Planning Your Adventure Travel

It certainly would not be an exaggeration if it is said that it is difficult to find anyone who is not interested in traveling! There are many people who also find great pleasure in ‘adventure travel’ and take it as lightly as an evening walk. As the name itself indicates, adventure travel is a trip that provides an unusual and exciting experience to the traveler seeking adventures. There are a great many kind of experiences that fall under the category of adventure travel – cultural journeys, expeditions, wildlife adventures, and active adventures to name a few.

One who wishes to go on an adventure travel may certainly have a very clear picture of what kind of adventure he plans to take on. You can plan it on your own but it can take a lot of time and a lot more confusing than you can imagine. To make things easier and to make the travel comfortable, the best option would be to approach a good travel agent. The thrill and excitement that you would get on your trip will be numerous and the trip all the more enjoyable.

You can find several adventure travel agencies ready to serve but the wisdom lies in choosing a professional travel agent or company. Professional guidance helps the traveler obtain personal satisfaction.

There are several reasons which speak in favor of a good adventure travel agent or travel companies. A good agency is one which organizes everything perfectly for the traveler. They usually arrange for a tour leader who is well aware of the place, the customs of the people and any specific problems associated with the area, if any. There are many of us who will be traveling alone because we are unable to find a good companion. In such instances, seeking the help of a good agent will provide us with ready-made traveling companions. A good agency aims at the personal satisfaction of the travelers that come to them. Many travel agencies try to lure customers by offering discounts, but discounts sometimes mean cutting on the services offered. Cheap vacation packages would only rob you of comfort which is normally provided to the traveler. A good travel agent is always there for the traveler in case of a problem or if something unfortunate goes wrong.

Seeking the help of the adventure travel specialist saves a lot of time and money since they undertake the arrangements like transportation, early bookings on discounts in hotels and resorts, domestic and international travel. They also provide the required help with passport and visa applications. In short, they cater to all the needs of the traveler.

The professional background of the adventure travel agent enables the traveler to get an idea whether or not the agent is trained well and can make his trip a pleasant, thrilling, comfortable and exciting one. A professional agency has its personnel trained in business management and tourism or their personnel must pass a course with the Institute of the Certified Travel Agents.

When You Run Your Own Business, Sometimes There's No Place Like Home

I've been doing a lot of interviews. Most of the questions I'm asked, although very good ones, have been pretty much the same. But this week during a Q & A with a blogger, I was asked something that no one had ever asked about before: "What was the best business decision you've made so far since starting your designer kids' clothes business, LikeWear?" My answer was spontaneous as we were on the phone and I was not prepped ahead of time with what I would be asked. Without so much as a split second thought, my response was: "keeping my business run from my house."

When my husband Ken reads this answer he will certainly be shocked as I'm constantly complaining about how each day LikeWear seems to take over another square foot of our living space. Not to mention the concerns I have over our lack of privacy with the parcel of employees we have in and out of our front door each day. And then there's the havoc caused to my type A psyche with all the clutter, noise and general disarray as a natural result of so many functional functions operating out of my home sweet home.

But, the idea of ​​moving the business out of our house into its own home, just does not sit well with me right now. We've been able to stay very lean and cost conscious because we do not have additional overhead, maintenance and extra staffing to worry about, which an outside office would demand. And yes, our in-house warehousing space is limited but it's forced us to maintain modest inventory levels so we do not end up with overruns and large quantities of unused merchandise at the end of each season. And certainly, we have lots of people in and out of our house on a regular basis, but that has required us to only hire people we really trust and can rely on. And last but certainly not least, as a mother, having my business run from my house has meant being able to physically be around for my kids. LikeWear's birth originated from my small time hobby and rather quickly became a part-time job which then blossomed into a full-time job and which has now evolved into what often feels like an all-the-time job. But, I'm at home while I'm doing it. Working "all the time" outside of the house is not something I'm mentally prepared to do at this stage of my life.

So for now as I grumble about the chaos, clutter and claustrophobic working conditions, I'll continue to remind myself that when it comes to running our designer kids' clothes business – at least for now – there's no place like home.

International Marbles Tournaments For Adults

Many people know marbles as a game played by children, but they are surprised when they hear about marbles tournaments for adults. These tournaments become popular in many countries, especially in Europe. There are some national federations organizing marbles events and some countries came with the idea to establish World Marbles Federation.

Most international marbles tournaments were held in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the last years. The first international tournament in Czech Republic – Czech Open – was organized in January, 2002. Tournament with the same name was organized in next 2 years. In the year 2005, the first world marbles championship in individual hole game was introduced. The world marbles championship is held every year and people from any country can participate in this great event. These tournaments are played in park in the center of Prague.

Slovak marbles federation started the international marbles tournaments for adults a few years later. The leaders of Slovak federation built up very nice marbles playground in the city of Velke Levare, not far from the capital Bratislava. They organize 2 international events every year – Slovak marbles championship and Zahorie championship.

Since many Czech players live abroad, there are also activities in other European countries. These players are trying to organize local tournaments and find new fans of this sport in the countries where they live. New national federations was also born in Asia. People from countries where was not established national marbles federation yet can establish it and start organizing of local and international tournaments.

