How to Wear Security Earpieces

Radio earpieces look really cool. They are generally used for surveillance but some enthusiasts also wear them just for fun. Secret agents and spies in the movies have made these accessories really cool to wear.

Putting on a radio earpiece is not a tough job. To put on an earpiece, first of all you need to take that earpiece and microphone clip in your hand. The microphone is to be put where you are most comfortable with it. It can be put on your hands, specifically on your wrist. You must have seen Spies or Secret Service agents in movies lifting their wrists talk. This is where they are speaking into the mouthpiece on their wrists.

If you’re not comfortable with the mouthpiece on the wrist, you can also put it on the tie or on the shirt, on your chest. Once you have clipped on the mouthpiece, it is time to put on the radio. Take the wire dangling from the mouthpiece and put it inside your shirt. Take this wire out from the top of the shirt. This way the dangling wires will be completely hidden. Take the earpiece and put it on your ears. Make sure, that it fits tightly and would not fall off when you start to walk. You can put it on either ear. If you are wearing the mouthpiece on the wrist, you will find it comfortable to put the earpiece on the same side ear.

Once you are comfortable with the mouthpiece and the earpiece, it is the turn of the end which goes into the radio. Take this dangling wire connecting that end with earpiece and mouthpiece and put it inside your shirt. Take out the wire from the bottom of the shirt. Put it in the radio and clip the radio in its place on your pants. Once you have that these wires inside your shirt completely, you need to tuck in your shirt inside your pants so that none of the wires are visible.

Once everything is fixed, switch on the said radio and test the settings. If everything is working as it should be then you have put on the radio earpiece correctly.

Wait, you are not done yet!

Once you have tucked in your shirt inside your pants and put on your jacket, you need to test the comfort level of this piece by walking around a few paces up and down. If you’re comfortable with the earpiece and the mouthpiece and are able to talk on radio, then you are set for the job. If any of the wires are the earpiece or the mouthpiece is making you uncomfortable, you need to reset your wires.

The real advantage of a concealed earpiece is that others wouldn’t notice when you are talking on a concealed earpiece. If you’re uncomfortable wearing these or with the wires, you lose the advantage of a hidden radio earpiece. Therefore it is very important to check the complete settings by walking around.

Congratulations, you have successfully put on a radio earpiece. Now, enjoy talking like a secret service agent.

Domain Samurai Review – Domain Name Research

Produced by the makers of Market Samurai, the invaluable keyword research tool, Domain Samurai has a lot going for it. First of all, it’s free – a major bonus. Most of the tools by the company cost upwards of $100. The low cost is a major plus, because it is a vastly useful tool for domain name research.

Another great feature of Domain Samurai is the Aged Domains tool, which allows users to find existing domains with the desired keywords. This domains already possess page rank and have been around for some time, which gives them more strength than a brand new website would have. They also possess back links, which is another aspect that you won’t have to spend time building up. The way to access this is to connect your DomainFace account with the program, which will then display the data feeds for Aged Domains.

I mentioned domain name research earlier, and this is where the program truly shines. A well chosen domain carries much more SEO juice than a poorly optimized one might, and this tool allows you to search for domains with your keyword, as well as secondary and tertiary keywords. Even domains that have been purchased but are up for auction are shown, and it might be well worth the extra money to purchase one up for auction – it holds some of the same benefits of aged domains.

By purchasing several domains related to your keyword, you can dominate the market for certain searches, which results in a large traffic boost and typically means more revenue. The program displays the available domains for a certain keyword and displays their density – the higher the density the better. For instance, if your keyword was dog, it might show “,” “,” “,” etc. If used correctly, the tool can even give an idea of related keywords you could take advantage of.

The one thing to remember is that this tool is no different from the Domain Research Tool found in Market Samurai, Noble Samurai’s paid product. If you already own it, there is no need to download this program. However, for someone just starting out, it can be an easy way to do some preliminary research at a very low cost. I hope this Domain Samurai review has been helpful; the program seems to have very few downsides, and there’s little harm in downloading it, since it is free. If you dislike it, uninstall it. I would recommend giving it a try and discovering for yourself how it works for you.

How to Hit Longer, Straighter Golf Drives

As a retired aerospace engineer, I like to experiment with various aspects of the golf swing and golf putter design. recent discovery by a retired aerospace engineer offers the average golfer a chance to gain distance and accuracy with every club in his bag. There are no club modifications required.

I was having problems with my short game because I had become too “handsy” almost to the point of having the “yips” on short wedge shots.

And, the I was struggling with my ball striking. I was fighting an “over the top” move that resulted in hooks and pull hooks.

