your contractor will then treat the flooring with polyurethane and a final buff coat and within 3 days the flooring is ready to walk on. Remember, that was the new top floor or even a new addition area. Everything is new so it a simple procedure for the install. Let's go to the first floor and talk about your hardwood flooring installation in the existing renovated area.

Home Improvement Contractor: Hardwood & Your Home Renovation

Many complete home renovations include both a new raised level in addition to a completely revised first floor plan with a first floor extension. The existing first floor usually always has the original hardwood flooring. Your home improvement contractor will remove several walls during the home renovation. Your Home Improvement Contractor will then be left with a decision. How will he be able to repair and install hardwood on the first floor. Remember, the original walls were removed. On the floor will be 4 1/2 "wide gaps from where the walls used to lie. If a twenty foot wall was removed then there will be a 20 'x 4 1/2" gap in the floor. There are 2 choices. The first is to remove ALL the hardwood flooring through the first floor. Then reinstall the new. If you are not worried about the budget and or the numbers work out, then this option is fine. The second choice is to feather the old hardwood in with the new hardwood flooring. Your Home Improvement Contractor will use a staggering or weaving process. He will remove the nearest pieces and fill with new hardwood accordingly. When ready, he will sand the entire floor as well as the weaved areas all together. When completed, your first floor will look absolutely brand new. The positive here is that you were able to salvage the existing hardwood so saving you a good deal of money.

If you are interested in installing hardwood flooring in your renovation project, ask your Home Improvement Contractor for his opinions.

Your One Stop Information Center When Going To The City Of Exeter

Although extensively damaged during the Second World War some notable historical buildings survived in Exeter.

Among them is the wondrous 11th century cathedral which is one of the finest in the country. Home to Exeter University, the city's vibrant nightlife and close links with the surrounding counties means it is a good base from which to explore the beautiful scenery of Dartmoor and the South Devon coast.

The scope of Exeter's secret delights tend to leave a visitor happy but very tired after a full day of being held in awe by the vast array of things to do.

You could stay for a week and still not scratch the surface of the abundance of historical and social interaction that has characterized Exeter's rise to an important city of prominence.

Here I have given you just a taste of what is available and hope that I have whetted your appetite and made you want to find more about this beautiful place.

The Deep Exhibition

Aimed mainly at children under the age of 16, the Deep Exhibition in Brixham is an unforgivable and wondrous excursion into a nautical world of fabled adventure.

Exeter Cathedral

From April until October Exeter Cathedral provides fascinating guided tours of the cathedral. The cathedral is a beautiful building with a very rich history.

Exeter Local Farmers Market

Market Days: Every Thursday

Around 30 stalls offering a wide variety of fresh local produce that will make you wish you could eat and cook with it forever.

Exeter Guildhall

Exeter Guildhall is a colonnaded building on the main street and is the oldest municipal building anywhere in the United Kingdom, the earliest reference to the building was found in a dated 1160. Straddling the pavement the Tudor front was added in 1593. The ancient hall has been paneled in oak and visitors inside can see a stunning display of silver, plus a number of paintings.

St Nicholas Priory

Nine hundred years ago the St Nicholas Priory was originally built around the guest wing of a former Benedictine Priory in the center of Exeter.

Spacex Gallery

Spacex Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, showing cutting-edge exhibitions by internationally recognized and emerging artists and is open to the public.

Tucker's Hall

Originally the medieval guildhall of the Weavers, Fullers and Shearman. Tucker's Hall is located on Exeter's Fore Street,

Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Also known to some as Exeter's Museum, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum has more on display than many people would imagine.

Truly a hidden gem in a crown full of stones, Exeter is a place where dreams have been realized.