Bedroom Lighting Design

With a wide variety of lights to set a particular mood, it would be easy for any casual buyer to just pick one out, only for the sake of having a nigh lamp at their side. To set a mood requires having a bit of a keen eye on which design suits best for the bedroom, and not something that stands out like a sore thumb.

Table lamps have been around for over 70 years or more, allowing an easy access for those night owls or light sleepers who find themselves awake in the middle of the night. With the number of bedroom lighting designs to choose from, most of them have stemmed from Oriental and European origins. Of course, American design also has a big impact when it comes to more contemporary design, mixing both contemporary and classic together to create a new image for bedroom lighting design. And this also includes the all-time classic lava lamp, which still captures the young at heart.

Sconces and pin-lights add more vibrancy when it comes to lighting dark corners and rooms with cooler shades in wallpapers. For most, a classic brass-wrought sconce would be hard to find except in antique stores, while newer ones are available at most home décor stores and shops nationwide. It's a perfect way to set the mood especially when it's connected to a dimmer switch and would not be too bright during the night.

Overhead lamps are also a part of bedroom lighting design, though not a lot of homes may have that, unless it's a chandelier. Some of the best designs are from Europe, having a more Asian influence when it comes to materials using pattered paper for the shade, while the body itself would have made some natural materials such as bamboo, glass and wood.

Floor lamps give a more visible approach, and with current styles rear towards a modern look. Although the traditional design would use a polished or stainless steel shaft, there has been a stir of creativity as they use an assortment of materials ranging from wood, plastic and even artfully made using only thin pieces of wire that have been woven. Asian influence is also behind the design, as more natural patters on the paper shade would make the bedroom even warmer, given to the number of special fluorescent bulbs that gives a much cooler light to the eyes.

You Can Fly! Astral Projection For Kids

Have you ever wanted to fly? Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined soaring over the trees? Do you have dreams at night that you’re flying? Did you know that it is possible to close your eyes and have a real-life, magical, flying adventure? It is called astral projection. Another term for this kind of journey is an “out-of-body experience”.

Before I explain how to astral project, let me tell you a story. This is a story my mom told to me, when I was a kid. When she was about five years old, she had problems with her legs. She was in so much pain, that when she laid in her bed at night, she wished she could leave her body. So she did! She didn’t know how, but she would sit up, out of her body, float up to the ceiling and then fly out of here room. She said it was very fun, and she felt free!

As I grew a little older, I wanted to learn more about her amazing experience. I went to the school library and found out, that when someone leaves their body, it is called “astral projection”. You may have never heard these words before, so let me grab a dictionary…okay, I’m back! Now, let’s look at the first word – “astral”. My very, merry dictionary says that “astral” means: Anything that is just like the stars or has to do with the stars. For example, if you have a Grandma whose eyes are bright and shiney, like a star, you could say that she has astral eyes. (I think she would like that.) If you look closely at the word “astral”, it even has the words “a star” hidden inside of it. Yes, words are tricky and magical, like that! It also has the words “Al’s rat” hidden inside of it, but don’t tell Al, or his rat might try to escape and go to Hollywood to be a movie star!

So, we now know what the word “astral” means, but how about the word “projection”? My very, merry dictionary says that a “projection” is something that sticks out. Have you ever been to a movie theatre and looked behind you, into the darkness? Did you see that light, way up high, that shines onto the movie screen? It makes a “projection” onto the screen.

What have we learned so far?

Astral = Anything that has to do with the stars. Projection = Something that sticks out.

Astral projection = Sticking out toward the stars.

Yes, YOU can have an astral projection. You can go out toward the stars. In fact, you can go anywhere you’d like! You can float through outer space, you can visit your friend’s house, or you can just fly around your room! Does this sound fun and exciting, but a little bit weird?

You might be asking yourself, “How can I do this? How can I astral project?” First, let’s talk about who YOU are. You have a thumb. You have shoulders and a belly-button. You also have feelings and thoughts. So which part is REALLY you? Are your fingernails you, or are you your voice that speaks words? Sometimes, even grown-ups have a hard time figuring out which part they really are. The truth is, that YOU ARE EVERYTHING! That’s right, you can be, do or have anything, because you are a part of everything you see around you.

