Salmon Fishing – 24 Key Features Of Going Salmon Fishing

Sport fishing is an utmost preferred activity across the globe. Amidst so many of its types & varieties sometimes the most known is salmon fishing.

The key features of salmon fishing are as follows:

1. Salmon fish are found in all sorts of waters that are fresh as well as salty.

2. Also their excellent fight & extreme size make these quite a preferred sports fish.

3. Also one can fish for them from any part of the sea that is using boats, sitting off the shore and / or using net fishing.

4. Another key benefit is that the meat fetched from the salmon fish is quite versatile for several purposes.

5. The meat of salmon fish can be baked, barbecued, canned, planked, fried, etc.

6. It falls under the staple diet.

7. The meat of salmon fish happens to come under some of the national dishes from diverse countries like Canada & Japan and the Scandinavian nations.

8. Also the French cuisine features this sort of salmon meat in varied forms that truly makes it an international food.

9. Unlike several other types of fishing, salmon fishing does not need that huge bulk of the expensive equipment.

10. Just a sturdy rod & reel, along with a jig and / or the hook system would easily do the trick for salmon fishing.

11. Salmon fishing indeed calls for some lures & some luck and last but certainly not the least, very good planning.

12. To fish the salmon one can use the similar techniques as are used for other varieties of fresh water fish like the bass & trout.

13. Other options to do salmon fishing are to use techniques like fly fishing in the spring season, worms & lures for the summer season, and spinning & netting for the fall season as well as the winter months.

14. Salmon fishingides being a great sport is also considered as a great source to gather food.

15. However, this traditional sport of fishing is controlled as well, in order to prevent the extinction of this great species due to over-fishing.

16. Across the world, in several nations the salmon have stopped running or returning to their spawning streams.

17. Here, efforts are being made all across the globe to maintain its numbers & the population of the species.

18. Fishermen & the women travel to various nations in order to experience the several opportunities of the salmon fishing in the various waterways using different types of bait & tackle.

19. Salmon fishing is popular among individuals at all ages whether or not old, and among men as well as women.

20. Along the coastal areas of the north several farms are now being maintained to serve the people who love salmon fishing.

21. These farms are also helpful in satisfying the domestic needs for growing fish & the related products.

22. Salmon is an aquaculture species that grows naturally in the fresh & the salt waters.

23. The salmon fish farms also help in the preservation of the wild and the natural stocks providing the nation's fishing population like the sports fishermen & the anglers worldwide.

24. Various known & common spots across the globe to enjoy salmon fishing are as follows:

a. Alaska, United States
b. British Columbia, Canada
c. Washington State, US
d. Oregon, United States
e. California, United States
f. Scotland
g. Estonia & Latvia
h. Scandinavia
i. Japan

ADHD – Is It Good or Bad for Athletes?

Preserving the benefits of ADHD

Many athletes, whether they are aware of it or not, are coping with ADHD. Some have become world-class stars, such as Michael Phelps, Magic Johnson, Jason Kid, Babe Ruth and many others. According to various researchers, some of the people coping with the syndrome are characterized by creativity, flexibility of thought, ability to deal with chaotic situations and multi-tasking abilities.

Does this mean that the syndrome is a sporting advantage for those who cope with it? Not exactly.

ADHD is a syndrome that raises many difficulties for those who deal with it, in all areas of their lives, and sport is no exception. During the post we will see examples of how the syndrome can make it difficult for athletes to fulfill their potential. On the other hand, if you are aware that the athlete is coping with the syndrome, it can be treated in various ways, such as neurocognitive training.

Proper treatment can enable athletes to overcome the typical ADHD symptoms and to express their unique brain patterns on court, so it will becomes an advantage.

So let’s get started and see what it means to be an athlete with ADHD.

Studies suggest that many ADHD children must be on the move. That’s why they tend to play sports, and in some cases even excel in it. They do this because the sport provides a response to their unceasing need for movement, and the thrill of competitive sports often serves as a stimulant and focusing agent.

Another reason, unknown to many parents, is the strict discipline demanded by competitive sports. Children with ADHD lack an internal behavior regulator and the external regime they have to obey in order to succeed in sports, is a kind of external menstruation. This regulator has a direct effect on them, because it nourishes their sense of pleasure and self-satisfaction. When this happens, their intrinsic motivation increases miraculously.

The famous athletes I mentioned above have a champions’ personality structure and some have also gained unique growth hotbeds. In their case, ADHD became an advantage, which they learned to use. On the other hand, it is not difficult to estimate that for every athlete who has succeeded despite their ADHD, there are dozens who have failed because of their ADHD. ADHD also means attention deficit problems, difficulty in transitions between different attention types and self-control, decision making and organizational skills impairments. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the personality structure and growth incubator that turn ADHD into an advantage.

What do we mean when we talk about ADHD?

First one must examine what ADHD is all about. ADHD is not a lack of attentiveness but, inter alia, inconsistency in attention and inability to pause action, until the brain processes its possible consequences. This is why children with ADHD find it difficult to learn from previous negative experience, and tend to repeat their mistakes. According to Dr. Russell Barkley, a psychiatrist and a global ADHD expert, these children also have a problem with working memory, low linguistic abilities, motivation problems and so forth.

