Great For DIY Projects Or Trimming Your Pet’s Nails – The Dremel Rotary Tool is Very Versatile

The Dremel Rotary tool is an impressive and handy tool to use on various projects around the house. I used this tool to file down my dog’s nails and it did an excellent job. I like it because it is cordless and lightweight. It only weighs about 2 pounds. When I purchased this product I was happy to find that it had a 2 year warranty. My wife also used this tool for some of her crafts and she said it made her projects so much easier. She used it on her bird houses that she makes and was very pleased with the results.

The body of the Dremel tool is easy to hold in your hand. There are two main settings, 10,000 and 13,000 RPM and it works at a solid rate of 4.8 volts. You can use it for polishing, drilling or even sanding down items. It can recharge very quickly and is very quiet.

My dog was happy I used this tool, as she didn’t feel a thing. She now loves to get her nails trimmed with my MiniMite. My dog was very calm because it didn’t make a lot of noise. My wife mentioned the same thing when she used the tool for her birdhouses. She said she wasn’t sure if it was on because it was so quiet.

It comes with a battery, sanding drum, carbide stone wheel, sanding band and battery charger. This would be a great gift for someone who does crafts or do it yourself projects. The price is affordable and definitely exceeds all my expectations. I would recommend this tool to anyone who needs to keep their pet’s nails trimmed or enjoys craft and do it yourself projects.

Nautius And Bowflex

We’ve all seen Nautilus exercise equipment in the gym, right? Ever wonder what the difference is between those machines and the Bowflex exercise equipment you always see on TV commercials? Which is better?

Nautilus is the parent company for Bowflex. It carries a few types of exercise equipment, in addition to Bowflex. These include the StairMaster, Schwinn and Trimline brands.

Neither is really better or worse, they’re just different. For starters, most Nautilus strength machines are geared toward commercial (gym) use. Nautilus has a different machine for each body part or group of muscles. This is not practical for use at home. All that equipment would take up way too much space.

Bowflex, on the other hand, is exercise equipment for use in your own home. Bowflex strength products feature two total gym systems. A total gym means that you can perform exercises for all muscle groups with just one piece of exercise equipment.

Although Nautilus does carry a total gym line, another difference is the way each strength machine works. The total gym equipment from Nautilus is based on weight stacks. Bowflex total gyms offer resistance from either rods or Spriraflex technology. Spiraflex is a technology that provides resistance by wrapping elastic bands tighter around a coil.

Both Nautilus and Bowflex brands also carry cardio exercise equipment. Because Bowflex is exercise equipment for home use, Bowflex cardio equipment is priced lower than its Nautilus counterparts.

Bowflex offers basically three types of strength and two lines of cardio exercise equipment. The most basic strength equipment is the SelectTech free weight system. This line features the SelectTech dumbbells. These dumbbells are convenient for home use because one pair can take the place of fifteen sets of weights.

The other two strength lines from the Bowflex brand are total gym lines. They include the Bowflex Home Gyms, with rod-based resistance, and the Bowflex Revolution, featuring Spiraflex technology. Both are popular options for a home-based gym.

Bowflex total gym systems are low inertia resistance machines. This promotes a safer workout than free weights. In addition, a Bowflex machine takes up much less space than the amount of free weights needed to perform the same exercises.

Both the Bowflex Revolution and Bowflex Home Gym systems offer several configurations and models. This makes it easier for you to find a total gym that meets your exact needs.

Another great thing about the Bowflex total gym systems is that they come with a six-week money back guarantee. If you are unhappy after working out with your machine for up to six weeks, Bowflex will refund the purchase price of your exercise equipment less the shipping and handling costs. This is definitely one of the best guarantees in the fitness world.

If you’re looking for a piece of cardio exercise equipment for your home, Bowflex offers both treadmills and TreadClimbers. The TreadClimber is a unique combination of a step machine and a treadmill. You step both forward, like on a treadmill, and up, like on a step machine. This machine allows for a maximum of calorie burn while maintaining a low impact workoout.

Creative and Innovative Teacher Bulletin Boards

It may sound like the easiest and most fun part of being a teacher, but any seasoned professional will tell you that designing bulletin boards can be a real challenge. These days, teachers are often judged by their bulletin board, since busy administrators and superintendents just don’t have the time to come into the classroom and watch what we do. They need to assess a teacher’s performance in a quick school walk-through. So they rely on teacher bulletin board to tell them what they need to know.

Of course, this is a terrible method for measuring teacher success, as any dedicated educator can tell you. It also means incredible pressure on teachers, as fresh bulletin board displays are demanded every month. These teacher bulletin board must not only be creative and decoratively attractive, but they must also showcase the students’ accomplishments, provide evidence of learning progress, and update viewers on the specific curriculum being taught.

At the same time, teacher bulletin boards can be a fine opportunity for educators. They don’t have to be a burden.

The simplest and most effective way to design a clever and eye-catching bulletin board display is to start with a theme. Themes should be related to the academic topic which the students have been working on. For starters, teacher bulletin boards can always be based around themes such as the four seasons, or specific holidays and celebrations. An autumn themed bulletin board is very easy to do, as long as you have some construction paper. Have the kids cut out large fall leaves. Pin up some shiny red apple cut-outs. It’s easy to tie a season into almost any academic subject. Have the students write word problems all involving apples, volume of leaves raked, or the pencils sharpened in preparation for school. Hang up their work amidst the autumn decorations that you and the children made, and, viola! A gorgeous autumn-themed bulletin board has been created.

Other wonderful teacher bulletin boards can be created around any fun theme you can think up. I’ve done under-the-sea bulletin boards, which are great for science work. I once created a flower garden bulletin board, which I used to showcase the students’ writing work. Since I use a process-based writing approach, each aspect of the flower garden represented a stage in the children’s writing process – a seed for their original ideas, a stem representing their drafting and revising, and finally their published work was the flower at the top.

Any theme you can think of can be used to construct imaginative teacher bulletin boards. Be creative, and have lots of fun.

