Do These 3 Things To Remove The Barrier Between You And Your Success

“It is impossible to attain and maintain desirable physical condition without first achieving mental and moral condition.”-John Wooden

As we sit down and review past seasons, I wonder how many of us take conditioning into consideration. Beyond that, I wonder how many of us build conditioning into our practice plans. Of course, I’m talking about Wooden-type conditioning, which is deeper than running sprints and lifting weights. Read on to find out the three types of conditioning necessary for successful players, teams, and seasons.

3 reasons why proper conditioning is vital to reaching your potential

1. Mental condition. The season is a long haul and the players (and coaches) have to mentally prepare themselves for the ups and downs that will inevitably happen from beginning to end. Everyone is happy at the beginning of the season because we’re all mentally and physically fresh. But what happens a couple of months into season and some folks see the writing on the wall, that they won’t play as much as they thought, and their school work is wearing on them? The mentally strong teams will keep pushing through, relying on their team goals to keep them motivated.

2. Moral condition. This is a particularly timely topic. What would your players do if they could take a pill that would help them recover faster from tough workouts, go harder in the weight room, swing faster, and hit harder? As you know, baseball has been dealing with this issue lately and I believe it’s a moral issue. Will you do whatever it takes within the rules…or are you willing to operate in the grey zone just outside the rules? I’d be wary of a coach or player who didn’t see any problems with breaking rules, because where does it stop? We’ve got to believe that things will work out for those of us that do things the right way and even if it doesn’t, we’ve taught our players a valuable life lesson.

3. Physical condition. Some sports require massive aerobic capacity. While others require its participants to use tremendous explosive energy. Every sport requires different levels of exertion, but the thing that all sports require is a commitment to doing what it takes to be in the best possible physical condition in order to be successful. I believe that mental and physical conditioning go hand in hand. For an athlete to push themselves to the edges of their limits daily requires a resolve that is a bit unnatural…therefore a significant goal is required. As long as the goal is large enough and the players think it’s attainable through hard work, they’ll be willing to log long hours in the gym.

As Wooden says, “you must be conditioned for whatever you’re doing if you’re going to do it to the best of your ability”. Hopefully, conditioning our athletes for success is a top priority for all of us coaches.

Binoculars Magnification – 7 Tips For Best Viewing of Distant Objects

Binoculars magnification is an important capability that has a big impact on your ability to see distant objects. Many binoculars have an integrated design, so there are several factors that can affect the magnification capability. in this article, we will examine 7 tips to help you understand binocular magnification and make it work for you.

1) How is magnification defined?

Magnification notation is usually presented as part of a pair of numbers separated by a small x. For example, 7×50 or 8×32. The first number in the pair is the magnification factor, or some times called the power of the binoculars. For example, if the first number is an 8, then the object you are observing will appear 8 times closer than if you were looking at it with the naked eye.

2) What part of the binocular affects the magnification?

Magnification capability is determined by the prisms and the eyepiece. The prisms bend the light into the eyepiece for your viewing, so the two are interrelated

3) What is the biggest benefit of high magnification?

Use of high magnification will have the effect of making the objects you are observing seem closer to you. Depending on the model, you can get anywhere from 6x to as much as 20x magnification!

4) How stable will my viewing be under high magnification?

You should be all right with handheld observations up to 10x magnification. Above 10x, some kind of mounting system is required to minimize the effects of motion.

5) What is the relationship of magnification to brightness of the image?

At high magnification levels, less light is coming through the binoculars and the area is smaller, so brightness levels are reduced. Lens coatings can offset this effect to some extent.

6) How does field of view and magnification relate to each other?

The lower the magnification, the wider the area you can view through your binoculars. If your observations are better suited to wide field of view, you may not want to go above 7x magnification.

7) Does viewing location affect recommended magnification levels?

Astronomical viewing with binoculars has a special provision. In this case, the darker your sky is, the lower the magnification level needed for optimum viewing. In urban areas where light from cities creates a brighter sky, a range of 8x to 12x is preferred, with 10x being the best. For a darker sky in rural areas, 6x to 9x is sufficient, with 7x being the most common setting.