But, what does this have to do with astral projection? Well, let me tell you…….Your body is a tool. It is there for you to use, just like a spoon, or a pencil, or a hammer. If you want to run somewhere, or grab something, your body is a wonderful tool to get the job done! Just like a spoon, a pencil or a hammer, you can also lay your body down when you’re not using it. We do this every night when we go to sleep. In fact, right after you climb into bed is a perfect time to have an astral projection.

Did you know that your body can go to sleep, but you can stay awake? Yep, while your body is asleep there is a part of you, inside your body, that can journey out and explore. This part of you is called your “astral body”. Some people call your astral body, your “soul” or your “spirit”. It is the energy inside your body that makes it move around and be alive. Your astral body can do anything your imagination can do. It can fly, swim, go through walls or travel faster than a race car. It can even be invisible!

Having an astral projection is like being in a dream, but you’re awake. Just like being in a dream, you can also wake up, anytime you want. Most people who have had astral projections, tell us there is a long, silver cord, or a long string, that goes from your body asleep in the bed, to your astral body that is having the adventure. It is connected to your belly-buttons! This keeps you safe, while you’re exploring.

How do I have an astral projection?

Try this exercise, some night, right before you go to sleep:

While lying on your back, put your hands and arms by your sides. Just close your eyes and relax. Now, breathe for a few minutes. Pretty easy, isn’t it? This will let your body get VERY comfortable. Now, just listen to your own breath. Don’t try to breathe, just let your lungs fill all the way up, like two balloons. Let your breath come…and go…very easily, like waves of the ocean…in…and out. Very good!

Next, you’re going to relax each body part, one at a time. We’ll start with your feet. While lying on your back, tighten those toes as tight as you can, while breathing in. Now, as you breathe out, let your feet TOTALLY relax. Your feet will be so relaxed, it feels like they’re not even there. Do the same thing with your lower legs (your calves). Squeeze them tightly as you breathe in, and let them totally relax as you breathe out. Do the same thing with your upper legs (your thighs). Do the same thing with your bottom. After that, everything below your waist should feel like it has melted into the bed. This feels very nice and peaceful! Keep squeezing, breathing, and relaxing, each body part – your stomach, hands, arms, chest, shoulders, neck and face.

Wonderful! After you have relaxed your entire body, from head to toe, you might feel like you’re floating in space! Your body could feel very numb, like it’s not even there. This feeling means that your body is going to sleep, and your astral body is free to explore.

To start this adventure is easy, but for some it may take a little practice. As you’re laying there, imagine what it would feel like to sit up. Let your body stay numb in the bed, but imagine sitting up and looking around the room. This is VERY important: It is your wanting to sit up, that will make it happen!

Everyone is different, so take it one step at a time. You might just learn how to relax your body for the first few nights you practice. Soon enough, you’ll learn how to sit up in bed, and before long you will be floating around the room. Always keep in mind, that YOU ARE SAFE! Anytime you want to stop the journey, and be awake in your body, all you have to do is think about it, and it will happen. Have fun on your night time journeys, and remember…….How easily you have an astral projection depends on how possible you think it is!

How to Install Bamboo Flooring

Not just food for pandas or the stuff of cheap picnic mats, bamboo is now being processed with modern techniques into beautiful "hardwood" flooring that beats standard wood floors in durability, hardness, and dimensional stability.

An added bonus to these beautiful floors is the knowledge that bamboo, unlike wood, grows quickly and abundantly, reaching maturity in five years or less. Red oak and maple, by comparison, can take decades to mature and then have to be replanted. Clear-cutting of forests also has a negative environmental impact and threats to the planet's biodiversity.

After harvesting, cutting, processing, and finishing, bamboo flooring installation is not much different from standard hardwood floor installation. The important steps in installation occurs before placing in the bamboo floor. First, make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer who is willing to back up their product with a warranty.