Mix Glass Tiles to Create Stunning Effects in Your Kitchen

When deciding how to finish your newly decorated kitchen with a mix of glass tiles, it is vital you plan ahead and visualise the effect you want to create. Techniques such as mood boards and scrapbooks containing cuttings and ideas are also a great idea. E-scrapbooks are increasingly popular – where you can cut and paste links from across the internet into an e-book online.

Whichever way you seek inspiration it is essential you have a clear idea in mind. And remember, that’s the really fun part. Your walls are a blank canvas after all – so why think really creatively and seek ideas which are going to create stunning effects?

There are lots and lots of ideas to choose. The internet is chock-full of inspiration – from using glass mosaic tiles and different shapes and styles. Glass tiles can be used to create a sleek, stylish and modern look. But it is really up to you to thinking through what you want to achieve and how to go about it.

You might create a solid deck of colour with kitchen wall tiles and add detail and depth with mosaic tiles. You can be really creative with this technique, using the array of colours and texture which tiles are sold in and complementing with the range of mosaics on the market – which now come if 3D-effect, Aztec patterns and marbled-swirl effects. There really is so much to choose from!

Or you might decide to take tiling to new heights and create a complete wall of mosaic kitchen tiles – which can have stunning visual impact when you enter the room, filling it with colour and texture. The creative options for your kitchen are endless.

And we all appreciate that creating the kitchen of your dreams can be difficult. It demands focus and creativity to get the results you want. Plus as one of the most used rooms and the heart of the home, you want your kitchen to have that impact yet be modern with a practical touch… And quite a bit of wow factor!

But the sheer amazing range of kitchen wall tiles and mosaic wall tiles able to add that style and warmth to your kitchen. And with some of the newer effects such as 3D glass mosaics able to give that touch of the contemporary, there really styles, shapes, colours and choices for everyone.

So take inspiration from the seasons, your environment and all you see around you, and go create.

Benefits of Desk Lamps For Your Home

Most people underestimate the benefits of home illumination through desk lamps and, most of the time, view this lamp as just another piece of decorating item for the room. While this is not far from the truth, desk lamps serve much more meaningful purposes as well and many homeowners have started to see the real benefits of having them around in most of their rooms.

For example desk lamps serve to illuminate and add texture to our homes. Our eyes are attracted to light, and an illumination source with the right light focused output will serve to add emotion to an otherwise plain surface. Just like how music affects our emotions, light is viewed the same way in that light stimulation has a direct effect on our emotional well being. Ever wondered why happiness is always depicted by a bright sunny day with birds chirping in the background? A sunny day serves to rev us up for the busy day ahead, unlike dark, rainy mornings. Light stimulates our senses in a way that we usually take for granted. This is why having such a lamp around brings out moods up to higher levels and makes us more cheerful than before. Happy people like to be surrounded by various lighting fixtures at home, while gloomy and moody people always sit around in shadows, in the dark, brooding over their back luck in life.

Another main benefits of having a desk lamp at home is that it reduced eye strain as we work. Ambient lighting serves a particular purpose but desk lamps make reading easier on the eyes as glare and shadows are minimized. A more productive reading and working experience is enhanced by good lighting.

An illuminated lamp serves as an attractive night light to avoid stumbling over pieces of furniture when navigating through the dark in the room. For example it makes quick reading easy, such as checking out prescription medicine labels or looking at the time. A handy desk light is also portable and can be quite effortlessly moved from one table to another depending on our needs at the moment.

As you can see having a desk lamp around us is not just for it to be a decorating piece, as the origin of such a lighting fixture stems way back from the time when kings and queens wrote letters and signed documents to run the kingdom. The benefits of these focused task illumination sources serve numerous purposes while at the same time bringing out the beauty of a decorating piece of art as well. You can find lamps in all sorts of colors and textures that go very well with the entire ensemble of your room, matching it perfectly well.

Role of Safety Barriers in Perimeter Security

In order to protect employees, guests and the building functions and services from any disturbances such as unauthorized vehicles approaching close to or entering high risk building, Perimeter security is adopted. Depending on the value of the building and the size of the threat, protection is accomplished by establishing appropriate standoff distance. This is possible with the use of safety barrier system to provide the necessary standoff. The barriers may be along the site of the property line, within a large campus or site, placed separately of the property line. The barrier can form an interface between the public and the private space along the property line.

A perimeter security system consists of two main elements,

– A rigid barrier such as a concrete barrier that prevent unauthorized pedestrians or vehicles to enter the area

– A control point that can screen and inspect anyone before they pass through the barrier

Some benefits of having safety barriers for the security of a public space is listed below,

– In any public place, it is important to have a perimeter security for the safety of the building and its occupants and to maintain the presence and activity of the public. Having safety barriers can provide the appropriate balance between them.

– Barriers are available in various sizes and shapes. By choosing the right barriers, the aesthetic value of the place is improved. It gives security in the context of enhancing the particular spot and the area around it rather than as a separate or redundant system whose only purpose is to provide security.

