A General Overview for Carpet Installation

When it comes time to install carpeting, don’t think that you need to call in a professional. Although carpeting is one of the harder flooring types to install, it can still be successfully installed by a savvy DIY-er. Not only will you save on the cost of installation, but you will have an accomplishment that you can be proud of. And, once you execute carpet installation the first time around, subsequent installations will be much easier.

To get started, you first need to measure the room. Measure the width and the length and be sure to add a few inches for thresholds and doorways. Write down your measurements or draw a diagram of your space and bring it along with you to the retailer.

Next, prepare the room for installation. Install a tack strip around the entire perimeter of the room, but be sure to maintain a 3/8″ space between the strip and the baseboard. You can choose to place a piece of plywood next to the baseboard and wall, which will protect them as you hammer down the tack strip. When hammering it down, make sure that there are two nails in every piece of tack. If possible, choose the wider tack strip that you see at the home improvement store.

Next comes the carpet padding. Start in one corner of the room and roll out the carpet padding. Trim as close to the tack strip as possible, while stapling the padding down every two feet or less. You will also need to cut the padding to fit around doors and other trim. Once this portion of carpet installation is complete, it’s time to get started with the actual carpeting. Just as with the padding, you will need to roll out the carpeting. Since the rolls are heavy, expect to have someone help you with this step.

Once the carpet is laid out, there should be several inches extending over the baseboards. This ensures that you have extra carpet to work with. You now need to fit the carpet and make sure that it will be straight throughout installation. To do this, run a line through the bunched up carpet next to the baseboard. Then make two vertical cuts on either side, as well as a horizontal cut through the line. Do the same on the far end of the wall. If you find that carpet is not even with the baseboard, use a knee kicker to adjust the carpet.

For the actual carpet installation, begin in one corner of the room. You will need to trim the carpet next to the wall and tuck in the ends using a plastic paddle. The carpet will firmly secure itself into the tack strip. Be sure that you don’t hammer the carpet into the tack strip, even though this may seem logical at first. If you do this, the hammering will cause the tacks to bend and not hold the carpeting in securely. Now use a power stretcher to level the carpeting. Power stretchers can be rented at home improvement stores and are used by extending the machine across the width of the room. The tool will tack the carpet down in the tack strip.

Using a trimmer, trim the carpet against the baseboard and tuck it into the space that was provided between the wall and baseboard. Once completed, you can clean up the carpeting by vacuuming up the loose pieces and have the carpeting professionally cleaned. You’ll also need to replace the shoe molding to give the carpeting its finished look. With careful precision and the right tools, you can carry out carpet installation that looks like the professionals did it – and perhaps even better!

Origin And Development Of Guidance And Counseling Practice In Tanzanian Schools

1.0. Overview

1.1. Background and History of Guidance and Counseling in General in School Practice and other setting

The history of school counseling formally started at the turn of the twentieth century, although a case can be made for tracing the foundations of counseling and guidance principles to ancient Greece and Rome with the philosophical teachings of Plato and Aristotle. There is also evidence to argue that some of the techniques and skills of modern-day guidance counselors were practiced by Catholic priests in the middle ages, as can be seen by the dedication to the concept of confidentiality within the confessional. Near the end of the sixteenth century, one of the first texts about career options appeared: The Universal Plaza of All the Professions of the World, (1626) written by Tomaso Garzoni quoted in Guez, W. & Allen, J. (2000). Nevertheless, formal guidance programs using specialized textbooks did not start until the turn of the twentieth century.

Counseling is a concept that has existed for a long time in Tanzania. We have sought through the ages to understand ourselves, offer counsel and develop our potential, become aware of opportunities and, in general, help ourselves in ways associated with formal guidance practice. In most communities, there has been, and there still is, a deeply embedded conviction that, under proper conditions, people can help others with their problems. Some people help others find ways of dealing with, solving, or transcending problems as Nwoye, (2009) prescribed in his writings. In schools, presently if the collaboration between teachers and students is good, students learn in a practical way. Young people develop degrees of freedom in their lives as they become aware of options and take advantage of them. At its best, helping should enable people to throw off chains and manage life situations effectively. Unprecedented economic and social changes have, over the years, changed the ways in which we manage our lives. Consequently, not all the lessons of the past can effectively deal with the challenges of modern times. Effective counseling, especially in institutions of learning has now become important. Boys and girls, and young men and women, need to be guided in the relationships between health and the environment, earning skills, knowledge, and attitudes that lead to success and failure in life. The need for counseling has become paramount in order to promote the well-being of the child. Effective guidance and counseling should help to improve the self-image of young people and facilitate achievement in life tasks. Counseling should empower girls and boys to participate fully in, and benefit from, the economic and social development of the nation.

2.0. Definitions of Concepts

2.1. Guidance

Guidance is an act of showing the way for some people, like adolescents, who cannot find the right path. It is directing, pointing, leading and accompanying. Guidance is saying “Yes” to someone who is asking for help. It is saying “Yes” to an invitation of someone who wants a temporary companion along life’s way.

Guidance is giving directions to the lonely, confused, unloved, the suffering, the sick and the lost. It is pointing to some possibilities of thinking, feeling and acting. It is leading the person psychologically, emotionally and even spiritually to some newer ways of meaningful living. It is accompanying those who are fearful and uncertain, those who need someone along the rugged path of life’s journey.

From an objective point of view, guidance is part and parcel of the counseling profession. It is called directive counseling. High school and even college students need guidance when they are unsure of what choices to make or what directions to take. The guidance counselor “opens up” a world of choices for these persons for them to choose from. It is like presenting the universe when all that a person sees is the lonely planet earth. The guidance counselor enlarges and widens the horizon of people who sees only a narrow path or a concealed view of that path. Thus, the focus is on possibilities and choices.

Usually, guidance occurs in schools. High school and college students avail of guidance and counseling services in their school. More often, young people are unsure of what to do, how to react or respond, and how to act in certain choices. When this occurs, they need someone older, wiser and more experienced to show them the way, to guide them. This is the role of the guidance counselor to extend assistance when necessary to those who are confused, uncertain, and needing advice. However, some adults may need guidance too.

2.2. Counseling:

Counseling is guiding and more. It is a way of healing hurts. It is both a science and an art. It is a science because to offer counsel, advice or assistance, the counselor must have the knowledge of the basic principles and techniques of counseling. The counselor must be able to use any of these basic principles and techniques as paradigms in order for him to counsel well. However, it is not enough to use know these basic principles and techniques. The other important aspect is for the counselor to know how to counsel-the art of counseling. This aspect considers counseling as a relationship, as a sharing of life, in the hope that the person who is hurting will be healed. As a relationship, counseling involves the physical, emotional, and psychical or spiritual dimensions. The counselor must have the ability to relate to the counselee in an appropriate physical manner without being too intimate or too close for comfort or being too distant or aloof. The emotional dimension in counseling includes empathy, sensitivity and the ability to interpret non-verbal clues of the counselee in order to understand unresolved complexes or pent-up feelings. The psychical or spiritual dimension embraces the counselee’s “soul-content”—what lies inside. This is what is called the interiority of the person. The counselor must have the gift or grace of catching a glimpse of the interior world of the person, particularly his spiritual condition, for this is very important in healing the person’s hurts.

