Baby Scrapbooking Ideas For the Digital Age

The first year of life is full of so many millions. A great way to capture these events in one place is with a photo album or scrapbook. Depending on the time available and your personal preference, these albums can be cut-and-paste style scrapbooks or digital baby memory books created online and shipped to your home.

Here's a quick breakdown of the most popular options today, along with some advice about staying focused no matter what kind of scrapbook you make.

Baby Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking with paper and physical photos is the only way for some. Something about cropping the photos and adding embellishments satisfies that creative need. These hand crafted baby keepsake books allow for places to put that lock of hair from the first haircut and the footprint from the hospital.

Most physical scrapbook stores offer classes and workshops (some offer specific events for baby photo albums) where they are happy to teach new skills, act as a consultant, and sell new tools. Many offer "marathon" events where customers can stay for 6-12 hours and potentially finish a whole album in one day. These are a great way to get ideas, focus on the task at hand, and feel energized to finish one album after another.

Digital Scrapbooking

When considering digital books it's a good idea to shop around before uploading any photos. Find the company you would like to work with based on the most important factors to you such as print quality, binding quality, speed of delivery, and ease of sharing / ordering, etc. Some places offer less expensive books, but the binding might be glued instead of sewn – while fine for short-term enjoyment, this is an important distinction when creating a book that's meant to last a lifetime.

Digital photo websites allow for uploading photos and creating a digital book using either a template or designing them "from scratch" using some basic layout tools and decorations. There is room to write about the photos so that everyone can read about the first birthday or the first time the great-grandparents and baby got to meet. These books are usually created quickly once the photos are chosen and uploaded.

Choosing Photos and Setting Goals

Choosing the photos is an important step for either method. Sort through photos, either digital ones or physical ones and choose a few favorites. To begin, an efficient use of the space is to allow a page or two for each event or each month. As you lay out the initial photos be sure to arrange them without sticking anything down permanently – you may find there is plenty of room for more photos and they can be added at that time.

Set a simple goal such as completing three months at a time instead of the whole year at once. If your "baby" is already 4 or even 14 then focus on the most recent year and work back through the photos by year. You'll remember more about this past year than you will about the day he was born, but keep up the work and you'll get each year completed.

CMS Infusion- A Powerful CMS Solution for Small Business Owners

I have a confession to make: I'm in so in love with my new "toy" -code name CMS INFUSION.

Over the years, I have sent to much money and wasted my energy with the "next big things" that claimed as "must have tools" to help me be the next "internet guru" who would run a thriving internet business while laying down lazily , half naked with a laptop somewhere near to the beach.

No, I'm not saying that that beautiful image is wrong.

In fact, with a new all built in laptop generation like Sony Vaio and a wireless broadband internet connection from Verizon you can work almost anywhere in United State, without carrying a whole office with you.

I must admit, it does feel wonderful! I do not know how to live without my powerful, sexy Vaio and my dear Verizon network.

(I'm not sure about the "half naked" part, though.)

Ok, back to the point.

The more important question is: how do you get there with the right tool?

As an internet marketer, there are so many thing you need to have to run your business.

And if you are really into building a business that brands yourself, building a business that last, building a business that will free yourself time and labor should you decide to outsource those tasks to other people, choosing the right tool, the right system is definitely a serious question. It requires a thorough research.

To me, CMS Infusion is what I have been lingering for an all in one automated system for a small business owner, internet marketer like me can grow over time. It's designed by internet marketer for internet marketer, therefore it has own stand and different perspective with other CMS system.

You can do a research about it to see all features. I like it so much that I'm offering

free CMS Infusion training for CMSinfusion owners at my website

I will share more about CMS Infusion in my next articles.

In closing, I want to say one more thing. No matter how powerful a tool is, in the end the only matter

is if it serves your purpose or not. Whenever you get confused, ask yourself this question:



Lanzarote – Hotels, Apartments and Villas

The popular holiday destination of Lanzarote is blessed with a year round warm climate. It is because of this that holiday makers flock to the island all year round. This means that the island enjoys year round tourism and there is very little 'seasonal' drop in the tourism trade.

