Interesting Facts on Cockroaches

"I am a survivor. I am like a cockroach, you just can not get rid of me." – Madonna, famous singer and actress.

The quote by Madonna is absolutely true. Cockroaches are, by far, one of the hardest insects on this planet. There is nothing quite like the cockroach and its mysterious ability to survive the toughest of living conditions. Even in the film, Wall-E, a Pixar animation, a featured cockroach had survived and outlived all of humanity at the 'end of the world', having also earned getting squashed twice in the movie. This fictional depiction of a roach's survival even in a deteriorated world, is pretty close to the truth.

It has been said that if a nuclear war broke out, cockroaches would have been one of the creatures that would survive. Their resistance towards radiation is connected to their cell cycle. Because of their cell divides only once a week, which is how often they are molt, at the most, a large majority of them would not be affected by a sudden nuclear outburst. The Mythbusters performed an experiment to bust the myth that cockroaches would have been the only living things to survive a nuclear blast. The myth was proven to be false, as they found the flower beetles to have a far higher resistance towards extremely hazardous radiation, compared to the cockroaches, which did not survive the maximum level of radiation they exposed them to. So even though cockroaches would outlive humans in a nuclear blast, they would always die from large amounts of it and lingering exposure to radiation.

Unlike humans, cockroaches can live without their head for a least a week and if their heart stops, it will not snuff them out! A headless cockroach will only die from thirst, because they eat and think using the other organs in their body. These heartless creatures do not actually have a 'heart' like we do, but rather one that consist of simple tubes and valves, pumping their blood back and forth. The roach's respiratory system also allows them to outlive humans when it comes breathing air. They have been found to survive 45 minutes without air and after being 'drowned' in water for 30 minutes by the Mythbusters , they all recovered, alive and kicking!

As energetic as these scuttling roaches may be, these insects are only active for about four hours in a day, as they spend 18-20 hours resting, almost as many hours as a koala bear sleeps for each day. One can probably imagine why a female cockroach would need so much rest, as she mates only once in her life and stays pregnant for the rest of it!

It's not so easy to eliminate these hardy roaches, even with life-threatening chemicals, as they have these white starchy substance that consist of nutrients that help neutralize and lessen the effect of any chemical substances that may threaten to kill them!

How to Calculate the Cost of Steel Roofing

The question of steel roofing costs will be based on the price of raw materials, labor, design and other variables. Cost of raw materials depends on the gauge, type of steel, measurement or size, with or without any coating finish such as paint finishes on galvanized steel. Stainless steel has different grades with different prices. Terne coated stainless steel is both durable and attractive. It can convert a shiny stainless steel glossy metallic finish to a matte gray. Other types are the stone coated and silicone coated steel roofing.

Variables would include other materials such as flashing, vents, roof curbs, standing seam, roof clips, sealants, fasteners, underlayment, higher standard materials with nano particles, photovoltaic cells for solar energy, high corrosion resistance and wind boost properties.

The scope of the project such as the class of roof will also have a different impact on the roofing price. Roof types can be straight roof line, pointed, hips and valleys or very steep roof. Contractors would charge their fees depending on how complex the job is.

The cost of installation of steel roofing is more expensive than other roofing types. It requires more complicated techniques and special skills demanding exactness in measurements for an appropriate installation. That's why the installer has to be a professionally and technically well-trained individual in this type of work.

The investment in steel roofing can be easily recovered fast at some point. Popular advantages and benefits of steel roofing are its longevity, stability, durability, low maintenance cost, energy efficiency, appreciation of the fair market value and resale value of your property. Steel roofing can also act as an insulator to keep the home warm or cool in keeping the outside air out. Another advantage is it gives you some tax credit eligibility. Steel roofs are eco-friendly being made from recycled materials and is fire resistant. It can resist punctures, chipping, cracking, peeling and perforating. Warranty can last up to 50 years.

Installing a stylish and elegant steel roof can provide adequate protection. You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful designs, finish, colors and styles whether steel shingle or standing seam. Steel shingles costs $ 800 per square including materials and labor. It has a 4 interlocking design system. Usually coated with aluminum alloy and zinc, shingles reflects solar radiant heat effectively and can withstand strong hurricane winds. Standing seam roofing has excellent waterproofing ability and is more expensive, costing around $ 1100 per square including materials and labor. Plain galvanized roofing can cost around $ 250 per square and $ 350 per square for corrugated. Standing seam panels with trim costs around $ 600 per square. If you want to make a preliminary cost estimate yourself, you can go to a Roof calculator website that will provide you with a step by step guide. The results will include prices, projected energy savings and the roof's lifetime.

Your choice of a contractor should be well planned. It is a wise move to have at least three cost estimates based on the same criteria for you to make the evaluation a lot easier. You should have an itemized breakdown of all items, terms and conditions. A face to face meeting with the contractor's representative is necessary to discuss everything relative to the quote submitted. Ask for references of their previous and recently completed work projects, particularly on steel roofing; a copy of their current license, company profile, guarantee policies and liability insurance coverage. Remember that the lowest bid is not always the best bid.