As you can see there are many factors that affect the use of binocular magnification. These tips should help guide you in picking the right magnification level for you.

Time And Attendance System

Time and attendance systems are designed to assist organizations to effectively manage the working hours of employees. They are a paperless system used to collect the work time of employees electronically. The systems automate and simplify timekeeping and human resource management. Time and attendance systems effectively interact with any payroll system. The system allows employees to electronically submit leave letters. They are capable of operating on various platforms for different business rules. They are used in areas such as healthcare, financial services, transportation or distribution, retail management, government, manufacturing, and hospitality.

Early on, time and attendance systems were only associated with the manufacturing or ‘blue collar’ workforce. But today, due to the impact of legislation and the influence of technology, they are used for a variety of business functions including access control, job pricing, project tracking, and employee schedules. Most systems are Web-enabled and are integrated with current Internet technology. The cost of installing a time and attendance system depends on the number of staff involved and the equipment and type of software used.

Time and attendance systems often have a Web version of the employee module, which allows workers to enter their time using a Web browser. Its flexible design runs on both PCs under Windows and UNIX workstations. Most systems are compatible with over 20 databases including Ingres, Sybase, and Oracle, and run on all major network environments, thus, providing instant access to all time and attendance functions. Time and attendance systems help companies to reduce and control costs by permitting employees to access non-critical information in a simple, secure, and safe manner.

Benefits of time and attendance systems including a reduction in error rates, and reducing unnecessary data entry. They are used for varied work schedules, hour codes, and cost structures. The systems reduce potential mistakes automatically by transferring information between company systems.

Roof Maintenance – 8 Things to Inspect and Repair If Needed

Roof maintenance is a necessary task. A visual inspection should be performed twice a year. If the area where you live is subject to inclement weather, you may want to inspect 4 times a year. During inspection, if you notice little things here and there like the ones mentioned below, you should do your best to perform some of the minor repair work. A well maintained roof will have a longer life expectancy.

Clean Debris

While you are up there, you should sweep away any and all debris. Pay particular attention to any pipes and other roof penetrations. Any dirt that collects in these areas will hold moisture which will help increase the rate of deterioration.

Check For Algae

If you see algae, install some zinc control strips. If you can, scrape whatever you can off. Algae can be a very intrusive organism.

Loose Shingles

If you see some shingles that are loose, apply some roof cement to re-secure.

Missing Pieces

If you find that some pieces are missing, you should replace them. For asphalt shingles, it is fairly straightforward process.


Any pieces that have damage should also be replaced.

Check The Gutter

If you have a gutter, make sure to keep it clean. You want any rain water to drain easily away from the roof.

Overhanging Branches

If you have trees close by your house, keep the branches trimmed if they start to hang over the roof.

Caulking And Sealants

If you see that these are cracked or damaged, you will need to scrape it off and reapply new caulking and sealant.

If you are unable to get on the roof, you can schedule with your roofer to come out on a regular basis to perform the maintenance work. It will prevent major problems down the road and give you peace of mind. If you know that minor problems are taken care of, then you will not have to worry about major problems the next time a big storm comes your way.

Coating Systems

Coating systems are techniques used in covering flat and uneven surfaces on any material. The use of coating technology is always in agreement with the high quality standards set by most industries in coming up with the very best line of products. Diverse coating materials are used each of which possesses a characteristic that's beneficial to the needs of markets.

Coating materials

Coatings are made of biologically safe chemicals combined through scientific operations. Coating is generally done by pouring or spraying an absorbent non-metal over metallic surfaces. These nonmetal materials are protected from wear and corrosion. They also have electrical properties. In many situations, they're sprayed. They are applied thinly just to cover uneven spaces of the work piece. The application technique is vital to be mastered in order for the film to give the desired beauty that can last. However, coating may also be done through a machine. Four elements are needed in coating formulation: binders, additives, pigments, and carrier fluid.

