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There is good reason to keep yourself healthy and fit. The number of overweight and obese people in the world is staggering, and it grows daily. Most of us know that being overweight or obese carries a significant risk for serious diseases, including coronary heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Yet despite our knowledge of the health risks, our diets do not seem to change much.

If you, like many others, are asking the common question: how do you maintain a healthy diet, then look no further.

Keep Portions Under Control

You've probably already heard that portion control is critical in maintaining your weight, but it bears repeating. Weight gain occurs when you take in more calories than you burn. It's a simple formula, yet it often gets overlooked. For foodsense in calories, limit your quantities. If you are in a restaurant, eat half of your meal and have the rest wrapped up to go for another meal the next day. Learn to focus on what you are eating so that you do not overeat.

Stick To Whole, Natural Foods

Foods that are not made to last are the best options. When shopping in a grocery store, it's best to choose foods placed along the perimeter of the store, not the center. The foods that are perishable and need refrigeration are usually better for you than the ones with a long shelf-life.

Hydrate Yourself

Water is a key element for weight loss and for keeping your body running smoothly. The proper water intake for an average adult is eight to ten eight-ounce glasses per day. By adhering to this rule, your body will be able to rid itself of impurities and toxins. In addition, when you are properly hydrated, you actually have more energy!

Learn To Love Fruits, Vegetables And Whole Grains

Fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains are healthy in general. Stick to complex carbohydrates, as well as foods high in fiber and low in fat. If you can find organic, local produce you will be stacking the odds for a healthy diet in your favor.

Do not Forget Exercise

A key component of physical well-being is exercise. Without it, your metabolism slows, muscle tone decrees and energy levels plummet. Exercising is also a great way to reduce stress, which is known to increase the risk of being overweight. There are many great exercises to try, but make sure to do a combination of cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training.

Diet Programs

If you already have a few pounds to shed, choose a diet program that suits your needs. Do the research to find one that fits simply into your schedule and lifestyle. If you find a regimen that is easy to stick to, you will increase your chances of success. If you follow the guidelines above, you will no longer need to ask: how do you maintain a healthy diet!

Lactase Enzyme


People with lactose intolerance are unable to fully digest the sugar in milk. As a result, they have diarrhea, gas and bloating after eating or drinking dairy products. The condition, which is also called lactose malabsorption, is usually harmless, but its symptoms can be uncomfortable.

A deficiency of this enzyme produced in your small intestine – is usually responsible for lactose intolerance. Many people have low levels of enzyme but are able to digest milk products without problems. If you’re actually lactose intolerant, though, your lactase deficiency leads to symptoms after you eat dairy foods.

Most people with lactose intolerance can manage the condition without having to give up all dairy foods.


The signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance usually begin 30 minutes to two hours after eating or drinking foods that contain lactose. Common signs and symptoms include:

• Diarrhea

• Nausea, and sometimes, vomiting

• Abdominal cramps

• Bloating

• Gas


Lactose intolerance occurs when your small intestine doesn’t produce enough of an enzyme (lactase) to digest milk sugar (lactose).

Normally, lactase turns milk sugar into two simple sugars – glucose and galactose – which are absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal lining.

If you’re lactase deficient, lactose in your food moves into the colon instead of being processed and absorbed. In the colon, normal bacteria interact with undigested lactose, causing the signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Types of lactose intolerance:

There are three types of lactose intolerance.

1. Primary lactose disease.

This is the most common type. People who develop primary lactose intolerance start life producing plenty of lactase – a necessity for infants, who get all their nutrition from milk. As children replace milk with other foods, their lactase production normally decreases, but remains high enough to digest the amount of dairy in a typical adult diet.

In primary lactose intolerance, lactase production falls off sharply, making milk products difficult to digest by adulthood. Primary lactose type is genetically determined, occurring in a large proportion of people with African, Asian or Hispanic ancestry. The condition is also common among those of Mediterranean or Southern European descent

2. Secondary lactose type

This form of lactose intolerance occurs when your small intestine decreases lactase production after an illness, injury or surgery involving your small intestine. Among the diseases associated with secondary type are celiac disease, bacterial overgrowth and Crohn’s disease. Treatment of the underlying disorder may restore lactase levels and improve signs and symptoms, though it can take time.

3. Congenital or developmental intolerance

It’s possible, but rare, for babies to be born with disease caused by a complete absence of enzyme activity. This disorder is passed from generation to generation in a pattern of inheritance called autosomal recessive, meaning that both the mother and the father must pass on the same gene variant for a child to be affected.

Risk factors:

Factors that can make you or your child more prone include:

• Increasing age. usually appears in adulthood. The condition is uncommon in babies and young children.

• Ethnicity. most common in people of African, Asian, Hispanic and American Indian descent.

