Best Friendship Quotes With Explanations to Make Your Friendship Better

We often come across friendship quotes that were once uttered by men and women of great intellect. But very few of us actually know how deep their meaning goes. Today we will have a look at some of the best friendship quotes with explanations to make your friendship better. These will definitely enable you to understand the finer aspects of friendship and what it is that makes it so priceless.

“With true friends, even water drunk is sweet enough.” – Chinese Proverb

Well, nobody can deny the fact that friendship makes life worth living. No matter how hostile circumstances turn out to be, if you have a friend beside you, things do not seem so bad. They are the ones who support us throughout and act as pillars of strength when we have absolutely no motivation to keep moving.

“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together” – Woodrow Wilson

Since a very long, the entire world had been obsessed with power and the subjugation of fellow human beings. Constant enmity with one another had led to devastating wars that have killed millions. Friendship is the concept that could definitely make the world a better place to live in. Fellow feeling for each other makes us realize how important it is to coexist in peace and live in harmony.

“Friendship needs no words.” – Dag Hammerskjold

The basic principal behind a true friendship is complete understanding that exists between the individuals. This builds over a period of time and little things about the other person opens a window to his/her heart. The best part about friendship is the fact that you do not have to make yourself understood with the help of a lot of words. Communication here takes place through sentiments and sympathy for each other.

“Few delights can equal the mere presence of someone we utterly trust” – George MacDonald

In the present times, it is extremely difficult to trust a person. Everywhere you look, you will find a group of opportunists who are gearing up to move ahead in life at your cost. Your friend on the other hand is someone whom you can bet your life on. He/she will never let you down and provide you with that much needed feeling of security. Even if the whole world goes against you, your friend will always be there to guide and support you.

“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.” – Anonymous

There are a lot of people who have had to relocate for a career or for other reasons. But that certainly does not mean that the distance affects the friendships of a person in an adverse manner. Though you might not be able to meet them often or call them every now and then, in your heart you will know that they will be by your side whenever you need them the most. You might be out of sight but nothing can take you out of their minds. Friendship binds two hearts in a bond of love and there is absolutely nothing that can come between them.

The Ultimate Pick 5 Wheels For Lotto Exposed!

The Pick 5 wheels for lotto is not an astounding strategy as it may sound and seem. This is not a mysterious or even a hard strategy in winning the jackpot. Pick 5 wheels for lotto may be a bright invention but it is simple to use if you are properly equipped with the skills and knowledge on how to effectively outlay its procedures and conditions. The wheeling strategies may sound innovative and revolutionary but are not after all. Just like many other strategies, this master plan is just a concise blueprint created by playful minds. Thus, this system works in a specified method. And it is up to you to understand what this system poses on winning. Pick 5 wheels for lotto are designed to help you win or at least build your own winning strategy. But unlike any other tips and strategies exposed by winners and researchers, the wheeling system is proven to be the most effective winning strategy for lotto. This is so because it involves a proven principle and it has a mathematical justification.

The Pick 5 wheels for lotto basically involve a certain pattern. This certain pattern joins in columns. Along with these columns is a rotation of the numbers. Aside from this principle, the Pick 5 wheels for lotto can be also effective when you combine numbers in a specific manner. Wheeling systems are designed to help you maximize your winnings and the probability to hit the jackpot or multiple prizes. The wheeling system for pick 5 lottery is a very advantageous tool in increasing your chances of winning. Unlike the other strategies, the Pick 5 wheels for lotto is capable of tracking your numbers that you will not have to manually compute for anything or jot down previous numbers. This is composed of a tracking software device.

The wheeling system may be reputed to be the most useful tool in increasing the possibility to win the lottery. But this is not a perfect system when it comes to reliability and accuracy at that. This may be at times inconvenient for players just by doing the math. It is also sometimes confusing for users especially the first- time players. The real reason why most players would choose the Pick 5 wheels for lotto is for an easier access of the available and possible winning combinations. The primary concept of wheeling is the results for lines. Try to consider a pattern with more lines in a single draw than concentrating on one line with multiple draws. Do not rely on one combination because you feel lucky about it. You must learn to be flexible with your combinations and try to mix them up differently in every draw. Concluding therefore, the Pick 5 wheels for lottery may become accurate tools for winning if the player or person using them is also accurate in strategizing and analyzing. Moreover, winnings depend on the performance of the player whether or not he properly followed the needed strategies for the game.

Top Ten Bathroom Staging Tips – How to Stage It to Sell It

Bathrooms are one of the key rooms to focus on when staging for the selling market. Like bedrooms, they've become more than their names suggest, just places to bathe or sleep, they're seen as pamper rooms & havens of relaxation that mimic the hotel luxury chic many have come to enjoy.