All About Custom And Luxury Homes

When you decide to build your dream home, you have several options. You could either design your own house or opt for the custom and luxury homes provided by today’s popular builders. The builders provide you with a designer, architect and a builder. They help you build the dream home that you always wanted to own. Your dreams will be transformed to perfect custom homes aesthetically designed to suit your requirements.

Builders providing the custom and luxury homes will understand your ideas and with the help of the top class designers, convert the ideas into house plans. A home that is comfortable, stylish and elegant will form the basic aspects them. The total look and feel of the house will make it a luxury home. The latest designs such as circular drives, fountains for your landscaping, gardens and patios all make your home look fascinating.

Better Ideas:

You may not be aware of the latest trends in the field of architecture. But the providers will be able to guide you in selecting the trends that will make your home comfortable and enjoyable to live in. The latest designs make your house look unique and stand out from the rest.

Custom Floor Plans:

Any house would require a floor plan and the providers of custom and luxury home will create floor plans in consultation with the buyer. You could put forth your ideas and suggestions and the designers will enhance your ideas. When custom designs are involved in the designing of the house, it will make it more attractive for the potential buyers. Everybody wants to own a house that is out of this world. The craftsmanship of the custom and luxury homes is sure to mesmerize the buyers.

Perfect Trendsetter:

Building custom homes requires a lot of research into the architecture to know the latest trends. The builders will take into consideration the various aspects of the home for building custom homes. The latest trends in kitchens are the outdoor kitchens. A well fitted outdoor kitchen will include all the aspects such as the barbeque, picnic table etc., which will be stylishly incorporated into the indoor kitchen.

Another latest trend in luxury homes are pools and hot tubs. People could spend quality time in pools to relax and enjoy the sun. Provisions to accommodate all this will be provided while building custom and luxury homes. Courtyards are being used quite a bit to give an enriched look to them. Courtyards with beautiful fountains give a rich look to any luxury home. People are using many of the latest trends in porches to give their house a modern look.

The builders of custom and luxury homes will be able to suggest the right plan that will suit your requirements. A good floor plan that will help you accommodate all the various aspects will be provided by a top class architect.

Grill Yourself a Tasty Treat

Dinners come together in a variety of manners and tools. Some meals are slow cooked in the oven or on the stove, and other meals are cooked quickly in all types of ovenware accessories. Most people enjoy all kinds of cooking and many popular dishes such as chops are made in a grill pan. Grilling produces a distinct taste and look to food and can be done outside or inside. And it can be use for fast snacks and formal dinners.

Indoor grilling requires reliable tools and adequate heat. Cooks may have many of the needed ovenware accessories for their needs. However, sometimes the grill pan that came with the cooker wears out and needs to be replaced. Cooks should find a good quality replacement so they can continue enjoying grilled foods. A quality pan will be made of a good material like cold rolled steel and include a wire rack. This kind of pan will be durable and should last for years.

Breakfast foods often require their own ovenware accessories, like egg poachers and waffle makers. But there are other foods that while may be thought of as traditional breakfast foods can actually be used all through the day. Bacon cooked up in a grill pan can be served with eggs but also in a lunch sandwich or on top of a salad. Ham also can be grilled for all kinds of meals, so having a good grilling pan is important for most cooks.

Some appliances and ovenware accessories can only be used in one way. Electric slow cookers and pressure cookers can only be used on the counter or table, not in the oven. Most sauce pans and pots also cannot go in the oven and must be used on the stove top. But you can find a grill pan that can be used inside the oven and also on top. This kind will usually have a detachable handle made from a durable material like Bakelite. A pan this versatile allows cooks to vary their grilling for different meats and to achieve different results.

Cooking, while always popular, has seen resurgence in the past decades. This may be attributed to a desire to healthier eating and also to the profusion of television chefs and cooking books. People are adding new ovenware accessories to their kitchens and collecting all kinds of recipes. While they still like the traditional meals, they are excited by what the professionals are doing. Indoor grilling is popular as it is easy to cook up some delicious chops or ribs in a grill pan, and make them healthier and more nutritious than drive-through fast food.

Having a variety of tools and ovenware accessories on hand guarantees that cooks will have the gear they need to cook all kinds of recipes. While it is not necessary to buy elaborate appliances that are task specific, it is important to have multi use pieces like a good grill pan. A well-tooled kitchen is a perfect setting to create almost any recipe.

Quick and Easy Paleo Meal Planning

So you have decided to kick wheat, grains and refined sugar to the curb and adopt a Paleo approach to eating. Or perhaps you have already gone Primal, but are frustrated with what appears to be a total lack of recipes for the food that you can and want to eat. This article will help you learn how to make Paleo meal planning easy and full of the foods you enjoy.

Most of us grew up with the good old food pyramid, which had grains at the bottom. At home, our dinners were laid on a nice mattress of white rice or spaghetti. Otherwise, every meal was divided into three parts; the meat, the veggies, and the starch. The starch usually meant potatoes, rice, or those noodles you made from a packet. It’s what we knew, it’s what our parents knew, and that was that.

Things have changed a lot. Over the past decade or so, it feels like we have seen a big shift in our approach to food. Now we are starting to rebuild that pyramid, and grains are no longer seen as the perfect base. We are noticing that grains can have a negative effect of some people, and they have no choice but to rebuild their personal food pyramid.

Some people have chosen to remove the grains entirely in their quest to optimal health, myself included (with certain exceptions – I am not committed enough to be a purist). Many people have achieved positive results by switching to a Paleo diet some or all of the time. The foods that are Paleo change depending on who you ask, but the things most can agree on include:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables – most are fine, but a few kinds, such as potatoes, are avoided
  • Meat and eggs – grass-fed and organic are preferred
  • Animal and other good fats – choose high-quality animal fats and oils from good sources, such as coconut, avocado, and olive oils
  • Nuts and seeds (but not peanuts, which are of course, not really nuts)

That is by no means a complete guide to what you can eat, but I am going to have to defer to actual experts on a lot of this. My go-to for Paleo advice is Mark’s Daily Apple, which is an excellent resource for those who follow a Paleo or Primal lifestyle.

