How Going Green Can Reduce Global Warming

There are many ways going green can reduce global warming. The first starting point is with using renewable energy sources. You can choose a variety of different systems today, and the competition is so fierce that prices for kits and materials are as low as ever. You can find photovoltaic cells extremely inexpensively, and if you buy in bulk the savings is even more substantial. You can purchase all the framework materials at many of your local hardware and home improvement outlets. You also have many choices, such as solar power, wind turbines, geothermal, hydroelectric, and even magnetic generators. The nice thing is that these can be used as independent systems, or can be combined for even more power output.

On a personal level, using renewable energy in your own home can reduce global warming. For one, these sources don’t use any fossil fuels, so they don’t produce any of the toxins that coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants produce and release in the atmosphere. Because these systems don’t use fossil fuels, they are completely renewable, and don’t take away precious natural resources. There is no need to worry about where the energy comes from, or the methods used to extract them, like you do with coal.

It’s also not just about using alternative energy power systems in your home. There are many other ways you can cut down on global warming at home. Recycling is probably one of the other biggest ways you can reduce your carbon impact on the Planet. Recycling aluminum, glass and plastic make it easier to reproduce more, and it can save half of the energy needed to make these from scratch. Recycling paper reduces the amount of trees being cut down for paper products, and allows them to do their job, removing harmful carbon dioxide from the air, and producing oxygen.

Going green also means conservation in the home as well. Even if you are not using renewable energy resources, there are many ways you can conserve energy and valuable resources. Changing to more fuel efficient appliances for one thing can help cut down on wasted energy. Using Energy Star appliances instead, switching over to inline water heaters, and waiting until evening to use your dishwasher, or clothes washer can save you money and energy. Cutting down on water usage, like switching over to low flow faucets and toilets, and fixing faucets that are dripping will help save water.

Cutting down on vehicle use can significantly decrease global warming as well. Using a bike, taking public transportation, and just walking reduces carbon emissions that all vehicles emit. Switching to hybrid vehicles also makes a big positive impact, and prices of these vehicles have come down significantly over the last few years, making them more affordable.

There are many other ways that going green can significantly reduce global warming. There are an abundance of websites available to show you what things you can do to help the environment. There are DIY solar, wind and magnetic energy power system kits to choose from as well. We all need to do our part, before we come to a point where there simply is no turning back.

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Top 4 PCB Surface Finishes – Pros and Cons

PCB Surface Finish Solutions Pros & Cons

PCB Surface finish form the critical interface between the board and the components. In recent years, their widespread availability has overwhelmed some electronic designers. This post hopes to shed some light on the pros and cons of the four most dominant PCB surface finish solutions on the market: Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP), Electrolysis Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), Electroplated Nickel Gold and Immersion Tin or Silver. The following post applies to Rigid Printed Circuits Boards (PCB) and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC).

Note: PCBs are generally made of rigid materials and will not bend during their application. FPCs are usually thin and made of materials capable of bending and/or movement during application. Processing and application requirements dictate whether the PCB surface finish is electroplated, electrolysis, immersion or deposited.

  • Conditions that influence PCB Surface Finish Selection:
  • Oxidation protection of PCBs metal traces (usually copper).
  • Surface solderability for electrical and mechanical component attachment.
  • Surface bondability for chip mounted components using gold and aluminum wire.
  • Any combinations of the above.
  • Mechanical applications (e.g. stress, strains etc.).
  • Environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, relative humidity etc.).
  • Mechanical contacts requiring abrasion resistance and oxidation protection.
  • General Discussion of Available Surface finishes

Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP)

OSP has a limited shelf life. Its most frequent use is soldering when the protectant is dissipated during the process, thus no additional removal processes are needed.

Caution: once removed, the bare copper is exposed and subject to oxidation. When multiple finishes are needed on the same PCB, OSP can be applied over other types of surface finish (e.g. wire bonding and soldering, mechanical contact surfaces and soldering, etc.).

Electrolysis Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)

ENIG is a widely used surface finish for soldering, aluminum wire wedge bonding and mechanical contact points (connector pads, test points, etc.). The copper surface has an electrolysis nickel layer deposited (150 micro inches minimum) to seal the copper. A layer of gold is then deposited to protect the nickel from oxidation and provide a solderable surface to the nickel. The gold is absorbed and dispersed into the solder. The gold is an immersion process and the thickness is self-limiting (2 to 3 micro inches max).