The next step in bamboo flooring installation is making sure the subfloor is dry, clean, and level. Dirty subfloors will not bond well with the adhesive, and subfloors that are not dry will eventually cause rot. If not level, the bamboo flooring will squeak when walked on. If you are competent in home repair and good with your hands, you may be able to complete the bamboo flooring installation on your own. In some cases, with certain types of bamboo flooring, a professional will be needed.

Bamboo flooring may be glued down using a moisture barrier flooring adhesive. After applying the adhesive to the subfloor with a trowel, the bamboo flooring planks should be immediately placed. You may also install bamboo flooring using a nail gun over plywood or particleboard. Once starter rows are secure, subsequent planks should be nailed directly above the tongue at a 45-degree angle to face.

After installing the bamboo flooring, you will care for it in a similar way to hardwood floors; frequent dusting / sweeping, occasional mopping, and use of wood cleaners. With regular care, bamboo flooring will add a stylish, beautiful component to your home for many years to come.

Top Seven Tips to Save Money at the Fuel Pump No Matter What You Drive

Simple ways to save money by improving your fuel economy – no matter what you drive, from top auto dealer RK Auto Group.

    1. Regular check-ups pay off at the pump. Top auto professionals report that skipping recommended maintenance leads to fouled spark plugs and clogged air and fuel filters. Clean oil, fresh spark plugs a well-tuned motor, and properly inflated tires coupled with the right octane gas for your car keep it healthy and saves you money. 2. Keeping your cool – windows up or down? Open windows or air conditioning in hot weather? It depends. Running an air conditioner consumes extra fuel, but driving with rolled down windows leads to drag on the vehicle. Ideally leave windows open when driving slowly in traffic. For highway driving, roll up the windows and turn on the air conditioning. 3. Get the junk out of your trunk. Hauling excess weight wastes gas. Every extra 100 lbs reduces fuel economy approximately two percent; a loaded roof rack by five percent. Eliminate excess cargo by emptying out trunks, back seats, and roof carriers. 4. A steady pace wins the fuel-economy race. Speeding cuts into gas mileage. You'll see a 7 percent decrease in fuel-economy for every 5 mph you drive over 65 mph. Aggressive behavior – such as screeching to a halt or accelerating quickly from a dead stop – can decrease fuel-economy by 33 percent. Save gas by driving at an even speed. 5. Avoid excessive idling. Idling wastes fuel and is hard on engines. It's more efficient to turn off an engine while waiting; then restart the car. Make it a habit to turn off the engine when you are stopped for 10 seconds or more. Never idle a car for more than three minutes. 6. Kick it into high gear. For the greatest fuel efficiency drive in the highest gear possible when cruising at a steady speed on the highway. 7. Avoid cruise control on hills and lower your gas bills. Think about the approaching terrain before you push cruise control. Cruise control improvements gas mileage by maintaining a steady speed – but only on flat roads. Using cruise control on hilly terrain typically uses more gas then if you were operating the accelerator yourself.

Printer Cartridges

There are so many different printer cartridges available. It is up to you to decide which one is most suitable for your printer. When you buy a printer cartridge, make sure you take into account the cost involved in replacing the cartridge.

Printer cartridges come in two types: the combination print head and the ink reservoir cartridge. The combination print head is not economic because the print process is controlled by set circuits and these have to be replaced with every ink replacement. Moreover, they can be refilled only once.

The ink reservoir cartridge is considered economic as the print head is not within the cartridge thereby saving a basic expense. The design is such that compatible units can be produced. Inkjet printers use thermal technology and go by the name of bubble jet printers. Laser jet printers are based on static electricity and the quality is superior to inkjet printers.

While using printers, keep in mind that they should be serviced regularly, that the paper used should be of good quality and that correct installation techniques and aligning instructions are followed.

If you are buying refilled cartridges, look for OEM or original equipment manufacturers like Canon, Epson, Brother, to name a few. The company's name on the product is a sign of its authenticity. Generic cartridges give high quality results and are reliable and they are a cheaper option to their branded counterparts. Some names in this field are Hewlett Packard, Compaq, and Lexmark. Remanufactured cartridges are basically recycled cartridges which pass the required test for proper use.

