The IRS Retirement Loophole

How are you going to survive financially in retirement?

By one estimate, a 65-year-old US couple retiring in 2017 will need a minimum of $ 13,000 per year for 20 years – $ 260,000 before inflation.

I do not have to tell you what it would be like to live on $ 13,000 a year, or $ 1,083 a month. I'm sure you can imagine it perfectly well. Just start subtracting optional items and paring back essentials until you get to that figure.

Not a pretty picture, is it? Now add in health care expenses.

Thirteen grand a year is not going to cover much, if anything … especially if Republicans in Congress succeed in their long-standing goals of transforming Medicare into insurance vouchers and reducing Social Security benefits.

How about saving more for retirement? I hate it when so-called "financial advice" columns tell me to do that. It's like telling a starving person to eat more. They would if they could.

Fortunately, there's a "hack" you can apply to existing tax and insurance regulations that may allow you to do an end run around the threat of a poverty-stricken retirement …

If you do not know what a health savings account (HSA) is, it's time to find out.

If you have good health, good luck and the financial wherewithal to pay most of your health costs out of pocket before you retire, an HSA could be a great way to save for the health care bills you're going to face in retirement .. and therefore make your overall retirement kitty stretch further.

An HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account into which you contribute pretax money, like a 401 (k) or IRA. It lowers your current tax bill, and when your HSA administrator invests the money, it grows tax-free just like in any retirement account.

If you use the HSA money for qualified medical expenses, you do not owe any tax on that money at all. Ever . That makes an HSA even more advantageous than a 401 (k) or IRA, where your post-retirement withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income.

And unlike those retirement plans, there are no minimum minimum distributions for HSAs. If HSAs become heritable, as the Trump administration seeks, any balance could have passed on to your surviving spouse and / or heirs.

Pay and Save Now, Retire Later

There's one catch, though.

HSAs are only available to people with a high-deductible health insurance plan. Under IRS rules for 2017, that means plans with a deductible of at least $ 1,300 for single people, or at least $ 2,600 for family coverage. That's how much you must fork out annually before insurance kicks in.

In the real world, the average deductible for people with a high-deductible plan combined with an HSA is about $ 2,295 for single workers and $ 4,364 for family coverage. You need to be able to spend at least that much on your own health care now to take advantage of an HSA. (The maximum out-of-pocket expense for deductibles and copays for people with high-deductible plans is $ 6,550 for individuals and $ 13,100 for family coverage in 2017.)

Of course, high-deductible plans have lower premiums than traditional plans, which is a bonus. But to make an HSA work for retirement, you need to take the money you save on lower premiums and put it into the HSA now.

That seems to be precisely how people are using HSAs. A Congressional Budget Office study found that the majority of people with HSAs were paying for current medical costs, including surgery and other large expenses, out of current income so that they could maximize their contributions to their HSA.

If you are disciplined about saving and have enough monthly cash flow to cover your current health costs, letting tax-free HSA money grow tax-free will provide another stream of income when you retire … one that will make it unnecessary to use your other retirement income for health care costs.

Be Ahead of the Curve

With all those benefits, HSAs are a great hidden benefit of the current US tax code. The only downside is the need to go the high-deductible route with current medical insurance.

But we may not have much of a choice about that anyway. Republicans have been pushing for more high-deductible plans for years, and Trump says he wants to encourage them too.

On top of that, Obamacare's so-called "Cadillac tax," which taxes the value of the most generous employer health plans, is slated to go into effect in 2020. That threat is already pushing employees toward high-deductible plans.

Of course, most companies, in general, want to lower their health costs regardless of Obamacare or any other legislation. That's why a growing number of US employees are covered by a high-deductible health plan paired with an HSA: a 25% increase from 2015 to 2016 alone.

But Wait … There's More

Typically, qualified expenses for HSAs are the same as those for claiming the medical expense deduction on your 1040 tax return. But there's one allowable deduction that's a real winner for many of us … subject to a certain maximum, premiums you pay for long-term care insurance can come out of your HSA, tax-free.

That means you can increase your tax-free savings for retirement medical costs and reduce those costs through insurance that covers the most expensive parts of it.

Caring for Your Toddler Nap Mats

Believe it or not, it is a fact that most moms seldom know the right way to wash and take good of their toddler nap mats. It's quite common that you see these moms who just toss their nap mats to the washing machine, along with tons of other toddler's clothes, sprinkle it with the stronger powder, then tumble dry set to high. Good luck to that. If you do this always, your mats with have lumps of those pillow fibers making it a little bit uncomfortable for your child to sleep. And if you continue doing so, you'll definitely shorten the life of your toddler mat.

We recently just purchased a Toddler Mat for my four year old, it was actually bought online, and my son specifically wanted the Cowboy Nap Mat by Wildkin and he was more than thrilled when he got the package. I had to buy a new one because my son did not want to use her older sister's pink strawberry designed nap mat. Anyhow, he proudly married his cowboy mat by Wildkin to school, since they were asked bring one to use for nap time. I could see his little eyes light up with joy and pride as he showed it off to his classmates.

If you're asking how I made my older daughter's mat last for 9 years, the answer is simple. You just have to know the right way to wash it. Washing you mat is a very important process that will determine its life span. Of course, the type of material it's made of, would matter as well. But, if you do not know how to take care of it the right way, a nap mat made of high quality materials would last shorter than those cheap nap mats but taken care of properly.