The nickel layer is very brittle and cannot be subjected to stress or strains in the Z axis without cracking. Flexible PCBs are especially susceptible to this with all areas subject to potential bending supported with rigidizing materials.

Caution: Improperly controlled ENIG processing can result in weak solder connections which may not be visible and/or result in failure. A typical sign of failure is a flat black copper pad after the attached component has been forcibly removed.

Electroplated Nickel Gold

In today’s complex circuits, this surface finish is very limited because it requires that all surfaces to be plated have to be electrically connected (i.e. an electrical charge must be present for plating). These interconnections must then be broken to make the circuit functional. The plated nickel is very solderable and not subject to the solderability issues of ENIG. The plated gold has no limits on thickness and can support wire-bonding processes like Thermo Compression Bonding (i.e. ball bonding).

Caution: Thicker gold can result in solder joints being too brittle when using lead based solders.

Immersion Tin and Immersion Silver

These processes provide solderable surfaces but tend to have oxidation and tarnish issues that impact solderability. They are not widely used or available.

Lighting Up Your Living Room

Your living room can take on many different bars, it can be used for watching television, reading, listening to music, relaxing and chatting to friends and family as well as being used for hobbies and various pastimes such as playing chess or knitting.

Therefore the lighting in this room needs to be sufficient in order to accommodate such a wide variety of different uses. This is easily achieved by using lighting that is both flexible in quantity and quality. And, instead of having just one mediocre light bulb hanging from the center of the room – you can go wild and give your imagination a run for its money by incorporating downlighters, recessed lighting, decorative table lamps, reading lamps, wall lights, maybe picture lights as well to highlight an interesting object, and of course your pendant lighting or chandeliers.

Living room lighting lends itself to being open to many different lighting sources and your mix of indoor light fixtures and fittings should accommodate a wide spectrum of moods and activities.

Generally, many houses tend to have an insufficient number of light fittings to completely satisfy the lighting requirements of the room. A pendant and a few lamps, floor and table lamps, for example, are generally not enough to do justice to living rooms which also tend to be quite large in comparison to other rooms in the house.

As a rough guide, having a couple of table lamps, four to six recessed downlights, a picture light to highlight an ornamental object or painting, some sort of concealed lighting inside a bookshelf or other unit, as well as a floor lamp – are considered a good quantity of light fittings which can be used to properly light up your living room. As you can see, you do not need to have all these different types of lighting and lamps all on at the same time. Rather, for effect, you would have a few lights on depending on what sort of mood you wanted to create and what activities were taking place.

Also remember that when it comes to lighting, the different types of light fixtures are quite versatile and can adapt to suit different lighting requirements. For instance, using adjustable lights means that you can highlight different objects by simply repositioning the light source from the lamp. Similarly, decorative table lamps can be used not only as an ornamental object but can provide background lighting for performing tasks as well as being a light source for other objects displayed on the table.

Living room lighting is not just about lighting up your room, it's also about creating a mood for relaxation, or entertaining or just watching TV.

Competitive Bike Prices in India

The most common vehicles seen on Indian road are two-wheelers. While to those around them they are a nuisance, the ones riding the bikes are at ease, zipping through traffic, getting more mileage for their fuel. While most upper middle-class families prefer the luxury of their cars, the lower-middle class sector members require good, sturdy, and affordable motorbikes. Large corporations like Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj, Honda and TVS cater to these families, and offer two wheelers at great prices. The TVS Sport, a smart looking Indian motorbike is priced at only Rs. 40,000. It comes equipped with a 12 litre fuel tank and telescopic hydraulic forks for front suspension, and a 5-step adjustable rear shock absorber.