So with all that in mind, how do we go about revising our plates when we’ve taken out 33%-50+% of the stuff we used to pile on it?

Here is a simple guideline for planning Paleo meals.

Take your plate and fill it like this:

  • 1/3 Hearty Vegetables (such as squashes and sweet potatoes – the vegetables that are substantial and add body to a meal)
  • 1/3 Super Vegetables (this is where you load up on nutrient-dense vegetables, such as dark greens or brightly colored tomatoes and peppers)
  • 1/3 Meat (lean protein is good, but a little extra fat is okay here, since it helps keep you feeling full long after the meal)

That is it.

Now it is easy to use this principle to come up with dozens of meals.

You could set up your Paleo meal plan strategy by making lists of your favorite foods for each category and matching them up.

Starchy Vegetables

Sweet Potato

Acorn Squash




Super Vegetables








Ground Beef

Pork Chops

Chicken Legs

Tilapia Filets

Tip: Consider putting ingredients together than pair well or could be cooked together.

For example, you could place cubes of chuck steak in a slow cooker with chunks of butternut squash and pearl onions and celery (there is no limit to how many Super Vegetables you can use). Add some broth, tomato paste, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper, and there you have it!

Avoiding Carbs or Starchy Vegetables?

It should be noted that you don’t have to put every category on your plate. For example, if you are trying to avoid vegetables that are high in carbs or sugar (such as sweet potatoes), you could just skip that category and just double up on the Super Vegetables.

Paleo meal planning can be a challenge at times, but if you follow this simple food matching approach and include the healthy foods that you enjoy, it can be simple.

Materials And Design Details Available In Garage Doors

Traditionally speaking, garage doors get a bad rap for being boring. Luckily, things are getting more exciting in this field. Designers are coming up with new looks and product developers are finding ways to make new models more efficient in a number of ways. One thing's for sure – today's options are much different than what many homeowners bought just 10 years ago!

Steel is generally regarded as the most solid material option. Rust protection comes in the form of a baked-on primer and polyester topcoat, which is common. Wood is not as popular as it once was; however, many homeowners who are looking for a custom design choose this artisan-friendly material. These models require more frequent upkeep, such as regular staining or painting. A newer material option that is gaining in popularity is plastic. These doors are lightweight and durable, plus they're incredibly easy to clean. Another noteworthy feature is that they will not rust or rot like steel and wood often do.

Brands offer various warranties for different models and types of materials. Steel garage doors often have a warranty of 15 or more years, with some of them even featuring a limited lifetime warranty. The warranties for plastic doors rival those of many steel models, often passing 20 years. In contrast, wooden options may have a warranty of just a year. Custom options vary and may have a full lifetime warranty or a more basic coverage for a few years.

Many homeowners are choosing to install two single garage doors instead of a large one built for two cars. This can mean more efficient energy consumption. These modern models keep heat in during the cold winter months and that valuable cool air in when the weather is hot. That means cost savings and a more comfortable garage temperature to welcome you home after a long day at work or out running errands.

More and more upscale, customizable options are appearing on the market these days as well. Faux wood finishes are one popular look that is both practical and unique. Carriage house-style doors are also picking up in popularity as younger homeowners demonstrate their admiration for older looks that reflect housing styles from many years ago. Some manufacturers are also expanding their product lines to include complementary pieces such as shutters and front doors. These new options enable homeowners to have a little fun when buying a garage door and add to the visual appeal of their property.

Virtual Schools – The Development and the Benefits It Brings

1. Introduction: Virtual Schools

A virtual school or cyberschool describes an institution that provides courses taught entirely or partially through online methods. Although there are hundreds of thousands of commercial and non-accredited and which are available online, the term “virtual school” is used for accredited schools that offer full-time courses designed to lead to the receipt of a diploma. All or most of the services for students led by Internet technology. Virtual schools differ from traditional schools through physical media that connect administrators, teachers and students. Virtual schools are public schools about distance learning.

There are different models of virtual schools. And teaching models range from fully independent (asynchronous) semester courses with teachers facilitating virtual (synchronous). The size of virtual classes varies from some 25 students per class to about 200 students in a class section depending on the technology used for communication. Students establish contacts with teachers and collaborate with other students through web communication devices provided by the exchange distribution platforms like Blackboard, or other options that facilitate the commission of a lesson.Communication can often be made by phone. To help with communication many virtual schools have implemented their programs to assist in building maintenance courses and student profiles. There are also many books and training manuals to assist in the development of these schools and educational courses.

Most virtual schools today are descendants of correspondence schools. Often called as schools with long-distance correspondence they offer students an alternative compared to traditional form of tedious meetings and boring inside a school. These schools used the postal service for student-teacher interactive komunikin or use two directional radio broadcasting, television tapes ever with pre-recorded. Students were expected to learn the appropriate materal individually and sometimes meet with a supervisor to be tested. Modern virtual schools offer more or less the same alternative for students with a greater range and often interactive.

Virtual schools already exist around the world. Some of them are integrated into public schools where students sit at computers in labs and do their work online. In other situations students can be totally “home educated” or may pursue any combination of private schools, public or virtual.

2. Who use the distance learning networks?

Imagine learning with friends online, expertise and resources that are available at any time you want or need. These classmates are from urban or rural areas or from countries very remote and forgotten. They, like you do not need to leave their home. You can learn all together without being in the same place, in the ordinary sense, but in a virtual space, a “cyberspace”, using systems of networks that connect people anywhere around the globe. Students can enter a virtual classroom, wherever located, just have to own a laptop and a modem, a phone line, satellite or radio tapes. Network connection using one of the mediums mentioned above turns your computer screen into a window to the world of learning.

