Halloween Witch Crafts

Some like to go all out when it comes to Halloween decorations. Whatever inflatable villains, cobwebs and spooky music all embellish your property on the creepiest night of the year or your taste in Halloween decor is slightly more humble, have a blast with your family by making a unique witch craft using your creativity and a dowel.

Start by crafting a witch. This can be simply made and colored on paper, as printed from any free online website, or handmade using construction paper, tissue paper, glitter, confetti and any number of other materials to make the witch of your choosing. Or, use various materials to craft a 3-D witch. The choice is yours and is limited only by your imagination.

Based on the size of the project you want to make, as well as the weight of the witch you craft, determine the most appropriate size, specifically the diameter and length, of the dowel to use. A 12 inch section is a good starting point. Certainly a longer section can be used if needed.

Using raffia purchased from a craft supply store, twigs gathered from your very own yard or dried corn husks available from any number of orchards specializing in fall harvests of apples, pumpkins or gourds, apply to one end of the dowel and tie it securely with twine . To ensure that the raffia, twigs or corn husks are secure, place them at least three inches from the bottom of the dowel. You may also choose to further secure the twine with hot glue.

There are several creative ways to position the witch. Consider the following:

Have the witch straddle the dowel, resembling the standard witch-on-a-broom look.

Place the witch with both legs hanging over one side of the broom.

Replicate the witch falling off of her broom by having her dangle by the fingertips.

Place the wood dowel at a downward angle so the witch appears to come directly toward anyone who sees her.

Any of these looks can be easily accomplished by hot gluing twine or string to either side of the hardwood dowel and then hanging from an eye hook.

Another creative, and quite comical, option is to place only the hands and feet at angles on a piece of felt. Consider fashioning the hands to reflect knotted fingers with green or black fingernails or warts, and the feet to reflect black boots or boots. Using an inexpensive witch's hat, which, of course, is readily available for purchase during the Halloween season, hot glue the hat to the center of the felt so that it overlaps the hands and feet. A very small and less weighty section of dowel can be glued to the bottom of the felt with the raffia, twigs or corn husks, wrapped in twine, glued around it. Glue or sew the top of the felt to form a seam, insert another section of dowel through the seam, hot glue twine or string to either end of the dowel section and then hang from your front door to give the appearance that the witch has crashed into it.

With a little creativity and some inexpensive supplies, such as a wooden dowel, there are no limits to the "witch-craft" you can make this Halloween!

Increase MPG and Pollute Less

Water vapor injection, which has been used successfully for over 65 years to increase horsepower, has also been proven to reduce nitrous oxide emissions. Nitrous oxide, N2O, (commonly known as NOX) emissions are associated with the combustion of fossil fuels. Nitrous oxide is a major greenhouse gas. Nitrous oxide has two hundred and ninety six times more impact on global warming than the same unit mass amount of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Wet scrubbers, spray scrubbers and spray tower scrubbers are three of the many pollution control devices that use water, and other liquids, to remove pollutants from industrial smokestack industries. Water vapor injection works in a similar manner, when introduced as part of the fuel load (fuel and air mixture) in an internal combustion engine.

Water vapor reduces the parts per million in a vehicle's exhaust, makes particulates heavier, which keeps them from being as likely to drift into the upper atmosphere, and can destroy pollutants when water is turned to steam in the combustion chamber and exhaust system. A combination of forces using a form of nuclear transmutation, high temperature, water (steam) and pollutants, can create different chemical components by realigning the atomic structure of the pollutant.

Water injection has been used for decades to boost horsepower through increased efficiency. Increased efficiency using water vapor injection not only boosts horsepower, it also prolongs the burn time (flame propagation) in the combustion chamber similar to a higher octane rating. Water vapor injection effectively increases octane ratings without having to pay a higher price at the pump.

Thirty percent increase in either MPG or horsepower are not unheard of using a simple water vapor injection system that can be built with common hand tools, a drill, drill bit and pipe tap.

An easily verifiable fact is that sixty to eighty percent of the fuel that goes into the internal combustion engine is there to cool internal engine parts. That means that only twenty to forty percent of the fuel is used to power the vehicle. If the cooling can be accomplished with water vapor, and water is two hundred times more efficient at cooling that gasoline, even if no increases in horsepower were realized, which is not the case, it's possible to directly gain the MPG increments that are offset when replacing a specific amount of fuel with a similar amount of cooling capability using water, and without doing damage to internal engine parts.

The problem with most systems is they lean out the mixture, thus reducing the necessary cooling effect obtained from the fuel, and overheating of internal engine parts is the result.

Welding Pot Metal – Tips For How to Tig Weld it With HTS-2000, Aladdin 3 in 1, Or Durafix

Welding pot metal is not as hard as people say, but it is not as easy as you might think…unless you know the tricks.

Pot metal is used for all kinds of cheap trinkets like figurines, cookie cutters, hole punch handles and especially old automotive window crank handles.  The problem with welding this kind of stuff is that sometimes the effort that goes into welding it is just not worth it. But there are some things made from pot metal that are worth fixing. Some of the ones that come to mind are antiques, old classic car parts like trim and ornaments, and grandmas old cookie cutter that is not worth anything but has sentimental value.

 Pot metal is made from aluminum, zinc, copper and possibly a few other low melting point metals in various combinations. It’s also referred to as Die Cast metal.

It’s the zinc that makes it a pain  to weld because zinc has such a low  melting point and also tries to out-gas when tig welded. But It can be welded with few problems if you know how.

The 3 main welding rods are :

  1. HTS-2000
  2. Durafix
  3. Alladin 3 in 1 

These rods are advertised to be able to weld using only a small hand held propane torch. That is actually brazing, not welding, but the sales guys at boat shows are really impressive when they braze repair big holes in beer cans.

