History of Matrimonial Services

Approximately, all and sundry nowadays know about some couples who they know, that, dated on a matrimonial website. However, it was not so times of yore. Surfing the internet for finding love was considered weird, even a bit frantic or depressive. In some cases it was the last resort to fling bachelorhood or spinsterhood!

“Marriage is a social contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically and emotionally. Marriage has been deemed a way to get the families of two individuals together. In western countries, such as USA, UK etc, LOVE is generally considered a condition for marriage. However, in countries like India, Pakistan etc, LOVE is regularly defined as a total mutual devotion that comes after marriage.”

But today the equations have changed. Wedding websites, or online matrimonial sites, are a deviation of the paradigm dating websites, with a spotlight on those who wants marriage than just dating. Matrimonial sites have become very popular and a genuine way to find soul mates. People register themselves in several matrimonial sites. They are allowed to create their profile onto a searchable database kept by the website. Brides and grooms looking for their matches can search the database with personalized searches that usually include nationality, age, gender, availability of photograph and often religion, geographic location and caste.

This tradition without doubt isn’t new. Matrimonial ads have a history a decade of 400 years.

There is a book called “The Secret History of the Personal Column” which is written by H.G. Cocks, a history lecturer at the University of Nottingham, UK. As per this book, Internet dating is presently the recent adaptation of the first “Matrimonial” agencies that were there in the 1600s that facilitated forlorn bachelors search for wives through printed ads. But marketing for a bride or groom in that era was always criticised and the people who did it were always considered of as unsuccessful in some or the other way. A person who was single and has passed the age of 21 was declared more or less shocking in that age and the ads were just the last option for the men or the women who advertised for a match. However, in 1700, barely a decade after the invention of the modern newspaper, the first matrimonial service was created. These services ran ads on behalf of single men and women who were desperate to find a good husband or wife. Matrimonial agencies then became big business by the early 18th century, where they were paid for printing ads on behalf of men to search them a good wife.

The matrimonial services in 18th century via newspapers were also useful for gay men and women to meet lovers.

By the end of 19th century, these ads matrimonial ads in news papers went normal which then in the early 20th century went up with the prospect at a much inferior level than their earlier manifestation.

These ads were then mainly used for finding friends for the lonely soldier of the World War I and latter, these advertising became fashionable and contemporary. But in 1960s, these personal ads decreased again when these ads were considered for the growing counterculture in the UK, along with drug experimentation and the Beatles. During this period, in Britain, the column which was before used for personal ads was suspected again just similar to the Internet is at the present porting all sorts of scams, perversities and dangerous individuals. The police use to think that these ads were mainly placed by prostitutes and gay men.

However, the ads for matches became comparatively good enough by 1990s. More and more elements of people’s lives, including love, have gone online in the last few years, and self-promotion on the Internet in general is now just a fact of life. Most traditional communications media, such as telephone and television services, are reshaped or redefined using the technologies of the Internet. Newspaper publishing has been reshaped into Web sites, blogging, and web feeds. The Internet has enabled or accelerated the creation of new forms of human interactions through instant messaging, Internet forums, and social networking sites.

Online dating or Internet dating took the place of newspaper ads in the late 1990s. Online dating services provided unrealistic matchmaking over the Internet, through the use of personal computers or cell phones.

Nowadays, online dating services only require a prospective member to provide personal information, before they can search the service provider’s database for other individuals using criteria they set, such as age range, gender and location. These sites also allow members to upload their photos and browse the photos of others. Because these sites are mainly broad-based, they have members coming from a variety of backgrounds looking for different types of relationships.

Overall, the above was a short brief of the history of Matrimonial Services from pamphlets in the news papers to online matrimony which is an organized web based marriage service facilitating wishful young men and women to find their suitable life partners.

Preventing Pilates Related Injuries

I received a question from the Ask Experts site yesterday that I feel the need to share, since this is coming up more and more with the advent of mass Pilates DVDs and underqualified instructors.

Question: “Hi, I am a beginner in Pilates, when I try to do the V shape or half way crunch, I get a HORRIBLY painful cramp right below my rib cage on the right side, it stops me cold. I feel like I’ll never get rid of this flabby belly that ruins all of my cute outfits. Have you heard of this?”

First, no Pilates beginner should be doing the teaser (the V shape), which is an intermediate/advanced exercise that requires deeper abdominal recruitment to avoid overusing the hip flexors and external obliques.

Second, there is nothing “Crunch” like in Pilates. We do not tighten & compress the midsection like someone who has buttoned his vest to his pants, but seek to strengthen the muscles functionally without compression by using the pelvic floor and transverse abdominus.

While Pilates mat is the most accessible form of Pilates, the equipment is actually more appropriate for beginners. Joseph Pilates invented the apparatus to assist as well as resist movement, enabling people to exercise who otherwise may not have been able to move properly. It is not true that one must do Pilates mat before taking on the machines.

Then I saw an ad for “Cardiolates,” a concept that is at once fascinating and horrifying. Note that Pilates is anaerobic exercise, like weight training. To attempt to blend Pilates and cardio into one workout regimen is just plain wrong, is contrary to the whole basis of Pilates exercise, and will most likely result in lots of injured people who feel that they cannot do Pilates because it hurt them

I hate this mass production of Pilates because it makes Pilates seem simply like a group of exercises (that look like other exercises) that you can do fast, slow, or otherwise. That’s just not it! Pilates is about how you exercise; it’s about how you move and breathe and get into positions. Pilates is about balance and proper movement, not simply about hauling oneself into a certain position.

Improperly done Pilates can cause– hernias (from bearing down too much) muscle cramps (from improper recruitment) neck & back injuries (from improperly flattening the back and neck causing muscle strain and vertebral compression and from overstretching or over-extending the back and neck–all from improper instruction on how to stabilize the pelvis) rotator cuff injuries (from pushing large range of motion in the shoulder joint without proper ribcage stabilization) osteoporotic spinal fractures (from too much forward flexion and other movements contra-indicated for osteoporosis) and other injuries

Listen up –badly taught and poorly executed Pilates can cause you injuries that will be with you forever, so please please find a certified Pilates teacher to work with and be vocal when things hurt or you are not sure how to do something.

