Inside a Gambler and Gamer's Mind

Whatever addictions you're in, share one factor that the others have; you get hooked up.

As the world of video games progresses, people seemed to make more debts about it as months pass whether it may be about suicide or other deaths that supposedly to be "related" to the topic. This makes the idea of ​​video game addiction more controversial although this is not something that's in the books of American Psychological Association.

Gambling and video game addiction share the same uncontrollable urge to engage with the activity. The consequences and thoughts would most of the time be disregarded because of the obsession to partake in it.

Gambling and video game addiction share the same impulse control disorder where players develop hot-hotheadedness when they failed to do what they wanted to do. Losing in betting money and in fighting off a villain is something that the players would not ever want to happen. When that incident happens, the players develop a tantrum which is dangerous.

Both video game addiction and gambling addiction would most of the time be spending a lot of money in exchange for virtual materials and a "chance" to get richer. Even if the amount of money that a gamer rends is not as big as a gambler's expense, the effect is still the same; obsession of spending, and depression when you have nothing.

Dopamine is released inside the brain to create pleasure and satisfaction. This creates the hook factor that we're talking about and this is what the addicts search for as they progress along with the game.

As addicts search for the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction, they spend more and more time in what they do. The minimum time would usually take about four hours a day. Suddenly, you'll notice that yourself that you're investing more and more time with the activity.

Yes addiction is one of the worst things you can go through in life. People use addiction as an escape to their problems that they're dealing with. Gamblers would gamble their money in a hope to make it bigger, food obsessed people will eat anything as if they do not get full and game addicts would use it as an escape from reality.

Developing addiction is one of the more powerful problems that anyone can have. Taking full control of it is not that easy not unless you develop the will power to do so.

Remember that you're addiction started from the mind and you can end it with your mind.

How to Cure a Pimple in 4 Simple Steps – Guaranteed Results!

Acne is primarily a 20th Century disease. Our pollution levels, poor eating habits, and overuse of antibiotics have allowed yeast to get out of control. There are over 17 million chronic acne sufferers in the United States alone… and 1 in 3 will have to deal with some form of it in their lifetime. Is it possible to cure a pimple in just 4 easy steps?

Does diet play any role at all in skin health? Absolutely. Diet affects your skin.

1. Cut the Sugars

Lowering sugar intake is one of the main keys of skin health. Although food does make a difference that can be dramatic, did you also know certain foods can be healers as well?

Starting today, I recommend for you to cut out as much sugar as you can from your diet. The results you will receive over a period of time will be remarkable.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is responsible for the skins overall functional and most importantly, its ability to repair itself and produce/maintain collagen. You can take Vitamin C easily enough, but you should try to add foods containing high levels of Vitamin C to your diet. (Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes)

3. Drinking plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity, and is simply just essential to the health of your body and skin. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses (64 fluid ounces) of water a day is the


4. Clearing your skin

Clean your skin twice a day. Use proper cleansers for your oily skin. Remove all the oil on the skin without over-drying or irritating it. It is recommended using a toner and a good moisturizer. Regular exfoliation is essential.


– Works for adults & teenagers suffering from mild to moderate facial or body acne

– Eliminates spots, pimples, redness, pus, blackheads & whiteheads

– Fast and effective acne cure from the inside out

Nutrients That Matter To Your Joints

The human body is composed of more than two hundred fully and partly movable joints. Joints usually exist where bones connect and they are the sole means that allow your body to move efficiently and safely. Imagine if you can not pivot the bones found in your neck; if you need to look back, you will have to turn your whole body. It is going to be a waste of both time and energy!

The joints in your body come in all shapes and sizes. Even the degrees of their movement are varying too. For example, the joints on your neck can smoothly pivot to allow you to twist and turn your head; the joints on your hands function like a series of hinges to allow you to hold and grasp at things; and the joints on your arms and shoulders can do a 360-degree turn that allow you to flex and stretch your arms and shoulders in any way you want.

But alas! Your joints are not indestructible. In fact, they can be prone to injuries more than the other parts of your body. And because of their key functions, having problems with your joints can slowly and surely confine you in a difficult way of life. When you feel that something goes wrong in your joints you have to check with your doctor immediately to make sure that the problem does not become complicated.

An important aspect in taking good care of your joints is to eat the right stuff. Foods that are rich in calcium and phosphorus should be on top of your list. Always remember to supplement your diet with Vitamins A, D and K to increase the strength of your connecting bones. And also make sure that your joints are well-lubricated by taking in the good oils and some fats.

