The Benefits of Solar Generators

Solar generators are available that can be used to power a few low-wattage electrical gadgets, either in a home or when spending time outdoors. The basic concept behind their design is easy to grasp, they harness the energy from the sun's rays during the day, and convert this to an electrical current which is stored on a 12 volt battery.

Although the amount of electricity that is available is not enough to power appliances such as a refrigerator, large flat-screen TV, or electrical stove, it is enough to prolong the use of a laptop, fan, cell phone, and a few lights. They are a product which is worth having at hand in case of an emergency or when traveling in an area where there is no mains power.

You may be wondering what the advantages are of a solar generator when compared to one that is fueled by propane, natural gas, diesel, or gasoline. In fact there are many reasons why this type of generator is a more attractive option. In terms of safety, convenience, and accessibility, the green option is definitely the most attractive.

A regular generator can be extremely noisy, and would typically give out a lot of noxious emissions. For this reason, they should be located away from a property, sometimes in an outhouse or shed. As the fuel source of a gasoline or propane powered design is highly combustible, it is vital that they are kept away from heat and other possible sources of ignition. With the green alternative there is no such problem.

As the cost of fossil fuels is rising on a continuous basis, running a regular generator can hardly be called cheap. Be under no illusion that the price of fuel will come down in the future, it will not. By switching to a renewable energy powered design, you do not have to worry about the cost of the fuel.

Moreover, in an emergency you would not have to think about where you will get a bottle of propane or a few liters of diesel from. The sun will provide the energy source that you need.

There are solar generator designs that are built for different purposes. For example, if you love to spend time outdoors, perhaps on camping or fishing expeditions, a portable generator can help ensure that you can use a few electrically powered items, such as a set of lights, a radio, and a cell phone. You would not have to worry about the batteries going flat on your camera or other gadgets no matter how long you are in the wilderness for.

These versions designed specifically for use around the home would be of a larger size than what is meant for taking on camping trips, and would usually offer more power. Before you come to any decision as to which solar generators to consider purchasing, it makes sense to check out as many different options as possible. The more time spent comparing your options, the better chance there would be of choosing a design which is perfect for your needs.

Tasty Ideas For Preparing Versatile Alaskan Cod

For a healthy, responsible choice, give Alaskan cod a try. It's also an economic option and a strong base for a well-rounded, tasty meal. Best of all, cooking cod is easy. The low fat and caloric content and high levels of amino acids make cod a choice fish for dieters, while the versatility and firm texture of the meat promotes creativity in the kitchen.

Alaskan cod comes from the clean, cold seas of the shores of Alaska, where it is harvested responsibly by environmentally-minded fisherman. A tender, flaky fish, cod is often distributed as frozen fillets that can be prepared in a variety of ways – baked, sauteed, deep-fried, or poached for use in chowders, salads, casseroles, or served alone with a savory sauce.

If you're interested in cooking cod, try out a few different recipes using international spices and flavors to help accent the mild, naturally sweet flavor of the fish. Grill the Alaska cod and serve with skewered yams and plantains, all topped off with a spicy coconut sauce, or steam the cod fillets with ginger for an Asian-influenced dish. Try roasting cod, salmon lox, and bacon with a bit of garlic, champagne, cream, and rosemary for a truly gourmet meal that costs next to nothing and is good for you to boot. If what you're after is comfort food, you might want to deep-fry your Alaska cod and french fry some potatoes for that most English of dishes, fish and chips.

Another idea for cooking cod is a delicious Catalonian cod soup. You can create a savory starter or main dish in just 20 minutes from fresh or frozen cod fillets and a handful of standard supermarket ingredients. Begin by covering the Alaskan cod and microwaving the frozen fillets for up to 15 minutes. Cooking cod in fresh or thawed fillet form takes about a third of the time. Separate the cod into small pieces and add to a pot of simmering onions, garlic, saffron, tomatoes, chicken brother, and a dash of white wine. Allow the whole pot to simmer for about 15 minutes longer, permitting the cod to finish cooking before adding some parsley and serving the soup. This tasty dish has less than 450 calories per serving and healthy doses of protein, fiber, calcium, and omega-3s.

Plan Your Meals for Weeks or Even Months Out With an Online Meal Planner

After a long hard day at work or managing the kids and home, planning a tasty and nutritious meal somehow lands up on the bottom rung of your priorities. Apart from special occasions when you have guests over for dinner, meal planning does seem like quite a tedious chore. So it is either leftover night once more, or you give in to the kids’ demands and order takeout, again. If this scenario sounds familiar, you need an online meal planner right away. It is easy to set up, saves you an incredible amount of time and money, and best of all, your family always gets to eat healthy and delicious meals.

Once you have created your customized meal planner and put it to use, you will be amazed to find the difference it will make to everyday eating. You can create a planner for everything from breakfast to dinner, with mini-meals or snacks thrown in, if you want. Online meal planning is easy, and it allows you to plan for weeks or even months at a time, leaving you free to spend more leisure time with your family. By using what is known as the ‘multi-recipe’ strategy, you devote a few hours over the weekend to cooking a variety of meals and voila, you have enough food to last a couple of weeks in your freezer.

