Lean Six Sigma Meets Darwin And Market Segmentation

In today's competitive environment, market segmentation is the latest buzzword and is being touted as the next big thing in corporate management, especially marketing and sales. Lean Six Sigma would have failed just like any other quality improvement methodology, but it survived the test of time because it was quick to adapt to the challenges of market segmentation.

Scope And Importance Of Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is basically a management concept that is utilized by businesses to classify potential customers into different categories based on their age, income, specific needs and other factors. The need for market segmentation was realized when businesses understood that not all their customers were satisfied with the products or services being offered. The feedback provided by customers went a long way in making businesses understand that every individual has his own specific needs and requirements; and as such, the same product or service will not be able to satisfy all customers' needs and requirements.

However, since it is quite impossible to cater to the specific needs and requirements of each and every individual, businesses decided to take the middle path (ie classify potential customers into different categories), each category represents the common needs and requirements of a certain group of individuals or customers. The aim was to design and develop specific products or services for each of these categories or market segments so as to satisfy the common needs and requirements of categorized group members.

It's not surprising then, that businesses have extended their product lines; for example, auto companies now offer everything from economy cars to luxury sedans and tour operators offer everything from low-cost weekend destinations to luxury cruises across the Atlantic.

How Lean Six Sigma Helps In Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is certainly beneficial, but the problem is that it often requires businesses to incur additional expenses on designing and developing specific products, making the same available to the target audience, and also on marketing and sales. Lean Six Sigma helps because it allows businesses to increase efficiency even at a time when many different processes are being carried out, all at the same time. By utilizing Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques such as JIT (Just In Time) and ROQ (re-order quantity), businesses can ensure that production is not effected and that costs are reduced substantively.

Increased efficiency and reduced costs compensate for the expenses that are incurred for catering to the specific needs and requirements of different market segments. This shows that without lean Six Sigma, it would become quite difficult to derive all the potential benefits that are associated with market segmentation.

The benefits of Lean Six Sigma were being debated some time back, but its recent success with market segmentation has finally proved that when it comes to managing quality and efficiency, Lean Six Sigma is certainly the best.

The Flex Belt Vs Slendertone – What Should You Choose?

The Flex Belt and the Slendertone are two products that are claiming to tone your abs, one better than the other. Both of these products are competitors and each of their manufacturers is trying to get customers to buy their products.

Just so that we can help you decide which product to choose, we will write down some points about Flex Belt vs. Slendertone to make your choice easier for you.

These two products are the most popular products when it comes to electrical muscle stimulation. It is these two products that are dominating in the market and the rivalry between these two products are never ending.

According to many customer reviews, people are satisfied with both products. They mostly have positive reviews about the performance and the end results of the products. But when it comes to discussing which product trumps the other, reviews on some websites are tilting towards the Slendertone.

People had a lot of good things to say about Slendertone. Perhaps the most common con that can be found in the Slendertone is the lack of a good guide for new users. According to one customer, the guide would help people use the belt in a manner which would prevent any back pains or posture problems because one customer faced the problem himself.

Other customers have good things to say about how the Slendertone brings good results in just a matter of few weeks and how no effort is required to end up with perfectly chiseled abs.

When it comes to the belt, customers are optimistic about the results of the Flex Belt. Some customers have complained about back problems after using the belt but most people do not have such reviews. Some of the users of the belt say that they never quite believed in such products but the Flex Belt does seem to be doing a good enough job.

It can be said from personal experience that if you are of a medium built and you are not looking for over toned abs, the Slendertone will work perfectly well for you. however if you are of a bigger built and your waist measures 47 inches or more, the belt will be more suitable for you and will give you better results for toning your abs.

Price wise, the Slendertone is about 100 dollars cheaper than its competitor, the Flex Belt. The Slendertone has a battery pack that is much better than the belt. Flex Belt has the plus point of fitting people who have a waist of 47 inches or more, whereas the Slendertone will cause some problems for people with larger waists.

We can conclude that because the Slendertone is cheaper, it is more affordable. In terms of features, it is less advanced than the Slendertone and is preferable for people who aren’t looking for a very extensive workout. The Flex Belt on the other hand is the opposite and is suitable for people who want to chisel their abs very perfectly!

Individual Initiative For Environmental Care and Survival

1. This World – An Organic Unity

The most fundamental step, if we want to face the ecological challenge in a practical and effective way, is to recognize the fact that the whole earth has to be seen as an organism, an organic unity. Just as we understand the body of a human being as an organic unity in which each cell is connected to every other cell in the body, there exists also an interconnectedness, the reality of which we are starting to experience now more and more, predominantly through its negative manifestations.

2. Individual Initiatives And Global Measures

We need to understand this situation and recognize that individually we do have some possibilities, and also responsibilities. The initiative has to come through the recognition of the individual’s part and this will also bring about changes in the outer world. In fact it can run parallel with the globally organized efforts from outside, because it is not really separate. Now, when I use the terms “individual”, the “root part” and the “peripheral part” they may give the impression that the inside and the outside are two different things. It is simply that the root needs a certain kind of treatment and the leaves need another kind. The leaves will reflect what is done to the roots. One can also do certain things in the organizational and structural areas of the outer world and it is good to consider these steps too.

Therefore “Esoecology” indicates this organic unity and approaches this situation in which we find ourselves from the understanding of having to deal with the roots and the leaves of the same tree. Eso represents the essential, the fundamental, the inner basis in us. The question is what steps can the individual take and what are the measures which need to be taken on a global, organizational level? It is important to consider both these aspects at the same time. Let us consider first some of the organizational aspects.

3. Water, Air And Other Important Resources For Life On This Planet Under The Administration Of The UNO

To start with the understanding that the whole earth with its resources of water, air and other aspects of nature is part of the heritage of all human beings will be of tremendous value. This global oneness, when understood and recognized as the basis, enables us to take steps which can bring about a healthy balance.

Therefore all countries could empower the United Nations to become a body which coordinates and oversees the usage of the natural resources together with the national governments, and in this way the problems can be more effectivly dealt with.

It could suggest a taxation formula so that all the expenses connected with these measures could be taken care of globally. For the use of air and water, and for directly or indirectly polluting it, the industrial complexes need to pay a certain amount of taxation. These funds can be distributed globally and help maintain balance of these resources.

4. A Part Of The Military Personnell To Be Further Trained To Function For Environmental Care And International Developmenthelp With The UNO As Coordinator.

Another significant aspect is: As more and more countries recognize that they do not need such huge armed forces, there is much apprehension about how to make the necessary changes. One of the biggest fears is that the soldiers will become unemployed, but that can be counteracted by incorporating these energetic, trained people in the peaceful and creative challenges of global caretaking.

