Different Types of Light Fixtures and Their Uses

Today you can find light fixtures everywhere. From home interior design to shopping malls, from eateries to gaming zones and from filmography to a small photo studio; light fixtures have become an integral part of various industries and personal use. They are available in various shapes, designs, colours and sizes. Basically, a light fixture is an electrical device that contains an electric lamp for illumination. Some of the fixtures come up with attached power button that controls it, while a few light fixtures like dining room chandeliers function through the switches on a wall. There’s an option of using some light fixtures on battery power too. Did you know that the first company to manufacture light fixture was Lightolier?

Recessed or Track Lights: This is the best fixture for beautifying the whole ceiling in a home. You can put on these fixtures as many as you want, keeping your requirement in mind. Just make sure that your ceiling is not very low and the lights are not too harsh. Otherwise it might affect your eyes badly. You can install them in your kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom. You just need to be careful with the power of the lights.

Chandeliers and Pendants: These kind of light fixtures are best to set the calming mood in your bathroom. But, only homes with the high ceilings can set in these fixtures as the low ceilings will make you bump into them every time you walk by.

Task Lighting: This type of light keeps your focus in one place. It’s used for very specific purposes like reading novels, cooking, writing, studying, working on a computer. Some people call it office lighting because if makes sure that you complete your task without getting distracted. To make it to the best use you need your home light to be low lit with a desk lamp turned on.

Vanity Lights and Under Cabinets: As the name suggests, these lights work best in the kitchen and give you the adequate light for chopping, cooking, and cleaning. They’re also useful in your bathrooms, in garages and on the dressing mirrors.

Track Lights: Used mostly in workspaces, these lights are best for offices which have desks in long rows. Apart from hanging in offices, they are used in kitchens and kid’s rooms. These lights might take a little extra space, but they’re quite useful.

Accent Lighting: You use these sorts of lightings when you want to divert people’s attention to any specific spots or décor in your home. Your guests are motivated to visit that particular spot and appreciate the art and the lightings. You can use these lights during Diwali, Christmas, Eid, and summer holidays. The best thing about this light is that it can be put in outdoor areas too.

Landscape Lighting: Best ways to utilise these lights is by installing them in your outdoor areas. It will add that extra beauty and attractiveness to an outdoor ambience and illuminate the entire yard with beautiful lightings.

Boundless Leadership: Beware of the Job Apocalypse – Are You Disposable?

The stories of job losses continues. Telstra announced in June to let 8000 people go. CEO Andy Penn said, “In the future our workforce will be a smaller, knowledge-based one with a structure and way of working that is agile enough to deal with rapid change.” Futurists have been warning about the job apocalypse for some time. In Rise of the Robots, Martin Ford lays out a clear path to the demise of many production-based and middle class workers’ jobs.

Couple the technological advancements with a growing ethos of scapegoating and the culture of blame rife in the Board to CEO circle, we now have experienced executives being hung out to dry at a fairly alarming rate. According to PWC’s 21s CEO Survey, 73% of respondents cited there is an increased pressure to hold individual leaders accountable for any misconduct.

In other words, if you’re not squeaky clean, you’re filthy dirty, and your time is up.

In this time of radical transparency and magnified expectations of leaders, what can we do to future proof our position, to avoid becoming disposable?

Ego makes us disposable. As soon as you think you’ve got it all figured out, you are heading for a fall. Nothing upsets others more than hubris. Humility and a hunger for learning are your chief assets. Particularly obsess about the perspectives and opinions of others, especially if they are different to your own. Perspective is powerful. The more perspectives you can understand, appreciate, and respond to, the more versatile and insightful a leader you will be.

Avoid being just acceptable. Acceptable leaders are good enough. They keep the ship steady. Business as usual. They are sailing a sea of beige. A safe bet.

Here’s the thing. A safe bet is no longer safe. Our changing context needs an adventuresome spirit, not one that keeps us anchored at shore. If you’re not rocking the boat, it will surely sink. Now is not the time for business as usual. Now is the time for courageous adventure.

Be indispensable by knowing you are dispensable. Being indispensable is not about being the only one who could do the job (this is hubris). Being indispensable means that you are so good as a leader, so valuable, that people want you around. You’ve grown other leaders around you and they value your support and insight. You’ve challenged perspectives gracefully and in a way that adds value and wisdom to others around you. You look beyond the immediate to understand trends from generations past, and consider implications to generations of the future. You cultivate awareness of people, place, and planet, and the effect on humanity, habitat, and home. This makes you the go-to Chief Inspiration Officer.

Disposable leaders are like instant coffee: it gets the job done, but it makes you grimace and given any other choice you’d be in it in a moment. Indispensable leaders are like the artisan special brew on the corner coffee shop: attention and care is taken in the production and service, savoured and cherished. Wanted, not needed.