Your online meal planner will also help you save money, cut out the need to go grocery shopping every now and then, and allow you to make the best use of ingredients that are already sitting in your kitchen. One of the many advantages of meal planning is that it helps you use leftovers in creative ways that taste great and prevent wastage. Everything is so perfectly planned that every bit of leftover food be it some salad or a bit of pasta or pieces of curried chicken, gets effectively used to make a wholesome meal. When planning your meals for weeks on even a month in advance, you are ensuring that every meal you put on the table is high in nutrition too. This is without doubt a huge benefit, as by cutting back on cooking time everyday you are in no way compromising the quality of food your family gets to eat.

By planning ahead you save yourself money as there is no need to buy unnecessary items that you may or may not use. Also, instead of buying ingredients in smaller quantities every other day, with your online meal planner you make your purchases in bulk. Ingredients like meat are usually sold at cheaper prices when you buy in large quantities, so you get to save some money there too. When you use an online meal planner, you cut out impulse buys, as you know exactly what you need thanks to a very specific shopping list. So as you can see, this wonderful tool can help you achieve a lot – save time, money, and serve well-balanced meals to your family that can be planned weeks or even months in advance.

Why Do You Switch to BigCommerce for Your E-Store?

There are many shopping cart platforms that come up with some beneficial features to launch and promote your store. But, BigCommerce has made a unique approach to offering you more than the typical shopping features. The functions not only help you set up a new e-store but also optimize it according to your business needs. Many companies switch to BigCommerce from other popular platforms for many reasons. It eases every process required for setting up an e-store for you. No matter you are new in the business or an established name, BigCommerce has the features that give you the maximum support like no other do.

Here are some points that make you understand why BigCommerce is better than others.

1. Mobile templates:

Mobile users are increasing their numbers every day. It has also proven that people are using mobile devices more than desktop to search products or services. Every template and theme offered by BigCommerce is mobile. The responsive design of your store adapts to any screen size very well. This ensures that your store appears attractive on every device. When people easily get access to your store, its visibility will increase.

2. Open store at Social Platform:

Marketers have already pointed out that social platforms are the rising market. They are more than just media for the social gathering. Promote your products to the social media and let the consumers follow you. This is an interactive platform where your consumers can contact you. BigCommerce has a special feature with which you can drive more traffic to your store from social media. It asserts shoppers in promoting your products with others.

3. Promote products in renamed marketplaces:

With BigCommerce, you will get a higher exposure. Since this shopping cart platform has been associated with the popular industrial names, you can sell products on some big marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. As it holds a higher consumer value, you can expect an increase in the sale through these channels. This move will not only help you to higher your sale but also assist you in improving your brand values.

4. Get benefits of shopping feeds:

BigCommerce has the option that connects you easily to the shopping feed websites. Since these sites play a valuable role in leading traffic to your store, you will get an amazing benefit from this feeds. BigCommerce has been integrated with popular sites like Google product search, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, and more.

5. Offer an Easy Return Policy:

When you value your consumers, they will trust you. Offering an easy return policy is must-to-do for any e-commerce stores. BigCommerce offers functions more than other contemporary shopping cart platform. The inventory management of the products at BigCommerce is simpler so that anyone can manage them and take care of the purchase order.

6. Offer more choices for the payment gateways:

BigCommerce integrates with the industry leaders and offers an array of payment gateways. You can choose any mood of payment as well as different companies that suit your business the most. Some of the big names that come at your service are, PayPal, Google Checkout, and more. A digital wallet is another inclusion that helps shoppers to use their wallet while purchasing a product.

7. Choose your shipping providers:

When you open a store at BigCommerce, it looks after your all needs from designing a store to promoting your products. This platform goes beyond the typical services and offers you benefits from choosing shipping providers. This is a unique approach that helps you grow your business easily with just opening a store.

8. Enjoy SEO services:

An optimization is a very cruel thing when you are wishing to lead the race. Your store needs a proper SEO to reach your consumers more easily. BigCommerce offers you the SEO management that optimizes your keyword and describes your pages to make them search engine friendly. There are other options available at BigCommerce which are important to retain the consumers' test. It regularly targets your buyers' network with sending a series of promotional and informative emails regarding products and services.

Switching to BigCommerce lets you grab more attention from your consumers. This platform represents your product in an attractive way and helps you with an aim to convert visitors to your buyers. The functions and features offered by this shopping cart are really awesome and are helpful for any companies.

5 Key Things to Remember When Installing Metal Gutter Brackets

1. When installing any type of gutter brackets, the first thing you need to determine is the type of gutter you are installing. The size, shape and material of the gutter is important. Most metal gutter brackets are used for installing half round PVC or half round Cast Iron guttering, although other shapes are available. It is also important to look carefully at the wall you are installing gutter against.

Many modern houses have a piece of timber boarding (known as fascia board) below the eaves, against the wall. Guttering can be fixed straight to this board with a fascia bracket. If there is no fascia board, brackets need to be fixed straight into brickwork or stonework. There are several types of metal gutter bracket that can be considered for this job. Drive in metal gutter brackets can be set into the wall and have a supportive arm underneath. Rise and fall gutter brackets are adjustable to help set the fall of the guttering. Fully adjustable metal gutter brackets are available from at least one manufacturer. These brackets not only help when it comes to setting the height of the gutter, but also the distance of the gutter from the wall. This can be particularly useful if a wall is uneven or not straight.

2. Once you have chosen your metal gutter brackets it is time to mark out where the brackets will go. Remember, gutter is not meant to be exactly level; it needs a small amount of fall to help it flow. It is wise to use a string line and spirit level to help when marking where you intend to put the brackets. If there is no fascia board and you are fixing directly to brick or stone, it can be tricky to get the brackets aligned and in a suitable gap/joint for drilling and fixing.