2.3. Other Definitions of the Concepts

Biswalo (1996) defines guidance as a term used to denote the process of helping an individual to gain self understanding and self direction (self decision-making) so that he can adjust maximally to his home, school or community environment. This process, however, depends on counseling. He also defines counseling as a process of helping an individual to accept and use information and advice so that he can either solve his present problem or cope with it successfully. He goes further remarking that sometimes the process helps the individual to accept unchangeable situation for example, loss of dearly loved ones and to some extent change it in its favour rather than letting himself be overcome by the situation. Guez and Allen (2000) remarked that it is difficult to think of a single definition of counseling. This is because definitions of counseling depend on theoretical orientation. Counseling is a learning-oriented process, which occurs usually in an interactive relationship, with the aim of helping a person learn more about the self, and to use such understanding to enable the person to become an effective member of society. Counseling is a process by means of which the helper expresses care and concern towards the person with a problem, and facilitates that person’s personal growth and brings about change through self-knowledge. Counseling is a relationship between a concerned person and a person with a need. This relationship is usually person-to-person, although sometimes it may involve more than two people. It is designed to help people to understand and clarify their views, and learn how to reach their self-determined goals through meaningful, well-informed choices, and through the resolution of emotional or interpersonal problems. It can be seen from these definitions that counseling can have different meanings.

3.0. Origin of Guidance and Counseling Practice in Pre-Colonial Era

Counseling in Tanzania in different forms and with different interpretations, has existed in societies for a long time before colonial era. The differences and contradictions in present-day, have their origin in the social and historical forces that have shaped modern culture. In Tanzania people in all societies, and at all times, have experienced emotional or psychological distress and behavioural problems. In each culture, there have been well established ways and methods of helping individuals with their problems. However, there are no sufficient written sources about the origin of guidance and counseling practice in Tanzanian schools. But like other places before colonial era there were outstanding unique elements which held the societies together in their livelihood. The elements include the extended family system, including the clan and the tribe, chieftaincy, taboos, various forms of initiation and close links with ancestors and elders.

The village is the focal point of society. While each one of these elements is important, only a few are used to illustrate the role of guidance and counseling in present-day Tanzanian societies. Basically, traditional chiefs had multiple roles which included serving as a symbol of authority and as a regulator. Since these roles were accepted and respected by all, there was a clear direction in the day-to-day affairs of society. The elders, the chief included, were a valuable source of guidance and counseling for boys and girls. In most cases, the chiefs were regarded as a vital link between ancestors and the present generation. This link was strengthened by the rituals, ceremonies and taboos attached to them. It was easy to guide and counsel the young, since the rituals or ceremonies were also aimed at preparation for adult roles in society. The extended family, the clan, and the village, made society supportive. No individual regarded him/herself as alien. Counseling was readily sought and provided. The forms of guidance and counseling involved were given advice and sharing wisdom.

4.0. The Developments of Guidance and Counseling Practices in Tanzanian Schools

4.1. Guidance and Counseling Practices in Tanzanian Schools Trends

In realizing this perhaps, since we are thinking of the concepts in school setting, we should think the meaning of counseling in education discipline. One could think that the definitions given above on the term guidance and counseling, their meaning can be directed to education grounds and now give the meaning correctly. Guez and Allen (2000) pointed out that a term educational counseling was first coined by Truman Kelley in 1914 in Makinde, (1988), educational counseling is a process of rendering services to pupils who need assistance in making decisions about important aspects of their education, such as the choice of courses and studies, decisions regarding interests and ability, and choices of college and high school. Educational counseling increases a pupil’s knowledge of educational opportunities.

The ever growing complexity of society in Tanzania, coupled with social problems like HIV/AIDS and the rapid development of science and technology, place heavy demands on education. The school, as an important social institution, was required to adapt quickly to changing patterns, and help prepare citizens for tomorrow’s challenges. That is where guidance and counseling in the educational system should help boys and girls alike, to develop their capacities to the full. These include intellectual, social, physical and moral capacities. This help is of the most important in Tanzania as long as the history and age of education provision and in its systems found today.

Guidance and counseling practices development in Tanzanian schools can be traced back from the time when vocational education was emerging right at the colonial period. In the process of establishing counseling services in Tanzania, there was a need to first understand the underlying factors that influence people’s beliefs and perceptions about such practices. However, this is thought that was not taken in to consideration at the time and it may be up to recent time. It is especially important to understand the economic, socio-political, religious beliefs, customs and traditions, and cultural changes that are present in different regions of the country. Young people should be understood within this context, but also within the paradoxical situation of having to face the traditional and the modern world, but this is a big challenge to Tanzania and many developing African countries. During colonial period there were some form of vocational guidance under the career guidance and it was administered by career masters. But the career masters who were selected by the head of schools had no professional training in vocational guidance. In fact the duty was limited to helping students fill out employment forms and writing letters of application. In the missionary schools vocational guidance was confined to religious services. The teachers who were usually ‘fathers’, pastors, or reverends guided and trained spiritually inclined youths to become sisters, brothers, fathers and pastors upon their completion of formal education.

Apart of what could be done in schools in Tanzania, guidance and counseling was more or less a private family affair. Parents and relatives counseled their children on all matters of life management and problem solving. It is true that in many families the duty of general guidance was the traditional duty of senior members of the family, father, mother, uncle, aunt, and grandparents. In case of serious personal or family problems, counseling was done by a specially organized by the community as a competent in handling that specific problem. This is done without any knowledge obtained from formal or informal school system but rather through experience and age wise through collected wisdom. This kind of early form of counseling from school setting and community helped the young to be brought into the bright image of living in the future to the society.

4.2. Guidance and Counseling Practices in Tanzanian Schools in Post-colonial era

In several literatures and sources, guidance and counseling in education sector in Tanzania and some other African countries is regarded as the youngest discipline. This is evidenced by First International Conference on Guidance, Counseling and Youth Development in Africa held in Nairobi, Kenya from 22nd to 26th April, 2002 which pointed out that the Guidance, Counseling and Youth Development Programme was initiated in Africa in April 1994, following the First Pan African Conference on the Education of Girls that was held in Ouagadougou in 1993. It is designed to introduce or strengthen guidance and counseling in African countries. It focuses on capacity building in the countries involved and provides training at both regional and national levels on issues of guidance and counseling of schools and colleges.

What we can call professional guidance and counseling in Tanzania schools begin in the year 1984 following the National October 1984 Arusha Conference, where guidance and counseling services were endorsed by the government as and integral part of the country’s education system (Biswalo, 1996). The aim of the conference is to establish systematic criteria for secondary schools students’ guidance and counseling. Students were then advised, guided and counseled on matters concerning their job selection and student placement for further education. This job was assigned to career masters and mistresses as explained below, however, there were no sufficient guidance and counseling personnel not only in the responsible ministry but also in the schools.

Guidance and Counseling is now becoming slowly institutionalized and spread in educational institutions. Schools, for example, have to a large extent taken over the task of providing psychological support to boys and girls. However Biswalo (1996) comments that in Tanzania policies pertinent to guidance and counseling is still lacking. The Ministry of Education, however, has somehow tried to institutionalize the services within the education system by appointing career masters and mistresses. He continued saying that the personnel are charged with the responsibility of advising heads of secondary schools concerning students job selection and student placement for further education; to try and help students understands and develop interest in appropriate jobs or further education or training; to asses the students talents and capabilities and to encourage them to pursue careers or further education best suited to them and to help students solve their personal problems which may affect their general progress in school.