However like kitchens, they are seen as expensive rooms to refit or redecorate. If buyers do not see a bathroom that appeal they will estimate it will cost thousands to refurbish and that will come off their offer price or else put the buyers off putting in an offer! For these reasons it is vitally important to pay attention to your bathroom when your home is for sale.

Here are my 'Top Tips' on staging your bathroom for the market.

1. Clean, Clean then Clean again!

No one likes the idea of ​​someone else's dirt. The bathroom is a place where we remove all of our protective layers. When staging your home roll up your sleeves, get out the gloves and clean every surface from top to bottom. Scrub down those tiles, wash or change the blind, shower curtains. once you've finished cleaning … clean again and keep it clean.

2. Carpets, Toilet Mats & Loo Seat Cosys!

Carpets may be soft under foot but they hold onto moisture and odors. I really encourage everyone selling to remove them and replace with tiles, bathroom grade wood laminate or a good quality lino. Those mats that fit around the pedestal of toilets and sinks look old fashioned plus just imagine what may have splashed there over the years … I know that your viewers will be thinking this!

Loo Seat Cosys, those loopy covers that fit over the lid – Do not!

3. Let The Light Flood In

If you have a window to your bathroom, clean it thoroughly, remove the nets (so long as it's not clear glass) and raise the blind fully or pull back the curtains to let as much natural daylight in as possible. If privacy is a consideration then consider using a frosting film or paint to obscure the glass but allow maximum light in.

4. Clear The Clutter

Bathrooms can be like curiosity shops with all the personal care products we use these days. When selling clear every surface of all your day to day care products. Leaving stuff on show distract buyers as they start to see your lifestyle and not the room. Just remember 'Too Much Information' is not a good thing.

5. Tile & Grout

If the tiles are in good condition and the color works then give them a thorough scrub, to remove built up grease and grime. If the grout is in good condition but discolored then use good old bleach & a tooth brush to bring the whiteness back (wear protective goggles & gloves) or use a grout pen to restore the whiteness. If the grout has cracked and fallen out, pay for a tiler to regrout, it will make the tiles look good as new.

If your tiles are old fashioned in color or style then consider either painting over them with a special tile paint or consider tiling over them (sound tiles make a perfect surface to re-tile onto).

6. Mold, Mildew & Mustiness

There is positively nothing more unpleasing than walking into a bathroom that has any of the three in it. One whiff of mustiness, a patch of ceiling mold or a mildew bathmat or shower curtain and you will kiss the house sale good buy. If you've got mold, get to the root of the cause – check the vent is clear, repair the extractor fan or fix the leak causing it then repair and paint (use a mold inhibiting paint).

Mildew items like bathmats, old flannels, stained shower curtains & face cloths or damp mops and cleaning items should be tossed in the bin and replaced. Mustiness must be banned. Air your bathroom and do not dry damp towels, or other items, on the radiators.

7. Taps, Shower Heads & Hoses

These are prior to scale up and look unpleasant. Use a quality descaler and bring the shine back to those chrome or metal finishes. Shower heads and hoses can also look unappealing and collect grime over the years so remove them from their fittings and descale and clean them. Use an old toothbrush to really get into the nooks & crannies. If fittings are beyond cleaning, sometimes the metal has worn away, then consider replacing with fresh new fittings.

8. Other DIY Jobs.

As always finish off any maintenance that you have left such as refitting the broken shower curtain, light fitting, towel rail, shelves etc. Buyers will see unfinished DIY and knock hundreds of off the asking price as a result.

9. Attractive Accessories & Smells

Appeal to your buyers aspirations. After you have put away all of those everyday care products, invest in some attractive bath oils, scented soaps, natural candles that will gently infuse the air with a clean but not clinical smell. Purchase a set of matching towels that work with your color scheme. These towels are for show only, keep everyday towels to hand but only display the show towels during the viewing.

Plants add a freshness & softness to bathrooms. Buy healthy bathroom loving plants that are appropriate to the space you have. In larger bathrooms palms can work well, in smaller bathrooms 'Ivys' and 'Peace In The Home' may work better. What ever the plant they must remain in tip top condition.

10. Keep It Clean & Tidy

As with every room when selling your home, once it's presented then you need to keep it that way. This can be hard when you are living in the property, especially in the bathroom.

My advice is to invest in some simple wicker baskets, one for every member of the household. Keep the daily toilets in these baskets and only take them into the bathroom when using it. Stowe them away in a bedroom cupboard. Like wise with every day towels.