– This barrier system provides a singular path to the approaching cars and the access is screened in an orderly way, allowing one car at a time. The last thing the security of the building wants is to have a pile up before the gate.

– It provides the ideal area separation service for vehicles. Barricades can divide various parts of any location especially the indoors to block access to anyone other than the employees of the building. Therefore, the employees can avoid any hindrance by getting mixed up with the visitors.

– It can also be made to form a pathway to the ticket counter or any other services.

– It can give additional protection to the assets of the building.

– It is the best way to guide cars in the parking lot and to deny access to spaces that are reserved for any important personnel.

– It can avoid any accidental entry of visitors to any “No-Go” zones. Visitors aren’t always alert enough to notice any warning signs near the door.

Barriers are like the brakes in your car. It slows you down but it can also make you go a lot faster.

The Benefits Fire Extinguisher Stands Give

Fire extinguisher stands are essential because they provide a permanent and secure place where extinguishers can be properly put into. They do not help extinguish fire directly, no. The stand, is an accessory to a fire protection equipment. Businesses put extinguishers in strategic locations within the company concessions. This makes it easier for employees to locate these fire equipments during emergency.

There are several stand models now available. There are those which are just mounted on the wall. Other extinguisher stands are free-standing. They are not only red in color. There are chrome ones suitable for chrome extinguishers. They are the sleek and classy ones used in highly fashionable business establishments.

1. Easy access to the stands are primarily made to hold the extinguishers. If an extinguisher has its own container and is securely placed in a certain area, people can get hold of it faster. They will not have to look around for it. Extinguishers have the tendency to be clutters especially if they do not have their own stands. Anyone can just hide it in unnoticeable areas.

2. Secure fire extinguishers-Extinguishes should also be protected from moisture and dust in order to avoid rust. There are stands which looks like a compartment where extinguishers can be securely placed. Not only that, extinguishers do not have to be moved around a room. This lessens the risk of the fire extinguishers to be bumped at or knocked off consistently.

3. Better room organization-this fire equipment stand makes a fire-proof room better organized. There are times fire extinguishers are put in a gloomy corner making the overall picture of an office look like a mess. If a stand is present, this worry is eliminated.

4. Aesthetic purpose-with today's stands' types and sizes, an interior designer can match a extinguisher stand with the overall look of a room. Be it a high class boutique or a regular office setting, extinguishers can now blend with a room's design. Amongst its examples are chrome and stainless steel fire extinguisher stands. One of the cooler versions is the free standing extinguisher stands. This is movable. If there is a need to make an update on the design of an office, a fire extinguisher and its stand can automatically adapt.

These are the different benefits a fire equipment stand can give. Being able to have a secure place to put an extinguisher is already very helpful. There are many kinds of stands. You have to know how and where you will use it. An answer to these questions will give you an idea of ​​the ideal stand for you. Businesses are strongly encouraged by the government to follow fire safety procedures. One blaze can lead to losing millions. It can even affect the nearby establishments, causing greater harm. The worst a fire may bring is death. All these are what the government wants to help avoid.

Asphalt Pavement Sealcoating 101

Sealcoating is an important part of not only protecting your asphalt from deterioration, but also keeping your parking lot attractive. Many property managers are familiar with the need to sealcoat their asphalt paving, but have specific questions about the details. Often, their questions are very similar, so we thought it best to compile a list of these frequently asked questions to better help you understand the basics of sealcoating.

My asphalt has surface cracks that keep coming back. What do I do about them?

Before sealcoating it is important to seal any existing cracks. If left a crack is not filled, it will allow water in that can cause damage to the asphalt pavement. If the water penetrates the pores of the surface, or worse, under the asphalt into the base, expensive asphalt repairs will be needed to repair the damage. Even after an asphalt parking lot is sealcoated, if the cracks have not been filled first, this damage can occur.

An important thing to note, if asphalt cracks are filled properly the first time, the crack sealing will last the life of the sealcoating. You should not see cracks coming back!

Should we have our asphalt parking lot sealcoated every year?

No. While many sealcoating companies will try to get you to seal your asphalt annually, this is just to pad their pockets! Sealcoating asphalt too much can lead to many problems. Most property managers do not realize that the first two coats of sealer applied are what actually protect the asphalt. Most of the sealcoating after those initial applications are usually for cosmetic purposes only.

Can we sealcoat our parking lot in hot weather?

Yes, but it must be done using the proper techniques. As you know, asphalt can get very hot, especially in Florida during the summer. Applying sealer when the temperatures are above 90 degrees can cause the sealer to dry too quickly. If this happens it can peel, flake, or get a streaky finish. In order to apply sealcoat in temperatures above 90 degrees, the proper technique is to spray the surface with a light mist of water first. This has a cooling effect on the asphalt. Once the surface temperature has been lowered, the sealer can safely be applied.

A well-paved asphalt paving project can last twenty to forty years if properly maintained. Hiring a reputable paving contractor can save you money in the long run. Not only will you have a parking lot that looks great, the workmanship should last for decades!

The Best Way to Understand Personal Finance

When we are trying to understand Personal Finance, the best thing to do is to understand what Personal Finance is NOT.

