Why Do We Need Waterproofing?

Every time a builder constructs a building, his main aim is to make sure that the construction is done using durable materials and lasts for the longest time possible. Every home owner dreams and wants his home to be the best in the neighborhood. So, what do you do when you realize that there is a small leak in the ceiling and water is dripping into your living room?

The first thing that crosses your mind is to contact the nearest waterproofing service and get a complete servicing done. Do you realize that other than the ceiling there might be many more areas in the house that needs special attention with respect to waterproofing? Let us consider all the different areas in our homes that are most vulnerable to cracks and water leaks.

Floor areas like the bathroom or shower areas, corners of kitchens and outgoing drainage sources are among the most likely places for cracks. Small leaks that occur along the wall lining expand later on and cover the entire length of the wall. Cracks occurring in these parts of the house usually cause water damage to surrounding areas too.

Moisture saturation occurs in the timber wall frame, floor timbers, floor boards, and door jambs for many reasons like seasonal changes or faulty pipelines or sewage. It is evident that these lead to ugly damp patches on your wall and can mar their appearance. In addition, wet rot is a disaster to the hygiene of the indwellers.

Basement and crawl space walls crack as do foundation walls. This happens due to the expansion and contraction of the soil that surrounds these regions. Harmful stains and moulds on the floor or wall linings can have a corrosive effect on the surfaces. Often wall and ceiling gryprock linings have a breakdown which leads to ugly fissures. Apart from these reasons you could also have carpet damage, or harm to bathroom vanity units.

Usually, while undertaking the waterproofing of your house you should first contact a reliable waterproofing agent who can give you proper services. Next, you should get the agent to check the entire house for water leakage or possible cracks. The agent makes an estimate of the cost involved in this procedure and gives you the figures and the time required to complete the proofing process

With respect to waterproofing if you are looking for a suitable agent then Worldwide Basement Waterproofing Arlington, VA, could be a possible answer. They are highly specialized in all waterproofing techniques and have accomplished many worthy projects in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

How Long Do Boils Take to Heal?

Are you suffering From Pain? Learn How long Does it Takes to Heal a Boil

The boils are formed by bacterial infection called, Staph. They are red in color and the affected part is swollen and filled with pus. The pus that is formed inside the boils contains bacteria. It is only when the pus comes out the boil is cured. After a few days of the infection of bacteria rashes are seen which are red and itchy? It is painful also.

Soon after the affected swells up and is filled up with white or yellow fluid called pus. By following few home remedies like hot compress which is given several times a day draining of pus happens soon. A cloth dipped in warm water in which Epsom salt is dissolved is put on the affected area. It not only helps in head formation but also gives relaxation from pain. When the head is formed the pus comes out easily. But before this one should never press or squeeze the boil. One should be very careful and clean the area with antiseptic lotion and apply cream and cover it with a bandage. Slowly it heals up.

Therefore we conclude that draining of the pus is the most important part of healing and if the boil becomes too large and does not form head then one needs to see a doctor.

The doctor helps in the draining of the pus through minor surgery. The doctor applies local anesthesia on the affected part. He makes a cut on the boil through sterilized instruments and helps the pus to drain out.

After the pus drains out he covers the affected area with a bandage after cleaning it with antiseptic lotion and applying ointment on to it. The individual remains under his supervision and the doctor changes the bandage from time to time.

In some cases small boils are cured without head formation. They can be cured either by giving warm compresses or by applying creams. In this case the boil is absorbed by the body.

Many people say that the boils heal on their own but it is not true they need to be treated they do not heal on their own. It takes approximately 10 to 25 days for a boil to heal up and that too depends on the boil or the bacterial infection suffered by the skin.

A doctor can drain the pus from the boil by a minor surgery. He would give local anesthesia on the affected area and make a cut on the boil and allow the pus to move out. Later he would clean the entire area with an antiseptic lotion and apply cream, and cover it with a bandage. He can even prescribe an antibiotic depending upon the boil. He would change the bandage from time to time and thus the infection would be cured. But squeezing of boil should be avoided at any cost because it only leads to serious and risky health situations.

Plastic Viscosity

Plastic Viscosity (PV) is the resistance of fluid to flow. According to the Bingham plastic model, the PV is the slope of shear stress and shear rate. In the field, we can get the PV from a viscometer. Typically, the viscometer is utilized to measure shear rates at 600, 300, 200, 100, 6, and 3 revolutions per minute (rpm).

We can calculate the PV from the difference between the 600 and 300 rpm reading.

The formula looks like this: Plastic Viscosity (PV) = Reading at 600 rpm – Reading at 300 rpm

The unit of PV is Centi Poise (CP)

For example, you have these values from a viscometer.

