Illness and Social Stigma

Following the diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness there will be physical and emotional changes you experience over time. In my travels, chronic illness patients present a host of common concerns about how their ability to maintain their relationships with friends and family while trying to maintain their health.

For those who have never experienced a health challenge, the idea that adjusting to the diagnosis and a treatment plan should be as simple as going to the medicine chest. They think that opening a bottle and taking a pill is the answer to all the problems. Unfortunately that’s not the scenario for most tackling a health challenge so sensitizing friends and family to your “new normal” is important. Use the following ABC’s as a guide to educating the world around you about your status and how to remove the social stigma that often accompanies illness.


Friends and family will need to be educated on the disease process. This is not general information you share with the whole world, only those you believe will be impacted on a regular basis. If you experience pain or fatigue during certain times of the day or following a treatment then let them in on the process. Make plans that fit your physical and emotional schedule. Too many patients feel that their friends and family become annoyed because you cancel plans often or at the last minute due to illness. Unfortunately if this is a pattern you begin to notice a reluctance by others to invite you to attend events or outings; this is why sharing your experience is important. They need to understand that this is not a personal cancellation, but at that moment the body is dictating the rules of the game.


Having a good balance between work (if you’re still able to work) and play is important. Your circle may need to understand that going out both weekend days is too much so you’ll have to make choices. Balancing energy is important. You may need to brainstorm with your friends about how to maximize the time you have to spend together. Maybe you decide to spend one evening at home watching movies and then you can make plans to go out another night. We have a finite amount of energy. When we expend all our energy at once it will take time to generate new social resources.


We can’t force others to understand our experience. When we have the consciousness to share our experience without being a victim, understanding is more readily available. If all you are able to convey is negativity and despair you will push others away because they can’t absorb the negativity. They may be willing to listen for a while, but they didn’t sign up for a lifetime of drudgery. Establishing a platform of self-empowerment will garner respect and understanding from others. They will be more compassionate and less judgmental. You won’t become the outcast, but simply part of the circle that has special considerations that need to be taken into account.

It’s easy to become a social outcast when diagnosed with an illness. The wall that’s created is more out of misunderstanding than disinterest on their part. Before friends and family have time to make judgments about you, let them in on the truth of the situation. Keep them in the loop so you aren’t perceived as trying to sabotage the event or everyone’s fun. As the person facing a health challenge all you want is to continue to be included. That process starts by including your loved ones in on what really is happening with your health and the implications the challenges have on your daily life.

Why You Should Think About Negotiating A Broker’s Commission

If you are in the market to sell your home, you may decide that you want to try and do it without employing the services of a real estate agent. However, it may be in your best interest to hire a real estate agent or broker to help you through your real estate transaction.

One thing you may want to do is find out what your home is worth before you decide on a real estate professional to represent you. This can help you figure out how much you have in your budget for professional fees and commissions.

It is a good idea to call around and ask various brokerage firms what their commission rates are and decide if one fits your budget better than another. Checking on the rates of various firms can provide you with a good base to determine who can provide you the best deal for your money.

It should be noted that most brokers expect that you will try and negotiate the commission so this is a good way to get a better deal out of a potential broker. You may be pleasantly surprised at what a deal you may get by negotiating with your agent.

If you do plan to try and negotiate your broker’s commission rate, you may want to do some research on your potential broker prior to trying to negotiate. If the broker has a record of closing several deals a day or week then negotiating may be off the table. However, if the broker does not close deals every day then you may find that the broker will be open to negotiating his or her commission.

If you are going to try and negotiate with your broker, you will want to make sure you are clear about the services you will need from your broker. In addition, you will want to discuss the plans for payment with your broker. Many brokers will allow for payment plans.

If you are on a budget you may want to reconsider hiring a professional broker to list your property for you or just be available for consultation as you need it. These services cost less and can provide you with professional assistance and the benefits of a real estate professional without the cost of the full-service they usually provide.

Should you decide to hire a professional real estate broker to help you with all or part of your real estate transaction, you will want to make sure that everything is put in writing and that all parties involved are given copies for their records. This can help you ensure that you do not have any misunderstanding after the property has sold.

Looking For Different Types of Garage Door Hardware?

When you have a house with a driveway and garage you would like you garage door to look as good as your house. This is so because most of the time when guests drive in or walk in one of the first things that see is the garage and the garage door. There is a lot of hardware which can be found to make your door look good and also be functionally very good for you.

