Face Lift Information

As you age, your skin becomes slack and your muscles become less taut. This makes your skin sag and you look older than you actually are. People ask you if you are tired or sick or angry when you are actually in a pleasant mood. While it can not restore skin elasticity, a facelift can make you look and feel years younger. Facelifts (rhytidectomy being the clinical term) are designed to pull the excess skin tight again and tighten the muscles underneath.

Different doctors recommend different modes of anesthetizing facelift patients for surgery, but you should discuss what you are comfortable with in your consultation. Patients on general anesthesia will sleep through the entire procedure but are more likely to be hospitalized for a day. The other option is to have local anesthesia and take a sedative. Patients who chose this option will be awake but relaxed and drowsy during the operation and due to the local anesthesia will feel no pain.

Then the incision is made behind the hairline to hide the scar and then around the front of the ear. Sometimes a second incision is made in the chin. The surgeon separates the skin from the underlying tissues and removals excess fat that affects the way that the skin hangs over the face. Then the facial muscles are tightened. Finally the skin is rolled up to the incision line and the excess is trimmed away and the incision is sewn back.

Pain associated with recovery from a face lift is usually minimal and most patients are glad that they had the surgery. Facelifts are often performed in conjunction with other types of cosmetic surgery including brow lift and eyelid surgery.

Learn How to Improve Your Fitness Level With Power Vibration Plates

People are more health conscious today than ever before and are resorting to many types of equipments and exercises. Vibration plates have emerged as an effective means to improve your fitness levels while at the same time toning and sculpting your body.

Before moving forward, let us first understand what exactly these vibration plates are. As the name implies, these are vibrating or moving plates. If you use them, standing, or sitting on them, you have to use energy to do your regular workout. The vibratory motion of the plates causes the muscles to tighten close to fifty times per second which in itself becomes a workout for the body. This motion helps to burn the extra fat in the body, increases oxygen levels in the body cells, increases flexibility and also increases blood circulation in the body.

If you are lifting weights, the body responds to the resistance bought up by the weights but if you are using vibration plates, the body has to respond much faster to cope with these moving plates. As the speed is greater, the body has to make adjustments in a fast manner and this explains why using this results quick results in toning the body. These vibrating plates make the body muscles contract and expand in a very short time, which makes the muscles taut and toned.

Today, power vibration has become very popular and they are even being used by celebrities to maintain their fitness levels and to tone and shape up their bodies. The reason for their popularity also stems from the fact that the workout done with the help of vibration plates is not strenuous and is in fact enjoyable, and the results are visible in a very short time period. Such is the efficiency of these vibration plates that they motivate the user to indulge in workouts as they are fun filled and easy.

The research that has been done on the health benefits of vibration plates clearly indicates that this machine produces the fastest results and it does not pose any danger of any type of injury. It is especially effective for people who are suffering from joint pains or arthritis.

One can do all sorts of exercises on these vibration plates like pushups, pull-ups and lunges but if a person just stands or sits on the vibration plates, he derives many benefits. It stimulates and tones up the entire body even if you do not do any exercise and just stand or sit on these vibration plates. Majority of people use these vibrating plates to get rid of extra weight, to improve the muscle strength and to indufficiency flexibility in the body.

Illuminated Globe – Why Should You Buy One?

You've had normal globes for some time now. You've always been a traditionalist in this respect, purchasing the globe that is the most modern representation of the world. But did you realize that the faces of gloves have been changing for some time? No longer are they just a plastic or acrylic circle on a stand that shows off the continents. Many of today's globes can offer a much better view of the world, as we know it.

Some of the more popular globes that are for sale today are illuminated globes. These are representations of the earth that will literally have your home glowing as soon as you turn them on. For the most part these globes emit a soft light that causes the surface to glow. When turned on this light helps to define the divisions between continents and countries, and show other landmarks around the planet. Some can even show ocean currents and other features. Imagine trying to teach your children about the world when they can see it glow and pulse as if it were really alive in front of them.

Some illuminated globes take their job even further. There is one design that actually shows the landmasses of the earth in the colors that are almost exactly what they would look like from space. The illumination helps you see the borders between the countries and all the currents of the ocean, so you can see how the major water masses on the earth affect the workings of the planet.

Another illuminated globe is good for studies at day or night. In the daytime setting it shows the planet earth in all its glory. You can watch a well-lit planet spin on its axis. You can even tell it to stop spinning if you want to look at a particular portion of the planet. And at night, this globe becomes one of a different color. Turn all the lights off and you will see 88 of the constellations that fill the night sky. This globe is even smart enough to update itself to the accurate location of the constellations.

While you may like the idea of ​​these globes there are a couple of down sides to them. First, if you are not a fan of plastic, you may want to look the other way. All illuminated globes are plastic. Also, remember this globe requires a light to glow. That means it requires electricity. That means there is going to be a cord coming out of it. If you were not planning on putting it in an area of ​​the room that is near an electrical outlet, this could be a problem.

After the couple of drawbacks, if you are thinking of adding to your globe collection and do not yet have one as a part of it, it's time to expand and broaden your horizons. With an illuminated globe you will not only broaden your horizons, but also brighten them, as soon as you plug it in.

