Gold Cufflinks or Gold Plated Cufflinks Add to a Dignified Appeal

While women have the option to use different kinds of accessories, men are left with only a few options when it comes to accessorizing them. However, many archetypal men are finding interests and discovering innovative accessories, one has to be particular in choosing the right ones with a formal get up. In that case, gold cufflinks are associated with men who love to dress themselves in formal attire and flaunt a dignified look.

Golden Cufflinks- Fashion for men

Trendy and sporting, gold cufflinks make an impressing look by even the most ordinary looking man. Cufflinks are used to loose the ends of the sleeves and therefore men love to use cufflinks for that useful reason. Gold cufflinks flaunt the most fashionable look and so they try the gold cufflinks even with their informal attire. It is not always meant for formal attire, since the gold cufflinks are pinned at the end of sleeves of shirts.

Some of the cufflinks made out of gold convey a classic look. There are different categories of such type of cufflinks that you will find in shops. While some gold cufflinks are made out of 14-carat gold, some are made even out of 18-carat gold. Nevertheless, if you order for a heavier one, you can get gold cufflinks weighing 22 carat, which come with some exclusive features.

The cufflinks made out of gold appear smooth and whittled with carvings and engravings that bring out the dignified effect of the gold metal. Besides, you can also sport personalized monograms etched on them. Some of these cufflinks are adorned with beautiful stone settings, thus, enhancing the beauty of the cufflinks. Besides, you will also find enamel work on the cufflinks with multi hues to turn the look of the gold cufflinks into a dignified one.

If gold cost you too exorbitantly, then opt for gold plated cufflinks. What is done in this case is that the metallic alloys are polished with rhodium or gold so as to add that elegant appeal to them. The gold plated cufflinks are embellished with coloured enamelling, stones, personalized monograms and engravings. The best part of the gold plated cufflinks is that they form the most exquisite gifts in the form of men’s accessories.

In case if you want you can personalize the gold plated cufflinks with designs that you know will work, find out with the person to whom you are gifting. Precisely, it can be said that the gold plated cufflinks add as a charming appeal to the gift items. Besides, you can use the gold plated cufflinks as some exclusive wedding gifts.

Thus, it can be said that gold or gold plated cufflinks make it as some elegant and dignified gift items for men.

Signs That Residential Roofs Need Immediate Repair

Repairing entire sections of residential roofs is a hefty expenditure. Instead of letting your roof reach the point where you’ll need to undertake even more high-priced bills, invest in preventative maintenance and repairs. Here are some signs that you’re ready for a visit from the local roofing company.

Extreme Weather

The most obvious time to get a professional opinion is in the aftermath of a major storm or natural disaster. Much like a physical injury to your body, any damage to a roof is easier to isolate and repair immediately after a harmful incident. Unfortunately, people often wait on insurance claims or seasonal changes to make the call. Waiting almost always makes the problem worse.

For example, if a windstorm has blown off shingles, that section is vulnerable to subsequent moisture and exposure damage. Failing to address this problem could lead to additional structural damage, which entails more expensive repairs. With the severity of summers and winters continually increasing, putting off a simple repair could lead to major destruction. Don’t end up costing yourself more in these scenarios. If you see or even sense a problem, most companies will offer you a free estimate.

Understanding the Age

If your shingles have had a long lifetime and their edges are beginning to curl up in sections, this could be a sign that they are undergoing degradation. Residential roofs also tend to lose their integrity with excessive sun exposure. This process is often called “granule loss” and is the slow deterioration of your shingles’ integrity due to excessive solar radiation. If left untreated, it can result in complete loss of shingle protection.

Moss and Other Fungi

Finally, there are a variety of mosses, fungi, and other growths that spring up in the wake of unchecked moisture deposits. These vapor barriers are designed to repel water, but doing so often means that the water doesn’t have a chance to properly escape and evaporate. With improperly installed shingles, your roof could quickly form moisture deposits that will lead to these growths. This could even lead to mold and mildew issues that could be quite harmful, not only to your home, but also to your health. If you start seeing patches of growth around any area of your residential roofs’ façade, make sure to call a repair company right away. Again, you’ll want to go with someone who offers a free estimate, but make sure they assess the full extent of the damage and give you an honest explanation of your options.

Having professionals inspect your residential roof and perform necessary maintenance can save you money and add time to your roof’s lifespan. Be aware of weather conditions, the condition of your shingles, and the presence of water and fungi. Every homeowner wants a strong roof overhead.

Garage Floor Coatings

The hype is all about epoxy garage floor coatings. All those plain grays and browns that are always affiliated with garage paint are "SO Yesterday"! Clear and vibrant red garage floor finishes are more common today. If you are watching TV and you see any garage floors that catch your eye, notice if the floors are solid colors or have just specks of color in them because that would mean that most likely they are epoxy. Nowadays, acrylic, resin and epoxy are the most common terms used with coatings, even though numerous people do not have a clue as to what those phrases mean. As you read on, this composition will give you the scoop on what epoxy is and the reasons for its use in current coatings.