Final Thoughts

Be firm with everyone in the house and ensure that all take responsibility to keep the bathroom clean and ready for a viewing. Buyers love the idea of ​​a brand new bathroom that no one else has ever used. If you do not have a brand new bathroom do all in your power to present the one you have 'As Good As New'.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Pet Hair in Your Home

Our dogs and cats can bring smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts, but those little fur balls also leave hair all over our households. Pet hair is a real nuisance. It’s big enough so that your neighbors can see it on your couch, yet too small to pick up with just your hands. It collects not only on our fabric furniture and carpets, but our clothing as well. In addition, pet hair can often cause allergic reactions not only in humans but surprisingly in pets as well. Let’s face it, pet hair is not an easy thing to clean, but these five tips should help keep life a little less hairy.

Use Lint Roller. While you should try to keep your pet off of your furniture and out of your closet, the lint roller can be a very effective tool for removing hair from those attracting surfaces. Simply grab the handle and roll the adhesive surface up, down and across any item. The sticky surface grabs each strand and when you’re done, you just peel off the old piece and a new one is there under it ready for use. Also, mainly used for big pieces of furniture like couches and chairs, sticky sheets are extremely effective for hair removal. Sticky Sheet act like the lint roller except it’s larger and more adhesive. It is made up of a large transparent piece of plastic with a sticky surface on one side. You apply the sheet with your hand on the desired surface and then peel away. One sheet should be able to de-hair all of the furniture in your living room. Keep in mind furniture is only half the battle.

Vacuum Often. Our rugs are where our cats and dogs spend must of their time so, maintaining their cleanliness is not always the easiest task. A vacuum is a necessity when it comes to owning a pet, but you can’t just own it; you have to use it all the time. I know it sounds tedious, but it’s completely necessary in maintaining rugs, drapes and furniture. We recommend to all our Denver house cleaning clients to get small vacuums with detachable handles, which would allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Brush Your Pets Regularly. Brushing your cats and dogs everyday, outside removes dead, unwanted hair and gets rid of tangles and decreases the amount of hair that ends up in your house in the first place.

Wash Your Carpet. Giving your cat or dog a bath twice a week will greatly decrease you’re the amount of hair around the house. Similar to brushing, shampooing and scrubbing your pets coat will get rid of dead hair and moisturize the skin making the follicles stronger. Try Anti-Allergen Solution. This shampoo will not only decrease shedding but, it will clear up dander for your allergic friends.

Hire a professional cleaning service. This could be the first step in the process if the pet hair problem is out of control, hiring a professional crew will give you a head start on controlling the hair problem in the long run.

Yoga in the Montessori Classroom

“…The true purpose of movement is far higher than to produce an appetite or strengthen the lungs; it is to serve the ends of existence, the universal and spiritual economies of nature.” Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

Not only was Maria Montessori an educator and a psychologist, she was also a yogi, albeit an Italian one. The word “yoga” means “union”, and this union refers to body, mind, and spirit. In her book The Absorbent Mind, Montessori tells us, “…movement has great importance in mental development itself, provided that the action which occurs is connected with the mental activity going on. Both mental and spiritual growth are fostered by this…” For students of any age, yoga reveals a path to our innermost selves. At the same time, it helps us create our own special place in the world around us. Yoga, like Montessori education, is a process of discovery.

Purposeful movement is an integral part of the Montessori curriculum. For the past six years, the Houston Montessori Center has offered yoga as the movement curriculum for the early childhood teacher training. Interns learn how to incorporate nature themes into a basic routine that includes movements in all directions. Children enjoy imitating the animals while learning how their bodies feel in the different poses (“asanas”). Yoga for Children, a book by Mary Stewart and Kathy Phillips, is an excellent resource for teachers or parents exploring yoga for the early childhood classroom or for the home.

Post Oak School’s Mirani Smith includes yoga as part of the individual work in her primary classroom. Materials include Imaginazium’s Yoga Kit for Kids and a designated rug or mat. “Basically, the children have permission to use the yoga cards anytime throughout the day, and what seems to be happening now is whenever they come to a point during their work when they need to take the initiative to move on, they are coming to me and saying, ‘Maybe I need to use yoga to get started with something else, or to have more energy to work, or to calm my body.’ ” Mirani notes that the children have internalized yoga and are using it in ways that work for them as individuals. “It’s amazing that the children who really need it are the ones who are doing it.”

Yoga cards are chosen three or four times a day. Mirani, who had knee surgery awhile back, adds, “Since I can’t do most of it, I’ll tell them, ‘Show me how!’ “

Another way to use yoga in the classroom is to incorporate poses into the actual lessons so that children use their bodies as kinesthetic learning tools. For example, a lesson on forests might include appropriate asanas such as tree or mouse. A shapes lesson might include triangle pose or making circles with the arms. Many letters of the alphabet can also be created with the body.