Goal Personal Planning Setting Success – Step 1

One of the most important keys to success is a goal personal planning setting success process. A series of studies and interviews were transported out to find out the secrets of successful people. If we take a closer look at these studies, we will find out that major of successful people use goal personal planning setting success as a first step to succeed. They know exactly what they want; they know precisely what they want to achieve, they know where they are going and what they are going to do. They have goals that have driven them to succeed in their chosen field.

The process of goal personal planning setting success helps us to determine where we want to go in life.

Start the process of goal personal planning and setting success with creating long term goals in each area of ​​life and then work down to the short term goals, so you can start working on them today.

Goal Personal Planning Setting Success – Long Term Goals

To begin with goal personal planning and setting for success, you need to take your time and think about where you want to go in life, what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight? Do you want to enjoy a new car? Do you want to improve your relationship? Do you want to increase your salary?

Here is a first goal personal planning and setting for success exercise for you. Take a piece of a paper and write down what you want to have or achieve in the future on the left side of it. Do not stop until you get at least five – ten or more goals in your list.

Read your goals and ask yourself questions: Why do I need this? Why do I want this? Then write down your answers on the right side across each goal.

Leave your goals for now and then go back to them a day later. Now, rate your goals on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best. Cross out all goals with the rate less than 10. The remaining goals are your real goals. You just created a "big picture" of your life or long term goals.

Goal Personal Planning Setting Success – Short Term Goals

A short-term goal is something to be accomplished in a short period of time. If your goal is too large, it may seem that you are not making progress towards it. Short term goals are small steps that are easier to achieve. They will move you toward attaining your long term goals.

Now, you need to break long term goals down into the smaller and more manageable targets. Here is an example: a long term goal is to lose a large amount of weight while a goal of losing five pounds per month is a short term goal and more achievable.

State each of your goals as a positive statement. Be specific, use dates and amounts so that you can measure achievement. If you have several goals, give each a priority. Write them down where you can regularly read them to yourself. Setting and tracking goals is an important step in achieving success.

Once you set your goals, the first step in the process of goal personal planning setting success being taken.

If you have wanted to change your life, now is the time to start.

My best wishes for your success

How to Unicycle – The 6 Top Frequently Asked Questions Explained on Unicycling

Many people think unicycling is very hard or takes uncommon talent to learn but actually the opposite is the truth. It’s just like learning any other skill for sport and requires regular practice to become proficient at unicycling. Here are the top questions I’ve received on unicycling.

One: How long does it take to learn to ride a unicycle?

Many already athletically skilled people have mounted unicycles and written off on them with a decent degree of control without needing to practice a whole lot however most average motivated people can learn to ride a unicycle in about 10 to 12 hours of practice time. Spread that out over 30 minutes once a day and that makes about three to four weeks time.

Two: What size of unicycle will I need?

The 20 inch wheel unicycle is a popular one to learn on and learn tricks with but for taller people the seat will not go high enough to be comfortable but you could get a fixed extension tube to make it work otherwise people closer to and taller than 6 feet should go with a 24 over 26 inch wheel. Small children usually will need a 16 or 18 inch wheel.

Three: What is a Muni?

Muni is short for mountain unicycle. Mountain unicycles come with an extra large knobby off-road tire which is great for riding on rough gravel or dirt trails and is also okay for sidewalks and streets. Muni’s also have features such as double bolt seat clamp, three-piece cranks and heavy-duty rim and spokes. Muni’s usually costs about twice as much or more than a regular unicycle.

Four: What is the quickest way to learn to ride a unicycle?

Find a long handrail with a level and smooth surface with it and hang onto the handrail and just practice going along the handrail using one hand for balance. When you get to the end of the rail just pedal backwards the other way instead of turning yourself around that way you’ll find it easier to learn to ride backwards when you’re getting more advanced later on. Practice this every day for at least 30 minutes and in two to four weeks you should not need the handrail anymore.

Five: How do you turn directions on the unicycle?

You just push it a little harder on your right foot going down and turn your body to the left and you’ll go left and do the opposite to go right.

Six: How do I keep from getting discouraged when learning to ride my unicycle?

Find a partner to learn and practice with, a friend or relative is best that way you can hold each other accountable to practicing every day. If having a practice partner is not an option, just make a commitment to yourself that I’m going to learn to ride this unicycle no matter what and stick to your practice time of at least 30 minutes a day and reward yourself afterward with some treat. Also visualize yourself riding the unicycle like a master.

Senior Superstar Banana George’s Biography Is Filled With Inspiration and Fun

Banana George: Don’t Wait for Life to Happen, Make It Happen is the biography of one of the most inspiring and colorful celebrities of recent years. Written by the Blair family (his wife and daughters) along with Karen Putz, author and fellow barefoot water skier, this biography chronicles all of George’s life-affirming ninety-eight years.

Readers journey with George from his childhood and college years to his first marriage and becoming a father and entrepreneur. We experience with him his debilitating back problems and undergoing surgery for them, and then, we are thrilled when he discovers the wonderful world of barefoot water skiing. Ultimately, George was the world’s oldest barefoot water skier, but he was also a natural showman. He always busy sporting his signature yellow clothes; passing out bananas; appearing on major talk shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Late Night with David Letterman, and Live with Regis and Kathy Lee; traveling around the world; and meeting famous people. He even became a true ambassador of goodwill between nations.