3. Before fixing the gutter, you should think carefully about where to place downpipes in order to get rainwater into drains. Make sure you avoid any ‘obstacles’ such as windows, vents, passett plates etc. Metal gutter brackets are more tricky to move than if using a fascia so be sure before fixing them to the property.

4. The security of the gutter relies solely on the brackets, so ensure they have a strong fix. It is recommended that metal gutter brackets should be installed with a two-part polyester resin for strength; drill a hole and then resin the bracket into it. If you are using fascia brackets us the longest screws possible (depending on the size of the fascia board) and use a screw in every available hole in the bracket.

5. Once installed, it is always a good idea to ‘test’ your gutter and check that all rainwater is carried safely away from the walls of your home. The best way to do this is probably to wait for a downpour and then to have a good look around the installation to check everything is flowing well and there are no leaks. Remember it is easier to correct any problems now than it is to wait and correct problems with a damp home. Gutters should be regularly maintained in order to keep your house in good order; a little bit of maintenance can save a lot of money in the longterm.

Computer Hardware – The Five Most Popular Computer Upgrades

Everyone with a computer is looking to have the fastest, and most efficient computer filled with the latest computer hardware technology. But to keep up with the continual changes as technology becomes more and more advanced requires complete upgrades on your computer. But, what are the best computer upgrades available?

Memory Upgrade

A memory upgrade is one of the most popular computer hardware upgrades and one of the easiest to do to boost the performance of your pc. But before you do a memory upgrade first check the BIOS operating system to determine how much memory is already on your system.

Also to upgrade your memory it will be necessary for you to open the case of your computer to find out how many modules are currently installed and how many slots are still empty. If all the slots are already filled you may have to remove the modules and replace them with larger ones.

Now, after finding out the current memory situation, review your operating system and application programs to determine how much memory is needed to make your computer perform at its peek level. In general, these programs provide a minimum and a recommended rating. So to reach the fullest potential of your computer, the memory should meet or exceed the recommended level.

Ok, so you now have some basic information to do your memory upgrade, but hold on a second, before running out and buying more memory, check your computer manual or go directly to the motherboard to find out what type of memory is supported by the current computer operating system. If you don’t check this out you will most likely get the wrong memory chips and the memory upgrade will not work.

Also keep in mind When buying a memory upgrade module, that it is best to buy the largest amount of memory with the least number of modules. This way, there is room for growth in the future. For example, instead of buying two 512MB modules, purchase one 1gb module.

Video Card Upgrade

A video card upgrade makes it possible to play all of the great games that are currently available on the market. In fact, some games are so advanced that they won’t play at all without a very powerful video card.

But it can be tough choosing the right video card since there are literally dozens available. It is very important to first take a look at the motherboard to determine what type of video cards are supported by the system, you can also check your computer manual on the types of video cards your system will support. The best video cards are the ones that transfer data the fastest. In order from the fastest to slowest cards are PCI express, AGP 8x, AGP 4x, AGP 2x, AGP and PCI.

Sound Card Upgrade

The sound card improves the sound produced by the computer. This makes computer gaming more enjoyable, as well as listening to music and watching digital media.

In order to install a sound card, you need to locate an available ISA slot on the back of your computer. These slots are the longest sockets on the motherboard and there might be other cards already installed in those sockets. There are two internal openings on each of the slots at the back of the computer. So, remove the access plate at the rear of the socket to insert the sound card. Make sure the access plate on the sound card covers the hole created by removing the initial access plate. But, be sure to gently insert the sound card with a slow back and forth movement, otherwise the sound card can be damaged.

DVD Player/Burner Upgrade

With so many digital videos becoming available, many people are looking to upgrade to a DVD player and burner combo. The most powerful DVD player/burner currently available is the DVD+R/RW. These do tend to, however, be incompatible with older DVD-ROM drives and DVD players. But the current big names in the industry, such as Sony, HP, and Phillips, support these players. DVD+R/RW drives are faster than previous models and are capable of formatting while burning data to the disc.

Motherboard Upgrade

Now for those of you who are truly serious about upgrading your computer hardware, motherboard upgrades are another popular option. But of course, a motherboard upgrade is the most difficult upgrade to do and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have a strong background in computers and electronics. For those of you who can manage, however, you will certainly enjoy the freedom of never having to buy a new computer. Instead, the motherboard can be upgraded as technology advances.

In addition to eliminating the need to buy a new computer, a motherboard upgrade also makes it easier to upgrade other components on your computer. This is because purchasing a motherboard ensures receiving the most up to date technology, which is then compatible with other upgrade components.

Upgrading the motherboard, however, requires serious advanced planning and reading of your computer manual. If you don’t do this correctly, your computer will be nothing more than a huge paperweight. If finished correctly, however, the computer will remain on the cutting edge of current technology.

Tips For Making Your Gift Memorable and Fun to Receive

The art of giving gifts has been in existence in all cultures since the beginning of time. We are hard-wired to give gifts. This is an admirable quality in mankind, generosity, whether in small gestures or in grandiose events is a positive attribute of human nature.