If you have arthritis and gout problems in your joints, you should try to increase the alkaline levels in your body. In this regard, you can observe an Alkaline Diet for several days. Alkaline-rich foods can neutralize the acidity in your body which causes the pain in arthritis and gout attacks. Carrots, broccoli and radish are some of the vegetables rich in alkaline. Meanwhile, avoid alcohol, beef, processed foods and other stuff that can acidify your system.

If you are a woman who is worried about osteoporosis, you should think of taking extra amounts of Vitamin K. Although this vitamin is more famous when it comes to blood clotting, studies have shown that an increased level of this nutrient is responsible for higher mineral density in joints and bones of women. This vitamin is an essential ingredient in the formation of proteins needed by bone structures.

Apart from Vitamin K, you also have to make sure that you have more than enough chondroitin and glucosamine in your system. These substances can be made inside your body if you love green vegetables, plus foods rich in calcium and nutrients that are important for strengthening and building bone structures. But even so, you need supplements that contain these substances to help your body in repairing unhealthy bones and in the formation of ligaments and tendons.

Now that you have realized how important your joints are, you should never take them for granted anymore. Your diet and overall nutrition must be designed to strengthen your joints. Doing so will not only prevent joint and bone diseases, you will also have a greater chance at preventing injuries like broken joints or bones.

Healthy joints and overall bone structure is important if you want to enjoy life. You can use products like Phosoplex to help your joints in providing you the freedom of movement that you always dream about. For more information, visit

New Careers in Truck Driving For the Unemployed

Going back to school hoping to learn a new trade, many American’s are turning to truck driving as their unemployment benefits on are the verge of ending after months of disappointing searches for work in their fields. In just a matter of weeks, a person can attend a trucking school, obtain their CDL, and be on their way to making a paycheck in their new career as a truck driver.

There are many schools that offer training in what are classified as recession-proof positions. These include such positions as health care providers and law enforcement officers, but there is another part of the educational industry that has seen a boom in enrollment. Truck driving schools are doing a booming business these days as hopeful Americans sign up to learn a new trade in a short amount of time so that they can again make a living to support their families.

69% of all freight is still moved by trucks and in an industry that has a turnover rate of about 125%. There are always jobs for drivers with experience, a CDL class A license, and a clean MVR. Truckers are always looking for a job that pays better, runs the right freight lanes, has better equipment, or simply… somewhere on the other side of the fence where they hope that the grass is greener. Because of these reasons, there is a high turnover in the trucking industry and a high demand for drivers across the nation.

Experienced drivers have learned that hopping from company to company keeps them out of the better paying companies who are looking for stable and reliable drivers. Not many, however, and that is what keeps the cycle on the move.

Many drivers hope once they get on the road with a little experience that they can own their own truck either through a lease purchase program or by directly buying their own truck and leasing it on to a good paying company.

There are approximately 3 1/2 million truck drivers in the country driving more than 400 billion miles annually. Regardless of whether it is fuel, food, or commodities, it is usually hauled by a truck somewhere along the way. Currently there is a shortage of drivers numbering about 20,000 a year but that shortage is expected to increase to over 100,000 within the next 5 years.

Many new truck driving students are looking to becoming a truck driver for a career change. Some have been laid off after 10, 15, or more years of service to their previous employer and they are looking for a career to support their families that can earn an income sufficient to do so.

There has been an increase in white-collar workers coming into the trucking industry since one draw is a good starting pay in the field. With experience the pay increases but it’s not an easy job. There is more to it than just sitting behind the steering wheel as many drivers soon learn once they start their training. The life of a trucker will keep a driver on the road and away from home for periods of time. Long days of driving hundreds of miles a day will make for a long week of work, but the paycheck at the end is what draws many to the trucking field.

The average starting pay is between $25,000 and $40,000 and the drivers can start earning a paycheck within a matter of weeks once they start their training. It doesn’t come as easy as hopping into a rig and driving down the road. There’s a lot more to it than many people expect. Driving a truck requires self-discipline and motivation. A person must be able to work without direct supervision and keep a schedule as well as maintain proper paperwork. There is a lot of responsibility behind holding the wheel of a rig weighing 80,000 pounds rolling down the highway.

For those select individuals that yearn for a more nomadic life and hear the call of the road, a new career as a truck driver may be the answer they are searching for. Make sure to do your homework and research the school and job arena in your area before signing your name on the dotted line. If you choose to join the ranks of Americans truckers, “Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down! Truckin’ Up!”