Many people think that accounting and personal finance are the same, but Personal Finance is NOT Accounting.

On the surface they may seem the same; they both have something to do with money. However, the definitions will help us better understand the differences.

Merriam-Webster's definition of accounting is "the system of recording and summarizing business and financial transactions and analyzing, verifying, and reporting the results."

Based on this definition, we see that accounting is the process of analyzing and recording what you have already done with your money.

This is why having an accountant is usually not enough when it comes to your personal finances.

Accountants generally do not concern themselves with personal finance (there are some exceptions to this rule). Unless your accountant is also a financial adviser or coach, he or she will likely just look at what you have done with your money at the end of the year and provide you with a report of their analysis.

This report is usually your tax return; what you owe the government or what the government owes you.

Very rarely does the accountant provide an individual with a Balance Sheet or Income Statement or a Net worth statement; all very helpful tools that are necessary to effectively manage your personal finances.

Personal Finance is looking at your finances from a more pro-active and goal oriented perspective. This is what provides the accountants with something to record, verify and analyze.

The Merriam-Webster's (Concise Encyclopedia) definition of "Finance" is the "process of raising funds or capital for any kind of expenditure. , while savers and investors have funds that could earn interest or dividends if put to productive use. Finance is the process of channeling funds from savers to users in the form of credit, loans, or invested capital through agencies including COMMERCIAL BANKS, SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS, and such nonbank organizations as CREDIT UNIONS and investment companies. Finance can be divided into three broad areas: BUSINESS FINANCE, PERSONAL FINANCE, and public finance. All three involve generating budgets and managing funds for the optimum results. "

Personal Finance Simplified

By understanding the definition of "finance" we can break our "personal finance" down into 3 simple activities: –

1. The process of raising funds or capital for any kind of expenditure = Generating an Income.
A Business gets money through the sale of their products and services. This is labeled "revenue" or "income". Some businesses will also invest a portion of their revenue to generate more income (interest income).

A Person earns money through a job, or a small business (self employment, sole proprietorship, network marketing or other small business venture). The money coming in can be a salary, hourly wage, or commission, and is also referred to as income.

A Government gets money through taxes that we pay. This is one of the main ways that the government generates an income that is then used to build infrastructure like roads, bridges, schools, hospitals etc for our cities.

2. Using our money to make purchases = Spending Money.
How much we spend relative to how much we make is what makes the difference between having optimum results in our personal finances. Making good spending decisions is critical to achieving financial wealth – regardless of how much you make.

3. Getting optimum results = Keeping as much of our money as possible
It's not how much you MAKE that matters – its how much you KEEP that really matters when it comes to your personal finances.

This is the part of personal finance that virtually everyone finds the most challenging.

Often people who make large incomes (six figures or more) also tend to spend just as much (or more) which means that they put themselves in debt and that debt starts to accrue interest. Before long that debt can start to grow exponentially and can destroy any hope they would have had to achieving wealth.

Personal Finance made simple

Personal Finance does not need to be complicated if you keep this simple formula in mind:


For Optimal Results you simply have to make more than what you spend and spend less than what you make so you can keep more for you and your family!

If you are not actively working towards an optimal result you will by default get less than optimal results

It really is that simple!

Now that you understand personal finance and WHAT you need to do, the next step is learning HOW to do this!

The best way to start is by following these 3 simple steps: –

1. Know what you want to achieve – "if you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there" has become a very popular quote, probably because it is so true. One of the habits that Stephen Covey highlights in his book "7 Habits of Highly Successful People", is to always start with the end in mind. Knowing where you want to go will be a big help in ensuring you get there.

2. Have a plan – that you can follow that will get you to your goals. Knowing how you will achieve your goals in a step by step plan is invaluable. Sometimes this is easier with the help of an advisor or a financial coach.

3. Use tools and resources – that will help you to stick to your plan and not become distracted by the things in life that could limit our imports and make us spend more than we should. Do not try and work it all out in your head! You will end up with a massive headache and your finances will become one gigantic dark fog!

Guide to Building Custom Gaming Computers

Getting all the right components to play your favorite games and fit in your budget – usually that is hard to do but not impossible with this guide. There is a lot of hardware on the market to choose from, but we will give you all the info you need so you’ll not get lost!

Before we get started, you will have to answer a few questions:

1. What is your budget, how much are you willing to spend?

2. What games are you going to play – Shooters, Strategies, RPG, Flight Simulators?

3. What is the size of the monitor you’ve got, is it 17-19″, 20-22″ or 24″ and above?

Budget – that is the ultimate limiting point of your purchase – don’t have more than $700? Then you are limited to basic gaming capabilities and lower resolutions. Can you shell out one about $1000? You can get descent machine to play any game with at least medium settings on 20-22″ monitor. Do you have $2K to spare? You will be able to run any game on any monitor with highest settings. $3000 will buy you an assurance that you will not need any upgrades next 2-4 years to be on top of the gaming!