What Is Epoxy?

Anyone who has ever glued something together that was never meant to come apart in the first place has probably used either super-glue or epoxy. If you had to mix it, it was probably epoxy. This is because epoxy, by definition, is a mixture of epoxide and polyamine. Once these two chemicals have mixed and cured, they create the rock-hard adhesive or paint that we know of as epoxy. The curing process of epoxy is often varied depending on its application. When it comes to flooring, epoxy typically takes hours to cure, whereas in adhesive, it may be mixed so that it will only take minutes.

Why Is Epoxy Such An Effective Coating

Of all the various garage flooring options, epoxy is definitely the strongest and most durable. By nature, epoxy resists everything from liquid to UV rays, so you can bet it will also resist any chemicals that come from your car or anything else that ends up in your garage. Because it is so hard, it's not as comfortable to lay or sit up as tiles or mats, however, although it is easier on the back and knees than a plain old concrete garage floor.

How Does Epoxy Compare To Other Types Of Coatings?

When perusing your options, you'll probably notice that some garage floor paint is labeled as water based, or acrylic based. For the most part, these are also epoxy coatings, and they may or may not be mixed differently than those coatings that scream epoxy on their label. For whatever reason, some companies seem to think calling the same thing something slightly different will sell better. You'll notice that most of the big names, such as Quikrete garage floor and RustOleum, are a bit more straightforward about it and proudly tell you that their products are epoxy.

Epoxy Is Probably The Future Of Garage Floor Coatings, Too

Even though epoxy's most attractive attribute, the ability to with the worst chemicals, has been in circulation for a long while, the technology is worth the price. A great example of this is brake fluid, when left alone, can destroy clothes by seeming to "eat" them, will just easily come off of epoxy coating. Probably not too far in the future there will be a new technology for a car or something that might be able to deteriorate epoxy, but for now, it is a safe choice. Meaning, the best garage floor coating you should require is epoxy.

Ways of Dieting Before an Event

When you have a special occasion coming up you want to look your best. It might be possible that you had an outfit picked out weeks ago that is becoming a little too tight, or you simply have a goal in mind to shed a few pounds before making your appearance. Whilst extreme dieting and starving yourself is not recommended, there are ways in which dieting before an event can still be healthy and achieve results.

Firstly, it is important to plan ahead. If you suddenly decide two days before an event that you need to lose pounds then it simply is not going to happen. On the other hand, if you know a couple of weeks beforehand you will be able to plan a diet that will help get you into shape. A good way to start is by eating more regular, smaller meals instead of two large meals a day. This will keep your metabolic rate high, burning more calories, and make it easier to cut down since you will still be eating regularly.

A quick way to lose weight is to cut out starchy carbohydrates from your diet – these are things like potatoes and bread. At the same time you can choose lean meat and low-fat versions of certain foods. This diet should also be accompanied with a small amount of exercise. Be careful not to overdo the exercise, however, as you will be lacking the energy to do extreme workouts while you are cutting back on calories, which is definitely not a healthy way to lose weight.

Most importantly remember that crash dieting and starving yourself is not the way to prepare for a big event, as it will only damage your health. Instead, choose these light options and you will be on the way to looking your best for the big event.

Bridge Collapses

The sole purpose of a bridge is to provide safe passage for cars, pedestrians, and even animals from one side to the other over an obstacle like a body of water or road. The first bridges were more than likely caused by nature, such as fallen trees, branches, or rocks stacked up in a river, but bridges today are magnificent works of architecture that have become synonymous with the culture and history of countries all over the world.

And while many people know about bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or London Bridge, the fact is that most bridges in America are on back roads in small towns and can potentially pose a serious threat to drivers and surrounding people if they fail and collapse. And when bridges fail to provide safe passage, they could seriously injure or even kill people who use them.

Dangers of Bridge Collapses

The most common cause of bridge collapses is faulty foundations. In fact, almost 60 percent of all collapses involve foundation failure, but bridges can also give out because of years of wear and tear from the elements, faulty design, or missed inspections. If you are a victim of a car crash your vehicle may:

  • Roll over because of falling debris
  • Skid off the road while trying to dodge debris
  • Skid into a body of water and become submersed
  • Get crushed by the falling structure

Bridge collapses are extremely serious and possibly deadly, and many of them could have been avoided with proper maintenance and inspection. Municipalities may be liable for bridge collapse injuries that occur as a result of improper maintenance.

If your or a loved one has been injured because of negligence, visit the website of the Lake Geneva car accident attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C.

