Benefits of All-On-Four Dental Implants

Are you missing one or more teeth or having pockets between your teeth? Imagine if you could have a new functional set of permanent teeth. Surgical implantation of prosthetic teeth is the optimal solution for those who have lost one or more of their teeth either due to decay, disease or injury.

Statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) show that there are over 15,000 US adults age 65 and older who have suffered complete tooth loss (edentulism) due to tooth decay or periodontal (gum) disease.

Until now, the only option for toothless patients has been dentures which can be awkward and result in significant bone loss. Dentures are later replaced with the implant dentistry but it too requires multiple visits to the dentist. Now, all-on-4 dental implants have come as the ultimate advancement in dental technology.

With this breakthrough tooth replacement technique, you can now say goodbye to those irritating removable partial and full dentures or false teeth and hello to permanent prosthetic restorations secured by single day dental implants.

All-on-4 Technique

Invented by a Portuguese implantologist, Dr. Paulo Malo, the all-on-4 dental implant technique allows you to receive a full set of fixed (non-removable), artificial teeth during a single appointment.

This revolutionary implantation technology refers to the restoration of a fully edentulous arch with as few as 4 dental implants surgically placed at specific angles. They can also be used to support dentures.

Often referred to as teeth in one day or same day implants, the all-on-4 dental implants allows a surgeon to attach a full set of replacement teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw utilizing just 4 dental implants. These specially designed artificial teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth.

The all-on-4 dental implants are the optimal solution for patients who lack the bone volume required to support traditional implants as well as those who cannot tolerate dentures and their associated problems.


One of the biggest advantages of the all-on-4 dental implants is that a smaller amount of implants are required to replace a whole row of teeth.

As well, you get new permanent prosthetic teeth in just a single session. You can go home that same day with a fully functional set of pearly whites, even if you need extractions of teeth.

The technique ensures maximum safety and comfort throughout the entire process, including any necessary extractions of failing teeth. The procedure delivers superior aesthetic results in the shortest time.

The all-on-4 dental implants are minimally invasive and less costly than traditional dentures and dental implant techniques.

This same-day procedure has significantly high success rates, which can be more than 99% for lower (mandibular) arch and more than 98% for upper (maxillary) jaw.

Secured by just 4 implants, the replacement teeth are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

This technique doesn’t require the lengthy and painful bone grafting procedure prior to having implants placed, hence takes lesser time to heal.

An instant fully restored bite functionality is an added advantage. With new teeth you can eat, chew and speak with ease and comfort again. You experience vast improvement in self-esteem and aesthetics of your facial appearance.

Your teeth won’t move around, slip or come out anymore while speaking or eating, and will give you more oral comfort.

You no longer need messy adhesives to prevent the teeth from slipping or to remove your teeth at nighttime or after meals for cleaning. These new teeth are cared for and cleaned just like natural teeth. You should make it a habit to clean the prosthetic teeth after each meal in order to control bacterial biofilm. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing are essential in order for them to keep functioning in a healthy way.

Explosive Sex Tricks Which Will Have Her Glued to Your Sex! She Will Be Amazed When You Use These!

You want to give your girl a great time when together. But you're not sure how to amaze her every time you do it together. Well it's time to put on your thinking cap and be creative.

Yes, you've got it, add variation to whatever you have been doing every time and see the surprise and amazement.

Change of scene. If it's always been the bed or couch, why not try a change of scene. How about a bath-tub show or a dinner show? You could set up the scene with candles, incense and flower pets all over the bathroom. Fill the tub and keep a bottle of wine and glasses ready before you step into the tub.

Another way could be when just done with dinner and while on the dessert you could start on the foreplay. Use some variations of how to eat your dessert.

Variation in style. Add pep to your style with some variations in it. Do not only use your hands or fingers for the stimulation. Use your tongue or a cube of ice or chiffon cloth or a feather to tantalize her.

You could also use a vibrator to add to the variation to stimulate or tingle her.

Different positions. Try out a new position with her permission or ask if she'd like to try out any particular position that is to her fancy. She might have read of a position or two in some book or magazine and wondered how it could have done.

Here is your chance of trying out something that she would like or has only heard of and not done.

Relive her fantasies. Just as much as you have some fantasies, your girl too must have some fantasies. Ask her what they are and as she talks of them you could start working them out the same way and see her reaction to that. She'll be totally floored and amazed at the wonderful guy you are.

3 Tips for Home Staging Small Apartments

If you are looking to try to sell your apartment, you might have been told by your agent to stage your place. Then you got to thinking, what does that mean? Here are three ideas to inspire you when it comes to staging your apartment.

The biggest thing you can do is remove you from the scene. Take down any personal photos and put away anything that is truly unique for you. The goal is to get the potential buyer to see themselves in that space, and when there is too much of you, that imagery gets muddied, especially when they are only there for ten to fifteen minutes. You will also want to be sure you are not at home during the open house. Again, it can be hard for the buyers to see what options are available in the apartment. It's also really awkward to be there when people walk through your home and make comments.

Next, minimize everything in your apartment. You will want to have the truly personal pieces of furniture packed away and mostly generic furniture there instead. It might even mean you will need to contact a company that specializes in staging homes for sale. They have nice looking furniture that they can place in just the right places, and it will not feel like there is too much. It makes your home more like a model apartment or a showroom. At the very least, you may need to borrow furniture from a friend or you may need to do a quick refresh with a slipcover.

This also means it is a good idea to put away any kids' items like toys or play pens and pet beds and toys. Replace them with appropriate-sized furniture to make even the smallest apartment feel big. Alternately, you can pull furniture away from the walls to create air space. Taller furniture that sets up off the ground gives that feeling of air, too. Anything in the apartment that feels like clutter needs to be removed as well.

Lastly, you will want to create a welcoming atmosphere. This can mean ensuring that everything is clean and inviting for people to want to enter in and sit. It also means making sure your windows are clean so that all the light possible coming streaming in the windows, and you will also want to have fresh clean curtains. It's a good idea to turn the office on so the apartment is comfortable for everyone coming through.

If you live in an area that is cloudy or rainy on the day of the show, be sure to compensate for the lack of natural light by turning on the lights (preferably not fluorescent) in your apartment. You can help with the light by using a light colored paint on the walls. Flowers can lend a nice touch to any open house and also brighten up even the gloomiest, snowiest day. Consider getting some flowers and putting them in a few places around the apartment.

