The Inside Story On The New Nissan Micra

Inspirational Exterior Design:

This new 5th generation Micra has a sculpted body design that still lower and wider than the previous model with expressive lines lending to it a poised, athletic stance.

The frontal athletic lines are achieved by the combination of a reduced a-pillar angle, a shortened bonnet and narrow halogen headlamps, which house signature LED daytime running lights on every model. The look is completed by Nissan signature V-motion grille that seamlessly connects into the flowing lines of the vehicle’s sloping roofline that dramatically dips towards the rear of the car.

The view from the rear of the Micra starts with striking light clusters, a sculpted bumper and a sporty rear roof spoiler. Not only does this create the distinctive Micra look but also enhances the aerodynamic performance of the car.

Nissan is also aiming to take the lead on when it comes to available colour choice to customers. Colours include: Ivory, White, Platinum Silver, Echo Grey, Enigma Black, Glaze White, Energy Orange, Passion Red, Pulse Green and Power Blue.

A number of irresistible exterior accessories can be purchased by new owners. These include: Door mirror caps, front and rear bumper finishers, and side mouldings. Or add 17″ alloy wheels in a choice of colours and finish off the look with a choice of decals in seven different styles.

Exhilarating interior design

The ‘gliding wing’ dashboard forms the basis that the cabin of the Micra is designed around. The dashboard controls and instruments are conveniently grouped together for comfort and safety.

Soft-touch, beautifully two-toned materials provide comfort and the interior look is neatly finished off with a D-shaped multi-function steering wheel and chrome finished air vents and door handles.

Lowered seats, designed to provide back support, make provision for ample headroom but at the same time, excellent seat adjustment ensures that shorter drivers have no problem being comfortable and in control in the Micra. The wider body of the vehicle translates into improved elbow room all round! Talking about space, the ample 300-litre capacity boot space is also class-leading and provision for more storage options has been made in numerous ways.

Customers are also provided with a number of personalisation elements which includes modifications on materials and colour elements, seat bolsters and pads, door armrest, knee pad and instrument panel modifications. Further individual personalisation choices include side mouldings, mirror caps, bumper finisher, lower boot finisher, rear view mirror cover, front seat central armrest, upholstered floor mats, boot mat, shark-fin roof antenna, illuminated entry guards, ambient interior lighting, sports pedals, mudguards, tow ball and a range of carriers.

Engine Specs

Available in both petrol and turbo-diesel models, the 0.9-litre turbo petrol engine delivers 64.2MPG in fuel economy and 99g/km emissions, with the 1.0 litre not far behind, while the 1.5-litre turbo diesel offers greater fuel economy with 88.3MPG and 85g/km emissions. Nothing has been spared when it comes to performance and efficiency in the new Nissan Micra!

Clever Tech

“The new Nissan Micra is equipped with a wide range of intuitive ‘in-control’ technologies designed to enhance the car’s comfort, convenience and safety performance. Many of them are standard across the range, while others are available from specific grades or as an option.” These include:

  • BOSE® Personal premium audio system with two speakers located in the driver’s seat headrest and four in the front doors and the A-pillars
  • NissanConnect with 7″ full-colour multi-touch display, DAB digital radio, satellite navigation and smartphone-style apps.
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Advanced driver-assist display positioned to minimise ‘eyes off the road’ time, and featuring a high-definition 5″ TFT colour display
  • Intelligent Lane Intervention
  • Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Recognition
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • High Beam Assist
  • Intelligent Around View Monitor
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Six airbags as standard
  • Seat belt warnings and seat belt height adjustment for the front and rear
  • Electronic Stability Program
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Speed limiter
  • Automatic headlight sensor
  • Automatic hazard lights
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Confidence in Driving

Whatever it is required for, from urban to countryside use, the new Nissan Micra is an exceptional car to drive. Outstanding stability and reduced body roll through corners gives drivers the confidence that they are in a safe car, with the low driving position reducing the centre of gravity, and enhancing the secure driving feel.

No matter if you take to the city roads or country roads, the new Nissan Micra is taking driving pleasure to the next level. Feel safe and confident through corners as the reduced body control provides exceptional stability and control while the lower driving position makes for a more secure driving feel.

Two advanced Nissan technologies further contribute to creating the new Micra’s excellent dynamic performance. These are:

Nissan’s advanced technologies were engaged to create the Micra’s superior performance: Intelligent Ride Control & Intelligent Trace Control. Both enabling the vehicles to respond intuitively when going over speed bumps or extreme cornering.

Before you make any decision on your next ride, test driving the new Nissan Micra is a must. Find a reputable Nissan dealer in your area. Why wait?!

An Engaging Exercise Tool for Changing Habits

Here are the rules:

1. Choose a “normal” day. Don’t choose a day you already planned to be alone. Choose a day where you will engage in normal relationships with other people.

2. Don’t use a work or school day. Don’t want to get fired OK?

3. Tell your spouse, kids and/or friends about your experiment.

4. Don’t be rude. Don’t be unloving. Just refrain from talking. Have fun with reactions instead.

5. Study the silence. Is it difficult? Uncomfortable? Do you feel an urge to talk? And if so, why? Can others read you without talking?

