The Unsavoury Behaviors Of The Networking Cowboy

Networking is simply building relationships and yet there are a number of people who attend business events who do not seem to understand the first thing about how to go about it.

Building relationships takes time; If you are a member of the Impatience Society networking is not for you.

The first principle of building relationships is about giving and having an abundance mentality. It's not about what's in it for me, the true test of a good networker is the modern way of communication WII-FY ie What's in it for you? '

Ask questions such as 'Can I introduce you to someone here?' or 'How will I know if someone I'm talking to will be a good introduction for you?'

When we give to others, whether it is a referral, a useful piece of information or just our full attention when talking to others at events people tend to not just like you but sometimes feel indebted to you which can only help build continuing relationships

How 'not nice' people behave!

When you think cowboy, on the one hand you think Wild West & Indians. On the other hand we think of cowboys, people who are unprofessional, they con people, are not listening salesmen, in the very negative sense of the word I can only generalize but you know what I mean when I say there are many more male cowboys .

What behaviors do we see from these people when we attend business connected events?

1. When we meet him for the first time, there is not good eye contact. He did not look at you as you shake hands. Oh and that sloppy loose handshake. Or, conversely, the too friendly greeting, he grips your hand with both hands; he wants to be in control immediately.

2. You will see too much eye contact. He stares far too long or at the worst they undress the opposite gender with their eyes.

3. He tries to get friendly far too quickly. He tells inappropriate anecdotes or jokes often smutty. He asks inappropriate questions like 'do you live alone?' or 'perhaps we should get together after this event for dinner?'.

4. He lacks integrity dropping names to the wrong people at the wrong time.

5. He does not bother getting to know your name. Or if he does try a bit he gets it wrong. (Editors note. When you meet new people use first names only. Listen and repeat their name. People tend not to forget names they just do not hear and are too embarrassed to say.)

6. He talks far too much and takes control. Not interested in you at all and simply loves talking about himself. He will hijack a conversation

7. He's a toucher. Nothing wrong with that at the correct time and the appropriate settings. But these cowboys do it too soon in the beginning of the relationship.

8. He tries too hard to be interesting. He'll talk jargon and may even get his marketing literature out expecting you to go over it with him line by line.

9. If he spots an opportunity he does not know how to follow up properly and carefully. He ends up pestering not knowing that 'no' is 'no'

Ensure that no-one can ever accuse you of being a networking cowboy (or cowgirl!)

Networking is simply building relationships. How can anyone do that with the sort of behaviors listed?

How to Seal Outdoor Tiles in 10 Simple Steps!

While outdoor tiles are extremely durable, there is one thing you can do in order to extend the life and beauty of your investment. That one thing, is sealing your tiles. Sealing your outdoor tiles will not only help prevent staining and cracking, but also other types of outdoor damage over time as well. So now that you know why you should do it, the question is probably asking is, "How do you do it?"

Step 1: Gather your supplies. The first thing you need to do is take a trip to the hardware store to get your supplies. You'll need: a sponge, paint brush, broom, trowel, grout float, as well as tile and grout sealer.

Step 2: Clean the tile. Sweep the tiles and make sure they are totally free of dust, dirt, and debris. This is very easy, but also very important. If you do not do a good thorough job, or forget this step completely, that dust and debris will be stuck in place under the layer of sealant for as long as the sealant lasts.

Step 3: Seal the tile. This is a two part process. Using a paint brush apply the sealant to the tiles as evenly as possible and allow them to dry. However, you must be careful to not let the sealant drip off the body of the tile, and into the space between the tiles, as this is where the grout will be. This is important, because grout will not adhere well to the sealant.

Step 4: Let it dry. Once you have finished this application, let the sealant dry overnight. This drying is necessary because it will ensure that when you apply the grout, you will already have a dry coating of sealant protecting the tile from discoloration when it comes into contact with the grout.

Step 5: Apply the grout. Once the first layer of sealant is dry it's time to apply the grout. Using a trowel, apply the grout between the tiles. Then, take your grout float and smooth over the grout. About 15-20 minutes after finishing, use a damp sponge to wipe the grout. Let it sit another 2 hours, and then using a clean damp cloth, wipe away all of the excess grout. Your grout should be dry in 2-3 days, so wait that long before you move to the next step.

Step 6: Sweep up. You're not done yet, next you're going to sweep the tiles, to get rid of any dust or debris that has accumulated while the grout was drying.

Step 7: Apply the sealant. Apply the sealant evenly over the tiles and grout. Let this dry overnight.