8 Scrapbooking Materials – Tips To Choose Them Wisely

Years ago, it was hard to find stores that sold scrapbooking materials. But avid scrapbookers created a demand, and today you can find local stores devoted to scrapbooking and other retailers like craft stores that sell a huge variety of books, papers, and decorations. In fact, the hard part today is choosing what to use in your scrapbook. This article covers some basis that will help you make a wise purchases and create a beautiful scrapbook.

Beginners are overwhelmed by their choices when they get into the store. There is so much variety that it's hard to pick out items from over-stocked shelves. And if you're making your first scrapbook, the excitation of discovering so much variety of color, design, layout, and concept available to you is overwhelming.

The trick for beginners is realizing that there are a few basic things to buy in the beginning. It's best not to get everything at once. The best start is selecting a few key pieces and building some test pages first to be sure you enjoy the hobby and to see if those materials are what you really want to support your theme.

Planning your project is a great way to limit initial purchases and focus on a few items. That way, you're not overwhelmed by the range of options, and you do not get home with many items you'll never use. Making that first trip for scrapbooking materials can be an expensive lesson in planning!

Even season scrapbookers fall into this trap. Stumbling upon a great sale is a sure way to overstock your own scrapbooking supplies. We see things that look great on the shelf and, even though we do not have a use for it now, we just have to have it for later on. Planning your shopping trip by focusing on a few pieces will help you practice some self-restraint and save your hard-earned pennies.

Your first step for creating a wonderful scrapbook without going broke is planning. Sit down and think about what you want the final product to look like. Your vision does not have to be detailed, but you should have a good feeling for your subject, colors, and how much material your scrapbook will contain.

1. Finding the Right Album
The most important material for your scrapbook is the book itself. You'll find hundreds of sizes, designs, and presentation formats at the store. These are a few basic choices that make sense.

Traditional albums are the size of printing or copy paper (8-1 / 2×11 ") or one-foot squares (12×12"). Smaller albums are growing in popularity as new scrapbooking approaches increase. You'll find smaller squares that are easy to pack, carry, and decorate (for example, 6×6 "to 8×8").

2. Page Protectors that Do not Also Detract
You'll need page protectors to preserve your pages and the photos, memorabilia, and decorations that contain. Scrapbook pages can be vulnerable to teasing and other damages. Page protectors also help keep stock-on items from falling out of the book as it ages.

There are two basic choices for page protectors: clear transparent protectors and non-glare protectors.

3. Using the Right Papers
Papers are basic to your color theme and overall design. The paper you choose for your background is an important part of the overall appeal of your scrapbook. Patterned papers are the most popular today. But it's important to remember that your backgrounds should frame your pages, not overwhelm them. They should be in subtle colors to help focus the eye on the photos and central items rather than the background paper.

4. Selecting Card stock
Card stock is a staple in the world of scrapbooking. Card stock is heavier than normal paper, though not as heavy as cardboard. Many office supply stores sell card stock for report covers and mailers. It's heavy enough not to crease or fold easily but light enough to bend. Used in a scrapbook, card stock is an effective foundation for embellishments, memorabilia, and photographs.

5. Picking an Adhesive
Adhesive holds everything together – literally. There are many types of adhesive available, but experienced scrapbookers know how important it is to use the appropriate type. You should always look for acid-free adhesives that are safe for photos. Adhesives with acids can cause the pictures to oxidize, paper colors to bleed or fade, and cause stains in embellishments like fabric, ribbons, or lace.

6. Take Care with the Paper Cutter
Sizing your inserts is a very important part of scrapbooking. Paper cutters are good for cropping photos, creating interesting shapes, and customizing standard decorations. But be careful! Paper cutters can also make you a bit over-enthusiastic, and you may destroy your item before it gets to the pages of your scrapbook. Avoid using the paper cutter with anything other than paper. While they keep the edges of photos and other paper items straight and clean, you should not try to use them with heavy decorations or fabric.

7. Scissors – a Necessity
The number one tool for scrapbooking is a pair of good scissors. They help you make custom shapes and make clean cuts in fabrics, ribbons, and other decorations. They'll help you make interesting pieces to fit your pages. By using similar shapes, your scissor-cut inserts can even make their own design theme.

8. Rulers
A beautiful scrapbook is precise and clean. Each item on the page must be neatly cut, balanced, and straight. Your ruler will save much time in marking guidelines and making sure the pieces fit properly.

There are hundreds of materials and tools available for scrapbookers today. Among those we have not discussed are vellum, white plastic erasers, self-healing cutting mats, glue erasers, pens and pencils, photo corners, lettering stencils and fonts, and the trusty X-acto knife. You'll probably want to organize your scrapbooking materials in a toolkit of some kind. That way, you can keep everything together and avoid buying duplicates.