Games You Play – if it’s going to be only “World of Warcraft” – you can spend about $999 and be sure that it will be enough to play it with high settings on any monitor. If you want to be able to run Shooters like Crysis or Far Cry 2 on High or Highest – be prepared to spend $1500 and up, of course you can play those games on $1k machine with Medium settings, but it’s up to you. Generally 3D Shooters require more power from your computer, same as flight simulators. Strategies and online RPG usually need less.

Monitor – if you are limited to 17″ or 19″ monitor, you will play in low-medium resolutions and do not need to spend too much on PC. If you have 20″ or 22″ monitor then you will want to play at 1680×1050 resolution, and it will put some stress on your computer, make sure that you select at least GT 240 video card to be comfortable at this resolution. If you have 24″ monitor or bigger, then you will need some serious firepower inside your PC, look for high-end video cards like Nvidia GTS 250 or ATI 5850, get CrossFire or SLI to be able to crank all settings to HIGHEST.

Most important choices are: CPU and Video Card. These two components have most influence on your gaming experience.

CPU – If you want to spend less than one thousand dollars than you should look at AMD Athlon II and Intel Dual Core processors, they have good value in lower segment, cheaper ones are AMD Athlon II X2 and X4 or Intel E6500 or i3 530 that will give up to 50% more performance closer to $1K, If you want to spend around $1K – look at Phenom X3 or X4 or similar, Intel i5, all can be overclocked over 3.0Ghz without sweat if you have good CPU cooler, and at that frequency it “kicks some ass” for the money it costs. For budgets over $1000-$1500 check out Intel i5 Quad – excellent Quad Core that can be also overclocked over 3.0Ghz with good cooler, more and more games are optimized for quads, so you will see the difference! New Intel Core i7 might be expensive but they offer the best performance on the market right now!

Video Card – be careful there, serious gamers do not look at GeForce 210 or ATI 4650 cards – they are good for low budget, but you will see HUGE performance increase if you get at least ATI 5670 or 9800GT. If you want high resolution then check out more expensive video cards – GTS 250 and ATI 5750 and 5770! For higher end better pick ATI 5850 or 5870, these two will let you set HIGH settings in all games! For most demanding gamers – CrossFire and SLI systems to play like a pro!

CPU Cooler – do not underestimate it!!!!! If you select stock cooler you will get high temperatures, lots of noise and no overclock (Free speed boost). Do you think that spending extra $30 on a good cooler is too much to drop temps about 15’C for more stable operation, not hear any noise and jump-start your CPU to 3.6Ghz instead of stock 2.8Ghz? That is way too much value to not to upgrade CPU cooler. Money you spend here give the most feedback for every 1$.

Power Supply – Very important if you planning on upgrading video card or any other components. If you upgrade video card you should select better power supply to accommodate increased power requirements. For example GT 240 or Radeon 5670 will work with most regular PSUs, but adding second card in SLI or CrossFire will require at least 600W SLI ready PSU. You will not make mistake by getting better power supply, your computer will always benefit from more reliable and consistent power it needs inder heavy loads when you play games!

Memory – important component that goes right after CPU and Cooler and Video Card. Basically, as long as you get at least 4Gb DDR2-800 you are good to go. You will see incremental performance increases if you upgrade to DDR3 memory. Newer DDR3 memory with frequencies from 1333Mhz to 1800Mhz will help on high end machines and will not be a bottleneck. 6Gb RAM is a standard for i7 / X58 systems.

Motherboard – pretty simple, more money you spend here more features you are going to get as well as some speed bump. For example AMD 790x will have FireWire but AMD 770 might not. Intel X58 have 3 PCi-e slots for video cards, but H55 will have only one or 2 PCI-e 16x/8x for videocards. Some motherboards come with integrated video, while others are designed for discrete videocards only.

Hard Drive – most gamers do not need more than 500Gb or 640Gb SATA2 HDD. Some will even be good with just 320Gb. But if you want significant storage – get 750Gb or more. WD Raptor and VelociRaptors have faster spinning speed (10000RPM vs regular 7200RPM) and therefore work 25% or more faster. SSD technology is still in the developments phase and does not offer much benefit over VelociRaptor drives and they tend to be overly expensive.

Fans, Cooling & Fans – Heat is the worst computer’s enemy and all these upgrades help reduce heat by moving air more effectively inside of case and out of it, cooling important components like CPU, Video Card, Motherboard and memory. Cheap upgrades that can make huge difference. Plus better cabling will look cool if you have clear side window!

Case – if you care only about it’s look, then get what ever you like. If you are concerned with cooling capabilities, then select Antec 300, Antec 900, Thermaltake, CM Scout. If you don’t want to hear any noise from your PC check these cases: Antec P180/P183, Antec 300, Cooler Master Centurion, Thermaltake Element. When you spend more on the case you get more features, better quality and better cooling.

Windows 7 – most expected operating system of the past, considering Vista’s poor performance, Windows 7 is everything that everybody wants – fast, reliable, easy to use, compatible with most of the old software and hardware. Windows XP came to “the end of life” along with Vista.

We hope that you will be able to select your new gaming computer without problems.

Need a Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board For Manufacturing

Electronic equipment is a combination of electrical and electronic components connected to produce a certain design function. Printed Circuit Board is usually abbreviated as PCB and sufficient often refer to as a board.