If your mat is machine washable, make sure you wash it along with soft sheets to avoid anything getting snagged in the mat fabric. Make sure that your detergent is just mild and not so harsh on colors as well. It is best if you use cool water and wash it in low setting. You could also tumble it dry in low, but if you ask me, air drying is best. Drying it in high settings will make your mat fibers form small bulbs, which are not really good for napping. I always air dry my toddler mats, but do not put it under the heat of the sun, if you are in a sunny climate. Do not forget to use fabric conditioner as well, to help keep the colors intact. With proper care, your mats will last as long as you want to use, and who knows, your grand children might still be able to use it!

Carpet Installation Prices – Tips For Finding the Best Installation Deals

Carpet installation prices can become a financial burden when remodeling your home or installing carpet for the first time. Prices can sometimes vary from $ 100 or more per room in the house, and even more if it is a special type of carpet. Prices are definitely one of the things that change often, so it is important to look around to find the best carpet installation prices for your budget and your design requirements for your entire home.

First of all, many home improvement stores offer discounts if you buy a specific type of carpet. Home Depot recently offered $ 39 installation if you purchased the Stain master type of carpet. The price difference on the carpet was not too drastic at the time, and the savings were substantial. If there is a color and thickness you want, but an installation discount is offered on another brand – go with the different brand.

Carpet pricing will definitely be more expensive from "high end" carpet sellers. If you must have a high end carpet brand, at least hire a cheaper company to lay the carpet for you. The difference is wholly unnoticeable between different companies that install carpet. It is not a challenging process and will look good no matter what brand company is laying it. The biggest difference is that one place may charge $ 1,000 for your whole home, and the other may charge just $ 500.

Carpet installation prices are cheaper during the down months. In the spring and summer people are interested in remodeling and changing their flooring for the new seasons. This is when sellers hike up prices to charge those people more for the service. Instead, get new carpet in the winter or fall when the prices are likely to be cheaper, due to less demand. Spring remodeling may still offer good pricing if you catch stores when they have a "spring fever" type sale on carpet and installation.

Home improvement stores are the best places to look for the cheapest pricing and most efficient service. You can get your carpet installed for a decent price that does not break the bank if you look at competitive home improvement stores. They are generally ready to offer price matching if another store offers a lower price – so simply looking around and asking questions can make a big difference in the price you pay for carpet installation.

Excellent Dining Options in Dartmouth

When you go on Dartmouth holidays, you are sure to be fully loaded with all the fun and excitement. You can explore the place and visit the many attractions that are designed for the whole family. You must book at one of the popular Dartmouth holiday cottages, though so that you can truly enjoy comfort and convenience at its best. Dartmouth holiday cottages are the perfect place to relax at the end of the day. A combination of excellent customer service and great locations make the comfortable Dartmouth holiday cottages the accommodations of choice by visitors. They are located near the major tourist attractions in the area and allow you to see them without having to travel too far. The luxurious Dartmouth holiday cottages are fully furnished with modern amenities and have full facilities which make it a very convenient place to stay during your holidays. Even with the convenience of self-catering facilities, it would still be very interesting to visit the many restaurants available in Dartmouth. Here are some of them.

The Bullers Arms

Even if you are very much tempted by the comforts of your Dartmouth holiday cottages, it would be a great idea to go out and explore the many dining options that are available in Dartmouth. The Bullers Arms is one of the restaurants that you must try out during your holidays. It is located in Chagford and is very well-known for its delicious home-made authentic English cuisine. House specialties include smoked salmon served with crab and prawn quenelles and topped with thyme and lemon dressing; roasted garlic mushrooms, pancetta, duck and cranberry pie and sun-blanched tomatoes. You can visit the restaurant for lunch from Monday to Thursday 11 am to 3 pm and for dinner from 5 pm to 11 pm Lunch is from 11 am to 12 pm on weekends. It is best to call ahead for reservations to get guaranteed seats as they are usually full.

The Bianco's Ristorante Italiano

If you are yaarning for some Italian cuisine during your holidays, Bianco's Ristorante Italiano is the place to go. It has been elected as one of the most popular Italian dining places in the country. Bianco's has been serving both locales and tourists with mouth-watering authentic Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza. You must order some of their recommended specialties such as: Tonno e Fagioli (Tuna with onions and Italian beans); Entrecote ai Funghetti (char grilled sirloin steak with smoked bacon, garlic, cream and mushroom sauce); Tagliatella ala marinara (pasta with cockles, prawns, tarragon and mussels in seafood sauce); Salimbocca di Roma (veal escallops with Parma ham and mozzarella cheese) and Antipasto di Mare (marinated seafood with salad). You must cap your meal with deliciously tempting desserts and a glass of wine. You can visit the restaurant anytime from 6 pm to 11 pm daily. It would be a great idea to call ahead from your Dartmouth holiday cottages and make the necessary reservations.

Guide to Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets can be considered as one of the largest assets which gives us a glance of how clean your house is,
which is quite often unnoticed. A dull or grummy carpet will make your clean or sparkling house look unhealthy, dirty or less homely. A big unwanted stain in the middle of the carpet can make you feel embarrassed and leave you in a cheesier situation. First and foremost, if you want to keep your house clean, keep your carpet also clean.