What Cleaning Services Can a Professional Cleaning Company Offer?

There are many professional cleaning companies available in London these days. Some can provide a general cleaning service while others decide to specialise in areas such as domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning services or even commercial cleaning.

Hiring a cleaning company in London can prove to be a very cost effective and cheap way to get your home, office or specific item, such as a carpet or upholstery, cleaned efficiently.

Many cleaning companies provide cleaning services throughout Greater and Central London: South West London, East, North West London, West and South East London. They can cover Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Kingston.

Here are some of the more specialised areas of cleaning:

Carpet Cleaning

As you will know, it is easy to spill a number of different substances on your carpet and there is also the deep-seated dirt and dust that can be hard to get out. If you require your home or office carpets to be cleaned thoroughly, then highly trained carpet cleaners and steam specialists can come to the rescue with their modern carpet cleaning techniques.

Domestic Cleaning

In this fast paced age, it’s easy to get behind on all those important household tasks such as dusting the house; the bathroom and kitchen proving especially challenging tasks, not to mention the washing up and ironing. Domestic cleaning services are available in London to help you out with all these house chores.

Office Cleaning

Professional contract cleaners can clean offices and office buildings for businesses of all sizes. From basic daily tasks such as office hygiene in kitchen and washroom facilities to the care of windows, walls and the carpets; office cleaners can clean the lot.

Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning specialists can also be hired to take care of any rugs that need cleaning. Whether it is an Oriental rug that needs to be delicately handled, or an antique rug, the most suitable method for that type of rug can be used effectively by a rug cleaning service.

Mattress Cleaning

It is important to sleep in a really clean and hygienic bed, however, these days people rarely clean their mattresses, allowing dust mites and bacteria to thrive. This can be unhealthy, so regular mattress cleaning services can clean the mattress for you, leaving you to have many a good night’s sleep.

London Cleaning Agency

Lond Cleaning agencies are available to provide a range of domestic cleaning services to clients, usually domestic cleaning services to individuals as well as commercial companies. Cleaning Agencies can be hired to clean a home or office; to an exceptionally high standard.

Cleaning Companies in London

If your home or office is in need of a good clean, either on a one-off cleaning or on a regular basis, you can hire a professional domestic cleaning company to meet your requirements. The flexible range of services a London cleaning company provides can be relied upon to effectively clean your living or working environment to your complete satisfaction.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

This is a specialised deep-cleaning service that can be utilised to clean any rented home ready for new tenants to move in, or to get the place looking clean and tidy again so you can claim back your deposit. Either way, these cleaning services can sanitise the property and make it look clean and welcoming again.

Upholstery Cleaning

If your furniture upholstery and/or curtains are in need of a good clean, there are services available that can visit your home or office in London to provide a solution. Upholstery can be cleaned using either the wet or dry cleaning method which includes stain treatment.

Window Cleaning

It is relatively common to find that your windows look dull, dirty and smudged. This can greatly affect the outside view. Professional window cleaning services can ensure all the accessible windows in your home or office are left sparkling clean and smudge-free so you can appreciate the view once again.

Ironing and Washing

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to do all the washing and ironing that seems to be constantly piling up? Even if you just want a short break from these chores, domestic cleaning services are available in London that can take care of these responsibilities for a while. Professional London cleaning services can be hired on a regular or even monthly basis to take away the burden of these necessary domestic tasks.

After Party Cleaning

Once the party is over sometimes the mess left over can be a real nightmare. By utilising these services the rubbish can be cleared, pots washed and the bathroom and kitchen can be returned to normal for you.

After Builders Cleaning

The builders may have left, but the devastation left behind in your home or office can make you feel distraught. Cleaning services can remove all the leftover building dust and dirt before cleaning, dusting and scrubbing all the surfaces for you, making the area look habitable again.

Party Help

Cleaners can also provide assistance at parties; whether you need help with the cooking, serving drinks or the general cleaning – both before and after the event.

The perfect advice is to use a professional cleaner.


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Removing Red Stains From Carpet

Probably more people are induced to change their carpet due to unsightly red stains, than those who do so because the carpet is badly worn. This is especially true where there is light colored carpet. In many instances, a homeowner will just try to cover the ugly red stains with an area throw rug instead of having the carpet cleaned. This is sometimes an acceptable or tolerable solution, but perhaps not the best possible one.

Many red stains are difficult to remove. Some may have become permanently fixed and therefore impossible to eliminate, but in most cases, if we understand the source and nature of the problem, we can get rid of the stain.

Red stains are either synthetic or organic. Synthetic stains are usually formed by the color additive FD&C Red #40 which is an azo dye approved by the FDA for use in foods, drugs and cosmetics. Drink manufacturers use it extensively to color various drink mixes especially Kool-Aid, but it is also to be found in numerous other types of food, medicines (like cough syrup), furniture stains, and cosmetics. Organic stains are those derived from naturally occurring substances and products like blood, jams, jellies, tomato and other fruit juices, and condiments.

The first question to be asked before tackling a red stain problem is: What is the source of the stain? If you know the answer to that question, the task becomes much simpler. In any case, when the stain is fresh, time is of the essence. Blot up as much of the spill as you can, immediately. A clean white cotton towel is preferable, but paper towels will do. Be careful not to rub the stain sideways as this may cause it to spread. If you have a wet vac, flood the area with water and then suck up all the moisture you can. This procedure will be most helpful where the stain is derived from natural substances that are soluble in an aqueous stain removal agent.

Stains caused by synthetic dyes are much more difficult to remove without affecting the coloring agents used to dye the carpet fibers initially. In order to achieve this it is usually necessary to apply a combination of chemical solutions to the carpet fibers, and apply heated water vapor to get the dye in solution and transfer it to an absorbent material like a cotton or paper towel. A clothes iron with the setting at moderate heat is usually used for this. Great care must be used, or the color could be bleached out of the carpet fibers, thereby presenting another, and probably much worse problem.

