How to Find Someone For Free

I will answer the question on how to find someone for free with a simple yet effective method that I have been using for years to locate friends at no cost or without paying for further information. Of course there are many other ways to do it. In fact you can even use people search locators online. However, start by reading about this method before going anywhere else online.

This is a simple way based on the concept of viral marketing. I know that you probably have a circle or network of friends that you get in touch with every now and then online. In fact in your inbox are many contacts ie email addresses and probably even phone numbers, residential addresses and more – depending on which email service you use.

Now what I did once was to create one of those slides that get forwarded over the net like crazy. It was a very nice slide with a beautiful message about love, family and happiness. I then added my message at the end. It was about my search for my long lost friend. I included his name and a nickname and then my email and phone number.

I forward this message to about a hundred of my friends and email addresses I had in my inbox. Few weeks down the line I received the same email I had sent out and had obviously been forwarded to hundreds if not thousands of other emails.

Did I find my friend? Yes and no. That helped me generate a few leads that I followed later on and was able to gather some very helpful information about the whereabouts of my friend. Like I said this is not the best answer on how to find someone for free but it is worth a try – if you have the time to come up with an interesting message that can get forwarded by friends and collections.

What is an Octane Rating?

Have you ever wonder what does gasoline Octane Rating means? That numbers shown in the gas pumps? Every time we go to a gas pump to fill our car's tank, we always have the choice of what octane rating we wish to put in. We can also see a sticker on the gas pump with the different ratings available in that station and if living on the USA, will also see the rating calculation method used.

In USA, those ratings vary among 87, 89, 91 or 93 octane. Gas with higher numbers than those, is called "Racing Gas" and (1) it is not commonly seen on standard gas stations and (2) price is probably higher than standard octane rating gas. But, what about it ???

Octane rating is a number to define the property of gasoline to resist detonation by high pressure and high temperature conditions, in a specific range. It does NOT mean that 93 octane gas is way more powerful than 87 octane, like Dynamite is way more powerful than gun powder. Resistance to deterioration means; how hard can we push or compress that gasoline in our engines (taking in account temperature) before it detonates without the spark plug firing. When that later unwanted condition occurs, it is called pre-ignition, knocking, pinging or simply detonation. Remember that it is a internal combustion engine or "Explosion engine". Detonations are way more powerful, faster and destructive than explosions. Detonations provides no usable power to the engine.

The higher the octane rating, the more it will resist the above situation from happening. Racing and muscle cars, often produce a lot of compression and elevated temperatures inside their engines and that is why it is normal to use very high octane rating gas on such vehicles.


It is not convenient at all that gasoline fire before it is meant to as it will cause a lot of trouble to the engine, affecting its performance and endangering it to get broken. Just imagine the gas, detonating at the compression stoke, several degrees before the "Top Dead Center" or TDC. That will be an unwanted situation where the piston pushes upward while the reductionation pushes down at the same time, in the same stroke. Very bad! It produces zero power as the deduction will not succeed pushing the piston down because of the fact that it is still located before top dead center and there will be absolutely no down movement until that point is passed. Also, detonations occur in microseconds, which would not be of any mechanical advantage. It will be more like hammering the piston instead of pushing it down.

When detonations occur, power is lost by two conditions, first, the obvious one; a detonation is too fast and always again against engine timing and secondly, if the knock sensor "notices" the deduction, there will be a response from the car computer (ecu), which will retard ignition timing several degrees until no further distinctions are detected . That is a response programmed in the ecu's software to protect the engine in case of deletions. The down side is that it will make the car to stall.


Octane is not a direct measure of gasoline power. All gasoline will have similar combustion reactions (explosive power) depending on its refining quality and cleanliness, regardless of what octane it is rated (87, 89, 91, 93, 104, etc.). The difference will be that lower rating gas (87 and 89 octane) will go to combustion before higher rating gas (91, 93 and higher octane) under the same temperature, pressure and volumetric conditions, without spark.

Octane Rating Calculation Methods

There are various calculation methods, RON, MON, and PON or AKI.

RON: (Octane Number Research). Most common fuel used in Europe, Australia and some other Countries. It is determined with measurements of fuel behavior in a variable compression engine. Results are compared with other iso-octane fuels, wish means, compared with other fuel types with equal number of similar octane molecules present, but not the of the same organic compound.

MON: (Motor Octane Number). Determined also with a variable compression engine, but with the fuel already preheated, variable ignition timing and higher RPMs than the RON method. This method is more precise on determining fuel behavior on an loaded engine.

PON or AKI: (Pump Octane Rating or Anti-Knock Index): This is the method used in USA and Canada, expressed as [R + M] / 2, wish means RON number plus MON number, divided by 2. In other words , it is the average between both methods above.