Barkley concludes that these problems stem from a failure of the motor functions in the frontal lobe. He also attributes the difficulty of dealing with distractions to a motor problem, rather than to a sensory problem – as opposed to cases of autism, for example.

According to Barkley, the person coping with ADHD does not absorb more sensory data than other people. But unlike them, he responds to distractions and doesn’t manage to ignore them. ‘Normal’ People manage to suppress responses to irrelevant events and continue to perform the relevant sequence of tasks they intend to do, while ADHD patients fail to do so.

The ADHD swing in sports

Let’s look at two typical cases of the effect of ADHD on athletic potential.

Consider Moti (a pseudonym), a talented defense soccer player in the Israeli Premier League, who has been coping with ADHD since childhood. As is the case with many athletes, soccer serves as him as a motivational factor, motivates him to work hard and a gives him a lot of satisfaction.

On the other hand, due to his impulsivity component and his difficulty in processing the information before he reacts, Moti’s career’ progress has stopped, and he shifts between the Premier League and the National League.

Why did it happen? When looking at his ability to function, he is a good player, doing his defensive work. When the pace is high and the opponent’s players attack mainly in his defense wing, he appears to be a good and efficient player. However, when the game slows down or after a few minutes in which he is not required to act and be active, he simply leaves his position and goes out to run after an opposing player or joins the attack, sometimes ignoring the coach’s instructions.

Aside from the fact that coaches find it hard to accept such a player, the whole team is also hurt. His conduct leads to unnecessary risks in the defense and more than once even to the conceding of goals. When he tries in retrospect to explain his move, he has no explanation related to the requirements of the game. All he says is: “I went crazy, I had to do something already.”

What does he mean by, “I had to do something already?” What Moti actually sought was a stimulus that would keep him alert and focused. And when he couldn’t find it, he created it himself. His decision to act is, in fact, a personal internal need, which has nothing to do with what is happening on the court.

By the end of the day, his coaches do not know what they will get from him in every game, and remember mainly his mistakes, which led to the conceding of goals. Moti does not need to improve his understanding of the game to be more successful. All he needed was to take care of his ADHD.

My attention went away

Let’s look at the second case. Jason (a pseudonym), a basketball player in one of the best youth departments in the country, with whom I work, has good physical and athletic qualities, good shooting ability and in a one-on-one training or in a personal training he functions at a high level. His ADHD did not prevent him from succeeding in school, since his intelligence, his work ethic, and his ability to focus on the goal always helped him reach the goals he was aiming for.

Jason’s difficulty was fitting into the team’ array, in offence and defense alike. In the team game he is insecure and can’t keep up with the team’s moves. When he came to me for neurocognitive training, he and his parents defined the problem as a lack of self-confidence. The gap between his personal abilities, his competitive instinct and the nature of his integration into the team, led them to the conclusion that he did not have enough self-confidence. As in many cases of ADHD, what he, his parents and his coach interpreted as self-confidence was true, but was not the source of the problem. The insecurity was a by-product of his real difficulty: the detachments that characterize the ADD from which he suffers.

Jason had always suffered from attention difficulties in his studies, but it did not hurt him. While listening to the coaches’ team tactical explanations, however, attention-severing became a critical limitation. The tactical explanations required him to listen and process a great deal of data, and the cognitive overload worsened the disconnections. Although Jason understood the exercise or the move, during the performance he hesitated or encountered a blackout.

Since group basketball moves are built up as a sequence of different players’ timed performance, one inaccurate timing usually disrupts the entire move. As a result, Jason became more exposed to the criticism of his friends and coach, and it is no wonder that his self-confidence was damaged. Like every teenager with ADHD, he too felt the gap between his real abilities and his real-time performance, under pressure, a gap that caused him frustration and loss of self-confidence.

Jason’s neurocognitive training

This gap began to diminish gradually, as I trained Jason in several overlapping stages:

A. Training of attention and concentration skills, sequential thinking, working memory, retrieval and other general training to improve brain functions and thinking

B. Co-ordination skills training, combined with information processing, response speed, recognition and additional cognitive skills, required in all ball games

C. Cognitive training, integrated with specific basketball skills

The division into three sections was done to obtain simplification. In fact, the training is a cross-training of the three components, moving back and forth between them.

Neurocognitive training focuses on these components – and on attention and concentration skills. Our thinking, it is important to understand, is done in terms of sequence of actions. First we plan the actions and then we execute them. It is clear to us that performing the actions is related to motor functions (motion). What is less obvious is that even in order to plan the actions in the imagination and to process the feelings that this design inspires in us, we need the motor abilities of the brain.

Therefore, it is necessary to combine in the neurocognitive training between work in motion and work on attention and concentration skills, regulation, processing, identification and other impairments, in accordance with the difficulties of each trainee.

“Emotion” comes from “Motion”

Neurocognitive training is based on findings and conclusions of recent brain research. They clarify why neurocognitive training is right and effective for athletes, for those coping with attention disabilities, learning difficulties, dancers, managers and performing artists. Athletes who also cope with attention deficits, gain twice from training – they improve their athletic abilities and as well as their learning abilities, attention abilities and managerial abilities.

