Why the Construction Industry Can not Optimally Function Without Storage Containers

The uses of storage containers are diverse and many industries have utilized these for their own benefit. Similarly, the construction industry requires these shipping units for various purposes to work efficiently and effectively. Here are some reasons why the construction industry can not fully function without shipping containers.

1. Site office

Construction workers, builders, architects and engineers all work together to design a site and building. They need an office to work, and a storage unit is the perfect solution for an office at site. It is easy to transform a standard container into a makeshift workstation as it is near the site and more accessible to the workers and the builders team.

2. Site Storage

Working on site, labors require storage space for construction materials like wood, equipment and other items. These materials need to be kept in a secure place to protect them from unfavorable weather condition, theft and damage.

3. Generator Storage

Construction sites require huge generators to provide electric power to run machinery and other equipment used for building purposes. Storage units are very useful to store power generators safely, away from direct exposure to sunlight, dust and dirt, which can damage the generators.

4. Mess Rooms

Workers need temporary leasing locations while being on remote construction sites. These shipping units can be converted into buildingshift homes for the workers. It can work as a small home with all basic amenities such as kitchenette, bedroom, toilet, etc.

Customized Containers for Your Individual Needs

The diversity of these massive storage units can be accounted to one big aspect; they can be customized according to customer needs. These can be converted into offices with proper electric power and plumbing connections, shelves, partitions, open roofs, doors, etc.

The use of storage containers is diverse as it is useful for many industries from construction, agriculture, horticulture and even in the home building industry. These are cost effective for businesses more than they are for individuals who may need them for home based businesses.

Choosing the right size and type of container for your needs can help optimize your overall performance and help you operate efficiently well within your budget. Construction businesses need these units to help them to become efficient with their work, cut down on commute time from and to site, especially if the site is located in a remote or far off area.

Finding a container for rent or purchase in PA can be quite a task if you are unsure about your individual needs, requirements and budget. The price and rentals of these containers may vary according to the features such as refurbished, used, new, painted or not painted, size, etc. Choose the one that can best optimize your performance and effectiveness.

Pink Strollers for Your Babies – Convenient and Stylish

As parents, especially if you are new in this department, a stroller can be one of the most crucial purchases that you will have to make. This is because you will have to rely on the stroller to carry your precious babies around town or when you go for a walk in the mall or even in the zoo. So, your choice of stroller should be super durable and safe, especially when you buy one for two babies or twins. Additional attention is given if you want to personalize the stroller to suit your taste or to your babies' gender. If you have two beautiful girls, then one of these attractive pink strollers is for you.

When choosing a stroller though, you will have to consider some important factors. First, you should make sure it is durable, could carry a significant weight and also within a reasonable weight for ease in getting around. And when you have two kids, the challenge of finding the best one is doubled. The compartments or storage for your babies' diapers, snacks, bottles and even toys is also very important. It should be big enough to accomodate twice your kids' stuff.

It is also important that the stroller's tires are sturdy enough to take on rough and uneven terrain, moods and styles – from the city to the woods and even to the beach. The handles should also be adjustable so that the parents' height or reach will not be an issue. It would also be great if it is compact and versatile. There are strollers that you can use as a bassinet or a seat and you can even detach the "seat" so it can become a car seat.

There are a lot of cheap strollers online to choose from. You can even customize the fabric or the color. You only need to choose from among the many stylish designs, pick the best one that suits you and your baby and then pay through your credit card. It's that convenient.

The Resounding Benefits of Custom Carbonless Forms

The Uniqueness of custom carbonless forms is that they are very emphatic and cost effective forms for your businesses. They are very simple, unique and creative receipts. More often than not, 2 part ncr can be designed by implementing the latest graphic design tools and techniques. On the other hand, they can be manufactured by using full color schemes. Neither gloss nor matte finish techniques would be used for carbonless printing. Bear in mind that neither embossing nor debossing techniques will be used for it at all. Moreover you have to avoid of using foil stamping and UV coating techniques as much as you can. Therefore the benefits of using them are more than enough beyond your expectations. For example one of the biggest advantages of implementing corporate receipts is that they would make your industrial targets simpler and simpler in a cost effective manner.