• Premature birth. Infants born prematurely may have reduced levels because the small intestine doesn’t develop lactase-producing cells until late in the third trimester.

• Diseases affecting the small intestine. Small intestine problems that can cause this disease include bacterial overgrowth, celiac disease and Crohn’s disease.

• Certain cancer treatments. If you have received radiation therapy for cancer in your abdomen or have intestinal complications from chemotherapy, you have an increased risk.


This gauges your body’s reaction to a liquid that contains high levels. Two hours after drinking the liquid, you’ll undergo blood tests to measure the amount of glucose in your bloodstream. If your glucose level doesn’t rise, it means your body isn’t properly digesting and absorbing the lactose-filled drink.

• Hydrogen breath test.

This test also requires you to drink a liquid that contains high levels. Then your doctor measures the amount of hydrogen in your breath at regular intervals. Normally, very little hydrogen is detectable. However, if your body doesn’t digest the protein, it will ferment in the colon, releasing hydrogen and other gases, which are absorbed by your intestines and eventually exhaled. Larger than normal amounts of exhaled hydrogen measured during a breath test indicate that you aren’t fully digesting and absorbing lactose.

• Stool acidity test.

For infants and children who can’t undergo other tests, a stool acidity test may be used. The fermenting of undigested protein creates lactic acid and other acids that can be detected in a stool sample.


There’s currently no way to boost your body’s production, but you can usually avoid the discomfort of lactose intolerance by:

• Avoiding large servings of milk and other dairy products

• Including small servings of dairy products in your regular meals

• Eating and drinking protein-reduced ice cream and milk

• Drinking regular milk after you add a liquid or powder to it to break down the lactose.

Home remedies:

Maintain good nutrition

Reducing the dairy products doesn’t mean you can’t get enough calcium. Calcium is found in many other foods, such as:

• Broccoli

• Calcium-fortified products, such as breads and juices

• Canned salmon

• Milk substitutes, such as soy milk and rice milk

• Oranges

• Pinto beans

• Rhubarb

• Spinach

Limit dairy products

• Choosing smaller servings of dairy.

Sip small servings of milk – up to 4 ounces (118 milliliters) at a time. The smaller the serving, the less likely it is to cause gastrointestinal problems.

• Saving milk for mealtimes.

Drink milk with other foods. This slows the digestive process and may lessen symptoms.

• Experimenting with an assortment of dairy products.

Not all dairy products have the same amount of protein. For example, hard cheeses, such as Swiss or cheddar, have small amounts of protein and generally cause no symptoms. You may be able to tolerate cultured milk products, such as yogurt, because the bacteria used in the culturing process naturally produce the enzyme that breaks down lactose.

• Buying lactose-free products.

You can find these products at most supermarkets in the refrigerated dairy section.

• Using enzyme tablets or drops.

Ultra Pure Water – The Truth About the Safety and Healthiness of Ultra Pure Water Systems

Ultra pure water sure sounds great does not it? Not only is it pure, but it's ULTRA-pure. I'm sure it tastes great too, but is it actually healthy and beneficial for your body? The truth may shock you …

Ultra pure water sounds like it's the purest thing you'll ever drink. And even though this may be true, do you want to be drinking water that's COMPLETELY pure?

LaTely, many scientists and other experts are saying you should not. Because the truth of the matter is- no where on Earth is their natural sources of water that are COMPLETELY pure (meaning just hydrogen and oxygen).

Every naturally flowing or stationary source of water on the Earth contains trace amounts of minerals- like calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and many others. And ever since humans have escaped, most of the water we've drunk has contained these natural trace minerals in it.

We've consumed so much of it, in fact, that many of our life-giving and healing properties involve the use of both water and these trace minerals. They keep our teeth and bones strong, they help improve the absorption of nutrients from food we eat, and they help stabilize the pH level of all the fluids in our body.

One of the dangers of drinking ultra pure water that's been demineralized over the long-run is that it's more acidic than alkaline. By continuing drinking this kind of fluid, your body has to pull minerals from your teeth and bones to neutralize it by producing bicarbonate. Forcing the body to do this too much can make you more vulnerable to mineral deficiencies. Plus, a more acidic environment in your body increases both free radical and cancer cell production.

Now by no means am I condoling drinking water that's not filtered. Ideal ultra pure water systems will remove all the harmful contaminants found in water while keeping all the beneficial and healthy trace minerals in it.

This is something to look out for when browsing for different filtration systems. Not many of them leave these trace minerals in water because they do not use the technology to do so.

The ultra pure water systems we use in our home have been documented and proven to keep all the healthy trace minerals in water while removing over 99% of most harmful contaminants. And for less than $ 100 bucks for either a faucet filter or shower head filter, the price can not be beaten (especially at that kind of quality).

