Bedroom Decoration Tips You Must Implement

Are you quite tired of waking up to the same environment? The same old plain walls that offer nothing to your imagination other than a white sheet canvas to express itself; the same old step-weathered carpet; the same positions for everything that have been unchanged ever since you moved in. If yes, then you apparently need some bedroom refreshing to do. The ways to decorate the bedroom can only be limited by your creativity, so just find it within yourself to gather some ideas for decorating. Here are some tips that might help.


Always have a clean sheet to start with. And since this is your bedroom, feel free to personalize it all you like. Pick the color you like best, pick the color – or even colors, why have a limit at all? – that reflect your personality. Be it the white neutral colors of the people who like to fill in the blanks with their imagination, or the darker shades of the melancholic types, or even the vibrant colors of the social, hyperactive, and energetic people, just pick what suits you best and start painting.


After the paint dries off, it is time for some cleaning. Take out the duster, wipes, and vacuum, and go wild. Do not forget to go from top to bottom so that you do not have to do carpet cleaning twice – once before you start, and once after you drop all the dust and cobwebs on the clean carpet. You might want to put a good medium-stiff bristled brush to work on the carpet to clean up all the hairs. You would be amazed at how many of them there will be.

Alternatively, you could go with a dependable and professional cleaning agency to take care of your bedroom cleaning, or why not even house cleaning while they are at it. The professional cleaners will get your house clean in no time, and in a much faster rate than you can.


Add new items to your bedroom, like a desk for a PC, or some shelves for your favorite or about-to-be-read books. Add a painting or two, or maybe a poster of your favorite actor or musician to add some life to those walls (yes, sometimes you can take advice from your kids for decorations).


Improve on the old stuff. Replace some furniture with better, or wilder-looking ones. Replace the night lamp with something fresher or more interesting than the same old night lamp you have seen everywhere – like a lava lamp!

With this your bedroom will have a fresh new beginning, and you can feel free to add whatever you feel right. And do experiment all you like – it is your bedroom, after all.


After all the cleaning and repainting, start to think style. Find a new place for the bed – the enclosed corner of the room, or the center spot to have a room focus, your choice. Find a new place for the wardrobe and dresser, and while you are on it, why not organize it so that clothes-finding is not an issue during this season.

The latest trend in home styling are the themed bedrooms. You can choose among various themes like vintage theme, classy theme, funky theme, garden theme, Contemporary theme, open sky theme and what not. Select the one that goes with your mood, and choose furniture, curtains, wall color, flat sheets accordingly to make you feel new. Are you ready?

Natural Hair Care Recipes

Healthy shining tresses are every womans dream. With new, expensive hair products being launched everyday; one finds it difficult to choose the right hair care product. Excessive usage of chemically formulated products like shampoos, conditioners, dyes, etc, the natural oils present in our hair and scalp are striped off very easily. For a luxuriant head of healthy hair whilst saving money give some of the below mentioned natural hair care recipes at try – you will definitely not be disappointed.

Massage a well-beaten egg into freshly washed hair. Rinse it with cold water after five minutes. Avoid hot water or else you will have scrambled eggs in your hair.

Mayo is an excellent hair conditioner. Massage it thoroughly and rinse it carefully in cold water. Hot water will set the mayonnaise in your hair, so avoid it.

Give your hair a final rinse with not so strong smelling beer to get a lovely shine.

Lightly heat the rosemary oil, massage it on to the scalp and let it sit for several minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

If itchy scalp is your worry, apply some yoghurt. Wrap your hair with a towel for 15 minutes and then rinse. Yoghurt will chase away the dandruff too.

Mix three parts of water to one part of vinegar; soak or spray your hair in this solution to remove any shampoo buildup. Rinse as usual and you will find hair that is easy to manage and style.

Essential oils like ylang ylang if added to either shampoo or conditioner will stimulates hair growth and act as hair rejuvenator.

Rinsing your hair with juice of 2-3 lemons will bring shine back to the dull hair.

Home made conditioner recipe.Apply paste made with mashed avocados and mayonnaise for 15 minutes for maximum effect. Cover your head for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off with a gentle shampoo.

For a nourishing hair conditioner, try this – heat three tbsp of coconut oil and 1/2 cup jojoba oil on low heat. Make a smooth paste with four tbsp powdered white clay and one cup water. Combine the oils and white clay paste properly. Apply it on dampened and clean hair, massaging it onto the scalp. Cover for 15 minutes and shampoo thereafter. Jojoba oil used in hair care softens the scalp skin and gives extra shine and bounce.

To cut the grease of oily hair, add one or two tbsp of cider vinegar during the final rinse.

Olive oil is an excellent conditioner for dry hair. Massage your hair thoroughly especially the ends and middles. Wrap a warm towel around your head for 30 minutes, as oil will penetrate the hair shaft. Then wash it using a gentle dry hair shampoo.

After washing your hair, wash it with some milk and let it sit for 15 minutes or so. Rinse off with warm water to get the softness and natural shine.