After reading this book, I came to love Banana George and his zest for life. Most of all, I loved his creative spirit and his refusal ever to believe he couldn’t do something. Most people know Banana George for being the world’s oldest barefoot water skier-he was in the Guinness Book of World Records for that designation, continually breaking his record with each birthday-but what most people may not know is that he was an innovative entrepreneur Banana George. Once he became a father himself, George had a fabulous idea to begin a business that took photos of babies in the hospital so parents could have immediate pictures of their newborns to treasure for a lifetime. Consequently, Hospital Picture Service was born. George grew this business by going around the country selling his services to hospitals. While visiting all these hospitals, George also noticed how many babies were constantly crying and how the nurses couldn’t attend to all of them at the same time, so he invented the Blair Motion Bassinet, which had a motor attached to the bassinet to make it rock back and forth. Of course, he marketed the bassinet to all the hospitals as well.

A large part of the charm of the section about George’s early years before he became famous was the time he spent as a father. The book is filled with the memories of his four daughters and their experiences growing up with their father, from how he would only slow down the car and tell the kids to jump out when he had to drop them off because he was always in a hurry, to how he had to have a lazy susan on the dining room table to make everything easier to reach for everyone. He even installed bidets in his bathrooms because he thought they were more sanitary; his children had a lot of fun demonstrating how bidets worked for their friends who had never seen one.

George didn’t begin barefoot water skiing until he was about forty and after he’d had major surgery for his back problems. One day, he was watching some people water skiing and was asked if he would like to try. He said he was too old, but the man who offered was insistent, so George tried, and he never looked back. Soon the whole family was water skiing and performing at shows. George became a regular performer at Cypress Gardens, and that was just the beginning of his showmanship.

There are too many fascinating and fun moments in George’s career as a barefoot water skier and then a media celebrity to mention in this review, and I don’t want to spoil the fun for readers, but I can’t help but mention that he rode in a racecar with Prince Albert of Monaco and did a water skiing exhibition for King Hussein of Jordan. But that was just the tip of the iceberg for George-he loved to travel and began water skiing all over the world. One of my favorite stories was how, in 1988, George read an article that said the Russian editor of Pravada was an avid water skier. This was during the Cold War, and yet, George decided he’d like to water ski in Russia. He wrote a letter to the editor and, eventually, was invited to perform in the Friendship Cup Tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria (also behind the Iron Curtain). From there, George and his second wife JoAnne visited Russia, traveling throughout the country. George became known as “Mr. Banana” in Russia because people didn’t understand his nickname. Later, in 1995, George would welcome a delegation of Russian water skiers to the United States, thus spreading goodwill between the countries, and the Russians left with favorable impressions of the United States.

Before long, George had skied on six continents. Then his brother-in-law reminded him there were seven so George went skiing in Antarctica. He also once by happenstance ended up attending the Miss Switzerland beauty contest and gave the crowned winner bananas. Before his long celebrity career was over, George even starred in the movie Captiva Island about-what else?-a young rich kid who barefoot water skis and gets advice from several mature men, including George, Ernest Borgnine, and Arte Johnson from Laugh-In.

Banana George Blair proved to the world that you’re only as old as you think you are and it’s never too late to pursue doing the things you love. This is a man who loved to water ski so much that when he couldn’t stand anymore, he used a special chair made to sit in while he water skied.

We should all have George’s energy, and we should all read this book because maybe a little of George’s joie de vivre will rub off on us. The book includes a foreword by Phil Keoghan (host of The Amazing Race), Banana George’s Lessons for Life, and a list of all the places Banana George waterskied and the businesses and affiliations he was involved with. Altogether, Banana George is a treat that will have you going bananas just wanting to make your own life more adventurous.

Rise of the Z-State and Faltering Societal Fate – Part 2

With the popularity of the zombie genre, from graphic novels to the movie screen, it is an apt depiction of post-modern humanity. Any devotee of “zombie apocalyptic” stories, likewise, finds a correlation between the notion of a “z-state” and reality of a devolving culture to be quite both alarming and fascination. From entertaining dystopic fiction in terror-panicked shopping malls, to the government websites planning for societal pandemic, the metaphorical admonition for survival preparedness and emergency planning reflects real life issues and foolish behaviors.

The apocalyptic future human demise, while such fascinates millions, underscores the viewpoint regarding the devolving probabilities of humanity. Reality suggests a looming global transformation that eventually implicated the human species becoming extinct. On a planetary scale, concerns about natural disasters from atmospheric warming, the threat of nuclear terrorism, as well as universal viral pandemic, ought to awaken the productive processes of international cooperation. Yet, seemingly, where human nature is concerned, not much changes and more calamities are coming.

Add to that the grotesque and insidious specters of famine, disease and dismal poverty, more war, and environmental exploitation. Of which, corrective actions should have been underway long ago. These calamities naturally invite diverse perceptions about human extinction, as well as solvability factors. For the smaller and narrower, albeit sophomoric perspective, the certainty of death is frightening but appears way off somewhere in some called “never-never land”.

