Scotland – Threave Castle

Murder, mayhem and Mons Meg dominate the history of a simple tower house perched on an island in the River Dee, near Kirkcudbright. Threave Castle served the "Black" Douglases, who used this watery site as a springboard against their rivals, the Stewarts, in the 14th and 15th centuries. As the typical Scottish tower house, the stronghold effectively merged simplicity and durability to pose a formidable threat to all comers.

Archibald the "Grim", Lord of Galloway and 3rd Earl of Douglas, erected Threave Castle in 1370 on the site of an earth-and-timber fortification. The illegitimate son and only heir of "Good" Sir James Douglas, Archibald developed a reputation in Galloway for cold-hearted oppression. Isolated from the surrounding landscape, this inhospitable tower house looks an appropriate home for the despised Archibald, yet the structure was more elaborate than its exterior suggests.

Standing five stores high, the 8-foot thick walls solidly protected the Douglases. Each story had a specific purpose. Used for storage, the vaulted basement contained the well, a sink and drain and the dungeon. It may also have held servants quarters. The kitchen level above the basement had a large fireplace, stone sink, deep recessed window, latrine and probably provided dining space for the servants. A spiral staircase afforded the easy transfer of hot meals between the kitchen and the great hall, purposely located on the floor above. As the Laird's showplace, the great hall featured an ornate fireplace, three well-lit windows with seats and a latrine. An outside door allowed passage between the great hall and boat docks on the river below. Archibald and his descendents lived on the floor above the great hall, with private apartments offering refugees and a bedchamber when guests provided tiring. Meager accommodation filled the uppermost storey.

After the death in 1439 of the powerful 5th Earl of Douglas, who was also named Archibald, the relationship between the Black Douglases and the Scottish monarchy, which had never been easy, began to break down. In 1440, the two Douglas heirs, William and David, rode to Edinburgh Castle to dine with King James II, who was still in his teens. During the "Black Bull's Dinner", the kings regents charged the young Douglases with treason. According to tradition, at the end of the evening's meal, one of the regents placed a bull's head before the brothers to symbolize their impending doom. Both were executed in front of the young king.

The blood feud continued. In 1452, the 8th Earl imprinted a rival, Sir Patrick MacLellan, who was "the Tutor of Bombie" and Sheriff of Galloway. MacLellan's uncle visited Douglas, who suspected the uncle was carrying a release decree signed by the king. Douglas arranged to dine with the uncle before considering the prisoner's freedom. During the meal he had MacLellan killed, voiding the royal decree and enraging King James.

The king soon discovered that Douglas was conspiring against him with the Earl of Crawford and the Lord of the Isles, John MacDonald. Allegedly hoping to reconcile the bad blood between them, King James II invited Douglas to dine at Stirling Castle. When the 8th Earl of Douglas refused to renounce his association with Crawford and MacDonald, the king became infuriated and stabbed him to death.

In 1455, the king's army defeated James, 9th Earl of Douglas; and his assembly of 40,000 men, who marched to Stirling Castle to avenge the murder of the 8th Earl. Proceeding to Threave, James II scorned the Earl's offer of the castle as a gift and instead built an artillery wall around the stronghold. The king then bombarded the sturdy tower house with the legendary Mons Meg (how housed in Edinburgh Castle). The Mons Meg was a mammoth cannon presented by the Duke of Burgundy to James II in 1457. Seeing the destruction of several outbuildings and with their laird safely ensconced in England, the garrison surrendered to the king. From then onward, Threave Castle served as a royal fortress with the Lords Maxwell as hereditary keepers from 1526.

The castle of the Black Douglases faced its final and most devastating siege in 1640, when a force of Covenanters, Calvinists determined to enforce Protestant rule in Scotland, waked havoc upon the site for 13 weeks. Despite left in ruin, the tower house remained strong enough to imprint French prisoners during the Napoleonic Wars.

In 1948 the National Trust for Scotland became custodians and started a School for Practical Gardening in the castle grounds. Now under the dual care of the National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland, Threave Castle is open during the summer for an entrance fee.

The Benefits of Using Green and Silver Tarps

Silver and green heavy duty poly tarps are very popular for all kinds of extended outdoor uses. They are widely seen in construction, roofing, agriculture, landscaping, boating, camping, and other recreation. They can even be used to cover outdoor furniture and backyard play equipment. These tarps are lightweight and therefore easy to handle, yet they are very strong. They generally weigh about 5.5 ounces per square yard. You can buy a heavier tarp, but it will cost more, and it will not be as easy to handle because of the added weight.

The silver and green tarps are also waterproof and will protect what’s underneath against harmful UV rays that can cause equipment to fade in color and otherwise deteriorate. They should be UV treated on both sides. They should also be mildew proof, rot proof, acid resistant, and tear resistant.