Secondly 2 part ncr sets would eradicate your sales pressure immediately. With the usage of it you would be easily able to put aside your buying and selling receipts in a trouble free manner. Another competitive edge of using it is that it would increase both the client and customer retentions in an impeccable shape. Furthermore it would enhance the trustworthiness in your businesses for long time. Besides, they would definitely enhance the effectiveness of the corporate businesses in a continuous manner. Finally we can say that they are wonderful forms especially for the corporate industries. In short, they are really cheap, simple and cost effective forms for the modern day businesses globally. So please try to use them for your order purchasing purpose.

CSS Table Less Format and HTML Table Base Format, Which One You Prefer

I have been doing extensive research on net regarding people's opinion on building website using CSS div based format over HTML table based format and have found that there is a lot more improvement in terms of page size, load time and search engine positioning after switching to CSS div based format.

CSS is syntactic, it's fast and lightweight. Comparing to HTML, developing a site in CSS table less format is more systematic. The clarity of the code in CSS makes you feel much in control where as in HTML table based format we just go on pumping the tables into the design leading to more complex and cluttered html code. CSS is definitely more of an efficient way to code, as the style sheet is loaded once and cached, versus loading the table code with every page.

Depends on how complicated website design is I would recommend CSS over HTML. In CSS the basic principle is to use div tags as containers to hold different elements instead of table cells. Assigning an id or class to those div allows you to add styles and to position them using an external style sheet instead of over and over again in each td. Many times instead of going for 100 percent CSS table less development people use partial CSS div based and partial HTML table based procedure. For eg They use a table for holding things in place and assign ids or classes to the tds for styling, which is still better than a purely table based design with inline styles.

As far as code goes, we all know now that CSS generates less code and it is search engine friendly but it has certain limitations and problem, often it is because of browser incompatibility. I've seen lots of website layouts done with CSS, where the content breaks the layout and boxes overlap each other, making certain parts of the content unreadable. Such things are easily manageable using tables where as CSS would require multiple "hacks" to produce the desired outcome.

Redesigning a CSS div based site is much easier and less time consuming than HTML table based site. This is because CSS designs have separate files for content and visual data including web page structure whereas table based designs mix layout information with content in the same file. Table based HTML sites heavily relay on spacers (transparent gifs) to control blank spaces within the sites, where as this can be easily used using margins and padding in CSS layout.

Although CSS based design appears to be simpler, neat and tidy you need to spend significant amount of time learning the rules of the CSS. This comes through practice only. If you want to make pure CSS div based designs, be prepared to invest time in learning. No matter how seasoned developer or designer you are, be prepared to hunt down the bugs relentlessly for endless hours.

Web developers must consider their clients preference before finalizing the format. If the client is more concerned about standards and wants to be sure not to use any deprecated strings in their webpage then CSS div based design is the best option.

Finally we can say let the war continues between CSS div based and HTML table based design to our benefit. In the mean time designers and developers can add on more knowledge and practice with both tables and CSS and become more versatile to handle any situation.

Is the JVC KT – SR2000 Satellite Radio Any Good?

Satellite radio is an amazing advancement in radio technology. With the content allowed and the clarity you can receive from all areas of the globe, life is made infinitely simpler. Among the forerunners of the trend is JVC satellite radio. One of the best radios of this brand is the KT-SR2000 Plug 'n' Play Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver. Personally I just recently purchased one and I am ecstatic with it.

It is extremely small, fits inside my pocket and has a super bright and readable screen. It has a reputation of having an excellent antenna. I installed the JVC radio in my car with the antenna on the dash and I experienced very few drop outs even though I was in unfavorable antenna locations. I did have a hiss with the integral FM modulator, so I decided to switch to direct connection with my MP3 auxiliary input on my car stereo, which rendered almost perfect sound.