Now there are a lot of companies which manufacture many kinds of hardware for the garage door. One can find innovative handles, different designs on doors and many more things. The companies also sell these things in a do it yourself way also. Here you can buy the hardware from the company and install the things yourself. If not you can also call in the company technician who will come and do the entire fitment for you.

There are different kinds of designs and models that you can find with a company. There are doors which have been designed to withstand a storm. It is designed to withstand strong winds and corrosive nature of the atmosphere in the areas with close proximity to the sea. There is also hardware offered like automatic opening systems for the garage door.

Automatic opening systems help you open the door using a remote control. This allows you to open the door from the car itself without having to get down and bend down to lift the door up. Companies also offer extra strong hinges and handles. Such hinges and handles have been coated with chemicals which reduce the effect of corrosion on the metals. These handles and hinges are also made extra strong industrial grade materials. Companies always suggest that any malfunction or problems with their products must be checked and repaired by the technician. They say this so that they can reduce the harm that one can suffer by trying to repair these products. Special training is required to repair things like the automatic door opening system.

Visiting New York is Fun, But Living in New York Can Be More Fun

A friend of mine, I met in Chicago, who is visiting New York, just reiterated that very statement to me today. She said she had fallen in love with New York, and that she saw it as an impossibility of ever getting bored here. “There is SO much to do. Chicago is fun, but compact.” New York’s city spreads before a person for miles and within each of the miles there is more than enough to do in one week, even without visiting all of the iconic places known to tourists and New Yorkers alike.

Think about all the different places and things that can be done just to exercise, outside. Getting ready, for a half or full marathon–go to Central Park or Riverside Park or even walk the length of Manhattan. Walking the length of Manhattan might sound daunting, but when training for a marathon, my walking coach had me walk at least half the marathon within a week of the walk. Pick an avenue, favorite or one of the famous avenues to walk or mix it up and walk a little more than the 13 miles of Manhattan’s length. My favorites to walk are Broadway and Avenue of the Americas (commonly known as Sixth Avenue) and Fifth Avenue. If you’re a morning person and it is the spring time, start at the bottom of the island on Broadway, before the rush of all the people going into their various Wall St. jobs. Passing on your left will be the famous Bull, for the bull market. Keep going north through Wall St. and its various shopping conveniences, City Hall, along with its beautiful park, will come up on your right, how many times have you told your guests to visit City Hall. Looking just east is the Brooklyn Bridge, which could be a side track walking experience in itself. Imagine getting out onto the middle on a beautiful day to see three of the five boroughs close at hand. It’s amazing, plus all the other bridges. It’s beautiful.

Continue up Broadway through Greenwich Village, the perfect spot for a mid-morning snack, although more prevalence on 6th Avenue, intriguing food spots along the way on Broadway will keep you salivating. At 14th Street there is a fork in the road and your choice of travelling up Park Avenue, but for me, I’d stick to Broadway. It depends on whether you want to see shops or grand houses. Continuing up Broadway you’ll encounter the sometimes wild Union Square. There are always vendors, sometimes protestors or dancers or musicians. You name it you can sometimes see it in Union Square. Depending on the day you’re walking, there may be the famous Union Square’s greenmarket and then you’ve got easy lunch. Fresh foods from within the state abound to entice you to buy and eat or both. Don’t buy anything you can’t eat while you’re walking though, tempting as it is, because it will weigh you down. You can always go back; the vendors are there until almost dusk. Continuing up Broadway will take you into the eastern edges of the Garment District, mostly the accessories part, luggage, purses, some scarves and necklaces, as well as hair accessories and wigs. If it is a hot day, you might be able to find a sun hat along this route, as well. Keep walking and you’re in Herald Square, near Macy’s and the super discount store with the pink bags. You know the one. If you’re walking around Easter, you can enjoy Macy’s Flower Show in their windows, if not then their windows anyway.