Networking is the name used for these shape spaces that have broken the barriers imposed by gjografike spaces. Satellite and telephone signals create a web or a wide network that can connect one computer to another anywhere in the world. Based on these nets educators create a learning environment where effective teachers and students in different locations work together to hewn their skills of understanding about a particular issue.

Most systems that support networks in distance learning are based only on the text (some may support the communications and audio and graphics). The written word is a typical tool of learning as learning fits, repeat group and sharing knowledge. Practically the entire teaching is built around books and records, written and communication networks mediated by computers (Computer-Mediated Communications CMC) using exactly the text as a means to share information and build knowledge of the group. Shumiva networks are asynchronous CMC. This is because by using nature-based text (text-based) communication allows all participants to work in their own space individual learning and take as long as they want to read, reflect, write and share repeated before questions, knowledge or information with others.

So learning networks are groups of people remotely using CMC networks to learn together in time and space that suits you and you need them for a particular issue. Use of these computer networks in education at various levels from kindergarten to university presents new ways of teaching and learning by bringing an increase in feedback. Users of these networks is generating enthusiastic response of teachers and students who think that networking technologies can improve the traditional way of learning and teaching and education at the same time to enter a new era of new possibilities for communication, collaboration and construction of knowledge. In a world where learning throughout life is simultaneously made possible and necessary social and technological changes staggering, comfort and efficiency that provides this new way of learning makes it a great educational force for the 21st century.

The historical view of computer network and distance learning

Computer-based communication networks originally occurred in the 1960s with the email address in the time-sharing computers (media sharing at the same time). People communicate by sending messages using the same mainframe computers through terminals connected to mainframe or dial-up telephone lines (for long distance). In 1969, ARPANET was developed as a U.S. government experiment in multiple sites that used the technology packages (dedicated phone lines for data communication). It was originally developed to connect researchers with central computers to share hardware and software resources, as disk space, the power of the processor, database, etc..Users soon realized that they wanted more than that. They wanted nets which allow them to send messages to each state tjetran about their projects. So in the 1970 was added the possibility of sending the e-mail, which became menjehre used in service with the network. Mail lists (or distribution lists) were those which were implemented later after users realized that there would have to send e-mail but only one person against a particular group. In 1983 ARPANET split into ARPANET and Milne (an unclassified military network), but kumunikimi between the two continued. Bond between them became the basis of the Internet (the largest network in the world nowadays).

At the beginning of academic networks and educators had limited access to them.ARPANET access was limited to the Army and we are working with universities to protect research. Networking with other applications such as UUCP, a worldwide communication network Unix decentralized and cooperative, and USENET (User’s Network-Network users) took place years later in 1970, initially to serve the university and then to commercial organizations. BITNET (Because It’s Time Network) and CSNET (the Comp Science Network) was spread later to create a national network for academics and researchers. These networks were not originally part of the Internet, but later he developed some special connection to make possible the exchange of information and sending messages between different communities. This connection between the networks was that the basis was laid for the creation of the Internet further. NSFNET (National Science Foundation Network) was another network that was created to link researchers and academics around the U.S. with five supercomputer centers. NSFNET, which is the backbone of the Internet replaced the ARPANET and CSNET.

Conference report of the first computer system (virtual conference) was held in 1970.Computer or virtual conferences provide the opportunity of communicating to a group of temporary and usually supports the roles of the group, such as leader or moderator. The first system included 20 people around the U.S. and developed over a period of 13 weeks. This was the Emissary (Emergency Management Information System and Reference Index), which evolved in a conference system to a high degree and complete with the possibility of sending personal messages, involvement in discussions and communications with real-time messages.

These computer systems used for conferences Conference was originally used for the delivery of courses and activities in early 1980 when the availability of networks based on the use of packets (packet-switching) as Telenet and Tymnet U.S. did the cost of access to these systems with affordable by teachers and students, so the general public. Interest in distance learning networks grew conference presentation and computer skills bulletins boards, with sophisticated media communication in the group, which offered teachers better ways to determine the structure of learning and groups. The first usage of computer in teaching conferences were without credit mini courses and executive training programs and courses in the form of a class at the college level. Today networks of education / distance learning have been adapted with success at all levels of learning.

Over the past two decades have developed two educational aspects of computer networks at remote locations. They are developed in a traditional courses which pengjasojne with a real classroom, in the form of forums for njohurike nets, for participation in discussion groups or sharing information with friends or experts as well as access to online resources.

Distance 4.E-learning

Distance Education or Distance Learning (distance learning) is an area of education that focuses on methods and learning technologies with the goal of learning delivery, usually on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in one form or location, traditional learning: a classroom. He is described as a process to create and provide access to learning when the source information and students or pupils are dispersed in time or distance, or both together. Distance education courses that require physical presence for any reason ( to make examinations) are called hybrid or mixed courses of study.

4.1.History and development

Distance education dates back rreth1728 when a notice in the Boston newspaper, Caleb Phillips, teacher of new methods of shorthand, demanded the students to send in weekly lectures.

In modern times, distance education was initially supported the development of postal service in the 19th century and was practiced at least since Isaac Pitman taught shorthand in Great Britain via correspondence, circa 1840. University of London was the first who has given us distane teaching degrees, creating the External Programme. We first U.S. president of the University of Chicago developed the concept of extended learning, where university research had departameti satellite colleges of education in the wider community. He also kurajoi concept courses at remote locations, an idea was put into practice from Columbia University.

Carnegie Foundation funded Wedemeyer’s called Articulated Instructional Media Project (AIM) which brought a variety of communication technologies in order to provide conditions for learning a population which was not developed in terms of education.Depending on Moore’s law, AIM impressed by England, which imported the idea when we built the 1969 Open University, which initially relied on radio and television broadcasting for most of its distributions. Already has many institutions around the world with the name Open Universities. All these technologies use distance learning as a methodology of dissolution.

American Open University was a pioneer in the use of computer conferences to communicate remotely. This was used as a way to enhance and develop student teacher communication. Later it was adopted and the British as part of a massive exchange-based distance education. Open University in England, he brought the number of accounts in computer conferences up to 1300 students in a course.

