Steel – The King of Metals

Every product developed requires the designer to select materials that are best suited to help the product perform to a required set of standards. Today, we see many products manufactured in countries around the world. Many of these companies choose to build low cost and low quality products that just last a short period of time and then wear out or fail. This is shortsighted and all who are involved in product development need to consider “Quality” as the most important element of product design.

When developing products requiring strength, yet modest weight requirements, Steel is a very good choice. Characteristics of Steel are: excellent impact and tensile strength, durability, and good ductility for many applications.

Anyone who has purchased a tool or machine for domestic use has discovered what happens when Engineers trying to cut cost, substitute plastics where a Metal part, is a much better choice. Operating a turning part and experiencing a break or fracture on a product, under the strain of a light load, during its first or second use can be infuriating. This is where choosing Steel can be of great benefit. Metals by their nature are very forgiving when exposed to increasing loads. They exhibit properties of ductility and to a certain extent stretch. Now that doesn’t mean that anyone should expose a metal object to conditions that exceed its Tensile Strength, but Steel provides a little resiliency where plastics will snap and fracture. There are of course many other metals for designers to choose from and they all have a niche that they can serve. But Steel is an excellent choice where strength and durability are mandatory.

In the past, other civilizations were noted for their discoveries of Copper and later Brass or Bronze tools. Later,Iron products improved the strength of tools and structures. But limits were reached quickly and kept the tools of mankind from really reaching for the sky. With the discovery of Steel and the improvement of its various alloys, new products and construction have become available and the norm. Buildings are now incredibly tall using a Steel inner structure. Cars are light and fast with a strong Steel outer skin and inner Steel frame.

We have all come to expect this since most of us have grown up with these products already in existence. It is important to consider how much progress has been made in a relatively short period of time. Keeping strong durable Steel parts in the tool that a company plans to manufacture is almost always a good choice. Substitution of materials like plastics may save money, but can create the environment for making unhappy customers. Nothing is worse than when a customer begins to realize that they have wasted their money and worse yet, their time. The repair and replacement of the product just compounds this factor.

How many times have you heard a senior citizen make the statement that they have used a product and it has provided good life and service for a long period of time? What they are really saying is that the “Quality” is there. Most people do not object to buying a new tool or product after a long life of service as they are remembering the “Quality”. That memory of “Quality” is your best Salesman, and will promote repeat sales. But in the beginning it all starts with the designer, choosing The King of Metals, Steel.

Mercedes 126 Repair – The Perfect Oil Change

The Mercedes 126 is capable of astronomical mileages if properly maintained. To maximize the service life of your vehicle and postpone expensive repairs, frequent oil and filter changes with the appropriate lubricant are essential. While similar to the procedure used for most cars, there are a couple of finer points that 126 owners need to remember. Let’s look at the procedure for the V-8 engines:

  1. No more than 3,000 miles after the last change (and ideally before), take the car for a nice run to get the oil good and hot. Hot oil will flow rapidly from the drain plug, carrying sediments in suspension. Drive the car up on ramps.
  2. To ensure good flow from the drain plug and prevent the formation of any vacuum, remove the oil filter first. Place your drain pan under the filter housing to catch any drips. (There won’t be many. This is a much more elegant design than the hard-to-reach spin-on filters on most modern cars.) Removing the concertina hose to the air intake facilitates access. I also like to loosen the oil filler cap and remove the dipstick.
  3. With your drain pan ready, remove the oil pan plug with a 13mm socket. Cover your hand with a shop rag to protect yourself from the hot oil as the plug is removed from the last couple of threads. Let the oil drain for as long as you can. Overnight is ideal, but 2-3 hours will usually suffice. No, this is not Jiffy-Lube!
  4. While the oil is dripping, replace the oil filter. Filtration is crucial and changing the filter is part of the justification for frequent oil changes. Even if you are using top-quality synthetic oils that could theoretically last a lot longer than 3,000 miles, you do not want to leave the same filter in there too long. The best filters are made by Hengst, with Mann and Mahle close behind. Use the new o-ring for the filter lid and the new steel washer for the long retaining bolt, tightening securely with a 3/8 drive.
  5. When the pan has stopped dripping, replace the oil drain plug, using the new copper crush ring supplied in the filter kit. (There is usually a larger copper ring in these kits that you can ignore as it’s for the 107 SL cars.) Make sure the plug’s threads are clean; replace the plug if it has any burrs and does not turn freely.
  6. Oil capacity is 8.5 quarts. At this stage, add 8.0 quarts. The owners manual contains a viscosity guide for varying climates. Choosing the right brand of oil has become more difficult in the last couple of years; I discuss those issues in another article.
  7. With 8 quarts of oil in the sump, and the filler cap at least partially tight, we’re almost ready to start the engine and drive back off the ramps. But there is a vital step we must take first. To protect the long timing chain, we need to build some oil pressure in the chain tensioner before we fire up the engine. Disable the ignition by disconnecting the green (TD) cable from the ignition control unit. (You could simply remove the coil wire from the spark distributor, but that will send sparks to ground. This method prevents spark formation.) Then crank the engine for 20-30 seconds to build oil pressure. With this done, reconnect the TD cable and start the engine.
  8. With the car off the ramps and level, add the remaining half quart. It will take a while for all the oil to drain into the sump. Whatever reading you then have on your dipstick represents full capacity. Dipsticks can be inaccurate; you cannot always trust the min. and max. markings. Whatever you do, do not overfill. Too much oil in the crankcase will stress the crank seals. When the rear main seal fails you will have drips; when the front crank seal fails you will have more than a drip; neither one is particularly easy to repair.