The following are the types of coating materials:

  • Polyester is considered the most popular polymer that adds resistance to paint coated steel. This material is elastic and formable and can be used in hot or cold climate.
  • Matted polyester is a coating that has a high color retention property. It is preferred when gloss is not found to be important.
  • The pural is characterized by a silky matted structural surface that is very resistant to temperature variations. Just like the matted polyester, this has high color retention and displays mechanical resistance.
  • Acryl is a combination of varnish and paint. This coating material is not dependable for it can be ruined easily even upon installation. The color fades under the sun given a number of years of use.
  • Plastisol is used each time a really heavy coating is desired. It's highly resistant to mechanical damages. It has a high corrosion resistance but its color retention is observed to be lower than that of the polyester. However, it is one of the best coatings for smooth surfaces.
  • PVDF is a plastic material which is made up of polyvinylchloride and acryl. Of all the coating materials, this is considered as the most UV-radiation resistant. It does not easily fade. It is among the most corrosive coating material that gives a thin gloss finish.

What Is In A Coat?

The use of the various coating systems all provide for quality and safe production of goods. A coat, whatever material it is made of, is intended to protect the product from deterioration and other damages due by moisture and other environmental factors. Aside from that, the beauty of products is maintained through the application of coat by providing it with smooth, pin hole-free finish.

The use of spray in coating is the most widely used coating technique. Aside from ease of application, coating through the use of spray is among the most economical technique for it does not any longer require the use of other machines. Moreover, the simplicity of its technique allows for work perfection and work efficiency. That is why of the many coating systems being offered to industries, the use of spray gained the most popularity.

Funny Face Painting Ideas

Face painting is applied all across the globe, by children and adults of all nations. These are used for various purposes. Sometimes, face painting is applied for the sake of fun only and sometimes for campaign purposes like fundraising or charity events. Thus, a lot of variety utilizes the idea of ​​face painting according to their desired convenience.

In the course of doing so, some people happen to represent funny face painting patterns. They are amusing yet attractive. I would like to mention events like matches. If we look at the audience, people with bald scalp utilize the spare part of their head by applying the logo of their desired team. Some have their faces wherein the entire face is covered by the flag logo of the team representing a particular nation. Well, in majority, adults happen to apply such experiments and they definitely look amusing to the audience.

When it comes to funny face painting ideas, I have witnessed children on costumes parties who have had their faces painted according to the costume of the particular character adorned by them. For instance, a child can wear the costume of a Spider Man. At the same time, if they are not wearing any mask, they have their faces painted in red and blue web design. They certainly look funny roaming here and there, acting like a real Spider Man.

Adults have their own preferences. Some like to have their bellies painted with a fish design, where in their bellies seem to be like an aquarium with swimming fish of vibrant colors. They look attractive yet amusing.

Some people like having their faces painted like wild cats, mustaches and whiskers painted, with eyebrows sprouted like that of a cat. They ponder around the entire party with their adorned costume tail, saying aloud "meooowww, meeoww"; that certainly is entertaining yet funny to the audience.

There are couples who have their faces painted like Jack and Jill, holding their arms together or similar to Siamese Twins. They have the same clothes on, the same coverage of face with similar design and color patterns. They have an alluring outlook and certainly a hilarious one. Some people use various parts of their body like nose and eyes and lips that they enhance and cover with various colors. Anyone can have their lips painted like a frog and pout them out while the entire frog figure can be painted around them. The nose can be painted red in color and the whole face may be painted like a clown. Cheeks may have similar patterns so that it becomes difficult for the onlooker to decide whether it is the left cheek or the right one.

There are times like Halloween parties, where people of all sizes like having their faces painted in a scary way like a skull, or a vampire and when they make out noises like one, they happen to be quite entertaining. They are a treat to watch and bring smiles to faces that are quite memorable.

Design a Mobile Website – Ditch The Yellow Pages And Cash In On Local Search

So you've finally decided to join in and take advantage of the exploding mobile market to get more exposure for your products and services in your local business.

You want to design a mobile website that will appeal to your customers and prospects. There is certainly a growing number of tools and resources that can help you design a site that is appealing and effective for your advertising and marketing efforts.

There's two ways to do this … like with anything, on your own or with the help of experts that know what they are doing.

– Do it yourself – Is it possible?