So, due to the fact that RON is always from 4 to 5 points higher than its equivalent to PON or AKI, the number conversion between USA and Europe octane ratings will approximately be as follows:

USA (PON) -> Europe (RON)

87 -> 91
89 -> 93
91 -> 95
93 -> 98

Thanks for reading.

Advantages of Lean Manufacturing

Although other terms such as just-in-time production are used, lean manufacturing is the most common way to describe this leading goal for modern production methods. But what exactly is lean manufacturing? How does it benefit the consumer and / or the industries who use it? How can lean manufacturing improve quality while keeping costs down?

The idea of ​​lean manufacturing is not new, but it has received a lot of attention in recent years. Basically, lean manufacturing seeks to look for waste and inefficiencies and eliminate them. Anything that does not add value, functionality, or quality that can be stripped out is removed from the production process. Continuous improvement by the shortest, fastest route possible is the ultimate goal.

If one company can provide a higher quality product for less cost than their competitor, they have a distinct advantage.

In the past, manufacturing companies basically produced their products to fill orders and everyone was left to do their own thing as long as products were made to the specified specifications and deadlines were met. For lean manufacturing to work best, everyone in the supply chain needs to be more informed because the end result usually involves several manufacturers. If there is a communication breakdown, things will be less efficient.

If a process in the manufacturing is being unnecessarily duplicated in supply chain members, it can be eliminated if it does not contribute to the value, function, or quality. A smooth work flow is the only way to get the best results at the lowest cost. This is all the more reason for cooperation within a supply chain. Transportation, machine set-up, inventory, quality consistency and inspection, material handling, these all affect the work flow and are closely evaluated to achieve lean manufacturing.

Aside from cost savings, another benefit to lean manufacturing is that better use can often be made of smaller spaces. With solutions such as work cells, minimal movement of parts and assemblies creates better efficiency with less manufacturing space. Other befit include reduced defects, less handling, better on-time delivery, and less inventory or storage requirements.

Lean manufacturers can get higher quality products to market quicker, control their costs, reduce waste, partner with other supply chain members to achieve the most efficient work flow, and offer better value to the consumer while still making profit.

Who Can I Sue If My Kid Is Injured on a Playground?

Legal concepts like “duty of care” or negligent supervision, and even immunity, are used by states to determine liability after a child has been seriously injured on a playground. Playgrounds come in all sorts of sizes and designs, all manufactured for different ages and level of activity. They can be on private grounds like a neighbor’s house, or on public property like a state park or beach. Most often, injuries that occur on playgrounds are caused by reckless behavior and misuse of the equipment, but other times, it can be from defective equipment, poor assembly, and more.

It is understandable that some parents might suspect that their child’s serious injury could have been caused by something or someone else. In this case, it is wise for families to learn their rights, as well as, the legal systems used to make these kinds of judgements and more. Continue reading to learn whether or not a person can sue if their child is seriously injured on a playground.

Playground Liabilities

Playgrounds on school properties, like daycares and grade schools, are under the responsibility of the school. For this reason, schools and children’s centers have a legal duty of care to protect kids from any foreseeable hazards on school property, including playgrounds. If a child is injured as a result of a hazard that should have been foreseeable and prevented, parents may have a valid personal injury claim against the school.

For example, let’s say a child swinging on a swing-set is injured because the top wooden plank holding the chains breaks off as a result of decay and rot. In this case, the school failed to meet their duty of care because they neglected to replace the rotting wood before an accident happened.

Schools have a responsibility of regularly inspecting their property and grounds for hazards and other structural issues. By not noticing the rotted wood, or by failing to resolve it in a timely fashion, the school carries the liability for the child’s injuries. A claim could very well be brought against them.

Aside from a school’s “duty of care”, there is another legal concept called negligent supervision that can also determine liability. Negligent supervision occurs when a person (i.e. teacher, daycare attendant, babysitter, etc.) is given the responsibility of supervising a child (or children) but neglects that responsibility, causing injury or trauma to the child that could have been prevented with proper supervision.

Schools are acting in place of parents, therefor, they have a responsibility to implement an effective system of supervision in order to protect minors from any foreseeable harm. So if a child is injured while under the care of school authorities, and the injury was caused by a lack of sufficient supervision, a family may have a valid personal injury claim against the school.

For example, playgrounds are generally monitored by teachers during recess. If there is an insufficient number of teachers for the number of children being monitored, this is a lack of supervision. Also, if said teachers are not paying attention or leave recess unattended for any number of minutes, and an accident happens that could have been avoided had an adult been watching, the school could be guilty of negligent supervision.

It is important to consult a licensed personal injury lawyer to learn your rights to compensation following a serious injury to yourself or your child.