The green color helps this tarp fade into a wooded or grassy landscape almost as well as a camouflage tarp does. Other kinds of heavy duty poly outdoor tarps are generally white or silver because of their reflective properties. Of course the silver and green tarps can also be reversed to put the silver side on top if that color is more desirable in the outdoor environment. Which side is facing out should not matter to the life of the tarp or the protection it offers.

Like any good tarp it is recommended that it be tightly secured to protect both the tarp and what it is covering. Eyelets should be every 18 inches or so to allow the tarp to be tied down tightly thereby helping to keep out wind and rain and all kinds of weather. The eyelets are also generally treated to make them rust proof, and the corners of the tarp are reinforced. These tarps come in different sizes to meet the desired needs. Some more popular retailers will offer a discount if purchasing these tarps by the case. Another ideal use for these good value tarps is to cover up Lumber.

One website claims these kinds of tarps last 3-4 times longer than traditional standard tarps. While that may or may not be the case depending on care and usage, the silver and green heavy duty tarps are generally a good buy for the money and are among the most popular tarps sold today. They are essential for homeowners, campers, and anyone with outdoor machinery or just something to protect from the elements.

How to Host a Vision Board Party

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Vision Boards are very popular because they work. They allow you to see your dream as a reality, and if posted in a highly visible place it will keep your attention focused on your dream. While they can be done in creative solitude, Vision Boards done in a group can actually have a greater effect. Group work is a powerful resource for two reasons. First, when people come together to create their own Vision Boards individually, yet in a group, they are clarifying and openly verbalizing their desires and intentions. The second reason they are so powerful is that the group becomes committed to the individual’s success. Group-work acts as a collective support system for an individual’s dreams and desires.

So you’ve decided to have a Vision Board party, but you wonder just how to do it in order to get the maximum benefits for everyone. First, choose your friends wisely. Invite only those who have an active interest in creating a Vision Board. This is not the time to bring naysayers together. This is the time to bring supportive, loving people together. Plan about 2-3 hours for everyone to complete their boards and share. After you’ve chosen your group (I’ve done them with as few as three and as many as 10), send out invitations and begin planning on lots of fun.


You will need a large assortment of magazines and catalogs, a pair of scissors for every guest, and glue sticks or Rubber Cement (Rubber Cement makes it easy to reposition your images as you create your board). Markers and highlighters are nice to have on hand as well. Your guests can bring their own choice of poster board. Size and color are entirely up to each individual.

Getting Started

Have your guests sit quietly for a moment, breathing deeply to quiet and center their minds. This helps relax the body and deepen the process. Invite their intuition to join them as they create. Openly agree to accept all information that comes to them whether or not it’s fully understood at the time. At this point, do not focus on the end product yet.

When ready, look through the pages of the magazines and catalogs and cut out images, words, or phrases that jump out at you, or strike you as interesting or important. Let your inner guide make the choices for you-trust the process. Stack all of the cutouts in a pile and keep going until you feel you have enough to work with-again, your inner guidance will lead you. When you feel you have collected enough images, set them aside for a moment.

Next, decide on the categories of your Vision Board; for example Family, Work/Career, Friends/Social, House/Home, Travel/Adventure, Relationships/Romance…each person decides what areas they want to include. If you work from inspiration, then you will be doing it right…it is not a good idea to over-think this process.

Decide how you will arrange your categories on your board. Begin to sort through your images and intuitively place them in the categories they belong. You might find that you have images left-over that don’t seem to belong anywhere. I suggest that you dedicate an area of your vision board to these images, and arrange them in a manner that pleases you, letting your intuition guide you. These images may be a big part of your future that you are not yet aware of-you may not even be aware that this area has importance for you-just let your intuition guide you on your journey.

Use the full variety of supplies available…glue, markers, stickers, highlighters etc. Try not to think this through, just go with what pleases you at the moment. You are working from inner source and inspiration; things will unfold to your benefit whether you understand them right now or not.

Ending Process

As host, keep your eye on the time allotted because you do not want to skip this last step. It’s better to have an unfinished Vision Board than to not finalize your intention with this group process. Take turns and have each individual briefly explain their board to the others. If there are categories and images that they don’t understand, state that too. The power comes from each person clarifying, and openly stating their desired outcome. You will find that as each person shares, the group’s collective energy will surround them in support and respect.

It’s an interesting thing that happens when people do solitary work within a group. Many Vision Board parties go on to meet regularly as a support team for each other as they work toward their goals. While this is not necessary, it is certainly an added benefit of the activity. We all have our own path to take, and being a visionary is not always easy alone, but sharing the journey with others can be a very powerful and fulfilling process-one that can take your dreams and vision into reality.

Ask Your Sunroom Contractor For A Four Seasons Sunroom

The 4 seasons sunrooms are generally built against the sides of the house so that you can enjoy the outdoor comfort even while staying indoors. The thrilling nature can be felt thoroughly even when you are inside it, away from the rain, wind and other harsh natural elements. Sometimes they are also called solarium or Florida room.