Industrial Air Filters: Breathe in Safe Environment

Healthy environment is way to smartly spend life. Clean and safe environment is need of every person. Each one of desire to work and stay in the place which is free of pollution and any other pollutants. One can not avoid the polluted environment in the current scenario as the unwanted substances in the air are high and also at alarming situation.

There are many devices which have been developed to take care of the mankind to save them for the atmospheric pollutants. Many manufacturing units produce unwanted substations in huge amount. These pollutants emitted in massive quantity and pollute the environment. Industrial filters are to be fitted so that the work environment become appropriate for the professionals and workers.

Industrial filters are smartly fabricated and they take care that the pollutants do not harm both the environment and the professionals working their. There are a variety of filters available which are used in the industrial arena. These filters are equipping scientific methods, as in depth filtration is offered by air filters. Recognizing the need of diverse range of industries, variety of filters are manufactured to take care of needs of various industries.

These industrial air filters are air intake elements which are developed to separate atmospheric dust or particulates using compressors, blowers, engines, vacuum pumps etc. Compressed air filters are most typical and normal forms of filters in the industrial sector.

Artisans and professionals working in woodworking and fiberglass are exposed to serious health problems. They breath dust and other microscopic species which fly in the environment. Breathing in such environment put strain on the lungs leading disability in breathing properly. Dust collectors are installed in the work area, so that all the dust can be easily captured in these collectors. These dust collectors are excellent ventilation system in wood shop or work area. Subtracting their usage can lead to some serious consequences in the future.

Collectors of dust can be easily installed to various kinds of venue around the wood shop. These apparatus can be powerful tool and saw and sander can be successfully collected in the cloth bags. Attached cheese cloth bags are custom built dust collectors fitting either onto the power tools or can be also set up independently near the work area. No matter where you work, but dust collectors are vital part of any workshop.

Installing various air intake systems in your workplace or workshop can be a win win situation both for the company and people working their. Both, health and legal issues can be well managed using these equipments. There are many manufacturers which are indulged in the making of health and environment safety devices. They houses a variety of equipment lending extreme relaxation and ease to the environment and masses.

Custom Pins – Useful For All Groups

You can have custom pins made in any shape, size or color. You can even get a replica of your company logo. There are a number of professional reasons you could do this, whether it be for promotional purposes, part of a uniform or even a sponsorship for a non-profit event. As an individual, you may want to have a family pin made to hand out at the annual reunion. On the other hand, maybe your book club is celebrating its fifth year together and you would like a way to commemorate the occasion. Something else that has grown in popularity is to have a wedding pin made to hand out to each guest as memorabilia of your special day. There are many other reasons to utilize this unique service. People love tangible objects, no matter what the size or value. Simply put, people love stuff! No matter the event, what better to give than something customized that they can wear on their lapel, purse, hat, scarf or tie?

Custom pins are available is several varieties. One such variety is Cloisonne. Cloisonne is the technique of decorating metal. The hard enamel Cloisonne pin is a metal pin that is inlayed with enamel and then baked at a high temperature to cure the paint. It is then polished. When done in this fashion, the pin is smooth across the top.

Another variety is the soft enamel. Soft enamel custom pins also have enamel fill, but they are air dried as opposed to baked. The fill sits lower than the metal ridges that form the outlines of the pin. This style of pin is not completely smooth across the top. It has a somewhat raised outline. The soft enamel is a less expensive alternative to the hard enamel.

The die struck pin is typically seen in metal shades. It may be colored, but most often is not. These are the only type of pin that made be done three dimensionally.

The photo etched pin is an alternative to the enamel pin when you are in need of something with a lot of detail. This is a thinner option than the hard or soft enamel.

Finally, there is the photo dome pin. These custom pins are fitted with a replica of the picture you provide and the epoxy is smoothed over the top to a nice domed finish.

You can find companies online that offer this type of customized work. Some have pricing information available on their websites while others require you to submit information on their quote form. The information they will need typically includes your contact information, a description of the type of custom pins you are looking to order and a copy of your artwork. Once you submit this form, the company will process your quote request and contact you with an estimated price. Before agreeing to have any work done, be sure to thoroughly read the contacted terms. Inquire about not only production time, but also shipping time. You want to make sure that your order will get to you in time for the scheduled event.

Caring For Your Cat With Playtime

When it comes to cat care, playtime is just as important to the overall wellbeing of felines as a trip to the vet. There is no need to spend a lot of money on cat toys. Most of the time, your cat will find many things in your house to play with.

The toy can be as simple as the plastic ring from the milk jug or a crumpled receipt from that day's groceries. Cats will throw their toys in the air, bat them around on the floor, pounce on them, hug them close with their front paws and kick at them with their back paws, having a blast shredding the toy to pieces.