I knew my problem was caused by an overactive right hand and I was experimenting with ways to have my hands working more together. By increasing the number of fingers overlapping in the grip I was able to minimize the tendency for the right hand to dominate. Picking the club up on the backswing was eliminated and the hand action became much smoother.

My initial testing was with my sand wedge and when I discovered the right combination of overlap in my grip, I then moved on to longer and longer clubs. The free release of the hands was especially surprising with the driver. The swing now felt like I was slinging a rock on string.

With my new grip I achieved a more fluid release of the hands with less tension. Instead of hitting the ball, it is more like the club head is being slung into the ball. This slinging action felt effortless.

The resulting increase in club head speed gives more distance. And, the unified hands minimize any tendency for the right hand to take over and cause pulled or pull hooked shots.

Testing with a golf swing analyzer and during actual play has verified significant improvements in distance and accuracy are possible.

This new grip method produces up to 20 more yards with the driver and adds 1/2 to 1 full club to the irons. And, a more consistent shot pattern is produced as well. The new grip method produces a less steep angle of impact thereby reducing backspin for hotter shots. This is especially helpful with the driver.

With iron shots most golfers come up short of the hole. So, having a little less backspin on the irons will help the ball release instead of stopping so quickly.

This new unified hands grip method for holding a golf club uses a triple overlap of the fingers, hence the name Trilap tm Grip.

When I shared my new golf grip method “discovery” with several friends and family members they had the same beneficial effects when they tried the Trilap grip.

Now, I have written a detailed Instructional Article giving step by step instructions for achieving the Trilap grip. A comparison is made with each of the three most popular golf swing grip methods in use today: The Reverse Overlap, The Interlocking and the Unlap or Baseball Grip. Golf swing setup comparisons are shown and Swing Analyzer Data is presented.

This color illustrated Instruction Article is available for FREE from REESO Putters.

The Magnesium Production Process

Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal that is never found in nature on its own. Instead, the element is found in seawater, carbon ores, dolomite, carnalite, and other minerals. Thus, the production of the metal in order to create the cutting edge magnesium sheet products begins as soon as the minerals and seawater is harvested. There are two important ways that the elemental magnesium is extracted from nature before it can be used in creating other products.


This method is most commonly used to extract the magnesium from its most abundant source, seawater. The goal is to extract magnesium hydroxide from the seawater, not the elemental magnesium. The seawater is concentrated into brine and then dried and dissolved in hydrochloric acid. The reaction creates magnesium chloride, which is evaporated to produce a salt. The salt is then heated to melting point. It can conduct electricity in this state. The electricity passed through the molten salt separates it into elemental magnesium and elemental chlorine. The chlorine becomes a gas and the magnesium is left over.

To work, the raw materials must contain an oxide or chloride, making seawater not the only source suitable for electrolysis. The process also works on extracting the magnesium from rock minerals.

Thermal Reduction

Industrial minerals are an increasingly significant component of B.C.’s mineral wealth. The most economically significant industrial minerals produced are: magnesite, white calcium carbonate, limestone, silica, dimension stone, gypsum, sulphur, construction aggregate and crushed rock. The mineral magnesium compounds, such as that bonded with dolomite, are extracted using thermal reduction. Extreme high heat is required and process is much more costly than electrolysis, the preferred extraction method. The mineral compound is heated at such a high heat until they separate into their own compound couplings. The magnesium couples with oxygen to make magnesium oxide and the calcium bonds with the leftover oxygen to create calcium oxide or lime. These compounds are further reduced using heat and silicon to extract the magnesium in the form of a vapor. Then, it is condensed by reactor to ready for refining.

The heat required to facilitate the reduction is so high that a vacuum is needed to lower the reaction temperatures. There are three ways to perform a thermal extraction:

  • Pidgeon process
  • Bolzano process
  • Magnatherm process

At the end of the extraction processes, the magnesium is in a crystal-like form. It is melted once again, refined to further extract impurities and then pure magnesium is ready to turn into sheets.

Stylish and Strong Ornate Fencing Products

Ornate fencing products give an attention grabbing and secure perimeter to your property, but they need to be designed to be stylish while at the same time providing a strong and secure barrier. Some ornate fines are stylish and modern while others are styled with a more classic and traditional look. Ornate suites often have panel designs that are very intricate and imaginative rather than just being a standard weave or grid. A border fence will always look much better if it is designed to be attractive and elegant as well as providing a sound strong boundary.

For strong and safe ornate fencing products look for companies that specialize in manufacturing for places such as sports venues, schools and parks. Ornate wings can be bought that are designed to be very good looking at the same time as being hard to climb or getting limbs stuck in!

