Doing Your Own Stone Settings

Stone setting in general is much more difficult than many might suspect. There are short courses in various types of jewelry work but those provide only a basic starting place and years of experience needed to become truly proficient in many areas. Fortunately, if a person devotes time to stone setting and does enough of one style of setting to become comfortable with it, moving on to similar styles is not nearly as difficult as those "first trials".

As you probably know, stone setting is done in many different styles. Within those styles, one jeweler may use slightly different methods than would another jeweler doing the exact same job. There is room to experiment with methods but only after you have set a few stones and are pleased with the results. Once you have a feel for the metal and the gems, then you know enough not to totally mess-up by trying a slightly different method.

Stone Setting Styles. I will mention a few styles and recommend what I believe is the best place to begin.The prong settings using faceted stones. This is the best place to begin. Start with a round stone, sometimes 4mm to 7mm in diameter. Smaller stones are more difficult until you learn the "give and take" of the metal, while larger stones present other problems. Start with normal prongs, generally four or six to the setting.

There are lots of prong settings with fancy formed and decorated prongs but those are not the best with which to begin learning. I do not care if the prong settings are part of a pendant, ring or earrings. The idea is fairly plain and basic prong settings regardless of the jewelry type.

The Bezel Settings, is use a narrow area of ​​metal around the girdle or waist of the stone to secure the stone in the setting. The most basic form is seen in typical southern turquoise jewelry, essentially a band of silver wrapped around the stone and press down toward the stone from the top.

The more dramatic and much more difficult bezel is "flush set", where a gemstone is set directly into the surface of metal such as on a ring band and the metal is burned or hammered to the stone then finished for smoothness. This last technique is quite difficult for a beginner and is best left until you feel ready for it and have the equipment to do the job.

Channel Settings. You have seen these settings in which rows of stones are set into a "groove" or channel of metal. This is also a difficult job and should not be attempted to start. To try a channel setting without lots of previous metal and seat cutting experience will lead to frustration and disappointment. Look at channel set stones at a jewelry store.

Inexpensive jewelry is a "fake job" and the stones are in a channel but held in place with little burs of metal pushed over opposite sides of the stone. Stones fall out of these settings! A real channel set has the metal along the channel pushed down onto the stones, all along the channel. You need to learn to bezel set before doing channel settings since some similar techniques are used.

Bead Set or Pave Setting. This setting is done with hand tools in the final stages, forming metal over one stone at a time and sometimes two at a time using "graver" tools. This is advanced technique. A setting style with a similar look uses "needle point" prongs formed to start with in the metal. We can talk about that sometime down the road.

Fancy Shaped Stones. Even when using prong settings, fancy shaped stones need added techniques. Essentially the same methods are used to cut seats and tighten prongs for emerald cuts as for round and oval stones. Marquise and pear shapes have a pointed end requiring a different seat cutting method to hold the pointed end securely without breaking the stone! The problem with emerald cuts is getting the stone level and straight and secure enough that the stone will not "turn" in the prongs.

The problem with stones with pointed ends or corners is cutting the seat and tightening without damage to the stone. Such fancy shape are not to be scared but understood to be more difficult, requiring practiced hand control before attempting.

Settings. I recommend starting with simple prong settings, generally found in four and six prong versions. Note, jewelers often use the words settings, heads, crowns and mountings to mean the same thing.

Stone Shapes. I recommend round faceted stones in sizes from possibly 4mm to 7mm. You may try ovals stone, too, but do a few rounds first. With ovals, over tightening any prong can make the stone go sideways a bit in the prongs.

Stone Kinds. CZ's are good to start as are man-made birthstones. Most of the birthstones are synthetic sapphire (corundum) and are quite hard. The value of these stones is, they are pretty when set and are not expensive. The cuts are fairly uniform, too, compared to less expensive natural stones. Still, you need to practice on some stones which are not as tough as the birthstones. For this, choose possibly some inexpensive, meaning almost colorless, amethysts and inexpensive garnets.

These will not be the most beautiful gems but are wonderful for practice and can look pretty in earrings and pendants. You will likely discover the girdle or waist of inexpensive natural gems may be varied in thickness and the angles of the facets on the pavilion or bottom of the stone may vary. The idea is to get the stone level in the mounting so it looks level to the eye.

For the work to be done just like it should, stone seats need to be cut into the prongs to match the gemstone on hand. I suggest trying something in sterling silver. The metal is easy to bend and work. In fact, sterling is soft enough to "over bend" without due care. Gold is somewhat more springy and takes more effort to properly set than silver. However, gold is more forgiving than silver and certainly takes a better finish in the final steps. I suggest a sterling pendant, facet set stone in prongs. That is a good starting place.