I cannot sum-up better than what Dr. John Ratey does in his ‘The Brain User Guide’:

“Catching a ball has to do with the motor functions of the brain. But calculating has to do with them too. Most people link motor functions to hands and feet and physical activity – a mechanical brain function that causes a toddler to crawl, Michael Jordan to jump to a dunk, or to a dysfunction of the arm of a friend with a stroke. But increased evidence suggests that movement is essential for all other brain functions, including memory, emotion, language, and learning. As we shall find out, the ‘higher’ brain functions were developed from the motion and still depend on it.

How neurocognitive training applies these brain research insights, you can see in the attached video-clip of Sheran Yeiny’s, one of Israel’s best soccer players, neurocognitive training. The clip includes several minutes of an hour-long training session.

Patio Furniture – What Are the Best Patio Furniture Materials For You?

Choosing patio furniture can be a little overwhelming because there are several material types and hundreds or possibly thousands of styles made from those materials. The type of materials that you choose should depend on your personal preference but also on the climate where you live, whether your patio is covered or uncovered, your budget and several other factors.

By keeping in mind your priorities and carefully thinking things through, selecting the right patio furniture be straightforward and easy. When you are choosing new furniture the first thing that you need to do is pick a type of material. The most common materials are wood, wicker and rattan, metal, and plastic.


Wooden patio furniture is very popular and lasting. In general, wooden patio furniture can stand up to the elements like very hot sun or summer storms pretty well. However, if you decide to use wooden patio furniture you should treat it with a water resistant coating to protect it from drying out in the sun or becoming damaged from being out in the rain. It is a good choice if you do a lot of entertaining because it’s very strong and rigid, thus can accommodate people of all different sizes. It’s also simple to change the look of wooden patio furniture with just a new coat of paint in the color of your choice. Good quality wooden patio furniture can be expensive but if you carry out regular maintenance of painting or protective coating on the wood every few years, the furniture will inevitably last for a long time.

Wicker and Rattan

If you like to change the decor of your patio frequently and don’t want to have to buy new furniture every time then wicker & rattan patio furniture would be a good and decent choice for you. Wicker and rattan is the second most popular type of furniture that is made from natural materials. Both wicker and rattan furniture is durable, light weight and to a certain extent – flexible, making it great for patio furniture that needs to be brought indoors or moved frequently. Wicker is actually not a material by itself. Wicker is the end result of weaving rattan with other materials, usually bamboo slats, to make furniture.

Rattan (originated from a Malay word – Rotan) is technically a tree, although it grows like a vine along the ground. They are usually found in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. The rattan vines are cut and peeled, then steamed to make them pliable, and then they are used as rattan weaving materials. Rattan furniture can be made of stripes of Rattan that are woven together when the wood is wet. It can also be strips of Bamboo or other materials woven around straight rattan slats. Rattan easily accepts paints and stains like many other kinds of wood, so it is available in many colors and it can be worked into many styles.

Both rattan and wicker furniture is a less expensive alternative to hardwood, if you want to have furniture that is made from natural sources. These types of patio furniture don’t require a lot of maintenance and can be used in or outdoors all year long. It’s also possible to change the outlook of Wicker or Rattan furniture by giving the furniture a new coat of color. So, if you’re inclined to change the decor of your patio frequently without buying new patio furniture every time, then wicker or rattan furniture would be the best choice for you.


Metal patio furniture is often a more economical choice compared to hard wood type especially for people who want the stability of wood but wouldn’t want to spend too much. Metal furniture is also great for people that want furniture that has low maintenance costs because most metal furniture doesn’t require the kind of maintenance that wooden furniture does. There are three main types of metal patio furniture that you can purchase. They are wrought iron, aluminum and tubular metal.

Wrought iron is probably one of the most expensive types in the range. Wrought iron furniture is incredibly popular because it’s stylish and adds a very classic feel to a patio but it’s also popular because of its durability. Wrought iron furniture is heavy and requires little upkeep. For instance, just a simple new coat of paint every year or so will keep wrought iron furniture looking beautiful for years. Furthermore, wrought iron patio furniture is sturdy so that it can be comfortable and safe for people of all sizes. It is also heavy which is good in that it won’t be blown away in strong winds but not to a point that it is too difficult to move.

Aluminum is often used commercially because it’s so easy to maintain, light-weight and tough. Hotels, public pools, restaurants, resorts, and other types of businesses that deal with the public often use aluminum patio furniture for their outdoor patios. Aluminum is a very much lighter metal than wrought iron so if you will frequently need to move your furniture, aluminum may be a better choice. Most if not all outdoor bars and bistros will quite definitely choose aluminum furniture because of its weight & maintenance cost. Aluminum furniture can be a bit pricey for some people but the cost is negligible over time as aluminum patio furniture will last for a long time.

Tubular metal patio furniture is the least expensive type and easily found at discount stores. It has some of the durability that other types of metal patio furniture have although it is not as strong as aluminum or wrought iron. Tubular metal doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and can lasts for a long time. It can though become bent and damaged and can never quite be bent back into its original shape. It is also light enough to easily be blown away in strong winds.