Perhaps the best solution is to call in a professional cleaner who is familiar with the properties of industrial chemicals, and who has sophisticated equipment to deal with this type of problem.

Shag Pile Rugs – Pros and Cons

If you are thinking of purchasing shag pile rugs to go somewhere in your home they can make for an extremely nice feel and can also look great in a variety of styles. However, as with any other type, there are also some disadvantages when compared to a rug made from other varieties of piles. For this reason, we have identified some of the most common pros and cons when it comes to buying a shaggy rug. Hopefully the information supplied will help you to decide whether they will be the right option for your home.


Far and away the main advantage of purchasing a shaggy variety of rug is the overall quality and texture of the numerous options that are available. The feel of these underfoot is hard to match and they can be perfect for helping you to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day at work. You will find that you will be able to purchase a rug to fit in with pretty much any colour scheme in your home so you will not be limiting your options by deciding shaggy is the one for you. They can help to give a stylish look to a room and can either be used to create a stunning focal point or to simply compliment the rest of the decor.


Choosing to buy this type may mean that you end up spending more than a lot of other varieties, the main reason for this is due to the extra material that is needed to manufacture them. If you want one made from a higher quality material such as suede or leather then expect the price to reflect that as well. A shaggy rug will also be more difficult to keep clean than one made with shorter piles. The obvious reason for this is that dirt and dust can get stuck deep into the fibres meaning it may not necessarily all be picked up by simply running the vacuum over it. They are also much more prone to staining if anything is spilt on it, again due to the long piles that it is made from. For this reason, if anything is spilt then you must make sure that it is cleared immediately.

Purchasing any type of rug can be a good way of giving your home a new look and there are plenty of stunning varieties you can choose from. Shag pile rugs can be perfect for achieving a luxury feel in the living room or bedroom but you may have to pay more and also clean it much more thoroughly. If you need any advice about what is most suited for you then contact a professional who will be happy to help.

Nigerian Recipes



Meat – according to your budget or if you prefer Chicken or Turkey

1 cup of shelled Egusi seeds

1 medium sized dry fish.

1 medium sized smoked fish (catfish or any suitable variety)

1 medium sized stockfish

1 large onion

6 Red Peppers (chili) – blended.

3 Large red pepper – blended

1 cup of Crayfish – blended

2 soup spoonful of Goya brand olive oil.

2 Maggi


1 bunch of Ugu

Bitterleaf (washed and bitterness completely squeezed out).


All kitchen disinfection, cleansing and preparation of ingredients before cooking is duly observed. Roast Egusi seeds on a tray in an oven for about 20 mins (this helps to reduce the oily effect) and allow to cool and blend with the Rhodo, tatashe and a little bit of onion.

Heat the olive oil in a clean pot and add a cube of magi and a pinch of salt, stir to mix up and add the blended pepper mixture. Fry for a while and set aside.

In another clean pot put the washed meat, stock fish, magi and salt and a little bit of the onion, boil until meat is a little tender.

Heat up the fried pepper again, add Egusi and continue frying for about 3 mins to mix and blend.

Add the cleaned smoked fish and crayfish and cook for about 3 mins, then add the meat stock and stir thoroughly to blend (some people would remove the meat from the meat stock and add it to the soup when it is almost ready but I prefer to cook everything together so I cook only for a few mins or when a little tender and use the meat and stock during the rest of my preparation together). Add the washed bitterleaf and cook for a few mins.

Add the shredded ugu leaves and simmer for about 1 min and remove from heat. Can be served with low calorie tuber dish like amala and pounded yam.

Nigerian tuber food dishes are made by boiling the tuber food variety – Yam, Cassava, Cocoyam, Plantain or rice in water for a specific period of time and then pounding in a wooden mortar and pounded with a wooden pestle. Let me show you how to make this tuber dishes of ours that stand out everywhere. It can be eaten with a variety of soups and stews.

Now let’s make our tuber dish to go with the soup, I will prepare each listed above because they are easy and fast to prepare.




Cassava flour (sold as garri in the market)


Depending on how many people you are making the dish for, pour a measure of water that should be enough for the number of people ( you have to be sure or if not when making the Eba don’t use up all the water if you feel its too much) into a kettle and heat up to boiling point.

Take a large bowl or container that can take the quantity of Eba you are making and pour in the measured water into the bowl.

Sprinkle the cassava flour gently into the bowl until the mixture before you is thick, take a spatula or a large wooden spoon (if you don’t have a spatula) and turn the mixture until well blended and fluffy, (you would have to turn it a number of times to get the right consistency) and “Voila” the dish is ready to go with the Egusi soup.




Cassava mixture (sold in the market as akpu) normally white and wet




Fill a sauce pan with water midway and heat to boiling point

Pour the cassava mixture into the mortar and mix with water until a smooth paste is formed; break up into miniature ball using the hands to form the balls.

Drop each ball gently into the boiling water and cook for 5 mins.

Remove each ball gently from the pot into the mortar and pound using the pestle until a thick paste forms, mold into balls again and bring the pot to boil again.

Drop each ball gently into the boiling water and cook for 5 mins.

Remove from the pot and set pot aside, pound again until you get a thick paste that looks well cooked and it’s ready for eating.


Fill a sauce pan with water and add the cassava mixture into it until you get a smooth paste, make sure that you are not using a lot of water instead start with a little at a time till you get the smooth paste.

Heat the mixture over medium heat and continue stirring periodically as the mixture thickens.

It would take a while about 25 – 30 mins for the mixture to become thoroughly cooked and throughout this period, you have to keep stirring or the mixture forms thick curds that are unpleasant and makes the final food unpalatable. You may have to bring down the pot at this stage and hold it firmly between the soles of your feet for a firm grip and stir vigorously or you may solicit the help of another to hold the pot while you stir.