All those people serving in the military and other security forces can play a very valuable role in bringing about a healthy ecological balance. If this is coordinated by the United Nations, with consultations between the nations, then many of those soldiers and officers can bring the understanding and discipline which they have gained through their experience in the armed forces, to support the helping and caring activities throughout the world. These persons could work for peace, by using their understanding and their experience from their military background and applying it to help to create a healthy environment all over the world in which humanity can survive the challenge of these catastrophic situations. (*)

This also would present an opportunity for an exchange through which people from all different parts of the world could meet, interact and understand each other more directly.

5. Helping Industries To Switch Over To Environmental-Friedly Products

Yet another valuable step can be taken when national governments under the coordination of the United Nations help with alternative perspectives those factories which have been involved in the production of arms and other military products as well as certain other firms which are involved in the production of polluting and hazardous materials. They ought to be helped to switch over to products needed for ecological and other peaceful purposes with scientific know-how and generous financial support out of the former military budgets. In such cases also those persons who may become unemployed can be incorporated in regional and global environmental and social projects.

One of the most important and fundamental requirements in all of this is to go about it in a loving and creative way.

Another important factor in this context is that the industrial nations which, after all, have been the initiators of most of the strong changes leading to the ecological imbalance also take the initiative and take definite steps to redeem the situation and re-estabish the balance. They have, on the one side, the capacity with all the scientific know-how, the qualified personnel, as well as the necessary wealth to do this; on the other side they have a great responsibility, because they see the situation and understand the implications more clearly than anyone else.

Industry needs help and support to find new ways of functioning within their framework. This delicate and careful issue can only be realized by a loving persuasion and a heartful approach. So, all who are involved have a great responsibility first to consider new possibilities and then to implement them in their own areas, on whatever level they are working. The implementation of these tasks can be successful only when it is undertaken in a very sensitive, intelligent and sympathetic way. Otherwise there is the danger that any idea, any concept, when it is handled blindly, in a `heady’ way, can become inhuman, violent, and incapable of really bringing about true understanding, and thus lose its sense.

6. Overpopulation, Poverty And Their Interconnectedness

Another very significant factor and a great challenge is the increase in population. Overpopulation and poverty are closely interconnected. It is significant to see how they are also interconnected directly or indirectly with the destruction of the environment and the ecological imbalance.

In most areas of the world where there is an over-proportional increase of population, religious and traditional ideas play a very important role along with poverty and ignorance. Without the necessary understanding about birth control or the means to implement it, being entangled in traditional and religious concepts and guilt feelings, and being under the pressure of many unnatural and inhuman situations, most of these people have no other way of enjoying life than concentrating their search for pleasure in sex. In such a state of poverty the problems multiply with each new birth.

This is where another very important factor comes in: the attitude of religious leaders towards population growth and birth control. It is a very sensitive area where the religions need to reconsider their responsibilities.

In such situations of poverty and extreme pressure, when people find ways to make a little money by doing something or other, they often do it without considering if it is a sensitive step for the ecological balance or for the needs of nature, and without even considering how it will affect themselves in the long run. When the population is exploding rapidly and there is the pressure of hunger and poverty, people have little concern for nature. If they feel that by burning the forest they will be able to plant their crops and fill their bellies, they will burn the forest. If one cannot offer any feasible alternatives to people in such an endangered situation, it is difficult to accuse them when they destroy the rain forests or cultivate drug producing plants for their bare subsistence.

So, the religious leaders need to meet and go about this very carefully, looking at the actual situation courageously to see what is really healthy, what is really sensible, what is truly loving, what is of fundamental value now, and what is actually in service of the life process! What many religions are doing now – probably out of some misunderstanding – is that they continue burdening people with feelings of fear and guilt.

Instead of creating a sensitivity for life by developing their consciousness, many religious leaders try to control people through rules, laws and political influence. Even if it may not have been intended that way, the result very often is inwardly torn and unhappy human beings. It is important to help people to be free from guilt feelings and fear of punishment and help them to forgive themselves and others for their mistakes in order to live creatively and joyously.

For example, currently in many countries there is a controversy about abortion. This is a very important and delicate issue. If the religions and those people who consider themselves religious make it a question of rules, of law and punishment, then they are making it an issue which is dealt with only on a superficial level. The religious people have to take the initiative to introduce a new consciousness, so that people can act differently out of their own understanding and not because they are afraid of being punished, nor because they feel guilty, nor because they have been forced to keep their mouths shut by some apparently clever arguments.

These areas have to be dealt with in a very conscious and responsible way. In some cases, for example, it may be sensible for a woman not to have any more children when the parents are not able to feed and take care of the child, or due to some other reasons they are not in a position to raise a child. It would be wise to consider deeply before giving birth to an unwanted child or exposing it to unbearable living conditions.

When poverty and distress are on the rise, when there is no hope and life itself is in danger, more and more people are drawn to the rich countries. In this way the problems of poverty and the population explosion become problems for the wealthy nations as well. Then the people of these wealthy nations have the choice of either closing their frontiers and staying hard and insensitive towards human tragedy and pain, or to deal with this situation in a humane, loving and intelligent way. If these well-to-do people react in an insensitive and hard manner, it will surely result in an emotional hardness and personal insensitivity, affecting themselves and others near to them negatively in many unforeseen ways.

There are enough resources to fulfill the basic needs of all human beings who are on the earth now. The question is simply how we are prepared to handle these resources, how we distribute them and with what means we propose to heal the damages we have inflicted on the environment. It is more a question of allowing our hearts to have a say in decisions on these issues.

Here the United Nations, in close participation with all countries, could commit itself towards creating all over the world a ‘subsistence minimum’ concerning the basic necessities for healthy human living and comfort in accordance with the particular standards and values of the country in question.

7. Ambassadors Of Life And Friendship ( ALFs )

These persons from the military and other available sources after the necessary further training can bring about their understanding and the personal capacities peacefully for the benefit for the environment and in helping the human beeings in need, and thereby support in overcoming the catastrophical situation of the planet.

These Ambassadors of Life and Friendship (ALFs) could help in implementing the decisions of the United Nations in a loving and creative way, since the know-how and trained personnel to apply it are unavailable in many countries.

In the countries of the so-called `third world’, where there is a lack of knowledge and understanding in certain very basic areas of organization and technical matters – the kind of knowledge which is taken for granted in the industrialized countries – these ‘ALFs’ could work for peace as counsellors and helpers and stay there for six or nine months or longer if needed. They also could opt for a longer stay in countries where nature is very much polluted and where there is an urgent need for the ecological balance to be re-established.

In this way the military personnel can find new ways to use their energy, and the understanding and capabilities gained during their military life can be put into service for peaceful coexistence and the survival of humanity. In thus taking up these challenges and developing their abilities they can become a very creative force and a real hope for humanity by using all these energies in the service of peace.

8. Significance And Responsibility Of The Individual Human Being

Now we come to the essential aspect of the individual.