Carpets are a collection of micro-organisms including dust mites and bacteria. It is important to keep your carpets clean not only to promote better health, but also to make your home look clean. Just think of the thousands of dollars that you have invested in placing carpets in your home. You definitely would like to protect that investment. In order to do this, you will need to do regular maintenance on your carpets.

Carpet cleaning has come a long way from the days when the only method people used were baking soda paste scrub.Now there are so many ways to clean a carpet and certainly one of the ways will provide you with the best result and get rid of your dirty strain on your old and beautiful carpet. Apart from the home remedies, there are some other common methods such as deep steam carpet cleaning, shampoo carpet, carpet protector, carbonated water etc .. that people use for their carpet cleaning. The end result is the removal of your unwanted hard stains. People are least bothered with what methods have been implemented on the carpets.

Vacuuming is where most people start when maintaining your carpets. Vacuuming alone will only keep down the dust and dirt, so to remove complete stain you ever need professional cleaners in your city who take care of your carpets. Taking care and commercially cleaning your carpets on a regular basis will extend the growth of your carpet. Even if they do not appear to be dirty still there is a need for regular carpet cleaning. There are so many dust particles which can not be just cleaned using vacuuming and for that you need commercial carpet cleaners.

For you, your children and your pet's health try to use Eco-friendly cleaners, as they use Eco-friendly products catering to your requirements. Eco-friendly cleaners provide you with environmental and earth friendly cleaning service which is more health beneficial and superior in quality.

Cleaning a carpet is mainly a 3 step process.

1st Step – Carpet Pretreatment: This is a necessary step in cleaning your carpets. During this step, carpets are sprayed with solution before the cleaning process. This will allow any ground, dirt or spots on your carpet to come out before the process is started.

2nd Step – Carpet Cleaning: Now comes the part where your carpets begin to look shiny and new. There are many methods of carpet cleaning as mentioned above but all of these basically fall into three categories, hot water extraction or steam cleaning, cold water extraction and dry extraction. So before starting this step ask your carpet cleaner or the carpet company under warranty, which methods suits you the best.

3rd Step – Neutralizing your carpet: This is the final step of the process. This step is important because it will ensure that there is no cleaning residual left in your carpet. This will make your carpet feel soft and new.

Be sure to explain what type of carpet you have so that the right cleaning solutions can be recommended. Using the wrong solutions on the carpet can produce disastrous results which may be expensive to repair.

After this cleaning, try to ask for Deodorizing of you carpet which will leave your house smell good and make your house and surrounding feel good. While cleaning your house with these products may lead to uneasy feeling, deodorizing will make your house smell fresh and feel healthy.

Sometimes your carpet will require a professional cleaning service.If your carpet is too bad, call a commercial carpet cleaning company for your help. Try to ask for the best offer provided by the company and the one which allow you to save your money with great result. They will use their latest tools and advanced cleaning materials, which will bring new life into your home or office.

Taking care of your carpet can extend the life of your carpet. By quickly removing stains and cleaning your carpet every six to twelve months, you are ensuring that you carpet will be around for you to enjoy for many more years to come.

How to Remove Grease Stains

These stain remover tips are to be used on washable fabrics only. Clothing, upholstery, carpeting, bedding, towels, etc. These tips will work on all types of grease (cooking oil, machinery grease, bicycle grease, etc.). Always blot up excess grease before trying to remove the stain.

NOTE: Always preest fabric remover solutions on a hidden part of the item for color-fastness (test in an inconspicuous place).

GREASE STAINS? Here are some helpful tips to help you remove them.

Dawn dish washing liquid does wonders. Use it like a pre-wash treatment.

Spray Dawn Power Dissolver on the stain.

Equal parts (1/4 cup each) of Simple Green and Dawn in the wash.

Put a small amount of shampoo on a butter or cooking oil stain. This even takes out old grease stains.

Smear Cheese Whiz generously on a grease stain and throw into the laundry. This will even remove bicycle chain grease, butter and cooking oil.

Make a paste with laundry detergent and water and rub onto the grease stain. Let sit for 30 minutes or more before washing.

Put full-strength Lestoil on a grease stain and rub into the fabric gently. Rinse and then repeat without rinsing. Wash as normal.

For a set-in grease stain, spray the stain with WD-40 and let stand for 20 minutes or more. Then rub a dollop of Dawn onto the WD-40 stain and rub in well. Rinse. Then smear a bit more Dawn onto the stain and wash as usual.

Sprinkle talcum powder all over the stain and leave overnight. It is best to hang in the sun. Wash as normal.

If an item has already been washed, you can remove cooking oil, butter, and other food oil stains by pouring Coca Cola or Pepsi directly onto the stain. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then wash as usual. You can also add an entire can of Coke to the wash to remove stains from several garments.

Spray a good amount of hair spray on a grease stain and wash as usual.

Lysol kitchen cleaner poured onto a stain works well. No need to leave it set.

Strange as it may sound, lighter fluid sprinkled onto a grease stain (even if you've washed the item before) can take that stain out. For tougher stains such as bicycle chain grease, squirt the lighter fluid onto the stain and scrub it to loosen the grease. This works great on whites, but be careful with colored fabrics as it will sometimes remove the color. TEST FIRST!