How to Travel Around the World on a Low Budget

Travelling is something that everyone desires and loves. And to travel around the world is a dream come true for people. But everyone has the same sob story, which is that people don’t have the budget for such an expensive trip. And thus, they eventually have to cancel their travel plans.

Who says you cannot travel the world on a low budget? Of course you can! You just need to make a few changes in your schedule and plans, and it would totally work. You can then travel all over the world easily.


The first and foremost and the most important money saving tool is that you need to find the perfect place to live which is not at all expensive, plus totally comfortable. SO try not to book hotels when you go out, and swap them for hostels or workaways. Workaways are usually where people can work for small businesses or other families, and in exchange they would get free food as well as housing.

Another great way to save money on accommodation is to try couchsurfing. And if you are not comfortable with this, then you could just stay in large hostel dorm rooms. And you could even share your space with a local, which is even more exciting. Camping too is another great way to save money on accommodation, and not just that, you’ll have loads of fun and adventure if you go camping.

Airline Ticket

A round the world airline ticket is purchased through an Airline Alliance, and this of course makes it easier to travel rather than buying individual tickets for every location. This helps you save a huge amount of money.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other ways to earn free flights, if you really are keen on travelling. What you could do is just sign up for a few travel credit cards, through which you could collect miles and hola, you could easily travel for free. This is mostly for amazing destinations like Central America, Europe, Australia and Scandinavia.

Eat Street Food

We know that a part of everyone loves street food, so then why should you try and east expensive foods from high end restaurants when you could easily do with the street foods. Food consumes a major portion of your budget and if you cut it down then it would be really advantageous to you.

So the best way is to talk to the locals there, and learn more about their customs, traditions and famous street foods. Ask about what are the things that are a must try and do try all the customary street foods.

Give up your phone plan

It’s pretty expensive and hard to use a sim card when you are travelling abroad, since you need to take sims for every single destination. Thus, it is better if you just a hotspot or wifi in a café to connect to the people at home. Thanks to WhatsApp and Facebook adding call and video chat features, you don’t really need to invest hefty amounts in additional sim cards.

Download apps for budgeting

It may seem weird, but you do need to keep track of all your expenses. Budgeting apps help you in keeping a tab, even if it may be for the smallest of expenses, say even buying a subway ticket. Trust us, all those subway tickets, and small knick knacks add up to a lot.

Even though you may not be spending a lot on big things, but small spending’s in bulk are also pretty heavy on the pocket.

Use Public Transportation

Using public transport is not only cheaper, but also the best way to know about a city. Taxis are especially expensive, and a cheaper alternative could be to rent a car for a few days. This way you can easily travel according to your own whims and fancies, and its so much more fun too. Just try and search for the best car rental deals, and you would be able to get ample of them. And if you’re fond of bikes, then you can rent a bike too and explore the city.

Try taking buses, or hitchhike with people. Make a tourism card, which would offer you great discounts as well as free access to famous attractions as well as museums, plus public transportation too. The London Pass, or the Paris Museum card are some examples of passes which you should totally get.

Drinks – Especially water!

Order drinks only in places where there are great discounts. Alcohol in some countries is not very expensive, so you could easily drink wine and beer. And if you are in a large group, see that you split all such expenditures with everyone.

Plastic bottles of water can be really expensive, thus you can try drinking from the tap. A great hack is using a Steripen to purify your water wherever you go. That ways you wouldn’t even have to buy such costly bottles every time, and this would just be a onetime investment.

Plan your destination first

First plan your budget, and then plan your trip. A small budget would mean less months in countries like Europe, but mean more time in probably South America. And if you travel in India, its obviously way more cheaper. Thus, its important to plan your travel dates, and it is recommended that you go in the off season, so that you save a lot of money on travel and living..

So, planning a budget trip just requires some effort, but it can easily happen. Try to hike more, go to free museums, walk more and try to explore the place rather than spending huge amounts in clubs, which you could do anywhere. You can even teach English overseas, as that’s one of the best way to make some extra bucks to travel. And once you’ve collected enough, then don’t think twice, just book it right away and fly off. Because, however clichéd it might sound, but you only live once!

Get Rid of Acne Fast Using These Extreme Methods

The best ways to get rid of acne fast is by using astringents and lotions. The methods that will be listed in this article might work well for many people and might not work for you especially if you are suffering from a severe acne case. I will advise you read this article to the last word because you will find one helpful tool that will give you a lasting solution to acne. There are many effective treatments for severe cases of acne and they include the use of light therapy, chemical peels and drainage but the safest of all is by using natural methods. Natural methods help to get rid of acne but it takes time, this treatment is effective because it has little or no side effects compared to other counter remedies.