People who fly to Lanzarote will usually stay in one of three different types of accommodation. A luxury Hotel, an Apartment either within a complex or standardone or a Villa / Bungalow. The type of accommodation is really down to personal preference and possibly budget, but you do not have to spend the earth on accommodation to enjoy your holiday in Lanzarote, as lets face it, you should not be spending too much time in it!

Luxury Hotels in Lanzarote tend to be spread out rather than built up. This is due to a building restriction on the land that means that any building must not be taller than a certain height. Unfortunately, it does appear that some of the larger chains of hotels on the island have been built illegally and contravene the regulations, but I do not see them disappearing any time soon!

In a luxury hotel you can expect to get well looked after from the moment you arrive. From porters taking your luggage to a friendly welcome at the check-in desk. The rooms are generally well furnished and kept and include a bed (or beds), TV, minibar and shower / bathroom. Meals in the hotels are usually served in a dining area, but of course in many cases it is never to far to vent out into the resort where restaurants are to found a plenty.

If you fancy something a little more 'practical' then a self contained apartment might be for you. There are many different apart-hotel complexes on Lanzarote that usually have their own pool (or pools), on site facilities such as shops and bars, and they give you the freedom to decide if you want to eat in or out. Apartments usually come with a living area, kitchen area, bathroom and bedroom – so its like living at home on holiday!

Villas and Bungalows are generally the same as apart-hotels apart from the fact that they are privately owned and will usually be furnished to a higher standard. They will also sleep more bodies. For larger families or 'groups' Villas are usually a very cost effective way to rent accommodation for your holiday as you tend to pay for the Villa, and not for the number of people staying in it. Most Villas in Lanzarote tend to have a small private pool and terrace area where you can enjoy the weather that the island has to offer.

The choice of accommodation is usually down to personal preference, what you can afford and what type of holiday you are looking for.

Powerful Ways to Get Your Subject Line Noticed!

Just because somebody has subscribed to your mailing list does not automatically mean they will open and read your emails. Often a person has subscribed to many email marketing lists and simply do not have the time to open and read them all so they only click on the ones where the subject line gets their attention. People will usually read the subject line before they read your message, so it is important they get noticed. Here are some simple, but powerful tips to get your or messages noticed.

The use of text symbols in your subject line is a simple but effective way of making your email stand out You could use them between words or start and end start and end your subject line with symbols. ( *, $, >,{,], £,).

Combining upper and lower case letters together with the creative use of white space is another easy way to get your email noticed but be CaRe >FuL * nOt % TO OveruSe these methods. You must be creative and not merely throw a random mix of confusing spaces, symbols and upper and lower case letters into the mix otherwise your text will look stupid and you will lose credibility.

White space is a powerful tool. Use extra white space creatively in your subject line. You can add extra blank spaces between your words or letters.

“STOP!”, “WARNING”, CAUTION”, are just some of the many forms high impact words may take. People are conditioned to stop what they are doing and pay attention when they see one of these words which is why including one in the subject line will get their attention. Other ATTENTION! grabbing words are “AmaZing”, “Surprising”, “ShocKing”, and so on.

People will almost always assume any question is directly aimed (and therefore relevant) at themselves and will usually answer it in their mind stimulating themselves into giving more attention to the text. Obviously if you are emailing to your own targeted list you should ask only questions pertinent to you readers.

The general public are, on the whole, a greedy bunch. Almost everybody wants something for nothing so using the words “FREE”, “Bonus”, “Special”, “Surprise”, “Gift” etc. in your subject line will get most peoples attention. Like your questions your offer should be attractive to your target audience.

Whenever possible personalise your emails subject line with the recipients name, or at least their geographical location. Using somebody’s name is a compliment in itself but if you can also couple that with a compliment for example ( [NAME] Your opinion is highly regarded) the effect is explosive to your mail opening rates.

We hope you find these ideas helpful in improving your mail opening rates and will be publishing more articles soon to help you get the most impact from your email marketing campaigns.

Remember you must test your campaigns, many methods are generic but some work better on certain audiences than others. Your autoresponder should let you track the effectiveness of each subject line you experiment with.

Crazy Facts About the World’s Largest Cruise Ship

The Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas is a marvel of modern engineering. Launched in 2010 the ship holds the record as the largest passenger ship ever constructed. There are many well documented facts about the Allure of the Seas but the information below illustrates the sheer scale of this mighty vessel. The video of the ship barely passing under Storebaelt Bridge after being constructed is an extremely popular video on Youtube.

