How to Recycle Pine Furniture

Pine is an extremely popular wood for any style or item of furniture. Not only does it look natural, but it can last a lifetime. Neverheless, if you are thinking of purchasing a new item of furniture to replace an old one, why not just brighten up your old item?

This is extremely easy to do, and modernizing your furniture will not only save you money but add a fresh appearance to your home. And it is easy for wooden furniture to start to look drab, after all, the wood itself may last many years, but the color may fade.

A good indication of this is by assessing the edges of your furniture. If they become faded from wear and tear and the color starts to look drab, it is time to start recycling. This kind of wear and tear is a result of sun light and everyday cleaning. But do not hastily throw this piece of furniture away. If it is good quality, all it needs is freshening up!

So first things first, make sure you remove any drawings or loose pieces from the item and place them on the floor. The next thing you need to do is gently scrape all the rough edges and old coating off with a cement scraper. Following this, use a damp cloth to strip any remaining bits from the surface of the wood.

Lastly, use wallpaper to smooth the surface so that it is ready even and free of any splits or splinters. This piece of furniture is now ready for a fresh coating of varnish or wood stain. You might also want to consider painting your pine wood a particular color to change its appearance entirely.

This is very easily done and will not harm the condition of the wood. Recycling your pine furniture is surely a more economically friendly way of freshening up the look of your home without having to spend a fortune on new interior items of furniture.

Event Planning – How Specific Your Plan Should Be

Event planning might be an interesting work to do but it requires hard work, determination and responsibility. There are some rules that should be followed to make your event planning successful. When ever you plan or arrange any event the first thing you should keep in mind that there are certain limits for every kind of event. You might tend to get more color and glamour into a wedding reception or a cruise party but if you plan a business meeting in the same pattern, you would make a disaster. In the same way a child’s birthday party does not require a musical band or a DJ. So there are some specific lines for every kind of event which you must follow.

Time: always consider the category of the event before planning further. Usually business meetings are arranged in day time so if you are given the task to arrange a business meeting or any official event keep the day time in mind and plan accordingly and in the same way if you are planning for a birthday party for a child, the time should be early evening. For dance parties and cocktail dinners you need to make arrangements at evening till the function lasts. So there is requirement to be specified about time for any sort of event planning.

Venue: like time the venue is also specified for different sort of events. For example if you are arranging a wedding reception, you need to keep this point in mind that people from every age group are going to attend the party so the place should be comfortable for every one. All the guests can easily arrive on the venue by time.

Food: again about choosing the food the theme and type of the event should be considered. You can not serve fast food or casual food in official meetings as it would spoil the decorum of the event. You need to know what sort of the event is being arranged and how many guests are coming to attend so you can arrange for a good menu.

Décor: of course you have to be particular about décor of the event; you need to arrange props and seating arrangements according to the type of the event.

These all things are considered while event planning and you have to be specific in these things when you plan any event because these all points create a difference between a common person and a professional event planner.

Getting the Best Price for Your Scrap Metal

As they economy has struggled, more people are getting creative in how to earn some extra money. This has lead to people looking around their homes, neighborhoods and businesses and realize that they may be sitting on a small fortune of materials that can be recycled and have an eager market ready to buy it up.

If you’re interested in getting money for your old and unused scrap metal, it’s important that you take some time to learn about scrap prices and the metal recycling industry first. One of the most important factors in getting money for your metal is to understand the many different grades of scrap metal which are considered when it comes to auctions and purchases. Scrap buyers and sellers typically base their prices on the grade of the scrap metal, which can include several different materials such as cable, zinc, alloys, copper, iron, wire, nickel, cast iron and carbide. These different grades often correspond to different industries that require that particular metal. For example, brass is often used for engines and transmissions, while wire is used for copper bearings and zinc is used for fencing and pipes.

Once the grade of the metal has been determined, the buyer will begin to negotiate the best scrap metal prices for those materials. Although in some cases prices are a set rate that does not vary throughout the year, most scrap buyers will actually fluctuate their prices according to market trends. This means that according to the supply and demand for a specific kind of scrap metal, the prices for that material can change weekly or even daily in some cases. Many individuals and businesses who don’t deal with scrap on a regular basis will do their own research to make sure they are getting the best price for their metal. However, if you are working with this kind of metal quite often, it’s best to find a buyer who you can rely on to always give you fair and competitive scrap metal prices on all of your materials. For the best luck with selling your scrap, be sure to start out by comparing prices between several local buyers of scrap.