Wood is a fantastic material to consider for ornate fines as it can be modified and adapted easily for many different environments. Ornate fencing products can be made with the best quality wood to give a really good looking finish. Modern stains and wood preservers mean that the panels will not need treating more than every seven years or so. With wood ornate trellis wings can be made that blend in with a garden and can look fantastic with plants and flowers growing up against them. Wooden ornate fence panels can be finished however you like. So you can go for a smooth polished look or an unfinished rustic look. You will find many pre-designed wooden panels available, but the nature of wood means that it is ideal for bespoke fencing solutions.

The top of many ornate wooden fencing panels are interchangeable so that you can mix and match to create a variety of different looks. The individual panels can have arched tops providing a wonderful undulating look to the fence. Or you may want to go for a more exotic look and have, for example, an oriental inspired look. All this can be achieved with standard wooden fencing simply by having a different choice of top fitted.

Choosing metal fencing products for ornate fencing will give extra natural strength and durability for your fence. Metal is a great material for providing some really good looks that are very different form, but equally as attractive as wood. Wrought iron has always been a popular choice. It can be bent, twisted and modeled into many different designs and shapes while being extremely strong and hard wearing. Wrought iron fences can be perfect for adding to the top of garden and patio walls to add an extra bit of height and security without cutting out any light.

Decorative metal fence panels can also be made from steel in many imaginative designs. This is obviously a great choice for strength and there is no need to compromise on style. Steel panels can feature creative use of grids and meshes as well as diamond and circle shaped arrangements.

Find a company that has expert designers that will give you the best advice and tailor the fencing products to your specific needs. It is important that an ornate fence is as hard wearing as any other fence so you need to check the company you choose utilizes high quality construction and careful and expert installation.

Mason Handshake, Ten Things You May Not Know

The Mason handshake has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. Many Non-Masons hold the false belief that there is one standard secret handshake that they use to identify each other, this is untrue. Below are ten things about the Masonic handshake you may not have known.

  • There is not one handshake that is recognized by all Masons because each Degree of Masonry has its own handshake.
  • Each degree of Masonry has its own handshake.
  • The handshakes used are not as secret as you may believe. They are described with graphics in publications that are widely available.
  • The giving of a Masonic handshake by a Non-Mason is considered impolite.
  • Most of the original Freemasons worked with stone. When these early stonemasons apprenticed with a Master Mason, the Master Mason would teach them a handshake that would reflect the level or degree of learning that the Mason had acquired. A Mason travelling around for work could then give another Master Mason this handshake and the receiver would know that the apprentice had attained a certain degree in masonry and learned the handshake from another Master Mason.
  • The handshakes and their subtle use in public situations have helped Freemasons identify each other in countries that have been hostile to Freemasonry during different periods over the years.
  • The first handshake that an new initiate learns is the handshake of the Entered Apprentice. This handshake is made by the new Mason pressing his thumb on top of the first knuckle joint of the Mason that he is shaking hands with. The other Mason then presses his thumb against the apprentice Masons knuckle. This handshake is commonly known as the Boaz.
  • A Brother who has attained the Fellow Craft Degree uses a handshake known as The Jachin Handshake. This handshake is made by the giver pressing his thumb firmly on top of the second knuckle of the receiving Mason. The receiving Brother then responds to this by pressing his thumb against the corresponding knuckle of the givers hand.
  • A Master Mason uses handshakes such as The Tubalcain and the Ma-Ha-Bone. The Ma-Ha-bone is also known as the Strong Grip Of The Master Mason.
  • There are many videos and pictures on the internet that show well-known celebrities and politicians using various handshakes that are allegedly masonic.

Places in Tampa FL to Rent an Apartment With a Broken Lease, Bad Credit Or Felony

Tampa Florida is one of the best places in the US to live. Its scenic beach location and near-perfect climate allows for visitors, students, workers and even people to be freely drawn to this city. Renting an apartment in Tampa requires that one have good credit, good rental history and an acceptable background. There are also many apartments in Tampa which are willing to work with prospective tenants who have credit and rental issues but the challenge is off course finding where these apartments are.

Narrowing down on the locations in Tampa

Tampa is a city of over 250,000 people and has thousands of apartments. This can make it a daunting task find a unit that approves regardless of credit or rental history. Off course if one’s credit is tip-top then they can easily walk into any apartment office and walk out with an approval. But this is not necessarily the case for people whose credit is short, or for people who have a prior broken lease. If you have a poor rental history or a broken lease agreement from a previous apartment, chances are high you may not be able to rent.