Keep walking on Broadway and you’re into the Times Square in no time, where all the tourists or folks who do not live here fulltime, hang out traversing from west to east visiting the iconic spots and the ones you will not go into today. Between Times Square and Columbus Circle are more sight-seeing or window shopping adventures on your trip. At Columbus Circle there is the 3rd fork in the road of your travels. If you want a quiet repose as you walk north without too much foot traffic and the refreshing sight of Central Park to your right, then break off at 59th Street and go along Central Park West (CPW) for 51 blocks or continue on Broadway north. If you continue on CPW, you’ll be greeted by the various doormen as you traverse on the west side of the street. At 96th Street, you’ll be able to peak over to Columbus and see the new buildings that have and are going up as new residences, which abut or are across the street from the shopping center that includes WholeFoods, a great spot to stop for lunch and the bathroom, if you need one. Plus, in this same complex is Michaels, the craft store. We knew (crafters) what we were missing at Michaels before and finally it’s here.

If you’ve walked up Broadway to this point, you’ve passed Time-Warner building with various shops including Borders & WholeFoods, Lincoln Center, various magazines stores, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, mom/pot coffee shops (They do still exist.), the American Folk Art Museum, various bookstores, boutiques, Fairway, Zabar’s and Westside Market along with other museums on interior streets, other music halls, including Symphony Space. Passed 96th on Broadway, you’re into the various eateries from all over the world, along with six secondary schools. (Columbia University, Barnard College, Teachers’ College, Union Theological Seminary, Jewish Theological Seminary, & Manhattan School of Music) When my husband and I first started dating I lived in this neighborhood and he’d drive in from Queens, where there was easy parking, but when school was in session, he’d sometimes be an hour late driving around trying to find a parking spot, but I digress. At 125th Street you are officially in Harlem, albeit the western part. Before arriving to this spot other iconic places are both to the west and east. To your right (west) are Grant’s Tomb and Riverside Church on Riverside Drive. To your left (east) are Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Amsterdam and 110th St., the top of Central Park and Morning Side Park begins, along with the split of the Harlem’s Heights and the valley of Harlem all at 110th Street.

Between 125th & 190th are various smaller parks, eateries, shops and even to the east on Amsterdam, City College, and (Part of CUNY) which host various musical events and award shows throughout the year. At 190th Street, on Fort Washington, which spreads to Broadway is Fort Tryon Park, which includes the Cloisters. This is a great spot for a picnic, since it is one of the highest points on Manhattan and it overlooks the Hudson River and of course New Jersey. The Cloisters’ Museum is closest to Dyckman (or 200th St.) Keep walking 20 more blocks and you’ve done the island. To your west is yet another green space, actually several, Isham Park, Inwood Hill Park, Inwood Hill Nature Center, an apartment grove and Columbia’s Baker’s Field.

If you are old school, you could cross the Broadway Bridge and go into Spuyten Dyvel, which used to be part of Manhattan, until the Harlem River cut a swath through it and as recently as 5 – 6 years ago, the Bronx legislature won and has claimed it as part of the Bronx. Plus, it would give you a chance to stand on a bridge.

She is right, my friend, about not having enough time to see New York or ever getting bored here. It may take you as long as all day or as little as 3.5 hours to walk Manhattan end to end without stopping, but how can you resist not stopping to visit one of the many spots mentioned above” I completely agree with her and a walking tour from end to end is one of the best ways to see it and living here affords you the time to do it.

All About Demolition Contractor Services: Residential and Commercial Buildings

When it comes to construction demolition services, there is a lot more to think about than just swinging a giant wrecking ball and smashing the building apart. What exactly do demolition contractors do? Find out what kind of demolition projects professional companies handle and how the process works.

Residential Demolition

Many residential demolition projects stem from cleaning up a landscape or improving a recently purchased property. Old structures on your property could be dilapidated and dangerous, and they need to be removed for safety or aesthetic reasons. That’s why so often the first step to making upgrades and enhancements to your home is construction demolition. Whether you want to tear down a whole house or take out individual features like ugly decks, walkways, walls, or carports, most demolition contractors can handle the project. By working with a demolition service, you can rest assured that the project will be completed safely and correctly, rather than stumbling through the job yourself and risking personal injury or property damage.

It’s wise to search for a licensed, bonded, and insured demolition contractor to take on your demolition needs. You may find a quality junk hauling or trash removal company that also does demolition. That means that the company can complete the construction demolition and then they can even assist with the cleanup of debris for your convenience.