Further development of computers and networking technologies to the largest network in the world today, the internet has been its undisputed influence and distribution of distance learning, making it easier and faster. This development has led before all virtual universities and other forms of education that take place online. In 2006, Sloan society, a body which may have a conflict of interest in the matter, reported that: More than 96% of large institutions have some online offerings, which is more than twice the rate for institutions with smaller. Also about 3.2 million American students are taking at least one online course during the first semetrit 2005. A study published in 2011 by the U.S. Department of Education found that “From 2000 to 2008, the percentage of undergraduate students enrolled in at least one distance education class has been expanded from 8% to 20%, and the percentage of students enrolled in a degree program has increased from 2% to 4%. Today there are many private and public institutions, non-profit and profit organizations worldwide which offer distance learning courses from basic level up to higher levels of achievement than taking the diploma degree and doctoral programs.

4.2.The technologies used in Distribution

Types of available technologies used for distance communication are divided into two groups: synchronous learning and asynchronous learning.

Synchronous Learning 1.Teknologjia consists of such distribution, where all participants are at the same time. It resembles modekin of traditional learning in the classroom despite the fact that participants are located in different countries. Requires time to organize. Web conferencing, videoconferencing, educational television, et. Are examples of synchronous technology as are direct satellite broadcasting (DBS Direct-Broadcat Satellite), Internet, radio, live communications, telephone and Web-Based VoIP.

The Learning 2.Teknologjia Async is such that participants access the course materials available in their personal skedulen. This makes this technology more flexible. Students not required to be together at the same time. Mail correspondence, which is the oldest form of communication at a distance, using an asynchronous distribution technology.Other examples are various forums, planks messages, e-mail, video and audio recordings, printed materials, e-mail and fax-voice.

Both methods can be combined in a single course. Eg some of the courses offered by open universities using regular teaching sessions daily for residential and distance learning completed. Other technological methods used in the delivery of distance learning include three dimensional virtual world (3D) online. A 3D virtual world famous, worldwide active, used for synchronous and asynchronous learning. They provide opportunities for students to work bashkarrisht.

4.3.Advantages and Disadvantages

Diana G. Oblinger, has identified four broad reasons why educational institutions can embrace distance learning:

a.Aksesim wide: in distance education can help satisfy the demand for education and training for people and businesses in general, especially because it offers the possibility of a flexibility to accommodate the limitations of how much the times imposed by the commitments and responsibilities personal.

b.Lehtesim limited capacity: being mostly or entirely off-site (in different countries / outside the field of view), the system reduces demand on institutional infrastructure, such as buildings.

c.Marrja money from emerging markets: it claims a growing acceptance by the population of the value of lifelong learning, beyond the normal school age, and that institutions can benefit financially from this by adopting distance education. She sees education sectors such as courses for business executives as more profitable than traditional markets.

d.Katalizator for institutional transformation: a modern competitive market requires rapid change and innovation, for which she believes that distance learning programs can act as a catalyst.

Casey and Lorenzen have identified another financial benefit for American institutions, stating that distance education provides young graduates, who may be willing to donate money for the school that has never been associated with the school under the systemtraditional.

But on the other hand there and criticism. Express such a concern that students who use adult distance education can be found such as obstacles, distractions inside the house and the incredible technologies that will do the end of a difficult course in the distance.

5.What can expect teachers and students from participating in virtual schools?

Early experiences with distance learning networks have shown the potential for significant educational income. Networking technologies can be easy to learn and their use makes learning and teaching with rich and effective.

Networks offer students and teachers were new ideas, new perspectives, culture and local resources available to the rich with information. Lobby group provides multiple perspectives on a theme. Gross intercultural communication and global understanding are also facilitated. A good understanding of intercommunication between peoples of the world can contribute to learning how to respond to problems – global, political, social and environmental.

With distance learning networks, time, place and pace of education are expanding and have become more individual, and interaction and collaboration between colleagues is highlighted. Pupils and teachers, having a computer, modem, telephone line and service network can have access to expertise, resources and colleagues whenever they want or desire.

Quality of interaction is also improved. Interaction through networks helps to break down communication barriers and obstacles that often stifle the open exchange of ideas in traditional classrooms. There are also significant benefits motivating. Users of the network is very motivating for both parties, students and teachers: children interact with computer networks with energy and enthusiasm, which is often lacking in traditional classes. Pupils and teachers are stimulated by the ability to share ideas, concerns and solutions with colleagues across the country, so much easier if they were in another room.

Distance learning networks are also used effectively by students and teachers who are blind and / or deaf. Handicapped, as they learn basic technologies, can participate equally with their disability being invisible. A network such as real-time konferencal system enables students to be included in the written language, as they may be involved in spoken language. Writing on the Internet can be used for many purposes, ranging from informal requests for texts up to read texts for discussion or compositions of students in composing extended texts together online.

Some of the main reasons that teachers have put their nets in the class activities are to expand students’ opportunities for social interaction or appropriate with colleagues, to enable or enhance opportunities for students work in groups, either face to face or in distance education, and to ensure the students in accessing online resources and information appropriate.

In summary, some advantages of the use of distance learning networks are:

• Communication with teachers becomes equally and directly.

• Relationships between teachers have been increasing.

• Education becomes centered on students, teaching is done by the colleagues.

• learning opportunities for all pupils are equal: student-student interactions between the group have been increasing.

• Personal communication between participants is increased.

• Teaching and Learning is collaborative.

• There is more time to reflect on ideas, students can explore in the nets, exchange ideas and opinions is expanded; class becomes global.

• teacher-student hierarchy is broken. Teachers become students and students become teachers.

There are disadvantages to online learning. More preparatory work needed for teachers and students need to work hard to stay updated on the topic in order to participate fully and actively in learning. Networks encourage, even require active participation rather than passive. In order to be “present”, users should make some comments and be much more interactive. Students report information overload, communication anxiety about delayed responses in an asynchronous environment, increasing labor and responsibility, difficulty navigating the Internet and follow the topics of the discussion, the loss of virtual tracks and concerns about health issues associated with computer use.