Check for leaks from the areas you have serviced, and continue to monitor your oil level every week or so. Opinions vary, but I believe in checking the level cold after the car has been sitting overnight. I measure the old oil collected in the drain pan to see exactly how much the engine is using. Older cars tend to have a variety of external oil leaks, but will also have internal leaks past valve stem seals and valve guides. Monitoring consumption will help you decide when those more major repairs can no longer be avoided.

Opening An Art Studio in Second Life

Location, Location, Location is the same theme in Second Life as it is in First Life. When you find a location in a Second Life, in a mall or village shops, sometimes asking for an exclusive contract for your business if it is not clothing or clothing related is a good thing. Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery are exclusive sponsors of Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio and so contracted for an exclusive contract at Magical Dreams Mall that we are the only people allowed to sell art in the mall.

The second order of the day is an advertising campaign. There are many avenues of advertising in Second Life, billboards at the Edge are very popular, smaller advertising billboards at malls and clubs for people to click on and obtain a Landmark (LM). Other avenues are Second Life ads (SLads), writing articles for the Second Life Newspaper, and Enquirer. Just like in First Life writing to the editors to see if they are interested in an article is also a good practice and if you are fortunate, then your article will be accepted.

Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery used its group to remind members of the opening and also advertised on the Art and Artiste’s Network bringing in people who are interested in Second Life Art.

The next item to do is to fill the studio full of art and plan your opening night. The former was done over the month of September and Mr. Montague decided to give away one copy of “Tall Ship” to the first person who could correctly guess the name of the ship.

Then the last thing you do is write up a note card, fill in the information on the opening and drop it to all your friends on your friends list and ask them to bring a friend.

After all the hard work and stress of organizing the artwork and planning the opening night, enjoying the fun on opening night was satisfying along with the payments for artwork purchased coming into your account.

The competition for Tall Ship began right away and all of the guesses were fantastic and some of the guesses for the name of the French tall ships were Dora, Le Napoleon, the Royal Louis, and Cutter Sark to name a few. Some not so serious guesses of Unroyal Louis and H.M.S. Fig Newton were a few of my favorites.

It was Atlantis Jewell who was the first to identify the name of the tall ship, but since the Museum were the Exclusive Sponsors of the event, was not qualified to win the artwork.

Mr. Montague threw out helpful hints such as: It’s flying a French Flag! Napoleonic War and It’s a special ship as I had to find a picture of it to make it into “Tall Ship”. Spanish ships Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria made an appearance in the guessing line up as did the H.M.S. Victory and Surprise.

The win went to Second Life Resident Tressie Jetaime with: “Acheron”. H.M.S. Surprise was the British ship that was commissioned to arrest the Acheron. The picture of this fabulous tall ship can be found in the movie, “Master and Commander.”

Lean Back And Watch Him Move Closer

Women have made enormous progress in recent decades where we have taken on new roles of leadership like never before.

We are running businesses, corporations and even countries and yet are we any happier?

Let me explain.

Your masculine energy is vital at work, in the office or the boardroom, and yet too much of it can cause a lot of problems in your love relationship.