A Guide to Buying the Right Pool Pumps

If you currently own a pool then you are probably quite happy with the ability this provides you to spend some time refreshing yourself in the water after a day or work or just to chill with friends and family. In the event that you just finished having your pool installed, it might take a while for you to learn the routes of how to properly maintain and care for a swimming pool. You can be sure that ownership of a pool brings along with it a good deal of comfort and pleasure, but at the same time you will need to know what to do to keep that pool in good condition for as long as possible.

If you put in the required effort to take good care of your pool it will last for a very long time without breaking down or wearing down. There are certainly a number of maintenance tasks that will need to be performed in order to ensure that the water of the pool remains clean, fresh, and safe to swim in. Along with regular pool maintenance tasks such as using the skimmer to take out leaves or other bits of debris that might have fallen into the pool, one indispensable device that you will need to keep your pool functioning effectively is a good pool pump.

Finding the right pool pump available for sale is not as difficult as some people think it is, and there are really only a few things that you will need to consider before you make the decision to buy a specific pool pump. One of them is the manufacturer, because you will want to make sure that the pump you end up buying will work well without causing you any problems or malfunctioning unexpectedly. If you spend just a bit of time doing some research online you will be able to learn a lot more about pool pumps. Reading reviews will make it easy for you to determine whether or not a specific pool pump should be chosen over another.

It is not that difficult to choose a pool pump when it comes down to it, but if you want to make sure that you end up buying one that will really last you should always take some time to do a bit more research. There is no reason to spend a very large amount of money on a pool pump when you may be able to find one available at a very low rate. Keep in ind, however, that if you are going to buy a very cheap pump you might end up with a device that does not work as well as it should, regardless of the claims of the manufacturer.

A lot of professionals in the swimming pool industry will recommend to you that you buy a pool pump in the mid price range. This is where you can expect to receive good quality without having to spend too much money on a more expensive brand.

Leaning Into Anxiety

Why would we want to lean into something that is very distressing like anxiety? Because what you resist, persists.

Leaning into your anxiety is one way to manage and cope with anxiety better. When we resist or fight our anxiety what happens is that we make it worse. It’s critical to avoid trying to make your anxiety go away or tensing up in reaction to it. Attempting to withdrawal or avoid from anxiety is futile so running away from the symptoms of anxiety is a way of telling yourself that you can’t handle it. This becomes ingrained in your mind, whenever your anxiety resurfaces that there is something that you should fear and that you can’t handle it.

An approach that works more effectively is to have a mindset that says, “Okay, here you are again but it’s okay I can handle this.” “I can allow my body and mind to go through the symptoms of anxiety because I’ve done it before.”

Acceptance of the symptoms is key to coping and the distressing physiological body reactions. This acceptance of anxiety even through the difficulty will allow you to ride the wave, move through it and pass it. Adrenaline is what causes anxiety and if you can just let it go, while knowing that anxiety even though scary at times will not kill or harm you.

The knowing and acceptance of allowing your physical reactions to just be there whether its heart palpitations, chest tightness, sweaty palms, or arm pits, tense jaw, dizziness;etc.

Not all Individuals have the same reaction to anxiety and may have different symptoms. caused by this surge of adrenaline. It will pass soon if you are able to just remember to let it be and ride it out.

Often our adrenaline that was released becomes metabolized and reabsorbed within about 5 minutes. As soon as this occurs, most people start to feel somewhat better and their anxiety decreases.

In minor cases, anxiety will come to a peak and eventually subside within a few minutes. Some anxiety may persist for a while longer, but the worst is over in a short time depending upon how resistant the individual is. The more you allow it to just be there without avoiding or withdrawing from the anxiety, the quicker it will pass.

Our self-talk may also create a problem depending upon what we say about the anxiety. If we are negative about it and use, “what if… ” statements this can aggravate it and prolong our suffering.

