Learn About What Air Source Heat Pumps Can Do For Your Home

When it comes to heating pumps, there are several different kinds to choose from including Air Source Heat Pumps. You can learn a lot about these types of heat pumps by visiting many different websites on the Internet that will tell you exactly what they are and how they can benefit you. These types of pumps are very efficient for heating and cooling your home. They will work very well if you live in a mild climate. You can learn that these heat pumps are different from other heat pumps because they are used to move the heat around instead of changing a fuel into the heat itself.

The Air Source Pumps have thermostatic expansion valves. These valves are used to give control of the refrigerant that is being sent to the indoor coil. They also have variable speed blowers. These blowers can help to stop the bad instances that can occur when there are dirty filters, restricted ductwork or dirty coils. These types of heat pumps have been used for over 30 years and the models that they have today have much better features installed in them, which makes them 1 1/2 to 2 times more efficient.

These older models of the Air Source Pumps were not very good at working in a climate that had long periods of weather that was in sub-freezing temperatures but the newer models take care of that problem by creating these types of pumps that have a back-up gas resource so when the weather gets really cold, this backup system would kick in order to give the efficiency needed. These new models also have updated copper tubing that has a grooved inner core. This allows to improve the surface space. These systems are usually a split up system as well.

This split up system means that the Air Source Heat Pumps have a coil installed on the inside of the home and on the outside of the home. With the home, there will be a fan installed that will distribute this air in both directions. There are many manufacturers of this type of heating pump including Fedders, Goodman, Freidrich, Bryant, Global Industry, Trane, Soleus, and Haier, as well as many others. You can compare the different models that are on the market in order to get the right heating pump that is right for your home and situation. Trane is a very well- known and popular model that could be a great starting point.

Apartment for Sale – Tips on How to Set Up

Deciding to put your apartment for sale is not something that is done drastically. You have to think about it twice or even thrice. You may have urgent reasons for intending to sell your apartment but it is best that you end up with a good deal.

Below are some factors that you have to consider:

Identifying target market . To immediately sell your apartment you should know what to sell it. The market for apartments is a bit much different from the market for bungalow houses and mansions. Probable buyers usually are those couples whose family is still growing, bachelors, and bachelorettes.

Deciding for the price . Setting a price requires research. You can not just assign a price without basis. You may conduct interviews with real estate agents and bank representatives to come up with an appropriate market value.

Of course there are other factors that determine the market value of the property and these includes but are not limited to:

1. Amenities

The more amenities, the higher the value becomes.

2. Location

Location is a great factor that establishes whether a property is of high value or not. A location in the metropolitan area would probably have a higher value compared with an apartment in the suburb area.

3. Materials

The kind of materials used in the apartment also affects valuation. Naturally materials that are of high quality will demand a higher valuation compared to low cost materials.

There are also some strategies that you can employ to hasten sale:

Classified ads . Advertise in local newspapers. Classified ad section will do the selling for you. You do not have to exert so much effort. All you have to do is post the specifications and your contact number. However, this is a more passive option.

Open house . You can arrange for an open house and invite as many people as you can through local ads. This is a bit more of an aggressive selling. The great thing about this is that those who are interested can see the place immediately.

Contract a sales agent. If you are busy and it is impractical for you to take care of everything, the best thing to do is to contract a real estate agent. You will be treated with all the hassle because selling properties is a thing real estate agents do best. It will make everything easier for you.

Having all of these in mind, the probability of disposing your apartment faster can be possible.

Flat Panel Aviation Displays For Automotive Mobile Electronics

You know those high-tech ultra cool flat panel displays being used in fighter planes, and corporate jet aircraft? Well, guess what, they are becoming more and more common in luxury cars, and the auto after market accessory business is selling them. They sure look cool, all electronic, flat panel with more features than a personal computer to boot.

Recently, I was at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and there were several vendors that had these cool displays, as well as some quarter million dollar and up sports cars that now have custom kits for them. The flat panel displays for dash boards are customized and so far they are not that cheap, but the prices are coming down.

I suspect by the end of 2009 you’ll be able to pick one up for your car for about $1200 and the center console versions are also coming down for most of the major luxury cars, and some come as standard equipment. Perhaps the coolest innovation for digital displays are the ones which project your tachometer, speed, and GPS onto the windshield and thus, you never have to look down again while driving.