CB Antenna Installation

There is a wide variety of CB antennas available in the market and each has a different installation process to be followed. This guide is meant to highlight those steps that are common to all the CB antenna installation. It will also explain the factors that deeply impact the working of your CB Antenna.

1. Choose a location

The first thing that you need to consider while during CB antenna installation you need to select an appropriate location for it. Before you get your antenna home, make sure you have selected the point. This will help you buy the equipment required for the installation. Here are a few tips for getting this job done in the right manner:

  • Try the center of your vehicle’s roof as the first mounting location for your CB antenna. This is an ideal spot as it gives your antenna the maximum exposure and a wide ground plane to get anchored to.
  • Try not to install your antenna on the bumper, license plate or the fender as these are the poorest locations for installation. Here you will receive half of the signal strength than the normal one.
  • Fix your antenna in such a way that its coil is above the roof line of your car. As the coil is a heart of an antenna and for best reception on your radio antenna coil should be covered with a hard material like diamond only this will make your antenna more effective.
  • Select a sufficiently tall antenna that should be mounted high enough on your vehicle.

2. Magnetic Mount CB Antenna Installation

This process can vary in its level of difficulty depending on the type of antenna you have. If you have a magnetic mount, then the process can be as simple as just sticking the mount to the selected location. On the other hand, the door jamb mount can require technical support for drilling the mount into the right point. You can get an idea about the type of your cb antenna and the antenna installation process from the manual that will accompany the product.

3. Run the cable

Setting the proper route for the connecting cable is the next major step. There is a coaxial cable that will connect the CB antenna with your CB radio. Your job is to set it neatly and most inconspicuously. Below are the tips that you can follow for this:

  • Buy a coaxial cable with removable PL259. This connector will help to route your cable easily through the smaller holes.
  • Try to select that length of the cable that is completely utilized and nothing is left hanging down.
  • Keep your line as noise-free as possible by avoiding the use of alternators.
  • Try not to trim your coaxial cable down.

4. Tuning CB Antenna

Once you are successfully done with your cb radio and CB antenna installation, it is time to tune the system to the appropriate frequencies. This will make your CB experience more proficient and far-reaching and will ensure that you can make the maximum number of contacts from around the world through CB system in an unimpeded manner.

5. Why tune my antenna?

Tuning a CB antenna is the most crucial part of the CB antenna installation process that determines the future performance of your CB system. A properly tuned antenna is necessary for enhancing the receiving and transmitting capabilities of your CB system, despite the constant output power of 4 watts allowed for every CB radio in the market. If this tuning process is faulty, you have a communication that is full of interference and broken signals.

6. How to tune the CB antenna

  • First, switch off your CB antenna and make sure your coax is out of the rear port.
  • Now take your SWR meter and connect the antenna coax to the port named “antenna”.
  • Now take the coax jumper cable and connect it to the point from where you took off the antenna coax from one end and to the transmitter position on the SWR meter from the other end.
  • Clear the space around your vehicle and keep the windows and doors closed too.
  • Now switch your CB radio on.
  • Tune into channel 1.
  • Adjust the SWR meter to the point indicating “FWD”.
  • Depress the talk button for keying your mic and adjust the knob by turning it until you find your SWR meter at “set”. Now let your mic be unkeyed.
  • Now bring the meter to the “reflect” status.
  • Key your mic again and note the reading shown on the meter. If the reading is low, then everything is good to go. But if it is somewhere in the red zone, check your setup again while keeping the CB radio off.
  • Now follow the same procedure for channel 40.

Adjusting CB antenna by matching the channel 40 bandwidth

  • If you get a reading on channel 1 that is higher than the one on channel 40, then that means your CB antenna is too short and its length needs to be increased. On the other hand, if the reading on channel 40 is higher than that obtained on channel 1, then shorten your antenna a little bit.
  • If the readings on channel 1 and channel 40 are 1.2 and 2.3 respectively, then trim your CB antenna to a shorter length. For that purpose, you can adjust the length through the tuning tip or you can trim it straight by 1/4inch and put it back in place again. Be extra careful while trimming the CB antenna as a slightly larger trim can destroy your antenna performance.
  • If the readings are 2.6 and 1.3 on channel 1 and 40 respectively, then increase your CB antenna’s length. You can simply adjust the length through the adjustable screws or you can use the spring between the mount and the whip.
  • While adjusting, go ahead by small steps. During this procedure, make sure all the antenna components are there in their right places and keep checking them after every adjustment that you make.

Once you achieve a suitable SWR level for your CB system, you can either disconnect the SWR meter from the system or can keep it there for future testing.

1. Location

In the process of CB antenna installation, the location matters. We mean the area where you will be tuning your cb antenna. This place should be an open ground most preferably or it should not be crowded at least. Also keep your car carefully packed with all the doors and windows closed properly.