These require much less time to be built and are easier to be constructed than the usual ones made of mortars, bricks and concrete. What you need is a desired way of setting the furniture and planning it prior so that the solarium becomes as comfortable as the other rooms in your home. They serve you round the year as a pleasurable retreat to enjoy the nature even while staying inside.

What Is a 4 Seasons Sunroom?

The sunrooms are usually made of glass primarily. But in case of a 4 seasons sunroom it is built of insulated walls and roof which have insulated glass windows and sky-lights. The domestic heating and cooling system can also be extended to this appendage and round the year the temperature of the sunroom can also be controlled in keeping with the climate outside, be it a scorching heat or an inclement chill. In case the system fails somehow then you can bank upon the window air-conditioners and the baseboards heaters to serve you the required purpose.

The sunroom has natural light pouring in and it is very healthy for the human body as sunlight produces Vitamin D. The sunrooms are very easy to set up and so they can be constructed anywhere and anytime. You can enjoy outdoor activities while staying fully within the four walls of your sunroom. Any climatic extremity is not strong enough to hassle you while you are inside your sunroom. They are the perfect joint for the family to get together in the morning or at night.

It never takes a sunroom contractor more than a week to make a sunroom. The traditional buildings take a much greater time. Solariums do add space to a home. When constructed carefully, they are capable of giving the home a very elegant look.

They also serve as multi-purpose rooms. In North America they are very commonly seen in houses. They are customized to suit as an appendage to an existing architectural edifice. The glasses are with good insulation, obtained at a low cost and give great comfort and also have a very high R-value. A glass with 4.0 R-Value should be used preferably. These glasses allow visible light transmission of 56 and provide a harmony of visibility and glare reduction. There is a microscopic coating on the glass that allows natural light but blocks the summer sun and the harmful UV ray.

How to Get an Aries Man Back – Surprising Strategies to Reclaim His Heart

You want to get back an Aries man. Obviously things didn’t work out the way you hoped for with your boyfriend. Relationships have a way of careering off course when we least expect it. After the dust has settled, and the break up is behind you, you may come to an awakening. Realizing that he’s the guy for you is difficult enough. Figuring out how to get him back in love with you is where the real challenge begins. If your guy is an Aries you’re going to have to approach things from a specific angle. You need to regain his trust so he can open his heart up to you all over again.

There’s a big misconception among women that they feel the brunt of the emotional turmoil after a break up. That’s simply not the case. Men feel things just as passionately. They experience the same pain that we do and it naturally leaves them wary of trying the relationship again. In order to get an Aries man back you have to show him that he can trust you with his heart once again. To do that you must be strong and emotionally stable. You have to work towards getting him to see that you’re the only woman for him.

The first thing you should be doing to get him to feel closer to you is initiate a platonic friendship with him. This is important for two reasons. First and foremost it ensures that you’ll remain a positive influence in his life. You already know him very well and so becoming a friend to him will feel comfortable and natural to both of you. Aries men are very open to the idea of maintaining contact after a relationship ends, so he’ll likely welcome the idea with open arms.

The other reason you want to become a friend to your ex is you need to work on showing him the improvements you’ll be making to yourself. You’re going to work on being more confident and self sufficient. Aries men go wild for women like this. You’re also going to be mature enough to recognize that the past needs to stay in the past. Drudging up the break up time and time again will only alienate him more. He wants to move forward and away from that pain, just as much as you do.

As your new friendship develops show him that you’re definitely someone he can lean on. Be there for him but keep the romantic feelings at bay. Your focus needs to be on demonstrating to him that you’re a strong and reliable presence in his life. Once he senses this, his heart will be much more open to the idea of the two of you moving from friends to romantic partners again.

A Credit Card For People With Bad Credit – $10,000 Guaranteed Starting Credit Line

The recent financial crunch has caused many would be credit issuers to tighten up on approvals for those consumer applicants with less than perfect credit. Even new credit seekers who do not have poor FICO scores, but also have not had the opportunity to establish a good credit profile as of yet are being turned away and treated as high risk applicants.

The problem for people who fall into either of these categories is that they have a legitimate need to either establish or re-establish their good credit profile and raise their FICO score, however without easy access to credit card approvals their ability to accomplish this necessary task is extremely difficult. Ironically, it’s these same card issuers who would like their applicants to have established solid credit histories who will not approve them in the beginning to help them prove that they are worthy of a new card approval. This vicious credit circle affects over half of the households in American today.

A few companies have recently stepped in to fill the credit needs of this growing consumer segment and offer instant online approval credit cards for people with bad credit or no credit history at all. These credit providers will typically issue new credit cards without a credit check and regardless of the applicants past or present credit history. Some of these cards are issued as major brand logo credit cards, prepaid debit cards, secured credit cards and online catalog shopping cards which allow the card holder to purchase household and gift items from the credit grantors web based store.