For windshield holographic projection you can expect to be in it for $5,000 to $8,000 for the basic entry level units, but boy are they trick. Once you have one you’ll never want anything else. And there is even a steering wheel and stick shift switch to turn it off or on. It’s great for street racing, driving in heavy stop and go traffic, or fog. Please consider this technologies for your next ride.

The Importance of Bonus Packages To Cable TV Providers

The growth of cable and satellite TV has made an impact to all television viewers. It is one of their perfect source of entertainment in case they were bored. Although they have radios, computers or even MP3's, cable TV has been the main attraction at home. When they have nothing to do, all they need is to turn on their television and watch their favorite shows. It gives them more advantage when they subscribe to a local cable TV provider because it has lots of channels to choose from, and some bonuses too. But what exactly are the bonuses that we're talking about? Actually, they are called as bonus packages that were included in any cable TV package you have subscribed. This is one of the reasons that subscribers are very attracted to a cable TV package due to some bonuses. But what kind of bonuses do they have in store for their customers or subscribers? For instance, there are two types of bonus packages that were included in each local cable provider you subscribed.

The first type of bonus package would be the tangible ones. Speaking of tangible ones, they are kinds of objects that can be seen or can be touched. Examples of tangible products would be computers, stuffed toys, sunglasses and other items that can be touched or transported. It is very familiar that tasty products are delivered to your doorstep that were covered with box. For example, if you bought an amazing LCD monitor from Amazon, it is a viable product and it will be delivered to your doorstep once you paid it through credit card or any popular payment processor like PayPal. For cable TV subscription with a bonus package, the freebie could be a t-shirt, stuffed toy or any interesting freebie from the cable provider. On the other hand, there is another type of bonus package which seems to be called "untouchable". It is definitely known as the intangible bonus package. When we speak of intangible products, they are products that can not be seen or touched by any individual. Examples of intuitive products were virtual currency, prepaid balance, digital software and electronic books (eBooks).

Since we were talking about the intangible bonus package, they will give you either a free 1-month subscription, bonus number of load credits to your subscriptions and a lot more. This is really common to most cable television subscribers, and they are using them to attract more customers or subscribers to stick with them. Cable TV has lots of features that may catch the attention of its viewers, like the number of channels. Other than that, cable TV's transmission through cable wire can not be interrupted by bad weather or any type of catastrophe. Unlike a regular antenna TV, their signals to a local TV provider may be interrupted anytime soon. For cable TV, they will give you a smooth and good quality way of watching TV at home. In order for the cable or satellite television customers to be associated with their offers, they must not forget that any bonus item may inspire them. It is one way to prolong their business and it may help to become more profitable in the next few years.

Mortgage Preparation

Preparation Greatly Reduces Stress and Anxiety

For most people, purchasing a home is the biggest financial decision they will ever make. So, it is no wonder that many prospective homeowners are very worried about getting through the mortgage application process. One thing people can do to significantly reduce the stress of the mortgage application process is to get all of the paperwork and required documentation in order before beginning the transaction. Even if you are just looking for now and thinking about buying a home, it is good to be aware of the process and be aware of the requirements. When you find your dream home, you can avoid lengthy delays.

Take the Time to Get Your Paperwork Organized

One thing you can do right away is to get your tax paperwork and your paycheck stubs organized. One strategy is to simply start a file for important records like these. When you need the documents, you will know exactly where they are. If you have misplaced or lost important information, you will have ample time to discover missing documents and perhaps replace important papers. A common requirement that lenders ask for are two years of W2s. If you work for yourself, you may be asked to show two years worth of tax returns. Small business owners may be asked to provide copies of client or customer payments.

The next thing that your lender will ask you for is copy of documentation regarding your assets. Consider assets anything that has a cash value. Examples of common assets are checking and savings accounts, stocks, bonds, 401Ks, IRAs, and some insurance policies. The best thing you can do is set aside the most recent statements from your bank accounts and any other accounts that you may have. Be sure to have at least two months worth of bank statements. For other types of accounts, most lenders will be satisfied with a recent quarterly statement.

Get your Credit History in Order

Many new home buyers have credit issues that need to be addressed when applying for a mortgage. If you have had a bankruptcy in the last few years, make sure you bring a copy of your discharge paperwork when you go to fill out your mortgage application. Also, if you have settled other debts, bring this paperwork as well so that you can show your lender that some of the negative items on your credit history have been cleared up. If you aren’t sure what credit-related documents you should bring to your mortgage application appointment, ask your lender. It may even pay to run your own credit check to see if there are issues that can be taken care of before you begin the process, this saves time and may help you look better to the lender.