One researcher in an academic setting collecting data for a dissertation has offered commentary on disastrous consequences for human civilization. It has been suggested that the fixation or obsession with apocalyptic scenarios is a means of imagining the fearful individuality of dying. This always applies to the disbelief that future will actually happen. Fictional versions come in many forms in the fabrication of divergent theories regarding the end of the human race. The human capacity for deception with regard to storytelling has deep roots in evolutionary processes. For the average person, fiction is sometimes confused with the real world and the facts, by which the reality of evidence gets lost. Stupidity is frequently more important than higher intelligence.

In a recent analysis by one college professor, conducted a few years ago, in particular millennials, in the age grouping between 15 and 25, reportedly did not perform very well in such things as simple problem-solving skills. One researcher expanded that age range to include another 5 years, and concluded anyone under 30 displays similar deficits relative to critical thinking skills. Of these, many have difficulty accepting the challenges of the real world and displaying a keen grasp of significant social issues. As previously compared to similar age groups in 20 other competitive countries, American teens exhibit deficiencies in a broad range of intellectual capacities. In comparing educational systems on an international basis, the U.S. ranked 14th behind Russia.

Disturbing trends in an increasingly “fact free society” portends scary prospects for an inclination toward a dystopic future. As pseudo-science is valued more than real science, belief systems slant more toward science fiction than science fact. Reality replaced by non-reality reinforced by emotional reactivity hastens the devolution of the human species. In the U.S., freedom of speech is being shouted down by an extremist slant on “political correctness” and intolerance for alternative viewpoints. Devolution appears to be the inclination for the human species. A divisive strain of infantile narcissism masquerades behind a facade of intellectualism and “social justice”.

Political corruption, gangsterism, thuggery and “sanctuary enclaves” deface the constitutionality of the rule of law. To underscore the regression of critical thinking in application of proactive problem solving, the intellectual capacity for many continues to slip away. As though “infancy” for dependence on primal needs does not mature over time, the subsequent generational tendencies move toward social retrogress. In a special report to a major national newspaper eight years ago, a gloomy point of view portrayed a dismal portrait of 15 to 24 year olds. This could be referred to as the “Z-state”.

Yet, the metaphorical generalization of a “Z-state” of limited consciousness does not necessarily have a well-defined line of demarcation. Weak thinking, emotional reactivity and uninformed socio-political status crosses any attempt to establish secure boundary lines. At any given moment, as essays on stupidity suggest, lazy, simplistic and oversimplified interactivity infects several age groupings. Generally, being stupid affects every age group and is often seen in the arrogance of self-deceit and selfishness of entitled immediate gratification. So, sometimes the lines blur.

This of course does not speak highly of the absurd fixation U.S. education has with so-called accreditation processes. The cumbersome lengthy procedures, rules, the documentation processes, laws enacted, and the obsessive oversight, faculty credentials, and so on, have not significantly improved learning, encouraged productivity or inspired higher states of innovation. In spite of all the fascinations over accreditation, licensing processes and endless expenditures, the U.S. does not make it into the top ten in education worldwide. According to one report in a major national publication, the U.S. ranked 17th among so-called developed countries.

The research suggested, after an evaluation of 49 countries in the period from 1995 to 2010, more countries were improving in education at a rate faster than the U.S. While this kind of data offers gloomy future prospects, it is not the only bleak glimpse toward the probability of a future dystopia. As intellectual capacity wanes negatively, human extinction is also in the social mix as a likely prospect. The likelihood of mainstream society regressing to realms of primordial stupidity has become more pronounced with the onset of the z’s, or the youngest leaving high school at the present time.

On a nationally recognized publicly funded radio network, one college professor lamented in his testimony that the newest generation is stupid. During the discussion, the college teacher, and author of a book on the topic, further claimed the alleged “digital generation” is filled with idiots. Of particular concern was the lack of motivation to be creative and explore a diversity of imaginative possibilities. Published in 2008, a writer for a west coast national news service suggested those in the ages from 15 to 24 spend less time reading each day than previous groups. Woefully deficient in areas of history and politics, the younglings of today know very little about such things.

As one generation follows another, the social courage for intellectual competence and creativity, along with “mental-physical” achievement for the “greater good”, regresses to a self-indulgent infantile narcissism. Everywhere one ponders the human condition; the more deplorable the global state of affairs appears. While there are noble exceptions in every assertion, action or possible claim, the general conclusion drawn is devastating in terms of human species survival. From incessantly mindless commercials on every medium of “infotainment”, to promoting grotesque gluttonous consumption and never-ending debt, sophomoric communal discourse devolves to primeval levels.

Constant “news media” bombardment, where emotion overrides reason, tainted by unsubstantiated opinion, the social babble degrades communal achievement to higher realms of enlightenment. Alleged reporters, newscasters and so on, typically too young and inexperienced in worldly knowledge, or history, regurgitate a kind of “zombified” fixation of overly simplistic conjectures regarding complex human problems. Entitlement and alleged “victimization” claim an arrogance of immaturity that little or no sense of self-driven individuality in the evolving liberation for higher differentiation.

Meanwhile, back on “Madison avenue”, the advertising gurus contrive schemes, across the wide expanse of social media, which is insulting, regressive and disturbingly intrusive. Nonetheless, the inane gimmicks work on an increasingly less informed and younger consumer, primarily those inclined toward increasing zombification. In your face, marketing knows few boundaries of respect, courtesy and civility in the ongoing attempts to con the consumer into greater consumption. No matter what telecommunication medium one engages, the likelihood is very high an obnoxious and juvenile ad or commercial will pop up and the most inappropriate time.