6. Notice your urge to speak. They will be far more common than you think. Investigate your intention when you feel the urge. For what reason did you feel compelled to speak?

7. When you do speak, choose words that are “few and full.” And then return to your discipline.

8. When and if you speak, journey inward. Wrestle with the words you chose. Why did you choose those words? What were you hoping to accomplish? What were your internal motivations in choosing your words?

9. Listen to others. Take the opportunity to listen actively. Pay attention to body language, gestures, expressions, etc.

10. Pay attention to yourself. Your own body language, gestures, etc.

Once you have completed this exercise, you should have learned quite a few things.

Are you reading other people’s non verbal signs correctly? Are your own non verbal communications skills in need of improvement? Are habitual facial expressions sending conflicting messages that contradict the words you speak? Your body language and expressions may be speaking so loud that people around you are unable to hear your words. Below are some of the goals you should look at after conducting this exercise.

The exercise forces you to think and choose the right words when speaking. The goal is to help you realize the importance of choosing the right words, gestures, etc. in order to communicate better. The exercise should also force you to give away some “control” and help you get over any fear of speaking up effectively when the time comes. It should help you to learn by paying attention to something other than words and forces those around us to pay attention to other aspects of your particular communication style.

Once you have completed this exercise, write your observations in your diary and read it often to remind yourself of what you learned in this exercise.

Superior Absorption of Coral Calcium

Over the past few years, Coral Calcium has received a lot of media attention as the widely preferred source of readable absorbable calcium. In 2003, a study was attempted to compare and contrast the absorption of Ryukyuan Coral Calcium, as opposed to carbonate derived calcium.

Twelve normal subjects, including six men and six women, were selected to participate in the study. None of them had taken any or other supplements that may have affected their calcium metabolism during the month prioring the experiment.

The subjects were divided into three groups, one of which processed crackers with coral based calcium added, and another of which similar similar crackers with carbonate calcium. The third group served as a control, and did not ingest any crackers, whatever.

The results of the study showed that 4 hours after ingestion, the group receiving coral-added crackers had significantly higher calcium levels in their urine than did the other group, even though both were tested as having the same amount beforehand. These findings indicate that the body is able to absorb Coral Calcium far more quickly and easily than other standard formulas.

One reason for the increased absorption of coral based formulas may be that the calcium derived from coral in Ryukyu, Japan also contains magnesium at and average ratio of 1 part magnesium for every 2 parts calcium. Because of the fact that this is the one of the main distinguishing features of Ryukyuan Coral Calcium, it may be logical to absorb that high magnesium content has some bearing upon the intestinal absorption of calcium.

Fueling the Immune System for Faster, Deeper Healing From Cancer

The Body

Diet and Nutrition:
Let's start by looking at the role your diet plays in immune health. Studies point to over 30% of all cancers now being directly related to diet. You have all heard about free radicals – they are bad! Under normal circumstances, they are naturally produced and destroyed by the body's usual functions. However excessive amounts of free radicals may exist due to exposure to carcinogens, various toxins, radiation and improper digestion. Among other things, free radicals damage immune cells and interfere with internal communication. Antioxidants are the solution for blocking free radicals. There is a lot of research now regarding the great healing power of many foods that produce antioxidant effects in the body. A few stand out as super performers and should be included in your diet on a regular, if not daily basis. This is the list of the top performers from the book Foods that Fight Cancer by Dr. Richard Béliveau; brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, onine, spinach, watercress, flax seeds, tomato paste (and cooked tomatoes), turmeric, black pepper, fresh berries (blue, black and raspberries), dried cranberries, grapes, dark chocolate (70% cacao) citrus fruit juice, foods containing high levels of omega 3, green tea and red wine. The ones that have the biggest impact on the immune system are; turmeric (it is even more powerful when combined with black pepper), citrus fruits and omega 3 concentrated foods (fatty fish, fish oils, olive oil, hemp seeds, walnuts). For more detailed information of the impact of food on cancer cells I would highly recommend reading Dr. Béliveau's book.

Two Key Vitamins:
Immune health is also influenced by certain vitamins. Vitamin C helps build the immune response as does vitamin D. Vitamin C is needed for the formation of certain hormones, for the production of lymphocytes (white blood cells), and to protect the body against bacteria and viruses. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant. It is water-soluble so your body is not able to store it in adequate quantities in the body. This is why it is important to ensure adequate daily intake. Six servings of fruits and vegetables per day is reasonably sufficient. On days when you feel you are not getting enough in your diet or if you are feeling run down you can take vitamin C supplements. Try not to consume refined sugar at the same time as your vitamin C supplement (for example the fizzy Vitamin C tablets). Vitamin C and sugar have a similar chemical structure so the two compete to enter the cells. When there is lots of sugar, less vitamin C will be absorbed and your system simply flushes it out.

Vitamin D is a powerful antimicrobial agent – in other words it helps kills various bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also helps with the absorption of calcium and has been proven effective against several forms of cancer. The best way to get vitamin D is through exposure to sun. Try to go outside without sunscreen for at least 10 minutes per day, ideally 20 minutes. In the winter, when the sun is not as strong (especially in the northern regions) supplements will likely be necessary. Liquid vitamin D is the best source and most easily absorbed. Remember sunscreens block out vitamin D and sunglasses also limit its absorption.