It is necessary to have some knowledge about printers and their use regarding printing output and cartridges otherwise one may end up buying the wrong cartridge. Since cartridges come in different varieties for different jobs, one must have a clear idea of ​​one's requirements. Accessories can be quite expensive so good research before buying a printer would go a long way in keeping within your budget.

The Laura Mostaghel Home and Interior Decor Collection

At a time when Western Europe and the superb collectibles one might find there are accessible only to the well-to-do, avid collectors don’t want to give up beautiful art because their currency has less value abroad. That’s one reason – admittedly a very small one – collectors should consider buying the work of American artists.

I would like to tell you about the work of one of America’s most outstanding and fastest-rising artists, Laura Mostaghel. Her complete catalog is in itself a work of art. She produces memorable oil paintings as well as hand-made and -crafted works that will grace any home in your choice of

Paintings – Vases and Tile Murals

Watercolors – Jewelry Pins

Giclées – Ceramic Boxes

Prints – Etchings

Her exquisite pieces are well-known to the rich and famous – household names long-known for their taste in fine art including Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Clint Eastwood, Tony Blair, and Princes Charles and William – as well as to connoisseurs and collectors of beautiful things.

While many of Laura’s original oils on canvas carry prices commensurate with their beauty and originality, she has also made many of these exquisite works available as giclées at prices affordable to most collectors. Some of these beautiful paintings in the glicée format are available in signed and numbered limited editions on acid free archival paper. Many artists will create a series from a canvas painting onto canvas. Laura chooses, instead, to keep her editions on paper so all canvas paintings are originals and any series will be on paper. However, the paper is 30.5 lb. Somerset Velvet coated cotton duck, cold press/acid free in museum white. Collectors will want to know that this paper has almost as much cotton as regular canvas fabric and will thus retain its intensity of the paints just as well as canvas that is primed and UV protected.

These will of course be somewhat more expensive but will in years to come be revered by collectors.

Laura’s tile murals and vases are readily identifiable as unique to her studio for their use of bold, vivid colors and strong lines in contrast with soft, light areas depicted in clear glaze. These pieces are fired four times in a kiln in order to create a rich, harmonious effect for them.

Her exquisite, hand-painted collectible series of decorative art boxes depicting women in colorful interiors, cats, and florals are wonderful gifts and keepsakes. Each box is an original like no other and is trimmed and accented in 22 karat gold. These boxes are also kiln-fired four separate times to achieve the quality that defines Laura’s art.

Often you will see that a piece you greatly desired has already been sold. By special arrangement with Laura we can help you overcome this disappointment.

Since all originals are by definition unique, you cannot obtain a copy. You can, however, request Laura to create a similar piece for you. This means in effect the subject, themes, and atmosphere of the sold piece will be captured in a unique rendering depicted on a new original. In effect you, the client, will be commissioning a famous artist to give you an oil painting unlike any other in the world.

This service will of course require special financial arrangements; clients are urged to contact us to learn the details. Although a client will necessarily be required to wait during the creation process, Laura will send you a sketch of her new inspiration for your approval and/or suggestions before the final work is completed.

With her incredible range of beautiful paintings, watercolors, and art objects from which to choose, you can discover beautiful pieces that will be the focus of attention in your home. The Global Connoisseur is very proud to feature the entire catalog of Laura’s work on our site at prices exactly the same that you would find at her studio in Florida.

Combination Lifts – 2 Spectacular Lifts Combining Multiple Movements to Achieve Big Strength Gains!

I have had many years of experience and education when it comes to training the human body. The one thing that I have to remind people of is that our bodies are basically nature’s best built machine. This machine that we refer to as our body is very complex, but I can say that mechanically it is made up of nothing more than a series of levers and pulleys that create the amazing feat we like to refer to as movement! My whole approach in obtaining optimal strength and fitness is to incorporate this movement into a form of resistance training to achieve supreme fitness and strength. Allow yourself a minute to learn and incorporate the following 2 lifts into your personal program.