The mixture will become very thick and hard as you continue stirring keep on stirring until a thick lump of consistent and thick mass is before you, then its ready.

You can find the already prepared ones in the market available for instant eating but personally, if I don’t know the seller and can’t vouch for the overall hygiene in the course of the preparation then I don’t buy. This is because most of those being sold in the market have an unpleasant smell and taste and you might be repelled but if you can manage it then its OK but then some of the are also very good and clean and moreover, it saves you a lot of time.



Tuber of yam




Take the tuber of yam and cut up into small pieces, so that it would soften on time.

Cook until soft and remove from heat.

Gently one by one remove from the pot and put into the mortar with the exception of the head of the yam because it would form irritating balls in the smooth overall dough to be produced.

Pound gently and as if forms the dough or a lumpy mass that thickens as you continue to pound maintaining consistency, add a little hot water to form even dough after a while when you observe that the lump is thick and hard and we want the dish to be – smooth and consistent. Once the lump is soften and less thick, it’s ready for serving/eating.







Pour water into a pot and place over heat and sift Semolina/Semovita to remove coarse particles.

Allow to boil and gently pour in the Semolina/Semovita into the pot using a small cup and at the same time turn the mixture as it thickens until no more Semolina/Semovita is left over low heat.

Continue stirring until the mixture to become thoroughly cooked and throughout this period, you have to keep stirring or the mixture forms thick curds that are unpleasant and makes the final food unpalatable. You may have to bring down the pot at this stage and hold it firmly between the soles of your feet for a firm grip and stir vigorously or you may solicit the help of another to hold the pot while you stir.

The mixture will become very thick and hard as you continue stirring keep on stirring until a thick lump of consistent and thick mass is before you, then its ready.

I will stop here from now until we see again. I hope you learned something today from my Nigerian recipes.

Bathtub Refinishing Fumes – How To Protect Yourself

Bathtub refinishing is being used more by hotels, apartment complexes and homeowners because of a housing downturn, a mortgage-meltdown, and overall depressed and depressing economy as a way to save money in their bathroom renovation. Another interest in re-glazing is being fueled by informed masses who have shown a continued interest in “greening” their homes, particularly in making them more energy efficient. Consumers are looking for ways to save money, and the environment and that is what bathtub refinishing does- provide savings of up to 80% over replacement while sparing the landfills.

But unlike other services like carpet cleaning, plumbing, pest control etc, where consumers know what to expect from their service contractor, tub re-glazing business is unknown to many. And because of this lack of knowledge, many don’t know what the process involves, what to expect and what the the final outcome will be. Here is the bathtub refinishing process in a nutshell: A tub is cleaned, fully etched, cleaned, prime coated and top coated.

The equipments used are a turbine, a sprayer and a big exhaust fan. The protective equipment is similar to what you’ll see used in mold remediation or asbestos removal. If the fumes coming out of the bathroom are not healthy for the one doing the refinishing in the bathroom, do you think it is safe for you, your pets and especially younger and older ones in the home?

Many bathtub refinishing companies will tell you that they use a proprietary coating formulated by them and for them. Ask for their sacred MSDS. It contained enough toxic materials to make their technicians suit up as if cleaning a room full of asbestos. Water based coatings are getting better but water condenses in the bathroom and on the tub. Go figure. Every etching product contain some level of acid. The concentration of VOC’s is high. Unfortunately, from the biggest bathtub refinishing companies to the small town bathtub refinishing company using exhaust fans to get rid of the fumes and their smell. They leave a lot of toxic fumes and smell that linger for days.

There are air scrubbers that can suck up those fumes and odors and still keep the environment?

These portable systems operate in a completely sealed off bathroom. They are quiet, so that guests and tenants that sleep on while bathtub re-glazing is done next room. In fact, some companies are using hospital grade air scrubbers while re-glazing a tub because of the importance these companies put on the health of their customers and the environmental impact of their work. These portable units are in the bathrooms where the re-glazing is done.

All the fumes and odors are captured and there is no hoses or cords coming out of the bathroom as a safety hazard. The technology is here. Next time you call your friendly bathtub refinishing company, ask them how they are going to mitigate the odor and fumes. If they are still using old technology with its environmental impact in this century, they are not your company. Ask questions, protect your health, and those of your hotel guests and apartment tenants.

The sluggish economy is forcing hotels and hotel chains, to find creative ways to save money and the environment as they remodel their bathrooms. Many are concerned about the effects of over-spray fumes on their guests and their health, the noise created by antiquated bathtub refinishing systems, the impact of old technology on the environment. Ask questions and lots of them before you hire your next friendly bathtub refinishing company.

Merrow Sewing Machines: Merrow MB-4DFO Review

With over 170 years of experience, Merrow is an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of sewing machines. The company sells the world’s best overlock sewing machines and customizes them for specific applications. These powerful machines are designed for the modern industrial sewing room and use a unique cam driven technology that achieves superior stitches. Merrow MB-4DFO is one of the best rated industrial sewing machines on the market. This new model is ideal for sewing activewear and athletic garments.

Also known as the Merrow Active Seam Flat Overlock, this machine produces quality stitches, offering a diverse range of widths and looks. Merrow MB-4DFO features dozens of stitch types, stitch variations, and threads ranging from thick and structural to decorative and delicate. This model utilizes the Merrow Active Seam technology, which is a new flat overlock stitch that offers a more comfortable alternative to flatlock stitching on athletic garments.

Merrow MB-4DFO is the only sewing machine specifically designed for base layer activewear. It can be configured for two or three thread sewing and sews all three variations of the Active Seam stitch. These unique features make it easier and more efficient to apply, translating to major cost savings. When it comes to strong, tight, and uniform seams, this machine is unequalled. Merrow MB-4DFO can be used for sewing sportswear, blankets, sweaters, and outwear.