Grease hand cleaner found in a mechanic shop will take the stain right out also. Put a small dab onto the stain, rub it in, and wash normally. Be careful! After several cleanings like this, it can cause a hole in the fabric because it seems to weaken the fibers. This should only be used once in a while.

Soak your item in hot water for about 15 minutes. Then rub Aloe Vera get onto it and the stain comes right out. Wash as usual.

Citrisolve, citrus cleaner is another option. The more concentrated the solution the better. Drop a spot or two onto the spot and let sit for 15 minutes. Then wash as before.

Carbona's Stain Devils have 10 different formulas for different types of stains. You may need to apply it several times, but this will take out stain on clothing that has already gone through the dryer. Hard to find, but look at Kroger's of JoAnn Fabrics.

A bar of Ivory soap, wet, and rubbed across a stained area will take the grease stain out. Let it sit for about 15-30 minutes in warm water. Wash as normal. Check to see that the stain is gone before throwing it into the dryer. If the stain remains, repeat. If the stain is gone, dry normally.

If you have a fresh grease stain, sprinkle cornstarch onto it and let it soak up the grease for a few minutes. Shake it out, drizzle Dawn onto the stain, and wash as usual.

If you have a set grease stain, sprinkle baby powder onto it and let it soak up the grease for a few minutes. Shake it out and wash as usual.

Make a paste of Ajax or Dawn dish washing liquid and baking powder. Rub it onto the stain using an old toothbrush and let sit for 5 minutes before washing as usual.

Spray oven cleaner onto the stain before washing.

Spray or pour tire cleaner onto the stain and then wash normally.

Rub brake parts cleaner on the stain and wash as usual.

I'm sure there are many more tips out there. If you have a tip you'd like to share, please email it to us at so that we can add it to our list.

Understanding the Need of Polyurethane Resin Impregnation Machines

In various industrial and manufacturing processes, there is a sheer need of polyurethane resin impregnation – a simple process of filling any porous material (or surface) with polyurethane resins and make it impervious. This process helps a lot in addressing problems related with micro porosity in metal castings, powder-metal parts, electronic components, plastic composites, welds, and other porous substrates – if left untreated, and then it may result in pressure leakage and poor quality of surface finish. This brings an urgent need of a much-popular resin impregnation technology that treats any type of these porous problems and improvements their potential while including leak-free performance.

Before we go any further, let's understand more about Polyurethane Resin Impregnation line technology. It is one of the most common methods used to seal the cavities and voids between the winding of the wires, which obviously result in better electrical insulation. The impregnation also helps in reducing vibrations by simply fixing the wires around the windings. In the layman terms, it is a standard way to avoid leakage of the components, and upgrade the surface treatment.

In this approach, Polyurethane (PUR and PU) polymers are used as resin blend to seal the open pores. There is no secret that it is the "resin of choice" when it comes to electrical potting compounds, surface coatings, surface sealants and high performance adhesives. They are valued for their properties as a resin. Temperature, vacuum, and pressure are the primary parameters used in Polyurethane impregnation processing. Give maximum attention to the proper viscosity, as otherwise improper viscosity may lead to incomplete saturation and stress cracks.

Polyurethane impregnation approach has a number of advantages. Let's take a look at some major benefits of the same: –

– Accurate penetration of resin deep into various existing gaps
– No presence of bubbles in the resin-winding mass
– To create a bonding effect on the lamination
– High bond strengths
– No resin residuals on shafts and laminations
– Better electrical insulation with minimize vibrations
– Increase in thermal conductivity

The most widely used equipment for Polyurethane Resin Impregnation are Trickling, Roll Dip, Hot Dipping, and vacuum potting. You can easily find a myriad number of choices available in the market for them. However, what is important is choosing the right machine from the right dealer.

When planning to buy an impregnation machine, you should give utmost importance to factors like energy optimization, great yield of resin, programmable auto start and shut down, automatic flushing of pumps and drippers, automatic lubrication of the system, automatic diagnostics for failures, low thermal dissipation, easy operation, low maintenance and more. Do not forget to check the quality, specification and manufacturer's warranty before making the final purchase. Good luck!

Create Fun and Fabulous Teddy Bear Invitations

Create a beary special teddy bear birthday party for your little cubs. It is the perfect choice for a first birthday. Be sure to invite your guests to bring their favorite fuzzy friend with them to your party. To help get you started and get your creative juices flowing, here’s some ideas for themed invites:

TEDDY BEAR SHAPED INVITATIONS #1 – Create teddy bear shaped invitations from brown card stock. Type or handwrite party details in calligraphy on a piece of cream-colored card stock or scrapbook paper that is cut in the bear shape slightly smaller than the brown card stock bear. Glue to brown card stock. Embellish the edges with brown glitter.

TEDDY BEAR SHAPED INVITATIONS #2 – Follow the above instructions and glue wiggly eyes, a black pom-pom for the nose, black yarn for the mouth, and a pink bow at the right ear for a girl bear or a blue bow at the neck for boy bear. Embellish the edges with glitter.