1. The Kettlebell Squat and Press: This is a really good combination lift for one to perform to work on core strength, stability, leg strength, and upper-body strength. For this particular lift I am referring to using a single kettlebell. This lift involves a lot of movement which further adds to the conditioning component of the exercise. To start, you will want to clean the bell to your chest. From here simply execute a form squat maintaining good balance and not compromising your form with the bell being loaded at the front of your body. Essentially you are performing a front squat with the bell. From here finish the squat and once your body is extended then press the bell and lock it out straight overhead! I would recommend starting with a moderately heavy bell relative to your strength. Execute 6 to 8 on each side.

2. Dumbbell Squat Curls: This particular exercise is a very intense movement and is quick to wear one out when it is performed. All you need is a set of moderately heavy dumbbells relative to your strength. I am a professional and I personally use a pair of 50 lb dumbbells. To begin, stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. You should be holding the dumbbells in your hands and by your sides. From here you will want to execute a good deep squat. As you descend in the squat you will want to simultaneously curl the dumbbells bringing the ends of the bells together in front of you at the bottom of the squat. From here as you ascend to lock out back at a standing position return the dumbbells back to your sides in a controlled fashion. Attempt to execute 6 to 8 in a single set.

Make It Obvious That You Teach English Online For Money Not For Free

Hello Online English Teachers!

One thing you will learn about operating your own online English school is that there's a lot of trial and error. You'll always make tweaks to your website. You'll change the format of your free trial lesson (which you should offer). Your pricing structure will evolve as well. And many other things …

One change that I made had to do with the top section of my online English school website. I made it painfully obvious that I teach English online for money. Why did I do this, and why am I telling you, an online English teacher?

Because I've met sooooo many people from around the world (especially lower level English students) who thought I was the greatest guy in the world because I was offering my time and energy to teach them English for free … as often as they wanted.

They thought I was a volunteer!

As much as I would like to help people in this way, reality dictates that I make money to survive. Money is what puts sushi on my plate. So when I told them that my lessons were not free (those after the trial lesson), they seemed mystified that I would want to charge them something.

So to weed out those students who thought I was a free-free-free English teacher, I changed the top section that was seen on every page of my website: I added pictures of credit cards that PayPal accepts. This was the big one.

If prospective English students saw pictures of credit cards and they still thought that I was St. Louis. English Teacher, wow.

I also added the sentence, "Your 15 minute trial lesson is free … 50 minute English lessons are $ 16.99 to $ 25.00 each." Again, this was quite obvious in my opinion. So any students who came across my site should have understood that I charged money for my online English lessons and online English conversations.

To sum it up, add pictures of credit cards to every page of your online English school site. You should also highlight the price range and the free trial lesson on every page as well. You will thank me because the students who only want a free English speaking friend will not bother you.

Keep in mind that many people are spoiled by the free "static" information that's on the Internet, so when they meet a person (English teacher) who is offering English lessons (live and in-person), they just assume that the "dynamic "information will be free as well. So remember this and you should save a lot of time.

Where and How to Get Cash For iPhones

With many of us upgrading or replacing our mobile technology nowadays it is a great benefit to be able to receive cash for our old, used or broken iPhones – and the services that offer cash for iPhones has become a larger field than ever before. This means that before we go rushing off to get cash for our iPhone, in any condition it is advisable to be sure that we will be receiving the best service and the best cash payment available. With this in mind the following guidelines will help you identify what websites are offering a good service and which are offering a great service when it comes to receiving cash for old iPhones.

When you are looking to get cash for an iPhone there are several factors to consider beyond the amount of cash you can get paid for your iPhone. Firstly, you want to select a site that is trustworthy and professional in the service they provide. This can be verified in several ways such as previous client testimonials or the display of associations such as VeriSign upon the site. Being offered a great cash payment for your old, used or broken iPhone only really counts if it comes from a trustworthy source, so this factor is as vital as seeking the highest payment available.

Another factor to consider is the timeframe for the transaction of cashing in your iPhone. Some companies again may offer great payments, but these are no good if they are delayed by several weeks. Opting for a site that releases your cash on the day of receiving your iPhone is always a good option, and utilizing the service of a company that offer electronic payments in the form of PayPal is a great option. Remembering these three main factors will undoubtedly set you in good stead for a great deal when you cash in your old iPhone. Trust, Speed and ultimately the final payout are the three key elements, then there are other personal preferences for you to select from also.