This is an impossible and realistic burden on these untrained personnel. It reflects the apathy of policy and decision makers regarding the new field of guidance and counseling in schools; the strength of the myth of planned manpower in which career guidance is erroneously regarded as redundant and the gross lack of trained personnel who would provide effective guidance and counseling services in schools. It is unfortunate that even after the National October 1984 Arusha Conference on the strengthening of education in Tanzania, where guidance and counseling services were endorsed by the government as and integral part of the country’s education system, the services are to-date still patchy and ineffective in Tanzania’s educational institutions. Guidance and counseling in this manner is discussed by different scholars in primary, secondary and tertiary education levels together.

5.0. Guidance and Counseling Practices in Primary and Secondary Schools

In primary school levels in Tanzania in actual fact there were and are no specified pupils’ teacher-counselors. However, the activity is left to teachers themselves to decide what is to be done since there is no programmed or time-tabled activity concerning guidance and counseling. Teachers are left to use part of the teaching to practice guidance and counseling in and outside the classroom although not all teachers have gone teacher-counselor training. As children enter school they need orientation on school itself, its environment, school community and the curriculum to motivate and develop positive attitude toward learning and school community as well (Biswalo, 1996). As the pupils grow older and pass through different grades they need to be directed in studying skills, overcome learning difficulties and other school related problems. But this activity is not performed systematically in primary schools in Tanzania.

In the case of secondary schools till to-date there is also insufficient programmed or time-tabled system of guiding and counseling students. In some cases this duty is left to discipline masters and sometimes to class masters and head of schools. At secondary school level, students would seek educational opportunities, information of all kinds and any other help pertinent to educational pursuits. These needs are catered to by educational guidance and counseling (ibid). At this level students are helped with subject choice, study techniques and tests and examination. Biswalo (1996) pointed out that sometimes during subject choice, pride of placing as many students as possible in prestigious streams, such as science, takes precedence over actual abilities, interests and aptitudes of students. He said this unfortunate situation has been born out of the lack of genuine educational guidance and counseling services in secondary schools.

The school has an important role to play in preparing pupils for continued secondary education, paid employment, self-employment and life in the community, as clearly set out by the Ministry of Education in the objectives for its secondary curriculum. Perhaps uniquely, there would be total agreement among pupils, teachers and parents over the relative emphasis a certain schools placed on the preparation for further education, with its focus on academic knowledge and the pursuit of success in the national examinations. That is, the secondary schools where counseling is not well performed placed little emphasis on citizenship and the development of a responsible attitude to life in the community at the local, regional or national level and employment opportunities. However, what is de-emphasized is the informal sector including self-employment but the emphasized is employment in the formal sector with its implied emphasis on white collar jobs.

5.1. Vocational, Career Guidance and Counseling

In Tanzania teachers have the capacity to directly influence their pupils’ choice of careers. The achievements and attitudes of pupils have been shown to be related to the characteristics and achievements of their teachers (World Bank, 1995; quoted in Nyutu, P.N. & Norman C.G. 2008). However, the influence of the school depends on the formal interactions and communication which take place between teachers and pupils in the classroom whereas television and radio, act through the informal interactions pupils have with these media. The influence of parents and siblings is through both formal and informal means.

That is in most cases in Tanzania and may be other states where guidance and counseling is rarely done in schools; parents play the big role to influence on their children’s choice of careers. Others who have lower level careers i.e. teachers, clerks, drivers, personal secretaries, soldiers etc. do not anticipate their children ‘following in their footsteps’ because for the children who are able to study to higher level sometimes saw these jobs as narrow and lacking in interest. However it is suggested that parents’ occupation might have influenced their children’s choice of careers, but this happened to children who have generic skills useful in such jobs, and a few may have job skills relevant to those jobs. Access to information through the media and other forms of technology is giving young people aspirations that, for the most part, cannot be satisfied in their own environment. Choices have to be made and young people must acquire the skills to assess situations and make informed decisions. There is no longer a natural, understandable order from birth to adulthood for the Tanzanian young.

Vocational guidance at secondary school levels is provided but in very few among others because of shortages of school or vocational trained counselors. For those lucky schools with these kinds of counselors, students are helped but vocational counseling is not emphasized because most pupils, teachers and of course parents push students to make long range plans of study so that to prepare well for the envisaged careers. These counselors plan with school administrators and teachers to provide appropriate class placement for students with special abilities or disabilities for course selection by students.

5.2. Tertiary Level

The tertiary level students are provided with orientation and other educational guidance and counseling. In Tanzania tertiary level have at least fulfilled the need of having qualified students’ counselors for both psychological and academics, though they are few in number. Here counselors play a big role in compiling comprehensive information on all aspects of the careers related to the training offered in the institution. Counselors sometimes integrate with administration or practicum department to organize field practices for students and even more rarely might contacts with relevant employing agencies (Biswalo, 1996).

6.0. Notion on Guidance and Counseling in Tanzania

According to the research by Sima (2004), professional counseling is yet to be recognized as a stand-alone profession in Tanzania and in many African countries. Nevertheless, the coming and setting of HIV/Aids in the country has strengthened the base for counseling. This is particularly because of the multifaceted nature of the HIV/Aids pandemic whose attention, unlike other human diseases, goes beyond the prerogatives of the medical profession. Thus, counseling is perceived as a crucial avenue for prevention of HIV infection through provision of adequate and relevant information, and for social and psychological support of people infected and affected by the pandemic. Ibid continued saying that since the emergence of the pandemic in the country, a number of non-governmental organizations have been offering counseling services however, there is lack of clarity on the type and nature of counseling services offered by these organization. The nature and characteristics of counseling clients also remain fuzzy.

In Tanzania the professional counseling as aforesaid is relatively a new phenomenon. Outwater (1995) quoted in Sima (2004) comments that before HIV/Aids epidemic, there was no formal counseling service in Tanzanian hospitals, no professional counselors and no formal system for training counselors. There was a need to fill this gap by training as many counselors as possible to provide optimal care for AIDS patients and their relatives (NACP, 1989; quoted in ibid). Since then many para-professional counselors have been trained in basic knowledge and skills of counseling. Currently there are many counseling centers working not only on HIV/Aids related problems but also different problems affecting Tanzanians. However, as counseling became popular with the advent of HIV/Aids, many people assume that it is only meant for people infected and affected by HIV/Aids and shy away from it for fear of being labeled (Sima, 2002; quoted in Sima 2004).

7.0. Problems and Challenges

The Tanzanian government have not yet formulated in the education policy issues pertaining guidance and counseling in spite of the crucially and necessity in schools. Biswalo (1996) pointed out that in Tanzania policies pertinent to guidance and counseling is still lacking. He continued saying that efforts directed towards fulfilling guidance and counseling needs are apparently thwarted by several difficulties including financial resources to support the even established tiny counseling activities in several schools.

In Tanzania till today counseling is relatively new phenomenon. There are no enough qualified counselors in schools and other education institutions. However, there are limited number of qualified counselors, they are either not utilized well in schools or they are engaged in other activities rather than what they are trained for. Some of school counselors are also teachers and they are fully occupied with teaching responsibilities. More surprisingly counseling is perceived as a crucial avenue for only prevention of HIV infection through provision of adequate and relevant information, and for social and psychological support of people infected and affected by the HIV/Aids (Sima, 2004).