The Importance of Good Bacteria:
Eighty percent of the immune activity takes place in the intestines where good bacteria fights off foreign invaders and infections. Chemotherapy drugs, often kill off good bacteria so it is important to ensure you have a good source of probiotics in your diet. Yogurt companies are going crazy with claims of billions per gram but you must ensure that the bacteria is live in order to it to be effective. I propose a probiotic supplement be taken on a daily basis. Check at your local health store for a good brand that has two strands of bacteria and at least 10 billion live bacteria. You will find them in the refrigerator section as they are live cultures.

Walk Every Day:
Research is now showing a link between moderate, regular exercise and a strong immune response. Exercise, especially weight bearing exercise, is good for stimulating the production of bone marrow. Bone marrow is the source of all immune cells for the body. As you exert weight on the long bones of your body it helps keep your bones strong and stimulates production of the bone marrow to fuel immune cell production. Choose an activity that you love to do; walk, jog or dance. Then find someone that you enjoy doing it with – a friend, your dog or do it on your own and make it your time to focus on your body and empty your mind!

If you are just too tired to exercise, try just walking around the block everyday, maybe twice a day. Then increase the number of times around the block as your energy builds and your stamina increases. There may be days when even this is too much. On those days, simply honour the messages from your body, without being hard on yourself, and give your body the love and rest it needs.

The Emotional Angle

Attitude Does Matter!
Now let's look briefly at the emotional side of the immune building story. Research has shown that immune response is affected by emotions. Simply put, you can think of the immune system – its strength and vitality – as a reflection of your emotional state. Everyone has heard stories of people dying after their loved ones pass away, otherwise known as dying of a broken heart. Well it may be more accurate to say they died of a 'depressed' immune system. Studies have shown the link between specific negative emotions and the immune response. The most detrimental emotions are feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, like feeling trapped or stuck, with no control over the outcome of events. The next article in this series will address the emotional side of healing in more detail but in summary the more hope, the more joy, the more love and laughter you can bring into your life during your healing journey the more you are encouraging and stimulating your immune system.

The Spiritual Aspect

The Healing Power of Meditation:
I started meditating about 15 years ago. The first and most impressive benefit I experienced was the boost in my immune system that the meditation facilitated through the deep rest it provides. I went from having back to back colds to feeling healthy and almost never getting sick. Over the years, I also noticed that when I did get an occasional cold, it did not knock me out. I experienced only minor symptoms and they passed quickly.

So if there is one thing I would recommend you add to your daily routine is two sessions of 10 to 20 minutes of silence. If quietening your mind sounds like an insurmountable challenge, then I suggest you find a good guided meditation. On my website I have a 15 minute immune booster guided relaxation and imagery session that you can listen to free of charge. The imagery (visualizing and stimulating the other senses) part of the session is also very beneficial as you are literally sending and reinforcing powerful messages to your body. To see how quickly the body responds to our thoughts you just have to think about watching a scary movie – as your fear increases so your heart rate and your palms automatically start to sweat. Similarly, as you imagine your immune cells being mobilized, your body is automatically receiving and acting on the message.

The Importance of True Relaxation:
The other important thing to understand is that when we exercise, either the mind or the body, we are stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. Even when we relax or de-stress it is often while doing things that continue to stimulate us like having a glass of wine, watching TV or exercising – again exciting the sympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system that is like the gas pedal in a car. Because of our busy lifestyles, the sympathetic system is usually over stimulated and an internal imbalance is created. The parasympathetic nervous system on the other hand is stimulated when we are resting, quiet or relaxed and is usually under stimulated or neglected. Think of it as a muscle, if it does not get used enough it will get weak and will not be as responsive. A daily meditation or relaxation practice (even if you start with just 5 minutes) allows you to strengthen your parasympathetic system and stimulate your immune or relaxation response. This stimulation helps creates more balance and a stronger immune response.

Cassareep Cafe on the Beach – A Hidden Gem

One of the many reasons clients seek out our services and advice is to find that out-of-central-casting tropical location that is made famous by Corona beer Entrance to Cassareep Cafe, commercials and travel magazine ads. It is with mixed emotions that our secret spot is now being “discovered” by locals and visitors alike.

Cassareep Cafe is the perfect afternoon spot for a peaceful, lazy lunch. Grab a quick bite to eat, or a coffee, either inside the air conditioned cafe, or do what we did – step outside onto the beach front deck and sit under the trees overlooking the beach and sea. The orientation of the outside dining area belies the fact that the cafe location is in the heart of Speightstown, arguably Barbados’ third largest city. You feel as though you’re sitting on the Belmont Walkway in laid back Bequia or on a picnic at a remote stretch of beach.

A delicious and well conceived menu offers breakfast along with daily lunch specials, together with rotis, pepperpot, curries, kebabs, pasta, sandwiches and wraps. Compliment your meal with tropical smoothies and Dining on the DeckLaVazza coffee drinks. A limited wine and beer selection is available. Enjoy fresh tuna on the outdoor grill or try the delicious rotis with middle eastern spices. Both fun and affordable, Cassareep Cafe offers international and local menu items.