From television to movies, to online “tubes”, from cell phones to online video streaming, the ads never cease. Not only that, but more often than not, such propaganda typically claims an untimely moment prior to more serious subject matter. Not to forget of course, the message frequently comes across as child-like feel good messages, while reality speaks of horrible atrocities around the world. Rampant obsessive commercialization of everything is symptomatic of the Z’s contemporary state of affairs in the myth and magic of the illusion called the “American Dream”.

In that deception, which funds the lucre of the upper classes, the admonition is to consume, consume, and consume more. Such is the post-modern American mantra. At the same time, hypocrisy underscores the intentional gullibility of justifying anything that satiates immediate gratification. Gluttonous worship often savors the “sage” wisdom of the icons of “cosmic knowledge”, like overpaid athletes, rock stars, politicians and Hollywood actors. Superficial testimonial anecdote passes as factual substantiation from illicit sources that hide behind a false sense of security. Given the pretentiousness for instant indulgence in robotic, mechanistic, and spoon-fed fixations, it is more relevant to “feel good” than actually “be good”, or ensure the greater good.

As marches and demonstrations satiate the desire to feel good about not necessarily doing anything about the common good, the superficiality pretends to express some sense of “social justice”. Alleged “social warriors”, woefully ignorant of the very things they protest, and stupidly immature about how social systems function; signify the divisive aspects of human nature. Of which, the human species has changed very little. Over the past 33,000 years or whenever you mark the starting point of modern humans, humankind, with notable exceptions, has not transformed in significant ways.

No sign of imminent ascension appears probable. Yet, in spite of pretenses to the contrary, common sense rationality evades social discourse and degrades to an inability to form intellectual dialogue. While fighting among opposing groups or destroying someone’s property, in between texting and posting on social media, having a latte after the demonstration, individual and group selfishness prevails. More evident to a few, and not to the masses, the foolishness of “herded” reactivity reinforces the fakery of making “changes”, for which nothing really changes, and the status quo is maintained.

Meanwhile planet earth continues to be pillaged, and successive generations may be ill equipped to handle an apocalypse, a global pandemic, or a mass extinction event. For that matter, some research tends to suggest subsequent generations may be ill equipped to deal with most social problems that plague the planet. An article appearing in another online magazine that specializes in developing technologies and possible social impact, posed a related question to the issue of stupidity. Surrounded by the usual bombardment of excessive advertising, an initial query asked if people are getting dumber.

For many, the gluttony of various techno-options is relief from responsibility in personal development. Excessive materiality is good for the consumer, commerce and commercialized thinking processes. It reinforces varying levels of stupidity. One does not have to focus too much, in fact not at all, and enjoy the blurry haze of simplistic ideation. Serious introspective “anti-status quo” analysis, such as questioning so called “peer review” in the pseudosciences, may be challenged as “thinking too much”. To further the focus on such intellectual necessities as math, writing, and reading skills, the reality is that these skills are weakening. The crisis of American education is exactly that, it is a state of crisis. One writer suggests that the “system”, or multi-systems”, teach about a world that does not exist. It is a world tilting in dystopic directions.

Within an organizational framework, or institutional setting, secular or otherwise, outside the box thinking is just a colorful metaphor that disguises the real intent. In the mainstream of any particular venue of human interaction, along a collective collusion, no one wants to be outside the box. Of any particular guru, shaman, celebrity, or similar conceited authority, the alleged expertise goes without question. For the sake of sinister intentions, purposeful malevolence colludes openly, and lazy thinking accepts it.

Reinvention, or regurgitation, or even remake of any kind evidences that devolving status of non-creativity. Mediocre is the state of excellence, while substandard is the average and boring is the norm for any entertainment value. Superficiality admires shallowness over substance, as symbolism reinforces the regressive fixation of emotional reactivity. Actually, no one really wants another person to think too much.

The amative value of ignorance can be witnessed by the excessive promotion of anything for sale. Be happy, get along with the group, stay in the conformity of the consensus, and let famous people speak for everyone. More so than insisting upon the rigors of self-evolving transformation to a better version than the original self. That requires the dangerous risks of being outspoken, open minded and not easily swayed by the masses. From the trials and errors in mature elevation, to the reality of a well-differentiated rational thinking, enlightened ascendency is irrelevant and costly.

Hard work is required to think deeply about a variety of issues, with a logical process of rationally mature deductive reasoning. Self-education is constant in every sphere of human activity. Investigative ruthlessness peers behind the veneer of bias, selfishness, and promotion of personal agenda. Too time consuming for most to endure, critical analysis tempered by productive interactive debate is arduous. Stupidity is often the crutch for avoiding accountability and the necessity of viable truths.

For those willingly embracing their zombification, the fear of singularity in personal detachment erodes the ability to be exceptionally insightful. Lacking the courage of mindful conviction, each subsequent generation shuns intellectual achievement in the advancement of the species to higher planes of illumination. By intentional cowardice, myth, magic and foolish metaphor contrive social deceptions. Instead, a growing number of studies show a dismal regression of intellectual capacity as one generation vanishes to the next. Historical replication devolves to the rise of the z-state.