21st Century Global Financial System of Market Economy

In the 21st Century currently existing Global Financial System lead by US and other Most Developed Nations (incl. China) and managed by the Parish Club, WTO, IMF and the World Bank must change their approaches to appreciate the most recent developments of chronically becoming indebted World, in which except for a very few countries and market as China and India, most of the rest Most Developed Economies as US and GB, Developing Countries as Spain, Portugal and Greece, and Undeveloped Countries as Bulgaria, Rumania and many South American Countries , Asian and African Countries are greatly indebted or very underdeveloped. A Central Banking System is needed to control the global "demand-to-supply" balance by being able to issue capital, instead of the current global financial system which performs more as a "lender".

There have been many indications that the process of running fiscal shortages for many countries can not be reversed by using current Economics of Production based "trickle-down" Capitalism, because the Production based Economics is generally founded on industrial production that adds the highest percentage to any country GDP (General Domestic Product) and the consequential fiscal reserves for a country or a market to develop most definately such country following the economics of production must industrialize, or for an industrialized country such must keep being globally competitive in industrial production to maintain intact its deficiency. The Globalization of the market place propelled by the great Capitalization and the Rising Productivity have boosted the economies of China and now India to industrialize rapidly, that industrial power added very much to the current industrialized economies of Japan, Germany, US capacity by how the Global industrial production capacity overall is coming to a point of great concentration of such industrial production into a very few industrialized economies. The possibilities for other small or even big countries to become competitive in industrial production and maintain their fiscal policies and reserves in tact are diminishing.

From the Most Industrialized Economies US is particularly vulnerable under these new Global developments of ungoing exodus of industrial production and capital investment to the Far East. The Capitalism of US Economics is very inept in distributing and redistributing Wealth so to speak the "demand" side of Capitalism correlates the "supply" and works well in a close marketplace in size of US market when "trickle-down" capital first "trickle -up "to concentrate wealth then comes" down "to create industrial production, but than when" trickle-down "does not go to the US market but to elsewhere the shortage of consumption can not be avoided, following in not properly balancing" demand -to-supply ", thus, to avoid economic catastrophes US Government steps up with infusing capital into the system: exactly what happened at the last Great Recession of 2007-2009.

Also in time of narrowing ROI (Return Of Investment) particularly for SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) and from the SMI (Small & Medium Investors), in time of Governmental policies promoting and tolerating pro Big Business and Big Investors deregulated "trickle- down "Capitalism which were mostly the only ones benefitting from the ongoing globalization, the possibilities in such times for occurrences of Economic Bubbles are quite common. The 1999 Stock Exchange Bubble and the 2007 Great Recession are products of designated lack of Wealth Distribution. Thus become obvious that the Government in situations like that step into actions by infusing capital, save even individual businesses and prompt social distribution: The Healthcare Reform, the Finance Reform, and the US SME Tax Reform are good examples how the system in distress works, although the consequences are up to be seen. It is hard to believe that the US Government could consistently manage the economy and create business. In the Next Recession the Government will appropriate more function in financing and business that overall is a scary preposition having in mind how inflexible and inept a Government could be.

Environmental pollution and Earth extraction of resources under the current production economics based on industrial production mainly is unavoidable, because when even most developed industrial nations could introduce and follow policies of protecting the environment, or even the developing nations of China and India follow up which is highly doubtful, there are many countries that will try to manage their fiscal shortages by compromising the rules for Environmental protection so that they can bring to their soil industrial production. In the World of ROI mostly from Industrial Production the prices of Environmental protection technologies are making businesses very competitive to others that do not implement these. Pollution also comes from cutting and burning woods to farm or from heating with coal, or from driving old autos, or from dispose sewers into open rivers. So to speak, without curbing on the Global poverty can not be ways to curbing on pollution. But to curb on poverty industrialization can not be used so the possibilities for saving the World from Environmental disaster by using industrial production are very unlike.

To avoid multiple economic crashes and upheaval, to avoid the Government take over when next recessions, to avoid fiscal shortcomings and deficit, unemployment and poverty, to avoid environmental destruction a new system of economies is needed, one that will allow countries to develop without being industrialized.

Is it possible to manage global development without using current production based economics system?

  • Well the most recent US and any Governments' infusion of monetary quantities, business involvement and social distribution of wealth is not based on production economics.
  • The Chinese approaches in handling Economy is not production based only economics: their interference in the ways "trickle-down" capital works in the marketplace does not follow Capitalism but is more-like "artificial" flexible usage of economic "tools'.
  • The Greece bailout by the EU and IMF is not "trickle-down" economics; it is an interference with the powers of the Capitalism.
  • There are many more examples of how Governments and organization interfere with freely flowing capital and there before using "artificial" methods of economics.