TEDDY BEAR COOKIE INVITATIONS – Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out teddy shapes using cookie cutters. After they have cooled, decorate the cookies with frosting, edible glitter, sprinkles, sugar crystals, etc. Place a cookie into a Ziploc bag. Divide a piece of cardstock into four equal pieces and download a picture of a teddy bear onto each portion of the cardstock. On the front put, “Someone Beary Special Is Turning 1. Join Us For Some Birthday Fun!” On the reverse side, put all of your party details. Cut the cardstock into four pieces using decorative scissors. Staple the invite to the back of the Ziploc bag. The front of the bag will reveal the decorated bear and the back will reveal the front-side of the invite.

TEDDY BEAR INVITATIONS – Using the instructions noted in the Teddy Cookie Invites above, create the written portion of your invitations. Hole-punch the upper left-hand corner and string a ribbon through the hole. Tie the invite to the neck of a small stuffed or beanie-type bear and hand-deliver.

PHOTO INVITATIONS – Either dress your baby in a teddy bear costume or pose them with their favorite bear and take a picture. Cut 8 1/2″ x 11″ shiny pink (girls) or shiny blue (boys) card stock into 2 pieces and fold in half. Using decorative scissors, trim edges of the photo so it is slightly smaller than the card stock. Glue photo to front of invitation. Put “A beary special baby is turning 1” above photo and “Please join us for some b’day fun!” below the photo. On textured white paper (finished size 4 1/2″ x 7 1/2″) either type or handwrite in calligraphy the party details:

Baby Bear: (Birthday Child’s Name)

Bear Facts: (Date & Time of Party)

Crawl On Over To: (Address of Party)

RSVP to Mama Bear: (Parent Name & Phone Number)

Bring your special teddy so he/she can join the fun!

Bring your own highchair, walker, whatever you want them to bring.

Using decorative scissors cut insert and glue to inside of card stock. Decorate the inside with stickers.

EMBELLISHED READY-MADE TEDDY BEAR INVITATIONS – Buy ready-made invitations and embellish the picture with glitter, sequins, pom-poms, and bows.

Repair Windshield Cracks and Chips Before Compromising Vehicle Safety

A cracked or chipped vehicle windshield is certain to be unsafe, annoying, and impair the driver's visibility. The most effective repair method helps with restoring the windshields structural integrity and costs less than a full replacement. And since the specialized glass technicians are highly skilled, the repair work is completed with a short timeframe, often within half an hour.

Prior to the emergence of the latest repair techniques and modern technology, damage to the windshield meant almost certain replacement. But that is no longer necessary, it is now possible to save a chipped or cracked windshield without much expense. However, even the latest techniques for glass repair have its limits, so significant damage is still likely to need replacement.

Is it possible to repair the windshield of have it replaced?

Cracked windshield repair or complete replacement is entirely dependent on the severity, location, and size of damage. Most of the repair shops are equipped to repair cracks or chips in the region of three to six inches in length. A larger sized crack might be recommended for full replacement.

However, the more qualified automotive glass specialists using the latest repair techniques are often able to repair the cracks up to 24 inches. Since the repair shops vary significantly, it often helps to shop around the local facilities to make sure you're able to get the windshield repairs completed at the most cost-effective price possible.

An aspect that determines the ability to save the windshield relating to the actual location of the chip or crack. A crack close to the outer edge of the windshield is more likely to spread within a short period which is certain to have a negative impact of the structural integrity of windshield. If repairs are completed quickly, it might be possible to complete the repairs; otherwise it is often advised to have the glass replaced in full.

A further issue with the location of damage concerns those chips in the direct line of the driver's vision. Since the repair technique often leaves a slight distortion in the windshield, a lot of repair facilities prefer to have the glass replaced and not risk compromising the driver's field of vision.

Irrespective of the location or size of the damage to the windshield, it will certainly help to have it repaired as soon as possible. Besides the potential for the crack to get worse with time, there is also the chance of dirt working its way into the damage which can affect the clarity and effectiveness of any future repairs.

What is involved in windshield repair work?

Repairing the glass is a process of injecting a specialized resin into the chip or crack using a specific type of tool that fixes to the windshield. After the resin is injected, it is cured and polished to help with restoring the strength and clarity of the windshield.

In most situations the repair work is likely to look perfect, while in certain situations with the larger or deeper cracks there might be a slight blemish left. Each chip or crack is unique, so certain chips or cracks are sure to respond to the repair techniques better than others. But with the right auto glass repair completed, it is possible to stop the damage from getting any worse and spreading.

Use the right auto glass repair facility to get the work done

If it has become necessary to have the windshield inspected for possible replacement or repair there is a variety of different options available, including:

Auto Glass Specialist – A facility of this type specializes in the replacement or repair of vehicle glass. They are able to assist with working on the rear and side windows, as well as the windshields. Because the automotive glass specialist relations of the latest techniques are often attempt to have the glass repaired before suggesting its replacement.

Windshield Repair Facilities – Most of these national and independent franchised shops are easily to specialize in conducting repairs to the windshield. These shops are highly skilled at fixing the minor cracks and chips, but are not likely to offer a replacement windshield service.

New Vehicle Dealership – A local vehicle dealership is likely to offer a service to replace the damaged windshield with the equivalent OEM stock. Most of the dealerships sub-contract this type of service to the local cracked windshield repair companies who arrange to complete any repairs on-site.

Mobile Glass Repair Service – Instead of driving to the repair facility for the required work to be completed, a mobile service is able to travel to the exact location of the vehicle – at work or at home – which offers greater convenience.