Japanese giant Honda launched a new two wheeler called the CD 110 Dream. It costs a little over Rs. 41,000 and has a 110 cc engine. The tubeless tyres are equipped with drum brakes and while it also has the telescopic hydraulic fork like the TVS, it is equipped with a spring-loaded rear suspension. The bike offers prospective buyers with the same hardiness and comfort as the Dream Yuga or Dream Neo, but it is priced much lower, making it far more appealing to the masses. The bike was introduced as competition to Bajaj’s Platina, TVS’ Sport, Hero’s HF Deluxe and Mahindra’s Pantero, which are all similarly priced. Hero MotoCorp’s HF Deluxe is also priced a little over Rs. 40,000 and has the same features as the CD 110 Dream and the TVS Sport. The only difference that can be seen is in the rear suspension. The HF Deluxe has a swing arm with a 2-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber. The Baja Platina, which is priced around Rs. 38,000 has hydraulic, telescopic type suspension at both the front and rear ends. In all other respects, it is almost identical to the other bikes mentioned.

Apart from a few very minimal differences, bikes that are marketed to the everyday consumer are almost exactly the same. Some bikes offer a longer seat, while others offer slightly better suspension. With regard to the competitively priced bikes, it is hard to pinpoint what makes one bike better than the other. All new Indian bikes are built with the same features, with small tweaks being added to make them more appealing to different people. At the end of the day, the average user will look at what allows him or her to be comfortable, and which vehicle gives them the most value for their money. For those who just enjoy bikes, money is not an issue, and this can be seen by the number of Royal Enfields and Harley Davidsons seen on Indian roads.

What You Need To Know About Flooring

When it comes to flooring, there are a lot of options to choose from. Which flooring you pick will depend on where the flooring will go and what your personal tastes are. You can choose wood flooring, bamboo flooring, carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum, and even cement. And within those categories are a lot of variations in terms of material used and color.

So, how do you choose the flooring that is right for you? Here is some basic information concerning some of your options.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is a mixture of ingredients made to form a durable flooring option. Linoleum mixtures sometimes include ingredients such as cork and other natural materials. They can also include synthetic ingredients. There is such diversity in linoleum flooring patterns and designs that this is a great option for the creative decorator.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood makes a beautiful and natural option when it comes to flooring. You can purchase solid hardwood floors or engineered hardwood flooring, which consist of multiple layers of wood that are bonded together. Woods that are used include maple, oak, ash, and cherry. Hardwood flooring requires special care. However, the enhanced beauty makes the extra work worth it.


Carpeting is one of the more popular types of flooring for rooms other than the kitchen and bathrooms. Carpets can be thick and plush or short haired and durable. They can not only be beautiful, but you can choose them in colors and styles that match your décor. The only downside is that cleaning stains and spills can be a little tricky.

Other Types of Flooring

There are other types of flooring between these. Laminate flooring is an alternative to hardwood floors. So is bamboo flooring. Bamboo has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly. Bamboo does not die when you cut it back. By arming yourself with the right information, you are sure to choose the flooring that is right for you.

What Are the Best Steve Madden Pumps?

Steve Madden is fast becoming one of the most popular brand labels when it comes to womens footwear in general and there was an amazing amount of sales of Steve Madden boots in particular last winter. With summer fast coming up, many women are now turning to see just which Steve Madden Pumps are going to be worth checking out. So what are the best?

Well one of the top selling and best of all, are the Caryssa Platform Pumps. Women have been falling in love with these shoes recently and one of the main reasons for their popularity is the fact they come in different colors and styles. These include Leather, Snake, Suede styles. The colors include the usual black, white, gray and brown along with more vibrant colors such as blue, purple, leopard and more. You will have the time of your life just looking through all the different colors and combinations. We notice many women end up buying more than one pair and since they are now on sale and so affordable, why not? They have a lovely solid 5 inch heel which helps you tower over the other women and makes your legs look extra attractive.

You might also like the Ulltra pumps which have been selling just as much. These have quite a classic style to them and are also incredibly comfortable too.

Out of all the shoes these two mentioned are probably the best to go with however there really is so much to choose from that you will have a great time picking your own individual style and color.

Easy Ways to Get A Lean Stomach

Have you been training for a while now, but have not yet seen any visible results. There just might be a few things where you are going completely wrong. As many people think that just doing basic sit-ups and crunches are going to get you a flat stomach, they usually just do them and wonder why no results can be seen. Getting a flatter stomach is not something that can be done overnight, but with correct exercising and eating habits it can be achieved. You just need to give some devotion to the subject.