Whether you spend a lot of money on the toy or not will not make a difference. Why buy an expensive toy when you have so many free options readily available?

Cats love to climb and rest in places where they can see a lay of the land. When one couple decided to renew their home office, they discovered they had to throw out their cat's favorite perch, an old bookcase near a sunny window.

Since the office had to be redesigned, they built the desks and bookshelves in such a way they led to an additional shelf above each window in the office. Now the cat would have both a sunny spot to snooze and keep an eye on the front and back yards – and the cat gets some well-needed exercise jumping from shelf to shelf.

While you do not have to go to such an extreme as home renovation that caters to felines, you can make things more interesting by stacking boxes and tables for your cat to climb on.

Cats love boxes. Much like children, a cat can occupy itself for hours on end playing with a box. You can cut holes in it, line it with carpeting or old towels, and your new kitten will love it. Take a few boxes, tape them together, and build your cat a fort.

Boxes are cheap and you can get them in all different sizes. When they wear out, you can throw them in the garbage and give the kitten a new one. Add carpeting to the outside for the cat care need of scratching.

Catnip toys are easy to make too. All you need is a little bit of cloth or furry material to sew into a pouch. Fill it with catnip and stitch some Velcro on to hold it closed. You can make it into a size and shape that appeal to your cat.

Some cats like big toys, others like smaller ones that they can carry easily. Try a couple of different sizes. For cat care enthusiasts, do not worry; catnip is perfectly safe for your cat to enjoy.

Ever see a cat play fetch? Cats will do that. Some cats will start playing fetch without any prompting from you. You might be tossing their toy for them and find that they enjoy bringing it back to you to throw again.

Do you have a cat that likes to play rough? Get yourself a leather work glove and let your cat wrestle with your hand. With a glove, cats can bite and use their claws in a little bit of friendly roughhousing without teething you up in the process.

Teach your cat care for human hands while allowing him to play, as cats will also learn not to use their claws unless you have the glove on.

If you have one of those laser pointers in your computer bag or briefcase, see what happens when you shine the red dot on the floor. The light from the laser almost looks three-dimensional, and your cat will enjoy chasing it. Just make sure that you do not shine the laser directly into your cat's eyes.

Sticks with strings are always a favorite. All you need is a thin stick and a string with an object tied to the end. This could be a small plastic ball with a bell inside or a cluster of feathers.

Your cat can chase the object while you jerk the stick to make the "prey" bounce and jump. Toys do not have to be fancy or expensive at all and are not a reflection of your level of cat care. The only investment required is your time.

One Deal Of The Day Offers Attract Enthusiastic Shoppers

Deal a day offers provide the much needed responseought by manufacturers and companies that need to move products from the factory floor into the hands of the buying public. Companies need to sell what they produce. It helps them bring quicker returns to their investment, produce more and generate much needed revenues.

A daily deal brings about happy faces in the workplace as it does in the marketplace and the shopping arena in general. Businesses that can sell their wares quickly and efficiently are able to grow and prosper. This in turn brings about stable employment, money circulation that helps any economy and savings to the shoppers that need the produce which keeps life in motion.

The concept of daily deals is very intelligent and savvy. Products are brought into the marketplace with only one goal in mind which is to have consumers accept it and buy it. This bodes well for the buying public as it gets them items needed for consumption or enjoyment and at a much lower cost. This in turn is money saved and value for the taking. Yes, it helps stretch a persons pay check.

Each day offers are advertised on various coupon saving websites, newspapers, television and other media to draw attention to such bargains. It is quite common to have fifty percent off restaurant bills, coupons for fast food items, baby clothes, pet food and the list of available goodies keeps growing all the time. Essentially the offer is only available on a particular day if a certain minimum number of people participate in the deal. Should this minimum number of participants not materialize then it is taken off the table and no money is transacted or charged.

Smart shopping and frugal buyers welcome any savings that can bring value for hard earned money. It certainly makes sense to buy needed items and saving money at the same time.

Tips for Buying Scrapbook Supplies

Cost of Scrapbook Supplies

When you decide to start a scrapbook, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of buying scrapbook supplies? And like most things, there's the good and bad news is that you have a great variety of choices for many albums, embellishments and accessories. While it's great to have some purchasing options, it will also be too easy to spend a great deal more money than you had intended. Everything you look at gives you a new idea for a page and you could get more scrapbook supplies than you need for the next year. I know that's true for me. So, here are a few tips to help you get what you need but not break the budget doing it.

Scrapbook Supplies At Home

You will probably be surprised at the number of scrapbook supplies you already have. Some of the main scrapbook supplies are adhesives and scissors. You have to use these on every page. Having specific scrapbook scissors is great, offer varied cuts, but you can be a little creative and come up with variations with regular scissors in the beginning. Buying some glue is nice but you probably have double sided adhesive tape. After a while of getting used to the convenience of double sided adhesives, you probably will not want to use any other glue or adhesive.