There are many reasons for using boards instead of other interconnection wiring method and component mounting techniques, for instant the wiring board capable to reduce the space needed into just a board level and with a corresponding reduction in weight as well. Another reason is PCB assembly and wiring can be mechanized.

Designing and fabricating a printed circuit board for a quick turn manufacturing run or producing limited number of devices can be a major head for many engineers. Commercial board houses specialize in production runs of thousands of boards, and fabricating single copies of a board design has been difficult, expensive and time-consuming, until now.

There is a simple and fast method to fabricate a quick turn printed board that does not require many specialty equipments. Below is the summarize process of taking schematic diagram and using it to produce a board to professional standards. Steps listed below,

1) Generating and "design-in" circuit schematic diagrams
2) Verify component placement and routing
3) Optimize PCB design for different circuit type, such as analog & digital
4) Creating design guideline for printed circuit board house
5) Generating artwork and design files
6) Exposing and developing the soldermask layer
7) Using necessary chemicals and drilling tools safely

Once you follow above steps and follow closely for completion, the fabrication of printed circuit board processes will be smooth and you will get your board soon for manufacturing process.

Surface Preparation For Painting Wood

When starting your next painting project, it is important to eliminate as many defects as possible before painting. The surface must be dry and reasonably clean. Excessive moisture on the surface will cause the paint to blister and peel. Grease and dirt will slow the drying time and will prevent proper adhesion to your substrate. Rough areas should be leveled by scraping and sanding. Cracks and Dents should be filled with either spackle, wood filler, putty, caulking or cement.

It is crucial to do proper surface preparation on new interior and exterior wood. All surfaces that painters deal with our porous. By this means, paint is able to attach itself and secure an anchorage to the various substrates. The ability for the primer to penetrate and become fixed to the surface is controlled mostly by the painter. For this reason, a primer coat should always be brushed where possible to allow for proper penetration. Proper surface preparation and using the primer as specified by the manufacturer will result in a satisfactory end result for your painting project.

Moisture in interior and exterior wood is a common cause for failure when painting. A disproportionate amount of moisture many not noticeable until after a change in temperature. If the temperature rises, moisture will draw to the surface and out through the paint, which will cause the paint to peel and blister.

The grain in new wood will rise when it has been exposed to extreme dampness and given the ability to dry out. This will leave the surface rough which should be sanded smooth prior to painting. It is more difficult to sand a rough surface after one or two coats are paint applied, so it is best to sand before any paint or primer is applied.

Sap and pitch in wood are not always each to detect. When temperatures warm, the sap will come to the surface of the wood and "bleed" through the paint. Using a solvent based primer will resolve this issue. Fir, hemlock and pine will have this and usually go deep into the wood. Cutting out and filling in the pitch or sap pockets completely may be the only way to make sure the surface will not continue to bleed over time.

Knots in wood will continue to dry out and start to split if left unpainted for an extended period of time. There may still be pitch in the knots which may also prevent the adhesion of the paint to the wood. Using a shellac based primer will address this issue. Dirt and other foreign substitutes on the wood surface may prevent adequate penetration of the primer when painting. Sanding, scraping and dusting off the surface will solve this problem.

Dents, hammer marks and slivers in the wood can be abolished by patching and sanding the wood to build up the surface. Using wood filler or plastic wood prior to the priming of the wood or with spackle after the primer has been applied.

Wood that is unpainted and has been exposed to weather and the elements will crack and split and any knots in the wood will start to shrink and eventually fall out. The grain of the wood will raise, leaving the surface in an inferior condition to receive paint. If the wood has had extreme weathering, it will require substantial scraping and sanding and the application of a high quality oil based wood primer. Using a slow drying oil primer instead of a fast dry alkyd primer will allow for the natural oils in the true oil primer to penetrate into the wood and bind the pigment to the surface. Linseed oil may also be added to your alkyd based primer to aid in surface penetration.

Preparing a porous wood surface for painting requires using a wood filler paste that is applied after the oil primer. The paste filler will do a good job of levelling the surface instead of using a number of coats of paint. Wood filler paste is thick like peanut butter and applied using a brush or trowel.

The most common type of wood used in North America is Douglas Fir. Many types of finished lumber, window frames and door frames are made using solid stock. Large quantities of fir plywood are used as paneling and fixtures. Fir is a good choice for painting as it takes and holds the paint well, but a noticeable difference between the hard and soft grains leave a ripped looking finish without the entire surface is filled with a spackle. If left unpainted, fir plywood will usually start to split. This issue has to be addressed with wood filler or spackle after priming.

Red cedar is used for exterior trim, shingles and siding. It is soft, light, closed grained and quite dark in color. The key to proper painting of cedar is to use thin coats of paint that will penetrate into the wood. This is because cedar contains natural oils that will slow drying times and protrude the penetration of the paint. Cedar generally absorbs moisture quite well and will quickly cause reasonable expansion. If the moisture content of cedar must be controlled to avoid future painting failures such as peeling and blistering. Rough cedar siding does not require the same level of care in preparation and priming that smooth cedar. The roughness of the wood does not allow a smooth continuous film of paint to form on the surface. The surface will there be more breathable allowing for air and moisture to pass through and preventing any future peeling or blistering of your painting project. It is imperative that a stain blocking primer be used to avoid any "tannin" bleed caused by the natural oils in the red cedar.