It’s like salsa dancing with both parties trying to lead!

If one partner is leading and the other follows it feels right and lovely to watch.

Not that one dancer is better or more skilled than the other, it just isn’t possible to make it work with two people in charge.

Just like two rams butting horns!

And the same applies to your relationship.

Let me explain the energy bubble which represents the overall energy dynamic of a relationship.

Imagine two people facing each other in the bubble, as one leans forward the other person naturally leans back; which explains why it is essential to be aware of your body posture and energy whenever you are in the company or even thinking about your man.

This is a fundamental area that causes many problems in our relationships because not many of us do this well.

We, women, are experts at leaning forward!

Let’s go a bit deeper.

We all probably have experienced those conversations when somebody is standing too close, and you naturally feel compelled to step back!

It is the same scenario with your relationship!

Leaning forward is not only a body posture but the energy of taking leadership or control and invading his space which includes thinking about him all the time.

Subconsciously it feels like an energetic attack to a masculine man.

Organising, managing, delegating, problem-solving, suggesting and taking responsibility for everything including planning all the outings, phone calls, texting etc. are leaning forward.

Leaning back is especially important during those times when you feel your man becoming distant or not so attentive, which periodically is typical masculine behaviour.

John Gray calls this rubberbanding where men need time to themselves to gather their energy, solve problems and be autonomous, and it is especially prevalent after moments of emotional intimacy.

Understanding that this rubberbanding is normal masculine behaviour makes it easier to give him the space that he needs rather than over functioning and pushing him further away.

I used to feel needy and insecure when this happened with my husband without realising that it was healthy, manly behaviour.

I would give him extra love and attention hoping for reassurance that he still loved me which only made him withdraw even more and left me feeling scared, angry and unappreciated.

These days I often smile to myself as I lean back, soften my shoulders, open my heart, drop my energy into my belly and watch my husband move closer!

And it feels so much better.

It makes me feel soft, fluent, powerful and feminine and can be done sitting down also.

It’s like a magic formula to soften your vibe and bring your man closer.

The good news is it’s so simple, and you can do it anywhere including when you’re talking on the phone.

Here’s the formula:

– lean back, one leg slightly in front of the other.

– soften your shoulders and breathe into your belly.

– place your hand on your lower belly and let it soften.

– open your heart.

Leaning back is one of my favourite tools because it changes your vibe in an instant.

Try it and let me know how it feels.

Discount Home Furniture for An Entertainment Room

Having a room in the house dedicated to entertainment can be relaxing. Whether you're turning an old bedroom into a game room or the basement into a den, you'll want a space that has a great sound system, a lot of space for guests, and great discount home furniture that will accommodate everyone.

The first thing you need to do is figure out your entertainment set up. How big your television is going to be depends on the size of your room. Consider wall mounting for saving some space. A great surround sound system will help give that movie movie feel when watching films. You can mount speakers above you in the corners of the room or just placed them on the floor. Either way you'll get a unique audio experience.

If you are a gamer, setting up your consoles in here will be another great entertainment option. Make sure to purchase a surge protector so you can plug everything in one place and protect them from any electrical blow outs.

Setting all your electronics up, plus storing DVDS, video games, and other nick nacks can be tough. A large entertainment center is a great piece of discount home furniture that can be used to keep you organized. They often come with built in DVD shelving and extra space to store that Xbox 360 or Blu-ray player underneath the television.

After you have your sound systems and electronics set up, it's time to think about seating. Couches are a great option, but sectionals are even better if you are planning on using the room often to host parties. Sectionals can accommodate more people but their layout can save some space. Do not forget an ottoman, as it can be great as an extra seat if needed. You can often find ottomans that also double as storage which may be another way to keep those movies in order.

Another discount home furniture option is true game room pieces like a pool table or ping pong. No matter what game of choice, even if it's an old school arcade cabinet, it'll be appreciated by all. Everyone enjoys a good movie, but to have an option to play a game multiple people can really get involved in is great in itself. It'll also let your game room have a bit of an old school feel. Do not forget the much needed dart board.

Carving out a separate space for fun and games will you, family and friends a place to go a little crazy without disturbing anyone else in the house. Properly furnished, it could soon become your favorite room in the entire house.