If you are suffering from sever acne I will advice you go to see a doctor or dermatologist so that he/she can run various test on you to know the actual cause of your skin disease. The treatment most of them will prescribe to you will include the use of natural methods. But before we go into that let me give you some remedies to help rid acne fast.

– Using chemical peels: glycolic acid and some other light chemicals are mostly used to reduce acne papules and black heads. The good aspect is that it will make your face fresh and clean. It is very wrong for you to do a chemical peel at home because it might burn your skin if not done properly; therefore it has to be done by a dermatologist to help make the process easier and faster.

– Surgical extraction and drainage: this is a very simple type of surgery and it is done in a dentist office. When your acne or cyst are very stubborn or does not react to treatment then it may call for drainage. Acne surgery which is also known as extraction and drainage is a process that involves injecting the infection out and allowing the infection (acne) to drain by itself. It does not allow scars and also helps to reduce pains in the affected areas.

Tips on How You Can Replace Your Bathtub

You love to spend plenty of time in your bathtub. Ever since you were a kid, you just love the bathtub and try to spend a long time whenever you are taking a bath in it. Not only do you feel that you thoroughly enjoy taking a bath in it more than anything, but you also get to spend some time with yourself and think about things.

If your bathtub means so much to you, then you would definitely want it to be in the best condition possible. There's probably no way that you'd want to use it if it is damaged or is already beginning to break down. And let's face it, over time bathtubs do tend to become quite damaged because it is used pretty much in the house by every family member. So even if your bathtub is still in great condition, you need to prepare for when it already needs to be replaced.

It would be nice if you know how to replace your own bathtub. Sure, it is not a simple or easy thing to do, with everything from plumbing to carpentry and a few other things and skills needed to pull it off. But if you would do a little research and know about some rather simple tips on how to do it, them you may actually be able to do it yourself.

The following are some of the tips on how you can replace your own bathtub:

  • Make sure that you plan out everything right from the start. Start this by getting the exact measurements of your tub. If you do this then you can insure yourself that you are purchasing the right sized relocation and also the fixtures that will be used. Some of the things inside the toilet might have to be removed temporarily while the replacement is in progress, like the sink and the bathroom door.
  • Then you need to remove the present bathtub. Start it by disconnecting the strainer, drain, and flange, as well as by unscrewing and then removing the overflow cover plate, and this includes any drain assembly that happens to be attached to it. The waste and overflow unit should also be removed from the drain line. It (waste and overflow unit) can be accessed from under the tub or through an access panel.
  • Anchoring screws or nails that are used to anchor the tub to the tub flange to wall studs have to be removed. Get a crowbar to be able to pry off the tub a little from the back wall. Use a knife to cut through existing caulk that might be there. Again using the crowbar, pry up one end of the tub and then the other. You might need some assistance to lift the tub and take it out from the bathroom.
  • Preparation for the location of your new bathtub should be made. Start by replacing any damaged part of the flooring. Make sure that the new waste and overflow unit and drain is going to fit. Assemble the new drain unit and then attach it to the tub. Put the tub into proper position and then, with some assistance, move it to the proper place. Level and then attach it to the existing wall studs.

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs – Do You Need Experience?

If you are looking for a high paying, challenging and rewarding career there is no better industry than the offshore oil industry. To get a job on an offshore oil drilling rig without experience is possible, you just need the right information, good attitude and the willingness to do some hard work.

You have two main options if you want to get a job on an offshore drilling rig, the most common approach people think of is to get on board as part of a drilling crew. If you have drilling experience you can start as a pumpman or derrickhand. If you don’t have any prior experience like most other industries you will have to learn the skills and prove yourself.

The best place to start without experience is to get a roustabout or roughneck position, which is basically a general laborer before you work your way up to Driller which is 2nd in charge from the rig manager. Even though roustabouts are only general laborers you still earn around US$50,000 per year for about 6 months work.

As a roustabout or roughneck unlike a normal laborer, who never gets the chance to move up to manager position, a roughneck with the proper attitude, has a reasonable chance to become a manager on an oil rig. However, first you will have to work your way through derrickhand and driller.

Drilling jobs are not the only way to a lucrative career on an oil rig, if you have a electrical or mechanical trade you can get a job in the motor room or in the electrical department. Chefs are always needed as well along with a medic. Despite the modern technology an oil rig is a hazardous place and accidents can occur and a medic is required on board.