Know When To Assemble Your Defenses

When your symptoms of anxiety start, it’s essential, but then it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Anxiety and worry are mental states where you may feel vulnerable, like your going crazy, or things are out-of-control or even frozen to do anything to change the situation. Standing still and doing nothing is not the answer, and may only serve to maintain it or even build it up, leaving you feeling like more of a victim. At the initial onset of anxiety, it’s more constructive to always accept the anxiety, then realize that there are many things you can do to redirect the energy spent on anxiety into something more productive. To summarize, don’t fight or resist the anxiety but don’t do nothing either. Allowing it to just be there is one of the best things you can do about it.

What Can You Do To Take Action

There are three main types of strategies that can be effective for some people. In order to offset anxiety there are coping strategies, in the moment that may be helpful. Coping strategies are active techniques that may help distract from what you’re going through, without avoiding it. Coping statements may also be helpful by using mental techniques designed to redirect your mind away from, and replace fearful self-talk. Others may find that affirmations, which are much like coping statements can be useful but intended to work over a longer period of time. These coping statements, and strategies can help you to get through a specific incident of anxiety, while positive affirmations work with changing your limiting beliefs. An example, a coping statement or strategy may get you through a challenging situation, and if you can bring to mind an affirmation about being free from fear, you have been working on for months. This may help reduce your anxiety.

Strategies For Coping

  • When anxiety, or worry starts, you can try the following:
  • Relax your body through breathing exercises to offset acute anxiety. Slowing down your thinking and listening to your breathe can reduce your anxiety.
  • Relax your mind. Take 20-30 minutes to do a guided meditation or visualization.
  • Face your fears by taking active steps.
  • Nurture your self by doing a better job of giving yourself self-care. Do pleasurable activities like talking to friends in person or over the telephone, eating a tasty meal, having a warm bubble bath, or having a massage, can be helpful.
  • Distract yourself from your worrying thoughts.
  • To deal with the anxiety, plan to effectively cope with the worry by having an action plan.

There are other coping strategies beyond these too that can help deal with all levels of anxiety from worry and mild apprehension to panic. The most popular strategies are listed here below.

Talk to a healthy support person in person or on the telephone. In order to get out of your mind and to not focus so much of your attention on your body symptoms and thoughts by talking to someone over the telephone you can distract yourself.

Engage and participate in an activity or move around. This physical activity may allow you to wear off some excess energy or adrenaline which is created by this fight-or-flight response that can occur with acute anxiety. Move with the anxiety instead of resisting it and the physiological symptoms. If you find yourself at work or at a meeting, try taking a walk to the bathroom and back or walk outdoors while getting some fresh air for about 10 minutes or more.

When you’re at home you can do housework by cleaning that junk drawer out, or mopping the floors. This physical activity can help you get out of your head by riding on a stationary bike or jogging on a treadmill. Gardening is also very therapeutic and an excellent way to refocus your energy from the anxiety.

Stay In The Moment

Often individuals who are feeling the effects of anxiety, are either living in the past or thinking about the future. If we focus on what’s happening in the moment and on specific concrete objects in your environment can help ground you. Or if you’re at the grocery store, you might look at the cashiers, or people standing around or even at various magazines next to the cash registers.

Should you be driving and struggling with your anxiety, you can focus on the other cars in front of you or on the other details of the surrounding environment. Staying in the moment and focusing on what yo see can help minimize the attention you give to some annoying, stressful physical symptoms or catastrophic “what if… ” thoughts.

If there are objects nearby you might try to actually touch these to reinforce staying in the present moment. Another grounding exercise to focus your thoughts is on your legs and feet. As you’re standing or walking around, pay close attention to your legs and feet and imagine that you are connected to the ground and have roots coming from your feet into the ground.

Vinyl Windows – Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Windows

Buying new windows for your home may not seem like a top priority addition when it comes to cleaning up and fixing your home, but this article will explain why replacing old windows in any home can greatly improve the livability and resell value of a property. Vinyl windows in particular can improve the energy efficiency of your house, improve the security of your house, reduce noise pollution, and even improve the aesthetic beauty of the exterior portion of your home as well. There are many other benefits of choosing vinyl windows that you should know about as well.

First off, if you are considering the costs of your new windows, you should keep in mind that this type of addition may end up saving you money. If you live in a cold part of the world, it is likely that a great deal of energy is wasted every time winter rolls around. If heat is seeping out of windows all winter long, your heater must replace the air with newly heated air. Also, the cold air that can seep through old windows can easily cool down a space, which means your heater must work harder and for longer periods of time in order to achieve results.