While there are many apartments in Tampa that flatly refuse to work with people with bad credit, a broken lease or a felony, there are those which are known as second-chance renters and will be willing to work with people with these kinds of issues. These apartments are located all over Tampa in places like:

  • Hampton Terrace
  • Tampa Heights
  • Hyde Park
  • West Tampa
  • Seminole Heights
  • Ybor City

There are numerous apartments in these locales where one can rent an apartment even with bad credit, a broken lease or a felony. Again, while the terms may differ from apartment to apartment, there are units that are willing to work with problem tenants as long as they can prove income.

Sometimes finding out exactly where these apartments are located can pose a challenge for many since they do not readily and visibly advertise. Sometimes getting in touch with an apartment locator can help but this can also end up being a tedious process. This is because apartment locators may give you a list of apartments that are very far apart and checking all of them out can be very time-consuming not to mention frustrating.

Know More About The Basic Features of a Arcteryx Covert Hoody And Patagonia R4 Jackets

The Patagonia R4 Jacket and Arcteryx Covert Hoody jacket have a few similarities. For example, both jackets are made from stay dry fleece and are perfect for cold outdoor events. Fleece is one of the warmest and easiest to care for materials available today. These casual, comfortable jackets can easily turn into a wardrobe staple during the winter months.

The Features

While comparing the Patagonia R4 Jacket and the Arcteryx Covert Hoody you may come across that each jacket has some unique features. For example, the Arcteryx jacket has super deep pockets that can hold your mp3 player, phone, and gloves easily. You will love the high neckline that keeps you warm on those chilly, windy winter days, too. The Patagonia jacket is layered fleece, that'll ensure you are warm enough on even the coldest winter days.

One of the advantages of fleece, that is used in both jackets, is that it works to pull moisture away from the skin. This characteristic will enable you to stay warm and dry all of the time even when you work up a sweat in the outdoors. Fleece is among the best materials available for the winter months of the year just because it will provide the additional warmth that you might need even while you are wet.

Special Features

At the time of comparing both a Patagonia R4 Jacket and Arcteryx Covert Hoody jacket, you may even be willing to consider both of the designs and also the style of each of the jackets. Both styles are entirely casual, so you can choose either for a way to go style which works well with a casual wardrobe. A darker neutral color like black can be an excellent choice when you do not want to have a different jacket for each occasion. The Patagonia jacket even features seamless shoulders, which provides you with a smooth look along with fleece lined pockets that'll keep your hands warm while you do not have gloves.

The form fitting of both Patagonia R4 Jacket and Arcteryx Covert Hoody jackets can also be very appealing while you want a jacket which is more than merely a conventional shapeless jacket. The form fitting style is perfect for both men and women. You could find these jackets in women's styles online, or you could search for one locally in the outdoor clothing shops in your locality. All these jackets are more than enough at the times when you would like to stay warm in the outdoors.

Girls Hair Accessories – Which Clip Works Best?

There are a million different kinds of girls hair accessories on the market and it’s hard to figure out which kind will work best for your little girl, not to mention, unless you make them yourself, who really knows what the heck the difference is between the different clips – alligator, French barrette, snap clips, huh?! Well, depending on what you want to do with them, there are definitely some that will work better than others for what you need so it’s a good idea to have an idea of what each type of hair accessory is meant for so you can make the best choice.

The most commonly used girls hair accessory is the alligator clip. The reason it’s called the alligator clip is because it looks just like an alligator’s mouth. You press one end and it opens up. They are usually made of metal and come in a range of sizes, typically 1-1/4″ to 2″. They are very easy to put in so pretty much hassle free for moms. Many are made with ‘no-slip grips’ so they shouldn’t fall out of even fine hair and are harder for your little one to get out. You can get these clips in a simple and elegant style, made just with ribbon, or frilly and fancy with bows. They work in all types of hair and are great for keeping hair out your little girl’s face, especially if she’s growing out her bangs!

Another kind of clip is called the snap clip. This just basically snaps in place. You will find a lot of baby and girls’ hair accessories are made with the snap clip. I find these are harder to get in because they don’t open up nearly as wide as the alligator clips, but they are perfect for the babies with just peach fuzz or less than 1 inch of hair. You can certainly get them in bigger sizes (they typically range from 1″ to 4″) for for bigger kids too, but they’ve never been my favorite type of clip for anything other than accessorizing. They are lots though that are super cute with bows and things, but they’re really meant more for adding to a cute hairstyle than to actually hold hair back.

