Contemporary Lighting – Everything You Want to Know and More

One of the problems that you may run across when trying to decorate your modern home is finding the right Contemporary Lighting to illuminate the space. Surfing the web may only add to the confusion when one looks at the wide variety of Contemporary Lighting fixtures from which to choose. It seems like every manufacturer and retailer have their own ideas as to just precisely what Contemporary Lighting is or is not. It is difficult to even find sources that can agree on a precise start of the genre. Far easier is it to describe what Contemporary Lighting is NOT. For instance, Contemporary Lighting is not ornate like the traditional lighting fixtures nor does it have an emphasis on functional beauty like the Mission style.

The Contemporary Lighting style sprang from the Art Nouveau movement but with one critical difference: unlike Art Deco, the Modern or Contemporary style had absolutely nothing to do with aesthetics. Instead, the emphasis lie entirely with the idea of ​​functionality. World restructured architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a big practitioner and adherent of the Modern movement which gave birth to Contemporary Lighting. He joined the Bauhaus School and the Russian Constructionalists in their reverence for the functional while rejecting the inefficiency of aesthetics.

Fixtures of the Contemporary Lighting style generally have very smooth, white globes that mount to simple bell-shaped mounts. An excellent example of Contemporary Lighting is the "school light" fixtures so popular with designers for the past few decades. These lights feature a suspended globe that hangs down over an area and provides a virtual shadow-free ambient light. People decorating old industrial buildings that have been converted into lofts often make these lights their first choice. They also work great for people trying to think of how to light a converted schoolhouse or similar structure.

Contemporary Lighting fixtures emphasize very clean lines and a wide variety of metal finishes for the bases. Making use of the simple white monsters that typify the style, Contemporary Lighting provides ample ambient light without distracting attention away from the functional aspects of any living space. They may not be as ornate as the traditional Style, but the sheer simplicity is the beauty of Contemporary Lighting fixtures. Rather than draw attention to the fixtures themselves, Contemporary Lighting is a minority means to make any space more user-friendly and accessible.

The exact start date of the period may remain something obscure, but the defining characteristics of the Contemporary Lighting style remain solid. True to the nature of the style, Contemporary Lighting makes functionality the focal point rather than ornate beauty. With smooth white crystals mounted to a wide array of metal bases, the fixtures are easily distinguishable from the other lighting styles. Contemporary Lighting fixtures remain favorites of designers today and will continue to do so in the future as they provide people with what they seek: simple light from unobtrusive and functional fixtures.

Erase Hard Drive Software Protects You And Others

Computers are getting better, faster and more advanced at an alarming rate. In fact you can pretty much guarantee your brand new computer will be cheaper and out of date in a month. Getting a brand new computer is a great feeling; it always feels so much darn quicker than the last! The problem is knowing what to do with the old PC, do you scrap it or sell it? Most people will try and flog their old computer away or pass it on to a friend or family member, however most people forget to use erase hard drive software before doing so.

By doing this you're leaving yourself exposed and at great risk of being hacked. Your old PC may contain anything from your credit card PIN numbers, social security number, online passwords and banking numbers. Even if you've deleted files from your desktop and personal folders, it will still contain history files in your cache files. Any experienced user with enough knowledge will be able to forget your sensitive data and do as they please.

There have been one to many horror stories in the press about unsuspecting sellers having their identities stolen or having their hard drive reveal their darkest secrets, often unsavory secrets that they'd rather not let the whole world know about. The problem, more often than not is complacency. So often we absorb that hitting the delete button is enough to eradicate personal and private data. Not using erase hard drive software is a big mistake.

Hackers have the knowledge to retrieve hidden personal data from your hard drive, sometimes using software. There are several ways to effectively erase hard drive. Software dedicated to doing this job is the best answer. Alternately, you can destroy the hard drive completely or expose it to a highly powerful magnet. The first choice is by far the easiest and reliable. By deleting the data's digital key, data becomes irretrievable to hackers.

Through an effective and secure hard drive erase you can keep your disk drive clean at all times with regular use. What's more it will not destroy your hard drive like the other methods mentioned meaning you can sell or pass on your PC with confidence. And if you're a second hand buyer you can ensure that you do not accidently stumble across information from the previous owner by using erase hard drive software.

If you're not planning to sell your PC, then keeping your hard drive free from sensitive data will keep hackers online at bay. If you're a bit forgetful or lazy, then remembering to clean your drive might be a bit of a pain. Thankfully you can delete files after 1 month automatically, by configuring your erase hard drive software.

There's really no excuse to not erase hard drive – software or physical destruction, it's your choice when getting rid of old PC's. But why not make some cash and do the environment a favor by not sending your PC to a land fill and sell it.

How Engineered Wooden Flooring Is Becoming More Popular Than Solid Wood Flooring

Engineered wooden flooring is something that often goes under the radar when homeowners are looking to refit their floors. This is because it falls somewhere in between the two better known options, hardwood flooring and laminate flooring due to the fact that it is made entirely of wood, yet the desirable appearance of the surface layer exists only in the first few millimeters of its thickness like laminate flooring. Engineered flooring is made up of layers, typically a hardwood layer of oak, ash, walnut or even jatoba that's just a few millimeters thick that is then fixed to a base composed of a highly durable plywood made of a less valuable, yet just as fit for purpose wood species.