For oily hair, beat one egg white and simply apply it on dry hair. Leave it till it dries and becomes crusty. Wash it off with cold water and shampoo. This will help reduces the oiliness if done regularly.

If your hair is damaged, try this pack. Mix juice of two freshly squeezed lemons, two egg yolks, one egg white and a tbsp of honey. Apply onto the hair and let it rest for some time. Shampoo and rinse off with cold water

Moth Traps: Get Rid Of Moths Successfully

Moth pheromone traps are an easy solution to combating moth invasions and they can also give you a better idea of how big your moth problem is.If you are finding holes in your clothes or have suffered from moths infestations before and want to take preventative measures, these sticky clothes moth traps are a simple yet effective solution.

The moth trap targets the male moths, luring them in with female pheromones. Inside the moth box is a sticky adhesive strip that the moths get stuck to, this breaks the moth’s breeding cycle and frees your wardrobe from these uninvited guests.A female moth can lay up to 300 eggs during her 3 month life cycle – just imagine 300 eggs hatching and having 300 moth babies of their own! Moths basically want to eat your clothes, mate and sleep so you can see how easily a small problem very quickly can turn into a catastrophe.

How do you use a moth trap? Easy! Simply place it under a chest of drawers, under a bed, at the base of your wardrobe or under a desk – anywhere that it won’t be disturbed is ideal. You will need one moth box per room, unless you have an exceptionally large room in which case you might want to use two traps, placed either end of the room.

If the moth trap fills up in the first 2 weeks you will need to have a good clean out, removing all the clothes from your drawers and wardrobe. Give your room a thorough clean out and wash the inside of the wardrobe. Wash or dry clean all your clothes in 40 degrees or more – as hot as garments can stand. Once clean you can put them away. Make sure you use moth repellent products so that the moths don’t return. You should also store out of season clothes in anti moth storage bags to ensure they are protected, this also creates much more space in your wardrobe.

If you are not sure if you have a moth infestation or not, there are a few things that you can look out for:

1. Holes in your clothes

2. Moths with white heads and wings about 2 cm wide with a black and cream front and pale grey on the hind

3. Cream caterpillars with black heads about the size of a grain of rice – these do the eating!

Never put worn clothes back into your wardrobe as the larvae loves to feed of hair and skin particles left in the fibres of your clothes. After you have banished moths from your wardrobe, good storage, cleanliness, and moth prevention products should keep these irritating critters away for good.

ATX Power Supply – The Simplest Way To Repair It

I had stopped repairing ATX power supply many years back due to the new one cost very cheap. It’s not worth to repair it because the spare parts sometimes were much more expensive than getting a new power supply. Searching for ATX power supply spare parts was not easy as many of them you can’t even find them on the internet. Not only that, many complicated and different designed by power supply manufacturers had eaten up our precious troubleshooting time too because of we need time to understand how all these different designed power supply work.

Some of the power supply designs were using the PWM IC (UC3842) and power FET, some use the double transistors while some use only a single power IC in the primary side. Because of the manufacturers wants the design to be made into compact size, many secondary or even primary power supply circuit were build into a modular board (smaller board). This made troubleshooting even more difficult because many times the meter’s probe can’t reach to the testing point.

The real reason why I had stopped repairing ATX power supply was the profit margin. If you charge to high the customers rather buy a new unit with one year warranty given. If you charge too low, you may end up in the losing side because of the components replaced, electricity and etc. If you charge reasonable, the profit margin gained can’t even cover your time spent on troubleshooting it. I’m here not to discourage you to stop repairing ATX power supply, however if you have the time, have contacts getting cheap power supply components, easy to access many power supply schematic diagrams and etc then you may go ahead to repair it.

Okay back to the article, one of my customers had asked me to repair his ATX power supply. I told him to get a new one (since it was very cheap) but he said he couldn’t find one that suits his customer’s CPU. He wanted a power supply that is either same size or smaller then the original one with same or higher specification but all he could find was a standard size power supply!

As a favors to my customer, I would do my best to help him to repair the ATX power supply. When the power supply was switch on, measurements were taken. The results were over voltage. The 12 volts line shot up to 13 + volt and the 5 volts line became 5.6 volts. After the casing was removed, I found the inside was very dirty and I used a vacuum cleaner and a brush to clean off the dirt. Then I saw four filter electrolytic capacitors had bulged at the top casing.

As you know, we as electronic repairers can’t just see things at only one side; we have to see the other sides too. What I mean was, try to see if there are any suspicious components that contributed to the failure of the power supply such as broken components, dry joints, loose connection, decay glue and etc before start checking the suspected area.

What I saw was at the primary side there were some components covered with decayed glue as seen in the picture. I have to carefully remove it by scrapping off the layers of the decayed glue while preserving the outer layers of the components. Once it was done, I clean it with the Thinner solution. Decayed glue could cause serious or intermittent problem in electronic equipment because it can be conductive.

If you repair any ATX power supply, make sure you check the fan too because some power supply failure was due to heat caused by a faulty fan. The purpose of the fan is to suck out all the heat generated by the components inside the power supply. In order for the fan to run smooth, you can service it by using a Philips oil base spray as shown in the photo.