But these Zinc aluminum brazing rods can also be used to Tig Weld Pot Metal.

If you are pretty decent at tig welding aluminum, you can surely read this article and do OK tig welding this stuff too.

Generally,  pot metal parts are pretty clean so only a minor bit of grinding is required before welding. Usually the problem is that something just broken off clean. If that’s the case, a little grooving out of the crack will permit enough penetration for a strong joint. Remember, if it’s an ornamental piece, and its broken because someone dropped it, Its going to break again if its dropped again no matter how deep you penetrate the weld, so take it easy on the penetration.

You need an A/C tig welding machine with high frequency start.  Most  jobs can be welded with a small 1/16  inch tungsten electrode with a blunt taper on the tip.  Set the amperage to only about 80 amps and you probably wont even need near that much.

Tig weld it just like you would aluminum except that you will only weld for about 5 or 10 seconds at a time before stopping to let it cool. Just when it gets to flowing good. STOP! Its about to melt and fall in your lap. That is the best tip around for welding this stuff.

Stop often and let cool.

Can Sinus Drainage Make You Cough? A Nurse's Guide

If you've been experiencing a lot of mucus or phlegm in your throat you may be wondering if it's from your lungs or your sinuses. Or maybe you did not know that it could be sinus drainage.

In any case you may be coughing a little or a lot and may not have connected it to your sinuses. People usually think they have bronchitis or a lung infection or even worry about pneumonia. But it's perfectly normal to cough when you experience a bit of sinus drainage. It may be little coughs here and there or have progressed into more serious coughing especially if you have a sinus infection.

A cough will often accompany a sinus infection or sinusitis. It can be severe and hang on as long as you have the infection. But if you use proper natural treatment methods at the first sign of an infection you can ward if off and actually get rid of it in a couple of days or so. I mean without sinus medications or drugs which can actually make your sins worse and carry with them risks to your body.

If the coughing is extreme you do want to take proper methods to get rid of the cause as soon as possible. Sinus drain normally flows down into the back of the throat. A quart of mucous has to move through the sinuses every day. That's a lot of fluid if you think about it. It can easily trigger your cough reflex located in your throat area and cause you to cough.

If you find you're clearing your throat a lot, that also may be a sign of heavy drain. Drainage is good though.

You want to try to remove the source of any sinus problems if you're experiencing coughing regularly. Something may be irritating your sinuses and causing an increased amount of drain. Look around your house or apartment and look for excess dust, mold in bathrooms around sinks, bathtubs, toilets and windows. Remove any hiding in plants from your bedroom, run air cleaners in the bedroom and living areas. Is there smoke in the house? Do you live in a smoggy area? Is the air quality good outside where you live? Are you walking or running in it?

It's also possible you may be allergic to dust mite droppings. Dust mites are so small you can not see them. Nor can you see the droppings. Mattresses and carpeting in bedrooms may contain a lot of droppings. Try vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum cleaner to see if you can remove some of them. Use zippered cases on pillows and mattresses if at all possible. But you may find there are other obvious sources to your sinus drainage and coughing problems and may not have to resort to using special cases.

In any case, yes sinus drain can cause you to cough. But if your coughing continues and is annoying there may be a sinus infection brewing. Also, you need to rule out other problems like bronchitis. But you can clear up symptoms such as coughing with natural treatment. Always choose natural treatments that work, over prescription or over the counter medicines and drugs, to protect your health.

Black Walnut – A Highly Prized Timber

Black Walnut, which has the Scientific or Latin name of Juglans Nigra, is one of the most admired hardwoods in the furniture trade at the present time, especially in the United Kingdom. Prized for its dark brown color by end users and for its strength, yet high workability by woodworkers, it's no wonder that demand for this hardwood is at an all time high.

As a tree Black Walnut is native to the Eastern regions of the United States and Canada, its region of growth extending from Ontario to Texas and from Florida to Manitoba. It also grows in Europe since being introduced to Europe almost four hundred years ago (1629) however the primary source of timber in Europe is still North America. It primarily grows along lowland rivers (due preferring high water tables) in warmer regions, where it attains heights between 30 and 40 meters (100 to 130 feet). The bark is a dark gray, with deep furrows, the leaves has 15-23 leaflets, flowering into catkins or clusters depending on gender.

The hardwood that Black Walnut trees produce has a dark colored heartwood, which has long been popular in America partly due to it being the darkest of all North American hardwoods, and due to its exception qualities. Thus it was used in great numbers by the early colonists of the United States in their homes. While the expense now puts this extravagance out of reach of the majority of people, individual items of furniture or rooms produced from black walnut, as well as furniture made from veneers are still popular.

Traditionally Black Walnut hardwood was used, among other uses, to manufacture gun stocks, of which still uses a significant proportion of the lumber harvest in the USA. These are often made into profiles by timber product manufacturers to bespoke customer orders. While other timbers are also used for gunstocks, Black Walnut is popular for its various strengths including elasticity and rupture strengths which are significantly higher than Persian Walnut (Scientific or Latin Name: Juglans Regia, also known as European, Common or English Walnut).

Black Walnut is also used to create coffins, especially in America, partly because of the lure of historical figures who have been buried in Black Walnut coffins: Abraham Lincoln, for instance, was buried in a Black Walnut coffin which was covered in a woolen fabric in black and decorated with studs in the pattern of a shamrock. A replica of this coffin is seen by the thousands of visitors to the Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield, Illinois, many of what have come for the nearby tomb of Lincoln. Lincoln was not alone to be buried in Black Walnut, the relative abundance of the trees at the time coupled with their finer woodworking qualities and dark, reflecting the sombre mood of funerals, appearance meant that they were a popular choice of coffin at the time – this is reflected in the coffins of various other historical personalities to have been buried in Black Walnut, US president Zachary Taylor, upon reburial the frontierswoman and adopted Seneca Mary Jemison, and executed abolitionist John Brown.