Staging an apartment is slightly different than staging a house, in that you want to create the illusion of space in a smaller location. It can be a little tricky, but hopefully these tips will get you started and on the way to selling your apartment.

How Home Loans With Bad Credit Provide Access to Affordable Mortgages

There is a temptation among bad credit borrowers to wait until their financial situation has improved before trying to buy a home. Their reasoning is sound, with the fear of rejection, and its ramifications, the key concern. But it is not as difficult to get home loans with bad credit as many bad credit borrowers would think.

The opportunity to secure finances is a welcome one, but there are clear compromises that need to be made in order to do so. After all, securing mortgage approval is not just about interest rates and income, but about employment status and whether repayments are actually affordable.

There are ways to strengthen an application for a home loan, even one from a bad credit borrower. These include getting a large down payment together, a realistic budget and applying to the right lender.

1. A Large Down Payment

A down payment is a normal part of the home-buying transaction, with buyers usually expected to clear 10% of the purchase price in one lump sum. The purpose of the payment was traditionally to seal the deal, but when seeking home loans with bad credit, it is more a way to lower the size of the required mortgage.

The basic idea is that with a larger down payment, the mortgage loan is smaller. For example, a 10% down payment on a property worth $ 200,000 lowers the required loan to $ 180,000, while a 20% payment would cut it to $ 160,000. The lower the loan, the more likely securing mortgage approval becomes.

What is more, when applying for a home loan, guaranteeing a larger down payment impresses the lenders veryly. They know it requires a lot of financial discipline to save the kind of cash needed to pay 20% of the cost of a new home.

2. Have A Realistic Budget

It might sound obvious, but it is surprising how many loan applicants are due because the loan sum was needlessly large. The larger the loan, the larger the repayments and the less affordable the loan becomes. So, when seeking home loans with bad credit, some realism in calculating your budget is hugely beneficial.

The mistake made is to ask for more than is necessary to have extra funds to cover other things. But the issue is not the loan sum, it is how affordable the loan is to repay. Therefore, working out an accurate budget is important. If it is properly done, securing mortgage approval can become a formality.

For course, comparing monthly expenses with your income is a key part of the calculating the budget, but bear in mind the debt-to-income ratio that lenders apply. It stands at 40:60, which means a maximum 40% of available income can be used to cover loan repayments – including the new home loan.

3. Choose the Best Loan Deal

By simply entering your preferences on comparison sites online, it is possible to find the best deals in lightening fast time. However, getting a home loan with bad credit usually involves some flexibility, so be sure to read the small print and even contact the lender in question directly.

The fact is that lenders set the policies, the interest rates and the extra charges, so it is essential to choose the lender wisely. And remember that securing mortgage approval with bad credit is impossible if the lender does not cater to that niche market.

The best thing to do is draw up a shortlist of the best 5 or 6 options, then study them in detail, before contacting the lending firms directly to ask more detailed questions. When satisfied, fill out the application form, providing all the necessary information, and then await home loan approval.

An Interior Design Plan – Why it is Important For Maximum Decor Results

An interior design plan is the most important decor planning you can do when decorating your home or office. The time it takes to put your ideas on paper, collect samples of what you are using and organizing what you find will be well worth the wait. Stop Buying – It is imperative that you establish your style, find items you love, not just like, and determine that everything works very well together.

Establish your style – To do this collect magazine pictures of things that you Love, not like, Love. More than likely, you may not be able to find all rooms that are completely what you love. What you should do is circle what you do love on the magazine page and also make a note on the page about what attracted you on that page and why. For instance notes like, I love this lamp, the shape is great! I love this wall color, great possibly for the dining room wall, and so forth.

Find items you love, not just like. This is very important. If you choose ordinary, guess what, the output will be ordinary. Choose exceptional items that are in colors that make your heart sing. Choose unusual things that provoke conversation about who you are and where did you find that? Interior Designers search the world for items like these. If you are not able to locate exceptional items, a local interior designer usually has a treasure box available to show you. Add pictures of what you find to your folder for each room. Organize your pictures inside each folder by subject, lamps, sofas, wall colors and any other subjects you have collected. Once you have at least 25 pictures per room, study them. See what style or look you naturally gravitate toward over and over again. There may be one or two styles that dominate. The two can be used together if you like both a lot.

Take a look at the colors that you love and determine a color scheme. Get ideas of wall colors from magazine pictures, some magazines even give you the paint manufacturer and paint color number. Also, look at fabric samples for each room and make sure they all work together throughout the entire project.

The interior design plan is essential to make your design flow well. After you have made all of your selections, then initiate the plan. You can save money by planning ahead and that cuts down on mistakes. Interior design plans help to communicate with your contractor and all the contractors on the job, creating less change orders. There are scale drawings and elevations that can be given so that all the workers can implement the plan. The overall outlet is a much better flow throughout the entire design, it is easier to communicate with the workers and this plan helps to avoid costly mistakes.

Tech Buzz Today! A Look Inside The Mind Of Pop Culture And The Internet

Today’s pop-culture spouts hip-hop, camera phones, 50″ Plasma HDTVs, high speed Internet access, web cams and integrated global espionage right there in your living room, office PC or PDA. I have access to more information today than I could have ever dreamed!! Someone call security! Am I being oppressed?!

I want my instantaneous access to information about bombs, adult media and Viagara without a prescription. I want to download music and not pay a dime, not to mention movies and software. I had “The Passion of the Christ” on DVD before it was even in the theatres. I want more popcorn Jiffy on the double. I want my MTV!

What is happening? What is happening to us?

I can’t get a thing done these days without first making sure I’m not going to become a slaughtered lamb. And these days, my life is busy helping people fend off advertisers, hackers, and malicious “malware” programmers that live their meager live just for the sake of twisting society. If I could only get my hands on the creator of the Netsky virus…

“Work smarter not harder.”

Have you ever heard that before? Of course you have. Today, the smart workers come ready. They are careful, especially in an office environment, but even in the home. There are methods to the madness; there are ways to go about your business prepared.

The first rule in American economics… “Why build one when you can build two for twice as much? Huh? Does that make a bit of sense? Actually in a network it does. If one fails, the other takes over. It is that simple.