Plastic or PVC Patio Furniture

Plastic or PVC patio furniture is the cheapest option and can be easily found at discount/bargain stores. Stackable Plastic or PVC patio furniture can be found at any discount store, sometimes even at the grocery store. They are easy to maintain because all you need to do for cleaning is simply to wipe the dirt off. It stands up well to any natural elements except strong winds and usually will only last for one season.

They are not very sturdy and can break easily. There is a high possibility it becomes a safety issue if you have little children using it frequently because it tends to tip over or break. They also tends to crack and splinter very easily, which is dangerous even to adults. If you are looking for some cheap, quick patio furniture then plastic is the best choice but don’t expect them to last.

Choosing a Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit for Computers and Network Equipment

The power distribution unit (PDU) utilised in data centres has been enhanced from its original design. Numerous features have been integrated to keep pace with the ever evolving information and communications technology (ICT) industry. Moreover the popularity of personal computers and the internet generated a huge need for more data centres including devices to power all the hardware devices. Thus clever power management of power boards was an illuminating necessity for ICT staff to establish better practices in the implementation and the monitoring of electrical equipment.

A PDU can be referred to as a ‘rack mount power board’ in the ICT industry. The name rack is utilised because the PDU are installed inside internationally standardised cabinet housing equipment that conform to the same rack size. For instance the cabinet equipment such as servers, network devices and other power related equipment are manufactured to specific rack sizes. Moreover a common rack size is 19 inches (482.6mm) wide where the measurement is taken.

19 inch rack mount power strips have outlets to connect electrical power cords from servers and network equipment. Additionally, the power board can utilise, for example, 6 power outlets, or as many as 20 outlets integrated into the power board. Furthermore these units can be mounted horizontal, vertical and even floor mounted. A data centre may require features like surge overload protection, thermal magnetic fuses and inbuilt power meter displays for monitoring purpose.

The remote device monitoring in data centres and server rooms enhances the daily-operations for energy management. Authorised ICT staff can remotely access and control PDU to ensure the computer network devices uptime is maximised. Furthermore remote power management allows staff to be alerted of problems promptly. Additionally power consumption can be monitored for analysis, stability, capacity planning and reporting purposes to senior management. The information gathered can provide valuable insight to power consumption for the network.

PDU a.k.a power strips in some countries will have a specific power rating; hence this should be checked before interconnection between hardware. The power strips utilised in cabinets with multiple servers can draw high currents. Voltage, power and current ratings require attention during the planning process. In addition, even though manufacturers are becoming more environmental-friendly the actual power consumption of hardware in data centres is high.

The power strips can have mixed output socket configurations such as IEC sockets and general purpose outlets (GPO). Some suppliers can even customise the PDU for you in specific layouts for large orders. IEC power boards are ideal because they require a specific interface type for connection. IEC power cords can be interconnected to suitable IEC power strips, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and server equipment.

Some power strips are available with outlets on both sides i.e. front and rear surfaces of the power board. Additionally there are power boards rated to 10 amps and 15 amps. You’ll find the earth pin on the 15 amps plugs will differ in size, for example the 15 amps earth pin will be larger.

There are clever power boards on the market which can improve stability for networks and save business money on energy costs everyday.

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are an alternative to regular fireplace screens. When I originally set out to find all the necessary accessories to go along with my new fireplace, I thought that I would simply purchase a traditional fireplace screen. Yet, after looking at the various fireplace doors that are available, I decided that these would make a more attractive fireplace.

There are fireplace doors that are single doors that cover the entire fireplace opening, and there are two piece fireplace doors that open on hinges with the connecting seam running down the middle of the fireplace opening.

These two types of fireplace doors make up the vast majority of fireplace doors, yet there are some more contemporary and unique styles that do not quite fir into either of these categories. Additionally, not all fireplace doors are sold as complete units. With some types of fireplace doors, you will have to purchase the framing portions separately from the individual fireplace door pieces.

Be sure that you know which type of fireplace doors that you are purchasing, as to whether or not they will require additional framework to complete the opening and door installation. Some fireplace doors do come with everything that is required to complete your fireplace.

Of course buying the individual fireplace doors separate from the finishing framing pieces has its advantages. With this type of fireplace doors, you have more room to customize the design specifically to your liking.

There are fireplace door frames in almost every type of material and finish imaginable, from gold, silver and pewter, to iron and many other types of materials. Whether your d├ęcor is dark, light or somewhere in between, there are fireplace door frames for every style or taste you may desire.

Although many people consider fireplace curtains to fit more in the fireplace screen category, I believe they fit more precisely within the fireplace doors category, as they can be placed in either a closed, open or partly open position.

A more expensive, yet truly unique look is to incorporate bi-fold glass fireplace doors. These lovely fireplace doors contain four panels of polished and tempered glass panels. Each half of these fireplace doors bends in the middle and slides along ball bearings located at the top and bottom of the doors. These typically also feature draft control at the bottom section of the doors.

I found just the right set of fireplace doors at and was about to place an order when I decided to take a look and see if I could not find the same set of doors for less on eBay. I did not think I'd be able to save that much, if any, money, but also thought it was worth a try.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the exact same model of bi-fold fireplace doors were for sale on eBay, and from a reputable seller, nonetheless. Ok, so these fireplace doors had been used, which is not what many people would want to buy. For me, this was a very attractive option, as they cost more than $ 1,000 when brand new. I walked away with a gently used set of fireplace doors for about $ 200. I certainly recommend perusing all the various options before committing to one.