Step 8: Sweep up again. Sweep up again to clear the tile of any dust or debris that has accumulated while it was drying.

Step 9: Apply one final layer of sealant. This final layer will serve to further protect your tiles even more. It's worth the added protection.

Step 10: Admire your work! Your finally finished and now's the time to look down and admire your work. This is by far is the step most people enjoy the most.

While it may have taken a few days, not only is sealing tiles easy, but it's a job that all DIY homeowners can complete. It's also a project that will allow you to enjoy your newly waterproof and stain resistant outdoor tiles for years to come!

How To Paint the Furniture To Retain Its Elegance

When I was chatting with my friends about home renovation, many of them felt that painting the furniture is a waste of money. I argued against that point by drawing an analogy between human beings and furniture pieces. I compared human dressing with the paint applied on the furniture and I explained them in detail about the advantages of paints. Finally, I won the argument and had a treat.

I am using this space to share a few important points that helped me to win over the argument and also help you to revive the charm of the furniture. We should take a cue from the nature. The ozone protects us from harmful UV rays, similarly the furniture has to be protected from environmental issues. But be clear that the painting a wall and furniture are different except for a few points.

If you are planning to paint the furniture, spare some time to read the following points.


Firstly, the furniture has to be coated with a primer. It is an undercoat to prepare the furniture for painting. It facilitates the paint to stick on the surface instead of spreading. It also increases the durability of the paint besides protecting the furniture.

The primer must also match the paint you are going to use. For latex paints, choose a latex primer. It is easy to use and it blocks stains. It won’t smell like an oil-based primer.

Similarly, Oil-based primers must be used for oil-based paints. They offer good adhesion and stain blocking compared to latex ones.

Metal enamel primer is known for its durability. This type of primer comes in satin and semi-gloss finishes.


Many often get confused what to use either Oil-based paints or Water-based paints

Oil paints have been used for centuries. They generally took long time to settle and dry.

Water-based paints are of different types namely Mud, Standard latex, Chalk and Milk paints.

Mud paints give antique appeal to the furniture. They have smooth, flat finish with great coverage. It works well with wax or any water-based coat. They also don’t need a primer as it is inherently adhesive.

Standard latex require a long curing time. They are relatively durable. They need the support of the primer.

Chalk paints have many benefits over other. They don’t require primer as they are normally adhesive. Another advantage is they don’t even need sanding.

Milk paints are commonly available. They can be easily applied to all kinds of surfaces. They are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Over and above, take some safety precautions while painting as many of the petroleum-based paints are toxic. Paint the furniture in open surroundings as it is a hazardous work.

Material Handling Companies Guide 101

Material handling or bulk material handling is a branch of engineering that deals in designing equipments for transporting materials in large quantities in a planned and effective way. In simple terms material handling is all about creating the products that help in moving things from one place to another. However various other tasks such as assembly line management, waste handling and storage etc. also fall within the purview of material handling. All in all the material handling systems have several strands working collectively to make business functions more efficient and cost-effective. As technology is advancing day by day the techniques in material handling are also increasing.

Today there are quite a few material handling companies that offer material handling equipment and material handling systems. One of the recognized names in this area is FedEx. FedEx Freight comprises of three freight companies that have generated incredible and revenue of $29.4 billion in 2005. Everyday FedEx handles around 65000 shipments and there are more than 27,000 people working in the company. Right now FedEx aims at enhancing its market share by offering “just in time” service.

Another remarkably performing material handling company is Clark. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, Clark Material Handling Company or CMHC manufactures forklift trucks. Recently the company has come up with a collection of around 20 different models of forklift trucks. Clark is till date credited with having invented the world’s first truck with a hydraulic lifting mechanism, the Truclift, in 1920. Truclift is the forerunner to contemporary forklift trucks.

Nestled in Southern California is the holistic solutions provider in logistics, Logistics Edge Company. Along with transportation and shipping warehousing, storage, fulfillment, assembly, labeling and packaging are other Third Party Logistics solutions provided by the company. The company offers facilities for online inventory tracking and provision for customized warehousing solutions. Logistics Edge makes use of latest web based software applications and warehouse management software systems. Moreover the company has an ideal location on the West coast. This feature is not just beneficial for the company in terms of easy access to many significant ports but is also a boon for its clients as the services of the company are offered at affordable rates.

In case of companies manufacturing material handling systems, the SSI Schaefer Company ranks first. SSI Schaefer Company is globally acclaimed to be the world’s largest supplier and manufacturers of best quality material handling systems. Storage and workshop equipment, waste management systems, commissioning and conveying engineering solutions, planning and logistics systems, office furniture etc., are the various other tasks handled by the company.