When looking for employers many people only think about the big players like Esso, Shell, BP, etc however what a lot of people don’t realize it that these companies rarely do their own drilling these days. The big companies usually contract out to smaller players like Diamond Offshore (Houston, USA), Frigstad Offshore (Singapore), Offrig Drilling ASA, Songa Offshore and Thule Drilling ASA, Dolphin Drilling (Tananger, Norway) or Scorpion Offshore just to name a few.

The offshore oil industry is a great place to get a lucrative career and you don’t need drilling experience to get started. The big companies are not your only option and with the right attitude and the will to do some hard work you can you can get in as part of the drill crew, or as a tradesman.

To get the latest information and the best help to get you employed on an offshore oil rig.

Turn Up the Heat With the Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board

Nintendo has taken the concept of games as exercise to a new level with the inclusion of the Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board. This peripheral is able tell you exactly how well or how poorly – you're doing with its various activities. As such, Nintendo heavily markets this innovative title as a combination of fitness and fun. For the most part it actually works. It's a good alternative for those who are tired of the repetitiveness of going to a gym or too self-conscious to join a yoga or aerobics class.

The Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board is the core of the Wii experience. This elegant-looking yet surprisingly strong peripheral which features several internal scales is able to detect changes in weight and pressure as you're standing on it. The Nintendo Balance Board is a bit bulky at roughly 8.8 lbs (4kgs); and interfaces wirelessly with the Wii, and takes four AA batteries (which are included). The Wii Balance Board has four rubber feet to help prevent it from slipping on smooth surfaces.

The major drawback of the Balance Board is that it is on the expensive side at a cost of roughly $ 90. Therefore if you add in extra peripherals, like batteries and balanced board sleeves you will definitely end up with an unbalanced checkbook.

You can save money by looking for sales. Identify stores that offer rewards points or even considering buying a used board in good condition. Secondly if you do not need it then do not buy it – avoid the extras. Finally you may find that your Wii with the Balance Board is so much fun that you can not get enough of it. That is why it is recommended that you invest in rechargeable batteries. You will save and enjoy in the long run!

5 Tips to Baking the Perfect Cupcakes

With National cupcake week closing in on us, what better ay to celebrate than with a gorgeous baking experience in your own home? With that in mind here are my top 5 tips for baking the worlds most delicious cupcakes.

1) Choose a good recipe

Use either the internet or your selection of cupcake books (which all home bakers should have), my favourite book is from Magnolia Bakery in New York. Search for a recipe that jumps out at you, you will usually find at least 1 that really tickles your fancy.

The basic recipe for making 12 cupcakes is:

125g butter

125g caster sugar

125g self-raising flour

pinch of salt

2 eggs

2 tablespoons of milk

2) Perfect the mixture

A decent mixer can take a lot of the hassle out of creaming or mixing your cake mixture, it can be a great investment if you are a regular baker. You can also use it for any large batches that you need to make (I do this to fulfil large orders).

When food processors and kitchen machines were tested a well known comparison magazine, each machine was tested to see how well it mixed batter, including variables such as speed, how evenly it was mixed, the volume in which the cake rose during baking.

3) Use a good cooker

One of the most overlooked factors of making a great cupcake is the oven in which it is baked. You’ll get the best results in a decent oven in which the temperature is distributed evenly. Otherwise some of your batch may be burned while others are left gooey and uncooked (believe me, I learned this from experience).

Choosing a good oven is essential, to test your oven you can bake several strips of shortbread scattered around your oven to test heat distribution along with a large sponge cake to test how well a cake will rise (in terms of how even it rises and browns). You will know if you have a great oven if your cake is perfectly shaped and browned nicely.

4) Decorations

A huge factor in how good your cupcakes are is the decorations, a good decoration can change the whole shape and perspective of your cakes. Try to make them look pretty but looks are completely secondary to taste. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing people eating your cakes and scraping off your icing.

5) Cupcake makers

You can get a great cupcake maker (similar to a waffle maker) your general cupcake make will make a dozen cupcakes. They are simple to use, most do not even have an on button, simply plug them in and pour in your mixture, then the machine will bake them (almost to perfection). They will take around 10 minutes to bake your cakes and the majority of people wont even notice that they are not home baked.

I have tried out several machines and they basically all do the same job. These are for the lazy cupcake maker and on the record I do not endorse them (off the record, they can be amazing).

Gridwall Display Panels to Re-Design Your Life

You can find versatile "gridwall" display panels that you can hang on a wall to make sure that you use all the space that is available to increase your profit. You can use them as freestanding or use braces to make it a standing unit. This can greatly increase the area for your merchandise.

