Product Managers as a Strategic Asset

As marketing budgets have dwindled, companies have cut back on Product Management as a functioning part of their organizations. Many companies have started to view product management as a luxury, yet best in class companies understand the vital roll that a product manager plays in helping a company efficiently plan, develop and launch new products and to optimize the sale of those new products through their sales channels.

Product Management plays a very critical role as a liaison between sales, who delivers the value of the product to the customers, and engineering / manufacturing who build the products that the market wants. Product Managers have typically a very strong technical background and are capable of working with engineering and operations to design, develop, specify and lead the overall development efforts for new products. Product Managers typically acts as a liaison for launching those new products, training the sales force, as well as working with Marketing Communications to develop sales presentations, data sheets, brochures, websites, and other forms of promotional materials that generate leads and demand for those products. Product Management duties are often undervalued in many of today's companies.

Yet, the Product Manager provides a very important value-added set of functions to a company, insuring that it can optimize the development and sale of its new products, up its margins & market share and position itself effectively against competitors.

If your company has been forced to reduce its Product Management function, you may want to consider outsourcing. A sales and marketing staffing and recruiting firm typically has a strong bench full of technical product managers who are capable of working either during peak periods on new product launches, as well as on a fractional or part time basis to help you manage the effective sale on your products.

The Secret To How Cell-To-Cell Communication Can Transform Your Natural Immune Power

Fellow Health Seekers-

Got another amazing and powerful article for ya here on how to provide your body with the proper nutrients to improve the foundation of your natural immune power – starting with your cells…

That’s Right!

Those little microscopic organisms that dictate the health of us human beings outside broken limbs and muscles, which can lead to problems at the cellular level if not taken care of properly.

But Back to the Cells for just a moment here-

Because proper cell-to-cell communication means that your natural immune power cells are not attacking each other or your body which is good. And means that you won’t be having symptoms such autoimmune disorders – where your immune system is attacking you!

Proper cell communication means that your allergies are in check – no excess sneezing, rashes, scratching of your eyes, or swollen cheeks or throat to name a few.

Also, you’ll be less likely to catch a cold or the flu because your natural immune power cells will be alert and able to fight off infections before you ever even know what happened. Next, all systems in your digestive system will be working smoothly with every cell working in harmony to identify and dispose of waste or harmful cells.

Proper cellular communication means your brain, recall, memory recognition will be working proper. Because believe it or not but your brain controls every organ in your body, including your cells – so, if that muscle is getting the right support and nourishment it needs and deserves. Then, everything else will fall into place.

And when all things fall into place and are working like they should, you’ll notice an improvement in your mood and decreased irritability. Now, isn’t that just awesome?!

Sing it with me NOW… Oh Happy Day…


Okay, so now I know everything you’ve read up to this point maybe sounding too Good to be true – But… I got News for ya – in fact, BREAKING NEWS!

It’s all 100% True!

You heard me…

It’s a fact jack.

Optimum natural immune power equals proper cell-to-cell communication.

So, how do you get to optimum natural immune power?

Well, there’s a new scientific Breakthrough in the Food Technology world that is just knocking the Ball out the Park when it comes to optimizing your natural immune power now!

See, this particular technology is the centerpiece to this unique natural immune power approach that is addressing the whole person. That’s mind, body, and spirit.

Clinical trials, studies, and yes even personal studies by yours truly show that this scientific Breakthrough will support and nourish your body’s cell-to-cell communication; proper organ and natural immune power function, digestive function and gastrointestinal health; will enhance your recall and memory; and even improve your mood while decreasing your irritability.

So, there you have it – optimum natural immune power can be yours with just the click of a button if you want it…

Shea Butter – A Natural Solution For Dry Skin

Also known as Karite butter is the light yellowish natural fat extracted from the fruit of the Shea Tree by crushing and boiling. This tree takes reasonable time to develop its fruit. It takes around 15 years to get its fruit. The Shea Tree also called Karite Nut tree, or Mangifolia tree. It grows in the wild in the savannah belt of West Africa from Senegal in the west to Sudan in the east, and onto the foothills of the Ethiopian highlands.

This Tree with many names its also called the "Tree of life, by African woman who preciously make the butter by hand and use about every other part of the tree for different medicinal purposes for example the bark is use for making medicines against certain illnesses and the shell of the nut is used to repel insects. Extracting the butter is a long process and the life of the tree could be up to three hundred years.

Uses and Benefits

It is used in as a moisturizer, emollient and it is sometimes used as cooking oil in the West African regions. Shea butter provides natural UV sun protection and is known to have anti inflammatory and efficient fading scars and evening the skin tone, healing burns, dark spots and stretch marks, moisturizes dry skin by penetrating deep into the skin and helps restore the skins elasticity, returns the luster to dry or chemical treated hair, and may also help treat skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Keep in mind that you should always consult a physician or dermatologist about serious or persistent skin problems or if you have nut or latex allergies.