It's the 'best of both worlds' that has helped engineered flooring rise to popularity in recent years as despite the hardwood oak layer of the flooring can be as little as 2mm thick, the overall finish once fitted is actually identical to that of a solid oak floor.

However, this substitution of the hardwood base with a plywood core certainly is not cutting corners as a multiply core can be even stronger than solid oak. The method of construction of applying layer upon layer makes the overall structure incredibly durable in a similar way to yarns when combined form rope.

The multiply bases, that can often be made up of around 11 plywood layers make the surface more resistant to dents that can be left when heavy objects are dropped on the floor. The layers can compress and act as force absorbers minimizing any surface dents.

The hardwood surface layer of the floor is also often finished with products such as satin or matt lacquer that can make the hardwood scratch and scuff resistant in a similar way to a solid oak floor.

Not only can engineered wooden flooring be more durable than solid wood flooring, choosing engineered flooring can also help the environment. It's a misconception in the first place that furnishing your house with wood flooring or furniture is bad for the environment. When sustainably grown, wood acts as a carbon-store holding what would otherwise be CO2 in our atmosphere.

However, solid wood flooring is made entirely of a valuable timber such as oak or walnut that are either rare or slow growing. Engineered flooring features these desirable timber species on the surface, yet the bulk of the flooring is made up of less desirable but more readily available species such as pines and spruces that can be sustainably 'farmed' as they grow back relatively quickly.

Laminate flooring is the real evil when it comes to the environment as it's made almost entirely of plastics that will never naturally break down when the flooring is inevitably discarded.

However, laminate's one redeeming feature is of course it's price. It can cost as little as £ 6 sq.m, much less than wood flooring. But it lacks the look and feel of a hardwood floor as the timber effect is simply a printed picture of a wood texture and there are visible pattern repeats on the surface.

Engineered wooden flooring again falls somewhere in the middle. It can cost around a third less than a solid wood equivalent which can really help your home improvement project come in under budget. Yet its lower cost, you do not lose any of that wow factor 'a hardwood floor can give your home.

HP LaserJet 2420n – A Printer That Will Leave You Smiling

The HP 2420n printer can make a good addition to the medium or even large-size network group looking for good quality printed product. This particular unit does its tasks well and with no drama. It's equipped with decent memory, a good print product and nice paper holding capabilities. To sum it up, it does all of its jobs more than ideally and some of them a lot more than adequate.

Print tasks using the HP 2420n come out in workman-like fashion and in standard monochrome. This laser printer is not a heavyweight, either. At a relatively svelte 32 pounds, it can be picked up and relocated, when needed. The looks of the thing are pretty much standard HP couture. There's nothing glamorous about it, just efficient. And if you need efficiency and reliability, this HP has covered your returns and forwards.

The 2420n churns out pages at a quick 28 pages per minute. Its speed places it towards the head the group for printers in this part of the market. And it comes with a nice price tag, which is bound to be a big attraction for the IT pro out there who's looking to add a network printer with upper-end features and abilities.

The printed page generated by the HP printer emerges at 1200 by 1200 dots per inch resolution, and in black and white. That enables the 2340n to handle most any sort of non-graphics rich print job that someone within the network might have for it. Pictures come out looking okay, and so do complicated or detailed drawings. It's a text printer above everything else, but it'll do the other things when it has to.

Memory supplied with this machine is a good 64MB, standard. This can be expanded up to 320MB. That should be more than enough for the needs of most any networked workgroup. And there are three different-type interface ports that come with the 2420n. There's an older-generation parallel port and a modern USB 2.0 interface. The last port is the 10 / 100Base-TX Ethernet model. That one is designed to let the printer integrate into the network pretty quickly and cleanly, which will please the IT specialist to no end.

There are a number of different operating platforms which the HP can run on. This includes the omnipresent Windows platforms, in all the different variations – including being certified for Windows Vista – and various Mac OS flavors. NT 4.0 is also included, naturally. All of these different platforms give the printer good agility and nimbleness for a machine in this price range. It should be able to hook into a network fairly easily, by the way.

Its monthly duty cycle comes in at a fine 75,000 pages, meaning it should not have to suffer maintenance too often. It also can store around 850 sheets of paper in its feeder trays and media. This means you will not constantly running to refill it like some sort of ravenous beast.

The Best Weight Lifting Routine – What You Need to Know For Those Lean Muscles!

Every now and then there comes a new bodybuilding book that talks about "the newest and latest routines", but nobody ever knows if it really works. One new book that has the community up in a buzz about weight lifting routines is Vince Delmonte's No Nonsense Muscle book. In this book, he covers all the topics that everyone wants to know: the "best supplements", the most efficient bodybuilding routine, and the most effective bodybuilding diet to go on. This article will examine and review each of the main topics of his book to see if the weight lifting routines and diets are worth YOUR money!