The screen really is great and is readable even in bright sunlight. This unit comes with a suction cup mount, which is a whole lot better than the double sided tape that other brands use. This is a really big plus since sometimes I have to drive my car in places where breaking into cars is not uncommon, this way I can store my radio in a glove box. I am enjoying my favorite music genres with Sirius Radio as well as the intensive news services they provide.

With this product working so well for me I have to say that JVC satellite radios are top of the line in performance and quality. JVC has nowhere to go but up and if you look at the reviews about the product you will see just how well these things perform. They also have an amazing customer support hot-line that you can feel free to call anytime day or night. With all of these features you would have to be crazy not to purchase one of these devices.

Honestly the greatest thing about my JVC portable Sirius Satellite Radio is that I can take it with me in any car that I choose to ride in, I will also have the device playing at my house and it will play on every radio inside my house and backyard. This device is truly magnificent, whether I am going on long car trips with the family or I'm grilling in the back yard, I know that the sound quality will be excellent.

Discount Mortgage Interest Rates and the New Good Faith Estimate

If you are a homeowner or are thinking about buying one in the near future there are many forms that you need to be familiar with in order to get a low payment. After inquiring about a new mortgage loan you will receive many federally and state mandated forms. Among these you will see the recently updated Good Faith Estimate.

Updated and simplified for this decade the new form is intended to make shopping for a mortgage loan a lot easier. In fact the HUD website publishes a copy of a study that reveals how the form was tested among potential borrowers of different age groups and different education levels. According to the study most test subjects found the new form easier to understand when compared side by side to the previous form.

How does the new form benefit you as a consumer? First you will immediately see the interest rate being offered and the total closing costs that are required to get the desired interest rate. Second you will see a simplified version of the closing cost break down. Among the closing costs you will find prepaid items required on purchase and refinance transaction such as impounds for property taxes and homeowners insurance.

The last page of the good faith estimate includes different rate options that are available by the same lender. Lenders are now required to offer additional rate and cost combinations. The first one allows for higher closing costs and a lower rate. The second one is the opposite with lower closing costs and higher interest rates. This allows the consumer to make the best choice that applies to their individual situation.

To use the new good faith estimate consider the following: Start by selecting your preferred rate and fee combination. The ask your self if you plan on staying at the house for an extended period of time or plan to sell within five years. If you are staying for the long haul then a lower interest rate will benefit you greatly. This option may have a higher closing costs at the beginning but the cost will be offset over the life of the loan because you will by paying less interest. If you plan on selling the home in less than 3 to 5 years then you should go with the option that offers fewer closing costs. This allows you to keep more of your equity and is the best choice if you refinance again in a few years.

The final section of the good faith estimate allows you to write down the results of your comparison shopping. In lending there are big players like government banks, mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers. You need to know the differences in the negotiating process.

Three Qualifications for Residents of Low-Income Apartments

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, began offering public housing to ensure that all individuals, including those with disabilities, those from low-income families, and senior citizens, have access to safe, reasonable accommodations. Public housing comes in many forms including low-income apartments as well as single-family homes. These properties are managed by housing authorities who receive federal aid from HUD. Residents do have to pay rent to occupy these dwellings, but the price is set at a level that is affordable to the occupant. To qualify for public housing, individuals must meet these three qualifications.

Annual Gross Income

As public housing is only available to residents who are considered low income, an individual or family’s annual gross income is an important determination as to whether or not they qualify for housing. HUD develops income limits that are utilized by housing authorities when evaluating residents. Acceptable income levels vary depending on an applicant’s family size as well as the location of the housing. The lower income limit is 80 percent of the median income for the county or metropolitan area in which the housing authority is located, while the very low-income limit is 50 percent of this amount.

Applicant’s Family Size and Status

While income significantly determines an applicant’s eligibility for public housing, housing authorities also look at the applicant’s family size. The larger the applicant’s family size, the higher their income can be. The housing authority will also consider other factors to determine eligibility, such as whether or not the applicant has a disability or is elderly.