At the moment he mounting debt accumulated by almost any country in the World horrific economists and they predict imminent bust-and-doom (there was a suggestion by some German politicians to Greece to sell some Greek islands, but then funds has been approved help Greece ). Although economists should be horrified only from high imbalance of "demand-to-supply" ratios, which imbalance provokes inflations and deflations; that should be the largest concern to the Global Financial Institutions instead these are fighting defit and debt: these institution as mentioned above are acting more-like a "lender" then a "controller" these should be. If the Global marketplace is seen in its vastness as a common marketplace a mass industrialization should not be expected and can not be achieved therefore. Thus, for balancing "demand-to-supply" ratios, the Monetary Policies should be used instead industrializing the entire Earth. Comprehensive Monetary Policies by Global Financial Institutions flexibly using Monetary Quantities as Economic "tools" and Business and Financial Regulations as enhancing business "security" are "the way to Rome" only.

Less governmental involvement in business, more business laws and regulations on business contracting, business and project bonding, intellectual properties' laws, risk management personal liability laws, and etc, these the supplements to an appropriate Monetary Policies: because these "regulatory" actions will strengthen SME and SMI "security" and make these much more adequate to be funded.

Low interest rate financing and subsidies are economic "tools" to be used by a Global Financial System in promoting environmentally friendly renewable energies and agriculture, environmental tourism and sustainable growth. This new financial system must use commercial banks to invest in countries on project by project basis on set matrix and low margin.

© Joshua Konov, 2010

Eat Healthy While Saving Time and Money in the Kitchen

Many people mistakenly think that eating a healthy diet means having to shell out more money at the grocery store. It certainly can, if all you buy are expensive prepared meals. But contrary to what the marketing hype tries to convince you of, you do not need to buy any special food products in order to eat a healthy diet. In fact, studies have shown that you really do not even need to take any vitamin supplements if you're eating nutritious meals.

You also do not need to prepare different foods for different members of your family, unless one of your family members has a medical condition that requires it, or food allergies. If you're doing the food shopping then you have control over what your family eats and are in a position to make healthy changes to the way all of you eat. The first thing you need to do is quit buying junk food. If it's available then it will get eaten, which leaves you and your family with less of an appetite for the healthy foods you should be eating instead. When you buy junk food, it also means that you spend more on your monthly food budget than you need to.

If you're in the habit of buying microwaveable meals for your dinner, it's another bad habit that you should break as soon as possible. When measured by weight, microwave meals are actually quite expensive. But even worse, they're far from healthy (regardless of whether or not they contain the word 'healthy' in their product name). If you read the food label, you'll see that ounce for ounce they're high in fat, calories and sodium, and often contain dangerous levels of trans fat and food preservatives. If you have a hard time disciplining yourself when it comes to food, then it might help to think of how harmful a steady diet of foods like these can be for your family.

So if you do not buy microwave meals or junk food for your family, then what's left for them to eat that does not require you to spend hours in the kitchen preparation? Things like fresh meat, fish, grains and vegetables require a much longer cooking time than a microwave meal, and what if you've been working all day? If you think that you do not have time to cook, then it's time you become reacquainted with two kitchen appliances that have been a staple in kitchens for years: the pressure cooker and the humble crock pot.

If the thought of a pressure cooker reminds you of horror stories you've heard about them blowing up and spewing beef stew all over the kitchen ceiling, then you've been out of the loop. Those kinds of accidents were not all that uncommon with the old-fashioned style of pressure cookers, but the new design of modern pressure cookers makes that concern a thing of the past. You can have an unbelievably delicious, tender meal in a fraction of the time it would take using an oven or stove top, and not only that, a pressure cooker will seal in all the vitamins and flavor that are lost through traditional cooking methods.

What's that? You put your crock pot in a garage sale ten years ago? It's no wonder, because of what a mess the old style of crock pots were to clean up after using them. But once again, you might be very surprised to hear that they're finally designed with ease of use (and clean up) in mind. You no longer have to worry about keeping the electrical parts dry when you wash a crock pot, because the new design allows you to lift the pot itself completely out of the electrical housing. And if that is not convenient enough, you can now buy specially made throw-away liners to put inside your crock pot before you add your ingredients. Once your meal is over and any left-overs has been put away, you simply lift out the liner and throw it away. Which means that you never have to wash your crock pot at all!

There are many ways that you can help your family to eat healthy and save money too. With the extra money you'll save by buying fresh foods instead of junk food and prepared meals, you can splurge and purchase vegetables that are already cut up if you want to save time in the kitchen. You'll find countless recipes on the Internet that are perfect for pressure cooker and crock pot meals, and your healthy family will appreciate the extra flavor, and love, that goes into their meals.

Making Money – Get Paid to Refer

Sounds simple, making money by getting paid to refer, but is it really possible to make money by just referring people. Well the simple answer is yes you can. I came across this about 18 months ago and have been slowly but steadily seeing my earnings from it grow.

We all actually play a part in this chain. I'll give you an example:

Not so long ago I was spending a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook seeing what my buddies were up to, when one of them stated that they managed all their social profiles as well as all their email addresses in one easy desktop application called Digsby. I thought that was a pretty smart idea so I downloaded the free software and now use Digsby for handling all my social networking accounts.