Reading at 600 rpm = 56

Reading at 300 rpm = 35

Plastic Viscosity (PV) = 56 – 35 = 21 CP

Any increase in solid content in drilling mud as barite, drill solid, lost circulation material, etc will result in higher the plastic viscosity. In order to lower the PV, you must reduce the solid content that can be achieved by using solid control equipment and/or diluting drilling mud with base fluid. With increasing temperate while drilling deeper, the plastic viscosity of the drilling mud will decrease because the viscosity of the base fluid decreases.

Normally, the higher mud weight, the higher PV will be. However, if you have an increasing trend of PV with constant mud weight, it means that there is an increase in ultra-fine drill solid content in the mud system. Moreover, if you use oil base mud, please keep in mind that emulsified water in oil base drilling fluid will act like a solid, and it will increase the viscosity dramatically.

Several impacts of PV on drilling operation are as follows;

Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) – The more PV you have, the higher ECD will be.

Surge and Swab Pressure – The PV has the same effect as ECD. If the PV increases, surge and swab pressure will increase.

Differential Sticking – A chance for differential sticking will increase, especially in water base mud, when the plastic viscosity increases because of increases in solid content.

Rate of Penetration (ROP) – The ROP will be directly affected by the plastic viscosity. If you drill a well with the high PV drilling mud, you will drill at slower ROP than low PV mud.

Quick Flipping Raw Land

Most people believe that when investing in raw land that the property has to be in the path of growth or it has to have some development potential. The truth is that there is niche in land investing that very few people are taking advantage of. Before I get into the niche itself, it is important to understand what I am talking about when I say raw land. I am talking about land that has NO development potential and IS NOT in the path of growth. I am specifically talking about property such as farms, ranches, mountain land, timber land, hunting land and just recreational land in general.

I have been involved in over 1,000,000 of raw land transactions and focusing on these type properties usually means there is virtually no competition from other investors. Why is this? Think about it this way. If there is a person who has a 1,000 tract of land that is 1 hour outside of a larger city and they are asking $2,000,000 or $2,000 per acre for the entire property, how many potential buyers do they have? It is a very small buying pool because most owners do not want to split the property up because they could be left with pieces and not sell enough to actually “get out” of the property. So, what the seller is looking for is that one person who is willing to spend $2,000,000 to have a place to get away to on the weekend or to have a place to hunt. Now do you see what I mean about a small buying pool?

SO how can you quick flip a property like this and make money when the owner hasn’t been able to sell it a year or more? You are not going to look for that one buyer, you are going to find around 30 or so buyers that can spend about $85,000 each. Now, look what you have done to the potential buying pool. You are no longer looking for just millionaires because we have structured the property so that someone with $85,000 can buy a piece.

How do you structure the property to get these buyers? There are 3 simple key principles we use to accomplish this. First, we are not going to buy the property because we want to limit our risk and not everyone can afford to purchase a $2,000,000 piece of land. We are going to control the property using an option. So let’s assume we can option the property at $1,800,000. We will then do a dual or simultaneous closing when we sell the property so that we won’t have to take cash out of our pocket to do this deal. Second, we are going to split the property into smaller tracts (only on paper, no surveying) and offer it to the public in different sizes. This allows potential buyers to buy what they want. They can combine several tracts together to buy even more. Third, we are going to do this using an auction. This accomplishes several things. It will allow us to offer the property in multiple tracts like the 30 mentioned above but also lets the buyers decide on how much land they want and they have to compete against the other bidders in order to buy it. We also get offers on all the parcels in an hour period at the auction.

When you total up the prices bid at auction (example: as referenced above, 30 tracts at $85,000 each average) that comes up to $2,550,000. Your profit is the difference between your option price of $1,800,000 and the total sales price of $2,550,000 which totals $750,000 in profits. Not bad considering that in many cases you will have less than $1,000 at risk. Large tracts of raw land are one the last untapped real estate investing opportunities left, so why not take advantage of that.

Color Appeal in Advertising

The colors you use for an advertisement are more important than the actual wording of the ad. The reason for this is the colors (and graphics) capture the consumers attention then causes them to read your ad. According to psychology.about.com, “Psychologists have suggested that color impression can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of that product or service.”

Each color has different meanings to different cultures. For advertising purposes, it is extremely important to design your ads in a way that appeals to your target market. Try to choose colors that will compliment the message you are sending to your consumers.


Red is a color that symbolizes action, warmth, power, aggression, excitement, drama, fire, blood, passion, love, danger, anger, and heat. It is a highly visible color that will always attract attention. Red will also stimulate several emotions.

Stop signs have trained us to stop and look when we see red. So it is only natural to want to stop and look at a red billboard.

Studies show that people in casinos gamble more in red rooms than room with any other colors. Red is also a good color for automobiles sales, pet shops, pasta shops, pizzerias, and restaurants.

However, the color red is not recommended for medical companies because it signals bad health, blood, and emergencies. Red is also the color accountants use to show that they have a negative cash flow.


Orange is a vibrant and fun color. It improves mental clarity, promotes warmth and happiness. Orange also increases the oxygen’s flow to the brain. Contentment, fruitfulness, and wholesomeness are qualities that are also associated with orange.