Once the four electrolytic capacitors were replaced and the decayed glue removed, I then have to plug it into a junk motherboard together with a hard disk to test the performance of the ATX power supply and measure all of its output voltages. It seems like the output voltages were back to normal. Once everything is okay I then test it in a working CPU to check for the display.

The reason I test it with a junk motherboard first as a way not to cause my good motherboard to go bad just in case if the output voltages is still very high. Better safe than regret later. By the way you can’t test a power supply without load otherwise it may turned on for a while and then shut down. If you do not have a junk motherboard you can always at least connect a hard drive and a wire jumper to its connector to turn on the ATX power supply.

Do you know that most ATX power supply is using dual schottky barrier rectifiers to convert the ac wave into DC voltages? Even in LCD Monitor power supply, a dual schottky were used in the rectification too. For your information, checking schottky diode is different from checking a normal diode. With analog meter set to X10 K ohms, it should show some leakage reading when doing the reverse bias test. If this component becomes faulty it is very easy to get a replacement, of course you have to get one with the right specification. That’s all for today, hope you enjoy the article and come back more often to check out for any latest repair techniques that I’m going to share to you.

Easy Home Business Tips

The numbers of home business seekers has exploded over the last few years in light of the economy. Every month there are millions of searches from people who are looking for new options to supplement their income. This article is intended to lend some advice to those looking for an easy home business. Home business opportunities have rewarded thousands of people with extraordinary incomes over the last few years. There is no startup business model that has the potential for the low risk of investment then the home business. Thousands of millionaires made their fortune working from home.

With this in mind here are some basic tips to assist you in your home business research. The home based business is exactly that, a business. It is unfortunate that many people approach their home business like a hobby. Nobody in their right mind would treat their brick and mortar business like a hobby. It is estimated that 95% of home businesses fail to make any substantial income because of a lack of serious effort. Treated like a business it has the potential to pay you like a business.

Depending upon your experience the right choice for a home business is critical for success. If you do not have any idea where to start, here are a couple suggestions that can help point you in a profitable direction. Because the internet has become such a popular component of homes today it is almost foolish to not incorporate internet marketing into your home business. With almost two billion people online around the World you have a massive audience to market to. There is more than enough room for millions of business owners to generate a significant income online.

One of the best places to start an internet based home business is Affiliate Marketing. With Affiliate Marketing you sell other peoples products and services for a generous cut of the profits.

In Affiliate Marketing all the hard work is done for you. The product development, delivery and customer service is all handled by the affiliate owner. They handle the merchant accounts and send you a check for your sales. All you are responsible for is marketing the affiliate product or service. With these things considered Affiliate Marketing makes a great business.

Network Marketing is also a profitable home business model that can be promoted on the internet. Network Marketing is similar to Affiliate Marketing. They also provide a product or service and product delivery. You do not have to set up merchant accounts or provide customer service with Network Marketing.

The greatest advantage to Network Marketing is that the income is residual. There are thousands of people that have generated a seven figure residual income that has paid them years after they stopped promoting their business.

Both of these business models have allowed the average person to generate millions of dollars from the comfort of their home. There are many other ways to generate an income from home but these are however the most popular. With a little research you can find more details about Affiliate or Network Marketing. There are more options available than these business models but many of them are more complex or require a higher risk. These are a good place to start if you are looking for a profitable business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Duplex Apartments

Do you know that people are rapidly investing in gold and properties? People are hoping that the value of home will appreciate. Well, with due respect to the people’s investment capability and their hope, it is better to buy a duplex. As a homeowner, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of a duplex apartment.

They are as follows:


1. If you have taken a loan or on the basis of mortgage bought a duplex, then you can give one part of the flat on rent. Like this you can collect rent and pay off the loan or mortgage. There is also a provision for clearing the amount by making your payment double than what the settled EMI is.

2. The duplex are quite affordable. If you have a shoe string budget, then you can go for duplex. Plus you also receive a handsome rental income.

3. If you own a duplex, it means that you can let some of your family member stay with you. This will be a great contribution on your part towards your family. You can keep them close to you and have healthy living.


1. Tenant and Landlords often do not gel well. As a result of which you can face a number of headaches, complaints and requests. To limit the above things, you need to keep up certain rules and regulations and strictly ask your tenants to follow them.

2. Tenants, the very word is reflective of impermanence. In fact tenants are temporary residents in your house. As a result, for how long you will get the rental income from your tenants is never certain. Therefore, it is important to choose your tenant wisely.

3. Another disadvantage of duplex is that you will have to undertake supervise all the major and minor repair work by yourself. Therefore, it is very important to think before you invest in a duplex apartment.

Thus, we see how a duplex has various advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays many go down are also available with duplex apartments that helps to store those things which you do not want to keep in the house. Despite everything, you will love to live in a duplex. If you choose to take a plunge, then analyze all the aspects. This includes choosing the rightful company, weighing the prices and many other things. If you take a bank loan, then be sure that you have enough provision to pay the EMI. Your investment in such things is worth the amount and the happiness that follows.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Duplex Apartments

Do you know that people are rapidly investing in gold and properties? People are hoping that the value of home will appreciate. Well, with due respect to the people’s investment capability and their hope, it is better to buy a duplex. As a homeowner, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of a duplex apartment.