Another certified manufacturer of material handling equipment is Banyitong Science and Technology Developing Company in Yaohai Industrial Park, China. The company has earned great recognition in the making of hydraulic and electric stackers, drum handlers, electric pallet trucks, electric tow tractors etc. Besides these non-standard products as per the need of customer are also made here.

Not to forget is the Yale Materials Handling Corporation (YMHC). Being a part of the Nacco Materials Handling Group (NMHG), YMHC is a global organization that is a leading provider of high quality performance lift trucks.

Successful Networking for Introverts – Three Proven Strategies

How many times have you stood at the entrance to a networking mixer frozen in fear? “A root canal would be easier than this,” you say to yourself. Having to make small talk with strangers, trying to be interesting and charming, is not your strength nor your idea of a good time. But you believe that if you can just endure this for an hour, you might walk away with some valuable new contacts. The reality is that your discomfort often has negative results, and you don’t gain the new relationships you had sought.

In the 1930s, Swiss psychologist Carl Jung coined the term introvert as someone who tends to find his psychological energy within… in the world of thought, contemplation and reflection. This inward focus can result in a tendency to pull back and maintain a safe distance, especially around new people.

In the world of networking, introverts can face a long list of daunting challenges – not the least of which is sending nonverbal messages that may be misinterpreted as aloofness. And “aloof” is not a good message when your purpose is to mix, mingle, and foster new relationships.

As a card-carrying introvert myself (by Jung’s definition), I’ve developed some guidelines that have always worked well and have allowed me to be confident and outgoing at networking events. Practice these, and you will soon become the “master of the mixer”:

1. Create a plan before each event: “Winging it” never works for introverts, because spontaneity is not usually a strength. So having a plan can greatly boost confidence.

o Do some pre-work before the event. Think about who will be there and who you would like to meet.

o Make a list of goals before you leave the house – how many new contacts do you want to make tonight? How will you approach them? Prepare for “small talk” by reviewing current events in your head; take a mental assessment of recent books you’ve read, movies you’ve seen, or interesting stories you’ve heard — always good conversation starters and fillers for awkward moments.

2. Enter the room with a purpose and a plan: Most of us feel uncomfortable during the first few moments when we enter a networking event, particularly if we don’t know anyone.

o First, think positive, powerful thoughts “I am energetic, confident and successful. Tonight I will meet (3, 5, 10) people who will be helpful to my business or others in my network.” By thinking and visualizing positive situations, your energy will draw others to you; it’s a law of nature!

o If there is no greeter to make you feel more comfortable, take a moment to stand at the entrance and survey the room (As though you are looking for someone…). Be aware of your body language; don’t slump or try to disappear into the woodwork, but enter with authority. Pretend you are the king or queen making your grand entrance, and your body language will say that you are confident and approachable.

o As you enter, get the lay of the land and look specifically for three things: (a) the buffet, (b) the bar, and/or (c) someone sitting or standing alone. Choose one of these as your target, so that when you make your journey across the room, you have a goal and are not awkwardly meandering around.

(a) The buffet line is always a good place to meet people. Make a mental note of anything interesting and just “think out loud” to the person next to you. “Incredible ice sculpture,” you could comment. Or, “Wow, I didn’t know shrimp came in this size!” She will have to respond in some way, and you can follow with, “Is this your first _____ event?” The conversation will easily flow from there.

(b) Same thing at the bar — While waiting in line, strike up a conversation, “Wow… this already looks like a great event; I didn’t expect so many people. Have you been here before?”

(c) Once you have your food or drink in hand (Only occupy one hand; keep one free for shaking),

approach the person sitting alone, and say with a smile, “Mind if I join you?”

3. Ask questions, listen carefully, and don’t worry about selling yourself: The most charming and fascinating people are the greatest listeners. Listening also gives you an advantage in uncovering potential customers or job prospects.

o Ask the person about her business; about hobbies, family, city of origin, etc. It’s very probable that somewhere in that conversation you will uncover a need, and you will be able to help her find an answer or resource.

o Armed with information, you can say, “Oh! So your brother is looking for a home in the area? I know a great (realtor, landscaper, plumber).”

o By giving before asking, you encourage people to trust you, and they will feel an unconscious need to reciprocate by sending business or resources to you as well.

Once we introverts practice the simple principles of planning our approach; reviewing topics for conversation; and taking the spotlight off ourselves by focusing it on other people, we’ll not only become more comfortable in networking situations, but may find ourselves the life of the party!