The color orange can help an expensive product seem more reasonably priced. It is the perfect color for products that appeal to a wide variety of people.

Orange is an appetite stimulant. It is a good color choice for vitamin shops, Mexican restaurants, dance clubs, and products that target Latin and French people.


Yellow is a perfect color for sunny, happy, bright, cheerful, playful, easygoing, and optimistic advertisements. Ideal for florists, candy shops, toy stores, amusement parks, and discount stores.

Yellow is the first color the eye processes. It is also the most visible color to the human eye. This is why it grabs attention faster than any other color.

Yellow is also a color of caution. Most yellow road signs are warning drivers of a problem in the road or with the on-coming traffic. This is just another reason why yellow grabs our attention quickly.


Green symbolizes life, nature, environment, youth, money, renewal, hope, and power. It is a color that soothes people, reduces pain, and makes us feel safe.

Since green traffic lights have conditioned us to go forward or to enter places, it makes us feel welcomed. This is a great quality for any product or service.

Yellow-green is not a wise color for food advertisements because it is an appetite depressant.

Light green calms people. That is why most walls in jails, schools, waiting rooms, and hospitals are light green.

Green is a great color for financial advisors, banks, and accountants because it signals money. It is also good for outdoor products because it gives consumers a natural outdoor feeling. The color green can be used for green houses, vegetable stands, landscaping, and farmers because it signals life.


Blue makes people feel calm, relaxed, tranquil, peaceful, wise, loyal, and trustworthy. It helps people accept themselves and resolve their problems.

The color blue also helps increase productivity.

On the other hand, the color blue can also symbolize sadness, and depression. Since most foods are not blue, the color blue is an appetite suppressant that can help people lose weight!

Blue is definitely the most popular color of both men and women. Several well-known corporations use blue in their logos. It is a great color choice for travel agencies, pool companies, masseurs, doctors offices, pharmacies, medical suppliers, motels, psychologists, and weight loss centers.


Purple is a sophisticated, creative, luxurious, and wealthy color. It is also associated with royalty. A bluish shade of purple tends to create mystery, while a reddish shade of purple is sensual, and creative. Purple with a red tint will get more attention.

Purple is hard for some people (mainly men) to see. However, it is a great color for artists, elaborate restaurants, clothing stores, book stores, art galleries, night clubs, magicians, photographers, country clubs, golf courses, jewelry stores, beauticians, and fortune tellers.


Brown symbolizes coffee, lumber, and earth-tone products. It is a reliable, solid, strong, mature, and comfortable color. Brown is now considered a rich and robust color.

The color brown is an excellent color for hardware stores, coffee houses, craft shops, herbal shops, health food stores, male haberdasheries, cabinet shops, western stores, contractors, clock shops, and carpenters.


Black symbolizes power, prestige, elegance, style, reliability, simplicity, and sophistication. The color black is more about attitude than anything else. It is a trendy color that keeps consumers up to date with technology. It is also a very informative color.

Black used to be viewed as the color of death, witches, demons, and evil. However, this perception is declining.

Black is a great color choice for music shops, accountants, lawyers, electronic stores, and tire stores.


White symbolizes purity, cleanliness, virtue, innocence, and freshness.

The color white is a great choice for bridal shops, weddings, religious groups, daycare centers, medical facilities, wineries, dentists, catering companies, bakeries, museums, historical sites, bed and bath shops, dry cleaners, and cleaning services.

Please be careful, because white is a color of death and mourning is China, Japan, and other Middle East countries.

Once you have selected the right color(s) for your business, be sure to find out what colors effectively compliment your color choice.

Benefits of Waxing Your Snowboard

When you buy a new snowboard, it will probably come pre-waxed. But, as you might expect, the wax used won’t be of very high quality. And, from the standpoint of the company, why should it be. The less money out of their pocket for wax, the greater their profit margin. For you, however, it probably means that you will need to have your board waxed sooner rather than later if you want to get the most pleasant experience possible from your snowboard.

Many snowboarders never wax their boards thinking that it is not necessary. And for the casual snowboarder, that is probably true. But, in reality, waxing your snowboard will not only give you a faster run down the slopes, it will glide better and give you more control as well. You will have much more fun riding down the slopes if you don’t have to put all of your effort into controlling the board. In addition, waxing your snowboard also improves its durability by helping to preserve the base. In short, keep your board waxed and it will last longer.

You have two choices when it comes to waxing your board. If there is a ski or snowboard shop nearby, you can have them wax your board. Also, those who live in apartments and simply don’t have room, will probably need to have a shop wax their boards. The second choice is for you to learn to wax your board yourself. It is not that hard once you do it a few times.

Once you get the hang of it, waxing your board should not take very long. The first few times that you do it, be prepared to spend maybe thirty minutes to an hour – because you won’t have a real feel to what you are doing. By the third or fourth time, however, you will most likely find yourself completing the entire job in twenty five minutes or less.