I walked into a multi-million dollar business the other day as an analyst. I was just there to offer some recommendations, nothing more. A single hard drive failure and their entire operation would be in shambles. I really couldn’t believe it.

With the absurd abilities of a moderately intelligent high school kid, it amazes me that some of our most successful entrepreneurs take unnecessary risks. A simple RAID installation, a hard drive mirror, a backup tape drive, and a professional firewall are all fundamental when planning to secure your future.

If a hard drive crashes in a raid array, one of the other drives in the array can handle the load until the failed drive is replaced. That is the idea! In a hard drive mirror, if the primary drive fails, a simple switch and you are back up and running in no time. Replace the failed drive and recreate the mirror. YES!

What about viruses, file corruption, or accidental deletions?

A tape drive system can quickly backup 40 gigabytes of information on a daily basis. Archive your backups. You lose a file, so what. Restore from backup. Of course, you should always use a solid Anti-Virus system as well.

Are there resolutions to the difficulties presented to our future? If we protect ourselves well enough, I guess we can limit our worries. I am not sure. But some things are still for certain. Death and taxes. Everything else is just a handshake. Make sure you keep your hands washed.

A Rule for the road:

If you are running backups on your network, and you have not tested the restore process, how are you sure that your backups are running successfully? Your disaster recovery plan should include a monthly test of your restore process.

Tools To Build Websites Quickly

In this day and age, building a website in a timely fashion is something that is very possible to accomplish. You do not even need to purchase any software or site building tool. There are various scripts and site builders out there which are available for free.

If you have not picked your hosting provider, you can choose a non-hosting provider that provides website builders. The one that I use, besides providing Fantastico, also provides Free SiteBuilder and SiteStudio for their customers. In addition to this, there are ready-made free templates to facilitate clients in building their sites.

While the two site builders above are normally used to create normal/standard websites, Fantastico is useful to create different types of websites. With this tool, which consists of a wide variety of scripts, you can build web logs, classified ads or even an image gallery with a few mouse clicks.

Some of CMS (content management system) which is designed to build a complex site, provided by Fantastico, are Joomla and Typo3. Drupal is also a very popular CMS. Although this tool is used by big companies, it does not mean that it is not right if you, as a novice, choose this tool to build a simple website. It is very easy to change the theme of your site by using tools like Drupal.

Compared with other site builders, CMS has the advantages of providing tons of add-on modules that you can use to build your site. Perhaps at the present time you do not think about the importance of using such modules. But, once your site has grown more complex you may want to add some functionalities to it.

Another substantial benefit of using CMS scripts as your site building tools is that many of the scripts can be customized according to your needs. If you do not have enough knowledge in programming you can always hire a programmer to do it for you.

Obviously, it is very easy now to create a website rapidly these days. But do not forget your requirements in the future. What you choose today determines the results of your business tomorrow.

Health Advantages of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper functioning of our body. There are different types of minerals which help our body functions in various ways. A deficiency of the needed minerals cause harm to the function of our body. Vitamins and minerals are present in the food we consume each day. Some foods are rich in certain types of minerals while others may have an abundance of some other minerals. Let's take a look at some of the minerals, their functions and their source.

Sodium balances electrolytes and fluids. It also helps in contraction of muscles and transmissions in nerve impulse. Sodium can be found in soy sauce, meats, bread, salt and milk. Chloride preserves the balance of electrolytes and fluids. It helps in the process of digestion. Meats, soy sauce, eggs, salt and milk are rich in chlorides.

The purpose of Potassium in the body is to uphold the balance of electrolytes and fluids, integrity of the cells, contractions of muscles and transmissions of nerve impuls. Daily food stuffs like acorn squash, potatoes, spinach, artichoke, carrots, broccoli, tomato juice, green beans, grapefruit juice, avocado, strawberries, banana, watermelon, cod and milk have ample supplies of potassium.

Calcium helps in the production of strong teeth and bones and aids in clotting of blood. Calcium is in abundance in yogurt, Swiss cheese, milk, tofu, cheddar cheese, green beans, broccoli, sardines, spinach etc.

Phosphorus is another important mineral which assists in proper forming of bones, teeth and cells. It also holds up the balance of acid-base in the body. Animal foods like eggs, poultry, meats, milk and fish are rich in Phosphorous.

Magnesium helps in maintaining mineralization of bones, build up of proteins, nerve impulse transmission, contraction of muscles and immunity. The mineral is present in artichokes, spinach, broccoli, tomato juice, tofu, green beans, cashews, black-eyed peas, halibut, .navy beans, sunflower seeds and pinto beans,
Iron transmits oxygen all over the cells of our body. Parsley, shrimp, artichoke, spinach, tomato juice, beef liver, clams, broccoli, tofu and green beans contains iron deposits for your body.

Zinc is a division of numerous enzymes. It takes part in the creation of genetic objects and in the production of proteins. Zinc transfers vitamin A, improvements perception of taste, heals wound, produces sperm and assists in the healthy growth of fetus. Spinach, green peas, green beans, broccoli, lentils, oysters, lean ground beef, tomato juice, plain yogurt, shrimp, crab, Swiss cheese, tofu, turkey (dark meat), lean ham, lean sirloin steak, ricotta cheese etc have sufficient Zinc supply.

It is important to ensure your body gets sufficient supply of the necessary vitamins and minerals for its good function.

Hair Loss – Cause, Prevention and Treatment

The adult scalp contains about 100,000 hair follicles. Everyday the scalp loses about 100 hairs and they will grow back in 5-6 weeks. Starting at age 40, the levels of by-product prolactin of testosterone of men increases, stimulating the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase that causes the conversion of testosterone to gihydro-testosterones DHT causing our hair to grow back thinner or not grown back at all. This causes an androgenic alopecia hair loss problem, since DHT shrinks the follicles causing hair thins and hair receding at the forehead, crown and temple for men and thins over the entire scalp for women. What causes hair loss.