First of all, the most important exercises are not actually the ab exercises. Correct eating habits, fat burning exercises and ab exercises are all equally important. Eating correctly will prevent you from gaining any excess fat and in the long run lose it, fat burning exercises will help you to burn calories and lose that excess fat faster. Finally the ab exercises will get your stomach look leaner and firmer. So all of these three are required if you aim for flatter stomach.

So there is not just one thing or one ab exercise you need to do to get flatter stomach. It is a combination of eating and exercising. There are plenty of different ab exercises for you to choose from and plenty of different cardio activities also. Most important thing is to keep yourself active, that is the best way to achieve results and get your metabolism running. You should do fat burning exercises at least three times a week and do ab exercises also three times a week.

Only thing for you is to choose your ab exercises and start exercising.

Make DVD On CDRs

A digital versatile disc, or DVD, is a form of storage media. The process of storing data onto a DVD is called 'DVD burning'. Copying a DVD onto a DVD-R is easy, but when the copying is to be done on a CD-R, the whole process becomes complicated. However, software to make DVDs on a CD-R is now available.

Requirements for burning a DVD onto a CD-R are a computer, a DVD, a blank CD-R and customized software. Freeware software is also available on the Internet, but is inefficient and slow. A user can buy customized software for this purpose on the Internet.

The software that burns DVDs on CD-Rs is a conversion application that automatically compresses the data to fit a CD-R. The software first transfers the data on the DVD to the hard disc. The burn process, which is extremely fast and stable, is then initiated. The data transferred to the CD-R is flawless, and will be of picture quality if the CD-R is good. With the help of software, a user can save money, as a DVD-R and DVD burner is not required in this process. The only investment that is required is a rented DVD.

A DVD is smaller and stores more data than a CD-R. A standard DVD can hold around 4.7 GB of information, whereas a CD-R can store only about 0.7 GB. A DVD requires a red laser to read the stored data, whereas an infrared laser reads a CD-R. These differences make it difficult to burn a DVD onto a CD-R. With the help of customized software, the process can be made much easier.

The software enables users to make back-up copies of their favorite movies, games, and audio files. One major drawback of this utility is that it is used to sell copyrighted material. This can be avoided by encrypting special codes into the DVDs to disable copying.

Plasma Lifespans

It is been believed that the plasma televisions are more affordable and do not have a long life as that of the normal televisions. But the scenario has been changed now because some manufacturers have guaranteed their products for a life span of about 60,000 hours of viewing time; it is nearly about twenty seven years in most homes.

There is also an interesting story about the plasma television, like when an image is kept on the screen for a long time it gets permanently burned on to the screen. For example if a game image is kept for a long time it gets burned to the screen permanently. A ghost like image is seen after that. This is true to some extent, but after several improvements it was discovered that the image would disappear later when a moving image was projected on to the screen.

The plasma television has several inputs to be enabled to connect with the DVD, video, computer, etc. In normal television, the worse case is scrabbling around pulling cables in and out of the screen. This has been completely inbuilt in plasma televisions. So, the price goes affordable for all our needs.

The quality of sound is great and many sets come with standard speakers or clip-on extras. But still some people prefer to connect the sound through their own high quality music systems. It is the same as these plasma screens costs as much as a second-hand car. A great care has to be taken to choose the right one to get the fullest entertainment.

Expedite The Process of a Website’s Front-End Development With Harp

Harp is a static web server with inbuilt preprocessors for CSS. Running on Node.js, Harp is cross-platform compatible unlike Hammer which is only meant for Mac. It includes the templating languages for HTML document and can be turned into a full application by using server-side JavaScript. If one is not a programmer, they can build their static site and compile it for hosting in some other place with the help of Harp.

As Harp is also MIT licensed, one can even make changes, redistribute, and resell it. Unlike other Node-based tools, Harp doesn’t make any assumption that one might want to use its CSS framework, HTML boilerplate, or animation library, for that matter. Instead, it gives the tools that enable the web developers to write a code faster.

Let us have a detailed look at some of the key features of Harp:

Automatic Pre-Processing

Harp pre-processes the code automatically and serves it to a browser as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. In layman’s terms, it allows a developer to write instead of wrangle.

Built-in Pre-Processors

Harp comes well-equipped with preprocessors like Less, Sass, Stylus, Coffee-script, and Mark down. All these are available without the need of configuring or setting-up.