If you are only a casual snowboarder, you will probably need to wax your snowboard once or twice a season. If, however, you are snowboarding every weekend, waxing it once a month is a good idea.

Before beginning, you want to clean the base of your snowboard. Take a brass wire brush and begin brush from top to bottom. The purpose is to get much of the old wax out. Then use a rag to wipe off the debris from the board. Wearing gloves is a good idea. The edges of a snowboard are sharp. Gloves can prevent you from cutting your hands on the snowboard edges. After this, simply follow the instructions on your waxing kit and you are all set.

"Oh Danny Boy Oh Danny Boy I Love You So," But Not in Southie and NOT in the St Patrick's Day Parade

Author's program note. Have you ever been to South Boston's St. Louis. Patrick's Day parade? It is at the best of times a pitiable thing, ramshackle, disorganized, still smelling of the mother load that Billy O'Sullivan barfed on Monseigneur Murray last year as he bent down to bless the laddie, age 38 and unemployed.

No one was particularly surprised, including the Monseigneur who always knew the O'Sullivans were a bad lot … but they are County Clare Irish, their father a reliable campaign worker (his record five votes in a single day), and (it's important to inform you) did not tell the world what happened when the twins were apple-cheeked altar boys at St. Louis. Matt's …

That's a comfort to his eminence, although his lawyers told him to pony up $ 60,000 for each of them because he loved them not wisely but too well. Hallelujah. And, yes, they'll be marching in the parade, wearing their new store-bought duds. They even chipped in for something for Billy since the ones he was last year are encrusted with dull green puke and stink to high Heaven.

Ordinarily no one would mention it but, as I said, they're from the County Clare O'Sullivans who have standards to maintain. They'll be a gay sight to see, and their poor mother (who's still paying for the bail money) will be so proud to hear them break into uneven song just for her …

She hopes it will not be "I'll take you home again, Kathleen / Across the ocean wild and wide … The roses all have left your cheek / I've watched them fade away and die". She's always so good at removing the dead skin cells … at least most of them. two. Still what a bargain at just $ 25 … though she says her price will double if she ever gets her license.

Such a serenade it will be. It's sad most of the boys singing are missing their front teeth, a combination of hockey pucks gone astray and punches from the O'Malley's. In truth they should not have called their cousin Fiona a whore, though if the truth be told … Still, the Christian way is to say nothing and hope that Father Pat can give her some good solid advice before this baby ends up in the Home for Little Wanderers like her last one. Who finally admitted paternity in that case anyway?

Oh, yes, now I remember. That would be Jimmy Hennessey, who set the record for most AWOL days in the USMC. It was said, but never proved, that he had girls in every port. He told me right on this very porch he always kept the lights out when he had visitors of the female persuasion so they could not see all his tattoos and figure out where they stood in the pecking order.

The first one saying "Rosita" was the biggest and as he added the girlies he cut the size. I should not tell you where the most recent was engraved … he said he could only fess up if he had another brew or two … I gave him the bottles of course, not to see mind, but only out of courtesy . I looked … then I had to look away. It was DISGUSTING.He told me he'd be marching in the parade … then laughed and showed me his tattered underwear. "I'm charging 50 cents per view." He would. (OMG how I love my neighborhood and all the good people within it … they make our farewell the best ever and everywhere).

Old French Proverb, hence unknown in the Emerald Isle. The old guard obstructs, blocks, embarrasses, dies. But it never thinks and never surrenders. Theirs is the most foolish consistency of the littlest minds.

For over 20 years now the people of Southie have done everything they could to keep the wrong sort of people as far away from them and their civic endeavors as possible. They wanted a parcel that showcased their adamant (Roman Catholic) family values, their local and vocal celebration and veneration of St. Paul. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, and the evacuation of the British fleet and army from Boston in 1776.

These disparate factors come together once every year to create a humdinger of an event … bigger and better every single year. And still pure as the driven snow. No perverts, if you catch my meaning. Of course my little signs have helped a lot, "No perverts need apply!" I've dished out at least 100 but only to my lace-curtained friends and neighbors. They cost good money after all.

Brother Thomas Dalton's true colors.

This year the forces of Sodom and Gomorrah made a concerted attack on the parade. Since last year at this time they had earned a very significant supporter in his recently elected honor Martin Martin Walsh. Walsh is as Irish as they get but he knows that perverts walk nowdays in every city's parade but two, and he wants New York to be the last one standing, habit-ed in shame and prejudice. Thus, he made a major effort to get them a place and bury the problem.

For an instant, but only for an instant, his round-the-clock endeavors paid off. The parade organizers at The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, with their personal pit bull John J. "Wacko" Hurley in the vanguard, agreed to let gays and lesbians march, so long as they bore no identification, no badges, no tell- tale insignia. It was insulting, of course, discriminatory, and demeaning. No body liked this compromise which may have been the sure indicator that it was the best that could have achieved just now.