Documentation and Identification are Paramount

Other types of paperwork that can be important in the mortgage application process include proof of identification and all income. Bring picture ID and your Social Security card. If you are divorced and plan to include child support as part of your income, you’ll want to bring a copy of the divorce decree with you to the mortgage application appointment with your lender. If you are uncertain about anything in the process, make sure you speak up and ask your lender any question or concerns that you have. Remember that even though the mortgage application process is not an easy one, it will be well worth it when your new address is not just another rental, but that of your own home.

Project Management Software for Interior Designers

Until a few decades back, interior designing never meant much especially in country like India but times have changed and with time the mentality, needs and requirements of people has also changed. Society has become more sophisticated than ever and this has led to increased number of jobs, projects and people in the interior designing business. The main task of a Project Management Software is to keep track of all the projects and documentation related to each project. Interior designing projects have become quite big these days. In fact rich people buy properties spread over many acres of land and give the job of decorating it to Interior Designs. A software solution of the project will not only help to keep track of the whole projects but will also manage the designs, requirements and materials required in the process.

Material management is the most important aspect of Project Management Software. When it comes to designing then even a small candle holder or lamp holds great value to the aesthetic value or theme of the room or the building or the house. Most people love to have theme based houses and symmetry is required in some way or other meaning you will be needing lightings, fans, lamps, furniture, tables, and carpets of similar or same types and that too in a particular number. Keeping manual records especially in case of a big project is close to impossible this is where a Project Management Software helps to manage and record everything in an orderly manager which makes sense. Software solution for interior designing adds a professional touch to the whole idea and basic concept. Automation is viewed as a tool in every field nowadays; there is no reason for interior designing to be left behind.

Project Management Software also helps in better designing and understanding of the whole project. It becomes easier to carry out changes and give better presentation to your clients or customers. It creates a good image among customers and increases the confidence in your clients. The main features that an ideal a Project Management Software should have include a central database to cover information of the whole project, project tracking and logistics facilities, payment details and financial management of the whole project quick calculators that would help in measuring various aspects of a room or a hall to decide the length say of a carpet or a some furniture or decide what kind of lighting would be appropriate. It will take the business of interior designing to new levels. It will also provide require backup and portability features for handling an interior designing project. The main task of a Project Management Software is to keep track of all the projects and documentation related to each project.

Inside Sales Is A HOT Career Area

If you're a young professional thinking about how to break into a great career, you should consider a career in inside sales. Why? There's huge demand for top sales talent in companies that span all types of industries including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and business services. Right now, the demand for talented inside sales people far outstrips the supply. So, it's a buyers market out there and the buyers are the employees who are shopping for the best possible career opportunity.

If you've been in any form of high volume calling environment and been successful at it in the past, you might want to consider a shift over to selling products and services over the phone using classic inside sales techniques. The mortgage brokerage industry right now has slowed as interest rates have gone up. So if you've been a mortgage broker and you're thinking about how to improve your income, you should consider a move over to inside sales. Why? The same skills that you've honed in making high numbers of phone calls to potential prospects and qualifying them over the phone – those very skills are the same ones required to be successful in technology telesales. We think there's a great opportunity for people to transfer their career even when their old area may have lost some favor and money-making opportunities are not quite as strong. They can transfer their careers into inside sales selling for b-to-b companies. If you're interested in figuring out how to do this, click here to send us your résumé and we'll talk more with you.

Eye Disorders

Many eye disorders are minor, but some can lead to serious complications without treated.

Congenital Defects

Squint (malalignment of the eyes) is sometimes congenital (present at birth). Cataracts (opacity of the lens) can occur in infants when the cause may be a maternal rubella infection early in pregnancy. Very rarely, babies are born with microphthalmos (abnormally small eye) on one or both sides. Vision in a microphtalmic eye is usually very poor. Nystagmus (uncontrollable movement in the eyes) is often congenital. Retinoblastoma is a malignant tumor of the retina that appears in early life and may occur in one or both eyes. Other congenital disorders affecting the eye include albinism (absence of pigment) and abnormalities of development of the cornea and retina.


Conjunctivitis , the most common infection, rarely affects vision. In the late stages of neglected conjunctival infection, such as trachoma or severe bacterial conjunctivitis, vision can be impaired. Corneal infections are more serious and can lead to blurred vision or corneal perforation if not treated early. Endophtalmitis (infection within the eye), which may make it necessary to remove the eye surgically, can occur after a penetrating injury, after severe ulceration, (rarely after major eye surgery, or from infections elsewhere in the body.