1. The Causes of Hair Loss

a) Aging

Human aging is the biological process that is unavoidable but controllable with healthy diet with complex carbohydrates, green foods, garlic, onion, water and juices that will help to decrease the aging process in some degree. It also helps to reduce the amount of DHT produced in our body, result in postponing hair loss to our scalp.

b) Mineral deficiency

Minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, chromium, iodine, zinc, and magnesium are necessary to maintain healthy hair growth. Mineral deficiency will reduce the chance to regulate the blood circulation that promotes healthy hair growth and thyroid hormones that prevent dry hair and hair loss as well as defects in hair color. Too much iron is toxic to your body. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any mineral supplement.

c) Oxygen deficiency

Oxygen deficiency in your blood weakens the hair follicles, leading to dryness of the scalp and hair loss. Uncontrolled diet that is high in saturated fat causes cholesterol building up in your arteries resulting in less oxygen in your blood stream. Also cigarette smoking and second hand smoke reduces the blood flow and increases the blood clotting activity of cells which would clog the blood flow and damage arteries causing oxygen deficiency and results in weaken of the hair follicles.

d) Side affects of medication taken

Some medications contains elements that might cause hair loss such as lithium, warfarin, heparin, and amphetamines. When hair loss is a side effect of a medication, hair growth usually returns to normal once the drug is stopped.

e) Genetic hair loss

Hair loss is due to heredity. It is passed down from generation to generation. Genetic hair loss appears predominately in men, but may also appear in a few select women.

2. Food to Avoid

Foods that can cause hair loss and diminish hair growth.

a) Saturated and Trans fat

Foods such as meat, poultry, and fried foods contain high saturated fat. Foods such as margarine, cheese, and butter contain high amounts of trans fat. These foods cause cholesterol to build up in your arteries and small veins in your scalp resulting in less oxygen being delivered to the cell in your body, including the cells on the follicles.

b) Foods that contain Aspartame and Monosodium Glutamate

Monosodium Glutamate contain chemicals that causes weight gain, increased appetite and also causes various kinds of health problems such as hair loss.

Aspartame contains toxic chemicals that make you gain weight, increases hunger and causes medical problems like migraines and poor blood circulation.

c) Smoking

As we mentioned in the previous article, smoking can reduce blood flow to the scalp causing hardening in the arteries, limit blood flow and make hair loss worse.

d) Artificial Color

Artifiicial color contains chemical compounds that take their toll on the body’s natural balance.

Specific foods to avoid include colored drinks, color-coated candies, gummy and chewy candies, and many colored cereals.

e) Preservatives

These are potentially toxic to the liver and kidneys that cause hair loss and prevent hair growth as we mentioned in the article “Hair loss part IV–regrow hair with Chinese herbs”.

f) Food Packaging

Polyvinyl chloride is a known carcinogen, and it’s often used as plastic food wrap. It is toxic with high amounts causing damage to the kidney and liver resulting in hair loss.

g) Salt

Eating too much salt can lead to fluid retention and increased blood pressure that cause less oxygen to be delivered to the body’s cells including cells in your scalp in result of losing hair.

3. Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment

I. Here are some important minerals that may help to prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth:

a) Iron

Iron is involved in the oxygenation of your body’s red blood cells. It is essential for normal hair growth and maintaining healthy hair. If the amount of iron can not be replaced with food intake, iron deficiency will cause hair loss because of oxygen deficiency.

b) Zinc

It helps to secrete the scalp with much needed oil and avoid dandruff that may cause hair loss.

c) Copper

Study shows that these tripeptide complexes may actually be able to regrow hair, even in patients with total hair loss due to alopecia. Healthy tissue concentrations of copper lie between 1. 7 and 3. 5 milligrams. Everything else will cause hair loss.

d) B vitamins

The deficiency of B vitamins (especially B6, B3, B5 and folic acid) in your diet may lead to hair loss.

e) Biotin

Biotin works as an anti aging agent and helps to produce keratin in preventing gray hair and hair loss.

Sources of biotin are: whole grains, egg yolks, liver, rice and milk.

f) Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for over-all good health. It’s also beneficial to hair follicles, as it keeps the hair root lubricated. Too much vitamin A might result in hair loss.

g) Vitamin E

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that aids effective circulation in the scalp due to increased oxygen uptake in blood, therefore it plays an important role in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.

h) CQ-10

Coenzyme Q10 (CQ-10) is an essential vitamin that provides our body with the nutrients needed to grow healthy hair. They also promote overall vitality, and contribute to beautiful skin and strong nails.

II. Here are some daily foods that might help to prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth

1. Yogurt and soy

Yogurt and soy contain high amounts of protein that is needed to maintain hair growth. Study shows that soy protein reinforces hair and stimulates its growth.

2. Dark green vegetable

Dark green vegetable contains high amounts of iron that are needed to restore oxygen levels in the blood stream as well as nurturing the body’s cells.

3. Whole grain products

Whole grain contains zinc which is needed to maintain healthy hair. Zinc deficiency can lead to dry hair and oily skin.

4. Essential fatty acid

Essential fatty acid can be found abundant in cold water fish. It helps to maintain healthy cholesterol and reduce triglyceride in result of increasing circulation of blood flow in our body.

6. Nut and seed

Nuts and seeds are fatty foods which are typically the best sources of vitamin E, an immune enhancing antioxidant and nerve protector. Deficiency of vitamin E can lead to skin disorders, dry hair and loss of hair.

7. Carrots

Carrots contain high amounts of vitamin A. It is an antioxidant that helps produce healthy sebum in the scalp. Having too much vitamin A can lead to hair loss.

There are many other foods that help promote hair growth and prevent hair loss, such as fruits, egg, spinach, and broccoli.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking large amounts of the above foods. There may be side effects, such as overdoses of vitamin A in carrot might result in hair loss.

III. Traditionally, herbs have been around for over thousands of years and offer much success to prevent or cure diseases well before the discovery of western medicine. Here are some herbs thathave been proven in treating hair loss and promoting hair growth

a) Shikakai

Acacia Concinna is a small shrub-like tree that grows in India. It’s pod-like fruit is collected, dried and then grounded into a fine powder. It is used to cleanse hair, and is known to promote hair growth and get rid of dandruff. Due to these benefits, this powder was named shikakai which means “fruit for the hair”.

b) Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract is a very strong antioxidant that some use as a supplement or remedy to various conditions. It contains high levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are essential for maintaining hair growth and preventing hair loss.

c) Kirin Brewery new discovery

Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido working with Kirin Brewery has discovered a unique property of an extract of hops that can help to activate the melanocyte cells that generate hair pigment.

d) Saw palmetto

As we mentioned in another article, Saw palmetto is the number one choice for men. Saw palmetto helps to block the formation of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that causes the conversion of testosterone to DHT that causes hair loss.

e) Basil extract

Basil Extract from the natural flowers of the basil plant, works to quickly soothe and calm skin of the scalp.

f) Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds help to block DHT, which is responsible for genetic hair loss. This common seed is loaded with zinc and magnesium that have the ability to block enzymes which yield DHT causing damage to follicles and resulting in hair loss.

g) Buddleja Davidii Extract

Buddleja Davidii extract contain active ingredients protecting the skin against toxic radicals. It can also help reduce skin aging and protect the skin against the damage caused from stresses and toxins.

h) Green Tea

Green tea contains the chemical globulin that helps to reduce levels of free testosterone, so that it cannot be converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the hair follicle.