2. Short

In CB antenna installation when a CB antenna is shorted to the ground, you will experience a very high SWR level for your CB system. You can expect this short to occur in the CB antenna stud or in the coax cable.

3. Coax

In the antenna installation process when the shield comes in contact with the conductor placed in the center of the cable, it shorts. This can happen due to many reasons, two of which are a natural crack in the cable since the time of purchase or a manufacturing defect. To be sure that your coax is working right, first, disconnect it from the CB antenna and CB radio and then test it with a multi-meter. This meter will help you find out if there is any continuity to be seen between the center conductor and the shield. If there is no continuity between the two, your coax is perfectly fine. Otherwise, you will need to get a new coax cable for your system.

4. Stud

In the antenna installation if your antenna coupling nut and bolt are coming in contact with the antenna mount, then there is a strong possibility of your antenna stud to be shorted. If you put in the nylon washers carefully, you can prevent that from happening but that needs extra care. This kind of contact actually terminates the main purpose of the antenna studs i.e. to keep the antenna placed high above the ground with a distance between the two. Now you can use the multi-meter to check the health of your antenna stud connections. If you find the nut and bolt coming in contact with the mount, then readjust the nylon washer for taking care of this.

5. Poor Electrical Ground

This is different from the ground plane that we all know about. Firstly make sure your antenna mount is properly grounded to the chassis of your vehicle. If you are having a metal count, then you can ground it by bringing it in contact with the metal surface of the vehicle. For ease, take a multi-meter and test if your ground place is good or not. You can test this with a light or multi-meter just as you would test any vehicle ground. The easiest way to overcome this hurdle is to scrap some paint off your vehicle for exposing the metal underneath for better grounding. You can also use the grounding trap for grounding your CB antenna. If you have a magnetic mount, then there should be no issue for grounding as the magnet grounds through capacitive coupling quite easily.

6. Coiled Coax

Generally when you have a very long coax cable, then it might be possible that there is plenty of it lacking behind even after all the installation has been completed and the cable routed. This extra coax is often twisted or coiled just like the antenna coil. If that happens, then your system will face signal feedback effect. To prevent this situation, select a longer route to pass your cable through to the CB radio.

7. Insufficient Ground Plane

We all know by now that an antenna requires a wide metal ground plane as a must for a perfect CB antenna installation. Firstly select the ground plane with the widest metal coverage. If you are mounting the antenna anywhere on the sides, then keep the mount close to the vehicle’s main body. For vehicles without a metal chassis, use the No Ground Plane CB antennas.

8. Obstructions

Your CB antenna will perform poorly if it is being obstructed by the surroundings. This often happens when you mount your CB antenna somewhere very low on the vehicle like on its bumper. This reflects back the signals into the antenna and you get a high SWR level. To solve this problem, keep the CB antenna placed nicely above the roofline and give it maximum exposure by placing it at the highest point.

9. Broken antenna

Usually, the CB antennas have a fiberglass pole inside that has a copper wire wound around it. Any defect or crack in this wire can make your antenna useless and you obtain very high SWR levels. Check the continuity between the tip and base of your antenna with a multi-meter. You can use the multi-meter probe for this purpose in case the tunable tip is absent. In this case, if you don’t find any continuity between the antenna tip and base, then you need to replace your broken antenna.Also, make sure that there is no capacitor connected to the system that might mislead the multi-meter.

10. Short or poor quality CB Coax

If you have tried all other solutions and your problem is still unsolved, try replacing your coax cable with a longer and better one. Select a cable from a good brand giving a high quality.

11. CB Antenna Length

Most of the CB antenna manufacturers assure you of the antennas that are pre-tuned and you won’t need to tune them again.It might be true but not guaranteed to suit your case. Even if you trust these claims you will find out that these pre-tuned specifications will not work well with all the mounting situations. If after trying out everything else, you still want something big to solve your problem, then consider changing your antenna’s length as one of the last resorts. It might sometimes be necessary to trim down your antenna by 2” to reach the required SWR level but that is a very rare case. Always be careful while changing the length of your CB antenna through cutting as it can easily cut down more than required. The safest way to get this thing done is to trim a tiny portion of the antenna and measure the reading on the SWR meter. Do this side by side with each cut. This will ensure that you don’t exceed the level of required SWR.

Network Relationships

Networking does not necessarily mean attending as many events as possible. It also does not necessarily mean collecting load of business card or having a robust database. Networking is essentially building a network of relationships. It is about establishing a support system which is both beneficial, viable and productive. In order to create the ideal network (s), it take time, commitment and attention to detail.

This article shares practical tips for developing and fostering quality relations for dynamic networks.