Interior Design Ideas Fit for a Summer Retreat

Summer is the perfect excuse to give your home a makeover. There are lots of interior design ideas you can apply to turn your space into a summer haven. This year's trends step out of the traditional summer look showcasing a cooler, crisper, and bolder vibe.

Pastels are still this season's essentials. They do not come in the usual dainty pinks and peaches but in more pastry-like sweet hues with vintage appeal. Walls come alive with soft shades close to those of summer skies leaving more towards cool blues rather than the customary warmer colors. Apply color blocking with furnishings of deeper and richer hues. The goal is to achieve a cohesive and fresh look. Have a few pieces with brighter colors for a twist. Accessorize with natural looking crafts to maintain the relaxed atmosphere.

A perfect and well-balanced combination of colors is not easy to pull off. Good thing that this summer, one of the hottest trends is actually the trademark white of winter! Contrary to the idea that white is plain and boring, this basic palette could be played up by bringing in different textures, styles and finishes. Bring in modern pieces and mix them with some antiques lacquered to a high shine. Think glossy chairs mixed with matte shelves, leather couches and sheer drapes and fine rugs all in this ethereal color. With a whitewashed wall as a backdrop, what you have is a crisp but cozy home that screams casual sophistication.

For a laidback and fun space, adopt the unique result of pairing modernist structure with a Palm Springs flair that's making a buzz this season. Fresh interior design ideas for this exciting theme include vibrant tropical palettes for the ceilings or floors to please the eye. The traditional dainty floral print of summers past has evolved into a bold and almost abstract form. With the upgrade of its look to a more intricate and over-scaled masterpiece, it could now stand alone as the focal point in any room. This year's trend removes the more luxurious flowers from pillowcases and curtains and gives it the much deserved attention as wallpaper that turns a plain wall to a stylish and oversized work of art.

Obviously highlighting color and pattern as the key players, this theme gives elaborate shapes and dimensions on furnishings a rest. Streamlined furniture make the concept of urban tropics work with structures providing a sharp contrast to more complex elements in the room. The idea is to flip the concept of usual interior decorating. Instead of getting stand out fixtures to jazz up its simple background, the walls and walls are now the main attraction as they breathe life to the space. Functional pieces are kept basic to better express this idea.

These are only a few of the freshest interior design ideas for the summer. Choose which one is suitable for your place, while considering comfort, the architectural aspects of your home, and the compatibility of each with your personality. After all, it should represent both your character and sense of style!

Getting High-Quality Log Cabins From the Best Dealers

There are many dealers in different parts of the world today. These are people who can come up with the best custom-made homes for you. The best in the field are able to offer excellent quality. A good provider needs to be very passionate about the craftsmanship and the industry at large. Experience and knowledge are also an important aspect of the employees of such companies. It is important to offer the best and most superior products ever.

What can tell you if the provider is ideal?

The provider should be able to come up with a wide range of options that can satisfy the different needs that you may have. If you are looking for a home office, then the provider should be able to come up with a space that is comfortable and one where all your equipment is secure and safe.

The other thing that such providers make sure of is that the final structure can withstand even the coldest times of the year including winter. This is the time where so many people spend so much money on heating. When your home is created in a way that it offers insulation, then the costs are reduced in a very great way.

Regardless of what the structure is meant for, the dealers should be able to give you advice on how well natural light can be maximized. This has to do with proper positioning. It is essential to ensure that your home also offers strong, solid windows and doors for purposes of security.

The best dealers should also provide an option that does not last long. It is always a great thing when you have a structure that will serve you for a long time to come. They should provide materials that are of the highest quality and standards so as to guarantee that you will get the best out of the structure identified.


When you are making the purchase, you should consider the mode of delivery that will be used. The package needs to be packaged in the best way possible. You should also consider a provider who is able to offer custom-made options and one who can erect the structures themselves as this offers more value especially when you work with professionals.

Why wood?

By choosing wood, you choose a healthy way of living. Wood is an eco-friendly material that is natural. The presence of resin is some wood has great effects on the lungs and the respiratory tract as a whole.

Timber has a very warm and natural color that has a great calming effect. This is what influences the mind since it soothes the nervous system. This is what creates very friendly conditions for purposes of recreation.

When it comes to wood, you do not deal with so much dust as is the case with bricks and mortars and the plastered wall wood is electrostatic and therefore does not accumulate dust in different areas of the room. If you have allergies, then this kind of home may be your only solution.

Brief Notes on Minerals

Minerals are considered necessary to the nutrition and function of the human body. They are iron, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, iodine, copper, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Collectively they make up 4% to 5% of the body weight. There is enough lime (calcium) in an adult to whitewash a good size basement; enough phosphorus (2 pds) to keep a man in matches for a month; enough iron to make a large nail; enough sodium and chlorine to provide a shaker of table salt.