Unlike many of the other bodybuilding books that only mention weight lifting routines and diets, Vince decides to take the extra step and conduct an in-depth analysis on supplements and steroids. Even though there is a great risk in using steroids, it takes the time to properly explain the risks and dangers inherent in the use of steroids to gain muscle mass. He also does the unexpected: He talks about why supplements are a waste of money! He explains the reason why the bodybuilding industry created supplements (to just milk money out of people!). Vince has researched the effectiveness of supplements, and explains in details how the ingredients just do not work. Instead, they impede on your muscle building! While he provides many convincing reasons of why you should not use supplements, he then goes onto the topic that everyone wants to know: Weight lifting routines.

The amount of depth he covered in his weight lifting program was amazing; it was made for everyone from beginners to advanced bodybuilders. He provides many bodybuilding workouts that change constantly so that you can build up your muscles in the best way. His book targets your weak spots and slowly builds them up until you're comfortable with heavy weights. In addition to that, his book's package comes with many bonuses. One of the bonuses I found useful was his 52-week bodybuilding workout plan. It was very intuitive in that it gave you a calendar. All you had to do was click on a date. Then it shows you the weight lifting routines for the day, along with descriptions and tips to do those exercises correctly. Another fact that is different from other bodybuilding books is that it encourages quick (but very intense) workouts. Rater than spending time at the gym everyday, he provides a schedule for 3 intestinal workouts per week. Vince provides all the details you need to build your muscles fast and efficiently, but it would not workout unless you have the proper diet.

Vince emphasizes the importance of changing your diet to a healthy bodybuilding diet to complement your weight lifting program. His book tells you everything you need to know from when you should eat, and what you should be buying from the grocery stores. His diet plan gradually changes you from your current diet into one that helps you build your muscles. He also talks extensively about nutrients and how certain foods are good for the body. In addition, one of his package bonuses comes with a calculator. With pretty good accuracy, it calculates the amount of calories you consumed during the day and provides recommendations on what other foods you should eat.

As you can see, Vince Delmonte's book provides plenty of ways to sculpt your physique, and goes in depth with explanations so you know exactly how you're making your body better. As my final word, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book. It's charged to just about everyone that needs a weight lifting routine and contains recipes for foods that everyone will enjoy for a healthy body! For more information, you should check out Vince's No Nonsense Muscle NOW!

Number Plates

With over 30 million number plates on the market at any one time, people looking for a private reg are having no problem finding the perfect plate. Most personalized registrations read peoples names and initials yet there are countless other options to choose from.

Many businesses are now buying private number plates as a catchy form of advertising and investors are even turning to dateless registrations to add to their portfolios. Personal plates add a classic finishing touch to vehicles and can be a gift that lasts a lifetime.

There are many formats of registration plates that are available including suffix, prefix and our current style of number plates. Other formats include dateless number plates and Irish registrations. The later are becoming an increasingly popular choice for motorists looking for a cheap dateless number to hide the age of their vehicle.

The first car registration numbers were issued in 1903 with the introduction of the Motor Car Act. The registration A1 was the first number plate issued by London Council and was assigned to Earl Russell who set up camp outside the offices to secure this prestigious mark. A similar mark, M1, was sold in 2006 for £ 330,000 at an auction in Cheshire. It is broadly speculated that A1 would fetch £ 1,000,000 if or when it ever appears on the market again.

Private number plates can be submitted on DVLA certificates, which are valid up to 12 months, or transferred directly onto your vehicle. Certificates are a popular option for people buying number plates as a gift or for those who do not have a vehicle to put them onto yet.

When assigning a private number plate to your car you will need your V5 logbook, MOT certificate (if your vehicle requires one) and the car must be taxed. Applications can be sent to your local DVLA office or handed in by yourself for service as you wait. In return you will receive an update tax disc and MOT and a new V5 document will be sent out from DVLA Swansea.

How To Flavor Your Penis So That Your Penis Tastes and Smells Like Chocolate – Women Will Love It!

Yes, it is possible to flavor your penis. In fact, you can flavor it for just about any flavor you desire. However, chocolate seems to get the most responsive reactions from women. It will also work as a nifty Valentine’s Day present that your girl will love if she has a cool personality. This mechanism enables long-lasting flavor through sexual intercourse and fellatio.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Do not try anything listed in this article until you have shared this information and discussed this information, one-on-one, with your medical doctor and your doctor has given you full permission to carry out this process.

This is going to feel like an episode from that old PBS TV show ZOOM!

This takes time, is complicated, and isn’t cheap. However, if used properly, with the right woman, it has incredible results that are unobtainable in any other manner! This is truly one of the most mind-blowing things you can ever do with the right woman.

This process of penis flavoring is based on an endogenous mechanism. Meaning, that the flavor originates from within the man’s body. It is not an exogenous (originating from outside of the body) mechanism, like spraying something like chocolate-scented perfume on your penis, for example.

Following these directions will make your penis, testicles, and surrounding pelvic area taste and smell like chocolate.