BC Golf Vacations – 5 Courses to Play for Interests Sake

British Columbia is home to over 300 golf courses – so how to you narrow down the list and choose where to play? Read on to learn about some BC's record-breaking or just plain interesting golf courses – perhaps not the best list for planning BC Golf vacations, but some great options to consider, nonetheless.

Highest Elevation: The Golf Course at Sun Peaks Resort

Located 1,200 meters above Sea Level, The Golf Course at Sun Peaks Resort is one not to be missed on your BC golf vacation. On top of the spectacular panoramic mountain views, you'll love how the thin air lets your ball travel further and how the elevation offers a cool retreat from the Okanagan, BC summer heat.

Most Prestigious (Expensive) Golf Course: Capilano Golf & Country Club

Located in one of Canada's wealthiest postal codes, this West Vancouver members-only club is one of Stanley Thompson's architectural masterpieces. Play 18 holes, framed by rugged mountain landscapes and sparkling waters, follow by an ultra-exclusive clubhouse lunch and you've got a great day on the links, daaaahling .

Most Delicious Golf Course: The Harvest Golf Club

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what does it do for your golf game? Find out at East Kelowna's Harvest Golf Club where their motto is "Pick as you Play" This course boasts abundant fruit trees bearing apples, peaches, pears, cherries and apricots which golfers are encouraged to enjoy while they play. Does not this sound like a lovely way to spend a BC summer day?

Best Golf Hole: Greywolf Golf Club

Par 3 Hole 6, better know as "Cliffhanger" at Panorama's Greywolf Golf Club challenges golfers to carefully drive across an alpine valley to the green, 172 yards away. Voted Best Par 3 Hole by Score Golf's Golfers Choice Awards, Best Golf Hole in BC by the Vancouver Sun and One of Canada's Ten Best Holes by The Globe and Mail, this is definitely one golf experience.

Most Challenging Greens: Predator Ridge

BC Golf vacations should not be without a few challenges. With this in mind, check out Predator Ridge – a beautiful 27-hole golf complex, just outside of Vernon, well-known (or feared) for its tricky greens. Golf Canada Contributor, Chris Baldwin shares:

"Every green you do not three-putt at Predator Ridge is cause for a Tiger Woods fist-pump – heck, maybe even one of those LPGA-winner leaps into a lake."

Most Scenic Golf Course: Furry Creek

The prettiest golf course with the funniest name (ok, in my opinion), Furry Creek can be found between Vancouver and Whistler, just off the sea-to-sky highway. Framed by fjord-like vistas, steep mountains rising from the water's edge and off-shore islands with dense vegetation it's no wonder it continues to earn accolades as BC's most landscaped and beautifully landscaped golf course.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Hire Professionals to Perform Carpet Cleaning

A beautiful looking carpet is a home owner's pride and joy. Most of us are guilty of opting for carpet cleaning only when the dirt becomes visible. What most people do not realize is that, dirt begins to show on the carpet when the fibers are experiencing some sort of damage. Ideally, carpets should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The regular vacuuming is important but inviting professionals to do the cleaning is a must.

For beginners, with professional carpet cleaning you are certain that everything that contaminates your carpet is completely eliminated. Carpets will attract grime, dirt and all sorts of contaminants that are exposed to, like magnets. These elements will wear down the rug if left to accumulate in the carpet fibers for an extended period. This is why people are advised to clean their carpets regularly. It not only sustains the look of your home but also contributes to prolonging the life of your carpet.

Well cleaned carpets will help you maintain the indoor quality of your home. Many home owners who have pets do not realize that their carpets harbor a lot of germs which may cause allergies especially among children. A clean carpet will help you improve the cleanliness of your home because the dirt, allergens and disease causing bacteria are completely eliminated. Bear in mind that vacuuming may never be able to get rid of all these allergens.

Additionally, the professional carpet cleaners in London is mostly recommended because they know the right methods to use when cleaning your carpet. Sometimes hot water extraction is required to completely eliminate bedbugs which could be hiding in your carpet fibers. The professionals will analyze the type of carpet that you have as well as the level of cleaning that is required when deciding on the most suitable cleaning method.

It is also important to seek proper carpet cleaning because there are some cleaning agents in the market which may turn out to be a health hazard if not completely removed after cleaning is done. Many home owners will wonder why they start experiencing allergies after cleaning their carpets. Well, some of the cleaning agents that are in the market are not very suitable for children and pets if they are not thoroughly removed. Carpets need to be rinsed thoroughly to eliminate all chemicals that may pose a risk in your home.

To conclude, everyone will notice a difference when your carpet is cleaned by a professional. For starters, you will never have to contend with a smelly carpet because it failed to dry completely. The professionals will ensure that your carpet is completely dry before returning it to the floor. Furthermore, the cleaning methods which are employed by professionals have a faster drying technique. Secondly, every single stain is going to be eliminated creating a fresh and vibrant atmosphere in your living area. For all these reasons, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice every year. You will enjoy the value of having an expert cleaner take care of your carpet if you follow this advice.