Be sure to talk to your doctor or dermatologist before taking any herb supplement.

IV. Traditionally Chinese herbs have been around for over 4000 years and have offered much success to prevent or cure diseases well before the discovery of western medicine. Hair loss is directly linked to kidney deficiency syndrome in Chinese traditional medicine. People with hair loss problems especially in their early life may have a weak Kidney. Here are some Chinese herbs that have been proven in treating hair loss and promoting hair growth

a) Dong Quai

Traditionally, Chinese woman used Dong Quai to restore blood cells and increase the circulation of oxygen in the bloodstream to cells after period. Dong Quai contains phytoestrogen that helps to block the androgen receptor site in result of blocking the conversion of testerone to DHT, therefore reducing the chance of hair loss due to aging.

b) Ginseng

Ginseng is said to have the power of rejuvenating and energizing the body. It also helps to stimulate circulation of oxygen in our bloodstream to the cells of our body as well as the cells in our scalp.

c) Shou wu (polygonum)

Shou Wu is a polygonum multiflorum plant. It is now being used in conjuncture with other herbals, as an active ingredient in shampoos and orally administered to prevent hair loss as well as aiding the restoration of roots and production of new hair.

d) Psoralea seeds

Study shows that psoralea extract and exposure to ultra violet light will help to restore hair loss and promote hair regrowth with a 33% success rate.

e) Mulberry

Chinese herbalists believe that mulberry is an excellent tonic for the kidney, liver and blood that provides more oxygen in the bloodstream as well as small blood vessels in the scalp.

f) Chinese Yam

Numerous successful studies have been performed in examining the benefits of the Chinese yam. Chinese yam can help to nourish the liver, kidney and blood in result of preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

g) Green tea

Green tea containing catechins inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone into hair-unfriendly DHT. So drinking great tea everyday is an effective treatment for male pattern baldness.

h) Chinese foxblove root

Chinese foxblove root contains cornus, the chemical that help to nurture the kidney, liver and blood in result of promoting hair growth.

i) Wolf berry

One of the natural superfoods has been used in traditional Chinese cooking. Wolf berry helps to eliminate toxins in the body in result of better function of the kidney, liver and blood that help to promote hair growth.

Chinese medicine believes that the benefit of nourishing the kidney and blood tonic helps for healthy hair growth and preventing hair loss.

V. Here are some prescription and over the counter drugs that might help prevent further hair loss and promote hair growth.

1. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is an over the counter drug and is a spray or lotion that you put directly on your scalp twice a day. It is available without a prescription. It is believed to work by affecting potassium- regulating mechanisms in the hair follicle. Study shows that it helps to slow and stop hair loss and regrow new hair with over 60 % success rate. Be sure talk to your doctor or dermatologist before taking minoxidil. It might cause rash to some patients.

2. Finasteride

Finastteride is an oral prescription medication. Finasteride is a synthetic hormone that halts hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. It is a medication that selectively inhibits the activity of an enzyme that converts the “male hormone” testosterone into a form that is active in hair follicles.

3. Rogaine

Rogaine is a clear alcohol-based solution and should be applied to a person’s thinning area with it’s supplied dropper or spray twice a day. It helps about 25 percent of men and 20 percent of women to grow back moderate amounts of hair very gradually, mostly on the very top of the head. They must keep using Rogaine indefinitely to keep the new hair.

4. Retin-A

Retin-A is only available by prescription in the US. In the right doses and when combined with Minoxidil it can be a hair growth stimulator. Studies shows that Retin- A can result in moderate hair growth in some patients.

5. Proscar

Proscar contains the same active ingredient finasteride. Proscar has the effect of lowering the hormone DHT, which interacts with bald vulnerable hair follicles and causes hair loss. By reducing the DHT in the patient’s body the finasteride in the Proscar proved to slow and even stop or reverse hair loss in many men.

Before taking any hair loss medication over the counter, please consult first with your doctor or dermatologist.

I hope this information will help. If you need more information of the above subject, please visit my home page at:

The 5 Essential Elements of Planning a Dinner Party

Planning and hosting a dinner party can be a huge task for anyone, no matter how many times you have done it before. No matter how experienced you are, every occasion is different, and there are always special considerations you'll need to make during the planning stages. Fortunately, there are a few basic guidelines that will help you stay focused when planning a dinner party of any kind. These simple rules will help you to impress your guests and plan a wonderful, stress-free evening for everyone involved.

1. Consider the occasion. Sure, you always want to impress. But if, for example, you're hosting a casual party for your family and the neighbors, do not spend 12 hours creating complex recipes and hors d'voures that no one can even pronounce. Instead, make something personal, such as your own specialty recipe– something simple and "totally you" that you are still proud to serve.

If, on the other hand, your boss is coming over for dinner (and maybe to talk about a potential promotion) and you are really trying to impress, you'll want to make the food a centerpiece. Search for recipes that not only satisfy their hunger and tantalize their taste buds, but also serve as conversation pieces. There is nothing better than having the entire table discussing how special your cooking is.

2. Take special care with decorations. The right decorating does more than just look pretty. It can also change the way your guests feel. If you want to show off, use solid white dinner plates so that your food can naturally show off its form color. Place name cards at each place setting to tell guests where their places at the table are (this can also help if you have two guests that do not get along very well, because you can seat them far apart). You can make your own name cards with cardstock paper, either using a decorative font on the computer and printing them or adding your own flair through calligraphy and other artistic touches.

Then make things pretty. And you do not need to spend a fortune on fancy flower arrangements, either! Add some decoration to your tables simply by using seasonal items like small pumpkins and gourds for the fall or lemons, limes, and simple flowers in the spring or summer. Then light up a lot of small candles. Although these are small touches, they add a lot of charm to your table and help to make your guests feel more welcome.