Military Challenge Coins for Sale For All Branches

Military challenge coins are available for all branches of the military. The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines all share the honor of receiving basic challenge coins upon graduation from basic training. They are somewhat different from ones that are for sale as they have no special frills. They signify training that has just been completed.

The coins can be made from several types of metal. The typical ones are bronze, gold-plated or silver. The coins crafted of more precious metals are usually special coins that are custom-made for special achievements or as a memory coin for family of the military who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

There are various types of military challenge coins that can be purchased by the public as well. There are several choices when it comes to Army coins such as the Road Warrior, Best by Performance coin, Iraqi Freedom and Military Intelligence Battalion coins just to name a few.

The Air Force coins are another type that are given for performance and appreciation. They may include coins for special operations, commander's excellence for missions agreed, air national guards and others. The coins are made in many different shapes and some are even made in the shape of an eagle.

The Marines challenge coins can include ones for various missions accomplished such as target acquisition. Others are distinguished by the company the Marine was in and there are combat logistics coins as well as ones commemorating the birthday of the Marine Corp.

The Navy coins are still another type of military coin that are noted by the emblems that they embellished with such honor, courage and commitment. Navy Seal coins, a Texas challenge coin which is a star within a circle and several other types are just a small proportion of the challenge coins that you may see today.

There are a great many different coins today and there are even a few rare ones floating around. One for example, is the "Bull Dog" coin that is very rare. They were made for the B-52 tail gunners, which is not in existence today. So finding a coin of this magnitude would be a real find if you are a collector.

All of the true military challenge coins are distinct as each one had a special meaning and reason for being made. If you are a collector, you will find the coins can be purchased as well as the cases to put them in for display. Sharing the coins by displaying them is one way of showing what an honor the coins represent.

If you choose to collect the challenge coins, start with the simplest ones first and then you can look for the coins that are not as common. The simplest ones will be the easiest to find for your collection. There are many places to find the coins, although it will be a little more difficult to find coins that are not so common. Check with members of your family that have served in the military. This is a good place to see some of the coins that have special meaning to them.

Air Conditioner Repair Guide

People in this generation are less likely to do things on their own such as air conditioner repair. But if you are that diligent enough to do some research on how to make a do-it-yourself repair process on your units, you can save a large amount of cash for sure. You don’t have to make a service call that costs you as much as $150 to $500.

First, know what your unit is doing. It is making some sounds. Is the coil freezing up? Is the compressor kicking on and off? Can you smell a mildew stink when you turn on the air? Researching the internet for possible answers to these questions is like counting 1, 2, and 3.

Air conditioning units are just like your appliances in your home, the only difference is those appliance are not worth fixing because of the excessive amount it will cause you. However, this is not true to you air conditioning unit. Replacing the good one will surely cost you a lot, even the replacing the good ones.

Knowing how the unit works will help you in fixing future problems. Such as how the heat is transferred, the function of each of the component, how a compressor works, where to buy parts and accessories, and the most important of all is how to trouble shoot your air conditioner.

Knowing how the heat is transferred is very important if you plan to make your electric bill go down. If you do not know where the heat is transferred, you may have no idea why exactly the shrubs close to the unit is turning brown.

You can easily diagnose problems that make you repair simple things if you care enough to read the manual.

The compressor is the heart of the system of your air conditioner. Knowing how this thing work will sure guide you in making dependable decisions that will make your machine have a long life. Not giving much attention to this little stuff can make your machine blow up in case of bad decisions.

There are many links online where you can buy cheap parts and accessories, half the price of what you will actually pay for service companies. But, you really have to make sure that bogus offers will not cross your way.

And lastly, trouble shooting your air conditioner unit is very important. Knowing the cause of that annoying sound will help a lot in discerning what kind of simple things you must do. In this stage, you can have an overlook on the things that you must do in your air conditioner repair day.

Kitchen, a Conspicuous Consumption Space

A well designed or a redesigned kitchen could be an expensive affair but one can select the backsplash material and give a new look to the kitchen. Materials like wood, metal, glass, ceramic and stone offer a load of backsplash option to focus on for today’s kitchen.

The postmodernism is marked by minimalism and offers combination of metal and glass to construct a utility space. The basic concept of form follows the function or function follows the form allows user to interact with the space. At times simply a coat of washable paint can make a difference to the aesthetic value and the kitchen expresses simplicity at its best to understand and exist. There are several options to choose from for the backsplash in terms of its material, color, shape & size; but ceramic probably being the most versatile of them all has a load to offer than just being economical. Ceramic tiles have color, pattern and texture to add to your kitchen.