United States Citizenship or Immigration Status

To qualify for low-income apartments or any type of public housing, applicants must be United States citizens or have an eligible immigration status. Applicants must verify this and all other information on their applications by providing supporting documentation.

Once the requirements are met, the housing authority will proceed by checking the applicant’s provided references. If it is suspected that the prospective resident may engage in activities or behavior that would negatively affect their neighbors or the neighborhood as a whole, they can reject the application. Immediate housing will be provided for approved applicants; however, if none is available, the applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Should the housing authority decide that someone is ineligible, they must provide an explanation and the applicant can request an informal hearing if desired.

Residents of low-income apartments or other forms of public housing are required to sign leases, and may also be responsible for providing a security deposit. Residents are allowed to stay in their dwellings as long as they are in compliance with the lease. If the family experiences a change that would allow them to afford rent elsewhere, the housing authority can reevaluate if the resident can remain in the public housing or not.

The Importance of Documenting Your Board Meetings With Formal Board Meeting Minutes

It is essential that corporations keep proper documentation of the board meeting minutes and it is also a legal requirement as well. In fact, there are certain jurisprudence in which not keeping the correct records can lead to liability for shareholders, especially when the shareholders are themselves directors or even in the event that theholders enjoy close relations to the directors of the corporation.

Thus, people entrusted with creating board meeting minutes may sometimes be at a loss as to the proper format and would thus appreciate having a board meeting minutes template to make the task easier. The template should ensure that every essential element is noted including type of meeting, name of organization and time and date of meeting as well as the name of the facilitator or chair, main topics discussed and time of adjournment. And, if it reiterates to corporate meetings or formal meetings makes sure that approval of previous minutes should have been included along with the resolutions passed.

In addition, the template should allow for the agenda of the meeting and have plenty of places to make notes. If various topics are already present it should allow users to jump straight to them. In addition, there should be provision for attendees that are expected to be present in the meeting and there should be place for recording important comments made during the meeting; though there is no need to record everything that was said. What you should note is the gist of the discussions.

Creating the proper board meeting minutes template is important as it is a very important document. In fact, minutes are considered legal requirements by IRS, auditors, and by courts. It is important to record the actions taken by the board, because if it is not present in the board meeting minutes, it can be treated as not having happened at all. However, there is no standardized content or format that can be said to fit all board meeting minutes and so the template should cater to being customized and then there should be a place to hold enough evidence that will help show how board members arrived at reasonable decisions .

You should therefore allow for name of organization, time and date of meeting, who called the meeting to order and the attendees as well as quorum and motors made. In addition, there should also be included conflicts of interest or even abstentions fromoting and when the meeting came to an end as well as the person that developed the minutes.

The board meeting minutes template is readily available in the market and finding one should not pose any problem, as there are many vendors who specialize in such documents and for a few dollars one may obtain fully reviewed and well-formed board meeting minutes template. There is no need for researching and creating one from scratch as buying these documents provides an avenue for obtaining comprehensively created solutions that have had experts draft them and they are suited for all manner of use. Spending a few dollars, one could reap great benefits, as there is plenty to be saved in terms of time, money and cost as well as being tailor to suit individual requirements.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise: Amazingly Wonderful Experience

Kerala is blessed with vast areas of backwaters and the state has utilized it to hold its prestige and economy in the world level. Thanks to tourism policy of the state and active participation from the private and semi-private business ventures, Kerala Houseboats have become the pride of the sate among the travelers and tourists across the world. It is an amazingly wonderful experience to cruise in a houseboat to explore the tranquil Kerala backwaters. Speaking specifically about houseboats, there is huge number of them serving specific purposes. Thus, families, friends, co-workers, couples, honeymooners etc. can find a suitable houseboat to celebrate their occasions. Every houseboat is built in perfect style and is highly equipped to fulfill even the smallest requirements of their guests.