3. Have a little something for everyone at your dinner party. You'll want to plan a menu that is nutritious, interesting, and complains with everyone's taste preferences as much as possible. Sounds like a tall order, right? It is! Without, that is, you take the time to talk to your guests. Do not be afraid to ask what your guests would like to try. And remember to find out in advance if anyone is allergic to a certain type of food or if you have any vegetarians or vegans attending the party. This does not mean you have to prepare several separate meals by any means, but it does mean you'll need to try to have something that each person can enjoy.

4. Choose wines that pair with your menu. Sure, this means you might have to do some research, but it never hurts to make sure all of your bases are covered. Do not know how to choose a good wine? A good rule of thumb for beginners is to remember that red wine goes best with red meat and white wine goes with poultry and fish. This is not the case every time, but most of the time it proves to be true. Of course, wine pairing is much more complex, but this rule will point you in the right direction. At a loss for what kinds of wine to buy? Bring your menu into your local wine shop and ask for help. The experts will know what to do.

5. Plan ahead. Most importantly, do not save all of your prep work until the evening of the dinner party– or risk wanting to pull your hair out even before the guests arrive! Try to make as many things as you can a day or two in advance so that when the night comes, all you have to do is throw it all together and look fabulous doing it.

5 Fun Things To Do On A Ski Vacation Beside Skiing

Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities for good reasons. It offers up a chance to take in the fresh mountain air and scenic views while screaming down snowy hills and pine trees. Unfortunately, the same weather that dumps inches of fresh snow to allow you to ski in the first place, can also cause dangerous weather conditions that may close the skiing parks and keep you off of the slopes. Do not worry though, there are many other activities to partake in between skiing. Here are 5 fun things to do on a ski vacation between skiing.

1. Aprés Ski

The word stands for "after skiing" and generally means relaxing with friends after a long day on the slopes. However, you do not need to have gone skiing all day to partake in this fun activity. If you can not make it up the mountain stay indoors and enjoy some craft beers, wine, and food with friends and family.

2. Stay inside and watch movies

One of life's great pleasures is staying cozy by a warm fire while a blizzard rages outside. Do not let bad weather get you down, stay inside and enjoy a relaxing evening enjoying the amenities of your lodging. Cook a nice dinner, enjoy some wine, put on a movie you've been wanting to see, or simply lay back on the couch with a good book.

3. Hot tubbing and spa

If your lodging has a hot tub or spa, rest your muscles and recover after a long ski weekend. Spending day after day skiing can wear out even the most seasoned enthusiast. It is advised to take a break every 2 to 3 days and rest up. This is the perfect time to take advantage of your lodgings extra amenities or take a trip into town for a day at the spa. Your body will thank you.

4. Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing is a great way to get exercise and participate in activities outdoors when you can not or do not want to go skiing. To snow shoe you put on what looks like tennis racks on your boots. These displace the weight over a wide area of ​​snow and allow you to walk solidly on even freshly fallen snow. It provides a less strenuous walk along with the sensation of gliding over the snow. Even if the snow is falling heavily outside you can participate in this activity and go for hikes near town.

5. Snow Tubing

Perhaps you can not ski or are recovering from an injury. Snow tubing is a great way to enjoy nature in a fun and exciting way. Snow tubing requires you to grab ahold of an inner tube and slide down a mountain side much like sledding. There are even makeshift tubing parks with lanes, racing activities, and obstacle courses. However, even the basics will get anyone's heart rate going.

Do not feel pressured to only ski during your mountain excursion. Take advantage of all the other activities at your disposal and enjoy yourself.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Residential Property in Singapore

Due to the success of Singapore’s public housing policy, which began in the 1960s, 80% of the Singapore’s populace live in HDB flats today. Private housing are mainly for higher income earners. Those considering buying a residential property in this island nation have to take into account a variety of factors, we will take a closer look at each in turn in this article.

Reason for purchase

First and foremost, buying a property for investment or owner-occupation makes a difference.

Naturally, if it is for investment, the chief factor in consideration will be the capital gain. On the other hand, buying for owner-occupation makes capital gain a secondary concern. In this case, more important factors will be the current or future size of the household. A retiree or single may opt for a smaller flat. While a young, married couple may also choose a small flat if their financial means are limited, or a large flat if they are planning to have children and provided if they are rich enough to afford it.

Type of housing

The next consideration is the housing type. With the many types available, buyers are often spoil for choice. The below two tables compare the private and public housing segments.

Table 1: Available Housing Types in Singapore

1. HDB (99-year lease)

  • Build-to-Order (BTO)
  1. Studio Apartment (30-year lease)
  2. 2-room Flat
  3. 3-room Flat
  4. 4-room Flat
  5. 5-room Flat
  • Executive Condominium
  • Design and Build (DBSS)
  • Executive Flat (No longer built)
  • Executive Maisonette (No longer built)
  • HUDC (No longer built)

2. Private Housing (60-*, 99-, 999- year lease; freehold)

  • Walk-up Apartment
  • High-rise Apartment
  • Condominium
  • Shoebox Apartment
  • Soho
  • Strata Titled Cluster Housing
  • Inter Terraces
  • Semi Detaches
  • Bungalows
  • Landed Housing
  • Inter terraces (Type 1 and 2)
  • Corner terraces
  • Semi Detaches
  • Bungalows
  • Good Class Bungalows
  • Sentosa Landed Housing (the only landed properties in Singapore for which foreigners can buy with express approval)

* A land at Jalan Jurong Kechil is the first 60-year lease plot to be sold (on 15 November 2012); thus a 60-year private property will be available in a few years’ time.

** Executive Condominium becomes private after 10 years.

Table 2: Comparison of HDB and Private Housing

1. HDB

  • Eligibility:
  1. Direct Purchase from HDB – Singaporeans Gross Monthly Household Income ≤ $10,000 (For Executive Condominium ≤ $12,000)
  2. Resale – Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • 99-year Lease
  • Most Affordable Type of Housing
  • For Owner-occupation
  • Lower Maintenance Cost (Conservancy Charges)
  • Stringent Restriction for Leasing Out
  • Minimum Occupation Period

2. Private Housing

  • 60-, 99-, 999- year Lease; Freehold
  • Tend to be More Expensive
  • For Owner-occupation and Investment
  • Higher Maintenance Cost (Property Taxes, Monthly Maintenance Charges, etc.)
  • No Restriction for Leasing Out
  • No Minimum Occupation Period
  • Eligibility:
  1. Non-landed – Foreigners, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  2. Landed – Singaporeans

* A land at Jalan Jurong Kechil is the first 60-year lease plot to be sold (on 15 November 2012); thus a 60-year private property will be available in a few years’ time.