You can create a full display area for each section of your store or house. This product makes organization and clean looks easy to achieve. The possibilities are endless and allow you to make the most of every square inch of your home or store.

For instance, four sided displays are perfect for your t-shirts or blouses. You can place them strategically around to enhance each area. For the wall you can mount wall hanging grids with accessories, certainly a better way to improve your sales than the traditional pegboard. It is possible to get your clients' attention without having your business crowded with unsightly display objects. These designs can also help prevent shoplifting by creating a more open space through your store.

You can accessorize with baskets, shelves or hooks to use the entire space. Gridwall display panels are quick and easy to assemble. Expense is usually equal or less than buying individual shelves and tables to display objects. Gridwall display panels have the advantage to allow you to re-arrange all of your space easily and without further costs.

You can easily change your displays to promote weekly or monthly specials you are having or to accommodate some new objects at home. Are you going to a trade show? These products are ideal for their ease of take down and putting up. There are thousands of different display products.

Gridwall display panels can be used multiple ways; you can make the entire area a clothing area or mix and match it up with baskets, hooks and shelves. They are durable. Nothing beats them also in terms of maintenance, because all you have to do to keep them looking new is to dust them from time to time. You may also choose to install them permanently or to use them as portable and periodic display.

Any type of shelving and display system may influence the way the space looks like. So, any option you make should be considered in practical terms to take the full benefit out of these panels. For instance, they usually give a better impression if they have an industrial look. They can also affect the overall style of the space due to their finishes (it is important that the finishes of the gridwall accessories and panels are similar).

Gridwall display panels can really help you to re-design your life. You may display and camouflage items and they help your client decide if he / she wants to shop at your store. At home, you may choose the objects or clothes you want to use with just a glance. If display space becomes a challenge to your personal or business life, then these panels are the way to go.

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Review: Ultimate Upper Body Workout

The iron gym pull up bar is a portable piece of exercise equipment that you can fit in a conventional door frame 24 to 32 inches wide, and supports up to 300 lbs. The durable structure uses leverage to hang from the door frame, so it does not require any screws and does not damage your door; and it takes only a few seconds to be useable. Just as easily as setting it up you can take it down, and store it anywhere in the house. It is Portable, only weighing 4.7 pounds; you can literally take it anywhere and get a good workout any time.

With the ultimate exercise bar, you can easily fit a workout into a busy schedule. It is an affordable option instead of buying expensive and bulky exercise equipment or a gym membership (that you usually do not have time for). This is an ideal choice for people who might not have the space at home for conventional exercise equipment, as you can store it anywhere, even under the bed. This Iron gym pull up bar review describes the advantages of this amazing workout bar over regular exercise equipment, and the basic exercises you are able to perform.

Why the pull up bar?

Regular exercise equipment are expensive. Take note I used "are", implying that you would need more than 1 set to get a good workout. And did I mention that they are expensive? The best work out bar is an affordable multi-function training bar, able to give you a number of different exercises including pull-ups, chin-ups and variations, as well as being a stable base for tricep dips and deep push-ups. You can even fit it in the base of your door for crunches, and you can do all this in a number of seconds. Plus, the pull-up bar is also portable; you can hand-carry it where you go for a consistent workout even if you travel a lot.

I just bought the best in exercise bar; what do I do with it?

If you are a beginner, just remember that chin-ups and push-ups are difficult to do. Do not expect you will be able to perform a dozen reps in a day; it is always generally good idea to build your core first; the muscles around your abdomen and lower back. They are essential for good posture, preventing back pain and improve all areas of athletic ability; a strong core provides the foundations upon which all other muscle gains are made. Also remember to warm up properly, to prevent strains and muscle tears. It is equally important to stretch after a good workout, as it helps flush out lactic acid out of your muscles (a by-product of a good workout) which can prevent some muscle soreness. Good flexibility also allows you to work your muscles through a larger range of motion which will help you get fitter and stronger faster.

There are 3 different grip positions on your exercise pull up bar; wide, narrow and neutral grips giving you variation in difficulty (the closer the grip the more intense the workout); regular pull-ups sculpt your back, arms, shoulders and lats; alternately you can also try an underhand grip (chin-ups) to place more emphasis on your biceps.

You can place your workout bar on the floor, and it makes a good base for deep push-ups, with less strain on your wrists. This really brings out your pecs and triceps. It also works well for tricep dips. Last but not least you can fit your pull up bar on the base of your door frame for your crunches; giving you an upper body workout that really explains your "show muscles".