Specialties of a Houseboat

Kerala Houseboats are the modern forms of ‘Kettuvallams’ used in olden times to move cargo across the region. In olden times, they were mainly used for transportation between villages in the region. Over the years, these ‘Kettuvallams’ underwent a lot of changes in look and style, but the basic construction principles remain same. Only natural materials are used to construct Kerala Houseboats. Coir made from coconut fiber is used to fasten planks in a houseboat and not even single nail is used in the construction. All the boats are well furnished, neat and highly exuberant to provide awesome experience for the travelers.

A Kerala Houseboat Trip

Kerala is adorned with natural beauty and backwaters of the state play an important role in shaping the beauty of the state. A Kerala Houseboats tour provides tourists to explore the natural beauty of the state from its natural surroundings. Water lilies, floating and gliding swans, coconuts plantations, temples, Chinese fishing nets, busy village life etc. thrills you on a houseboat trip. Every houseboat in Kerala keep up world class standards therefore, includes well furnished bed rooms that suit your celebrating mood, facilities for indoor games, homely food and more. Houseboats with single bed rooms are meant for couples and honeymooners and those with two or more bed rooms are specially designed to accommodate touring families, friends, corporate companies etc. You can select houseboat as per your preference and requirements. If you are a team, select the houseboat that can accommodate all your members. The crew of boats is always at your service to make your trip a memorable one.

Kerala has rich source of backwaters and Alleppey backwaters is the most famous among them. Thousands of tourists flock towards Alleppey to have a memorable houseboat tour every month. You can also book your trip online or call the service to make sure you have a houseboat trip while you visit Kerala. You can choose your houseboat as per your budget and preferences. You can also cancel your trip even at the last moment and the money paid will be refunded as per the refund policy of the service provider. Plan your holiday tour in advance and visit Alleppey to enjoy a houseboat trip.

Painting Tips For the Exterior

The biggest problem that faces most people with painting houses is peeling, moisture is the culprit. Whether it's rain or just morning dew it'll penetrate the paint causing it to first crack which in turn results in peeling. Paint peeling is often found at the boards edges.

Cracking is another problem with older homes, that had lots of paint jobs already. Cracking can not be really fixed effectively. In places where you have serious cracking it is best to strip that area clean to the raw wood, sand and clean the raw wood off and then prime the wood.

Step one-scrape down the area that you want to paint. I suggest not to scrape only in one direction, but in a variety of different directions because if you scrape the one direction you might not be lifting the edge up that is still loose. So if you go in the opposite direction this should remove the loose edge. Visually inspect the scraped area for any more loose or loosing edges.

Step two-once you're confident that the area has been completely scraped of loose paint you should sand the edges between the sanded paint and raw wood to feather out the remaining edge. Do not over sand the bare wood because this will create an indent.

Step three-choose a good high-quality exterior primer. If your house paint colors are a light color then you can stick with a white primer but if you have a medium to dark exterior color I would have the primer tinted to match as closely as possible the finish coat.

Step four-applying the primer can be done with either a brush or a roller. If the whole job has a very nice finish on it you might want to use a low pile mini roller to eliminate brush marks. If you do end up brushing the bare spots, do not put it on so thick that it leaves heavy brush marks.

Step five-now that you have let the primer dry for the day you can put on the finish coat, again with the same method as before. To re-coat wait a few hours and apply again.

These are the very basic steps for a simple scrape and paint job. Later I will cover things like; house paint colors which will discuss ways of deciding on choosing house paint colors and then I will discuss a topic on house painting interior where I will cover everything from choosing colors and types of paints. you should consider painting your house.

Financial Education 101 – For Sovereign Wealth and Emergency Financial Preparedness

It is similar. As a culture and a society we have not been very well financially educated. At times it is important to cut through all the confusion and get down to the basics of financial knowledge and financial security to help lead us into sovereign wealth. Do you know the old saying, "a dollar just does not buy what it used to", well, keep that in mind as you read this article.

The question was posed to me, "How does the value of a dollar relate to a declining economy?" And the simple answer to that is, "what can it by you?" It's all about PURCHASING POWER. Think commodities, the simple things that make your life easier. The oil that makes the gas that drives your car. The food ingredients to the meals that fuel your body. The materials used to dress you and your family.