Taking a moment to find a site that offers the above as well as a professional, yet friendly service, an easy to navigate website and a super customer service team that will endeavour to answer any and all of your questions before and after the deal will also add to the experience of you turning an old iPhone into cash. The internet has exploded with sites offering cash for your old electronics trades, but hunting through these to find the market leaders can provide you with a host of additional benefits.

Pros and Cons of an Internal Medicine Specialist

A doctor of internal medicine, also called an internist, specializes in diagnosing and treating adults. You can expect a physician of this type to be well-versed in many conditions that may plague patients during adulthood, as opposed to someone who treats children or patients of all ages. If you have the option to see this type of doctor, you should learn the pros and cons of doing so, compared to other doctors.

The main reason to see a doctor of internal medicine is that he or she focuses only on diseases that may appear in adults. For this reason, many physicians in this specialty know more about each condition than a general practitioner might, since the latter is not a specialist in the area. Therefore, even if you choose a general practitioner, you may be sent to an internist anyway when he or she cannot properly diagnose the issue. If you suspect the problem you have is rare or complicated, or your current physician seems to have never heard of it, you should likely see a doctor of internal medicine.

Of course, you should check with your insurance provider before you make this decision. Some providers require people to get a referral from their current practitioner before seeing a specialist. In addition, copays may be higher when you see a practitioner who specializes in any field. For this reason, if your insurance is restrictive or you are looking to save money on your copays, you might choose a general practitioner first. You can then switch to an internist if you need to in the future.

In addition, when you choose an internal medicine specialist, you cannot have your whole family go to the same practice. Many people like to go to a family practice so their children, spouse, and other loved ones of any age can all see the same physician. Clearly, an internist cannot provide this advantage unless your children are already adults. Therefore, if you seek the convenience of all seeing the same doctor, you should go to a family-oriented office first, and then switch to a specialist if you need to.

Knowing these facts may help you decide whether to go to an office of internal medicine or stick with someone who can treat your whole family at any age. You will need to weigh the pros and cons, considering both your health and insurance coverage while you are at it. Of course, you can always change your mind when necessary after you make your choice.

What Causes Bad Breath – How to Cure Halitosis

If you want to know what causes bad breath and how to cure halitosis, you first have to find out what causes it. It is difficult to cure a condition if you do not know what the cause it, but luckily the cause of bad breath is known. There might well be an argument about what the root cause is, but generally it is known to be caused by oral bacteria.

Sure, what you eat can cause accidental bad breath, but it is not halitosis. So, if you eat garlic then many will find your breath offensive, but only if you have not ateen garlic yourself. That is possibly why so many French eat garlic – because so many others do and that is their way of not smelling the rest! True halitosis, however, can not be 'cured' that way.

Many believe bad teeth to be the true cause of halitosis, but that too is incorrect. Again, bad teeth can contribute, but teeth rot due to the action of oral bacteria on the food debris in and around the gums and teeth. This bacterial action generates acid that attack the enamel of the teeth and cause dental caries. That in itself though does not cause bad breath.

Bad breath can be caused by various digestive problems, by problems with the oesophagus and by infections of the sinus, airway and throat. However, 90% to 95% of halitosis is caused by problems in the oral cavity or the mouth. Bad breath is more than just bad teeth that can be resolved by dental treatment, and needs more basic treatment than that.

The chemicals that cause the smell are commonly called VSCs, or volatile sulfur compounds. The main VSCs are hydrogen sulfide, the smelly gas that every school knows about, dimethyl sulfide and methyl mercaptan. These are formed in the fissures and cracks in the tongue, the cheeks and between the gums and the teeth where there is a lack of oxygen. The VSCs are emitted by a particular type of bacteria known as anaerobic bacteria that survive in the absence of oxygen. Expose them to oxygen and they can not function.