In addition to timber, Black Walnut trees produce Walnuts that are used both in foods such as ice cream, pies, cookies and cakes as well as in cleaning and cosmetic products produced from the shells. It is preferred by many over the nuts from Persian Walnut because of its stronger taste and high protein, unsaturated fat and low cholesterol. However due to the work that must be put in to prepare a black walnut nuts due to a staining fluid in the husk, Persian Walnuts are more widely produced.

Black Walnut is the perfect choice of timber if you are looking for a dark, fashionable and workable hardwood for furniture manufacturing, cabinet making and many other uses. While demand outstrips supply, those who are interested to produce in black walnut at even large quantities are able to get supplies for their project at market rates through most of the world, including the United Kingdom and United States.

Dangers of Using Damaged Lumber – Home Construction

It’s not as common as it used to be, when large framing contractor’s would save money ordering damaged lumber or inferior building products. This might be a thing of the past in some areas, but there are still framing contractors and lumber companies who you need to be careful with, especially when the lumber they’re sending out to your job can cause an accident.

I’ve seen this happen too many times, the carpenters are working on a house and the contractor didn’t order enough lumber or ordered enough lumber, but a few of the pieces are damaged and the carpenters use them anyway, simply so that they can finish the home.

This isn’t going to ever be something that will benefit the other workers, especially if the structure of the house has been compromised. I have seen floor joist, roof rafters and structural beams that have large splits or knots in them and shouldn’t be used except for firewood, yet they are installed carelessly, simply because someone else doesn’t want to take the time to return the inferior lumber to get a new piece without any damage or flaws in it.

I have seen large knots in floor joist create safety hazards for other workers and other trades. Some of the damaged lumber that I have seen used by other carpenters, doesn’t just creates safety problems, I have seen them cause accidents. It’s simply not worth it to use damaged building materials, because you’re in a hurry or don’t have the time to replace the item properly.

If you’re dealing with a lumber company that continuously sends you out inferior lumber, I would advise you to explain your situation to them and if they will not respond properly, try to find another lumber yard to deal with.

Astrology – The Derivative House System – Another Layer of Reading

The field of astrology is huge with so many possibilities. In order to study it in a manageable proportion, we must look at it segment by segment. Once we have two astrological segments under reasonable control we can then merge them to develop a comprehensible narrative. Once we have studied an additional segment, we use the same merging process to enlarge our information while keeping it cohesive. We study segment by segment, adding to our previously storage until we have a whole, usable body of information from which we can draw at any time. This reminds me of the way we learn anything, step-by-step, adding as we go.

In order to individualize that body of astrological information we start with the natal wheel for any birth. We then draw from that information pool at will, weaving together the various segments that are appropriate to that wheel in order to read the life story of that person. In short, we learn the basics of astrology so we can tell the personal story for each individual sky map.

In other articles I have suggested that there are four cornerstones to astrology: planets, signs, houses and aspects. Further, it is my conclusion that the planets are the keystone of the four cornerstones. Each of these four segments should be studied in the early stages of astrology so they may be combined as described to begin the process of a reading. In this article we will look at two of the segments, planets and houses, in a particular combining technique called the derivative house system. This technique is usable for those students of astrology that have completed the beginner stage. In brief…

  • Houses are the division of the 360-degree wheel into 12 compartments. Each compartment contains approximately 1/12th of the life experience or issues for any person, so each compartment is chock full of issues. Since the entire house system is constructed with Earth in the center of each wheel, houses are the down-to-earth experience for that wheel and person.
  • Planets represent the various functions of the human, such as the ego and self identity urges, the nesting, family, and emotional urges, the function of communication and learning, the urge to relate, to name a few. Traditionally there are ten bodies: our star, our satellite the Moon, and our eight sibling planets.

Derivative House System To study a single planet deeply, we must go beyond the generic meaning of that planet to see it working in the sign in which it is positioned, the house it occupies, the house it rules, and the aspects in which it is involved. All of that is valuable and is usually as far as any reading goes. The derivative technique can give you another layer of house meaning simply by looking at the 12-fold process of any of the ten planets. How? You simply start with the position of a single planet in the house it occupies and mentally recognize it as that planet’s first house expression. You then count consecutively counter-clockwise around the wheel from that first house. Each planet and what that planet represents in the individual will have contribution from all 12 houses and their issues. You do not lose the value of a regular reading of a wheel you are simply adding an additional layer of meaning. An example might make this explanation easier to understand.

Let us start with the Sun (ego urge) in Scorpio (sign) in the 5th house (occupation), ruling the 3rd (rulership), and then list the aspects and their meanings individually. That takes you through the usual method of reading the Sun. For another layer of meaning, put your finger on that Sun (ego and self identity) and recognize that its first house expression, regardless of which house the Sun occupies, is the way the world sees the Sun issues, how that Sun and its issues respond immediately to activations from your environment, personal self projection of that Sun, and the Sun’s coping skills. Where does the Sun (ego, self-identity) begin? All that actually takes place in the 5th house of this example so you must also view this solar application as creativity, children of the mind and body, speculation, and family values (2nd of the natal 4th). The Sun has more than a self-identity, it also has a value system, communication, relating, and all the other usual traditional house meanings and that is determined by this method.

  • If the Sun is in the 5th and that is its point of personal projection (1st house for that person’s Sun), the value systems for the Sun will be in the adjacent (next counter-clockwise) 6th house. The Sun’s value system as the 6th house relates as work, service, and/or health issues.
  • Communication for the Sun issues (self-identity, ego, etc.) is the 3rd house from the Sun or the 7th house in this example. In this example the Sun’s communication mechanism will operate through the partnership, networking function of the chart owner’s partnership house.
  • One more… the home, hearth, roots (4th house issues) for the Sun actually occurs in the 8th (next house counter-clockwise) of joint values, joint finance, life and death issues, etc.