Its increased durability and seam quality have made the MB-4DFO a popular choice for overseaming activewear. Like all other Merrow machines, this model is hand-built in the United States. All components are designed to ensure stitch superiority. Merrow is the world’s only manufacturer building Cam-driven sewing machines for heavy use. The MB-4DFO is designed to operate continuously up to 5500 revolutions per minute. Due to its steady construction and quality parts, this machine will last for years. Many users claim that the stitch produce by Merrow MB-4DFO is technically and aesthetically the highest quality available.

Thousands of factories from all over the world use this machine for sewing advanced protective combat uniforms, wool base layer activewear, fleece jerseys, and Merino wool hiking pants. This new model utilizes Merrow’s unique curved needles and barrel cam architecture to sew more precisely than other machines in its class. The company provides customers with online video tutorials, technical support, and step-by-step sewing instructions. Clients also have access to an online forum where they can leave feedback and ask questions about Merrow sewing machines.

Catfish Bait – Fishing For Catfish at Pay Lakes – Details Here!

Many catfish anglers frequent pay lakes for the opportunity to catch a trophy catfish. Many time these anglers do not have boats or the fishing savvy to hunt for the big catfish in the wild. But many of these anglers never catch a trophy cat because they don’t position themselves correctly to catch these large catfish at these pay lake pounds.

Catch trophy blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish at pay lakes there’s a few tips and techniques you need to know to be successful. Many times if a pay to fish area has multiple ponds, the pond with the trophy catfish will be separate from the other ponds. Also if there are multiple ponds. chances are one will be stocked with channel catfish in the 1 ½ to 3 lb range specifically for table fare or for the novice fisherman.

Just like in the wild blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish will relate to structure that is located in the pond. If any where in the pond there is are known submerged debris or tree trunks the big catfish will be close by. Also, if you do not want to compete with other fisherman fish your local pay lakes at night. Get to your local pay lake before dark so you can pick the right spot to catch your trophy catfish. If you can find a submerged stump close to shore that is great because big flathead catfish, channel catfish, and blue catfish cruise the shore lines at night.

There are questions you need to ask the pay lake proprietor before spending your money. First ask to see a list of the types of fish and their weights that are stocked in the ponds. Next if there are multiple ponds get specifics on which pond or ponds hold the trophy catfish. Next ask how deep the ponds are Just a note, the deeper the pond the better. If the pond has a deep hole ask specifically where it is located. Also ask where known submerged structure is located.

The ideal spot to set up for your bait fishing catfish trip in a paylake is 6 to 8ft deep flats near to the deep water. Also find areas with submerged rock and wood cover that are adjacent to the shallower flats and ledges.. Normally the big catfish in pay lakes will be close to lots of cover and the deep water.

The best catfish baits for pay lakes are natural bait fish such as goldfish, creek chubs, and shiners. The ideal size for these baits are 3 to 4 inches in length. If you are targeting large catfish such as blue catfish, channel catfish or flathead catfish in pay lakes you need to have heavy tackle too match your prey. A surf rod 7 to 8ft in length, medium power and either a bait casting or open face reel designed to be spooled with 25lb to 50lb test line. My preference in line type is a fireline.

A catfish fishing rig for a pay lake is a good hardy large slip bobber rig. To make a slip bobber rig slide the bobber stop up the line firs. Next slide your 6″ to 8″ long slip bobber up the line first. If you are night fishing I recommend you get one with a small battery powered led light on top. This will help see your bobber at night. Next tie on a two way ball bearing swivel to the line. And last tie a 6 to 8″ leader with a 6/0 to 7/0 hook. The large hooks are important. Next either fish your catfish bait live by hooking right through or just behind the dorsal fin. Or if you are fishing dead cut bait, cut your bait fish into large chunks and put them on your hook. Make sure the barb of the hook is exposed.

Well folks that concludes my article about bait fishing for catfish at pay lakes. May your next fishing trip be a success! Have a great day!

Other People’s Money: Ethical Implications of Liquating a Company

It is no surprise that company’s are in business to make money. Although the heads of some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world will say that there are many other reasons; such as creating and keeping jobs, personal job satisfaction, environmental concerns, etc., the bottom line is that a corporations main responsibility and business goal is to maximize shareholders wealth. The concept of maximizing shareholders wealth is what causes investors to buy stock in a corporation with the hopes that they will yield high returns on their investments. Yet, it also leads to the question, “How far will a company go to maximize shareholders wealth.” In the movie “Other People’s Money”, starting Danny DeVito, maximizing shareholders wealth was the highlighted issue; which was the ultimate factor that caused Danny DeVito to persuade the shareholders of New England Wire and Cable Company to give him the votes he needed in order to have a controlling interest of the company and liquidate the assets if he so chose.

Danny DeVito, also known as “Larry the Liquidator”, plays a corporate raider who takes over companies through a hostile take over and sells off the assets of that company for large profits. The latest money making opportunity that Larry set his sights on was New England Wire and Cable Company, a family owned company that prides itself on treating their customers fairly and employees with integrity. Yet, as Danny DeVito describes at a shareholders meeting, that will not put money into the shareholders pockets. It is because of that fact alone that Larry will be able to successfully take control of the company. New England Wire and Cable Company is a division of the company that is losing money and therefore, losing the investments of the shareholders by having a declining stock price and minimal new business opportunities in sight. Larry’s plan is simply, take over the company and sell off the assets of New England Wire and Cable Company division to make millions. That is the name of the game with Corporations, right?

Financially, Larry makes an appealing case to shareholders that many would argue could not be passed up on. The selling point that Larry makes very clear is the Book Value Per Share of stock for the shareholders, which is a liquation formula that accounts for the amount each share of stock would receive if the company were to be liquidated. If Larry gets the votes of the shareholders, takes control of the company, and sells off the assets the Liquidation value per share of New England Wire and Cable assets sold in the hostile take over that Larry is planning is $25 per share. When comparing this amount to the initial market price per share of $10, it leads to a $15 net profit per share for shareholders from liquating the company. However, if the shareholders voted against Larry and the liquidation of the company would not go through, shareholders would have the potential to continue losing their investment from a company that was no longer profitable. The decision does not seem complicated for shareholders: maximize their wealth by liquidating the company or continue losing money on the investment in an unprofitable company? However, it is a more complicated decision than Larry wants to convey to shareholders. It is also where the debate of ethics so heavily enters into the role of accounting and Corporate America.

