Backward Roll 101 – How to Teach a Backward Roll

One gymnastics skill that every gymnast will have to learn at one point or another is a backwards roll. Many people wouldn’t think of this skill as very important, but believe me, it is! A backward roll is the foundation of many different skills such as: backward-roll to pike, backward-roll to pushup, back extension roll, back tuck, double backs, etc. Make sure you learn and practice your backward roll the correct way. Correct technique in each and every gymnastics skill is very vital because these beginning skills are the base to so many important and required upper gymnastics level skills. Here is the step by step instructions on doing a correct backwards roll, hope this helps!

  1. Squat down with your legs and feet together.
  2. Bend your arms and place your hands right next to your ears with your palms facing the ceiling and your fingers facing backwards.
  3. Tuck your chin to your chest
  4. Round your back like a cat
  5. Lean backwards and roll
  6. Once your hands meet the ground make your arms straight and push off the floor.
  7. Land on your feet in either a pike or a squat (do not land on your knees)

Many times gymnastics coaches use an incline gymnastics mat or wedge mat as a teaching aid for rolls. It gives the gymnasts a little more momentum.

When spotting a gymnast on this gymnastics skill you want to lift their hips so they don’t hurt their neck.

Before you introduce the backward roll to your gymnast you should try starting them out with a gymnastics drill. For this drill you should start just like normal but once you roll you should squash your hands against the floor and then re-roll forward. This is kinda like a candle stick but with bent knees and arms. Each time your gymnast tries this drill encourage them to push off their hands more and more.

Mistakes in a Backward Roll

The most common mistakes gymnasts make is arching and throwing their head and shoulders backward. When doing a backward-roll you must round your back like a kitty cat.

The second most common mistake I see gymnasts make is not pushing off their hands. If they do not push off their hands they usually hurt their neck and never make it over. Usually they go back and fall over to the side.

I really this helps you and your beginning gymnast!

Remember, drills can be a great help when learning new skills!

The Advantages of Braided Ropes

There is a variety of braided ropes available to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics. There are two main types: The single braided rope and the double braided rope. Each of these types also come in a variety of materials including nylon. These ropes are often used in many different fields such as construction, climbing or recreational, or even for rescue.

The single braided rope usually consists of about eight or twelve strands weaved together with half twirling clockwise and half counterclockwise leaving a central void. This is sometimes referred to as the hallow braid. This rope is very strong and can lift very heavy weights, and is primarily used in counterweight systems.

The double braid rope is also known as the braid on braid, which is an inner braid surrounded by an outer braid, leaving no central void. Usually the center braid is made from a stronger fiber, while the outer is a more abrasive resistant fiber. This type of rope could not be used in a counterweight system because of the double braid. However, because it is thicker and stronger, it can be used for almost any other lifting job.

Nylon rope is a very strong and durable material. Nylon braided rope is very suitable for various uses. It is good for climbing because of its durability and abrasion resistance. Nylon rope will stretch when sudden pressure is applied, but it will not do so at the expense of its own durability. This quality makes it an excellent option for construction or climbing.

Climbing rope is usually made out of a double braided rope because it is stronger and more secure to better protect the climber. They are also more weather resistant, which is a key element for climbing.

A single braid rope would be ideal for a rescue rope. In a moment of emergency, a rescue rope is important as it could save a person’s life. The rope would ideally need to be very strong and durable but also flexible and light. This makes the single braid a good decision to use. The single braid rope, depending on the material used, will float in water.

The single braid can also be used in counterweight systems. This option is excellent if one need’s to lift a person or object. The rescue rope cannot be too thick for the system to use so it won’t slip down the counterweight system.

Painting – Learn How to Visualize Your Painting For Greater Success

Whilst planning your painting in minute detail may inhibit spontaneity and that sudden burst of creativity, a little forethought can go a long way to helping you create an inspirational painting to be proud of. Forward planning can in fact, enhance your work of art because you then know exactly what it is that you wish to paint, and this enables you to be able to conjure up the image at will.

Firstly, it is important to decide on your subject matter and the medium in which you wish to paint. For this example, we will imagine that it is a landscape painting and that our chosen medium is watercolors. Making these two choices are extremely important as you can then begin to plan exactly what you wish to paint and also, how it is going to look in your minds eye.

As landscape paintings are often painted with a specific scene in mind, how much better will it feel if you have visited the place yourself? This then ensures that the feelings and sensations that you will have absorbed through connecting with your environment will be so much more vivid when translating onto paper.

Remember that paintings evoke emotion from those who stop to gaze, and as you paint, you should be tapping into the emotion from deep within the sensations, emotions and beauty of the scenery must then be transferred onto paper.

By following these basic steps, it is possible to learn to visualize your completed painting and be able to paint instinctively:

1. Capture the essence of the scenery by way of sketching or by taking a photograph initially if you prefer.

2. Make a note of the colors that you wish to use and this means observing natures colors around you, after some practice it is easy to know which colors should be mixed to capture the required shades.

3. Become a part of the environment around you by not just observing, but by listening to the sounds, feeling the breeze if any, on your skin, notice the coloring of the sky or how the sun casts shadows around you. Then notice the mottled colors of the leaves and notice the shades.