It is possible to design a website, because of all the great services that are out there to use in the creation and transformation. You can use Mobify for example, to set up and create your site all by yourself. They do have free plans, but like anything, if you want to have all the features, hosting etc., you'll need to pay.

There are quite a few other tools and services that vary in what you can do, but you can design a mobile website and get it up fairly quickly.

–It's a piece of cake if you know how to do it

Everybody runs into this challenge when they are trying to do anything. What sees straightforward, becomes more difficult than imagined and also time-consuming. It's the same with the design of a mobile website.

There are little things that can mean the difference in how well your site functions and how it looks. This is definitely not a mini-version of your website. It needs to be created differently and modified from your main website to really look great on smartphones.

With this in mind, even having the tools to make a site, you can not guarantee you can design it the proper way. Beside, who has time with everything in their business to make a site.

–Have someone do it for you for free?

Would not it be great if you could have somebody else design your site for you and it will not cost you a penny?

This can happen very easily. The best of both worlds is to have an expert design one that knows how to do it right and also do it for nothing.

A service called best free mobile site can take care of all the hard work for you, so you can focus on your business and do not have to worry about all the technical know how to design your site.

If you have not done it already, it's time to get the exposure for your business. Do it yourself or get it done for free and start enjoying all the new business that you'll be getting from local search. Design a mobile website now and get the edge over your competition.

Advantages of Contract Management Software

The value of a business relationship is best determined by the contract. Here, several options are now available for contract management. Contract management software is perhaps the most important tool to manage contracts effectively, especially in organizations dealing with large volumes of contracts. It is highly efficient to check whether the corporate obligations and business needs of a business firm and its partners are met properly. The main benefit of contract management software is that it allows a company to manage contracts without any paperwork from beginning to end, thereby avoiding the risk of losing critical documents. A recent addition is web-based contract management software packages that allow users to store private, confidential data.

Contract management software features advanced workflow management authoring tools, downloadable standard contract language, financial and budget monitoring tools, flexible user interface and revision archiving. These features make contract management software very advantageous in solving a multitude of business problems. Advantages of contract management software include the establishment of quality contacts within a short period of time, increased visibility to contracts, management of contractual risk, and tracking information relating to commitments and obligations, particularly important dates such as renewals.

Contract management software is an effective strategy for contract negotiations. This is because it allows companies to gather and summarize information from all existing contracts and other applications. It is also useful to optimize contract performance and eliminate business risks involved in the delivery of product and services. Another advantage of contract management software is that it decreases inflated cost and strengnts compliance with internal and external policies. The end result is improved customer and vendor relationships.

Contract management software can simplify the legal aspects of any contract. Sometimes, the software serves as a tool to identify material changes in a contract. Internal and external audits are also facilitated. Some contract management software even alert managers when transactions are pending in other systems. Above all, contract management software has the ability to institute organizational controls. It provides the framework to ensure proper contract reviews.

A myriad of contract management software, with most sophisticated features, is now available. They allow users to share data files, project plans and process information. All the advantages of contract management software may be fully utilized only if it is properly selected and correctly installed. The purpose of contract management software varies from company to company. For example, some companies may require contract management software to track and document procurement contracts, while others keep a record on periodic certificates of suppliers.

10 Basics of Container Planter Design

You see beautiful potted plant designs in yards, at businesses and along city streets and wish that you had that kind of green thumb. Wouldn’t such a pot with those colors and that texture be beautiful in your yard or on your deck? How do those gardeners create such wonderful potted plant designs? They follow the ten basics of container planter creativity and then they let their imaginations run wild. As you begin to dream about you container planter design, it is good for you to know the basics of container planting so that your decision produces the effects you desire.


Generally you will see two styles of design with some variations among those styles. The most common style for upright containers uses the focal point, the filler and the trailer. A focal point plant stands out above the rest by being taller and/or more colorful. The focal point is the first to attract your attention. The filler plants are use to compliment the focal plant. They are good for providing the color and texture and are used to cover the bare parts of the pot. The trailer plants hang over the edge of the pot and add softness to the design. A second style of design is to use the same type of plant, in bulk, with variations to create the difference in look. It is best to use plants that are dense and will cover or fill the entire pot.