Please, keep in mind the main idea is to have a finished piece that does look good to the eye! The stone should be safe and secure in the setting but that is not "seen". What is seen is the finished jewelry. That is the impression both to you and to anyone who happens to see it. Set the stone at a pleasure depth in the prongs, stone set level, finish off the prongs so all is uniform and neatly done. It will take some time to get use to this kind of think, but when you do get to use this kind of thing you will have no problem fixing your jewelry, your families, maybe even some of your friends jewelry.

Japanese Food – Five Dishes for Newcomers

Japanese food, once little more than a niche occupant in the greater scope of American cuisine, has become increasingly popular in recent years. The harmony of flavors and light emphasized in the typical Japanese dish appeals to the palettes of many in the United States, where heavy and often deep fried foods have long dominated the market. Many people remain related about exploring this aspect of ethnic cuisine, however, for fear that they'll find something on their plate which appears as though it came from the Iron Chef. This is far from the truth! The intent of this article is to introduce readers to a variety of different Japanese dishes, that they might go out and try something new without fear of what they'll be eating.

Domburi: This dish is quite simply a bowl of rice adorned with some sort of topping. A variety of toppings are popular in Japan, many of which have successfully migrated across the Pacific and into American restaurants. One example of this dish is oyakodon, which uses both chicken and egg for its topping. Another sort of dumburi, gyudon, is beefy in flavor and more popular in Japan as fast food. Those of you who are especially outgoing masters may like to sample unadon, a type of dumburi wherein strips of grilled eel covered in a thick soya sauce are used to top the rice bowl.

Ramen: This soup dish has been a staple of the American college student's diet for years. Wildly popular around the world, ramen is to the Japanese what a burger and fries are to your average United States native. Ramen comes in a variety of bases and is best recognized for its long, slender noodles. Complimenting these noodles are such ingredients as dumplings, pork, miso (fermented soybeans) and soya sauce. It's interesting to note that ramen originated in China, rather than Japan, but the dish is almost always associated with the latter source nowdays.

Sashimi: This dish is often mistaken for sushi by those still new to the realm of Japanese cuisine. Although it is often presented artistically, the fact remains that sashimi is raw fish, a truth which turns the stomach of many a squeamish American. Several types of sashimi are served, the most popular of which is probably tuna. Diners should be lend particular attention to the scent when partaking of this dish. The fish used to prepare sashimi must be exceptionally fresh and as such, it should be devoid of any fishy scent.

Sushi: Perhaps the most well-recognized of all Japanese dishes, sushi has become particularly popular in trendy regions of the United States. It is served in too many variations to list completely in the space of this article. To be considered sushi, however, the dish must contain rice that has been prepared with sushi vinegar. The most recognizable form of sushi is probably norimaki, or sushi rolls. These rolls contain sushi rice and various types of seafood roled in sheets of dried seaweed. Norimaki often includes vegetables, as well.

Tempura: This dish has also become quite popular within Japan and across the globe. Tempura is something of a finger food, consisting of different types of seafood and / or vegetables fried in a special batter. The end result is a delightful treat which is crisp without being heavy, as is often the case with deep fried cuisine in America. The ingredients featured in tempura are too numerous to possibly list and often vary wildly from one restaurant to the next.

The five dishes listed above should provide the novice gourmand with a particularly tasty introduction to the world of Japanese cuisine. Enjoy!

DC To AC Converter Safety

In the typical home, there are a great many appliances and electronics that we plug into the outlet, never giving much thought to where the electricity to run them comes from. This is fine, though, as the local power company is taking care of things so we don’t have to. When you are out on the road, however, on a camping trip or even simply plugging the cell phone or GPS into the cigarette lighter to recharge, a dc to ac converter is required and one must pay attention to specific details to ensure the safe and proper use of obtaining the needed power.

Starting with the basics, DC (direct current) power is generated from things such as fuel cells, batteries or solar panels. AC (Alternating current) power is typically used to run your computer or television, basically everything electrical in your home. This is why the dc to ac converter is so important: it allows us the freedom to be outside of our homes but still be attached to the gadgets and devices we love. It provides a portable power source.

A dc to ac converter also provides increased power. Think of dc power as a relatively straight line. There are little changes in that line, meaning that a direct current supplies a constant, low voltage amount of power. Unfortunately, this is not usually enough electricity to operate an appliance.

Now, envision ac power as a wavy line. The peaks and valley offer a varied amount of voltage (usually a higher amount) at any given time, hence the term alternating current. Using a transformer can also boost the voltage to an even higher level.

There are many different dc to ac converters available for purchase, either on the internet or most local automotive stores. Choosing the right one is important so that you don’t end up blowing a circuit or worse yet, ruining your battery and/or appliance. Take into account the tips listed below when purchasing a dc to ac converter.