They are as follows:


1. If you have taken a loan or on the basis of mortgage bought a duplex, then you can give one part of the flat on rent. Like this you can collect rent and pay off the loan or mortgage. There is also a provision for clearing the amount by making your payment double than what the settled EMI is.

2. The duplex are quite affordable. If you have a shoe string budget, then you can go for duplex. Plus you also receive a handsome rental income.

3. If you own a duplex, it means that you can let some of your family member stay with you. This will be a great contribution on your part towards your family. You can keep them close to you and have healthy living.


1. Tenant and Landlords often do not gel well. As a result of which you can face a number of headaches, complaints and requests. To limit the above things, you need to keep up certain rules and regulations and strictly ask your tenants to follow them.

2. Tenants, the very word is reflective of impermanence. In fact tenants are temporary residents in your house. As a result, for how long you will get the rental income from your tenants is never certain. Therefore, it is important to choose your tenant wisely.

3. Another disadvantage of duplex is that you will have to undertake supervise all the major and minor repair work by yourself. Therefore, it is very important to think before you invest in a duplex apartment.

Thus, we see how a duplex has various advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays many go down are also available with duplex apartments that helps to store those things which you do not want to keep in the house. Despite everything, you will love to live in a duplex. If you choose to take a plunge, then analyze all the aspects. This includes choosing the rightful company, weighing the prices and many other things. If you take a bank loan, then be sure that you have enough provision to pay the EMI. Your investment in such things is worth the amount and the happiness that follows.

Will You Have Problems With New Craftsman Turn Tight Technology?

Let’s get a perspective on this problem. Is it even a problem?

There will be thousands of you who will be looking to buy a new mower this year and it looks like most of you will at least consider the new Craftsman yard and garden tractors with Turn Tight Technology. You will read the reviews on mysears,, viewpoints, consumersearch, and the tractor forums. You will find helpful reviews and a few reviews from people who hate this new steering. I want to spend a little time explaining why you will read some of these negative reviews.

If you remember last year I wrote an article on the steering on the new Craftsman Professional tractors. I warned you that to go below a 14 inch turning radius the new lawn tractors had a “negative camber” that was very different from the steering you were used to on your old Craftsman. This new Turn Tight steering is also different from what you are used and it will take a few simple changes in the way you drive to make it work well for you.

This is the first time this tight of turning radius (8 inches) has been offered on a residential mower, but extremely small radius turning has been available on commercial mowers since the 70’s. This tight of steering is similar to the steering used on the old front mount commercial mowers. The Toro Groundsmaster, Jacobson Turfcat and John Deere F930 all used a radical steering to give those mowers a very tight turning radius. I have a lot of experience driving and owning these older units, so I want to give you a little heads-up with your new tractor.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I like this new Turn Tight Technology. I think it is the answer that most of you have been looking for that want the maneuverability of a zero-turn mower but don’t want the hassles of a zero-turn. Zero-turns are expensive, notorious for tearing up your lawn, being hard to learn to drive and the residential zero-turns in particular, being terrible on hills. Besides…these new tractors will pull stuff!

Ok, So what problems will some owners have with the new Turn Tight Steering?

1. Speed. When the grass is very wet or very dry is becomes slippery. Especially when you are mowing downhill it can be slippery enough that your tractor will not want to turn well. Because you are inside the magical “14 inch” radius the

Turn Tight will be a little more sensitive to these types of turns and there will be times when you can’t use the Turn Tight feature. So what do you do? Plain and simple – slow down to make your turns. When you come up to your turn slow down to a “walking speed” and then make your turn. Use common sense (your own experience mowing your lawn) to determine when you need to slow down and make a turn.

2. Camber and Radical Geometry. To help you turn Craftsman has put a small amount of negative camber into the steering. This causes the wheels to “tilt” towards the inside when you make a very sharp turn. This helps the tractor turn better, but…… if you mow in extremely sandy soil the front wheels may dig in and leaves scuff marks when you make the turn. So if you typically mow more sand burrs than grass you may find that you can’t use the Turn Tight feature without tearing up your lawn. The solution, don’t turn it as short as the actual mower will turn.

3. Wide Stance and Obstructions. Structurally this new front steering has been beefed up to handle the tighter turning radius but you need to realize it is now 2 inches wider than your old Craftsman riding mower. This means that you and your teenager need to watch out for the tree sticking out of the ground and the corner of the foundation the first few times you mow. If you smack a tree with the front steering going full speed you may just bend or break it.

4. Making sense of the negative reviews. Let’s put the negative reviews you may read into perspective. There will be thousands of you who buy these new tractors. But how many will actually go back to the review sites and tell everyone else how you like your new yard tractor?