Olet Fittings (Branch Connection) and Types of Olet Fittings

Olet fittings (generally called Branch Connection Fittings or Outlet Fittings) which give an outlet from a greater pipe to a littler one (or one of a comparative size).

Olets are branching fittings made by largest manufacturers of metal fittings like us. Olets offer a substitute method for connecting into the primary run and don’t require fortification or reinforcement. Olets are pre-molded to the bend of the run pipe. Flat based weldolets are accessible for connecting with pipe tops and vessel heads.

The principal pipe onto which the branch connection is welded is for the most part called the Run or Header measure estimate. The pipe to which the branch affiliation or association gives a channel is called the Branch or Outlet measure. Branch connections are in all sizes, sorts, types, bores, and classes, in a broad assortment of stainless steel, chrome-molly, and distinctive amalgams combinations.

Olets are mostly utilized for branching on high weight pressure and high temperature applications. Maximum admissible weight pressure of a fitting is same concerning connected straight consistent or seamless run pipe of proportionate material.

Olet Pipe Fittings Materials and Grades (Weldolets, Threadolets, Sockolets)

1) Stainless Steel Olet Fittings – ASTM/ASME SA 182F GR. 304, 304L, 304H, 304N, 304LN, 316, 316L, 316H, 316N, 316LN, 309L, 310, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347H AND UNS 31254 (254SMO)

2) Carbon Steel Olet Fittings – ASTM/ASME A105 / A350 LF2, ASME SA105, A694 – F42, F46, F52, F60, F65, F70, A36, A516 GR. 70, 60

3) Alloy Steel Olet Fittings – ASTM/ASME A182 GR. F1 / F5 / F9 / F11 / F22 / F91

4) Duplex Steel Olet Fittings – ASTM/ASME SA 182F GR. F44, F45, F51, F53, F55, F60, F61.WERKSTOFF NO. 1.4462


6) Low Temperature Pipe Olets – A/SA 350 LF2, LF3

Olet Fittings are also available in other metal like titanium, aluminium, bronze, Lead, tantalum, zinc, brass etc.

Application or Uses of Olet Fittings are used in wide range of industries. Some of them are

  • Power Plants
  • Water Pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Railways
  • Petrochemicals
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Sugar mills

Types of Olet Pipe Fittings

1) Brazolet – Brazolet is used generally and mostly to interface or associate the sustained fittings. Brazolet is same like a weldolet, and is an awesome fitting for metal pipes, copper tubing and iron pipes funnels with brass.

2) Coupolet – Coupolet fittings are planned for use in fire/fire protection sprinkler structures and other low weight channeling applications.

3) Elbolet – Elbolet is used on 90° Long Radius Elbows (can be delivered for Short Radius Elbows) for thermo well and instrumentation affiliations

4) Flexolet – Flexolets resemble weldolets with a minor refinement i.e. flexolet has straight bore while weldolet has diminished bore.

5) Insert Weldolet – Insert Weldolet is the most broadly perceived of all branch associations, and is welded onto the outlet pipe.

6) Latrolet – Latrolets are an assortment of weldolets. You need to associate it in same way, however these Latrolets make a 45-degree association with the standard pipe rather than a 90 degree.

7) Nipolet – Nipolets is just a mix of olets with pipe nipples. These olets work like the weldolets or threadolets, yet are with nipple.

8) Sockolet – Sockolets are in a general sense like weldolets and threadolets; beside the route that in Sockolets there is one of a kind connection suited welding.

9) Sweepolet – Sweepolet is a formed, basically sustained; butt-weld branch relationship with a low stress heightening component for low weights and long depletion or exhaustion life.

10) Threadolet – Threadolets resemble diverse olets; the primary difference is that this olet is outfitted with female threaded association.

11) Weldolet – Weldolets or welding olets or welding branch association fittings are the most understood among all the olets. These are for the most utilized and arranged as buttweld fittings, as these are welded into the branch pipe.

Manufacturing Standards

ASTM A182 – ASME SA182 – Standard Specification

ASME B16.11 – Forged Fittings Socket – Welding and Threaded

MSS SP-97 – Integrally Reinforced Forged Branch Outlet Fittings – Socket Welding, Threaded and Buttwelding Ends

Writing Material for Industrial PR

I have generally found writing for industrial PR to be very similar in principle to writing for many other purposes, such as journalism, story-telling, or even documentary reporting.

They all start with the essentials of who, what, where, when, why and how ? In addition we should bear in mind the qualities of clarity and brevity – while seeking always to ensure our writing has valuable content which is easy to read. Otherwise we may find our lovingly and painstakingly crafted prose being taken to the editors waste bin. Even if it does make the cut and get published, it is still important that our readers should find it interesting enough to attract their attention and to sustain that interest to the point where they would like to learn more by visiting your website or picking up the phone to make an inquiry – or even to place an order!