Tips to Get Great Lighting For Every Corner of the Garden

Whenever anyone is redesigning or building a new house, very often they will forget about one important aspect of the whole set up and that is the garden. The garden is important since it can be used for many different functions and that is where the talents of a landscape lighting expert will come in very handy. Landscape lights can set the mood in the garden and this will make or break the whole design.

Of course, it is obvious that many people will know just how to set out their gardens to give some spectacular views or vistas through the year. However, for those who are not familiar with the plants and their habits it is very often down to the expert to advice on just what will fit where.

The same holds true for the illumination expert who will want to have a hand in putting in electrical outlets and conduits where they will be of most use. Getting these two disciples together, or in the same professional, is probably a good idea.

First it must be decided exactly what is expected of the garden itself. Is it just somewhere enough and pretty to relax and let go of the cares of the day? Or will it be used like an extension of the living space where dinner parties or family gatherings will take place? This is important to know so that the appropriate illumination can be put in place as and when the garden is being designed and planted.

If the garden is to give continuous color throughout the year, changing with the seasons, it is of vital importance for the illumination to be put in to show off the best features. Water features, for example, look wonderful when lit right right and if this can be seen from a great vantage point where guests will gather, then this could become quite a focal point.

On the other hand, low illumination may be what is needed to just make the whole setting glow when dusk falls so that the transition is not noticeable until the day has completely faded. The garden will literally come alive once darkness has fallen completely and this gives a wonderful effect to the finished look.

It may be that the garden is only going to be used by the family unit but this still means that it can be utilized as extra space as and when necessary. Electrical outlets conveniently located around the garden will enable several activities to go on at once and this means that the family does not always have to gather in the same spot all the time.

Dinner served under the stars is wonderfully romantic for the grown ups but the kids can go off safely to another spot and play their games and sports in the safety of the home setting. Whatever the occasion then it is very obvious that the way the garden is lit becomes very important if it is to be used to its full advantage.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan – The Easy Way

When you have an easy to install ceiling fan , it can make a big difference in the climate of your home in both winter and summer. Your first step in installing a new ceiling fan is deciding where you want the fan located. The usual place to install one is in the middle of the room where it typically replaces a central light fixture. The center of the room will provide a smooth air flow to the rest of the room.

A fan uses about the same power as a light ceiling fixture, so your electrical circuit should not get overloaded. If your fan has lights as well, you should ensure that the circuit can handle the load. If it can not, you will have to run a new circuit with a new circuit breaker. If you do not have a central ceiling fixture, you will have to create one by bringing electrical power to it. You can easily tap into an existing circuit for this.

You should then check the floor to ceiling height of the blades. Measure the floor to ceiling distance and subtract for the part of the fan that will hang below the ceiling to the lower blade surface. The minimum height recommended is 7 feet.

If you find that the floor to ceiling distance is to small, check into a low ceiling mount for the fan. With certain fan models, you can increase the fan blade height by as much as ten inches. You will need at least twelve inches between your ceiling and the top of the fan blades to ensure proper airflow. If you have the space, eighteen inches works best.

Before you begin to install your new ceiling fan, it is of utmost importance that you turn off the power. You can not begin work until the power to the light fixture's circuit breaker or fuse is off. It is only then that you should remove the light fixture. Be sure you read all of the installation instructions and the electrical safety tips before beginning as well. This can mean the difference between a smooth and simple installation, and an installation that involves a trip to your local emergency room.

Trends in Modern Flooring Designs

From elegant to classical or any other trend, modern flooring is a concept meant to improve your home design. With high-quality wood floors, traditional or modern, the aspect of natural beauty will reveal itself. The ingenuity of every design can be seen by the smooth aspect of some hardwood floors and the elements of black and white surrounding them. Every aspect of the building will start up with a variety of floors and their textures, with each and every color arrangement to give you the style you desire.

You can remodel your house by bringing up elements of the nature wherever it is the autumn harmony or the ancient laminate collection, each pattern that you use will define your style and your personality, not to mention the color preferences.

There is a whole range of laminate, vinyl or wood options to choose from. The best way is to insure that you've taken the material options; prices into account and you have also considered what will suit the entire family best.

The patterns come in different shapes and sizes, from darker to lighter nuances, from cold to warm colors, the style and technique depending on your choices only. You'll have a memorable interior, and you'll be a source of inspiration for many.

Trends in flooring can be pretty vast, and they vary in prices, patterns and quality, but the essence remains the same: having a comfortable and well-appreciated to place to stay in.

Modern flooring detaches from old and traditional styles due to the color combinations, the patterns and the furniture choices that will complete the whole image. Other than the aforementioned elements, the various colors of the walls, (which which usually artworks are added) make a difference. Artworks will enlighten the atmosphere.

Modern flooring is a step ahead that will revolutionize the world of houses and the ambiance they set. You'll have the effect you want by taking a look at the many options and materials that can be found on the market. From the metal floors, up to the leather floors if you take the extravagant look, or the hardwood floors that will remind you of a comfortable and unique setting, they are all valid options.

Other modern flooring can be made up of stones, tiles, or even lacquer this depending on each and every person and its tastes in this matter. A variety of colors are now on disposal for you from black granite, up to dark green and ivory. The essence of hardwood floors will capture you instantly with its structure. You'll see how your house comes to life just by changing the floor.