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition can span a wide variety of projects. Smaller junk removal and construction demolition contractors can handle demolition needs for jobs of limited scope while major demolition operations can work on taking down structures as big as factories, large shopping centers, or hospitals. Keep in mind that many commercial demolition projects require even more concern about safety practices than small-scale shed or home demolition services. Check to see if the company you hire is also lead or asbestos certified, because these environmental hazards have to be removed from the building before demolition can begin. Consider visiting your state’s local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Web site to find out more about dealing with construction and demolition debris.

The Demolition Tools

The size of the structure to be demolished determines the type of tool used. Depending on the project, contractors may use a backhoe, bulldozer, or crane to carefully demolish your unwanted structure. Sledge hammers and pry bars can be used for interior demolition projects. Regardless of whether you’re looking into home demolition or a commercial project, be sure to ask what tools the contractor plans to use and why. This will help give you an idea of the size of the job and what post-construction cleanup will be required, from removing debris to re-seeding grass flattened by heavy equipment.

House Painting Offers A Great Return On Investment

Exterior house painting done properly is probably the single most cost effective action a homeowner can take to preserve and protect their largest investment, their home. The return on investment of a quality paint job is among the best investments a homeowner can make. Not only does your home look great, but painting increases its marketability and value.

Quality house painting instantly increases a home's curve appealing. A well maintained properly painted home stands out in a crowd. When people see an expertly painted house, they appreciate that the property has been properly cared for. Regular high level care for a property significantly reduces future maintenance expenses. Costly and time consuming repairs are minimized when a home is well maintained. A great paint job is the perfect way to showcase a home's loving upkeep and attention to detail.

When people see a home that needs painting they shy away from further involvement. The thinking is, "if these are the problems I can see, what am I not seeing that will come back to haunt me?" Here Hanks and The Money Pit come to mind. People appreciate a beautifully painted home and understand that painting usually signifies the home has been regularly and properly maintained.

A home in need of painting has greatly diminished value. People are very concerned about the expenses that will be incurred when painting the neglected house, and move on to the beautifully painted home, perfect for immediate, hassle free occupancy. Just add furniture! Those people who do not move on usually discount the unpainted house's value, often far in excess of the actual cost of the necessary house painting.

When selling a house, one of the first things a Realtor will suggest is a fresh coat of paint. Real estate professionals know that a professionally painted home will "show" better, sell faster, and very close close for a higher price. A painted home is much easier to sell because of its appearance and the immediate impression that this is a home well cared for.

So if you want to add a polished look to your home and add value to your house, consider your local painting professional for an estimate. A skilled painting contractor has the experience and skills to transform your home and increase your home's value with a return on investment that even Wall Street will envy! If you are considering investing in your home, a call to your local painting professional is a great way to start!

How to Play a Set in Texas Hold'em Poker

When it comes to No Limit Texas Hold'em, your bread and butter is going to come when you make a set on the flop. This is when you hold a pair in your hand, and make three of a kind on the flop. An example would be if you held 88 for your hole cards, and the flop came down 6-8-Queen. Now, like I said before this is where you'll make most of your money playing poker, so you need to know how to maximize your profit in these situations. This article will give you all the moves you need to really extract the most chips.

The first variable that will affect your play is your position. If you're out of position, meaning that you act first, I suggest that you fire out a bet that is between the the size of the pot to the full size of the pot. The reason to do this is because if you make that bet and your opponent has a hand or a draw, he'll continue on with his hand, and the pot will grow. However, if you had checked to attempt a check raise, he probably would have checked behind you seeing as how his hand is only mediocre.

Another variable that comes into play here is the preflop action. If you made a raise preflop, then made your set, you should definitely fire out a bet here to avoid players getting scared off. The reason they'd get scared is because since you were the preflop raiser you're supposed to continue your aggression on the flop, and if you do not it is a hint that you're holding a monster.

In another case, if someone else made the preflop raise, you may consider checking or betting out. If you were out of position against a tight aggressive player who raised preflop, I'd still fire out a bet because it is likely he will raise you, and then you can get all your chips in. This will make you much more money then checking to him, then raising, because in that scenario he will fold and you'll only get one bet.

One time when you may want to check your set post flop is when you're playing against an extremely aggressive player. Since he's known to bluff at pots and make very aggressive plays, the best move is to simply let him bet his chips off by check / calling him, then putting in a small raise on the river.