Unfortunately, throughout through the relentless browbeating of the marketing masses we sometimes tend to make gift-giving a requisite chore rather than a true expression of sharing and celebrity. Nowadays it has become the norm to give a gift certificate or gift card with the expectation that the receiverant will choose a suitable gift themselves. Not a terrible idea, as it could be argued we are eliminating the possibility of giving a wasteful, non-useable gift that will fill up our landfills and we are reducing our carbon footprint by saving the drive and time spent returning gifts.

But where is the fun in a plastic credit card sized gift card?

With a bit of imagination you can make your gift personable and a lot more enjoyable to receive. Give your gift personality. Presentation counts!

Spa gift certificates are hugely popular especially during Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. They are always appreciated but not really very exciting to unwrap. Opening an envelope is the same whether it is getting your monthly telephone bill or receiving a pre-printed gift certificate. It does not take very much money to take this gift from boring to fun. Try wrapping your gift certificate with a pair of inexpensive flip flops to go with that pedicure, or a nice bottle of nail polish for a future manicure. There are lots of small spa type items to add to your certificate to make your gift much more exciting than just opening an envelope.

Movie passes are great gifts for teens. If you want your teen to remember the generosity of your gift try attaching the movie passes to a big bucket of designer popcorn or add a pair of 3D glasses.

A gardener would love a nursery gift card – slip it into a pair of brightly colored gardening gloves. Buy an ethnic cookbook and wrap it up with a selection of spices that are used in the recipes.

Wine, after flowers, is the second most popular item for hostess gifts. It is also becoming a favorite for birthdays, housewarmings and a variety of celebrations. After choosing a special wine gift, do not hide it in a dollar store bag which is not much better than the liquor store bag it came in. Add a decorative bow such as NeckTyes, a combination decoration and card which attaches to the neck of the bottle. NeckTyes come in a variety of designs that express birthday, holiday or thank you sentiments. Do not give naked wine, take it one step up and give celebration wine!

The Amazing Betta Fish Colors and Features

The betta fish is a unique species, one that is enjoyed by fish lovers around the world. Because this fish is so well-loved, in this article we will explain the distinct senses and abilities bettas possess that make them similar and actually different than most fish today.


Unlike humans, bettas’ eyes are located on the sides of their head, which is known as monocular vision. While humans can only see straight in front of them, bettas have the ability to look in two separate directions at the same time! Unfortunately, this causes them to lack depth perception. In our eyes, the shape and curve of our eye lens is changing to achieve the right focus. However, in bettas’ eyes, the eye lens remains the same. Bettas find it difficult to adjust to brightness changes because of how slow their iris works, and as a result, they have relatively poor vision. To help this handicap, they have a “lateral line” which measures water pressure using its small holes which are connected to specialized nerve endings. This helps the betta to avoid obstacles in its way. The brain deduces those nerve signals as a picture of its environment so the betta can find food. This helps them compensate for their weaker eyesight.

Taste and Smell

Betta’s taste buds are on their lips, mouth and even his fins. Like humans, they inhale smells via the nostrils. Both senses help them because they react to chemicals in the water. Those chemicals let them know when there is food around, or if there is a predator nearby. However, bettas can only sense those chemicals within a short distance.


A Betta’s ear structure is pretty simple; it only consists of a sole inner chamber. A Betta Fish hears by listening for vibrations in the water. These vibrations enter the sensory mechanism in the chamber to supply sound. The swim bladder also helps the betta’s inner ear by distinguishing and heightening sounds.

The Labyrinth

Bettas originated from swamps and rice patties which were poorly oxygenated. The labyrinth, which means “maze”, is a special repertory organ that is found in Anabantoidei. This organ is important because it allows oxygen to be taken in from the air directly into the bloodstream. This is a huge survival advantage when fish are in waters that contain poor oxygen. It is located below the gills, inside of the betta’s head. It contains rosette-shaped plates that have thousands of blood vessels within them.

The negative downside to bettas having this unique organ is many owners believe Betta fish can be kept safely in overcrowded conditions. What they fail to realize is that bettas add the same amount of waste to the tank as any other fish and can just as easily obtain a disease. Bettas shouldn’t ever be kept in small bowls for a long time. It is better for their overall health to be in bigger aquariums or tanks, where they can swim freely in healthy water conditions.

Betta Types and Features

Betta fish have become one of the most popular finned friends. Whether you have a single betta as a pet, or you have many bettas brightening up your aquarium, having a betta is an exciting treat and they are a beauty to behold.

Below is a list of the most popular bettas and the features and colors of each.

Betta Splendens

The most common Betta fish are the Betta Splendens. Though this fish is exquisite, check out the many other types before you make your decision. Each fish is beautiful in its own way, but you may prefer one type over another.

A lot of times, pet stores will sell you a fish that they’ve had for over a year. Betta fish only have a life span of two to three years and possibly up to five if properly cared for, so it may be best to special order your new pet to ensure more time with your fish.

Bettas are notorious for their colors, and of course, quite beautiful to watch in any aquarium. It really does explain why they are so popular! However, there are a number of fish that most enthusiasts aren’t even aware of.

Here is a list of them below:

Painted Betta – this fish usually has a round tail and smaller fins. Most of the time they are a gold color and have three stripes that run down their whole body. They also have green edges on their fins.

Peaceful Betta – this fish is a stand out with a rounded tail and a dark body with green or blue markings. What makes it so recognizable is the bright red edge of its tail fin and the dorsal fin being a different color, usually a blue or green. It also has that same color stripes on its body and tail.