Know Your Network

Although, you may have hundreds of connections via online or in person, do you really know the individuals in your network? Consider creating subcategories or groups of people to better manage your relationships. Of course, give certain preferences to groups which have stronger connections and touch points. Learn about these individuals, their associations and how they add value to you and others.

Position Your Network

How do you define an active, viable and productive network? Is it according to the number of individuals? Is it according to how long you have known these individuals? Or is it according to the type of companies or organizations that they represent? Whatever is the criteria, make sure that you follow it when you are growing and adding individuals to your groups. Use a systematic method for identifying, positioning and evaluating the process.

Tap Into Your Network

Last but not least, make your network active by reaching out and corresponding with individuals in your groups. Offer to meet up, have phone / video conversations, make introductions, offer referrals and leads. Be consistent in sharing resources, ideas and other information to advance personal and professional goals. Always find ways to give back and be supportive.

Use these practical and effective tips to build the right relationships which make your network successful. Streamline the process to make it efficient and productive to continue to grow in your endeavors.

Under Deck Waterproofing

UnderDeck waterproofing system can be used as a waterproof ceiling over your deck or as a waterproofing system underneath your upper deck. This creates an attractive ceiling for your lower deck while keeping it dry. This also allows you to display the beautiful wood surface of your upper level deck, unlike other waterproofing systems that cover up the original surface of your deck. UnderDeck is installed beneath the surface of your deck allowing you to enjoy a wooden deck without having water problems on the lower level.

UnderDeck waterproofing is a vinyl ceiling that attaches to the underneath of an existing deck. This system was created for an amateur to install in a few hours. The system is made of interlocking parts that are easy to cut and install. The vinyl system gives your ceiling a corrigated look. Water and other liquids from the upper deck are diverted into gutters and quickly sent on their way. Seamless gutters and downspouts can be used to quickly direct liquids away from your home.

Vinyl waterproofing materials used in the UnderDeck system are maintenance free. Once you put this system up it is ready to go. You can spray it clean with a hose. There are not any materials that are going to react adversely with pressure treating materials you may choose to use on your deck. Painting your deck is also possible with this system in place.

Another system similar to this is the American Dry Deck system. This system is made of a polyvinyl material. Both systems are currently offered in tan and white. You can remove the panels to install lighting, ceiling fans, and other features. If a panel does get damaged, you can remove and replace it without having to completely replace the whole system.

If you prefer a smoother ceiling, the aluminum panels used in the Dry Under Decks system may be a better choice for you. This system is made of large aluminum panels that interlock together to hide the gutters as well as all screws and nails. The aluminum is coated with a scratch resistant coating that protects the aluminum ceiling.

Under deck waterproofing systems such as these make it possible to use the space under your deck while keeping water away from the structure. This will help you prevent dry rot as well as increase the amount of usable dry space available. The vinyl systems take up a little headspace (approx 2 inches).

Whether you are looking for a ceiling for your lower level deck or if you are wanting to create a dry place to store your lawn mower and gardening tools these waterproofing systems will help you reclaim the space under your deck.

Tips For Home Painting Design

As a homeowner, you most probably want to get rested from the boring look of your home. You would also go for redecorating your home with a new home painting design. Here are some worthy tips that you may adopt for home painting design and transition from one season to another.

The decorative painting is the term used to refer to the strategy of painting the home with the utilization of the steps such as sponging, stamping, stenciling, and using the ragging patterns for the walls right under the base coat. These strategies permit you to create a new environment for the home and lift up the atmosphere in a once dull and plain room. This thing is also so easy and pocket-friendly to do.

Sponging is done through the use of a base of the paint mainly because the paint distribution there on the wall surfaces is rough and sporadic so therefore a texture appearance is created. This is a cool concept to adopt especially if you are going to use a dark paint coat for the base because what you need to come up with is the use of the lighter shade of those already present shades on the walls of your home. The effect that you want to produce is actually already of your own choice.

If you prefer to go for patterns and be creative with your home painting design, you may use the technique known as stenciling or stamping. This is one strategy that is mostly adopted by many families. The strategies of stenciling or stamping gives about some regulated design which allows the appearance of the wallpaper design over that of the base coat. One good advantage to this is that the design or pattern that you would create would always match with the decoration that you would have to employ for the season. You do not need to become a great artist to be able to do wallpapers that are indeed lovely. All you need is to explore the depths of your imagination.

As you think about the transition that is going to be adopted for the seasonal home painting design of your preference, always come up with a vivid, vivid, and bright set of colors especially if you want a sudden transition from winter towards summer or spring. The best summer colors include the green, yellow, blue, and other pastel colors. They have the quality to create a natural feeling of freshness straight into your home.