To make it easier for you to learn and to play with this technique, here are a few brief statements about basic planet and house meanings:

First planets…

  • The Sun represents self-identity, ego, basic character and general vitality.
  • The Moon represents the emotions, memory, maternal and instinctive urges.
  • Mercury represents communication, education and transportation issues.
  • Venus represents relationship skills and drives, social and financial value issues.
  • Mars represents our assertive, aggressive urges, courage or the lack of them.
  • Jupiter represents our expansive, philosophic, reaching for more of life urges.
  • Saturn represents structure, duty, responsibility, and organizational skills.
  • Uranus represents rebellion, futuristic, unique, individualization issues.
  • Neptune represents inspiration, aspiration, dreams, visions, delusional issues.
  • Pluto represents power, powerlessness, empowerment, and destiny at work.

Then houses…

  • The 1st house is self projection, coping skills, immediate response to the environment, the way the world sees you.
  • The 2nd house is social and financial values and resources, talents.
  • The 3rd house is communications, education, and transportation, siblings, cousins and neighbors.
  • The 4th house is home, hearth, family, roots, internal security parent, conclusions.
  • The 5th house is creations of the mind and body, love, speculation, values of the family.
  • The 6th house is your work-a-day issues, service to others and health.
  • The 7th house is all partnerships, business and personal, networking and alliances.
  • The 8th house is joint values and finance, insurance, taxes and death.
  • The 9th house is belief systems, higher education, legalities, multi-cultural activities.
  • The 10th house is goals, achievements, stature, reputation, career, success or lack of it
  • The 11th house is friends, groups, results of career, wishes, hopes and dreams.
  • The 12th house is hidden, recessive, and can be self-sabotaging, a blind spot,

Simply choose one planet and read it through the 12 houses starting with the house it occupies as number 1. You can do that for each of the 10 bodies. This is a study technique initially, but once you have the knack of it, you will find yourself including it in your readings quite easily.

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Cornerstones of Astrology – Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects

Logo Design

Growth is the idea behind any business. In order for a business to grow, it should be able to market its services or products to customers. A service without a brand or logo is like a child without a name. However beautiful or talented a child may be, it is the name which brings the recognition. It is a similar story for a brand.

In order to create a unique identity, branding of a product or service is very important. The first step in branding will be the creation of a logo. Logos are simply graphical representations or symbols of a company name, trademark or abbreviation and are used for instant recognition. A logo derives its meaning from symbolism and there is nothing conveyed directly. However in symbolism lies the power to attract and showcase the product or company might. A good logo must be immediately recognizable, must inspire trust, loyalty, admiration and an implied superiority. A good logo is basically a great concept or company value perfectly executed to convey the meaning in layman terms.

There are a lot of logo designers around but it is only the special ones who can creatively think out of the box, who will make a difference to your business. Nowadays, a number of websites are also available wherein the logos can be created online and this has helped many small and medium enterprises.

When designing a logo, consistency must be maintained so that it is easy to impress the human mind. It must be meaningful and easily recognizable as a symbol to stay in the minds of potential clients. Logos must be unique and be designed to stand the test of time since the entire business revolves around a logo. Further, the logo as such must be scalable since it is likely to be used that it in any place right from a letterhead to a bill board during the course of marketing. In the aesthetic sense, a unity is required among the different elements and good color contrast in order to be easy on the eyes.

So logo design is a complex process defining the very soul of your business. Further, client requirements and company values ​​must be clearly understood and the industry and competitors must be discussed in detail before work is started.

In many cases, the customers are so transported away by the Logo and brand that they simply forget who is exactly behind it. It is this blind trust that should be gained and in many cases, it is the logo and the recognition that commands more money than the brand or service itself. Honesty is so very important as it will take even less time for the brand to be hated by individuals if the product quality does not match customer expectations.

Wood Rings – The Advantages Of Steam Bent Construction

In the area of alternative jewelry, one of the most exciting new products are wood rings. People from all walks of life are realizing that wood rings provide a truly beautiful alternative to the metal that we have all become used to. Wood rings are warm, light and comfortable, and with the emerging fabrication techniques being used, can be very hard wearing as well. You may be considering a wood engagement ring or wedding ring, perhaps a wood promise or friendship ring, or maybe you want an eco-conscious alternative to metal.

How do you choose from the myriad available? There’s more to high quality wood rings than just a piece of wood with a hole in it. Broadly speaking, all fall into two categories:

  • Drilled or lathe turned rings
  • Steam bent rings

Drilling or turning a ring on a lathe is perhaps the easiest and cost effective way of making a piece of wood wearable. However, it has some major drawbacks. Firstly, this style is inherently weak, and rings created like this are prone to breaking at the weak point of the grain. This tendency can be mitigated by creating a ‘sandwich’ of different woods, where the grain patterns are aligned at 90 degrees to each other. This creates a stronger ring. Different woods can be used to for contrast. The second drawback is the exposure of end-grain. It’s an unavoidable result of this technique that end-grain will be seen, and this will detract from the look of the wood.

For those looking for a stronger, more beautiful product, the second option is by far the more superior. Steam bent wood rings are created by taking a thinly cut veneer of wood and soaking or steaming it until it’s pliable enough to be wrapped around a mould (usually a ring makers mandrel). The wood is wrapped multiple times and bonded with a high strength, waterproof glue. The technique is time consuming and difficult to master, since the slightest imperfection will be visible in the finished ring.

