DevOps Automation for Faster and Continuous Product Release

Success will not come easily without businesses lay groundwork for it. In the cut throat competition seizing market opportunities is a key challenge for companies. Businesses have diverse IT solutions for ensuring timely product delivery to markets and streamlining operations. But are they effective as they are supposedly to be? This question is addressed to C level executives who are in the helm of finance, healthcare and insurance sectors to name a few.

Experts say DevOps is a lean and agile approach intended to capture market opportunities. For that it is necessary to integrate development and operations team to automate processes. The key is behaving like production system where development and QA team work together and perform well before it is ready for deployment. The agile environment helps in enhancing the quality process where innovation is fostered amongst team members and the whole execution process is streamlined.

While describing about DevOps it is also necessary to understand the difference between 'agile' and 'DevOps'. This is to ensure that prospective organizations need to understand the key difference between the two. Agile is about change in thinking having limited scope. On the contrary DevOps' scope is broad that spans cultural change with the involvement of all stakeholders involved in IT product delivery. For this, the release managers utilize tools like application release automation and continuous integration tools to attain project goals by emphasizing on continuous delivery approach.

Integration Leads to Standardization

In the same vein, DevOps encourages communication within the team working on the project to analyze gaps and fix the same before the product release. Now the question is how to improve the product quality by standardizing the processes. To understand more on DevOps let us take the example of testing, an important phase in product development. The traditional method of learning from mistakes and stop reiterating it is time consuming and expensive. To solve this problem, DevOps approach calls for enhanced communication among the development, business, and testing team right from the planning phase to ensure all the three quakeholders are informed well on the workflow of the new product. To be specific, this means integrating the development environment, test environment, stage environment, and production environment where all holders are directed towards one direction with no hindrance in the workflow. Once the testers are involved right from the day one, the possibilities of identifying and fixing gaps during each sprint are higher. It is at this stage the importance of automation coming as it is vital to ensure standardized processes are adjusted for the best product quality. The end result is quality product reaching the market at a faster pace.

Functions of DevOps

What are the functions DevOps integrates? For all those who aspire to use this approach need to know the integration of various functions like:

• Continuous integration
• Continuous deployment
• Log management
• Load balancing
• Monitoring
• Infrastructure management

Organizations need to have clear understanding about DevOps automation and how to obtain maximum results through a DevOps approach. For this, it is important to understand continuous monitoring of application and environments hold the key to success of business by improving the code and processes.

Do Businesses Have DevOps Strategy?

Businesses need to have a DevOps strategy to:

• Gauge DevOps business drivers and initiatives of organizations.
• Assess important DevOps domains that align with organization's goals.
• Prioritize projects size wise and duration wise.

Strategies are vital for gaining visibility in a competitive era. DevOps itself is a combination of strategies understanding the gaps of products and processes intended to produce standard software products and services. If businesses are convinced about the need to have a DevOps strategy, they can count on reputed IT vendors who can suggest on 'why's and' how's on DevOps. They will examine what can be automated after identifying the gaps in the existing development and operations process to improve the same. In sum, moving towards DevOps automation is advantageous for businesses.

Top 16 Places To See In Australia

The land down under is vast and the list of things to see and do is HUGE! Whatever you come to play at the beach, climb a mountain, explore a city, walk in a rain forest, camp in the bush, or get lost in the outback, Australia is both exciting and unique!

Top 16 Places To See …

Great Barrier Reef

One of the seven wonders of the natural world and one of Australia's most remarkable natural gifts, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world's largest coral reef. The reef contains an abundance of marine life and enterprises of over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays and literally hundreds of picturesque tropical islands with some of the worlds most beautiful sun-soaked, golden beaches.


Uluru is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. It has a length of 3,4 km, a maximum width of 2 km, it's 9 km in circumference, and most of its bulk is actually below the ground. The peak rises majestically to a height of over 350 m above the surrounding plain. Uluru is notable for appearing to change color as the different light strikes it at different times of the day and year, with sunset a particularly noticeable sight when it briefly glows red.

Sydney Opera House

Another UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most recognizable images of the modern world – right up there with the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building, and is one of the most photographed and has come to represent 'Australia'. It is a multi-venue performing arts center and was conceived and largely built by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who, in 2003, received the Pritzker Prize, architecture's highest honor.

The Great Ocean Road

One of Australia's most famous drives is a 243-kilometer (151 mi) stretch of road along the south-eastern coast between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Warrnambool. Discover scenic attractions, wildlife and nature. See an amazing array of wildlife, the spectacular 12 Apostles, beautiful beaches, stunning rainforests, waterfalls and more.

Fraser Island, Queensland

Starts the Great Barrier Reef a few hours north of Brisbane. It is the largest sand island in the world and a World Heritage Site. You can only arrive on the unspoiled island by eco friendly tours or your own 4WD, as there are no sealed roads. There are limited places to stay on the island so make sure you book in advance. Drive and play on its long white beaches, witnessing some of the clearest fresh water in the world, trek through its ancient rainforests, and get up close and personal with wild dingoes.

Kakadu, Northern Territory

Is one of the few World Heritage Sites listed for its cultural and natural values. Kakadu is a place of exceptional beauty and unique biodiversity. Its Aboriginal owners and the Director of National Parks own it jointly. Kakadu experiences 6 seasons and has an abundance of unique wildlife and plant species.

Apart from the wetlands there are many beautiful gorges and waterfalls in the park and many people come to visit, not just for this, but to also learn about the Aboriginal people who have lived the area for tens of thousands of years. It is best to visit the park on a guided tour or with your own car. Large saltwater crocs can be found everywhere here so do not ignore the no swimming signs.

The Kimberlys

While in Broome, you can hire a 4WD and explore the beautiful Kimberly region. Your best path is the Gibb River Rd, a 660 km dirt track that runs through the heart of the Kimberly region. Driving along the Gibb will take you through scenic landscapes of red dirt, boab trees, intensely colored ranges, gorges, rock pools and waterfalls that this region is most known for.

The most popular falls and gorges to visit are Windjana Gorge, Galvans Gorge and the most popular Bells Gorge.

Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is a steel through arch bridge across Sydney Harbor that carries rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district (CBD) and the North Shore. The dramatic view of the bridge, the harbor, and the nearby Sydney Opera House is an iconic image of both Sydney and Australia. The bridge is locally nicknamed "The Coat Hanger" because of its arch-based design.