All the above steps and all areas where further steps are necessary can become possible only when there is more and more initiative coming from those who understand these matters and who are approaching it in a sensible way. It is not that we don’t have the know-how and the means to do it. There are perhaps more than sufficient knowledge and ideas. But, all these can really become effective only when we are in touch with our own part in it, our own individual state of being, and by seeing our unconscious entanglement in many areas of our lives which prevents us from living our real potential.

So, in a way an individual initiative for ecology and survival has nessecarily also to do with consciousness. It is a sign of maturity when a human being starts to recognize that it is not the quantity of wealth, power, or prestige, but the quality of understanding and insight which is more important in living a fulfilling life.

The political leaders are mostly bound by those who vote for them. When they feel that a majority of the people are pulling in one direction, they feel afraid to take any step which is going in a direction contrary to popular opinion. So, opinion among the majority of the people is somehow the factor to which the politicians are orienting themselves. If we expect that politicians will really take effective steps, we have to ensure that there is a new consciousness growing on the individual level.

Also, in another view, the individual’s initiative can be seen as a very important aspect. Many of our entanglements in life have to do with certain set patterns of living which we have acquired. To see this clearly we need only to watch someone who has become addicted to something – for example, someone who is caught in the habit of smoking, or in the habit of drinking, or in the habit of eating too much…. In a similar way we are holding on to certain attitudes towards life, certain mental patterns and certain habitual ways of obtaining comfort and pleasure to such an extent that we ignore our real needs and are left in the end without any real joy and pleasure in living. Very often we get settled in many of our patterns of conditioning so much that any step to get out of them seems to be very difficult.

It is important to recognize that the individual exists as a significant part of the whole, like each cell somehow has the understanding that it is part of the organic unity of the body. Then each action of the individual cell stays in tune with the whole body. But, when the cell loses touch with its reality and starts acting on its own, without considering the reality of the whole body, it becomes a cancer cell. A cancer cell destroys the whole balance of the body and thus destroys itself too in the long run.

The individual needs to see that he exists as part of the whole natural cycle of life – but this can be a lasting understanding only when the remembrance is kept alive by one`s own initiative in the process of living. That is one of the central points in the understanding of Esoecology. In this way it will not just remain a program somewhere in the head, it will become an understanding which goes into our blood, into our marrow, which goes into our hearts, which goes into our very guts. Only such an initiative gives strength to our roots and that is what makes us really alive.

9. Individual Initiative In Practice

It is beautiful to observe that whenever someone starts taking the initiative this person becomes more wakeful, more alive, more open to life and starts intensely to participate in life. Even if no one else seems to take the initiative, those who begin start benefiting because naturally they are starting to move deeper into life and feel more healthy and more joyous.

For example, before starting the day, one could take a little time to feel and sense one’s inner state. Not thinking about oneself, but more a feeling of oneself and being one with the wholeness of nature – just like a cell is one with the whole body! It is a small step, perhaps taking a few minutes, and in the beginning it may appear a little difficult because we are more often accustomed to engage ourselves with some kind of activity or other and remain outwardly oriented without turning our attention also inwardly.

It may be a little hard for many people to start with this, and that is why we need to take the time and the initiative to feel ourselves deeply. We begin by feeling our bodies, we feel our connection to the surrounding nature, we feel our breath. When we are breathing in, we are breathing in the oxygen which the trees have produced through their leaves. We feel life nourishing us with necessary energy and we feel ourselves a part of the cycle of nature.

The air we are breathing out is taken in and absorbed by the leaves and they give out fresh oxygen again. From the point of view of the human being, the plants and their leaves are functioning like an extension of our body itself, since without such functioning of the plants the human being cannot live on this planet. So, we feel ourselves with our bodies and with our energy, and remain with the moment without any effort, simply being with what is.

Those who find it difficult to sit and get in touch with themselves can take certain active steps. One interesting possibility is the Vital Life-Flow practice. It supports physical well-being and inner harmony and is a simple way of coming in touch with our nature as well as an important factor in becoming conscious of our reality.

With every breath, fresh air and fresh energy are coming in. Breathing in is like a new life, a small new birth process for the body. With the inhalation we feel this freshness, this new birth. In breathing out we experience a letting go which happens naturally. It is not something which we have `to do’, but it is an involuntary happening by itself with each cycle of breath. In breathing out, in this letting go, we experience also a small death. In each cycle of breath there is a small birth and a small death. When we begin to observe life, staying aware of this process, we may begin to recognize that what we call life is like a river which is flowing between the two shores of birth and death.

Birth and death function as two polarities and create the life process. One can not drop one or the other of these polarities; they both play an important role. With the breathing in we remember and feel this aspect of birth and with the breathing out we feel the aspect of death.

Breathing in while standing or sitting we raise the arms and keep the eyes open. This raising of the arms is also a sign from our side to be open to the indefinable reality of nature and to be receptive. With the breathing out we bend forward and inwardly allow a conscious, deep letting go. We allow our forehead to touch the ground and remain like that till the inhalation happens naturally. While breathing in again we lift ourselves up, open the eyes and continue with this cycle of breathing. For those who are not able to do these steps or do not feel like doing the body movements, they may just stay with the breath cycle – remembering and feeling birth and death as well as opening and closing the eyes. It is a very supportive and helpful possibility.

The important factor is that through this exercise we come in touch with the natural cycle, basically with nature itself, and allow nature to bring about harmony. Generally, it is good to do the active part of this practice for about half an hour and then sit quietly for another half hour. To begin with, one may also do the active part for only a quarter of an hour and be quiet for another quarter hour. During the second period of quietness the eyes are kept closed. It is good, after these quiet states to celebrate these moments with some music and dance. In celebrating, singing, dancing, laughing, there is a `yes!’ to life and this is a beautiful beginning for the day.

Another possibility is to go for a walk in nature. One can go for a walk without occupying oneself with anything else and feel one with nature. We can be with the trees, with the forest and the fields, and feel ourselves as part of the air, as part of the light and relax as a part of the whole process of life around us and feel it from inside.

In order to relax and to feel and to connect with the moment, it is possible to begin with various other steps like dancing, swimming, jogging, or doing certain other sports. That way one can come in touch with an intense feeling of energy, a feeling of the body, a feeling of the whole organism – and then be still and feel ourselves and just stay with what we actually are in the present.

That we are a part of the whole of reality is not something which we have to persuade ourselves to believe in or to convince ourselves of logically, because it is simply a fact, and all we need to do is to feel, to sense and to recognize what really is. When one relaxes deeply, one starts feeling this connection oneself. It is not something which is artificially managed. We only need to take steps to disentangel ourselves from our mechanical lifestyles again and be with the reality of “now”.

In the beginning it is helpful to choose an exercise and experiment with it for seven weeks to get a taste of it. Then you can incorporate it, according to your own experiences, into the life process.