The backsplash space is what connects the countertops to the wall mounted cabinets. While the countertops and cabinets are standard simpler surfaces; the backsplash space is where one could express ones creative individuality. The kitchen backsplash spaces offer a load of room to play around with while one could still maintain the clean lines differentiating. Ceramic offers a low maintenance solution to backsplash ideas; additionally one can play around with the tile patterns say stack them vertically, or stagger them or fix them at an angle.

Stainless steel backsplash options get uniformity by relating to the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Stainless steel options are easier to wipe and will last forever. Natural stone offers an expensive alternative and texture to the backsplash spaces; it offers contrast to smooth counters and cabinets. Bricks used in the backsplash spaces could be difficult to clean and maintain but it does warm up the kitchen space. Glass offers a seamless experience; it provides an uninterrupted surface and is inexpensive and could be easily customized. Glass has good reflective properties which helps to brighten up the space and is easy to maintain.

The kitchen backsplash ideas mostly revolve around form and functions. A user is usually looking for surfaces which are easier to clean and have an aesthetic appeal. Surfaces which offer seamless experience like glass & metal are easier to install and maintain; thus exhibit a load of scope for application. The glass & metal combination usually adds to the sophistication while also adding warmth and style to the overall space called kitchen. To get the ideas one would have to extensively browse through various designer catalogs till one finds the right appreciation; alongside one will have to study the existing kitchen to figure out which features to retain. Overall the kitchen backsplash ideas will have to target the basic instincts to be able to deliver the right combination of form function and energies.

Lenovo IdeaPad 510 Overview of a Very Affordable Multimedia Laptop With 7th Generation Processors

The Lenovo IdeaPad 510 is a relatively slim and light multimedia laptop priced less than $1,000. It can be customized to meet your budget and ideal specification requirements. The case is constructed from polycarbonate ABS, and the surface resists fingerprints effectively. There are five rubber spacers around the bezel’s outer edge to give the laptop an interesting look.

The Intel 7th generation core processor features built-in security and enough power for 3D gaming. For additional performance, it comes with hyper-threading technology, Turbo Boost 2.0, integrated memory controller, and Intel Smart Cache.

The 510 is compatible with the Kensington MiniSaver cable lock, which allows you to safeguard your laptop in any public place, whether it’s school, in the office, library, etc. The push-button design and strengthened lock head is patented technology. Keep in mind that the lock itself is sold separately.

Four rubber feet are located on the bottom of the machine to provide ample elevation on all surfaces, including uneven ones. This allows for more vent room to prevent overheating. The exhaust vents are positioned on the inside of the hinge, away from the user.

The IPS display is 15.6-inches and has a full HD resolution. Lenovo sets the scaling to 125% by default, but you can turn it off if you want the text to be smaller. The color temperature is a bit warm, making the display easy on the eyes.

The display has a nice hinge, which allows it to be pushed back to 180-degrees. There is a comfortable amount of spacing between the keys on the full-size keyboard. The single level of backlighting is evenly lit across all of the keys. Tactile feedback is good. The trackpad is placed in a convenient spot so that it does not hinder typing.

Processor and Graphics for the Lenovo IdeaPad 510

In addition to the display, the Lenovo IdeaPad 510 also comes with:

• Processor: Up to Intel Core i7 (7th generation) 2.70GHz / 4MB

• Graphics: Up to Intel HD 620 OR NVIDIA GeForce 4GB 940 MX

• Storage: Up to 256GB (SSD) or 1TB SATA (5400 RPM)

• Memory: 4GB is soldered into the system board, and an 8GB stick can be added to the extra slot for 12GB

• Optical: DVD recordable drive

• Wireless technology: WiFi 802.11 a-c

The starting weight of this laptop is 4.8-lbs (or 2.2-kg). It’s available in black and silver.

Overall, the Lenovo IdeaPad 510 fulfills its intended purpose of delivering a fair amount of multimedia and entertainment to the everyday user. It offers a nice display and comes with a good webcam and speakers.

Grab the latest Lenovo laptop coupons and save on a new IdeaPad and accessories. Lenovo IdeaPad 510 promo codes are released on a regular basis. Many of them have expiration dates, so be sure to use a good one now while it’s still available!

Bridging the Heart and Mind – The Practice of Stopping and Returning

Many of the World's Wisdom Traditions promote meditation as a method of staying in contact with our actual life experience, as it's happening, with attention and awareness.

One of the reasons this is so valuable is because our minds are generally not very accurate about our experience. Our thinking minds will often create stories and imaginings about our experience that are inaccurate and distorted. These stories and imagining are often a source of suffering, because we feel stress, tension and frustration from them. The mind can be unkind, and when our attention gets cooked up in the mind we can suffer from the painful thoughts we have.