Unfortunately the bigot brigade, which never slept during these tumultuous negotiations, immediately sent in one of their dimmest bulbs, Bro '. Thomas Dalton, Principal of the Immaculate Heart of Mary school in Harvard, Massachusetts. He dropped the school's marching band out of the parcel saying he could not allow his petted darlings within a country mile of anyone "condoning the homosexual lifestyle." Thus, with a whiff of the Inquisition this uneducated educator made his unenlighted opinion known … and the agreement fell apart, disgust and finger- pointing from every side.

Was that completely unacceptable exit absolutely necessary? Certainly not! As an internationally known management consultant, I offer a better way, a thinking-outside-the-box way, a way that will solve this pesky problem … with the extra advantage that it leaves Manhattan and its biased practices in the trash. Delicious.

Dr. Lant's idea for solving this problem now.

We have all wasted enough ink on this situation. Let's solve it now, people.

"Wacko" Hurley and company would prefer no homosexuals walking the parcel route. But given enough mayoral arm twisting, they would probably re-accept the deal they originally offered and then withdrew.

Gay rights organizations understandably want total equality, absolutely no hint of condescension and moral approval. Political realities being what they are, they'll have to hold their noses and take the original offer with as much grace as possible … always remembering that this grand presentation I'm here recommending maximum worldwide publicity and an eye-opening response from the recalcitrant and mulish organizers.

Hurley says no badges or insignias or political statements of any kind. No problem. Thus, position a bevy of frilly drag queens at the front, two holding a big sign saying "Oh, Danny boy."

Six examples of pulchritudinous beefcake should follow, dressed in green jock straps, broad green ribbons, and leprechaun hats with pointed ears. Nothing else except for "Erin Go Bragh" artfully engraved in bright green on the right buttock. These boys, tap dancing, will from time to time open like shamrocks at sunrise … only to reveal this scenario.

Billy O'Sullivan naked as the day he was born kneeling before a picture of Brad Pitt singing the ultimate Irish lyric …

"And I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow" / Oh, Danny boy … I love you so! "Given what Billy's packin ', it's easy to see why … and there will not be a dry eye in the house, which is just as it should be.


"Danny Boy" is one of the most famous and affecting songs in the world. It is a ballad written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly (1913). It is usually set to the Irish tune of the "Londonderry Air." It was recorded in 1915 by the celebrated vocalist Ernestine Schumann-Heink who cave its simple words their soaring majesty. Go now to any search engine and find the version you prefer from so many notable alternatives.

Since its release people have argued about its meaning. Is it a parent singing for a child off to the Great War with its sickening casualty lists? Or is it about another leaving the deep beauty of Ireland, so easy to admire and break your heart? What matter? It is a song of love, however given, where needed. As such one man should indeed sing it to another whenever his love is ardent and true, whether he be straight, gay, or anything else.

The Fireplace Secret – Why The Summer Is The Best Time To Buy A New Fireplace

The days are getting longer. The sun is shining brightly. The world feels good to itself. So, how come you should be giving thought to buying that new fireplace?

Well, in reality the spring or summer is actually the best time to buy a new fireplace or fireplace surround. The reason being that fireplaces can actually be a little trickier then they first appear. Let me explain.

In the old days it used to be the case that you had very little choice in fireplaces. Before the big DIY superstores if you wanted an original design that wasn’t simply brickwork, or a glorified chimney, you would often have to travel large distances to find very niche (and expensive) specialist shops that could hand design a great fireplace for you.

The good news is that those days are long gone, and that whilst the expensive ‘design it yourself’ route will always be open to anyone that fancies themselves as a budding fireplace designer. There really is no need. Instead you can go to a plethora of locations and you will be able to find a bewildering array of options.

Here in lies the first of our ‘problems’, and a good starting point as to why the summer is actually a great time to go shopping for a new fireplace.

All that choice is confusing and time consuming!

You could literally spend months camped out in your local DIY store (ok. maybe not months. But you get my point;)) and still not exhaust the array of choice they have.

So you really need to allocate a lot more time to your purchase from that standpoint then it may at first appear. You need to start by honing in on the style of fireplace that you are ideally looking for, as well as deciding on whether you want an electric, gas or natural fire. As deciding on each of these can make a fundamental difference in the options that you have available to you when it comes to choosing your fireplace.

The second reason why it is better to start earlier to shop for that fireplace is because getting it fitted may well take longer than you expect. You see, the job really is only half done when you choose exactly what type of fireplace you want. Then comes the technical part of actually getting it assembled and installed at your home.

Now, if you are really ‘handy’ you could do this yourself. But fires are dangerous, and things like gas leaks can kill you very quickly if you get it wrong. So you really need to get a trained professional to do it. Ok. Good so far. The only problem is that these guys (apologies to the ladies – but most of these folk are men!) are in high demand. So getting one to fit the fire may take several weeks or a month.