Quick E-Book Writing – 3 Steps to Take the Ladder of a Successful E-Book

E-book or electronic book is paving the way to a more and far advanced ways on how one can earn and learn new knowledge and acquire far greater set of skills. With the emergence of e-book in the online arena, business people have also found a better way, too, to make newer and far more catching ways on how they can better advertise and capture more market with the use of it.

a. Build a strong niche and deal with it. Your niche is your targeted market and they are the ones that basically support the market value directed to your e-book. If your e-book has a specific targeted niche it will be easier for you to penetrate a far larger and a lot bigger market in the near future. After having built the niche, take care of that niche and continue to expand and grow. That is the only sure thing that you can do to make sure that you do not lose presence in the market.

b. Create dynamic e-book materials. In this world of the Internet where stagnation is a misnomer, it is essential that even with the writings that you do, you have to refrain from being stagnated with one specific topic and be able to explore more and more topics and be dynamic and multi faceted. It is truly the age of dynamism and you should be able to adapt with it.

c. Always on the look out as to what competitors are doing. With the vast number of e-book writers and manufacturers there are online, you will never know if what you are doing is still something new and fresh. To combat such, you will need then to make sure that you know what others or the competing market is doing on their end that allows them to stay on top or be on top.

Fifteen Facts About Human Hair

Ever wonder what a monk's hairstyle is called? How about the name for the fear of hair? This article contains plenty of fun facts about human hair – some of which might surprise you!

1. Ever notice how pre-20th Century military leaders like Andrew Jackson and Ulysses S. Grant had long, flowing locks and full beards? That's because the trend favorite short hair on uniformed men did not begin until the World War I, when trench warfare created a breeding ground for lice. Since then, military men have cropped their hair close to their scalps.

2. The myth that human hair and fingernails continue to grow after we die is just that – a myth. Decomposition only makes it appear that way.

3. Human hair likes company: Your head has anywhere from 90,000 to 150,000 hairs on it.

4. Human hair can not stand too much dandruff shampoo. Because of this, you should use such products only when you need them. Otherwise you risk damaging your hair and scalp, and even creating more dandruff.

5. If your hair feels oily, it's because of an excess of sebum , a fatty oil that's produced at the base of each human hair follicle.

6. Liberty spikes – the long, stiff, often multicolored spikes of hair popular within the punk subculture – can not be achieved with conventional hair products. Many enthusiasts use egg whites or even Elmer's glue to get the desired stiffness.

7. Just today, your scalp will shed about a hundred hairs.

8. For every human, hair is the fastest growing tissue on the body.

9. On the television show Arrested Development , Ed Begley Jr. depicted a character suffering from alopecia universalis – a complete lack of any human hair. Another such character is Judge Holden in the Cormac McCarthy novel Blood Meridian .

10. The world's longest documented human hair can be found atop the head of Xie Quiping of Guangxi Province in China. Her hair is just under eighteen and a half feet long.

11. Human hair is not the only kind of hair subject to baldness. Primates such as the chimpanzee and the stump-tailed macaque sometimes develop pattern baldness after adolescence.

12. If you have chaetophobia , you may want to take a trip to the barber. Chaetophobia is the fear of hair.

13. In the Sherlock Holmes story The Red-Headed League , Arthur Conan Doyle describes a bank robber's plot to distract a red-headed pawnshop clerk by offering him a high-paying job based solely on the color of his hair. The purpose? To keep him out of the pawnshop while the robber tunnels through its cellar to a bank vault next door.

14. The main component of human hair is keratin, which is also found in gazelle horns, reptile scales, tortoise shells, and – very probably – the defensive armor of dinosaurs like Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus .

15. The name for the shaved-scalp hairstyle popular with monks is a cohesive .

Heat Pump For Air Conditioners

Heat pump in an air-conditioner is man’s best friend during the winter. With this pump installed in an air-conditioner, the refrigeration cycle in the air-conditioner can be reversed, where heat is produced in the room instead of cool air. This pump is normally referred to and known as a reverse cycle air conditioner. It is generally a more reliable pump as compared to electric resistance heating as this pump has higher efficiency.

Some people prefer to have a heat pump system installed in their air-conditioner, where it enables the reverse refrigeration cycle to be reversed during winter. By enabling the pump, coil changes its role to become a condenser coil that produces heat rather than being an evaporator coil that generates cool air.