The role of ethics has been at the height of discussions since some major accounting scandals (Enron, WorldCom, etc.) have surfaced in the recent years. In the movie, Larry is only concerned with the bottom line of maximizing shareholders wealth. As Andrew “Jorgy” Jorgenson, President of New England Wiring and Cable, stated at the shareholders meetings, it is important to also consider all of the jobs that will be lost because of the liquation. A shareholder must decide if the ethical implications of taking a company that employs many in their area and selling the assets to make profits for themselves is worth the financial reward. It is far too often exposed that money hungry executives, like Larry, will do anything to establish wealth, including unethical practices. This was also the case at Enron in 2002 when the top executives partook in accounting fraud in order to create wealth for themselves and to maximize their shareholders wealth, which ultimately led to the demise of the company and jail time for the CFO and CEO. The movie “Other People’s Money” does a good job of bringing attention to the issue of ethics and greed in society, which will always be something at the forefront of Corporate America.

Why is Hazard Insurance Required by the Mortgage Company?

Buying a home can be an exciting time and it can also be a stressful time. After you found the home of your dreams you will now need to get approved for a mortgage and find hazard insurance. Mortgage companies require many things to protect their investment because after all it is their money on the line. If you are like most people buying a house today you will probably only put down approximately 3 to 5 percent of the total purchase price. This leaves the other 95 to 97 percent owned by the insurance company. The lender will require you to insure the property with what is commonly known as hazard insurance. I will explain why they require this insurance and answer common questions about hazard insurance.

Hazard insurance is a term used by most mortgage lenders and is no different than homeowners insurance. When your mortgage lender tells you that they need proof of hazard insurance they are really looking for a home insurance policy that will protect against major hazards like fire or wind. If something like a tornado hits your home the mortgage company wants to make sure their investment is covered. Until you pay off your mortgage in full the lender will require you to carry hazard insurance.

Here are some standard insurance requirements your lender will ask for:

Dwelling Coverage

The physical structure is commonly referred to as the dwelling. This coverage encompasses the entire house but can exclude separate items like a shed. Dwelling coverage is calculated by various factors including livable square feet, construction materials used and year build. These variables help the insurance company determine how much it will cost if the entire structure needs to be rebuild.

Most mortgage companies want to see that your dwelling coverage meets or exceeds the loan amount. This is just another way for the lender to make sure the full investment is covered. Don’t confuse the market value of your home with the dwelling coverage as they can be vastly different since the dwelling coverage does not account for the value of the land. When shopping for hazard insurance be sure to ask the agent what they recommend for dwelling coverage because you don’t want to be under insured when a claim is needed.


Similar to your auto insurance there is a deductible on your home insurance policy. If you file a claim this is your out of pocket expense. Some mortgage companies will only accept a deductible that is less than $2500. They will require a lower deductible so you can afford to file the claim and repair the home. If your deductible was $5000 you may not replace the roof after a bad hail storm which could cause further damage to the home. Most insurance companies will offer deductibles ranging from $500 to $1500 but other amounts are available. Be sure you understand what your deductible is and if you have a fixed dollar or percentage deductible.

Fixed dollar deductibles will never change in amount but a percentage deductible will change with the increase in dwelling coverage. For example if you have $200,000 in dwelling coverage with a 1 percent deductible that would make your out of pocket expense $2000 to file a claim. Each year the dwelling coverage will likely increase with inflation making your deductible increase as well.

These are some common reasons why mortgage companies require hazard insurance and what they are looking for in your policy. To find the lowest price policy available try getting multiple quotes online.

Interior Decoration Design – How to Create the Perfect Green Bedroom

Changing to living green is a great way to do your part while in the meanime you will be living healthy and also saving money at the same time. Green living creates a win / win way of life. You never have to compromise your interior decoration design when deciding to go green. There are thousands of designs on the market today that cater to green living. Once you eliminate all of the toxic substances that are already in your bedroom you will be on your way to a healthy and very stylish way of living.

It's easy to go with a green interior decoration design and after all it does help our environment too. Green also goes a step further by contributing to our own sense of well being. Earth-friendly lifestyles are becoming more and more accepted and understood. This is actually a lifestyle that can be used in our own home. Here is how you start a green makeover in your bedroom.

· Organic flooring can be easily realized by using an wool carpet, wood, or stone. The floor is important since it is the building block for the whole room. Natural wood is a great choice as long as the floor finish is eco friendly. The wool carpet and stone flooring can be expensive and it might be cheaper to strip down and refinish an existing wood floor. Carpet might be the best option for a child's room.

· The bedding in a green bedroom is also crucial. The mattress should be organic and made from either wool or cotton. Organic bedding is used which is made from materials that are free of toxins. The fabric for this type of bedding is made of either organic cotton or bamboo fabric. While these bedding sets can be a bit pricey, they are available and easy to find at most department stores.

· It is time to get rid of the old drapes, curtains, and shades. Replace them with untreated wood blinds or organic fabric shades. Make sure that you include organic fiber when planning your green interior decoration design. Do not use anything on your windows that has been treated. Doing this not only looks great but it also eliminated dust mites and allergens from your bedroom.

· Even your paint must be eco friendly. Every color that you could want to redecorate your bedroom with is available in paint that is green friendly. Traditional paint can interfere with the air quality of your home because it is filled with toxins. This paint can actually be dangerous for as long as five years so always choose paint that has no VOC's. You can also select a paint that is all natural for the same effect.