Information on Hunter Humidifiers

When looking to purchase a humidifier one brand to look at is Hunter humidifiers. The company has been in business as the Hunter Fan Company since 1886. They are most known for the patented wickless technology and being part of the Energy Star products. Hunter humidifiers come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Benefits of the Hunter humidifiers are much like any others. The machines are low maintenance because they are easy to use and clean. It is important to keep your unit clean so harmful matter does not enter the air. Most models have digital dials to adjust output so you can monitor the output of water into the air. Add a hygrometer to your home to assure the appropriate amount of water is in the air at all times. Another convenience is that filters are easy to change and clean as well as the water tanks. Some Hunter humidifiers have the permawick filter technology meaning the wick lasts forever or use wickless technology. Both options save time and money.

Some Hunter humidifier systems are made with a regulated release system that continues flow and eliminates the possibility of stagnant water that can lead to bacteria and mold growth. Another prevention on some models for bacteria growth is antimicrobial properties. These key plastic parts and wicks have built-in antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of mildew, fungi and mold. For models with wicks, the units use top down water dispersion to spread water over the entire wick reducing performance and possible mineral build up.

A few things to keep in mind before purchasing a Hunter humidifier is the advantages a humidifier will have on your home and the precautions to take when using one. During the winter months a humidifier should be used to add moisture to the dry hair. The cold temperatures outside combined with the heating systems in homes can lead to dry, irritated skin, cracked lips, nose bleeds and unhealthy air contaminated by viruses. By keeping your mucous membranes moist, you also can relieve sinus aches, cold and flu symptoms. The lack of moisture can also be damaging to your home. The walls and ceilings can crack if there is not enough moisture causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Aside from preventing discomfort and damage, the proper humidity level reduces annoying static electricity which can be a lifesaver in itself for busy on the go people.

Air Conditioner Compressor

The air conditioner compressor is usually located outdoors together with the condenser. Most residential air conditioners have their air conditioner compressor combined into a single unit which is sealed. The compressor motor works like a pump which is responsible for moving hot refrigerant gas from indoors of a building through the air ducts and evaporator coil. It then condenses the refrigerant gas causing it to have high pressure and high temperature.

The compressor contains a cylinder which has a piston. The piston moves up and down, drawing in the refrigerant gas on the down stoke and then compressing the gas on the upstroke. The AC compressor is not only found in buildings, but also in cars. The function concept in both building and automobile is the same.

The compressor performs the greatest role in air conditioning. As such, one should ensure that regular maintenance is performed on it in order to make sure it is in perfect working condition. Regularly, clean in and around the conditioner that holds the AC compressor. Remove any objects that might be hindering the smooth flow of air into the condenser. Such include grass, weeds, vines and tree leaves, making sure there is at least 1 foot of clear area around the condenser.

In case one has a worn out or damaged compressor, replacing should not be a problem. Your compressor should have the serial number and model number etched into a metal plate on the compressor. Note These numbers down then shop around to find that kind of compressor.

If your warranty period has not yet expired, well, do not bother shopping for another compressor. Instead contact the manufacturers of your air conditioner and give them the air conditioner compressor details. The manufacturers will most likely replace it or give you a rebate on a new one. Ideally, all homeowners should make it a habit to clean it once a year just before winter when uninstalling it.

For the air conditioner compressor found in cars, it is advised to regularly check to make sure it is not damaged. Look for cracks, worn out parts and looseness. Also check the tubes that are attached to the AC compressors and check for any damage or wear. Replace all damaged tubes. Turn on the car and then turn on the air conditioner and try changing the temperature. If one does not feel any temperature change within a few minutes, or if one notices the air conditioner compressor is damaged, then having it looked at by a professional, replacing it with a new one if so required.

All I Needed Was a Lamp

We recently helped our youngest daughter get settled into her final year of university which we hope will be the last time we set up a student, having done it for six consecutive Septembers. For complicated reasons, every year was a new place to live so we are well-practiced with purchasing and setting up all the necessities of student life in distant cities.

We had two items left to buy – a desk lamp and a storage unit, staple items in 'big-box' stores. In just such a store I easily found the lighting department but not a light of the right size with sufficient wattage. Seeing an 'associate', notable by his distinct colored apron emblazoned with his name, I approached Kevin. But he was busy on his mobile phone, speaking animatedly to a friend about their weekend plans. Once I realized his call was not work related, I had no hesitation in interrupting him. I was persistent but it took a lot to finally get him to finish his call and turn his attention to my search for a suitable lamp. As it turned out, there were none in the store.

Undeterred, I asked him where I might find the storage units. He waved vaguely muttering that they might be "around aisle 25 or 26". At the suggested location I found another employee, engrossed in a stack of paper. He did not even raise his head when I asked for help, gesturing instead towards the nearest aisle where I found a mangle of up-ended items strewn everywhere. It was the end of a long and tiring day; If the storage units were there, I did not have the energy to pick through the mess to find what I needed.