The Gross weight of the Allure of the Seas is 225,282 tons. If you wanted to put this ship into Space it would take more than 1848 Saturn V rockets (the rocket that first took man to the moon) and would use almost 1.8 Billion gallons of fuel in the process.

The cost of building the Allure of the Seas was $1.4bn. That’s the same cost as Wembley stadium.

There are 150 miles of pipework running through the Allure of the Seas plus a further 3,300 miles of electrical cables (the distance from Lisbon to New York). The ship also boasts 100,000 lighting points that have to be rigged up.

The ship has 4 bow thrusters that manoeuvre the ship. Each of them is capable of producing 7,500 horsepower. That’s 10 times the power of a Formula 1 racing car each! And that’s not even the main engines.

The power plant on the Allure of the Seas generates enough electricity on average to power 44,000 homes or to light Blackpool Illuminations for an extra 600 miles.

The time spent building the Allure of the Seas is 7.5 million man hours. Compare this to the Empire State Building which was built in a measly 7 million man hours.

The Allure of the Seas from keel to funnel stands 75m high. That’s 50% higher than the Coliseum in Rome which is 50m high.

The ship’s main dining room keeps 50,000 pieces of cutlery for use.

Cruise guests are expected to use around 60,000 napkins on every cruise.

Decorating the Allure of the Seas took 600,000 litres of paint.

Passengers and crew on board will use 2.35 million litres of water every single day.

If you were to attempt to power the ship using only 12V car batteries it would get through 17,000 of them per hour.

The smallest TV on board the Allure of the seas is 32 inches in size. Every cabin, including all the staff cabins has a high definition TV included in it.

Energy Efficient Attic Insulation

Perhaps, like me, you've wandered up to your attic on a hot summer day. As you climb the stairs it feels as if are assorted by a wave of heat. Immediately you start to sweat. If you're lucky, you're just there to get something and retreat back downstairs. If you're not, it's going to be a long, hot, miserable afternoon.

But wait, your attic is insulated, right? You can see the pink stuff in the rafters. If that's there, why is it still so hot? To answer that question, one needs to understand that there are three ways that heat moves from one body to another.

1. Conductive – when heat moves from one body to another through direct physical contact. The fiberglass insulation is directly contacting the roof. Check.
2. Convective – when heat moves from one body to another via some adjoining liquid or gas. The fiberglass insulation baffles the movement of air. Check.
3. Radiant – when heat moves from one body to another through electromagnetic radiation. For example, on a warm summer day, you can feel the sun on your skin when you are outdoors. The fiberglass insulation handles this by ….. oh. It does not handle this.

In fact, as the roof gets hot, the heat from the roof radiates into the insulation. At some point, the fiberglass absorbs as much heat as it can. At that point of saturation, it becomes a radiator itself. This explains why the highest portion of heat loss or gain in a house is through radiant heat.
Right now you might be thinking "Why bother having fiberglass insulation if it's this useless?" Trust me, if you removed the fiberglass, the answer would be obvious. The fiberglass still prevails a good deal of heat gain.

So what's a homeowner to do? Move to a cooler climate? That would certainly solve at least part of the problem but it might be a bit involved and I hate moving, myself.

Enter reflective insulation. This is a product that's relatively new – having only been around for about the past 20 years. The whole purpose of reflective insulation is to deal with radiant heat. How it works is simple and obvious when you think about it. The reflective insulation has a shiny (reflective) coating. This quite literally reflects the heat waves back to their source. In the case of your attic, it reflects the heat back towards your roof and promises it from coming into your attic. When used in combination with the fiberglass, your attic is insulated against all three types of heat gain.

It looks and feels like bubble wrap used in shipping but instead of being clear, it's opaque with either a shiny front or a shiny front and back. The reason for the double-sided insulation (reflective on both sides) is to account for winter and summer. In the summer, reflect the heat toward the roof. In the winter, reflect it back towards the living area.

Once I installed the reflective insulation in my attic, I was shocked. The temperature in the middle of a hot summer day was about 15 degrees lower. Clearly that's quite a difference when you have to be up in the attic working. But even more interesting is what difference that makes to energy costs. It just makes sense that if your attic is not as hot, you will spend less money in cooling costs. The studies that I've read show that the energy savings in the summer months can be as much as 46%. I'm looking forward to that.