One such card offered with no credit check is a new Platinum Card that boasts a huge beginning limit of $10,000 for all of its approved applicants, even those with poor credit or no history at all. As long as the applicant is at least 18 years of age and has a valid U.S. checking or savings account, the applicant will be approved. The Platinum Card also features 0 % interest on any unpaid balance and there is no employment verification required for approval. The card does require a minimal initial membership fee, however once the new member is approved, the card issues each user a whopping $2,500 bonus to use towards unpaid balances in addition to the generous starting limit of $10,000.

For consumers who are having trouble getting approved for a traditional credit card with strict income and employment requirements, this particular card for people with bad credit may be a valuable option to acquire a high limit credit card with no credit checks or employment verification.

Why is it That Men Who Are "Uncut" (Uncircumcised) Typically Have Bigger Penises?

Men who have not been circumcised typically have larger penises than men who have been circumcised. What is the reason for this?

Circumcision is a surgical process usually performed when the male is in his infancy. It removes the foreskin from his penis. It is a traumatic process for the infant and some researchers believe that it creates deep-based psychological fears, as the male is so young.

When the foreskin is surgically removed it creates scarring and scar tissue. If a circumcised male looks at his penis he can usually see the scarring between the shaft of the penis where it meets the corona (the corona is at the base or back of the head of the penis). The scarring is usually visible because the skin will have a different color than the rest of the penis.

This scarring damages the tissues in this area of the penis and will impede penis length on erection. Because this is done in infancy (usually) and before puberty, this will affect the size of the penis when it gets its growth spurt during adolescence.

An Australian scientific study measured 158 men for penis length. They compared circumcised and uncircumcised men. They found that the average penis length in circumcised men was 5% less than non-circumcised men. This, of course, is the average. Some men lost less and some men lost more of their size. It’s also worth noting the research of Dr. John Taylor who revealed that 51% of an infant’s penile skin is removed with circumcision.

But affecting penis size isn’t the only problem with circumcision. The foreskin is rich in sensory nerve endings and is one of the main areas of the penis that increases a man’s sexual pleasure. When it is removed this decreases the sexual pleasure a man will feel during intercourse. The foreskin is also rich in tactile nerve endings, like those found in the fingertips that can perceive very fine sensations through feeling. With removal of the foreskin, the male loses this very fine touch sensation in his penis. This is important because he won’t be able to “feel” the vagina with his penis.

The scarring of the penis cannot be reversed, unfortunately, but there are methods of natural penis enlargement that can help increase a man’s size if he was robbed of it through this surgical procedure. There are also methods of increasing the sensitivity and sensation-ability of the penis. To learn about some of these methods, read IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM.


Georg von Neumann

Agoraphobia Is Not the Opposite of Claustrophobia

Agoraphobia isn’t the opposite of claustrophobia – but a lot of people think it is. In fact I used to think exactly that. I used to think exactly that even when I was suffering from agoraphobia. I was even offered the opportunity to join an agoraphobics group, but I said no because I wasn’t afraid of open spaces. I quite liked open spaces as long as no one else was anywhere near me. In fact if there was no other human being in sight, then that was OK as far as I was concerned. But that was all a very long time ago.

The translation of agoraphobia is ‘fear of the market place’, not, as many people think, fear of open spaces. The essence of the market place is people and human interaction. This is what is fearful. Places that agoraphobes typically avoid, or have problems with, are supermarkets, theatres, cinemas, crowds, parties. Places where a rapid exit might be difficult.

The fear is usually of showing oneself up in some way in the eyes of others. Typically agoraphobes worry about things like: vomiting (usually as a result of severe anxiety); fainting; having a panic attack; or suffering from a genuine health emergency like a heart attack. The concern is usually one of embarrassment – perhaps fainting and finding oneself on a supermarket floor gazing up into a circle of concerned faces who will insist on making a fuss and calling an ambulance.

Many agoraphobes manage to get by with a trusted helper who accompanies them when they need to go shopping or out socialising. This person is there to rescue them and take them home should anything bad, like a panic attack occur. But when that helper is not available life is very restricted.

If medical help is obtained the most likely result is medication with tranquillisers and anti-depressants. Neither of which actually solve the problem, they just enable a minimum level of functionality. The problem remains, like a monster in the wardrobe, waiting to show its scary face as soon as you turn off the lights,  or look the other way. So you are trapped. The medication keeps the monster locked in the wardrobe, but doesn’t get rid of it. Stop the medication and the monster is free once more.

Life as an agoraphobe is no fun at all.

So if you are agoraphobic and reading this I want to reassure you about a few things:

  • This is not a disease, but you can ‘heal’ it.
  • There is nothing physically wrong with you.
  • Your brain is as normal as anyone else’s.
  • The cause is the way you think.
  • The cure is changing the way you think.