The first consideration should be voltage. If you have a 12-volt battery (the most commonly used external power source), you are going to want a 12-volt dc to ac converter. This is pretty logical, of course. Be aware though that this is important! Trying to pass too much voltage through a converter not specified for it can cause an electrical fire.

Next you should consider the amount of wattage the appliance you want to power uses. This can normally be found on the appliance itself or in the manual that the appliance came with. You must make sure that the wattage created by the converter exceeds the amount you will be using. The reason for “exceeding wattage” is because many appliances create a power surge (more power than what is actually needed to operate the appliance) when they are first turned on.

There are other things to take into account when using a converter, though the two listed are probably most important. If you need further assistance, it may be helpful to ask a salesperson when you are making a purchase. Be sure to read all instructions before plugging in any appliance.

Two Types of Hardwood Flooring Used Worldwide

Elastic, flexible and delightfully elegant, hardwood flooring is fast becoming the much preferred choice globally. Any product that is made out of timber with a design fitted to meet decorative requirements, or plain structural, is termed as wood flooring. There are a few exceptions to this such as bamboo flooring, which in spite of being made of grass (read bamboo), is generally considered to be favorite.

There are a couple of types of flooring and are mentioned below:

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring: These are available in numerous styles and dimensions. Each plank here is made from a single piece of solid timber wood. Earlier, these were meant to serve structural requirements and were positioned perpendicular to a structure's wooden support beams. However, today's construction techniques seldom have any use for wood in building frames. On the contrary, these floors are being used more than often only because of the aesthetic beauty and sheer elegance of their look.
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring: Two or more wooden layers brought together in the form of a plank make an engineered floor. The bottom layer providing the stability is called the core (or substrate) and the top layer visible after the installation of the flooring is known as the Lamella.

Veneer, vinyl and laminate floors, although distinctly different, are often mistaken for engineered flooring. Veneer enterprises of a thin wood layer bounded to composite wood core (typically, a highly dense fiber-board), plastic which is given the appearance of wood is vinyl and simply an image of real on its surface that is laminate.

Across the world, engineered hardwood flooring are the most popular and widely used. The demand for solid floors that made for engineered flooring only in North America.

Solid v / s Engineered Hardwood Floor covering

An assortment of engineered floor qualities makes the general comparison between the two very difficult. Engineered floors are better in appearance and generally come with more of a pre-finish than other. Solid hardwood flooring have less plank width and ranges to 'gap' (large space between planks) more. It also has a tendency of "crowning" (edges curving upwards with increased humidity) and "cupping" (higher plank height along its edges and a dish like appearance). These limits offer it much less scope of use.

On the other hand, solid floors come with a thicker surface and can thereby be installed with the use of nails. Solid flooring is cheaper to install than engineered flooring. In addition, engineered floors can end a significantly less number of sanding as opposed to solid flooring.

Apart from the aspects of stability of material and diversified usability, some of the other advantages of later floor types are its faster installation facilitated by patented installation systems and easy availability of boards for replacement. It also enables a 'floating' installation (planks are free of the floor or each other) thereby facilitating easy repairs and reduced installation time.

Caring Wooden Floors

To maintain a sparkling floor is you need to regularly vacuum, sweep and mop. Oil soaps are strictly hidden for such floors. Cleaning agents or products recommended by the manufacturers are the best bet.

How You Can Spice Things Up With Dirty Talk in Your Love Relationship

Are you afraid to start dirty talk in your loving relationship? Why? Talking dirty in a relationship, even a loving relationship will only spice things up. You should not be feeling shy. You love one another, your love is unconditional and that means you accept one another for who you are.

When it comes to your needs and desires, you should never be afraid to tell your partner about them. Think about it, what is the worst thing that can happen? Your partner will not be able to fulfill it. If this is the case, then you will be able to find a way to work around it so that the both of you are happy.

Ever Tried Dirty Talk Before?

If you have never tried to talk dirty with your partner before, then you may want to give them a word of warning before you just jump in on them. There are some individuals out there that are not comfortable with dirty talk and will never be. If you come out of nowhere and start talking dirty, you may end up turning your partner off and it could put a halt to your relationship. However, if you know that your partner is into talking dirty, then do not be afraid to spring it on them.

Discuss Talking Dirty First

Before you talk dirty, you should first see if it is something for the both of you. Talk to your partner and see how they feel about it. You and your partner can come up with some rules before you jump into it. There should be no judgments between the both of you at this time. This is your time to laugh and be silly with one another.