4. Take time to consider the best perspective so that you would be able to draw the observers eye into the painting.

5. To ensure that you have captured your surroundings to memory, close your eyes and let the image come to mind. Visualize yourself looking at the scenery as if you were looking at the real setting.

Once you are happy that you have absorbed your surroundings and captured them to memory, prepare all of the relevant materials so that you are ready to start painting. Think about all of the relevant layers within the painting, remember that it must be three- dimensional, and it should evoke emotion in those who view it. By considering all of these points, you begin to train your perception of the world around you and take into account how to translate your view of the painting so that it is captured for all to see.

Technique and skill with watercolors come with practice, but taking the time initially to visualize your chosen subject can only help to increase your potential to bring your painting to life.

Feng Shui in the Garden

Having had a garden design business for many years, one of the most important things we adhered to was installing good healthy plants. Plants in poor growth, or even worse dead plants or trees are detrimental for prosperity. Bad company image. So you can imagine that we had a healthy, and thriving business as a result. When the Feng Shui of ones garden is correct it creates auspicious good fortune and attracts happy Chi into your home and your life.

Feng Shui and Gratitude.

First and foremost, we need to take stock of the many blessings we have in our lives; our families, our relationships, our work, our health, our friends and children, along with any other attributes we can focus on such as our skills, our caring and compassion, our appreciation for nature in fresh flowers for example etc. etc. It’s a good idea to make a list of these and refer to them often. As we think of them, make additions to them as we think of more. It builds an incredible picture of how lucky we already are.

Make daily affirmations.

Here are two simple examples. One works, whilst the other one leaves us lacking

For prosperity in the garden, try this “I am blessed to be surrounded with a constant flow of abundance and prosperity in my life”

Rather than “This garden will make me rich. I’ll have loads of money from it”

The reason the former works and the latter does not is because the future is never here. It keeps prosperity out of reach and not attainable today. The former focuses on the now.

Prosperity in money, friendship, love, health, family, knowledge, happiness, peace and spiritual wealth are all intertwined, so give lots and receive even more. Display this kind of energy, practice these, carry them out in your daily activities and prosperity will be banging the door down.


Waterfalls represent wealth. More auspicious when flowing towards the house. Not only does the user benefit more from the visual impact of the waterfall flowing in this direction, but it can signify loss, and lost opportunity if it flows away from the house.

A waterfall which is too fast moving, or energetic mirrors rushing, flowing Chi which also indicates fast paced spending habits, and money going out. Oftentimes prosperity comes with conserving spending habits. Waterfalls need to be balanced in many respects. Choose a design which adds a meandering, gently moving stream. Water gently cascading over natural rocks and stones achieves a much more desirable effect. As with all the elements involved, the key is to have them proportioned properly, balanced nicely thus avoiding any imbalances.

Most suitable locations include placing waterfalls off the porch or deck (Wealth) and near, beside or within view of the Kitchen (prosperity). Even better, have it within some wildflower patch, as the flowers will energise the prosperity of a business. Red flowers, and red structures, red flowering shrubs, red leaved trees examples…Japanese maples, Holly berries, red Azelas, red Ponisettias. Red correlates with wealth, fame and reputation.

Feng Shui…Entrances and Prosperity

First point here is to work with the conditions we have. There is no point in trying to move a door, re-route a drive way, or to make any drastic changes. People living in communities need to bear in mind whatever restrictions the home owner’s association have in place. People can make very simple, inexpensive and effective changes.

Here are a few suggestions which people can adopt without too much effort, and hopefully with little interference from the association. Place an ornamental dragon (not necessarily a red one) for the best auspicious Chi at the entrance. These are sure to bring good luck, joy, wealth, abundance, good energy and prosperity.

Close to the entrance consider the colour red. Red for wealth. One can plant red Flowering Shrubs such as;

• Hibiscus. A favourite and relentless flowerer. Easy care. Let it grow naturally.

• Red flower carpet roses (Rosa flower carpet a wonderful plant. I give it marks 10 from 10. Pest and disease resistant variety, low in height and very tolerant of many conditions even neglect, absolute masses of crimson red flowers, and incredible abundance with lengthy flowering periods),

• Red Azelas, Red flowering annuals

• Ruscus aculeatus (Butcher’s Broom) for a great display of red berries in fall

• Punica granatum (Pomegranate) Valued for its brilliant flowers

• Ixora sp. Var. Lauritzen, a fantastic red flowering shrub

• Euphorbia pulcherrima (Poinstettia). Much significance of joy and wealth.

• Ixora “Petite” (Dwarf hybrid Ixora)


• Canna X generalis (Red garden Canna)

• Etlingera elatior (Torch Ginger)

• Heliconia. Many suitable Heliconias incl. H. rostrata (Lobster Claw), H. Stricta, H. •Caribaea (Caribbean Heloconia)


• Red Bougainvillea, a wonderful plant which can grow easily in a splendid, graceful arch above garage doors, creating a dramatic, Mediterranean feel whilst bringing great auspicious Chi and wealth to the dwellers within the home.

• Passiflora coccinea (Red Passion Flower) Another terrific opportunity to grow a beautiful red flowering climber. This one has not only good Feng Shui for prosperity but has important religious connotations also. Either way, it’s a great plant.


• Delonix regia (Royal red Poinciana) If space permits, this is a must have. What a lovely tree, even when not flowering.