So it is important to consider who are we / you writing for? A press release or other article may need to state this upfront eg "design engineers are likely to find the xyz widget especially interesting for … insert purpose or application … – or" engineers in the widget industry have found … then state the problem you will address … "This will help your target audience to find the piece and to recognize immediately that it may be useful to them.

There is so much of this sort of material in our media channels that we must recognize our audience has limited time – so spend some thought on your title – a clear probability catchy title, nonetheless businesslike and to the point, will help both attract and identify that this is really of interest to your intended reader at first glance. Ask yourself – "how much time do I spend reviewing a search result before I click on it or commit to reading an article?" It is a telling question and I bet the answer is in the order of a couple of seconds.

Early on it is important to answer the question – what is your product / service ? Describe this in industry known terms so it fits recognizably into the reader's known universe. Use common industry jargon and tech terms but do not over use since your audience may span quite a range of tech-ability or may simply not wish to engage high gear to slog through your text line by line.

Now we can define what the features are – with the main ones and the unique ones first, then other important ones. Remember it is still a feature even if all the competitors have it too.

Which leads us to – why should they buy in terms of what will your product / service do for its purchaser?

Also when would they use it ? Where would they use it? How would they use it?

Now that your reader knows it really is of interest you can get into more detail to describe how it works . This is your chance to get "techie" with advantage, since it speaks to expertise, credibility and authority – and is important since engineers need to understand so that they can incorporate your product / solution into their design or process.

It is important through to be clear, do not waffle, and do not mention your company name too often . Read it through, be honest – we want people to think of this as moderately independent or at least objective – and not "sales BS".

In the cause of brevity – do be brief , especially if you do not have much to say – but use as much space as you need – Learn to be sensitive to information density in your writing as well as the length of piece which suits your intended medium and is likely to hold the attention of your reader – will it be published if it is 1000 words long or would 200 be more acceptable? Equally if you are dealing with a complex subject in an author way then sometimes 1000 words is required and 200 would not be taken seriously. As a general rule 200 words will suffice for a press release although the internet is much less constrained by space that the printed media – but it is still preferable to have most of your article above the fold so that it can all be seen without scrolling down .

At some point it will be worth asking yourself: "what is content?" In other words – does this piece contain anything of value ? And to reply by ensuring that your article contains "meat and two veg" – something to chew on – if you fluff out a piece ensure the fluff is also interesting, relevant, witty or in some other way at least engaging – something especially important when engaged in industrial social media.

The industrial marketplace is driven by technology so do write about yours, this adds credibility and is interesting to designers and engineers – it also aids in raising you up above the competition – you gain authority by publishing whitepapers and feature articles as well as application stories – where you may sometimes also "borrow" something of the technology status of your customer – for example by showing a low tech component being incorporated into a higher higher end product.

Through learn to write with your keyword list in mind – ensure that you include relevant ones and consider what new ones may be important – this will aid SEO – which is simply a way of encouraging search engines to find your material and to put it in front of potential customers.

On Contracts, Late Payments, Interests and Percentages

In every form of payments, there are certain boundaries that people should always remember. All payments are centered on a contract and if there would be violations in a contract then the two parties involved would be handled by the court. One of the payments that are often involved in contracts is the surcharge payments. When a person is engaged in a loan, then the financial institution has the right to set surcharges for certain payments that are not paid in the allotted time. Again, the allotted times in any payment or matters on late payments are also listed on the contract and any breach done by either the financial institution or the person who has loaned would be subjected by the court. The person who has acquired the loan should always be aware about the surcharges, matters of late payments as well as the importance of percentages in the contract so that he would not be spending more than the loan.

Another important factor in a contract is the percentages in terms of interest. All loans are covered by interests and people who are looking for loans should always remember that there are always percentages for loans and late payments. If the person would not be able to compute for the percentages and he would sign the contract immediately, the financial institution reserves the right to apply any percentages in interest as well as to ask for more money in terms of late payments. That is why most companies would often hire lawyers and accountants in order to compute for interest rates and surcharges before applying for loans since a company might loose more money rather than create a lot of cash. In order to prevent any breaches and clauses in the contract, the lawyer would assess for any loopholes that the loaning company might impose in the future. It is also important for loaning companies to also have a lawyer to assess their contracts as well as a consultancy firm in order to assess for the interest rates. Various government institutions have a strict law on contracts and late payments that is why people who would ask for a loan should always be prepared.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

If you have never had your carpet cleaned before, you might be a little in the dark as to what to expect. The fact that just about every carpet cleaning company has their own way of calculating cleaning prices doesn’t help either. Prices for carpet cleaning vary greatly depending on the method, the level of service and your location. There are however two basic ways of figuring a cleaning cost.