As children reach elementary age, their bodies grow firmer and it becomes more important for them to work with a trained yoga teacher or an experienced practitioner who can observe body alignment and make corrections if necessary. “If it hurts, don’t do it!” is an important rule for yogis of all ages who learn to accept responsibility for their own bodies. Because yoga is not competitive, it offers a healthy alternative to organized sports. At the same time, it provides a complementary form of training for young athletes desiring to enhance their performance.

Elementary children can also deepen their understanding of how the poses benefit the body/mind. One exuberant yet rather wobbly six-year-old discovered focus while practicing tree pose, a one-legged position. As this child concentrated on her pose, her standing leg stabilized and her eyes grew rounder and rounder… Perhaps she found other ways to apply that lesson!

By adolescence, students can work more abstractly with yoga. Many young people need to work with particular areas in the body as a result of sports or other activities. Gender differences also become more apparent at this age. Young women are generally more flexible and may wish to develop strength; young men often prefer to stretch. Therefore, it is sometimes helpful to teach them separately. Yet almost all students benefit from relaxation practices, which can ease the stresses of adolescence.

A thoughtfully designed yoga curriculum works well as part of a high school P.E. program and encourages growth at every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Montessori teens can participate more fully in creating goals for themselves as individuals and for the class as a whole. More advanced practices such as breathing, meditation, and philosophy can be introduced to these young adults. High school students often face intense pressures and can benefit greatly from regular meditation and relaxation practices. One young woman even credited yoga with saving lives because it helped her cope with her road rage.

The philosophy and practices of yoga are very compatible with Montessori principles. As a system of lifelong learning and evolution, yoga invites us to keep discovering. And besides all that, IT’S FUN! Surely Maria Montessori would approve.

Waterproof Area Rug Pad – Is There Such a Pad?

I often hear people ask for a waterproof rug pad. The closest to this is a waterproof pad made for under wall to wall carpeting. Even in this case, the waterproof aspect is still not a guarantee and could cause problems by trapping any moisture between the carpet pad and the carpet above it. In the world of area rugs, although there technically is no 100% waterproof rug pad, there is something that comes close.

For those who experience the occasional spill or perhaps pet accident, no matter what type of floor covering or protection you have in place, it is always best to try to blot the area as soon as possible. When you place an area rug on your hardwood or laminate wood floor, you should have the proper rug pad. Many of these pads do not resist water or liquid at all, hence causing the spill to go through the rug and the pad right to the floor under it. The only padding available with a plastic layer is one made for wall to wall carpeting and would be severely dangerous if used under area rugs as the plastic layer is quite slippery and causes rugs to slide right off.

There is a high quality rug pad made of a recycled jute and rubber combination. This pad is about 1/4 of an inch thick and very dense. Not only is ti one of the best protections for your rugs and your floors for normal wear and tear, it is also one of the only rug pads that will resist liquid until you can get to it and dry it up.

I have tested several pads by pouring a cup of water and watching the results. this above mentioned pad did the best in as far as the time it took to penetrate through to the wood floor underneath. Since we all would like to catch the spill or accident as soon as it happens, sometimes this is not possible. This jute and rubber carpet pad resists as best as possible and takes quite long to penetrate through to the rubber bottom. Although the top jute may be wet, and this can be dried up when you have a chance, the solid layer of rubber underneath acts as an excellent barrier between the spill and your floor. I will not say the spill will not eventually seep through this rubber. It will, depending on the amount of the spill, yet in my test it took several hours for the underside of the rubber to feel damp.

As I always mention in my articles, when I refer to this jute and rubber combination pad, I am referring to the finer one available. There are plenty where the rubber is a sprayed on latex and this will not stand the test as well. My test was on a solid rubber layer that is sewn on to the jute surface.

As much as we try to avoid spills and pet accidents, they are bound to happen. Choose the proper rug pad and you will have less worries and damage to your floors.

Tattoo Removal With Salt – Heroic But Cheap!

Do you have a special tattoo that you loathe? Or are there even more tattoos on your body that you want to get rid off but do not know how? Maybe you have tried something else already, and you were not satisfied with the result of the tattoo removal.

One tattoo removal procedure that costs hardly anything but is not for the faint at heart is the tattoo removal with salt, or salabrasion.

What are the costs of tattoo removal with salt?

What men say about it..

In US$

Pouch of sea salt, $2.50

Cloth, $0.50

Hydrogen peroxide, $1.00

Nasty scar

Two six-packs of beer for concocting glamorous story to explain nasty scar to chicks, $10.00

Total cost: $14.00

Facts you should know before you do a tattoo removal with salt

When you got your tattoo, black ink or other colors were injected with a fine needle into the dermis. The dermis is a deep layer of our skin, and the ink stays there because there is another very firm layer holding the ink in place. On top of it there is the outer layer of our skin, called epidermis that renews itself every 28 days. There is no use to place a tattoo on the epidermis as it will be removed by the body renewing the skin cells every month. You need to understand that removing tattoos from the dermis is a challenging endeavor because it involves pain, scarring and psychological stress. Are you prepared to rub your tattooed skin so hard with salt that you are bleeding?