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Internet Business Leadership

Internet business leadership is not easy, but it can be achieved if you are willing to put in the necessary work that it takes in order to succeed. To become a leader in the online world, it is important to understand some things about how the internet works.

Internet business leadership starts with defining a purpose. An online business must have a goal in order for it to succeed. This means identifying what people need or want but do not have, and finding a way to bridge that gap.

This can only be achieved through the creation of something new. Nothing is entirely new, so do not be concerned about being extraordinarily novel. The important thing is not to copy competitors, but to differentiate yourself from them. This is at the core of internet business leadership.

It is also important to understand the mind of the internet surfer. Regardless of how many business leaders might feel, people expect information on the internet to be free. Businesses that adapt to this, rather than resist it, can greatly enhance their success.

Success in the online world is all about popularity. A business can not become popular if all of its content is hidden behind closed doors. A successful online business understands how an information economy works. Unlike physical goods, information can be definitely copied. The laws of supply and demand dictate that information be free. The limiting resource is the source of information. In order to be in high demand, you must be a source of information.

The information can be intellectual, practical, or entertaining. It does not matter, as long as it provides value. If it does, this grabs attention. This attention can then be harnessed.

Hotel Fire Safety: Steps That You Should Take to Ensure That Your Stay is a Safe One

Almost without exception, each of us has traveled away from our homes and stayed in a hotel, motel, or a bed and breakfast establishment. Oftentimes we became "relaxed" while away as we fail to make ourselves aware of the dangers a fire presents especially in an unfamiliar environment. Let's take a look at some of the things you should do to minimize your trips while away from home.

Even before embarking on a trip, fire fighting experts strongly suggest you research to find out if your hotel has a fire safety plan in place. Does the establishment have smoke detectors and a sprinkler system? In addition, you should pull together and pack a personal survival kit which includes a flashlight, a portable smoke detector, and a roll of wide duct tape. When traveling abroad you should learn the word for "fire" in the native language.

Promptly upon check in you should ask about the hotel's evacuation plan, find out where the fire alerts are located, and check to see if there are smoke detectors and a sprinkler system in your room. If the establishment is deficient in any of these areas, strict consider staying somewhere else.

Once you are in your room check the windows to make sure they open and close properly (if they are not the sealed type). Identify at least two ways out of the room, if available, and learn how to unlock your door in the dark. Keep your room key and flashlight by your bed and remember where they are at all times.
Should a fire start in your room, leave immediately and bring your room key with you. Close the door and sound the fire alarm. Quickly walk to safety and do not use the elevator. Once you are on the ground floor, leave the building immediately.

If a fire begins elsewhere in the building take your key and a flashlight. Put the back of your hand against the door to see if it is hot and then check the hallway for smoke. If smoke has been detected, crawl low along the floor and exit by way of the first stairwell you see. Again, do not use the elevator.

If upon touching the door to your room you find it to be hot or if there's a great amount of smoke in the hallway, the fire is nearby and you will need stay in your room. Call for help, fill the bathtub with water, and cram the bottom of the door with wet towels or a throw rug. Tape the edges of the door and, if possible, hang a sheet from a window to signal for help. If your windows are sealed, attempt to smash them open with a chair or other blunt instrument. Finally, wait for the fire professionals to come to you and never attempt to jump from your room's window.

Do these preventive measures seem extreme to you? They may seem that way if you are not a frequent traveler. Many of the fire codes we take for granted in the USA are much lower – if not at all persistent – in certain other countries. Take the necessary precautions before your trip to ensure that your stay at an establishment is a safe one.

Sports Conditioning – The How and Whys to Improve Our Skill Levels

Everyone loves sport in one form or another and the majority of our population will have taken part or been involved with it at some time in their life whether it was at school, college or becoming a weekend warrior to play with some friends in a casual competition . Conditioning is a term that is used to describe preparation or training to increase our ability or skill level at a physical activity. Put together the two terms and we get Sports Conditioning and this is defined as any activity that enhances or Promotes our body to be better conditioned to any sports activity, whether that is to run, to jump to throw push to kick or to punch better.

Sports conditioning is not just performing an exercise to be better at a sport. In fact, because the movement requirements in sport are mostly activities that our bodies do on an everyday basis, the more we train these skills, the easier it is for us to get fitter stronger and faster! We just have to train them the right way.

So lets break down the fundamentals of everyday movement and once we look at these, we will see that they are the same as life skills we perform everyday. These include, balance, speed, agility, deceleration, power, strength acceleration. All of these are key components to an increase in sports conditioning in our competition whatever that may be. These drills for sports conditioning however need to be trained in the right order progressively and also mastered at a lower speed before moving to a more intense level or at the level that this skill is performed at in your sport.

So here is the key to getting that increase in Sports conditioning. Balance needs to come first as the component to train. To have better balance through all ranges of motion and in different directions allows us as the player to control and own our offensive and defensive position by being stronger and able to react more quickly that your opponent.

To train balance you need to be out of balance and have your body go through movements that have random angles and directions creating movement that our body has to react quickly to. If we are not in balance the body can not carry out a movement efficiently as a unit either with greater speed agility or strength without an injury occurring. Balance drills and equipment that will help us train sports conditioning include agility ladders mini hurdles the Bosu Integrated balance trainer and slingshot harnesses. These pieces of equipment help create an unstable environment to force the body to work out of balance and adjust to make the body learn to adapt to these challenges.