The first is by the room. This is probably the most popular method of pricing used by carpet cleaners. It allows carpet cleaning services to give consumers a fairly accurate price over the phone without the need to do an onsite estimate. The price should include pre-treatment and normal spotting. The cleaner will usually limit the room size to somewhere between 200 and 300 square feet. Any larger than that and you may be charged for two rooms.

The next method is square foot pricing. This pricing method actually requires the carpet cleaner to do an onsite estimate. They might be able to give you a ballpark price over the phone, but they will need to come to your home and take your room measurements to give you an accurate price. Some cleaners will measure the whole room and others will measure just the open space around the furniture. Either way will probably come to the same price when they multiply it by their square foot rate. Once again, this price should include pre-treatment and ordinary spotting.

Those are the two methods of pricing that most companies use. While I can not give you an average cleaning price, because it does vary, I can tell you that you should be cautious of the lowest bidder. Remember, you get what you pay for. If a carpet cleaner is not making between $80 to $100 an hour they are losing money. If someone bids a job lower than that they are probably going to try to pull one of many carpet cleaning scams on you. So get a few different carpet cleaning quotes and choose wisely.

Flatpicking Guitar Lessons

As rock and roll continued to take over the world in the nineteen seventies, the plectrum-wielding lead guitar player became fixed in the minds of music lovers. This style of guitar playing originated in the nineteen thirties with jazz guitar players like Eddie Lang and Django Reinhardt, and reached a wider audience through prominent guitarists like Charlie Christian, Les Paul and Hank Marvin.

It was inevitable that a generation of "lead guitarists" would be born from the rich musical tradition of bluegrass. In fact there were already famous flatpickers in bluegrass music with names like George Shuffler, Don Reno, and Bill Napier. During the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies flatpicking guitar players like Clarence White, Tony Rice, Norman Blake, Larry Sparks, Charles Sawtelle, and Russ Barenberg rose to prominence.

To get some insight into the evolution of flatpicking guitar playing, it may help to look at how Doc Watson, who guitar playing career began in the nineteen fifties, contributed to the use of flatpicking guitar in bluegrass music. It was simply that the band he was working with did not have a fiddle player and Doc was not able to become a good fiddle player himself. So because he enjoyed fiddle tunes, he simply learnt how to play them on the guitar.

Another astounding flatpicker is David Grier. The son of an accomplished banjo player, David was shown a few chords by his father and allowed to develop his love and talent for music naturally. As a result he never learnt to read guitar tab or conventional music notation.

And where did the first bluegrass guitar album come from? Dan Crary. Dan, if not the father of bluegrass guitar, is at least one of its uncles. Many bluegrass standards were recorded with the guitar for the first time by Dan Crary.

Now to get onto more technical stuff, let us look at what a flatpick is and how to use it. A flatpick is made of tortoiseshell, plastic or nylon. If you want to learn to be a flatpicking guitar soloist, you will need to learn to use a thick pick. If you are like most guitar players you will be using a light to medium weight pick. For flatpicking solos you will have a much greater control over your playing by getting used to using a heavier weight pick. The main advantage to flatpicking over fingerpicking is tone. A steel string acoustic guitar sounds much nicer using a flatpick compared to fingerpicks, and using nails is totally out of the question. You will also gain speed much quicker if you use a flatpick. Playing fast with right hand finger picking techniques takes a lot of intestinal practice.

One question you are going to be confronted with as your flatpicking guitar technique develops is whether to play using your hand and forearm as one unit holding a lot of tension in your wrist, or to play with your wrist relaxed. There are guitar players who swear by either of these ways of playing and some who use both. Generally speaking the advantage of having a stiff wrist is speed. A relaxed wrist does not take as readily to playing fast but many guitarists feel that it gives then greater control.

The thing you need to do if you are thinking about learning flatpicking is to widen your knowledge of the genre by listening to a range of guitar players. Jesse McReynolds, Clarence White and Tony Rice are a few flatpicker guitarists to look out for but I am sure you will find many more as you explore this wonderful musical genre yourself.

The Areas Surrounding Napa County Are Diverse

Part of the value of being in Napa County is having access to the equally remarkable surrounding areas. When you are in Napa County, you are only a short drive away from an incredible amount of Northern California attractions, destinations, and cities. This includes the Northern California coastline, cities like San Francisco and Sacramento, major-league sports, national parks, award-winning wineries, natural wonders, international festivals, and headliner concerts. Napa County may seem like a world away from civilization when you are enjoying a hike through a local park, but you can get to any major venue in Northern California in just a couple of hours.