And here's a bonus money-saving tip: After you've installed the reflective insulation in your attic you can use the scraps for packing materials instead of bubble wrap.

Water Rehab and Hydration For Emergency Crews

As an incident commander, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of your crews in an extremely challenging work environment. By the time most emergency personnel stop to drink water, they are already at a dangerous point of dehydration. This is compounded by the challenges of providing easily accessible water to your crews. While water is available on the apparatus, it is not clean to drink or easy to distribute. Bottled water is an equally challenging alternative as it requires logistics, available personnel and transportation.

Top 5 considerations for water purification:

  • Your water purification system should utilize advanced technology that not only cleans and filters but also disinfects.
  • The best water filtration systems are lightweight, portable and solar powered. This allows maximum flexibility in deployment.
  • A water treatment system that produces 60 gallons per hour can sustain most any size through an an emergency.
  • Water filtration units should be able to operate with zero recovery time to ensure continuous firefighter rehab.
  • Water purification units that are truck mounted provide immediate access to potable water.

Reasons bolted water does not work:

  • It is expensive.
  • It requires manpower and vehicles to obtain, distribute and dispose of.
  • It produces unnecessary waste.
  • It can not replenish.
  • It is hard to transport to remote deployments or to disaster zones.

A water purification system should contain advanced technology to ensure your crews are drinking safe water. Mechanical filtration eliminates debris and micro-organisms by filtering water through tiny pores. The smallest filter in your system should be no more than.5 microns. Ultraviolet light provides disinfecting by killing organisms it is exposed to. For maximum exposure, your filtration system should expose water to UV light through a double pass system. Lastly, a carbon block filter will remove taste and odor from the water.

Getting your crews to drink often will prevent accidents and provide more up time. This is accomplished by providing easy access to clean, safe, good tasting water. For more information visit .

How Do You Maintain a Healthy Diet? – Great Resources!

There is good reason to keep yourself healthy and fit. The number of overweight and obese people in the world is staggering, and it grows daily. Most of us know that being overweight or obese carries a significant risk for serious diseases, including coronary heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Yet despite our knowledge of the health risks, our diets do not seem to change much.

If you, like many others, are asking the common question: how do you maintain a healthy diet, then look no further.

Keep Portions Under Control

You've probably already heard that portion control is critical in maintaining your weight, but it bears repeating. Weight gain occurs when you take in more calories than you burn. It's a simple formula, yet it often gets overlooked. For foodsense in calories, limit your quantities. If you are in a restaurant, eat half of your meal and have the rest wrapped up to go for another meal the next day. Learn to focus on what you are eating so that you do not overeat.

Stick To Whole, Natural Foods

Foods that are not made to last are the best options. When shopping in a grocery store, it's best to choose foods placed along the perimeter of the store, not the center. The foods that are perishable and need refrigeration are usually better for you than the ones with a long shelf-life.

Hydrate Yourself

Water is a key element for weight loss and for keeping your body running smoothly. The proper water intake for an average adult is eight to ten eight-ounce glasses per day. By adhering to this rule, your body will be able to rid itself of impurities and toxins. In addition, when you are properly hydrated, you actually have more energy!

Learn To Love Fruits, Vegetables And Whole Grains

Fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains are healthy in general. Stick to complex carbohydrates, as well as foods high in fiber and low in fat. If you can find organic, local produce you will be stacking the odds for a healthy diet in your favor.

Do not Forget Exercise

A key component of physical well-being is exercise. Without it, your metabolism slows, muscle tone decrees and energy levels plummet. Exercising is also a great way to reduce stress, which is known to increase the risk of being overweight. There are many great exercises to try, but make sure to do a combination of cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training.

Diet Programs

If you already have a few pounds to shed, choose a diet program that suits your needs. Do the research to find one that fits simply into your schedule and lifestyle. If you find a regimen that is easy to stick to, you will increase your chances of success. If you follow the guidelines above, you will no longer need to ask: how do you maintain a healthy diet!