The next kind of popular girls hair accessory is the barrette, sometimes called French barrette. These are especially good for the older girls with more hair. Barrettes are different than alligator clips because they close at both ends and actually snap together. This holds a secure section of hair, even up to the amount of a a pony tail. They come in a range of sizes as well. They are great for thick hair and for holding a more defined section of hair.

Another type of clip is the jaw clip. These come in a large variety of sizes, from tiny, ‘mini’ jaw clips that can go even in young toddler’s hair to big clips that moms can use instead of wearing a pony. These are great to take whole sections of hair and keep it out of the way or to just clip back either side or both. The little minis are great even for moms just to pull back a narrow section on each side for a trendy, casual look.

Beyond the clips and barrettes there’s of course the headbands and elastics. I’m sure you already know what these are! One thing you may not know is that headbands are also great for those little babies with barely-there hair if you don’t want to go the clip route. You can get fabric or crocheted headbands with pretty flowers on them and they go around the head front-to-back rather than the usual way. You may especially want to try this if you’re tired of hearing “what a cute boy you have” over and over again! We’ve come a long way from when my mother would tape a bow on my bald head, not a pretty bow mind you, but one of those ones that you use on presents!

For the older girls headbands are meant to go on top of the head of course, and either end at the ears if it’s a hard plastic one, or go all the way around the head if it’s fabric. These are probably the easiest route for the older girl trying to grow out her bangs!

So there you have it. Now you’re all set to go shopping for the perfect girls hair accessories! Have fun!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Garden

If you own a home, you probably notice that the land your house is built on is not all house. There are some areas that are blank. These items are left to your imagination as to what purpose it will serve. It is a shame, really, because there is a lot of things you can do with these blank spaces.

Some of the most common things people create out of these blank spaces are concrete patios, pergolas, ponds just to name a few. However, one thing that is more often built than anything else is a garden full of lush greens and colorful flowers and ornaments.

If everybody is building a garden, it does not automatically mean that you have to build one for yourself in your house as well. Like anything else, it is still your decision and like any decision you must weigh the pros and cons of your decision.

Some people may think that a garden is the most obvious decisions but there are some real concerns that you need to think of when you want to convert that empty patch of dirt in your backyard.

One major concern that comes with building a garden is all of the responsibility that comes with it. A garden requires a lot of attention, especially, when you consider a concrete patio instead. A concrete patio only requires you to wash it from time to time, but a garden need you to water it, give it nutrients and, sometimes, replant and prune. Definitely hard work, if you consider that you are not getting paid to do it.

The cost of filling in the empty space in your home should also play a big part in your decision on what to use on that blank canvas you call your home. A garden can be less expensive to make if you choose the right kind of plants. Plants can cover more area cheaply compared to concrete but a garden requires continues maintenance and resources. If you want something that does not require you an immediate large payout and spreads out the costs through a longer period of time, then a garden is the way to go.

Another advantage to having a garden is having the opportunity to express your own sense of style. Landscaping is like any art form. You choose a media, in this case it is plants and the ground, and then you decide where to place the elements to create an overall design. If done correctly, you can create a beautiful garden that can rival any painting out there.

The disadvantage to building a garden as your means of self expression is that you are severely tied down by its horticultural needs. You cannot just place any plant anywhere. These plants have specific needs, such as amount of sun and drainage, and as such need to be placed in areas that will help fill those needs.

Planting a garden is also a great way to increase the value of your home. Statistics show that home buyer look to buy houses with good looking gardens because they are able to connect with it better. It also adds to the beauty of the house which in turn makes it more expensive.

The downside to having a garden is that it can lead to expensive repairs. The roots of trees are known to go under houses and cause uneven floors, or even damage to its foundation. Leaves falling into drains have also caused drainage problems as well as roofing leaks. Furthermore, termites love to live in gardens because they often eat plant matter. In some cases, these termites infect the home after being attracted by the garden and, as a result cost the homeowner thousands of dollars in extermination fees.

These are just some of the advantages of growing a garden in your home. Talk to a licensed landscaper today and see for yourself if a garden is right for you and your family.

Harmful Smoking Effects – Risks of Cigarette Smoking

You are most probably already aware of the many harmful smoking effects and the dangerous risks of cigarette smoking. There have been thousands of articles and books written about it to help you protect your health.

Smoking may seem harmless at first when you try it for the first time. You may think it’s just one time after all, and you can always quit if you want to. But the fact is, stopping smoking doesn’t come that easy for most people.

That’s why it’s very important to discover the harmful effects of smoking, so you get more motivation and willpower to take this important step of your life… that will eventually save your life.

How Does Smoking Take Away Your Health, Youth, and Happiness?