The city San Francisco is only about an hour away from Napa County. Here, you can enjoy most anything that a world class city offers, and for visitors to the area, this means quite a few attractions including Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Prison and Island, the Golden Gate Bridge and Park, The San Francisco Cable Cars, China Town, Ghirardelli Square, the San Francisco Giants, Coit Tower, and the San Francisco Zoo.

North of Napa County, boating enthusiasts can enjoy Clear Lake, which is by surface area the largest lake in California. Clear lake is also believed to be the one of the oldest lakes in North America and is actually the product of a geological fluke. Also to the north is the capital of California, which is Sacramento. Located along the Sacramento River, it is the seventh largest city in California and has been named as one of the five “most livable” cities in America.

To the west of Napa County, you will find Sonoma County and the Sonoma Coast State Beach. The Sonoma Coast State Beach has long been a haven for those seeking relief from the summer heat in the Napa Valley. It is accessible by the famous Pacific Coast Highway via Coast Highway One and extends 17 miles from Bodega Head to Vista trail. Here, beach goers can sunbathe, swim, hunt seashells, fish, and picnic along the series of beaches that are separated by bluffs and headlands. Also in Sonoma County, nature lovers can marvel at the wonder of the Petrified Forest. This private park, located in eastern Sonoma County, is home to thousands of red woods that were preserved by an ancient volcano whose lava flow replaced the organic material of the trees with fine grained silicon and oxygen.

Just east of Napa County is Yolo County, which is best known for its organic farming. Like Napa County, Yolo has been contributing to the organic food revolution since the 1970’s and supplies most of the area’s restaurants and markets with olive oils, fruits, produce, meat, and dairy products. One of the great things to find in Yolo County is the fresh organic produce at the many farmers markets.

The areas that surround Napa County make it one of the best places to live in Northern California. You can find almost anything within a driving distance that you can possible imagine, or you can simply stay put and enjoy all of the amenities of Napa County.

Mortgage Interest Rates Are Stupid Low

I started my career in home construction and real estate in 1978. At that time home sales were brisk and remained that way until the early 1980’s when mortgage interest went up to as high as 18%. Talk about a challenge, try convincing someone that 18% was a good rate to pay for a home loan.

High interest rates, high unemployment, and high inflation eventually bought the real estate market to a grinding halt. The Carter years were a disaster to the American economy. Now, fast forward to 2011. Today, 9-13-11, you can get a 15 year mortgage for 3.33%, if you have good credit. In North Carolina you can buy a new 2000 square foot home for around $200,000.

If you borrowed $180,000 for 15 years at 3.33%, your payments, principle and interest, would be around $1271.81. You can rent a 2000 square foot home for a comparable amount, so which way should you go? In my opinion, if you are going to live in a home only 2 years you would want to consider renting. If you are going to be in a home longer than 2 years buying might be the better option.

We all know that in the long-term real estate prices will go up. History has proven this time and time again. But nobody knows when the trend back up will begin. It might be a few more years before the sub-prime meltdown plays out, but it will eventually work out and home prices will start to rise again. How long do I think it will be before real estate starts tracking back up. This is a complicated question and the real answer is no one knows. In some states it might be 5 years or more. It will largely depend on how long it takes to absorb the REO (Bank-Owned Foreclosures) and short sales in any particular state. REO’s and Short Sales bring down the values of homes so until most of these are cleared out of the market I don’t see prices rising.

In my market, New Bern NC, I think it will be about 2-3 more years. I am basing this on the number of REO’s and Short Sales that I see on the market, the amount of new homes sold, the prices they are selling for, and the total of existing homes being sold. Some might say I have lost my mind but I say today is a great time to buy a house. Why would I say this? Because home prices are reasonable and interest rates are stupid low.

Me, I am putting my money where my mouth is. I have purchased 2 homes already this year and have my eyes open for another deal. Everyone talks about the poor real estate market. On that point I will completely disagree, if you are a buyer. For buyers I have never seen a better market!

Overview of Online Casino Software

The most common form of the online casino is obtaining downloadable software usually for free once the gambler surfs to any online casino on the internet. In fact, many sites offer the download as an automatic process to encourage gamblers to play for fun or money, besides bonuses and other incentives.

An online casino offers as the main advantage, to allow you to take the gambling room to the comfort of your home by just installing the software that connects to the online casino service, which handles all contact without any browser support. This makes any game easy and faster to play. Audio, video and graphics reside inside the application and there you will not have any waiting time for the games to load as you do when you are playing through the web browser.

Downloadable software offered by an online casino may include a single game or a number of popular games including poker, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, roulette, and craps, among the most popular casino games, also available outside many land-based casinos where they are playable on simulation machines.

As soon as the first online casinos started to operate, online casino software began its development. One of the first companies producing casino games was Random Logic, founded in 1996 and currently licensing its software consisting of 6 video poker games, 5 progressive jackpots and 15 new slots, to Cassava Enterprises with exclusive rights.