· Select the lighting for your bedroom based on the style that you like and what will go well with your decor. If your light selection includes a lamp shade then make sure that it is eco friendly and made of organic materials. Never use regular light bulbs but rather use compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are a great way to contribute to green living and still be able to stay within the perimeters of your interior decoration design. They last a lot longer and they cost less to use.

Interior decoration design has a few concepts that should be followed. However, once you understand and embrace those concepts you will be turning rooms into masterpieces!

Tantric Male Sexual Energy – Understanding Ancient Occult Sexual Teachings Using Modern Revelations

“Sexual energy” is one of the most important energies people have. This is based on Tantra and other teachings. Surely, such energies can be imagined to exist in our minds; however, what kind of modern “scientific” explanations might we be able to use to help identify this “energy” and its importance?

Let’s look at the composition of sperm and seminal fluid. These exotic substances, while seemingly easy to create (as they are created constantly in the male) are some of the most difficult substances for the body to actually manufacture. Apart from its “spiritual” presence, the human body is a huge chemical engineering plant. Food stuffs enter this facility, plus oxygen and liquids, and our body converts these raw materials into substances that allow the body to survive and properly reproduce and function.

Manufacturing, for the human male, these substances excreted during orgasm with accompanying ejaculation, deprives the body of these substances and their valuable ingredients. As was mentioned earlier, these substances are very expensive and difficult for your body to create. Some estimate that to manufacture a teaspoon of seminal fluid uses more energy and substances, by the body, than to make what is required to manufacture ten liters of blood. This is hardly surprising when we learn that cerbro-spinal fluid is made up of similar chemical elements as seminal fluid. Cerebro-spinal fluid is the substance which feeds your brain and spinal cord. It also provides a cushion for the brain (inside the bony skull) and the spinal cord (inside the bony vertebrae).

Once we understand that these male orgasmic fluids have exotic and much-needed ingredients and that it takes an enormous amount of energy to create/replace such substances, this helps us understand a little bit about the importance of these ejaculated substances.

This is why, in certain Tantra practices, it is ill-advised for the male to waste such substances. In Tantra we learn about recycling sexual energy and employing this sexual energy with orgasm; without the loss of these valuable and precious body commodities through ejaculation (orgasm without ejaculation).

Sperm, too, are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Scientists are now understanding that sperm actually are quite intelligent little critters who are ready for the battle of their lives. What does this mean? It means that if one man’s sperm is ejaculated inside a woman’s vagina that has sperm from another man (that has recently been deposited), that the two tribes of sperm will go to war with each other. Sperm are so smart that they form blockades and formations to stop the other man’s sperm from reaching the egg. They will also attack and kill enemy sperm with deadly enzymes. It’s truly survival of the fittest and the man with the strongest sperm will win.

Modern science has revealed to us that sperm are a little more than just a microscopic entity in a man’s ejaculate. They think. They know. They are alive. They are Intelligent. They are an extension of our “complete” being and existence. Indeed, this clearly implies that there is a strong and potent energy that resides within them and that they are an integral part of this energy; an energy that is our own and taps into the life-force of all living things. Lucky for us, this energy is the primordial basis of our entire existence; it is the most primal form of energy that man can easily understand and exploit (if desired). And why not? It’s the genomic cornerstone and harbinger of what we will be and are.

Need we even go into the fact that the sperm in a man’s ejaculate is the precursor for creating life (with the female egg, of course)? Real life. You know, the kind of life that the most brilliant scientists in the world can’t create, from scratch, in a laboratory or test tube. Sperm are infused with an energy and life-force that is a direct link to the God-force of Nature.

Is it the sperm, alone, who possess such energy? Not entirely. This “energy” is also embedded in the seminal-fluid composite. The seminal fluid is a reductive-patterned state of our etheric: A spermal etheric. The seminal fluid is the protective and comforting amniotic fluid of the sperm. Without it, the acidity of the vagina would be so intense that it would kill these sperm; it helps insulate the sperm against thermal threats in/from the vagina; it allows the sperm a makeshift ecosystem/environment in which to survive while in the vagina; and this fluid also provides food and nutrition for the sperm. Without all of these things, the sperm will perish soon after entering the vagina and fertilization will not occur.

The wasting of a man’s ejaculate has been criticized and condemned by many “groups” over the years. It’s no wonder, as this fluid is truly priceless to the body. Could there be even more evidence to back this up, apart from some philosophical and religious teachings?

The answer is: “Yes.” Unless a woman irrigates her vagina after a male has ejaculated inside of her, these fluids (if they do not “leak” out) will be absorbed by her [body]. The best method of absorption is to fall asleep directly after sex. Without the presence of an axial-gravity-defined force, these substances will be trapped inside of her. These fluids actually have an opiate affect on women; and women, believe it or not, can actually become addicted and reliant upon their influence. These fluids have proven to decrease pain, decrease the frequency and intensity of menstrual cramps, decrease the intensity and frequency of headaches, decrease the length and degree of insomnia, and to help give her a sense of warmth and relaxation. Women who have been under the chronic influence of ejaculate, from vaginal absorption, will negatively respond if these materials are removed and her access to such materials is further prevented.

Clearly this shows that even a man’s sexual partner can put these fluids to wonderful use. These items are so valuable to the female partner, even if she doesn’t utilize them for fertilization purposes, that she absorbs them (and their nutrients) because of their ability to make her feel stronger, happier, and physically healthier.

Note, too, that sperm that are not ejaculated by the male — once they die — will be re-absorbed (naturally) by his own body for breakdown and [their elements] will be used for future sperm manufacturing or usage(s) in helping other bodily functions and/or the manufacture of other chemical compounds the body needs.

Surely, this makes one wonder if seminal fluid is as fantastic as it seems…

Well, yes: This fluid contains the “life force,” is filled with thriving and intelligent sperm, is an extremely valuable commodity (from a raw material point-of-view), its waste robs the nervous system of much needed and valued nutrients, it takes enormous amounts of energy for the body to manufacture these substances, and will even be absorbed by the female partner for private use instead of being discharged from her system as useless waste.