Antique Lamps

Lamps have been an integral part of households from the beginning. Over the course of time, the use of lamps have not just been limited to lighting up the interiors of the house but also have a significant contribution in enhancing the décor of the rooms. Lamps have been one of the most important focal points in arresting the attention of the guests, by their intricate designs and patterns. The lighting materials have also evolved with time, from candles to gas and now electricity. However, there have always been certain unique features attached with every period, reflecting the typical life style of people and the use of lamps. Antique lamps are those, which have gone through the test of time and remind us of the bygone days. These lamps are highly valued and in demand for their vintage appeal.

Antique lamps include candle lamps, gas chandeliers, solar, astral, sconces, sinumbra oil lamps, kerosene lamps, piano lamps, banquet lamps and even electric lamps. These lamps also include the Victorian and American designed art-glass lamps and the various lighting devices. Antique lamps are bought for their designs and patterns. People collect antique lamps to enrich their collection. Some of these lamps are even sold to museums, depending on their historical value and exquisite periodic designs. They appeal to art collectors, either for their private collections or contribution to museums.

Antique Lamps can be found with various antique dealers and are sold in either 'restored' or 'as found' condition. The lamps are restored by polishing, burning or replacing some parts and not by interfering with their vintage value. Catalogs of the antique lamps in stores can be found online with the complete description and historical significance. Prices depend on the vintage value and rarity of the design and art- work on the lamp.

Travel – The Benefits of Exploring the World

What on earth is happening to the world?

The financial sectors are being brought down to their knees the world over, jobs are on the line, and we feel forced to watch this happen and feel powerless to do anything to stop it. But are we powerless? No. Good enough reason to want to survive this ruin. In fact, the key to surviving this difficult and unprecedented stage in our planet’s history is to take responsibility, alter our thought process altogether and change the way we see the world. Travel and the exploration of our world provides us with the perfect platform for this change to occur.

When approached with openness and humility, the benefits of Travel are endless. But for the sake of simplicity, I have broken them down to 5 points.

1. Travel gives us the opportunity to silence the mind.

2. Travel gives us the opportunity to be touched by beauty.

3. Travel encourages us to grow.

4. Travel fuels our imagination, and awakens a sense of lightness and joy.

5. Travel fulfills our yearning for Unity.

1. Travel gives us the opportunity to silence the mind. Silence, which has been grossly underrated by modern society, creates a nourishing environment for contemplation and the appearance of inspiration. Yet, we find it extremely challenging to silence the mind in the midst of our everyday routine. This is where stepping outside of our comfort zone and exploring unfamiliar lands can play a very important part. It becomes easier for us to focus our undivided attention on a chosen object, such as a sunset, a beautiful landscape or a work of art, when we are outside of our normal environment. We allow ourselves to experience that sense of wonder and rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural laws, and feelings such as exhilaration, joy and peace are triggered. Time seems to stand still. Our intuitive capacity is increased, leading us to reach the Self and contact it fully. This is called an insight or “Illumination”, that “AHA” moment, where we arrive at a new level of awareness. And when an insight or illumination does appear, it sometimes reveals something that may have even been staring at us in the face all along.

The opportunity to silence the mind during my own personal travels has enabled me to find practical solutions to problems, the courage to change direction in my life at pivotal moments, and has provided me with the fertile grounds to think creatively. I have also observed that insights come as “feelings”, and so the insights vanish when the feeling vanishes. I have found that registering the insight on a mental level, like recording it into a diary, journal or workbook, fully assimilates the insights on a mental level. By recording insights, it anchors your thoughts, and thus forms the beginning of a gradual unfolding.

2. Travel gives us the opportunity to be touched by beauty.

Beauty can be described as a certain visual harmony, a spontaneous aesthetic experience. It is elusive, highly personal, it’s impact unpredictable, and yet is as integral to our human survival as Oxygen. Beauty is healing, regenerative, uplifting. Beauty allows us to put our pains and problems aside and helps us succeed in forgetting ourselves. It reveals unknown worlds and nameless possibilities. Beauty lightens our greed. As human beings, we have the choice to increase our aptitude in the art of appreciating beauty by opening ourselves to it and making ourselves available to experience it. Travel and exploring the world provides us with that opportunity in spades. After all, planet Earth is the “paradise planet” of the universe.

3. Travel encourages us to grow.

Growth is understanding what we have not previously been able to conceive. It is feeling what we have never felt, or doing what we have never done before. It obliges us to leave our comfort zone and progress into the unknown. Growth can sometimes be a joy, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable or even downright painful. But one thing is for certain. The personal growth experienced through travel and the exploration of the world results in a far greater sensitivity to the pain of human beings in general. And through this, we begin to see our own life in perspective, which in turn gives us a greater sense of purpose.