The Bridge Climb is the ultimate experience of Sydney. Choose from three guided Climbs that take you to the summit of this world famous Bridge, 134 meters above Sydney Harbor.

Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth, Western Australia

Imagine visiting Great Barrier Reef fifty years ago, before tourists came and butchered. Well, you have that opportunity when you visit Ningaloo, one of Australia's greatest unknown treasures. Exmouth offers you a "range to reef" experience with rugged ranges and gorges on one side and spectacular Ningaloo Reef on the other.

Ningaloo is one of those rare places on earth where you can walk from the white sandy beaches straight onto the coral reefs and beginning exploring the underwater world -even just by standing in water that reaches your knees you will be surrounded by hundreds of curious fish swimming around your legs. Ningaloo is a great spot for scuba diving or better yet, swimming with the gentle whale sharks.

Visit a Winery.

Australia makes great wine and an abundance of it. There are several wine regions around the country you can visit and enjoy. A day trip to the wineries is an experience never to forget. You can usually jump on a tour and spend the day moving from vineyard to vineyard, sampling various wine and delicious cheeses. Most notably are the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney; The Barossa Valley in South Australia; and Margaret River in Western Australia.

Coober Pedy

In the middle of the South Australian desert, with temperatures hitting heights of near 50 degrees Celsius, you might be wondering why I would recommend a visit to this outback town. Coober Pedy produces most of the world's opals; since the only reason there is a town there and why it brings its 4,000 residents in from over 40 countries.

It is so hot in Coober Pedy that the town's residents actually live underground. Homes, shops, restaurants and pubs can be found down under in cool sandstone dugouts. Coober Pedy is a fascinating place to visit to learn about its history, drink beer in caves, play golf on a course that has not one blade of grass on it and pick up some precious opals.

Broome, Western Australia.

Broome is located in the far north coast of Western Australia. It is a haven for backpackers, and pearl farmers. Backpackers run the majority of the shops in this small town and can be found lighting up the bar atmosphere at night. Broome is one of Australia's most unique towns with its 'country / outback feel' right on the ocean.

Cable Beach is consistently rated as one of the world's best beaches, and a day can be spent here playing cricket on the beach, or swimming with crocodiles and jelly fish (do be careful and read the signs) In the evening, catch a sunset cocktail from the Cable Beach resort or even take a casual beach stroll on a camel. You may even decide you want to stay for a while, work on a pearl farm and earn some money to fund your Broome adventure.

Explore Tasmania

Poor Tasmania gets ridiculously overlooked by many of Australia's backpackers and mainland merchants. Taking the time to come to Tasmania will provide you with an unforgettable travel experience. The travelers that do make the trek to Tasmania rave about its unspoiled beauty.

Tasmania is the Australia's most mountainous state and has some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world. Tasmania's Cradle Mountain National Park is a World Heritage listed site and is a fantastic hiking place to explore its beautiful lakes, rainforests, and waterfalls.

Karijini National Park, WA

Karijini is the second largest national park in Western Australia and one of the most spectacular sights in the Pilbara. It has breathtaking gorges, crystal clear rock pools, waterfalls, and stunning scenery. There is a system of excellent walk trails of varying levels which will lead you deep into the subterranean gorges and through waterfalls where you can dive into sparkling rock pools. There are excellent picnic areas as well as allocated camping sites within the park. One of the great benefits of the park is that its scenery is so accessible. Once you park, you can literally walk 50 meters and peer into canyons to seefalls and emerald colored rock pools.

Aboriginal Cultural Tours

Why not spend some time in Australia learning about the Aboriginal culture? Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest living civilization on Earth. The Aboriginal people survived for 50,000 years as nomadic dellers, never suffering from ailments such as the common cold. They lived off the land and know many secrets to the power the Earth holds for health, healing, and spiritual connection.

The most untouched area is Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. You must apply for permits before you arrive, as it is a highly protected area, owned and controlled by the Aboriginal people, and visits are limited.

Join the Festival Fun

Australians love a good party. Wherever you are in the country you are bound to find a festival to join in on, especially in the summer months. Some of the most popular festivals being Australia Day that is celebrated on January 26 or my favorite ANZAC Day, which is celebrated on April 25. Make sure you head to your local pub at some stage of the day for a game of Two Up- the only day this gambling game is legal.

All You Need To Know About CNC Lathe Machines

Now, there are multiple types of CNC machining process. All of them have different functionalities and operations; CNC turning uses a helix path to cut through the material, while CNC milling uses rotary cutters to remove excess material. All of them require specific machining tools that enable the workpiece to work do the desired work. CNC lathe is one such important tool. In fact, the lathe is seen as the pioneer for being the machine for metal cutting.

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s delve deep into the functioning, properties, and types of CNC lathe machine.


A lathe machine is typically used for shaping the material into the desired form by removing the excess material from a given workpiece (generally cylindrical). Apart from serving as cutting and facing machine, a lathe is also used to perform complex operations such as knurling, deformation, metal spinning, woodturning, thermal spraying, metalworking and more.

According to machine historians, the manual lathe was first used by the reformers in the Ancient Egypt and Greece. The European nation widely utilized two-person lathe variety, with the former turning the workpiece (wood) and the latter cutting off the excess material with a single point cutting tool. With the Industrial Revolution came the modern lathe; advanced, fast, and better!

Main Parts of a CNC Lathe Machine

Before moving on to the functioning of a lathe machine, let’s quickly go through the primary components of a lathe machine:

1. Bed: As the name suggests, the bed of a lathe serves as the base of the whole machine where the different components are mounted. Generally heavily rigid in structure, the lathe beds are made from a 9:1 combination melting of toughened cast iron (semi-steel) and steel scrap. This method helps lathe bed to perform a sliding action easily.

While single-bed lathe machines are quite popular, we also get two-three pieced beds, pieces bolted together to meet the desired length. The beds have a high damping capacity to absorb the vibrations produced by the working machine.

2. Carriage: Used for mounting and moving the cutting tools, a carriage moves the tool horizontally and vertically on the bed for a smooth cutting process.

3. Chuck: A chuck is responsible for holding the workpiece. This component is attached to the spindle that rotates both the chuck and workpiece.