6.Technologies of distance learning Networks

Technologies that support distance learning networks are simple and straightforward to be used. Although advanced technology and the complex are available, this is not an issue that complex systems to be better than simple systems. Some of these technologies are:

6.1. Bulletin Boards

This technology is an appropriate starting point for teaching groups of 20-50 people, who are placed in a local phone, otherwise the communication area. Bulletin board systems are also appropriate resources to support specific communities or clubs in public schools and can be used to support counseling and tutoring.

New generations of personal computers may support more species than the type of computer communication in previous systems. Since the population size and the amount of communication increases, there is a need, however, for rich communication structures (such as Conferencing systems) to support a wider range of learning activities.

6.2. Mail Systems

An e-mail system is a means of electronic transfer of data to send or receive messages through the network. Moreover, the most advanced e-mail have increased the ability of units to be attached binary file messages to facilitate the exchange of large amounts of information.

Today most universities are part of a worldwide network that allows anyone from any university to send messages at any other university. In general, these networks with hardware-ike-mail software allow communication between individuals anywhere where the network extends to lower rates than phone or mail. In many cases, local school systems are associated with universities and basic networks through their international network.

Large proportions of the population and geographical spread of these academic networks enable new and unique communities of learning and application of distance learning. Systems E-mail are useful for achieving specific individual communication and information exchange in time between small groups. However, any active use of message systems quickly leads to the problem of information overload. Another limitation of the message systems is the difficulty of learning activities to facilitate group work online. Systems and e-mail does not automatically organize messages according to topic or group, a common object and registered are not available to coordinate and online communication to unify the group.

6.3. Topic News Service

Many networks have created databases to post messages on a particular topic, giving individuals the ability to decide whether they want to enter them to access the information or to register for regular referral of information about a theme or message group.

The ability of group messaging enables a dynamic group newsletter, in which any member can add information to other members. Benefits for the groups are visible; network provides a mechanism for continuous and interactive exchange among colleagues that motivates and increases professionalism among educators and fulfillment. The problem of geographical spread of public school teachers from specialized fields can be solved with networking technology in distance learning.

Computer 6.4. Conferences

The model of electronic mail system has no mechanism to enable a group to collaborate on a joint, except for isolated exchange of information items. Computer conferencing is based on the concept that program facilities can be built in computer to allow groups to coordinate and organize material in a manner appropriate to their communication objectives. It thus provides specific groups within the software space that can be tailored to their needs. For better understanding, it is also called virtual reality, as in group communication structures are in fact created by a particular social system.

A computer conference is a transcript of a discussion guarded by a group in an easily accessible format. Each conference has level access privileges set by the person who opens (creates) conference, specifying, for example, which may be a member of the conference. Each conference provides a membership list that allows participants to show who has read the material, so you can know where are all discussed. Some systems allow the people to make changes in their contribution to the first and inform members about any changes. Other systems are structured to allow several individuals to edit the same contributions to login or anonymous contributions. Conferencing systems can allow functions such as different types of voting. In more advanced computer systems Conference, the person who opens a conference may be scheduled at a special conference. Some systems can provide sophisticated tools or information management skills, so that material can be rearranged to reflect different requirements for review.

Conference Computer Systems can be used in face to face classes or serve as an environment for classes offered entirely online. A class may be face to face using a computer conference to increase the time available for discussion in class or for group work. The conference can also be used to connect students in different classes or schools. Conference report a computer system that serves a community education can be designed and established to serve specific needs of this community.

6.5. Directory

Networks of Distance Learning need a directory service to identify other members of the network, the types of conferences available, and topics that are explored by groups of common interest. When someone starts talking about education population of several hundreds or thousands, the computer should facilitate the ability of individuals to find those groups in which they wish to participate.

There are some promising advances in the field, such as websites that offer electronic directory of addresses and a brief description of all Internet resources. Also, a public domain software, Web, and provides direct access easier for all websites.

7. Distance learning network in Albania

Today the future of education regards to distance learning schools. This for the reason that interntit development platform, which has increased the speed of communication.Adoption of online distance learning has become the trend of the moment today in schools around the world. Albania is part of a global shift towards knowledge-source material and intellectual resources as a basis for economic growth. Educators across Albania are aware that students must have an education that enables students to successfully participate and contribute to the construction of knowledge. In order to benefit from e-learning, higher education institutions in Albania must perform considerable analysis before in order to assess their readiness.

Work From Home Beats Unemployment

Whether you are a victim of corporate downsizing, suffering from a disability or you got fired, there are opportunities online that can change your life. With Corporate mergers, acquisitions and layoffs on the rise, many employees are looking at sudden employment as an opportunity to work from home by starting their own business.

Starting a home based business may serve as the modern day alternative to sudden unemployment. This is a bold strategy that can provide a financial bridge across the chasm of limited funds. Some families suffer financially because of the small payments from unemployment.

However, the savvy displaced worker may choose to work for home for themselves. Self employment eliminates the constant fear of not having a job. When corporations change ownership, or the company stock prices drop, the employees of the corporate entity are considered expensive baggage. In may instances, laying off a large number of workers is seen as a positive strategy by shareholders and Wall Street.

The company is designed to produce value for the shareholders first. Employees are sometimes viewed as a disposable commodity. The major consideration of corporations is the bottom line profit margins that are critical to the future of the company.

When individuals are forced into unemployment, they can take two roads.
Some individuals view this unconstate state of affairs as temporary and
begin sending out resume trying to find the next company that may also
dump them.

The second road less traveled is to seize the opportunity to make a permanent
change to the status quo of their lives and start a home based business.

A case of Corporate downsizing that affected an entire community is
the story of Hewlett Packard. Hewlett packard fired or reassigned over 18,000 of
its employees when the company purchased Compaq computers. Many of these employees were long term loyal individuals who intended to retire
from the company.