Above are a few short examples introducing a fabulous opportunity to plant something red, and welcome prosperity into one’s life.

Try a red structure. A chair or bench perhaps. Even better, a red bench with arbour above to plant your favourite flowers. Consider a red framed mirror. The mirror will accentuate the area, and make it look more open and spacious, bright and inviting. Try draping a piece of red silk, artfully displayed. Get three old Chinese coins, tie them with red silk or red thread and place them beneath a stone near the entryway. These additions are really simple, but will bring great prosperity, auspicious Chi and abundance.


I enjoy the challenge even more when space is restricted. These are among my favourite situations to make great change with astounding impact. Small, tight and confined spaces result in a much more intimate setting. In small spaces we are closer to everything. Closer to all the elements. Sound, fragrance, the visual aspect and textures are all magnified. We feel very secure, protected, calm and safe. I love designing entryways, courtyard spaces and urban style gardens. I let my imagination do the work, and always seem to come up with a more than satisfying result. Obviously it’s perfectly functional, but people tend to focus on the aesthetic outcome, and don’t even pay attention to the fact that “it works” When space is restricted, we can employ the vertical element. Use the walls to plant flowers on a trellis or climbing frame. Use the walls to secure wonderfully abundant hanging baskets. Think of a hanging basket as a miniature suspended garden full of flowering plants. It has all the components of a garden, except on a smaller scale. The flowers and healthy growing plants will energise even the smallest of spaces.

Put in a small water feature. Any kind of a water feature brings good fortune and wealth, especially in the North. I can design a water feature from almost any material. Get the ingredients…. Add a little imagination and……Presto! One time whilst travelling in Italy, my wife and I bought a mural of a town square which was made from ceramic tile, and came in about fifty pieces wrapped up in a box. We carted this heavy package around with us for the rest of our trip. (She thought I was crazy, as usual) When we got back here to Naples, I arranged the tile within a frame, fed a narrow pipe behind it, mounted it on a wall on the lanai, and attached it to a small pump which spilled water into an oversize terracotta pot filed with natural beach-like stones. It’s beautiful. The ceramic art captures the scene perfectly, reminds us of the great times we had in Italy, and provides such a peaceful atmosphere on our space restricted lanai.

I highly recommend adding some kind of water feature, however small, close to the entry way. Be careful when choosing a water feature which will bring prosperity. Balance is key. Rather than have a stream of water rush directly into a body of water, it’s better to have the water gently cascade over something like stones. It creates a much more soothing sound, a more subtle sound using the same volume and flow of water. It just seems more musical when the water’s path is interrupted in some small way. With the added benefit of not feeling as if you need to go to the bathroom, every time you pass it. This is an important step in creating a great water feature for a space restricted area, such as an entry way. Get some help if you get stuck.

Water enhances the energies of the North Stock the pond with Koi, or a small ceramic turtle ornament. These make the garden extremely auspicious. Fish create yang energy. Turtles activate the symbolic celestial creature of the North. Keep water moving constantly. It allows oxygen in to do its job. Stagnant water allows dead Chi to accumulate. Fish energise the water and prevent stagnation. If other wildlife comes, such as frogs, encourage them. Keep the water clean…always, as it prevents hampered Chi being created. Good filtration does this for you. If anything dies, replace it immediately.

The sound of the trickling water attracts Chi, especially when sunlight plays on it. Don’t have water in the shade in the North. Don’t overpower it with plants. Plants are intended to make it natural, and to enhance it. Plants should not detract from the main theme here, water.

A South Entrance.

Associated with the fire element. Better if the garden here opens from a living room rather than a kitchen. Kitchen (fire) which would cause an imbalance. A well light garden, using lights at different levels, especially in winter in the South, will bring good luck by stimulating your fire energy, and fame enrichment. Put in an ornament of a Crane, or even better a Phoenix, the celestial bird, symbolic of longevity.


Magnolia. Symbol of purity, hidden jewels or accumulating great wealth.

Orange trees. Symbol of abundance and wealth. Good fortune, wealth, happiness and general prosperity. A pair are regarded as extremely good Feng Shui. Chinese use lime and lemon trees indoors as their flowering times coincide with the lunar New Year. It is no accident that in the Victorian era, orangeries were very common way to over winter frost sensitive, fragile trees. Summers would see avenues and walkways lined with orange trees in great enormous terracotta pots.

Another travel opportunity brought us to discover much of Spain. We stopped in Seville for a few days on our way to Granada. We stayed beside the cathedral, in the most romantic orange tree planted square. All the balconies had the most amazing hanging baskets and window boxes drape their flowers over the railings. The shade the orange trees provided in the square at the cafes created a nice peaceful, park-like urban setting. We happened to be there when the oranges were ripe. Great big marmalade oranges hung from the trees, in a rich display of orange contrasting sharply with the dark green, healthy and vibrant foliage. Perhaps the town planners didn’t know much about Feng Shui, I doubt they did, but the orange trees made the whole place an incredible heaven of peace with a great energy. It’s true that oranges represent prosperity as this square was bustling with cafes, boutique hotels, guest houses, restaurants, craft shops and a prosperous thriving spot away from the main thoroughfares. I bet the orange trees have hidden, mystical qualities which attract people in to sit and relax.