Move Slowly

As you are talking dirty with one another, you should not jump right in and start throwing those short letter words in there and think that it is fine. There is so much more to dirty talk than just using those short four letter words. For starters, you should compliment one another, then move on to that crude language. Whatever comes to your mind at the time, just say it, it does not matter how graphic it is, as long as you are comfortable with speaking it to your partner, say it. Before you know it, you and your partner excitation will start to build up and you will want to take things faster.

Spice Up Your Life with Dirty Talk

If you are looking to spice up your love life a bit, then you should talk dirty with your partner. By talking dirty, you and your partner will stay interested and have a great sex life together. If there is something you really want, then tell your partner and go for it.

Mild Steel or Wrought Iron Mirrors

A Touch Of Wrought Iron Mirrors For Your Home

To add that touch of unique design into your home, one thing that you can do is add wrought iron mirrors. Well, anything wrought iron, really. The material is what's important. As you may already know, wrought iron is the material used to create ironworks of detailed design. You can literally find iron flowers, and that's only possible with molded iron. The good thing about wrought or molded iron is that it is easy to mold but hard to break once it hardens. So you can rest assured that with molded iron, you can really have a unique ornamental ironwork.

Sadly, bended iron has not been in production for decades due to the popularity of the cheaper mild steel. Mild steel's properties are similar to that of bended iron. It is easy to mold, and quite durable once the ironwork is finished. That being said, steel has replaced wrought or bended iron due to the latter's cost.

Mild steel has also been used to design ironworks that were previously only attainable if molded iron is used. This steel steel the moniker of "wrought iron", and most of the wrought or bended iron products out there today are actually made of mild steel. True wrought iron is not manufactured into ironworks, unless it is for the sole purpose of preserving something.

True wrought or molded iron looks to be the better material than mild steel in terms of lasting power. With mild steel, you can see rust forming on the ironwork after a few years while true molded iron is still intact. If you're going for steel, this is fine since you get several years without worrying too much about rust. Beside, there are a lot of rust removers out in the market today that makes short work of rust.

Still, if you want to be authentic, there are a lot of true wrought iron products in the market. How would you know that they are true wrought or molded iron and the store has not specifically confused mild steel with it? The answer is simple: you ask. Most stores are kind enough to tell you the truth. Beside, there is not really anything wrong with mild steel.

So when you're going for wrought or molded iron mirrors, clocks, wine racks, shelves, and whatnot, your home's feel will change nonetheless. It will be more vibrant, with all your furniture exiting that elegant ambiance due to the ornamental uniqueness of the material that is wrought iron.

Importance of SSL Certificates on Banking Websites

It is possible for every piece of data to be seen by others without it is secured by an SSL Certificate. Your customers will not trust your web site without it.

Why banks need SSL?

SSL Certificates are essential factor to gain Customers' confidence in your Services and Brand ……

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which allows online users to create sessions with Internet sites that are safe and secure ie they have the least risk of external contravention. In an Online Banking website, the customers can only be secure with the use of SSL technology. An SSL Certificate ensures that all data passed between the Web server and browser remains private and secure.

To make online banking safe for its Customers all the banks must have SSL Certificates. SSL Certificates is the only answers to questions such as – Will my money be safe? Can someone steal my Personal information ?, Can someone access funds or track my transactions ?, Could a thief find a way to clean out my bank account?

So all the banking websites need SSL Certificates –

o To enhance Customers' Confidence in your Website.

o To get accepted globally – expand clientele from all over the world.

o SSL is mandatory for sites collecting personal or financial information from their customers.

o Most of the consumers now expect safety & security to the part of online services they use.

o You value privacy and expect others to trust you.

o Banks need to comply with privacy and online security requirements.

o SSL is a necessity if you have offices that share confidential information over an intranet.

o The most important is to protect your customer's transactions and provide visitors with proof of your digital identity.

What happens if a bank does not use SSL, What are the risks involved?

Customers are very careful while doing online banking. They are aware of SSL and check for HTTPS before logging in to the website. SSL, Secure Socket Layer is extremely essential for any website, which is collecting sensitive information like personal information, credit card numbers online. Especially banking websites should have SSL Certificates to secure the online transactions of their customer.

Consequences for not deploying SSL certificates on banking website are –

o Customer may rebuff to expose his bank account details to the Internet.

o Hackers and criminals may track the valuable information.

o You can lose a potential customer.

o Customers may loose faith and may go to some other bank.

o Non-availability of SSL on any Banking Website may affect its brand image or Goodwill.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL (secure sockets layer) is a communications protocol, which is now the global standard for security
SSL creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser to ensure that all data transmitted remains private and secure. The Secure Sockets Layer protects data transferred over http using encryption enabled by a server's SSL Certificate

SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data – a public key known to everyone and a private or secret key known only to the recipient of the message. The public key is used to encrypt information and the private key is used to decipher it. When a Web browser points to a secured domain, a Secure Sockets Layer handshake authenticates the server (Web site) and the client (Web browser). An encryption method is established with a unique session key.