Some vinyl window products even have a special coating on the glass within the Windows that can reduce the amount of UV rays that shine into your home. UV rays are notoriously related to fading pictures and fading fabrics inside homes. Also, UV rays are commonly associated with many health risks as well. So, if you would like to keep your family safe, and your furniture safe, having vinyl windows may be the best solution available for you.

The replacement of old windows may also be used as a security measure, along with being an energy efficient addition. Old windows usually have very flimsy setups that can easily be broken through by burglars. Older Windows sometimes do not even have locking systems in place. Vinyl windows can replace your old windows with brand-new locking devices to prevent any type of burglary from taking place.

If you live on a busy street, you will definitely find the noise pollution from your street to be fairly annoying at times. If you add these windows to your home today though, you will no longer have to deal with excessively loud neighbors or busy streets, because most of the sound coming from the exterior of your home can be eliminated through the use of vinyl window products.

Last but not least, you should keep in mind that this type of window often adds a bit of aesthetic beauty to a home. Old windows, like window frames that are made out of rusted steel frames, can easily diminish the amount of beauty a home maintains. In some cases, old rusty metal frames on windows can actually make a home look dirty and old. By adding vinyl windows to your home though, not only will you make your home more beautiful, but you can also increase the resell value of the property as well.

Basically, if would like to add significant improvements to your home, vinyl windows may be a perfect solution for you. If you are discouraged by the price of this type of product, you should keep in mind that this type of window is one of the most affordable window products you can purchase today. Also, you will be able to easily save the money you spend on your windows through the savings you obtain from energy conservation. The benefits of choosing vinyl windows can be fairly extensive, but one of the most important benefits that you may see through the addition of this type of window to your home is an increase in the resell value of your home by as much as $30,000.

Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Venue For Your Special Day

Learning how to choose your wedding venue location is essential while planning your wedding. There are various aspects to consider, such as finding the perfect wedding gown, setting the date, choosing your wedding theme colors and locating the best wedding venue. You can set the type of atmosphere for your wedding by choosing the best location for your wedding.

Where to host your wedding is a very important decision, since there are various things to consider while choosing the perfect venue. For instance, you should consider the seating arrangements of your wedding. After making up your guest list and having a particular number of wedding guests to expect, you will need a comfortable area for seating and accommodations for all your wedding guests.

While booking the location of your special day, you should consider your wedding plans and the activities for your wedding and reception. Remember, formal receptions have much different needs than that of a more casual self-serve reception. A short reception with no entertainment will not require the amount of room you may need if you plan for a live band and a dance floor.

While choosing your wedding venue, you need to consider your expectation of the location. What do you require of a venue? Do you need a location that will simply serve as a building or do you need a location that offers you servers, catering, an open bar or live entertainment? Some venues do not offer these things, while other venues may provide you with full features. You want to choose a venue that can meet your particular needs.

Many couples often overlook the venue’s parking. Your wedding guests should not have to walk a long distance to reach your wedding. They should also not have to cross through water and mud puddles while it is raining. You need to survey the parking arrangements and choose a location that has pavement or concrete. While you are surveying the inside and outside of your wedding venue, pay attention to the parking area as well in order to make the best choice.

Of course part of finding the right venue to host a wedding is finding a venue that you can afford. Do not waste your time looking at venues way out of your price range. You will only be left wishing for something you cannot have. Stick to locations that you can afford and choose from those.

Many venues ask for a deposit and possibly a contract. Be certain that you can agree with the terms of the location. Some deposits are refundable with specific conditions and others are not. Never sign anything without reading it and asking any questions before hand.

Before actually reserving your chosen wedding venue, you need to visit the location to survey the area inside and out. Sure, the pictures may be stunning; however, photos can be deceiving. Therefore, you need to survey any photograph location opportunities, the restrooms, the kitchen facilities and the area for seating the wedding guests. Remember all these things will influence the success of your wedding and reception. You need to know that you are making the best choice possible while choosing a wedding venue.

LAN Design and Construction

To build a network, the easiest way is to start at the bottom of the OSl layer and work up. For an Ethernet network, first you need to have physical cables. In the past, Ethernet networks used cheap but inefficient hardware like coaxial cabling or hubs. The low cost was one of the main features that historically led to the dominance of Ethernet over alternatives like Token Ring and ARCnet.