Shea butter is widely used on the skin creams and hair conditioners and soaps because of its moisturizing effects and high concentration of fatty acids.

There are 2 types of Shea butters, the unrefined butter, which has a yellowish color and a light nutty-fatty smell to it. This is the type of butter that has all of the benefits and properties that I mentioned above. There is also the refined butter, that is almost white and there is no smell to it, all the minerals vitamins and moisturizing properties where taken during the refining process. It is preferred to use unrefined Shea butter to take advantage of all its benefits; you can use Shea butter directly on your skin because it does not block pores.

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Fabulous Ways to Include Pearls in Your Wedding

Pearls and brides have gone together for as long as there have been weddings. No doubt you are familiar with the classic strand of pearls, but there is so much more to pearls than just that one iconic piece of jewelry. From the timeless to the surprising, here are some fabulous ways to include pearls in your wedding.

Certainly, the first way to include pearls in your wedding is through jewelry. Although the classic strand of pearls is lovely, pearls can be worn in so many different ways, from casual to modern to high fashion. Designers are using not only the traditional cultured pearl, but also freshwater pearls, coin pearls, keshi or petal pearls, and even pearls in interesting colors. When you are shopping for pearl wedding jewelry, do not limit yourself to just a necklace; there are all sorts of gorgeous pieces like a striking pair of earrings or a freshwater bracelet.

It is not only the bride who will benefit from being bedecked in pearls. They also make wonderful gifts for your bridesmaids, flower girls, and the mothers of the bride and groom. For your bridesmaid gifts, look for pieces that are affordable and pretty, like a freshwater pearl wedding bracelet. Dainty pendants hit just the right note for flower girls, and sophisticated black or gray pearls are a lovely expression of gratitude for the bride's mother. These are gifts that will be worn and enjoyed long after the wedding day has come and gone.

Pearl jewelry is gorgeous, but it is by far the only place to use this radiant gem to enhance your wedding. Drilled pearls can become a lovely addition to all sorts of diy projects. For instance, if you are printing your own wedding invitations, think about dressing them up with some little pearls. A row of tiny seed pearls can be hand stitched to the top of each invitation as a sweet little border. I have seen this done, and it is adorable. Just be sure to hand cancel your invitations to protect them from the ravages of the postal machines.

Another wonderful thing that you can do with drilled pearls is use them to dress up your wedding favors. Place your candy or other favor of your choice into simple little boxes. Tie a sheer organza ribbon around the box, and finish it off by using a twist of silver wire to make a little loop with a few pearls and crystals in the center of each bow. This is a quick and easy way to make the presentation of your wedding favors look more special. The same technique works well for decorating the boxes for your bridesmaid gifts.

Luminous pearls also make a lovely addition to your reception décor. Make your centerpieces more special by filling the bottoms of clear vases with faux pearls. This is a stunning accent for an all-white floral display. You can string rows of pearls into garlands to drape over the chairs that the bride and groom will use or intertwine the ropes of pearls with greenery for a custom decoration on the front of the head table. And do not forget to decorate your wedding cake with a pretty border ofible "pearls" on the edge of each tier for that perfect finishing touch.

There is just no end to all of the ways in which pearls can be used for a wedding. They are classic, gracious, beautiful, and always in the best of taste. Including pearls in your wedding attire and décor will make your entire day more elegant.

The Truth About Ingrown Toenail Home Remedies

When she walked into the living room, Billy was sitting on the couch. His sock and shoe lay on the floor. He was staring closely at his big toe. Then he looked up at his mother and said “I think I have an ingrown toenail. Its been hurting since last week, but I didn’t want you to take me to the doctor. I was hoping it would just go away.”

Ingrown toenails can be painful. But the thought of going to the doctor seems to bother some kids even more. Mix a teenager’s emerging independence with a little fear of doctor’s offices, and its no wonder they wait to ask for help.

There are many home remedies for ingrown toenails. Some work and some don’t. Some are even the same as those a pediatrician would recommend. Once you understand the causes and various home treatments for ingrown toenail, you can decide for yourself which might be best.

An ingrown toenail begins when any part of the toenail gets caught in the skin around the nail. The skin then becomes irritated and inflamed. If the piece of nail is sharp, the skin can actually become punctured or cut by the jagged corner of the nail. If the toenail punctures the skin causing an open wound, bacteria and infection can develop. The toe becomes red, swollen and very painful.

The most common home remedy for ingrown toenails is to soak the foot in warm Epsom salts. Soaking the foot this way can soften the skin around the nail. This can make the area less inflamed and less painful. In some cases it can be enough to make let the ingrown piece of nail become free.

Some people think that Epsom salt soaks can cure an ingrown toenail. It is true that a high concentration of Epsom salts can kill bacteria that cause infection. However, Epsom salts can also kill the fibroblast cells that heal wounds. If there is an open wound or an infection, Epsom salt soaks can prolong healing.