You will need:

1) One, 48 ounce Bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup (Or something similar – It must be sweetened)

2) One, One-Half Gallon of Sweetened Soy Milk (Silk Original Organic Soy Milk works great) – Do Not Use Cow’s Milk

3) Vanilla Extract (small bottle)

4) Chocolate Oil (Flavoring) – A small bottle of chocolate oil. You can find this in grocery stores and even organic grocery stores. It can also be found in stores which sell baking supplies and candy supplies.

5) One, Single Bunch of Celery (about ten stalks)

6) Some Small Towels

7) Three Non-Lubricated and Non-Scented Latex Condoms (the looser fitting the better)


8) Some Saran Wrap or Comparable

9) Blender

10) Fluid thermometer

11) Roll of paper towels

12) A Container that holds more than a half-gallon of fluid that you can put in the refrigerator if your blender won’t hold up to a gallon of fluid.

The Hershey’s (or comparable) Chocolate Syrup is absolutely necessary. The vanilla extract is optional but seems to accentuate the chocolate taste and smell. Chocolate oil can be optional, too, especially if you have difficulty finding it, but your results will work much better with the chocolate oil than without it. The soy milk is optional, too, and water can be utilized instead. However, the penis flavoring will not be as intense,as the chocolate flavor seems to bind better with the soy milk and enhances the sweetness of the overall flavoring and scent. Cow’s milk tends to make the penile flavor a little sour, so don’t use cow’s milk. The celery is optional, too, but you will have much better results if you eat some celery, as celery is a natural vasodilator and will help in the flavoring process.

To Chocolate Flavor Your Penis for Saturday Night:

Here’s how it works. Let’s start on a Wednesday. For two days, stop ingesting anything that is fried or processed. Keep away from anything with a strong aroma (like fish). Do not eat any meat products (especially fish). Keep away from spicy and strong foods and stay far away from strong flavor enhancers, such as soy sauce. Drink lots and lots of water. No booze, beer, coffee, or sodas. Stick with fruits and vegetables that are not very aromatic (no lemons, for example) for your diet for these two days. Grains are good. If you eat bread, ensure the bread does not contain yeast. Nuts are good, too, but try to avoid roasted and/or salted nuts. Again, drink lots and lots of water.

Try your best to be active and sweat as much as possible during these two days. Workout, take a hot sauna, sit in a hot tub (yes, one sweats in a hot tub), take hot showers… Sweat as much as possible!

Try to eat three celery stalks each day. One in the morning, noon, and night.

NOTE: These two prep days can be optional. However, your results will be severely compromised (especially if you don’t sweat) if you do so. You can amplify the chocolate-flavor results if you prep (the same way) for more than two days!

After two days we arrive to Friday. Your last meal should be around 12:00 PM, eat a decent breakfast and lunch and stick with the dietary recommendations we already outlined. You will now fast (that means no eating) for the rest of the day and evening except for having three stalks of celery for the rest of the day and evening. If you have to eat something, eat something bland with almost no flavor.

Try not to drink much of anything, including water from noon until you fall asleep. Absolutely no beer, booze, coffee, or sodas.

Wake up Saturday morning at least by 9:00 AM. Plan on staying indoors for the day and staying cool with little physical activity. Eat a stalk of celery. Don’t drink anything or eat anything else unless you can’t stand it.

Take a hot shower and use soap, especially in your genital region. After using soap, scrub your genital area down with a soapless washcloth or small brush, this includes your penis and testicles. Try to ensure that you wash all the soap away from your genital region. Dry off completely – 100%! Sit around for about ten minutes to let your body re-equilibrate to normal temperatures. Use clean underwear and dress in loose-fitting clothes that are free of cologne and that sort of thing.


At 10:00 AM, get your blender, add the soy milk and all of the 48-ounce bottle of sweetened chocolate syrup in the blender. Add a capful of vanilla extract. Add ten drops of chocolate oil. Mix this vigorously for at least two to three minutes (again, in the blender). This will make about eight to nine, eight-ounce glasses of chocolate-flavored soy milk. Remember, continue to fast, apart from the celery, and don’t drink ANYTHING else apart from the chocolate-flavored milk, unless you are going to pass out and can’t take it.

Drink one glass of this milk immediately. Place the remainder in the refrigerator.

Drink another glass at 11:00 AM. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

Drink a third glass at 12:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix, again, in the blender if you can (don’t blend the celery).

Drink a fourth glass at 1:00 PM. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

Drink a fifth glass at 2:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

At 3:00 PM, place one of your small towels in a pot of water and heat it on the stove to 95-degrees Fahrenheit using a fluid thermometer. This is about half of water’s boiling point but isn’t hot enough to scald the skin. WARNING – Do not heat to more than 95-degrees Fahrenheit!