4. CNC Control Panel: The storage center of the machine, CNC control panel stores all the CNC programs and instructions. The CNC expert operates the machine by controlling the keys on the panel, instructing the machine to produce the desired results.

5. Headstock: This part functions as a holding device for the other components of the lathe like gear chain, spindle, driving pulley and more.

6. Main Spindle: The main feeding center of the machine. A stock is fed via the headstock.

7. Main Drive Motor: The drive motor helps rotate the chuck, thus driving the entire machine.

8. Tailstock: A tailstock is usually used to conduct drilling operations and support the system.

9. Tool Turret: A tool turret is used a tool carrier for the machine. The shape and the size of the turret are determined by the number of tools that’ll be mounted on them.

CNC Lathe Machine: How Does It Work?

As discussed in the last part, a typical lathe comprises of a bed, headstock, tailstock, chuck, tool turret, carriage and a spindle for feeding purposes. The following steps define how this particular machine works:

1. First Step: After checking the machine for the working faults, a cylindrical workpiece is attached to the chuck. Its position can differ as per requirement.

2. Second Step: We now set the spindle on the desired speed, thus rotating the chuck and the workpiece. Major attention needs to be paid on the spindle speed as any discrepancy can cause cutting errors. Check if the workpiece is turning properly.

3. Third Step: Now locate the cutting tool at the desired feed by moving the tool turret and carriage. Pay special attention to feeding speed.

4. Fourth Step: Remove all the excess metal by moving the carriage to get the finished product.

Types of Lathe Machines:

Just like every other machine, a lathe machine also has different varieties that are used to fulfill different work requirements. Let’s have a look at the major types of the CNC lathe machine:

Engine Lathes

Pretty popular amongst manufacturers, an engine lathe perfectly suitable for low-power operations. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be used for high-power operations. This device is very reliable and versatile, operating on a wide range of speed & feed ratios. This type is perfect for manufacturers looking for a machine that works with different metals.

Centre Lathe

Centre lathe is a lathe type where the spindle speed is managed via a set of gears that are operated by using a lever.

Gap Bed Lathe

This type of lathe machine contains a removable bed section to accommodate the larger diameter of a workpiece, hence the name gap bed lathe. Generally, the part next to the headstock is removable.

Speed Lathes

A simpler version of a lathe machine, the speed lathe only has a headstock, tailstock, and tool turret. This type is generally used for light machine work as it can only operate in three or four speeds.

Bench Lathe

Smaller in size, a bench lathe can be mounted on a workbench for conducted lighter jobs.

Tool Room Lathes

This type is known for providing the best finishing. Tool-room lathe is highly versatile, working in a number of speeds and feeds.

Turret Lathes

A turret lathe is ideal for quick and sequential workings. With the tool holder in the vicinity, performing multiple operations on a single workpiece becomes several folds easier.

Special Purpose Lathes

These special purpose lathes are used to perform a heavy-duty production of identical parts. Some of the popular special purpose lathes include automatic lathes, crankshaft lathes, bench-type jewelers’ lathes, duplicating lathes, and multi-spindle lathes.

I'm Your Tow Truck When You Get Stuck in the Mud!

Remember kindergarten when you're asking each other what you want to be when you grow up? A teacher! A fireman! The President! The possibilities melt limitless. Kindergarten was a long time ago and maybe you're not so sure of what you want, or you do not know how to get to where you want to be. I've been there.

When I was 33, we moved to a place where I knew no one. Then my husband got laid off and the combination of very little money, no friends and a high-stress level at home caused me to turn inward. My self-esteem plummeted. I started coming up with reasons not to leave the house. Car problems. I did not feel well. We did not have any money so what was the point of going anywhere? It got to the point where I would not even go outside if I saw the mailman coming around the corner, because the idea of ​​talking with people made my heart hammer and my palms sweaty.

Finally, I said: Enough! I knew this was not who I was, who I wanted to be or how I wanted to be. I found a motivational group that taught people how to reach their optimal potential. For the next three years, I worked on myself intensely. It was a terrifying and exhilarating journey. Touching on painful subjects, like having no one to sit with at lunch for six years in grade school, feeling fat in the locker room with my huge stomach while surrounded by swizzle sticks, being screamed at day after day by my second grade teacher, subconsciously choosing to give up my childhood to raise my mother as a means of having value in one part of my life, all of these choices and more caused me to reevaluate my entire life. I would drive the hour there, heart in my throat, because I did not know what emotional issue was going to surface next. A brief time of exhilaration would follow, as I got to the root of the cause of different issues. And then I would drive home with my heart in my throat again, because I felt so different. I was changing, and I did not know if my family would accept me. All I knew was, I could not go back to being that accommodating Mom. My world no longer revolves around my finding value, acceptance, a sense of place, by pleasing others. I was ready to eat my lunch alone and still feel good about myself, but I was really hoping that my family would like to join me.

While shedding emotional baggage, I also shed forty pounds. I went from being an unemployed recluse to landing a job I was great at and making lasting friendships. I went from being completely out of shape to joining a Boxing gym and becoming an amateur female boxer. I even joined a writer's group and revived my memoir of my time in a traveling Carnival and falling in love with a Carnie, who later became my first husband.

It was a hard, painful, and amazing journey. And I came out happy, confident and transformed. Life is now an adventure. And while all the changes caused a lot of shifting to occur within my family, in the end we are all much happier, and I always have someone who would like to join me for lunch, or any other meal for that matter.

It is a brand New Year, I think a great recommendation to all, and certainly tips that I follow for myself, is to start carrying around a little pocket journal and whenever you find yourself having a negative reaction, stop and ask yourself, "Why is this pushing my buttons? " "Why do not I like this person?" "Why do I care about this?" Now, remember it's just you and your journal so be honest! You do not need to hide from your own self. This may seem like a simple process, but you'll find if you are truthful and sincere, this brings up a lot of stuff. And shockingly, none of it has anything to do with anyone else, any situation, or any external thing for that matter! It is all about you. Your reactions are your own. You are the only thing you can control. You can choose happiness. I know it sounds crazy, and I know it goes against all the media and what society preaches. But truth be told, you will not find internal fulfillment by buying a snazzy new dress. You will only find more emptiness to fill.