There is slow growth of guidance and counseling in educational systems attributed to lack of funds, training facilities, and high turnover of guidance counselors to green pastures and in adequately trained counselors. For instance in many schools they lack counseling offices, trained teacher-counselors and counseling equipments. In terms of funds there are various options that can be explored to alleviate financial constraints. Special schools on behalf of parents in need can approach non-governmental organizations.

The absence of solid professional counseling association in Tanzania to set standards for the appropriate practice is another challenge (Nwoye, 2008). Also insufficient availability of professional counselor training programs in Tanzanian colleges and universities is another contributing challenge.

There are no efforts to establish counseling curriculum in secondary schools and colleges and guidance and counseling courses in the universities. Guidance curriculum and responsive services can then be structured to address the five content areas, namely human relationships, career development, social values, self development, and learning skills. A guidance curriculum could be taught to students at different levels or in small groups to address issues that are similar to them. For guidance and counseling programs to be effective in Tanzania, trained professionals should be employed to manage and offer services in schools. Such professionals should also be provided with relevant facilities and structural support. At the same time, universities and teacher training institutions will have to establish and develop programs that train professional school counselors and other guidance personnel.

There is still insufficient assistance in higher education institutions to enable students achieves their career aspirations. However, students today indicate a higher need for career guidance than students in the past decade. Students may therefore be encountering an increased need to acquire relevant career information that will enable them seek better paid jobs. Many schools have in the past appointed some teachers as career masters without providing them with the necessary training and facilities for career guidance. Such career masters usually assume that all students will end up in universities and only focus on helping students complete university application forms and no more. It is the high time for the government to set and implement the policy that will enhance guidance and counseling from primary schools to the tertiary level and in turn will develop programs that train professional school counselors and other guidance personnel.

8.0. Conclusion

Guidance and counseling sought to prepare pupils in their schooling program to enter into the world of appropriate work by linking the school curriculum to employment. For the school to be successful in this endeavor, subjects should be taught at a pleasant and convenient environment and should be made relevant and interesting to the pupils. Another factor that needs to be considered is the recruitment of competent teachers capable of guiding and counseling learners in relating what they teach to the job market. What is taught and how it is taught can have great influence on the interest and perception of learners. In Tanzania the spirit to plan and use guidance and counseling services in the effective development and utilization of their respective young human resources is evidently strong. However, as Biswalo (1996) said the efforts directed towards fulfilling this need are apparently thwarted by several difficulties. It appears total and enlightened commitment on the part of policy and decision makers is necessary and should be definitely surmount the problems.

The emergence of career development in western countries as a construct suggests that it may be an essential area in developing country like Tanzania where students need assistance; students particularly need assistance in selecting colleges and courses. To this end, the schools should offer a career guidance and counseling programme under the able leadership of qualified school counselors.

Importance and Application of Dental Veneers

Are you considering dental veneers? Dental veneers are for those that have discolored, fractured teeth or if you have teeth that are not very straight. This is a procedure that is becoming more common in dental offices because everyone wants a great smile.

Dental veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure and thus, they are not covered completely by many dental insurance companies. In most cases, cosmetic dentistry, if not a medical requirement, is a procedure that you will need to pay for completely on your own.

A composite or porcelain veneer is made wafer thin and is bonded to your tooth with a special resin. There are normally two types of material that can be used in order to create the veneers. Porcelain is one of the most common materials used to make dental veneers today and has always been the material used in the past.

The other material that can be used is composite. Most of the time, these are crafted right in the dental clinic and the whole procedure of crafting and application can be done in a few hours.

It is a great way to change a smile that shows yellowed, stained teeth into one that makes you look fantastic. Though most people may not consider veneers for getting perfect set of teeth, they work well, when the gaps need to be filled. Additionally, this procedure can be used to help people look better and feel better about their own selves. Although this procedure may be expensive it is worth it as the instant your procedure is complete, you walk out of the dental office with a brand new smile.

Not every dentist offers this procedure, so you may want to check with your current dentist first to see if they offer dental veneers. If your dentist does not offer application of dental veneer, they maybe able to recommend another dentist that offer it. Your dentist will first determine if you are a good candidate for dental veneers or something else might suit your problem. Veneers are crafted out of porcelain and composite after matching the color of your teeth. This ensures that the artificial tooth does not stand out as too white or yellow. A soft wax impression is taken and using that the technician makes a porcelain veneer. The process of application of the porcelain veneer is longer as it requires laboratory manufacture. But if you are looking for same day veneers, then composite ones are the key. Just walk in and walk out with a new smile.

Veneers are not for everyone, and if your teeth are not strong enough you will not be recommended to have the dental veneers applied. This procedure requires a small amount of the enamel to be drilled off in order to apply the adhesive to hold the veneer in place. If your teeth are weak or are showing signs of the deteriorating enamel, then you may not be able to have dental veneers added to your teeth for a better smile. You may need to explore other options to bring back a white smile.

Different Types Of Dental Braces

Dental braces usually come in different forms. Ordinarily, we place complete confidence in our orthodontists to provide us with the best dental care and solutions. However, it wouldn’t hurt to know a few things and generally be more informed before paying your trusted dentist a visit, right? Getting braces is quite a substantial investment nowadays, so its best to come prepared to be able to make intelligent choices. To give you a brief guide on the different types of braces currently offered in America today, here are the four main types of braces you would want to get familiar with:

Traditional Braces – This is the commonly used one among the different types of braces available today and is often designed specifically for children. Traditional braces mainly consist of one small bracket glued to the front part of each tooth. A band is frequently used in the molars to provide support.

Generally, brackets are durable enough and come in a number of different materials such as metal, ceramic and gold. To as more fun detail, brackets are decorated with different ligatures, so you can simply pick out your favorite color and your own unique style.

Invisalign- Among the different types of braces, this one became rapidly popular all over the world because since. This technology was first developed by Align, a clear plastic brace that consists of plastic trays or what is commonly called aligners that are customized to fit each tooth. These are removable braces that can be adjusted every two weeks or so or one a stage-by-stage basis. Ask your orthodontists to evaluate your case if you are a candidate for Invisalign or not. This type of treatment is not recommended for children. However, teenagers and adults who have a mild orthodontic problem can take advantage of this latest technology.

Self Ligating Braces – unlike other different types of braces, this particular variety does not require ligatures or small bands that are usually used to keep the wires in place. These are also referred to as speed braces, which ultimately creates less friction in between the wires and brackets. The most popular brand of Self Ligating Braces is the Damon Brackets, with the Damon3 among the highly preferred variety, which is actually a combination of clear materials and stainless steel.

Ligual Braces – for people who don’t want to appear wearing metals on their teeth, this type would be the most ideal one. The brackets are actually installed behind the teeth, which makes it impossible to detect even at close proximity.

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Numerous artists and professional photographers utilize flash internet sites to make high effects along with web based photography as well as profile websites. Experts also utilize the innovative flash internet sites to enhance stock photo libraries over the internet, and also serve private proofing sites for their customers. Flash continues to be the technology for professional photographers as well as artists.

Flash allows you to utilize today's technological innovations to enhance your website. Diverse effects, just like flip book pattern on ports as well as publications, running galleries that are XML centered with infinite collections for images and also flash templates that can update and make the site extremely fast as well as high quality could be made with quickness and alluring patterns. There are actually different flash impact which you can use in order to produce image previews. Insert keys to customize the positions when creating photo galleries as well as summarize the particular photos aptly. You can make the actual experience of making use of CMS combined with flash in order to make your web site a fantastic one.