Create a semi-hard erection (75% erect) and slip on a non-lubricated, non-scented latex condom that will work better if it is very loose-fitting. This originally was developed using Saran Wrap to loosely wrap the penis. However, people are concerned with off-gasing and poisons that might leach out if you utilize Saran Wrap. Saran Wrap is much easier to use and works much, much, much better than a condom, however, it’s your call. If this is a concern of yours, utilize the latex condoms and get the largest possible size to fit as loosely as possible! The loose-fittingness is very important. Now wrap a layer of paper towels so that your penis is covered at least three times. Drape some Saran Wrap around your testicles and inner thighs so that the skin is covered in these areas (Again, if you are concerned about Saran Wrap toxicity, then use some alternative that is safe, such as polyethylene). Add a layer or two of paper towels on top of the Saran Wrap (or comparable non-toxic plastic wrap).

Remove the towel from the hot water and wring it out so that it still has water saturation, but doesn’t really drip all over the place. Wrap it around your ankle or forearm to get a feeling for whether or not you can stand the temperature. If it is acceptable, wrap the towel around your penis so that it wraps around at least three or four times. Tuck the towel over the penis head so the entire penis is insulated. Make sure it is nice and snug, but not choking your penis.

Carefully drape the towel over your testicular region and carefully monitor if it is too hot or not. Be careful and notice if the temperature is too high or not!

Safety Test: Wait a minute or so and remove the towels and condom (or Saran Wrap). Your penis should be slightly red with no evidence of scalding or burning. If these temperatures seem acceptable for you, rewrap your penis and testicular areas with the same condom (or Saran Wrap). Reheat the towels in the water at 95-degrees Fahrenheit, wring the towels out as we did previously, and wrap your penis again and cover your testicular area with the towels. Sitting or laying down is acceptable. You can add another hot towel (or even dry) over the entire region, if you wish, for extra insulation. Close your legs and tuck your abdomen (within comfortable reason). Don’t move around. After five minutes, remove the towels and condom (or Saran Wrap or comparable). Gently towel down your penis, testicular, and involved areas with a dry towel – 100%. The areas will be moist. Let your penis and pelvic region re-equilibrate to their normal temperatures. Get dressed again.

Drink a sixth glass at 3:00 PM. Mix again in the blender if you can.

Drink a seventh glass at 4:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix the chocolate milk, again, in the blender if you can.

After drinking, repeat the condom (or Saran Wrap), paper towel, and hot/moist towel process, again, for five minutes of coverage.

Drink an eighth and final glass (or whatever is left) at 5:00 PM. Mix again in the blender if you can before consuming.

At 6:00 PM repeat the condom (or Saran Wrap), paper towel, and hot/moist towel process, again, for TEN MINUTES this time. Gently towel down your genital region when you are finished. Re-equilibrate your pelvic/penis region to normal temperatures (about ten minutes). Get dressed.

Your penis will now smell and taste like chocolate. Don’t take a shower and DON’T spray any type of cologne or anything like that around your genital region. When you get dressed up to go out that night, ensure that you are NOT wearing any pants, underwear, or shirts that have any type of cologne (or similar substances) on them.

Try not to go out dancing or do anything athletic. If you do, your entire body will smell slightly chocolaty and will reduce the impact of just having your genitals having this smell/flavor. Don’t go out and eat all kinds of crap food, especially if it is spicy, strong, or aromatic. Stick to drinking water for the night. No booze, beer, coffee, or sodas.

Some more notes: Be extra careful with applying the hot towels! Skin temperature is about 90-degrees Fahrenheit, so 95 degrees (which will be reduced a bit after wringing and applying) should be enough to stimulate a good sweat without burning you. However, everyone is different and some people may be more temperature sensitive than others, so PLAY IT SAFE AND TEST YOURSELF FULLY BEFORE FULLY WRAPPING AND PROCEEDING.

The chocolate milk will be strong (in taste), but shouldn’t be too potent. Increasing the amount of chocolate flavorings will increase the chocolate taste in your penis. It all depends on what level you can tolerate to drink. Obviously, the more chocolated fluid you can drink, and the more chocolated that fluid is, will result in a more chocolaty penis.

Good luck!

The process that allows a man to flavor his penis is based on the sweating mechanism of the male body. As you may be aware, for example, that if someone indulges in large amounts of garlic, when they start to sweat copiously, the garlic will be passed through their sweat glands to be released onto the skin. If you smell the skin of someone who eats copious amounts of garlic and who is sweating, their skin will smell like garlic. If you taste their skin, it will also taste like garlic.

Thankfully, the majority of the penis has sweat glands and does, indeed, sweat. However, the glans (head) has very few sweat glands. The regions around the penis, including the testicles, also have sweat glands. So, it is possible to flavor the entire region, apart from the penile head.

Now, here is the BEST part! As the interior of the mouth and vagina are hotter than the exterior of the penis, and due to the increased heat being generated through friction of fellatio and during sexual intercourse, the penis will sweat during these acts.

This means that the smell and flavor of the chocolate will continue through sexual intercourse and during fellatio, however, it will grow (in smell and flavor) during these acts! That is, of course, until the “flavoring” is eliminated from the body.

The sweating mechanism (apart from the apcorine sweat glands) are constantly “reloaded” (by the body), so the sweating mechanism is continual (until the body becomes too dehydrated). What happens is the capillary-rich bulbs of the sweat glands absorb fluid from the blood to convert into sweat. These bulbs continually pull fluid from the blood, endlessly, except when the body becomes too dehydrated.