How do you fare? How substantial is your awareness? How extended is your perspective? How sustained is your curiosity and humility?


The History of Fire Fighting

The history of fire and fire fighting dates back to thousands of years. Right from the time man gained knowledge of how to start a fire, accidents related to fire have occurred time and again. With time, we have established many agencies, forces and groups to fight fire and to help people recover form the loss of lives and monetary losses that a conflagration brings about. Right through this paper, we would be focusing on those moments in history that have led us to change the way we have perceived fire and firefighting. We will showcase the manner in which we have established different units to combat different conflicts caused due to fires, and how we have improved in our endeavor over these years.

Man had learned to control fire thousands of years back, and archeological evidences found in Egypt and China are a testimony to this fact. According to sources in the history, the first ever fire fighting crew was formed by Caesar to protect Rome against fires.

Through the history of the United States, there have been massive fires; the first one being at Jamestown in 1608, just one year after it was founded. This was a mass conflagration and led to huge losses of life, property and money. This left the people with only two options, either to move back to England or to face the brunt of the angry Indians and the belligerent winter chill. This was the first major fire in the history of the United States, and many more were to follow.

In 1630, Boston was founded, and this city has probably been a witness to the most conflagrations in the United States. Fires in 1631, 1654 and 1676 hit Boston time and again. These fires accounted for losses unaccounted for even today. The fires were so harsh that it led the administration to give firefighting and fire prevention and serious thought. All this led to the formation of new codes and rules relating fire fighting, including laws relating to the usage of open spaces, fire resistant building material and formation of fire fighting departments. These were the first 'written' rules relating to fire fighting and prevention.

Again, it was after the first great conflation of Boston in 1631, that a law banning smoking at public places was passed at Massachusetts in 1638 in order to curtail the devastation caused due to fire and to ban public display of fire-causing elements. Peter Stuyvesant was the first American Governor to form a fire fighting association in the form of the "Fire Wardens" in 1648, who were supposedly to protect the new establishments being set up at New Amsterdam (now New York). The 'Fire Wardens' was the first fire fighting group in America. Some of the responsibilities of the fire wardens include assuring the safe exit of everyone caught in the inferno, to specifically escort persons with disabilities to the pre-defined safe exit, to ensure that all the doors, windows and all equipments that may cause fire in the future should be turned off provided there is no danger to the personal safety of the firefighters. Most of the rules and responsibilities laid down for the fire wardens have served as the basis for most of the existing rules and guidelines, especially in the US.
Because Boston had been witness to some of the most devastating conflagrations of the 17th century, the first fire department, engine, and paid firefighters were established here in the later part of the same century.

Following in the footsteps of Boston's administration, administration of New York also established the Volunteer Fire Department in 1737. According to America's internal government records, about 73% of all fire fighters in America have entered via VFDs or Volunteer Fire Departments. The main difference between voluntary fire fighters and regular firefighters lies in the fact that voluntary firefighters do not actually work on fixed shifts and do not escape in firehouses; rather they are called as and when they are needed. Right from theception of Voluntary Fire Department in New York, firefighters have been coming to the service of the nation time and again through this medium.

From here on, awareness about fire, firefighting and the need to suppress the possible dangers of fire grew, and Benjamin Franklin established an insurance company covering losses due to fire, and was known as the American Fire Insurance Company.

This was the starting point of the long tussle between insurance companies and their customers in America. The first big incident that happened after scores of fire insurance companies- claiming to cover all losses caused due to fire- came up in abundance, was in December 1835 at New York, when the Great Fire of New York left thousands homeless and jobless and most of the insurance companies who had covered the buildings involved were rendered bankrupt due to the Great Fire.

After this incident, stronger measures were enforced to ascertain that the insurance companies covering losses due to fire were not overdoing insurance to more than they were capable of covering in the near future. Laws were also enforced and put into practice relating to this topic.

Uniformity in the practices being followed by the firefighters and to establish a congruency between fire prevention and fire insurance was felt. This led to the formation of the National Board of Fire Underwriters which was founded in 1866, and was responsible for looking into matters relating to fire losses, how insurance companies covered them and to catch defaulters, if any.

This led to a win-win situation for the firefighters, the insurance companies and the general public wherein, none of the three parties involved in arson, conflagration or a natural fire could have been duped by any of them. Later, this union, which was composed of many companies and dealers joined hands together and formed what is known as the Insurance Service Office today. The ISO is headquartered at Jersey City, New Jersey and contain more than 11 billion insurance records as of today.

Fire and firefighters have been put to test time and again and the Great Chicago fire in 1871 and the forest fire at Wisconsin the following year were two such situations. These two accidents led to 1 / 4th of the insurance companies and firefighting homes to become defunct and was a huge blow to the morals of the firefighting administration as a whole in the US.