Now if you have ever held stocks, more definitively, a stock which has split, you get double the amount of shares, although each share only has half of its buying power. For instance, if you have 100 shares at $ 100 dollars, and it splits, well then suddenly you have 200 shares at $ 50. It's the same with the value of the dollar or any other fiat currency.

There are essentially 2 reasons why the value of a fiat currency (aka the dollar) will lose its value.

  1. The amount of dollars increases in circulation (ex- the federal reserve printing money out of thin area often to cover outstanding debts to other countries – think China)
  2. A decreasing demand for that said fiat currency (ex- the United States dollar, when steeped in so much debt, other countries or loaner's lose faith on ever being paid back, will stop buying into it – think China)

So now, say that the same example happened with the dollar as did the stock in our above example of a stock split. Either supply doubles or demand gets cut in half, and the value of our dollar is cut in half. Now when you want to go out and fuel your car, feed your family, or cloth yourself … you dollar will only buy half as much as before, so "a dollar just does not buy what it used to." This is an important basic of knowledge to keep in mind when planning for your financial security, especially when speaking of growing sovereign wealth and planning for emergency financial security.

Motorola W377 Contracts Deals – Trim Your Phone Expenses Easily

So what is the Motorola W377 carrying with it to impress you? This sophisticated, compact designer mobile phone is a camera phone with versatile connectivity, push e-mail and with other camera features to capture and share lifestyle. It incorporates all the new features that make an admirable impact on mobile phone lovers. The handset is very light in weight ie 107g and comes in many striking colors namely red on black, blue on white, gray on black, pink on white and yellow on white. You can opt for the Motorola W377 contracts deals and enjoy hassle free mobile phone communication and that too too at pocket soothing prices.

If you avail the Motorola W377 contracts deals you have to sign an agreement with various service providers for particular time period. The time varies from 12 months or 18 months to 24 months. It is one of the best ways to stay connected with your loved ones. Moreover, with the contracts deals you can also trim your hefty monthly mobile phone expenses without any obstacle. The handset is loaded with a 3.15 megapixel camera that allows you to capture excellent images and video recording. It has 2048×1536 pixels of resolution, autofocus, LED flash and VGA @ 30fps.

Another amazing feature of this astonishing handset is its unique connectivity tools such as GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. It allows you to share or transfer data with other friendly devices. With the WAP 2.0 / xHTML, HTML and RSS feeds browsers you can also access the Internet at fast speed. The handset has multiple messaging facilities in the form of SMS, MMS, email and instant messaging. So, to avail the 12 months free line rental deals you have to tie up with various leading network providers such as Virgin, Vodafone, O2, 3, T-mobile and Orange.

For music-centric people the handset is loaded with superb music and video player that can be played in almost all file formats. You can listen to stereo FM radio with RDS for live entertainment. Avail the Motorola W377 contract deals and get benefited with numerous free gifts and incentives like laptops, LCD TV, gaming console, Xbox, automatic text messaging, free accessories, free mobile phone more.

UK Airline and Airport Security Regulations – Exactly What Liquids Can You Carry in Handgage?

The current regulations around Airline Cabin Baggage have been in place since 6th November 2006, but we are still seeing many questions over just what liquids can be brought into the cabin as hand luggage. The rules here are very precise, and cover drinks, medicines, make-up, toiletries, and even baby milk. The regulations are summarized here for simplicity, to help you avoid difficulties or delays at Airport Security .

What is the definition of a Liquid?

In terms of Airport Security Rules , a liquid includes all of the following:

  • All drinks, including water, soup, syrups
  • Creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara etc
  • Sprays and pressurized containers including shaving foam and spray deodorants
  • Pastes, including toothpastes
  • Gels, including hair and shower gel
  • Any other solutions and items of similar consistency

How Much Can I Take?

Obviously you can take as much as you like in the cargo hold, but in your hand luggage you are limited to containers holding no more than 100ml (note that a 200ml container half full is not permitted). All containers of liquid must be placed into single, see-through and re-sealable plastic bag.