So, this is why the chocolate flavor will continue to appear in the penis (and surrounding areas), even through hours of sex (again, until the “flavoring” is eliminated or broken down by the body).

Bon Appetit!

Georg von Neumann

What Are The Cheapest Gold Bullion Coins? Learn How To Calculate Gold Coin Premiums

With the price of gold hitting record highs (almost on a daily basis!) it’s more important than ever to be a smart gold bullion shopper.

Arguably, the most popular gold bullion coin is the American Gold Eagle. The coin has its ownership advantages such as liquidity, worldwide recognition, and a U.S. Government guarantee, for example.

But is it the cheapest gold coin to buy now? Does it have the lowest premium over other popular gold bullion coins?

Read on and find out…

In a gold bull market, your ultimate goal is to own as many units as possible at the peak of the bull market.

In order to do so, you want to purchase the most gold for your money at any given time.

To achieve this goal, you will want to buy the gold coins with the lowest premium (cheapest!) at the time you are making your purchase.

With the large variety of gold bullion coins available for sale, how do you determine which is the cheapest one to buy?

Here’s how you calculate the premiums on gold coins:

  1. First you’ll need the current spot price of gold (the bid price). I like to use an online source such as Kitco. Most bullion dealers will also have the current spot price list on their website.
  2. Next, you’ll need to find out how much each gold coin is selling for over the spot price of gold. Most gold dealers will have this listed on the specific coin page. For example, my favorite bullion dealer is currently quoting a $97.99 over spot for a random date 1 oz American Gold Eagle
  3. Now, calculate the percentage each coin is selling for over spot using the following formula:

Amount Coin Is Selling For Over Spot / (Current Gold Spot Price + Amount Coin Is Selling For Over Spot)

Let’s use the 1 oz American Gold Eagle as an example:

$97.99 / ($1891.60 + $97.99) = 4.9% premium over spot!

The premiums will vary according to the amount of coins purchased and by individual dealers. Right now, the coin with the lowest premium is the South African Gold Krugerrand.

Calculating the formula for each coin on a daily or regular basis can be tedious. You can simplify this by setting up a basic spreadsheet with the formula, listing each coin of interest. Then, you will just need to change the spot price of gold and the individual coin pricing numbers as needed.

If you don’t want to calculate the gold coin premiums yourself but would still like to know what the cheapest gold coins are, on a regular basis, I’ve done the hard work for you!

When to Place an Iron Condor Trade

Iron Condors can be very profitable at times so how do you find the best time to place an iron condor? When should you enter the trade? This is what everyone wants to know.
Well there are a couple of things that might be helpful.

1. When the Market is going Flat

When stocks are not trending so much in either way but staying relatively flat that is the best opportunity to look for iron condor spreads. During times like this it may be hard to trade directionally but trading iron condoms can be a pretty good idea.

2. Is the stock Range bound

Is the stock bouncing between support and resistance? You only want to sell iron condors on stocks that have clearly defined support and resistance levels. Why? Because those are the levels you will use as a
guide to where you should sell each leg of the spread.

3. Does it have good probabilities

Most traders look at probability graphs when deciding if an iron condor trade is appropriate. They will also have a minimum probability of success that the stock should have for them to want to enter the trade. Personally I do not care much about the probability graph; it is all about what the chart looks like to me.

4. Can you make a decent return by selling far out of the money options?

Now this is different for all people, but it is wise to have some sort of minimum return on each iron condor trade. You do not want to place a trade if it is only going to give you a 2 or 3% return. That gives you too much risk for too little return.

5. Do both ends of the condor give you a good premium?

An iron condor is made up of both a bull put spread and a bear call spread. One thing you should look at is how much credit each end is bringing in. If 1 end is bringing in almost the entire credit you might want to look at not doing an iron condor, but doing a simple spread instead.

Home Tray Whitening Is Safe And Effective

Teeth whitening has much cosmetic appeal as well as dental plans. Individuals with discolored enamel find it necessary to aim for perfect teeth, once again. Teeth whitening may be the best defense against plaque and it should be performed by a dentist however there are home bleaching products that work very well if you can not afford to pay the costs related with a dentist. Teeth may stain because of intrinsic stains or due to independent factors. Intrinsic stains happen from inside the teeth and are not removed by merely brushing or flossing and even bleaching may be ineffective. External staining may be due to smoking cigarettes, cigars, or, drinking coffee as well as consuming particular spicy foods. You may be able to remove such stains through constant brushing or through professional cleaning.

Ever since the mirror was first invented, which cave man the opportunity to take a look at his eroding teeth, people have become obsessed with having whiter teeth. Over the period of the last century more and more dental products have begun to hit the market and it is always improving. There are many teeth whitening products out there on the market now yet some of them are completely useless.