Edith’s Betta – Both the male and female of this fish have short fins and rounded tails. The female has white and dark spots, and is a muted orange. The male is a much brighter orange with dark spots.

Pearly Betta – the female is pinkish orange; the male is just orange. The males have some green spots as well, with gills that are bright orange.

Sarawek Betta – this fish has short fins with a round, small tail. The female is a muted bronze color while the male has a dark stripe along his body.

Siamese Fighting Fish – known to be the most common Betta fish in pet shops. These fish come in many different shapes, but the caudal fin is what sets them apart. There are fins that are fan shaped, and some make a D shape when fully flared.

Mouthbrooding Betta – this fish has a tail that is round and tiny fins. Their colors range from reds to greys, oranges to golds.

Emerald Betta – this Betta has large fins and a rounded tail. They usually have a green body with a black web looking overlay on them. They have red and green or blue lines on their fins.

Slender Betta – they have a tail that is spade-shaped and short fins. Most of them are pink.

Brunei Betta – this fish has a tail that is round with tiny fins and either a white, pink, or gold body with a red stripe on its tail.

There is a big selection when it comes to choosing the perfect fish! With the proper betta fish care, no matter which fish you choose, he is sure to be happy and healthy.

Authors: Use Alliteration for Illumination of Your Book Title

Alliteration is a very useful literary tool. Alliteration is simply defined as the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words and also the repetition of an initial consonant sound, as in “a peck of pickled peppers.” Incorporating alliteration into your book title can help people remember your work and it will stick out in people’s minds. Here are a few examples of books with alliteration in their titles:

The Teeny Tiny Teacher by Stephanie Calmenson

The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat by Catherine Ann Cullen

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Love’s Labor’s Lost by William Shakespeare

The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens

The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Caesar and Cleopatra by George Bernard Shaw

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John le Carré

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Roger Parker of explained on his website, “Sometimes the most important lessons in personal branding are the simplest ones, like using alliteration, or repeated “hard” sounds, to make the title of your brand-building book stand out and be easy to remember.” You want readers, fans, and your potential audience to enjoy your book’s title. Alliteration can help that title roll off the tongue nicely. If your book’s title is memorable and fun or easy to say, people will talk about it. The alliteration will stand out in conversation or in the review section of a website.

According to Mike Ball, author of ‘Banjos, Boats and Butt Dialing’, alliteration can be a very effective tool for a humorist. Ball explains, “I rarely use it for serious subjects but judiciously used, alliteration is an author’s best friend. Since humor is all about timing, alliteration forces the reader to participate in the timing you are trying to set up. That’s why my book title ‘Banjos, Boats and Butt Dialing’ gets people to laugh before they crack the cover.”

As J.R.R. Tolkien observed, alliteration “depends not on letters but on sounds.” Thus the phrase know-nothing is alliterative, but climate change is not.”

Domey Malasarn from the website “The Literary Lab” feels that alliteration can belong in titles as well as within your book. “I have used it on occasion myself in places where I thought it was helpful. For example, if I had a sentence like ‘Alfred was furious.’ I might revise it to “Alfred was angry.” because to me it pairs the subject of the sentence with his emotion a little more powerfully.”

Puja Lalwani of explains, “The importance of alliteration should not be undermined as just another literary device that is beyond comprehension. It is highly useful and most invaluable, whether just to drive a point home, make for a fun read, or as a marketing tool that will leave your product etched in the mind of the consumer.”

On the website,, Stella McIntyre perfectly outlines the benefits of using alliteration across various mediums. “Although most commonly used in literature, most particularly poetry, alliteration can also be found in non-fiction writing: leaflets, newspaper headlines, advertising and merchandising. Its effect is twofold. Firstly it draws attention to and emphasizes a phrase and secondly, it can create connotations that significantly add to the understanding and enjoyment of a writer’s meaning.”

The Bottom Line: Alliteration in book titles will help people remember your book title because it will help your work stand out and engage your reader before they even open your book.

Ceiling Insulation – The Best Energy-Efficient Home Improvement

We all know that hot air rises, so it makes sense that all the good work your heating system is doing may be disappearing through the roof if your ceiling is not adequately insulated. Conversely, in warmer months, your roof is the first place to feel the brunt of the sun's heat. This heat is then easily radiated into your home through an uninsulated ceiling, making your cooling system work overtime just to keep the place comfortable! Ceiling insulation is the best way to protect your home from the outdoor elements to minimize the need for mechanical heating and cooling systems. The best part is, it's a simple and cheap home improvement that could end up saving you a lot of money!

Insulation creates a thermal barrier that resists the transmission of heat. In the case of your home this will probably be made up of a thick layer of bulk insulation (usually made up of fibrous material like wool or polyester). Many homes will also have a reflective material that reflect radiant heat (such as the heat from the sun). By creating this thermal barrier, the well insulated house will be able to minimize the effects of temperature swings externally, and maintain a more comfortable, moderate temperature without excessive use of heating and cooling systems.

Ceiling insulation is reliably easy to install, especially if your home has a pitched roof with an attic or roof space where the insulation can be placed between ceiling joists. In many cases, the installation of can be a DIY job. If you are confident to install the ceiling insulation yourself, all you have to do is purchase sufficient batts from a building supplies store, and lay the batts in the roof or attic space as per the manufacturers instructions.