Type of Pot

Your design choice will be greatly affected by the size and type of pot that you are working with. Almost anything can be used for a container planter. First choose your plants with the size of pot in mind. A simple pot may use more exciting plants as an emphasis while simple plants may leave the emphasis on an ornate pot. Another consideration is whether your pot is an upright planter or a hanging planter. The hanging planter will require plants that have genetics for hanging rather than growing upright.


Determine the size of pot that you are planting and from that choose plants that will fit the pot. A beginning rule is to choose plants that will be two times the height for the focal plant and one and one half times the width of the pot for the filler plants. This is not a rule set in stone, but a guideline. For a quicker, complete look of your planter design, choose plants that are not too young (immature) but may be closer to the size desired for the design.

Desired Effect

Decide if your container planter will be a focal point of your landscape design or a compliment to the rest of your landscaping and choose accordingly. This may affect your choice of size and desire to blend or stand out.


The color selection is wide open. A good starting point is to choose colors to either match or compliment a landscape or home. For a mixture of colors, pick colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. For a more monochromatic design, pick one color and use different variations of the same color.


Some plants are chosen for their texture rather than their color. Texture is generally a factor of the plant leaves and can add an alternative option to creating a different style. Choose plants with a variety of texture and sizes of leaves for added effect to your design.

Sun vs Shade

It is important to choose plants that are adapted to the area that the container will be located. Plants are generally labeled as to whether they are able to thrive in full sun, light sun or shade. If you have a container that you can move with the seasons, you can be more flexible with your choices.

Wet vs Dry

It is also important to know whether a plant needs a lot of moisture or is adapted to a more dry soil. Do not combine plants that have considerable differences in moisture needs or your plant design will suffer from loss of plants.


Choosing plant designs can also be influenced by the season. If you are choosing a planter design with flowers, you will need to determine when the plants flower and how long. Also, some plants thrive better in cooler weather and others prefer warm or hot weather. This will determine how long your design will perform for you.


Lastly, choose plants that are available in your area or that you have access to. Also, choose plants that, from your experience, you will be able to take care of. Some are easy to grow and others may require a more a green thumb with more expertise.

The ten basics of container planting can help you get started in creating beautiful container plant designs. Fortunately for us, many master container gardeners are willing to share their ideas and recipes and with a little searching, you may find just the one to suit you. Keep the basics in mind when choosing a pre-designed pattern for your pot or planter so that you will obtain your desired results. Even if you don’t use a pre-designed pattern, you have the tools to let your imagination create a piece of enjoyment and beauty. Plant away.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioners

Too much hot and excessive cold both left us with kind of uneasiness. In both the states either we can work efficiently nor we can relax ourselves. At such moments air conditioners prove their worth. Ducted air conditioners or ducted split systems are better options as they cover whole lot of areas at the same time.

This type of conditioners are quite beneficial.

  • They can be used in hotels, offices, multi-storey buildings, house, shopping complexes, malls, picture- halls everywhere.
  • These are installed in roof and controls the temperature according to the environment. This system joins the air of the room and turns it into cold and hot according to climate.
  • Their installation is easy and as they are fixed in roof, so they do not occupy the space on the wall.
  • Single machine is capable enough in controlling the temperature of whole house and even two storeys. the air is spread through ducts in all rooms.
  • In multi-storey buildings various ducts are installed in different stores and single machine could do for two stories at a time.
  • In hot climate it provides cooling and dehumidification and warmth in cold.
  • The zone motors can be installed in different ducts of different rooms to make the heating or cooling flexible as per your requirement.
  • These are most beneficial for those who are suffering from asthma. As they filter the air which they attract from the surroundings and make it bacteria free.

The disadvantages associated with these conditions are, their installation left you with no choice to change it's location as per your need. As the conversion of required temperature is done with the help of electricity, so the result is in high electricity bills. And they are more expensive in comparison to other types of conditioners. But their installation proved to be cost effective inalls and offices, hospitals, and all.

It is advisable that before purchasing a conditioner contact to dealers, to know about varied ranges available in the market according to brands. Select the correct sized machine according to your need as the higher number of BTUs will add number of units in your bill. And make sure that you purchase from those dealers who provide maintenance services by expert technicians at regular intervals.