One incident which led to the modification of existing rules on how to prevent fires and what kind of signs and preventive measures to be used the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, Illinois in December 1903, which killed more than 600 people. Supposedly, the building was totally fireproof according to the existing preventive measures of that time. When investigated, it was revealed that despite the building was carved out of totally fire-proof material, there were some flaws in the construction which led to the outburst of the inferno. Moreover, confusing signs showing fire end emergency exist and incapability of the security to combat stampede and fire were the main reasons for such catastrophic consequences. This led to some basic modifications in the existing laws of that time, including some obvious things like doors that open outwards and not inwards, compulsory fitting of fire alarm systems and a mandatory fire exit drill which was to be carried out weekly for security employees to make them capable of fighting such situations.

Firefighting, as we know today, is not only limited to fighting and preventing fires, rather, firefighters are looked upon as those heroes who have come to the rescue of many lives in dangerous situations, be it a child caught on a high rise building or an old woman stuck in a manhole. The role of firefighters has changed over the years, and one major accident in history, which led to this metamorphosis, was the earthquake in 1906 at San Francisco. This earthquake had lasted for more than 90 minutes and had destroyed more than 500 city blocks, killing over 600 people. Firefighters were responsible for saving lives of people caught in the rubble, under the debris or caught in a fire. Traditional roles changed from here on, and led to the new roles of the firefighters, evolving from firefighters to heroes for many.

Even after so many drills were carried out, preventive measures were taken and so many rules were established, devastating fires kept striking from time to time, reminding us of the importance to involvate latest technology and ideas in firefighting. One such incident, which happened in the modern times, was the Boston nightclub fire, which stuck the Coconut Grove Nightclub, leaving 500 dead, and registering itself as the worst nightclub fire ever in the history.
Things changed with times, and after the Boston Nightclub incident, the use of technology and the sedate use of modernity in firefighting equipment led to the phasing out of traditional equipments. Gasoline driven firefighting engines were introduced in 1900 and the last steam engine had retired in 1932 at New York. The concept of paid fire fighters was also introduced, and cached up with the department really fast. Wes Barnes, was the first paid firefighting chief for the city of Jefferson, and was paid a salary of $ 45 a year.

In the series of fresh changes relating to firefighting and fire prevention, 'Sparkey', the fire dog was introduced as the mascot of NFPA as the symbol of national safety in 1950. The story behind Sparkey is an interesting one. Sparkey was a shy puppy, who sat outside the fence of a school and wanted to play with the children, but being shy, this Dalmatian kept away. One day, while following these children to their homes, he saw that the children's house was on fire. The dog went barking to the firefighting station to call the fire fighters, and this led Sparkey into being the symbol of national safety.

It has not been a comfortable ride for the firefighters and their relevant departments. During the September 11 attack on the WTC twin towers and on the days following it, there have been some tragic days for the firemen. During the incident, many firefighters, most of who were voluntary fire fighters, had either gone missing or had lost their lives. There were skeptical views about the then Mayor of New York – Rudy Giuliani regarding the unprepared-ness of the firefighters he had sent on duty, because of that which so many of them had to loose their lives. Whatever the end result, firefighters filled the circumstances with full vigor in that situation also, and were the silent heroes of so many lives they had saved.

Patio Furniture Ideas: Inventive Ideas to Make Your Space a Reflection of You

Opening up your home to the outdoors is a great way to expand your living space. Just like the interior, your patio furniture should be relaxing and represent your style and tastes.

Fun With Pallets

Pallets are used in everyday shipping and can often be purchased for next to nothing. There are several different ways you can use the wood from these pieces to create unique patio furniture. Lining several pallets up and placing a pillow on top of them makes for a comfortable couch. You can also suspend one of a large tree or roof and place a small mattress on it to create an outdoor swing bed. By painting it and adding legs, you will have a functional coffee table.

Seating in the Shade

Traditional patio furniture requires that your seating is a chair or couch located on a deck or terrace. In fact, you could add some desired seating around your favorite shade tree. Tree benches are a great addition to any outdoor space and can either be purchased or made from the waste wood you may have around the house.

Old Tires

Old tires do not have to end up in landfills. Instead, they can be repurposed to be a stylish end table. By stacking two or three three and then painting them a vibrant color, you can add a rustic feel to your outdoor space. To turn it into a table, simply add a glass topper or piece of wood.

Tires do not have to just be end tables. In fact, you can add a pillow to the center to make it a comfortable ottoman or simple stool. You can also add a planter in the middle.

Repurpose Terracotta Pots

You can add brilliant colors and useful designs by repurposing your old terracotta pots. By turning them upside down and adding another pot to add some height, you can have useful end tables that are better than the old standby. These pots are durable and sturdy. You can easily repaint them to match your space or other patio furniture pieces.