Alternately, you can call in the professionals to install the ceiling insulation for you. Professional ceiling insulation installers know how to effectively install ceiling insulation including dealing with more problematic situations like flat roofs, ceiling mounted down lights (which can pose a fire hazard) etc. So in these less straightforward situations, it might be wise to get your insurance professionally installed.

Bulk insulation, being a lightweight, fibrous product, is actually incredibly economical. A typical house will cost between $ 1000- $ 1400 to fully insulate the ceiling. Many Governments are offering rebates or discounts for the installation of ceiling insulation making it even more affordable. If you live in Australia, for example, you may be entitled to a rebate of up to $ 1600 to insulate your roof. Governments worldwide are encouraging people to install ceiling insulation as a way to meet their energy and greenhouse gas emissions targets. Be sure to check with your Government to see if they are offering any incentives for ceiling insulation installation.

Ceiling insulation is a great home-improvement option to make your home more energy-efficient, saving you money and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from you home. It's also something that can be achieved quite easily and the initial outlay will quickly be repaid thanks to reduced heating and cooling costs – not to mention the priceless benefit of making your home more comfortable and livable year-round.

The Importance of Cisco CCNA Training

CCNA training has become the most sought after accreditation in the IT field for those looking for a career in computer networks and systems.

Many outside of the IT field will not have heard of the CCNA training. Those who do know anything about building a career in IT see it as the most important course for those starting out in the field.

Why is CCNA training important?

Anyone who is CCNA trained can move into array of IT based positions such as:

• IT help desk

• Field Technicians

• Network Professionals

• Any other job related to networking computers

What does CCNA training stand for?

CCNA is the abbreviation for Cisco Certified Network Associate. An accredited Cisco Certified Network Associate is someone who has gained the entry level certification for computer systems and networks.

Essentially CCNA training stands for knowledge and excellence at an entry level in the IT world of networks.

What will someone accredited with CCNA certification know?

Someone who has completed and passed CCNA training will have the knowledge to set up all manner of home and business networks.

This can mean something as simple as setting up a network through a router utilising bridges and routing protocols, it can also mean more intricate and technical network systems too.

The Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI for short) is a pivotal and important part of the training as it ensures that those being trained understand the international standardized system of networking such as:

• Application

• Presentation

• Session

• Transport

• Network

• Data link

• Physical

For the uninitiated this means nothing, but for those who are CCNA trained it plays an important part of the networking business.

Further to this a CCNA certified IT professional would know how to build LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide-area network) from scratch, this means actually designing and then building the networks. For local area networks they will also have the knowledge of Ethernet technologies in theory and in practise.

Other parts of the training include understanding all manner of protocols such as BOOTP, TCP, ARP, RARP and ICMP.

Where can IT professionals go for CCNA training?

The CCNA Certification is the first step for many Cisco certification paths, including CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCNA Wireless, and CCNP. Once the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification has been achieved there are advanced CCNA courses specializing in specific areas of networking from security and routing to voice and wireless.

There are a host of other Cisco Certified training courses where IT professionals can look to specialize further in particular areas of networking. These courses are as follows:

• Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

• Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP)

• Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP)

• Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP)

• Cisco Certified Network Professional Wireless (CCNP Wireless)

Hollywood, Filmmaking and a Career in the Movies – Lights, Camera, Action!

"The film business is like riding a trolley car; someone is always getting on, and someone is always getting off. Cary Grant

It's important to know that no matter how sophisticated, how computerized, how high-tech or far reaching the film business becomes, the industry is about people. People make movies and, as Cary Grant so aptly analogized, some people enter the business and ride it all the way to retirement, while others are there for a very short time; fondly know heretofore as Lifers and Short-timers. Very briefly, Lifers have chosen a career and will stick with it no matter what, or sometimes as long as it will have them. They have mortgages to pay, families to feed, kids in college, etc., while short-timers are people that found themselves on the trolley for any number of reasons, and because they caught the ride they now have a chance to try out the business to see how it fits. If it does they may ride along for a while, some may even become Lifers, and if it does not they will hop off, sometimes before the next stop.

In the past you may have heard that the film business is impossible to get into but I'm here to tell you it's not because every single day new people, many having no experience at all, beginning working their very first jobs.

The truth is the film business can be very transient, meaning that working in the business, as great as it sounds, is not for everyone. Just as some people are not cut out to be sales persons or deep sea divers there are people jumping in and out of the film business all the time, which is good news for any fresh body wanting in.

Without the big red bow, you have to be a certain kind of person to work in the film business because it takes a level of determination and dedication that not everyone can muster. It's about mental and physical endurance. It's about living in an extended family and playing well with others. It's about what's inside of you, and can you or rather will you rise above yourself during even the dark hours. Of course the most interesting part is; you will not know if you're a film business person until you are actually there, working on a production, experiencing the merry-go-round and every moment that goes with: And, if at day's end the sum of those moments add up to something magical? You may be there for a very long time.

Quick note: Nothing explains the phrase "during even the dark hours" better than the documentary Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse, a raw behind the scenes look at the making of the classic war film Apocalypse Now. The documentary demonstrates what transpires when a major motion picture slowly melts down until there is nothing left but chaos. Apocalypse Now Director, Francis Ford Coppola, with everything on the line, tiptoes so close to the edge of failure that he's seemingly nanometers away from a nervous breakdown. "We were in the jungle, there were too many of us, we had access to too much money, too much equipment, and little by little we went insane," which is eerily similar to the predicament the characters in Apocalypse Now found themselves in as everyone, bit by bit, loses their mind. So instead of art imitating life, it could be argued that this was a case of life imitating art, and through that utterly dysfunctional mess a brilliant film about the insanity of war called Apocalypse Now was created. If you have not seen Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse you might want to check it out, if for nothing else it's a vivid reminder that production meltdowns are a fact of life, albeit most on a lesser scale than this.