Transdermal Drug Delivery – Innovations in Technologies Are Opening Market Opportunities

When today's fashion world wants to know what we'll be wearing next year, the answer may have more to do with medical science and less to do with the whims of Italian designers. Thanks to advances in drug delivery and formulation technology, combined with the threat of patent expiration and diminishing sales of blockbuster drugs, those small, sticky skin patches are not just for smokers anymore. The once stagnant transdermal delivery market is picking up steam and is forecast to grow dramatically over the next few years.

The FDA approved a total of 35 transdermal products over the past 20 years, the major of which use passive transport that allows the drug to be subsequently absorbed into the skin via natural processes. Delivery of scopolamine, nicotine, estrogen, and fentanyl made up the bulk of sales, and the industry steered clear of what they considered to be extremely limited market potential with other drugs.

In recent years, however, great strides have been made in the application of "active transport" to assist and regulate the movement of drug molecules across the skin membrane. This opened up the field to a much wider range of drugs, such as those with high molecular weights or those requiring blood levels to be controlled. Penetration enhancers, microporation, electroporation, iontophoresis, and ultrasound are some of the methods currently being employed. New materials and advances in polymer technology have also paved the way for innovative new products. Improvements in solubility and diffusion, better adhesive polymers, the integration of hydrogels, enzyme films and biosensors have led to smaller patches, improved wear, and even products with diagnostic and monitoring capabilities.

These developments have led to a vastly increased market potential. The US market for transdermal products was $ 5.7 billion in 2006, and is forecast to grow to almost $ 8 billion by 2010. Some market analysts predict that the global market could reach as high as $ 32 billion by 2015.

In addition to new technology, another factor driving the upward market trend is the fact that the development time and cost for transdermal products is significantly less than that of conventional drugs. Average R & D for a typical drug is $ 500 million over 15 years, while for a transdermal drug development time is roughly 4-8 years and costs $ 10 million to $ 15 million. This has attracted a large number of specialty pharmaceutical companies to the field, which have chosen to create niches in transdermal delivery rather than pure generics.

The industry's efforts have paid off, as some new transdermal products have recently been approved by the FDA, including Neupro for Parkinson's disease; Daytrana for the treatment of ADHD; IONSYS, an iontophoretic transdermal delivery system for fentanyl, and Emsam, a transdermal patch for depression. A wide range of innovative transdermal products are currently in clinical development in the US for a variety of indications, including diabetes, migraine, herpes virus and infertility.

With the ever-present pressure on pharmaceutical companies to extend product lifecycles and replenish dwindling pipes, interest in transdermals will continue to grow. The recent profusion of over-the-counter products, such as tooth whitening strips, cold sore treatments, acne patches, wart removers, and herbal skin treatments has led to greater consumer awareness and acceptance of these dosage systems. Continued advances in technology and materials will likely ensure an even wider range of products spanning all the therapeutic areas. So the next time your doctor asks you to roll up your sleeve do not be surprised if, instead of a needle, you're stuck with a patch.

Great Designs – Lamps and Lighting

Lamps and lighting fixtures for the home are in abundance – in shops andalls, designer outlets, mail order catalogs and online. The home decor market has increased as consumers have become more style savvy, with more disposable income not to mention the explosion of home makeover television programs.

That the home lighting market has gone into such overdrive should come as no shock. In particular the last decade has seen a great rise in lighting manufacturers and a proliferation of many innovative and highly creative lighting designers.

But lets not forget what really lies behind this exciting new upsurge in the design of light fittings: lamps and light fixtures for your home.

A good quality light fitting is one which satisfies the aesthetic requirements (for example, has colors which will match and / or complement the colors of its surroundings) and adheres to safety guidelines as well as being properly constructed. For instance, floor lamps need to have sturdy, robust bases so that they do not tip over easily. For safety reasons, properly manufactured light fixtures should not overheat and scorch the shade or object of light focus, and so forth. As
well as these other factors for consideration are the ease of installation, ease of maintenance, portability, durability, economy and adjustability.

To choose the correct light fixture for your surroundings, try to visualize the lighting effect you desire:

What do you want the light fitting to do?

Will the light source provided by this fitting be adequate for the task at hand?

Will this light source be complemented by other light fittings in the room?

How will this light fitting be controlled?

Depending on the type of light fitting you have in mind, the distribution of its light is affected by using the principles of diffusion, refraction or reflection and are further affected by the type, shape and style of fitting and the materials it is made from. For example, spotlights, desk lights and ceiling-mounted downlights emit a prerequisite and focussed beam of light on the objects that they directed at.