Once the balance has been mastered, people can progress to challenges which include speed work, deceleration and power acceleration and these sport conditioning drills can also use the BOSU Balance trainers, agility hurdles and slingshot harnesses.

As long as we ensure that the sport conditioning drills are graduated and not too difficult to achieve typically our body learns the tasks and is able to be better at sports conditioning and overall movement. So if you want to play better soccer, run faster, ride harder or lift heavier, the key is to combine sports condition with traditional strength and fitness training.

The History of Stanley Park, Blackpool – The Italian Garden, Lake Terrace and Promenade

In a report to the Blackpool Corporation Thomas Mawson, architect, stated that for scenic effect, an Italian Garden was to be placed at the very heart of the Park…a centrepiece to be proud of.

The Art Deco Cafe stands on the area originally designated for the pavilion and is fronted with a terrace leading to the Italian Garden and a promenade which skirts the head of the lake following in the footsteps of some of the most renowned continental parks.

In the centre of the Italian Garden there is a wonderful marble fountain which is the home of four sea horses that have recently been restored. The fountain was donated in 1926 by a Mr. John Magee.

Two bronze lion statues, also donated by Mr. Magee, adorn either side of the concrete staircase leading up to the terrace and cafe. These lions are copies of the Medici Lions in Florence which were originally meant for the promenade, however the Park was seen as a more fitting location.

The lake terrace can be found to the east of the Italian Garden where lawns, viewing areas and more formal bedding plants can be found whilst steps link the Garden to the lakeside which comes complete with landing stages.

The boathouses themselves have been finished in the same roughcast render as the gatehouses together with their sweeping Westmoreland slate roofs. Indeed it was a requirement that houses built on Corporation owned land were required to have Westmoreland green slate roofs.

The bandstand was designed by E.P. Mawson based on a classical temple with a copper roof and columns which sit on a circular podium.

The boathouses and bandstand are located facing each other at the head of the lake and today hordes of visitors to the Park enjoy boating on the vast lake, at times amidst the sounds of a swing band which may be playing from the bandstand itself and indeed, especially during the summer months, the waterside is full of vitality and colour, always in the presence of the geese, ducks and seagulls looking for their next scrap of food.

Hold That Paintbrush Right There

Best time to paint is in the summer. Heck! – It is even pleasant out there wielding the old paintbrush; blue skies above and listening to the birdsong (get those earplugs out of your ears!). This time of the year there are no worries about damp levels of the atmosphere or frost or rain. However, it is not advisable to paint in direct sunlight, so chose your area according to the time of the day that the sun shines on it.

How is it that some neighbors do not seem to have paint their exterior as often as you? Could it be the type of paint they use? Or maybe it is their preparation work? Most likely it is both.

Preparation work is very important and especially on an older house, it can make the difference between a professional job and an amateur's job. We all know never to paint over mildew or dirt, but do we all do a job job of removing it. Just a wipe with a cloth before the paintbrush swooshes over it is not the way!

Mildew should be left to soak in a mix of three parts water and one part bleach. Leave this on the mildew for twenty minutes, then rinse off. Clean off any remaining mildew with a bleach and detergent mix. Once the mildew is removed, leave the wood for a week to allow for it to be thoroughly dry. Dampness always increases up to the surface as it dries; this means that if you paint too early your new coat of paint will bubble and blister.

Of course, you must wash all the paintwork and if you are going to lightly sand it then you must wash over the sanding job, after you have completed it.

Imperfections, or spot repairs, must be done before the first coat, or primer coat. Once you have made the repair then apply one coat of primer just to the spot; if it looks like it will still show a surface difference, add one more coat to the spot.

Another job that must be taken care of before the first coat of paint goes on is to replace cracked or split siding boards. The temptation is to repair them, but without a first class job is done, water will find its way in! If water intrusion does occur, this is usually followed by the expansion of the board which will cause blistering and / or crack the paint.

All this and you have not even started to paint yet! When you are sure everything is dry, apply the first coat of the correct primer to the whole area. To choose the 'correct' primer, you must first decide on the type of paint that you will use.

Oil based paint has to go over oil based paint, but if you can choose most people go for acrylic latex. Gloss paint is easier to clean, but it also shows every imperfection; semi gloss is a good compromise. With brushes you can either spend an arm and a leg and keep them forever, or buy cheap throwaways and save cleaning.

House painting can feel like a mammoth task or it can be a peaceful chore and give you a Zen-like satisfaction; may the Force be with you.

Understanding The Concept Of Crowd Funding

Just as the term suggests, crowd funding is basically a way used to raise money by simply asking a multitude of people to each chip in a small amount of money towards a given cause/project such as disaster management, political campaigns, civic projects and Start-up Company funding among others. This type of funding principally employs the use of the internet whereby an individual seeking to obtain funds for a given cause/project sets up a webpage where they put up a profile for their cause and essentially tries to get people (mainly through social media) to contribute towards the said cause/project. Crowd funding is not only limited to individuals as companies also use it to obtain funds through the sale of minimal amounts of equity to different investors.