These bacteria are not particularly bad: in fact they live in everyone's mouths. It is their action in digesting proteins that release the VSCs and hence the horrible smells. If you are not sure if your breath is bad or not, then clean the inside of your wrist then lick it. Allow the saliva to partially dry so that it becomes concentrated and then smell. The inside of your wrist is warm and will evaporate off the VSCs that you can smell.

However, the route to the cure is the cause. Anaerobic bacteria and food residues. If you keep your mouth clean from protein residues then you can reduce the source of food for these bacteria. Vegetarians will be lessiable to suffer from halitosis than meat eaters will, although vegetable protein can also be broken down by the bacterium if allowed to accumulate in the mouth so nobody is completely immune.

The key is the fact that the bacteria are anaerobic. Expose them to oxygen and you either kill them or they stop all activity. If you brush the gums, tongue and cheeks with a soft brush and an oxygenated cleaner, then you will get rid of your bad breath. Use an oxygenated mouthwash and you will also help to pacify or kill these bacteria. You have to get the oxygen right down into the fissures between the papillae of your tongue, and the cracks in your cheeks, and also deep into the space between your teeth and gums.

Use a tongue scraper to coat your tongue with a paste that generates oxygen, then scrape it off. Use the mouthwash regularly, and before you know it, your halitosis and bad breath will be gone. I know, because I suffered. However, people no longer take a step back when I speak to them face to face. I no longer have to talk sideways and put my career in prisony because I can not eyeball people when I speak to them.

If you have bad breath then the same will have happened to you, whether you noticed it or not. People will avoid coming close to you when you speak to them and you will only ever kiss the same girl once. Learn what causes bad breath and how to cure it. Do not suffer any longer, but more importantly, do not make others suffer when you speak to them. There is no need because there is a cure.

Opening a Dollar Store – How to Increase the Average Sale Size

Increasing sales levels is a challenge that faces every entrepreneur who is opening a dollar store. Most of those entrepreneurs focus their efforts on implementing strategies to increase traffic as the sole means of achieving that result. However, just focusing on increasing new shopper numbers is only half of the equation. Unfortunately it is the most expensive half of the strategy as well!

If you are opening a dollar store balance increased traffic with strategies that focus on increasing the amount that each shopper spends while in your store. Take the time to analyze what you are doing to effectively merchandize the products that you carry. Take the time to ensure that customers can always find the products that they want and need when they are shopping in your store.

When opening a dollar store the single most important step that you can take to increase the average sale size is to always have desired products in-stock. Those products must be in-stock, on display and ready for sale whenever a shopper arrives. Those products must be easily found by shoppers as well.

Soon after opening a dollar store you will discover the consumables such as paper goods, cleaners and health and beauty products must always be in stock. Shoppers get in the habit of making those purchases at your store. If you are out of stock when they are needed those same shoppers will go to your competitor to make their purchase. Not only did you lose a sale, but likely you lost a customer as well!

Increasing the size of the sale is one of the keys to long term success when opening a dollar store. Focus efforts on getting the right products in front of every shopper who enters the store. You will be amazed at the increase in sales this can produce for your business.

To Your Dollar Store Success!

How to Jumpstart an Engine

When done properly, jumpstarting an engine is a safe and relatively simple procedure. Of course, jumpstarting an engine can be very dangerous if done improperly. Therefore, know that even after you have finished reading this article on jumpstarting an vehicle, you will still not be an expert.

Be sure to read the owner's manual of your car before you attempt a jumpstart. If you have any questions, be sure to talk to a professional, first. Jumpstarting an engine can be different hanging on which car you are trying to give power to. Just because you know how to do it on one car, it does not necessarily mean that you are an expert at jumpstarting an engine of another car. Some cars can not handle the power surge that a jumpstart can give it. Again, refer to your owner's manual.

1. Turn off your ignition. You want to save any extra power that may still be in your battery.

2. Park the "helper" vehicle (the one with the fully charged battery) near the disabled vehicle, but do not let the two cars touch.

3. Take a rag and remove the cell caps from the batteries of both cars and then cover the holes with clean rags so that no acid splashes out (covering the holes also keeps hydrogen gas in).