Baffles and louvers are other light-manipulating devices commonly used in light fixtures. A "baffle" is a device attached to a light fitting to help prevent glare. The grooved indentations often seen on the inside of many cylindically shaped light fittings are "baffles". The grooves have the effect of reducing appearance brightness when you look into the light fitting from certain angles.

Louvers are blades, made from translucent or opaque plastic and metal, which reduce glare by preventing a direct view through the opening of the light source fixture.

Despite the use of louvers and baffles in many lighting designs, the most common way of manipulating artificial light in a room is the shade. This could be an integral part of the light fitting (as with spotlights) or separate (as with the traditional table lamp).

The choice of lampshade is highly personal and is affected by factors such as the color, fabric and size of the shade. Of course, one is so spoiled for choice these days that it should not be too difficult to find the exact lampshade you need to match a particular style or color theme.

Antique End Tables – The Decorative Touch Your Space Needs

Looking to add a decorative touch to your space, but are having trouble coming up with ideas on how to do it? Well, if you want a great way to add some nice, beautiful accents, turn to antique end tables. They have a fabulous appearance and would be a spectacular addition to any room in your home.

Antique end tables get their gorgeous appearance from the lovely materials that they are built out of along with their spectacular styling. For example, you can get one crafted out of wood that is adorned with intricate wood working and designs with the entire look being capped off by a gorgeous deep, cherry finish. Another great option is one that is crafted out of metal and glass that features a base filled with elegant scrollwork that has a dark oil rubbed finish and a beveled glass table top. You can even get ones that are a combination of wood and metal, some that have leather surfaced table tops, others that nest within themselves, and ones that come with drawers and cabinets. Plus, they are available in all shapes and sizes too, from round ones to others that are square, and some that feature interesting one of a kind shapes. For a great way to check out all the different options, just flip on your family computer and log onto the Internet. You can browse all the online stores and find what you want in no time. Plus, comparison shopping is a breeze and you will also probably find the best prices possible.

Now, antique end tables would be a great choice for any room through your home. Take your living room for example, maybe you have most of your furnishings in place and are in need of just one more piece to really complete its look. Well, one would be a fantastic way to do just that and you could place one next to any couch, in any corner, or you could even use one to fill up the empty space on that wide open wall that you have in there. Another spot that you could put one is in your dining room as a nice ornamental addition to the space. The thing is, one would work well in any room really and some other spots you could put one include the end of a long hallway along with in a foyer, bedroom, den, or sewing room. What also makes them a great choice, along with their wonderful appearance, is that fact that they are also very practical since you can easily display different items on them, like family photos, and other things in them if you get ones with drawers and cabinets .

So, if you want to add a decorative touch to your space, a grand way to do just that is with beautiful antique end tables. They would be a magnificent accent to any room in your home. Get some today so you can enjoy their pleasant appearance tomorrow.

The New "07" Car Registration Plates Have Arrived

At 8.00am on the 5th of December 2006 the DVLA introduced the 07 car registration plate series to the car number plate market, providing even more options for people searching for the ultimate private registration. Prefix and dateless registrations have traditionally been more popular when it comes to buying a private number plate however people are becoming aware of some eye catching registration plates in the current style range.

Frantic buyers flooded the DVLA call centre as soon as the car registration plates were released in order to secure their desired number plate. With purchases limited to one purchase per call, many dealers and collectors were on the phone the entire day and with such a high demand it wasn’t long before the most desirable registration plates had been sold. Some of the more distinctive 07 number plates sold included SP07 RTY (Sporty), BL07 GGS (Bloggs) and HP07 TER (H Potter), perfect for the wizard himself! Some of the more distinctive car number plates in the 07 series have been set aside by the DVLA to release at future auctions. Once such plate, OO07 SPY, wouldn’t look out of place on Daniel “James Bond” Craig’s car or could well be snapped up by Aston Martin for promotional use. Other registration numbers to be released at auction include BR07 HER (Brother) and CL07 HES (Clothes) which wouldn’t look out of place on a fashion designers car.

The current style of registration plates were introduced in September 2001 to replace the prefix registration number plate series. The new style of car registration plates followed a format of 3 parts. The first part is two letters representing the area that the vehicle was originally registered. Secondly, there are two numbers representing the vehicle’s age. New style number plates are released twice a year so the first of these numbers illustrates what month the vehicle was registered; March (0) and September (5), with the second number representing which year the vehicle was registered. For example 03 represents March 2003. The final element of the current style number plate is three random letters which make the registration unique.