The concept is attributed to Joseph Pulitzer; a newspaper publisher who in 1884 urged the American public through his newspaper; New York World to contribute towards the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal after the American Committee for the Statue of Liberty ran out of funds for the same. Since then, the concept has since momentum with the first online initiative occurring in 1997 when American fans of the Marillion rock band raised about $60,000 via the internet to enable the band play in the United States after they were unable to go on tour due to lack of funds.

Types of crowd funding

• Debt crowd funding

This form of funding also referred to as peer to peer lending involves getting people to put their money into a project (as a form of loan) with the guarantee of getting it back with interest. However, in the case that the money is lent to developing Nations, it is usually paid back devoid of any interest with the financier being content at having done some social good.

• Donation/Reward crowd funding

This mainly entails individuals putting their money into a project/cause simply because they have faith in it and thus do not expect to get anything in return. This is the most common form of funding whereby individuals are encouraged to contribute any amount towards a given project.

• Equity crowd funding

In this type of funding, individuals (mainly investors) put their money into a project or business venture in exchange for shares or a stake in the said project or venture.

Benefits of crowd funding

i. Helps validate a project

With crowd funding, individuals are able to know whether their cause and/or project will have an impact on people or if it is a waste of time and money. They get to know this if they actually get financial contribution towards their project.

ii. Exposure for a project/cause

Given that this type of funding is mostly done via the internet, it can actually help get a project to be known by not only potential investors but also potential clients and thus act as a marketing platform.

iii. A mode of capital access

With crowd funding, more so the reward based one, individuals can essentially get money to start up a project without necessarily getting into debts or having to give up any equity.

It also helps individuals to cushion themselves against unforeseen risks, helps one to get additional ideas for their project/cause, and is a way of marketing for a product /service before it is launched and also helps to create goodwill with potential customers.

While it is a good way to obtain funds for a project or a cause it also has its downsides that have essentially weakened the whole concept. As such, the downside to this kind of funding include fraudulence with the aim of fleecing an unsuspecting public, exhaustion of potential contributors and the issue of one’s idea being plagiarized.

Top Advantages of an Electric Heater

Electric heater is an electrical appliance used to provide heat. It simply converts electrical energy into heat energy. An electric heater uses resistor as the heating element where it carries current to provide heat. There are many types of electrical heater available in the market and you should be able to get one that really suits your need. Make sure you check on the specifications and functions that it can provide before getting one. So, what are the benefits of using this heater?

First, it is said to be one of the most excellent appliances in heating process. Electricity is available in most countries and so this is convenient for all houses to prepare their daily food. All you need is to plug the socket and switch it on. The heating temperature can be calibrated depending on the heat you need.

Other than that, it is said to be an environmental friend appliance. Unlike heating up food using charcoal or natural gas burning where this type of burning may cause release of carbon monoxide to the atmosphere. With this technology, you do not have to worry of polluting the environment as it will not release any harmful gases to the environment.

This type of heater is clean as it does not burn any fuel that may cause release of smoke and ashes. Thus, it saves your effort and time to do the cleaning after using your electric heater.

Another advantage would be the portability. There are many sizes of electric heater but today you can easily find portable heater in the market. Portable heater is easy and convenient to be transported from one place to another place. You can now carry the heater to any place you like such rooms, living rooms, kitchen and anywhere you like.

These are among the advantages of electric heater. Do your study on the brands available and survey for the right price before purchasing one.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems – Central Air for Any House

Until recently, any house without ductwork ("ductless") could not have central air. If you had forced hot water heating or electric heat, for example, your only options were to use noisy, highly inefficient, and expensive window air conditioners in each and every room you wanted to cool. This was as expensive as it was unsightly.

Now, the invention of ductless air conditioning systems provides everyone, regardless of how old your house is or how it is currently heated, the opportunity to get a central air conditioning. These systems are quiet, simple to use, energy efficient, and quick and easy to install. They can even be "zoned" to cool only parts of your house at a time.

The system consists of just three parts:

1. Quiet indoor air-distribution units

2. Hidden refrigeration lines that link this / these units to …

3 … an outdoor compressor / condenser.

The only visible parts to the ductless system inside the house are small 1-3 inch in diameter holes where the distribution units are mounted. Ductless systems are actually much less visible that almost any other kind of heating or cooling system.

You do not have to change any existing ductwork, or anything about how you currently heat your house to get a ductless air conditioning system.

Advantages of ductless air conditioning systems:

1. Central air increases the resale value of your house, and in some areas is close to required to get any buyer interest

2. They are very small; in fact they are practically invisible.

3. Ductless air systems are easy to install, and the technology has made it so that the systems can be installed with little or no disruption to existing walls and facades.

4. These systems have flexible types of installation – you can choose floor, ceiling, and / or wall-mounted units depending on what will be least visible and disruptive to your existing decor

5. They can be "zoned" to individually cool specific rooms or groups of rooms, further reducing the cost and wastefulness, especially as compared to window units.

Even in some homes that are heated with forced air, the ductless air conditioning system may be optimal because it will save the energy that is currently lost as air travels through the ductwork (think of cooled air passing through a duct in a super-hot attic , or hot air through a cold basement).

More and more you will see window units disappearing from homes like yours … look into the opportunity to use ductless central air conditioning yourself!