Playing sets is where you'll make all your money in Internet Poker , so it's very important that you extract the most money when you make the set. The opportunities of floating a set with a pocket pair is only 7: 1, so make sure you take advantage when you do make the hand. The above article is all the poker strategy you need.

Want to Know About Other Medical Equipment Financing Options?

Medicine as a science has advanced to far realms in the world of today. With the progress in the theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline, the need and demand for more and newer medical equipment is on the rise. This type of equipment includes all equipment that is required in the medical field by doctors and other health professionals. Operating tables, surgical tools, oxygen tanks are just a few items under the umbrella of the leader category of health equipment.

There are some equipment such as dermatological laser equipment, optometry equipment and so on, which do not belong to the category of general medical equipment. These are simply referred to as other types of healthcare equipment. These are as important as general equipment, and come with price tags that are quite hefty. As a result, most general health practitioners and health care professionals look for financing when it comes to purchasing other equipment.

Businesses related to commercial leasing of equipment have grown spectacularly in the last few years. There has been considerable development in this sector and companies are leaving out medical equipment for long and short term periods. What you get depends on the contract with the company you have chosen.

– Commercial equipment financing, as an industry, has seen vast changes over the last decade or so. Many are trying to carve out a niche for themselves, but given the extremely tough competition, this is not an easy accomplishment. Nanotechnology financing and turbine financing are two of the most well known and popular concepts that are catching on.

– Companies are catering especially to dental equipment lease. Medical loans have made it simpler for health care institutions to get equipment. This is a multi-billion dollar industry and more and more companies are stepping in each day, to make the acquisition of medical equipment easy for the health care field.

– Even if banks refuse your application for a loan to get business equipment, you have plenty of other options. You get truck financing, crane loans, turning centers, loan programs, construction equipment, and much, much more.

– It does not matter what you are trying to get the loan for. With equipment financing, small companies get a wide margin of advantage. Capital upfront is minimized. Leasing is a way of fighting against inflation. If you are not looking for perfect equipment, leasing is the best bet you have got.

Other medical equipment is vital for the medical field, speaking broadly. Most health care professionals can not afford them personally, because of mounting costs. Some financing corporations will lease them out to you, and this procedure is dependent. Since there is understanding on their part, you will gain immediate assistance, both financial and legal. Interest rates are well below market rates. You can repay the loan in monthly installments. You can even apply for the loan online. You will get it disbursed right in the comfort of your own home.

Why A Good Body Shop Uses A Paint Booth

When you take your car in for service, you expect a great paint job. A high-quality body shop will meet your expectations by delivering a dust-free car with the new color matching the old perfectly. To assure a good job and to comply with environmental regulations, body shops typically perform the painting in a paint booth, use proper equipment and technique, and make sure that their workers wear protective clothing. Some body shops try to skirt these requirements to lower costs and prices, but the results are not worth the so-called "savings."

Why Use A Paint Booth?

There are several good reasons:

Less dust. A body shop generates a significant amount of dust in the process of sanding car parts. Technicians can remove dust from paint by wiping the surface with a tack cloth and then applying several thin coats rather than fewer thick ones. The best way to control dust is to use a paint booth that is:

  • Properly vented with filters in place
  • Kept at the proper pressure and climate
  • Set up so that entrance and exit doors, access doors, and concrete floors are sealed
  • Clean and free of unnecessary items, sand, moisture, and dirt
  • Closed to unnecessary personnel to prevent traffic in and out
  • Manned by a worker in a lint-free painter suit and head covering

Better quality. Equipped with fluorescent lighting attached right outside the booth, the painting technicians can apply a consistent paint job. They can spot flaws or places they missed. Many paint booths are heated for better curing of paints.

Prevents overspray. Proper painting technique assures that paint does not spread to parts of the car not to be painted by masking it to prevent accidental overspray. The paint booth should have a downdraft system with exhaust fans installed in the floor to pull paint particles away from unwanted areas of the vehicle. A downdraft system also sucks up loose, floating dust. Using a properly vented paint booth saves shop owners money on paint, solvents, and supplies.

Contains and reduces toxic fumes . Body shops are moving toward paints and finishes with lower VOC content, but many products contain toxic chemicals that are very harmful to the workers who apply them. They also pose a hazard when they are airborne. A paint booth with proper ventilation through a downdraft, side draft, or cross draft system pulls paints fumes up through high stacks and away from employees, neighboring buildings, and people.