Layout / Partial Paradigm

One can keep their code clean and organized with Harp because it makes use of the Layout / Partial paradigm. While Partial enables web developers to reuse common elements, Layout enables them to maintain a consistent site design. Harp makes both these paradigms available to EJS and Jade.

Templating Languages

Harp also comes with Jade and EJS. These JavaScript templating languages help in generating advanced HTML documents. One can build HTML templates and store an actual page’s content separately from those HTML templates.

Fast and Lightweight

While using Harp, all one has to do is Save and Refresh. It compiles the assets just in the way the browser needs them, making itself lightning fast.

Flexible and Bespoke

Simply pass the meta-data into views and pages to move from static assets to dynamic content. Harp allows web developers to use their favorite variables, loops and templating engines, making application development fun for them.

Facilitates Easy Compilation and Deployment

Whether you are working on a Git-hub project, or developing a mobile application using Apache or Phone-gap, you can easily compile your code to CSS, JavaScript, and of course HTML, and host it anywhere.

Harp also allows you to skip the compiling all together, and publish from Drop-box. It is for anyone who is spending more time in setting up environments and server and configuration files management. So to remove distractions that lie around the publishing process, make use of Harp.

Why Did Your Diet Fail You? Or Did You Fail Your Diet?

Are you someone who has, in the past, been on a diet, only to find at the end of it you had lost no weight? Since putting your best efforts into the diet much of the time, and keeping quite close to recommendations when it came to calories and so on, for some reason things did not quite work out. Sometimes, with the pounds drifting off too slowly and back on again too quickly, you just gave up, and went back to "normal".

The sad thing is that "normal" is what caused you being overweight in the first place, so it is not something you should really go back to. But, you say to your self: "I failed, but at least I gave it a go."

What adds to the sadness, though, is that you may have been a lot closer than you think to being successful in losing weight permanently through your diet. It could be that you made a few mistakes along the way which you could easily have rectified. Let us consider some of the possible reasons your diet plans may have slipped away.

Regular Meal Times

It is important that you stick to a good routine of three main meals a day. Also, do not forget to snack. That does not mean to help yourself to chocolate or any fattening junk food. Have something healthy, such as low-fat yogurt and dried fruits. It is not good to ignore your hunger, as that can lead to you getting very hungry for your next meal, and you could find yourself eating too much.

Eat Only When You Are Hungry

When you were on a diet before, did you find yourself eating for any reason apart from hunger? Sometimes we eat for other reasons, such as comfort or boredom, or out of habit we may devour junk food during a good movie or a big football match. Always think before you eat, and answer honestly: "Am I hungry?" If so, it's meal time or healthy snack time; but it's not junk food time.

Keep Your Food Healthy And Diverse

Is the food you are eating both healthy and varied? You should make sure your plate is full of diverse sources of vitamins and minerals, and include cereals, vegetables, fruits, eggs and milk in your daily diet. These kinds of foods stay in your stomach longer and give you more energy.

Do not Be Too Zealous

Use your common sense when it comes to keeping check of calorie intake and other nutritional facts. If you make yourself feel too restricted, you will actually feel like a prisoner in your own diet, and may be inclined to escape by giving up. Be kind to yourself, and not over zealous. Set your own rhythm for a steady weight loss, and that way way you'll get both the physical and the psychological satisfaction you need to continue successfully with the diet.

If you pay attention to these little details, they will assist you very much in your next diet attempt. Add in some relaxation techniques such as yoga, and non fattening pampering, such as a sauna or massage now and again, and the whole experience will be much more of a pleasure than before, and will be more likely to succeed this time around.

Antique Wood Stoves – Bring Your Room Alive With A Vintage Stove

Making a resurgence as an eco-friendly heating source, wood stoves are finding themselves being described as chic. So what better way to add a certain flair to your living room than by adding not just a wood stove, but an antique wood stove.

Franklin, Pot Belly and Parlor Stoves .

Stoves have been part of the American heating experience for well over 200 years. Encompassing the humble Box, Franklin, and Pot Belly, it was not until the late 1800's that the Parlor Stove started to grace the living rooms of the well-heeled as an ornamental addition to their lifestyle.

Now the stove not only cheerily issued warmth, it served as an entertaining focal point for the whole family and guests to gather around.