Impaired Blood Supply

Narrowing, blockage, pollution, or other abnormalities of the blood vessels of the retina may cause partial or total loss of vision.


Malignant melanoma of the choroid (the layer of tissue between the retina and the sclera, which is the fibrous outer wall of the eyeball) is the most common primary malignant eye tumor. It can be found without symptoms during routine examinations or can cause a decrease in vision.

Nutritional Disorders

Various vitamin deficiencies (particularly vitamin A deficiency) can affect the eye. This may lead to xerophthalmia (dryness of the cornea and conjunctiva), night blindness, or keratomalacia (corneal softening and destruction).

Autoimmune Disorders

Uveities (inflammation of the uveal tissues-iris, choroid, or ciliary body), when not caused by an infectious agent may have an autoimmune basis. it is common in people with ankylosing spondylitis and sarcoidosis


Macular degeneration of the retina is common in the elderly. It causes loss of fine, detailed vision, although peripheral vision remains. Cataract is also common in the elderly; the exact cause is unknown.

Other Disorders

Glaucoma , is a condition which the pressure in the fluid maintaining the normal shape of the eye is raised, may take various forms. If untreated, glaucoma can lead to permanent loss of vision. In retinal detachment, the retina lifts away from the underlying (choroidal) layer of the eye.

Insulating High Temperature Systems

When it comes to insulating your pipes, there are any factors to take into consideration. Take temperature, for instance. How hot are your pipes? Imagine your thermos of coffee – it does a great job of keeping your java piping hot all day long. But pour in some super-heated liquid at 1,000 degrees F and watch your thermos melt away into a puddle of plastic. Different insulation materials are made for different temperatures, both for the covering material and the insulation material itself.

Covering Materials
The insulation industry typically divides covering materials for insulation into three temperature buckets: 450 degrees F and less, 450 to 550 F, and over 550 F. High heat applications are those that are 450 degrees F and hotter.

  • Up to 450 degrees F: The covering material for this temperature range is a silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth (fiberglass / silicone composite) on the outside covers of the insulating jacket. Remember, this is not a high heat application, so the same material is used on both the "hot" side and the "cold" side. The hot side is usually the one that is inside (near the pipe, for example) and the cold side would be the outer portion of the cover. A steam room for heating is a typical situation with this level of heat.
  • 450 to 550 F: At these temperatures (now considered high heat), a TEFLON / fiberglass composite is used on the hot side. This material has a higher temperature limit, while still being less expensive than the next hot step up. The fiberglass / silicone composite can still be used on the cold side, in most situations. However, there are some instances where the TEFLON / fiberglass composite would also be used on the cold side. The decision depends on the atmosphere – if the application is in a chemical plant that has a very acidic, corrosive atmosphere, the TEFLON / fiberglass covering is used on both sides. This way the pH of the atmosphere does not eat away at any of the covering. A good example of an application at this temperature would be super-heated steam for turbines in power plants.
  • 550+ F: There are several options at this temperature level, including a plain fiberglass cloth, a stainless steel mesh or a silica based cloth. All of these options are slightly more expensive than the TEFLON / fiberglass covering. The real tradeoff, however, is that they do not have any water or abrasion-resistant coating. This is a problem, because sometimes you get leaks in pipes, and the water-resistance coating keeps the insulation from getting wet. Once wet, the insulation is ruined. These particular cloths are used for the hot side of the insulation jacket. For the cold side, the TEFLON / fiberglass composite or the silica based cloth can be used. If the TEFLON / fiberglass composite is used, there is the added benefit of the water- and abrasion-resistant coating. However, the silica based cloth is often chosen for its versatility in high temperature applications. An example of an extremely high temperature application is an emergency generator, like you would see at a hospital (where people can not afford to see their bedside equipment turn off when the local power company has an outage).

Insulation Materials
While the industry divides the materials into three temperature ranges, there are only two categories for the actual insulation: up to 1,200 degrees F and more than 1,200 degrees F.

  • Up to 1,200 degrees F: In this temperature range, needled fiberglass insulation is used. Needling is the process of sticking actual needles into the fiberglass, resulting in a mechanical bond among the fibers. This is in contrast to resinous or inorganic binders that can deteriorate under high heat or shake apart in vibrating applications.
  • 1,200+ F: For any applications that reach temperatures above 1,200 F, a needled amorphous silica insulation is used.