The amount I have learned about myself, and humanity in general, is tremendous. I have come to realize that my life's purpose is to help people access and cultivate the tools that they need to recognize that they can choose to be happy, independent of anyone or anything else.

Buying Homes and Renovating to Add Value

The local news just announced that home buyers are still in the bird seat. Many owners have held onto their properties waiting for the market to change, but the promised upswing is still nowhere in sight. Today, house hunters are looking for values, but may be disappointed when they discover aging homes which were built for families one or two generations ago. There are still many great values ​​available, but they may not be exactly want shoppers envisioned. Smart home buyers choose to look past what already exists and imagine the new house that they can create through renovations.

Some savvy investors are now buying homes and reinventing them. At first glance a 1950's three bedroom, two-story house may appear outdated and obsolete, although a few interior and exterior improvements can transform it into a modern residence that will not stay on the market very long. These renovated homes often have the look and feel of new construction, but costs less and are located in areas where new homes may be difficult to find.

Homes often look dated due to interior surfaces that have faded or gone out of style. Wall paper, linoleum, and paneling can make a room look and feel dilapidated. Tearing up the old carpet or replacing linoleum with wood and stone tile floors has an almost magical affect. Consider adding natural stone, glass, or ceramic mosaic tiles around kitchen islands, entries and mantles to add a fresh, contemporary look.

Older homes are notorious for lack of storage space and bedrooms. Renovated basements and attics may be an easy way to increase both bedrooms and storage without major room additions. The slanted walls in the attic can often be used for storage or kept as is to add character to the rooms.

If light is a problem, adding a sunroom or a skylight can brighten things up. Home buyers are also smart to assess the old windows and replace them with energy efficient ones. If the rooms feel small, vaulted ceilings can open up crowded rooms and make them feel open and expansive.

Modern exterior improvements like siding and a wooden deck will instantly improve the house's curb appeal. Many of these whole house renovations take a high level of expertise, and are more than weekend projects. Home buyers, who know what they want, can try making the improvements themselves or look for renovators that specialize in reinventing these older properties.

The Best Website Builder Software Exposed

The Best Website Builder Software: I frequently hear the question, "What is the best website builder software out there?"

I will show in a moment with a short story which is the best and why, but first, remember this:

  • Certainly, using the best website builder software available allows anyone to build a successful business online. The internet is free to all and your internet connection can be correctly thought of as the on ramp to personal security and contentment. Anyone, anywhere that uses and learns how a good website builder package operates exclusively has access to the largest, richest market that has ever existed. Anyone with ambition can make their dreams come true.
  • Obviously, if you really do have ambition, you have tried and failed, sometimes many times. The web is scheduled with snake oil salesmen, get rich quick gurus, liars and cheats. You have not failed.
  • Some people try to make doing business on the internet look like rocket science. It is not and software now is easy to use. The biggest problem is that a lot of these comments come from someone we love. This makes the comments more believable and powerful.
  • If your mind is reeling right now from all the hype, the conflicting stories and smoke screens set up by the scam artists, take a break. Relax and take a deep breath.Try to put everything as a for moment and just stop.
  • We are going to blow all those smoke screens away and turn the mirrors of deceit away from you. We will take a sniper's aim at all that and point you in the right direction. Ambition and work will still be required, but great results will be yours.

The best way to relate what the best website builder software must do for you is for me to put it all into a short story that happens millions of times every day.

How my friend Mary became successful using the best website builder:

Mary in Idaho loves little dogs and she has dreamed for a long time of building a website on her favorite small breed which is the mighty Chihuahua. She knows enough about the internet to send email and do some texting, but she has no idea of ​​how to build a website and what to do after she has one up and running.

First, Mary had to do some research. How many people a month around the world make questions about Chihuahuas? Is there a search term that is more often used than others? Are there many different things about the little dogs that people want to know about?

Mary has found software that has access to the search engines and is easy for her to use. Most search engines have these programs, but they are heavily focused on their being able to sell you advertising.

She had been worried about what to call her site. Does the title really matter all that much?

Next, she had to decide on something to sell. She had no money to buy inventory and she did not want to quit her job until her make money online from home business could replace her income from her job.

The best website builder software did not just offer simple tools to put a site together. It gave in depth education and experience much like a science class in high school where classroom theory was reinforced with hands on experiments.

Mary followed the instructions carefully and she learned about affiliate marketing. She could become a commission sales person for any number of companies including huge ones like Amazon.

Now she could build a virtual inventory as large as she wanted without investing a cent of her own.

She very quickly started putting together her website using everything she had learned. She quickly learned to attract a flood of free traffic from the search engines. As time went by, it became the highlight of her week when she could find new products she could become an affiliate for.

Mary started with Chihuahua clothes and then she found safety car seats for Chihuahuas to sell. Amazon offered her all kinds of help setting up a store on her site because they could see she knew what she was doing.

She was soon selling training videos for her little furry friends. She loves doing research on new subjects to cover on her site pages. To make things really easy for her and to help her build a big list of fellow Chihuahua lovers she could build a relationship with and sell to, she learned all about email marketing and how it could be a life changer for her.

Electric Fork Lift – Use With Care When Operating

Electric fork lifts come in many types just like any other equipment available today. Their capacities in carrying loads also vary based on their type. Most warehouses these days make use of a fork lift to move around heavy objects easily since they are capable of carrying objects that weigh around 3 to 5 tons. Forklifts that are larger in size are designed to be able to carry heavier loads such as those needed for shipping.

An operator moves the fork lift by tilting the mast so that the forks, tines, or blades can get a secure hold on the object that needs to be lifted and moved around. It is a common practice to rate a forklift based on its maximum load in terms of capacity. The same rule applies in electric fork lifts.

If you are going to look at these machines closely you will find that they can be operated using rear-wheel steering. This feature allows the operator to move the lift around tight or confined spaces easily. However, those who are not accredited to this kind of driving may find the rear-wheel steering a bit odd to manipulate. Keep in mind that operating this machine may take time to get accustomed to since it can not be operated easily since it does not move steadily. The blades used for loading have a tendency to move whenever the lift is moving. Equipment that can move heavy loads like electric fork lifts are very much in demand in warehouses, factories and even manufacturing companies because it allows operators to get the job done in a faster and more convenient manner.