Petroleum jelly applied to an ingrown nail is another common home treatment. Patients have said they think Vaseline will soften the nail and let it slide out of the ingrown nail fold. While Vaseline will soften the skin, it also traps a great deal of moisture. This can cause the skin to become too moist and break down. If the skin breaks down, you have a much higher chance of bacteria getting in and causing an infected ingrown toenail.

Another common home remedy is to stuff cotton under the corner of the nail. The idea is that you might be able to hold the nail up away from the skin long enough to let it calm down. But this usually back-fires. The cotton actually creates more pressure on the skin under the toenail. Cotton also holds in moisture that can encourage an infection.

Another myth about ingrown toenails is that you can cut a V-shaped piece of nail out of the center of the toenail. The idea is that the gap you cut in the middle will slowly move together, pulling the corners of the nail in to free the ingrown nail at the side of the toe. Unfortunately, this is impossible. The nail plate itself is very rigid and fixed in placed by little grooves that prevent this from happening. Cutting a “V” in the nail won’t help.

Some people can actually free the ingrown nail, just by cutting out the piece of toenail that is caught in the skin. Podiatrists typically warn against trying to do this yourself at home because it can make it worse, but sometimes it will fix the ingrown toenail. But you must be very careful to remove ALL of the corner of the nail that is stuck.

Frequently people will try to remove the nail and only get part of it. They get some relief, just because there is less pressure down in the nail groove. However, the piece that is left behind is a sharp little sliver called a spicule.

So the toe feels better for a few weeks, but the spicule is getting longer, as the nail grows out. If you then trip over a curb or bump the toe against a table leg. And whammo… that little spicule pokes right into the skin in the corner of the nail fold. The ingrown toenail returns with a vengeance.

Massaging the nail plate after you shower or bathe may be the safest way to try to work the ingrown toenail free. Just don’t keep trying if it is painful. You should also stop if there is any drainage. Drainage can mean infection.

The biggest risk with an ingrown toenail is that it will become infected. And any infection toenail needs medical attention. Ingrown toenail infections occur more in people with diabetes. Infections are also common in ingrown toenails that have been getting worse for several days. One misconception is that you can simply cure an ingrown toenail by taking antibiotic pills. The simple truth is that you need to remove the irritating piece of nail and cure the infection as well.

One of the best kept secret home remedies is a podiatry house call. A podiatrist is a foot doctor and a true toenail expert. They are experts trained to heal ingrown toenails with the least discomfort. Many podiatrists offer home visits to treat toenail problems. That way, neither Mom nor little Billy has to worry about going to the doctor’s office.

DASHing Toward Lower Blood Pressure

Regular check-ups with your physician will allow you to keep on top of your current blood pressure. As you age, it’s common for blood pressure to be become consistently high; this is known as hypertension. There are several risk factors for hypertension you can control, such as quitting smoking, being physically active, and maintaining a healthy weight. However, there are several factors which you can’t control, such as age, family history of hypertension, and ethnicity (African Americans are twice as likely to have high blood pressure as Caucasians). You can reduce your risk of high blood pressure by focusing on the things you CAN change!

The DASH Diet

Lowering your intake of sodium is one of the key recommendations from the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans in lowering blood pressure. Although sodium is a necessary mineral, it is often over-consumed. The recommended daily sodium intake for healthy adults is no more than 2300 mg, which is the amount in one teaspoon of table salt. For adults 51 or older, African Americans, those with hypertension, diabetes or chronic kidney disease, that amount is reduced to 1500 mg per day.

You don’t need to cut salt completely out of your diet to have a positive impact on your blood pressure. Pairing decreased sodium with increased potassium has a greater impact that reducing sodium alone. Potassium is found in fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Sodium and potassium work together in many functions of the body, including maintaining blood pressure. The system works best when your intake of sodium and potassium are balanced, but in this world of processed, fast food, sources of sodium are consumed far more than sources of potassium.

The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet isn’t so much a diet as it is a balanced way to eat. It focuses on reducing processed foods and refined grains (lots of sodium), while simultaneously increasing fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, and plant proteins (lots of potassium).

Positive Changes

Foods that are great sources of potassium include bananas, raisins, orange, potato, dried beans and peas, salmon, sunflower seeds and yogurt. Opt for fresh over canned, if possible. If you’re using canned beans or legumes, look for low-sodium versions and be sure to drain and rinse them thoroughly before using them.

Soups, breads, canned foods and frozen meals are often packed with sodium. The next time you are in the supermarket take a look at the nutrition label and choose the foods with the lower sodium numbers. Some boxes to pay attention to are cereals, crackers, pasta sauces, canned beans and vegetables, and frozen meals. Low sodium on a label means the product has less than 140 mg of sodium per serving; very low sodium means 35 mg or less per serving and salt or sodium free means less than 5 mg sodium per serving AND does not contain sodium chloride.