The flash as well as web templates for artwork and photography can be effectively used by art work dealers, photographers, artist compositions and also art galleries. Professional photographers wishing to alter their net site with cost effective photo galleries, use the flash photography layouts effectively. By utilizing flash, we could get a little attention to our website. Any person can try this illumination to get additional focus. It is easy to utilize even more flash or decrease the particular level. This technique of "tweaking" is known as Flash Compensations and is required for getting the ideal amount of lighting effects.

Three of the more popular websites out there are HTML sites, Flash internet sites and the JavaScript sites. A Flash web site is actually comparable to an fun video. Great flash special effects together with lots of illustrations or photos can be made in seconds. When you're on a flash net site the very web URL on top of your current web browser will stay the same where you click or even what page it looks like you're at. You may be aiming to invest in online portfolio. Before you really do, make sure you will be able to utilize all the functions for your specific intentions.

It's possible to get influenced by different websites. The leisure sector has many related sites that could work. Bands and musicians need to have a web site that may be attractive to site visitors and gives all vital information that enthusiasts desire to find. site visitors should be fascinated by your page. As soon as they land, they should not leave in a rush. However, where artists and also performers are involved, you would like them to pay attention. Thus, they should make this their topmost priority to let the world world listen to their unique brand of music. A lot of artists as well as bands choose utilizing flash websites or flash web site templates. Their main requirement is actually to create gorgeous images. Typically for convenience, band and also artist sites will also utilize flash player to play in the songs.

Stars utilize flash internet sites too. They find this as an extremely useful alternative. They could allow you to stand over the rest. Flash makes websites appear really awesome. A net site is a great promotional tool. They can present their persona as well as emotional state to their own preference, selecting from the numerous virtual effects offered. Use these types of different animated graphics and flash to showcase the web site. All these visual effects will improve your web site. You can bring numerous individuals in your alluring web site. There is no better way to get popular. Utilize the ways accessible to achieve this end.

In order to bring in folks toward the web site, flash proves to possess the right results in producing eye-catching graphics. Resourceful websites are attractively turned out through the help of certain flash artwork chosen. For example, DJ's and performers are very well known for making unique usage of Flash to build up their websites.

Now Get Familiar With the Wonders of Inkjet Printing on Porcelain Tiles

Maybe it reminds of another little technological wonder called the desktop inkjet printer. The digital technology is the same and the high definition printing on tiles will keep you spellbound. The results are very realistic, with the colorful, elaborate patterns in vivid glory. It does need a while to start believing the updated technology that lies in plain sight before the eyes.

While we have long been used to watching imitations of wood, cement and leather surfaces imprinted upon porcelain, here is something far more authentic. Inkjet Porcelain happily surprises with stunning, real looking imitations. What is the preferred pattern? Hardwood and Cotto, marble and brick, besides many more patterns.

Well, why do you need fakes when the genuine stuff would be available too? Valid answers and many points. Happily, enjoy the surrounding created with warmth and emotion with little worry. The cost factor is very much affordable with little maintenance to worry about. It is dear old porcelain that has been around for more than a century. People can hardly do without it all over the town. We updated porcelain with new technology and that is what existence is all about; finding fresh meanings in the old and the vintage.

Capella Clay

Everybody loves terracotta tiles that look so warm and friendly. Yet they may be difficult to maintain. With Capella Clay tiles from the Capella collection, say goodbye to the worries and preserve that sensational charm. All that work of hectic cleaning is now gone. No need to oil and seal them either. Capella Clay will maintain those dashing looks of Cotto tiles well preserved for several decades. Do porcelain tiles really last for decades? Wait and see. Install them conveniently where most suitable all over the home or office premises. All the applications will be met with those two sizes of 12X24 and 24X24.

Capella Red

Brick walls denote a piece of history and we would all wish to have them, particularly around the house. The traditional brick endows the house with an old world charm of character and feeling. Yet modern homes have little of that brick feeling and imitations have to suffice. The truth is that actual bricks would turn out to be costly and difficult to install. Go in for the next best thing! Capella Red brick has been designed with the inkjet printing technology and renders an exquisite feeling. Hardly anybody would know the truth about porcelain and the fact that they are not real bricks. Only an intimate touch and feel would reveal the truth. Enjoy some advantages over real brick too. Porcelain being non-permeable, put them in watery places like shower walls and floors without hesitation.

Cemento Novara

You guessed it from the name! The Cemento series of Novara tiles gives the impression of concrete surfaces. Yet pouring and setting concrete involves a lot of hassle. Installing Novara tiles presents no problem at all in comparison, though it has to set well. Use them for a long-lasting great looking floor surface in every room in the house. Besides, maintenance hassles would be nil. And that is not all since Novara tiles would create fabulous accent walls. Backsplashes and countertops across kitchens and bathrooms? Of course with super designs and shades. Get the present day smart looks and industry too would make excellent use of them in an array of patterns and colors.


Let us end with the universally admired marble looks in all their gentle shades and stunning variety. Imagine the picturesque marble tiles around the fireplace or a shining polished marble floor! Would you desire the lush marble luxury across the bathroom floor? Fairytale marble effects around the shower, backsplash, and vanity? The Pietra series makes such dreams possible with PietraStatuario tiles. Install the dreamy marble look porcelain at the favorite locations, intimate corners, and accent walls. Real marble would be difficult to maintain and prone to damage. With PietraStatuario, no worry about surfaces getting etched, stained or scratched. Get ready for the creamy white dream with beige veins. Each tile looks a little bit different and they look so very realistic as if fresh from nature’s womb.

Inkjet digital printing technology made it all possible. Sincerely realistic reproductions of a range of textures and materials have now become possible with good old porcelain. Get to arrange pretty surfaces on the home walls and floors like never before.

Use of Soccer Shooting Drills

Soccer is a game of individual skills that is then integrated into a team strategy. Coaches have to be the providers of the strategy, but it should be up to each individual player to master his or her skills.

With soccer shooting drills, you could be talking about individual skills or strategy drills. Shooting is the glamor skill of soccer and every player should be an excellent shooter. But there are many elements to shooting that can be broken down into individual skills that must be mastered before moving on to more complex drills.

For instance, the top players can use the many different quadrants of the ball to create many different shots. There are slicing shots, David Beckham benders, Cristiano Ronaldo knuckleballs and many more. Every player has his or her particular strengths and weaknesses. For instance, some players are not planting their non-shooting foot properly and need to drill that.

As a coach you need to ensure that fundamental shooting technique is mastered before moving on to the fancy shots. Kids always want to imitate the fancy shots of their heroes, and they're all going to want to learn how to make it bend like Beckham as soon as possible. That's just fine, but you as a coach should be ensuring that they are doing the fundamentals correctly before working on the trick shots.

The simpler soccer shooting drills will be best for determining how much work each of your players needs on his or her shooting. For instance, have your players each take a ball and line up at midfield. You stand at the 18 yard mark and have them one at a time pass the ball to you, come running at you as you pass the ball back either left or right, and have them shoot. This drill is very simple, but poses weaknesses in many potential areas and will allow you to see close-up where your shooter needs practice.