Now even though I did not have to pay for Digsby my buddy who referred me was able to make money by referring me, so he was 'paid to refer', and there are 1000's of really useful software tools like that you can get paid from forseeing. Also there is a digital information warehouse that you can join for free, make money get paid to refer any of the 10'000's of the products and services that you refer of their. People can download whatever they buy straight way and you get paid money for referring them straight away too.

I know people who make 1000's a month getting paid to refer, and the ones that do not are the ones who think they are there to sell, selling does not work it's as simple as finding a group of people really eager for a solution say one on "how to train Labrador puppies" and then referring the to a digital product at ClickBank to solve their problems, it's a win win situation.

The best place to learn how to 'make money money paid to refer' is from the someone who does it every day, well the people who do it every day are called affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketers get paid a commission on everything they refer and it does not stop with digital downloadable products either, you can take a look at company's like Commission Junction, Linkshare or even Amazon just to name a few, and make money getting paid to refer tangible goods of all kinds, it really just depends on what your into.

No Water After Power Outage – How To Check Well Pump

The unavoidable has happened. At some point during the year you lose power to your home during a large storm. Afterwards, when power has been restored (hours or days later) everything is functioning fine… except your well pump. For some reason, once the power came back on, you still don’t have running water. What is going on? Why isn’t your well pump working?

Worry not. This is a frequent occurrence in households all over the Hudson Valley, and normally easily remedied. The most common reason for water failure after a power outage is because the low pressure switch has shut off. When you continue to use water during a power failure, the pressure in your tank will drop below the minimum setting and shut the itself off. This is a safety mechanism, to avoid running your pump dry for an extended period of time which can cause catastrophic damage to your well system.

How do you restore water?

Once your home has power again the first thing you need to do is make sure the main breaker to the well pump is still on. If it is tripped, check the pump and wires for any shorts. Then reset the breaker. That may restore the water. If you still don’t have water that means the pressure switch is most likely shut off and you will have to reset it.

The pressure switch is normally around 3″ long by 2″ wide. It is located along the water line between the well and the pressure tank. Towards the bottom of the pressure switch box, there is a lever. Using pliers (to be safe) lift the lever upward, to reset the pressure switch. While the lever is raised, hold it in the upward position until you hear the pump start and the pressure raise on the pressure gauge to above 30 psi. Your water should now be restored!

If this still does not work then it’s time to call in the pros. Small well diagnostics can often be done at home by the homeowner, however once these options have been exhausted it is then in your best interest to call in a pump professional to diagnose the problem more thoroughly to restore water flow. You may have an electrical issue caused by a power surge, or something may be wrong with a component of your pump. Also, if the power outage occurred during the winter, it is possible you have a break in a water line or well offset leak outside your home.

Old Time Radio As a History Lesson

If you’d like to get a real insight into how life was over half a century ago there are few better ways than immersing yourself into the wonderful world of old time radio.

Old time radio is like an audio-only time machine into times gone by, in a way that no other

The difference between old time radio and television or film, and one of its major strengths, is that it is audio-only. Once you close your eyes the only input you have is audio, which means that, with a little imagination, you can easily transport yourself back to a comfortable chair positioned next to the fire, in a 1940s home. What you are experiencing is exactly the same as what someone in the 1940s experienced if they sat by the fire with their eyes closed. Once you’ve set the scene you need to choose what aspect of history you’d like to focus in on. Luckily, almost every old time radio show offers you a glimpse into these bygone days.

Obvious choices for those interested in a historical perspective would be news broadcasts of the time. This could be anything from the famous presidential broadcasts of the time through to news of the war and other major events of the time. But there’s so much more than straight forward news broadcasts and each of these will give you a different insight into everyday life for people living in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

If you put on an old time radio thriller such as Suspense or The Whistler you’ll be exposed to a world that reflects the society of the time. You’ll quickly pick up on the differences in the sexes between now and then. Old time radio is full of stereotypes that will seem alien to people who were born in the latter half of the twentieth century.

You’ll discover a world where men were tougher and rarely showed their true feelings, a world where the role of the woman was rarely more than the supportive housewife or downtrodden victim of crime and a world in which it was down to the man to protect the woman and very rarely the other way round.

If you choose to listen to a comedy you’ll quickly realize that racial stereotypes are prevalent. Black people are rarely the star of the show and if they are they tend to be played by white actors, which is something that would be completely unacceptable, and rightly so, in today’s world. You’ll also come across some amazing stereotypes of people from all over the globe. The British always sound upper-class, people from India always sound like snake charmers, French people always sound romantic, and Latin-American people always seem to be manual laborers or villains.

This stereotypical characterization would be laughable in today’s world, but in the old-time radio of the 1930s, 40s and 50s it reflected a society that often (but not always) held rather narrow stereotypical views of anyone who was not a white American.