There is also another interesting practice called `Psycho-Emotional Block-Busting’ (PEBB). Here there is only one thing to be remembered: when we feel inwardly emotionally hurt, sad, frustrated, or are entangled in some negative feelings, we can approach this in a different way than we commonly do. We can look more deeply into the roots of these feelings in us and observe which role or image, which ideal or expectations we are clinging to, and deliberately, consciously let them go. We need only to take some time for ourselves to stay in touch with these areas and then be inwardly ready to let this cleaning up process happen.

I came in touch with these helpful observations while I was studying in school and did some experiments after I read about certain insights of a wise person. He said that our inner sufferings are connected to our clinging to our wishes. I considered it as a possibility and started looking into it. Always when I was sad, or upset, or feeling unhappy, I started looking inside to see if it really was connected to my clinging to some wish. It was amazing to recognize that it was really so. That gave me a feeling of freedom and joy, and also a certain responsibility to recognize that it is my decision to cling to the negative feelings or to let them go and allow the natural joy in me to arise. In order that others may also benefit from these observations I have called this approach ‘Psycho-Emotional Block-Busting’ (PEBB). One can try it out for oneself, to clear emotional blocks and bring clarity into his/her life.

We need to take from our religious and cultural backgrounds whatever is helpful and relevant for our present situation and we can bring all those possibilities into our lives which contribute towards the unfolding of our consciousness and love.

It may be said that the original significance of various religions was in helping human beings to find their place and their connection to the wholeness of reality. Misunderstandings about and within religions have led to dogmatism, fanaticism and destructivity.

Once a friend asked me how he could come to a realization of living the environmental cons-ciousness. I replied: “Begin by feeling and staying awake to the reality which is hiding behind the idea and image of the concept ‘I’. When you say ‘I’, do you mean the body, or the mind with all its conditioning, or the whole inner strength you feel? What is the root of the so-called ‘I’?!!!”

In this ongoing encounter with the dimensions of the ‘I’, consciousness flowers – and that opens up one of the greatest avenues of understanding and sensitivity which continues to enrich the quality of our lives.

10. The Important Step For Survival: A Jump From One-Dimensionality To Multi-Dimensionality.

Real help for the environment can not be confined just to following rules or programs; it is in living a life of care and initiative with joy and playfulness as well as a committed parti­cipation.

It is of the utmost importance that everyone seeks for ways to get closer to himself. A certain personal decision to work with an inner discipline can be a crucial factor in gaining experience, growing roots and flowering in life.

It is of even more fundamental help for our environment – though it may not be directly visible at first – when someone takes the responsibility for using his/her energy and strength so that one does not get entangled in hatred, revenge or similar negative feelings, thoughts and actions, which are poisoning his/her own emotional life and emotional environment.

Consciousness enables us to act according to the needs of the situation in a flexible and intelligent way – without having to suppress or cover up the negative. For that purpose each person has to take up the initiative in his own way and avail himself of all conceivable help.

It is even more significant when we learn to distance ourselves from all our identifications and to look at reality without immediately putting it into some sort of category. In this way we are able to obtain new perspectives and insights and find a deeper connection to life.

It can be very helpful and have a mutually supporting and encouraging effect when several people come together with this aim. So, together with friends, acquaintances, and anyone who is interested, one can create a sort of center giving helpful impulses for individual initiatives. With this possibility we are also working in Freiburg.

Such individual initiative centers can arise all over and provide inspiring possibilities for many people to bring about a new quality into their lives.

If we meet these challenges in a human, open and playful manner, then it may perhaps become clear to everyone that this planet of ours, as well as this body we are living in and with which we are identifying, are presents of nature. We should not and cannot afford to take them for granted.

Only a jump out of the mechanical one-dimensionality to a flexible multi-dimensionality will help us to respond creatively to this situation and to survive. We need to learn to use the mind with all its different possibilities consciously, like we may use a computer, rather than our being used by it. Consciousness and the love which blossoms along with it can be the basis to realize this multi-dimensionality.

There is a tremendous urgency at this point to slip out of fixed roles and automatic reaction patterns, to recognize the emergency of the present and be flexible to allow the whole of the human potential to unfold in each of us. Only thus can we act in a loving and intelligent way, respond to the actual needs, and survive this crisis. This crisis, this challenge offers a tremendous, unparalleled opportunity, a possibility for a more human and more beautiful way of living together on this planet.

Author note: As some readers of the first version of this text seem to have misunderstood the role of the military, I would like to clarify here that soldiers are not there to impose some concepts through power, but as civilians, fellow human beings going peacefully in friendship.

Surface Mount Technology Advantages for Pcb

Surface-mount technology, commonly known as SMT, is a process of making electronic circuits where the components are placed directly onto the surface of PCBs (printed circuit boards.) Some of the Surface Mount Technology advantages for PCBs are summarized below:

• Instead of connecting through the holes in the board via hole technology, the components are positioned directly on the board surface.

• Some components of SMT, usually called as surface mount devices or SMDs, are lighter and smaller than their counterparts, mostly because of the reduced number or total elimination of leads that are needed in through-hole manufacturing.

• With the help of standardization of components as well as the design tools, the assembling of the parts can be largely automated.

• By reducing the requirement for drilling as well as component holes, SMT enables the engineers to design the boards with components to be placed on both sides of the board.

• SMT also allows for design flexibility. In other words, engineers can combine SMT with through-hole technology that provides greater PCB functionality on the same board reducing the need of multiple boards.

Some more distinct advantages of Surface Mount Technology advantages for PCB are:

• Dual-sided mounting – Since the need to design for drilling is eliminated, the requirement of connecting through the board materials is also reduced. Due to which the components can easily be placed on both the surfaces of the PCB.

• Size – As the size of the components is reduced, more components can be placed on a single board, which in turn has led to fewer boards requirement per product. With the growing demand for lighter weight and miniaturized products, these attributes are very critical.

• Reliability – Surface Mount Technology connections are less likely to face failure due to the impact of shaking or vibration.

• Cost reductions – As the number of drilled holes is reduced, the size of the board also gets reduced. If the functions on the SMT do not get increased, it leads to the increase of inter-package spacing. This further reduces the number of layer counts in the PCB. Due to this the cost of the board also gets reduced.

• Speed of manufacturing – On combining with adherence towards design for manufacturing (DFM), Surface Mount Technology increases its production efficiency due to reduction or total elimination of drilling operations along with lower setup times.

The advantages are many. SMT has now become talk of the day.

The world provider of innovative materials and solutions for a wide range of industry segments.