Plans are in the making to extend the hours of Cassareep Cafe during the “winter” season to include dinner service and sunset to moonlight drinks and liming on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Check for hours of operation at 422-3573.

Cassareep is a great location for private parties and sunset barbeques. See you there!

Bed and Breakfast – Options for You

The bed and breakfast scene has evolved over the years. They have expanded their line of services to include venues for special occasions. About a couple of decades ago they serve only what they moniker advertise. In the past, they are well-known in providing spacious, quiet, countryside experience for a short stay. Most of these establishments have maintained over the years the allure of their location and the personalized friendly services that has always been expected of them.

However, in keeping with the changing times, and the competition in the market, many have expanded their services. The bed and breakfast inns have steadily becoming favorite venues for weddings, birthdays and family reunions. More and more people are discovering the ambient atmosphere of the location of these lodgings were actually ideal for special occasion.

The slow but steady expansion of services was brought about mainly by the clamor of the guests. Consistent requests and inquiries to make the place a venue for bigger events than what was usually provided prompted most owners of the establishment to adapt. Normally house owners with more than five spare rooms convert their place to accommodate guests for commercial purposes. Usually the owners themselves prepare the meals and clean the room etc. Nowadays many have hired additional staff to meet the demands of the market.

Despite the commercialization of the business, the bed and breakfast inns have retained their antique ambience that is their trademark since its conception. They are still decorated with old paintings, photograph, a touch of local history that were either from the memorabilia of the owners or acquired from neighbors. And the cost of the venue is still at a competitive lower price compared to hotels.

Additional staff in the establishment did not diminish the warmth and friendly service at the inn. Owners hire employees from their neighborhood who have the character and demeanor of the country folks.

In keeping with the changing technological world, many innkeepers have made their establishment available on the Internet. They made use of the modern communication to promote their authentic Victorian motif by posting pictures of the buildings, surroundings and landscape. Travelers can search the location and get a glimpse of the place.

They have utilized the convenience and reach of the Internet to accept booking reservations and answer queries on what services are available and types of accommodations that are provided. Potential clients can check the facilities and other amenities of the place. The various Internet forums have also help boost the popularity of the bed and breakfast inns. Previous guest opted to write their pleasant experience during their stay and post beautiful scenic pictures of the location.

A Few Easy Steps To Find Apartments For Rent

Relocating can be a real scary prospect. Regardless of the reason why you are relocating, a new job, school or just for a change of venue, it seems that nothing ever gets done because of everything that needs to be taken care of. The hardest thing to do, it seems, is to find a new place to live. Finding an apartment for rent can be a challenge, but it is not nearly as difficult as it used to be, thanks to the internet.

The way we used to find somewhere to live was by looking in the newspaper or on bulletin boards, making many phone calls and just waiting that all the places have not already been renamed that we want to look at. Trying to find an apartment to rent could take you days and sometimes even weeks. And you would be going in blind if you were moving across the country because there was no way to see what you would be getting.

Finding great apartments for rent has definitely become easier with the ability to now go online through the power of the internet. Spending just a few minutes online gives you the ability to search for apartments in all sorts of great places, whether you're looking for an apartment in the city you are in or across the country. You do not have to spend days or weeks searching newspapers anymore. And with a majority of the apartment complexes now listed online, you can see exactly what you will be renting simply by looking through all the pictures.

Great amenities like tennis courts, exercise room and swimming pools are just a few of the offers you could find when you rent an apartment in today's market. With your apartment rental, you could even say your were getting a free membership. And being able to rent an apartment or even loft apartments where you want with amenities you want means your next move can be the best move you've ever made.

With all the great apartments for rent so easy to find, it is not a matter of finding one. It's a matter of finding one exactly where you want with all the amenities you want. There are plenty of great apartments all over the country, and one of them has your name on it. And with the internet facilitating your search, finding that perfect place for your next relocation is really and truly a breeze.

Federal Grants Reinforce the Power of Businesswomen

Last year was very tough on Susan and Jane; they lost their jobs at the major corporations. These two ladies then decided that they would not look for jobs at big corporate houses. They wanted to make their own enterprise in partnerships; therefore they applied for a federal grant and also won it! They have started their own consulting services and brokerage house which helps the housewives get back to the corporate world.

This year, Susan and Jane were able to clear all the debts including the credit card debts. And the next year they have planned a vacation to Hawaii. Now an important point, the government grants do not have a special category for debt relief and people who can manage their personal and professional finances well can come out a little ahead each month. With the assistance of government grants many women in United States have started their own business or have even gone for higher education!

The experts also agree that women will be the real leaders of America’s economy. This is because, they are inventive, practical and have the power to overcome the adversities of life. This is the power to succeed. Susan and Jane give consent to the comments of the experts and state women who come back to the corporate world after managing a house generally undervalue the skills that they possess. The women all around the world are holding high paid jobs. The government of USA is only too eager to support women and give them economic reigns with the help of federal grants.