Another company that devastated its workers is Consolidated
Freightways, a trucking company located in the prosperous Silicon Valley. Consolidated Freightways shut its doors without alert workers that it was bankrupt. When workers reported for work, the doors were locked. These employees discovered their fate on the
evening news.

Change is part of life, but unemployment that is thrust upon trusted loyal employees is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. But taking the bitter and making it sweet is exactly what one displaced worker did with her situation.

Cindy was one of the displaced workers from Hewlett Packard. Instead of crying over her situation, Cindy started baking specialty cakes for her friends and neighbors to earn extra money. This small home based business grew into a full time income for Cindy. This work from home business allows Cindy to be at home with her toddlers and still earn a very nice living.

The home based business industry is flourishing on the Internet. There are so many work from home opportunities available. There is a business model, product, service or hobby that can be developed into a work at home opportunity that will appeal to almost anyone.

Having a back up plan is sometimes what a small business represents for a family.
Starting a home business may prove to be the key to the future prosperity of a family. Small business ownership provides a firm economic basis for the family and the country. Small businesses employ over 65 percent of workers in America.

An interesting statistic that may spur you to investigate work from home opportunities – "People who are self-employed account for less than 20% of the workers in America but represent two thirds of the millionaires."

Skateboard Bearings Information

Skateboard decks are made up of four main parts, the deck, truck assembly, wheels and, bearings. Like almost all contraptions and machines that have wheels, it’s essential that they also have a good set of bearings to assist them while moving about. Skateboard Bearings are a part of the underbelly assembly that is present in the wheels that take the whole weight of the individual, and also facilitate mobility options.

Bearings are classified into the following categories depending on their sizes: 1, 3,5,7,9. These guidelines are as per those laid down by the skating organization. The type of bearings that one uses, depends on the precision of the bearing when used with the wheels. It is seen that most often the 3 and 5 versions of these bearings are used. The need of these bearings is essential as it helps stabilize skateboard decks when you are performing difficult tricks. The ABEC system is also a good way of determining the type of wheel bearings that you need to use on your board.

Changing wheel bearing doesn’t require you to make a trip to skateboard shops. You can change the bearing yourself in the confines of your home. You need a screwdriver as well as a new set of bearings. With the screwdriver pry out the old and worn out bearing and then affix the new bearings by applying even pressure on the bearing till it slips inside the wheel cavity. Obviously, it’s not a job that you can master at first try, and those who can fit these bearings perfectly certainly come with profound experience.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage – Why Are More Drivers Are Uninsured Today?

The worsening recession and mounting job losses are causing an unexpected increase in uninsured motorists. Hundreds of thousands of people all over North America are canceling their car insurance or requiring the policies to lapse. One reason is the increasing unemployment rate. As people lose their income, they begin to cut back on their expenses. Tragically, one of the things that cut is their car insurance policies.

However, some drivers are just trimming their coverage, lowering their coverage to the minimum liability level that keeps them legal drivers.

Even in good times, insurance studies show that about 15% of drivers nationwide are driving without insurance. In states that have a large immigrant population, it can be as high as 25% uninsured drivers.

What happens to you if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver? If the accident is the uninsured driver's fault, you will not have his insurance to pay for your damages or injuries. Statistically, those who drive without insurance have very few assets. So, even if you file a lawsuit to recover damages, the uninsured driver is probably not collectible.

What can you do to protect yourself and your family? Make sure that your car insurance policy includes Uninsured Motorist AND Underinsured Motorist coverage. Choose the highest liability limits available through your agent. UM coverage also protects you from hit-and-run accidents and injuries if you are a pedestrian. And Underinsured Motorist coverage protects you from those drivers who have chosen minimum coverage.

If you are thinking about dropping your car insurance, know that people who allow their policies to cancel for any reason can face surcharges of 25% to 50% when they try to buy insurance again. The companies consider them to be high risk drivers, which they are!

Many states require drivers to buy Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage. Driving without insurance is illegal in 48 states. Only Wisconsin and New Hampshire will allow drivers to file a financial responsibility form with the state to drive legally.

Why Kate Middleton’s Workout Routine Enhances A Woman’s Body

Kate Middleton is set to be married to Prince Williams in April of 2011. There is a lot of expectancy for widespread media attention during the lavish wedding, so there can’t be any room for error. This also means she has to be in top shape. Since Kate is very “figure-conscious,” the future princess can’t afford to have a normal approach to fitness. Kate understands that she is going to have to be in perfect shape for such a royal occasion. Therefore Kate Middleton’s workout routine and diet has to be altered to be fit for the king.

Kate Is A Fashion Icon

Not only does she have an amazing body, but her style and grace is what sets her apart as a fashion icon. Kate has been selected by many style and fashion magazines as one of the best dressed women. A big reason for her success in fashion is because of her lean figure. In order for her to sample designer clothing lines, she has to stay slim all year round.

She Is An Inspiration For A Healthy Looking Body

She is a great role model for women who want to get in shape. A fit body that is still feminine is a great look. You don’t want to train like a fitness model. These women have really low body fat levels and way too much muscle. Women who train in this manner are a little scary looking and can sometimes have a slightly masculine look. Obviously, you want to stay clear of that. Men love it when women are fit with just a hint of definition.

Enhancing A Woman’s Figure The Right Way

Here is a sample of her daily gym workouts along with comments that can help women achieve a rocking body.

1)Kate is an active cyclist, runner, and weight lifter.

My comments: Intense sprinting cardio should be a staple in women’s fitness routines. High intensity interval training has been shown to burn a great deal of body fat than just regular steady state aerobics. Unless you have extremely skinny legs, make sure to skip out on squats and dead lifts. They will definitely add excess bulk to your thighs, butt, and waist. Sprinting will sculpt the legs and lift the butt without adding mass. Women should also strength train. Do not be afraid of lifting heavy weights for the upper body. Muscle tone comes from lifting heavy weights for low reps. Avoid the “pump” and lifting to failure. Rest with plenty of time between sets. Lifting in this way will give you lean and toned arms without the bulk. Trust me on this!