Scrapbook Stickers and Embellishments

It is so convenient to use scrapbook stickers and other embellishments. You do not have to think about it, just grab it, stick it in place and you're done. But let's look at some other supplies you already have and find a creative way to use them. Flowers can always be cut from the leftovers of scrapbook paper or cards. Use a button or we all have an earring that we lost one. Parts of that earring may be the center of your flower. Take one flower from the bouquet your husbandave you for your birthday. Dry it by hanging it upside down for a few days. Spray the pets with hairspray or spray adhesive to help preserve it. Cut off the stem and glue it to the frame around the picture or anywhere on a scrapbook page. This will have a lot more sentimental value.

Scrapbook Supplies Sharing

Chances are that some of your friends also do scrapbooking and have their own scrapbook supplies. If so, you may have some things that they do not and they may have some re-useable supplies that they would be happy to share. Trade these things back and forth and you both save money. These would be items that can be used over and over again like rubber stamps, die cuts, stencils, or cutting pads. If you need a rubber stamp pads for one or two pages, the cost can seem a little expensive for something that may later just sit in a drawer. But if you and your friend each buy one or two stamp pads to share, the cost is cut in half and your creativity is doubled.

Scrapbook Paper and Card Stock

Two of the things in constant use are scrapbook paper and card stock. While these come in wonderful designs and graphics printed on them, they can be expensive. Buy only a few of these designed papers and cards. Often plain colored paper and card stock will be part of a scrapbook supplies sale. When it is, buy in bulk or split with cost with a friend. By cutting the edges and layering the card stock and paper, you can create wonderful background and borders for your photos. With the help of an edger tool or border punch, you will be able to create your own unique designs.

Plan and Inventory

When you go to the grocery store, you always know what you have on hand and what you need for your recipes. scrapbooking is essentially the same. You should plan on a design (the recipe), know what you have on hand (your pantry) and then list what you need to buy (your grocery list) so that you will only buy the items that you need. Put your needed items into sections like stickers and put the ones you need, like baby stickers, Christmas, wedding and so forth. You will not buy duplicates of some that you already have on hand and you will not forget to get something that you really need for your scrapbook project.

Scrapbook Supplies Online

Many websites now have scrapbook supplies online. Often they have discount scrapbook supplies and bargains that you can not find in the stores. You will save money, not have so many items that it becomes cluttered and no guilty conscience. Even if you find a great sale, stick with your theme and buy what you need. If you have money left over, go for the standard items on sale like paper and card stock or that one item you can not live without.

It takes a little time to get organized and used to applying these tips, but you will be able to enjoy scrapbooking, be able to maintain the scrapbook supplies with little clutter, have an inventory of what you need for each project and spend fewer dollars.

Is There a Way to Clean Yellowed Nose Pads on Old Prescription Glasses?

Your prescription glasses may look as beautiful as the day you got them, but if your nose pads have begun to yellow, or better yet build up green gunk underneath, they become unsightly when people get close to you. What can you do about this problem? Is there anything you can do to clean yellowed nose pads on your glasses?

Why Nose Pads Turn Yellow

Nose pads are made out of clear plastic. They are in constant contact with your skin, and underneath the plastic the skin often sweats. The sweat, over time, causes the nose pads to turn yellow. On average it takes about one year for the nose pads on your glasses to turn yellow, and you probably want your glasses to last longer than a year, particularly if you are paying a lot for designer eyeglass frames.

Additionally, the reaction between the acidity of the sweat and the metal of the frames can lead to a greenish buildup on the nose pads. This buildup also contains dirt and grime from your skin. It is unsightly, and also quite unsanitary if you stop to think about it.

Can It Be Cleaned?

The answer to whether or not nose pads can be cleaned is yes and no. You cannot do much for yellowed nose pads. Unfortunately, once the nose pad has turned yellow, it is permanent. However, the green gunk and grime under the nose pad can be cleaned.

One way to do this is to use a pre moistened alcohol pad. Shove the alcohol pad between the nose pad and the frame, and let some of the alcohol leak onto the nose pads. Then, rinse it off with water.

If this does not work, use a soft-bristled toothbrush, preferably a child-sized one, and scrub the nose pads. You can even remove them if you wish to get them really clean, but make sure you keep careful tabs on the screws if you do, because they are tiny.

Some people who wear eyeglasses claim that soaking them for an hour in soapy water and then rinsing them will remove the gunk that builds up under the nose pads. Again, this will not help with the yellowed plastic, but if you have buildup it is worth a try.

Consider the Alternative

If you have yellowed nose pads, you do have another alternative. Replacing the nose pads is actually quite affordable. You can pick up a nose pad repair kit at a drug store or your local optometrist, but make sure you have your glasses with you, as there are different kinds available and you will need the right ones.