DevOps Bringing a Paradigm Shift to Software Development LifeCycle Management

Nearly 47% of the companies have already adopted DevOps and 33% are planning to adopt during the next two years. The highest level of adoption for DevOps are in IT services and Retail followed by Healthcare and Finance- is an old tale to tell, which is already ragged now!!!

In the upcoming projects, organizations will rely more modern software development and delivery as a part of their business model to face the highly dynamic and competitive markets. So, if we dive deeper into the future of DevOps, the hottest trends will be shifting from Development and Operations to Testing, Security and Metrics. Let’s know how DevOps is going to revamp the entire software business…

Creating change together with Microservices and DevOps

Container Technologies have created a buzz in the market which is definitely going to stay till the next decade. Microservices is a broad concept that applies to churning applications, solutions or products to more modular and granular level. Developers can deploy these microservices independently which in-turn is helpful in fault isolation, opening gates for faster routes to market. With DevOps clubbing with microservices, developers can work on the loosely coupled applications and have the liberty to choose the technology stack according to the best suited requirements.

Continuous Testing will be of Top Priority

Continuous Delivery is a noble goal which can get you an express ticket to Digital Failure if best practices are not adhered. The only way to ensure that the code is according to the standards is to continuously test it. With the developers generating microservices, more number of modules needs to be tested vigorously. For this the developers need the ability to test the code as it is produced in what’s known as SHIFT LEFT CONTINUOUS TESTING. Working on such testing using automation and virtualization can expand agile practices beyond development and test; and helps in eliminating long backend cycles. This creates a culture of continuous improvement leveraging measures of effectiveness and efficiency to ensure that the final product is getting better.

Combining DevOps with Security- DevSecOps

With the increase in the complexity of projects, one can potentially have different types of security issues ranging from bad codes to misconfigured servers and everything in between. These problems could only be solved keeping in mind the security implications, principles and standards for building the applications. A new movement called DevSecOps has been implemented to meet the challenges and bring forward operational and technological innovation to cybersecurity. With microservices and SDKs evolving, the developers could easily build security for products and solutions for greater user experience. The requirements of security related code testing are highly dynamic and idiosyncratic, so it is important to unify development, security and operations making it DevSecOps.

Concentrating more on Metrics

DevOps Metrics is a holistic way of viewing not just the success of the DevOps program but can also find out how it can be modified, extended and improved. The ongoing focus of DevOps metrics is on the areas of deployment, operations and support which helps in speeding up the processes of development, deployment, frequency of deployments and its failures, customers’ responses can be measured. DevOps metrics usually fall into three categories of People, Process and Technology to a greater extend but Deployment Frequency, Change Lead Time, Change Failure Time, Mean Time to Recover has to be considered to get the 360 degrees of DevOps Metrics.

A successful measurement becomes increasingly important for DevOps, the organizations keep pushing the envelope to adopt rigorous test automation, more sophisticated pre-production security controls and management disciplines across DevOps Lifecycle. With the adoption of these principles, a real progress will be showcased.

The Reality of Reality Shows

The concept of reality shows

Reality television is a television programming genre that displays usually unscripted overdramatic or hilarious situations, documents actual events, and usually features ordinary people instead of trained actors, sometimes in a competition or other circumstances where a prize is awarded. Shows in the Reality TV are called as reality shows that are often produced as series. The people are either engaged in competition with each other or in an awkward situation or spied on in their daily lives. Reality TV is a buzzword of the day. Watching reality shows have become our favourite past time and a source of fun and enjoyment. It is a real program cast with real people not with actors.

Though the term reality television is chiefly used to categories shows that have arisen since the year 2000, the history of reality TV shows goes back farther than we can think. Television has been depicting the lives of people through dating shows, contests and pranks for a very long time. It has a great history which most people didn’t know considering modern reality television and its boom in popularity in recent years. The reality TV show started in the year 1948, Producer-host Allen Funt’s Candid Camera, in which unsuspecting people were drops into funny and unusual situations gets filmed with hidden cameras, was first aired in the year 1948. The show is seen as a prototype of reality television programming.

Different kind of reality shows

There are various types of reality shows that are running on TV. These shows broke the boredom of the traditional scripted shows and started showing the real-life situations. Reality shows cater to different age groups and tastes because of the availability of the wide range of themes. In many reality shows, participants are often placed in exotic locations or in abnormal situations. Some of the reality shows cover a person or a group of people improving their lives. They represent a modified and highly influenced form of reality to attract its viewers. Documentaries and nonfictional shows for example news and sports are not categorized under reality shows.

Some types of reality shows are as written below:

• Documentaries or Documentary Series

Out of all the subgenres of reality TV, the documentary subgenre is possibly the most general one. The core difference between documentaries and a documentary series is that while documentaries are every so often constrained to one episode, documentary series span a series in its entireness, following a series of arc-like scripted television. The subgenre would also cover most social experiment shows, where different kinds of interactions are observed just for the sake of a new experiment.

• Competition or Elimination

Reality programs that are based on a elimination or competition format are just about getting eliminated by the annoying housemate or having the best participant become the winner. They are all about winning something important overcoming your competitors. The competition may be among all the other participants, or against time/money.