January Jumble


The first month of the year,

A perfect time to start all over again,

Changing energies and deserting old moods,

New beginnings, new attitudes”

Charmaine J Forde

It is officially a brand-new year and for me that means staring at the long road ahead of me and wondering how in the world will I get organized and more purposeful this year? The best way for me to get into that scary but exciting head space is to remember that there is nothing better than taking stock of my have’s and giving to those that have not. On the surface I took care of some of those things during the holiday season and quite frankly I do it throughout the year but there is just something so refreshing and rejuvenating and renewing about a clean sweep that begins at the start of a new year.

This year I came up with my “top 5” list for each month of the year. I’m not a fan of tackling too much in a short amount of time. My reason is simple, everything I will get my hands on needs the dedication, time and care to be handled and thought about thoughtfully and lovingly and, I’ll be honest, everything has a memory attached to it and I want to allow for that impromptu trip down memory lane. I know myself well enough that the trip down memory lane will eat up time and a small top 5 list will very likely take at least a week or two to get through depending where my trip takes me. I give myself the whole month to get completely through my list because the other thing I know for sure is that one action, one thought, one intention will absolutely lead to another and before I know it I have a second top five list and maybe even a third. It all depends on what comes up along the way and how I my creativity blossoms.

This year my focus for January is all about organizing, sorting and storing my holiday decorations, gifts, cards and winter gear. Here is how my thought process formed…

My daughter has adopted the task of being the household decorator of all things holiday throughout the year but especially the end of year holidays when things get very crazy busy and the we go from one celebration to the next. Boxes are stacked neatly in a corner for easy access and the decorations change almost daily if she happened to go to the store to buy something new (ugh).

Once the holiday is over I am ready to clean up but she isn’t so I start thinking about how I will tackle the clean-up once I get the all clear permission from her. It’s just too sad of a chore for her to participate in the clean-up so I gladly do my share and take that task on by myself. During the clean-up I make lists of what we will need for the following year in the event that something broke or got squished beyond recognition or if I saw something that was too beautiful to pass up next time. I then create new ways to pack all the decorations so that I don’t have too many boxes going back into the attic. It’s challenging and fun to put that puzzle together.

So, when I thought about putting away the decorations this year I also realized that some of the holiday gifts were still piled up in a corner and so I considered that once the decorations were all set and in their place until next year what will I do with all the gifts that need to be gone through and put away? I am an absolute supporter of donating whether it be food, time, clothing, or services so I knew right away that opening the donation station at home was going to take more than a few hours of my time. I would need everyone’s help with making those decisions.

Are you ready for the list? Here we go:

Set up a recycling and donation station that is accessible for all hands to contribute to at any time either for this specific project or set up for deposits throughout the year.

Organize, label and put away holiday decorations and wrap those decorations safely and carefully for easy access next year.

Break up empty gift boxes and card board boxes and wrap them tightly together for recycling. I have a few rolls of colored vinyl tape in the garage so I use that as my wrapping material. The recycling company in my area picks up with the garbage each week so it makes life easier for me and the guys appreciate the single bundle so it’s a win/win.

Recycle Christmas trees and wreaths. I would check to see if your town has specific pick up dates and times for recycling of these items or perhaps your landscaper will haul it away for you for a small fee or you can find a local recycling company in your area that takes debris like trees, shrubs, etc. One town near me has the entire month of January available for residents to drop off their tree with a few guidelines to follow and set times. Knowing the tree will get a second chance to be of good use to the land is a great way to give back to the earth.

Save the front of your greeting cards and use for projects throughout the year stored in a labeled box for things such as pictures sent that can be framed, or cherished words that can be embellished into a collage or gift tags for next year. Another idea is to donate the front part of the cards you are not looking to keep.

Sort through your gift cards, returnable items, broken or damaged items or gifts that you might think to re-gift and see if you can repair those that are broken or donate the gift cards or returnable items to a shelter or places like Ronald McDonald house.

It is at this point where going through those gift items let me to go through my own closets of “stuff” to see what needs keeping and what could gain new life for someone else. So, I decided to keep to winter clothing this month. Please consider donating gently used or new winter gear such as blankets, sports equipment, boots, gloves, scarves, hats, coats, shovels, scrapers, sweaters, flannels, electric heating blankets, pads or rubs and creams, hand warmers, socks, knee hi stockings, shawls, jeans, etc.

Last thought: If you find that every month this year you want to declutter your pantry and give to food banks throughout the year instead of only at Thanksgiving time then this month would be a great time to check for the items you might have purchased a bit too much of like soup, canned goods, pasta, cereals, anything boxed or canned that can be made into a warm meal.

And just like that my top 5 list became my top 8 list and I didn’t lift a finger yet to get to the clean-up. Sheesh!

I hope this has been helpful for you and most of all I hope you have fun with it. Allow your imagination and creativity to bloom and grow while going through this list. If it is easier for you, save your new list for February when I list a whole new set of top 5 ideas. If you are really ambitious just remember how January feels like the longest month of the year so go ahead and tackle your emerging ideas as they happen. Good Luck and I’ll see you back here in February.

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Happy Organizing!

Catering Equipment: Clear Out the Old

The new year usually brings with it new resolutions and the want to declutter. You want to start the year off on a clean slate so you assess your life and make decisions based on improving your life. The same goes for businesses. This is the time of the year that businesses plan their strategy and set targets for the year. This is the also the time of year that all the old products are cleared out to make room for new and improved products.

Clear out the old, outdated and non-working catering equipment. If it is damaged and doesn’t function any more, you will need to let it go. What should you clear out?

  • Cutlery and crockery. Ask one of your staff members to check all the cutlery and crockery in your restaurant. Damaged cutlery that is bent, dull or broken should be discarded. Chipped plates, saucers and cups are a hazard because a customer could cut their hands on the chipped plates and their lips on the porcelain cups. Replace them. This is a necessary expenditure.
  • Appliances. If you had a busy holiday season and your restaurant was working overtime then you will know which appliances were not able to stand the heat. Any broken appliances should be discarded and replaced with commercial catering equipment that is built tough enough to endure the daily grind.
  • Commercial refrigerators. Check the status of the commercial refrigerators in your kitchen. Are they chilling or freezing the food optimally? If not, you may need to service them. Alternatively, if repairing it is not an option, then it may have to be replaced.
  • Chefware. If your chefs, kitchen staff, and waiters have been wearing the same chefware throughout the year, then it may be time for some new gear. After daily use for a whole year the colour of the garments will have altered and some of them may be frayed or tattered. It is a good idea to get your staff a new kit. The fresh new look will uplift the appeal of your restaurant.
  • Storage Containers. Inspect all the storage containers in your kitchen. Are any of them warped in shape? Do the lids no longer fit properly (because a staff member put it in the microwave for too long)? Are the containers badly stained? If so, it may be time to get rid of them. You need to have sanitary storage containers that can seal properly so that it can keep the contents fresh.

Make a list of the catering equipment that you need to replace this year then keep an eye out for the catering equipment sales. It’s always a good idea to grab a bargain while you can.