Open Center Tables

Patio furniture should be functional. Sure, a traditional picnic table is functional enough as a place to set your plates and drinks when you are eating outside. However, if you open up the center just a little, you can put in a cooler. This allows you to keep cold drinks within easy reach during your meal.

Not everyone likes the idea of ​​having a cooler in the middle of his or her table, however. For those who do not care for the cooler idea, the space can be used for other things. Succulent plants add beauty to a dinner table. You can also add beneficial herbs to help strengthen your meal.

Decorating your outdoor space is a fun way to let your personality show. You can take everyday objects and turn them into fun, functional pieces that everyone will be talking about.

6 Major Benefits of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is one of the most attractive options for the home. Even though it is more expensive than other forms of flooring, such as linoleum and carpet, it does have plenty of benefits that can overcome the extra cost. Here are six of the positive reasons to use wood flooring:

1) Long-lasting – one of the major reasons to install wood flooring is its ability to last. With minimal care and attention, this type of flooring has the potential to last for decades. The lifespan of other flooring can be much less. For instance, carpet may need to be replaced at five-year intervals because of the everyday wear and tear that leads to holes, stains and general shabbiness.

2) Easy to clean – the wood flooring is easy to clean with a regular light vacuum or simple brush. This is certain to benefit in homes with pets because the dirt and mud walked in from outside by cats and dogs is that much easier to clean up.

3) Very hygienic surface – wood is a very safe and hygienic surface that will not harbor dirt and parasites. Also, it is relatively easy to clean spills or unpleasant odors from pets. Alternative flooring surfaces like carpet is well-known to trap dust, fleas and dust mites, which can have a negative impact on allergy sufferers. In addition, tile and stone floors are just as hygienic as wood, but they don’t have the same feel and warmth offered by the wooden surface.

4) Under floor heating – the solid nature of wood flooring makes it a practical option to have under floor heating installed in the home. This type of heating is very efficient and removes the need to have heating units on show throughout the home.

5) Easy to repair – if the wood flooring ever starts to look tired and worn from everyday use, it is possible to renovate with a simple do-it-yourself sanding and sealing project. A high-quality job has the potential to completely return the flooring back to new. Also, this is a lot more cost efficient than having to replace with new, which is likely to be the standard practice with carpets.

6) Timeless appeal – the appeal of wood flooring has lasted for centuries and continues be just as popular now. Other flooring options like tile patterns, linoleum and carpet can have a style that is certain to lose its appeal over a period of time.

Tips for Hiring a Professional Painting Company

We want our homes to look good and reflect our style. We look for the right types of shutters, the perfect shingles. Spend time selecting the siding and even think about the type of landscaping that will best compliment or home. In fact, whether we plan on living in the house for years, or merely flipping it and moving on, there is much time invested in making a home look great.

So, why not take time to hire a professional painting team to address one of the most important elements of the home’s appearance! After all, just because anyone can use a paintbrush doesn’t everyone should take the DIY approach to painting- especially something as important as the home’s exterior. For a job of this nature, you really should hire a professional painting company so you can know you will get the best just possible.

Of course, just because you contact a team that claims to be professional it doesn’t mean they are. It is vital that you do your due diligence and check out the crew before you sign a contract. Here are a few tips to consider when planning to hire a painting company:

· As you meet with the painters, be sure to be clear and specific about what you need painted, any expectations, and when you need the work started and completed by.

· Learn what their process is for a job. Do the scrape off old paint first, prepare the surface, prime, etc. Each of these are Must Do actions and a knowledgeable, professional team will do this because they know that is how you get the best results. Yes, it means more time invested but skipping these steps is not wise!

· Will they be protecting elements not painted? If there areas of the house’s structure you don’t want painted, find out what they will do to prevent this from occurring.

· Be sure to find out if they have any local places they have painted, then to follow up on checking those places out. Be wary if they don’t have any local recommendations or if you are unable to talk to the people for who they have worked.

· Find out about the quality of the paint they will be using. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, talk to others in the industry or even sales assistants at your local home store.

· Don’t sign anything until you are secure in your knowledge of the crew and that they will meet all the requirements you may have for the job.

Hiring a painting company is the ideal way to give your home a new look that isn’t just a new color. Talk to a local painting company today and get ready to see your location look better than ever.

Uses of Tube Plugs

One of the types of plug which has a variety of uses is the 'Tube Plug'. This is one of the best gadgets to protect the product against dirt, moisture etc. It literally seals the product inside and thereby it ensures the safety of the product.

Role of the Tube Plug:

Some of the expensive machinery will have tubes inside which need to be protected from dust, oil, grease etc which may enhance the performance of the machinery. In such cases, the Tube Plugs play vital role in ensuring that the tube is free from dust etc. It also plays vital role while the products are under transportation. Materials placed inside the tubes and fastened with appropriate tube plugs is sure to reach the destination safely; without any type of damage.