• Makeover or Renovation

Same as the name itself says this type of shows either about Makeover of a person’s appearance or make a renovation of your old house.

• Dating

This one is the most significant subgenre of reality TV where the boy meets girl and the audience stick to know ‘will they or won’t they’ aspect of the story.

• Hidden Camera

Starting with Candid Camera, this is possibly the longest-running reality subgenre. It is all about capturing the reactions of innocent people placed in unexpected situations. This subgenre also covers shows which rely on amateur submitted content.

• Supernatural

The most common types of the show in this subgenre are programs that investigate paranormal occurrences. The subgenre also encompasses shows which focus on hunting down famous mythical creatures.

Travel or Aspirational

Since most audiences can’t afford to travel to the faraway lands for a vacation, many of us settle on enjoying these destinations through this type of travel shows where a person, couple or group goes to a trip and film all of their experiences for the viewers.

Besides all these shows celebrity talk shows or competitions like talent hunt, adventure, game shows or fear-based shows are also mentionable.

Reality Shows in India

The very first reality show of any kind on Indian TV was a quiz contest Titled- Bournvita Quiz Contest. It was hosted by the famous Derek O’Brien in the year 1972. But first, it featured a live show in various cities initially, then went on air as a radio show. In the year 1992, it became the first reality show to be featured on ZEE TV and Indian Television. Then came “Sansui Antakshari” in the year 1993 which was hosted by Annu Kapoor on ZEE TV and It became the first Indian singing reality show that ran till 2006. Came in different versions of Star One and SAB TV with the same host after 2006. ZEE TV made its name to bring about home-grown reality shows rather adapting international reality shows on Indian TV. Singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa came in the year 1995 hosted by the famous singer of Bollywood Sonu Nigam and the dancing reality show that changed the whole scenario of dancing shows Dance India Dance came in the year 2009.

Sony Entertainment Television launched India’s first dance reality show titled- Boogie Woogie it was created by Naved Jaffrey in the year 1996 and hosted and judged by Javed Jaffrey. It was as an immediate hit for the channel. In the year 2000, Star Plus aired “Kaun Banega Crorepati” with Amitabh Bachchan (an adaptation of “Who wants to become a millionaire”) which went on to become India’s favourite and most watched reality show. To give competition ZEE TV launched another game show titled- Sawal Dus Crore Ka and Sony TV launched Jeeto Chappar Phhad Ke but KBC’s popularity didn’t deter; making it the most successful reality show in Indian television. Sony India came up with Indian Idol in 2004 which was an adaptation to the popular international reality show “American Idol”. After its success with grown-ups, they came with kids participants in the show which helped the show to gain love by all.

The production team of Endemol India came up with popular reality show Big Brother’s Indian version of Bigg Boss and Fear Factor on Sony TV in 2006. It became India’s most popular international adapted show after KBC. It was moved to Colors TV making it India’s most watched Hindi Television due to its backing on Bigg Boss, Fear Factor competing with the likes of Star Plus and ZEE TV.

Next revolution reality shows in India came with an adaptation of other famous international shows like The Voice India and So You Think You Can Dance on &TV. These shows changed the concept of singing and dance shows on Indian Television. Other popular reality shows based on foreign shows are like MTV Roadies, India’s Got Talent etc.

The actual reality of reality shows

It’s generally accepted that reality TV is really kind of terrible. What was once considered innovative in the entertainment world, has devolved into unintentional comedies starring the most horrible and awkward people imaginable. Nowadays real is the last thing that strikes you about reality shows. Whether it is a dance show where lesser-known faces of telly world vie for the best dancer tag or the Bigg Boss’s house in which racial slurs and catfights are a part of the process to decide winners, much goes into presenting a reality show as real. There is a vast majority of reality television shows that are not 100 percent real, as there is a high degree of manipulation in order to achieve sustained audience attention.

Results are in reality shows mostly controlled by producers/directors. They want to keep audience believe it is random and unpredictable, to convey this most of the time some candidate is told what to do, how to do. They are even told to behave in certain ways. And in the end nobody will show you all things, things will get edited and aired show may be far from actual reality. Reality Television is a genre more of an exact description of the shows themselves. Producer’s fake shots and even re-stage dramatic moments that happened when the cameras weren’t rolling- pretty much everything is actually plotted and planned out like the normal scripted show. Most of the reality shows still hold a basic level of truth, however, portraying events that really did happen, even if they’re acted again for the cameras. These shows feature people living their lives and doing their jobs, even if a lot has been smoothed out of their day-to-day routine in order to edit out the boring bits.

Most of the talent hunt, singing, dancing even in shows based on general knowledge like “Kaun Banega Crorepati” participants has to go through a long struggle. Most of the time voting is absolutely rigged and the winner gets decided as per his or her capability of keeping TRP’s high. Most of the contestants of the reality shows, especially the winners, might get disappointed soon after their win, the attention shifts to the winner of the next season. The limelight being taken away from them doesn’t agree with many young people. Some contestants might get frustrated as they harbour false hopes that once they win the contest, their future is set for good.