While being far more difficult to construct, steam bent rings such as these don’t have any of the drawbacks of drilled rings. The length of the grain runs around the ring, and this brings the opportunity to show off the best of the wood all around the ring. They can be incredibly strong as well. An expertly constructed ring using this technique would never be expected to break with normal use. Steam bent wood rings can also be made much thinner due to their inherent strength, and this leads to a more comfortable ring.

A number of exciting possibilities arise with this technique, each of which enhance the beauty of the ring. Wood rings can be created with two layers, one inner layer that lines the ring, and an outer layer that is most visible. In addition, inlays can be introduced using contrasting or complimentary woods. For those choosing, for example, wood engagement rings then two or three different woods can be combined in a complimentary fashion that differs slightly for his and her ring. The result – two unique, paired rings.

Inlays can be made from many other materials, not just wood. A variety of crushed minerals can be inlaid into the wood ring, as can mother of pearl. Really, the possibilities are many, and you should be able to discuss these with the craftsman creating your ring.

In summary then, of the construction techniques available for wood rings, steam bent rings offer superior strength and beauty. This technique allows for a wide variety of eye catching styles including ring liners and inlays from wood and precious minerals. It takes an expert craftsman to create high quality wood rings that will become heirloom pieces, but the results are worth it.

Advantage of Face Recognition Security System in Door Access Control

It is not just necessity but it is must requirement. It doesn’t need to say that what I am talking about. I am talking about security. Today, attacks by terrorism organization happen more often. Once you lost then no one would be able to help, even police. But, according to me it is better to take prior steps to prevent.

Today, there are many security systems available in the market. They work on different technologies. Take different factors in concern to authenticate the person. For example, log cards require scanning barcode to give the access to any person and biometric access control require scanning of real human features like finger prints, eye retina, voice and face itself. Each has its own advantage and disadvantage. According to these systems the cost varies as per the security level they provide.

Biometric access control is the new technology which depends on the factors like eye retina, finger prints, voice and signature. So person who wants to access the system require these factors as an authentication. Biometric access control require scanner to scan real human features and convert it to digital format which can be stored.

I want to talk about Face recognition system and its advantages over others. It is one type of system which is based on biometric technology. Face recognition system scans whole face of the person. It includes shapes of face, stains on face, distance between two eyes, distance between eye and nose, retina scan and others. Let me explain the advantages of face recognition system in detail in next paragraph.

Whole face, itself is an advantage

In movies, you might have seen that the thief makes lenses and passes it and access the restricted thing or get entry in restricted region. By this example, you might understand that only one parameter is not sufficient to give full security. It is better that takes full face into scan and concern more than one factor. Same is the case in finger print scan. It is possible to break the security. Again Face recognition has added advantage.

Speed of scan

It is really time consuming to scan the eye. Put your eye against the system. It does require perfect placement of face. Suppose hundreds of persons authenticate themselves takes a lot time. While face recognition system starts scan from the front and until you reach near the gate system opens it for you. In fact, today the systems can scan 100,000 faces per second. It is really good at Door Access Control where thousands of people pass through every day.

Maintenance free system

Biometric access control system is one time cost system. Once you have installed then after you have to maintain a simple database. You can add or remove authorized persons easily and without any cost. On other side, if you use identity card then you have to issue identity card of every authorized person. It leads to more cost. There is also a threat of lost of identity card.

Automatic Continuous scanning

Let me explain, what is it? In other systems, once authenticated, the door stays open for some time. Through that time non restricted person can get entry. Suppose in finger print scanning system, once authorized person put finger door opens. After that two persons can get entry if they are quick. Same case is not possible in face recognition system. The whole door area stays under full security. If one has authenticated and opens the door, and a second person tries to enter without authentication the system detects it and alarms the threat. It means any person without authentication can’t get entry.

So, as I have stated that security is the area where cost is not important. One time cost can hesitate to you but I am sure you will get the reward for sure. My suggestion is, always go for biometric access control and in particular face recognition system. I hope after reading my article you have got clear picture in your mind.

Excellent Way on How to Build PVC Parallel Bars

Parallel bars are commonly used in gyms and even in hospitals. Most often, this type of bar is a basic equipment utilized by gymnasts in performing gymnastic routines. There are different types of parallel bars and one of them is the PVC bar. This is a well-known type of parallel bar for men because of its affordability. On this page, you will learn how to build your own PVC parallel bar for your gymnastic needs. Building a PVC bar can be done in just one day.

There are certain materials needed in order to finish this project. You need to have the right dimensions. What you need to prepare are two 16-foot length of 2-inch wide PVC pipes, a PVC bond, PVC primer, eight PVC 2-inch T joints, four PVC 2-inch 90 degree elbow joints, five PVC 2-inch end caps, PVC saw, black marker and a tape measure. Gathering these materials will help you complete the preparation stage.

The next step is to measure and mark one of the 16-foot length PVC pipes into the correct measurements before you cut each section of the pipes. You must build one free-standing bar at a time to build a perfect size of a PVC bar. You also need to separate all components into a single pile so you will not have a hard time setting them up. Connecting each part the proper way will create a good PVC bar.

Setting up a PVC bar is easy for as long as you strictly follow the correct steps in building it. Consequently, you'll be able to enjoy doing some warm up exercises and rehearsals for your gymnastic routine. Performing some creative stunts in gymnastic becomes easier if you can practice with the use of parallel bars.

Three Steps to Increasing Your Melaleuca Sales

If you’ve chosen the Melaleuca business because it’s a great company to promote you and love the idea of promoting the Melaleuca wellness opportunity, you’re on the right track with Melaleuca sales. After all, we all want to be healthier and wealthier!

No wonder the annual sales are over $948 million, as the Melaleuca business promotes nontoxic concentrated cleaning products with advanced science behind the manufacturing for the past 25 years. Furthermore, it ranks 10 out of 778 for public interest as of the date this article is written in 2012.