The harmful health effects of smoking is obvious to all of us. Smoking increases your chances of many different types of cancer as much as 300%. Like lung cancer, skin cancer, and much more.

Also smoking really drains your body energy. So if you used to be full of life energy to run, play, and laugh. Soon smoking will take it away from you. It goes on more and more every single day that you continue smoking.

How does it feel to imagine one day you can hardly run or play and have active fun?

Check out this article to find out more harmful smoking effects to give you more motivation to stop smoking.

How Can I Quit Smoking? Is There an Easy Way?

Yes, you can definitely stop smoking. Tens of thousands of people have succeeded to let go of this habit and are living a happier, healthier life today.

Why not you?

It’s simply a matter of finding a proven method quit smoking method that will work for you in the shortest amount of time. Because all of us are different, and while one method may be perfect for one person, it may not be right for another.

So simply compare different methods available for you – from nicotine gums and patches, to shots, pills, laser treatment, and so much more. It’s amazing really. With so many new proven methods coming every day, your results are guaranteed. Just need to find out the best option for you.

Problem Painting Solutions – Exterior Paint Problems Easily Solved

Exterior painting can develop some problems over time from the elements like colors that get typically lighter or faded in appearance. The environment is loaded with dirt particles and they can begin to adhere to the painted surface over time. These are common problems that can be easily resolved when you know how. The following are a couple troubleshooting tips for handling these paint problems.

Sometimes over time an exterior painted surface will begin to form a fine chalky powder that is referred to as 'chalking'. Chalking is actually a way that paint cleans itself but when the white powder forms on the surface it means that the paint pigment binders have been worn down by the elements. Extended exposure to direct sunlight, especially in the hotter climates, and excessive rain causes a paint failure of this type. Flat paints that are really light in color, especially if they are of a lower quality and oil based, will have an elevated level of what is called pigment extenders. The problem with chalking is it can run down off the painted surface onto other areas and cause a stain. If the surface was not properly sealed before the paint was applied or if the paint was thinned too much this condition will be the result.

To resolve this situation, repainting will be necessary. To prepare the surface before applying more paint the caulking should be treated like it was dirt and thenby removed by either scrubbing or power washing. A cleaning solution containing trisodium phosphate is necessary and then this must be followed by a clean water rinse. If any of the caulking has run onto brick, this can be cleaned with a solution specifically created for masonry cleaning. If this does not work then a professional can come in and clean the bricks.

Faded paint or paint that lightens over time is usually because the paint base used for mixing the color was not designed to be tinted with white. Choosing the correct paint for mixing your color choice is imperative.

Another common problem that occurs with an exterior painted surface over time is the collection of dust and dirt particles from the environment that looks like mildew. The semi-gloss or satin paintings that are a lower grade are typically known for collecting environmental debris. Heavy rain can cause the soil to splash up against the siding or exhaust from vehicles and other air pollutants can land on the painted surface. This needs to be cleaned well before applying new paint or primer. A detergent solution applied with a scrub brush and then washed off with a garden hose is usually sufficient to clean the surface for repainting. If this does not work then a power washer will have to be used. To avoid this problem in the future, using a higher grade higher gloss paint will be more likely to shed any dirt floating in the air. The flat paints are more porous and more likely to absorb dirt particles. A higher grade of paint may be more expensive but in the long run will cost less if it lasts longer.

Offshore Cooking Jobs – Cooking Up a Storm Offshore

Offshore cooking jobs provide some of the best opportunities to break into the offshore drilling industry. Regardless of whether your ambition is to become a Chef, or to look for an opportunity to get on the drilling crew, there are plenty of ways to make a career and move up the ladder once you have your foot in the door, and cooking offshore is a great way to go about it.

Cooks on an oil rig are typically part of the catering department, which includes the Camp Boss and Chef, Bakers, Stewards, Galley Hands, Utility Hands and Housekeepers. On smaller rigs, some of these roles may be combined; for example, the Steward could be the day cook as well as in charge of managing the kitchen and the housekeeping crew. On larger oil rigs, you’ll find multiple positions for many of these jobs.

Most offshore drilling and oil service companies contract out the entire catering department. This means that your best shot at getting hired to work on a oil platform is to hire on directly with the catering companies. Some of the better and well known food service companies that cater offshore include Sodexo, Trinity Catering, Delta Catering, Taylor’s International, and Sonoco, to name a few of the US Based catering companies.

Sodexo is international, and employs people on oil rigs in 80 countries around the world. Worldwide, they employ over 350,000 people. Working for Sodexo provides an incredible opportunity for the ambitious, namely, the opportunity to work all over the world. If you enjoy traveling, then Sodexo is a great company to consider working for.