This company also implements and develops online transaction processing systems and other tools for tracking and analyzing internet-marketing campaigns, including but not limited to the gambling industry. This is another branch of online casino software for gamblers seeking to analyze their chances to win.

Casino software generally provides a predictable long-term advantage to the house, but offering the gambler possibilities of a large short-term payout. The advantage of online casino software is the way gamblers get an illusion of control with the given choices, although such choices do not eliminate the long-term disadvantage risk, or in other words the house advantage.

Some gambling companies are developers of their own software, for example, CTXM a software company with roots in the Insurance financial area and owner of gaming related domains operating since 1997. CTXM not only develops internet payment systems for several of the biggest online gaming companies but also online casino software including sportsbooks, race books, and casino platforms, system maintenance and other projects including security consulting and game application development with a Microsoft Xbox Division.

At the present, the gambling industry has listed a large number of online casino software developers including companies like Dynamite Idea, WagerLogic, NetEnt, Sunfish, Digital Gaming Solutions, Parlay Entertainment, Gamesys, Dobrosoft, IGW Software, Eclipse Gaming, Boss Media, IQ-Ludorum, SkillJam Technologies Corporation, World Gaming, Ongame, vsGaming, RealTime Gaming, Chartwell Technology, Microgaming, Orbis Technology, Finsoft, Wirex and Electracade just to name a few.

Essential Oils – Bitter Orange – A Chinese Tonic for What Ails You

Bitter orange (Citrus aurantium var. Amara) is in the citrus family of essential oils. It is native to the Far East especially India and China but is well adapted to the Mediterranean area. It is also grown abundantly in California, Israel and South America. The leaves of the bitter orange tree are used for the production of petitgrain oil and the blossoms for neroli oil. This evergreen tree is about 30 feet high, has dark green, glossy, oval leaves, has a smooth grayish trunk and branches and very fragrant white flowers. The fruit is smaller and darker than the sweet orange. Since this tree has a higher resistance to disease it is often used as root stock for other citrus trees, including the sweet orange.

Traditionally in Chinese medicine the treated bitter orange and occasionally its peel are used in breeding prolapsed of the uterus and of the anus, diarrhea, and blood in the feces.

How Can Bitter Orange Help Us Today?

The treated bitter orange peel is used as a tonic and for relief of gas and indigestion. The oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Actually we rarely use this oil by itself since it is usually blended with other oils. As for safety, bitter orange is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing but it is very phototoxic.

Want to learn more about the healing properties of bitter orange and other essential oils? Consider becoming a certified aromatherapist. Educational courses in healing energy and aromatherapy can help you understand how essential oils heal the body / mind / spirit. The Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy is offering courses throughout the United States.

Ceramic Water Dispenser Better Than Water Coolers

Fresh, pure and clean drinking water is vital for every human body. In order to keep your body hydrated you need to have better source of storage where you can keep it clean and fresh. Ceramic water dispenser are today serving best for this purpose and helps you to keep it fresh and clean for long time. Not only this but it also helps you to keep your water cool in those summer days when you need some fresh and cool hydration to hydrate your body. These water dispensers enable you to consume fresh water easily, whenever you require it.

Water coolers are choice of many. But these electrically operated coolers may sometimes prove very harmful for your body. As these are electrically operated these require power and so may cost you much money when you keep them ON for whole day long for the regular supply of fresh and pure water. These coolers are made up of the plastic material body which may prove bad for your health when the chemicals get into your fresh water.

To avoid these all hectic there is an alternate for you which is gaining popularity these days because of its effectiveness and very low-cost. These are called as ceramic water dispensers. These ceramic water dispensers can serve you best wherever you are in office, home, cottage or at any other place. These are very light weight and may require very less place as compared to heavy and bulky water coolers.

The outer body of these water dispensers are made up of 100% natural material of ceramic that helps you to keep your water fresh for long. The pores present on the body of your ceramic water dispensers helps the water to remain cool for long time.

The ceramic material contains no chemicals and is totally free of any contamination that can be caused. These dispensers do not require any power like electricity to operate and then cost less than expensive water coolers. And as these are easy to use and clean these are now becoming the choice of many through the world.

Magnesium Chloride Vs Magnesium Sulfate – The Facts

Serious health consequences await people who are magnesium deficient. Many people feel that the benefits of magnesium is nothing short of miraculous. Some of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency include vomiting, nausea, low blood pressure, insomnia, seizures, muscle spasm, and restless leg syndrome. The question that people also ask themselves which which is better, Magnesium Chloride Vs Magnesium Sulfate.