As a matter of fact, packaging experts are of the opinion that with proper use of tube plugs, most of the damages which may occur during transportation can be effectively reduced if not completely prevented. The plug is placed on the surface of the package and on it the machinery is placed. In fact, even while the machinery is installed in the machine shop, the same principle is followed. With this, transportation becomes easier and safer.

It is very easy to remove the plug. In the machine shop, if the machine is to be moved to a new location all that is required to be done is to lift the machine, remove the plug and re-fix it in the new location. Some of the Tube Plugs are used as a glide as well so as to align the machine against the surface or the ground.

The Tube plugs are made of good quality nylon or plastic which is moisture free. Some of the users of Tube Plugs are of the opinion that this devise is the best option for storing documents. They say that just roll the document, put it in the tube and then seal it with the plug. It ensures that the document is protected from dirt, moisture etc.

The plug is available in many models like the tapering model, cylindrical model, thread model etc. It is also available with small vent which may be used for specific requirement of the client or the product which is put inside the tube. They are available in various colors which actually enhances the presentation or the aesthetic beauty of the product. The plugs are cost effective as well.

The Best Fat Burning Foods – Part I

If some foods could help us burning fat, things would be so much easier! But how far could this be from the reality? Surprisingly, not far at all !! Read on …

So what are these foods? The best foods nature can provide: fruits and some vegetables. Fat burning foods are foods that either burn fats accumulated in the body or improve metabolism, either way it's a winning situation for you! The Best Fat Burning foods are the following:

Olives and Olive Oil: A single olive includes monounsaturated fat, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, iron, vitamins A, C, and E. Olives and olive oil can stop your cravings for junky foods, they can also offer you many health benefits for example they can lower your blood pressure.

Tomato: it is packed with vitamin c and lycopene, according to new research, tomatoes can suppress the urge to snack. This great vegetable is also known to be a good anti-cancer agent. Unlike some other canned foods, canned tomatoes retain most of their nutrients.

Nuts: studies have shown that nuts can be very helpful when it comes to losing weight. Almost all nuts and seeds are super high in fat, it may surprise you that i am calling them fat-fighting foods. But the fat is unsaturated and can aid weight loss and does have disease-fighting properties.

Chilli Peppers: Chili peppers can do more than just make you feel hot, the capsaicin in hot peppers, the part that makes them spicy, has the extra effect of increasing fat burning in the body by boosting metabolism. There is also a health benefit, according to recent studies, the same active ingredient (capsaicin) that gives the peppers their heat, may set your mouth on fire but also leads blood vessels to relax, so it can lower blood pressure.

Berries: Most berries are naturally sweet and need little preparation. They have a natural fructose to satisfy your cravings for sweets and enough fiber so you can absorb fewer calories. . Berries are often described as super foods due to their higher amount of vitamines and antioxidants. They may help to prevent some forms of cancer.

Home Lighting Tips And Ideas

Choosing the right lighting for your home is important. The correct lighting can change the mood and look of a room, and in the case of rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms, lighting is essential for everyday tasks within the home.

A dark and dingy hall way could be brightened up and make your entire home seem welcoming with the right lighting.

Here are some tips to help you with your lighting choices.

The types of light fitting and bulbs are considered. Energy efficient, bulb brightness and the type of light will all affect the sort of bulb and fitting you will need.

Custom lighting also often uses unusual combinations of bulbs because they are design pieces that’s made to beautify as well as functionality.

Consider you budget when you are choosing lighting. You will now how much you are willing to spend. The type of room you are lighting will also affect your budget.

For example, you won’t want to spend as much on lighting for you utility room as you might for your lounge area, dining room or for any feature lighting like the light in a stair well or hall.

The first step is to consider each the room you are buying for. Think about how the rooms used, the layout of it and the levels of natural light it gets. You should also consider the colour scheme of the room, the size and the window treatments, These will all have a direct effect on the type, style and design of light you buy.

Shop with a reputable supplier of high quality lighting, that way you will be able to ask questions and get the right advice form the experts. They will know the best sort of fittings, bulbs and lights to recommend to you.

It’s also important that you make sure it is a reputable supplier so that you can trust that the lights you buy are reliable and well made. Electric lighting that has not been made to the correct safety and manufacturing standards are extremely dangerous and a fire hazard.

Shopping only with an experience and well-known supplier will give you the peace f mind that you are purchasing good quality equipment for your home.

Just like other items for the interior of your home, lighting design as its fashions. Think about how your home and each room get’s decorated and the style of the furniture you use.

This will help you pick the right design of light. Also, it’s worth remembering that sometimes buying a highly unusual light and that very modern can sometimes look out-of-place and out of fashion quickly. Instead, try to choose lighting that as a timeless quality to it and that will look beautiful for a several years.