I haven’t asked Sears, Kmart and the review sites for specific data, but my educated guess is for every thousand mowers sold, 2 to 3 people write a review. And those reviews are skewed by owners who either really like their mower well enough to tell everyone else or by owners who have had problems with the mower (or the retailer) and need to vent. This skewing is further compounded by the fact if one person is really unhappy they will go to ALL the review sites and vent.

If each of the 1000 Sears Full-Line stores sell only 20 yard tractors a year and each of the 1500 Sears Essentials, Sears Hardware and Sears Hometown stores sell only 10 a year that means at least 35,000 tractors sold. How many reviews do you typically see on a review site? Thousands? No, Go take a look on You will see 10 reviews, 26 reviews and in a few case maybe 60 or 70 reviews for a given tractor.

So when you read 5 negative reviews for a yard tractor on one of the review sites remember that there are at least another 5000 people out there who are satisfied enough with the tractor not to write.

Gelatin: The Wrinkle Smoother

A bit over a year ago, I began eating a packet of unflavored gelatin, daily, hoping it would alleviate pain from a shoulder condition. I’d read that gelatin is a form of collagen and that it’s thought to be salutary for the joints. As it turned out, the condition I had (frozen shoulder) was not benefited by gelatin, but after eating it daily for just a few weeks, I noticed that my laugh lines were less pronounced.

I’d been battling these lines for years. They first appeared in my early 30s. After sleeping on one side of my face or the other, a deep line along the nasolabial fold would appear. Moisturizing and exfoliating these lines would help in the short term, but over the years, they became permanent.

One morning, after I’d been taking the gelatin faithfully for several weeks, I noticed that on one side, the line was barely detectable. On the other side, which I sleep on more frequently, the line was considerably less pronounced. What I was doing differently? It wasn’t a new moisturizer. It wasn’t a change in my skin care routine. The only thing that came to mind was the gelatin.

At this point, the anti-aging benefits of gelatin were unknown to me, but I’d read that gelatin was collagen derived from animals, and that it helped the muscles, joints and tendons. Perhaps it helps the skin too, I thought.

So, I began researching gelatin and its effect on the skin. An enlightening article written by Dr. Frank Shallenberger referenced a study done by researchers at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology wherein they observed the effects of eating gelatin on skin that was repeatedly exposed to ultraviolet light.

They used three separate groups of hairless mice. The first group was not exposed to the ultraviolet light. The second group was exposed to the light repeatedly each day with the intensity increased over time. The third group received the same amount of exposure to the ultraviolet light as the second group. However, the third group was also given a portion of gelatin to eat each day. What they found was that the mice exposed to the light without the gelatin had a 53% average decrease in the collagen content of their skin, compared to the mice that received no ultraviolet light exposure at all. Astonishingly, the mice that were exposed to the light, but also fed gelatin had no collagen decrease at all. They actually had an average collagen increase of 17%.

The reason for this is because gelatin is made up of collagen. When gelatin is ingested it goes into your bloodstream and from there to your connective tissues, including your skin. Once introduced to your tissues, it stimulates additional collagen production, which results in a reduction of lines and wrinkles. I would describe it something like the way plants grow and proliferate. When you plant a grass seed, it not only grows, it creates more grass-it spreads. I suspect the collagen proliferates in a similar way. We introduce it (plant the seed) and that, in turn, inspires additional creation of collagen. However it happens, having experienced it, I can assure you, it works.

Unflavored gelatin is sold in the baked goods section of your grocery store and it comes in boxes of 4 packets or 30 packets. A box of 30 is under $10. You can also purchase it in bulk online via Amazon.

Add it to plain yogurt or to a drink. It doesn’t add any flavor. To add it to yogurt, just pour the contents of the packet into a cup of yogurt and stir. You might notice the tiny granules, but it really doesn’t affect the texture too much. I prefer to add it to my coffee or green tea. When adding it to coffee, prepare the gelatin first, by pouring the contents of the packet into an empty cup. Then add a small amount of cold water– just enough to barely cover the gelatin powder. Mix the water and gelatin until all the dry powder is wet. Then add the hot coffee and stir. You won’t notice the gelatin if you drink the coffee while it’s hot. If you let it cool, however, it will turn to jello!

If you plan to use it with tea made with a teabag, I recommend preparing the gelatin first in a small cup, separate from the one you’ll steep the tea in. This is because the teabag will absorb some of the gelatin. So, mix the gelatin first in a separate cup, steep your tea, discard the teabag and then add the prepared gelatin to the brewed tea. The gelatin will melt in the hot liquid and you won’t notice it. If you add the dry gelatin to the hot liquid, it doesn’t dissolve quite as well.

Gelatin is also easily added to smoothies. Put it in the blender with the other ingredients and mix.

Thus far, I’ve not seen or heard of any negative effects of eating gelatin, except for the remote possibility of contracting mad cow disease, since it is made from animal products, including beef. While this is a possibility, it’s unlikely, and I’ve been unable to find any cases where mad cow disease from gelatin has been reported.