The problem with coax cables and hubs is that they form a bus topology. This means each device on the network sees every piece of data. They all effectively share one wire, and have to take turns sending data. The way this is done without interfering is a system called CSMA / CD, which stands for Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection. What this mouthful means is that each device listens on the wire for frames. If there are no frames for a short time, it tries to send one. If two frames are sent at the same time, they cause a collision, and the data becomes garbled. In this case, each machine involved in the collision waits a certain amount of time before attempting to send again, and hopefully everything ever works out.

There were some ways to improve things a bit, such as the use of bridges. A network bridge sets between two segments of a network, and determines when plackets one side need to cross over to the other, working on layer 2. It's step up from a repeater, which is just a layer 1 device that blindly broadcasts everything on one side to the other and vice versa. Bridges can reduce the amount of unnecessary traffic over a network, which improves efficiencies. However, they need to have some processing onboard to make decisions about the packages.

While this usually works, it's not always the most efficient way to do things. As the cost of electronics came down, coaxial Ethernet and simple hubs for UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) wave way to higher quality wiring and switches. While hubs looked like an improvement, since they make the network more resemblance a star topology, internally all they do is connect each wire together into the same solution as a bus system, just with more convenient connectors. The two other main topologies for networks are ring topology, which Token Ring uses, and mesh topology, where each machine has a dedicated connection to each other machine on the network. One can easily see how mesh could get prohibitively complex and expensive quickly. Ring systems, on the other hand, were popular for a while, but the ability of the entire network to fail with only one or two machines in the ring experiencing problems was big drawback. A switch is essentially a bank of bridges, one for each machine. The improvement that switches bring over hubs is dramatic. With the switch reading the layer 2 frames and only sending data to the specific ports that are involved, collisions became virtually nonexistent and bandwidth improvements drastically. This makes the Ethernet network into a true star topology network, where each machine connects to a central point. These days, hubs are actually extinct since switches have become so cheap to produce.

New Debt Relief Advice – Manage Your Liabilities Without Hassle

When people are addicted to using credit cards they make unnecessary purchases without realizing that how much debt they can get in to. And when these liabilities get out of hand for someone, it can get on their nerves and they can get crazy. Because of the mounting bills and the irritating phone calls and letters from the credit collectors they no longer have the peace of mind in their life. Liability stress can lead to many personal and health problems so being stressed up is not the solution for this problem. People need to have a lot of patience and take smart decision in order to eliminate their liability.

Being wedged with liabilities is common now days because of the current instability of the economy people are jammed with financial troubles like unemployment and inflation. Now is the time when people should realize that over-spending is not an exception. It can lead you to big disasters. By budgeting your expenses you can save a lot of money and be safe from the clutches of debt. Analyze how much you are the earnings in your house each month and what are the expenses. Keeping aside all the necessary expenses, prioritize all the other unnecessary expenses you make like eating out, on clothing or entertainment etc. even if it’s difficult for you handle the necessary expenses, try to work on 2 jobs instead of just one and earn extra income or avail the chances of getting bonus or plus points on your job. One important debt relief advice would to use credit cards at minimum instead carry cash everywhere, once you are back to the old age you will realize how much money you will save.

If this doesn’t work and your bills keep on increasing then you need to have a chat with your lenders. The credit card issuers charge huge amount of interest rates and fees on these cards that it also becomes one of the main reasons why your liability is in a never ending position. Contact them and ask them to lower the amounts because it has become unmanageable for them to pay. But before you make any contacts with them be sure to have all the required information on how to deal with them. If you can’t, then consider appointing a debt relief firm to negotiate with your lenders to provide a waiver. They will tackle them more appropriately because they are professional in dealing with them. It is not something secretive. It a legal process and it is introduced by the government so that people opt less for bankruptcy.

Once you get free from your liabilities you will be able to breathe freely. Along with that you will taught a lesson on how to manage your finances and make a secure future for yourself or your family.

DIY Grouting Tips

You have set all your tiles making sure the grout lines are even and straight, and if they were floor tiles your knees are sore and you are glad to have all tile laid. It is now time to let the tile job set overnight or 24 hours if you can, before finishing the job by grouting.

Grouting is the finishing process of your tile job and is very rewarding. With these simple tips your grouting will go easier and avoid some common problems.