Always ask as many questions as possible and get prices for the lights as well as fitting them. While some homeowners are able to fit lighting themselves, for many there will be the extra need of an electrician.

Communication Barriers in Moscow

It has been a while since my last newsletter. At that time I was reporting on why New Year's resolutions fail. That newsletter referred the attention of someone at CBC and I was invited to come in to the studio on the morning of January 1 to discuss my views. It was a great experience being on TV. For those interested, you can view my 5 minute segment on CBC by visiting my homepage (or Media Center Page) of my website (below) and scrolling down until you see the link to YouTube.

Today this newsletter comes to you from Moscow, Russia. I am here for 6 weeks doing executive communication training at an oil technology company. This is my first time in Russia and I can tell you that there have been some barriers to communication for sure.

First of all I can not read Russian, and as you may guess I can not speak it either (although I am slowly learning phrases). This means I have to depend on reading people's faces and body language. Luckily I have studied it extensively. We are all human, so people tend to have the same gestures for anger, confusion, happiness, etc. So far my best tool is to watch carefully and smile a lot. I imitate their behavior at formal functions, just to make sure. Yes I believe they would forgive me if I made a cultural mistake, but honestly, it is much better to avoid them! First impressions count a lot everywhere.

I also ask questions to the people responsible for me, based on my observations or readings. For example, did you know that here in Russia the men continuously shake hands with each other at most meetings and greetings, even if it is not formal? I think back home we only do that to say hello and goodbye. Here you may end up shaking hands with the same guy 3 or 4 times a day. However I have been told that the women do not shake hands. It is not considered necessary for them to be so formal. Interesting eh?

Well tomorrow I am supposed to go site-seeing around Moscow so I will end this newsletter for now. All in all I can say "so far so good" and I look forward to learning more Russian language, and also Russian culture. Then the barriers to communication will not seem so grand.

Modern Fireplace Accessories

These days just as fifty years ago a minimum list of fireplace accessories includes only a few necessary items. Nothing new was invented in the last century. Today you will need a set accounting of a poker, a shovel for coal, also brooms and tongs. Add to this list a screen that helps to adjust the flame, a grape and log holders, and that's probably going to be all you have purchase for the fireplace.

All of the items above are usually made from steel, brass, bronze and, less commonly, iron. Requirements for special heat resistance are low as no one would ever keep a poker in a burning flame. All the tools are just a part of the interior and mostly perform aesthetic and artistic function. The choice of subjects and manufacturers depends on the owner's willing to arrange an elegant fireplace area.

Many furnaces are also equipped with glass doors that are especially necessary when the fireplace is warm up and can not deal with smoke and then lets the bitter smell in the room. The glass cover helps to prevent it., The doors can be swinging or lifting. By the way, furnaces with a fireproof door are safer than open grates, and allow you to manage the flow of warm air much better and easier. The only drawback is that sometimes the heat-proof glass may be covered with soot. However, it is not a big problem because you can always buy special cleaners for fireplace screens and glass doors. More often the construction of furnaces have special channels that send air flow along the inner surface of the door, and do not allow the soot particles settle on the glass. If your fireplace has no doors at all, you can use a variety of nets and shutters that can be installed directly in front of the firebox. They help to manage the air flow and then regulate the heat level.

One more indispensable attribute of a fireplace is a mantels for fireplaces . Very often it is made of wood, typically of oak or walnut, and then it gets smoothed and polished or darkened by time and soot.

Of course, the cost of fireplaces and fireplace accessories is quite high, mostly because the price of fines and high quality materials. A fireplace is a bright, colorful interior decoration, a symbol of stability and warmth. And to some extent it is a luxury item, and as you know the real luxury just can not be cheap.

Basement Remodeling 101

We all have a favorite room in our home. For some it's a warm cozy kitchen. For others it's a sumptuous living room or a comfortable bedroom. When is the favorite room ever the basement? You can transform a boring basement into a getaway room and create a new favorite place. Upgrade that lost space and get more out of your home's square footage.

Did you know that the cost of remodeling your basement is significantly cheaper than adding an extra room? The savings are even higher if you are able to start with a dry basement. With the average cost of a basement remodel at about $ 20 per square foot, basement transformations are a real space solution for some. There are a few things to consider before starting a basement remodel. If you are unsure about where to get started, it's wise to consult a local general contractor. Estimates are usually free.

The Official Basics

Most city and county regulations require basements to have 7-foot ceilings. Without the right ceiling height, you might have a difficult time getting a building permit. If your ceilings come close to that height, check with a local contractor. They will be able to offer you some ceiling solutions that can help you find more head space. Do not be too concerned about overhead pipes and wiring. Pipes and wires can be moved or drop ceilings can be hung. It's also great to have a qualified contractor who can educate you on building codes for your getaway room. He'll be familiar with what's important to local inspectors.

Damp or Dry?