Because we were in an unfamiliar city we had no idea where else to go. That was when in desperation I suggested we try to locate another well-known big-box store. With the help of Google, my Blackberry and our GPS I was soon at the front door of this massive retailer.

I approached the first person I saw, a young man wrestling buggies. He immediately stopped to cheerfully and carefully explain where to find the lamps and storage units. Minutes later I triumphantly left the store with not one, but 2 perfect lamps, lightbulbs and the exact storage unit I had been seeking.

The employees in the two stores were both of the same age, were actually receiving similar wages and their employers are huge companies with a global presence. What made one employee so helpful and the two at the first store so disinterested? While it might be something inherent in the young man at the second store, based on what I noticed, I believe culture and leadership are the more likely explanations.

Culture is varied described as the implicit knowledge of 'how things are done around here' or the consistent set of values, attitudes and norms of an organization. What is most important about corporate culture is the fact that it has a powerful effect on performance and the long-term success of an organization.

As frustrated as I was by my experience in the first store, I sensed that there was little value in trying to express my concerns to the manager. Everything in that store suggested that people were dispirited and just going through the motions of their job, including including the store manager. The culture was on full-view and it was not a pretty picture.

What picture does your corporate culture paint?


Walk the talk: Culture and leadership are inextricably entwined. Leaders not only have a significant role in the development and nurturing of the culture, they are also the visible face of the culture. To paraphrase Gandhi, as the leader you must be the culture you want to see in your organization. Participatory and empowering leadership behaviors will be reflected throughout your group resulting in improved performance and innovation.

Customer service starts at home: How you do anything is how you do everything. We all interact with others in our organizations; treat your colleagues like customers you care about to create a culture that values ​​excellence. Just as social contagion theory suggests that good behaviors can be catching amongst friends, behaviors that create trust, collaboration and respect can be infectious among collections.

Overcome the status quo: Cultures that encourage an external orientation are more innovative, manage change more successfully, accept new challenges, encourage risk-taking and respond more effectively to changes in both the internal and external environment. That's a big pay-off for making sure you pay attention to the world around you.
Cultures arrise because of what leaders focus attention on, what they value, how they react and most importantly how they behave. It's not what you say that matters most, it's what you do. What do your behaviors say about your corporate culture?

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How to Clean Pet Stains From the Carpet

You might love your furry friends, and they most certainly love you back, but accidents may happen on your caret when the pet decides to “think outside the box”. These little ‘accidents’ could be very tricky to remove, though. You have to commit a lot of time and effort to neutralise the smell completely. The smell may linger for months or at least until the next carpet cleaning service you have scheduled. Of course, it is ridiculous to call a cleaning company every time the pet abuses the carpet, but the truth is that there are quite a few cleaning solutions that can be as effective as the professional interference of experienced cleaners. It does not mean you should give up, though. Here are several proven cleaning techniques you can try the next time.

Act immediately – the first and the most important thing you need to remember is to try to remove the pet stain immediately after it occurs. Sometimes this would be easier said than done because your dog can do its business in a hard to reach place. However, you need to find where the stain is before it dries out.

The first step – when the pet stain is located, you can apply paper towels and try to absorb as much as you possibly can. This way you will have less to clean, but unfortunately, you have to go an extra mile with removing the persistent smell.

Pro tip – there are many techniques you can use, but it all depends on the type of carpet you have. If your carpet has bright colours, then you might want to try some more eco-friendly cleaning techniques or the stain may be visible even after all the pet urine is gone.

Cleaning the stain – after you are done blotting the stain, it’s time for the actual cleaning. In a container, mix equal parts of water and white vinegar (white vinegar will disinfect the stain and will remove the smell). Pour the solution onto the stain and then sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda. Let all this sit for about 5 minutes and rinse with water. Then start blotting once again with a towel. Repeat this process as many times as needed until the smell is gone.

Blot-don’t rub – you might think that rubbing the stain will do a better job, but it will spread the stain even more. Try to blot the stain using an absorbent cloth or paper towels.

Behaviour tip – instead of discarding the paper towels you have been blotting the stain with, put them nearby the litter box. Your pet will react to the smell of its waste and will learn not to pee on the carpet. Or at least that’s the theory.

Pet stains odour neutralisers – no matter how hard you clean, pet stains will smell at least for a week. Well, luckily there are some useful pet odour neutralising powders on the market. Try sprinkling some on the stains.

Try out these tricks the next time you encounter such an issue and don’t forget to arrange professionals to restore the great condition of your carpet at least twice per year.