· Let the grout slake, this process will allow the water to penetrate all the dry ingredients.

Let grout set, and then remix the grout after letting it set for 10 or 15 minutes. Add a little water if the grout is too thick, or more grout if it is too thin. Be careful it doesn’t take much material to change the viscosity. Don’t mix more grout than you can spread in an hour, it is better to mix small amounts of grout than to have it harden before you can use all of it.

· Don’t spread too much grout at once

Scoop the grout from the mixing bucket with your grout float and apply it to the tile diagonal with the grout lines. This will force the grout into the joints.

Temperature and humidity will affect how quickly the grout starts to harden after you spread it. Once it does start to harden, you’ll really have to hustle to get it cleaned off the tile before it is too late. Only grout a small area at a time a 3 x 3 foot area will be best to start with. Finish grouting, and cleaning each section before proceeding.

For a successful grout job, make sure all the joints are completely filled with grout. To do this best is to make several passes over the same area from different directions with the grout float. Hold the float with its face at an angle of about 45 degrees to the joint lines to force the grout into the joint. When the joints are filled, remove the excess grout from the face of the tiles by holding the float at almost 90 degrees to the tile and scraping it off.

· Use a clean, damp sponge to remove grout

Remove excess grout with a sponge by removing grout from the face of the tile with one of the edges of a damp sponge, using a clean edge of the sponge for each stroke.

Start with a clean bucket of water. Wet your sponge and wring it out until it’s damp. Use the sponge so that the edge of the sponge is in contact with the wall and drag the sponge in a continuous stroke across the tile. Rotate the sponge to expose a clean edge and repeat the process alongside the first stroke. When you’ve used all four sides of the sponge, rinse it in clean water, wring it out, and continue the process until you’ve cleaned the entire area once. Clean the tiles two or three more times using the same process until the tile are free of grout residue. A thin film of grout may appear when the water evaporates. Buff this off with a soft cloth.

· Don’t over scrub the grout or use too much water

Don’t use a wet sponge to clean grout from the tile. Let the grout harden slightly before you start to clean off the excess. Test the grout by pressing on it with your finger. When it starts to harden, you can start cleaning the excess grout from the face of the tile. Two common mistakes are using too much water, and scrubbing the tile like you’re washing a wall. Too much water will weaken the tile and cause the grout color to be uneven when it dries. Excessive scrubbing doesn’t remove grout efficiently; it just moves it around.

· Remove grout from corners before caulking

Remove grout from along the tub or counter top to make room for caulk. You will want to use caulk in these areas as grout is not flexible, caulk is used at corners instead of grout. For a good tile installation, apply a neat bead of matching caulk at vulnerable areas.

· Seal porous tile before grouting

Apply a thin coat of sealer to porous stone. Follow the application instructions on the label. Wipe up excess sealer with a cloth to avoid puddles. Then let the sealer dry before you grout.

If you don’t seal porous tiles and stone, grout will stick like glue and be nearly impossible to clean off. Check with your tile supplier for recommendations on what product to use.

The Power of Networking in a Recession

One of the fundamental rules of growing your business is to never stop networking. Expanding your network contacts might prove to be your most powerful weapon in these tough economic times. In a recession when businesses and individuals are tightening their budgets, traditional marketing isn’t always the best approach. Emphasis can be placed on the fact that it’s not always what you know but who you know that matters.

For small business owners, now might not be the best time to invest substantial sums of marketing dollars on print advertising, written proposals and sales campaigns. While you might not get much traction from these traditional methods, the relationships you have built over time are invaluable. By fully utilizing your network, you can not only survive during the recession, but you can actually thrive. It is a fact that deals are still being made on the golf course, at the country club, the local business boosters’ luncheon, after hour cocktails, social and professional networks.

In additional to person-to-person networking, more and more people are also turning to online networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to stay connected. If you’re not sure what groups will best serve your interests, start by joining the groups, or platform, that your friends and associates are joining. To prevent getting carried away, use your time wisely by setting limits on yourself and focusing your interests. As a personal user of LinkedIn, I have been able to stay connected with former bosses, co-workers and industry associations.

Opportunities have a strange way of popping up in unexpected places. By taking advantage of the many networking resources available to you, the greater your chances of landing the right transactions. Without a robust network of contacts, you cannot possibly reach the broad range of opportunities available to you. Figure out what works best for you in terms of in-person networking and virtual networks. Decide on the frequency in which you will dedicate to each medium of choice.