Cherry Blossoms.

Plum tree. Regarded as pure and superior

Peonia denotes prosperity and romance.

Magnolia immortal and prosperous.

Lotus. Inspires peace and contentment, symbolizing the opening of opportunities.

Money Plant.

Plants with round, full, dark leaves are known to be auspicious and the best symbolizing money and gold. Eg

The Jade plant……money and prosperity

The silver crown

Money Plant.

The Narcissus plant or other bulbs, symbolises great fortune. Normally given as auspicious gifts in the New Year.

One should try to use their garden or out door space as much as possible and use it as a Sanctuary, you’d be amazed at how better you will feel, sitting in the sunlight, watching the wildlife, enjoying the serenity of one’s surroundings.

The Difference in Men’s Lab Coats and Women’s Lab Coats

There are many things in the clothing universe that you just don’t think about. Like for example: is there a difference between men’s and women’s lab coats? I guess it really doesn’t matter unless you wear one all day, but if you do wear one then you probably know the answer: yes, there is. It might be subtle, but for doctors subtle is important.

In recent years a big industry has sprung up for both male and female specific lab coats. Maybe it’s all these doctor show’s starring beautiful people which are fueling this industry, but women have specific needs when it comes to fit and comfort just like men do. It’s not just the medical industry either, many companies have ditched unisex uniforms for male and female uniforms which are tailored to each sexes individual needs.

In the medical field, uniforms are very common. From receptionists to nurses to doctors to surgeons, everyone you see seems to be wearing a specific uniform tailored for their tasks. For nurses, scrubs are usually the norm. While there is not a huge difference in the tailored pattern for each sex, there are definitely design differences. For example, there is a huge market for themed scrubs. For women you can get anything from a pattern of cats to Big Bird from Sesame Street. For men, well, they usually go plain but the sky is the limit for them to. Scrubs can also run the gambit in cost from cheap pairs which you can change daily to something designer and expensive that can last the long haul.

For doctors, uniforms are a bit difference. For his time in his office a doctor will usually wear either slacks and a dress shirt, or a dress and pant suit, depending on the sex. When it’s time to visit the patients, though, it’s usually time to don one over your outfit. Most hospitals or clinics will usually allow doctors to pick their own and though most look the same (some variation of the color white and a few pockets), not all lab coats are created equal. Besides having different styles for both men and women, can feature different designs, strain protectors, fabrics and even pockets. Cost wise, they can go from a basic lab coat that will need to be tossed after a few months for around $30 to a designer lab coat that can repel stains and stay white for a couple hundred dollars. Since they spend so much time in them a doctor will usually invest in a more expensive coat so they don’t need to keep replacing them.

So there you go. There is a difference in men’s lab coats and women’s lab coats. See, you learn something new every day.

Why Do Men Play Mind Games With Women They Love? Top 3 Reasons

For a long period of time mind games have been the cause of argument and disagreement between women and men. While both sides blame each other one should remember that there are two sides to a coin. It is true that both women and mane like to play mind games with each other but when it comes to blaming, they invariably and without fail blame each other.

Nobody cares to see that they to are the accused ones whilst they are pointing their fingers at somebody else. So why do men play mind games with the women they love? Here are the top 3 reasons:

Emotional Insecurity

Men play mind games with the women they love because they feel emotionally insecure. There are other reasons too. Many a times these games are played by people who are not mature enough. However a woman should be careful if her man is playing mind games with her. Many women have committed the mistake of breaking a steady relationship just because of this. If you are having a steady relationship with your man and find him playing mind games with you, do not even contemplate of breaking the relationship instantaneously.

It is better that you discuss with your partner and give him a second opportunity. Chances are that these problems will resolve. However if they do not, it’s high time to break the relationship. So do not go ahead and do something drastic with your relationship unless you are sure and once you see that it has reached a point of no return, you’re better off in breaking the same.

Mind Games and Why

Men play mind games with women for various reasons. While some of them play these games just to tease their partner, others play these games to prove their superiority. In the latter case it is due to a false and inflated ego. The expectations are too much. While they do not accept your calls while they are busy, they expect you to take their calls even if you are busy.

Their logic is that their partner should be free to receive calls when they are free to make one. Most of the times the men simply lie and women hate liars. Little things like this play a large part in breaking a steady relationship.


This is one of the worst mind games that men play with the women they love. Ask them about their previous relationships and they will keep beating around the bush. They will never provide a straight and honest answer. Ask him about where the relationship between you and him is heading and chances are that even this question will be either disregarded or bypassed.

As mentioned earlier, men play these games just for the heck of it and this might not be perceived so casually by the woman. If a man plays these mind games with you as an opportunity to sleep with you he is a born looser and the faster you ditch him off, the better.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities – Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Care Contracts

If you have always dreamed of spending your retirement in a resort community, a Continuing Care Retirement Community(CCRC) may be what you need. Many CCRCs provide amenities for the type of lifestyle retirees want now, and health care protection they may need later. This type of community is growing in popularity among seniors who want to age in place and ensure their care for the future. You should consider if the substantial CCRC fees provide a sound investment of your retirement funds. Also, you might contemplate the amenities and services offered with a realistic assessment of your level of participation. Before signing a contract, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of entering into a life care agreement with a CCRC.