Is safer. A properly designed paint booth uses filters that workers change often to keep the shop in compliance with EPA standards for 98% particulate removal efficiency. It has sprinklers and fire extinguishers in the booth to stop fires and reduce damage to cars and employees. Ideally, the body shop uses a mechanical paint gun washing system that limits technician contact with solvents, reduces solvent usage, and reduces the amount of the VOC and HAP emissions once spray guns are removed from the booth.

Only Trust A Shop With A Paint Booth

Most municipalities require any body shop to have a properly installed paint booth if they use more than a certain number of gallons per week. Some small shops and fly-by-night operators may try to get around the regulations. For best results when you are seeking a body shop, make sure that the shop has a permitted, well-equipped paint booth. Your car, the workers, and the environment will be better for it.

Indian Fashion Accessories

Accessories are the life line for any fashion conscious personality. Affordable fashion is always preferred by many and it goes a long mile to create a new ‘You”.

The range and style in Bangles is wonderful. Suited for all ages and attires bangles add that feminine charm to all likes. The trend is minimizing these days and a set of bangles of similar hue on a salwar kurta can transform the entire ensemble. Metals used in bangles vary from plastics, rubber, glass, lac and fibre. Kadas are fashion friends forever and as ingle ornament can add so much grace to an otherwise dull attire. Lac bangles can be made to order to match the clothing.

Shoes not only define fashion but are necessary comfort zones. Succumbing to fashion is not wise and the personality to be able to balance their steps and also feel cool in the same. Coming in a variety of chappals, juttis, mojris in Indian wear and including stilettos, pumps, boots, wedges, heels and open sandals in western wear. Choose inners for more comfort and coordinate well to avoid frumpy combinations.

Scarf and stoles add much style to a casual garment. Shawls feel warm for wintery evenings. Bandannas secure hair and give you a carefree look. Hair clips come in diamante, plastics, bands, flowery and cartoon ones for little cuties.

Another most coveted accessory is the Earring. This accessory leaves much choice from the very many emerging designers. Indo fusion designs are preferred as they seem perfect on any clothing. Whether hoops in varied colours, oxidized chandelier hangings, simple dots or rings, or straight lines the choice is yours. Go as per your face cut and then suit an earring accordingly.

Nose rings are traditional wears and borrowed too as funky styles. They go unisex when turned to the jamming look. Finger rings are liked by all. Coming in designer wear to daily casuals, from rock bank kind of rings to feminine designs. You can have all your fingers on them.

Hand bags come in purses, clutch bags, grocery kind on wooden handled ones, jute bags, leather designer wear and cloth bags too. The range in sun glasses and goggles is astonishing. Simply designed for eye protection, glasses are basic necessities. Classy and branded writing instruments are regularly preferred by executives. For others with ideas of exploration, tattoos come as fake or permanent and body piercing is an art form.

Online Stores For Camping Gear

Camping gears are available at several online stores like,,,,,, , and All provide various choices of camping essentials coming from reputable suppliers.

To have a memorable camping experience, the first thing to do is to be equipped with the most dependable gears and essentials. Choosing a good quality of camping gear and equipment is just one click away from different online stores like:

Campmor –

With over 30 years in the industry, it has a good selection of discounted camping gears from clothing, to tools and gadgets.


An outdoor clothing company who owns to the top "100 Best Companies to Work For" has complete lines of camping gear selection for climbing, hiking, camping, and snowsports.

Camping-R-Us –

A company who specializes in backpacks, tents and swags with over 20 years of experience in camping equipment has a wide range of outdoor gears. All stocks come from quality suppliers like Coleman, Oztrail, Kookaburra and a whole lot more.

Outdoor-gear –

The best source for camping equipment online, Outdoor-gear offers an affordable price for all gears and equipment.

Eastern Mountain Sports –

An online store for camping gear and equipment, which ensures guaranteed satisfaction for every purchase made. The company follows a full refund policy in case of dissatisfaction on the part of the end-users.

Camping-Equipment-World –

An outdoor equipment company, which is one of the leading and fastest camping gear retailers with over 400 online stores from different manufacturing partners. This is where you can find all camping essentials from sleeping to cooking.

Camping gear outlet –

This company specializes on camping gears for all types of outdoor recreation with a wide collection of best value equipment. –

Managed by a dynamic team, this site provides you with the best information about outdoor gear and equipment in the market that is suitable for all ages.