Baking Soda to the Rescue With These 6 Problems

Baking soda is not just an ingredient you use in your cooking efforts to make the best chocolate chip cookies. Believe it or not, this item has a ton of uses in home cleaning, which you will do well to consider the next time you are engaged in any such activity. It is an excellent abrasive, which is quite effective and also gentle enough. It possesses superb deodorising properties and can easily be your go-to solution for some cleaning emergencies. Here are some of the uses you should know about:

  • Remove bad odours from a fridge – if you are worried that last night’s yummy but smelly fish dish will leave a lasting scent in your fridge, you should know that baking soda is the solution to this problem. It can absorb any negative smells in the refrigerator so that they don’t linger inside and transfer to other foods in the area.
  • Clean stains from plastic food containers – food leftovers usually leave a mark on food containers. To clean them, you must wipe with a sponge and the soda. Alternatively, you can remove stains by soaking them in a solution of 4 tbsp. baking soda with a quart of warm water. That is a quick and scrub-free method of cleaning plastic containers.
  • Scrub kitchen surfaces – keeping kitchen surfaces clean is a must since that is where you prepare your food. You will be happy to learn that pretty much every area in there can be cleaned with the aid of baking soda. When you combine it with water, you can pretty much deal with the gunk on stainless steel sinks, cooking utensils, range hood, microwave and other small appliances as well as countertops. Baking soda sure is quite universal.
  • Deal with greasy pans and dishes – when your cooking efforts result in a mess; you can quickly deal with the aftermath. Baked-on food can be addressed with a pinch of it and dish soap. Pretty much all you need to dissolve the greasy stains is a hot water soak of dirty items, a scrub sponge and some baking soda. Well, some elbow grease as well.
  • Remove musty smell from upholstery – if your soft furnishings have developed an unpleasant musty smell, it is time to banish it with it. Sprinkle a generous amount of soda on the surfaces and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, vacuum up the area. It works like a charm on your mattress too! You can also use it to remove strong odours from pet beds, as a safe alternative to any other cleaning solution out there.
  • Freshen smelly shoes – your gym class shoes may not be the most pleasant thing in the world, but you can still freshen them by sprinkling some soda inside. Tap out any amount of soda before wearing them again, or use the vacuum cleaner.

As you can see, baking soda is quite versatile in cleaning multiple areas of your home. It is up to you to include this fantastic solution in your cleaning rounds – it is cheap and eco-friendly!

Intel DZ77GA-70K Review – Best Z77 Motherboard For Ivy Bridge Processor

If you're looking for top of the line motherboard for Ivy Bridge processor there's no other perfect match to it than the Intel DZ77GA-70K. Intel has created this board to match its own made Ivy Bridge processor to push it to its optimum performance. The DZ77GA-70K has so much to offer from its overclocking capabilities to the latest technology features that will suit any advanced user enthusiast.

This board is powered by Z77 chipset which is pretty much the same as the previous Z68 however, some upgrades have been made to fully utilize the third generation Core i3, i5 and i7 in the form of Ivy Bridge processor. The board is fully compatible with the older second generation Sandy Bridge processor, if you still have one you can still use it here.

Various distinctive upgrades from the new Z77 processor are the LucidVirtu MVP that further improves the video outputs from the IGP and the discrete GPU for smoother graphics display. Another thing is the Intel Smart Response Technology. In addition to that is the 4x Super fast USB 3.0, transfering data has never been this fast before.

That being said, the Ivy Bridge processor itself has more new features to offer such as the HD 4000 video deliveries a better display that can match mid-priced video cards. If you constantly converting video you'll surely love the advanced QuickSync quality that no video card can match, converting HD movies can be done in just a few minutes.

Features And Connectors

The board looks great in black color with blue in its PCIe slots and heatsinks. The skull on top of the Z77 heatsink is noticeable that barely says, this is a "bad ass motherboard". The CPU socket is a bit crowded due to a large heatsink from the voltage regulator but gives you the advantage to withstand heat when overclocked.

There are four DIMM slots available in black and blue color for proper pairing when a dual channel memory configuration is being used, its supports up to 32GB with a maximum frequency of 1600MHz. These slots are nicely spaced with the PCIe slot that leaves some space when a large GPU is being populated.