Never stop networking because you never know when you might need help. In these uncertain times, you want to have a wellspring of contacts in the event that you need to draw upon your human capital at a moment’s notice.

Flat Panel Aviation Displays For Automotive Mobile Electronics

You know those high-tech ultra cool flat panel displays being used in fighter planes, and corporate jet aircraft? Well, guess what, they are becoming more and more common in luxury cars, and the auto after market accessory business is selling them. They sure look cool, all electronic, flat panel with more features than a personal computer to boot.

Recently, I was at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and there were several vendors that had these cool displays, as well as some quarter million dollar and up sports cars that now have custom kits for them. The flat panel displays for dash boards are customized and so far they are not that cheap, but the prices are coming down.

I suspect by the end of 2009 you’ll be able to pick one up for your car for about $1200 and the center console versions are also coming down for most of the major luxury cars, and some come as standard equipment. Perhaps the coolest innovation for digital displays are the ones which project your tachometer, speed, and GPS onto the windshield and thus, you never have to look down again while driving.

For windshield holographic projection you can expect to be in it for $5,000 to $8,000 for the basic entry level units, but boy are they trick. Once you have one you’ll never want anything else. And there is even a steering wheel and stick shift switch to turn it off or on. It’s great for street racing, driving in heavy stop and go traffic, or fog. Please consider this technologies for your next ride.

Choosing Discount Hardwood Flooring

If you've priced hardwood flooring and feel you'll never be able to afford the elegant floors that you want for your home, now's the time to take heart. There may be a way that you can reconcile your dreams with your budget, and that's by looking for discount hardwood flooring. Although there are some really cheap wood flooring materials on the market, those are not what we're looking here. We're talking about real, solid hardwoods at great prices. This is flooring you can use anywhere in your home where it can be nailed or stapled to the existing floor or laid over a concrete floor. You'll be able to give all the rooms in your home an awesome new look without resorting to cheaper laminates or breaking your bank account.

Some discount floors have sliced ​​wood veneer which will give you the same designs and colors that you can get with solid hardwoods. The veneer on these floors is applied to solid hardwood backings to give the floor durability. You will also be able to find laminate floors designed to look like hardwoods that will last just as long as solid hardwoods do, because they are also made using hardwood backings. Since hardwoods are known for expanding and contracting well in heat and cold, this makes the discount floors suitable for use in all climates.

Even though discount flooring is less expensive to buy, it is still manufactured to exacting standards. For example, all cheap hardwood flooring is precision-spaced to allow for flexibility in the planks. This is done by taking an aluminum tube and stamping it onto each piece of laminate flooring precisely 1.5 mm apart.

Discount hardwoods come in both pre-finished and unfinished woods. Although many people prefer pre-finished flooring, because they do not want the big job of finishing it, others prefer to finish their floors their own way and opt for the unfinished type. There are many wood choices in discount flooring as well as a variety of different stains so that you can have the floor that will perfectly accent the decor in your home. While you will not have a choice of pre-finished or unfinished with laminate flooring, you will still be able to choose from many different colors.

In this world of increasing costs, decreasing spending power, and the threat of foreclosures, homeowners everywhere are looking for bargains in materials to renovate their homes. Discount hardwood floors and laminates are becoming popular options since they look great for less cost. Laminate flooring is made by putting a piece of fiberboard between two pieces of melamine. It will give you the look of hardwoods at a fraction of the cost. You will also be able to find discount hardwoods that have been embossed in the factory to give them a texture like the grain of real wood. Your floors will look gorgeous, and no one will ever know that you got them at a discount.

How To Realistically Plan For Retirement?

Just the other day, I overheard a very involved conversation between a husband and wife, where they were both afraid that they would never be able to afford to retire. The wife was talking about this man who just passed away, at 89, and she said that she marveled at how someone could live that long, and still be able to maintain the apparently nice life style that this gentleman seemed to live. The longer the conversation continued, the more downbeat and depressed this couple appeared, appearing almost to give up on their own future. What can people do to plan to be able to retire and maintain a reasonably reasonable life style?