First, let’s look at the advantages of living in a high-end CCRC.

  • First-class amenities such as indoor swimming pools, fitness centers, spa facilities, restaurants, movie theaters and health care centers located on the CCRC campus
  • Well-appointed private residences
  • Maintenance-free living in a well designed and attractive community
  • Social and educational opportunities
  • Future health care needs taken care of within the CCRC without increasing monthly fees substantially

Now, let’s examine the disadvantages.

  • Complex and confusing contracts and service models–lawyer review advised
  • Substantial Entrance Fees and varying monthly fees
  • CCRC vulnerability during economic downturns causing increased risk of financial failures
  • Possible disagreements about timing of move to a higher level of care
  • Choices limited due to contractual and financial constraints if resident becomes dissatisfied with care or community

Resort style Continuing Care Retirement Communities provide a distinctive lifestyle for those residents who are active and healthy. If the entrance and monthly fees do not represent the bulk of your assets, you may enjoy the freedom from worry about health care that a Life Care or Type A contract provides. Other types of CCRC contracts and communities may be a better solution if your retirement funds are less robust.

Dehydrating Baked Beans

When it comes to dehydrating foods I have got to be one of the biggest experimenters in the nation. I am a firm believer that if it can be eaten it can be dehydrated. Over the years I have dehydrated eggs, milk and an assortment of other unusual meal items.

Our recent experiment with dehydrating baked beans proved to be a total success. We took a common inexpensive, “Save-A-Lot” can of baked beans and placed them as they were into our food dehydrator. We turned it on to approximately 175 degrees and let it run overnight (about 8 hours or so). The exact time is not important as long as the finished product is completely dried.

When we checked the dehydrator tray the following morning we found the beans had successfully dehydrated and were now ready for breaking up to place in jars. With a kitchen glove covering our hands we broke the clumps of dried beans up until we had an assortment of individual beans. Do not grind them up or you will have bean powder and not baked beans.

With this step completed it was now time to reconstitute some of our beans to see how well the process worked. It does no good to dehydrate a food if no one will eat it. We took about one cup or so of our dried beans and placed them into a container. After which we covered the beans enough water to completely cover every bean in the container. You may have to add a little more water as the beans start to absorb it. After 4 or 5 minutes we tasted them. They were okay but my wife thought they were rather bland.

Not to be put off by the blandness I whipped up a batch of dehydrated baked beans and hot dogs. While they were cooking I added a dash or two of Worchester sauce and some of my favorite BBQ sauce. Exact amounts will vary with taste. After the mixture had warmed up properly, I tasted them and believe me the difference in taste was fantastic. Feel free to add any type of spices which you would normally feel comfortable using in your usual beans. Keep in mind that you could very well add dehydrated hamburger or sausage to them in order to enhance the flavor.

In view of the success of this experiment, I will now dehydrate our complete supply of canned baked beans. You should be able to place approximately four or five cans of dehydrated beans in one pint jar. I am sure you will agree that is a considerable savings in space.

Copyright @Joseph Parish

Is The Dyson Hot The Perfect Space Heater?

When consumers go online searching for information about space heaters they often add the term “best” or “reviews” to the search phrase. Rarely, if ever, does anyone use the word “perfect” to search for anything unless they’re cooking hard boiled eggs.

Although the maker of the Dyson Hot doesn’t claim it’s perfect, you would expect something costing roughly 5 to 6 times more than the average space heater to at least come close.

So what makes the Dyson Tower Fan so extraordinary?

According to the manufacturer the “Air Multiplier uses an airfoil-shaped ramp to amplify the airflow 16 times to create a blast of smooth air without the unpleasant buffeting caused by spinning blades.”

This unique air foil design is not only eye catching but allows for easy cleaning and renders the heating surfaces cool to the touch – a plus if you have children or pets. For additional safety the heater automatically shuts itself off if accidentally tipped over.

The 23″ tall Dyson Hot also features a 360ยบ oscillating motion and tilts back by varying degrees to aim the heat where you want it. And if blinking, beeping LED lights found on other heaters drive you crazy, you’ll appreciate the soft, quiet glow of the digital display.

The thermostat adjusts up or down in one degree increments and the air speed is set in a range of 1 – 10. Both functions are controlled by a remote which cleverly attaches to the top of the unit for easy locating when not in use.

What makes the Dyson Blade-less Heater Fan so ordinary?

The biggest limitation any space heater faces is heat output. Since most household electric circuits are limited to 15 amps, the Dyson can safely draw only 12.5 amps, or a maximum 1500 watts – the same as most other portable heaters.

To compensate for this, the Dyson employs their unique Air Multiplier which, according to the sales literature, draws in 5 gallons of air per second. I’ve never seen air flow expressed as gallons per second, but in marketing terms 5 gallons probably sounds more impressive than two thirds of a cubic foot.

The two most prevalent complaints about space heaters in general are noise and too little heat.

Judging by the 70 or so reviews I’ve read, complaints about noise still occur, but usually only when the heater’s airflow is set at 10 – its highest level. So if noise is a problem, you might want to think twice about buying a heater you’ll be annoyed with whenever you turn it all the way up.

The too little heat complaint is usually the result of a mismatch between the heater and the room size. Fifteen hundred watt heaters, including the Dyson, are most effective when used in rooms no larger than 200 square feet.