So if the film business is about people, then creating relationships with people is a close second. As you know, without relationships the world would stand still. Nothing would get done. I could be holding the secret of life in my hand (screenplay writers take note) but if there's no one to show it to, it would matter to me alone. And even if I had just one relationship, and that person knew only me, whatever fantastic knowledge we shared would end right there.

Under a black star-filled sky two polar bears are standing on a small slab of floating ice in the middle of the ocean. Surrounded by cold dark waves for as far as the eyes can see, one polar bear says to the other, "Well, indeed I'd like to Direct."

Getting off that chunk of ice and into the business is one thing, which I talk about in my book, but at this point it's imperative for all polar bears to understand that if they want a career in film the key to maintaining regular work is the ongoing development of relationships. Bottom line: You know who you know and that's why you're there.

It may also help to know that most relationships in the film business come and go, work and personal, and many times it's because they have either run their course, or because you can not help but meet new people. Depending on what film department you are in, you may work with the same group over and over or with a different group every time. Or one day you could be working with a company of people that you just spent seventy hours a week with for the last six months, that have become your family and friends, and the very next day that production ends and everyone scatters; some taking time off from work, others moving on to new projects. You may miss them greatly, and then again you may not, but because of the inherent freedom nature of the business, relationships are always starting, ending or evolving. Some last for decades and others a minute.

Choosing Your First Remote Control Plane

First off, I would like to say congratulations to you, because you have chosen to embrace one of the most rewarding and exciting hobbies around – pilot radio controlled (RC) airplane.

To fly radio controlled airplanes was something we had always wanted since since we first saw an RC plane model back when we were kids. Watching veteran pilots control their airborne models flawlessly really inspires new pilots, but it requires more than inspiration to be good at this hobby. The learning curve is very steep, especially at the beginning. So in order to get started, you need a good and suitable beginner plane that was designed for beginners.

Two most important criteria for a beginner plane are: 1. its durability 2. its flight stability. As you may already know, flying RC plane requires a lot of trial and error when you're just getting started. Crashings and hard landings are absolutely normal during the first flights, especially during take off and landing. You do not want a plane that breaks from just a couple of hard landings, because this will cost you a lot of time and money where you should be spending them on learning the basics of flight instead. Choose a very durable and sturdy plane and you'll save a lot of time, effort and money repairing and searching for spare parts.

Beginner planes need to have very good flight stability because this will facilitate the training itself in so many ways. Learning to control the elevator, rudder and aileron can be tough at the beginning. Even real life pilots have difficulties controlling their RC plane's direction because they are so used to being in the plane instead. So in order to facilitate this learning phase, a very slow and stable flying plane is the way to go. Leave the faster planes for later on when you have mastered the controls. because you will learn the flight basics much faster with the slower ones.

Check out the articles on about choosing your first plane and many more topics to get started with RC hobby. Good luck and have fun!

Smart Parts SP-1 Tactical Parts – Top 5 Upgrades For the Money

The Smart Parts SP-1 has gained significant popularity since its debut about two years ago. It was created as a continued effort from Smart Parts to develop tournament level performance in entry-level priced paintball guns. The original Ion started it all. It taught the rest of the industry that a tournament level gun no longer had to cost 500+ dollars. The Ion was holding its own on fields filled with guns costing 4-5 times as much. The SP-1 replaced the Smart Parts SP-8 as Smart Parts’ flagship scenario marker. It soon found a permanent place in the ‘entry-level priced’ woodsball arena.

The Smart Parts SP-1 offers 3 firing modes from the factory: semi, 3 burst and full auto. This was not the case originally. The first series of SP-1 guns were only electronic assisted semi-auto. It has an ultra-low operating pressure of about 180 psi. This offers minimal kick and less ball breaks. Also, low pressure means less turbulence as the ball exits the barrel resulting in better accuracy and more consistent firing. Smart Parts even released videos on their website of the SP1 firing underwater! The board (like most on the market today) is coated with silicon to resist water. It was their way of showing the paintball world that the moisture associated with paint or rain will not affect the operation of this rugged, all-weather paintball marker.

The SP-1 functions very well straight out of the box. There are many upgrades available that will allow you to take performance to new levels. This article will discuss the most popular ones sold on the market today and what to consider when purchasing.

Barrel – The SP-1 uses an Ion (Impulse) barrel thread. This means that ‘most’ barrels designed for the Ion will thread into the SP1 breach. We say most because the SP-1 uses a longer shroud than most woodsball guns requiring that the barrel be inserted about 6″ into the shroud before meeting the threads of the breach.

Most SP-1 owners purchase at least a 12″ barrel. How does the stock barrel compare to most of the aftermarket barrels on the market? The old adage applies here – ‘you get what you pay for’. Consider a barrel in the range of $35 – $50. Some of the best valued barrels include the JJ Ceramic, CP 1 Piece, Lapco Big Shot and the Smart Parts Tactical Barrels. They come in various sizes and have an outer diameter that will allow them to work with the SP-1 Shroud.