So there is no need to worry about buying separate air conditioners for separate rooms when a single ducted conditioner can satisfy your need effectively.

Recovery Machines – 3 Types Of Air Conditioning Refrigerant Recovery

When your job is to repair air conditioning systems, and you are paid by the job or by the hour, then efficiency of your work must be important to you. In this short article, three types of air conditioning refrigerant recovery are introduced. These are liquid phase recovery, vapor phase recovery, and push-pull recovery. Knowing about all three, and using them when appropriate will speed up your work with refrigerant recovery machines, be it for air conditioning repair, air conditioning service, RV refrigerator repair, or similar jobs. Ultimately knowing about these three types of air conditioning service will make you more money in the shorter amount of time in your job.

Liquid phase refrigerant recovery

This is the fastest possible way to recover most if not all the refrigerant in the AC unit. Since the liquid is always denser than the vapor, liquid phase recovery is fastest regardless of what refrigerant you are working with. Liquid phase refrigerant reclaim is very suitable for container-to-container transfers, however, it is not suitable for all AC or HVAC systems.

Vapor phase refrigerant recovery

Vapor phase refrigerant recovery will transfer the refrigerant in its vapor phase. This is the most common and most frequently used refrigerant reclaim done to date. However, it is also the slowest as the vapor always has lower density than the liquid phase, and by a large margin. This type of refrigerant reclaim is suitable for all air conditioning systems.

Push-pull recovery

This is a combination of liquid phase and vapor phase refrigerant recovery with a twist. In the first phase, the compressor pressure is used to push the refrigerant liquid out of the air conditioning unit into the recovery tank. In the second phase, which may require a quick exchange of hose attachments, the remaining refrigerant is “pulled” out of the air conditioning unit in gas phase, as with the vapor phase refrigerant reclaim above. A combination of push-pull provides the speed that is superior to that of the vapor phase refrigerant reclaim and the completeness and the lack of residual refrigerant leaks as characteristic to the vapor phase refrigerant reclaim. So when you get a hold of the recovery machine that can do push pull, you will be able to benefit from it the most.

List Building – Using Alliances

One often overlooked way to build a new customer list is by using alliances. So what is an alliance? Well it could be as simple as being friends with someone that is on a committee or who belongs to an organization. That friend might allow you to speak in front of their group (usually without pay) and you get to promote what you do.

Alliances work both ways. You should have something worthwhile to offer to their clients or customers while they are allowing you access to their list.

Do you offer a coaching or consulting service? You may consider asking local business people to help promote you while you give your service to their customers. For example; If you run a coaching or consulting service in the health and wellness arena, why not go to your local health food store and offer free consults? Or help them organize an event around the types of service you offer.

A flower shop I worked with would go to restaurants and "sell" their flowers to them for the dining tables at a drastically reduced rate, they did little more than break even with the flowers themselves. But if the restaurant did not want to design the displays and place them on the tables themselves, the flower shop would offer the placement service to them at a slightly higher charge. They also designed the vases themselves to promote the flower shop along with an ingoing special for the restaurant customers.

In this scenario the restaurant owner not only got a more attractive table setting, they were able to offer a special price on flowers, exclusively for their customers. How could you adapt this to your business, so that you gain a wider audience and your alliance partner gets something to offer their customer base?

Any good business person knows how reciprocity works. If they give a free gift or sample to their clients, the client dreams a need to reciprocate the favor, and will often make a larger purchase than they would have otherwise, because they were given something for free.

So what type of "give away" item could you come up with that would be low cost to you and a benefit to your potential alliance partner? A free or discounted consultation, product or service? An online webinar? A sheet of tips or strategies? Even a down-loadable e-book or mp3. Just make sure whatever your offer is that is has value to the clients and customers of your alliance partner.

Seagrass Carpet: The Best Natural Choice of Carpet for Your Home

If you want to use natural fiber to carpet your floors, “seagrass” carpet is definitely a great choice. There are so many choices of natural fiber for carpets out there such as sisal and coir. But Seagrass is the choice for many people because aside from their durability, they are also very much inexpensive. Some of you might have not heard of such before because truth be told, it is not as popular as synthetic fiber carpets. So, what is a carpet made out of Seagrass fiber?