Kids of All Ages Love Colorful Custom Stickers

Color sells, and colorful custom stickers are fun to use. Kids in school – from kindergarten to university, love to stick custom stickers on books, wallets and binders. The stickers are bright and colorful and have become a status symbol. Many young people trade and collect them and enjoy sticking them to everyday items, like the refrigerator or a personal dresser.

Such stickers can be a favorite animal, cartoon character or some other desired image that brings out the feeling of happiness and love. Colorful graphic stickers provide the same comfort that a favorite teddy bear did when they were small. They are easy to use, peel off and display. It’s not bad for them, nor are they expensive. So why not let them enjoy a colorful sticker that gives them an emotional boost and reminds them that they are still among the young at heart!

Short Waiting Time to Get Your Stickers

Having custom stickers made is not hard to do. Whatever design you send, custom stickers are usually ready to ship in five to six working days.

Depending up on where you’d like to stick them, they can have a front or back adhesive. Naturally, those that will be placed on glass should be face adhesive so that the colorful front is attached directly to the glass surface. This also helps to preserves the color.

Colored Graphics Sell

Did you know that color sells? Whether you’re printing up team sports stickers or a message designed to sell, color makes a world of difference. A sticker with bright and sunny tones will turn the lights on in a customer’s brain. The color reacts in his cerebral pleasure center reminding him of a happy moment in the past. A purely emotional reaction, your target market is more likely to remember your product name and logo when you use color to display your message.

The clear color custom sticker is most usually backed up with white to boost the color printed on the decal. It’s an old print maker’s trick to keep the color looking bright, not washed out or dull.

Custom Sticker Varieties

There are an amazing variety of options to setting up custom stickers. They can be on a plain white background, clear polyester for the illusion of a floating logo or design. The clear types most usually require a printed white undercoat to fortify the color impact, designed to pack a punch and not look weak against the clear background.

Static cling types of custom stickers don’t use adhesive, they just stick with the force of invisible static cling. You may choose either white static cling or clear static cling.

If you want to print up a bunch of fun and cheerful custom stickers, you’ll need to know the dimensions first. That is always the length multiplied by the height to get a total area of your desired sticker. For example, 3 inches multiplied by 4 inches would be a 12 inch square design.

Get a little school spirit and print up some custom stickers with your school mascot on it. All the students will love them and not want to part with them! Luckily, custom stickers are inexpensive and if properly prepared, can last for years. The quality of dye and vinyl can keep them looking fresh and legible for a good long time, longer than the school year itself.

If by chance an order doesn’t completely satisfy, any good company should offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee. In other words, if it doesn’t look perfect, it should be cheerfully replaced within the shortest possible time.

LAST UPDATED ON: January 7, 2018

Using Digital Media Can Increase Your Scrapbooking Creativity

Scrapbooking today is gaining momentum. Be it paper or digital, there seem to be just as many sites on the web as there are brick and mortar stores to go to and choose which papers and elements will best compliment your page ideas.

While some prefer to do their pages entirely on the computer or on paper, there are others that pick and choose which pieces they want to use, be it in hand or digital. This is type of project is referred to as hybrid scrapping. Where you use something that you have found on the internet or created yourself and it is printed to use on traditional paper scrapbook pages. It truly is the best of both worlds!

There are many creative people now that are putting their imaginations to work and using any one of the many image editing programs to make their own papers and elements. They offer their creations for free, or for sale and can be downloaded instantly to your own computer.

Either way, each one is unique and has been “hand crafted” so to speak, using a computer and their software of choice. From bows to buttons, ribbons and more, it can all be found online.

It is also a great way to get ideas for your own scrapbook pages. Many internet sites that offer digital elements and papers, have links to their users galleries where you can see how others have used them for their own photo layouts.

Adding glitter to an already digitized glitter page is another great way to make your printed paper stand out. Using a digital element that you have printed out and adding a pop up glue dot behind it is a quick and easy way to make it stand out on the page. If you enjoy making your own birthday or special occasion cards on your computer, make them truly eye catching after printing by adding a gem or bow from your local scrapbook or craft store.

Even digital quick page templates are easy to use in paper scrapping. Just print out each layer of the template individually and organize them back again to have the perfect layout in minutes!

You may not have much experience with image editing software, but think about it. Haven’t you always wanted to learn something new that will add creativity and beauty to your scrapbooks? We all have the potential to learn, so why not give something like hybrid scrapping a try? It is definitely fun and what a better stress reducer than having some fun! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

If you don’t want to start out with hybrid scrapping by buying one of the major image editing programs, there are a few that are available for free. Corel’s Paint Shop Pro is available for a free 30 day trial. If you find that you like it after the trial period, it is easy to purchase to continue full and unrestricted use. There are a lot of tutorials online that will teach you everything, from the very basics to more advanced image editing and creation.

It really warms my heart to see the newer digital and traditional paper scrapbooking worlds come together in such a beautiful way.