What do you have to go through when you do tattoo removal with salt?

* You have a black ink tattoo on your arm that you want to be gone.

* You hop in the shower with a pouch of sea salt, turn on the water, pour some salt onto a wet cloth, and begin rubbing your tattoo very hard.

*Within a few minutes the tattooed area starts bleeding, and within twenty minutes the epidermis is gone and you have to dug well into the dermis. The pain is excruciating, but only at first – either because the salt begins to act as an anesthetic after a while, or because your endorphins are kicking in.

* Perhaps you are spurred on by the fact that you could actually see the ink becoming patchier the more you rubbed. Eventually you have a deep red valley in your arm that bleeds surprisingly little – apparently salt staunches blood flow. It is terrible-looking, but does not hurt much (you need to decide for yourself how much pain you are able to bear as people have varied pain thresholds).

* You have spent almost two hours toiling and decide it was time to be done, though there is still some ink left.

* You rinse the salt off with cold water, dry yourself, put antibiotic ointment on the wound, bandage it, and go to sleep.

The days after tattoo removal with salt

– A scab soon formed which had a hard time staying attached to your arm because the wound was so deep and there was nothing much for it to cling to.

– A lot of ink was contained in the scab–when it fell off, the ink that was left underneath was hardly visible.

– A second scab formed and fell off, with more ink in it. It’s now been a couple of weeks since the tattoo removal with salt and the wound is well on its way to healing, with hardly any ink visible.

– You may pour hydrogen peroxide on it every day after showering, followed by vitamin E cream. The tiny bit of ink that is left may seem to be very close to the surface, and it may fully disappear by the time you have completely fully healed.

Does tattoo removal with salt work?

Salabrasion does work. It is nasty, ugly, bloody, barbaric, painful, carries the risk of infection, and will certainly leave heavy scars. It seems to get rid of black ink. If you have big unwanted tattoos you need to carefully weigh your options so you don’t make a mistake that you pay for a lifetime, and with your good health. Using salt on big tattoos would leave huge scars. Are you sure that you want that?

Liuhe Pagoda (Six Harmonies Tower) of Hangzhou China – History and Information

Liuhe Pagoda or Six Harmonies Tower is a tall multi-storied pagoda in southern Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. Located on the Qiantang River, at the foot of Yuelun Hill, the pagoda was built in 970 AD during the northern Song dynasty but destroyed in a war. It was then rebuilt and ruined several more times. The current wood and brick structure dates to 1152.

Being one of the impressive masterpieces of ancient Chinese architectures, Liuhe pagoda attracts thousands of tourists every year. The 196.5 feet tall pagoda has 13 stories outside and 7 stories inside. The six harmonies refers to the 6 directions (heaven, earth, east, west, north and south) as well as the six regulations of Buddhism. A bright lamp installed in the top can also served as a lighthouse.

The pagoda was originally built by the ruler of the Wuyue State (which is an area that now become a part of Zhejiang province). It is also believed that one of the reason for building Liuhe pagoda is to calm the tidal waters of Qiantang River as well as to become a navigational aid. During the night, lanterns were lit almost everywhere in the pagoda so that boats and ships on the Qiantang River could see the building and use it as a navigation tower. You can also see 104 large iron bells hung on its flying eaves as this was done to ward off harmful spirits who responsible for the heavy tides which had caused so much flooding before dykes were finally constructed.

Every story of the pagoda consists of 4 elements; the interior walls, the exterior walls, a zigzagged corridor and a small chamber. This octagonal tower also has a spiral staircase which leads to the top floor. Each of its seven ceilings are carved with painted figures such as birds, flowers, animals and characters. When the pagoda is viewed from the outside, it may appears to be layered-bright on the upper surface but dark underneath. That is harmonious alternation of light and shade.

If you climb to the top of the pagoda, you can see a beautiful and impressive view of the Qiantang River Bridge spanning the surging tides of Qiantang River. There is also an exhibition center near the pagoda that displays many details about other important ancient pagodas in China including all the information about their architectural style. That gallery is also known as the Pagoda Park.

Hard Lofts, Soft Lofts – What’s the Difference?

Today, Loft apartments have become a trendy style of living. The term loft is used to describe a large open concept living space with high ceilings and large windows. Lofts were originally popular amongst artists and bohemians because of their affordability and versatility. Now that they have become so popular, loft living is anything but affordable. Builders are now developing new condo buildings with a loft essence allowing the owner to live in a healthy urban area, unlike the areas of many loft conversions. Overtime, the idea of Loft living has constantly been evolving. The question is what is the difference between a hard, soft and new hard lofts?