The next concern should be foundation dampness. Some older homes have significant dampness and even occasional flooding. Of course, it would not be wise to remodel your foundation without addressing these serious issues first. Flooding occurs mainly because of runoff problems. You'll have to reroute drain away from your basement. You may also have to make gutter repairs to keep water away from your home. Any foundation cracks will have to be addressed as well. Cracks in your foundation will allow rainwater to accumulate in your basement. Repairing and installing drains are important too. Also have your contractor check for radon before building. Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas that can be found in settled water like underground pipes. It would be a good idea to check for radon before beginning a basement remodel.

Ventilation in Your Getaway Room

Ventilation is a must in your newly remodeled basement. You'll need cold air returns and heating. Your contractor will be able to run ducts, set registers and adjust any outflow piping. Or you can purchase a basement ventilation system. Check with your contractor about which is right for your situation.

From Dark to Light

Your getaway space will need some light! With windows out of the question in many basements, recessed lighting is a great way to fake natural light in your new room. Check local stores for lighting fixtures that best suit your overall decorating scheme.

Fabulous Flooring

To fight a damp feeling in your new room, you may consider installing heated flooring. What a cozy way to keep your feet warm! However, there are tons of great floating choices available from hardwood to tile. Even carpet is a great accent and brings a level of coziness to your new room.

Which Room?

You can change that dead space into a busy family room or create a home theater. Underground game rooms and party rooms are also popular choices! You should also consider a workout room, an extra guest room or just your very artist's retreat. Whatever you choose, your getaway room will be perfect with a little help from your local contractor.

What Can You Eat On A Ketogenic Diet? Learn The Secrets To Burn Fat

What Can You Eat On A Ketogenic Diet?

A ketogenic diet is basically a diet which converts your body from burning sugar to burning fat. Around 99% of the wold’s population have a diet which cause their body to burn sugar. As a result, carbohydrates are their primary fuel source used after digesting carbs. This process makes people gain weight, however a diet of fat and ketones will cause weight loss. As you ask what can you eat on a ketogenic diet, first of all eat up to 30 to 50 grams of carbs per day. Next, let us discover more about what you can have on your plate and how the ketogenic diet affects your health.

The Importance Of Sugar Precaution On The Ketogenic Diet

Keto shifts your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner by eliminating the dietary sugar derived from carbohydrates. The first obvious reduction you should make from your current diet is sugar and sugary foods. Although sugar is a definite target for deletion, the ketogenic diet focuses upon the limitation of carbohydrates. We need to watch out for sugar in a number of different types of foods and nutrients. Even a white potato which is carb-heavy may not taste sweet to your tongue like sugar. But once it hits your bloodstream after digestion, those carbs add the simple sugar known as glucose to your body. The truth is, our body can only store so much glucose before it dumps it elsewhere in our system. Excess glucose becomes what is known as the fat which accumulates in our stomach region, love handles, etc.

Protein And It’s Place In Keto

One source of carbohydrates which some people overlook in their diet is protein. Overconsumption of protein according to the tolerance level of your body will result in weight gain. Because our body converts excess protein into sugar, we must moderate the amount of protein we eat. Moderation of our protein intake is part of how to eat ketogenic and lose weight. First of all, identify your own tolerance of daily protein and use as a guide to maintain an optimal intake of the nutrient. Second, choose your protein from foods such as organic cage-free eggs and grass-fed meats. Finally, create meals in variety that are delicious and maintain your interest in the diet. For instance, a 5 ounce steak and a few eggs can provide an ideal amount of daily protein for some people.

Caloric Intake On The Ketogenic Diet

Calories are another important consideration for what can you eat on a ketogenic diet. Energy derived from the calories in the food we consume help our body to remain functional. Hence, we must eat enough calories in order to meet our daily nutritional requirements. Counting calories is a burden for many people who are on other diets. But as a ketogenic dieter, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about calorie counting. Most people on a low-carb diet remain satisfied by eating a daily amount of 1500-1700 kcals in calories.

Fats, The Good & The Bad

Fat is not bad, in fact many good healthy fats exist in whole foods such as nuts, seeds and olive oil. Healthy fats are an integral part of the ketogenic diet and are available as spreads, snacks and toppings. Misconceptions in regards to eating fat are that a high amount of it is unhealthy and causes weight gain. While both statements are in a sense true, the fat which we consume is not the direct cause of the fat which appears on our body. Rather, the sugar from each nutrient we consume is what eventually becomes the fat on our body.

Balance Your Nutrients Wisely

Digestion causes the sugars we eat to absorb into the bloodstream and the excess amount transfer into our fat cells. High carbohydrate and high protein eating will result in excess body fat, because there is sugar content in these nutrients. So excessive eating of any nutrient is unhealthy and causes weight gain. But a healthy diet consists of a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats according to the tolerance levels of your body.