Too little heat can also imply too little heat for the money. Although there are fewer complaints of this nature against the Dyson than you would imagine, anyone who willingly pays $400 for a space heater is looking for cachet as much as heat.

How to Make Your Voice Sound Better Using Audacity

Have you ever had to sit through a podcast where the background noises make the host’s voice sound like it’s coming from the bottom of a well? Or where the voice keeps going off into the supersonic? Or just listened to a speaker who had more dead air than the last three zombie movies?

Sound editing of your podcasting using a tool such as Audacity or WavePad will help you to overcome those problems and more. It’s not just for adding audio packaging and correcting mistakes. There are lots of neat fixes under that effects tab!

Now let’s be clear here. The best solution to a poor recording is not to make one in the first place. The placement of your microphone and the type of microphone you use will have a greater effect on the quality of your recording than any post-recording fixes you choose to add.

Always use a headset type microphone with the microphone properly placed. How do you properly place the microphone? Open your mouth wide, and then adjust the microphone to your jawline. The result should be a microphone that is slightly below the jawline when your mouth is closed. And for that matter most of the time you are talking.

Using a headset will cut down on ambient noise. Headset microphones are directional and limited so they seldom pick up background noises.

Unfortunately they do pick up the pops and hisses that your mouth makes. But placing the microphone correctly will help to reduce that issue.

Of course, using the proper microphone, properly placed isn’t always a possibility. Maybe you had to use your handy dandy memo recorder. Or maybe you hadn’t read this article first so the microphone was placed wrong. Or maybe you used a phone line that developed a few problems along the way.

That’s when the effects menu of Audacity becomes so useful!

Here are five effects that you can use to make your voice sound better with Audacity. Of course these are only the most useful. There are many more.

1. The Click Removal effect will remove clicks or wave spikes. Remember the old vinyl records and how they would click when they hit a scratch? That’s a click and it can come from many sources — even on a digital recording. Click removal can help by eliminating the spike.

2. The Noise Removal effect will remove that annoying white noise in the background. You know the one from the tape you recorded on? Use the silent spots where no one is talking to train the effect.

3. The Truncate Silence effect is a god-send for the poor editor. Now once you’ve edited out the mistakes a simple one button click will remove all that dead air.

4. The Compressor and Normalize effects can be used to increase the volume of voices that didn’t quite record as loudly as they should have. Without affecting those pieces that were load enough.

5. High and Low Pass Filters can be used to remove that annoying reverb or whistle. Basically these filters trim off the outer frequency ranges of the recording which is where most of the noise occurs.

Paradise Lost & Epic Simile

Satan is depicted in epic terms throughout Paradise Lost, but in ever diminishing ways. Beginning with the arch fiend’s address to his nearest mate, Beelzebub, (1.192-208), Satan is a Titanian figure, yet even here referred to, immediately following, in lesser form as Earth-born, a foreshadowing of his coming diminution. The text goes on, calling Satan Leviathan, a whale in size, that creature which God had made the hugest that swim th’ ocean stream, (1.202). He is imagined asleep on the Norway foam, a reference to things northern, thus implying mammoth dimensions in the reader’s mind. Milton returns to this reference later in his depiction of fallen cohorts. Continuing, Satan is so big that a sailor might take him for a small island, dropping anchor overnight to escape the sea wind, and wait till morning. (1.205)

The implication of an ongoing fall continues, as if Satan’s plunge may never end. He is allowed to pursue his dark designs, but he does so only with the high permission of all ruling heaven, (1.212). Heavenly permission granted, Satan sprouts wings, takes off into air that felt unusual weight, and alights once more with his sidekick Beelzebub. Both have recovered slightly, escaping the Stygian flood as Gods, and not by the sufferance of supernal power, (1.240-241). Satan’s determination to overcome his fate is on display, as he rouses himself and his fellow fallen angel.

Further on, (1.283-302), Satan is shown in even more graphic, yet still epic ways, as the superior fiend. Beelzebub has just finished addressing Satan, which but th’ omnipotent none could have foiled, thus raising his profile. But Milton again takes him down a notch in a very subtle way, comparing his shield in epic terms to the moon, (1.287), which object everyone knows hangs suspended in Earth’s orbit, and reflecting not its own light, but light from a larger, more powerful source. The author ends the simile by referring to Satan’s massive following of fellow fallen angels. Once again Milton chooses a rather pathetic analogy, saying that Satan’s legions are Thick as Autumnal leaves, (1.302), thus not only fallen to the ground, but a symbol of death, low regard and seasonal change as well.

Satan reproaches his Princes and Potentates, (1.315), rousing them to fight back. Those other fallen angels are then shown in epic terms, as they stirred to obey, their general’s voice, (1.337). Their numbers were such that they resembled a plague of locusts, a reference to Moses’ showering Egypt with a horde of those biblical insects, turning day to night. This reference is telling, since the fallen are once again described in terms of dark versus light. The plague is not only dark, it is carried on an eastern wind, a symbol in Milton’s world of ominous change, since the east was a source of exotic and dangerous infidels. The geographic menace is extended, when the angels are compared to hordes arriving, this time from the north, home of barbarous tribes spreading over Europe, beneath Gibraltar to Lybian sands, (1.355), thus engulfing the civilized world.