Now, that’s no problem in the summer. Because it’s warm. But try being without a fire in the winter for a month. And THEN see how good you feel by the time your fire fitter gets there.

Not very I would hasten to guess!

So, in conclusion, get it handled now. Take a leisurely pace. Sort out the style and type of fire you want, and take it from there whilst its still warm enough to make it a pleasant undertaking.

Police Oral Interview Hypothetical Questions

Whenever you sit down in front of the police interview panel, you’ll get lots of unpredictable questions thrown your way. Some of the questions can be predicted, and some can’t especially the scenario base questions (also known as the “what if” questions meaning “what if” this happens). The police interview hypothetical questions are extremely common during the oral board interview.

Hypothetical interview questions were initially designed to measure an applicant’s ability to adapt to varies situations while on under severe pressure. You see, many recruits sail through the scenario base questions, while others fail miserably.

Here’s a hypothetical question that you might be asked during the police oral board interview:

1) You are dispatched to a domestic dispute between a male and female. Upon arrival, you notice the female half to be standing in the front yard heavily wounded with blood flowing from her forehead. She mentioned to you that her husband is armed and is nearby somewhere. What is your first course of action after arriving at the scene.


The first thing you should do upon arriving at the scene when you’ve come in contact with an injured victim is to get her to an area of safety, and then call for MEDICS. Why? Because you don’t have a visual on the husband and he is armed. So you want to get you and her somewhere near your patrol car, and then contact MEDICS. All this can be done within seconds. Next you’ll want to get a hold of your shift supervisor.

This type of question is pretty common during the police oral board interview. The panel wants to see how well you handle scenes that are totally unpredictable. Here’s a rule of thumb: If you don’t know what to do- call your shift supervisor pronto.

Purchase Scaffold Planks and Implement a Proper Maintenance Plan

A scaffold is a very important piece of equipment when working on building projects with high walls and ceilings. If properly built and maintained they are quite safe. It is important to follow proper safety protocol when working around and on the structure. If you are looking for material to build your scaffold there are many suppliers who offer scaffold planks for sale. Some builders even opt to purchase used planks. New or used, you want to purchase from reputable sellers and make sure that the planks meet or exceed OSHA standards. This is measured by the number of rings per inch, the slope of the grain and the number of knots and notches that are considered to be defects.

Locating scaffold planks for sale is only step one in the process. Once you have bought them you need to make sure they are properly stored in a dry, well ventilated area until you are ready to use them. The most important factor is that they are dry. Any time wood is stacked wet or too tight in highly humid areas you will be subject to wood rot and algae growth. They should be stacked above the ground in bundles supported by stickers. If it comes time to use your planks and they have deteriorated in any way, the safety and stability of your structure will be in jeopardy.

There are times when builders find quality scaffold planks for sale and then do not take the extra time and labor to care for them properly. In the long run this will actually decrease the bottom line profit due to the waste of material if it is deemed unusable. A well maintained plank can last up to several years without having to be replaced. A helpful hint for those in the high humidity areas is to take the extra time and stand your planks on end so that air circulates through them, helping to keep them dry.

While the majority of planks are made from wood you can also find scaffold planks for sale in aluminum and steel. These are much stronger than wood and can hold much more weight. As an example, the Werner 2416 Aluminum, made for two people, can hold up to 500 pounds. The storage issue is not a factor when working with these types of boards. Both types come in a variety of sizes with the wooden planks being the least expensive.

Garage Flooring Kits

Laying down garage flooring is a great way to add character too your garage and make it look a little more presentable. This flooring also allows the area to retain more heat and will absorb sounds much better, which means if your drop something on the floor or generally are sooner to making lots of noise in your garage you use it to prevent the noise annoying the neighbors or your family members. Of course there are several different types of products you can buy to get this job done and choosing between them that can be difficult, that's why I've written this garage because they are the best way to go.

Flooring kits have enjoyed a recent surge in popularity over the last few years, home owners are increasingly beginning to realize that they have various advantages over many alternative solutions. First of all they are very convenient; they compile all of the components you require in order to get the job done without the need for any other purchases or return trips. This is invaluable because not everyone has the time to start running around for various bits and pieces which may or may not be necessary.

Secondly, the fact that you're consolidating all of those little purchases into one item means that you will save yourself a bit of money too. Large retail stores such as Home Depot sell these kits at really cheap prices which you will be hard pressed to find cheaper anywhere else. That's right, they'll cost you less and they will not take as long to buy.

Finally, these kits also make it less likely that you will make a mistake. They come with detailed instructions which are easy to follow and the products also allow you to phone dedicated help lines which can offer you support with any difficulties you might be experience using these kits. This just serves to make your life a lot easier and give you access to the support that you need.

So there you have it, most people would agree that garage flooring kits are the perfect solution for those people who do not really feel confident in their DIY skills and do not have time or money to waste. With these benefits you'd be hard pressed to find a reason not to use one.