This system is more popular in mild winter climates that have temperatures in the range of 4 to 13ºC. It is mainly because in places with extreme winter, the coil of the outdoor unit frozen and directly blocks the airflow over the coil, making this pump being inefficient in such circumstance. To overcome this matter, the system must be able to switch back the evaporator coil back to condenser coil temporarily regularly for the outdoor unit in order to heat and de-froze the coil. Therefore, an electric resistance heating is formed and at the same moment, the unwanted cold air from is being supplied into the room. The icing issue hence is more often being encountered in cases with lower outdoor temperatures, which make heat pumps installed replaced with natural gas or oil furnace in more extreme winter.

Some air conditioner has heat pump while some do not. However, when it comes to air conditioner with “heat” function does not necessary mean that there is a pump in that air conditioner as it might be other device like electric resistance heat.

Net Gun, the Perfect Tool For Animal Capture

Whether it be for hunting, animal rescue, or simply to capture your own pet, a net gun may be the only tool you’ll ever need. Net guns are becoming increasingly popular for people in the animal capture industry especially now that there’s a model available that is within reaching distance of our budget and that does not require any special license or permit to operate.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has classified the net gun as a “tool,” rather than a “firearm,” as it operates on compressed air and not gun powder like other models available. But you may still want to check with your local governing agency just to be sure.

Need an alternative to darts? Get a netgun. Need to rescue a bird that got entangled? Grab a netgun. Have a pet that always thinks you’re trying to play tag with it and darts every time you get close? Grab a net gun. Net guns are the perfect tool for capturing animals because once you have them rapped up in that net they’re not going anywhere!

The new Net-2000 model is available at This model was virtually unknown until it was featured on the hit MTV show Rob & Big as part of a marketing campaign from the manufacturer back in 2008.

Since then it’s popularity exploded and now it seems like everyone who saw that episode wants to get their hands on one but mostly for the wrong reasons like netting their buddies for fun as portrayed on the show.

The net gun is not only limited to animal capture. Some law enforcement agencies throughout the US have adopted the net-2000 netgun for security purposes as in riot control and capturing fleeing suspects.

Another practical use is for catching shoplifters who tend to run when confronted. They won’t get far with a huge net rapped around them.

There are two models of the netguns available. One model that requires an air compressor and the newer model net-2000 that uses compressed air cartridges similar to co2 cartridges. The latter model is the one you want. Not unless you don’t mind paying an extra $400 for the air compressor and hauling it around with you every time you need to refill the net gun.

The Net-2000 model net gun is also manufactured here in the US so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality piece of equipment.

Beeswax Candles for a Healthy House

We all love the smell and feel of natural beeswax candles. But paraffin candles are so much cheaper. Why spend the extra money on beeswax candles?

Paraffin wax is made from petroleum sludge at the bottom of oil refinery barrels. When it burns it emits nasty black smoke that stains your walls and ceiling. But did you know that burning paraffin creates the same pollution as a diesel engine? That diesel exhaust with all its carcinogens does not just stain your walls and ceiling; it gets into your lungs, too.

Most paraffin candles use cheap wicks that contain lead and other heavy metals. These also go up in flames, and into your lungs. High quality beeswax candles will use cotton wicks.

The EPA has said that indoor air pollution is often far greater than outdoor pollution. With so many pollutants in our environment that we can not control, why add to our chemical overload if we do not have to?

Natural beeswax candles are the healthful alternative to paraffin. Instead of creating indoor air pollution, beeswax candles emit beneficial negative ions that actually clean the air around them as they burn!

When kept out of drafts, beeswax candles burn about three-times longer than simply-sized paraffin candles, and with a brighter flame. A small beeswax votive candle can have a fifteen-hour burnttime!

Beeswax is a natural by-product of honey production. Even when they're not burning they smell wonderful, like honey. Beeswax candles are not made from foreign oil and their manufacture does not add to environmental pollution.

For all these reasons, natural beeswax votives, tea lights and pillows are the ultimate candles for aromatherapy oil warmers and general home use.

Extracting the Maximum Use From English Language Periodical Columns

Teaching or learning English as a foreign language (EFL) by using authentic materials which have been prepared for native speakers in real-life conditions is an excellent way to stimulate your English language learners to acquire health and beauty-related foreign language vocabulary. English language newspapers and magazines are readily available in most parts of the world. So you be easily able to pick up a regional or international periodical to use in your English as a foreign language (EFL) class room setting. Let’s briefly look at extracting some extensive English language teaching using the regular columns in a periodical.