Beelzebub is depicted in epic ways in Book 2 of Paradise Lost. Satan’s second in command, Beelzebub is shown as an almost epically sad figure, perhaps a mirror image of man in his inability to exercise free will, and thus suffer the fate of a stronger angel. His name, from a Caananite reference meaning Lord of the Flies, presents an image of servitude, of someone willing to take whatever falls from the table. He rises, with, grave aspect, as a pillar of state, (2.303). Here, Beelzebub appears to be rising to the occasion, claiming his rightful place as Satan’s counselor, Majestic though in ruin. Proud, but obsequious, he may be Satan’s alter ego. He is reluctant to lead, yet eager to serve, to operate in reflected light. This is epic hubris, as it represents hero-worship, and the refusal to exercise free will.

The epic simile continues, citing Beelzebub’s Atlantean shoulders fit to bear the weight of mightiest monarchies, (2.306). Is this strength and resilience, or willingness to suffer under someone else’s dictates? Or is it perhaps Milton’s first mention of the need for human reverence and obedience to the Almighty? Regardless, Beelzebub is ready to serve. Yet, like Adam embracing his fate at the end of the poem, Beelzebub’s counsel is taken. Hearing of the coming of a new creature, some new race called Man, (2.348), Satan adopts Beelzebub’s wisdom, and the epic contest is begun.

How To Play 16×16 Sudoku Puzzles

Through the years, Sudoku has become so popular a game that many variants have sprung from its original 9×9 grid puzzle. From the classic 9×9 grid puzzle, the 16×16 Sudoku puzzle was inspired. This made playing Sudoku more challenging for those who take time to complete it. Although both the 16×16 and 9×9 Sudoku puzzles have game rules that are quite identical to each other, we can still find little differences between them. Let us take a closer look at the ways on how to play this particular Sudoku puzzle variant and how it differs from the classic 9×9 grid Sudoku puzzle.

In terms of rules, there is not much difference between the classic 9×9 Sudoku puzzle and the 16×16 grid puzzle. You still have to see to it that no number should appear more than once on every row, column, and sub-square. Thus, in a 16×16 puzzle, the numbers 1 to 16 should be written and placed only once on each of those said places.

As you may have already noticed by now, the main difference between the two is their grid sizes. The 16×16 grid puzzle has, obviously, a larger grid size compared to the classic 9×9 Sudoku grid. Because of this, completing a 16×16 puzzle may take a longer period of time than when you try to complete the 9×9 one. The larger the grid size, the more numbers you will have to place into their corresponding blank boxes.

Although completing a 16×16 grid puzzle may be slightly harder than the 9×9 puzzle, you can still be able to successfully complete it with the right strategies and, of course, by using logic. You must also keep in mind that what makes a Sudoku puzzle hard to complete is its difficulty level, which depends on how the prearranged numbers are being placed and not by the size of its grid. This puzzle game is not a guessing game, and the only way to get the right answers to this puzzle is by getting your brain work by exercising your logical skills.

It is also very important to be thorough both in answering and checking whether you have placed the right numbers to those empty boxes. In addition to that, try your best to keep your focus and watch out for those repeated numbers. Do not forget to check every corner of that puzzle. Check and double-check every row, every column, and every sub-square on that 16×16 grid. Making sure that you have placed the right numbers into the right boxes by double-checking really pays off in the end.

This particular Sudoku variant can be found in the internet or printed on Sudoku pads. Whichever form you would want, just remember those basic Sudoku rules and guidelines and play the game with logic and patience because you can never successfully complete a Sudoku puzzle without them. With these at hand, you will surely be able to successfully complete it. You should not miss trying to complete the 16×16 Sudoku puzzle for it can give you the mental stimulation and challenge that you so badly need.

IQ of Celebrities – True Or False? Know the Truth

When we are on a quest to improve our IQs, we may also feel eager to find out the IQ of celebrities. Some of us are in awe of celebs and would like to believe if they really have high or above average IQs or are they just giving sound bytes to the media based on their efficient PR. There are many well-known personalities who have been always known for their IQ. Some were born intelligent while others gained IQ with their stardom. Here are some of the famous personalities with high IQ:

Famous Emmy Award winner actor, James Wood is known to have IQ score of 180. He has starred in famous movies like Ghosts of Mississippi and Once Upon a Time in America. When he was studying, he had scored 779 in the math section of SAT and a whopping 800 in the verbal section. He is a member of Mensa (high IQ society).

Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft and is also one of the wealthiest person in the world. He has an IQ of 160. At the age of 13, he was into computer programming. Even though he dropped out from Harvard University in the year 1975, there was no stopping; Bill and his friend Paul Allen ventured to create the software giant, Microsoft.

Quentin Tarantino, the director of popular movies like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill is also a very smart and talented actor, screenwriter, cinematographer and producer. He is a member of Mensa and has an IQ score of 160. He was also a school dropout.

Sharon Stone, the beautiful actress from Basic Instinct had claimed to be a member of the Mensa. She is known to have an IQ of 154.

Steve Martin an actor, writer, producer and musician by profession has won Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards. He is a member of Mensa and has an IQ of 142.

Madonna, the sensational pop star has also starred in 22 films. She had left her hometown Michigan in the year 1977 only to pursue her singing career. She has an IQ of 140.