So Why Are Melaleuca Sales Reps Quitting?

It’s a shame that there’s such a high “fail rate” of Melaleuca representatives. Actually, they shouldn’t call it a “fail rate”, because it’s really only because people quit in this business that they fail. On the flip-side, statistics will tell us that, of those 5% of reps who decide to stick it out and grow and learn in the business, there’s a 98% chance of earning a six figure income within ten years!

But what can you do when you run out of leads and your Aunt Bertha just won’t listen to you anymore? We’re entering an internet marketing era where it’s difficult for the average multilevel marketer to be heard with traditional marketing methods. What do you when you here about a new product? Don’t you go home and Google it? Hence, the problem with the traditional “belly-to-belly” sales method.

What about Melaleuca sales online?

Now, there’s an idea. But exactly how hard is it to get your Melaleuca business off the ground and running with a Melaleuca sales online business? The internet can actually be your friend in that it will weed out those people who wouldn’t be interested in your business if you hit them over the head with a 2×4. When you learn the right way to market online, the internet will zero in on your target market, those people who are looking to buy your products or join your opportunity.

Most people these days need to be approached on average seven times before making a decision to buy. And, it has to be their decision… there’s no such thing as pressuring someone to buy, not when there are so many opportunities out there to break their attention away from you!

But on the upside, we’re fortunate to be living in an era these days where it’s really not so hard to get your business started online. I’ve laid out the following three steps to get you started with taking your Melaleuca sales online:

Formula for Melaleuca Sales Online

1) Start with a blog. Like I said, what has not changed in our environment is that people do still like to buy and join people who they know and trust. In the internet world, a blog is the “internet you”. You will have your own videos and blog posts on this site so people will get to know you. So, by the time you eventually get someone on the phone to talk to, they think of you as their friend!

I suggest that you build your blog around keyword phrases that people are searching for. I like to use the free Google keyword tool, “AdWords.Google.com” to see how many people are searching for a particular phrase. And, by the way, “nontoxic cleaning products” gets 1600 searches a month! Or, promote your business, because “Melaleuca business” gets 2400 searches! If 10% of those leads come to you, how would you like 240 free leads every month?

2) Tell an enjoyable story that relates to you or someone you know. The more you are able to connect emotionally with your reader, the more interested they will be. Then, link your blog post to an intriguing video that will hold their attention. Don’t plaster the Melaleuca name on your blog post initially… you don’t want them to click away and Google the company to be captured by another Melaleuca sales rep! Instead, build curiosity and excitement.

3) Stay in contact with your leads. Once they opt into your website, you have this person as an interested lead. And leads are money! Use an email auto-responding system to keep in touch. That way, you don’t have to have the aggravation of approaching your lead seven times personally… your auto responder will do that for you!

Remember, the process of learning to be an online marketer takes time, so be patient. But as I like to say, just plan your work and work your plan every day without fail, and it won’t be long before you start seeing those huge Melaleuca sales commissions start flowing into your account!

Don’t be left behind by the guy who leaves you to go Google “Melaleuca business”. Wouldn’t you rather by the person on the internet who receives that constant lead flow to increase your Melaleuca sales?

Great Facts About Magnaflow Mufflers

What are mufflers?

Mufflers are designed to reduce the sounds produced by the emission of gases from the engine. These gases are emitted at high pressure, and if not muffled, they give a loud, annoying sound. A muffler should be effective in such a way that in its silencing function, it does not affect the performance of the vehicle. So, you may be asking, what does a good muffler entail?

Fast flow

It is importance to have your vehicle equipped with mufflers that have free flowing features. The mandrel-bent tubing in the mufflers allows free flow of gases with little resistant. The smooth flowing of the gases ensures low sounds and no interference with performance. The MagnaFlow muffler is designed to ensure this fast flow so that the sound emitted is smooth and not degraded.

Range of sounds

The good thing about choosing your own aftermarket muffler is that you get chance for customization. They are available in different designs and the sounds produced range from silent to a loud rumble. This is where your taste as a driver comes in. Do you like the loud roar like for racers or the smooth purr for the official car? Pick the ones that define your character.

Different designs

Shapes of magnaflow muffler are available in round and oval shapes. An additional design is the Glass Pack Mufflers that feature non-fiberglass acoustic packing with precision robotic CNC welding. The exhaust gases pass straight through the core of the muffler. The packed fiberglass surrounding the exhaust channel absorbs some of the high frequency sound.

Stainless steel

While other metals are likely to rust with exposure to humid conditions, stainless steel can withstand years of moisture with no hints of rust or discolor. The best mufflers comprise stainless steel mesh that is durable despite the high temperatures in the exhaust system. They also have a stainless steel body which is the exterior. If it rusted, not only would it look discolored but may develop holes which break the smooth sound produced making it a loud cranky sound.

Bi-directional mufflers

Suppliers like MagnaFlow offer bi-directional mufflers. This means that they are reversible; they can be installed either way. This offers flexibility in installation so the muffler can be installed either way.

Lifetime warranty

These mufflers are free from defects. Made from the most durable material and lap-joint that is welded to withstand extreme conditions.

The mufflers offered by magnaflow are guaranteed to last all their market years offering you sound that is music to your ears and high performance.

Make-Up Tips For the African-American Woman

Hello and welcome. This is an article that is GREATLY needed. At least I think it is. I started wearing make-up around the age of 14 and when I started, it was the WRONG shade for my skin tone. So! I am trying to speak out for all the Beautiful, Brown-Skinned Black Women that have as hard a time finding make-up as I do. So, let me give you a little background on me.