An operator of this machine needs to maneuver the equipment onto a loading bay where multiple pallets are placed. Moving the equipment in such spaces need experience, skill and proficiency which can be achieved through extensive training. This kind of structure is actually more prone to dangers that is why it needs a skilled operator to drive the lift. Also, the designers of storage bays pay special attention to the minimum detail of their design to ensure that no accidents will befall those who are using it.

If you are planning on operating an electric fork lift, there are multiple organizations that conduct training so provided that they too have passed the necessary training and examination and are licensed to teach. For those who have received certification to teach future operators of electric fork lifts, they can train students in their own location or in the organization's own school. The format for training on a lift can be off-site and on-site.

There are studies conducted that show that there is a high percentage of on-site accidents in warehouses and factories that make use of fork lifts. It is usually the operators who are blamed for these accidents. However, the reason why so many accidents occur in these conditions is the fact that the operators did not receive proper training in operating electric fork lifts. Nowadays, business owners who are using electric fork lifts in their business are looking forward to having their operators get the training they need to be able to become fully qualified to operate such an equipment. Giving their operators proper training with proper certification helps minimize the dangers of working in a factory or warehouse where such an equipment is used.

There are other instruments that can be used in such places such as industrial trucks. Driving this equipment should only be in a certain speed limit. Most fork lifts are designed to have horns in them to be able to warn those who are on foot that they are coming. It is also required for the operator of electric fork lifts to have good eyesight and that the factory or warehouse that they are working in has adequate lighting for them to see things properly.

Selective Demolition

The process

Selective demolition is a process where the demolition activities are sequenced in such a way that it makes way for the separation of building materials and then sorting them out. The act involves the removal of selective parts of building; the removal of portions or components of a structure. This process is used to demolish certain interior finishes without affecting the remaining structure in any way.

The projects involving selective demolition are the ones which have environmental ramifications. There are structural considerations in this process since these can have potential impacts to the other works which are happening within the adjacent area. For example, if a selective demolition work is going on within operating facilities like factories, schools, offices or hospitals, then the work goes on while the facilities remain fully functional.

Services and providers

There are several construction contractors who offer a wide range of selective demolition services. Usually these companies draw an outline of the whole project, how and when it is to be carried out and lay out the plans for every part of the demolition work. They play a key role in anticipating the possible problems that can arise and prepare solutions for them. These demolition service providers handle every kind of task right from the extensive renovation of the buildings to seismic retrofits of multi-story buildings to condo conversions.

Besides, the companies also engage in tasks like removal of conveyers, stairs, elevators, boilers, escalators, stacks etc. They also take up simple interior demolition works. There are service providers who also take up drilling and installation jobs. Some of the other jobs that include selective demolition are concrete roughening, bridge retrofit works, surface preparation and base isolation. So, if you have been worrying about the removal of your penthouse or those unwanted sections of your warehouse, then call up your nearest service provider soon and get your work done in the most hassle free way.

A Healthier And Easier Way To Make Yogurt

Yogurt is a creamy and delicious food full of essential nutrients that make it one of the healthiest foods that can be made at home. Often people turn to store-bought yogurt instead of making it at home when they face issues like yogurt turning out sour or watery.

But the store-bought yogurt is not a good alternative because it is full of artificial additives and sweeteners that are unhealthy, like gelatin, pectin etc. And all the good stuff is processed out through processes like ultra-pasteurization etc. Why get an unhealthy version of this great food when there is a healthier and easier way to make yogurt at home!

Here is a different way to make yogurt that is simple and it makes thick and delicious yogurt in less than 10 minutes, so you never have to choose unhealthy store-bought yogurt again.

The key is to choose the right pot – a non-toxic, semi-porous pot made from pure clay is the right one for this purpose! Pure clay is unglazed natural clay and the pot made from it is naturally semi-porous or breathable. This allows just the excess water to evaporate leaving all the liquid probiotics intact. A unique feature that makes your yogurt thicker and silkier, naturally! Also, it is 100% non-toxic so it does not leach like metal / ceramic pots.

You can make healthy and delicious yogurt at home in less than 10 minutes hands-on time, here are the steps:

  1. Add milk to the pot and let it warm on medium heat with the lid on till small bubbles form on the surface. (for 25-30 minutes for a g gallon of milk) Turn the stove off, open lid and let it cool till you can put your little finger and hold it there for 5 secs (for 30 minutes). Now the milk is ready for adding the culture.
  2. Add yogurt culture, stir and cover lid. (takes 3 minutes)
  3. Place in the oven with the light on. (takes 2 minutes)

Let it incubate for 6-8 hours and the yogurt is ready! The yogurt left in the pot gets thicker and thicker in just a few hours after.

How is it healthier?

Yogurt made this way has no interaction with chemicals or toxins and it does not suffer nutritional loss while heating. As yogurt is naturally thick, and creamy there is no need for training! And because it's made in pure-clay (anything cooked in pure clay is very delicious) there is no need for adding unhealthy artificial additives or sweeteners like in store bought yogurt. Just a dab of salt or a sprinkle of brown sugar or any fruits of your choice or even a sprinkle of granola …

So, you can easily make the healthiest and most delicious yogurt using the right pot – A pure clay pot.

Brinkman Grill – All in One Outdoor Cooker Review

Are you tired of old and traditional ways of cooking and grilling your food? Perhaps it is time to consider the Brinkman Grill and what it can offer you. The product offers an all-in-one cooking experience that even the most outdoors savvy chef can attest to. It is known to make a difference in outdoor grilling that can be enjoyed by both family and friends regardless of where they may be for their barbeque.

There are a lot of important considerations that have to be listed down when it comes to outdoor grills. A major concern that needs to be addressed is the mobility of the grill that you will purchase. It is important to know if you can easily transport the grill from one place to another. As a general rule, the Brinkman has designed its grill with dimensions 17 x 17 x 45 to specifically answer this concern regarding mobility through its innovative and minimalist design.

As compared to its other counterparts in the market, the Brinkman allows its users to easily switch from one cooking style to another depending on what needs to be done. Its design allows you to conveniently switch because of the way it was manufactured from simply deep frying to grilling in a matter of seconds. It is no doubt that this product can definitely deliver every need any outdoor enthusiast demands of the product.