To do the replacement, start by laying out your supplies on a light colored towel. This will keep the tiny pieces from sliding off of the table. Then, use a jeweler’s screwdriver to remove the old pads. Once they are off, use alcohol soaked pads to clean the frames near where they connect to the nose pads. You want all residue removed before you put the new pads on.

Once the glasses are clean, install the new pads using the jeweler’s screwdriver. Do so gently, as it is very easy to damage these delicate pieces. If you feel resistance when you try to screw in the new screw, take it out and start again.

When you are done, place some clear nail polish or white glue on the screw heads. This way they will not eventually slip out, but you can remove them with your screwdriver if you need to later. Do not use strong glues, as this will make it difficult to remove the nose pads when they also turn yellow. When you are done, you will have glasses that look as good as they did the day you bought them, and you will pay very little for the revamped look.

15 Camping Stove Safety Rules

Unless you are the pioneer type, a camping stove will accompany you on any camping trip. While they are very convenient and easy to operate, different stoves work on different fuels and work in different ways. So always read the owners manual. Aside from that, here are 15 rules that should be followed in regards to camping stoves for your protection and mother natures.

1. Being as children are a big part of camping, the use, refueling and storing of a stove should only be done under a knowledgeable adult.

2 – Use only approved, undamaged fuel containers. Keep them far from open flames and any other source of heat.

3 – When you need to changed the compressed gas cartridges, or when you need to refill liquid fuel containers, allow the stove (or lantern) to cool completely.

4 – Refill stoves or lanterns outside away from any other flames or heat source. For liquid fuel use a funnel and then allow any spilled fuel to evaporate before attempting to ignite.

5 – Place your camping stove on a cleared, level surface. On snow, place it on a large piece of plywood. This will keep the stove warmer and reduce the tendency for it to tip over.

6 – Check stoves, hoses and tanks before each outing. Check for bent valves, cracked hoses and stripped treads that could cause leaks and possible explosions.

7 – Keep the fuel tanks as far from the actual camping stove as possible. Always keep your head and body to one side when lighting in case it creates a flare up.

8 – Never leave a lit stove or lantern unattended.

9 – Do not over load the stove. These are not made for heavy duty cooking but transportability. If anything larger then a 2 quart pot is needed, setup a second grill and place the stove under it.

10 – Do not discard empty containers. If they are not refillable, they should be disposed of properly being as the dumpster at the campsite might be disposed of by burning all refusal.

11. Camping stoves or lanterns must never be used inside a tent or any building with poor ventilation.

12 – All canisters should be bright red or at least marked well so they do not get confused with water bottles

13. Carry fuel cartridges away form all foods. This may mean carrying it on the outside of a back pack.

14 – Shut off the supply valve at the tank before disconnecting hoses. Allow the extra gas in the line to bleed off.

15 – All ways read the manufactures guide lines and follow them.

Visit " Camping and More " for more useful information and camping tips.

Putter Headcovers – The Essential Accessory For Golfers

I am a keen golf enthusiast and have been for more than 20 years. As all golf enthusiasts know putting is an essential but frustrating part of the game. One way that I have found to keep me smiling during a round of golf when the putter is as cold as a Siberian winter is by having fun and entertaining putter headcovers.

So why do I need putter headcovers I hear you ask? The reason is very clear and that is that they are fun which is more than can be said about putting most of the time. Also because putting is so difficult we end up spending a lot of money on putters wherever they are Scotty Cameron, Titlest, Ping or Callaway. So we have spent all of that time researching what the best putter is, we have then spent a lot of hard earned cash on the putter, so it is important to protect and take care of our beloved putter otherwise how are we going to expect it to deliver the results that we want?

So I have convinced you of the merits of getting a headcover but now the questions is which one do you get and what are the differences between the different types? Well more than you might think is the answer. There are all sorts of cartoons, University colors and so on. Not to mention headcovers that grab around the shaft of the club and magnetic strips to stop them from coming off.

The most important factor in buying a headcover as I have said already is fun, no not price, size or shape but the question you have to ask yourself is, can you look at your putter in the middle of a horrific round of golf and smile ? If the answer is yes then you have achieved your goal and you have the right putter headcover.

If just enjoying and having fun is not enough then one of the best known brands in putter headcovers is Stealth. They provide a range of colors and a cover for all the clubs in the bag. They also have different putter headcovers for Scotty Cameron Putters, Callaway and blade putters. They claim to save up to 50% of your bag space by having a cover that only covers the head of the putter and provide and easy removal without the need for magnets and zippers.

If you are looking for something a bit more exciting then you can find anything from a Koala to a Corona beer to keep you entertained. Whatever your preference putter headcovers are one of those essential accessories for golfers of all abilities!