PC Power Supply – Keep Your Computer Running

Without the PC power supply unit (PSU), your computer is useless. The power running through your home is an alternating current (more commonly known as ‘AC’). Your computer needs a direct current (known as ‘DC’) in order to run. The switcher technologies within the power-supplies are responsible for directing and converting the currents. Lacking that little box full of inventive technology, your computer would not turn on.

Before the advent of the current PC power supply, turning on a computer meant the use of humongous capacitors and transformers. The applied science of modern times has much reduced the bulk of the former components needed whilst still fulfilling the targeted demand. Because this component has to go through the cycles of heating and cooling each and every time the computer is turned on and used, it happens to be one of the more likely parts to malfunction or even completely fail.

When you have a PSU failure, you will want to purchase a new one. However, what do you look for? Can you replace it yourself? What will it cost? These are all some common questions that will arise in this situation.

First of all, you need to know the wattage requirements of your computer. To find this information, you will want to add up the requirements listed on the labels of the individual computer components. You will also need to know the type of form factor your computer uses. A lot of newer computers use the Advanced Technology Extended (or ATX) form factor, older PC’s may use the AT form factor. There are also a couple of other varieties. Be sure you know which you need before you start shopping. The PC power supply is fairly simple to replace. Always make sure your computer is unplugged from the wall socket before attempting to replace a part. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with taking your computer apart, you can have this done by a professional technician. The cost of your PSU is going to vary depend on all of the factors listed above. The prices will also vary from brand to brand, company to company.

You can find a PC power supply at nearly any computer store either locally or online. Most brick and mortar stores will have a technician or customer service rep that can help you decide which PSU is right for your computer. An Internet retailer will typically have a guided search function, a frequently asked questions section or the ability to instant message a customer tech in case of questions or problems with your purchase.

The PC power supply is essentially the heart of your computer, the same way that the motherboard is essentially the brain. Without either of these two fundamentals, you have nothing other than a box of wires and metal. These are the things that keep your computer running. If you think that your PSU is responsible for any sort of problems or malfunctions that you are having with your computer then it is time to start shopping around for a new one.

Choosing a Hiking Backpack

Backpacks are usually available in three categories: External Frame; Internal Frame; and Daypacks.

External Frame – typically constructed using a ladder-like frame of aluminum or plastic with a separate pack bag attached usually utilizing clevis pins and split rings. The hip belt and shoulder straps are attached to the frames. Volume capacity of this backpack ranges from 3,000-4,500 cubic inches (49-73 L). The external frame backpack allows space for attaching large items (eg sleeping bags) to the outside of the frame making the carrying capacity more than the volume of the backpack. Features to look for in a backpack include: good lumbar padding, a conical hip belt, recalled shoulders with good padding, and a chest compression strap.

* Weight carrying capacity
* More air space so back does not sweat as heavily
* Weight driven higher in backpack allowing more upright post
* More outside pack capacity allowing for versatility in packing
* Generally less expensive when compared to internal frame backpack

* Raises center of gravity making hiker top heavy and less stable
* Does not hug body and risks wobbling from side to side
* Can cause difficulties with balance when skiing or snowshoeing
* Must be boxed up to prevent damage when traveling by plane

Internal Frame – uses materials such as aluminum stays, carbon fiber, plastic sheets, and foam to create a rigid spine to which the hip belt and shoulder straps are attached. The backpack extends the full height of the pack with compartmental partitions. Pack volume ranges from 3,000-7,500 cubic inches (49-122 L). Internal frame backpacks should have the same comfort features as the external frame described above. Also look for a fabric layer sewn around the top opening of the pack bag which allows the top pocket to be lifted up providing space for additional storage of gear and side compress straps that squeeze the pack down when carrying a smaller load.

* Carries lots of weight
* Conforms to body for better balance
* More comfortable to wear for longer periods

* Back perspiration more common
* More fixed carrying capacity
* Bending over more from lower center of gravity
* May be more expensive

Daypacks – no frame, uses a foam or plastic sheet for back panel. To carry heavier weights check for the following features:

* Well-padded shoulder straps
* Foam hip belt as opposed to just a webbing strap
* Chest compression strap
* Volume capacity up to 3,000 cubic inches (49 L)

FAQ – Swimming Pool Main Drains

What is swimming pool entrapment entrapment?

There are five forms of entrapment. They’re easy, yet essential to understand to “get” this whole issue.