Another aspect of old time radio that provides an amazing insight into this period is the advertisements. It’s funny that these days we try to avoid the advertisements and focus on the programme, but with old time radio shows the advertisements are often as entertaining as the shows themselves. You’ll find yourself exposed to everything from war-bonds through to a great many advertisements focusing on car parts and gasoline.

These days, there’s little to distinguish between one gasoline provider and another, but in the 1940s, particularly when the war was in full flight, gasoline suppliers were working hard to explain to people why their gasoline was preferable to the gasoline of other suppliers.

You’ll quickly realize that there was a great deal of sexism in the world of advertising back in the golden years of radio. Advertisements for household cleaning products were unashamedly aimed at women whereas advertisements relating to financial issues or cars were all aimed at the man of the house.

These trends have continued to a greater or lesser degree into today’s advertisements, but the directness of this sexual profiling was far more prevalent in those days than it is now.

One final thing that is worth listening out for is the social conditioning that went on in radio. Depending on which show you listen to this could include anything from promoting Christian values of what is good and bad (e.g. Family Theatre and its philosophy of “The family that prays together, stays together), through to justifications of current affairs. It must be remembered that this was a time when many Americans were giving a lot up to fight a war several thousand miles away, and so this constant drip-feed of justification helped to keep the public supportive of the war effort over a protracted period of time.

At a time when Hitler was using the radio as a powerful propaganda machine in Germany, and when the British Government was using the BBC to keep-up moral in the United Kingdom, the big radio stations of the time took it upon themselves to keep up the spirits of their listeners in America and wherever else American radio could be heard.

Hopefully, this short article will have given you a small glimpse into the wonderful world of old-time radio and how it can help you to better understand the period between the early 1930s and the late 1940’s. There is much more to learn from it than the observations I have made above, but if this starts you off on a journey of discovery using old-time radio as your time-traveling machine of choice, then my time writing it has been well spent.

Enjoy your travels in time!

2007 Defender Boasts Comprehensive Improvements

Rover has initiated evolutionary improvements to its vehicle lineup. The recent beneficiary of said improvements is Rover Defender. 2007 Defender is given comprehensive enhancements to boost functionality, durability and versatility.

2007 Land Rover Defender parts were enhanced to improve driveability, torque and driving feel. It was given a new 2.4-liter diesel engine, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, improved ergonomics, upgraded sound insulation, and new fascia. However, Defender has retained its wheelbase architecture which includes 90, 110 and 130 wheelbase versions supporting a wide range of bespoke derivatives. Speaker installation for enhanced sound quality and reproduction was also done. Further, an auxiliary / MP3 audio input socket is also offered by the new Defender.

Land Rover managing director Phil Popham said, "We're building on Defender's success with a package of improvements that will extend its off-road capabilities even further, while transforming on-road refinement and comfort. a product which is the foundation of Land Rover's reputation for off-road excellence; we believe these accomplishments will win the hearts and minds of new and existing customers alike. "

2007 Rover Defender is given more pulling power compared to its ancestors. The torque output of the vehicle is now higher. Its 360 Nm (265 lb ft) peak is delivered at only 2000 rpm and more than 315 Nm (232 lb ft) of torque is available from 1500 rpm to 2700 rpm.

Dave Saddington, Defender chief designer also pointed out, "Defender's timeless exterior has become conspicuous with functional design. wanted to change the heating system and instruments, as well as improve ergonomics, all of whichave us the opportunity to introduce an all-new facia. In doing so, we've worked hard to reflect Defender's unique purpose and versatility inside the vehicle too The new facia is better integrated, more robust and functionally superior to the old unit, while still absolutely in keeping with Defender's character. "

Financial Skills – Opening a Bank Account

I was surprised when I asked parents to tell me the life skills they wish their kids knew, and there was a resounding request for kids to learn how to open a bank account.

Similarly, there was a huge call out for:

  • How to budget & balance accounts
  • How to write checks and pay bills
  • And how to start saving for retirement

It seems some of the things we take for granted are, as a result, missing from what we teach kids.

This article is the first article in the four-part series and will discuss the best and simplest way to get started with opening a bank account.

It seems easy, but there are several questions many people never think of that we’ll address in this article:

  1. Which bank?
  2. Checking or savings account?
  3. Are there fees or minimum balances?
  4. Should I get a Debit Card too?
  5. Should I have my name on the account with my kid?

1. Choosing a Bank

When you choose a bank, there are a few criteria you’ll want to look at:

  1. Location
  2. Number of branches
  3. Ease of access

The location should be convenient to your home, but also have enough branches so that – in the case of an emergency – you can get to your bank.