The research on the relationship between potassium and blood pressure is so convincing, the FDA has required the amount of potassium per serving to be listed on the newly revised nutrition label as a percentage of the Recommended Dietary Allowance. Although the new label hasn’t been fully implemented yet, some brands have already made the change, so look at both the sodium AND potassium values on processed and packaged food to get a larger picture of how the food may impact your blood pressure, and take them into consideration when finding where they fit best in relation to the DASH diet.

The Fundamental Skills of Basketball

To get better skills in basketball players need to first understand and master the basics of the game.

In basketball, there are 6 different fundamental skill areas that players should concentrate on in training.


Dribbling the basketball is done to move the ball around only when a passing isn’t a better option and a lane isn’t available. Both new and experienced players make the mistake of dribbling the ball when it isn’t needed. Ask any collage or professional basketball coach – they will all tell you the same thing. Dribbling should be done when the player (you) have some purpose to forfill. Dribbling while looking for an offensive option is a good way to lose the ball. When you are looking for that option, take the ball in a firm grip and put your body between you and the defender. Regardless of how good you are at dribbling, the defense will always have a greater chance for a steal if you are dribbling the ball instead of gripping it in both hands.


Passing is the number 1 option for moving the ball around the court on offense. Passing is quicker than dribbling and so it is a deadly offensive tool for reaching that open man so they can have the shot. Good passes are the hallmark of good teams because most offensive plays are set up by good passes.


Shooting is probably the most practiced skill for new and experienced players. Yet so many people still practice it wrong. In practice all drills should be done at game speed and done as you would under pressure. Players are usually too lazy to do this and instead of practicing the sweet jump shot that they are constantly doing in the game they lazy-it-down to a hop-shot. Instead of jumping to give power they use their arms for the power and the legs give the rest. Practicing the wrong way to shoot is something that players do all the time yet they do not understand why they miss all their jump shots during the game…


Rebounding can come in two forms – offensive and defensive. Lots of newer player look at rebounding and immediately think that it is a big mans area. Yet this is not so. Rebounding is more than just being big. It even surpasses just jumping ability. To be good at rebounding you need skill and dedication. Skill is mainly the ability to position yourself and read the shots – something that comes quickly with practice. Dedication is probably the most important factor in rebounding. The person who gets the ball is the one with the most hunger for the ball and who is willing to do whatever it takes to get it.


Offense is a fundamental which encompasses all aspects of the offensive court. Shooting has already been covered (and is covered more in the basketball website listed below). Yet moving off the ball to give offensive options to the player with the ball is another thing that is essential for good offense. Supporting your team mates with screens and being able to locate the best offensive option and get the ball to them are also essential things on offense. These skills are often overlooked.


The best defensive teams in the NBA are often the ones that make it into the playoffs. This is seen year after year so a simple conclusion can be made here – defense is key to victory. Defense is not only about getting the steal or block but also about intimidation of the opponents.

How Do You Clean an Escalator?

What are the different ways to clean an escalator? People don’t think about what a hard and arduous task it can be to clean an escalator. There are many moving components and this type of flooring can be difficult to bring back to new or near new condition. There are three common ways to clean an escalator. The first is by hand which can be a very time consuming and difficult job with poor outcomes. The second is using a small portable auto scrubber with dual rotating brushes. The third and ultimate way to clean an escalator is to use a professional escalator cleaner.

Cleaning and escalator by hand can be done, but requires either a massive commitment of time or an over-whelming amount of man power. The most difficult part of cleaning this ever-moving stairway are the groves on each step. Over time dirt and debris gets caught in these groves and builds up becoming compacted and hard to remove. Using physical man power the only way to clean these groves is to use a brush and clean out every grove one by one, on some escalators there can be thousands of groves which could take days if not weeks to clean.

There are many companies worldwide that produce floor equipment for cleaning many types of flooring. Some of these companies produce smaller auto scrubbers with counter rotating brushes that can deep clean grout lines and groves such as escalator steps. These machines are capable of light duty cleaning of escalator steps but do not have the brush bristle length to reach the into the deep groves of the steps. This is an easy alternative for removing top debris but will only scratch the surface and will not bring the escalator system back to its original appearance.

The ultimate way to clean an escalator is to use a professional escalator cleaning machine. These machines are designed to easily move from step to step and utilize a water pump system that first sprays water into the groves of the step. After water is jetted into the step long rotating brushes clean deep down to remove the toughest debris that has been compacted over time. To complete the cleaning cycle a strong vacuum system is used to extract the dirt and water from the steps bringing the escalator back to its original new looking condition.

Starting any business can be difficult but escalator cleaning is a great way to get into the commercial cleaning industry. There are two major items needed to start your own escalator cleaning business. The first is a professional escalator cleaner. These cleaning machines can range from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on the features the unit has. A good quality escalator cleaner can weigh up to 1500 pounds so be sure to choose one that comes with a transport system so it can be easily loaded in and out of a trailer or van.