First of all, Black is beautiful, and the darker the berry the sweeter the juice! That being said, at 14 I was a little blackberry without a clue. When I first started wearing make-up it was just lipstick and it started out being my mom's Fashion Fair. My mother who is light-skinned and has a daughter who is dark-skinned. Needless to say her lipstick did not match at all. I was even referred to as a dark-skinned Ronald McDonald by a previous ex-boyfriend!

So, I believe that us brown-skinned and dark-skinned women need a little extra help because it is more difficult for us to find make-up that matches in drugstores, or make-up that is affordable. Plus Cosmo and Glamor and all of them always be talking about great make-up for spring, but uh, hello did you forget black girls like make-up for spring too? So, I feel your pain. I am a self-appointed make-up aficionado, and would like to offer my experiences as well as some products that are FABO and not so much fabo. So … without further ado, let's get started!

JUST AN FYI: These are all make-ups that I have had to use through trial and error so I am sharing from EXPERIENCE!

FACE: I find it hard to find a good foundation, and full-coverage make-up that is affordable so here are some wonderful finds that I have found that are both.

1-Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue Liquid Foundation- Spicy Brown

PROS- it is good at matching skin tones that have yellow or red undertones, spreads easily and if you only need moderate coverage gives you a good bang for your buck. It is affordable ranging about 6-8 bucks, and you can find it in most drugstores, and grocery stores.

CONS- If you have dark spots and blemishes, this will NOT offer you the coverage you need! Not even close, okay? It also wears off quickly so you would need to reapply often. The bottle is upside down with a little spout, so if you pour out too much, you can not put it back in the bottle and in these times of economic crisis er 'little bit counts am I right ladies ?!

Also, if you have problems matching your skin tone because you have BOTH yellow and red, or maybe blue and red undertones, this collection may not be for you because there is not a vast selection to choose from, so you might need to move on . Other shades that are good for brown-skinned to dark-skinned gals, and some of you fellas! Rich Mink, Sheer Espresso, and True Ebony.

2. Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue Compact Foundation

PROS-It will give you more coverage than the Liquid Foundation. That's it. That's about all I can think of.

CONS-Unfortunately, it rubs off QUITE quickly. It is also tinted slightly differently from the liquid foundation so I found it harder to match my skin tone. Also, when it was warm outside it wipes RIGHT off, and revealed every blemish on my face! LOL, it also wipes off on your clothes, stains your hands, the whole bit. It's moderately priced as well, so if you want to look nice for a date at night, going somewhere cool, it's a quick fix, but I would not wear it to the club, or a carnival, anywhere that will be warm, or sweaty. It also comes in the same.

3. Black Opal True Color Liquid Foundation – Black Walnut

PROS-Awesome Coverage. There is quite a bit in the bottle so it will last you quite a while. It is an upright standing bottle with a generous opening, so if you pour out too much, it will not be too difficult to get back into the bottle, so you can SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! I wear foundation every day, sometimes wash my face and re-apply if going out that night, and this bottle lasts me about a good two months or so. You will find that it ranges from about 8-12 bucks … depending on where you live. So it is a great buy.

CONS- If you have combination to oily skin, WEAR POWDER, and keep it with you! During these upcoming warm to hot days, you may look really greasy in the face. But if you keep Blotters with you, or powders, you should be okay. Also, it might just be that MY skin tone changes, so if that is the case disregarded, but I find that when I go to buy a new one, the shade might not match like the previous one, so be mindful of that.

Another con is that Black Opal Products may be a little harder to find in stores than other products that I mention. I do not know if it's that they're not that popular, or what, but whenever I look I always find them either either Rite-Aid, or CVS. So, happy hunting. Other colors good for brown-skinned girls … Carob, Suede Mocha, and Ebony Brown ….. And for you borderline caramel to brown-skin girls, Hazelnut!

4-Maybelline Pure Make-Up (Shine Free Foundation with H2O) – Cocoa (Dark 3)

PROS- Very affordable, easy to find. Located in Most drugstores, supermarkets, Wal-Mart. Costs range about 5.99-10 bucks, depending on your region. Full coverage, does not clog your pores, spreads easily.

CONS-Upside down tube, so you will have to be exact about how much is needed for your face, cause if you use too much … it will go to waste. Limited colors for darker skin tones. They only have THREE shades for women of OUR color. Dark 1- Tan, Dark 2- Caramel, and Dark 3-Cocoa. I have used the Cocoa. It is way too dark for my skin-tone.

However, the Caramel Dark 2 is too light. So, if you are pressed for money and do not have the money to experiment, I would not waste my time on this product. They have FIVE shades dedicated to light, FOUR for medium and only three for us darkies ?? !!! Leave this product alone, unless you happen to match EXACTLY. Good luck evading the lady who tries to watch you when you try to sample the products in the store!

5. Black Radiance Color Perfect Oil Free Liquid Make-Up- Cocoa Bean

PROS-Very affordable! VERY! Somewhat accessible. Costs about 5.99-10 bucks, and you can find it in a lot of Beauty Supply stores, CVS carries it. Spreads evenly, good coverage, get quite a bit for your buck. Also, comes in a jar with an open spout, so if you have too much, you can put it back in there. Gives you a nice matte finish.

CONS- Cocoa Bean does NOT match my skin tone! But I also have strange undertones going on with my skin, so that could be why it is so difficult to match. When you apply this make-up it dries a different color, it's crazy. There's this … weird … applicator thingy, not sure what to do with it, but it just got in my way basically. Says it is good for all skin types, but I have very sensitive skin on my face, and I found that within thirty minutes my face was suffocating and I needed to wash it off. Other shades to try are Brownie and Mocha Honey.