Industrial lofts, also known as Hard Lofts, are generally a manufacturing warehouse that has been converted into apartments style living. A lot of the time, industrial loft conversions are a part of an overall neighbourhood revival project where old industrial buildings are converted into a combination of apartments, art galleries or studio spaces. These Hard Lofts have a lot of character as they take on the features of the old, and sometimes heritage warehouses. Concrete ceilings and floors, exposed brick walls, large windows, exposed duct work, electrical and plumbing are all features you will find in a “hard” space. Many times if a building is zoned for it, industrial lofts are used as a live/work space. Just as the name states this is a space where owner lives and works. This allows the owner to cut costs which is why the live work loft is such a popular option for artists.

Developers have noticed this trend towards loft living and are now trying to re-create this type of space in the hard loft style with large windows, exposed building material, high ceilings and open concept living. Since these buildings are new, developers are able to take the drawbacks of living in a True Hard Loft building and convert them into positive features. For example, authentic Hard Lofts tend to not be energy efficient as the building is very old. They also tend to be located in parts of the city that are in transition as the area was or still is an industrial neighborhood. Builders have taken this idea and have developed these “New Hard Lofts” in trendy and expensive areas of the city and they construct them to be energy efficient. Generally speaking a true Hard Loft does not offer its residents much in terms of building amenities. The New Hard Lofts on the other hand are being built with all the amenities of a regular condo apartment such as a pool, gym, party room etc. It’s the best of both worlds.

Soft Lofts are similar to New Hard Lofts in that they are newly constructed but unlike Hard, Soft Lofts are just that, softer. Instead of concrete floors, they may have broadloom or hardwood. Instead of exposed duct work and piping, these areas are encased in drywall. Generally speaking, Soft Lofts still offer an open concept living space with huge windows but in a more traditional condo style.

Lofts have become a popular style of living because of the open space and the versatility that a loft offers. Once a style of home used by artists as a cost effective way to live and do business, lofts now have become a fashionable style of living, and an expensive one at that.

How to Study Characters in Literature

As you study literature, one aspect you’ll want to learn is how to analyze the characters in that story or novel. This article will help you learn about the different types of characters in literature.

First, let’s review a few definitions.

Character: a person presented in a dramatic or narrative work

Characterization: the process by which a writer makes that character seem real to the reader

In a piece of literature, the main character of a narrative is the protagonist. This is the central character who engages the reader’s interest and empathy. For example, in the fairy tale, Cinderella, the young and beautiful Cinderella is clearly the protagonist. Not only is the whole story about her, but she is the character who we learn the most about.

The antagonist in literary works, on the other hand, is the character, force, or collection of forces that opposes the protagonist. The antagonist gives rise to the conflict of the story and is essential for creating conflict. In Cinderella, the antagonist is the wicked step-mother who keeps Cinderella from meeting her goals. Without this character, the story would not have as much suspense and interest.

There are other ways to discuss characterization, though, besides only looking at the protagonist and antagonist. There are also static, dynamic, flat, round, and stock characters.

A static character does not change throughout the story and the reader’s knowledge does not change about this character. In the above example, the step-sisters of Cinderella could be called static because they do not change or develop from the beginning of the tale to the end.

Dynamic characters are the opposite of static. They undergo some kind of change throughout the story, which is often related to the action in the plot. To determine if a character is dynamic, ask yourself if they have changed or developed in any way.

Flat characters are those individuals in a story who aren’t complex. They can be easily described by a few qualities. This might also describe those step-sisters in Cinderella. They are easily described and not full of the emotional complexity that most real people have. The opposite of flat would be round characters who are indeed complex, like real people. These are usually the more fully developed characters in a literary work.

You know you’ve encountered a round character when you gain access to their emotions, history, background, and sensibilities. These are the qualities that make a human unique and complex, right? It is our fears and struggles and unique collection of personal experiences that sometimes even result in contradictions-a real marker for a round or complex character.

Lastly, you might find stock characters in literature or even in films and television that you view. These are considered types of people or stereotypes rather than individuals. On a sitcom, for example, you might find the “funny one” and the “smart one.” There is sometimes a “pretty one” or a “crazy one.” These are stock characters and when we see these kinds of people, we have certain expectations for what they will be like.

Classification of Smoke Detectors – Ionization, Photoelctric and Carbon Monoxide

It is true that among all disasters, fire is the most common and most deadly. Fire can occur all of a sudden at any place and any time. Only a few minutes are enough for fire to reduce our home, belongings and memories associated with them into ashes. It is not always possible to gain control over baneful fire very easily. Knowledge of the position of the fire at right time before it becomes fatal will allow us to take necessary steps or evacuate the place.