Depending on your location and the size of the escalator the average escalator cleaning job can easily cost between $2000 to $5000 for just one cleaning. It is important to have the right equipment to perform the job professionally so that you can build up repeat clientele. Make sure to use a machine from a reputable manufacturer who produces the best and most durable escalator cleaning equipment.

HDTV Antenna

An Hdtv antenna is the ticket to receive free Hdtv reception over the air. If you’ve decided to buy a Hdtv there is a low cost alternative to paying cable or satellite providers monthly for Hdtv broadcasts, a simple Hdtv antenna hookup is all that is required. You can receive crystal clear high definition local and network broadcasts. All you need is a ATSC tuner built in your new Hdtv or a external Hd tuner connected to your Hdtv to start getting free Hdtv over the air. If you presently own a good VHF/UHF antenna for indoors or out doors you may be able to use it. Digital tv uses the same antenna as analog tv, manufacturers have just labeled them HD to take advantage of the Hdtv buzz.

Your choices are a indoor Hdtv antenna and a outdoor Hdtv antenna. Some are amplified to increase signal quality and pickup further stations. There are different factors that will determine what Hdtv is best for you. The proximity of your house to a broadcast tower is the biggest one.

The closer you live to a broadcast tower the stronger a signal and better reception you will receive. Those that live in an urban area or are surrounded by high buildings may get interference with the Hdtv broadcasts. If where you live prohibits you from installing an outdoor antenna there are still viable alternatives available.

Once it is decided which type of antenna will best suit your needs to receive free hdtv you may want to test it. Not in the store but in your home to see which Hdtv antenna provides the best signal. Turn the antenna in different directions to see where the best reception is. Why settle for poor reception when you can get crystal clear free Hdtv reception with just a little tweaking of your antenna?

You may have to get a indoor antenna if you can not install a antenna outdoors. These are usually optimized and powerful to receive signals indoors and there are a wide variety, some amplified (increase the strength of the signal) to fit your living conditions. There are Hdtv antenna’s as low as $40.00 such as the Zenith ZHDTV1 Digital Indoor antenna and many others, that can provide great Hd reception indoors in most cases.

You will find a few Hdtv antenna designs to allow outdoor reception without you having to get on the roof. One is the Terk HD-TVS slim profile Hd tv antenna that you can install on a balcony, railing, outdoor wall, in the attic or on the roof and still receive great Hdtv pictures, even in the city.

Optimal reception will be received if you can remove all or as much interference as possible from the transmitter and your Hdtv antenna. This is the reason for the popularity of the outdoor antenna. The outdoor Hd tv antenna that is most popular is the medium directional antenna, because it’s not too large and has characteristics that prevent or reduce interference. There are also large and small Hdtv antenna’s that may fit your needs.

If you’ve sworn off paying for cable and satellite subscriptions and want crystal clear HDTV all you need to do is a little research, then get your Hdtv antenna. One good source for more information is the Consumers Electronics Association’s, Antenna Web. After you have selected the right Hdtv antenna you can just connect directly to your Hdtv set (with ATSC tuner) or HD tuner and receive free Hdtv.

Postmodern Film Approach – Last Tango in Paris

For the span of about fifteen minutes – from the start of the opening credit sequence until Paul and Jeanne make love against the window and then leave the apartment they will spend a great deal of the movie in together – this film is cinematic glory at its greatest. The possibilities for the motion picture as a full blown art form are exploited to spectacular advantage in almost every way possible before the flick, unfortunately, starts a gradual slide into cliché, sensationalism, and melodramatic slop, as well as a real slowdown in the sheer virtuosity of the filmmaking. But what a start!!

The part of the film I highlight here is bookended by two very distinct modes of the saxophonist Gato Barbieri. His main theme is a mid tempo, moody ballad with all the characteristics of Barbieri’s Latin-fusion period, including the trademark Latin percussion, shakers, and rattles, but as Paul and Jeanne exit the apartment and go forth into Paris there explodes onto the soundtrack some wild Ornette Coleman type free jazz on the piano (Barbieri was playing with Coleman soulmate Don Cherry around this time) – the perfect accompaniment for the half macho, half joyful timbre of the scene.

The painter Francis Bacon once said “Even in love, the barriers of the skin cannot be broken down.” The point behind the master stroke of using two Bacon portraits, a male and a female, to display the credits against is that it can impart a half aesthetic/half intellectual message or one that is fully aesthetic only, depending on the sensibilities of the moviegoer. It also speaks to Bertolucci’s immersion in culture – remember, this is the early 1970s. I wonder if Bertolucci means for the male/female in Bacon’s paintings to correspond directly somehow to the two principal characters, or in merely a more general sense? And seeing the name Jean-Pierre Leaud in the credits – what more can a cinephile ask for?