Health Begins With Water

Health begins with water. Since the body is made mostly of water (about 70%), all body functions are dependent on water. I guess you could call water a universal solvent. Most nutrients with the exception of fats are dissolved in water, transported in the water-based blood system and used by water-filled cells. And, because the cells are filled with water, the water lubricates, them, like cartilage and muscle cells. It also keeps cell walls pliable and receptive to nutrient inflow and waste outflow.

These facts point to the crucial nature of proper hydration for a healthy body. It is even more important as we get older as will be explained soon. Every organ in the body depends on water to function properly and efficiently. When we are not hydrated properly, or we are dehydrated, even a little bit, our bodily functions become labored. Over time, our health can become challenging. It is very subtle at first, then symptoms begin to appear.

The US National Research Council has guidelines that suggest that we require one milliliter of water for every calorie we consume. That translates to approximately one half of your body weight in ounces of water consumed daily. Some scientists and medical community advisers claim that amount is too conservative, that we should drink more. For someone who is obese, very overweight or suffering from a chronic disease, they should be drinking 1 quart (32 ounces)of water for every 30 pounds of body weight.

If we look at body functions, there are four obvious ways that the body loses water; defecation, perspiration, respiration and urination. In addition, the body’s digestive process uses a huge amount of water which can further dehydrate the body if there are not sufficient water reserves. Efficient digestion is also aided by drinking sufficient water between meals to flush the digestive tract and provide enough water for bodily functions.

Obviously, the quality of the water that we use to remain healthy or regain our health is very important. For most people it means the water should be clean and safe to drink. What most people don’t know is that in order to be healthy throughout life the body needs to be as near to a neutral pH as possible and the blood absolutely needs to be between 7.35pH and 7.45pH or we die. That means the fluids in our body need to be reinforced with alkaline, ionized water.

Most of the foods that people eat form acidic ash and waste in the body, so to neutralize it we need to drink alkaline ionized water.

Another component of health that is crucial to us is negative ions. Alkaline, ionized water is full of negatively charged particles which our bodies crave. Without negative ions our bodies decline and age. Eventually our health is eroded and our organs slowly lose their efficient function.

It seems that the “struggle” for health is our attempt to rid our bodies of the positive ions we acquire from our “unnatural” diet and to get enough negative ions into our bodies. Traditionally our Paleolithic ancestors used to eat a predominantly raw food diet supplemented with river and creek water that babbled over the rocks and down waterfalls, thus becoming negatively charged and highly oxygenated.

Sadly our diets have reduced to pulling up to the local drive-through and drinking out of cans and bottles. These habits have created a society of overweight acidic bodies full of positive ions and ill health.

Fortunately the process is simple to reverse. Even if your health is OK now, you should be motivated to remain healthy throughout your life. A few changes to your lifestyle will give you valuable “life insurance.”

In the early 20th Century, the Russians discovered that negative ions were very good for human health. They postulated that if they could create negative ions in water that it would create an easier avenue to health. Through experimentation, the first water ionizers were created. The challenge even today is the bonds that water molecules form are weak. Water ionizers break up the large clusters of water into smaller clusters but they do not hold the ionic microcluster structure permanently once they are formed. So the best way to drink alkaline, ionized water is fresh from a machine that creates it. At best, it can be put into a glass bottle and it will hold its charge and microclustering for two days provided the water is filled right to the rim of the bottle. After that, the weak bonds separate and reform into larger cluster molecules and they lose their negative charge.

Even today, Dr. Emoto has shown that water has memory and can be “programmed.” The concept of alkaline, ionized water, is more and more becoming a household word as people realize the benefits of drinking this special water.

It is estimated that 75% or more of North Americans are dehydrated enough that it affects their health in a negative way. And, with that dehydration there is an acidic inflamed body. It may be “silent” inflammation now, but it will eventually rise up into the radar range and become pain or symptoms. It doesn’t seem to matter that people drink lots of water, it matters more what kind of water they drink.

In a University of Washington study, it was found that many people interpret their thirst as hunger. By giving those in the study a glass of water when they felt hungry, it stopped the hunger pangs in 98% of the people surveyed.

For the average North American, there are one or more toxic chemicals stored in their fatty tissue from drinking treated tap water. That is not even including toxins from the foods we eat, what we put on our skin and hair, what we clean our houses with or environmental pollutants. In the US, 53 million people drink water from municipal water supplies containing potentially dangerous levels of chlorine and fluoride derivatives and by-products, lead, fecal bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides, jet fuels, pharmaceuticals and other impurities associated with cancers and various sorts of metabolic dysfunction and diseases.