Impact of reality shows on society

New boys & girls who are becoming reality TV celebrity stars does not succeed on talent but use melodrama to always remain in the news. One of the worst effects of their action is on teens who try to emulate their behaviour. All the stunts that are done on these TV shows under organized conditions are copied by the people in reality and resulting in death. Some of the shows where contestants participate to win prizes show them in poor light as they use meanness and greed to outdo each other. The negative traits can manifest themselves in the audiences and create behavioural problems. Liberal doses of abuses are hurled on the shows because the directors think that more and more people will watch them. It is a huge mistake because bad words are caught by teens and kids affecting their personality as well as behaviour. Although kids’ reality shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs, Sabse Bada Kalakaar, Junior Masterchef India and many other shows attract the audiences and gains good ratings, it is not advisable to put children under stressful situations in the early years of their lives! Small children have been forced to participate in reality shows, they have wrenched away from all normal activities and thrown into a single-minded devotion to lending their voices to these reality shows. They are compelled to shoot for long hours, sometimes in scorching hot non-air conditioned rooms. Even Parents also pressurise their children to excel on reality shows, small children become victims of a system that fosters and encourages unrealistic ambitions.

Some reality shows show participants taking extreme risks and putting themselves in bizarre or dangerous situations. Since younger children mostly learn through imitation, watching such programmes may put them at risk of physical injury. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology indicated that children who viewed high-risk TV programmes increased their self-reported risk-taking behaviour significantly more than children who were exposed to low-risk TV or watched less TV. Reality shows that are focussed on some people and their day-to-day lives are a big nuisance and parents need to draw a line when it comes to children watching such shows. They portray everything in an exaggerated manner which is not at all a reflection of real life. This should be made clear to our children. Reality talent shows, on the other hand, make parents feel that their own children are inadequate.

Prevention from the bad effects of reality shows

First, establish that watching reality shows is not a priority in the family. According to the age and understanding of your child, explain what your family belief systems and values are and that they do not match what is shown on reality TV. Help the child understand the impact such programmes can have and that real life is different from what is projected in a reality show. Have discussions about this in a friendly and non-threatening manner.

Docking a Boat Secrets – Can You Dock a Boat With a Single Line?

Do you know the secret to docking a boat with one line? Did you know that you can use this technique with a small sailboat or the largest super yacht? And it works on any boat every time! Use these seven steps to take your skipper-skills to new a new level today!

Tap the magic power of a spring line

Spring lines always lead in a diagonal direction from the boat. Those that are attached to the bow are called bow springs; those that are attached to the stern are called quarter springs (the “quarter” of a boat is near the stern).

Springs that lead from the bow to a dock cleat or piling aft of the bow are called after bow spring lines. Use an after bow spring line for this docking maneuver.

Seven simple steps to docking success

1. Attach a long line at least 1 1/2 times the length of your small cruising boat to a boat cleat, located between the bow and beam. Coil the spring line and hold it in your non-dominant hand. Break the coil in half and hold the part with the bitter end in the dominant hand.

2. Assign one crew member to a roving fender. Use this to cushion any point of contact during the maneuver. Rig the fender with a line attached to each end of the fender. This makes the roving fender horizontal and gives greater surface area for better protection.

3. Make your approach to the pier at an angle. Aim for a piling just aft (behind) where you want the bow to end up. Use just enough speed for good rudder control.

4. Loop the spring line around the piling or dock cleat and back to the same boat cleat. Pass a full round turn around the boat cleat. Make sure that the line handler stands forward of the cleat, facing the stern. This puts them on the safe side of the spring line.

5. Turn your sailboat wheel away from the boat dock. If you use a tiller, hold the tiller toward the dock. Keep this position throughout the maneuver.

6. Place the engine clutch into idle ahead. Keep it in this position throughout the maneuver.

7. Watch the stern “walk” in to the dock. The crew on the spring line should adjust the spring line to help the boat move in to the pier. Position the stern boat fenders to provide a cushion at the point of contact.

Once the boat lies flush to the pier, leave your wheel (or tiller) and engine in position. Do not be tempted to back off on the engine, wheel, or tiller. The combination of rudder and engine create the forces that will hold your cruising boat to the pier in even the worst weather. Now you can take your time to put out more lines or take a break.

For safety, always leave one crew member at the helm when lying alongside on a single spring line. Rotate your sailing crew ashore so that all hands get a break.

Now you know one of the best kept secrets that the pros use every day. Use these seven simple steps when docking a boat to make you master and commander of your small cruising boat in any weather.

Drilling Machines and Milling Machines – What Are the Differences?

Drilling machines, are fixed style drills that can either be mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor or workbench. The speed can be changed on these machines by manually moving a belt across a pulley arrangement.

Drilling machines can offer its users many advantages. Firstly, the lever gives the operator a considerable mechanical advantage. As it is fixed to a table, this allows a vice or clamp to be used to position and secure the work piece making the operation much more precise. In addition to this, the angle of the spindle is fixed relative to the table, allowing holes to be drilled accurately and repetitively.

Most modern machines are technically automated with the use of computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Because of this they can be programmed to produce precise results, continuously. In particular, CNC drilling machines are useful for pattern hole drilling, small hole drilling and angled holes. Drilling machines are frequently used for random workshop tasks such as sanding, honing or polishing, and a variety of other rotating accessories in the chuck.