Darkroom Heating for the Chemicals and the Photographer

I suppose we all know that the chemicals for processing B & W Photographic prints should be used at 20 ° C. The manufacturers of the various papers and chemicals say so. On a cold winter night, with the darkroom in a tin shed and the outside temperature down to -2 ° C This is not so easy to achieve.

Cold developer works slower and hot developer works faster. I've been told that incorrect developer temperature affects the image contrast but have not found this to be the case with resin covered, multigrade paper. Depending on the brand, the paper fogs in the developer at around 35 ° C to 40 ° C. So anywhere in the range 25 ° C to 35 ° C will be fine for the developer, stop bath and fixer.

Fan Heater Not Suitable for Darkroom Heating

In times gone by I used a fan heater which was fine for drying the finished prints hanging on the "clothes line" but created a dust problem with negatives needing to be repeatedly dusted off. Sometimes I'd get hairy strands of dust sticking to the emulsion of negatives while hanging in the darkroom to dry. Sometimes I abandoned this method of darkroom heating, the hassle to keep warm being just too much.

Warming the Developer with Hot Water

To warm the developer to a quick acting temperature, I have for some time used a second, larger tray of hot water with the developer tray sitting in it. Whenever the water feels cool to my fingers it's time to add another jug ​​of hot water, until after a few top-ups, the developer tray starts to float, at which time I tip out the water and start again with more hot water. This method has served me well for 15 years or so and is a good way to go in a low budget darkroom.

Electric Bar Heater for Darkroom Heating

Over recent times I've used a bar heater on the darkroom wall. With some care, given the color and low level of light, the paper has been unaffected by this darkroom heating.

But today I just could not stand the fiddling with jugs of hot water any longer. I unscrewed the bar heater from the wall and placed it on the darkroom floor, facing upwards, under the wet bench, to heat not only the darkroom space but also the chemicals.

Before long the underside of the bench was quite warm and the developer, at a constant 25 ° C, required no fiddling. Although the darkroom is poorly insulated, the space soon warmed up to a comfortable temperature. So this is now my method of darkroom heating.

Should you decide to go this way also, just be sure you do not set fire to the place.

Cool Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

While the pile of wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree each year draws oohs and ahhs, the little trinkets stuffed inside the stockings hanging from the fireplace mantle can often be the coolest gifts of the season. This year, there are more options than ever before to give great but tiny gifts to all your friends and family. Many of them are even priced at twenty dollars or less.

If you like to put a little greenery inside the stockings of your loved ones, make the wrapping part of the surprise. The Green Bilz Box is a puzzle into which you can place cash, gift cards, concert tickets or other like-sized items. The recipient of the gift can have a great time trying to get at the interior prize by rolling a ball through a bi-level maze. It's challenging and fun and two gifts in one!

It is a gift that a grandparent will use and appreciate every day is a Picture Pen. This neat little stocking buffer is a click pen with a plastic casing into which you can insert a photograph of a grandchild, a pet, or other favorite subject for Grandma or Grandpa. This is a gift that so many people will appreciate, and it's less than six dollars.

The handy gadget for any friend or family member who is just a little bit hard of hearing is the telephone amplifier. This small device installs easily between the telephone and the handset, and it features fingertip control for turning the sound up to three times as high as normal. It can be used with almost any standard or electronic telephone and makes a really thoughtful gift.

Youngsters in the family will love a Kids Lap Desk. This is a portable desk that children can take with them in the car, to the park or anywhere they want. The hard writing surface sits on top of a soft bottom that rests on the child's lap. Side flaps with zippered compartments hold all the crayons or other craft supplies they want to take along. This is a gift that gives to Mom and Dad, too, as it keeps them little ones entertained for hours.

Other take-along item that will keep anyone entertained for hours is Pocket Solitaire. This hand-held game device features several classic Solitaire games, a timer challenge, as well as a game-review function. It runs on two AA batteries, so it's easy to keep it running for as long as the player wants it to go. It's small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, and it's a quiet, fun game.

Other fun stocking buffer for friends, family or pets is the Flying Monkey. Dressed in a cape and mask, this stretchy simian can fly up to fifty feet when you fire it like a slingshot. It even gives out a monkey cry as it flies. Dogs love to chase it as much as kids and adults love to fire it. Made of plush wool, it's a great plaything.

Speaking of pets, everyone will have fun with the Dancing Pet Speaker. This cool stocking buffer can be attached to an iPod and many MP3 players. The music comes out of the cat or dog speaker, and both animals dance to the beat. Pose the arms, turn on the music, and everyone dance.

The Electronic Hampster is another fun toy for people or pets. It's cute and furry, and it rolls freely around the room when powered by one battery. Watch the kids or the dog chase it around the house-taking care, of course, to supervise. It looks so real that you might even startle your friends when it scurries in front of them.