I remember a study a few years back where they took hair, blood and urine samples from a famous artist who ate organic, used “natural” products, drank the best water he could find, uses as few chemicals as possible in his art and he wore natural fibers. There were 48 toxic chemicals found in his body. He was really conscious about being a “back to earth” guy and quite shocked at the toxic levels in his body. Alarming, don’t you think?

Because most of us are dehydrated by various degrees, our daytime level of fatigue could be directly related to dehydration and our diets. The typical slump seems to be between 3 and 4 pm, where we reach for that sugary snack or the coffee. If we only knew that by drinking two glasses of alkaline, ionized water after lunch, we could feel much better. Water is so important that only a 2% drop in your body’s natural water level can bring on mental confusion, short term memory loss, inability to focus and sluggishness in doing simple math calculations, sequenced procedures and interpretive skills.

Also, with regards to your health, recent research shows that 8-10 glasses of alkaline, ionized water per day may significantly reduce pain levels, even in backs and joints for up to 80% of sufferers. Research is also showing that if the average person drank at least 5-16 oz glasses of alkaline, ionized water daily, that is plain alkaline, ionized water, not mixed with anything, their risk of getting breast cancer can be decreased by 79%, colon cancer by 45% and bladder cancer by 50%.

How does it work? The properties of alkaline, ionized water are unique. Drinking this water provides a quick supply of available oxygen – making the water an “antioxidant.” In other word, the water has an extra electron attached making hydroxyl ions which are negatively charged. These hydroxyl ions in the ionized water seek out and neutralize free radicals. This is very important, since free radicals are what damage our cells and bring about disease and premature aging. When the hydroxyl ions, as an antioxidant have neutralized the free radicals, the result is a body that is energized, vitalized and oxygen rich. Alkaline, ionized water helps balance the body’s pH by reducing excess cellular and body acidity, helping the body to dissolve and excrete acidic waster products more easily.

The electrolysis process that produces the alkaline, ionized water, not only produces an excess of electrons, it also reduces the cluster size of the molecules from 13 to 14 (which is regular tap water) to 5 to 7. This can happen because of the weak bonds that the water has with molecules around itself. These smaller clusters have a lower molecular weight, making the alkaline, ionized water more easily absorbed by the body. The smaller cluster size is also better able to deliver nutrient to all the cells, tissues and organs and accelerates metabolism as more and more acidic waste is eliminated from the body. So, take your vitamin and mineral supplements with alkaline, ionized water for greater absorption. Conversely, take your medications with neutral water. Normally only about 30% of your medication is absorbed by the body because of our acidic and plugged up condition. Alkaline, ionized water will increase the absorption of your medication and you may get too much.

A normal average North American diet will produce high levels of acidic waste in the body from 97% of what is eaten. We simply don’t eat enough alkaline foods, fruits and vegetables. These acids, if they are not neutralized, can cause inflammation and free radicals. They can kill healthy cells by stealing oxygen and damage them by stealing electrons. Alkaline water and food will not only dissolve these harmful acids, but they will help remove them from the body by allowing them to pass safely through the kidneys and bowels and not be stored in our joints, organs, blood vessels and fat cells.

The qualities of high alkalinity, more oxygen and lower molecular weight act as a powerful cellular detoxifier, helping the body maintain or restore its health and should be part of everyone’s daily regimen. Research in Japan since the 1950’s indicate that most chronic conditions are a result of increased waste, acidity and the resulting impaired body function and immune system.

If you are looking to feel younger, more flexible, vital and alive, or even stay that way, then the answer is clear. Try alkaline, ionized water!

One Pound Houses Part 2

Well I have now watched the second episode re the one pound houses scheme in Liverpool. To continue the story: the few residents who have completed their homes or have nearly done so are very much the minority.

We are told there were 125 houses on offer in the scheme, why is it taking so long to get the residents into the empty streets? Also the birds-eye view of the area shows many streets of derelict boarded up housing with a few residents scattered around.

Why didn’t the council put all the new residents in one block instead of scattering them around? In the initial interview in which they were awarded houses, into which they were to put in their own cash to pay for the work needed. They were told the council would quickly encourage a community of neighbours all renovating together. This has not happened.