More than ninety percent of people show improvement in their health when the levels of magnesium are restored to the body. Sea water is known to have great mineral properties and many people actually pour it into their bath water when taking a bath. Miracles are known to happen when the cellular levels of magnesium are increased.

The bones, teeth function better and the immune system is strengthened in no small way with this incredible mineral. It is reported that a French doctor was able to cure a few patients who had diptheria within a matter days by administering magnesium chloride. Furthermore, the same doctor reported that he cured fifteen cases of poliomyelitis and in cases where paralysis had already been set in, the symptoms had been significantly reduced. Magnesium chloride was found to be helpful to people who have a variety of conditions such as mumps, rubella, gastro-enteritis, boils, measles, influenza, whooping cough, chronic fatigue syndrome and many more diseases. In the argument about Magnesium Chloride Vs Magnesium Sulfate it was found that magnesium chloride was much more beneficial. The ancient Chinese believed that magnesium was a beautiful metal that thought about beauty in people's lives. From a more practical view, magnesium chloride does for the body what very little else is available to do for the body.

Other doctors are also confirming these results. They have gone as far as to add other diseases to the list such as asthma, herpes, allergies and conjunctivitis. Again it was magnesium chloride that came through as the miracle mineral of choice. Books have been written on the topic to confirm these findings. Many women and small children have soft skin and bones and they have high magnesium and low calcium levels. Age causes bodies to become less flexible. Arteries will harden and this causes arteriosclerosis. Many other negative occurrences take place in the body due to the lack of adequate supplementation. Magnesium works in conjunction with hydrogen to keep our body structure pliable. It is believed that ovaries are one of the first body parts to calcify and this causes premenstrual tension.

The gynecologist who made this discovery found that the premenstrual tension disappeared once the patients were placed on high doses of magnesium. Patients also found that they began to look and feel much better. They found that their drive for sex increased, they lost weight and their energy levels increased significantly. Men have been found to have better prostate health in particular to enlarged prostates. Magnesium is important in that it activates the enzymes that are needed to metabolize carbohydrates. Nerve and muscle function is also dependent on this mineral. It also has a role to play with the regulation of calcium in the body.

The heart depends on magnesium as well. It is found that many people who have died from heart attacks have been found to have low levels of magnesium. Heart patients who have been treated with magnesium have been found to live better quality lives. One reason for this is that the arteries are dilated and fat levels and cholesterol are reduced due to magnesium. The results are irrefutable that magnesium is needed for good health in all people.

House Cleaning Mastery

It’s not surprising that people love having uncluttered and tidy homes. Everyone wishes to keep their living space clean – including animals. Nevertheless, many of us might have more trouble with cleanup. We certainly hope these housecleaning tips will be helpful to you.

The most important question that most enthusiastic people wonder about is, where do we begin first? When you first look at it, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning you need to do. Sometimes people get disheartened before they even start. Make sure that everything’s put away before fetching your cleaning supplies. If you pick up first, it will save you time when you get down to the serious business of cleaning. You won’t have to stop and pick things up while you are vacuuming and dusting if you get the clutter out of the way to begin with.

That is the piece of housecleaning that most individuals find most arduous. Cleaning up the clutter to start with is a good use of your energy. Do it while you are still strong since cleaning up clutter demands the most energy.

Another cleaning hint that will make your cleaning organized is to collect your cleaning products that you will employ to clean the room before you start cleaning. You may want to get a light bin that you can employ to place all of your cleaning products in so it is simpler to take them around with you as you proceed from place to place and room to room.

A few cleaning items that you will wish to include in your bin is window cleaner, furniture polish, rags, antibacterial spray, and carpet cleaner and re-freshener. You should also take around a small garbage bag around with you instead of running back and forth from the trash can. In addition, use the right cleaning supplies that will get the job done. It is a waste of time trying to clean a dirty spot with the wrong product. You will expend too much for your time re-cleaning the thing that did not get properly clean the first time.

When the straightening up is finished, start from the top of the room and move your way down towards the floor. Getting the cobwebs out of the corners of the ceiling and dusting the top selves initially, eliminates the possibility of making the floor dirty once again by falling dust. Also clean one room at a time. You will experience a better feeling of accomplishment and will save time and energy in the long run.

Cleaning your home is good for more then just the basic fact that it is pleasing to the eye. When you walk into someone’s home it is the initial thing that you notice; whether or not the house is clean or not. And it’s the first thing other individuals notice about your home. Plus, a filthy household is more likely to induce illness to those who live in it. Wherever there is filth and moisture, there is bacteria. By maintaining the surfaces that are most likely to support bacteria clean, you are able to give family members a greater chance at remaining healthy.

This is but one of the articles you’ll find at House Cleaning Mastery to help you discover how to speed clean your home better and with less exertion than you ever considered possible.