To decide which housing type suit the buyer’s budget, a commonly used measure of housing affordability is the debt-to-service ratio (DSR), defined as

DSR = Monthly Debt Service / Monthly Gross Household Income

The internationally recognised benchmark for housing affordability is a DSR of 30 per cent. For example, based on a household with a monthly income of S$3,000 buying a S$300,000 3-room HDB flat, with no housing grants, the household can take a loan of up 80 per cent of the price (assuming that they have no outstanding mortgage loan), or S$240,000. Given an annual interest rate of 2 per cent, based on a 30-year loan, the monthly installment incurred will be about S$887. This works out to a DSR of roughly 30%, which still falls within the affordable range.

Another widely used affordability measure divides the price of a home by a potential buyer’s annual income.

Nevertheless, these two measures are only short-term measures as buyers’ income may change over time.

To overcome this issue, a long-term measure of housing affordability was developed by Prof Abeysinghe of the National University of Singapore, to find out more about this measure go here.

When deciding between a HDB and private property, besides the affordability, buyers may also want to look at the investment potential of the houses.

HDB flats’ investment potential

From the Government’s standpoint, HDB flats are meant for living purposes and not for speculation. Hence HDB flats are subjected to a Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) of 5 years whether for a resale or direct purchase from HDB. This curbs house flipping of HDB flats.

Nevertheless after MOP, owners of larger HDB flats can make a profit by downgrading to a smaller unit. Those who are tempted to sell for a profit during a booming property market may not be better off as they will have to pay a high price for another flat. Moreover, if their current flat was bought with a housing grant, they will have to incur a resale levy when they buy a second subsidised HDB flat.

However, some Singaporeans are still profiteering from renting out their HDB flats.

Under current regulations, owners of subsidised or non-subsidised HDB flats have to meet the requirement of a 5-year MOP before they are allowed to rent out their flats. Exceptions are made for owners who live overseas.

Furthermore, there are restrictions on the rental periods. For Singaporean owners they could rent out their flats for a period of 3 years after which they could request for extensions with no cap on the number of requests. For PRs, however, it is a different story. They are only allowed to rent out for a period of a year, subject to discretionary extensions, with a limit of 5 years on the total rental years allowed.

Private housing’s investment potential

In contrast, the rental rules for private properties are less stringent. Of note is that Singaporeans are not allowed to own HDB flats and private homes concurrently within the MOP. After the MOP, Singaporeans often make a profit by living in HDB flats while renting out their private properties.

However, for adventurous homeowners who are looking at flipping private properties to increase their wealth, they are restricted by the string of anti-speculative measures instituted by the Government since 2009.

Properties acquired after 20 February 2010, are subjected to a Sellers’ Stamp Duty of 4% to 16% of the selling price or market value, whichever is higher, if they are disposed of within 1 to 4 years after purchase.

In addition, for property purchases after 8 December 2011, an additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty of 3% is imposed on Singapore citizens buying their third and subsequent properties. For PRs, the 3% will be imposed on their second and subsequent purchases, instead.

Selecting an Online Construction Management Service

Today, construction teams need to do a lot more with a lot less. In this competitive environment, many look at online (Web-based) construction management software to help them make decisions faster, automate documentation and reduce costs.

Three of the most important criteria for selecting such software are ease of use, focus and affordability.

Ease of Use – The software must be intuitive and easy to use. It must mirror the way the project team has communicated for years and not ask them to learn a new way to exchange information. It must employ familiar methods for formatting and presenting information so that field personnel can put it to use immediately, inputting information with ease.

If users can virtually teach themselves with little or no training, they are more likely to use the software. If the construction management software looks complicated, the project team will either spend too much time learning how to use it (minimizing its benefits), or avoid using it altogether (sabotaging its effectiveness).

Focus – The construction project management software should focus on the areas where it can make the most difference, namely routine, repetitive tasks such as RFIs and CCDs.

The greatest benefit comes from using the software to automate these exchanges of information that move projects forward on a day-to-day basis. The software can ignore – or link to – other applications that are needed less often such as CAD drawings or CPM schedules.

The first online software tried to do too much. They were too complex and difficult to use, making many construction professionals reluctant to use them. Software that does a few things well is much more valuable than one that does many things poorly.

Affordability – Good online construction management software can pay for itself in a short period of time due to increased productivity.

Of course, it is still important to check the price. Most online construction management software is sold as an annual fee, typically based on the number of users or projects. Other possible costs include a set-up fee, maintenance fee, training (if required) and customization (if available). Better software vendors offer a free trial or a month or so.

But price is not the only factor in affordability. Productivity is another important measure, and study after study shows that lost information and paper-based systems are expensive indeed.

For example:

The Butler Group, a London-based IT research and analysis organization, contends that as much as 10 percent of a company’s salary costs is “frittered away” as employees scramble to find information to do their jobs.

According to the Delphi Research Group in Elmwood, Connecticut, 15 percent of all paper handled in a typical business gets lost and each lost piece of paper costs a business $120.

The German firm AWV concluded that companies could increase productivity 20 to 30 percent, and save 20 to 40 percent of the time spent on document handling, by managing documents electronically.

A rough ROI measure of productivity improvement is: (number of employees) x (salary) x (% time savings) x (productivity rating). With that formula, if the software saves a few hours a week (a conservative estimate), it probably will pay for itself in a few months.


By concentrating on ease of use, focus and affordability, construction teams can choose an online construction management service that fits their needs. Such software can reduce workloads, minimize delays and maximize profits.


Copyright 2008 Richard Sampson Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

How to Properly Anchor Your Boat

We lived on our sailboat Shadowtime for eight years in the Caribbean.

Observing other boats go through what we called anchor drill said a lot about their sailing skills.

When done properly anchoring is a simple drill… no yelling is necessary, it takes a very short period of time, and resetting the anchor is almost never required.