Plastic Corrugated and Reusable Packaging – A Perfect Combination

Plastic corrugated has been a staple in the reusable packaging sector of the packaging industry. It has been used to duplicate automatically each style of paper corrugated, known as expendable packaging. From regular slotted containers (RSCs) to more elaborate stackable totes and Gaylord boxes, plastic corrugated has many key advantages. Also known as corrugated plastic, this material is 20-40 times stronger than paper corrugated. It is imperfect to most chemicals so it can be cleaned with mild soap and water and reused over and over again. Even better, because plastic corrugated is plastic and not paper, it does not shed fiber contaminants that regular paper corrugated does, which is a major factor for the Electronic, Chemical, and Food industries.

However, corrugated plastic is now being used for more elaborate styles of reusable packaging. Companies now use plastic corrugated for internal dunnage that was traditionally done with steel, wood, heavy duty foam or combinations of these materials. The internal flutes of the plastic corrugated can be strengthened with steel rods for more durability and stacking strength which enables corrugated plastic to be used as dividers on automated racks, shelves for material handling carts, even individual compartments for KanBan systems. Because plastic corrugated is so strong yet lightweight companies are finding that they can drastically reduce the weight of their material handling containers which not only saves them money but minimizes their dependence on steel, which was traditionally used. With the price of steel being so volatile, companies have been forced to find creative ways to replace it and corrugated plastic has proven itself to be more than adequate.

Plastic corrugated can be nailed, screwed, and bolted to steel and aluminum. Further, since dunnage made from corrugated plastic is a series of pieces joined together instead of one large part, if something needs replaced or modified it only requires replacing one or two pieces of plastic corrugated, not the unit unit.

In conclusion, plastic corrugated continues to be one of the first materials companies look at when considering reusable packaging. However, it's becoming more evident that corrugated plastic has uses just boxes and totes, which will further solidify it as an excellent choice for reusable packaging applications.

What Is Bitcoin? A Concise and Informative Guide

The cryptocurrency that continues to mesmerize the world, the first of its kind, Bitcoin was once entirely a classy realm of tech-geniuses who were keen to uphold the philosophy of maximizing autonomy, but Bitcoin has a shot to fame with the promise of a wide consumer base. Yet, to the uninitiated consumers, a query remains. So, exactly what is Bitcoin? Some are really yet to unravel this overly fluctuating cryptocurrency. Generated and stored electronically, Bitcoin is actually a form of digital currency. The network can’t actually be controlled by anyone, the currency is decentralized. It came into being in 2009, as a brainchild of an individual with the assumed name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Utilizing the P2P technology to function, Bitcoin has the distinctive and flexible feature to engulf anyone who’s interested. Its worldwide acceptance is a feature that adds to its popularity.

With no accountability to anyone, Bitcoins are fairly unique. Bitcoins are sovereign with their distinct rules, and aren’t printed in a clandestine manner by any bank but mined, they’re produced digitally by a good number of people involved in a colossal network or community. Miners usually employ enormous computing power, and a great deal of competition is involved in Bitcoin mining. Computers work to solve complex mathematical problems. The competing miners also have a prospect to earn Bitcoins in the process, by just solving the problem. Although, difficulty levels of these problems are becoming intense day by day. Transactions at the Bitcoin network are relentless and incessant, and keeping track of those transactions is fairly systematic. Bitcoin network keeps it methodical, as during a given time span, all transactions are collected in a block. The miners are supposed to validate transactions, and everything is listed in a general ledger, which is simply a collection of blocks, termed as blockchain. Blockchain actually holds the key to the details of any transaction made across various Bitcoin addresses.

Bitcoin integration into people’s lives is the most coveted thing right now. This is achieved quite easily by the emergence of exchanges. Bitcoin enthusiasts can have a great deal of choices when they are looking to acquire this digital currency. A Bitcoin exchange enables consumers to buy or sell Bitcoins by making use of fiat currencies. Exchanges are in abundance, but initially Mt. Gox was the most reputed and extensively used, prior to its collapse. With exchanges, consumers can purchase or sell Bitcoins with wired transfers, cash or credit/debit card payment. A real-time as well as secure trading platform is offered by the exchanges. Enthusiasm and a relentless frenzy always accompanies Bitcoins. With numerous enthusiasts who are keen to trade Bitcoins, the young currency and all the craze surrounding it seems to grow a little bit every day. All the knowledge associated with it seems to be as important as the currency itself. The significance of a “Bitcoin wiki”, an autonomous project, cannot be denied at all. It will act as a storehouse of knowledge for Bitcoin enthusiasts all around the world.

Learning About Wrought Iron

Iron in its various forms has always been one of the most immensely used metals in our lives. Be it at a macro level or micro level, iron has emerged as one of the most adjustable elements. Wrought iron is type of iron that is very widely used. From big turnkey projects to our home décor, wrought iron is an important player across the board. This article briefs you about wrought iron and its various home décor bridges.

Introduction: Wrought iron is one of the purest forms of iron with a very small amount of carbon and a decent amount of slag in it. Raw form of cast iron, called pig iron, goes through four lengthy industrial processes namely, refining, puddling, shingling and rolling to yield our key home décor material, wrought iron.

Properties: I am sure you are eager to know what makes wrought iron what it is, and how this iron can give such wonderfully elaborate home décor designs. The answer lies in the properties of wrought iron. This amazing metal is tough and ductile and can there be easily welded. By utilizing its properties, craftsmen achieve such ornate designs for wrought iron home décor products.

Products range: Wrought iron has stormed our homes in the form of home décor products. There are a variety of items including wrought iron fences, wrought iron gates, wrought iron furniture, wrought iron beds, wrought iron chandeliers , wrought iron railings, wrought iron wall décor, wrought iron patio furniture, wrought iron candle holders, book holders, dinning table racks, hanging baskets, wall baskets, Christmas tree holders, patio planters, wrought iron mirror frames. The range of wrought iron home décor Accessories is endless.

Price range: Wrought iron products are available in a wide range of prices, suiting almost every pocket. The price range is contingent on basically three factors – the design complexity level, the type of welding done, and the quality of wrought iron used. The decline in the quality of wrought iron is directly proportional to the amount of slag fibers present in the metal.

Purchase points: Buyers looking for genuine wrought iron home décor items must make the purchase from a reliable place. Many cheap imitations of wrought iron are sold in the market today as genuine wrought iron. So, beware!

Wrought iron has been shaping our home décor in more ways than one. Its properties will continue to keep this form of iron as the most thought out material to decorate our home in the times to come.

How to Cold Weather Camp in Your RV

As the weather gets colder, campers start putting them RV's away for the winter. But not so fast. There is so much to see and do during the winter season and enjoying these activities from the comfort of your RV can be a refreshing experience.

Here's how to prepare your motorhome, travel trailer, toy hauler, or 5th wheel to ensure you have a pleasurable, safe, and protected cold-weather camping experience.