SP-1 Board – Although the factory board is fine for everyday use and even tournament level events, people still like options and love to tweak. They are plenty of aftermarket boards that offer more firing modes and rate of fire settings than you’ll ever use. There are literally millions of setup profiles that you can create to tweak the firing characteristics to your exact preferences. One of the most popular upgrade boards sold for the SP-1 is made by Virtue Paintball. They have plenty of years experience in the industry, creating boards used by some of the best players in the world.

Paintball Loader – The factory SP-1 is capable of at least 15 bps (balls per second). Really any paintball gun that can fire over 10 bps would benefit from the use of an electronic loader. Do you need a $150, 30 bps loader? No, you don’t. Stick with one that is capable of at least 20 bps. There are loaders on the market that run in the neighborhood of $45-60 that will suit your needs just fine. The new Invert Halo Too, Invert Reloader II, VL Evolution III and the Spyder Fasta loaders are all solid performers that offer a great performance match for the SP-1. Most offer optional board upgrades that increase loading speed. Having this option may be important if you swab the factory board out later or become insanely quick on the trigger.

SP-1 Bolt – The factory bolt in the SP-1 is far superior to the bolts found inside other paintball guns within the same price range. But you can achieve even higher levels of performance by swapping the bolt out with one of many quality aftermarket bolts on the market. One of the best SP-1 bolts out there today is the TechT Paintball L7 Bolt. This bolt works in the Ion XE, SP1 and Vibe. It only weighs about 7 grams. It is designed for maximum airflow and minimal drag and friction on the internal o-ring around the bolt. This equates to faster cycling, even less kick than stock and better accuracy from shot to shot. It should not be the first upgrade you make, but after all other areas are covered, the L7 bolt is a worthwhile internal upgrade to any SP-1.

SP-1 Stock – Seeing that the SP-1 is a tactical paintball gun, it only makes to add a rear butt stock. Smart Parts makes a stock adapter plate for the SP-1. This allows the SP-1 to accept ‘some’ 98 style rear stocks. The key word here is ‘some’. First the adapter requires some space to attach to the end of the stock. Rear Stocks like the carbine style collapsible stock have the extra space due to the length adjustability of the center tube. Other stocks the have a rear plate that immediately follows the end 98 adapter will not work with the SP-1 Stock Adapter. These include most of the AK style stocks, folding stocks and various other designs out there. The only stock we’ve been able to use with the adapter plate is the 4 or 6 position collapsible carbine (M16) style stock. Not all brands will work with the adapter either. If you look at the end adapter piece on a Tippmann 98 stock, you will see special ridges milled into the end. There is a deeper groove that must be there for the Smart Parts adapter plate to properly seat completely. Not many stocks have it. The Liberty (Tapco) T6 98 Stock does have it.

A paintball stock has many functions. Adding a stock aids in shooting stability. By resting the end on the stock on top of your shoulder, it also frees up one your hands for reloading. Having a butt stock on your SP-1 also provides a rear attachment point for a tactical sling.

Most of the other SP-1 upgrades that people commonly add are a matter of personal preference: aiding in a certain look or specific function depending on the type of play. Weaver-based accessories like a bipod, sight, laser or grip are all options to consider for an even more tactical setup. Any accessory that has a weaver or picatinny base (measuring 7/8″ in width) is most likely to work. Accessories that are specific for ‘dovetail’ or 3/8″ rails will not work on the Smart Parts SP-1.

The SP-1 Tactical offers a solid foundation from which you can build the ultimate scenario paintball gun. If budget is a factor, first get the upgrades that will give you to most performance gains for your buck . Then add the accessories that’ll give you the desired look and added function later.

Be safe and enjoy the woods!

Appliances and You!

It is easy to take for granted the appliances that we use every day. Never really giving a thought to what life would be like without them. Most of us are used to having that piece of toast fresh from the toaster, along with a cup of coffee fresh from the coffee maker to be drank from a cup taken out of the dishwasher. Bacon and eggs that were kept fresh in the refrigerator and cooked in the electric skillet. Biscuits straight from the oven. Putting on clean clothes that were washed in the washer and dried in the dryer. Drying our hair with a hair dryer and then using a curling iron to get it just right. We could have used an electric toothbrush and maybe had to iron those clothes we just put on. Just to get going in the morning we have used a toaster, coffee maker, dishwasher, electric skillet, washer, dryer, oven, hair dryer, curling iron, electric toothbrush and an iron. I am sure I missed something, and the reason for that, of course, is that I take appliances for granted. It's amazing the appliances we use without giving it a second thought.

Just imagine in this day and age, without the use of appliances, trying to do everything I just mentioned and trying to get to work by eight AM Good luck to ya! Does setting the clock radio getting out from under that electric blanket at three AM sound right to you? Oops, sorry about that. I forgot there for a moment that we were imagining not having any appliances. I guess we'll have to figure another way to get up at three.

Now I am not about to sit here and try and tell you about the "good ole days." You know about, or have at least hear about, stoking the fire in the stove, or putting the block of ice in the ice box. I've heard the stories, as I am sure most of you have, and am even sure that some reading this have actually lived it. I will concede the fact that times now are not what they used to be, and without the handy appliances we use everyday would be unbearable for some and unbelievable for others.

We here at RitzyShopper do not want anyone, at any time, ever, to go without the convenience of having whatever appliance they need or desire. The merchants we proudly display on our pages are there to supply you with only the finest, top of the line, brand name appliances on the market today. Order what you need today!