Also, just as important, when our attention is lost in our thoughts, we became disconnected from our heart, which means we lose touch with our basic goodness and our natural wisdom. When our attention is in our thoughts, we can lose track of the bigger picture and our deepest gifts that come from the heart.

For instance, as a nurse I work on a wonderful Continuing Care Unit in Rimbey. I am surrounded by amazing and beautiful older people who look to me for help, comfort and support.

As a Nurse, another part of my job is a to do a lot of writing, recording and physical tasks that can take me away from my time with the residents there.

Add to this the fact that often times things do not go at all as planned. Unexpected situations arise that take me away from my opportunity to provide comfort and care. Sometimes residents become unhappy with how things are, and they let me know in a variety of colorful and interesting ways. This can also be a source of stress, tension and frustration.

It is easy for me to imagine that "things are not as they should be", which adds further stress, tension and frustration. My residents are unhappy. I am unhappy. What to do?

One way of working with this situation is to use the stress, tension, and frustration as a 'Wake Up Call' informing us that something is wrong, our attention has wandered and we are no longer connected to the heart. This means that as soon as we notice our suffering, we STOP and RETURN to our real and true experience in that exact moment.

Stop thinking. Return attention to our breathing.
Stop imagining. Return attention to our experience.
Stop allowing attention to 'sleep' in the head space.
Wake up and Return attention to the heart space.
Stop living with attention in thought and imagination,
Return attention to our breathing, our experience and our heart.

Any time we Stop and Return, two great benefits can occur.
1. We can Stop causing ourselves pain and suffering with our thoughts (get out of the head space).
2. We can Return to a simple appreciation and gratitude for being alive right this moment now (get into the heart space).

This means we decrease our suffering and increase our enjoyment at the same time.

Today, right now, stop what you're doing. Just Stop and Return to the present moment. Just for this moment, listen to yourself breathe. Feel your body. Watch yourself take deeper breaths and enter the space of the heart. Stopping and Returning means just that. It means when we realize we are suffering because we are listening to the chatter of the busy mind, we Stop and Return our attention to the heart space and the present moment ..

It's valuable to have designated times to practice Stopping and Returning. One of my favorite times is when I first wake up in the morning and my mind starts racing ahead of me and into the future. When this happens I Stop and Return to what I know is real: my actual experience of laying in bed. Showering, eating, hugging and walking are some of my other favorite times to remember to Stop and Return.

Decide that six times today (and every day) you will Stop whatever you are doing and return to the heart space and present moment for 10 seconds. That's 60 seconds total. One minute of your life you will dedicate to practicing this exercise that can make all the difference between living in a place of stress, tension, and frustration, or in our heart where our basic goodness and wisdom has a chance to shine

This is Stopping and Returning Meditation. It takes one minute a day. Sixty seconds, in six short sessions of 10 seconds each. Six moments in which you may stop and return your attention to your heart, where your basic goodness and wisdom comes from.

Choosing a Superior Auto Glass Repair Company

One of the most important features a vehicle can have is the glass. This is what provides the much-needed barrier between you and the elements on the road including weather. In addition, the glass can remain intact even if you were to get into an accident. Having the highest quality glass also makes it possible for you to maintain visibility while on the road. Cloudiness and distortions serve to make it harder when it comes to making very vital information such as distance from objects. When your auto glass needs to be repaired, you need to think carefully before making a selection.

Inspection of the auto glass

Getting your hands on the best glass manufacturer is just the beginning. The best repair company knows all the things that the best glass has to pass through and all the challenges you may have when shipping. Therefore, the best company should be knowledgeable on inspecting all the glass pieces before the installation.

Dealer glass

There are many auto glass companies that manufacture glass, but the quality does not really match up to that of the dealer glass. Distortions can be seen and they may interfere with visibility to a great extent. There are qualities that dealer glass has to meet so as to ensure that all standards are met.

Use of high-quality materials

Materials used to hold the auto glass into place are very important. The best companies only use the manufacturers’ adhesive. This should be able to hold the auto glass very securely in case of a collision. If you use low-quality urethane, then it will not have the chemical makeup that is needed to hold for a long period of time. This means that it may break down and the windshield can become loose. Cheap urethane can also need to water and wind noise leakage.

Technicians used for installation

When you want the auto glass installed the correct way, then you should have at least two people doing the job. The job needs to be done correctly without having to keep on trying. You only have a single chance of installing the glass and therefore you should not make any mistakes. When not done well, the result will be a shoddy looking job.