In Canada, Reliance Offshore is the company to work for, and they have a lot of openings, and will have even more in the future as the offshore fields in the waters off of Newfoundland begin coming online and producing oil. They are unique among offshore catering companies in that they recruit for a variety of offshore positions, not just for the catering department; they also hire deckhands, riggers, welders, motormen, electricians, and crane operators, among others.

All of these companies have online application forms, and all of them have openings. As one example, Delta Catering, a 34 year old offshore catering company, is currently hiring experienced Chefs, Sous Chefs, & Line Cooks, and offers competitive pay, credit union, health and dental insurance, and a 401 k plan. They are also accepting applications for housekeeping staff.

If you don’t have cooking experience, you can still get on as a Galley Hand, and learn the trade on the job. If you are determined and persistent, and apply with all of the above, you are almost certain to find work. If you are able to, you should strongly consider making a trip to Louisiana and applying to the catering companies based in Lafayette in person – call first, but applying in person is really the way to go – you could start work the next day.

What Do You Think When You Hear The Word Success?

Success… It is repetitious… It is as easy as following proven steps… No different from K-12… Only difference is your education is put to the side and the knowledge of life becomes self-driven with determination. You become a part of your inner being. The old ignorant self of you begins to diminish and becomes a past erased. It becomes a tool instead of an excuse. You become a product of your environment in any circle you choose to be in…

So should you choose to be successful, you only fraternize with like-minded people who are making a move forward. With an idea, faith, or negative changing positives. Your world and how you choose to live it is in YOUR hands. The way you choose to make your bed in the morning is how you lay in it.

Success… It is something that is self-attainable through being involved with your own kind to build a strong case or strong foundation for which the environment you live in.

Success… It is the reaction after you fail. Aaliyah said it best, “If at first you don’t succeed. Dust yourself off and try again.” An inspirational song with a meaningful message. It is what I call the dreamer anthem. Humans make mistakes or take wrong turns in life. It is how they articulate a new path and trying to distinguish a stop sign from a freeway.

Let’s face it; it’s easier to get on the freeway to get somewhere. More gas for your mile and more time spent doing other things.

The back roads are for leisure.

You have to be willing to leverage you. Leverage the work with a team as a collective energy.

Success… It is a building. It can be your cardboard box, your cottage or mansion. Depending on your goals and how you obtain the building materials to house your mission.

I have been reading, The 250 Personal Finance Questions Everyone Should Ask, the author Peter Sander types the question, “What personal character traits are required for financial success?” Then he goes on to mention a few simple steps. Awareness is a key component to keeping track of your current finances. Step two, have the Commitment to carry out the plan that you put in place. Finally, in step three he mentions Control, the most important tool because temptations are the devil (Bobby Bouchey voice)… LOL! In a sentence or two he mentions how you have to look at the bigger picture of your plan.

One powerful book to sit down and read.

Success… It has a following. It is your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to life. Of course it filters out the nonsense. You can’t bring all of Yo momma this and into your life but, the concept is merely a metaphor. People who follow you they follow you because they are attracted to your content. You become a brand. You have the appearance of success. Your following goes where you go.

Lastly, Success… It is a lifestyle. It’s how you wake up in the morning. It is the way you stare at yourself in the mirror. It is type of food that your body takes in. It is the way you risk your life for happiness. You can be anything you want to be. You have to make the decision for YOU. Everything in life starts with you. “Life is what you make it.” So live in 2013 making your actions ring and you will be rewarded with a feeling that can’t be replaced by money any day. I’m going to end this with a great quote.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. “

-Bruce Le

Dynamic Speaking – Keys For Dynamic Public Speaking

The number one fear in the world is fear of public speaking. Most people are totally freaked out by the concept of talking in front of a group. As a speaker you cannot be afraid, you must enjoy being in front of large groups of people. The only way for this to happen is through practice and repetition. However here is a phrase to remember to keep you excited about speaking: “The person who holds the pen makes the most money.” Remember that whenever you start to feel nervous.

The rest of this article is dedicated to helping you become a dynamic public speaker

Personal Appearance

When you speak in front of people you should wear dark clothing. NOT all black. You should avoid loud flashy colors because they will take the audiences attention away from your face. Wear pants and long sleeve shirts. You want the audiences attention to bee drawn to your hands and your face. A speaker should also be immaculately groomed and clean-shaven. Studies have proven that sub-consciously people relate facial hair with being dishonest and/or having something to hide. You do not need this triggering negative emotions in the room.