With the invention of modern-day central heating systems, the wood stove had to relinquish its grasp on our hearts and melt into the forgotten shadows of the past. The cleaner and cheaper energies of gas and electricity were certainly here forever and wood stoves were a remnant from our great grandparents' lives.

Sometimes though the world turns full circle and now eco-friendly wood burners are back in fashion. No more expensive to run than gas or electric fires, cleaner to the environment and much more inviting to look at. The wood stove looks to have it all.

Reproduction or Refurbished

Now the burning question you're probably asking is 'What do I want?' A refurbished original stove or a modern- day antique reproduction; well to be truthful it all depends on your bank balance and desire to live with a working piece of fascinating history.

Reproductions, are just that, reproductions of the past, they're cheaper to buy than the originals, come with a working guarantee and if they go wrong you'll be able to find a spare part to fix the problem with.

Refurbished stoves though, are actually a link to the past. As you sit by them it's easy to imagine the past lives they're individually touched and warmed. And for the hard-headed business men amongst us hopefully a refurbished antique wood stove will only, over the years, gain in value.

Whichever you choose though, an antique wood stove can only be a heart warm addition to your life. And before long, when you return home at night, you'll find that not only have you invested well in an invaluable source of heating, you'll also be coming home to a friend.

White Ink Tattoos

One of the most popular tattoo designs today is the white ink tattoo, which, as its name implies, is a tattoo colored exclusively with white pigment. While this definition is simple and straight forward, this style of tattoo is anything but average and has a lot of conditions that make them a great choice for some, but not so good for others.

Before getting into the specifics, it best to understand what this style of tattoo looks like compared to traditional designs. White ink is thicker than other pigments, and void of color, so the image will be raised on the skin and appear more as a scar, or brand, rather than your average tattoo. This unique look can be very distinctive and effective without the pain and healing time of a brand.

Now that you know what to expect from this type of tattoo, there are several factors that are important to know to see if they are right for you. The most important is that white pigment shows best on a light or fair complexion. If you have darker skin, the tattoo will appear transparent rather than a solid color, and if you have a lot of freckles, the image will appear uneven or speckled.

White ink shouldn’t be combined with a colored design because the other colors will bleed into the white ink, distorting the image. They are also much more sensitive to sun damage and can fade to a yellowish color, or even totally disappear. Because of this you can expect a trip or two back to your artist for a touch up to maintain its original look.

Something else to think about is white pigment is harder to remove, and requires more trips to a tattoo removal specialist than a colored image, and at several hundred dollars a visit, can become very costly. The primary advantage of a white ink tattoo is its unique look, subtle but distinctive, often appearing as a brand, but capable of more intricate detail and the added dimensional advantage of the slightly raised skin.

When a white ink tattoo is first applied, it may appear puffy and unclear, and might have a strange yellowish color on account of lymph fluids entering the wound to help it heal. This is perfectly normal and happens in all tattoos, but more visible because of the contrast of the white color ink.

Follow normal aftercare directions and in a few weeks your new tattoo should look great. If you do suspect a problem or are unhappy with the outcome, take a trip back to your artist to address your concerns. On final note: When searching for a tattoo artist, ask for someone who is experienced in white ink tattoos, ask them if you are a good candidate, and make sure they are going to use pure white ink, and as always, ask to see examples of their work.

Compare KVM over IP vs Remote Access Software

With many IT departments operating in down-sized environments as well as under-staffed

employees being forced to manage an exceptional amount of mission-critical server

room equipment than what they can handle; the ability to remotely monitor and repair

computer problems on the go is an important task in today’s modern data center.

Two remote monitoring options available for controlling computers over IP means

will allow network administrators to view computers and access problems as they

arise. Following we compare and contrast the two most popular methods of remote

access computer management in the industry today.

Both hardware and software based remote computer management solutions offers users

valuable remote IP access when needed; however, each solution holds their own when

comparisons are drawn between these unique solutions. Although, they each share

one main feature – hardware based KVM over IP devices and Remote Desktop client based software perform as though you are sitting directly in front of the target system, manageable from anywhere in

the world with an internet connection.

A closer look behind the hardware component of KVM over IP and the software driven

Remote Desktop makes them appear as two very similar remote access methods. In order

to truly understand the key features as well as the crucial limitations of the two

remote IP management products, here is a quick break-down of each individual solution.