I opened an account with Elevations Credit Union when I was attending CU Boulder. It was convenient and credit unions are really great to bank with. However, after I graduated and moved, there were no branches around me, which made things very inconvenient. I ended up opening an account with US Bank since they are in about every King Soopers, where I do my grocery shopping.

This is especially important with kids because you don’t want them to have to drive too far just to bank.

Similarly, ease of access into the branch is important. I remember having a Norwest (now Wells Fargo) account, and getting in and out of the bank’s parking lot was terrible. I had several near-miss car accidents and dreaded even going to the bank.

2. Checking or Savings Account

As you’ll learn in the future article about saving and budgeting, there should be an account that is used for saving and investing.

That means it’s important to have BOTH a checking and savings account.

The reason a checking account is important, is so that kids can learn how to write checks, and have a designated spending account aside from a designated savings account.

Checking accounts are important for paying bills (be it online or via mail) and will give kids the opportunity to learn how to write checks. Even if check writing isn’t as prevalent as it once was, it’s still important.

I was shopping one day and realized I forgot my wallet, which had my credit cards and cash. I started to panic because I needed some food. Fortunately, I keep a couple of checks in the car and was able to save myself by writing a check… they still come in handy!

3. Fees & Minimum Balances

Some banks have fees to have an account and others don’t. Obviously get the one that doesn’t since your kid shouldn’t have a huge account. Likewise make sure there isn’t a minimum balance or a very small ($10 or less) minimum balance.

Just as important is how overdrafts are handled!

When I was in college, it never failed: my peers (who hadn’t learned how to balance an account) would routinely trigger their overdraft protection and the hefty fees that went along with it.

They would look at their balance online and it would show $10. Then they’d check it again a few days later and it was at $30.

It was the magical growing bank account; and they never wondered where the extra money came from. Until the end of the month when they had over $200 in overdraft protection fees!

I would suggest NOT getting overdraft protection and instead making darn sure they can balance their account (which we’ll cover in a future article).

4. What About a Debit Card?

Here’s my thoughts on kids having debit cards: it makes it much, much harder to balance the bank account while making it much easier to overspend and run into trouble.

Are ATM machines convenient? Yes, but I have never once used one in my entire life. Part of teaching kids life skills is to teach them to be prepared. I keep an extra $10 in cash plus a few checks in my car. It wouldn’t bother me if it got stolen.

If you’re determined that your kid gets a debit card, wait at least six months after opening their account so they can learn “the old fashioned way” and understand how the debit card affects their account when they actually start using it.

5. Should I Be On The Account Too?

I think it’s a very good idea for you to be on your kid’s first account so you can monitor their spending and make sure they don’t cause a train wreck.

It’s good to get statements so that you can use that as a learning experience to go over them with your kid and teach them how to properly dispose of them (in a shredder) so that they decrease their risk of identity theft.

Come up with a time frame or benchmarks until you pull yourself off the account and let your kid take on the responsibility of an individual account.

Opening a bank account is a huge step into a new world for kids and it should be a great experience. Walk your kids through the setup and look for the learning opportunities along the way.

Understanding Trump and His Base

Following the collapse of negotiations on immigration in the Oval Office last week, Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina commented on President Trump’s dedication to his base in an interview on MSNBC. The interviewer and subsequent media representatives did not pick up on the significance of those remarks. This article will expand on Representative Clyburn’s insight because it gets to the heart of our dysfunctional political situation.

Representative Clyburn noted that commentators always talk about Trump and his base. He reminded us the term has two meanings and both were demonstrated in recent conversations with the President. The first meaning reflects concern for the interests of supporters, the base of political influence. The second depends on public behaviors, for politicians can be examples of high standards or they can appeal to base motives and actions by followers.

When Senators Durbin and Graham were invited to the Oval Office after an encouraging phone conversation about a bi-partisan compromise on DACA and other immigration issues, they walked into an ambush. Presidential staff brought in Republican hardliners who inflamed the President by saying the deal would not be accepted by his base. The result was shameful remarks by the President and the hardliners in the room which attacked bi-partisanship. When news of harsh comments became public, further bi-partisan efforts were undermined.

Commentators have been puzzled by the behavior of Senator Graham in recent weeks. Known for his directness and candor, Senator Graham had stopped criticizing President Trump and became a golfing partner. Last week we discovered that Senator Graham is determined to achieve meaningful immigration reform. He hoped the Mr. Hyde on view in the campaign could be transformed into a president more like Dr. Jekyll. That investment in transformation seemed to pay off when a televised bi-partisan roundtable promised acceptance of a compromise that should represent “love.” The pay-off seemed near as Senators Graham and Durbin went to the Oval Office for presidential input on the compromise.

One meaning of “base,” Representative Clyburn reminded us, is the foundation on which we build. Trump has a base of support among his party and the American people. However, that base has never exceed the mid-40% range and has shrunk in response to Mr. Hyde behaviors. The most faithful among this core of supporters are those who are pleased with “base behaviors,” Clyburn’s second meaning, displaying an unrepentant Mr. Hyde.