1. Determine how much it costs you to live today, calculating in housing costs (including utilities, etc.), food, health coverage, reasonable amount of entertainment, a vacation or two per year, etc. For each couple, what is included may vary, because for each, the needs and desires may vary.

2. Now use an actuarial table to determine what a fairly average amount of annual inflation will translate that number to, and instead of basing the need on the dollar amount at age 65, calculate the number of years until you turn 75 instead. As a rule of thumb, remember that at three percent (3%) inflation per year, the amount needed will double in approximately 24 years (the "Rule of 72," division 72 by 3). Therefore, if you feel you need $ 50,000 per year in today's currency, it would be equivalent to $ 100,000 in 24 years.

3. Once you determine how much you'll need to live on, now it is time to start figuring out how to get there. Start with your payment from Social Security. Every year, shortly before your birthday, the Social Security Administration sends you an estimate of what your monthly payment would be based on your contributions to date. If you use that number as your estimate, and multiply it by twelve months, it will give you a conservative way to begin. So, let's assume that the number that you are working with from Social Security is $ 1,500 per month. Twelve times that is $ 18,000 per year. Therefore, begin by subtracting this $ 18,000 figure from the inflation adjusted $ 100,000, and you begin planning your additional additional $ 82,000 per year (or slightly under $ 7,000 per month). So, how can you save enough money to give you that $ 82,000 annual income?

4. Do you have a pension? Is it already vested? What is the conservative estimate of what it might be paying you per year? Let's use an estimate of another $ 1,500 per month or $ 18,000 for the sake of this example. Subtract that $ 18,000 and you arrive at an additional need of $ 64,000.

5. Do you own any property? What is a conservative estimate of its net worth, and calculate only the net worth? Therefore if your home's lowest market value is $ 700,000 and you now have a $ 300,000 mortgage, the net today is $ 400,000. When will your mortgage be fully paid up? Would you want to remain in this house, or would you want to downsize or move to an area where housing costs are far less expensive. One of the reasons that many retired people move from the Northeast to the Southeast (Florida, South Carolina, etc.) is that the cost of living in those areas is far less? Is that something you would want to do after retirement? If it is, calculate the difference between your net home value and the lower priced home that you would purchase.

For example, assume that your mortgage remaining at retirement is then $ 100,000 instead of $ 400,000, and that housing goes up by the same cost of living figure used above (2-3%). Therefore a $ 700,000 home may be worth $ 900,000 in fifteen years, while the mortgage is reduced from $ 400,000 to $ 100,000 during that period. Your net value of your home would then be approximately $ 800,000. Let's assume you decide that you will move to Florida where housing costs dramatically less and buy a house or condominium that is then priced at $ 400,000 (for this example, using a greater increase in value for the house purchased than the house sold, for it is better to err on the side of being conservative, and ending up with more revenue than anticipated. That difference of $ 400,000, invested at approximately four percent (4%) would add $ 16,000 per year more to your income stream. further need to $ 46,000.

6. How old are you? What age will you be retiring? Determine the number of years. Have you been saving up to this point? If so, how much do you have put away in reserve? Let's assume that you've put away only $ 100,000 to date. That invested at 4% would fetch $ 4,000 more and your annual need has now been reduced to only an additional $ 42,000. What is the value of your investment portfolio? How is it invested? Depending on your age, consider changing the investment vehicles to more conservative investments which emphasize maintaining principle and conservative growth. For most people, that would create an additional safety net.

7. Let's assume you are fifty and want to retire at 67, when your Social Security is scheduled to kick in. That leaves you seventeen years. Would you be willing to plan to secure your Golden Years, by paying yourself first, when you pay the rest of your bills? Each week, make believe you are making ten percent less, so based on the $ 50,000 per year, that means think $ 45,000 instead of $ 50,000. Therefore, commit that ten percent to a payment to a safe, conservative investment vehicle, and place $ 100 per week ($ 5,000 per year) away in an account that you will not touch. In those seventeen years between age 50 and age 67, this strategy will accumulate substantively, and when needed will generate that additional income.

Obviously the earlier you begin your planning the easier it will be. I have based these assumptions using conservative growth, and slow appreciation, with average inflation over that time. Those that want to feel secure in their retirement years must plan ahead, and make the necessary commitments to get it done. Do not wait until you are about to retire, and then look back and complain. Plan ahead and you will retire with a decent lifestyle.