Travelers are encouraged not to take items in hand luggage which are capable of holding liquids (for example, bottles, flasks, tubes, cans, plastic containers, etc). This should help avoid unnecessary delays.

So What's This About a Plastic Bag?

The plastic bag allows the liquids being transported by a passenger to be easily checked by airport security. The rules which must be followed are:

  • The bag must be the transparent, re-sealable type
  • The capacity of the bag must be no more than 1 liter (approx 20cm by 20cm)
  • The contents must sit comfortably in the bag and the bag must be sealed
  • The re-sealable bag of liquids should be prepared before arriving at the airport
  • Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids
  • The one item of cabin baggage which can be taken through the airport search point is in addition to the bag of liquids

What About Essential Medicines?

Prescription medicines in liquid form which are essential for the journey (such as a diabetic kit) can be taken in hand luggage, but be prepared to prove their authenticity.

What About Baby Milk and Baby Food?

Baby milk and liquid baby food may be taken in hand luggage, and are not subject to the 100 ml limit, but the contents of each bottle or jar must be tasted by an accompanying passenger.

What About Duty Free / Departure Lounge Purchases?

You may take as hand luggage any Duty Free items you purchase in the shops in the departure lounge, or 'airside'. These will be given to you in a special sealed bag which should not be opened until you reach your final destination, and you should keep your proof of purchase.

Note that there are additional considerations for duty free purchases for your return flight if you will be
changing flight at an EU airport.


Limited liquids are now permitted as hand luggage, but if you want to avoid delays and difficulties at the airport then you should ensure you understand the above rules and prepare your bag of liquids before you get to the airport.

Florist and Flowers History

Some flowers spoke with strong

and powerful voices, which proclaimed

in accents trumpet-tongued, "I am beautiful,

and I rule. "Others murmured in tones

scarcely audible, but exquisetly soft and sweet,

"I am little, and I am beloved."

– George Sand (Armandine AL Dupin), (1804 – 1876) French writer

Joy and jealousy, desire and dejection, solitude and sadness, loyalty and love – flowers echo each voice of the human heart.

While the symbolic and legendary meanings of flowers were known to many during Elizabethan times, it was the Victorians who assigned simple messages to individual flowers. Introduced to the Swedish court in 1714 by Charles II, the Victorian mode of flower language soon spread through Europe.

During this time of strict protocol and conformity, men and women used the beauty and color of flowers to express emotions, wishes and thoughts that dared not speak, and every corsage, bouquet, and garland represented a carefully chosen sentiment. Presentation was also important; for example, a bouquet with a ribbon tied to the left told about the giver, while a ribbon tied to the right signified the receiver. Upside-down bouquets depicted the exact opposite of the flowers' common meanings: to receive an inverted rose was the ultimate form of rejection.

Flower Language became so important that durch die Blume sprechen (speaking through flowers) became a Western proverb, which meant any flowery or poetic expression hiding a secret message of love.

Origin & History

The name "gladiolus" is derived from the Latin word gladiius, meaning "sword," for the shape of its leaves. An ancient name for the gladiolus was "xiphium," from the Greek word xiphos, also meaning sword. African gladioli were imported in large quantities to Europe from South Africa during the 18thcentury.

Sentiment & Symbolism

The gladiolus flower is the birth flower for August; it also represented the Roman gladiators. Before the African gladioli became popular in the West, the Mediterranean and British gladiolus flowers were used to treat physical ailments. The English used the gladiolus flower's stem base (corms) as a poultice and for drawing out thorns and splinters; powdered corms mixed with goat's milk was commonly used to soothe the symptoms of colic.

Color Messages

The gladiolus flower signifies remembrance. It also expresses infatuation, telling the receiver that he or she "pierces the heart."

How to Efficiently Install Ceiling Medallions

Adding a ceiling medallion is the easiest thing you can do to change the look and feel of any room in your home. Installing small ceiling medallions, up to approximately 24 inches or so, is a simple job for the average home handyman. As long as you are comfortable with changing a light fixture you should have no problem. If you are uncomfortable with removing your fixture take a look at installing a 2-piece ceiling medallion.