Before choosing a perfect gear, determine first the camp location and the number of campers so that you will not end up choosing the wrong type of gear. If you want to spend a day or two in a mountainous area, choose a tent that is especially designed for hilly lands. If you are planning a big family camping adventure, choose a tent that can accommodate a huge number of people. It's not the brand of camping gear that counts but, the quality. Although quality products sometimes are bit expensive, it is worth the investment than the cheaper and less durable ones.

Note that camping stoves can be considered a gear you may really want to bring along.

Painting the Walls – Tips and Tricks

Consider a typical frustrating situation: you buy some wall paintings and you are not able to show them to your family because of no arrangement. A battery picture light is one of the solutions to provide light at the time of no electricity. Battery picture lights have gained immense popularity due to an increase in the demand for wall paintings. There is little left to be unsaid in the world of decorative wall paintings. Over the years, different styles and designs have evolved. These wall paintings can make your plain walls look different and stylish. You can decorate your walls with your imagination and a variety of techniques available.

By using creative wall painting techniques, you can easily enhance the look without a lot of expense. Paint, unlike wallpaper, can easily cover the undesired parts of your wall. However, before applying any ideas and techniques, it is advised to spend some time thinking how to decorate, and prepare surfaces to be painted. To give a professional look, you need to look for basic skills and techniques available. The following are some wall painting tips:

• The most important and time-consuming part is to be completely prepared. A sloppy paint job will give a cheap look. Therefore, it is better to take out some time, and tape off all the areas that are to be painted. You can make use of masking tape that is designed especially for painting. Also, make sure that edges of registers, fixtures, trims, ceilings, cabinets and other important surfaces are covered and protected.

• Learn all the rules of painting, before applying them. For instance, do not apply latex paint over enamel paint, as it does not adhere to the walls. However, if you have an enamel-based wall, and you want latex on it, apply a primer first. Choose an appropriate primer, and follow the related instructions and recommendations.

• Pick matching or contrasting colors. Colors that are a little different from the base coat give fine change in appearance. However, contrasts present a more dramatic change. You can first study the color samples available in market, and then select the best combination that you want for your walls.

• Try to use more than one color while painting. Set trays with different colors, and use different materials for each one. With this, you can discover a new and appealing look of your own.

• When using a roller to paint, dip it in the paint tray, and then roll it back and forth on part of the tray. This compresses the excess paint and spreads all the paint around the roller. You can paint in diagonal or zigzag strokes.

• Plastic bags can give an appealing look. Roll up a small plastic grocery bag and dip one side in paint. You can then apply it to the wall.

• You can use feathers as well, to create unique and wispy patterns. All you need to do is dip the feathers in paint, remove the excess paint by rubbing on paper bags, and then apply it on the walls. Keep extra feathers in hand, so that as soon as one becomes over-coated, use the other one.

Hints for Basic Roof Repairs

One household project that can seem frightening and expensive is the idea of ​​doing your own roof repairs. Whether you have major damage to your roof, or just need new gutters and shingles, repairing your own roof is a daunting task, but is something you can actually do on your own. You'll just need to know how. Of course, for major repairs, you may need to call in a contractor to help. There are also some things you can do to improve the longevity of your roof.

For instance, inspecting your roof a few times each year will let you see problems before they get bigger. If you have a few loose shingles, or gutters that are on their way to needing replacement, you can catch them early. Preventative maintenance can keep you from paying a lot for larger roof repairs later. Be sure to make your roof inspections in the spring and early summer, or in the fall. During this period, it's not too hot on your roof, but it's also not icy.

Never climb on your roof under the direct heat of the summer sun. Warm shingles will loose their coats as you walk on them, shortening their useful life. Check your flashing for problems, and fast down loose or warped pieces. Use nails made of the same metal as the flashing when possible, as this predictions corrosion. Those with chimneys should check out the area where the chimney flashing meets their roof. Gaps caused by shrinkage of the cement and tar should be repaired with the same type of sealant. This keeps your roof from developing a leak near the chimney.

If you see a bulge in your flashing, a simple roof repair is to place a piece of wood on that area. Hammer the wood to flatten the flashing, rather than hammering the flashing and shingle directly. If this does not work, there may be water damage in this location, causing the wood to swell. These cases require replacement of the damaged part of the roof.