Seargrass is a natural product that grows mostly in China and India in their paddy fields. These fields are usually flooded by seawater during the crop season which helps the Seagrass grow. After some time the Seagrasses are collected and sundried then spun into different cords which many carpet manufacturers then use to come up with the Seagrass carpet. The natural finish of the carpet is smooth and shiny which is why it can be used for many different places. But, that characteristic makes this carpet dangerous to place on stairways. Nevertheless, it is a durable, versatile, and inexpensive carpet that is a great addition to any home.

There are so many reasons why adding such carpet to your home is a great idea:

• Durable – as aforementioned, this type of carpet is durable and can last you for so many years. The natural fiber is less prone to damages even with constant heavy footfall on it. Aside from that, the process to how Seagrass are made into strings of fiber makes it repellant to most substances so you can expect minimal stains and dirt. Some carpet manufacturers even add stain guard during its production to make it even more repellant to dirt and stain.

• Environment friendly – because they are naturally made and cultivated, there are hardly any chemicals used in the process of making it. Also, Seagrass naturally comes in many different shades so there is really no dye used in the creation of it. One carpet made out of Seagrass with many different colors has no traces of dye in it.

• Striking – with such carpet, you don’t have to worry about it not looking good in your home because it will look good in your home. Actually, you know that it will look good because of the shiny and smooth finish that it has. It also comes in a variety of designs, patterns and styles that you can choose from. There are traditional weaves that you can find if you want a more classic and versatile look. There is also more intricate weaves such as the herringbone if you want more character.

• Reduces noise – this is one of the many great things you can get out of using Seagrass as the material of choice for your carpet. It is said to absorb most noise so you can very well sleep soundly and not be disturbed by a single noise.

See, there are so many reasons why choosing a Seagrass carpet for your home is a great idea. Next time you need a carpet, consider getting one that is made out of Seagrass to avail of those mentioned benefits.

This is What Makes Sisal Rugs Products of Undisputed Quality

Sisal rugs are a natural and affordable way to get great decor in your home. Sisal is exclusively used to make some of the greatest rugs in the market today. Companies have gone a step further by buying only a certain kind of sisal which they consider high quality. They are very durable and are readily available in the market. If you have a limited budget, you can definitely find something that will suit your pocket. They resemble furniture in their tone and texture making them a great compliment to the living area. They come in various designs and shapes to choose from and one can find something that they will definitely appreciate.

There are various collections of sisal rugs and among them is the sisal Boucle rug collection. They are made 100% natural fiber. It is durable and comes in many shades. They come in earthen colors like Green, Cream, Tweed and five more major colors. They are made of a small tight weave which usually forms the tight and durable rug. The sisal Brasilia collection is much bolder and is made by sisal from Africa. With eight major colors to choose from, they can also be custom made for all your flooring needs. The colors to this collection include, Caramel, Ebony, Honey, Khaki Red, Khaki Black, Sienna, Coffee and others. They are affordable and available.

Sisal Natal is another collection that is made from African sisal. It comes in six popular colors. They include tans of blue, Brown, red and green. They are also 100% sisal. They are very striking and attractive and are sown in a flat weave. The sun collection comes with sun colors made in very distinctive styles and natural tones. The sun colors include, sunlight, sunbeam, sunshine, sundial and sundown. They come with great textures to choose from and they can liven up any space in your house. Another collection contains a combination of sisal and wool. These collection is called sisal wool rug collection. The greatness of sisal added to the amazing softness of wool makes an irresistible product that is bought after by many. It is made out of 100% African sisal.

Sisal does not build up static electricity and therefore does not trap dust, making it environmentally friendly and a product of undisputed quality. They come in very stylish designs and they are able to transform your home to become more luxurious and beautiful. One can sample rugs from various cultures, the most popular sisal rugs being Panama rugs, classic Mozambique rugs, Valencia, classic Tanzanian rugs, Milan rugs, Florence rugs and others. One can compare the rich cultures and choose to their liking. African and European sisal rugs are very popular in the market. The Egyptian sisal is the oldest as making of mats and rugs dates back to the beginning of civilization. Sisal is stronger than other natural fibers like flax, hemp and jute. Sisal will continue to be a leader in its field providing great interiors to homes.