1. Body entrapment (a section of the torso becomes entrapped).

2. Limb entrapment (an arm or leg is pulled into an open drain pipe).

3. Hair entrapment or entanglement (hair is pulled in and wrapped around the grate of the drain cover).

4. Mechanical (jewelry or part of the bather’s clothing gets caught in the drain or the grate).

5. Evisceration (the victim’s buttocks come into contact with the pool suction outlet and he or she is disemboweled.)

How can I drain my pool without a drain?

The funny thing is, drains are hardly ever used to drain a pool! How goofed up is that?! TWO big points to remember:

1. With a composite fiberglass pool, there is no need to empty your pool for general maintenance as you would with a concrete pool. But if you ever did want to drain your pool to add say, a pretty tile mermaid mosaic like we did in our pool, all you have to do is use a sump pump or open your filter plug. That’s what a pool professional would do. A sump pump is the quickest, most efficient way to drain a pool. So no, you don’t need a drain to drain your pool. The “drain” in your pool is not like the drain in your bathtub!

2. Remember—NEVER drain your pool yourself. Always consult with a pool professional. Issues involving hydrostatic pressure could really mess up your pool and deck area.

So what is a drain in a pool if it’s not like the drain in my bathtub?

A pool “drain” is actually a misnomer. A pool doesn’t drain anything. That drain is really a suction outlet. It’s sucking water out of the pool and taking it back to the filtration system, then back again to the pool. It’s like a straw. And the pump is like you. Entrapment is like when you’re sucking up that strawberry shake from Dairy Queen and nothing comes up—then you quickly discover a strawberry “entrapped” at the end. Stop sucking and the strawberry releases. Your pool requires a powerful pump to “pull” that liquid back to the pump. So why in the world would you want that “outlet” for suction inside your pool where those sweet babies of yours are swimming?

Then how do you get water to the pump without a “suction outlet?”

Good question! The water comes byway of a wonderfully, brilliant little device known as a skimmer. A skimmer is a gravity-fed product that simply collects water from the pool via gravity and simultaneously skims out leaves and gunk. It then deposits the water into a pipe that is connected to the pump. The pipe is completely unreachable by swimmers. No one ever sees the pipe that goes to the pump, which is housed deep inside the skimmer, below the crud collection basket. So there you have it. Easy breazy water collection without a bit of danger.

I had another builder tell me that if we didn’t have a drain system, our pool would not circulate properly.

This is another one of the biggest objections by pool builders for not having “bottom suction” in a pool. The scary thing is, it is the least understood. It is based on the “belief” that water becomes stagnant in the deeper areas. It is not based on science. For some awesome science on this whole concept, the must read here is the Fluent / Trilogy Pools study on pool circulation. This study clearly shows that drains not only are unnecessary, but they do not improve the circulation in a pool or enable its ability to clear contamination. Imagine that!

Aren’t dual drains safe?

Yes. For the most part. BUT, the real question is, would you rather have your loved ones swimming in a pool that is safe “for the most part” or in a pool that is 100 percent safe? Here’s the deal. Systems fail. That is why Florida requires “layers of protection.” In the event that the second drain fails, a vent line or a suction vacuum releif system will release the suction and release anyone stuck on the drain. That’s just great until the vent line gets clogged with yard clippings or rodent, or the svrs runs it’s life expectancy. (Have you ever heard of an appliance that doesn’t eventually fail?) Plus then there is the issue of the drain covers. Guess what happens to plastic in a chlorinated environment. You guessed it. Corrosion. The screws become loose eventually and the plastic gets all funky. Now you have drain(s) that have loosey-goosey covers that were supposed to be protecting you from the last 3 forms of entrapment. Yikes, and to think you didn’t even need those drains in the first place. See how frustrating this is?

I want a spa and a pool builder told me I had to have a drain in my spa in order for it to run properly. Can you build a spa without a drain?

Absolutely! In fact the spa is the most dangerous place for a drain. Because a spa is typically only 4 feet deep, where do you think all the kids like to congregate? It’s the most fun for kids to goof around in a little warm body of water, and guess what they do? Yep, they investigate the drain(s). They’re easier to get to in a spa that’s for sure!

We have built many, many pool/spa combinations with no drains. The reason a pool builder would want to use a drain is because they need to supply the pump with water and a bottom suction seems to be a great place to get it. The thought of using skimmers on a spa is foreign. We use multiple small skimmers and supply our pump the same way we do our pools—through a gravity fed system. Our spas circulate beautifully and have zero hazard.

You can have a 100% entrapment free pool. Expect your builder to understand this concept. If he/she does not, please contact someone who can assist you. There should be no more entrapment deaths.