Speaking of PCIe slots there are two of them available on the board, the first runs at X16 for single and support the PCIe 3.0 Gen3 GPU or X8 / X8 when doubled. These slots supports both SLI and CrossFireX technologies, this also includes two PCIe X1 and two legacy PCI slots.

The board uses a PLX PEX8606 switch chip to accommodate the additional PCI express device, this will automatically switches the available PCIe lanes to the device that needs them. This gives you the advantage of its full performance transfer speed on the device connected to the USB 3.0, SATA 6GB / s and Ethernet ports. Other motherboards without this feature with too many PCIe devices require you to manually disable the device to achieve its optimum potential.

It has a total of eight SATA ports located on the edge in right angle position for quick access and does not create distractions on the Graphics card even when both slots are populated. There are two FireWire ports available, one on the board trough header and the other is on the rear panel.

If you love to play music or watching movies, you'll certainly enjoy its 7.2 +2 audio format which is equivalent to 8-channel and two independent audio streaming with superb signal-to-noise ratio that totally eliminates unwanted signal noise.

The Intel DZ77GA-70K also has wireless features such as Bluetooth (2.1 + EDR) for faster data transfer without the needs of messy wire connectors and WiFi with IEEE 802.11b / g / n module through USB access internet connection .

Looking at the back panel you can see generous amounts of useful ports, there's a PS / 2 combo connector for mouse or keyboard, four USB 2.0 and four USB 3.0 in blue for a total of eight ports. It also provides eSATA 6GB / s, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, HDMI for video output, S / PDIF optical output, five analog audio ports jack and CMOS clear button which is very helpful that does not require you to open the casing when a reset is needed.

More Overclocking Features

This board is loaded with tons of overclocking capabilities from its processor, video and memory. You can set a higher base clock from 100MHz to 120MHz with 1MHz increase; of course this is paired with the multiplier to achieve a higher frequency. The CPU core voltage can be adjusted from + 0,000V to 1,000mV in 1mV increase.

The CPU VTT voltage can also be varied from 1.000V to 1.2750 in 0.0250V increase. The CPU PLL voltage is another option that can be adjusted from 1.000V to 1.8750V in 0.010 increases. The Integrated Graphics processor voltage can be boost from 1.000V to 1.9200V in 0.0050V increase. Finally, the memory voltage can be set from 1.200V to 2.000V in 0.010 increases.


The Intel DZ77GA-70K is an excellent choice of board if you're looking for a perfect match for your Intel Ivy Bridge processor that will deliver the highest possible performance. Feature and overclocking wise this board has so much to offer as I stated above, you got every enthusiast and gamer's stuff that will take you to the next level of your computing world.

The price it offers is on the mid-range level considering a high-end motherboard from Intel, currently available at $ 216 which is surprisingly cheaper than other competitive brand with the same features such as ASUS and Gigabyte. If you're thinking of building a powerful computer rig that does not cost you much, the Intel DZ77GA-70K is definitely a must!

What Are Industrial Painting Contractors?

Industrial Painting Contractors, unlike the usual painting contractors who mainly work on houses and some large buildings, work on a large scale by painting many different types of structures like factories, storage tanks, power plants, silos, and assembly plants. They use multiple methods in painting to ensure the best results. Unlike usual Painting Contractors, they must prepare surfaces and lay down many layers of paint toachieve the highest quality, normally with tools other than brushes or rollers.

Good contractors understand that preparation is very important for long lasting effects. Structures without previous paint are easier to paint because previous paint generally needs to be removed before starting the new layers. High pressure water jets are often used by industrial painting contractors to wash surfaces before applying paint. Industrial painting contractors also use abrasive preparation to clean surfaces of all rust and chemicals to leave a structure ready for paint. Any preparation method used is very important for an easy painting process with top notch results.

Often, these contractors will use a powder coating in the painting process. This process includes applying an electrostatic charge to dry paint before being applied to the surface of the structure and then involves adding heat to spread the coat over the entire surface. Coal coating is also used to apply paint to a metal structure. This method is much quicker than others because it is a continuous process. It does not cause harm to the environment and is more cost effective and energy efficient than most other methods.

Spray coating is used more commonly by, though it can be a bit of a messy process. Overspray can be controlled by applying the same electrostatic charge used in powder coating to the spray beforehand.