Health and Beauty Columns

Talking about good openings to teach parts of the body, this is certainly one. Add containers, medicines, health problems and home remedies to the possibilities list too. You could present / practice verbs for getting dressed, putting on make-up and performing bodily care functions. Mind your manners and personal hygiene now.

Food & Culinary Arts Columns

Likely you’ll find recipes for entrees, soups and desserts of all kinds. Tips for special occasions and food service etiquette might appear here too. You could use these to work with sequence of steps in a process, giving directions, naming kitchen, cooking and dining utensils, ingredient names and quantities along with rare or specialty food items. The topic area is almost limitless. Who doesn’t like to eat?

Travel Page or Column

Travel is an interesting, fun area for almost everyone, whether it’s a destination piece or a descriptive one on a hotel or resort. If a quantity of related photos isn’t provided on the page or in the column, you can add your own (or have the learners do it). This makes a great assignment for learners to dig up relevant support photos to help “flesh out” a text-only piece. What is the location, region or country noted for? What other or unusual activities might be available there? A historical background of the area may quite well yield some surprises. Have you or one of your learners ever been there? Would you or one of them like to go? Why or why not?

Editorial / Opinion / Commentary

Relevant topics, opinions and commentary on current local, regional and national or international events can offer support for essays, compositions, debates and oral or written reports from your learners. Learners have opinions too you know. Get them to express their ideas, opinions and feelings on contemporary issues that directly or indirectly affect them.


Of course you’ve used the classifieds in some way in your classes before, haven’t you? If not, shame on you and get cracking. They are literally a gold mine of opportunity to enrich English (or foreign language) language communicative skills. A brace of good classifieds can keep you “in the clover” for weeks, months, or even years if you really want to “milk” them. Try “shopping” them, having “yard” or “garage” sales while adding pictures, photos, graphics or “realia” to illustrate the item ads. Job interview dialogues can very easily come out of the classifieds. “Dating games” should flow quite easily from the “personals”. Don’t even think about passing any of these up.

Get Started ASAP

Be sure to pick up an authentic English language periodical to use in your English as a foreign language class room as soon as possible, later on today or first thing tomorrow morning. You be delighted at the possibilities you’ll discover. If you e-mail me at and you’re nice, I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book, “The Foreign Language Learner’s Startup Guide” by return e-mail.

How Chess Terms Were Derived

I've always fascinated by chess. Today, I'm a whiz at planning strategy and using the various pieces to best advantage. But I still remember how I got hooked on chess as a young kid. Of course, like most kids, my love affair with chess started by watching my elders play. My eyebrows would always rise and I would always be spellbound whenever one of my older cousins ​​would exclaim "checkmate" which a triumphant smile and a gleam in his eyes. I told myself, I want that feeling, too. So, I started to play chess.

When I found out exactly how checkmate got its meaning, I was hooked all the more. Similarly, the word 'checkmate' comes from the English translation of the Persian phras "shah mat" which means "the king is finished". As an impressionable young child with dreams of heroism and courage in warfare, slaying an opponent's king was the ultimate for me. And even the pieces have such interesting meanings.

For example, the word 'rook' came from the word 'rath' in Sanskrit which is translated as 'chariot.' However, it has other meanings in other languages. In Persia, it refers to the word 'roc' which is a great mythical bird with supernatural powers. In India, the piece is called 'haathi' or 'elephant.'

Interestingly enough, the bishop is also called 'elephant' or 'pil' in Persia. There were little or no elephants in Europe and the west, yet the reference to this piece as an elephant spread there nonetheless. In Russia, the bishop is referred to as 'slon' the Russian word for elephant. In Spain, the piece is called 'alfil,' which is believe to have come from the Arabic words for elephant (al is the, fil is elephant). The piece was previously only referred to as a bishop in England mainly because of the original shape of the piece feted the tusk of an elephant which resemble a bishop's mitre.

The there's the queen. The piece was originally called 'farzin' or 'vizier' in Persia and 'firzan' in Arabic. In Russia, the piece was called the 'fers.' It is also known as 'alfferza' in Western Europe.