When considering a new “07” car number plate always bear in mind that a vehicle can always be made to appear older than it is but never newer. For example in order to assign a 07 registration number to your car, your vehicle would have to be an 07 registered vehicle or newer. Car number plates however can be purchased on a DVLA certificate of entitlement meaning that a 07 personal number plate can be purchased today and held indefinitely until assigned to a valid vehicle.

Assigning private number plates to a vehicle is incredibly easy. You will need your V5 log book, a photocopy of your tax disc and an MOT if applicable. Simply take or post these to your local DVLA office with your Certificate of Entitlement and the transfer process can begin. You will receive an updated tax disc displaying your new personal registration number and an update V5 log book will follow shortly from DVLA Swansea. It is important to remember to inform your insurance company of the change of details as well.

With the addition of the 07 series there are thousands more personal car registrations to choose from. With the popularity of private car registrations increasing all the time, popular names and numbers are quickly selling. The great thing about number plates however is that they can be kept for life by being transferred from car to car whenever a vehicle is upgraded. And its not just cars that private number plates can go on, motorbikes too can have their very own personal mark. Once such mark was HD07 HOG, which was sold to the proud owner of a brand new Harley Davidson when the new 07 series was released.

Why Is Lego Still So Popular?

Lego has been a feature of many children’s toy boxes for many years and more than just a few parents have discovered just how painful stepping on a stray brick can be! But, why has such a simple toy endured for so long?

Today, Lego sets come in many different types, as well as just the big box of standard bricks. Now you can get Star Wars sets and City sets, to mention but a few, and that’s probably the first reason that this toy has managed to stay on top of its game.

Lego was first manufactured in 1949 and the now famous interlocking bricks were originally called “Automatic Binding Bricks”. The first bricks were not very versatile, and they didn’t lock together very well. The modern style of brick was first produced in 1958 and the basic design of the interlocking bricks hasn’t changed since.

Despite that fact that the toy is now more than 50 years old, Lego has managed to keep the brand up to date and relevant by keeping up with the times. Many of the sets that are on sale today are branded around movies, like Star Wars or Batman. So, while the modest little plastic bricks will undoubtedly still end up loose in the toy box just as they always have done, they start life as a part of an exciting and up to date action figure set.

Unlike regular action figure sets, though, the bricks can be used to create anything. So, while a Harry Potter figure may be discarded once Wizards are no longer cool, a Harry Potter Lego set can still be morphed into Power Rangers, Transformers, or whatever else may be popular at the time.

In fact, most instructions for the sets are probably lost forever following the very first build. After that a child’s imagination starts to run free and they begin to create their own robots, spacecraft, and jet planes. And, of course, the parents are just waiting for an excuse to get down on the carpet to lend a helping hand with the construction projects too.

Today Lego is a multibillion dollar enterprise that encompasses theme parks, retail stores, and movies like the recently released The Lego Batman Movie. All of which helps to keep the building blocks modern and relevant.

The other thing that helps keep Lego relevant is that is neither a boy’s toy nor a girl’s toy. Those little plastic blocks will work just as well as a doll house as they will a fortress or a tank. These blocks are durable too, so they can be handed down from one child to the next, or even one generation to the next.

Best of all, you can spend hours creating a masterpiece and then smash it all up and start all over again. There is no fiddling around with glue or paint and every single part can be reused in another model.

So, why is Lego still so popular? Because a set can start out as one thing and then become anything your imagination can come up with. While the sets may have become more complex and the figurines have become more detailed, the basic premise of Lego us that you put it together any way you like, over and over again. Who could ever get bored with that?

6 Dirty Home Items You Always Forget to Clean

Even the most dedicated house cleaner may forget to clean some of the most obviously dirty items around the household. No matter how clean your house looks, you may rest assured that you share your belongings with colonies of germs and bacteria. After reading this article, you will know which are the most commonly neglected places, and you can just remind your provider of cleaning services to pay particular attention to them during the next visit or just keep them in mind the next time you are cleaning on your own:

Kitchen handles – this includes the fridge handles, the oven handle, and anything you are touching while you are cooking something in the kitchen. When you are preparing your favourite dish containing some meat, chances are you will accidentally touch the refrigerator handle at least once. Then you will probably touch the oven handles, the drawers and so on. As a result, all these places become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. However, the solution is straightforward, just scrub all the kitchen handles with an antibacterial cleaner or you can also use vinegar and water solution. The choice is yours.

Toothbrush holders – keep your teeth clean and your toothbrush holder even cleaner. Let’s admit it. Most people don’t clean the toothbrush holder every week, but they have to. Fortunately, this one is an easy fix. Just throw the holder into the dishwasher once a week. It’s also recommended to boil your toothbrush in water for 2-3 minutes at least once a week during the flu season.