Fade in: we see Paul standing under the elevated train tracks. The camera twists in from behind him, on the right, as he clutches his head in his hands and screams profanity into the noise of the passing train above. He’s a striking man in a long, almost orange colored coat; while his face dominates the screen for a second we see Jeanne, an equally striking looking individual, in soft focus, walking rapidly behind him, catching up on him. His face wears confused, pathetic, hopeless, helpless, sad expressions. As she catches up to him and passes on by, walking quickly, she stops to stare at him for a brief instant. She is flamboyant beyond flamboyant – sensational head gear, long white coat, high black boots. (The scene is in some respects owned by the costume designer Gitt Magrini.) As she passes him Bertolucci makes sure to include in the shot, on the far left, a very conservative couple in black overcoats walking side by side – a total contrast and comparison to Brando and Schneider, a juxtaposition of the mundane and the spectacular. And when she jumps over the broom of the street sweeper in her path we have our real first introduction to the spell cast by of one of the greatest female presences in the history of motion pictures.

She rushes forward, hurrying on, jumps over the broom, and Bertolucci cuts to the street below where we see policemen – alert, accessible, and available, an ironic situation because it is the complete reverse of the circumstances at the end of the film where there is not a cop to be found anywhere when Jeanne so desperately requires one. There follow more close-ups of Paul’s perplexed face and both man and woman gaze upward at the apartment – she from right outside the building where it is located, he still underneath the train tracks.

We’re wondering – who are these two? What is their relationship to each other? The questions are about to be both answered and prolonged.

We get our first close up of Schneider as she contemplates the APARTMENT FOR RENT sign – what a superstar, maybe not Brando’s equal in acting ability but more than his equal in screen presence and charisma (she will repeat this situation with Jack Nicholson a few years later). She hurries down the stairs to a café to phone her mother. Two other people are in the restroom – an old woman brushing her dentures (the significance of which is… ?) and Paul, brooding. The only way he could have gotten there before her is to have gone straight down while she went up to the lobby of the building to read the APARTMENT FOR RENT sign. In another moment he will be in a place just a shade before her once again – we can’t know it at the time, but while the camera stays on her in the phone booth, calling her mother, he gets the key to the apartment from the concierge and enters it.

This phone call gives us our first little bit of exposition – Jeanne tells her mother that she is going to look at an apartment and then to the station to meet Tom, presumably her boyfriend or husband. But the visual exposition is just as strong – she opens her coat, puts her hand on her hip, the camera lingers on her legs as she preens for it. Bertolucci’s message is clear, and it’s not a feminist one – this is a woman primed.

The concierge in the building pleads ignorance of the apartment for rent when Jeanne says, with great flourish, “I’m here for the apartment.” The concierge says she knows nothing of the sign and complains that people come and go and she’s always the last to know. She tells Jeanne to go look at the apartment herself if she so desires because she, the concierge, is (presciently) afraid of the rats. She can’t find the key; Jeanne disgustedly turns to go; the concierge produces a duplicate with a cackle, making an insulting remark about Jeanne’s youth. The concierge bursts into song, and a hand reaches out to place an empty bottle outside the door of an apartment. The principal musical theme – a little too schmaltzy here – plays on the soundtrack. Bertolucci throws in a neat little auteur move on the clank of the bottle, switching the focus from the concierge in the background to Jeanne in the foreground. But the whole scene is an exercise in cinema – the camera starts back, off to the right, and slowly moves in on the window until the window is center shot. This is reminiscent of the very first shot of the film that picked Brando up under the Metro tracks.

Jeanne ascends to the apartment in the elevator in a shot that’s lit in black and gray, in great contrast to the stark lambancy that the scenes have been framed in thus far.

Once within the dark apartment she opens shades and the balcony doors and gets a fright to see Paul sitting by the fireplace. She remarks that he must have come in behind her when she entered and left the door opened, but he says no, he was already there. Almost instantly they’re talking about where the furniture should go. He moves around; in a too obvious symbol, or metaphor, or whatever you want to call it, her reflection is shown in a cracked mirror. This time the panning camera moves back, not in closer, as she asks him, in English “What are you doing?” She – and we – are totally unable to make sense of this man’s dark, strange behavior. Neither she nor we, the audience, know a thing about him as yet.

In a shot photographed in a blue and white that clashes with everything else we’ve seen so far (as did the black and gray of the elevator shot), she goes to the bathroom and uses the toilet casually. She returns; the camera backs up to show her hat isolated on the floor; after she asks, “You still here?” he sweeps her up into his arms.

As sex scenes often are in the movies, this once is a turn on, a turn off, and bewildering. The brute animal force of it is electrifying, but there are too many questions – for example, they’ve passed each other twice already, once in the street under the train tracks and then again in the lavatory in the café. They’re both unforgettable looking individuals – they don’t recognize each other in the apartment? Perhaps they do but choose not to comment. This would go a little way towards explaining the spontaneous combustion.