Changing the way you think is not easy, but it is a lot easier than living the isolated, fearful, life of an agoraphobe.

When you think about the totality of the change you need to make, it seems an insurmountable task.

When you think about the single next step you need to take – it becomes not only possible, but relatively easy.

The first steps are the most difficult. Every step after those first few become easier. They become easier because you have the memory of success and knowledge that what you are doing is already making a positive difference to your life.

Differences Between Damask, Brocade, and Jacquard

Often times, uneducated individuals use the terms damask, brocade, and Jacquard interchangeably with one another. It can often confuse those who are unfamiliar with the world of fabrics. Jacquard is a decorative or woven pattern that is created by using a Jacquard attachment on a loom. The attachment resembles the punch card on a piano. It is purported to offer better versatility and fabric control for the operator of the loom. The Jacquard technique can be applied to a variety of fabrics, and it is commonly used on brocade and damask fabrics. It is commonly used in a variety of apparel and home goods, from tablecloths to bedding.

Brocade is defined as a lavishly decorated, shuttle woven fabric. It is primarily woven from silk; although, it is possible to find brocade constructed from a blend of silk and synthetic fibers. Often, it will be embroidered with gold or silver thread. Brocade can trace its origins back to India, where weaving is a traditional art form. It is typically woven on a loom, and it may or may not be woven using the Jacquard technique. It is also characterized by the manner in which the brocaded or broached parts of the fabric hang in loose groups or are clipped away. Although the scenes and patterns on brocade appear to have been embroidered, the scenes are actually woven into the fabric using advanced weaving techniques that involve manipulating the weft and weave of the fabric. The most common types of scenes depicted on brocade fabric are those of floral prints.

Damask, similarly to brocade, is a fabric that features woven scenes of floral patterns, intricate geometric designs, or simple scenes of domestic life. It may be woven of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers. However, it is most commonly created from silk. It is primarily different from brocade in the fact that its woven fabric pattern is reversible, while that of brocade is not. Similarly, shorter weft patterns in damask allow for more subtle effects in the fabric to be created as it plays off of shadow and light. Damask weaves also contain a higher thread count than that of brocade. Double damask weaves are the highest quality of damask produced; however, it is also the most expensive.

How to Recover Deleted Emails and Restore Them Completely

It can happen to anyone. We accidentally delete an email that we really need. And it just happened to be important work file, attachment or picture. So now what? How can I recover that email? Is it at all possible? Surely, it can be permanently deleted?

Well, there is good news and bad news.

Let’s start with the good news.

Restoring Deleted Emails

If you delete an email, it hasn’t really gone anywhere. Even if you’ve emptied your recycle bin or the “Trash” folder in your Inbox – the email still isn’t deleted. It’s just that your computer system now has no way to figure out where it is. But it’s there, still on your hard drive. By using special email recovery tools you can recover deleted emails because these programs identify these ‘missing’ files and can bring them back to life.

Now the bad news.

Act Quickly and Increase Your Chances

The bad news is you have to act quickly. You only have a small time-frame in which to try to attempt to recover your lost email. Every minute that you waste and continue to use the drive for anything that isn’t related to recovering your emails, you severely decrease your chances of successful email recovery. Why?

Well, because your hard drive is constantly overwriting files to make space for new information you put into it. If your hard drive is full and there is not much space or memory available – it is highly probable that the email has already been overwritten and deleted – permanently.

Other Problems with Recovering Deleted Emails

Not all deleted or lost emails go to “Trash” folder. If you have suffered a computer crash or hardware failure or your operating system is corrupted in some way, then it is unlikely that emails you have deleted can be recovered.

Also, if you haven’t opened the email at all or it hasn’t been deleted the usual way due to file corruption, you probably will have less of a chance to recover and restore the email in its entirety.

Nothing to Lose

Recover deleted email programs search and locate the emails that you have deleted. You can search by entering a specific keyword for example. Then, you can choose to preview the email to see it’s contents and if it’s been recovered in its original state by the program. You can also select to scan for what ever email program you are using (and need to recover) – either web based emails such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail or Outlook Express.

Best bit is this. Most of these email recovery programs are free to download. When they start scanning your hard drive looking for the deleted email and then manage to find it and when you are completely satisfied that that’s your missing email – then you can then proceed to purchase the software.

In essence, you have nothing to lose (if the email is not there – it’s not there) and everything to gain.

Well, at least you can get your deleted email back.

How to Make a Girl Come Quickly and Effortlessly

Imagine a sex life where regardless of how long it went for, or how hard you wanted to, you never reached orgasm.

It’d be pretty frustrating, right?

Sadly, that’s what about 70% of women go through every single day.

Many men are waking up to the fact that their partner isn’t getting the sexual satisfaction she craves, and to their credit, are seeking out a solution to the problem. However, many of you reading this article are probably still unsure of how to give a girl multiple, mind-blowing orgasms that she know she desperately needs.