I’ve been taking it daily for over a year with excellent results. The deep lines on the sides of my mouth are gone. I’ve even been asked if I’ve had them filled externally. When a dermatologist fills those lines with injections, they’re often adding collagen or something like it. When you eat or drink the collagen, you’re filling them from within. So it’s a low cost alternative to collagen injections, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

If you try it for yourself, I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Wishing you great health and beauty!

How to Choose a Universal Remote Control

So your coffee table is beginning to look a lot like a thrift store. Various remote controls strown all over the place. You need to juggle different remotes to turn the TV on, operate your cable TV box, and Blu-ray player? There is a way to fix this clutter and use just one single remote to control every device you own!

This guide aims to discuss what you should consider when looking to buy a Universal Remote Control.

When choosing a universal remote control there are many things to consider however, the most important item above all others is the number of devices you want to control with it. The ultimate purpose of the universal remote is to eliminate the coffee table clutter most of us deal with on a daily basis.. Many satellite and cable TV providers supply their own remote control. Some go as far as to call them universal remotes, yet they typically control just the TV and the satellite or cable box leaving you with a mess of remotes remaining. A good universal remote control will operate your TV, satellite/cable box along with your other devices including a DVD/Bluray player, stereo receiver, media player and others you may own. The next thing you want to check is to be certain it will actually control the devices you currently own. Many remotes sold these days don’t have a way to update their software and they won’t work with any new devices you buy. A backlight is also a great feature making it easier to find buttons when the lights are off. Try adjusting the volume at night while watching a movie in the dark without a backlit remote and ruin the mood by turning on a light. Trust me, go with one with a backlight.

Over the years I’ve gone through various Universal Remote Controls, and they always seemed to fall short in one category or another. Whether it was lack of memory to “learn” fuctions from the other remotes, the software wasn’t updatable to work with new devices, or the buttons simply stopped working after a year or so. So I sought to research as much remote control information I could online through Google and product web sites. Then moved to trying them each out in the stores around my home.

One of the best universal remotes I’ve found that meets the criteria I discussed earlier is the Logitech Harmony 650. This Harmony remote will not only control the number of devices most people own, but because it’s programmed via the web with its constantly updated database it will work with all of your devices, including those you may purchase in the future, thus future-proofing itself as they say.

I’ve been using this remote for about a year now and it has performed well. Battery life is at about 3 months and the buttons are well made, feeling very solid, yet provide no sound with “clicking” which is a big plus in my book!

I Need a Personal Loan to Stop an Eviction – 5 Steps To Take

Facing eviction from your home can be a terrifying experience. The idea of being out on the street, moving back in with family or going back to being a renter are not appealing options for most people. After all, if buying your home feelsĀ  like a privilege you can be proud of, then losing your home to eviction feels like a disgrace.

Usually, a person does not get an eviction notice unless they are behind several payments on their mortgage. Thus, even a sizable loan is not likely to completely pay off the sum total of your outstanding mortgage payments in one fell swoop.

On the other hand, many banks are becoming increasingly reasonable with their mortgage customers due to problems in the home mortgage industry as a whole. It just may be the case that being able to pay for one or two back-payments will be enough to put off the eviction indefinitely. Sometimes, a bank just needs to be able to see that you are really trying to stay in your house and are willing to cooperate.

If you are saying to yourself, “I need a personal loan to stop an eviction,” here are 5 steps to take to getting funded:

1. Understand what a personal loan can do for you:

A personal loan is a short-term loan for which you can qualify after going through an application process. It differs from a home loan or an auto loan in that with a personal loan, you are not specifying exactly how you will be using the money. Rather, you can use it for anything you like.

2. Understand the downside of a personal loan:

The only downside to a personal loan is that it is a short-term loan, so you should have a plan together for how to repay the loan within a short period of time of say 1-2 months. Also, a personal loan often has a high interest rate associated with it. Often, personal loans are taken out by making out a check to the lender against a future paycheck.

3. Secured or unsecured: what’s your fancy?

There are two main types of these loans: secured and unsecured. The main difference is that with secured loans, you have to put up some type of collateral against the loan. In exchange, you get a lower rate that with an unsecured loan which does not require collateral.

4. Check your credit score:

Before filling out any applications, it is always a good idea to go ahead and check your credit score before applying. Run your report with TransUnion, Experian and Equifax since your FICO score will vary from one to the next. At the very least, you will know where you stand in terms of your credit. And, doing this will give you the chance to protest and fix any glitches you find there.

5. Apply to multiple trusted personal loan lenders:

To get the best rate for your loan, make sure you apply to many lenders, not just one or two. You may be surprised how much the interest rate and other loan terms can vary depending upon which lender you try. You will never you if you got the best-possible rate without doing your homework.

Take these 5 steps to avoid eviction by taking out a personal loan.

Home Interior Designs

Are you planning to buy a home for your family and want to make sure that they are not only happy with the outside but the interior as well? Or are you thinking of giving your present home a new look in a room or a total makeover? If you answer yes to either of these questions, what you need to know about home interior design.

Unlike home interior decorating that concentrates on finishes such as paint, window coverings, wallpapers and furnishing, home interior design is the very process of painting the interior space of your home according to your lifestyle and the various lifestyles of your family. Interior design is integrated toward the architecture of the home and is involved in the room layout, cabinet designs, windows and door placements, and so on.