How Video Conferencing Works – Multimedia, Interactive Communication Across the Miles

You may think you understand video conferencing pretty well until someone who is not at all familiar with it approaches you for a simple definition. When they ask, "What exactly is video conferencing?" you could suddenly realize you're at a loss for words. The simplest definition of how video conferencing works is simply by the integration of video, audio and peripherals to enable two or more people to communicate simultaneously over some type of telecommunications lines. In other words, you are transmitting synchronized images and verbal communications between two or more locations in lieu of them being in the same room. How video conferencing works is a little bit harder to explain than answering the question, "What is video conferencing?" Millions of people use video conferencing every day around the globe, but very few people know just how the technical aspects of the process work. The main ingredients of successful video conferencing are video cameras, microphones, appropriate computer software and computer equipment and peripherals that will integrate with the transmission lines to relay the information. The analog information recorded by the microphones and cameras is broken down into discreet units, translating it to ones and zeros. A Codec encodes the information to a digital signal that can then be transmitted to a codec at the other end, which will retranslate these digital signals back into analog video images and audio sounds. The theory of the same, the transmission has changed In the earlier days of video conferencing, T1, ATM and ISDN lines were used almost exclusively but were really only practical for room-based video conferencing systems. These dedicated lines were expensive and only large corporations tended to have the facilities and money to invest in this type of set-up. As the Internet became more a part of the everyday lives of all businesses, however, it changed how video conferencing was conducted. The TCP / IP connections of the Internet are much less expensive and can carry large quantities of information, including video packets for conferencing, reliably easily. Because of this, video conferencing has become much more prevalent in small businesses and in desktop packages that can be set up with software for computer-to-computer networking. Compression makes video transmission practical The problem that arises when you convert analog to digital for transmission is the loss of clarity in an image. Analog signals are a continuous wave of amplitudes and frequencies showing shades and ranges of color as well as depth and brightness. When you convert to digital, which is strictly 0's and 1's, you then need to develop a grid to represent values, intensities and arrangements of different color values ​​so that the image can be interpreted and reformed at the receiving end. This vast amount of digital information requires huge bandwidth and means that the time it would take to transmit video images would be impractical for most applications. That's where compression is crucial. When determining how video conferencing works, one of the most important elements is the compression ratio. The higher the compression ratio, the more quickly the information is capable of being transmitted. In many cases, however, this also means some loss in clarity or audio / video quality. For instance, a compression ratio of 4: 1 would be slowly slow but have a fantastic picture quality. But by the time it was delivered, everyone at the other end would probably have left the room for a cup of coffee. Lossy compression discards unneeded or insignificant sections of a signal in order to transmit only the essentials, speeding up the transmission time significantly but sometimes resulting in loss of quality. Compression can either be an intra-frame or inter-frame for a material that is repetitive or redundant, such as that wall behind the conference participant. Since the wall remains static and never changes, this image is redundant and can be eliminated from transmissions to an amount with proper compression. Intra-frame compression asserts the redundancy will be present in parts of a frame that are close to each other. Inter-frame compression assumes that there is redundancy over time (ie, like that wall). Either of these can achieve a fairly high degree of accuracy and reduce the bandwidth needed for transmittal of signals. A newer version of compression / decompression is SightSpeed ​​technology, developed by Cornell University. SightSpeed ​​compresses only images considered essential and eliminating what is considered 'filler,' relying on the brain to fill in the decompression at the other end. Based on an artificial intelligence model, SightSpeed ​​achieves compression of about 90: 1, compared to the typical 15: 1 for video conferencing. Any video conferencing session you use will provide compression of the transmission signal. The key is determining the balance between speed and video picture quality that is right for your needs. Point to point video conferencing Point to point video conferencing is just what it sounds like – a link between two different points on the planet, or two different video conferencing terminals. It could be between an office in New York City and a conference room in Munich. Point to point video conferencing can easily be initiated by someone on one end contacting the other end as though making a standard telephone call. There are no special arrangements to be made other than knowing that the participants will be there. Multipoint conferencing is more complex Multipoint conferencing is more complicated because it has to coordinate several different locations simultaneously. Since you can not be in direct contact with multiple places at once while they are all in contact with others, you need one source that will tie them all together. In video conferencing, this is called a multipoint bridge or multipoint conferencing unit (MCU). An MCU enables multi-location video conferencing by providing a sort of "central processing center" for all of the locations through which all the information flows. The MCU receives all information from the various locations and then sends it out to each location. In some cases the MCU is located on a particular PC, and in other cases it is located on a remote server (the most common structure, particularly for more powerful MCU networks). Audio is usually sent and received simultaneously in all locations with an MCU with no problem because of the reliably small bandwidth needed for transmittal. It is broadcast in what is called "full duplex" mode, meaning everyone can talk and hear at the same time with no cutting off when one person or another speaks. Video transmission, however, can be broadcast in a number of ways with an MCU depending upon the quality of the software and the complexity of the system. Some common types of video transmission for video conferencing include:

  • Continuous Presence video conferencing, which allows up to four conference sites to be seen simultaniously on split screens. This is usually used if you have a small group or individuals in separate locations and will primarily be seeing close-up shots.
  • Universal Control video conferencing is controlled by the initiating conference site. The primary site determines who sees what at all other sites.
  • Voice Activated video conferencing is by far the most common type used today. The image with these systems shifts to the site that is currently activating the microphone so that you can always see what is speaking. However, if there is a good deal of background noise participants should mute their microphones when they are not talking in order to avoid the image jumping about needlessly.

Overcoming the language barrier Obviously, communicating through video conferencing can not be achieved without both ends of the conference are "speaking the same language." That is, whatever is being transmitted electronically will need to be reassembled properly and heard and seen clearly at the other end. The Codec system (Coder-Decoder) is useless if both ends are not using the same virtual language to interpret the signals. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) developed a set of standards in 1996 dubbed H.323 to outline specific guidelines for Video Conferencing standards and protocols so that compliance and support across networks would be easier to achieve and maintain. Since then, many manufacturers and developers of video conferencing tools have adopted the H.323 guidelines as their own. Web conferencing solutions such as Click to Meet, Lotus's SameTime, and WebEx also offer corporate solutions that are based on Internet video conferencing. These systems have shared protocols that can be downloaded and used anywhere at any location for subscribers through the Internet. These are becoming more popular with companies who like the convenience and user-friendliness. They will no doubt become more and more refined over time, vying with and possibly surpassing the H.323 standards. Overcoming firewall issues There are, of course, obstacles to over when you take a look at how video conferencing works. After all, you're sending vast amounts of translated data either directly or through a gatekeeper system (the MCU) that is switching and transferring information between a variety of computers. Just about any business these days has a firewall system to provide security and protect the system from potential viruses. Trouble is, many firewalls also block the transmission of data for video conferencing. Recent innovations have significantly circumvented these problems by designing firewall solutions that recognize video conferencing signaling requests and allow the information packets to bypass the firewall or router without disabling the firewall protection for other traffic. Even with this, however, there may be occasions when packets are dropped because of heavy traffic on the system, so investing in a firewall system that can handle fundamental traffic is essential to quality video conferencing performance. How video conferencing works will certainly evolve over time and improve in the coming years, but a basic understanding of what it is and how it works now will help you make the best choice for you when you're ready to begin using video conferencing yourself. This article on the "How Video Conferencing Works" reprinted with permission.

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Top of The Line Phone Accessories for The Latest Cell Phones

There was a time when cell phones were like some big "First Aid Boxes," with a lot of wiring and transmitting stuff. Then, with the passage of time, things went on towards getting simpler, smaller more like a real communication utilities. Now days, cell phones are something like a magical Pandora's Box. From iPods to Nexus One, there are many elegant, sophisticated and stylish devices available today, having more features than any other electronic device of such magnitude.