Computer accessories – some of the most used items in the house are the keyboard and the mouse. Nobody washes their hands every time they touch these things, but they are covered with bacteria and germs. Fortunately, there are tons of computer accessories cleaners on the market. Just spray some cleaner on the keyboard and the mouse and wipe with a microfiber cloth or a paper towel once a day.

Handrails – do you have stairs with handrails in your home? Of course, you do. Clean them up with a white vinegar and warm water solution and a paper towel. First clean with the damp paper towel and then polish with a microfiber cloth.

Light switches – just like anything else on this list, light switches are touched with dirty hands all the time. You can use antibacterial cleaner or water and vinegar. It’s up to you.

Reusable shopping bags – reusable shopping bags are excellent; they keep the environment clean, and it’s the perfect alternative to their plastic siblings. However, they get smelly over time which indicates that they are accumulating germs. Throw them in the washing machine, and they will be like new.

These are six of the most neglected house items you should think twice before you skip during the next cleaning project. The small details make a big difference, so pay attention to those problematic areas and live a healthier life without germs and bacteria.

Rackmount LCD Monitor – A Comfortable Innovation

People these days look for comfort and ease while working in their computers. They also look out for space-saving options. They often run out of space in their server cabinets. It then becomes almost imperative to put in a sliding monitor. Catering to the needs of different types of people, Rackmount LCD monitor has seamlessly combined comfort with technology.

However Rackmount LCD Monitor comes with a host of advantages. These include:

1. It has got a flip-up design, which is a great idea to save space. It also improves a stylish look to it, makes it quite attractive.

2. It has adjustable brackets, which enhances its flexibility. This adds to the comfort and ease of the user.

3. The monitors are compatible with a number of operating systems such as DOS, Win 3x, Win 95 / 98SE / 2000 / ME / SP, Win NT, Netware, Unix, Linux.

4. Hot plugging facility allows the user to connect the monitor with the computer without restarting the device.

5. Support higher video resolutions, up to 1920×1440 for local PCs and up to 1280×1024 for remote PCs.

6. Supports most of the encryption protocols commonly used to secure networks.

7. The monitor has minimal or no impact on server and network performance. There is absolutely no influence in this regard.

8. The monitors fully support KVM over IP and analogous telephone lines, to ensure maximum compatibility with different technologies used in networking.

9. Automatic sensing of best video resolution ensures perfect picture quality at all times.

10. The crisp LED display makes status monitoring a snap for users.

11. High-performance tracking and synchronization of mouse movements ensures silky smooth performance with a variety of mice, including traditional ball-mouse and the optical variety.

12. The Rackmount Keyboard Drawer is easy to install because it attaches securely to the rack at only two points.

Therefore, with such features, Rackmount LCD monitor is sure to accomplish a lot. It offers a great blend of technology, comfort and innovation. Apart from the listed features, a lot of other features are yet to com up. A great amount of research is going on to make the performance even better and easy-going. The users can now dream of a comfortable and hassle-free operation in their computers. To meet the different requirements of different people, the 'comfortable innovation' of Rackmount LCD monitor is indeed path-breaking and is sure to open several gateways in near future.

Cast Iron Letter Plate – Classic and Simple

Ironmongery is a term used to describe a wide variety of iron-made household items and utensils which are also mixed with other industrial substances and minerals. Generally, it refers to the manufacture of different household utensils and other appliances that are made of iron. The history of the use of iron-made products can be traced back in the earliest human civilization and which was flourished during the middle ages up to the 18th century.

Today, incorporating traditional and classic designs of iron made products had gained generous interests and popularity especially in the different home decors like knockers and letter plate. The demand for classic and traditional iron-made products incredibly increase from restoring classic homes and redesigning modern homes that have traditional themes, crafts and furniture. Also the traditional letter plates, iron door knobs, locks, hinges, cabinet fittings as well as classic windows and furniture had also gained high demands.

The architectural designs and patterns of the middle ages and the early 18th and 19th century has always failed to fascinate the people until now. Some would even cherish the way the products during those period was intricately and elegantly designed. Who would forget those symbolic castles, elegantly dressed nobility and of course their classic and spacious homes. But most of all, the symbolic letter plates of the Middle Ages and the 18th and 19th centuries that is making a comeback today. These letter plates are known for its simple yet classic designs, ranging from gold-plated plates to those fabricated with the textures of malleable iron and brass.

The mystery and elegance of the Middles Aged may be reason why its symbolic designs are making a comeback in the application of classic and traditional designs and architecture to today's modern house and furniture. The industry today are into designing and manufacturing of traditional letter plates using modern processes like galvanizing and powder coating.

Today, there are many cast iron letter plates manufacturers that are engaged in designing traditional and modern designs and even incorporating the two to produce more classic yet sophisticated letter plate designs.