Home interior designing depends heavily on the types and sizes of your many rooms. Basic rooms include the living room, kitchen, deck, bedroom, bathroom and sometimes a home office. These rooms can also be further subdivided into a guest room, dining room, kids' room and adult's room, among others. The different aspects involved in home interior design such as cabinet making, room layout, window placement, appliance selection and tile and floor selection should ideally fit the room since each room has a different purpose.

So, if you are planning to do some home interior designing, decide what rooms need improvement and incorporate the seven elements of home interior design – form, mass, shape, line, color, texture and pattern.

Tips on How to Train a Dressage Horse to Do Turn on the Haunches and Walk Pirouettes

The systematic way to train a dressage horse to do a walk pirouette is to start with turn on the haunches.

A turn on the haunches is a 180-degree turn done at the walk. Your horse bends in the direction of the turn. His forehand moves around his haunches until he’s facing the opposite direction. His outside hind foot and his forefeet move around his inside hind foot, which forms a pivot.

o Your horse must maintain the regular rhythm of his walk. His pivot leg gets picked up and put down each time, slightly ahead of where it was before.

o Turn on the haunches engages the hindquarters and encourages bending of the joints of the hind legs. The end result is that your horse’s body feels more packaged.

o Turn on the haunches is an introductory movement for the walk pirouette. It differs from a pirouette because it’s done from a shortened medium walk while a pirouette is done from a collected walk. Also in the turn on the haunches, your horse’s hind feet make a small circle, (about the size of a dinner plate). In a walk pirouette, your horse’s inside hind leg should be picked up and put down almost on the same spot.

The aids to train your dressage horse to do a turn on the haunches to the left are:


Put your weight on your left (inside) seat bone.

Left leg (inside leg):

Place your left leg on the girth to promote bending and engagement of your horse’s inside hind leg.

Right leg (outside leg):

Place your right leg behind the girth to help bend your horse around your inside leg and to prevent his hindquarters from swinging out.

Left rein:

Turn your wrist to ask for +1 flexion.

Right rein:

Use your right rein as a siderein to limit the amount of bend you get in the neck.

Both hands:

Move both hands in the direction of the turn to move the forehand around the hindquarters. Keep your hands side-by-side and equidistant from your body. Think of your left rein as an opening rein and bring your right rein closer to your horse’s neck. Imagine that your hands are like the second hand on a clock sweeping around the face of the clock.

The sequence of aids are:

1. Prepare for the turn by using a “stilled seat” to shorten your dressage horse’s medium walk.

2. Bend your horse to the inside.

3. Set him up for the turn by riding in a slight shoulder-fore position.

4. Bring both hands in the direction you want his body to turn to guide his forehand around his hindquarters.

Since the two most important ingredients to train a dressage horse to do a correct turn on the haunches are rhythm and bend, preserve these qualities by introducing it on a circle.

o Do haunches-in on a 10-meter circle.

o As long as your horse keeps his rhythm, bend, and desire to go forward, decrease the size of the circle while you’re still in haunches-in gradually.

o Make the circle only as small as you can while keeping the rhythm, bend, and forward desire.

Geographic Profiling: One More Way Computers May Help Solve Crimes

Geographic profiling is a relatively new investigative support tool used by law enforcement agencies to help prioritize where to focus a major criminal investigation by using a computer program called “Rigel” which is based on the use of an algorithm named “Criminal Geographic Targeting.” When combined with some basic assumptions about human behavior, geographic profiling can be a powerful tool to help law enforcement locate and arrest violent, serial offenders.

This computer program helps law enforcement agencies focus investigative efforts by helping them manage the large volume of information typically generated from crime scene evidence. “It doesn’t solve cases,” but it helps, explains Kim Rossmo, research professor at Texas State University and pioneer in the field of geographic profiling. It is one more investigative support tool that law enforcement agencies use to focus resources. It may help locate criminals faster and easier.

Criminal Geographic Targeting

Criminal Geographic Targeting is a patented algorithm that produces 3-D “probability surfaces” that indicate the most likely area where an offender might live. The results are then displayed through 3-D and 2-D color isopleth maps. The algorithm uses critical anchor points or activity nodes to produce an isopleth map showing the most probable areas the police should target when searching for a perpetrator, explains Brent E. Turvey, author of Criminal Profiling: an introduction to behavioral evidence analysis.

Most record systems contain home street addresses, for example, these are also used to help determine where the offender might live, explains Rossmo. Geographic profiling, therefore, concentrates on the spatial relationships between the offender’s behaviors from evidence gathered at primary or multiple crime-scene locations to help locate an offender’s most likely area of residence. By focusing on the geography of the area, investigators can retrieve other clues or hints about the location of the crime, the surrounding areas of the crime and what these factors may have to do with the current location of the offender.

Geographic profiling focuses on:

  1. the geography of crime,
  2. offender hunting behavior and target selection,
  3. crime site typology and child murder jeopardy,
  4. surfaces and how geographic profiling works,
  5. the relationship to linkage analysis and psychological profiling,
  6. case examples, and
  7. investigative strategies.