* Examine your RV's plumbing to determine what measures may be needed to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. Some RV's have plumbing exposed to the outside elements. In this case, you should wrap the exposed plumbing with heat tape and foam pipe insulation.

* Part of the plumbing system includes the holding tanks. Some RV's have enclosed holding tanks that are heated by the RV's furnace through heater ducting to the holding tank areas. As long as the furnace runs occasionally, the tanks will not freeze unless it's very cold (below 20F).

* For those tanks that are not heated and / or enclosed, tank heating pads can be affixed to the bottoms of the tanks. These are very easy to install, thermostatically-controlled, and come in both 12-volt DC and 110-volt AC.

* Yet another part of the RV plumbing system is the holding tank piping and dump valves. Some higher end RVs have these pipes and valves enclosed and heated from the factory. For most RVs though, they are exposed to the elements. As with the plumbing pipes, these pipes and valves can be protected by wrapping them with heat tape too.

* You should keep your gray and black water valves closed until you are ready to dump your holding tanks. If gray water is constantly allowed to drain, it will eventually form an ice dam in your sewer hose. As an alternative, you could also try insulating and wrapping heat tape around your sewer hose if you want to leave the gray water valve open. In any case, be absolutely certain that your sewer hose is at a steep angle where liquids drain quickly and are not allowed to stand. Using a sewer hose support will help with this.

* Another area subject to freezing is the fresh water supply hose. You can use a heated water hose to prevent freezing. This is a good option if you are in a campground with full hookups. They run on either 12 volts DC or 110 volts AC.

* To reduce drafts and heating requirements, you can insulate the RV's windows against the cold with heavy drapes or curtains. You can create an insulating dead air space inside of the windows by covering them with clear, heavy vinyl. You can even cover the interior of the windows with sheets of Styrofoam or poster board but these are a little hard to see through.

* The roof vents are an area where heat can escape. There are foam type pillows specifically made to be placed in the vent openings. These fit snugly and greatly reduce heat loss in these areas.

* If you have a motorhome, hang a heavy blanket or privacy curtain between the driver's compartment and the rest of the motorhome which will block the cold radiated by a motorhome's windshield. This works very well wherever you have a Class A, B, or C type motorhome as they all have large windshields.

* Any compartments that open into the inside of the RV need to have good weather seals. Adding some inexpensive foam tape or weather stripping to the compartment opening and doors will really help seal those air leaks.

* Now that the RV is sealed tight from air leaks, we have the problem of condensation to deal with. Moisture from cooking, washing and just our breathing raises the humidity inside the RV. As it gets colder, this moisture condenses out on cooler inside surfaces like window frames and doors. This can lead to mold and mildew, water stains or even worse. The best way to prevent condensation is to avoid introducing excessive moisture into the air. A good practice is to always use the range hood vent when cooking and the bathroom vent when showering. This will draw most of that moisture out of the rig. It may be necessary to keep a roof vent open slightly to provide some ventilation and keep condensation in check. Insulating exposed surfaces that tend to collect moisture will also help. A small dehumidifier or some of those little tubs of desiccant crystals may be necessary, depending on the RV and how many are staying in it.

* Finally, we need to consider how the RV is going to be heated. Portable electric heaters are a great supplement to the propane furnace. This method of heating does not add condensation to the air and allows the propane furnace to run considering less, saving a lot of propane. Catalytic heaters are another popular way to provide assistance to the propane furnace but require fresh air ventilation to avoid oxygen depletion in the RV.

Here are some more tips on how to help you cold weather camp in your RV:

  • If you do not want to spend the money for a heated fresh water hose, simply disconnect the normal hose from the RV and the water spigot when the temperature is going to fall below freezing. Empty the hose and store it. You can then use the RV's fresh water tank to supply water.
  • Some cold-weather RVers winterize and then do not use their plumbing system at all. Instead, they carry containers of drinking water inside the living area of ​​the RV and quite completely upon the campground's restroom facilities. Call ahead to the campground if this is your plan. Some close their restrooms during the off-season and others may only have electrical hookups available.
  • During the evening, leave your cabinet doors open slightly. This will help some heat reach the plumbing that runs through the cabinetry and along the cold walls.
  • If possible, empty the holding tanks if they will be subject to freezing and pour a couple of quarts of non-toxic, biodegradable antifreeze into each holding tank. This will protect the dump valves. Pour in more antifreeze as wastewater fills the tanks.
  • When using any type of chemical heater in any inside area, provide a fresh air opening of at least three square inches. This is necessary because this type of heater consumes the oxygen in your RV. If you do not replace the depleted oxygen through ventilation, you stand a chance of not waking up the next morning.
  • Although the methods explained in this article will help substantively reduce the potential for plumbing and holding tanks from freezing, they can not guarantee it. Once the temperature gets low enough, little can be done to keep up. Unfortunately, we all have to stop camping at some point!

Buying an Air Source Heat Pump – All You Need to Know

Heat pumps are machines that can take heat from one place and then deliver that heat to another place at a higher temperature. Your home refrigerator is similar to a heat pump. The difference is that the refrigerator does not compress the refrigerant gas to raise the temperature, it just draws the heat from the contents of your fridge and dispatches that heat through the heat exchanger (the grill) at the rear of the fridge.Heat pumps extract renewable energy from the ground, water or air (which has been heated from the sun) and transfer it to your home at a ratio of 1: 4 or more. Let's say for every 1 KW / h of electrical energy that you use to drive the heat pump, around 4 KW / h of heat will be produced for use in your home.
There are three different types of heat pumps:

  • Ground source heat pumps (GSHP)
  • Water source heat pumps (WSHP)
  • Air source heat pumps (ASHP)

This article gives information on air source heat pumps.
The advantages of air source heat pumps are that they are:

  • Cheaper to purchase than other heat pumps such as ground and water source heat pumps
  • Easy to install – can be installed in apartments
  • More energy efficient than traditional non-renewable energy systems
  • Capable of having reverse-cycle, ie. has a heating and cooling mode like all geothermal heat pumps
  • Available as 'Reverse Cycle chillers' capable heat pumps that offer additional heating and domestic hot water options
  • Energy efficient and result in reduced annual fuel bills

The disadvantages of air source heat pumps are that:

  • They are not as efficient as other heat pumps, such as ground and water source heat pumps
  • The performance and efficiency of air source heat pumps can be affected by:
    • Sustained temperatures below freezing
    • High or no wind conditions
  • Can be noisy although some systems are quieter than others
  • Can be intrusive although slim-lined models are available

When Choosing An Air Source Heat Pump , consider the following points:

  • Choose a heat pump that has defrost control. Basically this reverses the heat flow to defrost the external coil which will reduce the supplementary electrical energy use for heating by the heat pump.
  • Remember that fans and compressors make noise. If at all possible try to locate the outside unit away from windows and from any windows in adjacent buildings. Noise can be further reduced by mounting the external unit on a sound absorbing base. All external units should have a sound rating – try selecting units that have a sound rating of 76 decibels or lower.
  • Make sure that the outdoor unit is protected from high winds as this will affect the efficiency of the heat absorption process. The right fencing and planting can achieve this. There are in development 'Cold Climate Heat Pumps' that have a two speed two-cylinder compressor, and a back-up booster compressor. These features allow this system to operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -9 o C.
  • If you are going to use the heat pump more in the heating mode rather than the cooling mode then installing the indoor unit in a low wall posistion is better as this will increase its heating efficiency. This is because warm air rises. However, if you are using the heat pump more for cooling, then install the unit high on the wall as this position will increase its cooling efficiency.
  • There are slim-lined indoor heat pump units available. They can be recessed into the wall to make them less intrusive in the room.