2)She is active with outdoor activities like swimming, snow skiing, tennis, and rowing.

My comments: This is why I believe that athletic women have the most attractive bodies. Women that engage in a lot of sports and outdoor activities are almost always in better shape than the average “gym-goer.” They are able to burn more calories by keeping themselves active in and outside the gym.

3)She follows more of a high protein diet to stay slim.

My comments: Diet is the most important aspect of fitness that people still don’t seem to understand. It doesn’t matter how hard you bust your butt in the gym if your eating habits are out of control. You simply can’t outwork and awful diet. This may be a reason why you see so many slightly pudgy personal trainers. Although high protein diets do tend to work very well, you don’t need to get caught up following popular diet regimes. Simply learning to eat less while implementing intermittent fasting will do an amazing job preserving muscle while shedding excess fat.

A Lean Body Will Also Make Your Face More Attractive

Kate Middleton is a very attractive woman, but I believe a lot of it has to do with her lean body. There are a lot of women who have beautiful faces hidden under excess body fat and double chins. Losing weight will not only leave you with a sexier body, but will reveal a much more attractive face. This is why Kate Middleton’s workout routine emphasizes her natural beauty and figure. But always keep in mind that diet is the most important part of fitness to have under control. Once you understand this concept, you will be on your way to achieving a body fit for royalty.

Sony Ericsson K610i Contract Deals

Sony Ericsson K610i is an extremely attractive, ultra slim phone and is available in several attractively designed coloured casing. Its size is its highlight as it is amongst one of the smallest mobile phones on view and comes in an attractive keypad exotically designed and extremely simple to use.

It has some lovely features which are sure to prove extremely useful for people. Take for instance its in built 2 mega pixel camera which is extremely user friendly and which not only allows you to save your photos but which also enables you to send it directly to your blog. The phone also possesses a highly effective messaging service which includes multimedia messaging, instant messaging and e-mail.

This handset of Sony Ericsson is also powered with a picture phone book which is instrumental in adding a personal touch to each contact in phone book. Another extremely important feature of this handset is the flight mode. It is extremely important for one can check calendar, e-mail and his favourite music even when on a flight.

The phone comes with games and music programmed in with the option of down loading more. The phone is inclusive of Bluetooth wireless technology which allows for a wireless connection to any Bluetooth compatible device. Apart from the above mentioned features this handset also includes such useful features like calendar, phone book, alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, timer, notes and tasks etc. and to top it all, all of it can be used effortlessly.

No wonder then that Sony Ericsson Kg10i is being sold like hot cakes in the entire UK. People who are opting for Kg10i stand to gain in more ways than one. Not only will they be able to own a first class mobile but also can buy it in a deal which is created to give them maximum benefit. This deal which is known as contract deal allows one such smashing benefits like a free mobile, free accessories, free line contract for 12 months, free mobile batteries, cash back etc. All that one is required to do is to get in a contract of 12 or 18 months with the network provider of his choice to reap such benefits. Buyers also get the freedom to opt for the latest model whenever he renews his contract with the network provider.

Types of Containers and Proper Drainage

When choosing containers of various types and sizes, think about drainage and porosity. Plants can also suffer if containers drain too quickly. Several popular containers, such as unglazed terra cotta and wood, dry out faster than materials like plastic and plants in such containers must be watered more frequently. Even though these types of containers drain quickly, they are beneficial because they prevent plants from becoming waterlogged.

When using wood, try to avoid using containers made of pressure-treated wood. Such woods have been dipped or painted with chemicals that can be toxic to both plants and people, especially if you’re using such a container to grow herbs or vegetables. When constructing your own wooden boxes, use rot resistant wood, such as cedar, or treat your container with an exterior grade paint or stain to protect it from rotting.

When figuring out where to place your pots, also keep in mind that drainage will be reduced when a container is set on a solid surface, such as a cement or patio floor. However, by raising the container one or two inches off the floor, you can avoid this drainage problem. Gardeners commonly use bricks, cement blocks or decorative blocks of wood to deal with this. In addition, many gardeners place pots of various sizes on small wooden dollies on rollers, not only for ease in moving around, but also because doing so allows adequate drainage from underneath, no matter where they’re placed.

Drainage and porosity should always be considered when choosing containers. Several popular containers, such as unglazed terra cotta and wood, dry out faster than materials like plastic and plants in such containers must be watered more frequently. It doesn’t matter what you decide to grow. Your planting container should allow adequate drainage, though at the same time allowing sufficient water retention to keep roots moist.

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Can You Start Bradelocz With Double-Strand Twists Instead of Braids?

In this article, I’d like to address a question that one of my email subscribers wrote to me and asked:

“Will it (Bradelocz) work with double-stranded twists instead of braids? I ask because i just think my hair looks better in 2-stranded twists than in braids. Have you had anyone use your system with double-stranded twists instead of braids?”

Sure you can start your locs with two-strand twists, of course. But no, they wouldn’t necessarily be considered Bradelocz, per say, simply because of the fact that, well, they’re not started with braids. They would just be considered locs started with twists. However, if you so chose to maintain the roots using the same method of tightening that is used with Bradelocz, which happens to be the Latchin’ Technique, you could most certainly do that!

But all-in-all, Bradelocz is a method of starting your locs specifically with braids (or plaits depending on who you ask or where you’re from) and then maintained (the tightening of the roots) by again, using the Latchin method which is basically an interlocking technique where you use a latch hook (yes the kind used to hook rugs) to tighten the roots. This method requires minimal-to-no product as opposed to twisting or palm rolling.

So if you choose to start your locs with two-strand twists as opposed to braids but follow along with all the other procedures and processes that go along with Bradelocz such as the tightening method, shampooing them, etc. – I certainly won’t tell anyone if you won’t! 😉