At present for detecting the fire smoke, smoke detecting devices are the best available devices. It is not at all possible for us to keep watch on every corner of the all day long. Smoke and fire detectors are capable of keeping constant watch for smoke. The use of fire in our households is quite frequent. Even a disastrous fire can occur from a small fire particle or a burning cigarette. Many a times it happens that fire particles accidentally fall on a carpet, cloth etc but you are not aware of it. After sometime the smoldering fire can suddenly develop into furious flames. The best smoke detector positioned at the right places can ensure safety from accidental fires.

Smoke detecting devices are broadly classified into two basic types – ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors. The categorization has been done on the basis of their smoke sensing technology. The ionization technology is well suited for small fire particles detection. This type of fire spreads quickly and can bring about serious damage. The second sort of fire is the smoldering type. This kind of fire smolders for a while before suddenly bursting into flames. To detect this type of fire a smoke detecting device with a better sensor is needed. The photoelectric smoke detectors are ideal for this purpose.

A third type of smoke detector also exists. It is the carbon monoxide smoke detector. It is gradually gaining popularity. Carbon monoxide also called the silent killer is a colorless and odorless gas. We are hardly aware of the fact that there are some sources of CO even in our households. Some of the very common sources are water heater, barbecue grills, fireplaces, stoves and so on. This gas is really dangerous and can even cause memory impairment and death. Proper carbon monoxide smoke detectors in the living areas are of great help. They help us by warning us about the critical level of CO in that area. If the level is above the danger mark then we need to take appropriate actions.

Echo GT-225 16" Gas Curved Shaft Trimmer Review

My Echo GT-225 16″ gas curved shaft trimmer came from Home Depot for $159 plus tax. It was fully assembled and included safety glasses and a small bottle of 2 cycle oil. Echo gives a five year consumer warranty. For commercial use the warranty is reduced to two years.

This trimmer is cleverly designed so that one person can not fill the gas tank without spilling the fuel. It is possible to fill with no spill, if a second person holds the trimmer at just the right angle. So far that is the only feature that I really don’t like. As with all two cycle engines you have to mix oil with the gas.

The 21.2 cc engine starts easily, runs smoothly, and has sufficient power. The noise is noticeably less than my previous Robi model. The cutting length (16″) is an indication of power. Previously I got a 10″ electric trimmer and it did not have enough power or endurance. For a medium to large yard I would not get anything less than 16″. The vibration level is low. I would have liked the shaft to be a little longer but that is not a major problem.

The Echo GT-225 trims and edges well. The weight is on the low side at 10.1 pounds. A shoulder strap is not included, and probably is not needed because of the light weight. Several pieces of.80 strings are included. It is very easy to insert 2 pieces of line into the head without using any tools. My medium sized lawn requires about 4 line strips per cut. I tried some heavier off brand line, and that worked well for me. However, it is possible that heavier line could put additional stress on the engine. If you want a head with a spool of line, you should be able to find an aftermarket head that will fit.

All trimmers are dangerous so it is important to read and follow the safety precautions. You do not want to spill fuel on a hot engine. Safety glasses are essential and the ones Echo includes work well. Ear protection is suggested.

My last gas trimmer cost $99 and the Echo GT-225 is a definite upgrade. The engine is the heart of a trimmer and this model does have a good one. For household use I think this is a good choice. For very large yards or commercial use you may want at look at something more powerful with an auto line feeder.

What is the Difference Between SATA and USB Hard Drives?

For those who are not familiar with their PC working they don’t know what is the difference between SATA and USB hard drive. They consider it as the same. But I must tell them that there is a lot of differences between these two…

First of all, we should know in brief what are these two.

SATA hard drive

SATA or you can say Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, is a single cable which is used to connect 2 devices from point to point.  It is a storage-interface for connecting host bus adapters to mass storage devices such as hard disk drives and optical drives. This cable helps in transferring data from your local PC to hard disk or CD ROM devices. The main advantage of using this cable is this that the transfer speed of the cable starts from 150 MBPS, which is a huge one. SATA are very thinner serial cables which facilitate more efficient airflow inside a form factor and also allow for smaller chassis designs.

USB hard drive

USB drives are those drives which connects external storage devices to your PC. USB means Universal Serial Bus which provides you 1.1 or 2.0 user interfaces. USB drives has the same work as of floppy drives. But the USB are smaller, faster and a thousand times storage capacity than floppy drives. These are portable, sleek and having compact design which makes them easy to store.


SATA drives provides higher speed than USB hard drives.


SATA is situated inside of your PC while USB is an external device.


SATA cannot be removed from your PC and taken to anywhere while you can take USB to anywhere you want.