The famous pop singer, Shakira, who had hit the top of the charts with songs Whenever Wherever, Hips Don’t Lie and many others, has an IQ of 140.

Geena Davis, an actress, producer, writer has an IQ of 140. She starred in many movies such as The Long Kiss Good night and Beetlejuice. She has also won an Oscar award for her performance in The Accidental Tourist. She is a member of Mensa and has an IQ of 140.

Apart from these, there are many others such as Dolph Lundgren – IQ of 160, Dennis Miller – IQ of 135, Jodie Foster -132 Nicole Kidman – 132 and Michael Jackson – 115. It is a known fact that IQ score of 120 to 130 is considered very remarkable. However, an IQ score of 130 and above is considered excellent and very few people make it to this bracket.

Even though many celebrities are known to be a part of high IQ societies such as Mensa, there is hardly any proper evidence about the same. For instance, it is known to many people that Sharon Stone was a member of Mensa; however in the year 2002, she had revealed that had never been associated as a member with Mensa. On the contrary, she claims to have attended Mensa school; however an official from Mensa clarified that were no Mensa schools during the 1960s when Stone was studying.

On the internet one can find plenty of information about high IQ celebrities. However, there is no proof whatsoever to prove that the facts mentioned on various websites are genuine. Many celebrities take undue advantage by mentioning about their IQ publicly to show how smart they are in addition to their talent that they exhibit professionally.

Floor Cleaning Made Easy With Floor Scrubbers

Today’s floor scrubbers are the most leading floor cleaning machines distributed all-over the market. These floor machines such as Duplex 340, Duplex 420 and Duplex 620 are the only floor scrubber and carpet cleaner that is able to operate on any flooring surface in just one single pass.

Floor scrubbers are highly portable and easy to use floor cleaning machines ideal for wall-to-wall cleaning and suitable for a wide range of hard and soft floor coverings.

How it works?

Floor scrubber is a powerful carpet cleaner especially for high traffic areas and restores carpets like new again. Fill the two solution tanks with plain water, plug it in and select floor setting. On starting the floor machine, the dual large capacity clean solution tanks will dispense liquid evenly along the full-length of both agitator brushes at the speed of 650RPM. This will remove the dirt in both directions of the fiber and collects it in the central waste tank that can be emptied easily.

Benefits and Advantages of Floor Scrubbers:

* Fast and effective; replaces mops, buckets, scrubbers, polishers and carpet extractors with a single compact unit.

* Has four brushes that can be changed to suit different floor cleaning task.

* Compact and highly maneuverable machine that will clean large carpeted or hard floor areas in no time.

* Under-mat surface is not wet during cleaning thus reduce the drying time.

* Easy to use, no heavy pushing, pulling or lifting.

* Saves time and money

Floor cleaning machines are also an outstanding floor scrubber. It is an ultimate solution that deeply cleans all the small pores of uneven ceramics and stones. It cleans tiles as well as the grout. Unlike traditional floor cleaners and mops, Duplex floor scrubber does not recycle dirty water.

Ideal for:

* Small & medium size supermarkets and department stores

* Healthcare cleaning, veterinary cleaning; community and fitness centres cleaning

* Maintaining high levels of hygiene for hotels, kitchens and restaurants

* Airport cleaning, school cleaning; homes, offices, and commercial complexes cleaning

* Industrial areas and anywhere that needs a clean & spotless surface

A multi-purpose floor cleaning machine is versatile enough that can be used efficiently on almost any floor surfaces including vinyl, timber,safety floors,profiled rubber and ceramic, natural stone, flotex and carpets. In this time, floor cleaning has never been so easy with floor scrubbers.

You Love Him More Than He Loves You – Advice For Women

If you are in a relationship and you love him more than he loves you it’s a bit torturous. As women we want the men we are with to be as crazy about us as we are about them. If your man seem less than enthusiastic about having you in his life, you’re stuck in the middle of a conflict. Do you wait and see if things will change or do you end things and seek out another relationship in which you may feel more valued? If you truly care about him and want a future with him, there are definitely things you can do to make him fall deeper in love.

It’s generally fairly easy to tell when you love him more than he loves you. Chances are that you are the one who generally initiates contact, you talk about the future and you go out of your way to do things that make his life easier. If you are guilty of these things, you need to change your behavior now. If you want your man to love you more you have to be less accommodating. You need to show him that he doesn’t have your affection all wrapped up. The old idea of playing hard to get can actually work even if you’re in a committed relationship.

One of the best ways to make a man value you more is to be less available to him. If you are constantly there and willing to do whatever he wishes, he’ll take note of that. You become the reliable girlfriend who would never leave him. He can sense your emotional dependence on him and it makes him too comfortable. If you pull the rug out from under him by suddenly changing your demeanor he’s going to stop taking you for granted.

The very best thing you can do if you love him more than he loves you is to start focusing on yourself more. Whatever time and effort you were putting towards making his life better, start using that to make your own life better. Put yourself first before your man. Go out and have fun without him, plan your life, including your future, without him and don’t always be available to him. Once you show him what his life is like without you always there, he’s going to work that much harder to ensure he doesn’t lose you. If you want him to love you more, you really have to show him that you’re still independent, confident and capable of living your life without him.