But, wait, there’s more: Scientific studies have proven that women are more attracted to men with a higher quality and quantity of sperm. These are men the test subjects have never met, touched, smelt, seen naked, had sex with, or have even heard their voices. Amazingly enough, healthy sperm emit an energy that women, both innately and unconsciously, are drawn to. But not only does this “magnetism” play a role, but may also influence whether she finds a particular male partner attractive or not.

Tantric study teaches us to respect and appreciate these amazing sexual fluids. This is why a man uses Tantric sex to recycle internal sexual energies to conserve this energy for internal-personal use and not waste it through ejaculation. However, when the time is right to share these energies, with the right partner, he gladly gives his energy to her. In return, she completes the balance and gives her energy to him.

So, just as is depicted with the architectural reliefs at the Khajuraho Tantric temples in India, we notice many different forms of sexuality that were purposely depicted to forever remind the future of the past; so that such ideals and teachings would never be lost. Of those Tantric forms of sexuality that are so indelibly displayed, to share and preserve, was the act of autofellatio and autocunnilingus.

Good luck in exploring your Sexual Energy.

Exploring unconventional methods of sexuality; methods that our ancestors enjoyed and impassioned themselves with, is one of my interests. Those men and women who are interested in autofellatio should read Yogafellatio. It is a book that helps guide men down this sexually exciting and interesting path.

A Few Types of Clay Sculpting Tools You Need

What do you do in your spare time? Many people lack a good hobby that they could turn into business later. A good example of what you can now do to make money later on is making clay sculptures. You do not have to start up big. Simply buy the most basic clay sculpting tools first. Then, you can start practicing with clay. Who knows? Perhaps you do have a good arty side in you. For a beginner, buying tools, or even determining where to start sculpting can be rather confusing. Even so, every endeavor in life seems impossible at the start.

With clay sculpting, you do not have to worry. The tools are easy to find, especially now that you can do online shopping. All you need to do first is to discover the types of tools you need to perform clay modeling. Mostly, the types of tools you will pick depend upon the clay type you decide to buy. Some tools are general and they match all clay types. Other tools are clay-specific. This explains why you need to think about the best clay to use first. Polymer, which is the synthetic type of clay, tends to be the most popular. It is easy to use and to shape it like a piece of metal or even a stone. Natural or water based clays are difficult to use. Consequently, you need specific tools to make a lovely sculpture with these clay types. Generally, as a hobbyist, or as a professional, you must have the following clay sculpting tools:

• Workbench – You need a reliable work surface for continuous clay molding. Recommend styles be made of tiles or glass. Plexiglas is a great pick compared to either wood or plastic workbenches. Make sure this item is spacious so that you can place everything on top of it. When you have to use wood and plastic benches, place the wax paper first for protection purposes. Then, place the clay.

• Cutting tools – One task you cannot avoid when working with clay is cutting it. Thus, you need to pick numerous thin and sharp blades. Each will have a particular role in the sculpting procedure. Therefore, as you pick them, read the product description and advantages of buying each blade.

• The rolling tool – Any form of clay you will use need for creating a proper size. You have to make some form of embellishments on the final sculpture pieces too. This means that a rolling pin is something you should have. This item is readily available in many arty stores.

• Molding tools – Even though using hands is the largest part of molding some tools are inevitable. You need them to make perforations in the sculptures or to make a given shape. Look for sculpting tools for these smaller but imperative tasks.

• Clay mixing tool – Any form of clay requires blending and conditioning. A food processor is a good tool for doing this task.

• Clay drying tool – After creating the clay designs, the next task is drying them. To do this, you must buy a kiln such as the toaster oven for firing clay. If you go for the polymer clay, you could use your kitchen oven. This clay does not require high temperatures like natural clays.

The clay sculpting tools are numerous, and different with how they function. Simply take your time to know and to select these tools.

Boiler Maintenance – Reasons Why You Would Need to Reset the Boiler

Boilers are the most common way to keep homes and business warm and with a constant supply of hot water. But machinery like boilers have a lot of parts which make the boiler work and to keep it working in tip top condition you will need to regularly maintain it. There is a lot to be said for preventative maintenance and it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Having an annual boiler service will keep it running smoothly. If you don’t have regular services you will come across issue where the boiler is not working and you will have to get an engineer in to fix it or try and trouble shoot the issue yourself.

If your boiler ever displays an error code asking you to reset the boiler or repressureise it this can be done yourself with the need to call out an engineer. Your user guide can show you have to reset the boiler. If our user guide is missing just type the type of boiler into Google and you should be able to find help on downloading a user guide or having one sent out to you.

There will be times when unexpected mechanical failures happen, this is frustrating but it is likely that one of the boiler’s safety or operational devices is preventing the boiler from starting. Most safety devices have manual reset buttons that need to be reset before boiler can work again. But it’s important to know that continual resetting of these safety devices is not good, so you should contact a boiler technician if you have had to do it more than twice in a short period of time.

Sometimes you need to reset the boiler when there has been a power failure or better known as power cut. This can mess with the settings and cause an error to occur. This is easily rectified by resetting the boiler.

Sometimes high winds can blow out the pilot light. Resetting the boiler will reignite the light on most modern boilers. Some boilers have a burner controller which pushing the reset will restart the boiler.

Modern boilers have emergency shut off systems which will shut the boiler down when there is something wrong. They also shut the boiler down if they are tied to clocks and outdoor temperature so it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem. Some of the reasons why a boiler uses the emergency shut-off could be something as simple as low water pressure. There is a pressure bar on the boiler and the needle should be in between the green section. If the pressure has dropped to the red section which is below 0.5 it means that water has been lost from the system and needs to be replayed. Most new boilers have a pressure relief valve which you turn to re-pressurise the heating system. This is simple and can be down by anyone. Just make sure as you use the pressure valve that you only remove enough air so that the pressure bar needle is nicely within the green safe section.

If you are constantly losing pressure from your heating system you may need to consult a heating installer as some parts may have worn and will need replacing.