How To Choose an Industrial Painting Contractor

The most effective industrial painting contractors will have keen knowledge and understanding of the business with past success. They should be insured and have positive reviews from past clients. The quality of other projects should be consistently high to ensure professional quality on the project at hand. They should be flexible and work with clients to suit their needs while providing professional service. They should also know all the different methods well and be able to prepare any surface for painting as well as offer many different methods for painting. They should know the latest developments in technology of the business and be able to compete with others for client’s projects.

Homework For MBA Program at the Top Business Schools

The rate at which the education sector is encompassing the whole world, it is virtually impossible to succumb to enticement of higher education like a MBA degree from the Top Business Schools. The new age, avant-garde and ultramodern world makes higher education a compulsion. With the mounting claims of the industries, individuals are increasingly becoming more and more aware of the significance of MBA program.

Each and every aspect of the competitive and aggressive business market needs unambiguous and explicit managerial skills which can be learnt at the Top Business Schools. The curriculum and course study of a MBA program is designed in a way which is very demanding and is a contemporary blend of academies and real business world challenges. This intricate and challenging schedule of the two year tenured MBA program makes sure that the individual is prepared to tackle all possible hardships in this ever evolving business market scenario.

MBA Admission Process in the Top Business Schools as a thumb rule requires good GMAT scores along with clean and excellent academic track record. Professional experience also plays an important role when it comes to the MBA Admission Process. An assortment of IMD Case Interview questions are available on the web which can be of great help to MBA aspirants.

Lets now come to the GMAT exam; it is a true qualitative analysis of an individual. It tests the math's skills, verbal, analytical and writing skills of a person and looks very complex if you are not well prepared. Preparing involves opting for GMAT Tutorials and mock testing oneself before the tangible exams. It is also vital to do inticate online research on the GMAT patterns and on the segments of the exam in which you are not confident enough.

If you think only undergraduates opt for MBA programs in the Top Business Schools you are wrong, people from the corporate walk of life also chip in for these administrative post graduate programs. This is because of the fact that an MBA degree after some years of experience in a certain field will elevate their career prospects. To get into the Top Business Schools you will have to exploit your potential to the max by excelling in GMAT exams. This encompasses sheet dedication, hard work and sticking to a pre determined pattern. One very imperative tip is the learning to relax under stress and not to succumb to fretfulness. It is also essential to communicate efficiently as it will make a good communicator out of you.

Caring for Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete, tough and durable, is the hot new kitchen countertop material. Fabricated in just one to two weeks, this luxurious and completely customizable cluster surface enhances any design inspiration. As with other kitchen surface options, concrete requires a small amount of care and maintenance to ensure its longevity and beauty.

The concrete kitchen countertop is sealed to create an impervious surface that repels stains and is abrasion resistant. However, acidic liquids left on the surface for a long period of time may eat through the sealer. Thus, it is recommended to wipe up any spills as soon as possible.

Cutting directly on the concrete kitchen countertop is not recommended as it may damage the integrity of the sealer over time. An integral cutting board can be incorporated into the concrete, enhancing the functionality and uniqueness of the surface. Hot pans placed directly onto the surface are also a no-no. In this case, a trivet can be integrally placed in the concrete so the cook always has a place for hot pans to rest.

Cleaning a concrete kitchen counter is simple and inexpensive. Basic soap and water or a non-abrasive cleanser is the best option. To maintain the finish, waxing with beeswax every two months will protect the concrete.

Concrete countertop guru, Buddy Rhodes, said it best, "Concrete is high touch. Handmade and tactile … regular use imparts a warm patina to the surface over time."

Enjoy your concrete kitchen countertops! Revel in the fact that you have chosen a product which only gets better with age. Continued use, enhancing minority variations of texture and color, adds richness and depth to the concrete surface over the years.

Terms of Trade

Terms of trade are the seller’s conditions for the sale of goods or the provision of services to the buyer of the goods and the receipt of those goods and services.

The most common experience with these is payment on delivery,for example,payment for goods at the supermarket or convenience store or payment for services provided by a dentist or a plumber.