Just about everyone can accomplish a ketogenic diet with enough persistence and effort. In addition, we can moderate a number of bodily conditions naturally with keto. Insulin resistance, elevated blood sugar, inflammation, obesity, type-2 diabetes are some health conditions that keto can help to stabilize. Each of these unhealthy conditions will reduce and normalize for the victim who follows a healthy ketogenic diet. Low-carb, high-fat and moderate protein whole foods provide the life-changing health benefits of this diet.

Plastic Model Airplanes

Plastic models are generally distributed as kits which will need to become assembled by the user. The plastic models are also known as scale models and they’re mainly bought for static display. Almost all of the plastic model airplanes are injection and cast in polystyrene, parts are connected together with the help of adhesive or perhaps white glue. You can even get special paints for application on these plastic models. Aircraft insignia and body decorations materials are also available and you could use them on your model to really make it look more realistic.

There has been a pattern among producers to offer airplane kits which usually require a shorter period and expertise to assemble them. Therefore now fully detailed kits have been introduced for the benefit of enthusiasts. These kits require only normal gluing and assembly. Another kind of kit can be purchased wherein you just will need to snap the various parts together and this demands also smaller time and expertise.

Plastic models are created in scale. Usually these models have complete detailing and come in reasonable dimensions. Typically the most popular scales that are available for plastic model aircraft are 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72, 1/100 and 1/144. Of those 1/48 and 1/72 promote the most around the world.

The flip side of plastic models is that the very high cost production. Resin castings are widely-used on models however when the models become bigger in size the price too increases significantly. Vacuum forming was once popular nevertheless the assembly is really difficult. Extremely lately the manufacturers have started producing models that have really fine detailing that are ideal for resin kits. The grounds behind the sale of plastic model airplanes has changed over the years. Previously these have been distributed as toys to young kids the good news is they are mainly bought to always be kept as collectibles. Technological innovation too has advanced a whole lot and the models that come out there today are extremely innovative in comparison to the old models. It has also raised the price tag on the kits by several notches nevertheless that cannot be aided really in this period of competition.

The very first plastic model airplanes was created in the 1930s’ and these had been manufactured by Frog in the United kingdom. Ten years later several American companies like Lindberg, Hawk and Renwal accompanied the band wagon and began to produce plastic model airplanes. Through 1950s the big players came into picture like the AMT, Monogram and Auror4a in US, Airfix in United kingdom and Heller SA in France. It was only in the 1970s that plastic model airplanes became more and more well-liked in Asian nations and makers began to rise coming from this region too. Timiya and Hasegawa through Japan, AFV Club, Trumpeter and DML coming from China have started taking over the industry with more recent engineering. Today you also find brands through Russia, Central The european union and Korea stacked way up in the local hobby retailers.

As you can imagine these models have created a distinct segment for itself and have adorned the house of many as collector’s items. The purchase price will always end up being a factor for the common people however with passing time and much better technologies these models would end up being within the reasonably priced range of the customers.

Increase Grip Strength For MMA

Grip strength is paramount in the grappling aspect of MMA. All of the best ground fighters are said to have an iron grip, which allows them to control their opponent's limbs on the ground and eventually secure the submission. Typically, grip strength will develop over time with consistent grappling and working of the muscles. There are also several workouts you can do to help promote grip strength.

Most of the power in your grip comes from the forearm. There are numerous muscles in the forearm, including groups of flexors and extensors. You'll want to work on the former, since these are the ones that help aid grip strength. Forearms require high volume to really shine, so be sure to work them at least two or three times a week. Note that you do not have to isolate them every time, as many heavy lifts will really work the forearms.

The two best traditional exercises with which you can increase your grip strength are the deadlift and pull-up. Deadlifts are arguably more better than pull-ups, which is why many lifts will use straps to help them support the weight. Since you're trying to promote grip strength, you can forego the use of straps, although gloves and chalk can be used. You can also use the chin-up variation of the pull-up, which will put additional stress on the wrist flexors. Another good exercise to consider is the dispute, which also uses a large amount of weight to facilitate grip strength.

While your grip can be increased with traditional exercises, there are a few that will isolate the forearm. If you have any wrist injury, you should be careful of some of these exercises, as they require significant rolling of the joint and can cause uneven stress, which can lead to pain. The one I like to use the most is the standing barbell wrist curl, which is where you place a barbell behind your back and curl it up with your wrists. This is a good exercise that will greatly increase grip strength without really placing the joint in a compromising position. You can also try dumbbell wrist curls, but I find these to be too uneven, which can lead to pain. I had a ganglion cyst in my wrist for a while, and these would really make it hurt!

As I mentioned above, your grip will increase in strength with time, but you'll need to exercise your forearms to really gain elite strength. In grappling, this is important because it allows you to control your opponent and tie him up if he's ontop of you.