That’s where I come in. In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make your girl come quickly, easily, and effortlessly, using a simple, idiot-proof three-step formula.

Step 1: Build Sexual Tension

With all that goes on in our lives these days, it’s easy for us to lose touch with our inherent sexuality. For guys, this usually isn’t a big problem – we’re so highly sexually charged to begin with, that it doesn’t exactly take a lot for it to awaken.

Women, on the other hand, are a whole different story.

As opposed to men, who are generally more sexually charged the longer it’s been since they’ve had sex, women work the opposite way. That is to say, they are at their horniest when they are having regular orgasms.

In order to make a woman orgasm quickly and effortlessly, we have to re-awaken her sexuality. We do this first mentally, then physically. The mental component is called sexual tension.

Building sexual tension, whilst easy when you know how, is a whole subject in and of itself. For the purposes of this article, just understand that it involves getting a girl’s mind to be receptive to any sexual advances you make. Ways to do this may include light touching, a certain look, saying certain things, flirting, and much more.

Once you have built a decent amount of sexual tension, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Foreplay

Being able to perform powerful, arousing foreplay is one of the best skills a man can have in the bedroom.

If sexual tension is the key to awakening a woman’s mental sexuality, foreplay is the key to re-aquainting her body with her sexual side. Again, there really isn’t enough room in this article to be able to reveal the secrets to amazing foreplay, but essentially it revolves around “firing up” her nerves and putting her body in a highly sexually charged state.


Step 3: Direct Sexual Stimulation

If you have built sexual tension correctly, and have given your girl amazing foreplay, she’s 90% of the way to having amazing, powerful orgasms already.

Having said that, obviously the actual physical stimulation is still extremely vital in making her come.

Again, unfortunately, there just isn’t room in this article to give a thorough and in-depth explanation of how to use the clitoris, G-spot, and vaginal nerve endings in order to satisfy a woman’s sexual cravings. We don’t have the space to get into a discussion of primary and secondary stimulation, or the multitude of “hot spots” that are part of the female body, or how to use mental stimulation in tandem with physical stimulation in order to give her powerful, mind-blowing orgasms.

What you have just read is the basic skeletal outline of everything you need to know in order to make a girl come quickly and effortlessly. If you apply this roadmap, there is no doubt in my mind that your girl will have the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Meditation and Relaxation – Breathing from the Diaphragm

Breathing from the diaphragm (the long band of muscle that lies beneath your lungs) allows for the full expansion possible of your ribcage. This means that more air can get into your lungs and into your bloodstream.

Singers use diaphragm breathing to be able to perform their songs with greater power and control, and learning the technique of diaphragm breathing will also improve your chances of relaxing into deep sleep.

This is a good exercise to start with, and can easily be used as a "cleansing" warm-up before doing any other form of exercise.

1. Ideally, lie on your back on a flat surface, or in bed, with your arms at your sides. If lying down is not possible then try to find a repeating position so that the ribcage is slightly extended.

2. As you breathe in through your nose, imagine that your abdomen and chest contain an empty vessel, like a wine carafe. The opening of the carafe is your nose or mouth and the neck of the carafe is your own neck. Where the neck of the carafe opens into the basin, picture this area as your lungs and then picture the main basin of the carafe as your abdomen.

3. Breathe in and feel the air pouring into your lungs. You should slowly expand your belly first, as if the air is literally filling up your body like wine would fill the carafe. Next fill and expand your upper abdomen, then your chest, throat and mouth. You can place your hand on your upper abdomen if you need help breathing this way. Your hand should rise as you breathe in.

4. When your "vessel" is full, begin to "pour" the air out through your mouth. This time, the air will empty in the opposite direction. First from your mouth, then your throat, chest and finally your stomach. Slightly contract your stomach muscles as if you're trying to squeeze the last "drops" out.

5. Relax and breathe in again through your nose.

6. Repeat this process at least half a dozen times. Each time, try to pull in and pour out slowly more air.

If you prefer, you can imagine your stomach as a balloon – but it is important to keep the "order" in which the air fills your body. This exercise is teaching you not just to breathe deeply, but to notice and control your breathing. These skills form an important part of later meditation practices.

To continue practicing these skills, try this exercise. It may seem strange, but it will help you to expand your lung capacity and increase your sense of control over your breathing.

1. Get into a comfortable position, either lying down or sitting. Close your eyes and place the little finger of each hand on each side of your nose. Relax your other fingers against your cheeks or in a loose fist against your chin.

2. Use the left little finger to close the left nostril. Breathe in deeply through the right nostril only.

3. Now close the right nostril with the right little finger and release the left nostril. Exhale consistently through the left nostril.

4. Without moving your hands at all, breathe back in through the left nostril. Then close your left nostril and exhale through your right nostril only.