Another problem came to light this week, 39 of the houses were not part of the original demolition order and for legal reasons could not be released yet. These “would be” residents were understandably angry at the delay. This was another cause of houses laying empty. However it is not just 39 houses that are still empty, and still no activity happening, why not? They were also concerned by the deterioration of the houses with leaking roves but they could not get on and repair them.

The council did have a representative trying to console the angry people but he really had little authority to do anything, and wasn’t achieving anything. The result is that the families who initially took part in the scheme are becoming despondent and feeling angry and isolated in their efforts to complete their homes. They had no near neighbours to share building problems with or friends for their children to play with.

Worse still, exacerbated by the lack of occupancy, the empty houses were encouraging vandalism. One family had virtually completed their home and were about to move in when vandals broke in wrecked front and back door, destroyed the newly fitted kitchen and stole the white goods. The family were obviously devastated, their hard work ruined and additional cost to repair and replace the damage was beyond their anticipation and their means.

Had there been neighbours the noise is likely to have alerted help and prevented the scale of the disaster.

A very big problem for all these residents, the houses didn’t belong to them until they were inspected as being completed satisfactorily when they would be signed over. The hoses also had to be completed within a year or they would lose their homes and all investment. Until the houses belonged to them they couldn’t insure the contents so if vandals struck the had no compensation.

Surely the council could make some arrangements especially as they were aware that it was such a deprived area. So we will have to wait until next week to see how the problems are resolved and if the scheme was actually made to work.

Rock Around Your Landscaping

Yards all over the world share the same look and feel. Many of them have the green grass, trees, and flowers in neat little flowerbeds. You do not have to go down this same landscaping road. There are many different things that you can use in your landscaping design to add beauty and interest. One of the materials not commonly thought of is landscaping rocks.

Sprucing Your Landscape
To begin your landscaping adventure, you need to remove all of the grass. If you do not use the green grass of your lawn, then why should you keep it? It only causes you more work. You can use a shovel or a tiller to help break up the soil and remove the rocks. This will also allow you to ensure that you have proper drainage for your plants and flowers or install an irrigation system to help cut down on your watering time.

Making Your Walkway Perfect
A walkway is a great thing to add to your home's landscaping design. It helps to enhance your home to have a separate walkway to your home. This will also help to keep your home clean by having a separate walkway so that your guests do not have to walk through your yard and bring dirt or debris into your nice, clean home.

You can easily use rocks or stone slabs to create a beautiful pathway to your home. Stagger the rocks or stones to help make the walkway safer and more secure. To add design and style to your pathway, you can make curves and bends.

Rock Stabilizing
To stabilize the rocks in your landscaping design, you will want to remove four to five inches of the soil underneath where you want to place the rocks. If you add a thin layer of gravel benefit each of the stones, this will help to keep your rocks stable for walking.

Adding Trees and Shrubs
Adding shrubs and tress to your landscaping plan will help add height and texture to your lawn. After you have planted your trees and shrubs, you can fill in the gaps using smaller flowers and plants. Adding perennials to your rock landscape will give the area color and visual interest. You can then use river rock to fill in the smaller gaps between the flowers instead of mulch.

Finishing Touches
To add the finished touches to your rock landscaping design, you can choose to include hanging plants or vines. Use the green vines to climb the porch or railing. This will give your landscaping more of a Tuscan feel. Creative stone features can also enhance your decorating design as well as statues. Choose the things that you enjoy for the perfect landscaping design for you and your family.

Above Ground Pool Drains

There are various types of above ground pool drains available in the market. You can choose the one that can cater all your specific pooling needs. The good thing is that The above ground pool drains arrives almost completely assembled. The installation is very simple. However, you must follow the instructions as suggested by the manufacturer’s manual.

In order to install the above ground pool drains, all you have to do is just to one end of the 13ft. Once you are through with that, now you should clear hose to the round white cover drain. Now, take the other end and connect the same to the blue siphon pump. When you have connected the two ends properly, now is the time to Place the round white cover drain on top of the winter cover.

While doing so, Hold the blue siphon pump and white drain hose down below the level of the water on top of the cover, and squeeze the pump to start siphoning water. On the other hand, you can also use your vacuum system to drain your pool. All you have to do is just to place your vacuum plate over the skimmer basket. Now, connect enough hose to reach the bottom and run the pump to waste.

While doing so for above ground pool drains, try to find a way to seal the vacuum plate to the skimmer basket. This way, you should not have any problems. If pump loses prime, you can use your vacuum hose or water hoses to suck the water out.