Other Terms of Trade

There are other terms or conditions which apply in more complex transactions, some of which are:

* Representation – A representation can be any form of advice, recommendation, information, assistance or service given by the seller in relation to the goods.Most often the seller may have a condition of sale that whatever the seller may have said or done in relation to the goods cannot be relied on and the buyer should rely on there enquiries before purchasing goods. Whether or not the seller can rely on such a condition will depend on the circumstances surrounding the representation.

* Sale by description and conformity with description – Particularly for sale of goods in bulk or large quantity, the buyer examines the sample first before placing orders. Sale by description occurs where the goods may not be in existence. It is an implied condition of sale that the goods will confirm with the description.

* Conditions or Warranties – A condition is a provision in the contract, breach of which will allow the buyer to bring the contract to an end and reject the goods. If the provision is a warranty, then the buyer can only sue for damages. Predominantly, goods of technical nature, such as household equipment and computers, come with the manufacturers’ warranty as to defect. Whether a provision in the contract is a condition or warranty will depend on the construction of the contract.

* Implied terms – Implied terms are those terms of trade that do not appear in a contract but are implied by law or industry practice. Some common implied terms of trade are: that the seller owns the goods being sold or has a right to sell the goods; that the goods being sold are fit for purpose; and that the goods are of merchantable quality.

* Delivery and Installment deliveries – A contract may stipulate when, how and where the goods are to be delivered. Sometimes the seller may have a condition that any delay on its part will not entitle the buyer to sue for damages or cancel the order.

* Acceptance of goods – Upon delivery, the buyer is to have inspected the goods and accepted them. The seller, as a condition of sale, may wish to absolve itself from any liability once the goods are delivered.

* Risk – Risk is any peril associated with the goods such as the risk of loss or risk of damage. It is a usual term of the contract that the risk in goods passes to the buyer upon delivery.

* Retention of title – The seller may wish to retain title in the goods if the buyer fails to make payment for the goods. The title to the goods will not pass to the buyer upon delivery. Upon bankruptcy or liquidation of the buyer, the seller may be able to repossess the goods from the receiver or liquidator and not wait in line with other creditors for payment after disposal of the buyer’s assets.

* Stipulation as to time of payment – Whilst most sellers would prefer prepayment or payment upon delivery, in business, credit is sometimes allowed to the buyer to pay for the goods after, say 30 days or 60 days. Some sellers may charge interest on overdue accounts.

There are various federal and state laws governing the provisions of goods and service.A seller may not be able to opt out of its certain statutory obligations.

Sellers should have their existing contracts reviewed or have certain standard terms of trade drafted by the solicitor. Buyers may wish to have such contracts reviewed by their solicitor before executing them.

The Best Way to Get a Nasty Pet Stain Out

When it comes to cleaning pet urine stains from carpet it can become a difficult task, and every carpet cleaners nightmare. I will be explaining a couple of ways to remove pet stains in this article. The fist step that needs to be taken before any treating or cleaning is done is the urine examining step. There is a special black lights to help you find out where these urine infected areas are. Once those areas are spotted we examine them closely and determine weather the pad has been damaged and needs to be replaced or in some cases the urine did not penetrate through the pad than the pad could be saved with a special sanitation and disinfecting pet urine treatment.

If the pad needs to be replaced we carefully remove all the furniture from the area where the pad needs to be changed. Once all of the furniture is moved the carpet is then folded out and rolled up so that the infected area could be reached. A piece of the infected pad is then cut and taken out. The entire area is than sanitized and deodorized so that there is no bacteria left.

A new piece of pad is then cut to fit the area where the previous pad has been cut out and is then stapled down. The carpet is stretched and tucked back. The whole rooms needs to be cleaned with a hot water extraction machine so that its fresh and all the pet odor is gone.

In cases where the pad has not been damaged than a special pre-condition treatment is taken into place. The carpet is pre-treated first letting the products dissolve deep into the pile of the carpet for about 30 minutes. The carpet is than thoroughly steam cleaned sanitized and deodorized.

If you have a pet that is bound to urinate on the carpet it is highly recommended to have the carpet scotch guarded so that if your pet decides go to the bathroom on the carpet the urine will not dissolve into the pile leaving the pad no chance of getting damaged. This is highly highly recommended. So for future reference if you have pet stains don`t panic get a professional carpet cleaning company to come take a look at the condition of the carpet and give you his professional opinion before you decide to get the carpets replaced.