When you decide that you want to deep fry with the Brinkman Grill you can assure yourself that the flat surface provision it has can withstand heavy pots that is put on it. Its durable design also allows you to perform gas grilling with the use of the lava rock accessory which is contained by the LP gas range that comes with it as well. To answer the safety and practicality that an individual needs, the Brinkman grills has a built in aluminum base that causes it from breaking down because of heat. It is also responsible for preventing rust from accumulating over time.

For those that are more inclined to nature, it is also possible to switch from gas to charcoal for grilling. All that is required is to fill the Brinkman with charcoal; that simple. You do not need to worry about its base since it is also well protected by its aluminum coating.

Users should also note that the dome-style design of the grill helps in the proper distribution of heat when grilling. It is also capable of minimizing the smoke emissions while a built-in heat indicator is also in place.
It is no doubt that the Brinkman Grill is definitely the best buy for your money. With a discount price of $ 111.94 down from its original price of $ 189.95, you can insure yourself to get your money's worth.

No Generator Output? Flashing The Field To Fix Or Troubleshoot

As a former employee and current owner of an industrial generator rental company and electrician with 15 years of generator troubleshooting experience, I’ve had many situations where the engine powering the genset is running great, but the generator isn’t producing any electricity. There are plenty of articles on the internet explaining how to flash the field in order to re-magnetize the generator, but this one will go a step further and also explain how artificially exciting a generator can aid in narrowing down the cause of the failure.


Just because you don’t see any volts on your panel meter doesn’t mean that you won’t be electrocuted. Remember, the panel meter can be flawed, check it with a hand held multimeter. Secondly, flashing a field results in a build up of magnetism within the generator. Over time of inactivity, the magnetism may dissipate entirely and flashing the field “refills” the missing magnetism. It is, however, entirely possible that the reason for the generator losing output isn’t related to a lack of residual magnetism in the generator. If this is the case, then there will be a voltage present that is lower than the rated output voltage, but definitely enough to cause a painful electrocution.


Use a multimeter to check if there is any voltage present at all. If there is, then it’s a good indication that the problem is not within the generator.

Shut the machine off and locate the voltage regulator. You’ll find 2 wires marked F+ and F-. Pay close attention to where each is and remove them. Put your multimeter on “Ohms” and measure the resistance across them and write down the result. Unfortunately each manufacturer has different values as normal, but 0 and infinite ohms are two bad news signs that you’ll require the services of a generator rewind shop. If you have ohms, leave the wires off and keep reading.


Ideally you’ll have a variable DC supply available. If not, use a 9V battery, or even a car battery and carefully hook up the [+ to F+] and the [- to F-].

Start the engine, and keep it at low idle if possible. You should instantly notice a voltage is present. As you increase engine RPM, you’ll notice the voltage will increase. Do not go beyond rated voltage. Keep the machine running for 30 seconds and shut off the engine.

Re-connect the F+ and F- to their original location. Now start the engine and see if you have volts.


By flashing the field and bringing the machine up to proper voltage, you’ve effectively ruled out any problems within the generator’s main windings (the most expensive repair).

You should now focus on the AVR (automatic voltage regulator), a fuse in line with the AVR, or a wire or switch that supplies the AVR. Do “tug testing” of wires, visually inspect everything that you can. If nothing wrong is found, contact the manufacturer of the generator and find out what the ohms of the field should be and compare it to what you found earlier.

ADHD – New Treatments

The good news is that an avalanche of scientific discoveries are pouring out the brains of clinicians who treat serious psychiatric / psychological disorders. One of those disorders is called Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with increased precalency including ADHD ADHD. The primary treatment for ADHD is medication, especially psychostimulants. However, around 20% of all children with ADHD do not respond to psychostimulants .. Also many children and adults have serious side effects from stimulant medications.

A non-medication treatment with no side effects is EEG biofeedback that reports improved clinical outcome after about 40 to 80 sessions for about 80% of ADHD patients. More good news is that because of advances in modern neuroscience it is possible to achieve clinical improvement in fewer than 20 sessions. For instance, real-time fMRI biofeedback can achieve modification of blood flow in specific brain regions in one 20 minute session (eg, anterior cingulate gyrus ,.

The reason that a single 20 minute session achieves clinical change is because of the ANATOMICAL specificity of the fMRI method where a part of the brain linked to the patient's symptoms is targeted for biofeedback or neurofeedback (NFB). In contrast, surface EEG is diffuse and less specific, for example, the EEG recorded from a single scalp location (eg, Cz) senses sources from widespread regions of the brain and is a mixture of many different frequencies. Surface Z scores improve specificity by isolating dysregulated locations and rhythms, especially when using the Laplacian transform and Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA) Z scores (ie, real-time or "live" comparisons to a normative database). For example, LORETA Z score biofeedback also often produces results in one 20 minute session because EEG source localization has accuracies similar to fMRI of about 1 cm to 3 cm and there is more more specific than is surface EEG.

Brain Networks and ADHD
Modern neuroscience using different measurement modalities, including functional MRI (fMRI), PET, EEG / MEG, Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), neuropsychological, genetics, and neurochemical studies, has implicated the attention network, default mode network (DMN) and fronto- striatal network abnormalities as contributing to ADHD. Functional imaging studies on ADHD, in particular, have increased almost exponentially over the past decade. A current PubMed search combining the terms 'ADHD and imaging' returned 1,259 results, with more than 100 papers published in the last year alone. Given this vast body of research on neuroimaging of ADHD, this paper can not be comprehensive, nor will it critique individual articles. Instead, it will focus on new advances in understanding of brain networks and connections between nodes of networks within the ADHD literature. It will then seek to place this new information in the context of recent advances in EEG biofeedback in which dysregulation in nodes and connections in relevant brain systems can be made the target of real-time biofeedback with the goal of reinforcing stability and increased information processing in these networks.

Attention Network
Attention is a coercive aspect of consciousness and involves selecting a small subset of stimuli from a larger universe for entry into consciousness and the creation of new memories and new actions. Neuroimaging research on attention has demonstrated three networks: 1 – alerting responses, 2 – orientation responses and 3, executive attention. The alerting network is based in the brainstem with emphasis on the locus coeruleus, cerebellum, basal ganglia and regions of the frontal and parietal cortex. The orienting network consists of a dorsal and ventral branch where the dorsal network consists of the frontal eye fields (FEF) and the intraparietal sulcus and superior parietal lobe (IPS & SPL). The ventral attention network consiststs of parts of the temporal-parietal junction (TPJ) and the ventral frontal cortex (VFC). The executive attention network networks of the cingulate cortex-operational frontal cortex and the fronto-parietal system.