Who Will I See in the Mirror After Getting a Thread Lift?

I do not know about you, but I have always been both intrigued and scared of the idea of ​​a face lift, The idea of ​​having your face reshaped to be more beautiful or more youthful is a very exciting idea, but at the same time , there is one major area of ​​concern for me, and that is how I would look after the procedure.

I mean, it's not something silly to be worried about. I'm sure you've seen the same pictures that I have of celebrities who's facelifts have gone very, very wrong. And if these are the celebrities we're talking about, the rich and famous who's looks are vital to their careers and who obviously can afford the most skilled, experienced, and exclusive plastic surgeons, then what about someone like me? Is not it only reasonable that I would be worried about not being happy with the results?

Most women who go for a face lift are not looking for a drastic change. They do not want to look like someone else, they just want to look like themselves, but younger and more beautiful. In fact, many women do not want anyone to know that they've had a facelift at all. It is a very private thing, and no one wants's to walk into a room and have everyone look at her and think "Oh, she had a face lift."

Because of this concern, the thread lift is a great option that any woman who is worried about this should look into. In a thread face lift, there is no cutting involved, so the results are very subtle. You can not come out looking like someone else, only like a more youthful you, with more balance to your face. It is a very good option for anyone who wants to look younger, but at the same time minimize the possibility that they will not look like themselves after the procedure.

7 Effective Ways to Increase Instagram Followers Without Spending Money

Instagram has over five hundred million active users. The stats on Instagram could be described as highly impressive and encouraging. A little break down will surprise you and at the same time get you excited. Instagram has over 500 million active users with over 300 million active users daily, 80% of those users are outside the USA, 4.2 billion likes every day and over 95 million photos and videos uploaded every day. This is simply wonderful and a goldmine for online marketers and business.

Those statistics should send a signal to your nerves and let you understand how important Instagram could be for your business. The issue is that, how do you get on Instagram and acquire followers that will become your loyal customers. I will be showing you how to do that in the following steps and guidelines

1. Signup with Facebook: This is the most easiest and quickest way to set up your Instagram account. It will automatically allow you to follow your friends that are already on Instagram and in turn they will follow you too. Your friends and family will be the first followers on Instagram which will help boost your profile and get you ready for the main deal

2. Quality Photos: the most important thing on Instagram is the quality of your photos, make sure your photos are of high quality before posting them on Instagram. Having quality photos on Instagram help you get more likes, comments and more followers which will help push you up the ladder and on top of all your competitors within the same niche. If you are taking the pictures with a camera, make sure the lighting and focus are right to get you the right photos you need to go viral on Instagram.

3. Like other Photos: I call this trick notice me. Is like your first day in school, no one knows you and the only way people will start interacting with you is by you taking the first step to say hi or introduce yourself to them. When you like other people photos, those people visit your profile and decide to follow and also like your photos. This is how you start growing your network on Instagram

4. Follow Others: This is the fastest ways of growing your followers on Instagram. When you follow others, they decide to follow you back and create a connection between you both. This helps increase your followers and likes on photos you have on your profile. Follow others to get more followers

5. Comment on other Photos: This method takes more time and work but it surely pays off. When you comment on other people’s photos, you increase the chance of them following you and liking your photos too. Just take some time out of your social media marketing timetable and comment on other people photos to increase your followers

6. Use relevant Hashtags: Hashtags have come a long way on social media and Instagram is not an exception. Making use of relevant hashtags help get you more visibility and popular on Instagram. The more hashtags you use, the more popular your photos will become. This means more likes, more followers and more comments which all help boost your profile

7. Exchange Shoutouts: this is simply a method of promoting others while they promote you too. It’s simply a win-win situation for both members. This method helps in promoting your profile. You need to simply find people within your niche and reach out to them and ask for a shoutout. You can simply do this by sending them a simple email or request on Instagram.

Construction Site Management – Material Storage

A construction site has many materials at any one point. Most of these are usually in their raw state, meaning that they will undergo some process before they can be input into the building to form a part of the building. They come in different forms and can be categorized as below;

· Factory Goods: These are mostly off the shelf items, they are unique in the fact that they can easily be resold and are therefore easy targets for pilferage. They are also delicate in the fact that they have unique storage requirements. Examples here include;

o Cement: The most important attribute to consider in the storage of cement is the fact that it reacts chemically when in contact with moisture. For this reason, it should be kept under shade and on a platform, away from excessive moisture.

o Ceramics: These include water closets, wash basins, Tiles and the like. They are extremely delicate and will easily break. This attribute is also shared with glasses. They should therefore be properly packaged in padded cartons and away from areas of much activity, usually under lock and key.

o Ironmongery: These include locks, hinges, handles and the like. Owing to their small sizes, they are prone to pilfering. These should also be kept well locked and only issued under strict accountability.

· Raw materials: This category belongs to the main items like stone, ballast and sand. These are not prone to the previous problems like weather and pilferage. However, they have one attribute that is being bulky. They consume a lot of space on site and require a generous allocation of storage space. These are best stored in bays and contained using things like stones, in the case of sand.

· Workshop finished items: This category also includes semi-finished items, for example in the case of timber. Items here are usually ready for installing in the works and are mostly purpose made. Some may have been imported from overseas and in their exact measurements. This means that damage or loss of such will lead to a very expensive work of replacement. Examples here include Fixtures, timber, roofing materials et cetera.

Material storage is a very important part of site management. How materials are delivered and dispatched determines how easily things flow. In almost all cases, site space is usually restricted and as such, material storage should be very well thought out. One thing to consider is that only the important and requisite materials and items per time should be stored on site to minimize on the risks mentioned above. Records should be kept very in good accuracy of all materials required, ordered, delivered, accepted, stored, dispatched, put to the works and any deficits. Good material storage ensures the following benefits on site.

· Easy movement around site

· Reduction in waste and damages

· Reduction of loss by theft or otherwise