If you see problems with your gutters, do not be tempted to fix them while you're on the roof. This is a common way to fall off the roof's edge! Instead, note the locations that are a problem, get a ladder, and deal with them from the ground. Apply a protective coating to your roof to reduce the heat from the sun and improve its lifespan. There are a number of different types of roof coatings, but one of the most common is the albedo coating. Used in areas with a lot of hot, sunny weather, they bring surface temperatures down by as much as eighty percent. This extends the life of your roof by blocking UV rays, and keeps your home cooler. If you have a metal roof, other coatings can be used to prevent corrosion, keeping your roof in good shape longer.

Consider the Versatility of Quilting Designs

If you ever wondered where all those graceful quilting designs came from on a quilt, several were designed by manual labor. Many others, however originate from using a premade pattern. Before the days of patterns all the quilting designs originated in the mind of someone as they visualized what they desired the final pattern to look like. With various designs crossing through a variety of different squares it is relatively easy to see that it requires a real talent to design a quilt of your own.

Patchwork quilts are maybe the least difficult designs to create because they consist of nothing except than a patchwork of distinct color materials, cut up into squares and sewn together in complete random order. Those patches that have quilting designs on them must be sewn back together in a particular order for the pattern to emerge. Whether left to right or top to bottom, matching the pattern on each square with an adjacent square demands planning and some patience.

Your quilt size and the square diameters, which will make up the quilt will establish how intricate the design of the quilt will be. While many people decide to keep their quilting designs simple, other people desire more intricate and complex designs. Using material with designs already on it can make things much easier, but you still need to make each piece of similar size to make certain they fit together to form the desired size.

If you plan on making your quilting designs two-sided, you must realize that you will be spending a huge amount of time making it. Both sides will have to be finished, as far as knots, and dependent upon your idea of reversible, may require the back and front made exactly the same before you sew all the layers together.

A sewing machine with a computerized guide can make quilting designs much easier to make. Many allow you to enter your design and switch the machine on. It will accurately duplicate the pattern on whatever material you put in the machine. For full quilts where duplicated quilting designs are required this can make them quickly and easily.

Without an electronic sewing machine, patterns are available with which you can mark your cloth and then sew by either traditional machine or by hand. Either way, making enough squares for a large quilt is going to take some time and work by you.

Painted Projector Screen – Can I Use Projector Screen Paint on Wood?

If you have been looking to build your own projector screen you have probably seen that one of the alternatives for a cheap projector screen is to create a painted projector screen using projector screen paint. Now, you can apply the paint on different types of surfaces, most commonly you will be looking to apply it on a plaster or wood surface. In this article I will go into what to look for if you are using a wood surface for a fixed projector screen, in particular whether the surface needs a base coat, the type of base coat to use, and the kind of paint to use for the screen.

Does The Surface Need A Base Coat?

If the wood that you are planning to use as your projection screen has already been painted on with latex paint then you should not need to use a base coat. The latex paint should do well as a base for your screen. Hopefully it is a high quality acrylic-based latex paint, if not it is possible that there will be flecking in the future. Other types of paint on a wood surface will likely require you to apply a latex base coat before painting on your projection screen. Also be sure that there are no bumps on the surface, the smallest most unnoticeable bump could end up completely ruining your picture. For the best projection screen you will absolutely want to make sure that not only does the surface look smooth, but feels smooth too.

What Type Of Base Coat Should Be Used?

The type of base coat best to use on a wood surface is one that is not water based. Avoid water based base coats at all costs if the material for the screen is wood. The reason for this is that flecks could appear, and this is not what you want. A proper base coating should be available at your hardware store, and if you are buying some special projection screen paint make sure to check that the base paint is not water-based. If you decide to go with a kit a projection screen paint kit a base coat should be provided.

What Kind Of Paint Should I Use?

As far as the proper paint there are many different types of paint that work well for projection screens. Behr has some paints that do it yourself home theater enthusiasts swear by, but the durability can be questionable. Most commonly Behr Silver Screen is used for this purpose, and is a cheap alternative for a home theater projector screen. Screen Goo and Mississippi Mudd are two of the most recommended projection screen paint types. Whichever type you choose you need to be prepared to repaint the screen in the future as this is one of the downsides of a painted projector screen.