But looks like, even an iPhone 3Gs is not enough. Along with the phone, the cell phone accessories have also developed into a separate class of gadgets, which can make one hell of a difference in the personalization of your phone. Listed below are the top cell phone accessories based on technological pluses, visual rankings and effectiveness.

Power Mat Charger

One of the most popular and essential development in terms of charging devices are the Power Mats. These wireless Power Mat Charging devices are just a magical wonder when it comes to charging. To charge almost any sort of communication devices, from iPad's to PDA's, what you need just the right type of holder or case. You just have to connect your phone with the Power Mat case or plug, and put it on the charging surface of your Power Mat Charger. Your device is on charge.

Case Mate Casings

Case Mate is not a new name for the people who love to keep their cell phones "dressed" in elegant and stylish cases. Available for almost every now cell phone and PDA device, Case Mate Casings can not only make your cell look away from the other things but but also help a lot in terms of safety and carrying ease. Clips, hangs and stands are the typical enhancement for every case Mate cover.

SanDisk Flash Memory

Let's not take the names but we all know the names of some functionally superlative communication devices which have failed in the market due to their restricted or missing memory enhancement features so storage devices are now one of the most common accessories now, Flash Memory cards are the more accredited out of the list. And when it comes to Flash Memory, there is no better name than SanDisk. Offering the range from 2GB to 16GB of removable memory, the new SanDisk Flash Memory devices are just an exception when it comes to data storage in communication devices.

Bluetooth Headsets & Car Kits

Taking of top cell phone accessories, how can one leave Bluetooth Headsets behind? Bluetooth Headsets have given the communication a whole new horizon of wireless connectivity. From listening calls to tracking GPS, the modern Bluetooth Headsets & Car Kits have taken the "Voice Command" feature to a whole new level of effectiveness. And surely, you do not mind driving your car at 80 mph while listening to your important calls, and having no fear of being accused of illegal mobile usage while driving.

Motorola GPS Navigation Devices

Some would probably disagree but for a long time, communication industry has come even closer to the perfection of Motorola GPS Navigation devices. Leaving the additional elegance, simplicity and convenience factors behind, the Motorola GPS Navigation Devices are just a step ahead of any other GPS navigation devices when it comes to accuracy. And surely you would agree, that's exactly what's required of a GPS Navigation device.

MarWare Apple Cases

If you are an "Apple Addict," and are sensitive about the protection and safety of your device, there is no better solution than MarWare Apple Cases. Made especially for Apple devices like iPads, iPods and iPhone, MarWare Apple Cases are just a step ahead in providing custom safety and carrying measures for your Apple devices.

Some of these accessories originally created for Samsung mobile phones, whereas there are others. Samsung cell phone accessories include cell phone chargers, cell phone batteries, Samsung cases or fascias, headsets, and different accessories. Hope this list will give you a good hint of not only making your phones visually attractive but also functionally advanced a lot more than you can think of.

Nokia N95 – Rise Above The Clutter

The advent of N-series was the largest turning point in the history of Nokia. So far, this series has been consistently upgraded and adorned with many illustrious gadgets and a common user can expect something big and innovative in the near future. While the competition has traditionally reached the pinnacle in mobile market, N-series is all set to live up to your expectations with its new offerings. Latest in the firing line is the Nokia N95, which is acclaimed as the most advanced phone in this family. This device is loaded with various advanced mobile technologies, which can really do wonders to your personal and professional life by making a whole lot of things easier for you. Empowered by HSDPA, 3G, inbuilt GPS navigation system – this gadget does not miss any of those favorite modern technologies.

The first thing that you considered prior to buying a mobile handset is its designing. And, in terms of designing, the Nokia N95 is an enticing dual slider phone. You can slide up its front cover to explore its unparallel features. Move down and you would find media keys. Keep on exploring and you would see how, it brings that much desired happiness in your lives. Its inbuilt GPS mapping system enables you to get the comprehensive information about new destinations from its mapping database. Thus, you would never feel stranded, if you have this perfect guide with you.

Like other N-series phones, the Nokia N95 is also a superb camera phone. Its camera features are comprised of a 5.0 mega pixels camera, which is supported by 20x digital zoom, Carl Zeiss optics, flash and auto focus among others. Just hold this phone in the right position and click with precision to capture all those larger than life images. You can also grab all the moving action by switching over to its video features.

In multimedia features, the Nokia N95 is just too good. It is endowed with a superb media player, which is compatible with various popular file formats. Just download or transfer all your music tracks from your PC by using the USB cable or you can share your stuff with any compatible Bluetooth device. For more music, you can tune into its FM radio. This superb gadget is really a powerhouse when it comes to compatible connectivity. In connectivity features you get 3G, HSDPA, WLAN, EDGE, and Wi-Fi. Make various things possible in your life with the Nokia N95.

Commercial Mortgage Financing

When a person decides to buy a house, he will usually not pay for the entire cost of the home with cash on hand. He or she will usually borrow the money necessary to purchase the home and make monthly payment to the lender through an agreed period of time to pay off the amount of money borrowed. This type of loan is called a mortgage, and it is usually a long-term loan lasting up to thirty years.

Where to apply for a mortgage

There are many places you can go to find financing options for your home purchase. Most people will usually go to a bank to borrow money. However, there are also private companies that are in the business of providing home loans.

Applying for a home loan can be a very expensive process. There are many fees charged by lenders that are usually unknown by borrowers. These extra costs are never hidden due to the fact that it is required by law to disclose all fees to the borrowers if they advertise a rate. This disclosure law is to protect all potential borrowers from lenders that try to hide fees and upfront costs behind low advertised interest rates.

The interest rates applied to all mortgage loans are not all the same, considering the fact that they are based on the current market rate combined with your credit score. The only difference between private lenders and banks will be the fees they will charge you. Certain upfront costs, such as the loan closing costs, as well as other fees will vary among different lenders. Some lenders even offer zero lending fees and a very low to zero closing costs. Looking around and researching the different possible lenders can potentially save you a lot of money in fees alone.

Interior Decorating Idea – How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

In view of the fact that the bathroom is one of the most personal and functional rooms of the house, innovative home decorating ideas are essential to making the most of this space. I am going to explore designs and concepts that will allow you to establish the type of bathroom that works for you and your household.

Early in the 1900's, the bathroom was viewed as a functional room only. They were typically very little rooms without a lot of attention given to style or décor. Basically, bathrooms in this era had three indispensable components – the basin or sink, bathtub, and the commode that were purely functional and using as little space as possible. However, trends did start to evolve in the 1920's and '30's resulting in more attractive, stylish decor.

The secret to decorating small rooms is, most assuredly, planning. This ensures results that are not only tasteful but practical as well. Choices available are:

Pedestal sinks – makes the room seem more spacious and diminishes the feeling of being cramped

Glass shower doors – provides openness to the room and adds a touch of class

Compact corner sink / cabinet – attractive and functional storage space

Drawers – provides storage and helps keep the counter top uncluttered

Mirrors – a well-placed mirror will add length or width and dimension to the room

Built-in shelving – provides a decorative touch as well as much-needed storage

Skylights – provides an open feeling as the light brightens up the room

Decorative basin – attractive and space efficient plus they make the room look classy

Decorative towel racks – these are fun to shop for since they can reflect your personality

When you decorate a small bathroom which is in the master suite, it is necessary to remain consistent in both rooms. More times than not the door is left standing ajar and just closing the door will not solve the problem if the two rooms do not complement each other in style and décor. The simplest means to connect the areas together is with color. Variations of the same color should be used in both rooms for your home decorating ideas to be successful.