Real-time LORETA Z score EEG biofeedback is used to target current source density in the attention networks depending on the indicators of dysregulation based on age matched Z scores. The goal is to reinforce stability within the various aspects of the human attention network depending on the patient's symptoms. Figure 2 is a Talairach atlas representation of the Brodmann areas (nodes) and connections between Brodmann areas of the dorsal attention network that is used in LORETA Z score NFB.

Default Mode Network
When one is at rest and not engaged in a task and instead ruminating about the past and future (eg, self-narrative) then it is during these reflective moments that there are changes in the synaptic synchronization of millions of neurons connected in a network called the 'Default Mode Network' (DMN). The DMN is suppressed when the attention network is active or anti-correlated with the attention network and is promulgated primarily by the posterior cingulate gyrus, hippocampus, medial frontal lobes, temporal lobes and parietal lobes with approximately five times the number of synaptic connections than any other cortical network. Reciprocal inhibitory and excitatory dynamics occurring in the sub-second time domain that only qEEG is capable of detection in contrast to eye-ball visual examination of EEG traces.

The default mode network is what one's brain does when not engaged in specific tasks. It is the busy or active part of our brains when we are mentally passive. The "DMN is seen to collectively compose an integrated system for autobiographical, self-monitoring and social cognitive functions." It has also been considered as responsible for REST (rapid episodic spontaneous thinking). That is, the spontaneous mind wandering and internal self-talk and thinking that one engages in when not working on a specific task or, when completing a task that is so automatized (eg, driving a car) that our mind starts to wander and generate spontaneous thoughts. It is likely that people differ in the amount of spontaneous mind wandering (which can be both positive creative thinking or distracting thoughts), with some having a very unquiet mind that is hard to turn off, while others can turn off the inner thought generation and self-talk and display tremendously self-focus or controlled attention to perform a cognitively or motorically demanding task. The anterior insula and anterior cingulate gyrus are referred to as the salience network that is involved in switching the DMN and Executive Attention network on and off in a reciprocal manner.

In evaluating and refining attention deficit disorder the link between the attention network (AN) and the default mode network (DMN) is important. For example, imagine a child sitting in a class room attending to a lecture when suddenly a thought from the past intrudes into consciousness, it could be something a parent said or someone else in the past said and there is an attention shift in mood and conscious content away from the lecture to a self-narrative mediated by the DMN. After a few moments one shifts attention back to the lecture but now some of the lecture is missed and it may have been an important part of the lecture. Excessive intrusion of self- narrative memories and thoughts is an example of why both the AN & DMN as well as the insular cortex involved in switching between the two systems may need to be included in a neurofeedback protocol. It is important for the clinician to ask questions about the nature of the problems the client has with sustaining or shifting attention to better predict which aspects of the attention dynamic may be dysregulated in order to select an optimal protocol for LORETA Z score neurofeedback.

Standard surface EEG measures of connectivity such as coherence, phase differences, co-modulation and phase reset have also been applied to Brodmann areas and 3-dimensional networks using Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA). As mentioned previously, direct measurement of network connectivity has provided increased specificity and improved clinical output in fewer sessions using 3-dimensional LORETA Z score NFB. Recently, the ability to use fundamental network metrics such as phase lock duration and phase shift duration between Brodmann areas complying the attention and default networks has been successfully used for NFB. Figure 6 is an example of phase shift duration between some of the Brodmann areas that represent the default mode network and emphasize the increased temporal and anatomical specificity when using 3-dimensional EEG source analyzes like LORETA.

EEG phase lock duration is correlated approximately 0.86 with EEG coherence, however, the 3-dimensional measurement of phase lock duration between Brodmann areas produces more discrete and precise ranges of phase lock than is observed at the scalp surface. At the level of 3-dimensional imaging there is increased temporal discreteness and temporal precision of phase locking observed with LORETA analyzes of time series from different Brodmann areas that combine the DMN. Also there is a systematic relationship between the duration of phase shift and phase lock and the distance between Brodmann areas as nodes of networks. A frequently heard view is that neurons that are wired together fire together and dysregulation in networks is indicated by either too much or too little functional connectivity involved in neural resource recruitment and resource allocation for brief periods of time. Optimal information processing in networks can now be restructured using NFB at spatial and temporal resolutions that are much greater than in studies that use only one or two scalp electrodes.

The goal of this brief review was to introduce the reader to new advances in EEG network analyzes as applied to EEG biofeedback of the attention and default networks in patients with ADHD. Improvement clinical outcome in fewer sessions can be achieved by thorough clinical assessment that links symptoms to networks of the brain related to the symptoms followed by reinforcement of stability and increased information processing between nodes of the relevant dysregulated networks. The nearly 60 years of science in support of the mechanisms of operant conditioning and the application of operant conditioning to treatment ADHD have reached a level of concern where clinicians can use affordable EEG technology to treat patients and achieve clinical clinical outcomes in fewer sessions than the case in the past. It is important to continue to use modern neuroscience of brain networks for both assessment and treatment while at the same time adhering to the fundamental principles of operant conditioning.

Aluminum Welder – A Comprehensive Welding Solution

This all new equipment can be used for repairing corroded regions, oil impregnated areas and other areas which require welding. The WeldAll LS-160P can be used in a fast and easy manner. It is very efficient and helps in saving both time and effort. This Aluminum Welder equipment can be used even by beginners and can be easily operated. There are many different models of Aluminum welders available in the market though WeldAll LS-160P stands apart from them all. It helps in producing accurate welding results and can be used for brazing very strong rods. It has great penetrating power and penetrates even through the toughest of Aluminum rods. It can pass through impurities like oil, anti freeze as well as corrosion. It has the ability to repair metals which can not be welded using a conventional Aluminum welder. The weldability of this element is based on its chemical composition.

This aluminum welder can be used for repairing a whole range of items including aluminum heads, fenders, pot metal, transmission cases, engine blocks, condenser lines, cast iron head, irrigation pipe and many more. These equipments are portable and can be easily transported around. It uses the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welder which is used for the welding of the metal. This is a heavy duty machine which can be used for aluminum fabrication. It can be used on a daily basis for the welding of aluminum and creates great output. You can choose your own input voltage based on your needs and the amount that is required for cutting through the metal.