One of the most important things you can remember to do while presenting is Smile. Smiling softens your face as well as what your saying. The audience needs to see that you’re happy and excited to be sharing this opportunity with them. Smiling also releases endorphins into your system, which helps you relax

Do NOT Make Eye Contact

There is no quicker way for a speaker to lose their train of thought, than to look into the eyes of someone in the audience. Make your audience think your looking into their eyes by looking at their foreheads instead this is a great tactic for making people in the audience feel involved and important.

Move a Lot, But Not to Much

Be animated, It is more enjoyable for you and the audience. Movement also helps you send a more powerful message. Use lots of hand movements while your talking, but keep your hands in the box. The box is an imaginary box going from your neck to your waist and just a little past your shoulders. Use this box to keep your gestures from becoming too expansive, which can distract the audience. Avoid pacing around, it makes you look nervous, if you need to move only go two or three steps in any direction.

Do NOT Tap Your Feet or Click the Pen Cap

Avoid tapping your feet as it shows that you are nervous, and it also distracts the audience. The same goes for clicking the pen cap, many times you don’t even know your doing it, but the audience does. You do not want anything to break the spell. HOT Tip: Replace the cap on the pen each time you use it, a dry erase pen left uncapped can dry out in one presentation.

NEVER Point into the Audience

Pointing is a negative gesture, and needs to be avoided while speaking. If you need to point to someone, then use an open hand gesture or a loose fist. Same goes for the pen, do NOT point with it.

Show Your Palms

When you speak show the palms of your hands to the audience frequently. Sub-consciously this tells them that you have nothing to hide and that you are not threatening them.

NEVER Turn Your Back on The Audience

No matter what, NEVER turn your back on the audience, or you’ve lost them, you might get them back, but either way you have broken the spell. Many times when you are presenting you use a dry erase board or an overhead projector and it become very easy to turn your back…be conscious of this fact. Learn how to write with your off hand, so that no matter which side of the board you are on you never have to show your back to the audience.

Get the Audience to Laugh

Your first goal when you start speaking is to get the audience to laugh. Tell a joke, or say something funny or amusing. When a speaker can make the audience laugh they feel on top of the world. It is the best confidence boost you can get during a presentation. It also lifts a huge weight from your shoulders and you instantly loosen up.

Speak Clearly and Loudly

You need to speak clearly and loudly enough so that everyone can hear you easily. Articulate your words and use proper English. Do not use complicated words. However if you do have to use a complicated word make sure you explain it without making anyone feel dumb.

Involve the Audience

Great speakers get the audience involved in the presentation. They ask general questions for everyone to answer. They also pick out people in the audience to answer specific questions and they do it in a fun and easygoing manner. Asking questions is a good way to keep the audience on their toes. It is also very effective if you see someone goofing off or not paying attention, you can ask them a question, which will embarrass them (People have a guilty conscience) and they will then pay attention for the rest of the presentation so that they don’t get embarrassed again.

Create a Great ID

At the beginning of your presentation you should introduce yourself and the best way to do that is with an ID. An ID is simply a short summary of yourself that tells about you, your experiences in life and with your company. Your ID should be short and powerful. A speaker uses their ID in their presentations to relate to the people in the audience and to show the audience that he/she is a real person, not some inhuman presenter. If a speaker has a great ID every person in the audience will be able to relate with the speaker in some way. Work hard on creating your ID and have it evolve as you evolve. Tie your ID in with your presentation so it flows smoothly together. Here are some questions your id should answer:

-Who I am

-Where I was

-What I saw

-What I did


Do NOT Memorize the Presentation

Do not try to memorize your presentation word for word. Only memorize the key parts. A great speaker never does the presentation the same way twice. He still gets the same information across he just tailors the way he presents it depending on the audience. Have fun with it. If you’re not having fun you can’t sell the audience.

Ditch the Ego

You must lose your ego in order to become a good speaker. Nobody wants to listen to a speaker that’s full of himself. However people will flock to hear a dynamic presenter tell an interesting story or present an opportunity.

Be Excited

Above all you must be excited and overflowing with energy. Energy and excitement are contagious, and a good speaker will infect his audience with his energy and excitement.

“People will be more excited about your enthusiasm, than the depths of your knowledge.”


If you want to become a dynamic speaker, you must practice your craft. Speaking is not like riding a bicycle. You do forget how and you do lose your skill. Practice in front of the mirror at home. Have a representative film several of your presentations and then watch them later and critique yourself. Get together with a group of other speakers and practice together. Regardless of how you do it, remember: Practice makes improvement, not perfect.