The small bathroom may also be part of the master bedroom without a door between the bathtub, shower and sink. This, of course, means the same decorative scheme used in the master bedroom should be extended into the bathroom.

Investing Tool

Have money but do not know where to invest it? Many people including myself face the same problem. We have the money and want to grow it but do not know where to invest our money. Do you face the same problem? Here are the steps to solve the problem:

  1. Invest your money in education first. You can do either do seminars, buy books, or learn it from the Internet
  2. Find out about your profiles, risk and return objectives, and constraints
  3. Do diversification in investing your money to minimize the risk and optimize the return
  4. Determine the asset allocation based on your profile
  5. Hire a financial advisor to help you
  6. Invest your money

I know that investing is easy to say but not easy to do it. It takes time to master it including myself, I am still learning it. So please prepare yourself first with knowledge and experience and then you can start to invest.

Basically, there are four main investment tools you can use which are:

  • Stock market
  • Property
  • Business
  • Internet

So which one of invest tools should we use? We should use them all but the asset allocations depend on our profiles. For example, if we are risk taker investors, we should allocate our money mostly in stock market. If we do not have much capital, Internet businesses would be perfect for us. If we are a long term investor, properties would be great for us. So the conclusion is there is no one best investment tool. We must use all the investment tools but the asset allocations are based on our profiles.

Drink Beetroot Juice to Boost Iron Deficiency Anemia

What is Iron-Deficiency Anemia?

It is a condition where the number of red blood cells in the blood is low, thus causing a low blood count. It occurs because your red blood cells do not contain enough hemoglobin, a iron-rich protein that causes blood to be red in color.

What Causes Anemia?

There are several causes of anemia, which include:

  • Iron deficiency
  • Kidney disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor nutrition
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12 known as pernicious anemia
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Thalassemia
  • Alcohol
  • Bone marrow related anemia
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Hemolytic anemia
  • Active bleeding, eg. heavy bleeding during menstration.

Symptoms of Anemia

Low red blood cell count means that there is little oxygen going to the tissues in the body, and it is this lack of oxygen that causes anemia. The symptoms and include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Looking pale
  • Palpitations
  • Decreased energy
  • Shortness of breath

Treating Anemia With Beet Juice

Beetroot juice is possibly the best natural remedy for anemia. It contains excellent cleansing properties with a high iron content that restores red blood cells whilst supplying oxygen and increasing the blood count.

As a valuable source of iron and beets are an excellent natural source to reverse anemia.

It is of great benefit to women during their menstrual cycle and those going through the menopause.

It is recommended that you drink one pint daily of blended beet juice. The base blend should be with carrot juice but you can add apples, pineapple, coconut flesh, spinach or cucumber depending on what other ailments you want to cure.

Beet Juice Recipes

Beetroot should only be used in its raw state. That is because the powerful betalain it contains is reduced during cooking, and oxalic acid crystals are released forming calcium stones when heated.

Basic Ingredients:

  • 12oz Carrots Juice
  • 4oz Beetroot Juice (use one small beetroot. The are sweeter)
  • Add other vegetables or fruits according to the recipe you choose

Basic Directions

  • Using cold water wash and brush the vegetables with a stiff vegetable brush.
  • Remove the carrot tops
  • Remove skin on waxed vegetables such as cucumber
  • Leave on beetroot tops
  • Dice vegetables to fit into your juicer or blender
  • Juice or blend, chill and serve

Depending on what texture you want, you can either juice or blend the ingredients. In blending you will use all of the vegetables, nothing is thrown away and the drink willl have a smoothie type texture.


1. Beet, Carrot & Apple

  • 4oz Beetroot
  • 8oz Carrots
  • 4oz Apple

2. Beet, Carrot and Coconut Juice

  • 3oz Beetroot
  • 9oz carrot
  • 4oz coconut flesh

3. Beetroot, Carrot & Cucumber Juice

  • 3oz Beetroot
  • 10oz Carrots
  • 3oz Cucumber (remove skin if waxed)

4. Beet, Carrot & Pineapple Juice

  • 4oz Beetroot
  • 5oz Fresh diced Pineapple
  • 7oz Carrots

5. Beet, Carrot & Spinach Juice

  • 4oz Beetroot
  • 6oz Carrot
  • 4oz Baby Spinach Leaves
  • 2oz Apple
  • This juice is an excellent cleanser and has a high content of iron)

6. Beet, Carrot & Celery Juice

  • 4oz Beetroot
  • 6oz Carrot
  • 4oz Celery
  • 2oz Apple
  • This juice is a good diuretic

Warning: Do not drink beet juice in great quantities as it is very powerful and can make you feel sick. Combine beet juice with a base juice like carrot juice. eg 2oz of beet mixed with a 8oz of carrot juice. If you drink beet juice on its own do not drink more than 3oz at any one time.

White Rose Garden – Planting and Maintenance of Your White Rose Garden

White roses are loved for their beauty and fragrance. They are cultured for a variety of landscape effects or for cutting. Following are tips on planting and maintenance of your white rose garden whether you're a novice or an experienced rose gardener.

Planting Your White Rose Garden

After purchasing the bushes for your white rose garden, remove any packing material around the root, and allow the roots to soak overnight in a bucket of water. Make sure the hole you dig is large enough for your rose bush to spread out its roots. Roses will grow best in protected spots with full sun. The plants require at least 8 to 10 hours of sunlight per day for optimum growth. The soil should be rich with nutrients from compost, or other organic material, as nitrogen is a necessity for beautiful blooms.

Create a small cone of soil in the center of the hole and place the bush on top of it. Spread the roots out around it. Once your rose bush is properly located, add a mixture of half water and half soil. This allows for any air trapped in the soil to escape. Finish filling the hole with soil and water the bush again. To prevent disease, water your rose bushes at the roots only.

White Rose Garden Maintenance

Now that your white rose garden has been properly planed, it will require regular maintenance. Water your roses no more than two times per week with only an inch of water each time (unless you live in a hot climate). Never use any plant or flower food not specifically labeled for roses. Roses require a nitrogen- and iron-rich food base.

Adding a 2 to 4 inch layer of organic mulch will help deter weeds, improve the garden's appearance and prevent moisture loss. Leave several inches around the stem of each plant un-mulched. As the mulch decomposes, it will use up the soil nitrogen. Apply a fertilizer mix around the base of the plants, dibble it into the soil and water well.

Prune your white roses when they are dormant to improve the health of the plant and control the shape. First, remove any leaves that remain on the plant. Next, remove any dead, diseased or injured wood (look for branches with a different color). One way to tell if you should trim a branch is to cut off a bit from the tip of the stem. If it's green inside then it's alive. If the stem is brown inside, trim it.

Remove any branches which cross through the center of the plant to improve air circulation. Place the blade of a pruning shear flat against the stem to remove the branch. This will prevent new growth from forming and inhibiting air circulation once again.

After pruning, rake up any fallen leaves from under the plant and spray with a copper and lime mixture or a lime and sulfur spray to kill insect eggs.

Use these planting and maintenance tips to enjoy your white rose garden for years.