The mineral elements most likely to be deficient in Indian diet are calcium, iron and iodine. When these three elements are included in adequate amounts in a mixed food from natural sources, the other mineral elements are also normally present.
Calcium and phosphorus are the body’s chief framework materials, to keep bone strong and teeth hard and durable. Calcium is essential for blood clotting. It helps to regulate the acid-base balance of the body, the heart beat and the irritability of the neuromuscular system. The best dietary source of calcium is milk. Other sources are turnip, cabbage, lemons, limes, onions, oranges, rhubarb, spinach, garlic, musumbi, grapes, plums, asparagus, cucumber, radishes, carrots, currants, cauliflower, celery etc. Its deficiency causes mental depression, haemorrhages, trembling of hands, deformities, ugly scars, discharges, headache, dizziness, sour body odour, pessimism, lack of courage etc.
Phosphorus plays a complementary role with calcium. Scarcely any of our vital processes take place without phosphorus. It is available in plenty in cabbage, peas, grapes, carrots, pumkins, cucumbers, raisins, corns, okra, parsley etc. Its deficiency may develop neuralgia, impotency, dislike for work, hard wax in ears, insensibility to pain, dislike for opposite sex, jaundice, bronchitis, paralysis, etc.
Iron is concentrated in the haemoglobin of the blood. Deficiency of iron causes anemia, fatigue, low vitality and weakness. It also causes deafness, asthma, neuralgia, swollen ankles, bed wetting, defective vision, menstrual pains, insomnia, uterine tumours etc. The best sources of iron are meats, egg-yolk, spinach, lettuce, pears, plums, okra, dandelion leaves, beet roots, beans, grapes, kale, artichokes, black-berries, collards, leek, peas, gram, garlic, radish etc.
Sodium and potassium are another pair of minerals that complement each other’s action in the body function. They are largely concerned with water balance. They are found in table salt and other sources are carrots, spinach, apples, garlic, narangi, beets, carrots, radishes, turnips, broccoli, kale, grapes, coconut, pineapple, endive, leek, tomatoes, dandelion, parsley, and artichokes.
Iodine is essential to the functioning of thyroid gland. Deficiency of iodine in the body causes goiter, swelling of feet or toes, enlarged glands, excessive hunger, neuralgic pains in the heart etc. Good sources of iodine are garlic, carrots, beet roots, narangi, lettuce, pineapple, avocado, potato, chives, onions, broccoli, chard, celery, lettuce, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, asparagus and chervil.

Metabolic Syndrome Unleashes Cardiovascular Diseases

The story of Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Diseases.

In the Beginning, it was only gain gain, which soon turned into Obesity. And it was predominate in the abdomen. There was no problem felt. Life was all fun with rich food, drinks and associated life styles.

Insulin Resistance (Pre-diabetic condition) and increase in blood pressure had joined the chorus, subsequently. Even then, there were no visible symptoms to stop the junk food, drinks and life style. What was not seen and felt was non-existent!

Now, things have dramatically changed.The doctor's report states in no uncertain terms that the individual is affected by Metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of all the three elements stated above, to create and unleash serious health hazards of cardiovascular diseases, which include heart attack and stroke!

Lessons to learn:

If your waist measurements exceed 36, the time has come for serious action. You have, without doubt, increased abdominal weight and higher BMI.

Abdominal obesity causes Insulin Resistant conditions, (Pre diabetic) and increases blood pressure. If your fasting sugar levels, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels increase beyond prescribed levels, the condition points to only one direction – Cardiovascular Disease! The cluster of these elements are known as Metabolic Syndrome.

Approximately 47 million people in USA suffer from Metabolic syndrome. Origin of this disease, causing obesity, are Nutritional Disorders and lack of physical exercises.

All patients diagnosed with this condition should be encouraged to change their sentary life style habits, diet and exercise habits as primary therapy. Weight loss improvements all aspects of the syndrome as well as cause and cardiovascular mortality.

Regular exercise lowers blood pressure and improvements lipid levels that reversing insulin resistant conditions.

Skeletal muscle is the most insulin sensitive tissue in the body and therefore, the primary target for impacting insulin resistance. Physical exercise has a higher impact and must be the major activity to reverse the effect of insulin resistant condition.


Sustained dietary changes to include adequate micronutrients (Calcium, iron, folate) and to reduce intake of calories. Low fat, low carbohydrate and low sodium diet reduce blood pressure. Increasing dietary fiber lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Alcohol consumption is closely associated with elevation of serum triglyceride levels, and therefore, consumption should be reduced to moderate levels. (1 drink / day for women and 2 drinks / day for men would be OK)


Men with all the three factors of this sysndrome viz- abdominal obesity, Insulin resistance and high blood pressure face a real serious risk of heart attack or stoke, which comes without warning!

Give due recognition and respect to your internal body system- Feed them only what they need!

Cooling Off In The Summer Heat

It's beginning to feel like summer here in Philadelphia. If the heat does not get you, the humidity certainly will! I've recently discovered a couple of things that help to keep me cool and comfortable. These will also work for you, even if you do not live here in the city.

The most incredible discovery happened just a few days ago. My daughter and I were watching TV in my one window, no cross ventilation bedroom, and the heat was unbearable. (I've since put my air conditioner in, but this was a couple of days before that.) I knew there was no way that I was going to sleep that night. I was moaning and groaning, and my brilliant daughter suggested that I fill up my hot water bottle with cold water. I've been using a hot water bottle every night for a very painful frozen shoulder, and the heat works wonders for me. It was laying there in the bed, beckoning me to fill it up with cold H2O. It was so amazing! I cuddled with it, and held it in the bend of my arm. I kid you not … it instantly cooled me off! I held it to my feet, my tummy, my inner arms and thighs, and even my hands appreciated the coldness. As usual, I found the sound of the slushing water to be comforting, as well. Hot water bottles can be found at most pharmacies, and generally cost $ 10- $ 15. Buy one, or buy many, and keep them on hand to cool you down during the hotter days of summer. In the winter, they'll keep you warm and help to relieve achy joints, belly aches, cramps, and sometimes, heartburn.