Is Penis Advantage the Real Deal? Penis Advantage Exposed – Find Out the Real Facts

You have probably seen quite a number of products online that claim to enable you to achieve your penis enlargement goals. Men are confronted with many confusing options including pills, patches, creams, pumps, extenders and even surgery but the safest of all of these methods is unnaturally natural penis exercises.

The Penis Advantage program is one of the most well known penis exercise programs out there. It has helped over 12 000 men to add significant gains to the length and generation of their penis. Having been in the penis enlargement game for some time now I can certainly say I have seen my fair share of imitators but Penis Advantage is the best program I have seen in some time and I would recommend it for guys who want a proven natural penis enlargement solution that gets results.

Many men have questions about the Penis Advantage program before they purchase. The main ones are answered below:

Penis Advantage FAQ:

Why is Penis Advantage rated so highly?

In a nutshell the program is simple, highly effective and has proven itself to work for men in all age groups. The instructions as to how to perform the exercises and in what sequence is extremely clear and the videos are like having your own personal penis coach to watch and copy. The content is based on sound research and there have been no reports of this program working incorrectly.

Because the program is well thought out and poorly presented you will not be left feeling unsure of how to do the exercises. The factor that also guarantees your success is access to the online forum to chat with experienced penis enlargement coaches that comes with the premium package. Penis Advantage is not just a book – it is a program where you will be taken by the hand until you reach your goals. This is the difference that makes it so successful and reputable in the market.

How does the Penis Advantage program work?

It works by using specific sequences of exercises that can be performed with the hands. It is uncomplicated and does not require any special equipment. The routines can be performed in around 6 minutes per day. There are workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced students as well as specific workouts targeting length, girth, preventing pre-ejaculation and strengthening the PC muscle for sexual stamina. The program makes it very clear as to when you are ready to move to the next workout stage.

Because it is 100% natural it is one of the safest ways to enlarge your penis.

How long will it take to see results with Penis Advantage?

A typical user can expect to experience gains of between 1-4 inches. As to how fast this is achieved is up to how vigorously you perform the exercises but consistency is the main key. The exercises are simple 6-minute workouts that any man can understand and perform so it is not unrealistic to see these sorts of gains within weeks. It's just like working out at the gym – the more you train the more you'll gain.

Penis Advantage – The Final Verdict

Penis Advantage is one of the best male enhancement solutions you can get access to. For the last 7 years it has established a 99% success rate which is further backed by an 8 week full money back guarantee. Unlike many reviews you may read, this review comes from a real Penis Advantage customer – you will not need the refund.

Face Lift – Things to Consider When Going For One

It's been said that a person's face is their autobiography. It says a lot about that person and as with aging it shows that a person would not be happy to display. The natural sagging and drooping that happens to our faces says things that we would prefer not be said. Fortunately, there are ways in which we can take control and write out own story. If you are aging and show signs of sagging, you could consider this surgery. However, there are a number of things to consider before diving right in.

The first thing to consider when thinking about this procedure is your expectations and the changes you want. While the results can be quite dramatic, the operation is not a cure for all the effects of aging. Furthermore, the term 'facelift' can actually mean a number of different things. Depending upon your needs, your doctor may be able to tighten the skin or 'lift' the skin to cure drooping, or combination of the two.

Another factor to consider is cost. While the effect of this procedure lasts significantly longer than most non-surgical alternatives, it is not permanent. Occasionally, your face will begin to sag and wrinkle. If your end goal is to maintain the same appearance for the rest of your life, this could result in a number of surgeries over your lifetime. In many cases, these surgeries will not be covered under insurance. However, for many people, the cost of a new and fresh look is worth any amount of money.

It's also important to consider the risks and benefits of this procedure. Like any medical procedure, there exists the potential for some side effects and complications. The best way to reduce the chance of experiencing negative consequences is to give your doctor as complete and accurate a picture of your current health situation. Your plastic surgeon should be in contact with your general physician to be on the look out for any areas which may cause complications later on.

It's also important to find the best possible doctor in your area to perform your surgery. The internet, your doctor, and friends and family are the best places to look for referrals and first hand information. After evaluating your needs, weighing the costs and benefits, and doing your research, you may find that this surgery is the best way to rewrite the autobiography that is your face and feel the bout of youth all over again.

Squats for Boxing

When it comes to weight training for boxing, no other single exercise has made as much of a noticeable difference in my boxing as heavy squats. When I first started boxing I had come from years of weight training and had a decent amount of size and strength. Unfortunately for my height at 5’7″ weighing 177lbs was not going to put me in an advantageous position to win fights. On my quest to drop weight and get myself down to 165lbs for the middleweight I abandoned most weight training and stuck to cardio, push-ups, burpees, ab work, and of course boxing itself. It took me about 4 months to slowly get to my desired weight, by the time I was there I felt great and really light. The funny thing was that even though I had sharpened my technique, my power on a single shot had taken a serious nosedive. I remember at first really being able to move guys back with the jab, and I could throw a right hook to the body that would echo throughout the gym. I didn’t worry about it too much at the time, my skills had gotten better and I thought that losing power was just a natural part of dropping weight and being more precise with technique.