I can imagine what feminist critics might have to say about all this -especially the way her body jerks like a marionette after she rolls off him once they fall to the floor, and the clear shot of her sexuality that accompanies this, to say nothing of Paul’s over the top priapic antics. It’s not my purpose to defend or criticize this here.

Oddly, though Paul never takes his coat off during any of the meeting, as they leave the building we see him, through the glass of the front door, putting it on. What?! When did he take it off? He wears an impish, almost mischievous, grin as they come out – not peccant in any way – while Jeanne seems shocked, dazed, confused. He takes the sign APARTMENT FOR RENT down, crumples it up, throws it away – the lease is signed, the relationship has begun.

Exterior Paint Trends That Are Off The Charts

Are you painting your home? Are you looking for a classic finish, or something a little bolder? There are many factors that influence our color choices. For example, you may need to get the approval of your Home Owner's Association, before you paint your home.

What will be the best color fit for you? Are you interested in new color trends? Or, are you more interested in a traditional, and classic, a color choice that has a wider appeal?

Well, it's up to you – it's your home, and that 'safe' paint choice may leave you filled with regret, every time you see a home, the color that you dreamed of. Choose your home's color, carefully, and be happy, from the first brush of paint to the last.

1. Black Is Back, Gray Is Hot!

You may choose a more charcoal black, and opt for black, or white, trim. Black is becoming a very popular choice and can look very stylish. Over time, black will fade a little, but, the color is very chic and modern. Darker shades are trending, and, whether it's your beach house or your main home, you may consider this fashion forward shade.

Black paint, and a shinier black paint, on your window trim, will give your home a complete makeover. If you are not sure, you could always test an area first. A dark paint is a stronger commitment, and you will also need to consider the finish, of your home.

Does the exterior need any work, or patching up? Before any paint work can be done, you should make sure that any weather treatment has been completed.

Less dramatic, but equally stylish is gray – you can choose this wonderfully neutral shade to showcase your home and paint trimmings in a contrasting, white, for a stylish modern pop.

2. What Colors Complements Your Garden or Patio?

Do you have a tiled patio or a bricked driveway? You might like to consider using paint that matches the color palette of these specific features. For example, if you have a Spanish style patio area, you should consider using complimentary, or contrast, colors – these will highlight your homes' features.

If you have a patio area that has terra cotta tiles, then a fresher, light, color, would make your patio 'pop.' A darker shade would not match this feature, at all.

Brown on brown is not that attractive. If your property is on a larger sized plot, then you have a bit more room to play with – you can make a bolder color choice!

3. Classic White Or Pastel Colors

White is a classic and fresh option for many homes. It is a traditional color choice for many home owners and retains its character, over decades. You are assured a clean and uncluttered modern style choice, with white.

You could also consider a pastel, or candy shade, that is historically a good choice for homes that have pretty woodwork. You can always paint trimming in a white color, and soft shades are pleasing on the eye, and add a touch of character!

A soft yellow, or pink, can bring some much-needed cheer to your home. If you are certain, you should test a few panels, first to check the shade, in natural light.

Your Off The Charts Exterior

There are so many amazing colors to choose from, but, traditionally you need to choose a more neutral color, for your exterior walls. Save the rainbow lights and creative touches for your interiors !

You will also need a very large volume of paint for the exterior! Depending on your budget, you can test paint a few exterior walls, and see what speaks to you! A man's home and a women's too is her castle – be happy with your exterior paint choices, and make a choice that leaves you smiling.

Is it going to be a bold black, with shiny window trim? What about that bold red door you have always dreamed of? Go forth and find the shades that are perfect for you!

Agricultural Equipment Leasing Drives Modern Farm Economics

Agriculture is an ancient part of society and industry. People have been farming land and grazing livestock for centuries as a way of life and to feed themselves. There are two main parts of agriculture, which are subsistence farming and farming to make a profit. Subsistence farming is based on self-sufficiency where a farmer’s sole focus is producing enough food to feed their families. This form of agriculture is more common in poorer and third-world countries. Farming for a profit is very common in western and more developed countries and depending on the scale, can be a very profitable business.

For the average family involved in agriculture they are often no wealthier than the rest of us. Agriculture for them is a way of life and their family might have done it for generations. Often, as with all business and asset values, an agricultural business can go through very high periods of economic growth and then into low periods of stagnation. To allow farmers and businessmen to go with the flow of market cycles and economic upturns and downturns, leasing of equipment used in their agricultural sector is very important. This is where equipment needed for a particular purpose for a particular time is not actually purchased but leased or borrowed only for a certain period of time.