Crime-scene Data Collection

The geography of the crime is where crime-scene data is gathered which is later used to help predict where the offender may have gone, where the offender lives or may be hiding. Offenders create a “buffer zone,” explains Turvey, which is the area directly around the offender’s home. This buffer zone serves as a safety zone for the offender, presumptively because this reduces the likelihood of being discovered or recognized. Most crimes are committed in areas that offenders are familiar with or are close to. This reduces the travel distance for offenders who commit crimes and hide. By mapping the geography of the area and displaying it in 3-D format, investigators are able to further analyze the crime scene and near-by locations to help focus the investigation. When combined with psychological profiling, states Turvey, investigators can further analyze the offender’s behavior and predict future behavior which may help locate them.

Least Effort Principle

Two primary theories about human behavior are used with geographic profiling, explains Turvey. The first theory is called the “least effort principle.” This principle states that when given a choice, people will choose the option requiring the least amount of effort. This means that people are basically lazy and will do what is easiest or requires the least amount of effort to accomplish a goal or complete a task. People basically want instant gratification for whatever they do and will seek the easiest or fastest method to satisfaction.

Distance Decay Theory

The second theory is called the “distance decay” theory, states Turvey. This theory states that crimes will decrease in frequency the farther an offender has to travel to commit a crime. In other words, if criminal behavior requires traveling too far, criminals will do it less often. Criminals, like most people, will find the easiest way to satisfy their needs.

Necessity for Psychological Profile

Geographic profiling provides law enforcement agencies with one more investigative tool and a few more techniques to help solve crimes. However, “without benefit of a psychological profile,” argues Turvey, geographic profiling is limited.

One criticism Turvey has of geographic profiling is that it “ignores overall behavioral evidence and case context.” This means, according to Turvey, that geographic profiling does not distinguish between two or more offenders operating in the same area and, therefore, “the inferences regarding offender anchor points and spatial behavior must still be drawn by the analyst.”

Geographic profiling, therefore, is not a quick-fix solution to crime scene analysis either. It is, however, one more “support tool” and investigative technique that can be used to help analyze geographical data and human behavior that may help solve crimes more quickly and with accurate results.

How to Become an Effective Revit Practitioner?

As the modern architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) projects demand using building information modelling (BIM) for many reasons, mastering the nuances of Autodesk Revit has become a sought-after skill. Revit has become an industry standard BIM tool used by all major project stakeholders: architects, structural engineers, and MEP engineers. Right from concept development, space planning, and detailed design development, to construction documentation, quantity take-offs, and construction scheduling, a single parametric model can take care of everything.

Whilst formal Revit Architecture training courses can help students willing to enter this field, becoming an expert requires much more than that. Revit is a comprehensive BIM application and can mean different things to different people. For instance, a Revit workflow for an architect will be quite different compared to that of a building services engineer. Understanding the BIM process as a whole and knowing how it differs from the conventional CAD-based construction documentation techniques goes a long way in helping you become a Revit expert.

The basic element of the BIM process is a smart parametric model wherein every object is linked to every other object in the model. Also, unlike CAD drawings, all the views, including plans, sections, and elevations are generated from the same parametric model. For instance, every plan, section, and elevation has to be manually changed when using 2D CAD-based documentation techniques. But when using Revit, a change made to a model automatically updates all the views associated with it.

After gaining clarity on the key differences between the conventional construction documentation techniques and the BIM process, it is imperative to gain formal training in Revit. The training modes range from instructor-led Revit training classes and self-paced online lessons, to instructor-led onsite training, virtual classrooms, and blended training. Whilst every channel has its own benefits and relative drawbacks, it is important to structure your training to meet your specialised needs. For instance, if you are an architect ensure your training is designed to leverage Revit to achieve tasks related to architecture.

One of the key aspects often overlooked during initial training years is the importance of level of development (LOD). Having a clear understanding of LOD expectations is a good practice to be developed during the early years as Revit technician. In the real-world projects, LOD levels set clarity on the details that the Revit model will include or the depth of information that it will contain. This helps the internal as well as external project team members (of other disciplines) align their expectations throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Furthermore, an effective Revit technician should work towards developing skills closely related to Revit. Important ones include gaining familiarity in applications, including AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, and Adobe Photoshop. Though AutoCAD is still used by many AEC firms to develop construction documentation, many architects who adopt BIM workflows use it to develop preliminary concept drawings which are later linked or imported into Revit. 3Ds Max can also be used in tandem with Revit to develop flythrough animations for marketing purposes. Adobe Photoshop can arm you with all the image editing capabilities that can be applied to raw Revit model renders.

Considering that Revit is a massive tool to facilitate the BIM concept, learning it requires a structured approach barring which it is easy get lost in the maze. The key components of such an approach include knowing the differences in the BIM workflows and the conventional CAD-based processes; formal training tailored to your specialisation; gaining clarity on the concept of LOD; and developing proficiency in applications closely related to Revit.