The Benefits of Soccer Drills Are Enormous If Done Correctly

There's an old saying that stipulates practice makes perfect. If you ever dream of playing soccer professionally you will definitely need to practice and train. The two go hand in hand and if done correctly will increase your chances of playing on the big stage.

Soccer drills are a great way to improve your playing ability and will also ensure you maintain a certain level of fitness. Specific soccer drills also allow the required muscles to develop and strengthen.

The beauty of a soccer drill is that it takes an aspect of the game and allows you to practice a certain routine until you can comfortably say you've mastered it. Practice through repetition is crucial if you ever want to rise above the millions that participate in the sport.

The problem with most soccer coaches these days is that they implemented soccer drills the wrong way. There is no benefit practicing certain drills if they do not replicate match conditions. It's laughable when coaches set up shooting drills for their players by placing cones just outside the penalty box. Players virtual stroll in with the ball to the cone and then shoot towards goal. Can you see the problem with this set up?

The problem is so obvious that if you conduct your training sessions this way you might need to look for another job or take up a new hobby. How does waltzing in towards goal with the ball and then shooting from a designated spot replicate match conditions? It does not!

Under match conditions you are pressured by defenders that have all the intentions of stopping you even if they have to hurt you. Very rarely if ever will you waltz in towards goal and take a shot at goal with no pressure. So why would you ever train this way?

A better shooting drill would be to place a defender at the edge of the box that will try and stop the attacker from shooting. The attacker would need to dribble towards goal at sprinting pace and try and pass the defender. Once the attacker passes the defender he can then have a shot at goals. Strikers need to learn to earn their shots at goal. By simply adding a defender into the drill you have to some extent replicated match conditions.

Both defender and attacker can practice their trade at the same time. Defenders will try and prevent goals while the strikers will try and score goals. Also the pace of the drill will replicate match conditions where players are hell bent on getting the ball and winning possession. The increase in pace and tempo will also benefit the players aerobic capacity and increase their lactic acid threshold.

So next time you set up a soccer drill, make sure that it replicates match conditions. Without replication you will teach your players bad habits and inevitably waste their time. Do you want to be responsible for this? Let your players reach their full potential by providing them drills that replicate a game of soccer under match conditions. It's that easy.

Building is Better Than Destroying

Once upon a time there are two brothers, who lived on adjoining farms, fell into conflict. It was the first serious rift. They did not have a conflict for 40 years of farming side by side, sharing machinery, and trading labor and goods as needed. Due to this conflict, the long collaboration fell apart. It began with a small misunderstanding and it grew into a major difference, and finally it exploded into an exchange of bitter words followed by weeks of silence.

One morning there was a knock on Jimmy's door. He opened the door and saw a man with a carpenter's tool box. "I am looking for
a few days' work "he said." Could I help you? "" Yes, "said the older brother." I do have a job for you. "

"Look across the creek at that farm. That is my neighbor; in fact, it's my songer brother. Last week there was a meadow between us and he took his bulldozer to the river and he was there, he may have done this to spit me, but I'll do him one better. "

"See that pile of lumber by the barn? I want you to build me a 8-foot fence, so that I will not need to see his place or his face anymore."

The carpenter said, "I think I understand the situation. Show me the nails and the post-hole digger and I'll be able to do a job that pleases you."

The older brother had to go to town, so he helped the carpenter get the materials ready and then he was off for the day. The carpenter worked hard all that day measuring, sawing, nailing. About sunset when the farmer returned, the carpenter had just finished his job.

The farmer's eyes opened wide, his jaw dropped. There was no fence at all. It was a bridge – a bridge stretching from one side of the creek to the other! A fine piece of work, handrails and all – and the neighbor, his songer brother was coming towards them, his hand outstretched. "You are quite a fellow to build this bridge after all I have said and done." The two brothers stand at each end of the bridge, and then they met in the middle, taking each other's hand.

They turned to see the carpenter hoist his toolbox onto his shoulder. "No, wait! Stay a few days. I have a lot of other projects for you," said the older brother. "I'd love to stay on," the carpenter said, but I have many more bridges to build.

The moral of this story tells us that a small misunderstanding can cause a serious conflict that can affect the 40 years brotherhood. If they can calm down and communicate to each other, no serious conflict will occur. Building is better than destroy. But building a relationship is not easy whereas destroying a relationship is very easy. In this world, we need more of this carpenter than relationship destroyer. We can play a part as the carpenter to build bridges for others in this life if we are willing to.