You always anchor with your boat going very slowly directly into the wind.. if the anchorage is unfamiliar the chart should be consulted first for what depth of water to expect.

If your boat draws say 6 feet of water you should look to anchor in 12 feet or water or less.

A cruising sailor will almost always have his primary anchor… usually a plow type, like a CQR brand, on 200 feet of chain. The heavier the anchor, we had a 35 pounder, the less likely the anchor would come loose and require resetting… we had friends with a 45 pound CQR, they referred to as their sleeping pill.

When anchoring, in 12 feet water, the rule of thumb is to have eight times the depth of water in chain deployed, in this case 96 feet of chain. The more chain you have lying flat on the bottom the less chance the anchor will break free.

The competent sailor, on the bow will ask for the depth of the water by using a hand signal… one finger pointing down… the person on the wheel reads the depth gauge and reports the depth…this is the only voice communication required when anchoring, the rest is simple hand signals.

Once the proper depth has been selected another hand signal is given to put the boat in neutral… the anchor is then dropped, the proper amount of chain is deployed, and you wait for 30 seconds or so to let the wind move the boat to where the anchor chain starts to become taut.

At this point another hand signal is given to put the boat in reverse… as the anchor chain becomes taut and straightens out… the anchorer will signal for the boat to be put in neutral… the boat slightly springing forward is an indication that the anchor is set.

If you are confident that the anchor is set, you attach the “snubber”…a snubber is 8 to 10 feet of line with a hook appropriately sized for the size of chain that you have… usually 3/8 or one half-inch.

You lean over the bow and attach the snubber to the deployed anchor chain, putting some slack in the chain between the snubber and where you tie the snubber off to a cleat on the boat.

The snubber acts as a shock absorber… chains don’t give much… and reduces the sound of the anchor chain to a minimum… you’ll know quickly if the snubber falls off due to the noise of the anchor chain.

Learning how to properly set your anchor is a skill all successful cruising sailors possess… if you do it right the first time… you’ll never have to do anchor drill at 2 AM.

Proper anchoring will set you apart from the rookies and help guarantee a good nights sleep on board.

The Benefits Of Regular Massage Treatment

A great many people regularly receive massage treatment and each person will have their own specific reasons for doing so. Some enjoy being pampered, or feeling less stressed after a hard days work. Other people seek massage treatment for the specific resolution or reduction of aches and pains. However, a great many people, even if they regularly receive massage treatment, do not really understand the benefits of regular massage and the means by which massage achieves its goals. Therefore, in this article, I aim to outline the benefits and advantages of having regular massage treatment. In addition, I describe the mechanisms by which massage therapy achieves the restoration of health from injury.

When I apply massage, I try to affect the patient on 3 levels: Structural, fluid and energy. A correctly applied massage should be an enjoyable experience that leaves the patient feeling relaxed, de-stressed and full of energy. Effective massage should be tailor to the particular needs of the patient rather than following a set routine of specific movements. Similarly, a skilled massage practitioner will use a variety of techniques and positions to target muscles and joints in the most effective way possible.

While therapists offering a basic qualification are fine for a general massage – say to relive general aches and pains, it is important to seek out a remedial massage therapist if you are required the resolution of a specific pain or injury. Generally, it is only the more highly qualified therapists that are trained to diagnose and treat specific problems and have the required training that underpins the knowledge required to identify the dysfunctional tissues and form an effective treatment routine.

In general a highly skilled massage therapist exercises a wide range of techniques for stretching tissues, stimulating and relaxing the nervous system, lymphatic drainage, increasing circulation and breaking down knots in muscles. Furthermore a skilled therapist will usual deliver a massage face down, face up and side-lying. These positions allow the therapist to more effectively target specific muscles over just delivering a massage face down.

Massage is one of the most effective treatments for correcting and maintaining correct posture. A skilled massage therapist will be able to perform a postural analysis and determine which muscles are short and which are long. Treatment will include a full assessment of the type of work and sports that we do. From this, the massage therapist will be able to identify which muscles are likely to be over-used and need to be targeted in the massage treatment. The targeted massage routine will stretch the shortened muscles, which will help normalize posture. In addition, the massage therapist will usually suggest targeted home exercises to strengthen weakened muscles.

Sometimes, muscles are shortened due to the 'knots' that build up in the muscle fibers. A skilled massage therapist will be able to palpate these knots and apply specific focussed techniques to break them down. This will allow the muscle to perform at its optimum level as well as allow an increased blood supply to the whole muscle and promote more effective removal of waste products.

As well as the normalization of menstruation, regular massage treatment encourages increased circulation in the whole body. The massage therapist usually applies long flowing massage strokes in the direction of the muscle fibers. This compresses the tissue building up a 'bow wave' of compression that is moved longitudinally along the direction of the muscle. This encourages the flow of blood through the body as well as a generic stretch of the muscle fibers and surrounding tissues. This is especially important in individuals who have relatively inactive lifestyles.

Massage therapy is a very effective treatment for dealing with injury. In the short term after the injury, the massage therapist will help to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort by reducing the inflammation around the injured area. Following this, the massage therapist can design a plan of treatment and rehabilitation to promote faster recovery and ensure that the range of motion is not lost in the injured joint while it is healing.

Thus, over time, especially with regular treatment, the massage therapist builds up a complete structural picture of the client's body. Thus the massage therapist is able to spot potential problems that may give rise to injury in the future. A great many injuries often result from immobility that builds up from injuries that have not properly healed or due to the build up of rigid tissue around a joint over time. A massage therapist is able to spot this and restore range of movement before a serious problem occurs. For sports people, this is especially important as injury is more common as athletes push their bodies to the limits of their physical design.

Therefore, a regular massage is more than just correcting structural defects. It is about maintaining health, increasing awareness of the clients body (to the client) and maintaining energy levels so that the client can perform at their optimum performance for their daily life.

A major problem with massage therapy is that it is not regulated in some countries. This means that it can be problematic in finding an effective and safe therapist. In countries where massage therapy is not regulated, the best advice I can given you is to check out the qualifications of the therapist. In addition, most therapists will be registered with one or more professional organizations and it is worth checking the registration requirements of the professional body as well.

Just as we take our cars to the garage for regular check-ups and servicing, it follows that it is prudent to do the same with our bodies. Regular massage can be thought of as a kind of check-up for our bodies – keeping our bodies in optimum health and acting as an early warning system for potential problems.