5. Repeat with each nostril as the "inhaling" nostril at least 3 times.

If you find it difficult to use both hands, try using the thumb and forefinger of one hand.

Because you are limiting the "pathways" for air to enter your lungs, you are making the lungs work harder to inhale and exhale. Over time, just as when you exercise a muscle, your lungs will get stronger and their capacity will increase, enabling you to breathe more deeply.

This exercise will get you some interesting looks if you try it in public, so just be forewarned!

Business Meeting Thank You Note Samples

After just about any meeting, successful or note, it never hurts to follow up with a thank you note. It shows you respect your client’s time and even if your product wasn’t a good fit this time, your client knows you’re a courteous, professional colleague he’d like to do business with again.

Email or snail mail? You know best; think about the client’s company culture. Usually email is fine, especially if you’re thanking for something informal like time.

Your tone is also something only you can gauge. When in doubt, more formal is better. You don’t have to be cold or stuffy but do be respectful.

Here are a few examples you can customize to your own situation.

Example 1:

Dear Todd,

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Your ideas on new approaches to sales in our region were insightful and a great help to me. Thank you for making time to meet with me and for sharing your thoughts.



Dear Dr. Price,

Thank you for seeing me yesterday. I appreciated the chance to discuss our new products with you. Your opinions are always helpful and interesting. I hope the latest product will fit your needs.

It’s always a pleasure to see you!

Best Regards,



It was a pleasure to finally get a chance to meet you today. Your research project sounds very interesting and offers a compelling value proposition to to the mobile phone carriers. As discussed, my team has done extensive work in the type of data collection that your research requires.

Please let me know if I can provide you with more details about how we would work on the project.

Look forward to speaking with you soon.


Dear Paul,

Thank you for your time today. Jack and I very much appreciated your input on our new business development strategy. I know that you have a number of demands on your schedule right now so the fact that you took as much time as you did to guide us is even more welcome.

We will be sure to circle back with you when the plan is finalized in order for you to provide your stamp of approval as well as any final comments.

Create Computer Games – Get Started on Creating Your Own Virtual Worlds

I’ve always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend’s computer in the afternoon after elementary school. There’s something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please. I’ve also always wanted to make games myself but, until recently, didn’t have the technical knowledge to do so. Now, I’m a second year software engineering student, so if I weren’t able to code a game without too many dramas there’d be something drastically wrong. But what about the common person: the person for whom the term ‘memory leak’ conjures up images of their grandfather, ‘pipeline’ is where the water flows, and ‘blitting’ is unheard of? Well, everyone can get in on the game creation process, and you don’t even need to learn ‘real’ programming to do so.

So where do games start? With an idea. Games, like all fiction, require an idea to be successful. Sure, in the same way you can just sit down and write a story without foresight, you can jump on in and slap a game together. However, unless you get ridiculously lucky, the best works are usually the ones that have been well thought out beforehand.

There are two methods of planning a project. You can start from a known technological standpoint and build your project on top of that or you can just go for the design, add as many features and ideas as you like, and then remove the ones that you can’t use when you’ve decided on the technology you’re going to implement the game with. In general, the second type is probably the best one to go with when designing games. When you’re first starting out however, the first option will save you many headaches.

So, for a first game you’re going to want a pretty simple idea. Don’t get me wrong, crazy-go-nuts game ideas are fantastic, and there should be more of them out there, but you’re not going to be able to create a real world simulator with fifty billion virtual people all interacting real time with your actions having a butterfly effect on the future of the virtual universe when it’s just your first game. Really. Many people try it; none that I know of have succeeded. Imitation is the best way to start out. Simple games such as ‘Space Invaders’, ‘Tetris’, ‘Pacman’ or even ‘Pong’ are great places to start. All are largely simple to create but have some inherent challenges. ‘Pacman’ for example, requires path finding for the ghosts. I recommend that you start even simpler than that for your very first attempt. ‘Space Invaders’ is a nice point to jump in. You can make a simple, complete game without much effort and it’s almost infinitely extensible.

If you’re stuck for an idea, pick a genre that you enjoy. Do you love adventure games such as ‘Monkey Island’, ‘Grim Fandango’, ‘Space Quest’, ‘King’s Quest’ etc.? Design one of those. Are you into fighting games like ‘Street Fighter’, ‘Tekken’, ‘Soul Calibur’, ‘Mortal Kombat’ and so on? Come up with an idea for that. Do you like first person shooters such as ‘Quake’, ‘Half Life’ or ‘Doom’? I don’t recommend it as a first project, but you can always give it a go. Feel free to be as generic as you like, this is a learning experience after all.