Variety of Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Carpet cleaners differ in accordance with varying carpet types and cleaning requirements. Carpets are a common type of flooring or addition to flooring in most American homes. They were really meant for protecting feet from the chill in the winter, but today the aspect of carpeting has grown farher and carpet has become one of the major factors that add up to the display quotient of our home. Due to this change in attitude of people, floor textile business is now into boom. In order to meet the mass requirement and to achieve customer satisfaction, floor textile manufacturers focus on producing a wide variety of products that displays individuality. This increased need for uniqueness has made the manufacturers to produce carpets out of different materials like cotton, silk, nylon, wool and other synthetic fabrics.

When it comes to professional cleaning, a cleaning solution that proves to be best in one type of carpet may not be the same with another type. Each type of carpet possesses its own unique qualities and so different and unique solutions must be developed to clean them effectively. One of the common carpet cleaning methods is steam cleaning. Under this method hot water and a cleaning solution is employed to get the job done. After the hot water is forced into them, using a brush or hose attachment all the accumulated dirt is worked upon. This is sucked back using a machine later. Shampoo carpet cleaners employ the technique of shampoo cleaning. Most of us must have heard about this method as it one of the popular techniques. A solution of shampoo is applied onto the fibers and left to dry up. Usually no vacuuming or sweeping is done in shampoo cleaning. However, slight changes are made in accordance with the directions on the commercial shampoo solution.

Dry cleaning of carpets has a better customer satisfaction than the shampoo cleaning method. Under dry cleaning method, dry foam or powder is applied onto the carpet fibers. This is worked deep into the carpet fibers using a brush. Then, it is vacuumed out with all the dirt along with it. The foam carpet cleaning method is a combination of dry cleaning and shampoo cleaning. This method uses a minimal amount of water and foam that sticks onto the dirt. The foam is thoroughly worked into the carpet and then vacuumed away. Bonnet carpet cleaning is one of the popular cleaning techniques used for commercial cleaning purposes. This type of cleaning does not suit a residential type of cleaning requirement as it does not involve deep cleaning of carpets. This method is generally adopted to improve the visual quality of carpets. Generally this kind of cleaning can harm the fibers of a carpet that is of a regular make.

The Nail Glue Overhaul

It is a known fact that a flawless look is achieved in an artificial nail style that is totally hassle free of nail paint and nail polish. Same goes for glue nails if you want that perfect and admirable nail lacquer. The glue style is also extremely useful for those people who find it difficult to grow their nails or it is a saviour for those looking for a quick fix before a party. After all, having an attractive and full of life appearance is important to us. It’s proved that nails have been the most expressive factor in a woman; also the men are attracted to women who maintain manicured hands. Nail glue is here to make you more confident and attractive.

Types of Amazing Nail Glues

The usual scenario goes like; you probably cover your long beautiful nails with elegant shades of nail color and you are all set for the party. But it can be a trouble for those who have either given up amplifying their nails or if they do not have enough time for the salon. Getting fake fingernails can then turn out to be the best option for you. Having said that, it involves deciding on the right product for your nails and that certainly includes the kind of glue you will use for false fingernails.

There are several amazing and quiet popular names; like 5 second brush, royal pink gel, OPI bond aid, Big Bondini brush, KDS, star nail and more to choose from. However specialists recommend selecting a glue of a smaller size from four to six gm at max. That is because they tend to have a smaller shelf life.

• 5 second Nail glue

This one is said to be at the top of the market as it is the most famous choice for both professional and retail market for beautifying and fixing the nails. They have varieties that range from.

1. Salon nail glue – it comes in a cool shade of pink and is the most popular one for artificial nails which happens to be a source of instant nail repair.

2. Brush on nail glue- this one is perfect for easy application which has been made particularly moisture resistant and fast drying among others.

3. No clog nail glue- this wonderful bottle is the most convenient one for many and comes with a resealable cap which is suitable for travelling. Moreover, besides strengthening and repairing the nails it is unique because of its clogging prevention which has been enhanced by jojoba oil.

• OPI nail adhesive

Quiet an affordable one. Usually used for professional and retail use. Great choice to prevent clogging and resist spills!

• Big Bondini Hypo- Allergenic Nail Glue

This one is made for awfully sensitive skin tone which easily reacts adversely to glue type that is regular. It is specially designed for broken fingernails, wraps and bond tips. So if your skin screams sensitive you can opt for this one.

However one must take proper protection and avoid over using the nail glue especially if your nail is inflamed or infected in any manner. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore its favourability and its convenience since it takes down all your real worries by giving you an instant boost and fix your nails for the most important occasions in your life.