The perfect tip to go by when choosing modern flooring is the maintenance. Think of the children and pets that you have and the time you have to maintain the floor properly. Each and every decision will make a difference.

Prime That Pump! Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we talked about reaching our goals as
large a matter of following through on desire, vision and
action. The difficulty for most of us lies in continuing to
believe that our efforts will ever bear fruit when these fruits
have not yet begon to materialize.

Jonathan Swift said it best. "Vision is the art of seeing things
Invisible. "

In order to continue to work toward that that which we can not yet see,
our motives must be very personal and very compelling, indeed.
So, let's have a closer look at the first of the necessary
components, desire.

Desire, even a fervent one, can easily become clouded by
obstacles if we choose to focus on the obstacles instead of on
our goals. Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off
the goal.

I believe it helps if we accept from the outside that obstacles
and setbacks will arise. It should come as no surprise or source
of irritation when this occurs. This is simply part of the
natural ebb and flow of business.

If you stop and think about it, it's ridiculous to expect that it
will be clear sailing the entire way. And yet, people do become
unduly irritated and discouraged when things do not go according
to plan.

Hitting a few bumps and potholes in the road only signifies that
we are in fact traveling the road, and not necessarily that we're
going down the wrong one. Viewed in this light, you could say
that dealing with a few snags here and there is a good thing. It
certainly beats sitting around doing nothing to further our
progress, right?

Now granted, in order to end a ride that is not always
comfortable, you had better have a really good reason for doing
so. So here comes your self-appointed cheerleader to urge you


That's right. Reach out and grab it! Take those vague, unformed
thoughts that flutter around in your head and solidify them by
setting them down in black and white. Grapple with them. Tie
them down to the paper. Wrap some words around them. You
may need to change and rearrange some words. Why, you might
even need to think about what it is that you really, really want.

There is plenty of evidence to show that the daily ritual of
writing down one's goals is of stupendous importance.
Motivational speakers have delivered volumes of goal-setting
information. Entire books have been devoted to this topic.
Writing down your desires is a recurrent theme in just about
every single success book ever published.

And consider this. Harvard studies indicate that of the 3% of
people who enjoy extreme success, the one common link among
them was this practice of writing down their goals, a practice NOT
shared with the other 97% of the "also ran."

So why is it that we resist doing this one little thing that has
have proven to have such life-altering consequences? Is it
because it is such a small sacrifice that we figure it can be
ignored? Do people find such a small chore demeaning? Are we
just plain old lazy?

I've decided that IT DOES NOT MATTER what excuse we've been
using up until now! No more!

I know from experience that a few minutes each morning reviewing
and writing down my major goals is time well spent, and it's not
a difficult task. Actually, I was having great fun with it.

I found myself experiencing subtle but powerful changes as I
committed my ideas to paper day after day over a period of
months. In fact, I was feeling so grounded and motivated that I
foolishly quit doing the things that were keeping me that way!

So no more excuses for me. I have resumed my goal-writing and I
intend to just DO IT! Why do not you join me? No more arguments.
No ifs, ands or buts. Just do it.

So now that we are making our goals more tangible, just who do we
share these goals with? My personal experience has taught me to
be very guarded and private about my innermost desires.

If you know that you are dealing with someone who shares your
commitment, you can freely share your ideas and gain an important
ally. HOWEVER, unless you are absolutely certain that you will
be supported 100%, I would recommend that you not share your
goals with anyone else. No, not even your family. In many
instances, ESPECIALLY not your family.

It is a pity, but oftentimes the people who are supposed to be
our staunchest supporters act shamefully like cruel opponents.
"You can not do that." "What makes you think you're so special?
You can not compete with those guys. "" Oh, man, they say you
coming! "

Such cruel remarks. And they hit particularly hard because they
come from the very people who are supposedly to elevate us, to buoy
us up when the going gets rough. Some of these people might
claim that they do this out of love, to keep us from getting
hurt. This may be true, but personally, I do not think it matters
what their motives are. The damage is still just as different.
These people will steal our dreams if we let them.

It's particularly sad when we are the ones saying these hateful
things to ourselves. Not aloud despite, but in our dismal
thoughts and sighs. Do not steal your own dreams, my friend.

We need to keep a high polish on our heartfelt desires. If, and
only if, we really make those goals shine like beacons in the
sky, then we will find the energy keep priming the pump. Day in
and day out, we've got to suit up and show up! (Actually, you
can stay in your pajamas, but you do have to show up.)

As the great motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, used to say, "A
big shot is just a little shot that kept on shooting. "Stay
tuned for Part 3.

Key Cutting Machines

There are more key cutting machines around than I thought at first. I have found six different types. The first one is the old standard that I am most familiar with, a manual key cutting machine. You place a blank on the side with the cutting tool and the key to be copied on the side with the guide. Turn on the motor rotating the spindle holding the cutting wheel. The next step is to move the key over the guide, maintaining even pressure while doing so, till all the excess material on the blank is removed. Finally you need to buff the excess material hanging on the newly made key away so that it will move smoothly in the lock it is meant for. It is important that the blank is the same key type as the key being copied.