Now that you have your idea it’s time to flesh it out. Don’t worry about the technology or the fact that you may not know how to actually implement a game just yet, just grab yourself some paper and a pencil and go crazy with ideas. Describe the main characters, game play, goals, interactions, story, and key mappings, anything you can think of. Make sure you have enough detail so that someone can read through the notes and play through the game in their head with relative accuracy. Changing game design during the coding process is almost always a bad idea. Once it’s set, it should remain set until the tweaking phase (I’ll go into this more later) or you’re likely to enter ‘development hell’, where the project goes on and on; more and more work is done with less and less outcome.

At the end of this period of your game creation, you should have the following:

– A written outline of the game’s characters and possibly a sketch or two (be they space ships, yellow circles, cars or the prince of the dark kingdom of Falgour, you need to know who or what the player will be and who they will compete against)

– A written outline of the story (if there is one, this isn’t too vital for ‘Space Invaders’ or ‘Tetris’, but for ‘Uber Quest: An Adventure of Awesomeness’ it’s a really good idea)

– A description of game play, written or storyboarded. Storyboards are visual representations of ideas. Draw your characters in actions, with arrows showing the flow of action and short written descriptions detailing the events occurring in your image (because some of us aren’t fantastic artists and our images can be a little… open to interpretation…)

Now that you have a fleshed out idea, it’s time to work out how this will all get put together. If you’ve gotten to this point and are worried that you’re going to have to spend years learning complex programming languages in order to implement your idea, fear not! Others have already done the hard yards for you. There are many RAD (Rapid Application Development) Tools available for game creation, a number of which are available for free online. Some of them still require you to learn a ‘scripting language’ (a simplified programming language made for a specific task) but in general this isn’t too complicated or involved. I’ve compiled a brief list of some of these I have found at the end of the article. The free ones are listed first, organized by game genre.

Well, that should be enough to get you started in the creation of your game. The most important thing to remember once you’ve gotten this far is that you need to complete your game. Many people start a project and then lose interest and it fails, or they keep moving on to one new project after another without finishing anything. Start small, build a working (if simple) game that is, above all else, complete. When you get to this stage you will always have a huge number of things that you wish to change, fix etc. but you’ll get a great feeling from knowing that it is, in its way, finished.

From this point, you can start the tweaking phase. Play your game a few times and ask others to do the same. Take note of what isn’t fun or could be better and change things here. At this stage, it is more important than ever to keep backups of previous versions so that if a change doesn’t work you can go back and try something different without losing any of your work. It is at this point that you can add all new features, improve graphics and sounds, whatever you please, safe in the knowledge that you’re working on a solid foundation.

When you’re happy with your game, why not share it with the world? There are many cheap or free places out there for you to host your files on and then you can jump on link lists and forums and let everyone know about your creation. Well, I hope that this has been a helpful introduction into the art of creating games. It’s a great deal of fun, and can open whole new avenues of creative expression for you to explore. Jump in and have fun!


General Game Creation:

(Tools that allow easy creation of many different game types)

Game Maker:


Adventure Games:

(Games such as Monkey Island, King’s Quest, Space Quest etc.)

Adventure Game Studio: []


3D Adventure Studio:

ADRIFT (for text adventures):

Role Playing Games (RPGs):

(Games such as Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Diablo)


RPG Toolit:

Fighting Games:

(Games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Soul Calibur etc.)


MUGEN (unfortunately the site is largely in French):

Side-Scrolling Games:

(Games such as the 2D Mario Games, Sonic the Hedgehog, Double Dragon etc.)

The Scrolling Game Development Kit:

There are many others available as well. One particularly useful site for finding game creation tools is:

Also of note, although not freeware, are the excellent game creation tools available by Clickteam at: []

Klik and Play and The Games Factory in particular are the programs to have a look at and download the free demos of.

If you really want to do things right and program the game yourself, there are some excellent programming resources available at the following locations:

Java Game Programming:

Visual Basic Game Programming:


C++ Game Programming:

General Information:

Water Filled Barriers Improve Safety

All along the highway there are construction projects that are helping to resurface the roadway or expand the lanes of traffic to accommodate the growing number of cars on the road. Wherever there is a construction crew at work the site of their development is being protected by barriers that are water filled are keeping the speeding traffic away from the newly built sections of the highway. Where cement barriers were once widely used by the construction crews to safeguard them against the passing motorists there has been a changing of the guard, so to speak. Using this type of barriers instead of cement blockages provides better protection to the working construction crews and also is safer for the passing drivers.

Because the barriers are sturdy and secure they are ideal for separating the passing cars from the building site. However being less cumbersome the water filled barriers are also easier to move and reposition. Using a fork lift and two men the barriers can be repositioned to meet the demands of the jobsite without bringing in a crane to move the heavier cement structures. In addition to protecting the crew that are repairing and adding onto the highways and byways, the water filled barriers are also helping to keep drivers safe. In the event that a passing car strikes one of the water filled barriers it will absorb some of the impact and do less damage to the car. Enabling a crew to work in one area and then section off the road to work safely in another area the water filled barriers are providing safety to the employers that out on the road in all kinds of weather conditions.