Removal of the cowl panel

So as to have the best quality repair, there is a need to remove the cowl panel. This is the plastic cover that you notice along the glass bottom. This has to be removed. If this is not removed, then urethane can get pushed aside or it may lead to the glass not making any contact whatsoever. There are companies that hurry the job by simply dipping or sliding the glass so as not to remove the panel. The position of the windshield wiper blades can tell you a lot about what is happening during the installation.

Lifetime guarantee

The best repair companies should be able to stand by their work. The best way that this can be done is by offering guarantees for the services. This certifies that the company that installed the glass used the best materials as well as methods that are superior and industry standard.

Getting Around on Wheel Chair Stair Lifts

If you have a relative or you yourself are handicapped, you are well aware how hard it is to get to other levels of a building other than the main for if an elevator or ramp is not available. Wheel chair stair lifts not only help people in wheel chairs up stairs but also to upper levels of a building such as a church or a museum.

Lifts for special chairs are not inexpensive. Many homes can have a handy chair installed that the disabled person can sit on to get to the higher level, but unless there is another wheelchair at the higher level or someone to take the wheelchair up the stairs, its a problem. However if the person can still walk and is just not able to maneuver up stairs, its not a big problem.

Wheel chair stair lifts are especially handy in parks that may have several levels and people who have a hard time walking distances can use these devices to get to the various levels. This makes the park experience more enjoyable.

Buses also benefit from these devices. People can use these to get around town or on tours. This makes a vacation more accessible for the disabled that do not want to drive their own vehicle. It also makes the trip more enjoyable for the people who accompany the disabled person.

Getting around with a wheelchair can be a major production but wheel chair stair lifts help to relate the hassled that many handicapped people encounter.

Construction Site Safety Tips

Construction of any building is a massive task, and within the construction site there are hundreds of laborers at work with huge and heavy machinery and with massive volumes of building materials. The whole process of construction is a daunting and laborious task and there is an immense amount of risk involved in the process. Therefore, certain precautionary measures should be taken at any construction site. Here are few of the precautionary measures that can help to insure your safety and protection within a construction site.

Many laborers in the past have lost their lives mostly due to falling off scaffolds and ladders. So it is very important to get proper training with all equipment and how much they can hold their weight and basic safety tips for each piece of equipment. It is necessary to inspect all the ladders and scaffolds before each shift. Even the laborers should be aware not to walk on any unsecured roofs or shingles. It is always advisable to follow the OSHA rules while installing guard rails or any sturdy protective screens for every construction site. It is advisable to maintain a net underneath any roof opening while the construction is going on.

During the construction, all toxic materials should be properly safeguarded so as not to endanger the lives of the laborers, as well as not to affect the building foundation and the lives of the residents or workers there after. When workers work around bridges, there is a strong chance of exposure to lead. There are also tunnels, bridges, and elevators where you can get exposed to lead. So it is important that every worker’s blood lead level should be checked to be allowed to work in those places. Workers are exposed to tunnels while roofing, paving roads, and it can cause various harmful diseases of the lungs, skins, eyes and respiratory systems. Exposure to lead, asbestos and other toxic fumes and dusts can lead to cancer as well. So it is crucial that all the best equipment should be used for reducing the fumes and absolutely essential that all workers wear protective gear. Hard hats are one of the essential accessories of any construction site, but you also need a vest with reflective coating or stripes, gloves, goggles or other eye protection and specific accessories for specific types of construction sites.

Following some of these basic tips can save your health and save your life.

The More Food on Your Plate the More You Eat, Or Portion Size Counts

Over the years there have been several studies showing the relationship of portion size and the amount of food ateen. Usually the more food you put on your plate the more food you will eat.

In a study of 130 obese type II diabetics half were assigned portion-control bowls and plates. The dinner plates had clearly marked sections for carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables. The plates for men held an 800 calorie meal. The cereal bowl provided a 200 calorie meal.

Those study participants who used the portion-control dishes lost an average of 5.6 lbs. about 1.8 percent of their body weight. The control group only lost .27 lbs less than a third of a pound about 1. percent of their body weight. My suggestion, if there is any way you can make or buy a portion-control plate and use it, do so. You might look out plates for babies as they are often segmented.

Over the years the size of restaurant meals has increased. Our expectation is for that restaurant meal to be bigger than ever. A study of restaurant meal size was conducted at Penn State. Two meals were prepared a standard size meal and another with 50 percent more food. The price was the same. Customers when served the larger meal ate almost all of it and more of the accompaniments as well. Each participant was asked to rate their satisfaction and the appropriateness of the proportion size. Those served the smaller meal rated the size of the portion as appropriate. They were as satisfied as those served the larger meal.