6. L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Make-Up- Nut Brown

PROS-Oh my goodness you guys this make-up was awesome! Spread really, really great! Matches wonderfully for a yellow undertone. Really does a brown-skinned girl justice. Light, so your skin can breathe. Good coverage for girls with blemishes. Pretty easy to find, and I say that with hesitance, because 7 times out of 10 they will carry all the shades for brown-skinned. Um, I find them at Wal-Mart, Walgreens..and that's pretty much it.

CONS- This product has SPF and I am VERY allergic to sun block so it broke me out something terrible. Kind of hard to find. It's a little more expensive than the previous products mentioned. MMM, I would say about 10.99 and up. You may be able to find it on sale. Also, there is not a whole lot in the bottle, so use sparingly if you can. Other shades to try …. Soft Sable and Cocoa.

7. Revlon Color Stay Make-Up with Soft Flex – Mahogany

PROS- Pretty easy to find in most drugstores. Colors are good for brown-skinned girls. Kind of affordable. A little on the higher end but about 9.99-12.99 for this product. The coverage is okay … Not the best, but if you are looking for light to moderate coverage this is a good product.

CONS- Now, I found that Mahogany did not match my undertones that great. I know …. Again with the undertones. It dried and made my skin look a little grayish and chalky. There is not really a good selection to choose from for darker skin tones. Has SPF6, bad for me, but good for anyone who is not allergic. Also, again, if you do not have the undertone problem …. Other shades to try … Cappuccino and Mocha.

And lastly but CERTAINLY not least …

8. Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse – Cocoa (Dark 3)

PROS- OH MY GOSH …… loving this product !! (sing song voice) this is the current make up I am using now! It def does what the commercial says. It covers your pores, and gives you a great finish! Maximum coverage! Need NO concealer, well … maybe a little bit, but I do not use any. It is very affordable, anywhere from about 7-10 bucks. I found it right at the Kroger grocery store, so it should be available at most drug stores. It has a nifty little nozzle that squirts out and it's really convenient. It is also whipped feeling, and I apply with my fingers.

It just glides right on, and begins covering all my pores and dark spots, and its not too heavy, I do not have to put on a bunch. The top also comes off, so if I over-squirt, I can put it right back in the bottle. There's lots in the bottle, and you do not have to use a lot for coverage. I think I bought this bottle a month ago and I still have a little more than half a bottle left. It's great! I love it. Hopefully this will be the end of the road for me, but usually it is not!

CONS-Again, it's Maybelline, and you know they do not cater to the brownies, so there are only three shades of this color which is outlined Dark 1, Dark 2, Dark 3. Dark 3 of this particular make-up works really well for me. Weird the other Maybelline product Dark 3 did not work, but oh well. That's the only con I can come up with this product so far.

So, in closing, I know a lot of people are saying well what about MAC? MAC, well first, MAC is not exactly what I would call easy or easily accessible. MAC is usually found at a counter in a store store, or MAC store in the mall, and both close around 9 pm. I am a girl on a budget, and I can not afford to pay 15-25 bucks for make up that does not seem to last very long, actually. And also, with my sensitive skin, MAC gives me a rash. I have tried the Studio Tech Compact in NW50. If you do not mind paying a little bit more then here are some other shades to try … NW45, NW47, NC50, NC55, and NW55.

PS, I have tried Clinique, the shade was not worth mentioning because it made me look gray and brave me a rash. Fashion Fair is good too if you can find it, but again, a little out of my budget right now, and usually can only be found in a store store or the mall. I have not worn it in years, so I do not remember the shade. But Fashion Fair offers a BUNCH of shades for us chocolates!

I hope this article helped a lot. I will continue to discuss blushes, concealers, lipsticks, and glosses, mineral powders, bronzers, eye shadows …. ahh! Most DEF eye shadows, my favorite, and beauty tricks … some ghetto …. Hope you enjoy! Happy hunting ladies.

Probiotics Side Effects – 5 Unfavourable Reactions

When hosted in the human body, probiotics are believed to be useful. They are meant to be administered in adequate quantities and not exceeded for them to confer the optimum health benefit.

Some of the side effects are listed below: tendernesss of muscles, pain in the muscles and body aches as well as fevers. It is also possible to get infections in the upper section of the respiratory tract. This particular type is similar to common cold. Of all users of probiotics, it has been found that at most, 4.3 percent develop these infections. Related side effects include flu and an infection of the sinuses. Both these are experience by a possible total of 4.8 % of probiotics users.

Some patients also experience joint pains after using probiotics. Although it is not severe, it can cause worry since there are known diseases whose main symptoms are to do with joint pains. Arthritis is one of them. With probiotics- related joints pains, there is nothing to worry about since it lasts only a while. If you are to continue with the probiotics, it would be advisable to seek a separate treatment for the joints to avoid continued distress. Of all users of probiotics, only 3% show signs of joint pains.

4.1 % of users are at risk of developing diarrhoea. You should take note that many side effects of this drug are related in one way or another with the digestive tract. It is possible to experience diarrhoea after using probiotics. There is actually a mode of treatment where the drug is used specifically to induce that same diarrhoea. Mostly, this is meant to clean the tract.

While the natural residence of probiotics is in the large intestines, due to their activities, menopausal women have been known to develop urinary tract infections. Sometimes too, they contract vaginitis. These women have to resort to antibiotics to treat their infections while continuing to tale probiotics. In some cases, infections can be so severe that the doctor advises a discontinuation of the drug’s use.

The metabolic process of your body may be affected as to leave the immune system stimulated. When the immune system is stimulated, there is the risk of developing problems related with overprotection within the body.

Fatigue is also reported to be the side effect most experienced by 2.8% of users. This is not such a strange reaction. Some diseases are capable of inducing fatigue on their own and it should not be a scary thing when you consider using probiotics. In any case, fatigue suggests that a deeply involving process has diverted the use of energies in your body.

When you understand these side effects, it should be easy to decide when a drug is working for you or against you.