KVM over IP Remote Access Management

KVM over IP is a hardware based solution which allows users to gain both in-band

and out-of-band access to all the servers either connected to your KVM switch or

directly connected to a single computer.

Late night trips to the data center to reboot one server have become a thing of

the past because of this simple yet robust hardware component. KVM via IP front-end

devices such as the Raritan Dominion KX101 will connect directly to a computer or a KVM switch and permits remote users to gain secure BIOS-level access to manage mission-critical servers. Remote

IP management with products such as the Raritan Dominion KX or the Avocent DS Series is conducted

through a standard internet browser session. Front-end IP products work their magic by allowing remote users to gain full Keyboard, Video Monitor, Mouse access of the attached computer(s) from any location with internet connectivity.

Raritan’s client software is automatically downloaded from the KX101; eliminating the need to install “client” software on each user desktop. Furthermore, Raritan’s client software supports most major Web browsers including; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Safari (Macintosh).

Using the Raritan example once more, up to 8 users can remotely access the same server for teamed troubleshooting approach.

Remote Access Software

Remote Access Software programs takes advantage of easily loading software on the local computer or, in some cases, both local and remote computers, and allows users to view and take remote keyboard, mouse and video monitor to view and access servers in the data center from any location with internet capabilities.

Types of remote management software include VNC and PCanywhere. The PC based PCanywhere

can only be used on windows based computer systems. VNC on the other hand can be

used in most operating system environments across the board.

Although most Remote Access software is simple to load and is free in most cases, you must install the remote management software on every machine in the data center that needs remote connectivity. Also, the bottom line regarding Remote Access Software is the fact that such a heavy focus is placed on having the remote operating systems up and running at the application level for the remote session to work properly. If the operating system crashes on the remote computer during remote connectivity

at any time, users will be forced to take alternative ways to activate the remote computer. This will result in needing to physically reboot the remote server from a cold start in most cases.

Using a platform independent software approach, VNC or Virtual Network Computing,

for example, requires users to load software both client and server computers. In

addition, the local and remote computers do not need to be running the same operating


UV Teeth Whitening – Does it Work and is it Safe?

Whitening your teeth is now one of the easiest and most cost effective procedures you can do to improve your appearance. UV whitening is one of many different options for making your teeth look brighter, and making yourself look younger. It is becoming a more and more popular way for people to improve their smile. It is also considered to be a way to eliminate discoloring and staining, dramatically enhancing the whiteness of teeth.

UV whitening is one of the power or light-accelerating techniques used in conjunction with a bleaching agent- peroxide or carbamide peroxide – to increase its speed in whitening teeth. The idea is that light in the blue or ultraviolet spectrum excites the peroxide molecules without overheating the pulp of the teeth. The resulting break down of the peroxide molecules is thought to accelerate the whitening process.

Certain kinds of UV whitening treatments, such as the Celebrity Hollywood Whites UV Teeth Whitening Kit, and UVBleachBright are specially made to be used while you relax on a tanning bed. Solar Smile Teeth Whitening is also exclusive for Tanning Salons and is the Number one Whitening Product on the market. Many women find that these UV teeth whitening systems can be used easily while doing their hair, having a manicure or just relaxing.

However, it is the opinion of this author that you should think long and hard before considering any UV treatment, and consult your dentist before considering this procedure.

Ask yourself – “Is it safe, and does it work?”

A recent study in the “Journal of Prosthodontics”, found that light-activated and non-light-activated procedures did not differ significantly. In fact, another study in the journal “Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences” went even further. It found that UV exposure in these treatments can be four times the level in ordinary sunbathing and that the eyes and skin are not sufficiently shielded from this radiation. The FDA has received complaints of burned gums from these procedures. Repeated UV exposure can also cause abnormal growths in and around the eye – and even cataracts.

Teeth whitening procedures in general are legitimate cosmetic techniques, but they differ in speed and effectiveness. High-concentration peroxide applications will whiten your teeth even without the UV exposure. So why risk your health just for a little speed?

Dentists exclusively performed teeth whitening until about 1990, when home kits involving tray bleaching were introduced as a convenience. These kits generally have lower concentrations of peroxide and may take longer to obtain whitening results, but they mainly do work – without using potentially harmful UV light.