With the second key cutting machine I found, another one I have used in the past, the operation is similar. Again the first step is to place the key in the side with the guide and the matching blank in the side with the cutting wheel. From here, the steps are simpler, but still similar. Simply turn the machine on and press the start switch or lever and the key cutting machine will cut the key for you. You still need to buff away the residues left from removing the material from the blank so that it will enter the lock smoothly, but it is simpler to operate than a manual key cutting machine as you do not need to maintain even pressure. This is a semi-automatic key cutting machine. With a fully automatic key cutting machine, the on switch of the motor starts the cutting process also.

A tubular key cutting machine is used to cut the style of key used on soda vending machines. It operates in the same manner as the manual key cutting machines do. A code cutter is the type of key cutting machine lock manufacturers use to make their originals for your locks. You place a blank of the type needed into the slot by the cutting wheel. The next step is to enter the code for the key. This is done either by the use of a code card furnished by the manufacturer or by looking it up in a code book furnished by the lock manufacturer. All codes come from the lock manufacturer. After the cutting, the key still needs to have the excess burrs removed so that the key will enter the lock smoothly. Another version of the code cutter is called a punch code cutter. This key cutting machine operates just to the code cutter, but instead of rotating the wheel to cut the key, a punch mechanism is used. This is used mostly for two sided keys like some automotive keys. Entering the code sets the punch up. After placing the proper blank in position, the use of a lever attached to the machine operates the punch and makes the key. The key will still need some buffing to remove burrs, but less than other styles of key cutting machines. Always remember to wear protective eyewear when operating a key cutting machine to protect your eyes from the metal being removed.

Equip Your Car with Wheelchair Lift

Having wheelchair to get around is not enough no matter how adaptable structures are designed to accommodate disabled people. To extend more on giving comfort, wheelchair lift for car will make the whole idea complete.

Imagine having a manual wheelchair without any hoisting device to help the patient in the car, it will take helpers just to accomplish a simple need of getting in and out of the car. If you live alone with a disabled person, life would be impossible without help even by just going to groceries.

The patient will end up staying indoors all the time, or will only be limited to simple strolls around the block of a neighborhood. And his world simply ends up smaller and smaller and the world is gaping far far from reach.

Now there goes a question: if there are at least 3 helpers who can carry and help a patient get out of the car, why buy wheelchair lift for car? Primarily, the three helpers may not always present to do the job. Given enough monetary budget it pays to invest on car wheelchair lift to complete the accessories necessary to mobilize patients in wheelchair.

You will notice, living with a patient with such disability has the most car trip to hospitals and clinics for periodic check-up. The practical side of investing on a unit is the idea of ​​re-selling it after it is no longer needed in the future. Wheelchair lift for cars is an item you can auction, which can get prospective buyer in times of critical practical need.

Car wheelchair lift is commonly 30 kg in weight with an average cost of up to $ 900. It could go less if you avail slightly used items in auctions and sale. There are brands available with extended functions usually for car and other auto use. They are slick and transportable and safe to use.

Actually there are an array of concepts and designs suited for specific requirements. There is even a van ramp only for those who would not choose extra complications with mechanisms. But actually, most of portable car lifts are skeletal frames with hoisting accessories, small enough to occupy space. The appearance itself guarantees the effective slimness.

Car wheelchair lift is made functional by electricity and hydraulics. It means it will cost a lot as an added device for electronic or any manual wheel chair. It guarantees to give satisfaction and added independence to a disabled person for any travel by vehicle.

How to Get Your Wife With Ugly Belly Fat to Lose Weight and Strip Unwanted Body Fat Fast

Do not ever think of it! Committing adultery by looking lustfully at another woman is a sin. Today, you will be able to get your wife with ugly belly fat to lose weight and strip any unwanted body fat and look and feel the way she was when you first married her starting with her very next meal. To get her to succeed, she must observe a few basic principles like:

Exercising regularly: Most women who start weight management or weight loss programs abandon them within six months. The secret is to start slowly. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park the car and walk to the grocery store, play ball with the kids instead of watching TV. God designed your body to move, and strolling from your car to your desk every morning will not make you sick instead it will make you healthy and beautiful! Exercising 30 minutes 4 times a week reduces blood pressure and stress, and boost your sense of well being.

To help your wife to get rid of her ugly belly fat fast, encourage her to go where it is hilly. Walking on hills can help strip unwanted fat and she will burn off her stubborn stomach fat faster than on a flat terrain. Your wife can drop 50 post-pregnancy pounds in 16 weeks just by eating healthy and walking every day on a hilly terrain.

Eating right: Most of us eat for the wrong reasons, like fatigue, loneliness, anger, and low self-esteem. Eat to live, do not live to eat. Insufficient fruit, vegetables and fiber and too much fast food can wreak havoc with your health and your waistline. Practice self-control. Remember, 80% of the battle to get rid of stubborn belly fat is the food you eat, the remaining 20% ​​is exercise.

Changing her thoughts and beliefs: Know that your wife did not develop her ugly stomach fat overnight and it has nothing to do with bad luck. If she can take total control over her weight by addressing her thoughts and beliefs, her unwanted body fat will come off permanently. Want proof? Compare the thoughts and beliefs of a model with a sedentary housewife. They both have different beliefs and ideas about what is important about their looks.

If you can help your wife to create more positive thoughts and beliefs around living a healthy lifestyle, then she will be able to have more responsibly for the rest of her life by default. You will not need to force her to take the right steps to achieving a more beautiful body and a healthy look.