There is a voltage control panel which contains the voltage and one also has the option to adjust the voltage if needed. It has many other aluminum welder applications which serve a variety of purposes. Aluminum welder is used for cutting through the metal and fixing and repairing items.

WeldAll LS-160P can easily set up and it produces great output. It can be used for heavy duty work and works great in cutting through aluminum. This equipment is said to even fix or repair oxidized metals and achieves the impossible. It is a great device for brazing aluminum and is easy to use. It can be used for getting great welding results and will cut through strong brazing aluminum rods. It uses a pilot arc technology that helps you to begin arc in air. It has better consumable life and its torches could be hooked into CNC machines.

It has a high speed cooling fan which helps in regulating the temperature. Its unit has been built to protect against thermal overload. This aluminum welder device uses MOSFET technology. It has a main unit, TIG torch, stick holder, foot pedal, argon regulator, arc cutting torch, earth clamp, air hose, etc. Accessories can also be added into the device based on the requirements. It is a great aluminum welding device which offers hardcore welding, and is available for sale with Longevity.

Brain Tumor Symptoms and Treatments

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue in the brain or central spine, that is responsible for proper brain functionality. Doctors refer to a problem based on where the tumor cells originated, and whether they are cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (Benign)

Benign-The least aggressive of the tumor is benign tumor. They originate from cells within or surrounding the brain, do not contain cancer cells, grow slowly, and typically have clear borders.

Malignant-Malignant type contains cancer cells and often do not have clear borders. They are considered to be life threatening because they grow rapidly and invade surrounding brain tissue.

Primary- Tumors that start in cells of the brain are called primary brain tumors. The tumor can spread to the other parts of the brain or to the spine.

Metastatic- Secondary type begins in the part of the body and then spread to the brain. These tumors are more common than primary brain tumors.


When the brain tumor is suspected, a number of tests may be done to help the doctor reach a brain tumor diagnosis. These tests may also be able to help the doctor determine what kind of tumor it is.

Some of the tests performed to first diagnose the tumor and later used to monitor progress- to see, if the tumor has disappeared, is striking, remains the same or has changed in the same way.

The doctors, nurses, and other professionals give these tests can provide an answer, information, reassurance to help one feel more at ease.

The most common symptoms of a brain tumor include

• Headaches
• Numbness in arms and legs
• Memory problems
• Balance and walking problems
• Nausea and vomiting
• Change in speech, vision, or hearing

Brain tumors grades

Brain tumor is classified as grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 type of tumor

Grade 1- Benign tumors with a slow growth rate, look like normal brain cells.

Grade 2- Malignant tumors that look less normal than the grade 1 tumors.

Grade 3- Malignant tumors that look very different from normal cells. They grow actively and look distinctly abnormal.

Grade 4- Malignant tumors with distinctly abnormal-looking cells that grow and spread rapidly.


To diagnose a type, the doctor starts by asking questions about your symptoms and taking a personal and family health history. Then he / she perform a physical exam including a neurological exam. If there's reason to suspect a brain tumor, the doctor may request one or more of the following tests.

• Imagine studies such as CT scan or MRI to see detailed images of the brain.
• Angiogram, which involves the use of dye and X-ray of blood vessels in the brain to look for the signs of the type or abnormal blood vessels.
• The doctor may also ask for a Biopsy to determine whether or not the tumor is cancer. A tissue sample is removed from the brain either during surgery to remove the tumor with the needle inserted through a small hole drilled.
• Options include treatment by surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

How are it can be treated

Surgery to remove the brain tumor is typically the first option, once a brain tumor has been diagnosed. However, some tumor can not be surgically removed because of their location in the brain. In those cases, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are both options for killing and shrinking the tumor.

Because treatment for cancer also can damage healthy tissue, it's important to discuss possible side and long term effects of whatever treatment is being used with your doctor. Rehabilitation could involve working with different therapies

• Physical therapist to regain strength and balance
• Speech therapist to address problem with speaking, expressing thought
• Occupational therapist to help manage daily activities such as using bathing and wearing the wound properly.

Common Mistakes Couples Do When Working With A Wedding Photographer

There are lots of tasks that need to be done when preparing for an event most especially special ones like weddings. Of course, couples need to address all these tasks to ensure that their wedding will be successful and memorable.

Therefore, it is important to hire experts who can help you. For one, you need to hire caterers who will prepare, cook and serve meals and drinks to your guests. Next, you need to rent a venue for your wedding party to make it more appealing. It is also essential that you also hire a wedding photographer who will capture every moment of your wedding.

There are plenty of professional photographers you can hire. However, there are instances when couples make mistakes while working with these experts. In order to avoid these mistakes, reputable wedding photographers cite the most common mistake couples make.

Quantity over quality

One of the most common mistake couples make when working with photographers is opting for quantity over quality. Of course, having numerous photos in your wedding can surly provide you with memories. But, not all photos are captured properly due to certain issues like lack of illumination. Therefore, it is important for couples to opt for quality to ensure that all photos can provide them with stories of their wedding day.

Teaching a pro

One of the reasons couples hire a professional photographer is to obtain wonderful and unique photos of their wedding day. Here, couples must not teach the photographer. There are cases when couples instruct a photographer or even reject the ideas of the photographer when taking shots, which can affect the photos during your wedding day.

Letting others shoot along the photographer

Of course, some guests, relatives, friends and even colleagues wish to take photos of you and your partner during your wedding day. Unfortunately, letting others shoot can interfere with the tasks of the photographer. As a result, a picture perfect shot may turn into an image of mayhem since other individuals who are taking pictures can ruin the shot.

Hiring a photographer from a far place

When hiring a photographer, it is best to hire a professional in your area. Surely, there are photographers who are more skilled in far places. However, these professionals can not take pictures in some family events like the preparation of the venue which is also important to have a wonderful memory about your wedding.

Not asking about a contract

Finally, it is also important that you ask a contract since some photographers may neglect your wedding due to better profits from other photography services. With this, you are sure that photographers will be there during your wedding day.

By knowing all these mistakes, couples can be sure that they have wonderful photos of their big day. Click here for more.