If you are going to market to purchase an external hard drive which is better, stronger, faster than I will suggest you to purchase Seagate 1 TB USB 2.0. why I am suggesting this one to you is because of the following features:

1) Easy to use and set up: this drive is very easy to use. What you had to do is just plug it in computer and start working on it. This doesn’t involve any installation of software to make it work.

2)Technical body: The drive is been designed sleek and portable. All painted with black color this drive provides you the capacity of 1 TB with USB 2.0 interface which store more and more movies, music, photos etc. This disk provides the 7200 rpm speed to retrieve the data from the drive.

3) Compatibility: This can easily be recognized by Windows Vista and Windows XP, you can simply drag and drop your files in the disk to copy.

4) Energy efficient: The one of the good feature of this disk is this that it is a very less power consumer. It can perform its work to the full extent with a very low burden on your electricity bill.

Editor’s rating 9 out of 10

Debt Yield – What Is It and What Is Acceptable?

Debt Yield is a relatively new metric and is still not used by most commercial banks who are portfolio lenders. It is used primarily by investment banks and conduit lenders to calculate their cash-on-cash return on their investment if they were to foreclose on the asset they are lending on. It is calculated by dividing the property’s NOI by the 1st Trust Deed loan amount and multiplying that by 100. For instance, suppose your commercial property has a NOI of $500,000 annually and you received a $5,000,000. The Debt Yield Ratio would be calculated as follows:

Debt Yield Ratio: ($500,000/$5,000,000) x 100 = 10%

So, the lender would receive a 10% cash-on-cash return on their investment if they were to foreclose on your property. Why is this important to certain lenders? This ratio allows lenders to quickly analyze the loan amount in reference to property’s NOI to determine the maximum loan amount that they are willing to offer. This metric was adopted because many lenders were getting into trouble by only using a debt service coverage ratio to determine maximum loan amounts. This ratio will not take into account cap rates, amortization on the loan, or even interest rate. It is only used to compare NOI to the 1st Trust Deed loan amount.

Most lenders will require a Debt Yield above 10% on all of their loans. Some conduit lenders may consider a property with a slightly lower yield because it is has a superior location or is a superior product, but 10% is a good rule of thumb because this generates a loan-to-value ratio of approximately 65% – 70%, target leverage for conduit lenders. Although this is currently used mostly by conduit lenders, don’t be surprised if commercial banks soon adopt the Debt Yield Ratio to determine acceptable maximum loan amounts.

To summarize, if you are considering financing to purchase a new property or refinance one of your existing properties, take a moment to calculate the Debt Yield Ratio on your property that would be acceptable to a lender. This will allow you to go into a meeting with your prospective lender with a good idea of what they may offer you in terms of a loan amount. If you are looking for mezzanine financing on top of your 1st Trust Deed loan it is important to know that the mezzanine loan will not have any effect on your Debt Yield Ratio.

Interior House Design – How To Brighten Up Your Home With Summer Decor

When it comes to their interior house design, many people know they want a change but do not know where to start. Believe it or not, your home's design is very important to your overall health and well-being. Here's why.

You spend so much time in your home that when you enjoy the interior house design, it naturally has a good effect on the brain and puts you into a better mood. Remember, the largest cause of disease is stress.

If you dread going home after a long and difficult day on the job because you do not like your interior house design, it will only compound an already bad situation. However, when you look forward to going home because you enjoy your house design, it will relax you and keep you healthy and disease free.

Despite the obvious benefits of having a nice interior house design, many people simply do not take action because they believe that getting the home they want is too expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some tips to brightening up your home and giving it a nice appeal with very little, if any out of pocket money.

First of all, get rid of those heavy draperies. Make the windows in your home the focal point; utilize mirrors to bounce the sunlight to different areas of the room. Mirrors can be a major contributor to the overall brightness and feel of your home, when they are used correctly.

A great idea for your furniture, especially for summer get-togethers, is to face them away from the fireplace. This will open up space in your room and give it a more summer feel, ideal for get-togeters during the warmer months. Roll up your rugs, leave the table bare and also get rid of excess blankets, pillows, and other related materials that will tend to warm up the place and take away from that summer feel.

However, if you do want to keep items such as your pillows or blankets in the room, consider purchasing covers to compliment your summer scheme. These could be green, aqua blue, orange or navy and white stripes. Brighter colors will help contribute to the overall summer feel off your home.

Utilize plants to bring the outdoors inside. Tropical plants with palm leaves are great for livening up your interior house design; also, adding colorful flowers can really aid in giving your home that summer feel. Remember not to overdo it with the plants; if you place too many inside your home, it will take on the feel of a conservatory.

If, like many people, you are looking for ways to bring more light and happiness to your home, achieving a summer feel is the way to go. A bright and happy home will play a big part in your overall health; Follow these tips and you will have the interior house design you want without breaking the bank.