Milling machines differ to drilling machines in a variety of ways. These machines are used for reshaping metal and other solid materials. Milling machines come in two varieties, either horizontal or vertical. This refers to the position of the cutting tool spindle. Unlike drilling where the piece is stationary and the drill moves vertically onto the material, milling also involves movement of the work piece against the rotating cutter.

In a similar way to drilling machines, milling machines may be manually operated, mechanically automated, or digitally automated CNC. Milling machines can be used to carry out a number of tasks. Some of these are quite complex, for example, drilling, die sinking, rebating, routing, etc.

As with drilling machines, many modern milling machines are controlled by a computer. This provides them with more flexibility. When this is combined with the appropriate accessories; conical tools or a ball nose cutter, it can dramatically improve its precision with no impact on speed, providing a cost-efficient alternative to most flat-surface hand-engraving work.

Previously, these types of machines were very expensive to buy and operate but with the drop in the price of computer technology it has made them much more affordable and accessible. This has allowed more businesses to take advantage of this technology, improving competition in the industry.

How To Select Great Mini Blinds For Your Home Or Office

Mini blinds have been a top choice for quite a while when it comes to selecting window treatments. So the more people use them the more popular they continue to become because people like them.

They are designed with horizontal slats and so they should be quite familiar looking to you as this is sort of the standard among blinds. People prefer them for smaller windows because they are more suited to them then are other options.

The system that you use to control the opening and closing of the blinds is usually a string system. They are there easy to use as compared to some other options.

These are the stereotypical type of blinds and the design should seem fairly common to you and that is because this is a well known option that people choose. They are pretty simple to use and maintain which is a factor that adds to their popularity. Despite this, they are not the best at keeping clean since their design often leads to dust buildup.

If you are looking for a typical option, you might appreciate these blinds. For those who want to keep it simple, they are generally happy when they go with these.

A great location for these is in the kitchen or bathroom because of their durable design. This is just one of the many benefits of the mini blinds.

However you should know that they do not score so high on style points. While you can select from many colors, that is about the only way to differentiate.

If you want something that you can have for a long time but are less concerned about style then you might have found a winner in these. When it comes to choosing, it is up to you to decide what you prefer.

Kitchen Cabinets – A Growing Market for the Perfect Kitchen?

The kitchen cabinet is simply a box with a door, usually made of wood that is affixed to the wall of the kitchen. They are prevalent in the kitchen due to the need for storage space and the fact that they can also be erected on the floor and the top affixed with a work surface, maximizing storage efficiency.

Kitchen cabinets are manufactured by a massive variety of companies. Famous companies exist in Canada and Sweden but shopping for kitchen utilities can be done anywhere, so long as you take precaution to shop around for a good price. It is becoming prevalent for people to buy things like cabinets in kit form and construct them at home, making transport easier, and simply requiring a little DIY skill. Cabinets of a huge variety of designs and sizes can be found in this form or ready made.

You can find base cabinets, built for the floor, with drawers fixed above the cabinet, two cabinets side by side, tall thin cabinets for kitchens with low floor space, and of course wall mounted cabinets of various shapes. Triangular cabinets that fit snugly into a corner make maximum use of the space and give the shape of the kitchen a smoother look. Some companies make two cabinets one above the other, with a space in between making a small shelf.

To make your kitchen fit your ideas, many cabinet companies produce a variety of special molding strips for the corners of your cabinets, and panel covers in a different colors. If you can not find the cabinet you want in a certain color, you can just customize one with these new covers, or new feet, handles, and plinths, also meaning that the height from the floor is changeable. When buying any cabinets or covers make sure that they are made from durable woods and will be easy to wipe down. Some companies even allow you to order samples, so that you can envision the perfect kitchen without any risk.

Need a Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board For Manufacturing

Electronic equipment is a combination of electrical and electronic components connected to produce a certain design function. Printed Circuit Board is usually abbreviated as PCB and sufficient often refer to as a board.

There are many reasons for using boards instead of other interconnection wiring method and component mounting techniques, for instant the wiring board capable to reduce the space needed into just a board level and with a corresponding reduction in weight as well. Another reason is PCB assembly and wiring can be mechanized.

Designing and fabricating a printed circuit board for a quick turn manufacturing run or producing limited number of devices can be a major head for many engineers. Commercial board houses specialize in production runs of thousands of boards, and fabricating single copies of a board design has been difficult, expensive and time-consuming, until now.

There is a simple and fast method to fabricate a quick turn printed board that does not require many specialty equipments. Below is the summarize process of taking schematic diagram and using it to produce a board to professional standards. Steps listed below,

1) Generating and "design-in" circuit schematic diagrams
2) Verify component placement and routing
3) Optimize PCB design for different circuit type, such as analog & digital
4) Creating design guideline for printed circuit board house
5) Generating artwork and design files
6) Exposing and developing the soldermask layer
7) Using necessary chemicals and drilling tools safely

Once you follow above steps and follow closely for completion, the fabrication of printed circuit board processes will be smooth and you will get your board soon for manufacturing process.