Examples of equipment leased are: For the growing of crops – tractors, harvesters, hay balers, any type of ploughing or seed planting machines. When it comes to other farms or even cattle stations, graders, loaders, other heavy machines, cattle trucks, complete road trains, small tractors and cars are often leased. These machines might be used for a particular time and then returned. By doing this you only have a machine or implement in your possession when you actually need it. This is a very common practice in this industry and has many advantages.

Reasons for leasing equipment is that it is only needed for a short period of time and the down time when you aren’t using it is not costing you money in interest and other expenses and also there are tax advantages in some countries. However probably the most helpful part of being able to lease agricultural equipment is the cost saving of a capital investment. Many people and business simply can’t afford the cost of a capital investment in a large machine such as a powerful John Deere tractor or an expensive harvester but they need them for a particular time of the year.

The most difficult thing about farming and agriculture is that your actions are always subject to the climate and the weather. This applies to all areas of agriculture, when to plant or harvest a crop or when to buy or sell livestock is always dependent on the weather conditions. This can be very difficult is some of the more extreme climates around the world. Leasing agricultural equipment makes it just that little bit easier for an agricultural business or company to survive. Often it is a dominant factor determining the sustainability of an agricultural enterprise.

New Flooring for National Home Improvement Month

May is National Home Improvement Month. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry celebrates this busy and exciting time of year by offering homeowners tips and advice to help them get started on their remodeling project. Here are some additional tips about flooring for those looking to enhance their home’s decor this month.

For an easy way to refresh tired rooms and boost the value of your home, look down. Flooring may not be the first thing one thinks of when looking for a quick upgrade, but new carpeting or flooring can give your home incredible, brand new appeal. Whether looking to invest in new carpeting, laminate, vinyl, hardwood or other material – updated flooring is a great way to totally breathe new life into the look and style of the home. For a big impact and increased value, make sure new flooring is at the top of the list for possible home renovations.

No one wants to spend money on the home they are getting ready to sell, but it can be crucial in order to sell the house quickly and for an optimal price. The good news for homeowners and realtors is that there are so many styles to choose from and carpet professionals know the best looks to help sell a home. They can be the link between clean, fresh carpets and a reasonable price point.

So, for homes with old or stained carpet, carpet replacement or new flooring installation should be considered before putting it on the market. Or, for homeowners not looking to sell their home anytime soon, new flooring is a great way to instantly update the overall look and feel of the home and give it a brand new style. Stained or dated carpet can not only be a huge turnoff to potential buyers but company and visitors alike. And fresh, new carpet or flooring is even more important when selling an empty property, since that is all buyers see in an empty room. There’s no hiding cracked linoleum or pet-stained carpet.

Consider upgrading outdated flooring patterns with fresh laminate or vinyl. Many professional home remodelers are now incorporating non-traditional geometric shapes, rather than the standard squares and rectangle tiling in newer homes. Totally remodeling an older home with new flooring is the best way to give it the coveted combination of old and new. Tell a creative story and add new texture and definition to any room in the home with a variety of styles and textures.

The style possibilities are endless! Take an ‘OK’ home and make it a ‘wow’ home in one step; new flooring.

Top Reasons to Buy Rugs for Apartments

Normally, apartments are not rented, and this means the people who move to the apartments should consider buying the rugs to keep their floors safe. Given here are a few top reasons to buy apartment rugs. Actually, there are many reasons to add a rug to the apartment. Some people consider buying them just to furnish their places and others buy them to cover the imperfections of the floor. Cream rugs are one of the most widely chosen options.

Beautifying the Rooms:

Carpets are the first impression of your rooms. As soon as the visitors get in, the first thing they notice is your rug. They are available in a wide variety of designs, materials, shapes and colors and you can choose the one which blends well with your décor.

Orange rugs are bright colored rugs that can make a bold statement. On the other hand, there are others who choose neutral or beige color that can complement with the walls of their rooms. Sometimes, placing a dark rug on the floor makes the difference.

Inviting to the Guests:

Welcome mats are just just outside the door of your rooms to greet the visitors and make them feel invited. If you choose to customize them you can make them look appealing.

Boost the Safety Factor:

With the help of these rugs you can lower the risk of injuries from slipping inside your apartment. A runner is needed, especially in the apartments where there are long hallways and the risk of children falling down and getting injured. You can prevent the slipping accidents by putting a rug over wet areas.

You need to put liners underneath your rugs to keep them in place firmly. You can also consider purchasing a bath rug to absorb the water and prevent the slipping accidents after showering.

Cover the Imperfections of Floors:

If your floors are damaged or if you have installed an economic floor that you do not want to show off then you would like to cover their imperfections. Choose an attractive rug to cover the flooring and to boost the aesthetic appearance of rooms.

Reduce Noise:

This is one of the overlooked advantages of carpets. If you are living in an apartment, you should buy a rug to prevent noise reaching downstairs. Adding a rug can reduce too much echo.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages of rugs, they are a total comfort to the feet and prevent your feet from getting cold. You can consider buying orange or cream rugs as per the décor of your room.