Several Choices to Consider

'Nite White and Day' is an example of a teeth whitening system that will improve your teeth by bleaching them to help lighten discolorations. Teeth whitening is an operation of bleaching that eliminates or lessens marks as well as expunges stains from the teeth of enamel and dentin. One may work a mild solution kept in a convention held appliance and, wear this over the teeth while sleeping or during the day. A polyethylene tray can be made to fit on a person's teeth where, bleaching agents are placed inside the tray after slipping it into place.

The benefit of such trays is intense. There are many teeth whitening gels on the market that contain some extremely strong bleaching agents that can work wonders for people who have discolorations in their teeth. It's important to note however that these products will not completely whiten a person's teeth, they will just make them whiter by a few shades. The at-home tray teeth whitening products are a very safe a method of bleaching one's teeth and may be used without direct supervision of a dental professional. While shopping for a teeth whitening bleaching product, one can either shop for them from drug stores or get them from the local dentist. However, these durable products do not, as yet, have FDA approval, although they are not considered as harmful to the soft tissues of the mouth and, are effective means of whitening teeth.

ATV Crashes – The Eye Opening Statistics

Thousands of deaths each year are the result of ATV crashes. The toll that these crashes take usually result injuries ending in death or permanent physical damage. Spinal cord and brain injuries are quite common. An increasingly high number of these accidents involve children and teens under the age of 12.

ATV crashes are usually the result of the person driving using irresponsible practices and not paying attention. The dangers associated with the improper operation of an ATV are typically the result of young drivers who are usually inexperienced. A majority of ATV operators do not wear a helmet which is one of the primary safety requirements. Additionally, the majority of ATV crash deaths are accounted for by head injuries.

To the surprise of many people, drug and alcohol use are liable for up to 30% of ATV crashes. By using an ATV while you are under the influence of either drugs or alcohol can end up leading to a disregard for ATV safety as well as a lack of concentration. Excessive speed as well as areas of operation that are not ride-able can end up being deadly.

You will find that many individuals use their ATV on roads that are public which creates a higher risk of a two vehicle accident. Because ATVs have a higher center of gravity that can contribute to instability while traveling at high speeds. The majority of crashes happens typically within the first 30 days of ownership prior to the operator having a chance to becoming proficient with their ATV operations.

ATV Crashes – Having to Deal with the Consequences

The majority of ATV crash trauma and death happened with minors who are 16 years old or under. Parents of these adolescents typically fail to comprehend the significance and importance of safety education and supervision. Physicians experience a high degree of difficulty to address grief stricken parents after such an accident has occurred.

In the event of permanent damage or death many parents feel they are to blame. This is an occurrence that many parents will have to live with for the rest of their lives. It is a tragic fact that parents do not comprehend the potential hazards and dangers before it's too late.

ATV crashes also account for many millions of dollars each year in medical expenses. Tragically, it is a rare occasion when a crash does not end up requiring medical attention. This can be a traumatic experience if the family happens to not have health insurance.

ATV Safety Practices

If you're going to ride an ATV you should always wear protective clothing and a helmet. Investigate your local area for ATV rider education programs which show you the best rider safety instructions. Never let your teenager carry a passenger on the ATV and whenever possible stop or at least limit the riding up public roadways.

Do not let your teenager ride an ATV that is too large in size for them to be able to handle and never allow them to operate any ATVs that have only three wheels. Safety education and oversight is very important and could very likely save the life of your child or even your life.

Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

When deciding on lighting for your home, there are a few things to consider. Lighting can help bring atmosphere and create atmosphere in a room. Let's talk about the intensity of light, types of lights and how they will suit your home.

If you need lighting to study or view detail, that will first and foremost, guide the lighting you will be purchasing. Or if you simply need to create a relaxing mood, you might choose less intense lighting.

Your kitchen, bathroom, office or study area will generally need bright lighting. Lighting in bedrooms, living room and dining room may be softer. However, you may want brighter options in those same rooms when you need more lighting for certain activities. For example, if you're doing craftwork or other detail-oriented tasks at the dining room table, you'll want the option of having brighter light.

If you're deciding on what type of bulbs you need, let's consider three types: incandescent, fluorescent and halogen. Incandescent provide a much better light than fluorescents, but they burn hotter, use more electricity and need to be replaced more frequently. Fluorescent lighting is more cost-effective, but produces a more harsh light. This type of light is typically used in areas that require bright lighting – possibly in workshops, offices and even the kitchen. Halogen lighting appears more natural and mimics sunlight, which is a unique feature. It is more expensive, but uses less energy and burns longer than incandescents. However, consider that halogens burn very hot and may bring up some safety issues.

When deciding how much light your room will need, you can perform this simple calculation:

Room Length X Room Width X 1.5 = Number of Watts Needed

In other words a 10 x 10 room should have 150 Watts of light. That means a light fixture of 2 or 3 60-watt bulbs (with 2 being more dim) would do the job. If you need more light in a room, you'll want to increase that wattage.

Whether you choose ceiling lighting (track lighting or chandelier, for example), wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps or a combination of all those things will depend on your personal style and the space in your home. As noted earlier, overhead lighting can always provide more intense lighting, when needed. It can be set on a dimmer or you can choose to have the lamps in the room to provide more sunlight lighting when you prefer.