4. Take the ends of one of the jumper cables and attach it to the positive posts of both batteries. It does not matter whether you attach the red or green (or whatever) end to the positive posts, as long as you stick to just one color. If you put the red end on the positive post of one of the cars, then be sure to put the red end on the positive post of the other vehicle.

5. Now you can take one end of the second cable (the green end, in this instance) to the post of the "helper" vehicle (the charged battery).

6. Now take the final end of the second cable and ground it by clipping it onto a clean and unpainted parts of the broken-down car's engine or frame or other clean and metallic part. Do NOT attach this cable to the post of the discharged battery.

7. Before moving onto the next step, make sure that none of the four cable clips can accidently contact each other or drop into the moving parts of the engine once it is turned on.

8. After you have taken a minute or two to check these things, you can continue and turn on the "helper" car's engine.

9. Make sure that all of the accessories (lights, radio, A / C, etc.) are turned off in both cars, then start the engine of the vehicle with the dead battery.

10. If it does not start at first, try it again in a moment. If it still does not start, you may need to replace your battery.

11. The way in which you remove the jumper cables is important, too. First remove the negative (ground) cable from the previously disabled car's engine. Then remove it from the post on the "helper" car's battery.

12. Now you can disconnect the first cable (the red one, in this case) from the positive posts of the batteries in both cars.

13. Remove the rags and replace them with vent caps. Dispose of the rags.

I hope that this guide on jumpstarting an engine will help you when it comes time to jumpstart your own car (which, of course, we hope never happens). Again, to reiterate, be sure to check your owner's manual about jumpstarting an engine before you attempt this on your own.

Note: If you own a hybrid car, the procedure that you use may be completely different! Check with your manual and check with your dealer before you attempt a jumpstart.

New Home Lighting – What is your Focus?

Lighting is just one of the many details to consider when you are involved with building a new home. But once you have decided upon the perfect floor plan for your family and somewhere what style of siding you will have, it is time to turn your attention toward interior details, including lighting. You have great flexibility is setting the mood or theme of your house when you lay out the plans for lighting.

Designer Christopher Lowell is well-known for stage lighting and has now expanded his scope to include home lighting. Christopher is able to explain lighting principles and techniques in a way that we can apply them to home lighting. The best time to think about home lighting is while you are in the planning stages. According to Lowell, it is the characteristics of the light itself that are important, not just the source of the light. What you are looking for is not just the kind of light fixture and what it looks like. Instead you should focus on the function of the light in creating the right mood for the area.

Light in a particular room can come from four categories of lighting: natural light, ceiling lights, up-lights, and mid-range lights. Natural light is the light that naturally enters the room through windows and skylights. Ceiling lights, of course, are the lights that are attached to the ceiling. Ceiling lights can be recessed or hanging. Up-lights are a type of spotlight that is aimed up and up-lights usually sit on the floor. Finally, mid-range lights are the lamps that light an area of ​​the room.

Lighting that comes from up-lights are generally located in corners and require an outlet. Up-lights create a soft ambiance. Some common up-lights are small floodlights hidden behind tall plants.

As for ceiling lights, recessed lights are very common in living rooms, dens, entries, hallways, sitting areas in bedrooms and basements. These lights should not be the only source of light in the room. Also, too many ceiling lights distract from the room's overall appeal. Planning for recessed lights while the house is under construction cuts down on the need for electricians to do the wiring and installation later on.

The hanging ceiling light is sometimes the most popular type of home lighting. A ceiling light typically hangs in the middle of the room, but sometimes may be placed in a corner of the room. A dining room is the most likely place to locate a hanging light fixture.

Natural lights can either improve a room's warmth or cause too much glare. Thinking about where you place a window in a room while the home is being built can have a big impact on your enjoyment of a room. Helpful natural light can eliminate the need for excessive ceiling lighting or mid-range lights.

Lamps, or mid-range lighting, require electric outlets. New homes today provide more outlets per room than older homes. But it is still a good idea to check that there are enough outlets for lamps in each room, especially bedrooms.

For more information about lighting tips, visit []