It wasn’t until I went to the gym with a buddy one day about 2 years later that I re-introduced myself to squats and deadlifts. I couldn’t believe how weak I had become, it was a hit to the ego that my strength had practically cut in half. I made it my mission to get my strength back in the fundamental lifts (squat, deadlift, and bench press). After about a 6 weeks of steady work most of my strength started to come back, particularly in the squat where I used to be able to do 4-6 reps at 315lbs (3 plates on each side).

I sparred later that weak to prep a guy for the upcoming Provincials, and after the second round the coach came around to my side of the ring and whispered to me, “hey take it easy, he says you’re hitting too hard.” What!? I laughed to myself, I’m hitting too hard!? I hadn’t heard that in a long time, and especially from a guy at this level. But he was on to something, I noticed I wasn’t getting pushed around as much in the ring, I could hold my stance, block shots and then throw with more solid balance. It also became easy and natural to lower my levels to get under shots and rip to the body. I found myself transitioning and stopping and starting with relative ease. Essentially my legs were carrying me around like it was nothing. I hadn’t felt this solid since I started, but now I had full arsenal of techniques to go with my new found strength.

There’s always the question of whether weight training slows you down, my belief is that it doesn’t and can in fact speed you up. However, adding too much weight can slow you down eventually and it takes more work on the part of the heart and lungs to support that weight. My advice to you from practical experience is to take squats seriously and build up as much strength and power as you can in this exercise. Watch how much more solid and agile you become in the ring.

Help, My TI-83 / Ti-84 Won’t Graph

It’s 8 o’clock at night. Dinner is over. You’re sitting down to watch a movie or Monday Night Football — and then it happens . . . “Mommmmmmmmm (or Daddddddddddd), my calculator isn’t working. I have to turn in my math homework tomorrow, and my graph isn’t showing up.”

“This can’t be so bad”, you think. “I passed high school math. Heck, I even installed the Quicken Accounting System at work. How complicated can a calculator be?”

The last time you looked at your child’s TI-83 or TI-84 was in August at the office superstore; it was in the front of a shopping cart with on top of a pile three ring binders and notebook paper. It didn’t look so bad then, but now you take a closer look and there are all kinds of keys you never saw before on a calculator. At the bottom is something familiar — a normal looking array of number keys, and at the right are the usual add, subtract, multiply, and divide keys. But what the heck are “MODE”, “DEL”, “STAT”, “ZOOM”, “TRACE”, etc. ? What are you going to do? Who ya gonna call?


Here are a couple of really simple things to do; but remember, the title of this article is “Help, My TI-83 / Ti-84 Won’t Graph”, and that is really all that is addressed in this article.

The Graphing Buttons

Look at the top row of buttons on the TI-83/TI-84 calculator. There should be five of them, set apart from the other buttons; and they should have the following labels:

      [Y=]   [WINDOW]   [ZOOM]   [TRACE]   [GRAPH]

This is where all of your activity is going to take place.

The Three Major Problems

Most of the time when a graph is not displaying, there are three reasons:

  1. Graph Function.The graph function is not entered properly, or not entered at all.
  2. Graph Not Turned On. The graph function is entered properly, but graphing is not turned on.
  3. Viewing Window. The viewing window for the function is set to the wrong size or location.

We will deal with these one at a time.

Check that the Graph Function is Entered Properly

Push the [Y=] key at the top of the calculator. This puts you into the Y= editor screen. You should see a screen that looks something like this:

Plot1 Plot2 Plot3

Y1= 2X+1






The expression “2X+1” is just an example, but you need to see some kind of expression in the Y= editor screen, not just a bunch of blank “Y=” lines. If all you see is the following, then you need to add an expression:

Plot1 Plot2 Plot3







If you want to try a really simple expression to make sure that the calculator can plot, use “Y1=X”. This should plot a nice 45 degree line directly through the origin of the graph screen.

Check that the Graph Function is Turned On

It is possible that graphing of the function is not turned on in the Y= editor screen. This error is a little bit subtle. Look at the “=” sign in the equation you are trying to plot The “=” sign, must be highlighted.

If it is not, you must cursor to the “=” sign and press the [ENTER] key, to highlight it.

Viewing Window must be Set to Correct Size and Location

If the viewing window is set to the wrong size or location, the calculator may plot but you won’t see it on the screen.

There are many ways to set the viewing window, but an easy reliable method is to simply “Zoom Out”, until you see the function you are trying to graph. Push the [ZOOM] key at the top of the calculator. Then push “3” to zoom out. Repeat until you see the function you are trying to graph. Now you should have some idea what window you need to use to see the function plotted. Push the [WINDOW] key at the top of the calculator and adjust the display characteristics as necessary.