In another study, potato chips were packed in 5 different size bags. The larger the bag of chips the more the participants ate.

Other studies have shown that Americans are eating larger portions not only out of the home but also at home. Researchers believe because of the large sizes of restaurant meals people are getting a distorted view of what the size size should be. They are then bringing that image into their homes. And consequentially they are eating more than necessary.

In the "submarine sandwich" study (published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association), 75 young men and women ate lunch in the lab once a week for 4 weeks. Each week they were served one of four sizes of deli-style sandwiches. The submarine type sandwiches were 6, 8, 10 or 12 inches long. The portion size of the sandwich significantly influenced the amount consumed. When served the 12-inch sandwich females consumed 12% more calories and males 23% more calories.

The study results show that people are unaware of the amount of food they are eating. People tend to eat what is put in front of them. Consequently, the more food on your plate the more you consume. If you are trying to lose weight it is absolutely necessary that you restrict the amount of food you put on your plate.

Extra calories mean extra weight. When eating out order half a meal. Share a dessert. At home, use smaller plates. When eating at a buffet or salad bar look at all of the food first and then only put on your plate what you really want. Cut down on the amount of food you cook for yourself. Cut the sandwich in half and save half for another day. Eat soup with your half sandwich.

Make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of food on your plate. Be very aware of how much food is in front of you. Make it hard to go for seconds. Everything counts in your quest to lose weight.

The Modern Day Suit

The suit as we know it today can be traced back to its creator Beau Brummel who became the arbiter of fashion more than one hundred and fifty years ago. The dandy style of that era was later epitomised by artists such as David Bowie, Mark Bolan and Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music and became known as glam rock style. Many styles have evolved over the years, such as double breasted, three button, broad to narrow lapel and back again. However the basic structured and shape of the modern day suit has changed little over the past one hundred years. We’ve been locked into repetitive style cycles of the original concept for many decades. Currently the two button single breasted with a more tailored silhouette is standard, with the younger generation opting for what is known as bum freezer. In this case the jacket is cut very short at the base of the torso, trousers low rise, similar to the old fashioned hipster with stove pipe trouser legs to complete the look.

Suiting was first commercialised on Savile Row, the oldest and most famous of all tailoring precincts in the world. Tailors started doing business there around 1803. With Henry Poole credited for creating the very first dinner suit. It later became known as the Tuxedo, named after Tuxedo Park in New York State, an American Indian term meaning moving water. Kings, Princes wealthy industrialists, Hollywood movie stars and rock music stars carved a path to Savile Row spending millions of dollars on luxurious suits made from the finest Australian Marino Wool. In the early 60’s Tommy Nutter opened for business in the early 60’s financially backed by Cilla Black. He became famous for reinventing Savile Row. The first to have open window displays which caused some controversy, this practise was considered brash by old school tailor traditionalists who generally worked behind closed doors. Nutter dressed the Beatles for the famous Abbey Road album cover. Other clients include Mick Jagger, Bianca Jagger and Elton John.

Soon after Spencer Tracey passed away his long-time partner and confidant Catherine Hepburn travelled to Savile Row to pay a visit to the tailor that made Tracey’s suits. She ordered a pair of tailor made denim jeans and unintentionally gave birth to the dress jean trend of the 70s. Based on this innovation Richard James another contemporary of Savile Row tailored suits made of selvage Denim woven in Japan.

Renowned Italian woollen mill and suit maker Zegna have been buying the best super fine Marino wool from Australia since 1910. Apart from their ready-made off the peg apparel, they receive 60 to 80 special orders a year for suits that will set you back $34,000. Zegna are carrying on the Savile Row tradition using the finest quality cloth available.

The demand for bespoke suiting has declined dramatically over the past three decades. The range of cuts and price point available in department stores is a major contributor to the decline in sales on Savile Row, with many tailoring firms having to downsize and tap into the mainstream ready-made market. Now one can purchase an off the peg Italian made suit in super fine Marino wool for under $2,000.

The modern day suit survives, however fewer men tend to wear them, opting for a more casual style. Large accounting and law firms have taken the step away from tradition and for many suit and tie is no longer a standard dress requirement for the office. Is this a good thing? I think not; it demonstrates a lack of self-discipline and self -respect. Men are easily swayed by office peer group pressure and will generally follow the crowd. Those who choose to step out and dress up are the long term winners, so suit up.