4. Travel fuels our imagination, and awakens a sense of lightness and joy.

What has happened to our imagination? Have our life experiences, schooling and conditioning discouraged us so much from using our imagination that we now view it as a frivolous word? Take a look at the eyes of a child. That look reminds us of a time when anything and everything was possible, unobstructed by past experiences and without exclusions. Travel reminds us not to take things quite so seriously in our lives. It awakens a sense of lightness and joy, and the realization that life is a dance. And dance, though powerful, is also a great pleasure.

5. Travel fulfills our yearning for Unity.

It is instinctive for human beings to naturally seek union with larger units, as we wish to share and participate in something that we regard as being greater than our individual selves. It is only natural. Travel encourages a sense of unity with all beings everywhere. Through travel we acquire a sense that we all share in the same destiny. So rather than confining ourselves to our own local communities and remaining in a stagnant mindset about the world, now more than ever, it makes so much sense to explore our wonderful world and travel more. The planet is in dire need for human beings to start resonating with each other, despite our cultural differences. No man is an island, as we have seen from the more recent financial meltdown. What has happened in Wall Street has affected us all on a global scale. We now have the opportunity to raise awareness and reverse the process through the art of travel.

Our outer world is simply a reflection of our own inner process. As without, so within. And as wonderful as the world is, it is no match for the beauty and depths of our imagination and own soul. And yet we can reach those depths via the richness of our world. The colours, languages, peoples, cultures, sounds, smells, taste sensations, art, all are part of a rich tapestry that forms our world heritage, and it’s just waiting for us to discover and enjoy it.

So act now and book that honeymoon travel destination, or that Summer holiday to somewhere that you haven’t been to before. Bring your diary, journal or workbook to record all those great insights and ideas that will come to you along the way, and don’t forget your camera so that you can capture the beauty around you.

Six Steps in Buying Racquetball Shoes on the Internet

One of the most difficult decisions to make in the game of racquetball when it comes to equipment is buying racquetball shoes. Note I say racquetball shoes because many players play in regular tennis or track shoes that are not optimized to give you the specific performance you need in a small court area that requires constant direction change, good gripping support, etc.

A player’s best option when it comes to making this decision is to order it online and take the chance of it not fitting in size and/or not being a comfortable fit. Ordering online is a great, time saving option and to make sure you order the right size… here are some suggestions.

Here are 6 steps in helping you make the right decision the first time.

1. Know what you are looking for in a shoe.

– Do your feet need special attention?

– Do you experience pain in the arch of your feet? You may need more arch support.

– Do your feet pronate (apply majority of your weight onto the inside sole of the foot)? This can be corrected and a proper fitting shoe can help.

– Do you need insoles for more support? Are you flatfooted? Do you have high arches? Is comfort your main concern or is it the weight of the shoe?

– What is your budget?

– How much would you pay for a good pair of racquetball shoes? (Note: top quality racquetball shoes frequently cost less than half of what top athletic brands cost and in most cases are about the same cost of a quality sneaker (seriously). The highest priced racquetball shoes are all well under $100 and many high quality shoes cost $60 or less.

2. What shoes are most high caliber players playing with? Ask them for their opinion on the shoes. What shoes are other players talking about? Is there a particular brand that most players talk about? Are you loyal to a brand and do they offer shoes?

Testimonies of personal experiences are as good as it gets.

3. Talk to a knowledgeable person about the indoor shoes you are wanting to purchase and if it is right for you. Someone who sells racquetball shoes on a regular basis would have good ideas as to what works for you.

4. Know your size. I can tell you from personal experience that having a shoe that is not the right size can cause long term pain. As you get older, your body changes including your feet.

We just got back from a tournament where we set up our pro shop and strung racquets and sold equipment to players. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that more than half of the players looking into shoes were off when they told me their shoe size. I measure up their foot before putting a shoe on and more than half of the players trying on shoes were off at least a half size to a whole size. One player was off by a whole size and half and now new why his big toe was hurting.

Be careful of size differences. If you are purchasing online, make sure that you read the descriptions carefully to find as close to the right shoe size as possible. Shoes sizes can be different between each shoe company and from country to country.

A couple of ways to get your foot measured could be to go to a shoe store and get your foot measured. They won’t have a problem with this as you are a potential customer for future purchases. You can also measure your feet from the comfort of your own home.

If you prefer to measure your feet from home follow these directions from an article from

Choose a shoe that gives you a thumbnail space from the front of your shoe to your longest toe. Have someone (family, friend, significant other) check the fitting while you stand with your shoes on with all your weight on your foot. You should have a thumbnail length in space.

How do the sides feel? They are new and will break in but know when a shoe is too narrow. One good way to know… Ask yourself… Are they REALLY tight on the sides?

5. Order from a secured website if online otherwise call them.

6. Know the return policy if you are unhappy with the shoes? Don’t be stuck with shoes you are not happy with. As long as a retailer can resell them at full value (repackage them correctly and make sure you haven’t marked up or walked outside with them, etc.) you are sure not to have any problems returning the shoes. A good way to try them to be sure of happiness with the shoes is to wear them around your home for a few hours.

Look for my other article on what to look for in a good supportive shoe for your indoor game.