Men, Women, Sex & Money

If you want to start an intense, passionate debate between the sexes just bring up the subject of sex or money. If you want to bring down the house combine sex and money into one topic and see how many couples leave speaking. At a recent gathering of girlfriends we let our hair down and talked openly about sex and money. Here is what a few of my friends had to say:

Tiesha: “I was standing at a bus stop and a man in a car passed by me a few times before getting the nerve to ask me for my phone number. He pulled up to the curb and yelled, ‘Hey baby, you got a man?’ I said yes and I am very happy in my relationship so please keep driving. The guy then said, ‘Your man is obviously not on his j-o-b, otherwise you wouldn’t be standing at this bus stop.’ He started to laugh out loud then swerved off. I was embarrassed and that really hurt me. A lot of people judge a man by how much money he makes or the type of material things that he owns. I think that this type of thinking is unfair because if it was not for my boyfriend I wouldn’t have anyone to help with my daughter.

What makes my boyfriend even more special is that my daughter is from a previous relationship. He is not obligated to take care of her, but every morning he cooks breakfast and makes lunch for her. He picks her up from school and helps her with homework. I work full-time as a nurse’s aid in a convalescent home and attend school full-time to become an anesthesiologist. When I come home from work, the house is clean and my dinner is on the table. My boyfriend hasn’t worked in almost a year due to an injury. Without his support there is no way I could finish school and work the hours I need to get ahead. My friends and family always make little nasty remarks about my boyfriend not having any money, but I can’t pay them to keep my daughter.”

Tona: I have got to be true to myself. I know this might sound ugly or materialistic but a man has got to have some “cheese.” If he doesn’t have money I have no need for him. I think a man should always give a woman money especially if she is sleeping with him. It takes money for a woman to keep her hair and nails done. Think about the cost of make-up and feminine products- and have you priced birth control pills lately? It’s expensive being a woman. It’s the woman who has to have her insides tugged out in the case of an unwanted pregnancy and worse yet, who has to carry the baby for nine months and almost die having the baby – the woman.

I think any woman who lets a man lay-up on her, suck in her heat and eat her food without financial compensation is being used. Think about it. Men go to strip clubs and give money to girls just to look at it! This is America. If a man respects a woman she won’t have to ask him for money, he’ll just give it to her because he wants to see his woman carry herself in a certain manner. If a man doesn’t have money to give to a woman that he supposedly love, he shouldn’t expect sex, because he can’t afford the consequences.

Kara: I don’t care what any woman says; I think it is impossible for any man to be sexually faithful. As long as he respects me and doesn’t flaunt his whore in my face I can deal with his infidelity. As long as he brings his check home to me, there is food on the table, the kids have what they need, and all of my basic needs are met; for the most part I can be happy.

My mother was a teenager with five children. We were taken from her because she couldn’t properly provide for us. I watched her fall in and out of love, but we were still five hungry kids. My mother once let a recently divorced man live with us and he gave his ex-wife and children most of his money while he gave my mother empty promises. When he no longer had to pay child support he left my mother. Men are different from women. A man can have sex with a woman and not care what her last name is. I think men are much better at separating sex from love. But when a man gives a woman his money, something he has worked hard for, I think this means that he really cares and it’s not just a sexual attraction.

Money determines a person’s quality of life, and let’s face it; it takes two-incomes just to keep your head above water. I am not saying that a woman shouldn’t help a man out if he needs help or pay for a date every now and then, but if he doesn’t have money to give to a woman, she is wasting her time by sleeping with him. It’s easy to find a man to have sex with – that’s all most men want. To me, when a man is interested in financially helping a woman, he is letting her know that he really loves her.


My father always told me that if you want to know where a man’s heart is… just simply watch where he spends his money. Do sex, love and money go hand-in-hand? Men do you think giving a woman money indicates whether or not a man truly loves her?