There are a couple of other things that I've been doing so far this season. It's things that I've known to do for a long time, and I have done so a little in the past. However, I have been faithfully remembering to put my wrists under very cold running water to almost instantly give me relief and lower my level of discomfort. I've also been splashing my face with very cold water and holding cold, wet paper towels against the back of my neck and chest. Simple enough, yet it only works if you actually do it! I've given up on any delusions of keeping sunscreen on my face, as it only makes me sweat and horribly irritates my skin, but that's another story. It's worked to my advantage-not wearing sunscreen the last three years-because now I instantly splash my face with cold water, having no reason to fear getting sunscreen in my eyes. (I have taken to wearing some rather goofy looking sunhats.)

To remain more comfortable during the heat, everyone knows to keep well hydrated. To make water more appealing, add sliced ​​or cut up fruit to an empty water container (glass looks very attractive), and fill it with water. Put this in the fridge and fill it up as the container empties. You can use strawberries, lemons, limes, apples, nectarines, pears, watermelon, cucumbers, or a combination of any of these. You can use any fruit that you'd like. You can also add fresh mint leaves, if desired. It's amazing how flavorful the water becomes. It's refreshing, and it encourages you to stay hydrated.

Do not forget how hydrating fruits can be! If you eat a fair amount of fruit throughout the day, it all adds up. Frozen fruit will cool you right down, and it tastes almost as good as ice cream. Here are some ways to prepare, and eat, frozen fruits:

• Frozen grapes – although grapes are really a winter fruit, and not nearly as tasty during the summer, freezing them during the hotter months is an interesting way to enjoy them. Fill up a zip-lock bag or container with whole, clean, and dried grapes, and put the container into the freezer. That's it. When they're frozen, you can eat them just as they are. They can also be added to smoothies.

• Sorbets and slushies – use any frozen fruit of your choosing. You can buy bags of frozen fruits, or freeze your own. (Cut fruit-melons, pineapples, etc.-into chunks and freeze in containers or zip lock bags.) Add desired amount of frozen fruit to a blender or Vitamix container, and add water or your favorite milk- cow, almond, coconut, Egypt rice. The amount of liquid that you add will determine the consistency, which can range from a thick sorbet to a drinkable slushie. Sweeten, as desired. If the fruit is very sweet, you may not need any sweetener at all. If you do choose to sweeten it, start with a very small amount, and taste it before you add more.

• Mock Chunky Monkey Ice Cream – This is a healthy version of a Ben & Jerry's classic. Mash some bananas, and add walnut pieces and chocolate chips, and freeze. That's it!

• Frozen fruit with milk – put desired amount of frozen fruit (pineapple, mango, blueberries, etc.) into a small bowl, and pour your favorite milk on top.

• Smoothies made with lots of frozen fruit – I sometimes make my smoothies this way, and it feels more like a milkshake.

Remember to eat cooling foods like cucumbers, mint, and yogurt, and wear loose and comfortable clothing. Also, keep a little bag of ice handy in your freezer (zip-lock bag or a small bag of frozen corn or peas) to place on your forehead or under your feet. If you're sitting up in a chair, put the bag on the floor and put your bare feet on top of it. The cold "hot" water bag will also do the trick.

These are just a few suggestions to keep you comfortable, happy, and healthy during the summer months. Have fun, and keep cool!

Some General Aspects About Garage Floor Coatings

If you are wondering what is a garage floor coating good for then you should read this article. I will try to tell you why it is so great to have a garage floor coating. There are a few types you can choose from, but all of them bring you almost the same advantages. I did not believe it until I tried it myself, so if you want to improve your garage this where you should begin.

It is true that not all of them offer your garage a very good look but all of them will offer you other important advantages. If you like to work a lot in your garage, then it is inevitable that you get stains on your concrete like oil or other chemicals. They are very hard to clean directly out of the concrete. A garage floor coating will make the job a lot easier. You will clean the floor a lot faster and it will not be so hard to do it.

Another very important advantage you will get is that it will protect the concrete. Stains like oil could damage and make it deteriorate pretty fast. If you have a coating installed the concrete will be protected and you will not have to worry about that either.

Now these advantages are important for a garage. However, with some garage floor coatings you can customize your look. If you install an epoxy garage floor coating you can use chips to customize the look of your coating. There are also some important things you should know before installing a garage floor coating. It is important that the concrete is in good shape before you install it.

If the concrete has stains of oil or it has cracks or any other similar problems, you should fix them before installing the garage floor coating. It is crucial that you do this to offer the coating a much longer life. After you apply the coating you should wait for at least 2 days before entering the garage and your car should not be in the garage for at least seven days. If you are definitely sure that it has discharged you can bring back the car even earlier. However you should do this only if you are completely sure. So, if you install a garage floor coating you will only have advantages, so why wait? You could enjoy a garage with awesome looks.