President Trump has taken an oath to protect the constitution and serve the American people. His attacks on the press, the justice system, our intelligence agencies, and the FBI have not complied with that oath. His actions have been intended to satisfy a core of supporters, about 30% of the population, at the expense of the 70%. Dedication to his hard-core guides behaviors that undermine bi-partisanship needed to serve more than 50% of the people.

Far worse, the actions which attract his most devoted followers appeal to base opinions and vile behaviors. Mr, Hyde as president is a model for bullying, race-baiting, and even violence by dedicated supporters. Those who don’t participate in such behaviors enjoy watching them as spectators to political forms of theatrical wrestling matches.

Representative Clyburn was right in calling Trump’s behavior in the Oval Office “base,” and Hillary Clinton was correct in referring to “deplorables” among Trump’s followers. The president’s base is not the American people, only a small portion representing the dark side of our character.

Senator Graham wants to transform President Hyde into President Jekyll. Let us pray he finds an elixir that works for as long as President Trump is in office.

Creative Foyer Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any home improvement project. Foyer lighting is especially important in home improvement because the foyer is the first room that guests see when they enter your home. Great foyer lighting will set a great first impression. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing foyer lighting in your home improvements.

One of the tricks to great foyer lighting is to have the outside porch of your home look nice also. This sets a great stage for when people enter your home. If your porch is cluttered and poorly lit, it has a negative effect on the inside. Make sure your porch is part of your home improvement project by painting anything that needs it, de-cluttering, and setting out a few pretty potted plants. Pay attention to the porch lighting as well since it will help to emphasize your foyer lighting.

Using a combination of foyer lighting fixtures in your home improvement project will help create depth. For example, if you are creating foyer lighting for a two story foyer, you may want to use a beautiful chandelier as well as a table lamp or some lower wall sconces. A smaller foyer may lend itself better to recessed lighting and some pretty wall sconces, or a simply a single overhead fixture.

Consider putting your foyer lighting on a dimmer switch. This will allow you to change the level of lighting according to the time of day it is. It will also help you to create any specific ambiance you are looking for. Dimmer switches are a great home improvement convenience and are relatively simple and inexpensive to install.

Since a foyer is the entrance to the rest of a home, great decor is important. Accenting that great decor is even more important. What good is a beautiful foyer if no one can see it? This is where special foyer lighting is so useful. If you have nice pictures on your wall, you can showcase them with track lighting that can be moved to highlight specific portions of your decor. Track lighting is a relatively simple home improvement project that can add great drama and interest to your foyer lighting.

Another creative type of foyer lighting is to include lights in your decorations. This lends itself especially well to country themes. If, for example, you have a wooden evergreen tree, creative foyer lighting would be to string tiny white lights on the tree. It gives a soft and cheery glow to your home. Other ideas would be putting lights behind larger, leafy plants to give indirect lighting or include small lights in wreaths or over window treatments.

Foyer lighting is a very personal home improvement project. There are so many choices of fixtures and many ways to display them. Think about what kind of feel you want in your home and plan your foyer lighting to help you accomplish this goal.

Is Your Marketing Muscle Able to Pump the Business Sales Results That You Need?

Keeping your marketing message out in the market place is very much like pumping iron. The iron is the weight of all your messages. Your strength is your marketing muscle. The questions is how much can you pump?

Pumping iron was made famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many since then have committed to this physical activity in which to build muscle mass and reduce fat.

Businesses pump iron in their own way especially when it comes to marketing. For without marketing, the goal to increase sales just would not happen. And no sales means an unhealthy company. However, many of these same small businesses to even larger corporations really lack the necessary marketing muscle to increase sales.

Marketing muscle just like regular human muscle takes time and practice to make the muscle strong. Therefore, building marketing muscle begins with a marketing plan that is aligned to the overall strategic plan.

Next, you need to find the right pumping iron machine. Of course, you may find that several may work for you such as: direct mail; Internet; paid advertising; teleconferences; business networking events or tradeshows.

Finally, you will need to make time to practice your marketing muscle on each of those "pumping iron" machines. Within your plan, you will need to schedule time to attend business networking events to even writing articles if your marketing muscle is Internet article marketing.

As you build your marketing muscle, sometimes you will need to have a check-up. In other words, are you getting the results that you need from your muscle marketing? For every business networking event that you attend and with all those hands that you are pumping, what are the results from those interactions?

Building your marketing muscle can be physically very draining. Attending a trade show until 9:00 pm and then getting up the next morning for an early morning meeting is a reality. This is why the plan is so necessary to your overall success as you continue to pump those marketing messages.

Each business no matter its size needs to assess its marketing muscle and then determine exactly where, how and when it needs to pump that iron to achieve that desired goal to increase sales.