If you have special decorative pieces or artwork you'd like to accent, consider spotlights. You might try a halogen light that mimics sunlight to provide a natural look or you may find an incandescent light works best.

Before shopping for lighting, determine your room's size, the function of your room and the mood you want to set. That will help you choose just the right lighting for you room.

Stop Your Acid Reflux Cough Quickly With These 2 Simple Things

An estimated 30% of the people who experience chronic cough have been diagnosed with acid reflux cough. Acid reflux cough can be a result of a large quantity of liquid being forced into the esophagus. Some of the fluid can spill over into the lungs causing a constant cough.

This cough can also be due to some medications that treat the heart. Moreover, health conditions such as diabetes and asthma can cause your cough associated with reflux.

Unfortunately, acid reflux cough cannot be eliminated with mere cough syrup, and acid is a better treatment to help you put an end this type of cough. However, if you’re taking antacids you should be careful not to take them for too long.

The good news is there is some other effective treatment out there you can use that can stop the cough by soothing the reflux enough. One of these treatments that can stop this cough is ginger root.

Ginger root is effective because it will help with digestive problems and lower the amount of stomach acid you’re experiencing. It will give you the healing and soothing powers you need to put an end to the worse acid reflux cough.

Each morning you wake up take a few slices of ginger and chew on them until your cough is gone. If you feel the cough is coming back on during the day you can take more ginger roots as needed.

Another way to stop your cough is to drink herbal teas that contain aniseed, peppermint, and lavender. With any tea you choose to drink make sure it is free of caffeine.

Moreover, don’t add milk either since this can cause flare ups. You can add a little honey to your tea if you like and drink the hot tea to eliminate your acid reflux cough.

The Ecological Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Forests are disappearing at a rate of almost 1 million acres each week. This staggering speed of deforestation is forcing many world lumber companies and governments to rethink their manufacturing policies and business practices. A 70-75 foot tree that is cut for lumber can take up to 65 years to replace. Bamboo, on the other hand, is considered the world's fastest growing plant and can be replaced in less than three months. Some species of bamboo can grow 3 feet per day.

There is a high consumer demand for green products that are environmentally friendly, durable, affordable and attractive. When given the choice of using high quality, ecologically friendly building materials over traditional products, consumers are overwhelmingly choosing products of a sustainable and environmentally conscious variety.

In general, the public is becoming more and more aware of the rapid decrease and reduction of hardwood forests and the threat that deforestation can pose to a delicate ecosystem. Bamboo flooring is a great choice for those who wish to not contribute to destruction of such an integral part of our global ecology. It is termite, rot and moisture resistant and functions as a top-notch flooring material.

There are many types of bamboo flooring available for to suit each homeowner's unique style. Distressed bamboo floors have an antique look. Strand woven bamboo has a hybrid grain between wood and bamboo and is extra resistant. Laminate bamboo flooring is ideal for rooms with varying humidity, like a basement.

A bamboo field can produce up to 30% more oxygen than a hardwood forest of similar size, while removing toxins from the soil and preventing erosion. It also helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Because bamboo is a type of grass, it can regenerate itself without replanting after harvesting. Since it is the fastest growing plant on earth, bamboo is quickly becoming a popular source for efficient and sustainable building materials.

Bamboo has a wide root system, making it a natural water control blockade. It reduces rain runoff, thereby preventing erosion. Bamboo can store water within its shots and, because of its nitrogen consumption, can prevent water pollution. Often times, bamboo will be grown near wastewater from livestock farms and sewage treatment facilities because of its cleaning and detoxifying properties.

Traditional hardwood forest lumber such as maple, birch and oak take almost 50 years to be renovated. That, in turn, causes less oxygen to be produced, less greenhouse gases to be consumed, and more erosion and runoff in the cleared land. Instead of depleting our natural resources and contributing to a failing ecosystem, choose bamboo. It is the logical and environmentally friendly choice for flooring in a modern home.


Think about a moveable computer that is light and small enough to fit in your lap. The first laptop computer came out in 1981. It was called the 'Osborne 1', after the name of Adam Osborne, the founder. As heavy as 24 pounds, this laptop was priced about $ 1,795. Now, laptops can weigh as little as a couple of pounds. There are even handhelds coming to light that weigh less than a pound. And they do not skimp on features and performance either.

There are many reasons why people go for a laptop instead of a desktop. Laptops have the major advantage of portability. Today, people are working from everywhere, at home, in offices, while traveling and even while they are holidaying. Here, it is imperative to have the freedom to move away from your desk and be able to work. Also, laptops make less noise and require less power than a desktop. They are also simpler to use and, unlike desks, can also be operated on batteries.

In contrast to all these advantages, laptops also have a few drawbacks. In pursuit of portability, we have to give up the comfort of a mouse, and good sound devices. Laptops are slower and offer less sound and graphics processing power than desks, thereby reducing the efficiency and capacity.

In the USA, in May 2005, 53% of computers bought were laptops rather than desks. One reason laptops are gaining popularity is the constant effort to improve their features. They are becoming just as effective as desks.