If practical jokes or gags are your favorite type of gift to give, there are several from which to choose this year. A Car Bandaid Jumbo makes a great gag gift for a friend who tends to ding his car. Frankie the Fish is a perennial favorite, moving his mouth and head while singing "Give Me Back My Filet O'Fish" -it's great for fishing enthusiasts or anyone who likes a fish sandwich. Give your friends some harmless fun with Racing Grannies-a pair of wind-up old ladies who race each other across the kitchen table. And who would not laugh when the Singing Toilet Paper kicks off its rendition of "Jingle Bells" as it begins to unroll?

There are plenty of coin banks for the money savers on your Christmas list. Choose a Chocolate Hershey's Syrup Bank, a variety of Elvis guitar banks, or a Miller High Life Bottle Bank. You can even choose a Customizable Money Jar that lets you put the recipient's favorite photograph on display. Or give your favorite saver a Coin Counting Bank that will automatically total the contents when they drop in a coin. Each of these banks will nestle down inside a stocking, just waiting to be put to use for next year's Christmas savings.

Consider these awesome gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season!

Bus Rentals Provide A Perfect Transportation Solution

Transporting a large number of people to and from a particular location is not always the most simplistic of propositions. Certainly, carpools can provide a solution, but this can require logistical planning and a lot of hands-on coordination. Even with the best-laid plans, things can go wrong and enough room to get people where they need to go might not be available. Bus rentals can provide a perfect solution to the problem.

When more people than car space need to get somewhere, bus rentals in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and beyond make a great deal of sense for a number of reasons. Some of the largest advantages of using professional bus rentals include:

· Ease. Rather than having to coordinate 10 cars and drivers, bus rentals in California, Nevada and beyond only require booking and a follow up call to confirm. When bus rentals are considered, drivers do not cancel out at the last minute like carpool drivers can. There is a great deal of comfort that comes with knowing transport is guaranteed.

· Comfort. Bus rentals generally provide riders with a great deal more comfort than small car transport can. When charter bus rentals are used, there is enough legroom for almost anyone. In many cases, passengers are also a little freer to get up and move around if leg stretching is needed.

· Professional drivers. Transporting a large number of people to and from a destination can get a little hairy when several different drivers are brought in to help. It is very hard, for example, to check the driving records of several volunteers. Bus rentals offer professional drivers who have been screened for the job. This adds a little extra peace of mind to the prospect.

· Economical. Depending on the bus rentals used, customers in Los Angeles, Los Vegas and elsewhere often find it more economic to use a service than gas up a number of different vehicles for trek.

· Fewer stops. While it's true not all bus rentals come with onboard lavatories, many do. This means the driver generally has to make fewer stops en route to the destination. The end result is a more efficient trip.

· Insurance. Most companies that offer bus rentals make sure there is a reasonable amount of coverage on passengers. This takes the onus off carpool drivers and lends more security to a trip.

· More fun. When bus rentals are used, everyone on the trip can enjoy the ride and the scenery. This is a great way to ensure that everyone can kick back, relax and just take in the adventure of the trip.

Bus rentals in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and others can provide the perfect solution for groups that need to get from Point A to Point B easily and efficiently. By taking the trouble of organizing drivers out of the equation, these services can help ensure a trip that goes off without a hitch. They can also add comfort to the prospect and give organizers more peace of mind.

Line Boring Machine Facts

Line Boring machines cut the inside of a bore to enlarge its diameter. Boring machines are developed to make a bore in the shortest time and produce the highest possible surface finish and tolerances.

A boring machine bores holes in heavy construction equipment such as cranes and end loaders, and is very economical equipment. A portable boring machine is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use machine that is available with a pneumatic or hydraulic drive.

There are several functions of a line boring machine. A boring machine is capable of measuring bores using calibrated internal and external micrometers and its size ranges from 50mm to 2000mm in diameter.

Line Boring machines are used in many applications, including re boring of holes on dozers, backhoes, and end loaders. Additionally boring perform repairs to areas such as backhoe and track hoe buckets, articulating joints, wheel loader arm pin-holes, and hinge points in tilt bed trailers, and steering axle sleeves in heavy duty fork trucks.

The advantages of using portable boring equipment is precision field machining repairs can be made on site and in-place. A minimum amount of dismantling is required, unbolting leaks and down time are minimized, and productivity is increased.

Companies like Cohagan Engineering, designs and manufactures its own line of portable machine tools. The portable line boring equipment offers high quality at a low price. Products offered include a “Welder’s Package” kit that includes a 2.00″ x 48″ boring bar and power drive unit with all required attachments to repair Heavy Equipment right out of the box.

Customer’s can also build their own kit using their Line Boring Configurator, which allows complete customization of a system to meet the unique requirements of a complex job. In addition to the Portable Line Boring Equipment, Cohagan Engineering also manufactures a line of Portable Milling machines. Ranging in size from the Mechanic’s Mate, a toolbox portable unit to full size 10 hp unit’s with 60″ of X-axis travel. All manufacturing is DFARS compliant and proudly made in the USA.