Safety is so important we would like to address it briefly. Always follow approved safety practices. Use hearing and eye protection. When you need to use a dust mask or respirator, be sure to use the right one for the job. Last, but not least, when working in electrical boxes, always make sure the power is turned off.

Plan the Installation-Before You Order

This is probably the most neglected step in any installation, but the most important. It is what makes the difference between a quick and efficient installation or massive frustration and numerous interruptions to run to the hardware store. The first step is to select the ceiling medallion you want to use. If you are using it in conjunction with a light fixture or a ceiling fan, you should note whether the ceiling medallion’s center hole matches the fixture’s trim. If they don’t match you will also need to order a ceiling medallion center or a new fixture trim ring. Now is also a good time to see if the lighting fixture hardware is going to be long enough. Check the building code to make sure that there are no conflicts with your installation plans. In case of conflict, always follow local building codes. NOTE: Most building codes require you to leave access to the electrical box. Using a ceiling medallion with a 3.5-4 inch center hole provides this. Permanently mount the ceiling medallion to the ceiling and use either the fixture’s trim ring or a removable ceiling medallion center to cover the electrical box. Also, make sure that the existing electrical, plumbing and framing will not interfere with your installation.

Order Materials

Now that you have planned your installation, its time to order your materials. When you order your ceiling medallion, don’t forget to order the ceiling medallion center, if you are going to be using one. Order construction adhesive, caulk, fasteners and extra length light fixture hardware. Order your hardware with your ceiling medallion and save yourself a trip to the store.

Assemble Materials

Before you start, assemble all the materials near where you are going to install the ceiling medallion. Double check to see that you have everything you need before you start. Now is the time to prefinish the ceiling medallion if you want to. If you plan on doing anything more than just painting it flat white, prefinishing is recommended.

Remove Existing Fixture

TURN OFF POWER !!! Turn off electrical power at the breaker box and mark the circuit breaker so someone doesn’t accidentally turn it on while you are working. Now you can safely remove the existing fixture.


We recommend having the product on hand to ensure exact measurements. Layout the area on the ceiling where you want to mount your ceiling medallion. For a small ceiling medallion, you should be able to hold it up with one hand while tracing around it with a pencil. Larger ceiling medallions may require an assistant. If you need to orient a round ceiling medallion use a single register mark at the junction of the ceiling/medallion. Mark both pieces. For oval and diamond shaped ceiling medallions, start by drawing centerlines parallel to the walls and 90 degrees apart on the ceiling. Then make register marks 90 degrees apart on the perimeter of the ceiling medallion. Locate and mark ceiling joists on the ceiling and on the medallion if you are using screws to mount (required on all plaster ceiling medallions and also on polyurethane ceiling medallions over 20 inches). Mark and/or protect wiring and plumbing if necessary to avoid fasteners penetrating them during installation.


Drill and countersink (1/8 inch deep max.) screw holes for mounting screws. Also, drill the center hole or ceiling medallion’s center hole if necessary. If you don’t have a hole saw of the proper size, polyurethane is easily cut with a razor knife.

Apply Adhesive

Apply adhesive according to the adhesive manufacturer’s directions. Small ceiling medallions may be installed using only adhesive. Temporary clamps or fasteners may still be necessary until the adhesive sets.


Fasten the ceiling medallion to the ceiling using coated screws in the predrilled countersunk holes. If you are unable to screw directly into the ceiling joists, the use of toggle bolts is permitted. Ceiling medallions over 20 inches in diameter and all plaster ceiling medallions require mechanical fastening.

Finish up

After the adhesive has dried, usually 24 hours, caulk the perimeter ( if needed ). Use no-shrink spackle, joint compound or plaster to patch screw holes. Feather edge or sand repairs and touch up paint. Hang up your fixture and you are done.

One final step: sit back and enjoy the simple beauty you have created.

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